Monday, 26 September 2011

Fame..... Hungry!!!!

Monday 19th September, I woke at 7am, I had, had a really long, intense, dream again. With so much going on, it was all but a blur in my memory, when I awoke! My neck, shoulders & legs really ached, when I got up. Which was surprising as It was a bright sunny day out! Normally wet, or overcast days, would cause this level of pain! I had a wash, then a coffee & a Slim-Fast meal bar, for breakfast. Then I got dressed in my 3/4 grey gym trousers, B&W TrimSole's, coral cotton vest, red cotton cardigan & white puffer jacket & headed off to the park, for my 2hr power walk. I had a decent workout in park, despite being in pain & I saw the woman, with the fab, grey, Great Dane, called Digby & a young naughty Weimaraner, who's name I forget. 

Digby reminded me of my aunts Dog Greg, except for the colour. My boss when I worked at 'Dr Brighton's' Pub in Brighton had two Great Danes, the same sand colour as Greg. Digby is a big soppy thing, who leans on you (Their way of hugging you!) I saw the Chinese woman & old man, doing their usual morning exercise circuits, on the football pitch, behind the rugby one!! I also saw the dwarf, that empties the city bins, on the way home & stopped for a chat & quick hug, before heading home, he is such a sweet, cheeky, chap!

I got home & was feeling really hungry & my stomach was not just rumbling, it was growling!! So thought 'I am going to have to have my one meal, as lunch, not dinner today'  I popped to the shop & got The Sun paper, got back indoors & grabbed a Diet Coke & a packet of Slim-Fast pretzels, then settled down with the Sun paper in front of 'This Morning' and caught up with the latest news & gossip. The headline news was 'Dad Held Over Burglar Murder: Thief Knifed As Family Flee' Good that's another scumbag, burglar dead (Raymond Jacob 37) But another decent person having to go through  police questioning, hopefully the right thing will be done & Vincent Cook, will not be charged, for protecting himself & his Cheshire property! Two knife-wielding, bits of vile scum, burst into Vincent's home, at 8pm Saturday as he was watching TV, waiting for his wife & son to come home. 

Raymond Jacob (R.I.H)

He saved them by yelling for her to "Get Out!!" as he heard her put her key in the front door & open it. I hope the 2nd one is caught!!... Raymond Jacob is believed to have been stabbed with his own knife (Serves the vile, trash, right!!) Meanwhile friends & family of the thieving scum, had the cheek to leave tributes to him outside the REAL Victims home (Unf**king Believable!!) Thoughtless idiots, if you have to feel sorry for a useless waster, who brought his death on himself, then leave them outside his home! DO NOT rub it in the face, of the actual victims of his crime! Police are trying to work out, if Jacob's, from Greater Manchester, knew his victim, or if he was targeted, due to his Range Rover & Gold Maserati parked outside his home. This is the 3rd burglar to be stabbed & killed during raids in the Manchester area! (Three down plenty more to go!)

Meanwhile madness presides with a British al-Qaeda terrorist Habib Ahmed, being freed from jail on licence, after serving less than 3yrs of his 10yr sentence (Obscene!!) The scum bag, tried smuggle code books, written in invisible ink (Vital to a UK massacre) into the UK from Dubai, to give them to, highly dangerous operative, Rangzieb Ahmed. This rightly has infuriated counter terrorism experts. Adding he is the "Real Deal" al-Qaeda operative & that there is "No Way he should be out!!" We can thank our useless Ken Clarke & his soft on crime policys for that!! I'm Tory through & through, but he is one Tory that has to go!!

Ken Clarke

The Breakfast, plus afternoon, TV is all about the gypsies on Dale Farm. Who are supposed to be evicted today, and are barricading themselves in, with help from a load of lefties, who don't even live in the area. There are pictures of them building walls, in the paper, but there are only 30 of the illegal caravans left, after large numbers transferring to legal sites 100 yards away earlier.

There was a rather self-indulgent, double page spread, with excerpts from, the annoying, James Corden's, Autobiography, Titled (Can I Have Your Attention Please?) Which is featuring all week in the Sun paper. I wont be reading It! Either in the news paper, or in book format! I can't stand him!! I don't find him remotely funny & he is so full of himself. If he was a chocolate he'd eat himself (Along with the rest of the box) & It seems my gut feelings, re him, are spot on, as I have met loads of people (Over the years) Who have worked with him (Both sides of the camera) & all of them say that, he IS an unlikable, big headed, tosser!!

James 'I Love Myself' Corden

I washed some dirty laundry & checked on my items selling on eBay, several have watchers already! I made lunch, a mushroom stir fry, with some chopped fresh tuna, with soy & garlic sauce, with added chilli, to help me burn off more calories, as chilli's really speed up your metabolism (I'm loving my Wok, I don't know how I went without one all these years!) I had it with a few rice cakes & washed down with a Diet Coke, with a berry fresh fruit salad, drizzled with a teaspoon of honey & sprinkled with nutmeg & cinnamon (As that also speeds up your metabolism) 

Love My Wok

Which I ate, while watching this weeks 'The Real Housewives Of New York' I Love Bethanny & her Halloween outfit, on today's show. I also love the way she tells it, like it really is, re Kelly!! I then did some dusting, plus watered my plants & also did some hoovering. I am really aching today, which is making my chores, much more of a chore! My legs really ache, not sure if its down to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis? Or maybe my TrimSole's or Reebok EasyTone's finally kicking in? As I have been wearing both, a lot lately. Ian phoned & said did I want to do 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side' with him Thursday? I said 'Yeah.... They have been emailing me, asking me when am I going to come in & do some more, so Thursday is fine!! I have the pain clinic appointment & my dentist appointment, in the morning/afternoon, but I'm free in the evening!!"

I did some washing up & sorted out more stuff to list on eBay (On their next free listings weekend) Then watched 'Home & Away' Braxton, is one hot bad boy!! Actually 'Home & Away' has always been filled with hotties (But unlike the hotties in 'Hollyoaks' <except for my fried Simon Cole of course> the Ozzy Hotties can really act!!) I love the way the 'Home & Away' script writers, write & the way they intertwine story lines seamlessly & some new things, link to story lines years back, that you don't see coming (Nothing comes as a surprise, in either Corrie or EastEnders)

I sorted more of my old stuff out, that needs to be binned & did some more laundry, I did some job & audition searches & applied for a large bunch. Then I watched the soaps, while I ironed the dry laundry. Once done I put it all away, in my wardrobes & draws while listening to Ch5's program on 'Jack the Ripper' (A repeat) I then watched 'Big Brother' not really much going on in there, apart from squabbling between unlikable Rebeckah & Heaven. Aaron is still my firm favourite! Then it was over to E4 +1 for the 1st in the NEW 'Made In Chelsea' Sadly not much of my favourite, Francis Boulle, who cracks me up, on tonight's show. But I like Spencer's new haircut. Hugo's new flirting partner Victoria, a swimwear designer, is annoying, a very affected, fake, superfaux & has a weird long, unattractive horse like face. I know Hugo has moment's when he looks like a posh Dean Gaffney, but he can do much better, his actual squeeze is far superior, than this faux munter!

Made In Chelsea, Series 2, New Cast Members
Superfaux, Horse face, Victoria, Far Left

I had a Slim-Fast bar, for dinner & then later had a Slim-Fast snack-bar, while trying to catch up with, my dozen, half finished blogs & later, when the hunger pangs & my loudly grumbling stomach got too much! I had 2 plain rice cakes, thinly spread with honey & 2 sticks of celery. (Which was OK, as my main meal & dessert was well below the 600cal main meal your allowed, to have with Slim-Fast) Finally went to bed at 1.30am (Calories consumed 1,499)

Tuesday 20st September, I woke at 9am, in a lot of pain, I'd dreamt but, again, it was sketchy!! I know I was singing, or acting & was in a relationship, that's as much as I know. I had bad stomach cramps, so went to the bathroom, in case that was the cause, or it might just be hunger, as I am being strict to myself to get back to the 9st 4lb I was just before mum died! I can't believe how my emotional pain caused me to close down, in so many ways, in so many areas, but mainly how it drained me, totally of my energy & how I went from a gym bunny, who was in the gym, for 3-5hrs a day, for 5-7days a week, to a weak, drained, sloth, who could manage nothing & at best months later once or twice a month. 

I am also very angry at myself, for gaining so much weight, since May 2009, when mum died. She would be so upset to have seen me go from so trim & fit, to pudgy, due to being upset.... after getting so fit, after being so ill & nearly dying! But I think it must of been hunger pains, not a dickey tummy, but losing your gallbladder, does really affect your bathroom habits! Now that you no longer produce bile, to break down your food! I had a Strawberry Slim-Fast shake, for breakfast, then I had a wash & did my make-up.

I shoved on my favorite, pink, Juicy Couture, jogging bottoms on & a white vest, slipped on my B&W TrimSoles, then I popped out to the shop for my Sun paper. I got back home & read the paper the front page is 'X Factor "Bullies" In Ceri Storm: Vulnerable Singers Ordeal' About the bloody awful, tone deaf, Xfactor, entrant Ceri Rees. People are branding Xfactor bully's, for allowing her to go on the show, to humiliate herself, in front of the British Public, by singing abysmally, in front of thousands! Even the mental health brigade, got on the bandwagon! 

But to get through the 1st rounds, a medic has to assess, that your of sound mind (So that means if anything, that the Mental Health brigade, are insulting her, much more, by suggesting she is mentally unstable) She has been turned down 3 times before & has seen the audience sniggering, when it's aired each time. So either she has the thickest skin in the world, or she is enjoying her yearly 15mins of fame! Nobody forces her to enter, so sod off, bleeding heart brigade, nobody is being bullied. Admittedly she is comedy gold, but its not as if the production crew are calling her up, begging her to go on & promising she will get into the final selection..... So shut it!! Who IS abusing her, is her singing teacher who is taking money off her, when she is obviously tone deaf, and will never be able to sing & misleading her by telling her she has improved & has gotten good!!

Vincent Cooke stabbed, human trash, Raymond Jacob, 6 times when he'd tried to burgle Vincent, with menaces, at his home. Vincent was released on bail yesterday (I should think so too!) The two thugs went to Vincent's home, pretending to be there on official business & then forced their way in armed with knives. They then demanded his Rolex & that he lead them to his safe, police believe he was targeted, because somebody told the two excuses for humanity, that he had £50,000 in cash in the house. They dragged him round the property & were in the bedroom when Vincent's wife came home with their 12yr son. That was when Vincent shouted "Get out! Get out!!" & she ran to a neighbours house & rang 999. A huge struggle then broke out & vile Jacob was stabbed in the arms & legs.

Flowers left outside Mr Cooks home, by scum relatives of scumbag Jacob, were removed as neighbours thought them inappropriate (Too bloody right!!!) Michael Thorpe 33, remained in custody after being arrested on suspicion of being the 2nd burglar in the home! Ugly, Raymond Jacob was a violent criminal, as well as a drug addict (Oh what a loss he is!!...... NOT!!) Who had spent half his adult life in jail. He was a habitual knife carrier & as well as being a career criminal (What a charming career choice) 

Raymond 'Nutter' Jacob

He was known to be a "Nutter" when high on heroin! He once went into a pub carrying a stick of dynamite & a shotgun, terrorising drinkers (Lovely Guy!!) He was jailed at least 9 times, once for a vicious attack, where the victim was left like a piece of meat (& yet people, left floral tributes to him at his victims home!!?.... they must be as lowlife scum as he was!!)

Talking of burglars, Kerry Katona is officially divorced today from that vile bit of scum she use to be married to, Mark Croft (I am so sure he was behind the armed burglary of their <or rather her> home, without Kerry's knowledge) I bet it was his mates & he agreed to split the takings & then claim on their <her> insurance!! They conveniently struck, when she was the only room, NOT covered by security cameras, you can bet your life that's down to, his inside information!!!

Mark 'Scumbag' Croft

Talking of scum, 7 suspected al-Qaeda terrorists, have been arrested in Birmingham, over a suspected bomb plot, to commit yet another bomb atrocity, in the UK (Yet one terrorist wanker, has just been let out of jail, after serving approx just 2yrs of what was a 10yr sentence!!) Madness!!

My neck, back & shoulders have been giving me a lot of pain today despite it being quite sunny (Although not as sunny as yesterday!) My coccyx is really playing up, where its fractured & has rheumatism & osteoarthritis (bloody thing!!) also my left knee, it was much less trouble, 2yrs ago, when my BMI was just 21! I cleared out some cupboards & had a banana & some Slim-Fast pretzels, with a Diet Coke, to keep the rumbling belly at bay! I went through more stuff to throw out & two bin bags went in the bin (Quite impressive for a hoarder like me!!) 

I took a load of painkillers, when the pain got too much to bare & stopped for lunch, which was a Slim-Fast bar & a coffee, while I waited for, the painkillers to finally kick-in. I watched 'The Real Housewives Of New York' It was wacky Simon & Alex's (Skeletor's) Apartment warming. Oh boy the red & black lounge is VILE!! Like a down-market, whore house!! They might have all the money, but they sure have, Zero taste! 

Simon & Skeletor Alex

I popped to Wilkinson's, for some cheap, ibuprofen, painkillers, as the pain was now driving me crazy. I saw the dwarf bin man again, on my way back home & I stopped for a brief chat, as it was getting very overcast & looked set to rain any moment. No doubt that's why, I'm in so much pain today! I did a load of garment repairs that needed doing & also some more dirty laundry & wrote out a check for Kays Catalogue, for last installment of my trainers, bought last October, ready for me to post off, some time soon. 

My neck is still making a grinding, crunching, noise whenever I move my head, roll on the pain clinic. I suppose my sister will be back from Turkey, either this week or next week? I hope that the sun has eased her neck, knee & joint pains (Hereditary ailments & she has had whiplash, like me too!) I then watched the absolutely, brilliant, Really TV 'Extreme Makeover, Home Edition' TV show & 'Extreme Makeover' After that I had dinner. New England, Butternut Squash, Soup, with some chilli powder added, to help speed up metabolism & some, tropical, fresh fruit, salad, which I sprinkled with cinnamon & nutmeg (To speed up metabolism) & a small drizzle of Honey, Yum.

I did some more, online, job applications, then I watched the fab 'Seven Dwarfs' With the rain lashing down outside! (So that's why I have been in pain since Monday!!) Then I watched 'Big Brother' Rebeckah & Heaven are up for Eviction! Maisey has escaped it by the skin of her teeth!... Then it was time for the fantastic 'True Blood' I really love that series!! Watched while drinking a Cup-a-soup & washing it down after, with a banana & a Diet Coke. I read some of Closer magazine. There is a very worryingly skinny picture of Ulrika Jonsson, who is now blaming, her new, even, more skeletal look, on both her insomnia & back pain & is saying in the press that, it's not actually down to excessive dieting/anorexia! 

 Ulrika Looked Even Scrawnier Than This ^ In Closer Magazine 
 Ulrika Has Been Anorexic Before!!!
How A Healthy Ulrika Looked!!

I'm sorry Ulrika, I suffer from both, and it is well known, that a lack of sleep causes you to actually gain weight & not to lose any weight & back problems, make you much less mobile & it is also prone to also make you gain weight & NOT make you lose weight! You had an eating disorder before, and was anorexic, admit it's back again & get yourself some help! I read half the magazine & then I crashed out in bed at 1.30am (Calories consumed 1,391)

Wednesday 21nd September, I had another one of my dream's that went on for ages, about either singing or acting & again I seemed to be in a relationship, I recall making a fuss of an animal, a cat I think, I think there were three cats around me, can't recall much more. I got up and had a wash & did a light make-up & put my hair up. Then I slowly drank a banana Slim-Fast shake for breakfast had with an actual banana blended with it into a smoothy. 

Four of my eBay items have been bid on, so are guaranteed to sell, which is good news! I did a bunch of job searches on retail sites, and applied for a shed load! Enjoyed a coffee & then popped to the shop for my Sun, newspaper. Got back in grabbed a can of Diet Coke & I read the paper. The front page news is 'Sicko Who Stalked His Own Girlfriend: Lover has secretly destroyed student girlfriends life, for 3yrs' This was all about a sicko boyfriend! Nottingham, student Ruth Jeffery's was tormented for 3yrs by a mystery online stalker, but has now found out, it was her scumbag of a boyfriend!! Sick & twisted Shane Webber 22, ruined her life by sending her explicit photos & video's (I'm guessing not of himself, or surely she'd of recognized him, or the background!?) 

The sick scum even posed as Ruth to post naked pictures on adult websites (That's why I'd NEVER send any boyfriend nude photos!!) Poor Ruth still finds his betrayal & deceit hard to believe. Ruth fell ill & even became suicidal at times due to warped Shane! She thinks he may of done it because SHE is a bright student, who's set to get a degree & HE is, a no qualifications school drop out at 14. I think it has more to do with the simple fact, that HE is FAT & UGLY & so he couldn't believe he'd pulled someone so WAY OUT OF HIS LEAGUE & wanted to make her weak & needy, to prevent the chance of her going off with someone else!! As she admitted that throughout the relationship, he was a bit controlling & possessive!

She rightly wants the jobless 22yr old jailed, for what he put her through!!! Shane set-up countless fake email accounts, contacting Ruth, posing as ex school friends. He even impersonated her to put intimate pics of her on adult websites & to post them to her friends and family (Surely she must know they were in his possession & questioned, how anyone else could have them??) He even contacted men, posing as Ruth saying she fancied him, one even turned up at her home & had to be turned away! All the while he knew it was making her ill, yet the sick scum continued!! He was caught when he sent an explicit photo of her to everyone on her contact list (Including her father) & it was traced back to his PC.

Another vile piece of scum, a jilted boyfriend set up a fake email account in his ex's name, to invite men over for no-strings sex. More than 100, knocked at the horrified woman's door, at night, after vile Khalid Hussain 30, posted invitations, on both dating & swinging websites. One turned up believing she wanted to take part in a rape fantasy, following sick Khalid's instructions. The man hit her in the face & forced himself on her, but when he realised he had been hoaxed, he stopped & left. Vile Khalid was jailed for 2yrs 9months (Way too low as he will probably only serve 1yr tops!!)

Another front page story, is how some of the illegal Gypsies from Dale Farm, have left dale Farm only to set up another illegal site 60 miles away in Luton. at least 20 caravans have settled on the picturesque, Stockwood Park, in the Bedfordshire town, after using bolt cutters, to break the lock, on the park gates (They better not come to St Albans!) Up to 40 more are expected to join them! Council chiefs in Luton, have already started eviction procedures, I don't blame them or they will be stuck with them for 10yrs, just like Dale Farm. 

Stockwood Park, Before The Gypo Invasion!

The gypsies say they are being hard done by, but that is rubbish Basildon offered them decent flats & houses, that I'd give my right arm for (Maybe I should go borrow a caravan!!) Plus many of them own homes in Ireland, ranging in value from £100,000 £150,000 (I hope they get vandalising squatters) also there are plenty of spaces on LEGAL camp sites, which they are typically opting NOT to go onto, as they hate obeying the law!

Hero dad who killed the vile, ugly, burglar Raymond Jacob, claimed how a knife was held to his throat during his ordeal. He was also told that he would be killed during the attempted burglary. Despite being terrified, Vincent found the strength to fight back, grabbing a kitchen knife to defend himself, which he killed vermin Jacob's with. He said the door was smashed open and a knife held to his throat, and was told "I'm going to kill you!!" a doctor visited Vincent yesterday & gave him medication for stress! Jacob's partner in crime, Michael Thorpe 33 appeared before magistrates yesterday, charged with aggravated burglary!

Meanwhile the parents of murdered architect Jo Yeates (Murdered shortly before Christmas) Saw her neighbour, architectural engineer, Vincent Tabak (Above) who has admitted to killing her, in court for the very 1st time yesterday. He admits manslaughter, but not murder (Bullshit!!)

Kerry Katona was dealt a crashing blow, on the day she celebrated finally being free, from the human waste, that is Mark Croft. When she heard her ITV2 show 'Kerry Katona The Next Chapter' has been axed (I'm not surprised really, it was a very, boring, show) She never actually does anything, except for, some photo shoots, going to party's + opening nights & also being a guest, on other TV shows (Yawn) She said, she had hoped. to propel her career (Career?) forward, after finally getting rid of Croft (Below) She blamed Mark for making her depressed, in the divorce papers (Not surprised, being in the same room as him, would be depressing, let alone being married to him!!)

So How Do You Feel, About Your Show Being Shelved, Kerry?

Interestingly Xfactor reject, Ceri's singing coach, has claimed she begged her not to do the show, and argued with show producers, who DID call Ceri & hound her to do the show!!!.... Interesting, so these sad wannabes who come back each year, may have actually been talked into doing so! Apparently Amanda has been giving Ceri FREE singing lessons since Ceri's last failed audition (Good, taking money off her would of been unethical, as she will NEVER be any good) She said she had a slagging match with producers, after saying going on the show wouldn't be good for Ceri. Saying she was trying to stop Ceri's appalling singing being exploited. 

Bad Singer Ceri, With Flowers For Louie!
Apparently A Bad Gaydar Too!!

She said that the show had pursued Ceri, sending free backing tapes & offering free travel & accommodation to convince her to appear. Ceri told another friend "Xfactor kept ringing me so I went!" Though Xfactor's response is, Ceri wanted to be judged by the NEW judges, after having singing lessons!! Hmmm knowing the industry like I do, there is a good chance they did woo her, but at the end of the day, if she didn't like her last 3 portrayals on Xfactor (Which has NOT been said) She could of refused point blank, Xfactor can't kidnap her & force her on stage!!

Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) shed her baby fat by walking 7 miles a day (I use to walk 15miles a day, with 2lb weights on each ankle. I must get back into doing that) Talking of weight there is a picture of Ulrika Jonsson again, she is still looking painfully thin & very, very wrinkly for just 44yrs!!!

Ulrika What the Hell Are You Doing To Yourself?

In contrast there was a really, really, gorgeous pic, of four baby red squirrels (below) taken while they were taking a nap cuddled up together, after the trauma, of being blown, during a storm, from their treetop home, in Northumberland. They were taken to a sanctuary by a kindly passer by, where they are being fed & looked after.


There was also a cute, sad looking, dejected pic, of a baby penguin, rejected by his mum, for being born bald, due to a rare condition! His keeper in Dalian, China said "His parents neglected him, then kicked him out!" Staff hand fed him for a month & then, when his feathers began to grow his mum took him back in.

Awe Poor, Sad, Bald, Baby Penguin Ahhhhh!!

I had a coffee plus a Slim-Fast bar, with a banana for lunch, while watching 'Loose Women' then I parceled up, my four eBay items, that are going to sell & will add the addresses, when I know, exactly who the final bidders are! Then I did some more, retail job & acting auditions, applications online, and then I stopped to watch 'The Real Housewives Of New York'  Which was as divinely catty as ever!!... 

At 5pm I was emailed, then phoned by producers, of a very popular ITV, TV show, asking me if I'd be willing, to come in to see them, in October, re being part of their show (Of course, I said yes!) I settled down to watch 'Home & Away' Then it was time to fix my one proper 600cal meal of the day. So I put together, a stir fry with vegetables, with scraps of tuna pieces, which I'd bought off the fishmongers, in the St Albans market, at the end of the day when it's all cheap, which I'd put in the deep freeze, plus some black bean sauce! Which I cooked in my wok & I have to say, it was bloody lush!! Followed by a red berry & banana, fruit salad, drizzled with honey & sprinkled with nutmeg & cinnamon, try it it is yummy!!

Tough Love Miami

Then it was time to watch the start, of a brand new series, of Really TVs 'Tough Love' With a fantastic, totally new line up, of some very romantically screwed, nut jobs. Then it was time for the 1st of the NEW 'Midsomer Murders' on ITV tonight is Episode 1 'The Sleeper Under The Hill' I'm in Episode 6 'The Night Of The Stag' So I should be on, some time in November. Then it was time for 'Big Brother' which is getting more amusing with the bitching & sexual tension. I sorted the next lot of items, that I plan to put on eBay, the next time they do a free listings weekend. I had a Diet Coke, then had an early night, as I do have, a lot of things to do all of tomorrow. (Calories consumed 1,289)

Thursday 22rd September, Pain Clinic Day
I woke up at 7.30am, ran a hot bath, and got on the bathroom scales, I have lost 2 &1/4lb since Sunday (Good) I had a long soak in the  bath, then I had a strawberry Slim-Fast plus a banana for breakfast. If I did dream last night, I can't recall it. I dressed in black leggings, with a white vest top, plus a red Petite Bateau, cotton cardigan. Then I took myself out to the park, for a power walk, to try and stretch out my aches & pains. Then I went to St Albans City Hospital, to the pain clinic, for my appointment at 11.15am & I had a consultation, with the surgeon, Dr Heart. He said my MRI scan, had confirmed what they'd seen in X-rays, I have wear & tear on the bones of my neck, coupled with multiple disc displacement, caused by, my many whiplashes, in numerous car crashes (& I don't even drive!) nerves have become trapped among them & then bone has grown over that, which has osteoarthritis, which heightens my pain further. 

He said he thinks that, the best procedure, to alleviate my chronic pain, is to do a injection based operation, called a Cervical Epidural. He gave me some forms & then sent me off, to another part of the hospital. I handed in the forms & had a nasal & groin swab for MSR then it was back home again, had a Diet Coke & a Slim-Fast snack bar, while watching the 'News' & 'Loose Women' I read the paper, the news headline was 'Wills Best Pal Accused Of Horse Whipping Squaddie' He is being probed by military police, over claims of violence. He was accused of doing this during an exercise, where he was responding to an organised reenactment of a hypothetical attack to a member of the royal family. As Williams best pal, Major Nicholas Van Cutsem, was meant to be responding, as he would do under the circumstances of such an attack in a role playing exercise, the soldier pressing charges, seems a bit of a lightweight wuss!! What happened to men of steel??

The evil singing teacher, who murdered his fiance, when she found out about his various affairs & then lied to her parents, saying she'd ran off with another man. Was branded a 'Lying, cowardly, cheat!' by the distraught father, of the very fiance he murdered. Murdering serial philanderer Andrew Lindo, was told he will serve 'At Least' 22yrs (That's more like it!!) The judge said that with his extreme cunning & facility for deceit, it would mean justice chiefs, would have to be very wary of ever releasing him (Good) We need more judges like this one!! 

A drug gang dumped 35 bodies, in an underpass, on a Mexico, city, street, by a shopping centre, as a drug war escalated to new heights. The 35 victims, 12 of them women, were tipped onto the tarmac, from two trucks (Below) Some had been tortured, others had their hands bound. It was the latest incident, triggered by cartels, battling over the cocaine trade to country's like the UK. 

My friend Ian Mann, was on page 49 of The Sun, with a photograph today, talking about being a sperm donor. Along with two other guys, talking about the same, he called me to tell me about it, just as I was reading it & as he'd not yet got a copy I read the article out to him. 

Ian's Bit Of Fame, An Article In The Sun

Then I had some tasty Slim-Fast tortilla's, to keep me going, while I smartened myself up a bit, then brushed my teeth again & headed for my dentist for my 3pm appointment. The dentist, x-rayed my teeth, that turned out to be fine. Then she cemented back in, my broken off, molar crown, back in the bottom of my mouth. Before she gave me a polish. Then it was back home, where I made a late lunch, of a tuna stir-fry, with black bean sauce, like yesterday, which was yummy & I ate it at 3.40pm while watching 'The Real Housewives Of New York'  Then followed it with a tropical fruit, fresh fruit salad. All washed down of course by a decaf, Diet Coke. 

I watched 'Home & Away' then began getting ready to go to Elstree Studios, in Borehamwood. I wore my black leggings, with studding down the sides, from Jane Norman, tucked in long black boots. With a West One, black blouse, and my black sequined jacket. I teamed that with some diamante jewelry, plus I did some dark, smokey, Gothic inspired make-up, in homage to 'True Blood' being back on TV. I put on my long black military style coat, and then grabbed my favourite, black, Salvador Ferregamo, handbag & headed for the station at around 7.15pm. Ian & I both arrived at Borehamwood station, within minutes of each other & then we walked down to the Wetherspoon's pub, called 'Hart & Spool' by Elstree Studio's, for one drink. I had a vodka slimline, nice & cheap in Wetherspoon's, before waiting in the guest audience area, to be let into the studios & our own bar area. 

Ex US Porn Star, Ericka Lockett, who I actually know, was there. We were talking about her recently doing some filming on 'TOWIE' we also chatted about 'Jack Whitehall's Road Trip', 'Is It Just Me' and some films she is doing (Non Porn) plus her book she was writing. I found out she'd injured her neck, when a bullet went through it, when she was back home in the USA & she made suggestions about what might help mine. There were also 3 fierce drag queens there, one called Baga Chipz, was fab. 

We had a few red wines, and I asked Ian if my lips were stained, as I'd not brought my hand mirror & there was no mirrors in the ladies. I know not to ask him, ever again, unless he is wearing his glasses, as he was obviously blind as a bat, as he said "No your fine" but later, in the mirror at home & when I saw the show on the screen, I saw both my lips & teeth had a red wine coating!! Lol cheers mate! 

We went into the BBBOTS studio & sat at the back for a change, Ericka sat at the front, with Baga Chipz & posse. Ben from BB11 was there sat at the front, the other side from the isle than BB's Saskia. Ben spotted me & came over for a chat & he gave me a peck on the cheek as per usual. Ian got to speak to Emma Willis about Rebeckah, calling Rebeckah, Magno Minge, which trended on twitter. Later Emma came over for me to talk (Also on the subject of Rebeckah) As she came over to me she said "I love coming to you, your always dead, honest & straight & tell it like it is!!" 

 Emma Comes Over To Ian & I
Magno Minge, Magno Minge, #MagnoMinge
Telling It Straight, To Emma, With Red Wine Lips!!

She's right I do! But somehow a certain GLP hater, can't accept that fact! But I wont be losing any sleep over that! As the show came to a close, I said to one of the producers, that I thought that the Yes/No task was inspired, and that was the moment, for me, that Ch5 BB became Big Brother. She then beckoned me over & look my hand & led me to, the off-limits to the public, area of the studios (With Ian practically hanging from my coat tails) She took us in the props dept & showed us some things from the task, and Emma Willis came over & said we were good as usual & that she loved Ian's 'Magno Minge' Comment. 

Once over Ian & Ericka got the mini bus taking people back to Kings Cross, which I thought was odd as she lives in Bedfordshire? & I walked back to the train station & got the train home. On the train, I realised I'd left the brand new, cheap, umbrella I'd brought with me either in the pub, or at Elstree Studio's. I was very hungry, so I had my dinner, a limited edition, lemon meringue, Slim-Fast shake, which was very yummy! Plus some tasty, Slim-Fast cheese snacks. Then I went to bed (Calories consumed 1,637)

Friday 23th September, I had an odd dream last night. I dreamt I was out on the town, with Boy George & my best friend Candie but her hair was black & cut short like the girl in 'The Human League' and we were heading off to meet Pete Burns & I was 6months pregnant, I was very confused thinking, 'When did I get pregnant? & by who? And how? I went through the menopause 5yrs ago!! I'm not sure I want a baby? & now its too late to do anything about it!!' Then I woke up at 8.30am wondering 'what the hell was that about??' I got up had a shower, then had a chocolate Slim-Fast shake & a banana for breakfast. I dressed in a Elle, khaki, lounge pants, lemon vest top & khaki, Petite Bateau, cotton cardigan. I slipped on My Reebok EasyTone trainers & pounded the pavement for 2hrs, of power walking with 2lb weights round each ankle! Then popped to the shop for a few essentials, milk, deodorant, shampoo etc...

On the way back, I popped in the shop & got a Sun newspaper. I got in made a coffee & settled in the lounge with the paper. I read the paper with the coffee & a Slim-Fast bar, for lunch. The front page, is about one of the members of Xfactor's group entrant 'Two Shoes' is pregnant (Yawn.... Honestly is that really worthy of front page news? Who cares?? On page 7 was what should of been on the front page. Thousands of illegal immigrants may have flooded into Britain through the back door, using fake documents, that were printed in a 'Visa Factory' This info comes after a raid on a plant in Bangladesh (Asia, oh what a surprise, Not!!) 

The visa plant was producing bogus UK papers, on an industrial scale! Detectives who found the factory made 8 arrests. It came to light after a UK Boarder Agency officer detected one of the forged visas, as fake. They believe a syndicate were charging £2,600 a time, for the faux, UK papers & they raked in £640,000 a year. Officials in Bangladesh, believe that, the plant has been running for years. Stolen passports from the UK, were discovered along with 150 counterfeit British visas. Also a senior British High Commission official Reshad Nebin, has been arrested & charged, for allegedly demanding bribes from 'genuine' visa/passport applicants, for him to return their passports with the correct stamps! Asia, like Africa, one of the two most corrupt continents!

Talking of corrupt continent Asia, an American top military officer, claims that, the Pakistan, Secret Service, had backed last weeks US Embassy attack, in Afghanistan (That would NOT surprise me, they so knew they had Osama Bin Laden in their backyard, and they kept schtum!!) Admiral Mike Mullen, last night claimed that the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency (ISI) supported the Kabul atrocity & other such attacks. He said the Asian spy outfit was infested with traitors, who are hell-bent on scuppering the war on terror, which Pakistan is SUPPOSEDLY our ally in. He also added that the feared Haqqani network, was run from Pakistan (Over 15yrs ago my Sikh boyfriend Sukwinder said that Pakistan was full of mostly evil Muslims) Funny  how years later most of the extremist Muslims & their head men are found in or have links to Pakistan! 

HE went on to say how they have got credible intelligence, that traitors in the ISI were behind, the June 28th attack, that was against the Intercontinental Hotel, in Kabul & a host of smaller but effective terror operations. The US has mistrusted the ISI for a long time, that's why they kept the ISI in the dark, about the Navy Seals, May mission to kill Osama Bin Laden, no doubt if they had, he'd of been tipped off & escaped! Mullen has made more trips to Pakistan, than any other senior US official, but his patience has worn thin, over the deceit & lies told by his corrupt contacts. The Haqqani network is closely linked to the Taliban & it has launched a string of attacks from Pakistan, in bordering Afghanistan on western targets. Claims are that Pakistan turns a blind eye to this cross boarder attacks. 

A Black Panther was last night being blamed for a savage attack on a pet Husky Dog, called Dusk, in mid Wales. The poor love was left fighting for life after having it's throat ripped out! The 4yr dog that may never bark again, was attacked in his garden in Brecon, Powys. There is said to be a big cat roaming free in the area & Dusk's owner say's that he has seen it himself twice. He said "The 1st time it pounced onto a wall like it was on springs, the 2nd time it walked straight past my van, it was extremely brazen!" I don't know why you'd leave your pet in the garden, if you have seen that in your home area!! Asking for trouble!

It turns out the squaddie winging about being whipped by Prince Williams best friend, Major Nicholas Van Cutsem, was trying to pull the Major off his horse, during the exercise that was simulating a royal attack. So of course as the Major had to react as he would in real life, the squaddie would of course have to be whipped to get him off, after he overplayed his role as a rioter. So why is the squaddie being such a wuss over it?? Grow a pair man, or the army is not for you!!! 

The scumbag gypsies on Dale Farm get £60,000 a year in housing & council tax benefit, even though their soddin homes are illegal! Twenty-five family's there collect £832 - £1,025 for council tax & another £988 - £1,300 in housing benefit (For a caravan? they own it, they don't have a mortgage for it or rent it, so why the benefit?) Which is an annual bonanza of £45,500 - £58,125 per family (No wonder they don't want to piss off!!) They get this pay out in spite of the fact they are there illegally!!... CRAZY!!! 

Watched 'Loose Women' & then a little later 'The Real Housewives Of New York' While enjoying, a decaff Diet Coke & a very, very tasty, chocolate, Slim-Fast snack bar. Then I phoned the Hart & Spool pub from last night to see if they had my black umbrella there, they didn't! Either I left it at the Studio's or one of the pub clientele stole it! I did some ironing & hoovering, watered the plants & then stopped to watch 'Home & Away' Braxton is such a hottie despite the characters tattoo's... Heated up a tasty, spicy, pumpkin soup, yum!! I put a face-pack on, and chilled, slobbing out on my bed, watching 'Come Dine With Me' I'd just turned over to watch the 'Big Brother, Live Eviction' when at 9.02pm my actor friend Simon Cole, phoned me on the mobile & asked what I was doing. 

I said "Slobbing out, eating soup, watching Big Brother, Why?" He then said he was feeling spontaneous & was heading into Central London from Buckinghamshire & that he had talked our friend Ian into going out (Not hard, he lives in London) Then Simon added "I want you there, no excuses, get your slap on, get ya tits out & get your arse on the train, we are going to have a crazy night on the town, I am not going to accept any excuses!! You are Coming out!! I want you there!!" It was after 9pm, & I had a face-pack on, a bowl of half eaten soup, my hair needed a wash & I'd need to rummage through my wardrobe, to find something to wear, to go with my flat black boots, as my back is playing up at mo, plus I don't have any cash for fares & drinks. 

So I told Simon all of this, but he was having none of it, as far he was concerned, I was coming & that's that!! He said that he knows I'm capable of getting ready quickly, that I can sort my hair with my hair pieces, he still has two trains to get, to get to London, so we'll arrive at around the same time, that money is no excuse, as he is covering my ticket & Ian has had a windfall, so he is covering the drinks. He then put on the guilt trip, saying that I'd be letting him down if I didn't, adding "Come on be impulsive!!" Bloody hell, Ian & Simon are the top experts, at NOT taking "NO" for an answer, wriggling out of something, with either of them, is bloody neigh impossible. I could practically see him there, putting on his pretty boy, sad face, down the other end of the phone!! Oh bloody hell, I'm such a push over sap!! I gave in, Simon really played his master stroke with the words "Be Impulsive!!" I'd only been saying, just the other day, that in my more lucrative years, I was a really lively, impulsive, risk taker, but somewhere along the line, over the years, I'd seemed to have lost that! So "Impulsive" was the only trigger word, Simon needed in his arsenal!

So now after trying to get out of a night out (Unsuccessfully!) it was now 9.15pm, time to go crazy! I finished my now cooled soup, took off my face-pack, scraped back my hair, and then added my faux ponytail. Quickly applied some make-up & shoved my head in my wardrobe. Most of my favourite clubby stuff, is now too small, since I gained weight, so in the end, I settled on black, studded, leggings, with  a chain trimmed, black, vest top, plus my black shrug, long flat black books & diamante/chain jewellery. Then I pulled on my long, black, military coat, my black, Ferregamo bag & headed out the door & text Simon, saying "On Route EMP!!" Then I fast stepped it, to the station. Once on the train, I text Ian, that I was on the way. 

Ian text me back, saying how he can't believe Simon wore me down, he thought he was mad agreeing, but at least he lives in London! I said he's right, Simon knew the right buttons to push, to twist my arm, but I can't believe I'm getting a train into London after 10pm! Once at Kings Cross, Simon text to say to head to Leicester Square & text when I'm there, and he'd say where to meet him & Ian. Which I did & I went through China Town, to Soho, to meet them, at The Edge, one of the bars you can sit outside at, as it's a nice night!

As I walked across the Soho Square, in the dusk I could see Simon's Coral T-shirt, from the other side of the square, as he showed off his guns lol. I sneaked up on them, and made Si jump. He gave me a kiss & passed me across a glass of wine. I sat down next to him & ribbed him, about how I could see him, from the other side of the square, thanks to his bright T-shirt. He laughed & then went "Oh bloody hell this is the same T-shirt I was wearing, last time we met up! How embarrassing!" I laughed & said "It doesn't matter I like that T-shirt & it shows off your tan!" We chatted about what he'd been up to in LA, while he was out there & Big Brother. He was saying how, when he saw Kinger on BB, years ago, he knew they'd be friends & got his agent to introduce them & now they'd been best friends, over the past 6yrs, how fab is that!! Mind You I felt that way about both Richard Newman & Gerry from BB (Below) & now they are friends too (It's a funny old world!) 

 With Gerry & Ian, At Big Brother C4 Wrap Party
 Clowning Around With Gerry, Doing A Trout Pout, 
At BB Celebriparty 
 Pisssssshed With Da Boyz, Richard & Gerry, 
Before We Went For A Chinese, In China Town
With Ian, Richard & Jenna At 'Out In The City' Birthday Bash

We chatted a bit, about when Simon was acting, in the soap opera Hollyoaks, his fan base, fan mail, the way he got invited to all the big events then & how he always took a cab everywhere, never ever, the tube, train or bus. Bloody diva!! Bit different now lol. Also about autograph hunting fans. He was thinking maybe to do some more acting work here, while waiting for his Green Card for LA. He is planning to get a dual passport too!! I asked how his album was going in the US? While Ian was busy chatting to Kevin who he had dragged along to join us. Then it was time for us to head off, for some cheep drinks & dancing, in a old haunt near by. Simon & I were on the Magners, Ian & Kevin on the white wine's. 

With Simon, Not Magno Minge, Magners Minge!

Ian & Kevin checked out the talent & Simon & I found a spot with a decent amount of room to dance, and had a good old dance, though sadly, I couldn't dance as I wanted due to restrictions, caused by my bad back! Kevin acted as Cameraman, when I had some pics taken with Ian & Simon. 

Ian, Simon & My 'Impulsive' Night Out 

Ian text a funny message about Kevin, Simon & myself on the club TV screen, but then regretted it, when he got about 40 text messages, back from the system, all night, to say his text had been accepted. Proof it's a small world, came when Simon & I were standing chatting, by the raised dance floor, when he turned round to see one of his old time friends, from LA, USA stood behind him, it was a double coincidence, as the last time Simon had run into him, was on his plane back to England, from LA. It was his friends 1st time in England, he was over here for a couple of months, while doing a course. Simon & I hit the dance floor. A while later Ian & Kevin came to drag us off home, to meet Ian's new Chihuahua puppy, Hugo Francis (Named after two of the 'Made In Chelsea' main, male, cast members, trey camp!!) We got the night bus to Ian's, Ian popped into his local 24hr shop, en route home, and got some wine & a frozen pizza. Kevin went home to his flat, down the road from Ian's. Once back at Ian's, he put the pizza in the oven, poured some glasses of wine & we put on the 'Big Brothers Eviction' that he Sky plused. 

Hugo With Uncle Simon

Hugo is tiny & very cute, I'm sure he is even smaller, than our friend James's Chihuahua, Stanley was, at his puppy shower. Ian & I met at James's puppy shower for Stanley. As we all had expected, the shit stirring, Rebeckah was kicked out of the Big Brother house. Now hungry, Ian, Simon & I tucked into the pizza, and chatted & messed around with Hugo, we took some pics, we took one of Simon, still flushed from all his dancing, hugging Hugo (Above) & also one of me with Hugo, who was attacking my hairpiece (Below)

Killer Puppy On The Loose!!!

We watched the BBBOTS that Ian & I was on, Simon said it was very funny, we chatted away until my eyes were tired & irritated, with my contact lenses, irritating me. So by 8am it was time to take them out & get some rest!! (Calories consumed 1,475)

Saturday 24th September, Simon & I went up to crash out on Ian's super king-size bed, around 8.30am. We chatted a bit & he slept a bit & I dozed a bit, but didn't actually sleep, due to pain & being over tired, so now I couldn't sleep. I think my bit of dancing with Si, had made the pain, even worse! (Bugger!!) We kind of lazed around like that until around 4pm, as the boys had a bit of a hang over. Simon most of all (Light weight!!) So we decided to go to McDonald's for a very late lunch, so we got dressed. It was really, really hard finding my black clothes, against Ian's black bedroom carpet & black bean-bag chair (So much so, that I both, didn't see & forgot to pick up, my black shrug) Ian clowned around with my bra on his head, as I got ready, which I took a pic of. 

Nice Titfer!! 

Ian's housemate, Faye came back home & once both Ian & Simon were groomed, we headed out to McDonald's. A ravenous Simon got 2 double cheeseburgers, Ian had a bacon burger & potato wedges & I had a vegetarian deli sandwich & small fries & a Diet Coke. Simon began to feel more human, with the grub inside him. And I felt better for a very, very, late brunch at 5pm. My stomach was growling by the time my food was ready! Then it was home time, Ian back to his & Simon & I walked on, in a surprisingly sunny evening, to Vauxhall tube station. Which is right by St Georges Wharf, where two of my Ex beau's, the Belgian, Jan & the Swiss, Charlie live (Below) 

St Georges Wharf, Vauxhall

Simon & I were both saying how, it didn't feel at all like a Saturday, but it felt exactly like, it was a Sunday! Even all of the Stockwell, Vauxhall, streets seemed dead, like a Sunday afternoon. We got on the Victoria line, heading North, Simon got off at the 4th stop Oxford St, kissed me goodbye & said he'd speak to me soon. I took three more stops to Kings Cross & went to get my train, only to find that no trains were coming in or going out of my platform, due to some twat wandering on the train line at Cricklewood. Which they had to get police investigate, just in case he was going to go and throw himself in front of a train, or something like, tamper with the rails, or put explosives on the tracks etc (As the UK is now full of more freaks since the 80's, than we ever were!) I text Ian & Si the news, Simon said he was just getting on his train. I went & got 2 Diet Cokes while I waited as I was very thirsty. Luckily the delay wasn't too long, and Si & I text back & forth on our journey home. 

In between texts, I read the Sun newspaper, that I'd bought at Kings Cross's W.H Smith. The headline on the front page was 'Xfactor  Porn Shame' Apparently contestant Lascel Wood (Below) starred in a hardcore porn film, on a hardcore, public, porn website. I won't bother checking it out, I don't find the 20yr old remotely attractive! Anyway you have to pay £5 to watch it! Though he deny's making any money out of it! It must be a gay porn film, as he certainly doesn't look straight!

I got in exactly at 8pm, which was just in time, to see 'The Xfactor' watched it & made a mug of tomato soup in the Ad break as I was peckish again, and later while watching 'Big Brother' I had a Slim-Fast snack bar, and some mineral water. Simon text & said he was watching 'Big Brother' and he wants to go on 'BBBOTS' with me. So I said I'd arrange it, when did he want to go? He said "Friday!" Then I watched the new '8 Out Of 10 Cats Uncut'  Then because I'd been awake, for a whole 48hrs, I went to bed & had a early night at 11.45pm (Calories consumed 1,376)

Sunday 25th September, I fell asleep quickly (Not always the case, even when I have gone two days without any sleep!) I woke at 8am with a lot of pain in my neck & shoulders as well as my coccyx, the pain in my neck & shoulders, was causing me to have dead arms (Maybe due to trapped nerves) & my coccyx was causing me painful sciatica (Deep joy!!!.... Not!!) I did stretching exercises, with first one leg stretched down as far as possible, the other ones knee, pulled up as close & tight to my chin & chest as possible & then after a while the legs switched. Then the neck exercises chin to chest & then head tipped back (Repeat) look as far to right then as far left as possible (Repeat) then circling head round & round, all accompanied by a crunching, grinding, sound like gravel!!!.... I can't wait until something is done to it, I don't care what, as long as it's sorted!

I got up at 9am & had a lovely coffee, with a tasty Slim-Fast bar, for breakfast. Then I had a very long soak in the bath, to try and ease the aches & pains, it's a lovely day out again today, like yesterday afternoon, doesn't feel like autumn at all!.. I put my pink summer dress & sat in the sun for a bit, hoping it would help my neck/back. I was surprised later, when I popped in to get a Diet Coke & an apple, when I saw just how much I had caught the sun, when I looked in my mirror. I sat out in the sun a bit longer, until my courtyard was mostly shade, then caught up with last weeks 'Downton Abbey' that I'd missed last week. 

Then I had a fairly late lunch, of stir-fry, with tinned tuna, garlic & chilli, plus sweet chilli sauce, which was very yummy, with an apple for afters. Later I watched 'The Xfactor' I'm liking the judges, but the acts auditioning so far, are leaving me cold!... Then I watched 'Big Brother' I really hope that Anton is up for eviction next week & goes!! I Absolutely Hate EVERYTHING about him!!!..... He makes my flesh crawl & I want to punch the TV screen, whenever he is on it!! Simon Called me & we had a chat about 'Big Brother' & him coming with me to be on the show 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side' (BBBOTS) for a laugh. I'll email BB's Adam & Ian, tomorrow, to arrange it. I had a fruits of the forest Slim-Fast shake for dinner, with some Slim-Fast pretzels & another apple.

Then I watched tonight's 'Downton Abbey' on ITV +1 followed by the New series of  'TOWIE' (The Only Way Is Essex) on E4 +1 & I looked out in the background. Just to see if Ex US Porn star Ericka was in of any of it? As she'd said she'd been out filming for them, and would be doing so again this week. But again I didn't spot her! Mark in the Yoga class was so obvious & fake, it was full of just all page 3 lookalikes & him, just like that popular, aerobic based music video a few years back. I thought that maybe, Erica, with her Silicon boobs, might be in that scene? But if she was, I didn't see her. In my Fitness First gyms, yoga classes, it's not wall to wall babe station, like that, it is full of Lydia Bright's mum, Debbie lookylikey's & male & female pensioners!!.... Then I had yet another early night & went to bed at midnight (Calories consumed 1,238)