Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year New Attitude!!!

Monday 31st December 2012, I dreamt, but don't recall the details, woke at 10am, had a coffee & answered some fan mail, sent to me via online & some via casting agents (I still think it odd that I have fan mail, it's not like I'm a celeb!!) But I don't want to be rude, so answer all. Some even want to pay me, for signed photos, still can't get my head around that one!! Another boring day ahead, all New Years have been shit, since mum died!! Normally I have a list, of about 10, New Years Resolutions, on NYE, but this year it is just 4.

1) Not to smoke (Easy one to keep as I never have smoked)

2) Continue to lose weight & get back to my old slim, fit, self again (Slowly getting there)

3) To put myself 1st, and only make as much effort for others, as they do for me in 2013

4) To get out of debt & back in credit in my bank!!

I started the wheels of No3 on Christmas day, by not being the 1st to text "Happy Christmas" to everyone & ONLY texting it, to those who text me 1st (With the exception of Mr R) To test myself to see if I had the strength, to restrain myself from reaching out to friends & family 1st!! Now wished I'd done the same to Mr R too!!... Stupid cow that I am!) So the same apply's tonight with the 'Happy New Year' texts too!! It will be hard to hold myself back, I know, but I need to start getting, a bit more selfish. It soon shows who actually thinks about you & who just responds to you, thinking about them. It can be quite an eye opener!! 

I popped to the shop, for the paper & a few bits, then came home & read the paper. The front page was about dangerous criminals & terrorist scum being tracked by their tags on Satnav technology (It would be a damn site cheaper, just to execute the scum) Very ugly, rugby, star, Paul Wood, has left his wife, for the porn star, that use to shag, VERY ugly footballer Mario Balotelli (Maybe she is doing porn, to pay for cataract treatment??) There was a bit in the paper, about Tom Cruise & how apparently, Scientologists, have dug a giant, Scientology, Cathedral, in a mountain, called Mesa Huerfanita, in New Mexico, north of Roswell.

There was also a bit about the Sheffield, widow, of the church organist, brutally murdered, on his way to midnight mass, on Christmas Eve (The vile scum) Maureen Greaves, said she hadn't stopped weeping for husband, Alan. Ryanair Pilots say, that the company is putting passengers at risk, by ordering that crew fly, with the minimal amount of jet fuel, in their planes, on a Dutch TV show. Not much else of interest (Now papers can't snoop) I caught up on the final 'Burn Notice' I missed that one, when I had to have an early night due to filming in Bristol. After that I went on Facebook & Twitter for a bit, put a generic 'Happy New Year' Message up on FB & changed my profile cover, to a New Year apt one!! 

At 3.30pm, I realised I'd not eaten anything, so I had a couple of faux chicken burgers, with cheese, mayo & mustard, in 2 burger buns & tried a NEW, Coconut, Chunky, KitKat, as the NEW Hazelnut one was lush!!....... Sadly the Coconut one was vile!!.... Pure Sugar ughhhh!! So sickly sweet, had to throw the rest away after 2 bites Yuck!!!!!

I chatted briefly to 'Mr R' he is driving straight to his parents, after his night shift, so I wont be seeing him tonight, so the only bang, I will experience, seeing in the New Year, will be the fireworks on TV, or outside my window. At 5.30pm, I got my 1st 'Happy New Year' text, from 'Big Brother's', Kinga Karolczak, wishing me 'Health, wealth & success in 2013' Which was sweet of her & I text her back. Then I watched a load of 'CSI' & 'Law & Order' while checking my audition sites online. 

My Twitter follower @EvilBarbiesFan is back, after a year way too. Lolli had talked about doing something for NYE, on the phone, when she was sloshed, last week, but I have heard no details since & I haven't chased her up over it!! (Sticking to no3 resolution rules) So I watched 'Come Dine With Me Top 30

Kinga Karolczak

At 7.48pm, my Acting friend, Richard Herdman text me "Happy New Year" & hoped, I have a fab time. I wont be, but appreciated the sentiment, he has had a tough year, which is, thankfully, now, improving, for him! My friend Alan (Who a mutual friend says, is the son, of Carry On star, Sid James, I've never asked Alan, to confirm if this is true!) text me at 8.49pm saying "Wishing You a  very happy & great New Year, may your troubles be few & your happiness be untold. P.S sent now as no signal at home again!" Which I also replied to instantly.

Simon Cole

At 9pm, I watched '2012: A Funny Old Year' While watching that, my lovely Singing/Acting friend, Simon Cole (Above) called me, from a friends house party, in Buckinghamshire, to see how I was & wish me a 'Happy New Year' & said he'd try to call me after 12 midnight, if he could get a signal. My friend Ian Mann, was also there & said he loved me & 'Happy New Year'. I continued watching the TV program & my friend Mike, text me, from Poland saying 'Have a Happy New Year X' which again I replied to instantly. 

Mike & I

At 10pm, I watched 'Alan Carr's New Year Spectacular' on Ch4 +1, the piss take sketches, were the best bit, the guests were a bit boring. Candie text me at 11pm saying 'Happy New Year June hope 2013 brings you everything you wish for xxxx' which I also replied to immediately & at 12am, I turned the TV over, to watch the New Year fireworks, which were spectacular. Mr R surprised me, with a text from work at 12.17am saying 'Happy New Year. May it bring you loads of success x' Which was a very nice surprise.

At 12.55am I watched 'Supercasino' for some late night entertainment, as Rob is on tonight (As he is Every New Year) & it's always funny, when he is presenting & also there is bugger all else on, worth watching, if I'm honest. We had a bit of Twitter banter, and he gave me a few call outs, as usual, which was a laugh. At 12.42am, a lover from the past of mine, called Ryan text me "Happy New Year. Lots of love Ryan"  I replied "Thanks darling hope you have an amazing year" To which he replied "U2 x x" I continued watching Rob, on Supercasino, until 2am, when he had his break, then I went & had a coffee & had a bit of Twitter, banter, with him, it was really funny tonight, on the show. 

As yesterday, I was teasing Rob on Twitter, about this young, adoring, 20 something, girly fans! Calling them his Robettes, which he found very amusing. Then today, a bunch of them tweeted him, on the show, calling themselves, his Robettes, even spelt the same way, that I'd spelt it yesterday. He was laughing as he read it out & I knew he must be thinking 'Bloody hell what are the odds on that!!?' I DM'd him, asking if he had said anything to them? About what I call his collective girl fans & he replied that, No they had actually, ironically, named themselves the very same name, a day after me saying it! Spooky!!

Gina messaged me on FB, saying that I was shown a lot, on the 'Loaded New Year Show', along with the rest of the gang..... Bugger why isn't Sky200, on Freeview, like Sky3 use to be? I have Sky Sport & I don't bloody want that!!! I Watched Robs 2nd shift on Supercasino, until it finished at 4am. During which time, and without a text from me 1st.... I received NO text of 'Happy New Year' from any of my siblings. Sadly I knew it would be the case, but I still hoped, that I'd be proven wrong! My last 2 'Happy New Year' texts I sent out, took a long time sending, due to a, no doubt, busy network, but I doubt that's why, I received nothing text wise, from either. Turned off the lights & went to sleep at 4.05am (Calories consumed _____)

Tuesday 1st January 2013, I dreamt something, about doing a TV show & Kilroy Silk was pissing me off, hogging all of a sofa, backstage. Also for some reason at some point, my late mother, was pushing me, in a wheelchair, past some road works & up a hill (Not easy for a 4ft 9" woman)  God only knows what my mind is trying to tell me!! It is a mystery to itself!!! My best gay friend, Nat text at 10.19am saying 'Happy New Year' Hope you had a great night & an amazing 2013. Nat X' I replied 'Thanks hun... Sadly not, it was another boring day, spent in bed watching TV, just like Christmas... But feeling positive about 2013, wishing you both a wonderful 2013 x' he replied 'U shud of come out with us.

Errr I thought they were still in Bath, I saw no mention online, or by phone that they were back! Thought you'd be out with your TV gang (Don't know why he thought that? As apart from the meal last week, I only see them when we're working) Come down any time. P.s gotta go to Luton 1 day in week. Wanna meet up?' To which I replied 'I thought you were still at your mums, yeah that would be cool x'

I had a wash & dressed, in now baggy jeans (result) & gold velvet V-neck top. Then popped to the shop for a paper. I made a coffee & had it with a NEW Choc Fudge, Chunky KitKat (So much better than the sickly, sweet, Coconut, but not a patch on the Hazelnut one!!) I browsed the paper, the front cover is about Kim Kardashian, carrying rapper Kanye West's baby (Bad taste in both men & birth control apparently!!) Guess her belly, will now balance out, her huge butt now!! There was a bit on the amazing New Years, London, fireworks, plus those in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Moscow, Edinburgh & Newcastle. Not much else except the news a poor 17yr old lad was stabbed to death trying to protect his 15yr brother having his Blackberry phone stolen (Scum they should bring back the death penalty!!)

Then with bugger else on TV, I watched the 1st in the series of 'Burn Notice' (Excellent Show!!) I Tweeted Rob (As I often do) while he was on 'Supercasino', last night. Saying that he looked like, a better looking, version, of the lead 'Michael' (Above & Below) in the show. After someone else, on Twitter, had tweeted that he was like 'Craig' from the film 'A Night At The Roxbury'  (Rob's not that akin to him, in my mind, but each has their own view) Which in my look-alike case, I think is pretty correct. But Rob has a better nose & a upward turning mouth, rather than the downward turning mouth of the guy who plays 'Michael' Rob would be able, to take over the 'Burn Notice' role from the actor, quite seamlessly, as long as he could master, the American accent. 

After that, I watched some of the simply amazing, USA home transformations, on 'Extreme Makeovers - Home Edition' on 'Really TV'. They really are awesome & even get me welling up, over the sweet family's, they help, which isn't a common event  (But I'm a Sucker for other peoples, good luck story's, after their adversity!!) Peckish around 4pm, I had a veggie burger with cheese, in a burger bun & some chilli rice crackers, for lunch/dinner. At 4.39pm Nat replied to my text with 'I'll let you know. Gotta pick car up. We broke down on M1 on Fri near Luton. Meet for lunch when I pick it up.' I replied 'Cool look forward to it ;o) Shame re car though! x'

Then it was more 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition' Mr N (The reality star) inboxed me on Facebook & was making me laugh, with some banter, he has finished his stint in Panto now. I watched a bit of Joan Collins in 'Deal Or No Deal' then back to 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition' again!! My friend Ste McClay was trying to entice me out to 'Egg' nightclub, in Kings Cross, but after the anti climax, of Xmas & NYE, I just wasn't in the mood, to get all done up & head out into the freezing cold..... Yesterday YES!!... But not today!!! The momentum has well & truly gone!!.... 

Mind you, in spite of this, I'm feeling optimistic, about 2013!!!... I watched 'Eastenders' to get up to date & also as I don't know what date, this month, I'm on it. A guy on Twitter, tweeted I looked amazing, on the 'Loaded NY Show' on 'Loaded TV' yesterday, and teased me about, my Scoobydoo drawing, which I found very funny, as I'd had trouble getting the pen of the iPad app to work.

At 9pm, I watched Russell Crow, in 'Robin Hood' on Ch4, I could of watched on Ch4 +1 & watched 'Gary Barlow & Friends' 1st on ITV But James Cordon is on & I just can't bare him & stomaching him once this week on 'Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2012' was more than enough!! I was actually surprised, how much I enjoyed 'Robin Hood' mind you I am a sucker for a battle scene!! It reminded me about Ch4's 'Camelot' I was really enjoying that, even though Arthur was, a badly cast, weedy actor & Guinevere's, hot, knight, fiancĂ©, would never get dumped, for the puny king, in reality. 

 Puny Arthur 
Or Hot Knight?

Plus the hottie in question, was killed off at end of 1st serries (Alas a 2nd series was not to be made!!) Shame, I loved Arthur's, evil sister (Below) & Merlin!!! 

Merlin & Evil Sister

After that, peckish, I had a bowl of choc chip, mini Weetabix & a coffee, then I went into my lounge (As I'd not sat in there, since I dressed the Xmas trees, before Christmas) & watched the repeat of yesterdays 'The Graham Norton Show' which seemed to be designed, to give me a permanent wide-on, tonight!! 

First, Tom Cruise (Who I have fancied since my teens) Who both the love of my life 'Mr G' & ex lover Ryan, look like, from his 'Top Gun/Cocktail' days. He was on, to talk about new film 'Jack Ryder' and a bit about his present project 'All You Need Is Kill' Filmed locally in Herts & in London, as well as abroad (So near & yet so far, for me!!..... I'd of made a great Corporal Julie too!!) Tom is aging, very slightly, around the eyes, now. But hell, I so still would. Then there was, the charismatic & funny John Bishop, who I am attracted too, as I love a funny guy! (I was on his 1st show of 'John Bishops Britain') Then finally there was Hugh Jackman, he so got me going, in both the 'Xmen' films as Wolverine & also in the film 'Australia' 

Plus, there was the funny, but non wide-on giving, odd looking, Billy Crystal. Who's top half of his face looked 10-15yrs younger, than the jowly bottom half! It was like he had plastic surgery, but ran out of cash, half way through..... Odd!! Pink performed too, she suited tonight's dress, much better, than the evening gown, she wore on 'Xfactor', as boyish, tattooed, Pink, just can't pull off, an elegant, ball gown, convincingly!! 

Then I found that one of my agent's, had done a HUGE fuck up, with my online profile & I went absolutely ape shit!! God knows who they employ, to run it, but they must pay peanuts, as they got a bloody inept monkey!! Hopefully, it will be sorted tomorrow!! I watched 'NCIS' Love that show, plus I fancy Mark Harmon & Michael Weatherly (Even when Michael played the nerd, in a wheelchair in 'Dark Angel') Then I watched a rubbish horror film 'Bug' Utter Shite!! After I watched 'St Elsewhere' before retiring to bed. Yet another day with no 'Happy New Year' from my siblings without me texting it to them 1st (Calories consumed 1,268, 62cals, UNDER target, good!!)

Wednesday 2nd January, I know I had, a really long & complex dream, but what about, I just cant recall?? I got up had a wash & washed & dried hair, and put it up in a topknot & did a light make-up. Then I had a coffee & mini choc chip, Weetabix, for breakfast. I did some laundry & some washing up & watered the plants, then popped to the shop for a paper. Then I made a black coffee (Speeds up the effect of a workout, if drank 30mins before exercise!!) 

The front page, is about lethal assault riffles, like the one used by the psycho, in the Sandy Hook, school, massacre, being sold legally in Britain (Well that's a huge surprise...... NOT!!!!) A 15yr old, 5ft 5", black, Gambian, teen, Dawda Jallow, is wanted over the Murder of 17yr old Dogan Ismail, who was stabbed, trying to get back the Blackberry, of his 15yr brother, Orhan. From the mugger scum, in Walworth, South London (Deport the scum, as we sadly can't execute) 

There was also a bit, on a 32yr skank, called Clare Jenkins, who only dates & has sex with married men..... Classy!!! I'd never touch a married man, no matter how much I was attracted to him, he'd have to be separated & undergoing divorce proceedings, for me to even consider a date, let alone sex (Old fashioned values)

Talking of sex, a serial sex attacker, is being hunted, after he just walked out, of an open prison (WTF was scum like this, doing in an open prison???) Sean Cawthray, 41, was jailed indefinitely in 2002 for trying to snatch, a 14yr old girl!! (So WHY is he in an OPEN jail??) He'd been jailed for 4yrs, in 1990, for rape & attempted rape, for 8yrs in 1991, after a further conviction (Again, WHY a frigging open jail?) If anyone is raped & murdered, by him, while he is on the run.... whoever agreed to him being in an 'Open' prison is a accomplice to the crime & should be charged too!!

I wore a lemon, camisole vest, my dark grey 3/4 gym leggings, & my white Rebook, Easytone, trainers, put my Fitnessfirst hand towel & drinking bottle in my rucksack & headed for the gym. I did some exercises, on the power plate, then 30mins on the bike, then 100 reps, on the hip adductor & another 100 on the hip abductor, then more exercises on the power plate, then 50 reps of leg lifts & 50 leg curls, then more power plate exercises & then 20mins on the cross trainer, finished off, with more, power plate exercises. 

Then I headed to Tesco, for a few essentials & went home. Hungry I had some sweet potato, coconut & chilli soup with a olive roll. Then I went online, my casting agent who have made a massive fuck up, have not rectified the problem, despite claiming to have done so, to me!!! So more bollocking was in order, meanwhile, I had a response, from one of the best known casting agents, about me going on their books. So that balanced out, my "Not happy!!"  mood. Nat Tweeted me, that he was picking up his car, in Luton tomorrow & was I free to meet up? I said that indeed I was! He said he'd let me know, what time, he'd be arriving, tomorrow morning.

I went on Facebook & Twitter, for a bit of a chat & catch up on messages (Mr R was off to footie training, just as I was back from the gym) rather him than me, in this rainy weather. I watched a bit of 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' a old repeat. Then I watched the 'Midsomer Murders' I'm in 'Death & The Diva's' at 8pm. I text my siblings Bill & Julie, at 7.50pm before it started, saying 'Happy New Year, if your watching Midsomer Murders tonight, I'm one of the Horror enthusiasts dressed in Pink' 

Neither replied, as I half expected, so, like I said, in my New Years Resolutions, I won't bother to tell them, in the future. No effort from them = none from me. Then I had two small cheese topped rolls, spread with lemon & coriander houmous, for tea then watched 'Mock The Week' 

Ian & I, In 'Death & The Diva's'

Then I started to watch a film called 'Wind Chill' but it was so god damn awful, I had to turn over & instead, I did some squats, with a Swiss Ball, before watching 'CSI' & 'NCIS' While I watched that, I joked around for a bit, with my friend Ian, on Twitter, about my love for USA born, Canadian, TV star, Jensen Ackles (Who I just drool over, on 'Supernatural' 'Dark Angel' 'Smallville' & 'Days Of Our Lives') I joked I was going to hunt him down, when I go to stay with Simon Cole, in Canada, later in the year. 

Jensen 'Perfect' Ackles 

I did some resistance band exercises, while watching, classic (But Crap) Horror Film, 'Rosemary's Baby' it always makes me giggle, it's just so naff. Then eventually retired to bed at 3.30am, I'd meant to have an early night. (Calories consumed 1,730 which with 527cals burnt in the gym = 1,203 cals Good!!)

Thursday 3rd January, After a restless night, of no sleep I got up at 9.30am, I had a wash & had mini, choc chip, Weetabix, for breakfast, with a coffee. Then I did a natural make up & tied my hair back, and watched a bit of Daytime TV, in my leopard print dressing gown, while waiting to hear from Nat, when exactly to meet. He text at 12.08pm, to say, the car people, had let him down, so maybe tomorrow, or Monday. So I checked Twitter & Facebook sent a few messages to friends & then did some more Swiss ball squats, while watching the TV, then headed off to the gym. 

I saw my favourite, cheeky, trainer Roary, in the gym today & we chatted about Christmas & New Year. He flirted with me, as always (After a personal trainer Fee Roary??? lol) I worked out on the power plate, then did 30mins on the cycle, plus did the same leg repeats as yesterday, but with 5kg more weights, on the machines today!! Then I went on the cross trainer & power plate again. After 3hrs, I headed home, stopping in Tesco en route.

I got in, checked my Twitter, Hotmail & Facebook & my diary as a casting agent, had two dates for me, but I could only do one! Nat text me earlier, at 4.58pm, as I was getting ready to leave the gym, saying he was getting the 11.05am train, to Luton tomorrow, so I will check what time it gets into St Albans & jump on the same one, I have an item, to return in Luton anyway. I had a bowl of Beetroot & Horseradish soup, with a wholemeal, rye, roll. Which really filled me up, I did some paperwork & then watched 'CSI Miami'. Popped to the off licence, to buy a Sun newspaper, as I'd accidentally bought a Mirror paper, as I reached for the paper, bellow the tatty, top, Sun newspaper, in Tesco's, without looking, whoops!!

I read the Sun paper, the front page, is about dated, comedian, Jim Davison, being arrested over the Jimmy Savile paedophile allegations (As is the Mirror's front cover!) He was meant to go into the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house tonight, but now someone else will take his place (Apparently, boring, slob, Razor Rudduck, according to rumours on Twitter) 

There was a bit on an appalling spoof of 'Gangnam Style', by a 16yr lad from Norfolk called 'Norfolk style' (Below) 8 points for effort, but, -2 for singing ability!! It made me think of Twitter buddy, Rob Lamarr, as he is from Kings Lynn, in Norfolk & he also loved Gangnam Style. Doubt he will love this though.... I Tweeted him the YouTube link. His lack of response, to my tweet, makes me think I'm right, PML 

The Winter, vomiting bug, norovirus, hits 150,000 Brits a week, I had that the day after the 'Loaded TV' launch party in Surrey. That was certainly not pleasant!! It has affected 1.1Million people since the summer, and is set to get worse, making it the worst outbreak, since records in 2000 began! There was nothing of interest in the Mirror paper, just some of the same, but with a real leftie bias!! I watched 'CSI' & then it was the launch of this years 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Peckish, I had two cheese twists. Three days into 2013 & still no 'Happy New Year' from my siblings.... lovely!!! I'm also trying to find my letter, from the Private Hospital, about my consultation, re my back to get the date & time. I have put it somewhere safe! Unfortunately SO SAFE, I can't find it!! The first two Housemates, in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' House, were jockey, Frankie Dettori & Reality Show trier, Rylan Clarke. Who got to choose, from the next celebrity pairs, who goes into a nice house & who goes into a shitty basement. It might of been, a nice twist, but it was obvious, who they would save each time! 

As except for the next celeb couple, unlikable Paula Hamilton ..... (So an obvious choice for basement) and bland Tricia Penrose (In a fab sequinned dress) All the other celeb couples, were Male V Female! So of course they were going to save the girls (Boring!!!) They would of been better, saying choose housemate 3 or 4, 5 or 6 etc without them actually knowing, who they are!! (A far better & more entertaining, method in my view!!) The next duo was Gillian (Cathy Beal, from Eastenders) in a lovely red dress & Toady from Neighbours. Surprise surprise (Not) she was saved & he went to the basement.

Then it was a boring, cocky, young, lad, Sam from Eastenders & that shite comedy, Beaver Falls, V a moronic page 3 girl, called Lacey Banghard (Yeah, sure that name is real) She may have a banging body, but is repulsively thick & speaks like, she has just inhaled helium!! (Wish they could both go to basement, but of course again SHE was saved!!) Then it was doughnut loving, Claire from steps V pie snorkeler, Razar Ruduck (Again no contest who they were going to choose!!) 

Then it was the American 'The Hills' morons Spencer Pratt (Pratt by name & prat by nature!!) Plus his repugnant, moronic, plastic surgery, loving, wife Heidi. The next rubbish twist was, that the Pratt's stay as a pair so Rylan & Frankie have to decide whether to send them to the basement, or let them into the house & replace them, by going to the basement themselves (Yeah like that selflessness was going to happen!!!..... they're celebs, admittedly Z list celebs, but still celebs!!) It would of been better, if they had to save 1 from the basement, but then decide which one, of the two of them, would replace them in the Basement...... Bad planning BB!!!

Then it was 'Celeb Big Brothers Bit On The Side' time , the stylist obviously hates Emma Willis, as they put her in, an unflattering, red, dress, with badly coordinated, pasty, pale, tights & nude shoes, plus an unflattering hair style!!.... Only the dress colour was nice!! I had some choc chip, mini, Weetabix as a snack/tea then had an early night at 1am (Calories consumed 1,289 good, minus 369cals burnt in the gym = 920cals)

Friday 4th January, by 9am, I still couldn't sleep, so I got up had a wash & curled my hair, and did my make-up. Then I dressed in pale jeans, a gold, long sleeved, V-neck, top with a golden sand jacket & tan boots. I popped to the shop for a Sun newspaper & made myself a coffee & had a chunky, mint, KitKat, for breakfast. Then I checked my Hotmail, Twitter & Facebook. I emailed Paul to say I loved the 'Horror Shop' script, but felt the costume pictured, for 'Shirley Vampentine' was too girly & I sent him 3 pics, of what I thought were Shirley outfit's & emailed him them. He replied they were spot on & to buy all 3 & wigs & to get Sarah at the office to reimburse me. 

Then I put on my long, black, military style, Primark coat, put a unused, faux, ponytail, hairpiece, in my shopper bag I got from my sister Julie, for Xmas & headed out to the train station, to meet Nat. Over half way there, I checked my purse, to see if I had my debit card holder in it? As I'd taken it out, to take, to the gym with me, yesterday!! Bugger!! So without that & no cash in my purse, I ran home again, I couldn't find it, but I found the left over £10 from the £20 I drew out yesterday & grabbed that & ran back to the station, and just made it, in time, to buy a ticket & get to the platform, just as Nat's train pulled in. Phew!

Nat & I got to Luton & we wondered round the shops, including Primark (With me frustrated, to see stuff I wanted, but had no cards/cash to buy with!!) Then we went to, the Asian run store 'Julia' at 69 George Street, Luton, to return the (Unused) faux, blonde, pony tail, that was not the same blonde colour, or style, of the one hanging on the hook, in front of it, when I bought it, when I was last in Luton, for a boring In Training meet up. It had changed, inside the shop & now had just fake & real hair strips, for weaves & hair products. The guy I spoke to (The Manager, I think!?) said he WOULD of refunded me, but they no longer stocked the product. 

As we came out, we saw a business, bang opposite called 'Julia's Wigs' They had obviously taken over the shop opposite & separated them into weaves & hair products, in one shop & wigs & hairpieces in the other (Why did the guy not mention this? When saying he would refund, if they still stocked the product?) So we walked in & there was, a wall full, with the 'same brand' of the faux ponytails, I wanted exchanged, for the right shade. It too was totally Asian run. So I explained to the assistant, how I'd bought the hairpiece, but on getting home & looking at it, I found, it was NOT the same shade, as the one, hanging on the front of the hook, as an example (Not something, obviously spotted me, when shopping, half blind, due to having no contact lenses) 

Also when in a box, with a black hairnet round it, it looks a slightly different colour, than one out of a box, even when it is the same colour!! She could of easily swapped, my unused item, in the wrong shade, for the same one, in the right shade (Being sold, still at same price) But 1st she tried lying, that they were a totally different company!! (Bullshit) Saying she couldn't refund it anyway, as even though they are both 'Julia' franchises (So obviously, NOT a totally different company) As their street number is different, than the branch opposite, my receipt is not valid there  (Bullshit, I have worked in retail for decades, she doesn't need to have my receipt for records, only to know that it was bought & not shoplifted) I can buy something in Boots, in St Albans & exchange it in ANY Boots, anywhere in the country, the address on my Boots receipt, is irrelevant ! 

She could of easily,  just put it through her till, as an exchange. So Nat & I went back to 'Julia' & spoke to a shop worker & asked "Is Julia's wigs part of your business??" and we were told "Yes!!" Proving yet again, her claims that they were different company's, was a lie (As we knew!) We then spoke (again) to the guy who said that he WOULD of exchanged my faux ponytail. IF they had it in stock!! We pointed out that it WAS in stock, in their connected franchise, across the road (Which he'd conveniently, failed to mention, moments earlier!!) He then tried to back track & say although they were connected, they had different managers, then tried to say that for "hygiene" reasons hair pieces & wigs could NOT be returned, as stated on receipt. Which he NOW pointed out, adding I should of double checked, the item, was the same blonde at the time!!

Having worked in retail, I know you have to 'point out' this 'No Returns' fact, at the till, to the customer, at point of sale (They had NOT done so!!) I also know, via working in retail for decades, this hygiene clause, is also stated on underwear, like pants & knickers, but it is Null & Void, if item is still in the packet & unworn!! As my ponytail, hairpiece, still was!! Foolish move, by two sets of liars, in both 'Julia' & 'Julia's Wigs' franchises, as I buy a lot of wigs, hairpiece's etc for various roles, shoots & party's.

So them being, lying, tightwads, has cost me £8.99, plus a hairpiece I cant use!! But it has cost them a lot more, in the long run. As this afternoon alone, I'm paying out £121.67 on wigs, for my TV role of 'Shirley Vampentine' They could of had that & a lot of other money coming their way, via me, if they'd just done the simple task, of an exchange of hairpiece, for one of the correct colour, after all it was THEIR mistake, of putting the wrong coloured hairpiece example, on the end of the hook, of the row, of the one, that I bought! If they didn't notice the difference, why would I when without my glasses!! 

So I'd NOT recommend anyone shop at 'Julia' or 'Julia's Wigs' as their Customer Service, is abysmal, if they are not telling you out & out lies, they are twisting terms & conditions to avoid paying you any refunds, and lying that, the two shops, are not connected, the exchange could of been done & neither party would of missed out. So if you are foolish enough, to shop there, I advise you double check every item, before checking out at the till. I will be writing them a very bad Qype revue!! 

After that we went to 'The Carvery' where Nat & I eventually (After a bit of haggling) got a table for two, near-ish the window (Even though they were practically empty) We ordered two Diet Cokes, after getting Waitress, Kelly, to assure us, it was bottled, and (Not pump) Diet Coke. I asked Kelly if the 'Vegetarian Carvery' on the menu, was just the veg, without the meat? Or was there a nut roast, that went with it? She said "No" it was just the Carvery vegetables. Then we got up to join the queue for the Carvery. Nat had the Gammon & I just had a load of veg & roast veg yumm!!! The Roast Potato's & Roast Parsnips (A fave) were yummy!! Nat was less impressed, with his Gammon. The old couple on the table adjacent, were totally absorbed in Nat & I, and our conversations, and were not subtle in their eavesdropping either. 

We were half way through our meal & our two Diet Cokes, had still not arrived, to our table (We had expected them to have been on our table, by the time we'd got back, from our queue, at the Carvery, as the place was practically empty!!) Eventually we finally managed to get Kelly's attention & asked about our drinks!? She said they were just being made (Ahh so they were not just pouring out, two bottles, into two glasses then? They make their own Coke? Wow!!.. So that's why it had taken, well over 15mins, since ordering them, for them to arrive!!?)

The two glasses of Coke, arrived, in dirty glasses, with lipstick on Nat's glass & some grey, lint like, fluff, attached to the glass, on the rim of mine. After trying repeatedly (Without success) to get Kelly's attention (Despite there being only 8 tables, maximum, with patrons on & we'd served ourselves from the Carvery) So only the non Carvery dishes, drinks & deserts, needed to be served, by the bunch of waitresses. So really, they were not that busy, not to notice, flaying arms. In the end, Nat got up & took the glasses up to the bar area & pointed out that the glasses, were filthy & we wanted new drinks, in CLEAN glasses. 

Some time later, when our meal was almost finished, the waitress emerged with the drinks, the glasses were clean, but that was NOT Coke from a bottle, we were drinking, but Coke, or Pepsi, from a pump (Seems it's not just staff at Julia, that lie, in Luton) We caught up on gossip. I'd not realised Nat & Terry had gone to Candies for Christmas Day & then on to Nat's mum in Bath, on Boxing day. I'm now so confused, as to why Nat text me, on Christmas Eve, to say that they were driving off to the 'West Country' & to have a good Christmas, when that was a lie, they were actually driving South, to Torquay, not to the West Country?? Maybe they thought I'd be upset, if I knew they were off to Candies, for Christmas, while I was spending it, home alone, and didn't want to rub it in??

After taking ages, to get our waitress, Kelly's attention (Even impossible, when she was walking away from the table, right next to us) We finally managed to order a cappuccino for me & a Mr Whippy like ice cream, for Nat with chocolate sauce & honeycomb sprinkles, which I shared a few spoonfuls of. After another long spell, to try to get Kelly's attention, despite there being only about 4 tables, in the place occupied, we managed to get the bill, which was wrong!! She charged for two full Carvery's, not one Full & one Vegetarian, despite me having the whole 'Vegetarian Carvery' conversation with Kelly earlier, when we ordered our 'Bottled' Diet Cokes, that were pump ones!! 

While waiting for her to re-emerge, a tall man with a beard cleared the table next to us, where the old couple had been, while talking over our heads, to friends or colleagues, sat at a table, in the window. Distracting, annoying, and rude. We continued to wait for Kelly to emerge, in the almost empty, dinning area, when my friend Candie text at 2pm ish saying "Just realised I forgot to give boys your Xmas present to bring back for you, I'll pop it in the post next week x x" 

I replied thanks & that I was with Nat & had not realised they'd gone to hers for Xmas. Bored with waiting for our waitress Kelly, I went to the ladies, while Nat went in search of her, to pay. Then Nat & I, walked to Luton station & I got a train home & Nat got a taxi, to pick up his fixed car, from the garage. Once home & searching high & low, I found my debit cards wallet, with debit cards in, that had fallen behind my bedside table (Phew!!) 

I did a few chores then, fixed a small baguette with some cheese & tomato inside & washed it down with a caffeine free Diet Coke. Channel 4 had a comedy mash up, all night which was quite amusing & included 'The Million Pound Chatty Man Drop' 'Come Dine With Me Comedy Mash Up' 'Made In Chelsea Comedy Mash Up' The latter was a bit corny & shit to be honest!! Plus '8 Out Of 10 Cats, Does Deal Or No Deal' which was very funny. Then I went to bed at 1am. (Calories consumed, 911, 976cals UNDER today's target ooops too low!)

Saturday 5th January, Had an odd dream, about being in a car without a up to date tax disc, filming 'Horror Shop' Where my Brother Bill, was trying to kill me & I fought to get the knife off him & stabbed him (In the stomach I think) I seemed to then, shove a white pillowcase, in his mouth, to muffle his screams of pain & tied his hands & feet with a white sheet. Then he seemed to be bundled into a black bin bag, and some guy was going to bury him alive!! I was thinking 'Why am I allowing this? I love my brother, even though he just tried to kill me, I don't want him to die buried alive!!' Then I woke..... The subconscious is a odd thing!! 

I had a wash & washed my hair, dried my hair & did my make-up, then dressed, in my 3/4 dark grey gym leggings, plus a lemon & a peach camisole, over my lemon bra & pants, plus my white Reebok Easytone trainers. I did a bunch of chores, including some, involving me, needing to go into the attic. Then I went out did a load of shopping (Non food) then popped into my fave local cafe, J K Palmers, for a cappuccino & tuna melt jacket potato. While there I read my Sun newspaper. The front cover was about Argentinian's burning a British flag in Buenos Aires after seeing in a prior Sun Paper sold there saying 'Hands Off The Falklands' Yet other Argies agree that they should leave them alone!

Today's page 3 was, the thick as an elephants arse, model 'Lacey Banghard' Who is the helium voiced, vacant headed, moron who now resides in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house. Nice body, shame about the face, IQ, voice & personality! Uba Minging footballer 'Mario Balotelli' has been dumped, by his playboy model 'Tabby' She dumped him for singer 'Trey Songz' (About time the munter had some of his own medicine!) 

51yr Lard Bucket, 'Paul Mason' (Above) The former 'Worlds Fattest Man' was under fire, last night, for 'DEMANDING' to jump the NHS queue, for a £30,000 op to remove 8st of sagging skin. After shedding 46st (He is 24st) With the skin gone, he will be 16st, so will still need to lose more & will have more loose skin! But he has been told, he will have to remain at present weight (Or lower) until 2015 at least (2yrs) before skin surgery will be considered. Which he is not happy about, tough!!! He shouldn't have been such a greedy pig in the 1st place. The tax payer has already shelled out £1Million in tax payers money for aid, for his gluttony.

Then after a few more errands & buying a lucky dip, lottery ticket. I popped into Fitness First for a workout & did the same as previous visits but with 45mins on the bike. I got home at 7 - 7.30pm, and ordered the 3 back dresses & 3 black wigs, that Paul informed me to, for my 'Shirley Vampentine' character, which I will be reimbursed £249.03 for. 

Then I checked my Hotmail, Twitter & Facebook, before watching 'NCIS' then 'Take Me Out' on Ch4 +1, I wouldn't want any of them! The 1st guy was quite sweet, but was on stage, with a fresh, glaring, raw, hicky, on his neck. So obviously making out with someone the day before, going on a dating show (Classy!!) Then I had some cauliflower cheese for tea & watched 'Celebrity Big Brother' Only 'Rylan' & the two American freaks 'Heidi & Spencer' from 'The Hills' have being entertaining so far! Toady shouldn't of taken up the task, after the Yanks refused to, as it would be interesting to of seen, what the BB team would of done, after spending ages setting up that BB task piping, only for nobody to use it!! 

Then I watched two films 'Inglorious Barsterds' & 'Hard Eight' before retiring to bed. The 1st a great, amusing, film, but what a bloody awful, boring, film 'Hard Eight' was!! I shouldn't have bothered!!! I should of realised, when I discovered, it starred, that uba dullard, Gwyneth Paltrow, YAWN!! (Calories consumed 1,317 minus 515cals burnt in the gym = 802cals, Good)

Sunday 6th January, I know I dreamt & it was a long complex dream, but I can recall nothing on waking!! Today should be named 'Noisy Sunday' As since 9am, there has been, loud hammering next door, on the thin, partition wall, between my flat & next doors, as they have their new bathroom fitted & someone using a circular saw, in my courtyard, plus loud music & talking in the hairdressers downstairs...... No chance of a lie in, if I wanted one!! Today is 'The 12th day of Christmas' when the decorations are coming down. I had a wash, a coffee & a mint KitKat, then got changed into jeans & jumper, then I started preparations for the decorations etc to go in the attic. 

My Dyson hoover, really is on it's last legs & despite the claims of 'No Loss Of Suction' (It has) I need to get a new one!! After a bit of decorations preping, I had a Diet Coke break, while I watched 'Burn Notice' and then I checked my Hotmail, Facebook & then Twitter. As I opened my Twitter, on my live feed, it popped up, that a local football team, who Rob plays for, Cassiobury Revolution FC, have won 5-0 today. Well done them, they must be truly elated, great score!! It's a horrible, grey, miserable, rainy, day, out today, unlike the bright, but crisp, day, yesterday. I hate grey days, they always feel depressing.

I popped to the shop for my Sun paper & a few bits, I wonder if my 'Shirley Vampentine' clobber arrives tomorrow, or Tuesday?? The Apple & Cinnamon, fragrance sticks, I got for Christmas, from my nephew, Andrew, have run out of scent. To be honest, they only ever smelt, for a very short while, when you 1st turned the sticks over, each time. You were not aware of any aroma from them, when you walked into the bedroom. Unlike Candies one's, that she use to have, in her bathroom, when she lived in Muswell Hill, which hit you, with their fragrance, every time, you entered the bathroom! I will have to ask her, where she got them!!? They were amazing, I think possibly 'The White Company' 

I will try putting my dry, scent absorbed, sticks, on my radiator, maybe the heat, will emit a last bit of scent out of them (Tried did bugger all!!) Took off all the decorations & re boxed them, then re boxed the two (Not one!!) trees. Then I stopped for a low cal egg & 'fakon' roll, with a Diet Coke & peanut butter KitKat to follow. It's the start of the new 'Dancing On Ice' tonight, which I watched after I put my decorations in my loft. Other than Gareth & Pamela Anderson, I'm not that excited about the contestants, and I just can't find it in me, to like the boxer, or the bloke from Eastenders, with the pensioner mouth. They are supposed to be the hottie's, I think? (But not for me!!) 

I didn't bother, watching the skate off, but Twitter feed was very shocked, when the biggest celeb in the show, Pamela was voted out. I watched the bonkers 'The Hotel' since my best friend Candie, moved back home to Torquay, she has been amusing herself, by having the odd (Very Odd) lunch & high tea in 'The Grosvenor' with wacky manager Mark & his mum! 

Maggie Thatcher Above & Meryl Streep Playing Maggie Below 

Then I watched Big Brother, with a mug of Beetroot & Horseradish soup, followed by the film 'The Iron Lady' on Ch4 +1, because I bloody LOVED Margaret Thatcher (Yeah!!... Deal with it!!) I wish they had focussed, on how awesome she was, in her prime, rather than focusing more, on her present dementia!! Going to bed around midnight with a decaf coffee (Calories consumed 1,094, 236cals UNDER my daily target, Good!!)