Friday, 5 September 2014


I had the misfortune of ordering, what I thought was a beautiful, cashmere coat, at a brilliant sale price, from (pictured below) when in reality I was about to be conned out of money, by a fraudulent Chinese company. Below is the coat I ordered (it's on site picture) "Note the 
silhouette, it's proportions, the collar shape, the size of the manufacturers label in the back of neck, the fabric quality, colour & the stitching quality, as well as how far the coat crosses over when done up" In the pictures below....

Now compare that & the same areas, on the piece of cheap junk, I was sent, in the photos below, the creases are still there, days later (They would of dropped out of, a cashmere wool blend, by now) 

Here is my pissed off, disgruntled email, to the con merchants, asking for a refund.

I have just received the Pink Falbala coat 927560 that I ordered for $50.56

I have to say, I'm disgusted, at what I have just opened. What I received in my package, was NOT the coat I ordered, but instead, a VERY CHEAP, VERY POOR, knock off, copy!! I am not impressed, I'd not even pay $10, for that cheap tat, let alone $50+ (Laughable photos below) 

Let me count the ways, that this cheap knock off, differs, from the high quality (designer) coat, pictured in the, not only misleading, but also lying, website picture. I have worked as a designer, in the fashion industry for over 30 years, so don't even try to insult me, in your reply, that the website coat picture & the junk that I received is one & the same. Now let's count, the numerous ways, that this item differs, from what was on your site & why I'm disgusted, as a first time (& now last time) customer & how you have tried to con ALL who go to your website, Facebook & Twitter @TBDressClub site. 

1) Not the same shade of pink

2) Not wool cashmere, as stated, but instead cheap, clothing felt

3) Dirt cheap, synthetic, semi transparent, lining, that nobody, would twin with cashmere

4) ALL coat proportions, in my offering, differ from those of coat in website pic 

5) Name label, different, mine is just a bit of ribbon with Chinese symbols, with the size cut off, or maybe it's the cleaning instructions & material content removed (As it's certainly not cashmere) I'm not even sure, that it even has a wool content. (Label in back of coat, pictured, on your site, is large, oblong, with pink swirly writing, in English) NOT gold Chinese symbols, on thin ribbon, as on mine.

6) Collar proportions different, especially at yoke of collar (You even skimped, on the cheap fabric) it should be wider & squared at shoulder area. 

7) Sleeve proportions are all wrong

8) length from button fasten, to hemline, ratio wrong

9) Fullness from waist to hem different, again skimping on the cheap fabric, unlike the cashmere original, in your site picture.

10) Top-stitching, on opening coat edges, poor & narrower than on original

11) Cheap plastic button, the original would be better quality, if used with cashmere 

12) Button on very outer edge of coat, meaning when fastened, skirt of coat sits open, like an edge to edge coat, not laying closed when fastened, like coat in web pic. To lay like that on the site, the button would have to be, placed 1-1.5" IN from the coat edge, as the original pic is, not on the edge, like on the bit of tat I received. 

13) Yoke inside jacket, above lining different.... Mainly as these are NOT the same coats, you post up, a pictures of high quality items & post out, cheap knock offs!!!


I will be expecting a FULL REFUND of my $50.56 PLUS a FULL REFUND of my return post too, as it don't expect to have to Pay to return an item, that's part of a SCAM..... IF NOT.... I will not only go to the Trades Description Board, but I will also be going to the BBC1 program Watchdog, I will also be writing about this con, in my blog, that is read worldwide. I will also make sure, your Twitter & Facebook followers, are made aware, how fraudulent your claims are too. Also I front a TV fashion blog, shown worldwide about, what's new in fashion, that goes out, to all the Expat areas, such as Spain, Dubai, Australia etc. 

I was originally, planning to wear, your Falbala coat, on my next show, and promote your site & clothes, to my viewers. That will not now be the case, after I now know, what a con, your site is!! BUT, IF MY REFUND EXPECTATIONS are NOT MET..... I WILL be, doing all of above. PLUS I will be doing a VERY NEGATIVE piece, on air, to my viewers, in MULTIPLE countries, and you will find, that your REPUTATION will sink, along with your Sales.

You really should be ashamed of yourselves, for trying to pass off, poorly made, knock off tat, in cheap & nasty fabrics, for high quality, designer goods. I thought $50.56 was almost too good to be true, for a quality cashmere garment.... Even when in a SALE, even though I got a Cashmere Tommy Hilfiger coat for £25 in Bicester, Sale. BUT now I know why.... Because it's all a con & what you pay for is a bad attempt at a copy, in cheap fabrics, worth far less than what you are paying for. No doubt from a back street sweat shop. I await your correspondence, with interest. I'm sure you are aware, despite some of the "lovely looking" items on your website, I will not be a returning customer (Now that I know, that WHAT YOU SEE.... IS NOT WHAT YOU GET!!!) But despite that, it would be VERY FOOLISH, on your part, not to give me, the FULL REFUND I require!! Including the refunding of BOTH POSTAL COSTS. IF NOT.... You will find it, a LOT MORE COSTLY both financial & reputation wise.

Yours, Not Impressed

June Smith 

Here below, is their laughable response, NOT offering a refund, but laughably suggesting, that I keep the vile, item & get discounts on further purchases (There will be no future purchases) Note how the email implies, that this piece of crap, was MADE TO ORDER, when on their site, you are meant to be, buying SALES STOCK. Some claiming to be SOLD OUT, in some sizes, or colours (Which wouldn't happen, with made to measure) Also note, customer services, say they are the manufacturer, NOT the retailer. WHY would the CUSTOMER SERVICES, of a retail website, be the MANUFACTURER?? This is total bullshit & a SCAM..... 

I pity anyone, who ordered, multiple items, from the sites stunning pictures, and then found out, that the GORGEOUS items, in the pictures, were not the items they received!!! I'm posting this here, in the hopes, that anyone Googling, TB Dress club or looking at @TBDressClub on Twitter, or on Facebook, they will read this first & not be scammed, the way I was. 


More corispondece from the charlitons, after several more angry emails again show what piss takers this company is!! I implore anyone thinking of, or who knows a friend who's thinking of buying from them via Twitter @TBDressClub or via Facebook to avoid avoid avoid like the plague...... All pics on their site are stolen from other manufacturer sites & all their glowing reviews are written by their own staff (also a bunch of people who were offered ££££ to write glowing reviews..... Who were then not paid "Surprise Surprise" and are now whining on forums.... They are also aptly going by the name "Nasty Dress" & that's exactly what you will get if you order..... A NASTY Dress (even if you ordered trousers probably!!) 

Also see the order online clearly states CASHMERE Not CHEAP FELT..... How this has continued for years without TRADING STANDARDS closing them down, fining & jailing them I don't know!!!??