Monday, 2 July 2012

This Mornings, Amazon, Amazonian Cougar...

Monday 25th June, I had a odd dream, that seemed to have the 'Big Brother' Model, that I can't stand, Aaron (Below) in it. He seemed to be a singer & had a CD, of him singing & I was friendly with him & I said I'd have words, with my contacts, in the music industry & I'd do my best to get him a music deal!..... What the hell that's all about, god only knows?? I got up at 8am, taking a lot of drugs, before sleep, had helped somewhat, with the pain this morning, as only my neck & left shoulder, left knee & coccyx hurt today, and not as savagely as the past two days (Thankfully!!!) The fact it's a bright sunny day out, may be helping too!! 

I gingerly made my way down the stairs, clutching to the rails for dear life, in case my left knee gave way going down. I made a coffee & porridge, with blueberry's for breakfast (Yum Yum) & downed two Diclofenac (I know I'm taking, double the amount prescribed, but the extent of the pain, over the past two days, means I need to, to keep things at bay!!) I must call the doctors for re-prescription of ibuprofen & Co-Codamol!! I dressed the same as yesterday & did my hair & make-up, then grabbed my denim jacket & wore my faux sheepskin gilet over the top, plus my gun metal sequinned shopper & headed for the DHSS offices for my Amazon, information session.

The sun was surprisingly warm out (Only in England, can you say that sentence, in summer & not sound barking mad!!) & I didn't really need the gilet, or denim jacket. I got to the DHSS offices and was ushered, with about 19 others, to an upstairs office, we were then given the basic run down of the 'Pick, Pack & Ship' position & some people left, as it was shift work, which they said they couldn't do (How dumb are they? Obviously any warehouse work, is shift work!!) Plus I'm sure, it even mentioned shift work, on the poster, advertising the job, when I first enquired about it!! There were 3 shifts, 6am - 2pm, 2pm - 10pm & 10pm - 6am, the latter one would really suit me, as I'm a insomniac night owl & it would suit me with filming jobs if they came in. 

Also the night shifts are £8.05 per hour, compared to £6.30 for days, the shifts are, Tues - Sat, or Sun -Thurs. Either is fine by me. They will also be, putting on work buses, for staff, within 3 months of being up & running, so that will save on money on fares!! It actually could work out quite lucrative, with overtime & incentives for productivity, etc etc & there is also plenty of leeway, for promotion through the ranks, too. We were then given a two sided sheet test to do within 10mins, it was basically arithmetic & observational  questions. Honestly a 10yr old could do it, I completed it in under a minute & was shocked that some hadn't finished by the end of the 10 mins (Good god, I can't believe full grown adults, struggled with that??) 

It reminded me of my 1st day in maths class at my new school Warden Park, in Cuckfield, West Sussex (Above) being the new kid, that joined part way through the year, they shoved me in the average - low maths set & we were given a laminated A4 sheet, with maths questions, on both sides to do. I did it in a couple of minutes & took the laminate sheet up to the teacher, at her desk, to get myself another one. 

The teacher said "There is not another one, this is for today's class, you have to do both sides not just one!" Confused, I explained that I HAD done both sides, so the teacher, bolshilly asked, for my paper containing the written answers, which I brought to her. She marked it, obviously expecting it to be all wrong (By the contemptuous look on her face) As I'd done it so quick. But her gruff look, soon turned into one of surprise, as she marked it, and found ALL answers, to be CORRECT! I was then told if I had a book in my bag (Being a book worm I did) I could read it through the rest of the lesson. The next day I was moved to one of the top set classes. 

I remember I use to be excellent at logarithms (Above) although I have never needed them, in my adult life (I'm not even sure what profession you'd need them for? Maybe one of the sciences??) I'm sure, I'd not have a clue how to do them now, if I was asked to do, without a refresher course 1st!! Funny how simple things like that job form, can rewind your mind back decades, to one small incident! 

I looked at the sheet, of the person to my left & also of the one to my right, as I sat there finished. Both had loads of working out in their margins. I had none, as I did it all by mental arithmetic, which I've always been good at. Which has always been handy, working in sales, or for adding up rounds in my head, when working behind a bar. None of it was, what you would call challenging, it's not as if any had decimal points, and involved percentages!! 

A typical piss easy example, was to add up 99 + 99 + 99 + 99 + 99 + 99 + 11 which of course = 605. Why they needed to do working out, in the margin, for that, god only knows? There are six 99's, so each 99 need a one added to it, to make each 100, so take 6 from 11 & you get 5. So 6 x 100 + 5 = 605 simples!! 

It's not rocket science, the sheets were then marked & I of course got ALL correct!! (No Brainer!!) But others didn't, despite their scrawling's. We then had to sign to forms, if we still wanted, to be put forward for interview, which would include a CRB check (No probs as I have NO criminal record) Plus a drug & alcohol test, also no problem, as I only take prescribed medication & apart from the occasional can of cider, at home, to quench my thirst in summer, I only drink occasionally, socially. By the time I left there at 10.40am, the weather had changed, to still sunny, but not as warm & lots of grey clouds! 

I popped to the newsagent & got my Sun newspaper, and headed home, I had a cappuccino & relaxed with the paper, the front page was all about England, being out of the European Cup (I am sorry for England supporters, but it really makes no difference to me!) They drew 0-0, originally, but then Italy won 4-2 on penalty's. There was 6 bloody pages on it inside too, as well as the back pages!! Next, the front pages, will no doubt bore me with, Wimbledon & the bloody Olympics.... Yawn!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! 

Page 3 was a very naturally beautiful girl, Danni 25 from Coventry, you don't seem to see, one of my favourite page 3 girls, Keeley Hazell these days, I guess she has found film & modelling fame in the US now & has given up page 3. 

Lottery winning, rapist, scum, Iorworth Hoare 60, faces being booted out of his 1.75million rented home (Hurrahhh!!) after he used a FALSE NAME to get it. He moved there after death threats forced him out of his old house! He had 'LEAVE OR DIE' daubed on his old homes gates of his £700,000 mansion, near Newcastle. He may have to move again, after a horrified millionaire who owns the house, discovered who his new tenant really was! Oh dear how sad, never mind!!!

Talking of scum, murderer, Lance Rudge, 24, claims prison life is so cushy he doesn't want to be free'd (It is about time, that prison felt, like a bloody punishment!!) He has sickeningly said "Inside you have everything, TV, Stereo, 3 meals a day. I've got it nice & don't wan't it to change!" This from a scumbag, who with the aid of his mum & a equally evil friend, murdered a 61yr disabled man in 2007!! He was jailed for 18yrs & could be out in 2025, when asked what he thinks outside life would be like he said "Horrible..... a nightmare to get a job, I wouldn't like to be out there at all now. I prefer to stay inside!" Laughing off his sentence he said "At the time I almost collapsed, now I don't even think about it, time flies by!" 

It wouldn't if they took away the TV's & radio's in rooms & made them do some hard graft to atone for their evil crime!! His rightly angry, victims, friend, Tony Moult said "Rudge is lucky, if he'd been tried before the 1960's he may have been hung for his crime. It seems prison is now like a holiday camp!" Here here & about time that changed (It would save the tax payers a fortune) Capital punishment, for scum like him, would save even more!!

England & Wales are on course for the wettest spring in 250yrs, that will surprise nobody!! Luckily it was bright & dry enough today, for my lovely buddy, Victoria to do her Peta Campaign (Below) She really is a top girl, with a heart as big as her smile!! 

 Who Said Salad Was Boring??
 Well Whoever It Was, Hasn't Had It With A Victoria Dressing...
Or Rather..... Undressing!!

I had a small jacket potato, with cottage cheese & two crispbread's, spread with Quark for lunch & did some washing up & household chores & took some more painkillers, I wish this damp weather would go. I watched 'May The Best House Win' house No1 which came joint 2nd was the best house in my eyes! Then I did some hoovering (Boring but necessary!) I put a black load in the washing machine & watered the plants. Then later watched 'Come Dine With Me' & 'Home & Away' 

Plus 'Corrie' a while  later, then the very shocking, Ch4, Dispatches, documentary, 'Undercover Undertaker' which I mentioned in my blog, dated June 24th. I'm so glad my parents were not buried by the Co-op, as that would only add to the anguish & terrors, about their demise, that still go round & round in my mind, when I run out of things to distract myself. Then I watched the brilliant 'Restaurant Inspector' I love Fernando Peire, he is so spot on, so charming & tactful, while at the same time, still totally direct!

I had 2 small burger buns, filled with 2 Quorn burgers, plus a slice of Edam cheese, for my dinner, with some hot chilli Doritos, washed down with an orange juice, mixed with soda water. Then I watched 'Big Brother' I have NEVER liked Conor, from the very moment he entered the BB house. Tonight he proved to me (As always!) That my gut instinct, was correct! When he reeled off an extremely vile, misogynistic, diatribe, aimed at Deana (But cowardly, behind her back, not to her face!!) He got a lame, Big Brother warning, but in the past, housemate's, have been evicted from the BB house, for a lot less!! I think the vile, Irish, scum, should automatically be up for eviction!! I am not a Deana fan, as I find her quite dull, but that was uncalled for, and at least she has found the fire, to say things to peoples faces now, unlike cowardly Conor! 

Caroline & Scott were still being, repulsive, repugnant, little, oik's too! I'd love to see the back of all three of them!! In fact, other than female to male, transgendered, Luke A. There is nobody,  who I actually like, as a person! Although, I do like the way, that Lydia is playing the Big Brother game, even if she is, a bit deluded, re her 'Celebrity' boyfriends, celebrity status!! But at least, she is entertaining! I then watched '8 Out Of 10 Cat's' where they all did their best, to rip Jimmy Carr, to shreds!! It was a very funny show & he took it all, with good humour. 

 Mr Right

I then ate a grapefruit (The way you would an orange) & watched 'BBBOTS' while doing a bit of blogging, I was about to go to sleep at 1.55am, but then 'Laws Of Attraction' came on, which stars my 'ideal man' Piers Brosnan (Above) Not many men, can make me weak at the knees & all giggly & girly. But should I ever be lucky enough, to accidentally, cross the path, of Mr Brosnan, I will be a stupid, girly, gibbering, wreck!! He is just, absolutely stunning, charismatic, and comes across in interviews, as absolutely charming, add to that, a sexy, soft, Irish, accent, what woman in their right mind wouldn't swoon, if he set those sexy eyes & his attention apon you! His wife is one very, very, lucky woman!!!  So of course I fought my tiredness, to watch it, with the placebo aid, of a decaf coffee! It was quite funny & he was just jaw droppingly beautiful to look at!! Phwoooor!! You could fall in love with him in seconds!! I eventually settled down to sleep/swoon at 3.20am (Calories consumed 1,560) 

Tuesday 26th June, I woke in pain at 6am & I ambled down the stairs, like an old biddy, to get a tumbler of semi skimmed milk to take some pain killers with. I could hear my neck grinding & my knees crunching like gravel as I moved (How sexy!!!........ NOT!!) I took two Diclofenac & then lay down, waiting for the severe pain, to ease! I woke again at 9am, I dreamt but can't recall any details, as it was very disturbed and bitty. I got up still in pain & had a wash & fixed myself some porridge, with blueberry's, plus a coffee, for breakfast. 

I was enjoying that, when I was called by a well known morning TV show, to see if I would be available to talk on their show, about young men these days going for older women? Since the recent news, that Harry Styles, has had yet another relationship, with an older woman. I said I was & I answered a few of her questions, the woman said she would talk to her producer & get back to me, I thought after, 'Maybe I should of sexed it up a bit & sounded more outrageous!' But to be honest, I had a headache, which I feared might develop into a migraine, so I wasn't really at my sharpest, but we will see, if she get's back to me! I straightened my hair with hair straighteners, & did my make-up, then popped to my local shop for a Sun newspaper. 

Then I pottered around, doing a few bit's & pieces while listening to 'Loose Women' 'The News' then I pulled on my new TrimSoles (Above) plus my denim jacket & faux sheepskin gilet, grabbed my gunmetal sequinned shopper & headed off for the station, to get a train. To go to my 2.50pm, InTraining, meeting, in Luton. I arrived bang on time & sat there, in their reception, waiting. After a while, I was asked by someone "Who are you waiting for" & I replied "Aneta!" then I was told "She has left here, what's your name? We set up another advisor for you, but that wont be for quite a few weeks!" (That will be my 5th advisor in approx 3-4 months!!) She then continued "I'm afraid we are out of petty cash so we will not be able to refund your fare (£5.80) but if you keep your ticket we will next time your in!" (In several weeks time, by the sound of it!!) 

I was fuming, last time I came in, the same thing had happened, except Aneta was off sick (With hindsight, she probably wasn't sick, it was probably a job interview) There was absolutely no apology, for NOT contacting me & not cancelling my appointment, or for not finding me a different advisor, to fill my appointment today, bloody amateurs!! Seems to me, the only people, they are any good at finding jobs for, are themselves!! So I wasted 2hrs of my time & £5.80 of money I can ill afford at the moment, so to say, that I was not happy, was an understatement, indeed!! 

I headed back again, to Luton Station & got myself a cappuccino, from the platform kiosk, to calm my temper & I sat & read my book, 'The Angel at No 33' (Above) That Jennie had passed on to me, while I waited & also on the journey home. I walked back home after a wasted 2hrs & ranted about, how bloody useless they were, on Twitter & Facebook!! Many of my pals commiserated & one very talented, very creative & very funny, online buddy, said to call him, which I did & we chatted, about the whole Luton scenario & we touched on, what I needed to do, to up my work, career, chances. 

He said, that he had a acting friend, that lived near him, that got loads of work, he said he'd ask him for some advice. I said that (Apart from probably going to stage school) his friend was probably on Ray Knight's book's (Which are infamously hard to get on, to which I can attest) Plus he is probably on Spotlight, which I know I need to do, but I need some good professional head-shot's, also it costs £200+ up front, to be on their site for 12-18months. He said he could lend me the £200+ if it would help me start getting work, which I was both shocked & touched by!! But which of course, I declined, while thanking him, for the exceptionally, kind, offer. 

I said, that with some luck (Surely I'm due some?!) I'll get some full time, or some hopefully well paid, part time work soon & eventually, after paying off owed bills & rent arrears, I'll save some, to pay for Spotlight myself. But I was deeply touched, that an acquaintance, was willing to do, such a generously kind, thing for me, without giving it a second thought. Which goes to show, that with all that is evil in the papers, there is still a lot of good out there. He then offered to do something for me, for free, which would definitely help & would be, in connection, to his own, amazing, creative talent (Kind of the way I do 25 page, star charts, for friends, or character dolls of them) I really do have some incredibly creative & talented friends, who I admire & feel proud to know, as well as friends so kind, they feel more like my family, than friends, I am truly blessed, to say I have them in my life. 

I was both taken aback & deeply moved by his offer & he seemed really keen to do it & upbeat about the whole thing, like it was his own, exciting, project, and I graciously accepted, thanking him profusely. I was so touched, that tears welled in my eyes, and a lump was in my throat! Some people, are so selflessly kind. Well that's another name, on my list, for if I ever win the lottery, along with Candie, Nicky, Ian, Nat & Terry plus a few others!! 

We chatted some more, laughing about his mad stalker, plus some very high profile jobs, that he has been involved with, including the NEW Mission Impossible film & The Olympics, I'd seen the MI work he'd done, it was brilliant!! We chatted also about some high profile jobs, he got fired from, due to, his very warped, humoured, tweets, on Twitter (He forgets he is not exactly anonymous!!) which made me laugh a lot & we also chatted a tad, about his much loved doggies. 

By the time he'd rang off, my day had gone from good, to total shite, to upbeat & deeply moving, there truly are some amazing people in this world, sometimes kindness, comes from a place, you'd least expect, which makes all the heartless, bitter people, that pass through your life, on various occasions, so very much easier, to bear/tolerate. 

To be honest, as I fixed a very late lunch, of spicy red pepper soup, with an Edam roll, I was in a kind of daze of  'How did that just happen?' Shortly after, Ian text, asking, if I was going to the Ugly's audition tomorrow? I said 'No I can't really afford the train fare (Being down £5.80 thanks to useless InTraining, didn't help) Plus even if I'm accepted, I sadly can't afford, the £250 registration fee, at the moment, But... I do have some exciting news, that I'll tell you later' I am gutted, as Ugly's is one of the top agency's, for quirky photographic work, but it will just have to be another time. 

I watched 'Come Dine with Me' 'Home & Away' plus 'The News' Then I took some more painkillers, as my neck & left shoulder, was really hurting & my head, that had been pounding all day (Another reason, why the wasted trip to Luton pissed me off!!) & it was now threatening, to turn into a migraine!!

I propped myself up on my bed, and after the headache lessened (Thanks to the drugs) I read the paper. Page 3 is a bad picture by Alison Webster, of Chloe 22, from Leeds, She is a very pretty girl, like a more natural Chloe from 'TOWIE' but the pose is awful, she looks uncomfortable, stiff and a touch deformed! Her head, is crushed into her shoulders, making it look, like her neck is compacted & Her right shoulder, juts up uncomfortably, she looks like she is suffering with the same neck & shoulder pain I am!! The body angle, also makes her look, thicker in the waist & chunkier in the hips & thighs, than she obviously is, what a shame!! 

Lucy Horobin, 32 (Above) The older, married, DJ, who is accused off sleeping with 'One Direction's' Harry Styles, when he was 17, failed to present her breakfast show, on 'Heart South Coast FM' yesterday. Now normally I'd not of known who Lucy was, but she was, actually, one of my followers on Twitter (But she seem's to have vanished off Twitter, for now!) No doubt the poor thing, has been inundated, with horrible messages, by 'One Direction' loving, vile, fanatic, female, teenage, trolls, like those, who spat, their vile venom, at Caroline Flack!! It was left to co-host, Jason King to explain her absence, from her 'Smooth Classics' program. 

He jested "Over the weekend you may have picked something up in the newsagents & read something, that may have shocked you. I'd like to confirm the rumours are true & she has taken time off..... To read 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' & tell you all about it tomorrow" There was no sign of her at her Hampshire home, that she shares with her 31yr hubby Oliver, yesterday. It is said they fled to a unknown destination, in the UK Saturday, a day before the story broke (She did tweet, Friday or Saturday, that she'd not spoken to the papers) She is said to be determined to save her marriage. 

Lucy & Oliver, had only been married a year, when 18yr, Harry Styles, met her in August 2011, on Key 103, her old radio station in Manchester. Some childish (Jealous)  1D = 'One Direction' fans, attacked her on Twitter, calling HER 'Sick' for having sex, with someone, SO much younger (Only 14yrs) Childish bitches!! I bet they never attacked, their beloved Harry, or called HIM 'Sick' for having sex, with someone, SO much older!! (The typical, hypocritical, double standards, of immature, idiots!!) The only thing she did wrong, was cheat on her husband!! It's not as if she forced Harry, into bed, at knife point!! Anyway from what I hear, he perused her, not vice versa! 

Talking of immature skank's, Welsh, Xfactor contestant, Zoe Alexander (Above) A 'Pink' impersonator, proved she had no class, and no future in the profession, when she was verbally abusive to judges & pushed a camera man & shoved a producer (How very cleaver...... NOT!!) When Gary Barlow & Louis Walsh, described her as 'average' she threw down her microphone & called the judges C***s!! 

Tulisa, was said to have looked absolutely amazed. When producers convinced Zoe, to go back on stage again, with her 'Tom Jones' impersonating, dad, Glen Smith 55. She then continued, her tirade of obscenity's (You would of thought, that her dad, would of reigned in, his repulsively, aggressive, daughter!) She eventually left, after pushing a cameraman & then shoving a female producer. Her dad say's another story, saying the producers set her up. Glen said "They chose a song for her, it was a Pink Song, BUT Not the one she would have chosen. But the understanding was, that because THEY chose the song, she'd get through. So when the judges gave her a NO, she was furious!!" Even if that is the case, that is no excuse for violence, or verbally abusing the judges! 

The Vile, British, widow (Above) of 7/7 suicide bomber, Jermaine Lindsay, Samantha Lewthwaite 28 (Who is dubbed the 'White Widow') is being hunted, over a deadly grenade attack, on holidaymakers, at the Jericho Beer Garden, in Mombasa. They were  watching, England's Euro 2012, quarter-final, Sunday. Three people, including a young boy, were killed & 25 injured. Vile, evil, bitch. Funny how terrorists tend to be unattractive, obviously their inner ugliness comes to the surface!!

Talking of killer, psycho's, the murdering scum (Above) who shot innocent, student, Anuj Bidve, at point blank range, after asking him the time. Had a 'Killer' teardrop tattooed on his face, a court heard yesterday. Nut job, Kiaran Stapleton, who dubbed himself 'Psycho Stapleton' Smirked or laughed as he walked away from Anuj's body, after shooting him dead, on Boxing Day. He visited a tattoo parlour, two days later, the staff recalled him, due to his odd behaviour & his choice of tattoo, that can mean, that the wearer, has killed someone. When the tattoo staff pointed that out to him, he said "I killed my goldfish, does that count?" 

Sad news that 'Lonesome George' the last in his line of Pinta Island, Giant Tortoise's (Above) has died aged 100 (They can live until 200) LG was found stretched out in the direction of his watering hole, in his enclosure, by the keeper that has looked after him for 40yrs. Until he was discovered in the Galapagos Islands in 1972, it was thought his breed of Giant Tortoise was extinct (Sadly with the demise of LG it now is!!) He was encouraged to mate with females from other islands, but he just wasn't interested (Why couldn't they milk sperm from him & artificially inseminate the females, or clone LG??) Maybe he needed some tortoise Viagra! LG will now be embalmed as an exhibit.

You couldn't make this up, a burglar, Kierran Batchelor 21, persuaded a judge to jail him, because his 10am probation officer meetings were disturbing his sleep!! WTF?? He'd originally been spared jail, for burgling two houses & got a supervision order instead. But was hauled back to court, after missing daily meetings, with his probation officer. But when soft judge David Herbert offered him a 2nd chance, Kierran turned it down (Proving that prison is whey too cushy!!) Night-shift worker Kierran said "I wasn't finishing work until 6am & had to be at probation at 10am" Why didn't they make his probation meetings in the afternoon?? Or at 8 or 9am, he could stay up a few hrs after work, go to the meeting & then go home to bed! He got given 6 months drug rehab & grinned & thanked the judge, as he was lead away for his 40wk sentence! 

Wednesday 27th June, Despite being tired, and trying to have an early night, my very painful neck & right shoulder, meant I was still trying to sleep at 6am, but I couldn't take any more pain killers as I was way over my prescribed amount. I eventually fell asleep some time between 7-8am & woke, after some kind of, bitty, disturbed, dream, at 11.30am. I made some porridge with blueberry's & a green tea. 

Then after a shower I put on my grey jogging trousers with white side stripes, plus my grey cotton top with studded Marilyn Monroe face design, plus my new TrimSoles. At 12.42am 'This Morning' rang & said they would pay for a train Thursday & provide a car, to take me to a hotel, to put me up overnight in, so that it won't cost me anything, to go on the show Friday. I will be going head to head, in a debate, with the Daily Mail, Journalist, Angela Epstein (Below) who think's, that dating younger men, is immoral, as the women, have nothing in common, with the younger men! 

Oh get over it love, who makes her judge & jury, over who people fall in love with? As long as those involved are NOT under-aged, and both people, are happy in their relationship, what does it matter their age gap? Would she tell, a happy gay couple, that their love was immoral & to stick to the opposite sex? Or that an interracial couple's love, was immoral & they should stick to their own kind? My guess is NO! So why be ageist? Did she have a bad experience with a younger man, I wonder? She certainly seems a busy body!! 

Do These Two Look Like They Have Nothing In Common?

My Sister, married a lovely Turkish man, called Erdal (Above) after I introduced them. She is about 13-14yrs older than him & they have been happily married 15-16yrs. Who the hell is this Angela, to tell them it's wrong, or immoral, or that they, have nothing in common!! Stupid woman!! Surly dating married men, or old, rich, men, for their money, or going after footballers, for a WAG lifestyle is immoral & far, far worse!! 

Shortly after I was contacted by, one of my agents, to see if I was available, for BOTH, Thursday & Friday this week, for a PAID job, filming at an Underground location, for some production? Typical, after I have already accepted, the breakfast TV gig. Oh well, isn't that always the way, it would be unprofessional of me to cancel & I get a free day out in London & a night away in a hotel & if I'm lucky, I can get someone to record my bit onto a CD, to use for a showreel, on acting/presenting sites. 

I popped to the shop for a paper & then into town, to get some cheap, fresh, veg, off the market. My friend Mike text me, while out & Ian phoned, about his audition today. I got in and had a baguette with cheese fake ham & tomato, plus some chilli Doritos, washed down with orange juice (With bits in) & soda water. I also took some pain killers, it was warmish out, but a disappointing, overcast day, for June. I perused the paper, mostly gloom & doom, plus more on Jimmy Carr, paying only 1.5% tax due to a legal loophole. Today's Page 3, Amii 25 from Birmingham, was very classy looking.

David Doherty (Above right) the son of celebrity pikey, Paddy Doherty (Above left) was jailed for 3yrs yesterday, for killing a friend in a 4am car crash. The gutless scum, crashed into the back of a van, then ran off, stealing a nearby Land Rover, to get home, while dad of four, James Loveridge, 38, lay dying in the front seat!! What a cowardly, thieving, worthless, bit of pikey, scum, he is! The four men, in the van, were also seriously injured. The Judge, rightly told, coward David, his fleeing was "an act of sheer wickedness" He had denied, being the driver, of the car, but DNA, from his saliva left on the airbag that saved his life, proved that he was lying! The fat headed, Idiot!! 

My Horoscope was promising saying 'Venus spins in a new direction & all kinds of relationships are easier to handle. Single? It's love at 1st listen when you hear a sexy voice. Your TALENT is revealed when you join a group of ENTERTAINERS. The moon focuses on your prize chart to add luck to lottery & sports results' My friend Paul Spanish, from band, 40 Dub St (Below) called me up, on my mobile, as he was bricking it, about his appearance on BBC3, at 9pm tonight, I said not to worry, as I'm sure he will be fine!! 

Paul 'My Body Is A Temple' Spanish

I was called again by 'This Morning' saying they could send me a car, Friday morning, rather than me get the train & stay in a hotel Thursday (Which I thought would of made more sense & save them more money <Not licence money like the BBC>  the last time, they called) I said that would be fine (Hope that's for the return journey too!) She said she would call me, for a briefing, tomorrow after 11am. I said that was fine by me. 

I read my local free paper 'The Review' A vile trio have been found guilty, of the murder of a pensioner, in a wood. Two step-brothers, Daniel Davies & Troy Schuldt, lured pensioner Daniel Spires, 69, to Welham Green, wood, where they throttled him with a rope & caved his head in with a hammer. They were convicted of the murder, last Friday. They concocted the murder plan, with Daniels, vile ex girlfriend, Samantha Smith, because the vile trio, wrongly believed, Mr Spires, kept £30,000 in a safe. But when the trio of murderers opened it, they discovered only 1 Dollar, so the sicko's were reduced to, selling his belongings over the internet to make money from his death. Mr Spires from London Colney, looked like an aging rocker, and was nicknamed 'The scrap metal man' 

He had few friends, so his killers thought he would not be missed!! The thick scum, were caught, because they'd done, confessing to others (Bragging probably) They were arrested over 3 months after. Daniel Davies, 24, of Alma Road (Just by St Albans Station) & his step brother Schuldt, 20 of no fixed abode, denied murder, between June 12th - 15th, last year. But the jury convicted them, they also convicted Daniels ex, Samantha Smith, 21, also of Alma road, even though she wasn't at the scene of the killing. The 2 brothers got life, with a minimum of 28yrs. Mum of two Samantha was sentenced to life, with a minimum term of 21yrs (Nice sentencing!!) 

I also checked out the job section of the paper (Oh how things have changed in St Albans) When I first moved here & I commuted to London to work, each day, there use to be 5+ pages of jobs, in the local free paper!! Now there is just 1!! There are 13 jobs listed this week, 2 were in Finance, 4 in Nursing, 3 in Education, 1 in Cleaning, 1 in Construction, 1 in Area Sales for a blind company & 1 part time leaflet distributor. 

I watched 'Four In A Bed' 'Come Dine With Me' 'Home & Away' and 'The News' then I had some spicy red pepper soup & two crispbread's spread with quark, with Edam on top, with a few frozen grapes. I watched Paul on BBC3's 'How To Get A Life'  He came across fine, and looked buff, which he will be happy about. Paul called me shortly after, saying it was a shame they cut a lot out & maybe less is more, and he was relieved, that he didn't look too much of a tool, while on laughing gas. Lol bless him!

I watched 'Big Brother' they are getting back to cruel BB, that is more like it! My Big Brother, Evictee buddie, Victoria (Above) messaged me, asking if I wanted her to join me, on 'This Morning' Friday, to back me up, as she also hates ageism!! I thanked her & said that was really sweet, but it was just, a one on one, head to head with the Journalist & I could hold my own. But I'd try to give her a name check, if I got the chance. She said she would be watching & for me, to give them some of my killer lines. Which was very sweet of her, as I know she will be very busy with her BB commitments, her work with PETA & the amazing job she does with her charity 'K9 Angels' if you want to donate to her amazing work click HERE The money will 100% be put to good use. They really are a bunch of 3 fabulous girls! 

Graham With Wife Ivy 

Then I watched 'BBBOTS' my buddie Graham (Above) who you may know from '4 Weddings' 'Coach Trip' on the front row & as expected he got to speak, a fare bit lol. Paul Spanish, called me again, as he was having trouble following me on Twitter, as he was using it on his phone, I said it might be a glitch on the twitter phone app & to try again, when he was on his laptop, then we had a good old natter about this, that & the other, he is a very sweet lad & we have a real old laugh. (One of his 40 Dub Street music video's is Below) He said he'd call me tomorrow & rang off. 

I had the munchies & so had a small, burger bun, with mustard & Edam, then got ready for bed, and read some more of 'The Angel at No33' with a mug of green tea, with grapefruit, then settled down to sleep, at 1.30am (Calories consumed 1,617)

Thursday 28th June, I woke at 10.30am after falling asleep some time after 6am, as extreme pain in my left shoulder, kept me up all night. The pain was still there when I woke along with a dead left arm & shoulder, despite laying on my right side! Bloody thing, the sooner it is sorted the better. I got up, had a wash  and washed my hair & trimmed my fringe (Didn't do it very well today, as I used small scissors, as I couldn't find the big ones) I dried my hair, and fixed porridge with cinnamon & nutmeg, plus a coffee, for breakfast. 

I was called again by 'This Morning' my travel arrangement's have been changed yet again, they are now getting me a train ticket & getting me a car from Kings Cross to the studios (Thriftier & thriftier!!) Oh well, lets hope it's not too horrifically crowded on the train tomorrow (Just as well I'm  no diva!) From train & hotel to, car all the way to, a crowded computer train..... oh the glamour of being Joe (or Joanne) public lol. 

Once the pain killers kicked in I did some housework (Boring) and Laundry. Then I popped to the shop in jeggings, polo-neck & trainers, as it is more like autumn out, than summer. I bought my Sun newspaper from the shop & popped back home, I fixed myself a cheese & tomato baguette, which I had with chilli Doritos & orange juice for lunch & read the paper. 

The Queen, has met, with ex IRA boss, Martin McGuinness, During a royal trip to Ireland. That can't have been, a pleasant experience for her. As it was under McGuinness, the vile IRA, Murdered her cousin Lord Mountbatten (Who I met once, when I was a teenager, when he was a guest of Lord & Lady Hayward, in Warninglid) along with his grandson & another teenager, when his fishing boat was blown up. At least she kept her white gloves on, so she didn't have to touch skin, with the creep! 

Today's Page three Hollie 22 from Manchester is a corker, with a fab, enviable figure, that's how a woman's body, ideally should look, not too skinny & not too fat, just perfect!! Meanwhile, Poor Cougar, Lucy Horobin (Who use to follow me on Twitter, before shutting her account down, hopefully she will return soon) Is living in fear after, some pathetic, obsessive 1D (One Direction) fans branded her 'Sick' & a 'Whore' for having a relationship, with 1D's Harry Styles (I bet, those dumb ass trolls, are not besieging him with hateful messages, the pathetic, double standards, idiots!!)

Do they really think Harry would look at them twice if he saw the vile, bile, they write, to someone he liked?? The only wrong thing Lucy did was cheat on her husband! Lucy closed her Twitter account after a deluge of abuse on-line (She should just ignore or block them) hopefully she will reactivate it later, when the moronic teens forget about her & hate the next new person in Harry's life (So bloody pathetic!!) She is also having to sneak into work Hampshire's 'Radio Heart' due to fear of attacks (How obscene that it has come to this, vile bunch of little skanks!) Bet they're pissed, that she is twice their age & yet still more attractive than them, inside & out!! 

Barclays were fined £290million yesterday, for fraudulently, manipulating lending rates. Boss Bob Diamond agreed to forgo his bonus (How generous of him....... NOT!) After admitting the banks conduct had fallen 'Well short of standards' Barclays rigged the rate that it lent to other banks in London & across Europe. Diamonds bonus was £2.7million. 

I text my friend Nat at 4pm to say I was on the show 'This Morning' tomorrow morning (in case he'd not seen my Facebook status) & asked if he was free to meet up after? I thought I could pop to his or if the place was messy due to builder, we could pop for a coffee, in the nice new place at the corner of his street, but he said he was sorry but he was busy dealing with the nightmare of getting a builder, I asked if he'd spoken to my friend Mike? Who's details I'd given him. He said it was too far, which I found odd, as I know Mike often does London jobs & stays in his old bedroom, at his mums, in North London. I said to Nat, that he must be fully booked with work, if he gave Nat the excuse, that it's too far!! Then Nat said he'd not contacted Mike, as he assumed it would be too far?  

Why? St Albans is not far away, it's in the London Home Counties, it only takes 15-30mins to drive to Bounds Green, where I use to live, from St Albans, depending on traffic. If I could drive & could afford a car & the petrol, I'd be driving down to see Candy, Nat & Terry, all the time, as it's not far at all, unlike Torquay, where Candy is sadly vanishing back to, at the end of the month. Maybe he will call Mike now & hopefully if Mikes not busy, he can sort out their housing revamp problems, for them.  

I watched 'May The Best House Win' & then got all my stuff for tomorrow on one side & brushed out my wig, my half wig & my faux ponytails (One straight, one curly) just in case my hair looks crap after I wash & dry it tomorrow & I decide to use one. I did some household chores, then watched a 'Home & Away' double  then at 7.30pm I had a Magnum, Ice Cream, lolly & a glass of orange juice, as I wasn't hungry for dinner but fancied something.

I watched '2 Broke Girls' then documentary 'The Baby With A New Face' followed by 'Big Brother' & 'BBBOTS' I'm back on there, with my friend Simon, next Friday, eviction night, hopefully Aaron or Connor will be up. Peckish I had 2 crispbread's spread thinly with Quark & went to bed at 12.45am as I am up at 6am, but as usual by 4am I was still awake (Calories consumed 1,453 good!!) 

Friday 29th June, I got up at 6am & had a coffee & some porridge for breakfast, then had a shower & washed & dried hair, it's very flyaway today, and you can see the scar area (Where I had 15 stitches in my head after a bad car crash!) under my lights, when I looked in the mirror. So decided on wearing my half wig, to hide the scar area, as my head scars, will show up more, under the bright, studio lights, with all their, high definition, camera's, than they do in day to day life & with the half wig, I will also look the more stereotypical cougar type. As it tends to be predominantly housewife who are the shows viewers, they are less likely to be on the cougars side. So my strategy is to play to their preconceptions of what I will look like, then surprise them by coming across as totally different to what they anticipated & then hopefully, feel they wrongly judged me & vote for me! 

So I did a heavier make-up than usual, wore my V-neck chocolate, beige & black, Lycra dress, my aqua Jacques Vert jacket & my black KG court shoes, fitted my half wig in place so it hid the scared area where my hair has grown back thinner & popped my purse, diary & essentials into my gunmetal, sequinned, Primark, tote bag, then headed off to the station, a bit grey & dismal out but not raining, but I have a brolly in my bag just in case. I passed the dwarf bin cleaner en route & said hello, and got to the station far too early for my 8.33am train at 8am, so I got my pre ordered tickets from the machine, with the code 'This Morning' had given me. 

I bought a Sun newspaper from W.H. Smith & got myself a cappuccino. I sat down & read the paper, the front cover was about the Barclays Bank rate fixing scandal, saying Megga Rich, Barclays boss, Bob Diamond must resign or be fired. Barclays shares, crashed by 15.5%, wiping £3Billion off their market value, over revelations, that bonus hungry traders, fiddled lending rates, cheating millions of customers (Makes me glad, to be with a building society, as so far, they don't seem to be embroiled in it!!) But in defiance Bob Diamond insisted he was staying put! PM David Cameron said, that those responsible, should be held accountable, all the way to the top! Even Barclays boss Martin Taylor accused the bank of "Systematic dishonesty" 

Fury has erupted since City watchdogs FSA fined Barclays £290Million for rigging the rate at which banks lend to each other, known as Libor. Rogue traders sometimes LOWERED it to give the false illusion of a strong bank, relative to it's rivals!! Then other times they RAISED it, to ramp up profits, as well as THEIR OWN BONUSES!! Emails between these rogue traders showed they rewarded each other with bottles of Bollinger Champagne. Increased rates can hike the cost of a mortgage or loan, crippling home owners, who are strapped for cash, plus struggling businesses. 

Barclays are the 1st bank to be caught but up to 20 others are being investigated, across Europe & America, RBS, Lloyds & HSBC, are helping the watchdog with their enquiries. The Libor rate affects the cost of £357Trillion worth of financial contracts for around the world. The Fiddling happened under New Labour during 2005 to 2009, 

Amy Whinehouse's scumbag druggie ex, has been charged with two rapes, and is due appear in court on July 17th, the rapes allegedly took place around New Year & he was quizzed about them in April. Meanwhile talking of sex, novel 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' (Below) is apparently sending women wild for porn (Really?? Did they really need a naughty book, for them to try out a bit of pornography? How dull!!) Apparently erotic literature & porn magazine sales, have risen 130% since the book came out. Also the number of women buying, Handcuffs, Blindfolds, Whips etc. has doubled... Yawn!! How Cliché!!  

A pregnant, 20yr student, from Harlow Essex, was battered to death, along with her unborn daughter, three days before she was due to give birth. Tragic Eystna Blunnie, was found with multiple head injuries on a busy road at 3am. She was rushed to hospital Wednesday morning, but was later pronounced dead. Essex police were questioning her ex boyfriend, Tony McLernon, 23, the father of the unborn baby, on suspicion of murder, and the death of Eystna's unborn child. Officers are calling it a suspected domestic related killing (How awful) & searching Tony's family home. Eystna's parents, are of course, totally devastated (They have lost both their daughter & granddaughter the poor things!!) Poor Eystna had recently, posted her ultrasound pic, of her daughter, who she had already named Mia Rose, on Facebook. 

Talking of vulnerable children, outrage, rightly erupted, last night, after a repulsive paedophile, on America's 'Most Wanted List' won the right to stay in the UK (WTF??) to protect HIS human rights (What about the Human Rights of British Kids not to have a Foreign Paedophile living near by??) Idiot High Court Judges, ruled against extradition, after the US would not promise, that he would NOT go on a controversial 'Sex Offenders' program called 'Civil commitment' (Why should they!!?) It makes me wonder, if some of these so called High Court Judges, are fellow kiddie fiddlers, themselves!! 43yr Scum, Shawn Sullivan, is accused of abusing girls aged 11 & 14 in Minnesota back in 1994. He was given a suspended sentence in 1996 for sexually assaulting two 12yr girls in Ireland. Sullivan with joint American & Irish citizenship was arrested in London in 2010. 

I caught the earlier, 8.27am, fast train, which like all trains before 9.30am, was cram packed with no spare seats & so I was squashed in, unable to move against the door window, like one of those, Garfield, car window, decorations (Above) I was now thinking, maybe ITV wasn't so good, being thrifty & not getting me a car, for the entire journey! Just as well I had a chance to read the paper earlier, as I wouldn't of been able to on my journey! 

I arrived at Kings Cross & popped to Boots, to buy some black tights, as someone had ripped a huge hole, in the back of the ones, I was wearing, with their umbrella, or briefcase. We were so wedged in the train, that it was impossible to tell, exactly what, or who, was the culprit!?? Tights bought, I headed outside to look for my driver, in his Silver Toyota. I found him pretty quickly & he whisked me off to the ITV studios, through the drizzly, rainy, streets of London. 

We went in a different entrance, than usual, when I have been to ITV & I was passed by security & then I had to walk, through a rather scruffy, warehouse/props room, where the lift, to the 'This Morning' studios, sat. It looked rather out of place, with its sparkly silver 'This Morning' star, on the lift door & the short bit of red carpet, in front, amid the stock room surroundings. I got in the lift & pressed the button for the studio floor & came out on a bustling back of studio area. I was greeted by one of the team, and was put in my own private Green Room, away from the other one, that had all the other guests, including the Journalist, Angela Epstein, who I was going head to head with (Hence, why we were separated) 

I was asked by a woman with short hair & Deirdre Barlow glasses, if I'd like a drink? So I said "Yes please, a coffee with one sweetener, thank you!" Then I popped to the ladies, to change out of my torn tights & into the new ones, then came back to my Green Room. But there was no coffee, I waited a while longer, still nothing, then I saw the woman laughing & chatting with the people, in the other Green Room. She'd obviously got distracted & had forgotten all about me, eventually, I got her attention & asked her politely for a coffee, and she kind of acted, in a way, that looked like, it was an annoying inconvenience, disturbing her from her chit chat & again I said "White, one sugar!" As she seemed to have totally forgotten (Judging by her body language, demeanour & behaviour) That she'd ever offered one earlier & then failed to get it! 

Shortly after, Holly another of the 'This Morning' team came in & said "Wow you look amazing, all ready to go, people normally arrive, in desperate need of hair & make-up & your already fine!!" She got me to sign a disclaimer & then she was gone. Then the Wine Expert came & joined me, in the Green Room, as mine wasn't crammed like the other one, and we chatted for a bit. 

Then later, I had to briefly sit in the other Green Room, next to Angela Epstein, while they filmed an "And after the break" trailer for the 'Cougar' debate. Then it was back to my original Green Room for a bit. I had a TV in there, so I could watch the show. I popped to the make-up department, for a soft tissue, as my nose was blocked. 

A very smiley, jovial, Eamonn Holmes, was in there, getting ready for the show & said "Hello Cougar June, you have a lot of Twitter followers, don't you!" & gave me a friendly hug & a peck on the cheek. I laughed & said "Yeah quite a few!!" I got some tissues off the make-up ladies, who kindly said, I looked fab & we had a bit of a laugh & a natter about the 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' book that is the talk of the tabloids at the moment! With the 'Footballers Wives' actor Ben Price (Above) who now plays Nick Tilsley on 'Coronation Street' (But give me the original Nick Tilsley, cute Adam Rickett) over him any day!! He was saying with his young family, that book, was the last thing on his & his wives, minds. 

To be honest, I'm in no hurry, to read it myself, I got the 'Belle De Jour' book (Above) long before, it was made into the TV series 'Diary Of A Call Girl' & like the TV series, I found it, thoroughly boring!! also the author disappointingly plain (Proving you don't have to be good looking, to gets lots of work, as a hooker!!) I went back to the Green Room, and watched his interview, then some circus couple, chatting to Eamonn & Ruth. Then Paddy McGuinness did a bit, with the wine expert, and there was a vintage fashion item. 

Then it was time for my bit, with Journalist Angela Epstein, we both exited our Green Rooms & headed up the corridor together, towards the studio, like Gladiators, about to enter the arena. As we neared the studio, she said "Don't take anything I say personally!!" (Hmmm? do I spot weakness in my opponent?) I replied "Don't worry, no matter what you say to me, I am sure I have heard far worse!" We were miked up & ushered to our positions, on the sofa, opposite Eamonn & Ruth.  

While we all sat there, on the sofa, waiting to go live, Eamonn said to me "Now your an interesting character!!"  To which I replied "Oh, Really?? In what sense?" and he replied "Judging by your Twitter!!"  Which intrigued me & I wondered what he'd read, on my Twitter, to come to that conclusion? But the cameras were about to roll, so I didn't get to find out. You can see the debate HERE They tried to, catch me off guard, and make me lose my stride, with the opening line "Do you do it?" from Eamonn, to me. Which I side stepped & parried, with a coquettish, but playful "I beg your pardon!!?" And so the games began!!...

I explained how I had dated, a 18yr old, when I was 36 (Like Harry Styles & his conquests) But, he had told me he was 25yrs, and as he was 6ft 5" built like a CK model, with a face like Tom Cruise, in 'Top Gun / Cocktail' and also, as he was, an incredibly eloquent, Marine Engineer, at Bray Marina, I had no reason to doubt him! Alas the debate was moving on so fast, I didn't have time to also say, that, that was 12yrs ago & obviously I looked a lot younger!! Plus he would now be 30-31yrs old & if he still looks older, than his age, I doubt anyone would look twice, If we went out on a date now, the same way, nobody did back then, when I was 32!! 

They also spoke to me, as if I was still dating teenagers, NOW!!, which due to the way the conversation flowed, quickly from one area to another, I never got the chance to reiterate, the fact, that although I still date younger guys, the ones that I now dated people ranging from 28-45yrs. Anyway most men my age, or older, are married, or divorced & carrying a whole lot of baggage & don't wish to remarry again, or they have never been married & it is easy to see why!!

Also when Angela said, that I would have nothing in common, to talk about, with guys over 15yrs younger than myself. The way the conversation flowed, I never got to say, that two of my Ex's (Still in their 20's) Both have Pent House Flats, over looking the Thames (Ironically, since one recently moved house, they now, both have apartments, in the same building, I'd laugh if they were neighbours) & they also, both have, their own, thriving, businesses, are well educated & have plenty of interests in common with me.  

Angela Epstein, needs to realise, that not all young guys, in their 20's, interests are, Beer, Babe-Station, Football & Grand Theft Auto. There are actually, some young, old souls out there. In fact some of the most immature, childish, guys, I have ever dated, have been MY age, or OLDER!! In fact, the two ex's in their 20's, have been trying to get me to see them again, since we split up 4 & 3 yrs ago. So if we had nothing in common, they wouldn't have enjoyed my company & still be trying to get me, to see them again, would they??

Eamonn then asked, if after a relationship ended, if I felt a bit icky afterwards?? Why would I?? I'm with someone because I fancy, love, care for them, not for sordid, icky, pervy reasons. Anyway these younger guys, are now 27 to 45yrs, hardly anything to feel icky about!! One a few years back, was 7yrs younger than me. But he didn't want to go, to the pubs, with loud music, or bands, as they were TOO YOUNG, for HIM!!! He just wanted to go to pubs, that I call 'Gods Waiting Rooms' Full of sweet old war veteran's, playing Whist, or Domino's. Yawn!!!!! In the end I had to end things, as it was like dating a pensioner, and after 18months, I still had no Idea what he looked like naked & he was 35!!!  

Anyway it was a close, debate score wise, and she was ahead, at one point, but it soon became neck & neck, as I continued to put my case, then by the end, I won by 52% to 48%, which even though it was just 2%, with a predominant female audience, I was pleased with the result!

 With Kitchen Dish, Phil Vickery 
 Feeling The Love, With Eamonn 
With Cheeky, Saucy, Minx, Ruth 

After we'd finished, with me victorious if only by 2% (I think as the viewers are mostly housewives that was a great result, I expected them to be, very anti me!) I had photos taken with Eamonn & Ruth, plus TV cook, Phil Vickery, and Angela asked me, if I'd be prepared to be interviewed by her, if her paper did a follow up feature??? I said, that would be fine. I watched the rest of the show & chatted to Paddy McGuinness's manager, who'd broken his foot, while playing football. 

Paddy McGuinness, was now being interviewed, after his stint of wine tasting earlier & after he'd finished, I had a picture with him (Below) Before heading back down in the lift (As my car had arrived, to take me back to the station) I had a few messages on my phone, including one from my a friend called Richard saying "You were Fabulous today darling"  I laughed & replied "Well, as long as I didn't come across as a bimbo, then I'm happy" he replied "Absolutely no way hun, I've already had a friend phone, to say how good you looked & came across & you won a debate, for a majority audience of housewives!! Xx"  Candie text with an expected "ha ha ha!!" 

With Paddy "No Likey, No Lighty" McGuinness 

I text my SA friend Nigel, who was going to be in the Kings Cross area, to say, that I was heading towards Kings Cross station now & I'd meet him, inside Costa Coffee. I got to Costa Coffee & inside & outside was full, so I stood just outside, shortly after that, Nigel & fellow SA, Big Al arrived. As they did, a group of people, on one of Costa's outside tables, got up & left, so we sat down & Nigel got some hot drinks. Nigel came back & said, he'd talked to the Director of the Ad he & Al, had just auditioned for earlier, about me & the Director said he wanted me to pop in & audition for a part. So Nigel said, he'd take me up there, in a bit (Result!!)

At Costa Coffee, With Big Al & Nigel 

While we enjoyed our drinks, Nat's Husband, Terry, text me, at 2.48pm saying 'June, Terry here, a little bird tells me, you may have been on This Morning? Were You? A piece about dating younger men x x x'  I replied that 'I was indeed'  to which he replied 'lol a mate text me, you should of said x x x' Confused I replied 'I told Nat yesterday & asked him if he wanted to meet after?' Obviously, Nat had not told Terry, yesterday, about my text.. 

After our hot drinks, we entertained the travellers, who were waiting for their Eurostar, with a bit of music & song, on the piano, that had 'Play Me, I'm Yours' on it, plonked, smack bang in the middle of the thoroughfare. Nigel said he'd spoken to a acting friend about me, and he may have a part for me, in mind, in his comedic, Irish play, and I'd have some songs to learn, that all sounds like fun, he said rehearsals would  be starting next Sunday the 8th July.

 Do You Know The Piano's On My Foot???...... 
You Hum It son, I'll Play It 
Do You Think, That The Couple, Hiding Their Faces,  
Are Music Critic's??
Or Having An Affair & Camera Shy?? 

Then we headed off, to the audition location, in Kings Cross, so I could audition, for a household brand's, Ident Advert. En route we passed a cafe, with a very sweet waitress, who bore a striking resemblance, to Amy Winehouse (Below) I filled in my audition, application, form & then had to sell a stapler to camera, as if I was presenting, on a home shopping channel (Something I have always wanted to do) which was fun (& had no connection to the product the actual Ad would be for) Some people were sent home, with a thanks but no thanks, like Al, but I got through to the next section of audition (Details of which, I will have to keep to myself) I was told they'd let me know, then the three of us headed off, for a drink in Millers Pub, on the Caledonian Road, to meet with two of Nigel's friends. 

They Tried To Make Me Go To The Pub.... I Said No No No!!

One of Nigel's friends, looked spookily like Lembit Opik, the other like a little beardless gnome, both very nice chaps, and I got a pint of cider to celebrate my 2% debate win & a good audition. We had a couple of drinks & then Nigel, had to go off somewhere, for dinner with friends, but said to stay with Big Al & his two pals, as they were meeting him later, for an Open Mike night in Mill Hill & then we could have a proper sing song & he would drop me home after! Meanwhile, my Talent Agent friend, Paul J, was in London & wanted to meet up. I said I was in Kings Cross, he said he was in Islington & he'd text me later, to check where I was, to meet up. I had a packet crisps (As I was very hungry) As I'd not had anything to eat, since I had breakfast, at 6am & the biscuit, with my coffee, plus a banana, in the 'This Morning' Green Room earlier 

 First Alcoholic Drink Of The Day.... Cheers!! 
What Do You mean, Your Not Lembit Opik???

Having A Drink With Big Al

Later he boyz wanted to go, to onto a strippers bar, across the road called 'The Flying Scotsman' opposite Millers, for a couple of drinks, but felt a bit awkward about it, as they were with me. I said that I wasn't bothered, as I use to run a pub in Brighton, almost 30yrs ago, that had strippers in the pub, in the afternoons, in the big bar. So it would be nothing, that I hadn't seen before. I go to burlesque shows, with the girls, I'm not going to be embarrassed. But, boy oh boy, stripper clubs, have so gone down hill. Gone are the days of just one, or two good strippers! Now it's a cattle market, herding about 8-10 girls up on stage, in rotation, all taking turns, to stand on stage, in scant outfits, which take seconds to come off. Then they shake their tits for a bit & than shove their fanny's, in the face, of the guys, in the front row, like they are all a bunch, of student gynecologist's. 

I was horrified, by it's tawdriness, but also kind of fascinated too, I'd not seen so many noony's in one place since my school showers, after gym class. It was all so unglamorous, seedy, blatant & clinical. I wondered if any of the men there, really found this sexy & got boners??? I wouldn't, if I was a guy, I'd much rather watch, the eroticism of a burlesque show!! Only two of the girls actually had a act, as such, and could actually dance & had some good, attitude, routines, to hard rock/heavy metal tunes.

The rest just waddled around, in an ungainly fashion, then flung off their cheap, drab, nylon, undies, jiggled their tits in the audiences faces & then squatted, legs akimbo & kicked their legs in the air, to 'Flash their gash for cash!!' Apart from the two, female, rockers (Who, I discovered from talking to them, were flatmates) There was no stripping artistry at all, it was all very sad, and they looked like, sad, sex traffic, girls. 

While we were there, my Agent buddy, Paul J, text & said he also had 'Darnell' from 'Big Brother' (Below) with him. I said, that I was now in the strippers pub, opposite the one I was in before. So they popped in, and joined us for a drink, en route to some event. I got chatting to two fishermen, one who said he was looking for an older woman, which was funny, considering the show I'd done earlier.

 In The Flying Scotsman 'Strippers Pub'  With The Boyz 
Fisherman Claims He's Looking For a Cougar!! 
Eel Do For Me !!

Nigel's two friends, decided that they didn't want to do, the Open Mike Night & headed home. So I had a couple with Big Al & the boys & then I popped outside & phoned Nigel, to say that his friends had buggered off, and it looked like Big Al, was off to Soho, or Camden, soon, to keep on boozing. Nigel said to travel to Mill Hill & Call/Text him, when I get there & he will come & collect me!!  

So off I set to Mill Hill. I got there around 10-10.15pm & text Nigel, NOTHING!! I waited a while & Text again, again NOTHING!! (I chose to text, rather than call, as with an Open Mike Night, it was going to be noisy & he'd not hear his phone, but he'd notice messages, showing up on screen, or so I thought!!) With hindsight, I wished I'd asked Nigel the name of the pub, when I'd called him from Kings Cross. 

Then I tried calling, but it just went to voice mail, a hour later still stuck at the station & somewhat Pissed Off, to say the least (Being ravenous didn't help) As no doubt, the pub & the Open Mike Night, was closing/ending!! Why oh why, didn't I get the pub name, when I phoned him earlier? Then I could of just found my way there myself!!! Grrr!! I left a voice mail message, saying I was sodding off home (As I had waited a hour on my tod at the station, looking like, I was some frigging prozzy, waiting/touting for business & now it's obviously too late, for Open Mike Night!!) 

So I headed off down the Mill Hill Tube, to head for Kentish Town, to get a train home, like a couple of fairytale dwarfs (Hungry & Grumpy) Then I was approached by a black guy, on the platform, called Montanrr Love, who asked if I'd like to be in his new music video? As I was about to get my train (Random!!) I chatted briefly & I gave him my business card & said to get in touch & tell me more & we'd see. I can't say I have heard of him, I will see if I can Google any of his music, when I get some time. 

When I got to Kentish Town, my phone rang, it was Nigel, he'd just left the pub & noticed my texts & calls, he said he had the phone, out on the table, but didn't notice he had had messages & calls, and his friends, that he'd told about me, had been asking where I'd got  to? He said, he told them, I'd probably changed my mind & gone home. Errrrr why would I do that? When I had told him I was on my way?? I would never be that thoughtless or unreliable!! Didn't he think to pick up his phone & check it, when they said that? Or pick it up & call me, to see where I'd gotten too?? Then he would of seen my messages!! He asked where I was, I said "At Kentish Town about to go on the platform & wait for a train!!" He said not to get on the train platform, he wasn't far away & he'd pick me up & drop me home! 

So I went to the Burger joint opposite & got myself a veggie burger & fries, to eat while I waited. Because by now, I was so hungry, I had stomach cramps, as I'd had not had any lunch, or any dinner. Nigel arrived shortly after, and I scoffed my veggie burger & fries on the way home. Nigel chatted about rehearsals for the Irish Play on Sunday & said he'd pick me up, from Mill Hill at 11am. I got in at 12 midnight and checked my Twitter & my Facebook, messages. Everything was positive about my 'This Morning' appearance (I was surprised, I expected at least a few nasty comments, by trolls, on Twitter) But it was all good plus 3 attractive younger guys asking me out to dinner (Cheers 'This Morning' Lol!) 

I had to laugh, when I went on Facebook, I had 20,  friend requests, all from guys in their 20's early 30's, too funny! I didn't add any though, as I only add people I know. I even checkethe 'This Morning' Facebook page & the 'This Morning' web page, for the comments, under the video, of today's debate & nothing bad was on there, even the negative stuff was mild. So tired after only about 1-2hrs sleep last night, I took off the half wig, cleaned the slap off my face & had a wash & got into bed to go to sleep. 

I was just falling asleep at 1.10am, when Montanrr Love, text me saying, he had a premier, for his music video on July 5th, if I'd like to come & added 'we can discuss about my album & how I would like you to be involved in it' I was almost asleep, so I thought I'd reply in the morning, as texting would make my mind active again & I wouldn't be able to sleep, but I thought to myself  'I think I am on standby for filming on the 5th. I will check my diary tomorrow ' then tried to get settled, into sleep mode again. (Calories consumed 2,163 Very bad girl as 90% of those calories are alcohol!!)

Saturday 30th June, I woke at 10am, still tired & aching badly in my neck & shoulder area, so I got a coffee & downed a couple of pain killers, then chilled a bit in bed, waiting for them to kick in a bit. Quite a nice day out for a change, not hot, but bright & warm. Martin text me, he was just by my flat looking for a watch shop, I said I think the watch shop closed down a few years ago, he said he'd been to the hairdressers & got a new haircut & was shopping for some new clothes for a new image, and he could feel the benefit of his new diet, devised by a nutritionist friend (As he hates being so skinny & wants to gain bulk) I said I looked forward to seeing him later. I slipped on my grey jogging bottoms & my blue T-shirt & popped to the shop, for the Sun newspaper.  

Then I had 2 crispbread's, spread with Quark, for breakfast & another coffee. Then settled down with the paper. The two Celeb, shock story's, on the front page are that Adele is pregnant & Katie Holmes, is divorcing Tom Cruise!! 

It seems that Katie Holmes, is pushing for sole custody of their daughter Suri too. Sources say, that Tom Cruise, was totally 'blindsided' by the move. Katie is also asking for, a substantial amount of child support money, from Tom. Rumours about the state of their marriage, had surfaced, when Katie didn't attend, Tom's 'Rock Of Ages' premier earlier in June. Tom is rumoured to be worth, an estimated £160million... Oddly I thought it would be a lot more than that!! (Maybe that's the cost, of two previous divorces!!) In their Prenuptial agreement, it states that she will get £2million, for every year they are wed (5yrs) & if she made it to 11 years, she would get half of Toms estate. Katie already has a £15million fortune of their own. 

I did a bit of housework & some laundry (Yawn) I also did a tad of gardening as it is quite a nice day now after a rainy start. I did some washing up, then I had a tuna & sweetcorn baguette, with some chilli Doritos & a orange juice for lunch! Yum yum!! I tried replying to Montanrr Love's text, but it kept not sending, even though I had a full signal & I was very confused & then I wondered if the message had been sent to my phone, via a computer & that's why it won't return?? If so, that's daft how can I reply??  

I chatted online a bit & then I got ready, to meet Martin. I wore my jeggings, my leopard print, TrimSoles & my cream, jewelled, tiger top, with a slashed back. I couldn't be arsed to redo my hair, so I shoved on my 'Annabelles Wigs' half wig (You can see their range of 3/4 wigs HERE ) I touched up my make-up, then plopped my brown, Prada, sunglasses, on my head, as it is sunny out. Then headed out to meet Martin.

We met, at the Maltings band stand, so we could  go, onto the 'The Maltings Art Theatre' together, to watch 'The OVOcalists' do their 'Across the Pond' homage to The West End & Broadway, we paid our £12 for our tickets & got a coffee & found a table & per chance Martin ran into Robin (Below) a guy that does the camera work for the training video's Martin does. It turned out the guys girlfriend Rose Adolph, was one of the OVOcalists (Small world) Martins friend Debbie Oakes, who had an air of 'Goldie Horn' about her was also singing tonight. 

We went in & the theatre & the show began, some were obviously a lot better singers, than others, Rose Adolph & Debbie Oaks were very good, as was a young girl with long dark hair (But her dress was a bad choice, as the length was unflattering & made her legs look short & her knee's look huge) Which kind of distracted from her excellent vocal ability, because you couldn't take your eyes off her knees. Another young girl, with an enviously slim figure, was also very good, but the huge gap, in her front teeth, when she sang was also very distracting, from her voice, a brace could of easily fixed that. 

One woman, not unlike, a bigger framed, Liza Minnelli, to look at, was pretty good, the last of her 3 solo's, was the best though, that song really suited her! There was also a very pretty, striking, looking, woman in her, mid 40's - early 50's, who looked a bit like Kim Wild, crossed with a young Ann Bancroft, in 'The Graduate' She looked the part, for all of her 3 solo, song parts, but alas apart from the last song, the 1st two, did not suit her vocal range, like other song choices would have, but the 3rd was perfect for her though.  

One guy did 'If I Was A Rich Man' well & 'The Phantom Of the Opera' Another guy with white/grey hair struck me as very dramatic, from the 1st group number & reminded me a tad, of comedic actor, Bill Murrey, so it came as no surprise, when he suddenly emerged as 'Frankenfurter' from 'The Rocky Horror Show' (Below) He fluffed the lyric's a bit, at the start (I'm a massive Rocky Horror Fan) but he soon got back into it. We had a drink in the interval, Martin a J2O & a Diet Coke for me, plus some peanuts each. 

After the show, we went to O'Neills, for one of Martin's, workmate's, birthday bash. Two girls Sinead & Karen, were good fun & the band on tonight, 'Allergy' were excellent, you can find their website HERE They had a great mix, of music old & new, including, band such as, Green Day, Muse, Stereophonics, Kings Of Leon etc.. etc.. They were superb, I got myself a Vodka Slimline & Martin a pint of Diet Coke, then we danced to the band all night. There was, a middle aged, pissed, and/or stoned, guy, on the steps, that lead up to the stage, dancing away all night, having a whale of a time (Below) Eventually Martin was a gent & insisted on walking me home, around 1am. (Calories consumed 1,496 OK) 

St Albans, Oldest Swinger In Town.

Sunday 1st July, I dreamt, last night, that, I was with my best friends, Candie & Nat, somewhere & yet again, as they always do, in my dreams, they go off somewhere, leaving me behind & I can't find them & I spend the rest of the dream, frustrated, and feeling abandoned, while searching for them. I woke at 10am, in pain, so I took a couple of Diclofenac, with a coffee, some porridge & a grapefruit, for breakfast. Then after a wash, I popped into my local shop, in a white T-shirt & grey jogging bottoms & bought my Sunday Sun, newspaper. 

When I got back indoors, I found my SA buddy Nigel, had called me & said that his friend, definitely wanted me, for a part in his play & I'd need to pop to Mill Hill, next Sunday, morning, around 11am, for rehearsals, and there would be, 3 songs for me to learn, to sing, which all sounds very exciting!! 

I read posts, re my 'This Morning' debate on the 'This Morning' Facebook page. They were in the majority, positive, in my direction, which was a nice surprise, as I'd actually expected the reverse. I got a call from my sister-in-law Karen, out of the blue, asking about my duvet size? As she'd bought herself & Bill a new bed set & thought it would be my cup of tea & thought she could get one for my Xmas prezzi (She is one of the few people, I know, that starts Xmas shopping, even earlier than me!!) I said that sounded fab. As we have similar tastes in things, so I'm bound to like it! We chatted a bit about Alex, Andrew & the girls, and 'This Morning' then she rang off.   

Then I read the paper, the headline was 'Cult Won't Get My Girl: Kate vows to save Suri from Scientology... Exclusive: why wife ditched Cruise' Apparently Katie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise, to save  daughter Suri, as now 6yrs old, she is the age, that the cult religion, take control of children. She is fighting for SOLE custody so she NOT Tom, controls Suri's religion & education & NOT Scientologist Tom. A pal said Katie was terrified, that Suri, would soon have to start Scientology schooling. Katie was also said to feel suffocated living in their family home with Tom, Suri, his two adopted children & Tom's mother & sister, it is said she has been planning the split for weeks. 

She has whisked Suri away, to New York, where apparently, Scientology, has less of a hold of the public & court members. Shis is citing 'irreconcilable differences' she has hired, a hot shot lawyer, to put an end to their 5yr marriage. Tom who turns 50 tomorrow, is claimed to be fighting back by launching a rival divorce proceeding & demanding they be heard in LA (Land of the Scientologist's) A source says "There is absolutely, No way he is going to let Katie have soul custody!!" Katie is worried how Suri would turn out, if she was inducted into Scientology. 

Tom is said to be in total shock by Katie's divorce proceedings that came out on Friday, and has kept to himself in Reykjavik, Iceland, where he is filming a new movie 'Oblivion' She wanted to whisk Suri away, as she had just reached 6yrs, the age when Scientology children endure, security checks, which involve, rigorous, terrifying, interrogations, also probe tests by an electrical e-meter, which claims to use electrical energy to measure emotional shifts. This would involve grown adults barking at Suri "Did You Steal?" "Did You Lie?" etc.. Katie is fighting for sole custody as she knows, if Tom gets his way Suri will be home schooled by the cult. She feels being home schooled by the cult, has worked out badly, for Toms adopted kids, Isabella 19 & Connor 17, as they have no relationship with their mother Nichole Kidman & she is terrified of that happening with Suri & her. 

Oddly Katie is the 3rd wife, to leave Tom, when aged 33!! Each wife, was also born, 11yrs after the previous wife, 1956, 1967 & 1978, 3 x 11 = 33. Also, oddly, each of Tom's, 3 divorce proceedings, are spaced 11yrs apart too! 1990, 2001 & 2012, again =33, which is more ironic, when Scientology has been linked to, circle of latitude, 33 parallel North. 33 is also relevant in the Christian religion as Jesus performed 33 miracles & was crucified aged 33.  

Oliver Pope, the husband of DJ Lucy Horobin 32 (Above) who had an affair with 18yr Harry styles from 'One Direction' when he was 17yrs, told pals of his unimaginable pain over the affair. When Lucy owned up to him, his response was "Harry Styles? The little scumbag with Caroline Flack??" Harry was 17 & Lucy 31 when he flirted with her, outrageously, on her radio show. They become lovers & she told friends that "The sex was amazing!!" Footage of him, on her radio show, showed him mouthing "I love you!!" to Lucy during her show.

Lucy has since had to close her Twitter account, due to vile troll abuse, from 1D fans. Oliver blasts Harry, for chasing older women, and warned other husbands to be on there guard if he is around, calling Harry a 'Predator'. I like a younger guy, as most guys (But not all) my age are either divorced & bitter & carrying baggage or have gone to seed! BUT I'd not be attracted at all, to Harry (Below) No matter, how amazing, he is supposedly, in bed!! He is just whey too baby faced for me, even if I was a teen myself!! 

Not My Kind Of Toyboy

There was the hospital diary, of 'Super Obese' teen, Georgia Davis, who at 56st had to be cut out of her home, to be taken to hospital. To a certain degree, there was a failure, in the form of no support line, after her leaving, the American Fat Camp, at around 15-18st. But the majority of the blame, falls on her parent's, and to her own greed, as consuming what she did, was way beyond comfort eating!! Lets hope she gets in the zone & gets the back help needed, as well as her parents being given a stern talking to!!.. or this time next year, we will be reading about, the poor teens funeral!!  

Later I watched, the very funny 'The Big Bang Theory' which I love then peckish, I had a veggie, sausage, sandwich, with a mug of, red pepper soup, for lunch, that eaten, I caught up wit'The Batchelor' & 'Revenge' online, before watching, the Amazing 'Once Apon A Time' I really love that show. 
Spencer Mathews Is.... The Batchelor 

Then I grilled two Quorn burgers, which I had, in 2 burger bun's, spread with mustard, for dinner, with some orange juice to wash it down & grapes for afters. I chatted for a bit, to a fitness instructor, on Twitter, who I'd had a bit of flirty banter with, who said he had a thing for me after watching me on Fridays 'This Morning' interview. He said, he'd set me a fitness plan, when I said I wanted to get back to how I was, before mum died (Which was the size 8 me below) 

A Bit Of, Bog Standard, Toilet Humour! 
I Want My Toned Legs back
I caught up with last nights 'Big Brother' then I had chat online with my 20yr 'This Morning' supporter, Matt who supported me on the 'This Morning' online site, that has my debate clip on it, and who also then found me on Twitter & Facebook. He was still, very keen for me, to let him, take me to dinner, on Monday. We had quite a bit of banter & he was surprisingly mature for his years. But then again, he sadly lost both his parents when young, so I guess loosing both at once, makes you have to grow up fast! He has lots of siblings too & his brothers sound quite a laugh. In fact we seemed to have a surprising amount of things & interests in common. 

So I agreed to have dinner with him Monday, as it will be interesting to see how much. we really do have to chat about, after ole Angela Epstein saying, that women will have nothing in common with men 18yrs + her junior. And it would be a good follow on piece, to talk about, when I do my DJ friend, a free radio interview, on a Bournemouth radio show, interviewing me about, being on the 'This Morning' show next week. 

I watched 'Big Brother' Becky (Above) has not only, NOT lived up to the bubbly fun 'Wild Card' she proposed to be! But she has become a winging, morose, shit stirring, back stabbing, cow too! In between, cramming food in her gob, like an ungainly slob, at any given opportunity. As I thought, bad choice public, bad choice!! Still peckish, I had a small burger bun, toasted & thinly spread with Quark & some orange juice. 

I watched 'BBBOTS' then at 11.15pm my 20yr admirer, called me, on my mobile. It was surprising, as it was not like chatting to, a much younger stranger at all, but like someone I'd known a while, we ended up chatting until 1.35am (Just over 2hrs) On everything from Ancient Egypt, Charity's, Tsunami's, India, Cyprus, Lady boy's, Big Brother, American Dad, Family's, Dating, Marriage, Siblings, Aliens, Autistic Artists, Art, Graphics, Fashion Design, Prince Charles, Family Guy, Margaret Thatcher, Kate Moss, Flip Flops, Music, Rapping, Fred Perry, Cats, Bereavement, Films, Mayan History, Mexico, Aztec's, Travel, Glasses, Contact Lenses, Cats, Self Employment and much, more.. 

So much for Angela Epstein, saying there is nothing to talk about with someone with a 18+ age difference!!! He emailed me some clips of his music (He writes & sings) which I will listen to some time next week, then I went to bed at at 2am, wondering how tomorrows meet up/date would go (Calories consumed 1,706 Oops!)