Sunday, 30 September 2012

Operation's What A Pain In The Neck

Monday 24th September, I woke at 7am, after a restless sleep, mainly thanks to, pain in my neck & shoulder, plus the cats. I had a shower & washed my hair. The septic blister, on my left big toe, it mushy and painful still (I've never had a blister, go like this before sexy NOT!!) I dried my hair & did my make-up, it is a hideous weather outside, blowing a gale & pouring with rain. So I wore jeans & my black, long sleeved, scoop necked, Petite Bateau, T-shirt, plus my black, Petite Bateau, Velour, hoodie, with my khaki, hooded, body warmer over the top & my black wellies. I took my laptop with me, in case the hospital has free wifi, to pass the time on & after feeding & taking care of the cats needs, I set off for the tube (No breakfast due to having my Op) I got to Southgate tube & got my return ticket to Northwood. I then got, the Piccalilli line, train, to Kings Cross & then got the Jubilee line, to Northwood, then I waited for a bus, out in the pouring rain, just outside the station.

I got the bus to Mount Vernon hospital (Bishops Wood private hospital, above, is behind Mount Vernon) I signed in & I was taken to my ward, which I was sharing with 4 other women. All of them there, for the same op as me. I was given the wifi code, for their internet. But the signal was too weak on my ward so that was a no go, bugger!! I thought I'd get some work done, and kill two birds with one stone, as I hate wasting time, that can be filled, by doing something. I filled in a load of hospital consent forms, then I changed into my hospital robe, paper knickers & their foam hospital slippers, oooh sexy not!!!! Then after the nurse, put my name tag, on my wrist. I put back on my black, Velour, hoodie, over the top, as it was very cold. Then I got into my bed & finished my book 'The Angel At No33' Which was quite a sweet, funny, story & covered my old haunts, of Muswell Hill, Alexander Palace, Camden & latest haunt St Albans.

I text Simon & Ian, that I was in my hospital bed, awaiting theatre & they wished me good luck. Simon is just back from LA & Ian is filming on set today. I went down, into theatre on my bed & once in there, the surgeon asked me, yet again, if I was allergic to anything? to double check before proceeding & so I joked "Only unattractive men" and he laughed & said "Your in luck today then" & I laughed too, as they were, in fact, ALL good-looking!! So that's the perks of Private over NHS!! I was moved across onto the operating table, and lain on my left side & local anaesthetic was administered. This is where the op, vastly differed, from the one I had on the NHS a year ago. With the NHS I laid face down with my head/face through a hole, like on a massage table, & the very large needles, were put in my neck & spine, mainly via guesswork.

But this was done with, a kind of live action X-ray machine over my neck & back, where the surgeon, could actually see, the very large needles, going in my neck & spine, via the X-ray like, machine, and manoeuvre them, into the exact spots, where they needed to be, in both my neck & back. I felt a lot of pressure on my neck & spine, plus an ache in my left arm. It was finished 45mins later, by 2.15pm & I was wheeled back to the ward in my bed. Then about 2.30pm they brought me my lunch (So different from NHS) A starter of Heinz mushroom soup, with a brown roll, then a Tuna Jacket Potato, with salad, plus honey & ginger Jersey ice-cream & a pot of coffee & a jug of milk. 

With my book finished, and my laptop unusable, I lay there for a few hours, listening to my iPod, to pass the time. Meanwhile all the other women who'd had the same op before & after me were moaning & groaning & pushing buzzers for the nurse & throwing up!! Bored, I text my buddy, ex Capital Radio DJ, Mark Fox, for some amusing banter, to pass the time. I also got him to paste on my Facebook wall, that I was out of surgery & OK, because I had no wifi, to do it myself. He said he had done so & also taken the piss out of me, at the same time (As I had expected he would do, all along!) 

 DJ & Nutter, Mark Fox 

At 6pm Ian text me, to say that my 'knight in shinning glitter' was on his way, so at 6.30pm, I had a pee (As I knew, enough hospital, etiquette, to know, that I could not be discharged, until I went to the loo, after my op!) So once I was discharged & dressed, I didn't have long to wait, with my cappuccino, in reception, before Ian arrived. We then set off to the bus stop, and it had thankfully stopped chucking it down. We got the tube home & Ian produced, my belated Xmas prezzie, of a Evil Barbie, Barbie Doll (An old Barbie doll, decked in my kind of outfit, also with an array of shoes, a pair of black & silver PVC type leggings, a top, and some funky jeans) Which made me laugh. 

I looked through the script of the film Ian was filming today & he looked at my script, for 'The House That Hell Built - The Medals' Then when we finally reached Southgate, we walked back to Anna's, house, both dying for a pee!! Which made the journey to Anna's seem 10 times as long!! We both got in, had a pee & then after showing Ian, the movement's needed, for the Alien audition, for the 'Worlds End' film, Ian was gone.

So I settled down in front of the TV & watched the simply brilliant 'Revenge' Love, love, love that show!! Just as it finished I got a text from buddie Rob, saying he hoped all had gone well today & to rest & heal. which was really sweet of him, as I know he is a busy bunny, so meant a lot. Peckish again, as I'd had no dinner, I grilled two slices of Haloumi & had it on two, Kracker, Crazy for cheese & tomato, crackers, and washed it all down with a decaf coffee. 

I checked my Facebook, I had a lot of nice, Facebook, messages, from my friends, saying to get well soon, including one from my friend, Imad Handi, who is the best friend of David Gest, you will probably of seen him on screen, if you have watched any program, that includes David. I haven't seen him in ages & the last time he text me, was to say good luck from both him & David Gest, re my Big Brother auditions, so it was good to hear from him. 

Imad & David 

Then I vegged out, watching 'The Greatest Celebrity Body Shockers' until about 11pm, laying on the couch, fighting to stay awake, while trying the outfits, Ian gave me, on my Evil Barbie Doll (Big Kid) But I couldn't get the PVC leggings on, Barbie has obviously piled on the lbs like me! I couldn't find the jeans either, I have a horrible feeling, that, they may have fallen out of my bag, en route home, not sure how, unless when it was when I pulled out my script, to show Ian? Surly I'd of noticed that though?? Eventually gave in to tiredness & went to sleep. (Calories consumed 1,623)

Tuesday 25th September, I slept on & off, in bed until 3pm, feeling very weak & poorly, with a very high temperature, and a banging headache, plus feeling nauseas too! Martin text me, at 1.27pm, asking what time he should come to pick me up? I said 'Any time from 8pm onwards, if that's not too late?' So it would give me time to socialise with Anna, once she is back from Milan & also to pack my case. I eventually forced myself up, out of bed, at 3pm, despite feeling rough. As I knew Anna was due back from Milan around 4pm. I had a wash, fed the cats & pulled on my jeggings & my long sleeved, scooped necked, Petite Bateau, T-shirt. Then made 2 slices of wholemeal toast, with 2 grilled slices of Haloumi & added some Brandston pickle. 


I was just eating my brunch, when Anna arrived home early, at 3.30pm, laden down with luggage from Milan. We had a chat, while watching, her recording of 'Xfactor' which I'd seen. With me under a duvet, as I was ice cold, and shivering, but my forehead was burning up & felt like it was being battered with sledge hammers!! I felt rough in bed earlier & was rapidly going downhill, which was odd, as I was absolutely fine yesterday!

Grilled Haloumi 

I was now, really relieved, that Martin was coming down for me, if I'd felt like I did yesterday. I'd of said 'Don't bother!!' & make my own way, even though, lugging my case, on public transport, wouldn't of helped my back/neck any. But I just feel, so, so rough today, I don't know how, I would of coped, if I had to make my own way home, on public transport. Even the thought of packing my case, felt daunting. Anna went to get her daughter from school & was going to go, via the Greek take-away, to get dinner as she was tired from travelling & hungry, she asked me what I wanted? I told her nothing, as I felt too rough to eat. They came back & the smell of their food, made me want to heave & I came out in a cold sweat. Then Sue came round, to collect Chloe, to take her to Greek School, and I looked so rough, that Sue didn't even recognise me at 1st.

Anna & Chloe 

At 7.13pm Martin text me, to say he was on his way, so with a lot of effort, I dragged my sickly carcass, off the sofa, to pack my case. The whole simple scenario, seemed so daunting, as I felt so weak & ill. I packed my case slowly, through bouts of nausea (I hope this Op works, to make all this unpleasantness, worth it!!) I was just adding the last items, when Martin arrived at Anna's at 8pm. 

He put my case in the car & after saying my goodbyes to Anna & Chloe, I ambled off, out into the night & into Martin's car. I chatted to Martin, as best as I could, on the trip home. But I was burning up & my head was pounding & I felt sick as a dog. Just as we hit St Albans, Anna called, she'd found my Birthday present to her, that I'd hid under her pillow (I like giving surprises) She was delighted with it, which pleased me. Then I was back, I was so happy to see my own flat eventually. I dropped my case in the middle of the kitchen floor, to unpack at a later date, when I felt more myself. Then I popped to my local shop, to get a load of Diet Cokes, as I felt, very, very, dehydrated. The 2 guys from the shop, were really shocked, by just how rough I looked & said "Are you OK???" I said that I'd had an operation, on Monday, and was feeling a bit ropey.

Midsomer Murders

I went back home & put the heating on, then went to bed, as although my head was burning up & pounding like crazy, I was ice cold!! I put on ITV +1 to watch 'Midsomer Murders' to see if I could recognise, any of my friends in it? But I felt so awful, I just really lay there, listening to it, more than watching it, so I spotted no friends. I forced down a few Marmite rice cakes, plus some Diet Coke, while Midsomer was on, then it was lights out, as I just felt so dire, I just wanted to sleep. (Calories consumed 554)

Wednesday 26th September, I dreamt a mixture of dreams, that contained my brother Bill & my late mum & dad. My fever broke at 4am & my bed was soaked, with sweat, so bad, I had to change my bottom sheet & duvet cover, in the wee hrs, as it was soaking wet. It was like laying on a wet towel, with a wet towel draped over me, which was not fun, while feeling rough. I was meant to go to Hemel, for an interview, for the Amazon, warehouse, job I wanted today, at 2pm. As it was shift work, which would fit nicely around filming work, but I felt too rough, to go, which was very frustrating. At 3pm, I had a couple of Marmite Rice Cakes, as I couldn't face much, as the smell of food, makes me feel nauseous.

I answered a text, from my friend Nat, who was back from holiday. I had felt too ill to look at it, when it was sent to me, last night. I also answered a text, I'd got from my lovely actor friend Simon Cole, who was back from LA & was asking how I was? I watched 'The Real Housewife Of Orange County' I really don't like Vicky's new man, Brooke, he seems well dodgy, slimy, fake & totally disingenuous. I'm sure he saw her, on TV, saw she was vulnerable & so he rolled up & just showered her, in meaningless flattery, that she would lap up! I bet he is out to bleed her dry!! My gut instinct is he is a wrongun & my gut instinct, has yet to be wrong!! I'd hate a man who showered me with fake, sickly sweet, compliments 24/7, I'd prefer a man who's compliments were rare, but you knew, when said, that they were 100% heart felt. 

Vicky & Creepy Brooke

I watched 'Come Dine With Me' then at 5.20pm, I dragged myself out of bed, pulled on jeggings & a long sleeved T-shirt & hoodie then went to the shop & got 4 Diet Cokes, a Sun paper, a packet of Doritos & a Closer magazine. Then I came home & went back to bed, I began to feel freezing cold again, so I got out of bed & put the heating on, then dived back under the covers, teeth chattering. I watched 'Home & Away' ate some Doritos, then lay back down again, feeling awful. 

The Braxton's Home & Away

My head was boiling up, like yesterday, but I felt ice cold & my head felt, like it was being whacked, with sledge hammers. I typed a Facebook & Twitter status, around 7pm, then collapsed on the bed again. Martin text me to see how I was, which was sweet of him, he is a good hearted guy & we had a bit of a text natter, while I was laying down. Ellie, who I know from 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side' was also very sweet & said on Twitter, that if there was anything I needed, to let her know & she'd call by, which was very kind of her.

Lovely Simon Cole

Later, ex Hollyoaks buddy, Simon, called me at 8.35pm, while I was half watching 'Top Dog Model' When I was feeling, super lousy, he said if I wasn't doing anything next weekend, he'd come stay with me, to catch up with me & also cheer me up. I said I'd love that. He asked me if my throat was sore? I said "Yeah my tonsils!!" He said he could tell it was, from my squeaky voice. Mid convo, he suddenly vanished, which made me chuckle (Despite feeling shit!) As I knew either his battery, or his phone signal, had gone. Moment's later, he wrote on my Facebook wall 'Hold on! batt died...the usual (note to self. Charge ya fookin phone!)' Yep no battery, I thought so!!!... I said no worry's, as I was having trouble talking, with my sore throat, anyway! He replied 'Aww babe! well you focus on getting better and I look forward to seeing ya next week!! Cuddle up with ya big lion and have a good sleepies!! mwah! big hugs and kisses!! xxxx' Bless him, I love Simon, he is such a sweetheart (He share's my late mums birthday, August 16th, so how could he be anything else but lovely!!) I laughed as he meant 'Big Tiger' not 'Big Lion' but close enough.

My Big Tiger (Not Lion)  'Homes' 

I took a load of prescription drugs for the pain, then watched, or rather, semi watched, 'Dallas' propped up against my 'Big Tiger' called Homes. I felt dreadful, I might have to watch the repeat to grasp, all that's going on. Then I turned to ITV2 +1 to watch NEW dating show, called 'Girlfri3nds' Presented by Big Brother's Emma Willis. Three girls (One blonde, one brunette & one red head) Get to choose 6 dates, from a choice of 100 men, good luck with that, if the first 50, are anything to go by. Which were mainly a mixture of, boring dullards, geek's, nerds & freaks. It certainly is not an advert for quality English men. But at least they turned down, the nerdy guy who'd had a huge lottery win (I'd of had no respect for them if any had chosen him, not a fan of gold diggers)

The only one, who was acceptable, wasn't even British he was a French guy, called Ken, who looked like a younger, more attractive, Craig Fairbrass. The Brunette girl, proved that she obviously has a few chromosome's missing, as she chose, this absolutely boring, evasive, jack the lad, tosser, in a turquoise polo shirt, as one of her dates, she apparently loves a bad boy. I wouldn't of dated the arsehole, if he came wrapped in Million Dollar Bills!! There was also some heavily tattoo'd, muscle, munter, horror. Jeeeeze do the film crew do any research on the girls types? They just seemed to have gathered together 100 random men, which judging by the 1st 50 are 95% losers!!! If I was one of those girls, I'd not be happy with the poor selection on offer, you'd think there would be, lots of possible Mr rights, from 100 guys.... but oh noooooo!!!


By the end of the show I had a high temperature, but the headache & nausea had thankfully gone & I was feeling perkier!! I even managed, to post some tweets about 'Girlfri3nds' I am now, half wondering, if the temperature, is connected to my septic, left, big toe? Or to Kidney stones?? (Which I think I have) I managed a decaf coffee, without heaving. But I had no appetite, despite only eating a couple of rice cakes, at this rate I will be back to a size 8 again, in no time lol. I read some of my 'Closer' magazine, I'll attempt my paper tomorrow & went to sleep again, that's all I feel I have done, since Monday. (Calories consumed 799)

Thursday 27th September, I woke at 8.40am, due to rumbling thunder & sharp coccyx pain, if my operation is successful, I will ask my Doctor, if it can be done on my coccyx (Even the horrible side effects, of these past few days, would be worth it!! If it ended the pain!!) I had an odd dream, where Natalie Imbruglia was crying, about being treated badly, by Ricky Martin, backstage, and I was cutting long hairs, from up my nose, with scissors WTF?? God only knows, what that was all about. I'm blaming it on my fever!! I was very hot & clammy with a bit of a temperature, but I felt a lot better than I did on Tuesday & Wednesday. I had a shower to get rid of all the clammy sweat, I got on the scales & I'd lost 2lb & then slipped on, my leopard print, baby doll nightie, fluffy slippers & long military Primark coat & popped to the shop.

I got a Sun paper, decaf coffee, honey, lemon juice, a mini Jack Daniels, Marmite rice cakes & some Rivita crispbread's, which shockingly came to over £13, for 7 small items, the price of food today is shocking. I came home & had lemon juice, honey, JD & hot water for my bad throat, due to Op. Then I had two, small, avocado's, on 4 rye crispbread's, for brunch at 12pm, which I was mild enough not to make me feel sick. By 1pm the hot toddy did the trick & my throat felt a lot better!! I had a bit of a temperature, but felt a lot better than I did on Tuesday & Wednesday. 


I watched the fab 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' Alexis really irks me, big time!! She is so Fake & Ostentatious, even her twin daughters birthday, was sickeningly, all about her, and her hospital drama's, when she gave birth to them, guess she must of contracted ME, as with her it is all me, me, me (She made the most cringeworthy, embarrassing, speech ever!!!) A Princess, Puppy Party, what the hell was she thinking? How are those two, poor little mites, going feel when all the puppies, are then all taken away, from them, after the party is over? Bloody cruel, if you ask me, when they both have been asking her, for puppy's. Ugh & don't even get me started on her vile conceited husband!!

Self Obsessed Alexis & Her Vain, Munter, Husband

After I watched that, I had 2, sliced, hard boiled eggs, on two Marmite rice cakes (My appetite is back damn it, so I must be on the mend!!) Then I watched 'Come Dine With Me' a Moron called Chris, who cooked tonight was simply unbelievable (He cooked Asparagus & cut off the heads & threw them away & served the tough stems PML!!) Then I watched 'Home & Away' followed by Ch4 News. At 7.45 I was hungry again, so I had 2 Quorn burgers with mustard on, with 2 red sweet chilli's & coffee. 

At 8pm I watched 'Xfactor USA' like the UK version it was full of too much filler, it wasn't until 15mins in that the 1st person sang (Yawn!) I watched the 1st hour. Brittany wore an ill advised, red dress, that had, a sheer mesh, plunging front panel. I don't know if she wore tit-tape? But if not she needed it & if so she needed better, stronger, tit tape, or a decent invisible bra, instead. As her tits seemed to be, hanging down on her waist, as she sat at the judging desk. So she should sort out her styling, before she is renamed Tit-On-Knee Spears!! 

Brittany In Pink Version, Of Red Dress 
(But With Stronger Tit-Tape)

Then I turned over to watch the brilliant 'Making Faces' about the people that make prosthetics (Amazing stuff!!) then I turned over to ITV2 +1 and rejoined 'Xfactor USA' exactly where I left off. This very pretty lad, in his teens or early 20's, called Vincent Thomas came on. He was a bit cocky & full of him self & he looked the part of a teen heart throb, but sadly his singing left a lot to be desired. He should try modelling or acting & give up on the singing, because he really doesn't cut the mustard vocally. Then I watched 'Celebrity Juice' where Joey Essex, yet again, showed what a dunce he is, and they also showed, the embarrassing video message, Alex Reid posted on-line, begging Chantelle to work things out with him. Cringe! Then I had a Decaf Coffee & read the paper. 

Adrian & Catherine 'Am I bovvered' Tate 

The front cover was about a supposed romance, between grumpy faced, Adrian Chiles & comedian Catherine Tate, their not a pair you'd put together. Apparently they were dating secretly for most of this year, I thought she was still with 'Take That's' Jason Orange!!? Also a gangsters moll the widow of a Manchester Crimelord won £1Million on the lotto (& they say the lord works in mysterious ways!) the day after her scumbag murdering nephew, Kiaran 'Psycho' Stapleton, 21, was jailed for life. 

Celebrity Big Brother's Rhian, is today's page 3, looking very sexy. Comedian, Justin Lee Collins, is in court at the moment in, St Albans, charged with, putting someone (His girlfriend) through fear of violence. There was a bit about the UK giving £Billions in foreign aid to country's, that need it less, than we do (I have been carping on about this for years) I wonder just how much foreign aid, our British people will get?? After flood waters (Below) washed away their homes foundations, making them inhabitable. I won't be holding my breath, while waiting to count it! 

 Wonder How Much Foreign Aid, The UK Will Get For This??

Talking of so called allies, the French police Interpol, will NOT help with the search for the 15yr, school girl, Megan Stammers who ran off with her married 30yr teacher. Leaving her parents at their wits end!! They say it is not a crime when aged 15yrs in France, so will do nothing unless the parents accuse the teacher of kidnapping (Which I would, if I was them!) Teacher Jeremy Forest was told he was to be suspended, the day before he ran off. I'd be going out of my mind with worry, if that was my daughter/step-daughter. Meanwhile, over in the USA, PM David Cameron, was on the US 'David Letterman Show' & the host, took the rise out of the PM. 

 Wilfed & Sex Buddy Bear.... Don't Ask!!
 One Licker & One Sucker!!! 

Then I watched the very odd, but also rather funny, in a twisted, sick kind of way, American show,'Wilfred' (Above) on BBC3. Then I went to bed at 2am... Yes 2am!! Obviously I'm feeling better, when my libido comes back, as strong as my appetite (annoyingly) has, I'll know I'm back to normal (Calories consumed 1,370) 

Friday 28th September, I woke at 9am feeling good, but with a bit of a temperature, and my sore throat back (Bugger) guess it is time to call in the artillery (A packet of Fisherman's Friend, or two) I removed the wadding at the back of my neck from my Op, I was surprised just how soaked in blood it was, it looked like a vampires teabag! I jumped in the shower & washed away the clammy sweat & washed my hair. I also tried scrubbing away, the glue, from my dressing, the stuff is hard to get off (The residue from the tape round my rings and over my belly button stud, was hard enough after 45mins, and that was in front of me, where I could see it!!) On my neck where I couldn't, after several days, was a lot harder. Then I hard boiled two eggs & sliced them & laid them on 2 Marmite rice cakes, for breakfast. I also had a coffee followed by lemon juice & honey in hot water, for my sore throat. Then rubbed the back of my neck with a surgical spirit soaked, cotton wool pad, to try rid myself of the surgical gum, residue, that's hard to shift.

I dried my hair & did a light make-up as skin is sensitive, and has bumps under the surface on my face, due to a reaction, to the drugs given to me in my Op. I can't find my Versace powder brush, I hope it got left at Anna's & I haven't lost it as that will cost around £30 to replace. I wore my F'Hole jeans (I'm such a child, that label on my jeans, ALWAYS amuses me!) Plus my 'Tickled Pink' Marilyn Monroe print, T-shirt (Below) which is a charity T-shirt for a breast cancer charity & my TrimSole thong mules. I popped to the shop to get today's paper then, came home checked Facebook & Twitter & email messages. I have 2 pencils put in my diary, for 2 adverts. 

Looking for ideas, for costumes, for Halloween, this year, I Googled, Halloween Hertfordshire, to see if there were, some local businesses, that did Halloween outfits? As there use to be a fab one, on Hollywell Hill, St Albans, but that sadly closed, shortly after I moved here (I was gutted, it had amazing belly dance costumes too!!) A Facebook page, called Halloween House popped up, in the search, which sounded interesting. 

So I clicked on it. The info said 'Every year the largest display is put up purely for the fun and enjoyment of Halloween, all for one night only' Which sounded great, if ever a year came & I didn't have a friends Halloween party, to go to!! But there is no website, or any details, of where it is, so I just liked it & subscribed, in case they inboxed info, in a group message, nearer the time. I also found some local, costume shops, like FunZone, but the Halloween, costume section, was shite! Guess I will have to improvise as usual! 

Then as it was almost 3pm I gathered my stuff together for my 4pm Luton, meeting, in In Training, and grabbed my fluffy cream River Island Jacket & set off for St Albans train station & once on the platform, I started reading my Sun paper, while I awaited my train & on it once it arrived. 

I got to the Luton offices & waited to see my advisor Cindy, she photocopied the paperwork, I gave all my constantly changing advisors (Why don't they keep it on file on my profile on their PC??) Then she showed me details of a job for a telesales manager, with a shit 13K salary plus commission, that commission better be good as it would only just pay my rent, let alone food, travel & bills.  I left at around 5pm, and popped into Primark, as I needed some thick, black, tights, with winter rapidly apon us (Did it ever really go away?) But of course being me I couldn't help but peruse the lingerie (As I wanted yellow, gingham, knickers, to match, a fab, bra, of mine) No luck, but I still ended up leaving with one cerise thong, a cerise bra & 9 varied briefs! OOPS!! Too many clothing vouchers, bursting to get out of my purse. 

Then I headed back to Luton station, for the journey home, I feel much more my energised, self, today. I got a croissant & medium cappuccino, in the platform cafe. My bad toe, is burning like a bitch today, I will have to see the doc about some antibiotics Monday, odd never had a blister go like this before, my bloody toe looks like it has the embola virus! Not pretty!! I got home in time to catch the end of 'Come Dine With Me' & 'Home & Away' I changed the lightbulb in my light on the upstairs landing. I went on my laptop & checked my hotmail & then Facebook & Twitter messages. I had a message from a an American, TV Producer, who works in the UK on the odd show or two I watch, and no doubt a whole load I don't. 

He'd started following me out of the blue & messaging me, a week or two back, not sure why? But being a typical Gemini, my instant response is, always suspicion, followed by curiosity! I think his 1st private message was about my presently defunked band Evil Barbie & The Ken-Dolls. Anyway I digress, he was asking how I felt after my Op? Which was nice of him & said he was working in Preston or somewhere similar sounding, and would be passing by my way to go home (Not being a driver, I have no idea, if that is actually true, or not??) So was I free, to catch a quick drink, with him, tomorrow? (The 2nd time he has mentioned having a drink, since he began talking to me!) 

I said I was doing nothing, so if he was coming into St Albans, yes, but I wasn't going to travel outside of St Albans, to meet him. So we settled on a rough pencil of 8pm in the Peahen. Then I will be able to look him in the eye & suss out, exactly, what this sudden, follow, chat & invite for a drink, is all about? Being a typical Gemini I have about 4 possibility's in my head, I will know which one of them, if any, is correct, when I look him in the eye on Saturday. It will also be a good opportunity, to network anyway & pick his brain about a few TV techniques, to use when I have a few presenting auditions. As always, I made sure, ALL my responses, were manner of fact, without any play flirting, whatsoever, or kisses in text, so he could not wrongly assume, tomorrow was a date.

Then I searched high & low for my Super Glue to mend the broken runner, in my chest of draws in my bedroom, so I can put the draw back in! I was sure it was in my sequinned Primarni Shopper, but no, so then I thought I must of taken it out & put put away. So I checked my tool box, NOPE! I checked my cupboard, that has stuff for fixing things, in, NOPE! I even looked in the covered shelves, of my lounges, side table, NOPE! Damn it!! I have probably lost that too!! I will have to buy some more & fix it tomorrow, Grrrr!!!

Damn it I hate it when I set my mind to do something, then circumstances prevent me from doing just that!! So over brimming with energy after being practically stuck in bed for 4 days (Sooo not me!) I did a load of chores & found things to sort or throw out or do but I was getting bored & TV was shite! So at 12.30am I decided to give up & let Supercasino entertain me, as it always does, when I am bored & there is nothing else on. I decided to watch it in bed but rather than strip off & jump into bed. 

To kill my boredom I decided to play a game of strip roulette as a kind of boredom game. So whenever a double number - 11 - 22 - 33 or 6 or 20 came up on the wheel, I would remove an item & I interacted this on twitter with hashtag's #boredomgame & #strip4bedroulette it didn't take long for my 1st dbl 22 to come up on Rob's shift, so one fluffy sock came off, then a 33 2nd sock was gone, a while later another 33 & one earring was removed on Bryn's shift, then a 3rd 33 so the other earring came out, by now other twitter users were playing along too. Then a 6 came out on Rob's 2nd shift, so that was my Marilyn T-shirt gone. Quickly followed by a 22 so that was my jeans gone, so I just had my white undies & a hair clip left to go. 

I got a twitter message saying ‏@Meeja_oo @The_Evil_Barbie I'm loving your #boredomgame and trying to work out a version of my own. Better than betting actual money! Puh! Which made me laugh, for once I can say a casino game had the shirt off my back, and be telling the truth! As I don't actually gamble except for the lotto occasionally, or on the horses at Royal Ascot on my Birthday.

Good Birthdays Can Be A Gamble

My game fan, continued, with yet another, message, on twitter saying @Meeja_oo @The_Evil_Barbie before #boredomgame supercasino only bored the pants off me - now it's a proper game and only one of us can win! Then a 22 came up, so a double 2 number, meant losing a double E bra, I was just laughing at that, when a number 6 came up, immediately after, so with only knickers & a hair clip left I opted for the clip. Then with the number 20 on Bryn's 2nd shift my pants were off & it was time for bed & sleep about 3.20am (Calories consumed 1,063)

Saturday 29th September, I slept briefly and woke at 8.30am, I was sure I'd put the Super Glue, I'd hunted for last night in my big sequinned Primarni (Joke name for Primark) shopper, so I emptied the entire bag out & run hands over internal lining. And ah ha!! I felt bumps & found a tiny hole, in the pocket lining, which both the Super Glue & my Versace powder brush, had slipped through. Sadly my Barbie dolls, jeans were not also in there. So I used the glue on the broken chest of draws runner, and by 9.30am all out standing DIY tasks were done. 

Cute Card!!?...... Look Closer!! 

I had a 'Get Well Soon' card from Nat & Terry come through the post, on the front was this really cute picture of a beige teddy bear, a bit like my teddy bear Rob, with a cute cream puppy snuggled up to it, and I thought ahhh, and Nat & Terry have Mellowed (As their cards are normally, sarcastic, insulting or obscene!!) & then I saw, the erect penis, drawn, between the teddies legs, and burst out laughing, typical Nat!!! I had a green tea with lemon juice in. Then did a bit of weeding in the garden, in my tracksuit, as it is a nice day. 

Then I laid under my sunbed, for 15mins to try get rid of this lump, that has come up, on the right hand side, of my jaw line, due to reaction to steroids in Op. Then I pulled on my jeans, Marilyn T-Shirt and TrimSoles & my D&G sunglasses & popped out, into town, sans make-up and to Wilkinson's for a few household essentials. As I approached the store there was this oriental woman, sat on a bench, holding this huge, giant, white, cuddly, toy dog or rabbit, on her lap, with big pink bows round it's ears..... 

Or so I thought, because as I neared her, I realised it was a real, white giant poodle (Without a poodle cut) or a poodle cross, the way it was so still, all cuddled up with her, was adorable, and its pink, bowed, ears, looked like bunches, it was the sweetest, poodle breed, dog, I'd ever seen!! Honestly, this dog, was sooooo sweet, it would of been a danger to diabetics!! I really wish I'd of thought, to take a photo on my mobile. 

I got my odds n sods, from Wilkinson's, then window shopped round the boutiques, trying to think of, something original, for Halloween. Then I went to my favourite local cafe, J.K. Palmers (Above) for a Diet Coke, Tuna Melt Jacket Potato & a Cappuccino. Yummy & I was greeted warmly by everyone as always. My meal was tasty & reasonably priced as usual. I popped in their lady's before leaving and some woman had left a beautiful silver costume jewellery ring, with a large square zircona stone, on the window ledge, above the sink. Where she must of removed it, to wash her hands & forgotten about it. So I handed it in to the cafe owner, in case, she came back. I know I'd be gutted if I was her, and lost, or came back & someone has stolen it, as it was very pretty. After that I popped a 100yds to American Nails, to get a fake tip, to replace my nail, that I broke yesterday. 

Their cute daughter Jessica, who is often in the salon, was playing her own game, with ripped coloured paper, for food, for a pretend party. One parent, commented on the bits of paper, scattered on the floor & spoke about "clearing up the mess!!" The cute little mite, then quickly piped up "It's not a mess..... It's a Celebration!!" Which made me chuckle a lot! Bless..... I will tell myself that, next time my lunge looks a mess & I don't feel like tidying up!! 


My lovely buddie Simon text me, saying 'Evil Barbie is a legend can't wait to see ya next week! Xoxo'  I text back 'Nor can I'  I finally got home around 5.30-6pm & thought, I'd better text Nick, an American, TV producer, who works on UK TV shows. As I had agreed, to meet, for a quick drink, tonight, as he was, apparently, passing this way, after working in Preston, or somewhere starting with P & I had nothing else planned. Plus I'm never one, to turn down the opportunity, for a bit of networking & picking the brains, of someone in the industry. So I sent the text asking if he was still on for a quick drink, or not? Then put on the heating, as although it was still sunny out, the temperature had dropped considerably. 

He text back asking the Peahens postcode, saying he was still at wherever, doing whatever it he was doing, work wise, saying it was going slow, which he thought was a pain in the butt. But is normal in TV & Film so I knew it would probably be a case of 'Take a rain cheque' which would be no big deal. I sent the postcode & asked if he was working on his usual TV show tonight? Then did a bit more weeding. He text back he wasn't working tonight so I was stuck with him, then asked what my plans were? I said I had none I'd just stay home & veg watching TV & doing some chores, if he wanted to take a rain cheque? And seeing him for a drink, if he didn't want to cancel! 

He said they were just wrapping & would work out how long it would take to get to to St Albans, he has an uncle living here or something. Then asked how late would be too late to meet? As he was already behind & didn't want to let me down. So I replied 'When the pubs shut is when it's too late, other than that I'm flexible' To which he oddly replied 'Crap then I have got to drive back! Noooo. Hummm should of planned this better' I mulled that over in my head, what's the driving problem? He must have to drive home very late after his normal night time TV show?? So that would be nothing new to him! Plus around 11.30 - 12am, would be early for him. Was he hedging to stay at mine? If so, he was Soooooo wide of the mark, he was in a different time zone! I didn't reply, while I mulled all that over.

While busy Mulling he text again, saying would I hate him if he said Tuesday instead? As that way he could enjoy a few drinks, without having to worry. Adding 'Sorry to change plans, that's not cool' saying 'What do you think, as you know I do want to see you' It was fine by me, I looked in my diary & I wasn't pencilled for anything, so would probably be free. And it's no skin off my nose, we were just meeting for a quick drink, as he was passing through. It's not as if, I have spent anytime today, getting ready for a date, that has now cancelled, that's far more annoying, than this!! 

I replied 'No Big Deal, Tue's seems OK unless I get a casting come in, between now & then, I'll pencil you in' Cool so vegging out & catching up with chores, it is tonight. It gives me time, for my toe to heal, some more too. So I was confused when he then replied that, he didn't want to change plans, as he was dying to meet me & all the cats.... Err OK!!?? Adding he was going to rush & do his best, but if anything changes my end he'd understand..... ?? Adding he owed me extra drinks whenever he saw me.... Why? I'm not bothered!! It's fine!...

Now I was confused, I thought I was chilling out tonight, but now it looked like I was going out again! So I replied 'I haven't got any cats, my lease doesn't allow pets (Sadly) Confused now, are you saying you ARE coming now, or will be rushing Tues??' To which he replied 'Oh you don't have any cats? Oh there goes my plan to come back & see them! Ha Tues for sure & rushing to make tonight also' 

OK, right, so I'm not chilling out, I'm having a shower!? This guy is more changeable/indecisive than a bloody Virgo! So I text back 'Even if I had cats, you'd not see them, NOBODY, Male or Female, gets inside my home until I know them very well! No Exceptions' So he knew, what hymn book, I'm singing from & was under no misconceptions! 

He replied 'Great Rule' I replied 'OK let me know asp the eta tonight, so I know if I'm slobbing out or jumping in the shower' As the only thing, that is likely to fuck me off, right now, is this constant, hesitant, yes/no about tonight. If it's yes great, if it's no great, but just pick one & stick with it!! He replied that he was glad about the nobody back to mine rule (Why?) & that he was looking forward to meeting me, he said tonight was going to be rushed & he felt bad for that. Adding 'Is Tuesday OK? Hate to cancel on you' He felt bad about what? That tonight would be a quickie drink? (That's all it was to be anyway?) Or was he saying it was off & he felt bad to cancel? His messages are not clear!! (Thank God he is a Producer not a Director! Because the direction of his messages are all over the show!!) 

I decided to just reply as if it is cancelled, then I have finalised it or we are just going in circles. So I said 'Yeah that's fine, I would never recommend rushing, having been in 7 car crashes myself. Tues is fine unless something comes up!' He said thanks for understanding as its not on to postpone, but wants to have time to enjoy a drink or two! I replied 'Ha ha don't worry, I won't be reaching for the razor blades, things don't always work to plan, that's the way life is. No point stressing tomorrow is another day & so is Tuesday' 

Then I grilled two slices of Haloumi, mashed one avocado & spread on 2 Dark Rye crisp breads & laid a grilled slice of Haloumi on each, Yum!! Then took it with a can of Decaf Diet Coke to watch the 'Xfactor' at the judges houses (Boring) then 'Xtra Factor' (Equally boring for once) Then I did a whole lot of blogging, watching 'The Jonathan Ross Show' then the film 'Sliver' which was not all that. Listened to my Paul McKenna CD then went to bed at about 3am (Calories consumed 845)

Sunday 30th September, I had a real restless mishmash of a dream, which I can't really recall, or make head nor tail of, on waking. I got up had a shower & pulled on my pink PJ's, I was half thinking of going to Watford, to watch local team, Cassiobury Revolution play, to give them all, a bit of support, as I was up early. But I had a load of stuff to do & I didn't think little o'le me, would make much of a difference to them. So instead of wrapping up warm & whooping enthusiastically at the side of a Watford pitch, I did load after load of laundry & a stack of ironing. Not as exciting, but necessary! I watered the plants, my pink orchid, is so beautiful right now, I took a few pictures, but none do it justice. 

Then I did a bit of dusting & hoovering, it is overcast & grey out, so maybe the boring chores, was the better choice, out of doing chores & watching footie. By 2.30pm I was feeling really hungry & it was then I realised I'd not eaten today, in fact I'd not even drank anything! That Paul McKenna CD last night must of kicked in. So I mashed a avocado spread it on 2 Rivita & put a slice of grilled Haloumi on each & had 8 cherry tomato's on the side, with a Diet Coke to wash it all down. 

I heard via Twitter that the local Watford team lost their game, I will try not to blame myself for my lack of support today! I didn't bother getting a Sunday Sun paper today, as half of it is usually full of articles I'm not interested in pretty much from the centre page onwards. Plus I couldn't be arsed to get out of my PJ's. So I read Wednesdays paper that I'd not go round to

Then I did a load of blogging then watched the 'Xfactor' where the judges chose their final 3 out of the 6, which was pretty boring. Nobody excites me again this year, I can't even be arsed to do a blog about it this year. At 8.23pm I got a call on my mobile, from a number, neither my phone or I recognised 075*****037 Who hung up, as soon as I answered!! So either it was an accidental, bum dial, a wrong number, or a girl/guy going through a guys phone & wondering what sex, the owner of my number is? (If I am just entered in by my initials) Hmmm?? I didn't call back! 

Peckish but not hungry, I had, 2 Quorn burgers, sandwiched between, 4, Marmite rice cakes spread with English mustard. Eating to keep energy high, but calories low!! Next week, it is a full on, gym assault, in readiness for, a photo session, at the end of the month. I've got to get back to the old me, now that my back, is thankfully, feeling much improved. I watched a Jodie Foster film, 'The Brave One' what a slow boring movie, I wish I hadn't bothered, 100% Yawnsville. 

So I was grateful for Supercasino & Rob Lamarr (Above) to add a bit of fun, wit & cheekiness, to my otherwise boring TV screen, with his quick sense of humour, plus a pinch of, just the right side of, near the knuckle, humour for it not to be lewd or crude. For those of you, like me, who are a bit of an insomniac, and only have Freeview, or the main 5 channels, and are sick of nothing decent to watch in the Wee hrs. Getting sick of all the shopping channels, like 'The Store' showing constant repeats, give Super Casino a go, even if you have no interest of playing, it is still a good laugh, and you can interact via email, twitter or Facebook.

All the SC presenters are good, but if your a newbie to the show, I recommend your 1st show is one of Robs, you can find those days out, via the website, or check in on twitter or Facebook. As I said all SC presenters are good, but I think of them all, Rob is best & in a league of his own, he exudes energy & brings life & fun to the screen, and if you start off watching the show, feeling down, after a bad day, I bet you feel a lot chirpier by the end of his shift on SC (His joyful exuberance, is very infectious) & if you are a fan already of Casino type shows like Jackpot247 on ITV, then why not give Ch5 a go, for a change, I bet you will be glad you did!! OK so that's my free Ad for the show over lol. 

Anyway the show tonight was amusing & full of banter as always & kept me entertained until 3am, while finishing writing this blog, then I discovered to my delight 'The Event' was on E4 +1 Whoop whoop! So I watched that before crashing out (Calories consumed 1,170)