Monday, 30 April 2012

Splashing In Puddles, In My Little Boots....

Monday 23rd April (St George's Day) I dreamt but I can't recall what about. I woke at 9am in a lot of pain due to the rainy weather (Soddin rheumatoid arthritis) I had a shower, then had a green tea & Slimfast bar for breakfast. I wore my jeggings, with my white T-shirt that has a teddy bear with a England (St George) flag, as it St Georges Day today & my red, cotton, Petit Bateau, cardigan & DKNY sports mules. I popped to the shop for The Sun newspaper. I got in & read the paper. Fabrice Muamba is on front page kicking a ball, after his on pitch collapse, he's been practically front page news, since it happened. I think it's about time his news went in the sports section, of the paper now. Rather than taking up the whole front page, when there are much bigger things going on than him kicking a ball!! Yeah it's great he has recovered, but it's time to move it on to the sports section! Taxpayers bankrolling Abu Qatada's, legal fight against deportation, is a much more, important issue!! Meanwhile, Cheryl Cole is to lift the lid, on her ugly, cheating, husband, Ashley & her firing from US Xfactor, in an explosive autobiography (I wont bother, it will probably be as boring as her!) The book, if you want to waste your money, is out in the autumn. I'd just stick to the excerpts in the papers, if I were you, they will contain the only juicy bits, I bet! 

Would You Trust This Man With 'Your' Mum??

A vile, Phillipino, nurse, Jonathan Aquino (Above) was caught on a hidden camera (Put there by the patients worried daughter) beating an elderly, 81yr woman, Maria, in Kentish Town 'Ash Court' Care Home. Jane Worroll noticed her mum Maria had had bruising on her arms & hands, just 6 weeks after going into the home, but she was told it was a result of taking aspirin. Suspicious she set up a hidden camera, her hidden camera, caught vile Jonathan 30, hitting her mother 6 times on the face, arms & abdomen. Earlier footage showed Maria (Who suffered from severe arthritis.... which I can attest is agonising!!) Being manhandled by carers, put to bed at 5.30pm & ignored by staff. 

The vile nurse, was jailed for a mere 18months, for assault 10 days ago. Four other staff were also sacked after Jane showed footage to bosses! Her mum Maria, who has Altzheimer's, wasn't even greeted by workers at the home. They'd turn on the TV when they entered the room & turn it off again when they left. She was so vulnerable, she couldn't get up, or call for help. The footage will be shown on 'Panorama' tonight. Maria had been living with Jane & her family until she needed round the clock care! 

Thug Labour MP, Eric Joyce (Below) has boasted that he is a expert at headbutts & has been in 100 fights (Just the kind of man we want in power..... NOT!!) He boasted that his Commons punch up, in February, with Tory MP, Stuart Andrew, was a one sided brawl. He said of the fight where he punched 3 other men after headbutting "They were quite genteel people, it was more like me marauding, not a fight, I saw red & thumped them with my fist & head!!" 

I had some tuna, in a wholemeal pitta for lunch, with a Diet Coke & watched '60 Minute Makeover' the presenter 'Catherine' is absolutely atrocious, she dresses like a down & out, anorexic, circus clown. She stands, all hunched over, like Quasimodo & talks with a dull, droning, monotone, voice. She has no warmth, empathy or rapport, towards those getting/arranging the make-over & has no real interest in what the designers are telling her, she just nods & repeats the last thing the designer says, every so often (Like a guy does, when he is watching the football & pretending to listen to you!!) God knows how she got this presenting job?? She must be either good at blackmail, or good at BJ's!! 

Catherine In One Of Her Better Outfits

Then I watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' It's an old one, but the last, of the old shows shown. So I'm hoping after this season, they will start showing the NEW ones. But I bet we just get repeats of 'The Real Housewives Of New York' or of 'New Jersey!!' I hope I'm wrong!! I was contacted by Dale, who I did the music video for the Kaiser Chiefs with, on Facebook. He wanted to know if I'd be free for Monday 9th of May to shoot a 'Little Boots' music video? If so the dance audition is on Friday in Dalston, I said I was & I'd see him Friday.

Little Boots

I popped to the Post Office, wading through puddles everywhere & dodging the lorry's, that were driving through them & spraying everyone with more water, as well as the rain! I posted my eBay sale to Russia (3 other people who have won my items, have not paid for them, for 2-3wks now, which is pissing me off & they have ignored my messages to them, so I now have opened cases on them!) I got a large cappuccino on my way home, to warm my aching bones. As while out my pain had got really bad & the pain killers were not helping, so once home I wrapped myself up in bed, feeling lousy! 

While in bed, my friend Nicky called me, to see if I had a black hat she could borrow? As sadly, the end, for her lovely dad, was becoming, imminent. I said I had one with a feathered brim, as my lovely black one has a damaged brim & I still can't afford to have a milliner steam it back to shape. I really feel for Nicky, her dad Jim (James) he is such a lovely guy, we have a real soft spot for each other. He use to say I reminded him of 'Blondie' aka Debbie Harry. I lay in bed in pain for hours, thinking of all those close to me, who have died or are dying, so sad all of them lovely, lovely people. I only have a couple of painkillers left & can't afford any more yet, so I'm trying to eke them out a bit, I really need some on prescription. My swollen eye with a sty isn't helping things much. I pricked it with a needle & eased some of the pus out earlier (Sexy!! Not!!)

The Braxton Boys - Home & Away

I watched 'Come Dine With Me' & 'Home & Away' in bed, the pain was so bad (Bloody rainy weather) that I had to take some more painkillers. I watched 'Corrie', then eventually got up & made a tuna stir fry, with 2 Rivita's, washed down with a Diet Coke & had a Ripple for desert. One of my agents text me, to cancel my three heavily pencilled days, for a corporate video from 4th - 6th May (Damn that was around £300 after deductions, that I really I could of done with!) I watched 'Made In Chelsea' then 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares' then feeling cold and achy I had a mug of cream of tomato soup, snuggled back into bed & watched the repeat of the brilliant 'Homeland' 

Then It was time, to watch a Bollywood movie, that I'd not seen before. Which has, one of my favourite, Bollywood actresses, called, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Above) in it. The film was called 'Enthiran' (The Robot) It was really good! Cheesy in parts, but good special effects & fun dance scenes. I watch a lot of Bollywood films (& have been in a few) But this was the 1st Bollywood Sci-fi, that I have ever seen. It also stared, Bollywood star, Rajnikanth, who played both the scientist & the robot. I'd forgotten, just how long Bollywood films are (3hrs 5mins) I eventually crashed out for the night at 3.15am. (Calories consumed, 1,342 Very Good)

Tuesday 24th April, Due to rheumatic pain I was still awake at 7am, eventually I fell asleep some time after 8am, shortly after that I dreamt that I was in bed, and a human form was stood behind my curtains, it pushed forward, and the curtains partly opened, the figure was transparent/invisible, but was holding out in outstretched arms, a circular gift wrapped in white paper, it was the size, and shape of a full cheese, or fruit cake, I was very emotional & my voice was going, as I knew that the figure was my late mum, I was repeating over & over again, in a weepy voice, with a lump in my throat "Mum it's you, I'm so glad you came to me, I have been waiting, hoping to see you for so long!!" Then I woke with a jolt, staring at my curtains not sure for a moment, if it had been a dream or not?? I wondered if it had just been a dream? Or if my mum had tried to make contact, via a dream?? I was angry with myself for waking, just as the gift was in my hand, before discovering what it was!! I went back to sleep & dreamt, but can't recall what about!! I was woken again by a text by one of my agents, around 9.30am saying, the 2 confirmed & 1 pencil feature film dates, are now 1 confirmed & 2 heavy pencils, bugger!! (It was originally 3 confirmed)

I got up & had a coffee with two dry Rivita's, for breakfast, my sty is going (Good) I had a wash & cleansed & moisturised my face, I'm glad the swelling of my eye has reduced, the last lot of piercing & pus squeezing had worked. I wore my jeggings & navy thermal T-shirt & went make-up free to aid the rapid improvement in my eye. I popped to the shop still aching, thanks to the rain & got a Sun newspaper, then got back indoors out off the rain. I read the paper, Spencer Matthews 23 (Below) from 'Made In Chelsea' is facing getting the boot from the show, after being photographed, sniffing cocaine in front of shocked fans of the show. Spencer one of the key figures of the show, was photographed by a disgusted reveller (Or one who saw a money making opportunity from a paper) at an after-party following a nightclub appearance. 

He used his family's vast wealth to buy up the pictures,  in a bid to bury the potentially damaging story, after copies were shared among pals. Spencer who was PR boss for some of London's top nightspots (Hmmm maybe that's where I know him from? It's been bugging me for ages!!) A source said "Spencer was about to sign a big deal, but this has put a spanner in the works!"  There was a pic of Cheating footballer Mario Balotelli's Italian girlfriend, Raffaella Fico, 24 (Below) during a TV dance Routine, she looked the image of Chloe Simms (Below bottom) from TOWIE in it!! Apart from that there wasn't that much interesting or new news in the paper today! 

 Raffaella Fico (Not The Pic In Paper)
Chloe Simms

I watched the news & '60 Minute Makeover' with it on mute, until the reveal as 'Catherine' droning on bugs me so much. I wish they'd get someone new to present it! I did a few chores (Slowly due to pain) then watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' Tamra was being catty as usual. She'd be nice if she could just stop being so insecure, that she has to bitch about anyone, that she feels, is a threat looks-wise!! I also just can't stand Bible Basher duo, Alexis Bellino and her pudgy, unattractive, smug, snide, husband (Below) They are so smarmy & fake, for people who are meant to be, good Christians, I can't believe just how superficial they are! 

I had a Quorn ham & tomato sandwich, plus chilli Doritos with a Zero Coke, for lunch, then did a bit of housework, slowly & with difficulty. I want to hoover the lounge, hall & bedroom, but my arms ache too much, even typing is painful. Watched 'Come Dine With Me' & 'Home & Away' with sexy Brax!! Phwoooor!! Then I grilled two Quorn burgers & had them in a wholemeal pitta with some salad & chilli Doritos, plus a coffee. 

Home & Away Bad Boys - The Braxtons - Brax On Right

I watched 'Supersize V Superskinny' then 'Hidden Talent' which was the show, I'd done a load of testing for last year (They discovered, from those tests, that I was a super multi-tasker) They showed the gifted climber & the human lie detector, on the show today. Then I watched the brilliant 'Facejacker' which was very funny. Then I watched 'Hit The Road Jack' it was the Essex one, but none of the coach trip footage, that I did with Bob, Ruth & Loula was used. I had a Solero & a Zero Coke. Then I got a text from my friend Nicky, saying that her dad Jim had sadly died, how very sad, he was such a lovely guy. I text her back my condolences, I didn't call her, as I knew she'd be busy, trying to calm her mum & brother down. 

I watched 'Desperate Housewives' then took some more painkillers, with a decaf coffee. Then I settled down to sleep around 1am, hoping the painkillers would kick in & I'd fall asleep quickly. But I didn't, I lay there in pain, thinking about Jim, my Mum, aunty Babs, Vivian, another friends dad & Jo, life is so cruel & unfair at times! (Calories consumed 1,164 Very Good) 

Wednesday 25th April, I woke at 10am, still in a lot of pain, I messaged Nicky, to see she was OK?  We had a bit of a chat on the phone & arranged for her, to come over to mine, on Thursday. I had a wash, with difficulty due to pain (I so wish this rainy weather would piss off!!) My sty was now gone, so I did a light make-up & did my hair & dressed the same as yesterday, but with a long sleeved, white, T-shirt under my navy one, to warm my bones. I made myself a coffee & a porridge with paprika & cinnamon for breakfast. Then I popped to the off licence, for my Sun paper. 

I read the paper, the front page is about Chelsea's game against Barcelona & of course John Terry's disgusting foul (Arsehole!) Also about the tragic hairdresser, Claire, who died while running the London Marathon. Meanwhile comedian Joe Brand has been panned for calling 'Streatham' in South London a Shithole, can't see why she is being blasted for telling the truth, as she is spot on, it is a absolute shithole!!! 

Talking of dives, five suspected terror scumbags, have been held, in near by Luton, after police & MI5 swooped in the al-Qaeda hotbed of Luton (Another Shithole) The five men, targets of a intelligence operation, lasting 8 months, were grilled amid fears, that imminent, terror attacks, were planned. They were all seized at separate addresses in the Bedfordshire town. The scum's homes are said to have been searched earlier, last September, but no arrests were made at that time. 

The Olympic games though only 3 months away were not thought to be the focus of the plan. One of the men is said to be Somalian, one a Bangladeshi & another British born Paki. The suspects are aged 21-35, some are feared to have travelled abroad for terror training! A computer has been taken from one of the homes. One suspects neighbour said "He's a nice friendly guy who always says "Hello" I can't ever recall him having a beard or wearing traditional clothes" Some people are so naive, to be a good terrorist you have to look & act nothing like one to those in your vicinity!! If terrorists went around looking & sounding like terrorists, they wouldn't be very good at terrorism would they!! 

Eight victims of Cabbie rapist John Worboys (Above) started fighting for damages from him & his taxi insurers. The victims barrister, told London's High Court, his Black Taxi has been an integral part of the crimes & the case would hinge, on whether the insurers were responsible for the injury's it helped cause?? Worboys 54 was jailed indefinitely in 2009 for drugging & sexually assaulting 12 women. I wrote in my blog in October 2010, how I am sure I was in his black cab once & I could of potentially of been one of his 1st victim's but something about him made me wary & I didn't drink the drink, he offered me, thankfully!! (You can read my Worboys experience if you click HERE )

Women are going to plastic surgeons for toe jobs, to ease the pain of wearing 7" stiletto's like Victoria Beckham's. Ops costing £380 to inject cushioning fillers into toes, heels & balls of feet have doubled in the last year (Sounds fab.... Wonder if it makes your skin on your heels & balls of feet less rock hard??) The effect of reducing pain lasts 6 months. Talking of high heels, some Vile Whore, who got turned on, by crushing small animals to death, under her stiletto heels, has been fined a mere £3,500 (I'd like to stamp my stiletto heel through the vile slags windpipe & then her eye!!) The repulsive 40yr mum of 3 (What kind of person will they grow up to be with THAT for a mother!!??) Known only as 'Anna B' posted films of herself  in tights & stiletto's killing chicks, mice & rabbits (Sick, Evil, Bitch!) She was also handed a 4 month suspended jail term by a court in Milan, Italy.... I hope she meets a horrible slow death, by being crushed by something extremely heavy, or an Elephant sitting/stamping on her would be lovely Karma!!

A pair of drop pearl earrings (Above) discarded in a draw for 35yrs are set to sell for £600,000 after it emerged they were once worn by royalty. The couple who are selling them thought them worthless as they'd sat in the previous owners (A late auntie) desk draw for years & they'd done the same with them. The marble sized earrings on strings of diamonds were left to the auntie in 1977 from a late pal Elena Lupescu, who was the mistress to a Romanian King. She'd received the jewels in the 1930's from King Carol II, Queen Victoria's, great-grandson who later abducted & married her. They could even reach £1Million in tomorrows auction, due to foreign interest! 

Vile, mouthy 'TOWIE' airhead, Lauren Goodger (Above) has had this weeks filming commitments axed & may be fired from the show (She won't be missed if she is!) The weeks axing of filming came after little miss sour puss, got too big for her boots as usual & had a Diva showdown with the bosses, where she threatened to quit!! (A Crap threat, as the show would be better without her!!) During the boozy, Marathon, After Party. Where while under the delusion of thinking she is some kind of star, she accused producers of treating her badly & then laughingly declared 'SHE' was the star of the show!! Sorry But there are AT LEAST 8 people in 'TOWIE' that are higher up than her, in the shows pecking order!! She even laughingly said she will leave them, to join MTV with her sisters to become the UK Kardashian's!! PML "Bye bye!! Then Lauren, don't forget to close the door on the way out" 

Livid producers, have told her to stay away from the show, ahead of a make or break meeting in the week. Sources are saying if she want's to quit she should! (In other words, goodbye to bad rubbish!!) It all kicked off Sunday night, after her party scenes, kept getting pushed back (Which is a very common occurrence in filming, any professional knows!) Lauren was screaming, on the top of her voice & being a right Diva! Saying that the program, has treated her appallingly! 

What a surprise!!.... NOT!!.... The common as muck, arrogant, self obsessed, cow! Bosses were already pissed off with her, as she'd turned up, a hour late for filming!! (That's typical diva behaviour, she's unreliable & keeps them waiting, yet she kicks off, when she is kept waiting, for her scenes. That is just so incredibly, unprofessional!) Lauren then threatened to quit, saying she was the star of the show!! (PML yeah love course you are!!... You keep telling yourself that!!) A source said the cast & crew, have had enough of Lauren's behaviour! Fellow cast members reckon, that she should buck her ideas up! 

I watched '60 Minute Makeover' in-spite of hating 'Catherine' the presenter with a passion, she irritates me as much as those '' Ads or the 'Oral B Pro Expert' Ad where the girl describes her teeth as 'Squeaking' clean NOT 'Squeaky' clean (The toothpaste is absolutely fab though, I recommend!) There was a new female designer, on there called Anne Hazel, she was actually good. Most of the women designers aren't!! I popped out into the pouring rain, to do some banking, and cash my lottery ticket for my £10 win. When I got home, I had some tuna, in a wholemeal pitta, for lunch, with a Zero Coke. 

I watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' then I did a few chores, then I watched 'Come Dine With Me' & 'Home & Away' then did a load of job searches & paper work. I had 2 Quorn burgers & baked beans, with 2 Rivita plus a side salad for dinner, washed down with a Diet Coke & a Magnum Infinity for desert. I tried watching 'Four Rooms' again, as Candie loves it, but it's just not my cup of tea (Nor is a cup of tea, ironically!!) 

So I then got on with my drive to get more celebrity photo's of  support for brave 29yr Jo Bryant, who is dying of a rare form of Cancer, called 'Cardiac Sarcoma' you can see her blog called "Tales From The Heart" on my Blog list, in the right hand column of this blog page >> Or by clicking HERE  She is a life long friend, of my friend, Kat's, husband & is being very, very brave & unlike the doctors, is unwilling to give up & determined to fight this evil disease & survive!! I sent out a message, to loads of celebs, including Simon Cowell, Leigh Francis, The Hoff, Holly & Phillip Schofield, Eamonn Holmes etc etc & Peter Andre (As I thought he'd be supportive as his brother has Cancer) Telling them of Jo's story with an attachment of her blog & saying her friends were collecting, celebrity support messages, in support of her not being willing to give in! In seconds lovely comedian Russell Kane tweeted me back a pic immediately as did TV Critic TV Kev (Both Below) 

Lovely fellow TV Critic, Ian Hyland said he'd sort me out one tomorrow, as did Nichola McLean. Nichola & I chatted a while about Jo & Nichola's  mum, who is suffering breast cancer. I said I'd put her mums name on the healing list, next time I went to the local spiritualist church & also light a candle for her in the Abbey Cathedral. She said she'd do a pic for Jo tomorrow, when she had some make-up on. 

Then I watched 'The Apprentice' Boy oh boy, are this years lot, a load of chumps!! The if the losing team, using cheap ingredients, for their 'Gourmet' meatballs, wasn't bad enough, and naming a supposedly 'Gourmet' food 'Utterly Delicious Meatballs' making it sound like a cheap product like 'Utterly Butterly' The final nail in the coffin (Other than trying to sell high priced street food, outside a football stadium, surrounded with cheap junk food stalls!) Was promoting meatballs & pasta, dressed as a giant Pizza!!!! WTF?? They were not selling pizza, so that's false advertising!! Why not dress as meat balls FFS?? Did they just think anything Italian would do?? If so I'm surprised one of them didn't dress up as Mussolini!! 

Then it was 'The Apprentice Your Fired' the blonde girl was fired, she was a scapegoat it should of been one of the boys, but the team leader didn't bring in his bezzy mate... I think he, or his mate should of gone. It say's a lot about this series of 'The Apprentice' that you can't recall the names, of any of the candidates!! None of my friends can, nor can I. When we talk about the show, we just describe them!! I made a coffee & went to bed, as I was in pain & watched 'TOWIE' I thought that it was a really good episode for a change, then a while later I realised why it was better, there was NO Lauren Goodger! But ITV2 played tribute to her, by showing 'Gremlins' directly after tonight's show (Below) Then I had an earlyish night, around midnight, as Nicky was coming round mine, about noon-1pm tomorrow (Calories consumed 1,513 Good)

Thursday 26th April, Dreamt about meeting with Nicky, which I was doing today but can't recall anything more! Woke at 10am, in pain as usual & as usual it was bloody raining outside!! I dragged my carcass out of bed & with difficulty & had a wash, I got on the scales & was pleased to see I'd lost two & a quarter pounds since Sunday. Whoop whoop, imagine how much I'd of lost if the weather wasn't wet & I'd been active, rather than mostly bed/house ridden, due to pain. 

I sorted out my black feathered hat for Nicky, then had porridge & coffee for breakfast. I wore my jeggings, black Ugg style boots & black polo neck. Then I braved the rain to get my Sun, newspaper I got in & read the paper, the headline was about (Ex Hearsay band member) & Corrie actress, Kim Marsh & how her fiancé & father of her child, Hollyoaks actor, Jamie Lomas, has been caught canoodling with some girl & her friend in his hotel room. Ooooh maybe another soap actress's wedding will be cancelled like Jessie Wallace (EastEnders)

News of UK's double dip recession was also on the front page, with the fear the economy could sink further! Figures show growth shrank for the 2nd quarter, putting us back in the economy trough. Many business experts had predicted better news! PM David Cameron called it "Very Disappointing"  Talking of Government, Cross-dresser & Ex Katie Price husband, Alex Reid, laughingly wants to become a Labour MP (The man is deluded!!) Alex is a pleasant enough chap. But as he proved in his nice but dim, appearance, in 'Celebrity Big Brother', he is way too dumb to be an MP!! He thinks he will be a great MP, because kids look up to him (I hate to have to tell you this Alex, but kids don't vote!!) His ambitions, laughingly, go all the way to number 10 (Lol he is still having that deluded god complex, that he had on his own reality show, when he spoke about himself in the 3rd person!!)

Alex Reid, Future Labour MP???

Also on the front page is a computer generated image (Below) of how Madeleine McCann would look aged 9yrs if still alive! But if she is & she is in the grip of paedophiles, one hates to think, what kind of life it is!! 

Maddie How She Looked & How She May Look Now

Meanwhile the Samaritans charity fund, of Hairdresser Clair Squires 30, who died running The London Marathon (Below) was building up to £1million in donations, with donations flooding in from celebrity's & people moved by her unexpected demise less than a mile from the finishing line. 

 Tragic, Kind Hearted, Claire RIP

There was a bit on Rupert Murdoch & The Leveson Inquiry, where he talked about PM Gordon Brown  declaring 'War' on The Sun Newspaper, over the phone, when The Sun stopped supporting Labours policy's in favour of The Conservatives. Of course Gordon Brown deny's this, the same way he would of deny'd calling that old woman a 'Bigot' if there had been no filmed & recorded evidence (Thinking of that day always makes me smile!!) He added that seething Brown was not in a "balanced state of mind" when he rang him in 2009

A British Airways (Arsehole) & flight attendant Rothstein Williams, 42, has sued British Airways because a female colleague Called him...... Wait for it....... "Darling!!" ...... Yes that's right darling!! How bloody traumatic for him!!! WTF is his problem?? Apparently her saying darling, instead of his (Rather poncy) name, was an insult & offended his 'Seventh Day Adventist' religion. Oh go get a life, you pathetic excuse for a man. Playing the religion card, for a bit of cash! (Amazing how the so called, supposedly religious, often have such an intolerant & unchristian attitude!!) I hoped he didn't get a penny & the court charges him with wasting peoples time, the pathetic excuse for humanity!! Then I read on, and read that the reading hearing said, he didn't have a case (Damn right!!) Yet he still works for BA (They must be desperate) I hope they shove him on all the boring flights, on all the wee hr shifts the tosser!!

Rain lashed UK was battling floods yesterday, but the hosepipe ban was still on (You have to laugh at Britain's ineptitude, to gathering enough water, when we are an Island surrounded by the bloody stuff & it's always sodding raining!!) Some areas got more than 22 of rain in 24hrs. Flood warnings were issued for the entire South & sparked fears of flooding in the NW, Midlands & Wales!! Meanwhile Crawley's, idiotic council, in West Sussex (Where I use to live) spent £7,300 on food, flowers & waiters for a Charity Ball that raised a mere £2,500!! They would of been better off just Donating 3-5K to the charity direct!! 

There are now NHS proposals to allow 13yr girls to get the contraceptive pills over the counter without a GP prescription, in a bid to slash teenage pregnancy's (They will find most teenaged pregnancy's theses days are planned, not accidents, to get on the council house list!! Which is one of the reasons, why I'm no further up the council waiting list, 32yrs after going on it!!) I went on the pill aged around 11-13yrs as I suffered from extremely heavy, extremely painful periods & the pill made them lighter & less agonising & yet I remained celibate, until my mid 20's, unlike the teenaged slapper's today. 

Ian Hyland had been true to his work & left a pic for Jo on Twitter for me (Above) lets hope Nichola McLean does too, I'm surprised that there was no word, from man of the people Peter Andre, or the very charitable Simon Cowell. 12pm - 1pm came & went without any Nicky. So hungry I popped downstairs had a cheese & tomato sandwich, with chilli Doritos on the side, washed down with a Zero Coke for lunch, my tummy thanked me. 

There was a bit on a quiz on Facebook, asking how many of 100 foods, to eat before you die, have you ate? I have eaten *59 from the list of 100 below (It may be *60 but not sure if the brown coloured truffle I have had, would be called a Black Truffle or not??) How about you? Being veggie for some 32yrs, I don't think I will manage to do the full 100 now!! Will you?? :-

Abalone (Sea snails) Absinthe flavouring, Alligator, Egg Plant, Bagel & Lox (Salmon) Baklava, Barbecue Ribs, Bellini flavouring, Birds Nest Soup, Biscuits & Gravy, Black Pudding, Black Truffle, Borcht (Beetroot soup) Calamari, Carp, Caviar, Cheese Fondue, Chicken & Waffles, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chilli Relleno (Stuffed Chilli) Chitlins (Pig Intestines) Churros (Spanish Doughnut) Clam Chowder, Cognac, Crab Cakes, Crickets, Currywurst (Sausage) Dandelion Wine, Milk Pudding, Durian (SE Asian Fruit) Eel, Eggs Benedict, Fish Tacos, Foie Gras, Fresh Spring Rolls, Fried Catfish, Fried Green Tomatoes, Fried Plantain, Frito Pie (Corn chips Chilli & cheese) Frogs Legs, Fugu (Puffer Fish) Funnel Cake, Gaspacho Soup, Goat, Goats Milk, Goulash, Gumbo (Stew Soup) Haggis, Head Cheese (Meat Jelly) Heirloom Tomatoes, Honeycomb, Hostess Fruit Pie, Huevos Rancheros, Jerk Chicken, Kangaroo, Key Lime Pie, Kobe Beef, Lassi, Lobster, Mimosa, Moon Pie, Morel Mushrooms, Nettle Tea, Octopus, Oxtail Soup, Paella, Paneer Cheese, Pastrami on Rye, Pavlova, Phaal, Philly Cheesesteak, Pho (Noodle Soup) Pineapple & Cottage Cheese, Pistachio Ice Cream, Po' boy (US Meat Sandwich) Pocky (Japanese Chocolate Snack) Polenta, Prickly Pear, Rabbit Stew, Raw Oysters, Root Bear Float, S'mores (Candy bar) Sauerkraut, Sea Urchin, Shark, Snail, Snake, Soft Shell Crab, Som Tam (Spicy Salad) Spaetzle (German dumpling/noodle) Spam, Squirrel, Steak Tartare, Sweet Potato Fries, Sweetbreads, Tom Yum (Soup) Umeboshi (Japanese Fruit) Venison, Wasabi Peas, Courgette Flowers.

At 2.30pm Nicky arrived & I gave her a big hug, the poor girl is left to sort out, the whole funeral on her own. The funeral is Friday week in London Colney. She is being very strong though, like I had to be when I lost my mum. I'm very proud of her, she is holding together well at a very tough time, she was close to her dad like I was close to my mum. I hope she doesn't fall to pieces after, like I did. We chatted for a bit & a TV show called me on my mobile, about a makeover show, I said I was with a friend & could they call back later? Which she said she would. Nicky & I chatted over a coffee about her dad & my mum & stuff. She tried on the hat I thought it would be a bit big for her as I'm a lot taller than her, but it looked fine. We chatted until around 5pm then she had to go, as her car was on a meter. I said I was thinking of her & I'd see her Friday. I got myself a Diet coke & watched 'Home & Away' then the 2nd Episode on 5* then I went down to the kitchen & got myself a mug, of cream of tomato soup & 3 Rivita as I was hungry. 

I watched 'Get Your House In Order' the guy Barry who's house was alarmingly rammed with TV memorabilia, seemed to be devoid of any personality. Maybe that's what happens when you dedicate yourself to a hobby & have a house so full you don't socialise, maybe you lose your social skills? He did have some nice 'Dr Who' bits though, I'd of quite liked some of the Dalek stuff!! Then I watched 'Long Lost Family' (I'd applied to the show to try find my long lost sister & brother on my Dads side, Gay & Brian Smith, who were last known to be in Edinburgh) 

 Brian & Gay Smith, Where Are You??

It was quite emotional, but I didn't well up like last week (Maybe because last week, was all about mums, and it reminded me of how much I miss mine!!) I had a Magnum Infinity with a coffee, I re-tweeted Nichola McLean jokily saying "Hows the make-up situation today??" as a gentle reminder about a picture for Jo, then I watched 'Celebrity Juice' very, very funny. Then I watched 'NCIS' & 'CSI' peckish I had a small bowl of porridge & read my Marilyn Monroe book until 1.30am then went to sleep, no reply from Nichola. (Calories consumed 1,728 whoops)

Friday 27th April, I dreamt but can't recall any of it, I woke at 9.30am in pain, thanks to rheumatoid arthritis & the sodding rainy weather, I need to emigrate to somewhere dry pronto, somewhere arid like the desert, like Dubai!! I got out of bed with difficulty & shuffled my way downstairs, and had a wash & washed my hair with difficulty (Due to the pain!) over the bath! I hobbled back upstairs in a lot of pain & dried my hair (Again with difficulty) I decided to go with hairpiece free hair, they want a duel personality of the auditionee's  in the video one more meek & mild the other their outrageous Alter Ego, So I decided to wear something dance friendly, movement wise, even though thanks to the weather my body is in extreme pain & not dance friendly, movement wise. 

I decided on my Jane Norman studded leggings, black & white jersey 3/4 sleeved blouse. Plus my knee high, old, battered, worn heeled, black boots, with straps that wrap around the legs. Tatty but comfy & good size heel for dancing. I did a neutral make-up with black liquid liner & wore my dip dyed fringed earrings. It's still wet & windy out so it was my faux sheepskin jacket & gillet to keep me warm  & my large black CK umbrella to keep me dry. I clipped my iPod shuffle to my blouse & put the earphones in & turned it on & to my shock, the woman's voice said "Battery low!!" WTF?? I charged it up for hrs on my PC last week, after I got the battery low message, it should of been fully charged Bugger!! I wanted that to get me in the dance mood en route to the Little Boots, music video audition! Pissed off, I popped to the shop for my paper, some much needed painkillers & some food, for brunch on the go! 

I walked in pain, to the train station, in the pouring rain, missing my music on the go!! I got a £12.70 return ticket to Dalston Junction, and caught the train to London, then sat in the carriage, eating my tuna salad sandwich, chilli Doritos, for brunch, washed down with a Diet Coke. Then I read the paper, the headlines are about Spurs footballer, Jermain Defoe, cheating on, the ex Xfactor, winner Alexandra Burke, with some slapper, Geordie, model, called Laura, who 1st got chatting with him, on Facebook... YAWN!! Who cares?? Well other than Alexandra & Arsenal fans, who are no doubt thinking up cheating based footie chants as I type!! I don't know what Alexandra sees, in the badly dressed, cheating, munter, Jermain anyway? he is certainly no looker, or a catch, other than for star fuckers & gold diggers!! 

Meanwhile Kym Marsh is still with her chunky, unattractive ex 'Hollyoaks' fiancé Jamie Lomaz (Above) who snogged some random bird, in his hotel room! Don't know what she see's in him either? He looked a right scruffy, lardy lump, in his baggy jeans, in his picture out with Kym after the revelations. Meanwhile another lover of worthless men, Cheryl Cole is going to try online dating, under a synonym, good luck with that, in my experience, they're either ugly, boring, highly strung, or just after a shag (Or all 4)  

Three tornadoes ripped across the UK yesterday, destroying buildings & ripping up trees, in areas like Essex, Rugby & south Wales & gales also battered Bournemouth. Claire Squires the London Marathon runner who tragically died aged 30yrs, will be buried in a shared grave, with the 25yr brother Grant who she adored. He died of a drugs overdose in 2001, that must be hard on her mum Cilla, to bury two of her kids. 

Talking of burying, a terrified man (Above) begging for his life, was buried alive, by Bashar al-Assad's loyal forces crying "There is no god but God!" as they buried him, for the crime of sending video footage of Syria's conflict to Arabic TV stations, the footage was linked to YouTube by sympathisers, one YouTube viewer wrote "They buried him alive - as they called HIM an animal!!!"  Meanwhile Britain may have to pay a £2million bill to cage scum African tyrant Charles Taylor, after he was convicted of war crimes. The 64yr ex-Liberian President, sponsored rebel groups in neighbouring Sierra Leone's civil war. He is almost certain to spend his sentence in the UK, because LABOUR's, Margaret Beckett, offered him UK prison space, before his trial started in 2006 (Stupid Bitch)  

A 12yr Brazilian slum girl nicknamed Rapunzel for her 5ft 2" hair, (Below) had her 1st ever haircut & was paid £3,000 for her hair to use as extensions, changing her & her family's life. Meanwhile in Somerset, in the UK some sick bastard, has killed his 48th cat using anti-freeze laced meat/catfood it will be people next, the sick, vile, scum! I hope somebody catches him/her, laying out the laced food & force feeds her/him with it & they die the same agonising death as those poor cats! I know I would, if I caught whoever it was, doing it!!


A shocked Kent businessman, slammed 'Work-shy' Britain, after his 7 new recruits, all in their 20's, didn't turn up on their 1st day, at his marketing firm 'Because it was raining!!' You couldn't make it up!! Four said they didn't turn up, as they didn't fancy going out in the rain (In that case they will need a job that only needs you to come in 2 months out of 12, as it's always bloody raining in England!!) Another said he would lose too much benefit (As the job was paying £200 a week for a 2week trial, before getting £400 a week once permanent, one has to ask, just how much bloody benefit is that person getting??) I bet the businessman is besieged now, by older people, after those same jobs!! 

I got to Kings Cross, got the Victoria line to Highbury & Islington, then got the overground to Dalston Junction, then got help from a lovely guy in the print shop near the station, who printed me out a map to find the audition spot, as nobody seemed to know it & the map in A-Z for that street was too tiny to see anything. My heels & arch of my feet, were hurting. I realised part way, on my journey I'd taken the padded innersole's out of them & used them in something else & without them, the base of the boot heel, is digging in my heel & instep, and was not comfy to walk in, let alone dance in!! 

I walked into the audition waiting area, which seemed to be filled wall to wall with the 'Kids From FAME' a grey haired guy, in his 70's, with a pig tail, plus me!! I was told by a female organiser, to take a seat next to a woman, that she pointed too. I had to laugh to myself as the woman was Ex, US, Porn Star, Ericka who for some reason, has been funny with me, since around September/October time last year. And she looked most put out, that I was sat next to her. No Idea why? We use to be friendly, but one day she just deleted me from Facebook, and has looked down her nose, or been off with me, or avoided me, whenever our paths have crossed. I don't get it? I have never slagged her off, or anything? I'm not the sort to judge someone just because they do porn, just because it's not something I'd do. 

The only thing I can think of is, that she didn't like me mentioning her in this blog, on the times we'd met up? But can't think why? I haven't said anything negative! She doesn't hide the fact that she use to be a 'Porn Star' she has even mentioned it live on 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side' So it's not as if I have shared a secret. Unless she got upset about me saying that I couldn't spot her in TOWIE, in the blog, that I wrote, entitled Fame Hungry which was posted in September. But that seems an odd, over reaction. I mean all I said was, I couldn't see her in it. It's not as if I was saying, she was lying about being in it!! Or maybe she felt, that I was giving away stuff in her Biography 'Confessions Of A Porn Star' which is probably out now, Odd!! 

Oh well I guess I'll never know, and it's not worth losing any sleep over! As she pole dances, I wondered what her dance style without a pole is like? As she went in for her audition. While she was in auditioning I got chatting to a sweet dance student Jazmine (or Jazz) we watched people going in & out (Quite quickly) from their auditions, re really could of done with the 'Little Boots' song we would be dancing to, in the video, being piped into the waiting room on a loop, instead of us all going in.... cold!! I had my picture taken holding up a note with my name on & then sat back down.

The old boy went in, he was very sweet, I'd of loved to have seen his audition!! A while went by, then Jazz went in & then it was me. I'd taken my boots off, as I had blisters on the heel & instep of my foot from them (Ouch!!) Like I wasn't in enough pain already, due to the rain, bloody arthritis!! There were 3 guys in there, as well as Dale & Gemma, who I know. Dale did his usual flirty, jokey bit, then the other guys asked me a bit about myself & then they said they were going to play the  'Little Boots' song & just to 'Free Style' it! 

The music played & it had quite a hip shaking beat, so I did a bit of my belly dancing moves & shook my tits & ass doing a few spins etc. It all went so quick, I cant really recall much about what I did, I pulled a few wild faces, as this was meant to be your crazy alter ego dancing. Though I admit, I felt a bit of a twat, with Gemma & Dale, who I know watching, It's much easier, in front of strangers. God knows how I did? I would of done a lot better, without blistered soles, plus every bone & joint stiff, and in pain!! I doubt I stand a chance, when up against a load of 20yr old, kids, from 'FAME' But just maybe, the fact that I'm different from them, like the old boy, will work in his & my favour?? 

Eva - I Saw Her Face & Now I'm A Believer

Lovely Jazz, had waited until I came out & we headed off together to get a bus, to Liverpool Street station, as I can't use my ticket on overground trains, between 4pm & 7pm, only buses & tubes and it was now 5.20pm. As we walked down the road we bumped into my friend, Eva Believer (Above) who I'd given the audition details to & she was really sweet, raving about how stunning I looked. I wished her good luck & then Jazz & I caught a bus. Jazz added me on Facebook on her phone, on the bus & we parted company at Liverpool Street, where she got her overground train to Essex & I got the tube to Kings Cross. 

Once there I had a large cappuccino in Costa Coffee & sat in there reading the free Evening Standard, and munching on a Twix bar, while killing over an hour, until 7pm. There was a bit about Ronnie Wood's sons & their Mayfair Art Gallery, being involved in a police matter, over one of their works of art, in the Gallery window, during an exhibition titled 'Metamorphosis' The picture in question was Derrick Santini's 'A Fool For Love' (Below) a depiction of the Greek myth Leda & the swan, which is the mythical story of how the god Zeus, in the form of a swan, raped Leda & the result was Helen of Troy. 

There was not one complaint, from the public, about the picture in the window. But a Metropolitan police officer took exception to it when he passed the 'Scream Gallery' on Bruton street, while passing on a bus (WTF??) I bet he is another one of those overly religious, nut cases, like that BA, Seventh Day Adventist guy!! Due to his complaint, two uniformed officers, from Harrow, turned up, insisting the offending picture (Which in fact, I think, is quite stunning) was taken down, saying it suggested they condoned bestiality, which was a arrestable offence!! What a joke!! 

The 'Metamorphosis' exhibition had been running a month & was very well received, luckily the officers arrived on Saturday, on the last day of the exhibition, so they was taking it down anyway. How pathetic. Well a bit of controversy about the picture, may put a bit more value on it's price! I got on the train at 7pm & got a text from one of my agent's, saying that, the comedy scene in the Jacuzzi, had been cut, from the comedy show, that I had been pencilled in for, in May, so I wouldn't be doing it now!! Bugger!! I was really looking forward, in getting involved in some comedy! 

I eventually got home at 7.45pm & made myself a mug of tomato soup, checked my Facebook, emails & Twitter, still no picture for Jo from Nichola McLean, or any of the other celebs I messaged. I watched 'Come Dine With Me' while sipping the soup & munching cheesy Doritos. Then I enjoyed a night of good, Channel 4, TV with '8 Out Of 10 Cats' the new 'Very Important People' which stars the brilliant, Morgana Robinson & a funny Terry Mynott, I'm loving the new show!! Then 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' 'Stand Up For The Week' followed by the Kym Basinger film 'Cellular' before finally crashing out at 1.45am. (Calories consumed 1,503 good!) 

Saturday 28th April, I dreamt & again, it involved acting but I forget the details, as my sleep was so disturbed due to joint pain, in knees, hips, neck shoulder & spine, and getting a dead left arm & pins & needles in my left hand. My circulation is either screwed, or I have a trapped nerve in my shoulder!?? As it was, thanks to a Migraine, I didn't couldn't get up (Without difficulty) until 2.45pm that's half a day wasted!! Unsurprisingly enough, when my eyes could bare me opening the curtains, outside was dark, grey, miserable & raining (A typical English Spring!!) Migraine weather!

Candie text me, to see if I could come over Saturday & stay over? I said yes, as the 3 day corporate video shoot, has been cancelled for Friday, to Sunday! I wan't to see as much of Candie as possible, before she leaves for Torquay for good. My friend Jennie also text, inviting me round hers Wednesday. I had a wash & dressed with difficulty, in chocolate leggings, my white, scoop necked, Petite Bateau, long sleeved, T-shirt & my tiger face, sweater, over the top, to warm my aches & pains. I slipped on my DKNY sports mules & walked to the off licence, in a lot of pain, for some milk, a paper, a few essentials & Nurofen pain killers, to try kill this unbearable toothache like pain, that was ravishing through my bones/joints. 

I had a veggie sausage sandwich & chilli Doritos & a Diet Coke for brunch. I watched the new, modern day, series of 'Charlie's Angels' (Above) Oh dear!! Very Naff!! Compared to the original & also the NEW 'Angels' acting, was more wooden, than the whole of Sherwood Forest!! Then I watched the brilliant 'NCIS' where I learn't that Americans call 'Bog Washing' Swirly's!! Who knew!!? Sound's a lot more pleasant, than our term, for the bullying practice! 


I read the paper, the front page was about Jordan (Katie Price) going to marry for the 3rd time, to Argentinean hottie (& Ricky Martin Looky Likey) Leandro Penna. After the ups & downs they've already had, in their 12-18month relationship, I just can't see this marriage lasting either, to be honest!! 

Indignant, shamed, Haringey council chief, Sharon Shoesmith, faced fresh fury last night, after a damning report (Unsurprisingly) exposed appalling child neglect in Haringey, revealing how a family of 10 kids suffered 7yrs of chronic neglect, following catastrophic failures of social workers. The children aged between  18months & 16yrs were dressed in filthy clothes, were covered in lice & forced to live in a rat infested home! A 'bullying management culture' in Haringey's children's services was blamed. (That doesn't surprise me, when their housing dept suggested I go get myself pregnant, when I went to them over 20yrs ago, when I was about to become homeless, in their district!!) The Haringey team were described as 'wholly dysfunctional!'

Mexican mum, Karla Perez, 32 is naturally pregnant with 9 children, 7months after having triplets!! She is said to be carrying 6 girls & 3 boys, and will have a caesarean next month. She had 2 girls & 1 boy, then became pregnant again 2 weeks later (Blimey!! I'm not sure I'd be feeling up to sex, 2weeks after pushing 3 baby's out my fanny!!) She already has a 4yr son! But last night it was claimed on a Spanish TV channel, that she was a fraud, after a doctor who performed an ultrasound on her, said she was not pregnant at all.

A poor puppy was found last night after cruelly being dumped in a dog waste bin. The tiny black & white pup, a mongrel of about 6-8weeks was rescued by a family who heard rustling sounds coming from the bin. The RSPCA in Nottingham are looking after the female pup they have named Georgie. Dickie or Richy may have been more apt if the puppy had been a boy!!..... (Richard the 3rd = Turd, in rhyming slang!!) The RSPCA condemned the 'sick jokers' saying "What would of happened if she hadn't been found??"

Neo-Nazi paramilitaries are secretly training Ukraine football hooligans, to wreak havoc during Ukraine's Euro 2012 match with England! (Bloody violent nutcases) They are drilled in both unarmed & knife fighting as well as use of pistols & rifles, at a secret camp! They say they will boo black players, as they do not want to see black players in European teams! Racism is endemic in Ukrainian football, but ignored by the police. The foreign office has told black & Asian Brits to 'Take extra care' when visiting the Ukraine, due to racially motivated attacks. Bad news for my aching joints & bones, is that 'Tomorrow' we will be hit with a months worth of rain in a day! Oh FFS!! Just what I need!! 2" will fall in many places making April 2012 the wettest on record! Yet hysterically, the country remains in DROUGHT & hosepipe bans are still in place (You couldn't make it up!)  More floods are predicted, like those that burst the banks of Yorks, river Ouse, for a 2nd time in a week. 

A bloody useless, stupid, soft judge, Judge Carol Hagen (Above left) let a burglar (Above right) go free from jail, only for him to do a fresh spree of burglary's & the stupid cow has taken pity on him AGAIN & 'Cut' the jail term she eventually had to give him!! WTF?? She informed the career criminal Jason Reed 39 (Who by the way, is also a rapist) who she charged for 6yrs that she had a rethink & is lopping off 1yr. He will be out in about 2.5yrs!! A Doctor who was one of the victims, after the scum stole his granddads war medals, rightly said "Judges should think of the victims!!" Two teenaged victims in another raid aged 14yrs  & 11yrs hid in a wardrobe fearing they were going to die!!.... Disgusting!! The Judge should hang her head in shame! 

This Is NOT A Grizzly!!!

There was a picture of a 14st bear being shot out of a tree (Above) by tranquilliser darts, onto a crash mat, in Colorado, on page 37 of The Sun. BUT for the 2nd time in a week, I have seen the media, WRONGLY, refer to the American 'Black Bear' as a 'Grizzly' when it patently was NOT a Grizzly!! Not only was it the wrong size & shape for a 'Grizzly' it was also BLACK in colour & NOT the Auburn Brown colour, of a 'Grizzly' it also has the distinctive Creamy Beige, nose of a 'Black Bear' NOT a 'Grizzly' are people in the media really so ignorant as to what a 'Grizzly Bear' looks like? (Below) As it is, 'Grizzly's' find it hard to climb tree's due to their bulk (Though they can if the need to) where it is common place for 'Black Bears' to climb trees!

This IS A Grizzly!!

Feeling like death with pain I took some more pain killers & against my own better judgement, at 7pm I watched 'The Voice' It started off with a cringeworthy'ly bad group performance by the judges, which was an utter embarrassment to watch, they were all so bloody awful, singing live. The worst two singers of the four were (Not much of a surprise) and Tom Jones (I don't like him, but even I expected better, from him!) If Simon Cowell, was in his bath, relaxing, watching the show, he must of been cracking up laughing, the rest of the show was equally Dire!! Only the FIRST female act Joelle & LAST female act Ruth were OK the rest were abysmal, especially the double act! I'm sure my ears & nose started bleeding when they sang (Or rather, made that horrible noise, that was meant to be singing!!) 

I have lost what little respect I had, for ALL the judges, totally!! They were either being NICE, or just covering their asses & talking bullshit, as they didn't want to admit, what a load of dud's they put through. Because they fawned all over the abysmal acts, singing their praises, instead of calling a spade a spade & letting the shit acts (Nearly all of them) know they performed shit! If the acts were not shouty, they were off key, out of time, or out of tune, but even if they did mention that, the judges covered it with flowery shit, like "You was off key here & there but it didn't matter, because your performance was sooo awesome man!!" ..... BULLLLLLLLLL..... SHIIIIIIIT!!!! They are obviously shit mentors too, as none of the songs the contestant's sang, suited their voices, except maybe the 1st & last, but then the arrangements of both, them let the singers down!

Even the last performance by Ruth, who is a decent singer, was not as good as it could of been, due to the bad arrangement of the song (Who's title I forget, which says a lot about the impact of tonight's show!) If these acts had been in front of Simon Cowell, he'd of told them straight, that they needed to buck their idea's up & it just wasn't good enough, and he would of pointed out, where they were going wrong, where they were pitchy, off key, out of tune, not in time, not like this wishy washy, bunch of people pleaser's! 

I think one guy with a guitar was doing a *Lordy (*Eurovision Rock Band) version, of his number, laughably bad, yet they raved over him, what a sodding joke!! Well I was thinking twice, about watching 'The Voice' tonight after the dire, screechy, shouty show last Sunday, but watching tonight, has confirmed it that, I won't be watching the tripe again & like 'EastEnders' I doubt I'll miss it!! I really don't give a toss who wins, but my money is on either Ruth or Joelle, as at least they didn't embarrass themselves tonight! After watching that pile of tripe, I had a tuna steak for dinner, with steamed sugar snap peas & mashed potato, washed down with a Diet Coke.

Next was 'BGT' (Britain's Got Talent) Not brilliant, but at least their bad acts were amusing & Ant & Dec were very amusing!! That was followed by 'BGMT' (Britain's Got More Talent) where the brilliant presenting skills, of Stephen Mulhern, like Ant & Dec help make the show!! When both Stephen plus Ant & Dec are chatting to the naff acts, their dead pan expressions, or their total courpsing make the show!! 

One guy (A debt collector, called Mark Weech, Above) came out on stage in full vintage 'Star Trek' outfit & 'Vulcan' pointy ears & sang 'Me & Mrs Jones' it would of been more apt if he'd changed the song lyrics to 'Me & Dr Bones' might of made Simon crack a smile too! Mark later tweeted me to say Simon stopped him singing his rendition of 'Star Trekking' so he had to do the other song. But I still think he missed a trick, by not changing it to 'Dr Bones!!' I then spent the night watching the brilliant 'CSI' 'CSI NY' & 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' Then peckish I had a coffee & 3 Rivita's (Dry) Then did some blogging until 2am (Calories consumed 1,381good)

Sunday 29th April, I had a restless sleep, due to pain, my neck is stiff & painful & making grinding noises, when I turn it & shooting pains down my left arm. My coccyx and hips, ached with arthritic pain too, for once my left knee was bearable. I had a dream I and two others (Both guys I think) were involved in something that was causing us to be hunted/chased by cops (Bent ones I think) We escaped them, due to me knowing back ways, through & out of buildings. Once cornered, I found this kids room in an attic, where it was, easy to find hiding places. We kept texting each other, to the minimum, in case they could monitor, and read texts, with a gadget. We escaped with the drawings, or script, that we seemed to be keeping from the cops, that were after us. Then I was in a yellow bikini & was going to go swimming with some people on a beach..... Then I woke up!! I already knew from my painful stiff body it was, dark, grey, miserable, windy & rainy out (Whoopee!!..... NOT!!!!) 

I hobbled downstairs (Right ankle is weak & hurting) I had a wash & got on the scales another 1.1/4lb lost that's 3.1/2lb lost since last Sunday, that's a quarter of a stone, and apart from the dance audition, I have mostly been like some inactive, vegetable in bed. I made a coffee & took some more pain killers, the last of the pack, (I wish they made them in bigger packs, or bigger bottles of pain killers, like they use to do. But now thanks to suicide jobs, they don't! Stupid really, as if people are going to do it, they will store up enough anyway!!) I pulled on my chocolate leggings & white, long sleeved, Petit Bateau, scoop necked, T-shirt with difficulty & eased on my faux sheepskin jerkin & slipped on my sporty DKNY mules & staggered the few yards in pain, to get my Sunday Sun paper. 

I got in & watched 'Columbo' which had Billy Connolly as the rather unconvincing, conducting maestro, killer, as I lay on my bed waiting for the painkillers to work. At 4.45pm I had some porridge with cinnamon & another coffee, still in pain!! The sun came out & flooded trough the bedroom window at 5pm, while I was watching 'Tea With Mussolini' which is a film I'd never got round to seeing before! It was a good film (A true story) but not as good, as rave revues would have you believe. Just as I felt it was getting going, it was over, I wanted to find out more about the lad sent away & the one who'd been dressed as a girl!! 

I read the paper, another soddin footballer on the front page (It's all you seem to see in the headlines these days.... Yawn!!) Yet again it was about Football Munter 'Mario Balotelli' (Below) Cheating on his girlfriend, yet again!! With some 21yr blonde, called Chloe Evans for 2yrs. Last time it was with, the Wayne Rooney Hooker Jenny Thompson. Chloe divulges that Mario loved her making him up as a girl, in make-up and a blonde wig!.... Bloody hell he must make an ugly girl, as he is one hell of an ugly guy!! How the rivals to Manchester City will be creative with their cross-dressing chant's now!! They are already doctoring pictures online! (Below bottom)

Kelly Rowland will not be back on Xfactor this year, Gary Barlow will (Good) and Louie Walsh & Tulisa are in talks, it looks like they are trying to woo back Dannii Minogue which is a good Idea, she was one of my favourite judges & I missed her a thousand times more, than Cheryl Cole when she went! All Cheryl Cole ever did was look pretty, make poor choices in clothes, and do girly tears, other than that she was quite dull. Dannii is both pretty & has a good sense of humour & great personality.  

Top Tottie & Top Judge Dannii

Margaret Thatcher (Below) has been voted more popular, than all our current political leaders, in a pole of what political leader people would want in charge of the UK (That's no surprise to me, life in the UK was miles better, under MT's reign!!) There would be no fannying around with throwing out terrorists, if the old pre dementia Maggie was in charge, she'd of soon turned things around for the better!! 

Top PM Maggie Thatcher 

Surprise surprise, Alex Reid calls off the wedding, to his heavily pregnant fiancé, Chantelle Houghton (That's sure to do, his desired political career, a load of good..... Not!!) Because her friends interfering with their business (Oh man up for god sake, you wuss!!) You can see the 'Happy' couple below

Fugitive scum & double murder suspect James Allen 35 (Below) has been caught on CCTV after growing his hair to try and disguise himself. The formally shaven headed scum, was also caught wearing a peak cap, to hide his identity. They were taken in Scarborough, North Yorks. He was then spotted Friday in Leeds. The junkie scum had been jailed in 2004 for stabbing a man in a burglary. He is at present wanted for battering a 81yr former next door neighbour to death last Monday & then a 50yr female charity worker who lives alone on Wednesday, both had massive head injury's

 Scum, Whether With Or Without Hair!!

There was a bit in the paper, with Lord Alan Sugar, calling the contender for London Mayor, Ken Livingston, a "Power crazed egomaniac!!" Here Here, spot on!! I hate the man with a passion, as did my dad. Thankfully I think most 'sane' Londoners feel the same & will rather vote Boris Johnston, rather than Red Ken! You are crazy if you vote for him, he is a vile, slippery, snide & very dangerous man!! Even some of his fellow Labour members are voting against him!! 

Boris V Red Ken

Talking of dangerous there was a bit on a nasty, skanky, sex mad, female student, Marquita Church, 19, from Newquay, Cornwall (Below) Who has had unprotected sex with 8 men, since she's known she has (Incurable) Herpes!!! What a vile, thoughtless, selfish, bitch, her parents must be so proud. Doctors say she has one of the worst cases of Herpes they have ever seen!! She said she doesn't care about the risks to the guys as they never asked about her sexual history & opt not to use protection (Well what about the unsuspecting girlfriend they might then sleep with? & give Herpes to, the same way Marquita Church got it!!) Marquita who has had 25 lovers (25 at 19 how classy I'd not had one at her age!!) is dismissive of the problems herpes could cause if she gets pregnant. 

Marquita Church, Itching To Have Sex With You!!

Weird faced, Octomum Nadya Suleman 36 (Below) Who's bringing up 14 kids in a slum, claimed, "I'm not a maternal person" Well you should of thought of that, before having your IVF octuplets, for fame, when you already had 6 kids, you skank!! She spoke out after complaints she was neglecting her brood, In her three-bedroom, graffiti covered home. Adding "If I knew than what I know now they wouldn't be here!!" Know what?? That TV, magazine & baby company deals, on your eight baby's, wouldn't make you millions??? Seeing that you had 6 kids already, surely you must of known just how maternal you are or aren't before having 8 more in one go!! And what a loving thing to say of your brood of eight!! 

Mr Potato head, minus the moustache & glasses, lookey likey Nadya, was visited by cops after her home hairdresser claimed she spent on £320 on pampering herself (Money wasted by the look of it) while claiming £1,200 welfare a month to feed the 14 kids. Nadya said the story id false & the £320 was for 29 haircuts for the kids. She has recently posed nude for a magazine & is hoping for a TV show. The hairdresser was a good snitch but by looking at Nadya's pic she is not that a good a hairdresser or she'd of convinced Nadya to have a fringe to hide that huge forehead, it also looks like Nadya has had, some dodgy fillers, surgery, on her face as from her eyes down, her face is out of proportion! As you can see above.

One in six jailed UK prisoners are foreigners (If we had them all shipped to their own country's jails we'd free up 33,361 cells for more of our own, home bred scum!!) The number of foreigner crimes, has tripled in the past 5yrs, thanks to Labours open border policy's. Polish criminals top this list, with 3,654, followed by Romanian's 2,975 & 3rd Lithuanian's with 2,354. The Polish total is 36 times what it was in 2004 when only 99 Polish criminals were in jail!! 

I made dinner at 7.30pm grilled tuna in a veg stir fry. Like I said yesterday, I chose not to watch the rubbish 'The Voice' on BBC1, after yet another shit show yesterday, where the judges didn't even have the balls to tell the acts how shit they were (Unlike Xfactor judge Simon Cowell) I had my dinner (Very tasty it was too!) then popped to the shop & got some milk & Diet Cokes plus more pain killers!! Then watched the brilliant 'Once Apon A Time' while enjoying a Magnum Infinity & a Diet Coke. 

Once Apon A Time - There Was A Brilliant TV Show

Excellent show, it just gets better & better, unlike 'The Voice' that has gone steadily down hill from day one. My Twitter timeline confirmed tonight's 'Supposedly' LIVE results show, was as big a load of rubbish, as last nights appalling show. So I made the right decision deciding to boycott it the way I have 'EastEnders' which has been rubbish since Cat & Alfie 1st left for America. Apparently Sam Buttery, the one who looks like a overweight lesbian, went last night. I enjoyed 'Once Apon A Time' which certainly didn't disappoint, I just wish there was a midweek show too, so I didn't have to wait until next Sunday, for the next episode!! 

Then I tuned into Ch4 +1 to watch Sarah Millican on 'Celebrity Deal Or No Deal' my timeline on twitter was saying, that it was a tear jerker 'We will see!!' I thought. There was the sadness of two women with terminal cancer in the audience, but cancer has touched my life so much, with 80% at least of my family getting it, or dying of it & the same with about 10% of my friends & acquaintance's. I think I have almost become numb from it now. 

Thinking of Jo & her battle, I tweeted Nichola McLean again, with a gentle reminder about the support photo, she'd promised to do for Jo saying.... "How's the Make-Up situation? (For a support picture for Jo??)!"  But I got no reply. I hope she doesn't renege on her promise!! I watched the brilliant 'Homeland', like 'Once Apon A Time' it just gets better & better (Brilliant writing) Then a bit of blogging, before Shahrukh Khan's, brilliant film 'My Name is Khan' on Ch4 at 12.20am, It's a brilliant film acted brilliantly by Shahrukh Khan, about a Muslim with Asperger's, who was wrongly accused of terrorism after 9/11.  After that I watched the late night repeat of 'TOWIE' in bed then went to sleep around 3am (Calories consumed 1,321 Very Good!!)