Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Very FRIENDly, Balanced, Week!!

Monday 15th April, I managed to fall asleep around 2.30am, when there was a lull, in Mikes snoring, in the lounge. I woke at 7am, when Mike left for work, then I fell asleep again, I had an odd dream (Don't I always!!) I dreamt, I was somewhere, with my younger brother Bill, and I was heading off somewhere (No idea where?) & would be meeting up with him later. As I was about to step out of the porch area of the door I just closed, onto the pavement. I saw two guys, spraying mace in the face, of either a policeman or a Securicor guy. So I stepped back into alcove in the porch to hide, not wanting them to know there was a witness. But to my horror, they headed for the door I'd exited, so I faced the corner of the alcove, hoping not to be seen, or if seen for them to think I had not viewed what they looked like. One was blonde with a floppy curtains like fringe & black leather jacket & jeans about 30, the other older with long shoulder length hair, with jeans a white bomber jacket & red baseball cap pulled down hiding most of his face. 

They were smashing at the door, of the building, my brother was in & I hoped there was a rear exit, they could flee from, before the door was broken in. I felt the blonde one come up behind me, with a baseball bat raised & I thought "Any minute I will be either knocked out, or dead, with my head caved in!!" and I braced myself, ready for the inevitable. But instead he put his hand in my pocket & pulled out my 2 Chub keys, to open the lock with (Like the two I need to copy for Mike today, as Jennie can't find my spare key's, that I gave her!! Which is typical, as I only gave them to her, in case I ever lost my original keys & was locked out, as she is local. Which is fuck all use, if she can't bloody find them!!) They got in with them & I used that moment to run out of the alcove, onto the street & round the corner & dialled 999. For once in my dream my phone worked when I dialled, but my call was diverted by those connected to the bad guys, they told me my brother was dead in the building, and as I'd tried to call the police, they had slaughtered my mother in her bed!! 
I woke at 8.30am, when Mike text to say he'd left something at mine, so I got up & unlocked the kitchen door, then went to bed & after Mike had been & one I fell asleep again, oddly continuing my dream, where I'd left off. Wrought with guilt, that my mother was dead, due to me & my brother being dead too, due to them getting my keys. I was on the run, I knew if they knew who my mum & brother was, I could not go home, as they must have my address. I had spare keys to a friends & hid there, while making arrangement's, via a network of friends. Somehow I manages to get myself, a huge penthouse, suite, in a hotel, who's decor was mustard & black. I wondered if I was safe & why these people, wanted to do harm to those I loved? I also was holding & petting, a white cat, with a operation scar running along his/her shaved belly, from throat to groin. Then I woke at 10am, thinking "What the hell was that all about?"

I had a bath, then washed & dried my hair, & wore lemon undies & my jeans & a lemon T-shirt. I toasted a bagel & had some egg-mayo on top & a coffee for breakfast. I did some housework listening to 4Music. Then I popped to the shop for a Sun newspaper, I got in & settled down to read the paper with a Diet Coke. The front page, was about, the three thug, Millwall FC supporters, at the centre of the violence at Saturdays FA Cup, Semi-final. The scum are 'Tony Shannon' 27, 'Liam O'Kane' & 'Billy Mower' The UK was hotter, than Sao Paulo, or Corfu, yesterday, with a temp of 21C (71F) but tomorrow, is set to be 10C, cooler, at 12C (54F) Crazy English Weather!!

Fame seeking, pikey loving, borefest, egotist, 'Sally Bercow' (Apt name, half Berk, half Cow!!) Say's she is shunning 'Margaret Thatchers' funeral on Tuesday (Give a F**k it will be better, without her ugly, smug, face <Above> in the crowd anyway!!) She said she is not obliged to join her Commons Speaker husband, John. Funny how she didn't feel that way for the Royal Wedding in 2011, or the opening of Parliament! Bloody lefty 

A Jewish drug baron, jailed for trying to smuggle, £35Million of cocaine into the UK, is laughably trying to sue, prison chiefs for not providing kosher food, or choice for what he is served. I'm sure being a drug baron is far from kosher, and he lost his right to choose, anything, when he chose a life of crime. The cheeky git Orthodox Jew, wants £2,500 in 'Exemplary Damages' & legal costs over his treatment in 'Frankland Jail' near Durham. Lets just hope some idiot, soft, (Possibly Jewish) Judge, doesn't take pity & side with the scum, with numerous, prior convictions!! 

Page 3's Sabine, 20 from London is a beauty. Meanwhile the ex of beauty 'Kelly Brook' has changed his phone number & email address to cut her out of his life so she can't keep contacting him. If Kelly did chose 'Danny Cipriani' over Ex 'Thom Evans' I don't blame him, it must be gutting, to be dumped for someone so inferior! Where as the model in the Sun Woman, Fashion section, 'Bright on, sister' had the most revolting twig legs I've seen in a long time!! They were thinner than, most slim women's, arms YUCK!! My stars for Gemini said 'Communicator Mercury makes it easy to get along with anyone today. Strengthening friendships & making useful contacts. your love profile is deep & intuitive, so you can read a partners mind & know if it's time to ask a special question (Lol my intuition says NO!) Single? Check out an L name!!' (PML) 

I did a few chores then went to the Job Centre & looked at the latest local jobs & then I went & got two spare keys cut for Mike (£15 the same, huge amount, I paid for the ones, Jennie has lost/misplaced) Then met my friends, 'Amanda & Jennie', in Costa Coffee for a catch up. I had a Large Cappuccino & Nutty Flapjack, with Amanda, while we waited for Jennie's arrival  (She's notorious for never being on time) When Jennie arrived I had a Diet Coke. We chatted catching up on loads of stuff (I'd not seen Amanda for years!!) Amanda said she was doing the 'Vi 90 day challenge' 

I said I'd heard about that, from friends in America & they'd raved about it, but I thought it was only available in the USA?? She said it was but it was now in the UK (Excellent) There are several types of product (Balance) is the  one that boosts your health (Which I am interested in) it strengthens nails, makes hair grow thicker & increases your health, energy & vitality, with an added bonus of it has shown to boost metabolism too & help with weight loss. Then there is a weight loss meal replacement option (Shape) for fast but healthy weight loss (See pic above) & a 3rd fitness package (Boost) for people who are weight training, gym bunny's, or body building competitors which helps build muscle & reduce fat making them ripped. (See top picture above!)

I was keen to try the health (Balance) package (Above) as my body took a real battering with Double Pneumonia, followed by Shingles, a Tumour, then Gallstones, followed by the shock of mums, sudden unexpected death. My red & white T Cells were at a very low & dangerous ebb at one point. So This Vi (Balance) Health Maintenance package, could do wonders for me & if it thickens my hair & aids weight loss too, that is a bonus. I have heard that it has turned the lives around, of people suffering with ME, so it should certainly boost my system. 

Amanda said she was on the Maintenance (Balance) program & her hair is thicker & has a lot of new growth, plus just by swapping her breakfast for the health shake, she lost 10lb in 2 months. No dieting or extra gym, she said it just fell off!! Sounds promising, she said if you do the 90 day challenge (Health, Weight or Fitness) & if you get 3 friends to do it with you, you get your products for the challenge FREE!! Result!! (See Above)

 Jennie said she would do the weight loss one, with some of the Mums from her kids school & I know at least 3 fellow SA's, who want to lose weight. So the (Shape) package (above) would be great for them!! Also one male SA wanting to gain muscle & bulk. (So the Boost would be great for him) Jennie had to go to get the kids, so Amanda & I had yet another, yummy Cappuccino & I signed up to the 90 day challenge if you want to give it a go, or learn more & you live in the UK, USA, or Spain view the video by clicking Here >>>>> Body By Vi Challenge  Amanda & I  chatted a bit more & she said she would do a party, round mine Saturday week, if I had any other friends interested in trying the 90 Day Challenge. 

Mike called me on the mobile & said "how about we have, an Indian tonight?" I said "Yeah why not!!" he said he'd be at mine at about 7pm & we'd go over to the Indian takeaway then. I got home checked my emails, Facebook & Twitter & chatted until Mike got home. One he got to mine, I gave him the keys, I had cut for him & we went over to the 'India Garden' I had a Poppadom, a Garlic Naan bread, an Onion Bhaji, & one of their specials, a King Prawn Delight (Which was bloody delicious!!) Mike had a Poppadom, a Peshwari Naan Bread, an Onion Bhaji, Oriental rice & a Lamb dish (Can't recall the name) but he asked them, to hold the Almonds & Prunes. Mine was lovely, but Mike said, his Lamb was tough & over cooked. 
We watched 'Revenge' & 'Made In Chelsea' then I made up Mikes bed in the lounge & retired to watch TV in my bedroom, while he turned in for the night. Within no time he was snoring loudly (Much louder than yesterday!) It sounded like I had two giant warthogs fighting in the lounge!! (Oh no I will hardly get a wink of sleep, being a light sleeper!!) I read the magazine on the Vi 90 Day Challenge, Amanda gave me then watched 'NCIS' and a couple of 'CSI's' before turning out the lights (Calories consumed, 1,570, 240cals OVER today's target Whoops!!)
Tuesday 16th April, Again I didn't fall asleep until 7.30am, can't recall any dream if I had one? Woke at 10.30am after only 3hrs sleep. I had some hot water with lemon juice & had a wash, I sliced a bagel in half & toasted the two half's & spread them with egg-mayo & drizzled with 'Blue Dragon' Sweet Chilli Sauce. Then I put on my hot pink undies, and wore my torn jeans, hot pink top & white Reebok, EasyTone trainers & headed out to my local off licence for a litre of milk & a Sun newspaper. 

I read the newspaper, the front page of course, was about the Boston Marathon, bombings, that was all over Twitter & the news last night. A boy of 8 is among the 3 dead & there are at least 130 injured. More devices  were found & made safe by police via controlled explosions. There was also a bit in the paper about 'Margaret Thatchers' funeral today, which I missed due to sleeping in, due to lack of sleep. While all the 'Lefty Morons', shout & bitch about the 'Conservatives' wasting money on pomp & ceremony, for 'Maggie's' funeral, to up their political profile. It was in fact their OWN 'Left Wing, Labour' members 'Tony (Insincere, Fill My Boots) Blair' & 'Gordon (Spunk Your Money) Brown' who organised & approved every detail of MT's funeral.... Years ago!!! So up yours!!.... To all you Lefty whingers!! 

A pregnant 23yr mum, 'Fiona Anderson' has killed herself & her 3 kids, after writing 'No one wants us' how awful & tragic. She jumped 40ft from a Suffolk car park, police found the 3 children, aged 3yrs, 2yrs & 11 months, dead at home half a mile away in Lowestoft. Friends say she left a string of despairing Facebook messages after, the father of her children apparently left her for someone else. One read 'No 1 wants us. No 1 will help us. The people who are supposed to help us, just tell lies & try & take my baby's away. I keep trying but No 1 will listen. Craig is all we had & now he is gone (Where were her friends? Parents? Siblings?) He hurt us & left us on our own. Were trapped here we can't get away. Everyone wants to hurt us. Their daddy the love of my life wants to hurt us. I can't make it stop. I want it to all go away but it wont stop. I need to hug my babies while they are sleeping & keep them safe & never let go' 

Today's page 3, Sam 27 from Manchester was a beauty. Not so beautiful is nutter 'Katherine Thurston', 47 (Above) She looks a lot older!! The nutter who stalked 'Hugh Jackman' to his NY gym throwing an electric razor full of her pubic hair (Euuuuwe) at him, screaming "I love you" (Yeah that's the way to a married man's heart) She said the razor was symbolic as "I hated him having those whiskers" The mad stalker approached him in San Francisco last year & also his wife near their daughters school, saying "I'm going to marry your husband" Following her arrest for the gym attack she said "It's not against the law to have two wives!!" Yeah like he'd marry you, you stalky nutter, he wouldn't touch a headcase like you, even if you were HOT which your soooo NOT!!

Murders - Connor, Brandon & Simon

Two teen brothers & an equally vile friend (Above) were jailed for the sickening crime, of killing a homeless man for a dare!! 'Connor Doran' 17, 'Brandon Doran' 14 & their friend 'Simon Evans' 14, targeted homeless 'Kevin Bennett' 53 as he slept rough, outside a Liverpool, Iceland, supermarket. Vile Connor goaded Simon, saying "I bet you haven't got it in you to do him in!!" Kevin suffered a fractured eye socket, a collapsed lung & a broken rib cage, which sickeningly detached from his chest. He died in hospital 6 days later, from his injury's. Simon told a friend "I started kicking him, I booted him, and now he's dead!" The younger brother Brandon 14, acted as a look out for the other two, on August 17, 2012, in the wee hrs (What the hell, were kids that age, doing out in the wee hrs??) 

Worthless Mother - Linda Doran

(What kind of feckless parents do both sets of teens have??) Leader Connor 17 got a minimum of 12yrs (Not enough) Simon 14 at least 8yrs (Not enough) & Brandon 14 six years (Not enough) The Brothers repugnant, excuse, for a mother 'Linda Doran' (Above) was also jailed for 30 months for (Nowhere Near Enough!!) For giving false alibi's for her sons, and perverting the course of justice. The vile waste of flesh is obviously a terrible mother, if you can use the 'M' word to describe her!!? Her Eldest son 'Ryan Doran' 23, was jailed last October, for murdering a 42yr old, at a Takeaway, in an unprovoked attack. Plus another son 'Jordan Doran' 21, was jailed for manslaughter. So 4 sons, in jail, for the deaths of others, I wouldn't hold my breath, for a 'Mother Of The Year Award' if I was her. 

'Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne', are having marriage problems, and are living separately, Ozzy blames Sharon's obsession with the showbiz lifestyle, which he say's he hates. My stars for Gemini said - 'Venus shines a light on secret feelings (Oh I'm just full, of secret feelings lol) & you can see more clearly what a partner wants & needs. Single? You see the love potential in a business-like newcomer (Lol the only business-like people I know are women!) A chance to work with people you like, means more than money. Luck is building for you & an older Leo relative' (The only Leo relative I know/knew, was my late mother)

Paper read, I shoved my gym leggings & a T-shirt in my rucksack, along with my ankle & wrist weights & my water bottle, then headed off for the gym. I did my usual 30min Bike, 100 reps, on the hip Adductor & 100 on the hip Abductor, plus 20mins on the cross trainer, plus the leg extensions & leg curls, also the Power Plate was working again. After 2 hours of working out, I showered & changed & headed home. Hungry, I heated the 2nd Onion Bhaji, that I didn't eat last night, in my microwave & sliced it in half & wrapped it, in the warmed, half of Garlic Naan bread, not eaten last night, with some of the minty green sauce, the meal came with. Quite a tasty combo. Then I did a load of laundry, housework & hoovering. Before settling down to watch 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' 'Millionaire Matchmaker' & 'Home & Away' then I packed my bag with a note book, pen etc for my radio presenter training later. 

I grilled 2 Quorn burgers & had them in a crusty roll, with egg-mayo & sweet chilli sauce, washed down with a Caffeine Free Diet Coke. Then headed off for my Radio Training, at Dagnall Street, Baptist Church, Upper Dagnall St. There were 11 of us there a whole bunch never turned up, judging by the name badges left over. There were about 4 women out of the 11 trainee's & there were a range of ages, backgrounds & ethnicity's, it was mainly a power point presentation, with questions & answers today. We finished at 9.30pm & I walked home. Mike was still out when I got in, I think he is watching footie down the pub. So I stripped had a wash, slipped on my dressing gown, then made myself a coffee & retired to my bedroom to watch TV. I had a Cadbury wholenut bar with my coffee & watched '666 Park Avenue' then 'Dallas' heard Mike come home, said "Hello" before he hit the sack in the lounge. I watched 'CSI' then crashed myself (Calories consumed, 1,413, 186cals UNDER target Good!!)
Wednesday 17th April, I know I dreamt & I know it was complex, I'm sure my brother & mum were in it again, I think Mike may have been too? & a dog or wolf? But annoyingly, my memory of it, has faded  now, it was so clear, when I had just woken. Heard Mike leave at 6am & slept again until 7am, then I did a load of business plans, to take in to Luton, Thursday, to enquire about, how I could get a business off the ground & what help I could have, in the 1st year or two, if any? I had a wash & put my hair in a ponytail & did a light make-up & dressed the same as yesterday but with peach underwear. Then I popped to the shop to get a Sun newspaper, and some Galaxy Counters, I got back in, made a coffee & settled down to read the paper & have the Galaxy chocolate buttons with my coffee. 

I read the Sun newspaper, the front page was the Boston Marathon bombing's, two victims, 8yr Martin Richard, ironically, holding, a hand made poster (Below) saying 'No more hurting people - Peace' plus 29yr restaurant manager, Krystle Campbell. The FBI are still trying to identify who planned the blasts. President Obama vowed to find them! The bombs were made, from common, pressure cookers, stuffed with ball bearings & nails to maximise harm (Evil Bastards) Cute Martin Richard 8, died in the blast, his 6yr old sister Jane, lost a leg, his 12yr brother Henry escaped unhurt, as did his dad Bill, but his mum Denise has undergone a brain op! 

The Newcastle FC, scum, 'Barry Rogerson' 45, who punched, a police horse, in the nose, after Newcastle FC lost 3-0 to Sunderland FC, is a probable benefit cheat, who is claiming £150 a week in disability benefits, he quit working 8yrs ago in 2005 due to a lung condition. Yet the hefty thug, had no problem delivering hefty right hooks. He admitted yesterday "To hit a horse like - bloody hell, I don't know what came over me!" (Violence, that's what came over you, you scumbag!!) 

Talking of worthless scum bags, cops found a stash of drugs worth nearly £2Million in the back of a van, after it's criminal driver, crashed it, trying to avoid a pheasant (Give the bird a medal!!) Drug Dealer filth, 'Brendan Kinlan' 42, swerved the VW Caddy to miss the bird & struck the M1's central reservation, near Wakefield, West Yorks. He walked away from the wreck, cops towed the van, to a garage. Where suspicious  staff (After Kinlan, kept asking if he could get the "pots & pans" in the back) searched it, finding 384lb of amphetamine, shrink wrapped in packages. The criminal scum was jailed for 8yrs. 

Today's page 3, Danni 25, from Coventry is cute, Madonna could be banned from Russia for backing the imprisoned 'Pussy Riot' singers (Doubt that will put a dent in her bank balance!) who are anti 'Vladimir Putin' like most sane people. Meanwhile gig organisers of her Moscow & St Petersburg gigs last year could be fined £10,500. My stars for Gemini today say - 'Pluto, the planet which benefits you in unexpected ways, sees that long ago kindness, done by your family, is repaid many times over (Yeah, that will be the day!) Don't calculate what each partner gets from love (I don't...... EVER!!) - simply enjoying the moment, deepens a bond. Single? Your new love, is a sexy, mysterious, Libra' 

Reading over, I grabbed my gym kit & did the same 2hr gym session as yesterday, working up a real sweat. I got in & fixed lunch, I had half a toasted bagel, with M&S Deli, Mozzarella & Casalinga Tomato's, plus essential Waitrose, Very Berry Trifle washed down with a decaf Diet Coke. Then I watched 'Millionaire Matchmaker' before jumping in the shower, I washed & dried my hair & did a classy subtle make up. I changed into, fresh, baby pink, underwear & slipped on my indigo boot leg jeans & my baby pink, soft, fluffy, angora, V-neck sweater, plus my tan, leather, ankle boots. I added a few clip-in extensions, to give my hair, a bit more body & a tad more length. If the Vi health shakes, do their job, I hopefully wont need that, soon. I put some diamante studs in my ears & put my purse, diary, and make-up bag & pen in my navy Chanel handbag. 

I sprayed on my Cavalli perfume & Mike arrived, back from work around 7pm, just as my 3 samples of Vi Shake & info package arrived via courier. I said "Hi & bye" to Mike as I headed out to meet the girls, for a long night of chat. I got to the station & jumped on my train into Kings Cross & got the tube to Vauxhall, where I got another train to Surbiton. I met up with the girls & we had a real good natter & I told them about the Vi 90 Day Challenge they sounded quite interested & 2 said they'd look it up. One of the girls, JJ, saw a baby pink, cowgirl hat, on the side & plonked it on my head, saying it went with my outfit tonight. We all had a bite to eat, I had a coffee & a toasted, tuna melt, sandwich. We had a real laugh, talking about guys & their odd chat up lines, plus tomorrows business meeting, etc & after what seemed like 30mins, but now in the wee hrs, it was time to get my train back home. JJ gave me a lift to Kings Cross, as she was headed that way & I got my train home. Walking home with the birds tweeting, what a dirty stop out. (Calories consumed 1,623, 258cals UNDER today's target, Good!!)
Thursday 18th April., Mike, had thankfully, stopped snoring, when I got in, but I was still so pumped from my evening with the girls, that I still didn't fall asleep, until around 8am, long after Mike had left for work. I fell asleep until 11.30am & woke up feeling quite refreshed, despite having only 3.5hrs sleep tops. I had a shower & put on red lingerie. I fixed a cappuccino & had some smoked salmon & scrambled egg, on wholemeal toast, for breakfast. I back-combed my hair, to make it fuller & did a 50's make-up, with red lipstick & some black, liquid eyeliner. I wore my indigo bootleg, jeans, with my red, short sleeved, 50's style, shirt & red, sling back, shoes. Then I bought a Sun paper, from the Off Licence. Then I came home, and went online, to check my emails, for replies to my job & audition, applications, plus I checked my Facebook & Twitter messages, while having a Diet Coke. 

Then I read the Sun newspaper, it had a tribute, almost poster, cover of her coffin being carried with R.I.P  MRS T & a quote from the Bishop Of London, on it & 13 pages were naturally dedicated to the great woman's funeral. And page 3, cutie, Hollie, 23, from Manchester, got moved to page 17. Meanwhile the FBI have identified a suspect, in the Boston Marathon, bombings. After CCTV footage emerged of a man dropping a black bag at the scene of the crime. The bombs were made with pressure cookers inside bags. It's just so disgusting, that this was done, at a charity event!! 

Another disgusting act, connected to charity. Comes via vile, volunteer fundraiser 'Christopher Copeland', 50, from Copplestone, Devon. Who was yesterday charged with pocketing £561,000 meant for the 'Help For Heroes' Armed Forces Charity, between 2009 & 2011. What a truely, weak, disgusting, individual, he is!!! He siphoned off money meant to help some of our heroes, into his own business account! He will appear in court on May 8th. 

There was an awful picture of 'Kylie Minogue' where she looked a lot older (Above) in the TV Biz section, taken I think, from a new, TV, short film, she is in 'Hey Diddly Dee'  from  fellow Gemini Kylie, to my Sun, Gemini Stars - 'Jupiter contacts the moon & you can find the words & ways that make family life run smoothly & get two stubborn people talking again. Love makes progress now partners work from the same set of rules. Looking? Your destiny partner has a voice you know well'  Paper read it was time to head for my meeting in Luton, with Donna & to discuss my business plan. 

The weather is weird today, one min HOT sunshine, the next min, rain or hail!! The rain stopped, just as I put on my coat & headed out for the station. Once at the station, on the platform, it poured with rain. Once on the train, it continued to rain. I picked up a  Metro paper, to read, off of the seat opposite, it was mostly about 'Margaret Thatchers' funeral, plus stuff I'd read, in The Sun. My stars for Gemini said - 'It pays to keep your wits about you if a friends situation disappoints you. Make sensible choices & especially if a health matter demands your attention (My neck?) Consider trying something a little out of the ordinary' (Don't I always?)  

The rain had stopped, by the time I got to Luton, but started again, once I was 2mins away, from the Luton office doors. Once inside, I met up with Donna, who was as lovely & bubbly as ever (So unlike vile Cindy) I told her about my business idea & she thought it was a good, well thought out idea, that could be very successful & gave me some paperwork, that tells you a bit about, starting your own small business. She also booked me in to see someone on April 30th who is a bit of a small business mentor, who would be able to help me further.  

After I left Donna, I popped into Primark, to get, two, thin belts, 1 black & 1 navy, for £2.99 each, in size S/M (8-12) Plus a white cardigan, as I needed something for spring, when it's warmer, but still a bit nippy. Then feeling hungry, I had a McDonalds, veggie burger meal, before catching the train back home. Once home, I watched 'Millionaire Matchmaker' then I had a bath. Once dry, I got ready, as Mike & I, are off out to dinner tonight. I changed into black undies & black nylons, and wore a navy lace & chiffon, mini, shift dress, with the navy belt, I bought today & my black, high heeled, court shoes, plus navy jewellery & my navy Chanel bag. & I put my hair back & added a faux ponytail. 

Mike arrived home, around 7- 7.30pm & jumped in the shower & got ready & we headed out, around 8pm ish. I wore my long black Primark coat & took my B&W, Versace, umbrella, due to the very changeable, weather. The temperature had really dropped & the wind, was blowing a gale. We decided on the 'Little Marrakech' as I'd not been there & Mike had, he said the food was good, plus there was a belly dancer tonight!! I had a Vodka Slimline & Mike had a beer & for starters, I had Deep fried Camembert, with pineapple & cranberry, Mike had calamari (Below)

For our main, Lamb shank for Mike & Swordfish for me, with fries to share, as I'd rather of had fries with my swordfish, as I cant eat a lot of rice & there was a lot under my swordfish (As like pasta it upsets my stomach) Mike loved his Lamb, and my Swordfish was very tasty.

A change in music, denoted, the belly dancer, was about to start, she wasn't quite, the glamorous vision, I had in mind, in a spangled colourful costume. In fact, she was a bit like like 'Benidorm' actress, 'Janine Duvitski'.... With a rather plain, dowdy outfit, which I am guessing, was home made, but she was fun, though nobody put any money, down her costume... I was shocked, as back in the day, that's where you made your money, I only had a debit card on me, so I couldn't shove, a fiver down her skirt, I felt a bit sorry for her. 

She got people up dancing, including me & two other guys, I was good & resisted the dessert & just had a cappuccino & then Mike & I went over to the Peahen, for one final drink & to people watch. The Peahen was 80% women & 20% men, tonight, it seemed, which eyes on stalks, Mike, seemed pleased about, as he ogled away lol. Oddly too 100% of the women, were blonde. One group of five women, walked in. They all had poker straight, below shoulder length, blonde hair, parted in the middle (Gwyneth 'Bore' Paltrow style) They ranged from approx dress size 6 to 16, like one woman had been cloned, in various sizes (One to suit every man's taste, EXCEPT, redhead/brunet/afro fans!) There were 4 guys, in their 40's to 50's, who I think were actors. One in particular, looked very familiar, a bit like actor 'Ricardo Montalban' he had the ideal face, for Roman, historic, type films. I had another Vodka Slimline & Mike a Sol Beer, then we headed home, in what felt like, a tornado, the wind was so strong! Once home, we both retired to our beds & I read some more, of my book (Below) before lights out. (Calories consumed 2,257, 112cals OVER today's target, oh oh naughty!)

Friday 19th April, I must of had a sound sleep, through Mikes snoring, thanks to Dr Vodka, as I didn't even wake, when Mike got up, or when he left for work. In fact I slept through until my alarm went off at 9am!! Result!! I had a shower & decided to wear the same as yesterday, to meet with, some lads mag, models, that said they would be up for getting involved, if I got my business idea off the ground, some of who, I spent time with on Wednesday. As it looks girly, but still a bit business like. I fixed a veggie sausage buttie, with brown sauce & mustard, for breakfast, washed down with a coffee. I put on, fresh black underwear & hosiery & dressed the same as yesterday, but put my heels, in my bag & wore black pumps for the commute, as the ridges in escalators, on the tube, ruin your heels! Then around 10.30am, I pulled on, my long black coat & set off for the station, buying a Sun paper, en route. I got to the station & got a ticket from the machine & waited for my train to arrive. 

I read the Sun paper on the train, the front page headline was 'World Exclusive, Rolf Harris Sex Abuse Arrest' I actually knew about this about Rolf (Above) back in March, via Twitter, I wondered why, it had not been in the papers?  He'd been arrested, on March 28th, 2013, after his home, being raided earlier, on Nov 24th, 2012, when he was not in. Meanwhile, cops say, vile 'Jimmy Savile's' victims could number, as many as 1,350!! Talking of scum, there was a picture, of two suspects, for the 'Boston Marathon' bombings! Both in base ball caps, carrying rucksacks. Talking of explosions, there were photos of the devastation, caused by the explosion at a Texas, Fertiliser Plant. 80 homes were flattened & at least 15 are dead. The blast was heard 50miles away!! 

 Boston Marathon, Bomb, Aftermath 
Texas Explosion Aftermath

Today's page 3 'Staci', 23 from Preston is a stunner, where as there is a pic of waste of molecules 'Dappy' looking stunned in a hotel corridor, at 11am with white powder on his nose (Idiot) He said it was talc from a make-up girl who was trying to make him look like 'Scarface's' 'Tony Montana' yeah sure! There was an amazing, graphic image, of the futuristic home (Below) that £45Million 'EuroMillions' winner 'Matt Topham' is having built, which they are calling 'Serenity' & will cost £5Million..... I LOVE it!!..... It is exactly the style of home, I would chose to have, if  I had the money!! It was inspired by character 'Tony Stark's' home, in 'Iron Man' it will have an underground garage that can hold 10 cars, that is hidden by a waterfall, botanical gardens, a pool & cinema. It is designed by London based 'Baca Architects' & still needs planning permission. 

 My Kind Of - Serenity 

Vile Hate Cleric 'Abu Qatada' may be prosecuted in Britain, due to evidence seized, when he (Unsurprisingly) breached his bail conditions. That means being in one of our cushy jails, for longer, thanks to those arsehole EU judges not letting him be sent to Jordan. Grrrrrrrrr!!! Talking of trash a CONVICTED 18yr old, teenage paedo, 'Opemipo Jaji' raped a 11yr old girl, straight after going to see his probation officer (He should of never of been free) He stalked her on a bus, then dragged her into an unlit park, assaulting her for 3hrs, while  telling the frightened girl "I'm this close to killing you!" He denied the attack (What a surprise) despite the young girls blood, being found on his clothes, which forced her to have to go through testifying, via video-link, at The Old Bailey (Cowardly Bastard!) But he was unsurprisingly found guilty, and facing Life behind bars (I hope it is LIFE the vile animal) Why he was out of jail & able to commit that rape, when 6 months earlier, he'd been caught, downloading sick images, of children. Plus a year earlier he sexually assaulted a 12yr old girl on a housing estate, after shoving her school tie in her mouth!! 

Talking of terrorists, four, vile, British, terrorists, Zahid Iqbal, 31, Mohamed Ahmed, 25, Umar Arshad, 24 & Syed Hussain, 22, were jailed for a total of 44.5yrs (Should be longer) for plotting to bomb an army base, using a toy car. The remote controlled device, was to be packed with explosives, then driven under security gates, then blown up once beneath a parked vehicle. All of the 4 bits of scum, came from, local Luton, Beds. They planned to attack Luton's Territorial Army Centre (How Brave... NOT!!) They also spoke of targeting MI5, a shopping centre, plus The English Defence League. The vile bunch, had originally planned suicide bombings against UK forces in Afghanistan (Where I know numerous soldiers) but switched to UK when they lost contact with an al-Qaeda leader, in Pakistan. Zahid & Mohamed got 6yrs 9months each, plus Umar & Syed got 5yrs 3months each.
More scum in the form of 4 NHS carers, 'James Hinds' 59 'Susan Murphy' 44, 'Julie Burge' 49 & 'Michael Barnard' 50, who abused the disabled in their care, dragging some by their hair. 17 victims were often locked in a cupboard & jabbed with a sewing needle, at 'The Solar Centre' (Nothing sunny about their attitude) in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The abuse went on for 2yrs before the alarm was announced in 2007. It is claimed the vile four also intimidated other staff! 

My stars for Gemini said - 'There is strength inside you & this is the moment to let it show. When you do it has such a positive effect on your life. And with inspirational Neptune in your success chart, your idea's are smart (Aren't they always!!?) If you are single, your new love has the same name as your 1st crush' (Robin Philpott??) 

I got to Kings Cross & grabbed a Cappuccino, from Costa Coffee & then I got the tube to Vauxhall (I seem to pass through there a lot, whether to meet friends, or for auditions, or job interviews etc) lately. Then I had a 20min wait, for my train to Hersham. Where I met up with, a group of 6 girls, that do, Loaded, Nuts & Mayfair magazines. I told them, how my Luton meeting had gone, the day before & about my appointment, to talk to a small business mentor on the 30th. Then we discussed, what they wanted out of their involvement? & also what they wanted from the business, I had in mind! We also discussed, what we thought was needed most, in the gap in the market, that I'd found. We chatted for ages amongst ourselves & on the phone & time flew. 

We had lunch & I had a cheese & spring onion sandwich, chilli Doritos & a few Diet Cokes, We chatted some more, about my business idea, men, bitchy women, and I also mentioned, that I was trying out Vi, which is now over here, from America. A couple of them, were interested in hearing more. So I gave them my 'Vi 90 Day Challenge'  magazine, that Amanda gave me, for them to thumb through. We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening chatting & laughing & drinking coffee's & Diet Cokes. Hungry again, some time later, I had a tuna, triple club, sandwich & a raspberry yoghurt, while the other girls, had an array of fattening junk food (How they keep so tiny, is a mystery?) 

Eventually all talked out, around 8.30pm, I headed for the station, the temp had dropped dramatically outside, brrrrr!! As I climbed the stairs to the platform, I saw a girl, sat on the arm, of a bench, staring at her feet, as if in a daze, looking most odd!! Suddenly, a young guy, reeking of hash, came up & said "Come on lets go" & her odd demeanour, suddenly, became clear (Stupid druggies!) I sat on the windy, station, platform & flicked through the Metro. There wasn't much, new, news, but I looked at my stars for Gemini, which said - 'Surprises abound today. A friend could make a last minute change, or you could find yourself becoming militant, if the boss asks you to do yet 'another' good turn for them. If you have a quirky sense of fun (Yep!) it can shine'  

Soon after, 3 people ranging in ages, from around 26, to 32, came onto the platform & sat on the next bench along. Then my ears were assaulted, by the puerile, inane, drivel, that spewed forth from their lips. It was beyond childish, a 8yr old would of been embarrassed, to come out with such idiotic verbiage!! One thing is for sure, they will never be accused of using 'sesquipedalian verbiage' Their never ending, stream, of brain dead, uttering's, grated on me, to the point I was imagining various way of throwing them on the tracks/under a train (In a 'Dexter' mixed with 'Ally McBeal' way) As I don't suffer fools gladly & these were A1 morons!! 

I have all the time in the world ,for the mentally handicapped, or the physically handicapped, but when people have a fully functioning brain, but are to lazy to use it, it irks me, BIG TIME!!! Honestly, this bunch could of sold their brains, on eBay, under the section 'Unused' They were such vegetables, if I'd bitten one, I'd of got all 5, of my '5 a Day' So to distract me, from going over & shouting "Shut the fuck up!!"  in their face, I text a few friends, about my frustration, until the train arrived & I could get in, a separate, 'Sound Proofed' carriage.... Thank God!!!


I got the train to Vauxhall, musing over writing a book, about a female serial killer, who just kills idiots, like those, on the train platform..... That would clear up the council house, waiting list, in the UK & drop the unemployment rate. I got the tube to Kings Cross & jumped on the train home. I got in around 11pm, Mike had packed all his stuff & left for London, to stay in a hotel, ready for a friends wedding tomorrow. He had locked the door & posted the spare keys through the letter box. It was really great to see him, we always have a laugh, but I really, wont miss, the snoring, or the bathroom, smelling like a urinal (Ughh!!) 

Still peckish I had 4 crab sticks, that Mike had left in the fridge (Why do they call them 'Crab Sticks' when they are made of fish scraps, NOT crab & they don't even taste remotely of crab!!?) Then I caught the end of 'The Graham Norton Show'  Luckily, I missed the 'Gwyneth Paltrow' bit, which would have, no doubt, been, a total borefest. Mind you, it might of helped, send me off to sleep!! Then I watched 'The Matt Lucas Awards' for the 1st time, OK, so so, a bit room 101. Stupidly I didn't watch 'Butterfly On A Wheel' as I didn't realise 'Pierce Brosnan' was in it until too late!! (LOVE Pierce Phwooooor!!) I watched the film 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' instead (Oh what a fool) going to bed at 2am (Calories consumed 2,183, 38cals OVER today's target, whoops but not too bad!)
Saturday 20th April, I had a deep sleep & a lay in (First time all week) but even though I know I had a long complex dream.... I can't recall it. I got up at 11am & bleached the bathroom floor, as it smells like a urinal in there, after Mikes stay! (44yrs to perfect his aim & yet, still it seems, he shoots his man hose & it's contents, hit my floor!!) I had a wash & changed into, some white underwear, my ripped jeans & my grey, studded, tiger print, 'Primark' T-Shirt & 'TrimSole' leopard thong sandals. It is a beautiful, warm, sunny spring day, out today, so I thought I'd use it, to weed & tidy, my tiny bit of garden, which the cold & my bad neck, had deterred me from, since Xmas. Pulled up loads of weeds, and put weed killer on the brick courtyard, to kill the weeds between the brickwork. It was nearly 4pm when I realised I'd not eaten, so I popped to the shop to get a Sun newspaper & 2 Zero Cokes, as they were out of Decaf Diet Cokes. 

I took a break & made myself my 1st, Vi Shape Nutrition Shake (Made to the, Peanut Butter Cup, recipe, Above) which was very tasty!!! If you want to learn more about, Vi & the 90 day challenge, click the link HERE!!!! I will look forward to doing the 'Vi 90 Day Challenge' when I receive my 1st months supply. Then I sat down, on my garden chair, in the sun, and enjoyed my shake, as I read the Sun newspaper. The front page was about the vile, repugnant, cowardly, Chechen, immigrant, terrorist, bombers, who bombed the Boston Marathon. Scum, 'Dzhokhar Tsarnaev' 19, has been captured alive (Shame he is alive, but MAYBE he will later give answers, as to why?) After escaping a shoot out in the city, in which his evil brother 'Tamerlan' died (Good!!) after shooting a cop dead! The dead brother was a boxer who loved comedy character 'Borat' & the survivor, a Harvard life guard (Oh the irony!) 

Meanwhile moronic QPR (Queen Park Rangers) FC, player, 'Jay Bothroyd' has a stupid & Very Ugly, Gangsta, Tattoo, of a Gun, a Grenade, a Flick Knife & an Automatic Rifle, down the side of his torso (Above) which when laid on his stomach spells LOVE. Talking of  A1 morons, dad to be & Uba Twat, known as 'Martin Middleton'  26, from Bolton (Below) Has injured his face & blown his fingers off, making a 'Pipe Bomb' at home - For Fun!!! (WTF!!??) Well I wonder, how much fun, having no fingers is?? Idiot!! That's one extreme way, of getting out of changing nappies!! 

There was news on 83yr, Rolf Harris's two Ch5 shows ('Animal Clinic' plus 'Olive The Ostrich') the being axed from TV after news of his arrest, in connection to the Savile enquiry! He deny's allegations & has been quizzed twice by cops. Nickleodeon also shelved 'Olive The Ostrich' which Rolf narrates. Asked about the accusations Rolf said "No Comment!!" Rolf is the 11th person arrested in connection to the Savile case.   

There was the 1st pic of 'Kim Kardashian' looking good, in her LA attire, while pregnant (Above) Compared to the other monstrositys she has worn, while pregnant. Her hair & make-up were good & despite wearing jeans, plus a camisole top, with a lacy section, that showed off her swelling, pregnancy, belly. She looked slimmer & more shapely, than in her other hideous outfits of late! Not much else of interest (The weekend Sun papers, have nothing of interest, for me, past the centre pages, I only buy them, for the TV guide on Saturday & supplement, on a Sunday!!) My Stars for Gemini said - 'Venus drives into the secret part of your chart & helps you solve a mystery of what a partner wants, and needs from you. Still looking? When you feel you recognise someone - though you haven't met before - it's love. But it's a calm statement of the facts that gets the family support you need' (I have got by, with no family help so far, I can do without it now!) 

Peckish, I had a bowl of strawberry mini Weetabix, then continued gardening, for a bit & I got quite a tan!! Then I came in to watch 'You Have Been Framed' plus 'Britain's Got Talent' doing a bit of Tweeting as I watched. The very attractive, female impressionist, 'Francine Lewis' who comes from my old haunt, Southgate, was very good, at 'Stacey Soloman, Amy Childs, Katie Price, Holly Willoughby' & 'Cheryl Cole' she will do well whether she wins or not. I put some salmon & mangetoute in the steamer, then watched 'Britain's Got More Talent' then fixed my evening meal of steamed salmon & mangetoute & spinach in a lemon & herb, butter sauce. 

Then I watched 'The Jonathan Ross Show' They had '' who irks me on, plus 'Steve Coogan' who was on to plug the film 'The Look Of Love' about 'Paul Raymond'. I made a coffee & had with some 'Galaxy Counters' chocolate buttons. Then I watched the highly sexual & highly gory 'Spartacus Vengeance' & as I was clicking channels, to see what was on, I saw Rob was on 'SuperCasino' so I watched that for a bit, as I blogged, until 'Would I Lie To You' came on, which was very funny.  

Earlier, I'd had spam mail, sent to me by Carl, someone I knew years ago, when I was a regular on 'Big Brothers Little Brother' hosted by 'George Lamb' when 'Big Brother' was on Channel 4 (It didn't continue, when Ch5 bought Big Brother) So I replied, that he had been hacked & was posting spam & for him to change his password. So I was surprised when at 2.22am, I received the email below.....

Hi babes

Long time no talk :( any way hope ur all good n all that. You replied to me saying it was spam. I didnt send it out and those other cc i dont even know them !!! Fuck thats strange :(

Anyway dunno if u remember me but i bumped into u at the studios a few years ago n we sat together through one of the bb little bro recordings. Do you remember me? U better u sexy minx xx yes i said it ur sexy n u know it. Actually i must confess that day you sat next too me you gave me a hard on babes. Honest wicked buzz/chemistry i felt from you well nice. Wouldnt mind feeling it again? Sorry for being a naughty lil fucker but had too tell you how i felt back then. Its goid too share at times !!!

Keep in touch hunny. Reply on this email. Yer yer i know its hottie !!! Flmao


OMFG!!....... What the hell???? I didn't reply, what an odd email!! I most certainly, felt NO CHEMISTRY & I'd really, rather not know, that he had a hard on, while sat next to me, in the studio (Yuck!!) I chatted a bit, on Twitter, bantering with the girls & laughing about my email above, then eventually went to bed, just before 4am (Calories consumed 1,527, 140cals UNDER today's target good) 
Sunday 21st April, I know I dreamt, but my dream, was disturbed by a call, from Carl (BBLB 'Hard On' Carl) At 9.33am (Calling BEFORE 11am on a Sunday...... Fuck Right Off!!!) I didn't answer it! I chilled in bed, listening to 4Music, until 10.30am, then dragged my carcass into the shower. I dressed the same as yesterday, but with lime underwear. It is a pleasant day out, but nothing like yesterday, sadly!! It looked like, it may threaten to rain, any moment. I hoped that the weather, was more clement in Esher, Surrey,  for 'Evie Mae's' Charity event, which 3 of my buddies, Victor Ebuwa, Lewis Clay & Rob Lamarr, are playing a charity, celebrity, football match, for. You can visit Evie Mae's Blog >>> HERE!!!! Or if you'd like to donate, to help the little girl, with 'Cerebral Palsy' her site, where you can donate is >>>> HERE!!!!!! (Just click on the word HERE)

I made a breakfast of, strawberry, mini, Weetabix & popped to the shop, to get a Sun newspaper, which came with a 2 sided 'One Direction' poster, which made me think ,of my friend 'Maxine Webb' &  laugh. There was also a pic of 1D's 'Niall Horan's' hot new Girl Friend 'Zoe Whelan' There was also a picture inside of a naked 'Harry Styles' on a Segway, it wasn't an attractive shot, at all and was made even less appealing, by his stupid, mismatched, ugly  array, of  tattoo's. The front page, was about those, Vile, Boston Marathon, Bombers. Who had a celebration party, to celebrate their evil act (So they think killing a innocent 8yr old boy & blowing off his 6yr old sisters leg, is something worthy of celebrating??) Causing 3 deaths & 176 injured!! Evil Scum!! Meanwhile 1,000's danced in the Boston streets & high five, cops after the suspects killing & capture! Now that partying I approve of!! 

There was also a bit about how 'Big Brothers' late 'Jade Goodie's' estate is facing bankruptcy, after being hit with a £1Million tax bill, leaving her 2 young son's nothing. Meanwhile 'Natasha Giggs' is divorcing 'Rhodri Giggs' after her long term affair with his scumbag, munter, brother 'Ryan Gigs' wouldn't snog him, let alone shag him, or his brother, if you paid me!! Yuck!! There was a bit on 'Francine Lewis' The hot, female, impressionist, from last nights 'Britain's Got Talent' Apparently, she's a sex mad, ex model, who has spent the night, with 'Leonardo DiCaprio' in 1999, when she was a hostess, on 'The Generation Game' She is also rumoured, to have had, a fling, with 'Eastenders' actor 'Michael Greco' 

Sexy, Francine Lewis, Makes Quite An Impression

She once said "I'm so sexy no one man can satisfy me" (Not that surprising, not that many men, are all that, or very exciting, in bed, to be honest!.... Most are, at BEST, distinctly average!!) That's why, despite having plenty of offers, I rarely, take anyone up on them! As if your going to have casual sex, casual, once in a while, sex, is No Good!! As once you start having sex again, you want it, more & more often! So if it's going to be, a casual thing, once every 4 to 10 weeks is no good, it still needs to be, sex 1-2 times a week, at least!!... 

So then, there is the next difficulty, of casual sex, finding someone, who's personality, your attracted to enough, to want to see casually, at least once, or twice a week. Pretty boys, with amazing body's, are NOT hard, for ANY  Woman, to get regular, casual sex, from. But sadly HOT LOOKS, is usually ALL they have, and they need to work out, their personality, and technique out harder, than they already do, their body's!! Also they are often, all brawn & no brain. I'd rather be with, an averagely attractive guy, with an average body, who is fun, interesting & intelligent to talk to & HOTER in the sack, than in looks, who I can have a laugh with. The mantra Gemini cant cum, if your dumb, is spot on!!

The Grandfather of 'Justin Bieber' who lives in squalor, says "Justin is worth £70Million, but we haven't seen a penny & we are desperate" Now I don't know how close he is, to his grandparents, on his fathers side? But with that much money, just buying them, a decent, modest, home & putting a few quid, in his granddads bank account, wouldn't kill him! I have to question also why Justin's dad hasn't helped his father, or suggested Justin does. If I won the lottery, I'd help out my sibling's, even though at present, they are all better off, than me! Plus I'd help my friends too! 

My stars for Gemini said - 'It's time to discover more about yourself as the power of Mars helps you recognise hidden strengths & skills - be sure to make a plan to use them (Oh I am, I AM!!) A Love seems meant to be, when you just have to think of someone, to get that longed-for call (That use to happen, with my soul mate, Angelo, all of the time!) Is a love choice ready to be made?'

 Winona's - Jo March
 My Namesake - June Allyson's - Jo March

I sent Good Luck/Have a Great Day, messages to Victor, Lewis & Rob, for the charity footie match, today, then I did a few household chores & watched a bit of 'Cheaters' on Really TV. It always makes me laugh, before watching the REMAKE of 'Little Women' I was named after the Actress 'June Allyson' who played 'Jo March' in the ORIGINAL (Above) who 'Winona Ryder' plays in the remake (Top Above) I like the fact, that my namesake, played the most fun, feisty & independent, character in 'Little Women' I'd hate to have had, a soppy, weak, needy, character played by a namesake, lol. I had a Vi Chocolate, health flavour mix, Slim Shake for lunch, before the film started (Find out more about Vi, the health/diet sensation, that has finally come, from the US, to the UK >> HERE!! )

I did some laundry & washing up, then watched 'Catchphrase' I got ALL the catchphrases, easily!! Then I fixed dinner watching the end of 'The 5th Element' ace movie. I wasn't really hungry, so I had 4 crispbread's, with Tesco cheese & onion sandwich spread, with a coffee. Then I enjoyed the fab 'Once Upon A Time' which has now got up to speed, after the rather slow, 1st episode, of the 2nd series. Then I watched 'Person of Interest' followed by the film 'Blood Work' then did a load of blogging until 2am when I hit the sack after a brief chat with a USA girlfriend on twitter. (Calories consumed 1,598, 268cals OVER today's target Bad Girl!!)