Monday, 3 October 2011

Rain, Pain, Go Away!...... Don't Come Back Another Day!

Monday 26th September, I had an odd dream where I had gone to visit an old friend Rebecca. She'd moved into a new, large, ground floor, apartment. I had keys to get in, as she was going to get in late from work. I recognized the apartment, I seem to have been there before (Maybe in another dream) But she had been doing a lot of work to it. She had smashed walls through, in the sitting room & it looked as if she planned to make a big kitchen. She also had some cute pets, some rabbits, cats & small dogs in the garden, and over the garden hedge was a small white/beige horse in a field. She came home & we popped out for a drink. She said, she had a 2nd job, something to do with airlines & charity & that she was close to making her 1st £million. I was really pleased for her & thought 'Good for her, her hard work has paid off, she is now financially secure & she seems really happy' Then I was awoken, when my mobile went at 8.50am & woke me up, and quickly stopped. Must of been a miss-dial, I checked my mobile it was Simon, he must of dialed or bum dialed by mistake.

Bum Dialing Simon

I lay in bed in pain both my neck & shoulders & my coccyx, I lay there doing the pain exercises, but they were not helping & then a migraine came on, so I took some painkillers & went back to bed to lie in the dark. At 11.42am my landlords electrician called me, to say he is coming to fix my security light. Good news! The lights bulb was changed & working again around 1pm, at 2pm my migraine had finally decreased enough to get up (5hrs of a day wasted due to that bloody pain!!) I hope my MRSA swab tests are passed soon & I soon get an appointment for my Op!! Hopefully it will reduce my Migraines, as well as my neck pain etc! I had a wash & dressed in grey jogging bottoms & grey vest top & had a vanilla Slim-Fast. 

At 2.50pm I got a call to say that St Albans Hospital, had a spot free for my operation at 8am Friday if I wanted it??? HELL YESSSSS!!!! OMG I pray it works, I will be so happy to be pain free, if only for a few months/weeks. If its permanent I will be over the moon!!..... If it works I wonder if another one would sort my Coccyx??

I had a prawn korma with rice, for a late lunch at 4.20pm & a apple washed down with a Diet Coke. I put the rubbish I'd sorted, out & popped to the local off licence & bought a Sun paper. I went back home & took some more painkillers & read the paper. The headline is 'Xfactor Exclusive: Gary's £1M Xmas Bonus, Judge will write winner's single' About Gary Barlow writing the Xfactor winners Christmas Single. The £1m bonus, for doing this, comes on top of his £1.5million salary. This will be a credibility boost, as before they always covered someone else's songs, for their Xmas Single.

Gary Barlow 

Six bits of Birmingham scum, have been arrested & charged over a suicide bomb plot, to launch attacks in Britain. The 6 were held last week, in a major police operation in Birmingham. No reference has been made as to what the targets were. Irfan Nasser 30, Irfan Khalid 26, Ashik Ali 26, & Rahin Ahmed 25 (Nice British names!!) They are charged with engaging preparation, for terrorist acts & Bahander Ali 28 & Mohammed Rizwan (More traditional British names!!! .....Not!!) are charged with failing to disclose information, about acts of terrorism! Scumbag Bahander Ali, is also charged with terrorist fund raising!! Nasser & Khalid were also charged with going to Pakistan for terror training & making a martyrdom video!! They are also suspected in the purchase of chemicals & components, to produce home made explosive devices, for terrorist acts.

Three 'other' British men were being quizzed in Kenya, after being arrested by anti-terrorist police! The cops swooped after monitoring the trio's movements for 24hrs in Mombasa. Experts in forensics are examining their laptops & cameras, they say they're tourists, but police say they were acting very suspiciously. Interpol are now checking into the threesomes backgrounds, who have been held since last Thursday.

400 Nigerian prisoners in British prisons, could be booted out of the UK and forced to serve their sentences back in Africa (Hurrah!!......) Immigration minister Damian Green, will travel to Nigeria, this week to strike a deal on forced returns! (Lets hope those EU wankers don't interfere!!) The news comes after one of Britain's most wanted fugitives, dreadlocked thug, Dion Kendrick, who is wanted for drug & gun running, has been tracked down. Nigeria recently passed a law to make it easier for the UK to send Nigerian lags back. In the 1st 6months of this year, the UK sent back 1,641 failed asylum seekers & prisoners from Nigeria (Good!) Mr Green rightly said "People who come here legitimately, respect our laws & contribute to our society & are warmly welcomed. But those who break laws should & will be returned home!"

Meanwhile, Human Vermin, Terror Fanatic, Ismail Abdurahman 28, after a Moronic judge, blocked moves for him to be thrown out of the UK on human rights grounds (What about 'OUR Human Rights' Not to have a foreign, terrorist, arsehole, living among us!!?) He has served ONLY 3yrs of his 10yr sentence (Which an appeal court cut to 8yrs) for helping a 21/7 bomb plotter. He is now staying at a secret hostel, after winning his appeal not to be deported back to Somalia. (Madness!!!).....

He let suicide plotter Hussain Osman stay at his home for 3 days after his bungled attempt to repeat the 7/7 bus/tube carnage & even held onto his martyrdom video for him. The judge has blocked him from being deported saying, he faced either inhuman treatment, or punishment in Somalia (GOOD!!!.... Send him back, you bloody bleeding heart, Liberal!!!) The UK Boarder Agency is RIGHTLY appealing against the appeal decision (Although that's more taxpayers money up in smoke!) Scotland Yard, Counter Terrorism, Officers want him booted out. John O'Connor said he should either be sent to Somalia or made to serve the FULL sentence!...

Britain looks set to be hotter than Hawaii this week, with temperatures soaring to 82F/28C (Our climate is nuts!!) Family's flocked to the beaches over the weekend when temperatures hit 73.4F/23C, It will be the hottest start to Autumn in 26yrs, after the end of the coldest summer in 18yrs. that followed the warmest spring on record (Told you our climate is nuts!!)

Sunday 25th September 2011

Marilyn Monroe's 1st glamour shots taken in 1946, when she was an aspiring, brunette, 20yr bikini/cheesecake model, are soon to be auctioned complete with their copyright. They were taken, when she was signed under her married name, Norma Jean Dougherty, at the time & when she was 2yrs away from her 1st movie deal. They will be Auctioned in LA, USA in December.

Marilyn Monroe's First Photograph Session

Around 4pm Jennie popped round for a natter. I told her I was booked in for my Op Friday morning, and she said if I needed someone to collect me, when I'm discharged in the afternoon, to text her. Which was nice of her. Big Brother's crew, emailed to say did I want to go on 'BBBOTS'  Friday 14th October? So I will ask Simon if he want's to go that night? After he'd text me about going on it together, on Saturday night!.... 

I organised a royal mail redelivery of a parcel that tried to be delivered when I was at Ian's Saturday. Then watched 'Home & Away'  While catching up on emails, Tweets & Facebook Messages, and told friends via my status, that I'd finally got my operation date & it was as soon as this Friday!! I watched Eastenders & had some mushroom soup for dinner, followed with an apple for dessert.

The Op I'm Having Friday

I watched the soaps (Not very exciting) Then 'Dragons Den' equally boring, then 'Big Brother' followed by 'Made In Chelsea' on E4 +1 while having some red pepper & wensleydale soup, as I was hungry again! I'm in a lot of pain today, with my neck & shoulder, but with my operation less than 1 week away, I must go without pain killers until after my Op! I went to bed around 1am, miserable with pain!! (Calories consumed 1,347) 

I lay there in pain for hours & hours and by 5am, it became obvious that, I was not going to sleep! So I turned on breakfast TV & began sorting through old paperwork & the draws under my bed, to do something productive with my time. Filling 2 bin bags of junk to throw out!!!.... Result!!

Tuesday 27th September, 8am and now it's the 2nd day, in just 4 days, that I have gone a night without sleeping! Mostly down to pain! My legs are also covered in huge bruises!! Ian's bed is very comfortable to lay on! BUT the stupid design of a 3-4" wooden ledge, running around the edge of the base, of the mattress area & the way the bed, is positioned in the room, so you have to climb out of it to get out to the bathroom. Especially if there is also someone in it with you, blocking you in (As in my case with Simon's, on Friday) The ledge always digs into you causing bruising (One bruise on my inner calf is 2.5" by 1" & hurts!!) Only a man could of come up with that, stupid, impractical, shelved base design! 

I had an apple & a coffee for breakfast. In a lot of pain, despite nice weather outside. I had another apple & a Diet Coke for elevenses, then continued sorting more old papers & magazines out (filling another 2 bin bags) While watching 'This Morning' & 'The News'  

The Real Housewives Of New York 

Then I made breaded fish & chips for lunch! Which was very tasty. I watched 'The Real Housewives Of New York' It gets cattier by the minute!! Then I popped out in the nice weather & very carefully (Due to back pain did some gardening/weeding) Plus I picked up a load of bottles, crisp packets, sandwich boxes etc, that the scum bag, general public, have just flung in my courtyard! PIGS!!! Also over 300 fag butts (I stopped counting after the 300th!!) Mostly down to the clients & staff of the tattooists.

I sat in the sun a bit with a banana, Diet Coke & The Sun paper. The headline was 'Rights Van Man, Trucks 96mile trek to take lag 50yrds & spare his feelings' (Soft justice gone bloody mad!!) It is the obscene story, that prove the lunatic's have finally taken over the asylum!! A prison van drove 96miles to take a suspect prisoner 50 YARDS because to make him walk would of 'infringed his human rights' Oh FFS!!! Thanks Cherie Blare you old cow, for saddling us with the bane that is the human rights bill!! 

The van had to make a 2.5hr trip from Southampton to Banbury, Oxfordshire. To take 27yr Oliver Thomas from the police station to the magistrates court, even the suspect Oliver said he had no problem just walking there (What happened to the days when suspects were walked through crowds with just a blanket over their head!!??) If Oliver Thomas didn't mind, what moron in charge, organised the van to come such a distance & at cost to the tax payer?? The judge Tom Corrie rightly demanded "How much money has been wasted?" The answer to this is a ridiculous £1,000 especially when, the prisoner was happy to walk the 50yards! Prisoner (Robber) Oliver said "I would of been quite happy to walk - I couldn't care less about human rights (Like all criminals, don't care about the rights of humans, they wouldn't be criminals if they did) Its quite unbelievable really!" Thomas then WALKED from court after being bailed.

Meanwhile pathetic, pampered, prisoners have lodged a formal complaint, because they only get 1 sky sports channel, in their cells. (They shouldn't have a bloody TV in there cells at all, just a TV room with programs viewed, by the prison!!) They already get to see Premier League games on Sky Sports 1 (Which most hard working family's can't afford to have!) At privately-run Parc jail, in Bridgend, South Wales. But that's not good enough for some of the pampered Welsh scum, who also want Sky Sports 2 & 3 as well (F*** right off!!!!) They're pathetically moaning that, it breaches their 'Human Rights' (There it goes again.... Bloody Cherie Blair!...... Sod off, criminals have no right to, sodding human rights, the moment they commit a crime!!)

Meanwhile the 6 vile, terror suspects, who were planning suicide missions, appeared in court yesterday to face charges. They intended to carry out a terror attack in the UK on the scale of 9/11 (Sick C***'s!!) Surveillance tapes revealed the 6 practiced bomb making & making poisons, in a terror training camp, in Pakistan. One suspect was recorded saying "This is revenge for everything they're doing. It is another 9/11"  The gang of 6 planned to drive around the country & make suicide strikes on various targets. All of this was just because of a cartoon of the prophet Mohamed, that appeared in a DANISH newspaper (WTF has that to do with the UK? Morons!!) 

They funded the operation, with money raised for a Muslim charity. But the plan hit a snag when, the gang lost thousands of pounds GAMBLED on the stock exchange!! I thought DEVOUT Muslims didn't gamble (HYPOCRITES!!) They collected the cash, it is suspected, at Ramadan. Falsely claiming to be raising cash for Muslim Aid! But the charity NEVER got any of the money (No surprise there) Five buckets containing £1,500 were found after police raids, on the scum! They were all recorded, in a bugged car, comparing themselves to Jenson Button & Nigel Mansell & one says in a running commentary, as they drive  "It is 4 suicide bombers driving around, ready to take on England!" The vile, murderous, arseholes, also made martyr videos one warning of "Suicide bombs in the streets, spilling so much blood you wont believe!" The scum from Birmingham were remanded in custody to appear in court next month (Lets hope they get the kind of sentencing they deserve, not Ken Clarke's, Pathetic, Soft Justice!)

LOVELY, A teenaged looter, who handed himself in after being 'Pictured' in The Sun's 'Shop A Moron' campaign (He knew there was no escape, if he didn't hand himself in, someone would of grassed him for the reward, and his sentence would of been worse) Wept as he was locked up in jail yesterday (Good serves you right!) 18yr Aaron Douglas, was sentenced to 18months, in a Young Offenders Institution (Lets hope it's NOT the cushy one with the juice bar & spa) Aaron was part of a gang who raided, 'Crystal Palace' jewelers, in South London during the riots. He was caught on CCTV holding up the shops shutter, while acting as lookout, while his pals stole more than £6,000 worth of jewels & computer gear.

Rioting Scrotes, Doing Similar To JD Sports!

A doting 62yr gran Alwyn Ball is paying thousands of pounds on plastic surgery for her 20yr Granddaughter Hollie, to look like Amy Childs from TOWIE. Why do people have surgery to look like someone else? A better yourself I get, but to look like someone else is odd! She has spent £4,000 on a DD boob job, for single mum Hollie. Alwyn is now putting off retirement, to pay for cosmetic lip fillers for Hollie (Doesn't Hollie feel bad that her Nan can't retire yet, just so she can fund Hollie's vanity?) Her Nan who works with women with learning difficulty's say's "I had absolutely no qualms paying for her cosmetic surgery, Since she has had the operation, she has been much more confident, it is money well spent!" 

Alwyn & Granddaughter Hollie

Hollie's Nan Alwyn, has already shelled out for red hair extensions, sunbed sessions, 3 times a week (Hollie could/should pay for that!) & skimpy designer clothes including a £500 dress! Plus also paying for a £500 a term, stage school. Alwyn says "I don't think I spoil her, I'm looking forward to living in a nice granny flat at her mansion when she makes her fortune!"....... WHEN!!!... Don't you mean IF!!!... What is she going to make her fortune from??... Lookalike work??... The pay's OK for that, but it's NO Fortune!!.. Modeling & Acting work (Other than lookalike work) Will actually be hindered, if she resembles someone else! Unless it's acting as a celeb lookalike, in porn films. Holly naively says "Grans been incredibly supportive & it's not as if she hates her job!! So really everything's fine. It's great that she takes such an interest in fashion, and how I look, & when (IF) it all pays off I'll pay her back 10 times over!!".... Yeah good luck with that!!!

Hollie's Attempt, To Be Amy Childs 

There was a weird story, about American 5yr old Natalie Hayhurst (Below) Who is addicted to eating harmful objects. She scoffs Household Bricks as if they were cookies, she has a condition called 'Pica' which makes her crave 'non-food' substances, such as rocks, sticks, houseplants & almost died, after finding & eating a lightbulb. 

No Natalie, It's A Brick, Not A Giant Bourbon Biscuit!

Meanwhile back in the UK, the eviction of Gypsies at Dale Farm, has turned into a farce, as a judge halted the eviction, for a 3rd time, in a week! The poor council must return to the court for the 4th time Thursday! I went back inside after a spell in the sun (I hoped it would ease my pain, it didn't, odd that it's so painful lately, on days it's not raining!! As normally it's the rain that makes it worse!) I watched 'The Real Housewives Of New York' then 'Come Dine With Me' while snacking on some Wotsits & a Diet Coke. I watched 'Home & Away' that soap just gets better & better. Then for dinner I heated some Tomato & Wensleydale soup, after adding a bunch of herbs & spices plus seasoning! Followed with a frozen banana for dessert.... Yum!!

I watched 'Gok's Clothes Roadshow: Get The Look'.. Not very good, he showed how to do your own graffiti like Heart, T-Shirt design, with a white T-Shirt & a can of red & a can of black aerosol paint! Gok only conveniently showed the front of the T-shirt to camera! As the back, where the spray paint would of seeped through to, would of been a mess!! Because he didn't put a board or something inside the T-shirt, to stop the sprayed paint, transferring to the back! Then I watched the last of 'Seven Dwarves' I wonder if my local Dwarf, city bin emptier, watches it? My friend Andrea called me & we discussed a possible business venture. Then it was 'Big Brother' time followed by the brilliant 'True Blood'  I LOVE that show!! I had an apple & a coffee & went to bed around 1am, as I was in a lot of pain!... (Calories consumed 1,332)

Wednesday 28th September, I fell asleep quickly, after 2 days with no sleep & had  an odd dream (Do I have any other type?) I seemed to be on some kind of TV show & I snogged some kind of, fairly puny, young guy, that I didn't fancy. Then I discovered I seemed to have won points for it, and Davina McCall called me over & showed me B&W footage of me snogging him. I'd practically devoured him, sprawling him over a large table!! I was confused & wasn't sure why I did it? As I couldn't recall, myself being aware I'd win points for it. I know my friend Candie was there in some kind of capacity, but can't recall any of what she was doing there? 

My friend Ian was there also & he was spray tanning a line of fake tan, from a can, down the front and back of both legs, in a dark stripe. When I asked him "Why?" He said it made his legs look slimmer (It didn't, when legs were together, they looked like the back of a deckchair) I thought 'Its a line of, blended, highlighter, down front & back of tanned legs, that does that, NOT a line of dark tan down lily white legs!!' It went all over the place & looked a mess.... then I saw him put on his jeans & do the same to them!!.... I thought 'He's Lost It!!'....

Then my friend Jennie & another girl I seemed to know, were there, in hot pink sari's. Jennie was working behind the bar & asked if I wanted a drink? I asked for a tonic water. Then there was a film scene being acted out, some guy was meant to be a stud, surrounded by adoring girls. But he was rather puny too! He looked like a thin, young, Stephen Fry. Yet I recognized him straight away, as the best friend, or flatmate, of the guy I snogged. Then I was somewhere & I had a large, wild, animal, as a pet. A bear or something similar in size..... Then I woke up! What the hell that's all about, I have no idea!!....

I made myself a coffee & then had a wash & washed my hair with difficulty, due to still suffering chronic neck & back pain. I dried my hair & put up in a French pleat & wore my grey 3/4 gym trousers, a white vest & my B&W TrimSoles, and popped out into a lovely sunny day, to get a paper from the shop. Then I sat in the sun with my paper & a Diet Coke, banana & packet of Wotsits, for a kind of breakfast of sorts. 

The news headline was 'Jacko Left To Die' accompanied by a picture of a dead Micheal Jackson (Above) on a hospital trolley. The story of course, is about how a court has been told that, Micheal Jackson died, after being abandoned by his doctor Conrad Murray, after giving him a lethal dose of propofol. He is said to have administered a huge quantity of the drug & then wandered off and made a lengthy 45min phone call to his girlfriend, and send some emails, leaving Michael unattended & dying. 

Louie Spence said producers destroyed Pineapple with the way they made 'Louie Spence's Showbusiness'  Which is interesting, when 'The Extras' featured (Which included me) Couldn't understand why they never used, any of the very funny footage they had of us all, making a Music Video, a Zombie Movie & Chat Show etc! He said "Louie Spence's Showbusiness, was so bad even my mum had to turn over!"  He went on to blast the producers for ruining the show, by making it "Too clever!" adding "It was crap & I told them that!" 

He went on to say "My family watched it & they are what I call everyday people & my mum rang me & said, Oh I'm sorry Louie we had to turn it over we didn't understand it! She was right, I think the producers went beyond what the viewers want! People don't want clever TV they can't understand!" He also said they only put the excited me, all high kicks, in Pineapple Dance Studio, they had filmed a lot of stuff of me being serious, but it never got put in the show! 

 The Extras, Louie Spence's Showbusiness

I made myself a prawn korma curry with rice & a few chips for lunch as I was ravenous. With a frozen banana for dessert, at 2.30pm and later watched 'The Real Housewives Of New York'  They are still bitching at each other, like a bunch of uncouth Fishwives!! The ladies that do lunch, are often far from ladies! 

By the time that finished, I was in so much pain, that I had to have a lie down, as I'm not allowed to take any pain killing drugs in the week leading up to surgery! It was so painful I wanted to cry, it was so bad I couldn't surface until 8pm. Meaning I missed 'Come Dine With Me' and 'Home & Away' I'll have to catch up tomorrow!... 

I popped out to post my filled in form to the DWP & a cheque for Kays & then watched 'Extreme Makeover'  & then the fab 'Tough Love' Two brilliant shows on Really TV. It was then that, my sister Julie called me. She'd heard about my Op on Friday, through me chatting to her husband Erdal on Twitter... I told her what I was going to have done, and I said if it works maybe she should get it done through her BUPA medical from work. I heated some Asda parsnip soup, and used loads of herbs & spices to give it more flavour, as it was rather bland! Then I followed that with an apple. I watched 'Grand Designs' & 'Big Brother'  Then I had a cup-a-soup & a banana & put a load of laundry away & gave the flat a last once over, before my flat inspection tomorrow. Then I went to bed, miserable with pain, around 11.30pm. (Calories consumed 1,450) 

Thursday 29th September, I woke at 8am, I can't recall any dream I may have had. I had a wash & got on the scales & discovered I'd lost 1.5lb since Sunday, result!!.... I'm still in pain but managed to wash & dry my hair today. I wore my primrose yellow, sundress & silver thong sandals, then made myself porridge, with sliced banana, with a drizzle of honey, plus a sprinkling of nutmeg & cinnamon, to speed up the metabolism, all washed down with a coffee. I made the bed & waited for my letting agents, staff member, to do my flat inspection. When she arrived, I showed her a few bits that needed fixing & she mentioned the huge amount of fag butts in the courtyard outside. I said "I know it's revolting, any chance of a metal sand bucket, for them, to put fags in, outside?" She said she'd see what she could do! I gave her a £650 rent check, then I was watching 'Loose Women' when Nicky called to say she was going for lunch at The Blacksmiths Arms & to join her in the Beer Garden.

Which I did & ordered a tuna melt ciabatta, plus a half of real cider for lunch. I found Nicky in the beer garden chatting to Emma, and we got a table & Nicky had a chicken Caesar wrap & a bottle of Brothers strawberry cider. We caught up with whats been going on with each other, then went our separate ways around 3.20pm. I got in & couldn't believe how much sun I'd caught, I had very defined tan lines indeed!!... 

Tuna Melt Mmmmmmmm!!

I watched 'The Real Housewives Of New York' then made myself a mug of tomato soup, with added herbs & spices to give it flavour, as I was still peckish, followed by a frozen banana. I did a load of job & audition searches & applied for a bunch. Then I watched 'Come Dine With Me' & yesterday & today's 'Home & Away'  To catch up on what I missed, when In pain yesterday. I grilled 3 fish fingers & heated some baked beans & had that for dinner, with a pack of wine gums for dessert, as I had a bit of a sharp, fruity, craving. 

Fish Fingers & Baked Beans

Then I read the paper, the headline was 'Prem star sex & drug quiz, Bramble in cop cell'  Just another normal story of a Premier League football, arsehole, showing him & the game up as usual (Maybe if they were not so over paid, they'd behave more responsibly) As usual, if it's not a sex scandal, or a drink driving charge, it's a drug one. As it is, in the case of Sunderland's, defender, Titus Bramble, combined also, with an alleged sex attack, in a taxi. This waste of air's brother, is a convicted rapist, who is currently serving time in jail (Nice family!!) The cab driver was so concerned with Titus's behaviour & the girls response, while in the back of his cab, that he drove to the local police station, instead of to Titus's home as requested! Good for the cabbie!! 

There was a bit in the paper, on the moron Michael Cohen. The Brit living in Cape Town, South Africa, that's fighting for his life after a Great White Shark, bit off his leg, when he arrogantly ignored warnings not to swim!! (That's his fault not the sharks, I have no sympathy for the idiot!) He dived in the sea at the closed beach, where he swam regularly, despite repeated warnings, that 3 Great White Sharks, had been seen in the water near the beach. After the warnings, he said "If a shark takes me, blame me not the shark!!" 

Well I for one do!!... You selfish git & you could of also risked the lives, of the life guards, who hauled your sorry arse out of the sea!! Pratt! His right leg was torn off above the knee, surgeons removed his mutilated left leg. (Serves him right!)

Michael Cohen, Fish Food...

Talking of SA, the Home Secretary, Teresa May has approved the extradition to SA, of Shrien Dewani, accused of being behind his wife's honeymoon, carjacking & murder in South Africa. He has 14 days to appeal (He so will!!)  Or he will face trial in Cape Town. His poor, murdered wife's, family, are very happy with the result, they had sent Teresa May, a 11,000 signature petition, calling for Shrien's extradition. 

An alleged al-Qaeda fanatic was charged yesterday, after his plot to use miniature remote planes to blow up the Pentagon, was foiled by the FBI. It is believed 26yr Rezwan Ferdaus, planned to turn 3ft replica jets into flying bombs, to crash into the US defence HQ the Pentagon, the physics student also wanted to attack other targets in Washington. 

He was caught trying to buy explosives and weapons, in a sting by undercover agents, the FBI delivered his order, said to be explosives, grenades and machine guns. He is also accused of trying to help al-Qaeda, attack US soldiers abroad, by modifying mobile phones, to act as electrical switches for bombs.  During recorded meetings, he talked of killing US women & children, that he called "Enemy's of Allah!" (Sick Bars***d!!) He could face up to 60yrs in jail (As the sensible US, give decent sentences, in non luxury prisons, unlike the stupid soft on crime UK!!)

There was a bit in the paper, on ultra cheap clubs, such as Showbar in Warrington, that on a Tuesday charge £5 entry, then 10p & 50p drinks (I wish there was one like that, in St Albans) I could afford the occasional night on the tiles then. The only downfall being, that if we did, it would be full of teenagers, and binge drinking 20's, who would be ratarsed & puking everywhere & starting fights! As the youth of today, have a greed mentality, so when things are cheap, they guzzle it down, in a race to get mashed. Rather than drink responsibly, and actually enjoy it!.... Fools! Another bar, Funky Box has a student night, with £5 entry & 1p a drink (Shots & spirits) 2p a pint of beer. 

A study has found, that UK is the worst place to live in, in Europe, with more than 1 in 10 Brits wanting to leave! The combination of terrible weather (Except for this week) the soaring cost of living, the fears of a broken society, has put us last on the list, of top 10 places in Europe to live. France was No1 for the 3rd time, with Spain 2nd & Italy 3rd. Brits get fewer days off work, and pay the most for their food & diesel, plus add on a higher retirement age, with longer working hours, plus the 2nd lowest amount of sunshine, its no wonder only 5% of Brits say they are happy here (Unlike the foreign asylum seekers, who love it here, and flock here in droves!! No wonder, when they get handed on a plate, everything, that we Brits can't afford to have, even when working full time, and are NOT given, unless we can prove we are feckless scum!) 

I watched 'Watchdog' then 'Educating Essex' There's some horrible, thick, little scrotes on there!! God help us, if any of those kids are our future! Then I watched 'Big Brother' I do hope the very lovely Aaron is not evicted tomorrow, but I think he is safe! After all, he is up against, a chanting, vegan, fruit loop, Heaven & an annoying, street jiving, appalling rapping, bullshit spouting, teen Aden. Then once that was over, I had a cup-a-soup & a Diet Coke & went to bed at 11.25pm. As I have to be up early, to be in hospital for 8am, and I'm not allowed to eat or drink, from 12 midnight until after my Op. (Calories consumed 1,622) 

Friday 30th September (O.D) Operation Day,  I woke up at 6.30am with my neck, shoulders & coccyx, giving me lots of pain (hopefully the former two, will be sorted after my Op today!!) If so I will see about them doing the same to my Coccyx, as nothing thus far has helped that, since my injury there, aged 11yrs. I had a shower, to be nice & fresh for the slab & also to ease the pain some. My neck & shoulders were too bad to lift my arms & wash my hair. So I just pulled into a ponytail (while wincing lots) As it needs to be off my neck/back for the Op anyhow. 

I didn't bother with make-up, except for mascara & a lip-salve as my mouth & lips were dry, due not being able to eat or drink after 12midnight. I pulled on my 3/4 grey gym trousers & my white camisole vest top, plus my B&W TrimSole flip-flops & then I put a dressing gown, a paper & a Diet Coke & packet of crisps in my bag (The later for after the Op, when I will no doubt be peckish-hungry) Then at 7.20am I headed off to the Day Surgery Unit. Last time I was there, it was to be with my late mum, when she went for laser surgery, on her cataracts. It made me sad thinking of her, as I sat there all alone, in that same ward, waiting for my Op.  28-29 months on, her unexpected death, still hurts....

I was shown to bed 19 & put my stuff in bedside cabinet, then after changing into paper, disposable, knickers (Sexy) plus my hospital gown & dressing gown. I was given some magazines to pass the time, including the OK magazine with Kerry Katona's Fauxmance with Lucian (above ^) Oh pleeeeeeze!!! She totally side stepped questions re that article, on that very subject, on 'Loose Women'  The week that came out!! She said in it, that she is going to invite him to her pool party... Pool party?  What pool?  I thought she was broke & homeless!!?? Or is she still squatting, at Claire Powell's expense, in the home she provided Kerry with, while representing her!!??... 

Talking of Claire Powell, WOW!!  She was the true shock. I was looking at pictures, of TOWIE's Joey Essex's, 21st Birthday, bash & saw a pic of him, with this young, stunning, blonde & thought 'ooooh is that his new girlfriend? She is better looking than Sam Faiers'  Then I read underneath & discovered it was in fact, Claire Powell, from CAN Associates. OMG!! I nearly fell off my hospital bed in shock!! I always thought Claire was, very talented at what she does, and was quite attractive, for a middle aged, overweight, woman! But bloody hell she looked Absolutely Stunning!! & the same age as Joey in the picture (See Below) Wow!! I knew she was losing weight (Gastric Band??) But Wow!! I think that new look, must be down to more than just weight loss. 

I know she has become the owner of a cosmetic beauty clinic. If she has had work done there, then she is definitely the best advert for the place. I can imagine women booking in droves, to have the CAN's Claire treatment!! (I would, if I could afford to!!) Now that she has split from partner Nevil (Rumours of him cheating with Kerry, are still floating around) I wouldn't put it past Peter Andre to fall for his newly stunning manager now!! (Oooh how that would rile the Pricey!!!!)

Birthday Boy, Joey Essex & Claire 'How Hot am I Now' Powell
 Clair Powell Before Her Transformation & At Largest Below

One of the lovely nurses that will be involved in my Op, assisting the Surgeon, went through quite an extensive questionnaire, with me before checking my heart beat & blood pressure a few times. She asked if I was nervous about the Op? As my heart was racing quite fast, I said "No I can't wait for it, but I do feel stressful, due to being in an extreme amount of pain this morning!!"  My surgeon Dr Heart (Fantastic name for a surgeon, especially if he'd been a cardiologist) Came to my bed, to give me a run down, of the Op's procedure, then marked my back & neck with a pen & my patient wristband was applied. 

I then got into bed & waited, as the other patients, on my ward, went down & came back up, before me. My stomach rumbled, at the smell of the tea/coffee & toast the nurses brought them all. Eventually 3.5hrs after I'd arrived, at 11.30am, I was wheeled down to the operating theatre, for my cervical epidural injection Op. 

The Catheter was put in my hand for my Local Anesthetic & the drug administered. The doctor waited for it to take hold before then injecting steroids/painkillers into the epidural spaces, between certain disc's, into the spinal nerves. While I lay face down, with my face in a hole in the bed, with my arms above my head. The whole procedure was pain free & I was back on the ward around 1pm ish. The nurses were lovely in there & I soon had 2 slices of toast & a coffee. 

Once I'd had a pee, I was allowed to get dressed & call Jennie to collect me (Due to being under a local anesthetic, I am not allowed to walk home alone, from the hospital) I sat in the collection area with my crisps & Diet Coke & read The Sun paper. I had a 2nd coffee & Jennie arrived at around 2pm. We walked into town in the glorious sunshine, with me still in my medical bracelet & a swab of cotton wool tapped to my hand, where the catheter was removed, plus the small plaster dressing, on my spine (Below) 

We stopped at Star Bucks for a coffee & slice of lemon drizzle cake, and sat in the sun chatting & watching the world go by. She said she said she had a spare ticket, to go to, watch the new Smurf film with the girls tomorrow, but I need to be at hers at 9.30am as it starts at 10 or 10.30am. I said I'd let her know later, when the anesthetic has worn off, and I know how I feel without it. While sat there my sister Julie called me on my mobile, to see how my Op went? I told her all about it & said if it ends up being successful, I will tell her & maybe she could get her doc to put her forward for the same, as she gets BUPA with her job. The dwarf bin emptier, who I chat to, passed by & stopped for a brief chat & then Jennie & I went our separate ways. She went to pick the girls up from school & I went home, after popping in to Tesco Metro, for a few essentials en route!! 

I sat in the courtyard for a bit, reading my paper, enjoying The Sun, in the sun! Though due to the time of year the sun was a hell of a lot lower in the sky than in summer, there is a lot more shade & less sunny spots in the courtyard, due to shadows from surrounding buildings. The headline is 'United Goalie Caught Nicking a £1.19 Tesco Doughnut: Keepers Krispy Kreme Quiz' ....I don't think our Tesco Metro does Krispy Kreme Doughnuts? Mind you not having a sweet tooth, I have never looked! What a doughnut that 20yr Spanish goalie, actually is though! 

As a Manchester United Goalie, he is megga rich, on a salary of £70,000 a week (A stupid salary for a mere sportsman) Yet he seems to think, that he is above paying £1.19 for a doughnut, in Manchester's Tesco! But it goes to show that, there is one rule for we the general public & another for the rich, so called, celebrity's. Because all he got for his theft, was a dressing down by security staff (I don't even know if they made him cough up the £1.19) Nor did he get Tesco's, standard, 3month store ban, for shoplifters. NOT IMPRESSED TESCO!! If he had done that, the night of the riots, he would have a sentence now!

Koala Bear & Cub

There was a bit in the paper, about how male Koalas, can roar as laud as Elephants or large Bears, to allure females, over great distances. But there are far more fascinating facts, about Koalas, than that!! Such as the Koalas constant diet of eucalyptus leaves, makes them constantly stoned! Also they catch Chlamydia when they're frightened by a loud noise. They are born as joeys with no eyes or ears, but the females have two vagina's & the males are born with forked penises!! Odd little cuddly bears ain't they!!

A shattered, heartbroken, mum was arrested, after her 3yr old son died of Pneumonia, that a 'Hospital' failed to diagnose (Rather like my Doc, who failed to diagnose my pneumonia twice, despite me telling him, on his 1st visit, that I feared that was what, I had!!....) Tragic Alfie Podmore 3, died in his sleep after a Birmingham Children's Hospital, sent him home without proper tests! Within 1hr his poor grief stricken mother, Abby Podmore was nicked by the police! She said of her arrest "I was in shock"  (I'm not surprised she was!!) The Police Complaints Commission are investigating! I should think so too, that's shocking!!

There is more in the paper, on the speculation of Ashton Kutcher cheating on his Cougar/MILF wife Demi Moore, with 23yr blonde Sarah Leal. Who is allegedly secretly demanding £160,000 to keep quiet, somewhat poorly if its such common knowledge! 21yr Brittney Jones, also accused him of the same last year.

Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore

EU arseholes have decided (On the UK's behalf!!) That jobless Europeans, can claim British benefits, despite putting F*** All in! (I am sure the rest of Europe are in on a pact to destroy the UK who were once a great power!!) We need to leave the EU, what Tony Blair set in motion & Gordon Blair did to this country, is nothing short of treason! These hand out's could cost the UK an extra £2.5Billion per year. Employment minister Chris Grayling, rightly  vowed to oppose the potty European's Commission. Warning it could lead to even more 'benefit tourism' adding it is a 'Very unwelcome development'. At the moment UK rules say ONLY benefit, child tax credit & state pension, can go to EU nationals, that pass a 'Right To Reside' Test! They MUST be in work, or seen to be actively seeking work. The EU arseholes say that these tests, break EU law (F*** EU law!! We have UK law!!) 

Yesterdays mini heatwave, sent UK temperature's up to 20C (84F) which smashed a 116 year old record. Lets hope it continues, after we have just endured, one of the coldest summers on record!....

Michael Cohen, No Longer Has A Leg To Stand On!

The Ex Pat MORON living in Cape Town SA (Above) Who had one leg ripped off & another mauled, by a Great White Shark, while Swimming in the South African sea. Despite there being, shark pictured, no swim flags everywhere & being constantly told by numerous people, NOT to swim. Was saved, due to help from a seal.  The seal swam in circles round mutilated idiot, Michael Cohen, as rescuers risked their lives (Due to his pathetic, selfish, actions) To drag him out, onto the beach, near Cape Town. Even though seals are sharks favourite pray, the selfless seal swam in the blood soaked sea, by Michael, acting like some kind of decoy, as the shark lurked 12ft away! Meanwhile the feckless moron Cohen 42, was critical but stable in hospital (If he dies he only has his self to blame, unlike the poor groom in the Seychelles) The shark bit off his right leg, but doctors are trying to save whats left of his mauled left leg. 

Proof that there are some rich twats out there, with more money than sense, comes in the form that, a canvas 9ft by 7ft, painted plain white with a black felt tip boarder with the date 22-8-1969 written in the bottom right hand corner, by Bob Law, is set to be be bid on for around £60,000 (It's an insult to people with real artistic talent, If I'd of produced that at Art College, I would of definitely failed my art degree!!) Whoever buys it is an idiot, even if it is an investment, for an art collector!

The Load Of White Crap In Background, Can Be Yours!
For Around A Mere £60,000...
Any Takers?............................... No???

I went back indoors to watch 'The Real Housewives Of New York' Honestly the Countess Luann, who is being divorced by the Count (Who she actually gained the title from) Really lacks class, she drops her title into every conversation, event, book importunity etc. In a tasteless way, that someone born & bred into such a title would never do & who would, in fact, find it distasteful and embarrassing! I know, I have grown up & worked among the Aristocracy, Lords, Lady's, Barons, Earls, Princes & Sultan's & NONE would flaunt their title, the way she does! And she was only married into the title, not born into it! It shows a lack of class & decorum! 

Real Housewife Of New York, Countess Luann 

I guess the rich & newly titled Americans, are more brash & less refined, than the European Gentry/Aristocracy. Much of what Luann does, makes me cringe at times. For someone of her position & status, she can come across at times, as extremely gauche! Which might well be why her European, Count, husband, divorced her! (I bet a certain hater, will have plenty to rant about, re this!)

Luann & Ex Husband, The Count, Before The Divorce!

I hung up some dry clothes & later caught up on the 2 episodes of 'Home & Away' that I'd missed, before making a dinner of stir fry veg, with Quorn strips, cooked in my wok, with a load of herbs & spices & sweet chili sauce. Which was very tasty I must say & I treated myself to a Galaxy bar, for desert to celebrate my Operation. 

I read the info on my Cervical Epidural Injection Operation. The anaesthetics & steroids, that are injected into the epidural space. Are injected, so the anaesthetics effect the nerves, to provide pain relief & the steroids reduce inflammation, to make the pain relief last longer. The steroids can take up to 48hrs to work (So Sunday afternoon) If you get relief from pain, but it comes back, the procedure can be repeated! A Epidural injection is most effective on pain that starts from the root of a nerve. Complications that can happen are....
  1. Failure to relieve your pain - (Hopefully not the case)
  2. Worsening pain - this can settle quickly though (Hopefully not the case)
  3. Low blood pressure - (Unlikely my blood pressure is always perfect, even when I nearly died of double pneumonia) 
  4. Headache - This can happen if the bag around the spinal chord is punctured by the needle, and can be anything from mild to sever (Well at least I can use painkillers for it now) 
  5. Bladder-emptying problems - If nerves to bladder are affected you may need a catheter for a short time to pee, until the affect wears off! (Obviously why I had to pee before I could leave hospital)
  6. Temporary leg or arm weakness - Varying from barely noticeable to not being to move arms or legs at all, meaning you may need to stay in the recovery area for a few hours, or be taken home by a responsible adult (Well that never happened thankfully)
  7. Backache - (Back to square one if I do)
  8. Seizures - (Risk 1 in 10,000, luckily I was not the 1)
  9. Unexpected high block - If the local anaesthetic spreads beyond the intended area, risk 1 in 18,000, this can make breathing difficult, cause low blood pressure & rarely cause unconsciousness, you may need to be sent to a high dependency unit or intensive care (Fortunately not) 
  10. Infection around the spine - 1 in 150,000
  11. Short term nerve injury - less than 1 in 250,000
  12. Blood clot in the spine - less than 1 in 170,000 (Happy with those odd's)
I watched  the FAB 'Extreme Makeover' on Really TV, wish they did that over here. Then I watched 'Come Dine With Me' (I didn't bother with the soaps 'Corrie & EastEnders'  They bore me these days) Then it was time for 'Big Brothers Live Eviction'  I think Heaven will be out, but don't care if its Heaven, or Dire rapper Aden, as long as it's not my favourite Aaron!!..... As expected it was Heaven. Who made a catastrophic fall up the house stairs, on her exit (It would of been funnier if it was down the stairs, the other side of the house doors, in front of the baying public!) I think Amun Rah pushed her down the stairs, after getting bored of her chanting to him 24/7!! 

I watched that & 'The Bachelor'  inbetween the two 'Big Brother' shows, where the squeaky, baby talking, blonde Carianne, is still in the running, amazing! Yes she is attractive, but she sounds like Orville the duck & Joe Pasqualli, on Helium!!....

Paul Wilder's Louie Spence's Showbusiness, The Extra's T-Shirt
Paul Wilder With Emma Willis On BBBOTS

Then I watched 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side' where Paul Wilder (Above) was on as usual (He lives in Borehamwood) & as usual he was the 1st to talk too!! I began to feel pain in my neck & shoulders again, as the anesthetic wore off, which was a downer! I hope it's just down to all the needle action, and doesn't mean it was all for nothing!!.... I took a couple of ibuprofen & text Jennie that, I was going to give the Smurfs a miss & enjoy an early-ish night & enjoy a lie in! I then watched 'Al Murray: My Funniest Year' on Ch4 +1 before settling down to sleep at 2am & for once I quickly fell asleep.

 I'd Rather Own This Smurfette Dress
Than Go See The Smurf Film!!

I was having a nice dream, I don't recall, when at  3.15am I was rudely awoken by a text... It was from James, who I met on a train on the way back from the NRTA's. Who has been, constantly contacting me for a date since. 

Not happy I opened the message to read "Hey Darling I hope your op when well 4u X" FFS!! He knows I had a Op today why text at that time & wake me up why not 2pm-7pm. No doubt he has just remembered after doing a Karaoke gig & decided to text to win brownie points for remembering!! 

Well he got no Brownie points for waking me from my 1st deep sleep in 2yrs!! He would off if he'd text Saturday some time after 10am saying "Hi hun hope your Op went well yesterday & you feel better!! X" Pissed off I text back "Would of gone better if you had not just woken me with that text..... Night...." If he has any brains he will either quickly reply wit a "Sorry!!" or do so tomorrow (If he doesn't, he will go well down in my estimation!!) He might even get the hump with my curt, terse, reply, and not contact me again!.... if so I'll live! (Calories consumed 1,497) 

Saturday 1st October, Nat & Candie Run 26.2 Mile Marathon In Aid Of Shine Cancer Charity, After my annoying rude awakening due to a text at 3.15am. I went back into a deep sleep & woke at 9.30am to a lovely bright sunny day, with no pain in my neck & shoulders for the 1st time in 2yrs (Hurrah!!!) Fingers crossed it remain this way!! (If so I'm definitely going to ask for my coccyx to be done too!!) This new upper body, pain free sensation, put me in a very chipper mood, which was added to by the fact it was warm & sunny out!! I popped into the bath (avoiding my dressing getting wet) Tied back my hair & just applied mascara & lip-salve and popped on my primrose yellow summer dress & silver thong sandals, plus my D&G sunglasses & popped to Tesco's, to draw £20 out of their ATM & get essentials, like milk, toilet roll, pain killers & a Sun paper etc. 

I came home & sat in the sunny courtyard, just outside my door, the sun is warm but the sky is hazy, but you can still tan in it, shame the sun's lower though, this time of year, as there is much more shade. I had a banana, apple & Diet Coke for breakfast, while sat in the courtyard in the sun, reading The Sun paper.

The Headline is 'Jade's Cash Wiped Out By £1.8M Debts, Tax and bills swallow up son's inheritance'  The story of how the late 27yr Jade Goody's £2.2Million fortune, was nearly wiped out by massive debts, due to her failing to pay income tax, for 4yrs, which meant that she owed the Inland Revenue £585,000, also £170,000 in house mortgage arrears, on her 3 Essex property's. Which ended up leaving her sons Bobby & Freddie less than £400,000, which is still a lot more than she would of made without her Big Brother fame. But meaning that there was not enough left, to set up trust funds for the boys, like she hoped! Jade a former dental nurse, had earned at least £5.5Million since being on Big Brother.

Jade Goody

Brilliant news, that the Al-Qaeda No2, Anwar al-Awlaki, has been killed, in a US Drone attack (Hurrah!!) The Hate Mongering, Fanatic, Fugitive, was on a remote Yemen track, when the pick up truck he was in, was blown sky high by a US CIA Missile!! He was said to be behind 3 failed plots, to blow up planes over America. Meanwhile a Taliban plot to snatch Osama Bin Laden's youngest widow (The one who tried to jump in front of her husband, when he was shot) from custody. Has been foiled & failed, after a tip off! Meanwhile our Gypsy scum on Dale Farm are in court, using yet more delaying tactics again!! No doubt using human rights bollocks like all our UK (And Foreign) Scum do!!

Honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani (Above) lodged an appeal against an order that he be extradited to South Africa over his wife's killings yesterday (Which goes against his dead wife's parents wishes) The more he fights it, the more I'm sure he did it!! Dewani is supposedly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder & deny's any wrong doing! Hmmmmm.....

Met Office experts recon today could reach 30C (86F) it certainly was warm, but not sure if it was that warm. Mind you if the sky was less hazy, I think it could of been a scorcher! A warm weather front that has swept over from Turkey (Good ole Turkey) caused the heatwave & is expected to last until Tuesday.... hurrah!!!

Idiotic Bolton Council (Is it Labour or Liberal run?) is wasting £110,000 on sending 'Thank you'  texts to people who put their recycling bins out on time FFS!!....Resident's who sign up for the texts will get 'Positive messages' plus interesting recycling facts, I wonder if the interesting fact, that £110,000 of tax payers money is going on this crap, would make those signed up for it, un-sign up, for the texts? What a waste of time & money!!

There was a double page spread in the paper, of a 39yr, Cheshire, former queens guardsman, living in Leyton, East London. Who brings shame on his regiment. As he now boasts of being a soldier of Allah, following hate preacher Anjem Choudary (Has shell shock made him susceptible to brain washing?) The bearded nutter, who still bares a St Georges flag tattoo, at the nape of his neck, with the word England beside it. Now calls for Sharia law, Martyrdom & the down fall of democracy, while he claim's £58 a week in Jobseeker's allowance & housing benefit!! 

White, Paul Steven Mellor, is now renamed Abu Jibreel (His parents must be so proud.... Not!!... actually they have rightly, turned their backs on him!) The idiot was on the front line, battling police officers, during a mock funeral for Osama Bin Laden, outside of London's US Embassy, telling anyone who would listen, to his mad ranting, that he want's adulterers stoned to death & drinkers flogged!

A private jet is waiting to whisk 24yr Amanda Knox (Above) home, as a celebrity if she is cleared of murder..... It surly won't be going anywhere, she is as guilty as sin, the laughing, joking & kissing pics of her & her boyfriend, just hrs after her flatmates murder. Are not the images, of a shocked, caring, person, who's bothered about her flatmates death & who had nothing to do with the tragedy. 

Amanda Knox & Boyfriend, The Day After Murder

Any normal innocent person would be like a stunned zombie, with a blank expression & stare, thinking "Shit that could of been me!!" Her rich family have set up a $1million PR campaign. Money & campaigns do not an innocent person make! She was definitely involved with the murder, of British Meredith Kercher! Knox from Seattle, Washington, will learn on Monday if she is to escape her 26yr sentence. She won't if there is any justice!.....

NHS bosses blew £1,100 each, on a two night stay at one of the worlds top hotels that charge £550 a night. The five star, President Wilson, in Geneva, Switzerland (Below) This obscene, staggering, bill was just one of many signed off by Labour ministers, during their last wasteful year of power! Health officials spent an obscene £4.6million in tax payers money on hotels in just 3yrs from 2007-2010. The annual bill reached £1.7million in 2009-2010 when staff enjoyed a staggering 18,500 nights away in just 1year!

I went inside around 3pm & had a 4 cheeses, thin crust pizza, for lunch, washed down with a Diet Coke & was surprised at how much sun I'd caught while out there. I chatted to my funny (Ex Hollyoaks) friend, Simon Cole on Twitter & also posted my BFF Nat's, Shine Sponsorship page (For his marathon run he's doing, with our friend Candie today, for Shine's Cancer Charity) I posted it on my wall on Facebook, encouraging friends to donate & also constantly all over Twitter, also asking for people to RT (Retweet) to their followers. Nat has lost over 10st & has trained really hard for today, along with Candie. He has already reached his target of £500 in sponsorship, but it would be good to see him exceed it!! If you wish to donate to his good cause you can do so by clicking HERE I'm sure you can still donate after the event!

Super-Fit Nat & Candie, Let The 26.2Mile Marathon Begin!!

I watched 'Strictly Come Dancing' Not very exciting, until Nancy Dell'Olio hammed it up & then had a costume malfunction, getting entangled in her feather boa. I bet her 1 point from Bruno hurt! Then it was 'Xfactor' time, the judges house auditions, which were at best a borefest, with the final selection not being revealed, until tomorrow's show & the Robbie Williams, take on the Sinitta outfit, was as dull & unfunny as expected! 

Out of the boys, I don't like Frankie, or Craig & 16yr Luke's audition, was cringeworthy, with him singing off key, way too high, and was screeching & shouting, not singing! If he gets through due to them liking his 1st original audition, it will be a farce & unfair on those who sang better at the judges house! I'm not that keen on the girls, Micha B, Jade, or Janet. Out of the over 25's Goldie & Kitty can sod off!! Of the groups ,I guess Chasing Keys aren't bad. But nobody really excites me so far! And apparently, according to Tuesdays paper, Tulisa has dumped 'Chasing Keys' for being too posh, unlike her more ghetto like upbringing!

I had some tomato soup with rice cakes, and watched 'Big Brother' Aaron is still my favourite, with Mark in 2nd place. Then I watched 'The Jonathan Ross Show' followed by '8 Out Of 10 Cats Uncut' Then I watched the Indian film 'Love Aaj Kal', with Saif Ali Khan & Deepika Padukone. I use to watch Punjabi films, all the time, it makes me laugh, how the modern films dialogue, is half in English & half in Indian, both at the same time, with subtitles popping up as the languages switch! Still No apology text from, James re his 3.15am text that woke me (Not impressed!!) No doubt this means my curt response has irked him & I will probably not hear from him again...... Oh well..... Next!!! I went to bed at 4.05am when the film stopped (Calories consumed 1,363)

Sunday 2nd October, I woke at 9.30am, I'm not in pain, for the 2nd day in a row! I had a very chilled dream, I was living in a very airy tranquil home, lots of pastel colours, I was wearing a cream dress with a largish Navy or Black print, that seemed very M&S I'd been listening to some music, in the lounge, with George Micheal & I thought 'I must invite him over again!' There was a large school-like gymnasium, in the house, and a group of us, had to make our way round a circuit assault course. Where you had to swing on, or hang from chains. To get from A to B. A group of people & I seemed to be doing it in our underwear, or knickers & vest. I seem to be close with another female (I can't recall who) I'm not sure if we were close as friends, or intimately, but I felt strong emotions towards her, in some way. But that's all I recall, it's a far cry from my normal, brightly coloured, almost technicolour, action packed, Epic dreams that are my norm! Maybe the lack of pain, has chilled out my dreams??..

It is another beautiful day out, I had a wash & wore my strapless paisley dress, to try and lessen my white strap marks, gleaned this week (WTF!!!) Who'd of thought we'd get summer weather in autumn?? I got on the bathroom scales, to find, I have lost 2.5lb since Thursday & 4lb in total since Sunday last week (Hurrah) I popped to the shop & got a OK magazine, as a treat to read in the sun. As since The NOTW folded, I haven't found a Sunday paper to replace it. So I sat in the sunshine with OK magazine & an apple, plus a Diet Coke for breakfast. The front cover is of, my most disliked, TOWIE cast member, Lauren Goodger, talking about her break up with Mark Wright & the abortion of their baby, that she had in her 20's. 

Lauren Goodger

Fare enough, if it wasn't the right time, but did she really have to make that bit of private information, public knowledge? What does she gain, from letting the hoi polloi, know this private morsel of knowledge? And is anybody really interested? Seems like, just a cheap shot at Mark to me. She is also making her usual, snide digs, at far prettier, far classier, Lucy Mecklemburgh! Stop being such a bitch Lauren, the only person you have a right to have any anger directed at, is Mark & yourself, for being such a sad doormat... End of!! The article contained very airbrushed photo's & she has stupidly filled, trout pout lips!

There was also a lot of crap from Kerry Katona, re her Fauxmance with Lucien (The bullshit that was all over the OK edition, I read in hospital Friday, while waiting for my Op, see above) This week it's all about her heartbreak now it's over!! Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeze what total BS!! Two faux story's, in quick succession, to keep you in the public eye! They have gone from, they wan't to be together forever, he's meeting her kids & she can't wait to meet his mum (Yawn) To 'I love him, but I'm not going to marry him'.... Really!!!..... You don't say!!.... That was the quickest Big Brother Fauxmance in history!!... 

Then she pisses me right off, by being a typical chav & siding with the illegal gypsies on Dale Farm. Adding she is so pleased Paddy Doherty is standing up for them!! Of course the Pikey is!! She said why should they move on when they have lived there all these years..... Simple they are there illegally & have only been there all those years, as they know how to play the system & the courts, using every delaying tactic in the book. Bloody gypsies are called travellers, about time they did some soddin travelling & sodded their illegal asses off Dale Farm!!.....

There were more pics of CAN's Claire Powell at Nicola McLean's 30th birthday bash. I wonder if my friend Tania Do-Nascimento (Below) Was there? She use to work with Candie & in Regent Street & was in BB4 in 2003. I wondered if she was there, because she is good friends with Nicola. But I didn't spot her in the OK pics! Clair looked good, damn good! But not as stunning as she did at Joey Essex's 21st Birthday Party! The rest was the Chantelle & Alex Reid (We are trying for a IVF baby) borefest!! Yawn! Who cares? London fashion week. Cheryl the forces sweetheart (A Positive PR opportunity, used to max) 


News is that Jade Goody's mum is pregnant, god help the poor kid!... A Bit about sexy Pierce Brosnan, Jessica Alba & her new baby (Cute but Yawn!) A bit on Downton Abbey, a article on Cliff Richard (No interest) A bit on Desperate Housewives Jesse Metcalf who's in the new Dallas series, an article on Michael Flatley (Didn't bother reading) I also didn't bother with an article on Alice Coulthard. The rest was mostly boring guff, to be honest OK magazine is not all that! It's not one I'd be in a hurry to buy again!

The sun was lovely & warm on my back & neck, after a while I briefly popped in to make myself a cheese & tomato sandwich, with the last of my bread (I'd avoided it all week, as I pile on weight just looking at bread!) I had it with some chili crisps & a Diet Coke (Decaff as always) and sat in the sun some more to eat it! 

Cheese & Tomato Sarnie Yum!!

I did some more clearing of the litter in the courtyard, plus picked up another soddin 261fag butts. I went back indoors around 3ish & then got a call at 3.30pm, from Alley a journalist, who's contacted me before. Saying that she wanted me, for a national magazine article, as a 'Cougar' To give the newly broken up, Demi Moore, advice on getting over a break up with a 'Cub' (Ashton Kutcher) Saying that, it would be good publicity for me (Doubt it, but it will be a laugh to do, it might even help me get closer to my own column, maybe as a cougar Agony Aunt... LMAO) 

Alley asked me to send her, by email, some pics of me with some of the younger men in my life. Which she will pixelate the faces of, the guys & asked what time I would be free, for a photo shoot at home, if she sends over a camera man? I said about 5pm, as I have a lot going on tomorrow (In fact I may try to defer it until Tuesday) She text me after we spoke, saying it was good talking to me, I spoke a lot of sense on the subject & ended the text with 'Lets Make You A Star' which made me PML!!..... We will see, what actually happens,  she has said this, on other subjects before & the article then gets pulled, in favour of something else more recent/shocking!

I looked on Facebook, at the pictures Nat posted of the Shine 18mile marathon, that he did for Cancer research with Candie. I'm very, very proud, of them both! I have kept promoting Nat's Sponsor page on twitter. I know some of my followers have donated, fingers crossed it continues to work!..... If my mum had not died suddenly in 2009 & I'd not put on nearly 3st, due to depression, my back might not have been so bad, then maybe I'd of joined them, in doing it...... Maybe next year, if the weight comes back off & the epidural continues working, I will do it with them if they do again? Hope springs eternal & Cancer charity's are close to my heart & family background.

Champions Nat & Candie, At Finishing Line 
After 26.2Mile Marathon, For Shine

I made myself a yummy stir fry in my Wok, with vegetables, herbs, spices, Quorn strips & black bean sauce!! With 3 Rice cakes & a Diet Coke to wash it down. I watched the premier of the 'Star Trek' movie (I'm a Si-Fi Geekette!!) Loved it!! The actor who played Syler in Heroes, made a fantastic Spock! Then I watched 'Big Brother'  I loved BB for winding up vile Anton, that his crap song was due to be No1 in the charts. Then I enjoyed a coffee & an apple while watching 'Downton Abbey' followed by 'TOWIE' & then 'Xfactor' The judges choices. 

The 4 Boys that got through are Marcus, Craig, James & Frankie (I don't like Frankie or Craig, I'd much rather John Wilding had replaced one of them!) But I'm glad Gary didn't put 16yr Luke through, it would of been a farce if his awful, off key, screechy, shouty audition at the judges house, which was painful to the ears had got him through! 

The 4 Girls are Misha, Janet, Sophie & Amelia (I'm Not a fan of Misha at all, and find Janet a bit Diana Vickers) 

The 4 Groups are Rhythmix, The Risk, 2 Shoes & Nu Vibe (Not a fan of New Vibe & Rhythmix so far & 2 Shoes don't do it for me, would rather The Keys got in) 

Then finally Louie Walsh with his Over 25's, he chose Goldie, Kitty, Jonjo & Johnny (I can't stand Kitty & putting Goldie in was madness) Goldie never actually sang the correct words to ANY of the songs she auditioned for, but she's pulled out of the show anyway (No doubt realising she was to be the novelty joke of the show, rather like Wagner was last year!) So she was replaced by Sami, who can actually sing! 

Lets see if my views change as the show progresses? You can find out by reading my "Evil Barbies Xfactor Critique 2011" Which is updated weekly. I finally went to bed at 3am after writing some more of my blog (Calories consumed 1,230)


  1. Good god, you are so nasty that text was a nice gesture and all you can do is moan...turn your fucking phone off at night then! And don't say you use it as an alarm clock cos you spend most of your mornings in bed with nothing to wake up for sadly unlike normal could get a cheap alarm clock from Argos for the price of a couple of starbucks coffees. winge, winge, winge its all youe ver do on here..get a life, a proper one and stop throwing nice gestures back in peoples face its horrible the way you act.

  2. Awe bless your back!!.... The Phone Was on Silent, but it still vibrates & makes a noise, and yes I do use it as an alarm clock, as many mornings I'm up at 6.30 - 7.30am, It's a nice gesture but NOT at 3.15am!... I can't use actual alarm clocks, as the ticking keeps me awake & don't like digital ones!.... Awe sorry to disappoint you but Starbucks was free, as my friend has a free drinks & cakes Starbucks card, provided from the company she does voluntarily work for, so it cost us both nothing!!.... How I behave, is 0.5% as nasty & bitter as you and your attitude!! But feel free to work out your anger management issues on my blog..... I hope it is of some help & offers some solace!

  3. i like your sweet blog very much, cheers :) xxxxxxxx


  5. Thanks for your kind words & the very cute rolling panda image!! I'm glad you like ;o) xx