Sunday, 26 September 2010

From Hollywood to Hollyoaks, Fashion, BB Party's & Quizzes

Monday 20th Sept & I got up at 9am to a bright but windy day, ran around doing a few chores & got a text From Jennie & Edgar inviting me round Thursday night, I had to decline as I'm off to The Big Brother Closing Party at The Embassy Club, Mayfair, London that night.

Popped out for a bit of exercise taking Stanley, Aku & puppy Betty for a walk round the park, Stanley showing off swimming with female Choc Labrador called Cocoa, romance was definitely in the air, she was lighter than him, more milk chocolate.

Stanley Going Fishing For Cocoa's Compliments

Sorted out my Dressing/Shoe room some more, & talking of clothes & shoes, today there is a Memorial service for Fashion Designer Alexandra McQueen, he sadly committed suicide, unable to cope the loss of his mother, I can understand his turmoil. I lost the plot for a while after my mum died, thank god for the comfort of my friends, rallying round me. They were there for me when I needed someone. I was in deep shock as it was so unexpected & got bereavement induced depression, I just didn't want to live without her!!

One of my good friends Vincent, the Keyboard player & Singer with Atomic Rooster (he also wrote a lot of Kim Wilde's songs) Committed suicide due to not being able to cope with his mums death. He was a lovely guy, who use to call me "Tiger-Lilly" because I worked with Tigers at the time (with Jungle & The Born Free Federation) & he thought I was as delicate, yet exotic as a Lilly (how sweet) I called him The Bloody Red Baron" due to leather flying helmet he use to wear as a hat!!
Tiger Raja, My Mullet & I
Out in Stringfellows, With Screaming Lord Sutch
& Cynthia Payne AKA Madam Sin

Another Pal of mine (above) Screaming Lord Sutch (Monster Raving Loonie Party) also sadly committed suicide after not coping with the loss of his mum!, I guess we all had very strong ties to our wonderful mum's.

McQueens Designs

A host of female celebrity's turned up at Alexanders Memorial service in a dramatic array of his clothes & footwear (Lady Gaga is a fan of the Hoof ones above) its always heartbreaking when a huge talent dies. I remember crying for weeks on end when Gianni Versace was Murdered, he was a big Icon for me & I'd always hoped to meet him somehow one day, as I thought he was an absolute genius, No matter what records say it was a Mafia hit!!, they had been taking protection money off him, Valentino, Moschino & many other top Italian Couture Design houses, for years, until he finally put his foot down & refused to keep paying, telling others to do likewise (I can only assume they didn't) Then all off a sudden he is murdered!! The apparent assassin being found dead, supposedly after committing suicide. It was SO STAGED & convenient, all over & done within a week of Versace's death, no more questions asked!! (the Mafia are more powerful than the Italian police & probably have members within the police force high up too!!) It was very Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK Assassination scape goat) When they killed Versace they also killed my dream of meeting him (I will never forgive the murderer for BOTH of those killings!!)
The Man, His Genius & His Muses

At 6pm I discovered by accident Shear Genius, (season 2) on SKY 3 a kind of hairdressing version of Project Runway, their next project was was to cut the hair of "The Real Housewives Of Orange County" another show I LOVE!!
Shear Genius
The Real Housewives Of Orange County

Stylist entrant Paulo had Housewife Vicky. Candy says Vicky from the Housewives show reminds her of me, personality & ethics wise etc lol. I'm not hugely impressed by any of the hair stylists efforts in the show so far, to be honest!!

Tuesday 21st Sept, Started with me in agony with my Coccyx not sure if its down to the Osteoarthritis in the hairline fracture at the base of my spine or a trapped nerve, either way the pain is more severe than toothache!! ouch!! Had the decorating contractor round at 9.30am as I wanted my front sash window the idiot painted closed Sunday, to be fixed so it could open!!

I got contacted by one of my acting agencies asking if I was free at the beginning of next week Tue/wed for a Commercial for Camelot (The lottery) Scratch Cards, I said I was, they said they would get back to me in due course, if I make it through to final selection.

After lunch, I met up with Nicky to give her back the DVDs I borrowed, The Tattooists in my street are outside in the courtyard painting their building Purple & Lime Green, FUNKY!!.... but ugly!!

After some more sorting of stuff in the back room, I stopped for a coffee & a read of The Sun Newspaper, where I read the horrific story of a sweet lame Ginger dog, that was heartlessly abandoned by the owner he trusted , which was caught on CCTV.  Footage of this is on Link in YELLOW below, poor little sweety I like hundreds of others would love to adopt him!

Sent BFF Candie a few texts which didn't seem to deliver & tried to call her but it went to voicemail so don't know if she is coming to running club with Jennie & I tomorrow? Had a mug of Pea Soup & a pitta with cottage cheese for dinner at 6.30pm & received a text from Nerissa with a sweet joke! (literally!!)

Mr Cadbury met Miss Rowntree on a Double Decker. It was just After Eight. They got off at Quality Street, he asked her name? "Polo I'm the one with the hole" she said with a Wispa. "I'm Marathon, the one with the nuts" he replied. He touched her Cream Eggs then slipped his hand in her Snickers. Then he fondled her Flap Jacks & she rubbed his Tic Tacs. It was a FAB moment as she screamed Turkish Delight. But 3 days later his Sherbert Dip Dab started to itch. Turned out Miss Rowntree had been with Bertie Bassett & he had Allsorts!!
Bertie Bassett

An old Joke, I'd heard before but it still made me laugh!! Watched "Lost Land Of The Tiger" on BBC1 shot in the Himalayas, at 3 times the height of Ben Nevis, fascinating, I adore Big Cats & have worked with both Lions & Tigers before & would love to work with Cheetahs & Leopards too, Lion Man (Craig Bush) is a Hero of Mine as is Joy & George Adamson, Gerald Durrell & Diane Fossey. The Killing of Tigers for their body parts for Eastern medicines & potions is both Evil & Obscene!
Lion Man Craig Bush
Joy  Adamson
George Adamson
Gerald Durrell
Diane Fossey

Watched part 3 of This is England 86 (I have stuck with it, even though it was NOTHING like MY England in 1986) except for the music & a few dodgy fashions, the program is all doom gloom, back-stabbing & infidelity, Rape & Incest, where as the 80's for me was easily the best, happiest, most fun & most profitable era of my life!!

My friend Martyn Totts 2nd book "Five Still Missing" is now out, at £7.99 It is pure fiction this time & Much Darker. Musician Davy has been running for most of his life...he's back to find out why. With the Police on his back for attempted murder and ghosts of his past resurfacing it's not going to be easy. After all 'If you dig up the past ... you're going to get dirty.'

Links in YELLOW below let you either read the opening chapters for free in a try before you buy, or a link straight to Amazon to buy should you so wish!!

Martyn said filming will be in St Albans in October, for the film of his book, I'm yet to be told what my part is, other than she is a bit of a rock chick!

Watched CSI & NCIS both Brilliant I use to really fancy Mark Harman (Gibbs) when he was in St Elsewhere  in the 70's-80's he would be a good match to play Tom Cruise's dad in films these days 
Mark Harman, The Tom Cruise Of The 80's
In St Elswhere
Mark In The Brilliant NCIS

Went to bed & watched the wonderful USA series Numbers (most the programs I love these days are American) we really are falling behind these days TV series wise! Then I read this weeks Closer Magazine, which featured the lovely Brian Dowling the winner of BB2 & Ultimate Big Brother. One story made me laugh it was a woman with a penis phobia "phallophobia" lol, there was also talk about George Micheal's prison sentence for crashing his car yet again while stoned. I like George I use to fancy him in his WHAM days, but it's about time he was locked up for his own sake, maybe then he will sort his life out, he hasn't produced any great new songs & years, plus if anything is an advert not to use drugs, it's just how much he has lost his looks since getting into them! Personally I have never even been interested in smoking, let alone drugs, drugs are for mugs as far as I'm concerned, if I go out I want to have a good time for real, not a drug induced illusion of one!!....

I remembered when I lived in Brighton, in The Ship Inn Lewis Rd, with my two gay friends Ken & Martin, we use to go to a small gay bar/club called Ricky's, they use to pay around £50 for some gear, which they'd sniff, smoke or swallow, then they'd spend the whole night sat on a chair giggling like school kids, pointing at something in front of them that wasn't there, meanwhile I was dancing, drinking, chatting & having a laugh with people for around £10, and I'd much rather have my real fun evening on £10, than their fake fun £50 night doing nothing plus the cost of drinks!!...

I have witnessed several friends be into drugs over the years, I just don't get it, observing them, I note it either makes them loud & obnoxious or quiet & boring, or giggly & stupid, the only plus (if you can call it that) I have spotted is that cocaine sobers up the incoherent drunks, but not enough that I'd get in a car they were driving!!!... I use to joke that some people had so  many drugs in their house, that you needed a prescription to sit on their couch.

Once in my later years, I tried a piece of hash cake at a party as it's mild & I wanted to see what all the fuss was about drugs, as I still just didn't get it, I was having a laugh & a joke with someone & someone knowing it was my 1st try said "your stoned" I wasn't I was just my same normal jokey self, it kicked in 15mins later, I felt fuzzy round the edges, had a bit of a giggle with the friend. I was clowning around with, but it wasn't any funnier than it was before the hash cake, for me the only positive was the 3 days without any joint pain afterwards! So drugs you can keep them, why spend lots of money on something that makes you boring or obnoxious while ravaging your looks????
George Micheal The Handsome Years
George Micheal Now, His Looks Ravaged By Drugs!

Wednesday 22nd Sept, got up at 8.30am to a bright sunny day, had banana & blueberry porridge for breakfast, did a few chores & met Jennie at my Fitness First Gym & we did the hr walk/run club around St Albans, at 11am, we were the only two, as the other June has a knee injury, one woman has started a new part time job on Wednesdays & others are ill, so Jennie, Katrina (the personal trainer) & I had a good old gossip on the hr circuit, talking about what we were all doing at the moment & Jennie was talking about two nightmare kids skirts she had to do repairs on which had cost £175 each for a 3 & 5yr old (more money than sense) the flower rosettes had come off after 1st wear & wash. She had to sew them back on for the client & was talking about the cost of new cotton reels, and zips etc. when she did her alteration jobs.

I said I had a lot of brand new cotton reels in a mix of colours (over 20) and over 50 brand new zips in a range of colours, sizes and types which a lot of which I intended putting on Ebay, so she could get some off me at a cheaper price than the shops/market (£1 a cotton reel on market for a smaller reel than I have) at 60p a reel I'm almost half the price of the market & more than the shops & no driving & petrol needed!!

We all went for a coffee after the walk & a chat, Sitting outside as it was hot sunbathing weather, we were talking about how warped some peoples thinking is! Jennie has a male friend who works in a charity shop & he was dressing the window, putting a jacket back on the half mannequin in the window after a customer had asked to try it on. He was just slipping it over the shoulders of the mannequin in a translucent blouse, and about to do it up, when a woman hammered angrily on the window & then stormed into the shop yelling that he was a sick pervert? confused he said he didn't know what she was talking about? she then accused him of molesting the mannequins breasts through the obscene see-through blouse (you couldn't make it up!!) he explained he was only putting the jacket back on the mannequin & although in straightening its lapels & doing it up, his hand may of brushed against, or rested against, the chest area that was hardly molestation, of an inanimate object!!.. she refused to believe him & said even if that was the case, it should be a woman dressing the female mannequin, not a man!! (some peoples minds are warped, what Jolly's did she think he was going to get from a headless, groin less, mannequin, with rock hard breasts??? )

This rather reminds me of the up in arms idiots that caused a fuss over padding in bikini tops of Primark, that ended up on the TV News, in Newspapers & every chat show, pathetic & unwarranted bad press causing them to unnecessarily remove all the bikinis from all of their stores (no doubt costing them a lot of profits!!) I was disappointed to see that even Holly Willoughby & Phillip Schofield gave it credence on This Morning! and I will explain why!.....

For one the sick mined people causing the fuss were WRONGLY accusing Primark of sexualizing the seven plus little girls, by including the padding BULLSHIT!!....

They may have been able to justify this if it was in fact a shaped, molded, foam padded cup, giving the illusion of bigger breasts that were not yet there (THEY WERE NOT!!) they were a flat curve topped triangle of foam lining that was FLAT & THIN & unapparent unless touched, (see above!!) in fact the fact is, that it provided decency for the soon to be blossoming 7yr pluses & again I will explain why!....

I was an early developer, I had pointed bee sting boobs at 7yrs, not unlike those Kate Moss has as an adult (when their not airbrushed bigger!!) I even started my periods at 9yrs. At that age, unlike now, I was very shy & self conscious & my pointy breasts & nipples showing through swimsuits/bikinis & halterneck tops etc caused much embarrassment, so much so I'd hide away, or walk round with arms crossed across my chest, my cotton jersey Womble bra did nothing to abate this, if worn under any garments mentioned above. I have witnessed this same self-conciousness in young blossoming nieces & cousins over the years too! So in the end, so I could run round unselfconscious like my less developed friends, my mum cut up some thin foam shoulder pads & lined my bikini tops with it along with my swimsuit top & one halterneck Womble bra (so I could wear under halterneck tops) this solved things totally & my budding, pointy breasts & nipples were no longer outlined (like the male parts in a pair of Speedos!!) That is exactly the purpose of the flat foam slightly padded lining, in the Primark Scandal Bikini story, NOT what some sick twisted P.C brigade mind, has turned it into, it was NOT there to Sexualize Children!!!.... you only have to look at the item to see that!!... but some people have no mind of their own & follow others outrage like sheep, not looking at things themselves & questioning the validation of that accusation!!

There is also one more Fact in this story overlooked by this P.C brigade which it seems to See's paedophilia everywhere, even in the most innocent things, such as parents videoing their child's school play etc!!......

By sexulizing young children & making them look older (as they are wrongly claiming said bikini did!!) you would actually be turning the Vile Sick Paedophiles off, as those monsters get off on their victims looking as sweet, innocent, underdeveloped & vulnerable as possible, looking more developed, sexual, knowing & willing, would actually be a turn off to The Sick Bastards, as its a power thing that arouses them the more innocent, undeveloped & unwilling for them the better!!....

Popped back to Jennies to have another coffee & pick up some pears from her garden to take home, saw the expensive kids skirts she was sewing the rosettes back onto, wouldn't pay £10 for them let alone £175 then I helped her pick out a thong in La Senza that would show the least under a semi translucent dress she was going to wear at a do she & her husband were to attend at The House Of Lords, & ended up buying a pair of leopard print hipsters with a smooth line that wouldn't show under trousers/dresses etc

I got home grabbed some lunch & read the rest of some half read Sun Newspapers & came across the story about the Adorable Male Orangutan Hanama in the USA, that's acting as adoptive parent to two Lion cubs Skukuza & Simh and the pictures were adorable as you can see below!!

Hanama & Cubs

Sorted out my sewing room as Jennie said she'd be interested in buying some of the new zips I had off me (I have a mix of colours, styles & lengths) so I had a sort through & did an inventory & discovered I had 148 zips, 84 concealed/invisible zips & 64 of the normal type & 45 cotton reels in various duplicate colours that I already of plenty of! So could make myself a few quid their while saving Jennie a few quid at the same time. 

Watches NEW Channel 4 show "Seven Days" what a boring pile of Shite!!!  If that is a day in the life of the most vibrant, interesting people in Notting Hill, then that doesn't say much for Notting Hill & begs the question, how was Notting Hill ever deemed interesting enough to make a film about, that stared Hugh Grant, if they are the most interesting people living there??? Seven Days = A bunch of Boring, Vacuous, Pretentious people talking about & doing boring and/or pretentious things, YAWN!!!!!!!!

Watched RuPauls Drag Race on E4 at 12.10am (excellent as always) and went to bed ready for tomorrow.

Thursday 23rd Sept, tonight's the night of the Big Brother Farewell Party at The Embassy Club, and the weather has gone from warm & sunny yesterday, to Dark, Cold & Rainy overnight (Bloody Typical, Soddin English Weather) If it had been nice like yesterday I planned to wear my floaty summer dress with a watermelon slice print, for a laugh, just in case Andrew (BB11) is there (after his sex with watermelon confession) but that's out with the cold, wet weather today. See Nick & Victor are already doing a "Big Brother's, Little Brother's, Cousin" Pod Cast on YouTube link to one is below in Yellow

Aiseleyne is slagging the BB party off on Twitter saying it's not the REAL Big Brother Party, as that was last week (who cares!!?) neither was Celebriparty at the Indigo2 at the O2 (above)  that she had me thrown out off (due to mistaken identity, as she was off her tits!!) & she was there getting off her face for that, so whats her beef? the venue is a damn site classier than the scruffy Indigo2 that Celebrity Party was in, so why  comment? is she pissed because she's barred for something she did there? or from when she was working as a hooker, after BB earning enough to get her 4 houses? or does she just hate Billi Bhatti? there's a long list there apparently!! whatever the reason her absence will improve my night!!

Took Aku for a run round the park, at around 1pm he was being very loving & affectionate today & we had lots of cuddles & he made lots of new doggy friends while out. Popped to Boots for some Shampoo & went home at 2.45pm had a bath, washed my hair & lay under my sunbed for 15mins as I was feeling a bit pasty. Ian had called earlier when I was out with Aku, to say to meet him & his friend Simon Cole (Hollyoaks actor who played Jez) for a drink in town before going onto the Embassy Club For The Big Brother Farewell Party. I  said as soon as I'd fixed something to eat, dried, hair & got ready I'd be on my way. Fixed myself a Tuna Jacket Potato, dried hair, did make-up & decided on a Chocolate Jane Norman Dress with a hint of leopard print bra, with chocolate suede Carvela heels. As some things were not warm enough for the weather, other things didn't go with my luminous Orange nails & some didn't fit or look right due to me gaining weight, after mum died unexpectedly. Pulled on my Tommy Hilfiger Cream Cashmere Coat & Set off at 5pm for St Albans Station.

Got to Ku at 6.30pm & Spotted Ian Immediately, I got myself a Vodka Slimline with a twist of Lime, and Joined Ian, Simon & his lovely friend Laurie Calvert, we had a good old gossip & giggle I LOVE Simon he so shares my sick sense of humour!!
With Simon in Ku Bar

Simon reminds me a lot of my St Albans friend Jaffer Chaudhry who is now living in LA acting, being bad guy Hassan in Melrose Place (acting under the stage name Jay Ali) Hassan has a party with hookers on his yacht & has one of the main male characters, David Breck beaten up, in season 1 episode 6 (Shoreline) Jaffer & Simon even have some, of the same shaped facial features, mannerisms and smile, despite Simon being a blonde Caucasian & Jaffer Asian. Jaffer originally wanted to be a professional cricketer, playing for England (better than playing for Pakistan at the moment with all the scandal) He has since stared in film "Catch 44"  & in Rizzoli & Isles "I Kissed A Girl" plus was a doctor on ABC's "General Hospital" plus he has been accepted by Baron Brown Studios, one of LA's best known acting schools, who's students include Halle Berry & Sean Penn, so he is doing well in his career change. Good for him he is a very sweet & very funny guy!

Link to clip of Jaffer AKA Jay Ali below in Yellow as is a link to Simon Cole's Hollyoaks Show Reel

Simon ironically enough has also been living in LA the past four years, since leaving Hollyoaks & is continuing both his singing & acting career out there, I am sure he will be a big success there. His lovely friend Laurie is filming Xmen 5 at the moment, he is playing the son of Phoenix, and he can steal other powers (a bit like Syla in Heroes) & has to go back in time to change course of events, he has almost finished filming at Shepperton Film Studios & soon will be off to the USA to do the rest. Can't wait to see how it comes out, I LOVE Xmen.
Jean Grey AKA Phoenix

Laurie left around 8pm, as he had to be up early in the morning & we continued drinking, gossiping and laughing & I introduced Simon to Goldschlager (Swiss Cinnamon Schnapps) which he soon took to! Then around 9pm we went to Tiger Tiger, to meet up with Sky interactive Medium, Katie Keeley. En route Tiger Tiger we passed a horse fountain, that someone had emptied shampoo or similar in & was now foaming all over Liecester Square. 

Tiger Tiger was very Empty & dry of atmosphere so I got the three of us a Goldchlager each to liven us up! the little bits of gold leaf gently scratch the back of the throat making the alcohol in the Cinnamon Schnapps go straight into the blood stream, for a faster hit!

 We were waiting for Jo Mac (who organises club nights at The Embassy) to join us, but she was running late, Ian text that we'd meet her there & said the same to Katie Keeley who was staying for one more drink with her partner & friends. Got to The Embassy Club seeing Friends Nerissa & Jo in the queue. We had to queue for a bit to get in, Jo Mac joined us shortly after and it wasn't long after that we got through the ropes & had our approved stamp & were frisked before entering. Corin was stood in a Deep Pinky Coral dress in front of me, in the queue to be searched.

Corin & The cougar

Ian got a bottle of white wine & Simon & I went for a long glass of Pear Cider each, the Girls got bottles of wine too & we found a table near the bar, to put our drinks/ice buckets on, we saw BB11 housemates flitting around, Andrew, Sunshine, Corin, Mario and JJ. No Josie, John James or Ben, saw pal Angel BB10 looking wacky as ever, in a straw boater, floral print dress & loud wellys, I like Angel, for all her eccentricity's there is some talent there. I asked her how her art exhibition went & what she was up to at the moment? She said she was about to play the part of an Italian woman in a film & was practising her Italian accent like crazy!! 

I spotted our friend Jonty BB8, another lovable eccentric (above) wandering outside in the smoking area so I stood by the window near the OK press table & tapped on the window & Indicated to Jonty where Ian & I were in the bar & he joined us shortly, along with Munkitty Tunkitty tucked in his waist coat. Had a catch up with Jonty who as always gave my bum the usual squeeze, saying I had a lovely arse.

With Statuesque Bea

I'd made Simon laugh earlier, regarding my rear end, when I arrived at Ku Bar. I was telling him about this guy being flash in front of his mates on the tube, on my way to meet them, by saying to me "Hello Darlin your a right sort! I'd love to get into your knickers!" to which I replied "Sorry hun, I'm wearing a thong & there's only room for one arsehole!"
You say DJ we say Talent..... DJ Talent

Sadly my lovely BB7 friend Richard Newman was back home to his native Canada, with his boyfriend Dave Wall so was unable to be there. BB9 Mario & Lisa were working so couldn't attend. Nicci & Brian Dowling was sadly missing too, as was Nadia & Simon's BB friend Kinga, so I made Simon laugh doing an impression with Ian's empty wine bottle, as a homage in her absence, which Ian photographed, while Simon howled with laughter! I was Surprised there was no Brian Belo too, as he normally goes to everything BB related
It's like Kinga is there!! SPOOKIE!!!

Chatted with Marcus The Irrepressible Dark Horse BB10 about Zombie movies as he is in Zombies From Ireland & I'm in Houseparty Of The Dead 6. Marcus was walking round with his umbrella using it like a walking stick/cane. He asked me to let him know if there were any parts in any future Zombie Movies I do.

Winner of the Howl Like A Werewolf Game
Was Surprisingly NOT Wolverine AKA Marcus

Then my friend Gerry BB8 arrived all in virginal white (not like his naughty self!!) in a kilt & a black & white throw (reminiscent of Pepe Le Pew) I asked how his next book was coming along, that he is busy writing at the moment? It seems its getting there slowly but surely, he said he was on a mission to shag Rex, which made me laugh, as I know Gerry's penchant for younger ginger men, and I wondered if he fails, will BB11 Andrew the Geek be safe?

The party was great for people & cellulite watching (most girls wearing skimpy clothing bordering on underwear really shouldn't have been) one guy near our group was doing celu-cam, taking picks of all the cellulited legs & buts on show & laughing (don't know if he was with press or not?) But better than watching the crowds, was watching Simon, watching the crowds, the horror & disdain on his face was palpable, and had me in stitches, "OMG they're so Vile & Skanky!" he exclaimed & coming from a friend of Kinga that's saying something lol (BTW the bottle never actually ever went in, she was simulating it for shock value) she got a half £million out of it though & I joked for half a £million I'd simulate it with the ice bucket, let alone the bottle which made Simon burst out laughing.

There were 3 guys in suits next to our table & Sam Pepper crossed the bar area to go to them & in his wake were a squealing, clambering mass of women in his wake cameras at the ready who I named "The Housewife Paparazzi" most the wrong side of 30yrs and should have grown out of teen fan kind of behaviour, we almost got knocked across our own table in the furore, he handled it well, but you could see he thought they were mental, then he wandered back into the VIP suite to escape the masses.

Three of the female hoard, got to discover that one of the men Sam was talking to, was his agent. The 3 ropey looking birds in their mid 30's to mid 40's two brunettes and one blonde were all ratarsed early in the evening, the dumpiest a brunette was fairly covered up, the other two in pussy pelmets (crouch skimming skirts) they plonked themselves down at our table, as we were all stood buy it at this point & not in our seats, the other chubby brunette was draped all over one guy & in her short skirt with her leg crossed over his, you could see everything, the guy was trying to be polite & ignore her at same time, the blonde who's clip in extensions were all coming undone & showing at the back not getting any attention from the manager decided to lap dance him, waving her arse inches away from his face!! which he ignored and continued tapping away at his Blackberry, too too funny!! What did they think the men were going to do? date them? or sign them up? if so what for? the Ropey MILF Edition of Razzle??

Ian & I were in hysterics, and even more so when I looked at the horror on Simon's face. Jonty came over to our table after buying some more wine & as he was dressed in a waistcoat, I think the blonde assumed he was with Sam Peppers management, and launched herself at him sticking her tongue down Jontys throat, Virgin Jonty was happy to go along with it, I looked at Simon & cracked up, Simon's eyes were like saucers & his hand clamped over his mouth in shock.
The Gang Simon, Ian, Jo Mac & I

I looked across the table to check Jo Mac's coat & bag etc were still there, it was, the blonde then said "Don't be jealous I'm pissed, is that your husband?" pointing to Jonty. I burst out laughing I love Jonty to bits but NOT in THAT way!! .... I said "No your sitting at our table, I'm just checking our coats etc are there!" #

With "Greedy Mo" is that food on his jacket?

A guy in a wheelchair on his own, had been in front of us in the queue with a rose to give Bex, which when she arrived was quite apt, as she was wearing a Pussy Pelmet white dress, with big  pink & red roses on it. She took the rose & went on to the bar, but she did go back a bit later & sat on his lap, Ian said "I bet I know what parts of him are still working below the waist!" We had to admire the guy coming out clubbing on his own, without anyone to push or help him, but sometimes when a few people were dancing with him, it felt a bit uncomfortable, as he seemed like he maybe a tad slow, and something about some of the guys dancing round him, made us feel uneasy, that they were more taking the Micky, than actually including the guy!

Angel With Wheel-chaired Bex Fan

Ian came back in from a Smoke & said he'd been chatting to Shabby & she was really lovely, Gerry said some of the BB11 contestants had been moaning the older BB housemates had been getting more attention at the party than them, maybe it has something to do with them being new to this & most being piss poor at public relations, as we saw Andrew stood there & thought we'd get a pic done with him (as the BB11's are apparently feeling left out) we said hello & I said his live late night feeds of his rants re Andrew Stone that never made it to the main show were hysterical, and it was clear from his response he still hates Andrew Stone lol, plus I said I'd originally  planned to wear a watermelon print dress in his honour which he laughed at & we asked for a photo & he agreed, but just as we were doing that Sunshine came up to him,  talking over us to Andrew & they chatted away forgetting about us & the pic until Ian interjected & we got a pic with both & left, they didn't even notice or respond to our goodbye or thanks, It's no good moaning about lack of attention BB11'ers if you do bad public relations like that, the other old timers knew the game and posed for everyone and anyone giving each 100% their attention. They are young they'll learn.

With Andrew & Sunshine

JJ was looking over & smiling and I wondered if he recognised me from when we filled our forms out together when we both got through the 1st BB11 auditions at the start of this year? I called him over for photos with the gang & I, which he happily did. Later when he was looking over at me again I pointed to one of my friends, drew a heart in the air & pointed at JJ, he laughed & wagged his finger & head in a No & then pointed to himself, did an air heart & pointed to me & we both laughed

Popped outside to keep Ian company while he had another cigarette & got chatting to some of the press & OK magazine staff & Nick Bateman (Nasty Nick) and a fellow non smoking guy, keeping his smoker pals company.
Two women jump into our pic.... who is she, who is she!!?

When we went back in the non smoker (who looked not dissimilar to Ross from Friends) grabbed my arm from behind & asked if Ian was my boyfriend? I said "No he is my friend!" he replied I thought not your out of his league" now as lines go that was not a wise one, as although it was bigging me up, it was also putting a friend down in the process, and I do not take my friends being disrespected lightly! he then asked for a kiss WTF I said "No I don't kiss in public!!" he then asked me for a dance & I said "maybe later!" to get rid of him.
With Lady Sovereign
With Teeny Tiny Sophia

I was stood with Ian & all of a sudden a beaming face I recognised headed towards me arms outstretched, it was my friend Riccardo Hoyte the PA, Stylist & Model from Models Of Diversity, I didn't know he was coming tonight, he gave me a huge hug and said he was so pleased to see me & didn't know where I got my energy from!! He said  he would be contacting me soon, as he wanted me to be their Ambassador for their Older Models. I said "Great I will be looking forward to hearing more!!"  

Riccardo & JJ

Ran into Johny Taylor from the Band The Chase, (@JohnyTheChase on Twitter) I met him a year ago in a club & he was in a band called Perspex Boxes & Ian & I said it wasn't catchy & they needed a name change, guess they changed it, or he changed groups!!?? Chatted to Rex at the bar saying to watch out, Gerry was after him tonight & he laughed, we chatted about him going back in BB this year as a Devil he said a lot was cut out that was too outrageous!

Spoke to the lovely, sweet, beautiful, Hira Shah who is even more pretty in the flesh, we laughed about her exercising in the house & admitted she actually started craving cake after the huge cupcake task for the key in the Alice in Wonderland Task, (well it was either going to put her off for life, or give her a taste for it after that!!) I half joked she could make money with her own range of cupcakes, or cupcake recipe book & follow it with a exercise video, to work off the cake calories with, she laughed & added she could provide the backing track, referring to her comical singing in the house. Joking aside though I actually think if marketed right that could be very successful. Ian said he thought she had fantastic legs & he is not wrong she has some great pins on her, she was saying how lovely Ian & I were and what a pleasure it was to meet us, BB11'ers take note now this girl knows her public relations skills. She also looked immaculately groomed and every part the model & star in the making

With the Lovely Hira

Talking of people that looked even better in the flesh than on TV, I'd always hear TV presenters saying BB11 Nathan looked much more handsome in the flesh, than on screen & I couldn't see how as he always looked like a Yeti to me on the TV. All I can say is don't believe the hype, he looks the same old Unibrowed Yeti he does on the box, Rachel wasn't with him either, so I don't know if they are still an item or not?

Handsome? Nathan? Sorry I Just Don't See It

Also I was shocked at the state Promoter Billi Bhatti looked seeing it was his night, he reminded me of a nerdy, scruffy haired, Eastern European waiter, the hair looked dirty & in need of a combe plus the Joe Ninety glasses looked nerdy, not cool & the clothes you can see for yourself below, not what I would expect from a Model, he should take a few Lessons from Hira!!

Billi The Promoter or The Waiter?

I was standing chatting to Simon, Ian, Johny, Jo & her friend when some guy in his early 20's in a foxglove coloured V-neck T-shirt (below) sidled up to me saying "Everyone here hates me!" taken aback to the odd opening line I replied "Well I don't but then again I haven't got a F**king clue who you are?" he said he'd been on Shipwrecked, "Oh you will know my friend Adam Child who won that a year or so back then!", he said he did yet he didn't seen to know Adam recently got engaged to a page 3 girl. He then got out his phone & showed me a text from Bex (I don't know why? I hadn't mentioned her & he wouldn't know that Bex works with Ian's flatmate Meddy!) The Text said that she was now in A&E. I asked if she was OK? (as a fight had broken out downstairs, while we were upstairs & the bouncers flew downstairs, but I didn't know if any bystanders had got hurt?) he said no her boyfriend had had a bad asthma attack then he slopped off, leaving me wondering what that was all about? Was he feeling ignored and wanting people to know he knew someone off BB (don't we all) and that he was on Shipwrecked? Simon asked "who was that?" I said "I have just spoken to him & I still haven't got a clue, but I know he needs a better deodorant as there was a faint whiff of BO about him!!"
Who is He? Who is He? Where do We find Him?

There was a smiley, chunky guy wandering round with a shaved head, checked shirt & black horn rimmed glasses on, who reminded me of Penfold from Danger Mouse, then I found out Ian had been thinking exactly the same. It turns out he was either connected to the Club or to the Event as he came

Ran into Victor who was really charming, I said The Big Brothers, Little Brothers, Cousin, transmission he did with Nick Bateman, on the late night live feed, was my favourite part of Ultimate Big Brother & he was really chuffed & gave me a big hug, I said I hoped they got a spin off chat show as it was very amusing! & I meant every word I think it would be a breath of fresh air chat show wise! 

Saw friends Jo & Nerissa on and off in the club, running about the place having photos with various BB housemates & We had a few together too, but they had to leave early due to having trains to catch & Jo had the school run to do in the morning & Nerissa had work 1st thing
Cheeky Nerissa & Benni
The lovely Jo with Mario
Trio Of Trouble!!

Went downstairs & passed my non smoking admirer again, on the way to the VIP suite, he was with a black friend who said he'd like to motorboat me (charming!!) I said "No!!" & joked "but get back to me when you can afford one!!" then swanned into the the VIP room with Ian, where they couldn't follow me. Ian, Simon, Johny, Jo, her friend & I got a table in the VIP room where I briefly had a chat with Darnell, Simon burst out laughing, when Jo Mac almost swanned off with a guys bottle of Moet in a ice bucket, mistaking it for her ice bucket with white wine.
Chatting to Darnell in VIP room
Angel with Leigh Francis AKA Keith Lemon

Shmoozed a bit in the VIP room & we decided to leave at 2.45am before the rest hit the cloakroom at 3am. Rodrigo BB10 &  was also in the club but sadly we didn't see him Got my coat out of the cloakroom & changed into comfy sparkly Birkenstock slip-on's for the journey back to Ian's. Johny had suggested I went on to a party with him after the BB party. But I declined as I knew I'd either be getting the early morning train to St Albans or crash at Ian's.

The Same Colour As Mine But Without The Glitter

Simon, Ian & I stopped off at a kebab shop near the Trafalgar Square end of Charring Cross Rd,  the boys got some chicken & chips & I got some chips & we got the night bus back to Ian's. We were careful to be quiet once at Ian's as his housemate Barbie had an early start & we didn't want to disturb her. Simon & I crashed on Ian's couch & I joked with Simon that I could now honestly claim to have slept with a Hollyoak's hottie at the age of 46yrs. He laughed and said yeah and it will be true, unlike the last Moose who sold a story on me to the papers that was total bullshit, but at least she was kind enough to say I was a great lover while she lied & that I gave her a pearl necklace!! how funny!!

Friday 24th Sept, Simon got up early around 9.30am as he had things to do & gave me a kiss goodbye & said if I was about Saturday to join him for his farewell drinks, before he headed back warm, glamorous LA, I decided to not rush off myself as I had no plans for the day anyway. Meddy breezed in & out around 10.30am before going out around 11am, Ian came down & we had a lazy afternoon watching recorded TV from last night, including the brilliant Celebrity Juice!

Meddys Chihuahua Caden was all over me giving me kisses (last time I saw him he'd just bitten into my lip) he was being extra sweet to me today kissing my face & cuddling up and sleeping on my lap etc, Ian & I looked on Babe Station, to see if Meddy was working doing her chat bit today, but it seemed not, about 3pm Ian ordered in some Indian & I had an Onion Bhaji & some poppadoms as I was peckish but not really hungry, I set off home at 5pm it was dark overcast & cold out & I was glad of my warm Cashmere Tommy Hilfiger Coat Brrrrrrrrrr!!

Caught the Victoria line to Kings Cross & caught the fast train to St Albans. Walked home & made myself a hot coffee. The brother of  my Ex boyfriend of 20yrs ago called me but I was just in & too tired to chat (besides I'd messaged him on his birthday Thursday, before going out, to say I had a busy few days will catch up Sunday) so I said "I'm too tired to talk, chat to you Sunday" had a chill out on bed & then checked my friends photos of last night, on facebook, it was frustration to have no camera yesterday (due to breaking it at Zombie shoot) as I now have to wait for Ian's pics to be downloaded (which he can only do at his mums)

Angel messaged it was good to see me yesterday at the party and Marcus sent me a link to his Irish Zombie movie. Gerry was posting on FB & Twitter about the BB11 housemates moaning about getting less attention than the older BB housemates & saying Bex had been Rushed to A&E as somebody had spiked her drink (that's odd yesterdays mystery man said it was due to her BF having an asthma attack??) later it changed to Bex friend had their drink spiked so god knows what the truth is? I jokily put my profile as "June is a Dirty Stop Out, only just got home from yesterdays Party & slept with a Hollyoaks Hottie ooooh its like being 25 again!"

My Extras/Acting agency contacted me saying I wasn't needed for the scratch card commercial Wed but I might still be needed Tues so to still keep it free, popped to the shop for a paper & made myself a cheese salad sandwich & a coffee & relaxed catching up with the news, the main topic is the lying Eastern European hooker, who is falsely claiming she had a threesome with David Beckham in the USA, what scant evidence she had was proved false & the rest she couldn't provide evidence for, due to one weak excuse after another, David Beckham and has had her tracked down & handed a writ & is suing her & the magazine that published her story after being assured it was fake for $25million, whats interesting here is not the tarts lavish fake story, but how a wronged David Beckham was so quick to respond with the utmost force at her lies, compare this to his silence over Rebbecca Loos, I think that silence speaks much louder, than all the noise that's being made over the present hooker!!

Had a Fairly chilled night, BFF Candie text & said was I free next Saturday to go to our friend Richards Gay Wedding? We could stay over & come home Sunday, I said yes I'll look forward to it! I went to bed early for me around 1.30am, as I had a run through for Paul Wilder's new Pub Quiz TV idea which Sky will be filming & that Andy plans to put on his new network when it's up and running. Messaged Nerissa & said I'd be at Borehamwood train station at 12.09pm for her to pick me up.

Saturday 25th Sept, woke with agonising back pains at 8.30 am. I tried getting up to get ready for the The Pub Quiz run through, but I couldn't straighten up & the severe toothache like pain was making me feel nauseous, my back had been playing up all week, but I think sleeping on Ian's sofa may have aggravated it further!! bugger!! So I text Nerissa & Paul to say I sadly would be unable to make the read through & took a load of pain killers & slowly lowered myself  back into bed, the pain killers were just not working & I think I have definitely trapped a nerve grrrr!!! I was getting pins & needles in both my left arm & leg!!

I checked my emails & Facebook, I discovered a message from a guy I recognised from the Big Brother Party Thursday (both at bar and inside VIP) who I thought looked like he may be related to Rex, sent at 2am maybe from a club, he said "Me thinks you should come party tonight VIP style, Limo to club & free drinks" I said it was tempting but due to present situation I'd have to take a rain check!! I checked that we had 13 friends in common, one of whom was Nerissa, so I text her asking who he was? She said he runs True Talent Agency, interesting!! hmmmmm well he could be a useful contact.

At 3pm when I was trying to get some rest from the pain my mobile went, it was my Ex BF brother AGAIN "FFS what part of SUNDAY can't he read or hear?" I thought, I was in so much pain. I was in no mood to talk, but I answered the phone, as he'd keep ringing if I didn't. He said he'd seen a mutual friend & his fiance back from Nepal or Bali or somewhere similar (I was in too much pain to pay attention fully) then it got cut off, either his battery or credit must have gone. Eventually the pain subsided enough for me to make it downstairs to make a Tuna Jacket Potato for a very late Lunch. I spent the rest of the day taking pain killers & catching up on my reading, Nerissa text me to say she just bumped into BB Victor at Kings Cross on the way back home from Borehamwood, and had a chat, small world.

Sunday 26th Sept, and I woke at 8am when the decorator unjammed my window & did some more painting, my back was still excruciatingly painful so I stayed in bed until noon, by which time he'd gone again. God only knows what he did all that time as the windowsill still needed painting & he obviously can't read as in spite of the note stuck to my window, the numbers were still not put on my door & the moron had opened my flash wipes at one end not by pulling back the tab (so I had to seal in a freezer bag or they would all dry out) Idiot it's obvious he doesn't do any of the cleaning in his house!! I don't know what he used them for? as the window glass was as dirty as before (men are morons these days they cant follow the simplest written or spoken instructions!!..... that or they just don't listen or read properly! twats) Funnily enough today was the day I told the brother of my ex BF to call me & it was the one day he didn't !!

It was my friend Jameses Doggy Fashion Show today but I was sadly in no fit state to go, Ian text me to say Shabby was at the Doggy Fashion Show, the 2nd BB coincidence since the party!!

Daisy & Stanley
Daisy & Stanley With Shabby & Ian

Angel had a pic up of the Mystery BO guy who showed me the A&E text from Bex, on her Facebook Album. Angel wrote underneath "Who is this!?" I said ask Bex, telling her the text story, adding he said he was on Shipwrecked, someone else said he told her he was one of the people that tested the BB11 house before the other housemates went in, hmmm then Bex said "I know him, but he is a nobody, just an annoying person. I text him to let him know I'd left to take a friend to A&E, he is obsessed with me, I'm not talking to him he just kept walking round telling people he knows me (so that's why he showed me the text!) plus saying I'd shagged him when I never did such a thing!! he hasn't been on Shipwrecked or BB or anything!!" I laughed & said back, maybe it wasn't faint BO I could smell maybe I was smelling  BS... Bullshit!!...

I chilled for the rest of the day, chatting to Hira who had messaged me, again saying what a pleasure it had been to meet Ian & I, plus saying the linked cupcakes & fitness video, were at the planning stages, & asked if, like her I had any back history in fashion, dancing, singing or modeling, I said ironically I had experience in working in all of those arenas. Also spoke to Jo Mac later who confirmed Johny had switched bands. I'm still in pain hoping my back will be OK next week as I have people to see & things to do!!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. The party section was my own particular favourite. It made me smile and realise there must be so much rivalry between housemates past and present. More info and pics of your famous arse though please. Thanks for sharing June. xxx