Sunday, 7 April 2013

Fools Rush In...... But This Angel Doesn't Fear To Tread!

Monday 1st April (April Fools Day) I had my 2nd dream, in a row, about Michael Weatherly, last night. I was living in a very big apartment, my Dad was alive again & staying with me, but he still had cancer. He was sat crying, on the bed, in his room, because he'd wet himself & I was comforting him, saying it was not his fault, he was ill & too weak, to make it to the toilet, without help. Then I went to an acting job & was doing a scene, with an amazing child actor, but I suddenly forgot a line, so I had to do improv. After I met up with Michael Weatherly, who I was dating in my dream. We went to some Birthday bash & were cuddled up together, on a couch, at a table, eating Birthday Cake, chatting to other people, who were also sat at the table. I can't really recall any more, though I know there was plenty more to it. It is a bright & sunny day out, today, but still cold.

My Dream Man, Michael Weatherly 

I checked my mobile, I had two text messages, both from 'Mr S' One at 2.34am saying "We should meet up, 6 years is a ridiculous amount of time" (Oh yeah, meet up?!..... more like mate up, your thinking matey!!) The 2nd at 7.59am saying 'Where you living these days?' Typical, bone idle, male, who wants a booty call!! If he was actually, really interested in me, he'd of made an effort & actually found the answer on my Facebook, or Twitter profile!! But men just looking for a f**k make sod all effort! I ignored them & had a wash, I put my hair up in a topknot & pulled on jeans & a sweater, had some lush, Asda, coconut, yoghurt, for breakfast & popped up in my attic, to do more sorting & arranging. I will be putting my easel & canvas's up there, for somewhere to do my painting, eventually when it's all done!! At 2.24pm I stopped to have a coffee & bite to eat (Bavarian smoked cheese & salad in 2 pitta pockets) yummy!.... And watched cute kids flick 'The Little Vampire' a fun flick.


At 4.19pm 'Mr S' still not giving up, text me 'Would love to see those lips wrapped round my shaft'  Honestly, he may have a very good job, in the city, be attractive, plus have a fit as fuck body & impressive penis! BUT he really should know me well enough by now, to know, I'm NOT EASY!! So I just replied 'I bet you would!!'  Then at 4.44pm he text 'Would you like to suck it baby' Oh FFS give up!! Like that's really going to work! PML! I didn't bother to reply & watched the Animated Film, 'Robots' (Such a cute film, and I have had a robot obsession, since a little girl!!) I was  doing some chores at the same time, as watching (Always the multi tasker) Later I popped to the shop for a Sun newspaper, but they had sold out, and as it is a Bank Holiday, Tesco will be closed now (Grumble) So got a 'Now' magazine that came with a 'Look' magazine & a 'Jergens' moisturiser & a small butterscotch 'Green & Black's' bar.

'Now' had a typical front cover 'Stars Get Cellulite Too' ( Frankie Essex, Leona Lewis, J-Lo, Tamara Ecclestone, Josie Gibson, Blake Lively, Victoria Beckham, Caroline Flack, Kelly Brook, Alesha Dixon, Demi Moore, Lizzie Cundy, Janice Dickinson) & 'Peter Andre is worried, that he's never going to be a dad again' Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaze!! As if!! Apparently Kim Kardashian is planning a tummy tuck after giving birth (Well there is a HUGE surprise...... Not!!) Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are finally to wed on a Caribbean island (Gemini Angelina, would never be one to hurry into yet another marriage) in the 1st week of April. To be honest other than the Fashion & beauty pages there wasn't much in the magazine, that was of interest to me! 

Now stars for Gemini say - 'If you cant go on toeing the party line any more, you shouldn't - even if others think you are being foolish. Fitting in isn't the issue - it's standing out that makes this a week to remember'  Well I never have been one for fitting in! 'Look' was full of fab clothes & delicious 'Ryan Reynolds' Phwoooor!! Their stars for Gemini say 'Your friends are everything to you this week - supportive, fun, caring, and encouraging (They must of read last weeks blog lol) One in particular a sharp minded Scorpio comes up with a great idea, make sure you take HER up on it. Love is in the air, whether your single or not!! (NOT with 'Mr S' it's not lol) Look Out - Soul mate alert!'

So, back to the Attic, I went, forcing myself away, from 'The Mummy Returns' on ITV2 (Above) I fancy Imotep (But I have them all on Video anyway) An ex, of mine, made all of the, polystyrene, temple, pillars, etc that collapse during the 'Mummy' films. I didn't play any 'April Fool' pranks today, this year!!............ Blimey I must be growing up!! How Sad. Later I watched 'Revenge' while munching on 3 salt & vinegar rice cakes, with houmous & a glass of orange juice. Then I watched the 'Made In Chelsea' version of 'Come Dine With Me' They may ALL be, Public School, rich kids. But where did Binky (aka Alexandra Falstead) go to school? She even didn't know, what the word 'Sicilian' meant & thought veal was a lamb! Shocker! 

I did a few more chores, but then I began to have, extreme pain in my left arm & shoulder blade & had to stop! Bloody hell, I feel my home has to be a tip at the moment, because as soon as I get started, on getting it clean & tidy, my back or arm, or neck, is so painful, that I have to stop! Sometimes for days, allowing it to get messy & grubby again!! I went on Twitter briefly & I had been tweeted a few compliments, re my (This) blog, that I posted yesterday. I watched chatty man, fellow Gemini, Russell Brand, was amusing! I had another decaf coffee & went to bed with my book. I tried to go to sleep at 12 midnight, but by 2am the pain in my left shoulder blade & arm was so intense, I had to get up & fix a drink, to take more pain killers with, I would love a great big needle with a syringe full of morphine whacked in my left shoulder right now!! (Calories consumed 1,617, 146cals OVER today's target whoops!!)

Tuesday 2nd April, I woke at 6am, in agony, due to pain in my left shoulder, retching with pain, with my left arm dead, slapped, pinched & punched it back to life (it will probably be bruised later!) I downed a whole cocktail of painkillers in desperation, then tried to sleep! I did manage again for a few hours, I dreamt I was a TV presenter & I was on a show answering questions, sent in by fans & something about two dogs, but that's a bit hazy! Woke again at 8am in pain & went downstairs & heated a neck pad, as I already have way over, the amount of painkillers, I'm meant to have in my system! Then curled up in bed, with that round my neck, eventually fell asleep again.

This time I dreamt, I was with the guy Reiss from 'Person Of Interest' (I've obviously moved on from NCIS!!) and we were in the home of some bad guy, acting like visitors while trying to, serendipitously find info, while there (Amusing, as I have been pretty serendipitous, lately!) There were lots lit of candles, in the lounge of the house & we left, while the bad guy, was doing something in kitchen, purposely knocking over a candle, to set the place on fire. Woke at 10am, to a lovely bright sunny day. Sadly my left shoulder & arm was still in pain, as was my coccyx (FFS just boil me down & sell me for glue why don't you!!)

I got up & had a wash & pulled hair in a ponytail, as shoulder is too painful for me to use my arm, to wash my hair. Brushed my teeth & made a coffee & had two crumpets with crunchy peanut butter for breakfast. I went on Twitter & saw 'My Blog World' had posted my blog, in their collective 'Top Blogs' post. Which was flattering. I put on cream underwear & pulled on my jeans & my cropped, new, cream, cropped, gold tiger print vest top over a coral vest top. Then as it was a nice day I tackled my little bit of garden & removed the litter that was bugging me, and did a bit of weeding, using my right arm, so not to make my left shoulder/arm worse. At 1pm my cute, cheeky, little Persian Princess, Sammy text me saying "Hey doll you feeling better? How's ur back? xx" I replied "It's been really bad the last 2 weeks hun, felt physically sick with pain. I think I'm going to have disc removal xx" to which she responded "Oh no Xx" 

My Persian, Princess, Cutie, Sammy

I popped to the shop, for a Sun paper & settled down to read it with a coffee. The front page is about WWII veterans, boycotting Sunderland FC games, after self confessed fascist 'Paolo Di Canio' got the managers job. Many younger fans are angry too, vowing to join in the boycott. Today's page 3 girl was a 23yr beauty, called Hollie, from Manchester. My Blood boils yet again, over another, Moronic, WANKER,  Judge, the same Moronic, WANKER, that told burglar, scum that he was brave!! Yes that TWAT Judge Peter Bowers, has freed a pervert 'Mark Martin' with vile Images of kids, so HE would not "Suffer" in prison!!.... I want that kind of sick 'C**t' to suffer in prison!!!! 

WTF?? What about the kids in those pics, that suffered at the hands of sicko's, like Mark Martin?? You Arsehole!! Scum Mark expected jail as he was on a suspended sentence over previous sick snaps of children!! The judge even said "I have read with some concern about you & this addiction you have with looking at pornography of little children" BUT then added "You would suffer very badly in prison, I don't think it is necessary to send you there!!" WTF what the actual fuck?? I want scum like him to suffer!! What the hell is this judge still doing with a (High Paid) Job!! I want this soft arsehole fired!! I'm beyond fuming (Acts like this make me think Peter Bowers is a kiddy fiddler himself!!)

Now to a country where the Justice fits the crime the USA!! 'James Homes' The Batman killer, who called himself 'The Joker' is facing lethal injection (Good but the electric chair would be better) For his evil gun rampage that left 12 dead! State legal chiefs confirmed they will seek the death penalty, by lethal injection, when Holmes 25, goes on trial in August! The last lethal Injection administered in Colorado was in 1997.

A dead pensioner's wedding ring was stolen off his finger as his body lay in hospital, his grieving family claim (I'd not be remotely surprised, I was robbed of money from my purse & of a flat pair of £200 KG evening shoes, by the ambulance crew that tended me in July 2008, but I could not prove anything to prosecute!) The widower 'Clive Thatcher' 78, is also said to of had £5 stolen from his bedside cabinet. His swollen fingers had stopped his family from removing the ring when he died. So a nurse taped it to stop it falling off. But they were horrified when 2 weeks later funeral directors told them it had gone!

From the NHS robbing body's, to them disgustingly robbing a body, of life saving treatment!! Soldier 'Katrina Brown' 30 caught a deadly illness, after serving on the front line as a MEDIC in Iraq, but she is being denied life-saving treatment by the NHS!! She was exposed to radioactive material used in bunker buster bombs. She needs stem cell treatment only available in the US but the NHS will not pay the £110,000 so she survives (Disgusting if the NHS wont the MoD should!!) She survives for now on 18 pills a day costing over £3,000 a month. Katrina rightly says "I went to Iraq to help my country, but now when I need help, my country wont help me!" Disgusting. Katrina is trying to raise the £110,000 to get the US treatment but so far has only managed £2,000, I hope a wealthy celeb or Aristocrat sees her plight & gives her the money!!

PM David Cameron

A farmer who's drowning sheep was rescued from a swamp by PM David Cameron, on March 1st, told how he found the PM waist deep in mud, in the swamp saving the sheep, after the PM's Body Guards rang him re his sheep being in trouble. The body guards had joined the PM in the sheep rescue, the Ewe has now been named 'Swampy' Julian a friend of the PM said "I can't imagine any other Prime Minister doing something like that. David was soaking wet & covered in mud!" Too right, that snivelling C**t Blair wouldn't of, nor lard arse, money spunker, Brown!! The sheep had got stuck after following two lambs who sadly died in the muddy swamp. The ewe was put in the back of the pick-up vehicle, then the PM went off for a shower. Farmer Julian said "This is probably a side to David the public don't often see, but he likes to muck in & help whenever he can!" Good for him!!

My stars for Gemini were a bit boring - 'Your mentor Mercury sharpens your mind (My mind is always sharp) & makes you calm & capable. At work & at home, your the problem solver (Aren't I always) If your single (Aren't I always) meeting someone with a gift of making people laugh (A guy always has to be funny for me to be attracted) will rebuild your belief in Love! An old friend is back with lucky plans to share! (Good! lol)

I had a Slim-Fast chocolate & peanut bar for lunch with a Diet Coke & watched 'The Real Housewives Of Arizona' (Above) followed by the fab 'Millionaire Matchmaker' while having some fun banter with 'Dean' on Twitter. When a guy loses, his online banter, with me, I begin to lose interest fast & at least One guy, on Twitter, is heading that way & getting boring. Today's Millionaires on the show were some scary blonde Russian Female who reminded me a bit of 'Donnatella Versace' & some gay 'Pewee Herman' like nerd! She was sooooo hard to talk to it was like talking to a block of ice, poor guys!! Unsurprisingly BOTH failed to get successful dates! 

I watched 'Home & Away' (Above) Popped to the shop for 3 Decaf Diet Cokes, and got today's Closer Magazine. Front cover 'Kerry Katona's relationship worry's (Bore off) Posh Spice feels frozen out by the Spice Girls (You distanced yourself!) Jordan hurt by bullying over wedding (She will fight back & brush it off Gemini's always do!) Nicola McLean needs IVF due to anorexia (Glad she is out the other side now) PLUS 'Shocking mum & daughter - we have sex with the same men together (Eeeeeek!!!!)

Read Closer Magazine there was a bit on the 'TOWIE' reject I can't stand 'Lauren Goodger' (Above) Speculation is rife over if she has had lip fillers, well the trout pout, she has in the magazine, looks damn stupid if she has! She say's troll taunts, about her weight, made her leave Towie. BULLSHIT!! It was her unprofessional & Diva behaviour that had production edge her out!!! She has also ditched her juicing diet, after losing 9lb in a week, saying she wondered how healthy it was? After discovering how high in sugar the juices were! (Yeah fruit sugars!!) More like she ditched it, as it is too hard to keep to!! (Lauren loves to make excuses for everything!!) She say's her 'criminal' boyfriend likes her curves anyway. There was also a bit on the octomum freak, who may go to jail for benefit fraud! Plus a bit on pregnant celebs (Yawn!)

Size 8 'Nadja Collins', was already slim, but became fixated, on catwalk models, super skinny legs & the 'thigh gap' So she spent £5,000 on liposuction to achieve it (I had the thigh gap, a few years back, when I was a size 8 & I will do again, once I'm back where I was again!) She didn't need to do lipo, she could of just toned her inner thighs in the gym! Using the hip adductor's & hip abductor's, like me, then she could of spent that £5,000 getting rid of, the vile, flower tattoo, on her stomach!! 

I couldn't read the mum & daughter porn stars item, it just turned my stomach too much!! Ugh!! Talking of stomach I made a Oriental bean stir fry for dinner. Then I put in a load of laundry & put away the dry laundry & did the washing up. Then I tried catching up with some old half finished blogs. While watching 'Person Of Interest' 'Dallas' (Below) and 'CSI' while chatting to a friend in NY on Twitter. Then I had a bath & chilled with a coffee & Cadbury's wholenut. finally going to bed at 2.30am as I'm meeting Nicky for lunch & I have lots to do before then. (Calories consumed 1,468, 48cals OVER target I can live with that)

Wednesday 3rd April, I was still awake, having had no sleep by 7am Grrrr!! So I gave up & got up (Bloody insomnia!!) I had a wash & washed my hair, then made a coffee, which I had with a Slim-Fast, Summer Berry Bar, for breakfast & went on Twitter for a bit 'Rob Lamarr' asked people to tweet, 'Good Luck' to his friends, football team, 'Tilney FC' in their Final cup match, which he was headed up North to see. So I did & they followed me, on Twitter & we had a bit of fun banter, which passed some time. I put on Lemon underwear & put on 4Music while I did my make-up, but I kept stopping to dance as they were playing some ace tunes! I dried my hair & put it up in a French pleat. Then wore a scoop necked, lemon, cotton, top, with my jeans & Reebok EasyTone white trainers. Then I popped to the shop, to buy Nicky's birthday card & prezzie (A necklace & Paul Smith Perfume) 

I got home buying a Sun newspaper en route, and read the paper until I had to leave for lunch with Nicky. The front page headline was about the repulsive Philpott's 'Child-killing bastard stabbed me 27 times' A quote from an ex lover, he attacked. Page 3's Chloe from Leeds is gorgeous. Justice Secretary 'Chris Grayling' say's cops must stop sex beasts, violent thugs & repeat offenders being let off with cautions. He needs to have a word with the f**king Judges too! My stars for Gemini said - 'The Emotional climate is warmer when you talk to the family & chat about money will get a better reaction this time (Funnily enough my Financial Advisor brother Bill contacted me talking about money on March 22nd) If you are single, when love hits your heart, it is a total surprise, as it transforms friends, into a hot couple (LMAO) In a relationship? A partners plans are good' 

I set off for the restaurant & got to 'L'Italana' 15mins before anyone, next to arrive was Bernie & then Sharon & her daughter, Nicky arrived another 15mins later with her mum & her daughter Emily (aka Minnie) Plus Emily's friend & her mum, then the blonde, Scottish, woman, who always tells everyone, what an amazing manager I was, in Adelaide's Nightclub, turned up. Nicky's mum had aged dramatically, by about 10yrs, since I saw her, at her husband Jim's funeral, last year! Minnie who loves me, insisted on sitting by me & was adorably cute as always, as was her little friend & they both ended up climbing all over me, by the end of the meal (Kids love me) I had a Gorgonzola & sundried tomato, thin based pizza for lunch, plus a slice of chocolate, birthday cake, with a V&T, a white wine spritza & a cappuccino. 

After the meal ended we went our separate ways & I headed to the gym. I got changed out of my jeans & into my gym bottoms. I did 30 mins on the cycle (With pedals in front) on random, level 9, then 100 reps of Hip Abductor, on 45kg weight & 100 reps of Hip Adductor, on 45kg weight, then 5 mins on the Cross Trainer, on random, level 10. Then another 30 mins on the bike (With pedals under you) on Hill on level 9, followed by 50 reps of leg extensions on 30kg weight & 50 reps of leg curls on 30kg weight, followed by 5 mins on the stepper on random level 10. Then I just did a few of the other neck/back friendly machines & free weights. I was stood exercising, in front of the mirrored wall & I thought "Shit!! What are those lumps under my chest?" Then I burst out laughing, when I realised it was my ribs. It's been a while, since they'd been that pronounced, that I'd forgotten, what that looked like.

I got home just in time to see 'Millionaire Matchmaker' on ITV2 +1 I thought I'd be exhausted after no sleep, a big lunch & the gym, but no! Watched 'NCIS' 'Law & Order SVU' & 'CSI' I popped on Twitter & 'Tilney FC'  had won their Final match, 2-1 & thanked me for my support, which was sweet. After my big lunch, I wasn't really hungry enough for dinner, so instead, I just had a decaf coffee & a Curlywurly, then had an early night, at 12.45am (Calories consumed 1,735, 154cals UNDER today's target Good!!)

Thursday 4th April, I woke at 9am, I'd dreamt, that the ghost of my cat, Amy (Below) had crawled up my bed & settled down on my chest & I felt comforted by that. Then about being at some industry bash & a SA pal Raoul, said to a group of us to go on somewhere he knew, we went into this rather drab looking bar, then with a word to the landlord we were ushered through a door, to a massive fancy staircase, that lead to this amazing place some of the group had fallen behind in the group & a while later they were still not there I checked in the downstairs pub, nothing, I thought they either went elsewhere or came in pub area & didn't see us & went home, not knowing about upstairs. So I tried to call them..... but as always in my dreams my phone was playing up & wouldn't work. 

I got up and put the heating on as the flat was freezing & hopped into bed waiting for it to heat up & must of fallen asleep again. I dreamt that I was at some big event maybe the Royal Variety Performance, in a lovely ballgown. I'd been somewhere, maybe the ladies & went through a door & found myself in a very sunny garden, full of celebs in rows of chairs, facing one way I discovered there was an angled view point in the building wall & the celebs could see down onto the stage to watch the performance, while sat in the sun & one celeb (Can't recall who) pulled me down in a seat next to him/her. 

Then I was in a supermarket, buying loads of soap, Dove I think, as it was in white & navy boxes. Piers Morgan came in, wearing a navy suit & a large check, grey, gingham, shirt & staff were staring, saying they recognised him from somewhere? I said "Yes it's Piers Morgan" Piers turned round & loudly declared "Why is everyone staring at me" pompously, obviously loving it & I replied "They're admiring your shirt" sarcastically, as if it wasn't because, people knew who he was.

Woke & it was now 10.30am oops!! But I had gone 2 days, with no sleep again, yesterday! I had a lay down for 10mins under my sunbed with it on my back as coccyx is hurting & the heat helps. Then after a shower, I had a Summer Berry's Slim-Fast bar, plus a coffee for breakfast. My legs ached from yesterdays gym but I did 100 squats with my Swiss Ball, then did some household chores. I did another laundry wash & put it out to dry & then read the paper. The front cover, was about Man City footballer 'Carlos Tevez' being sentenced to do 250 hrs community service as a cleaner YAWN!! Vile, murdering, Derby, parents, the Philpott's, will be prime targets in Jail (Good!!) 

Palace paedo 'David Tracey' 48 has disgustingly escaped going to jail! Thanks to another useless judge, 'Judge Ian Graham'. The perverted Home Office, Official, Security Chief, went on the run for 3 days with the plans of Buckingham Palace, after cops found a huge stack of 90,000 of child abuse images, at his Essex home. He yesterday admitted downloading the 90,000 images & films, 100's of which were at the highest, most depraved, level!! He was sickeningly let off with a community order, he used a file sharing website, to view a mountain of images over a 5yr period. 1000's of images showed girls aged 9-11 said to be Eastern European. He has been sacked by the Home Office (I should bloody hope so!) 

My stars for Gemini say- 'As Saturn reverses through your career chart, a goal that seemed far-fetched could start to happen (All my goals are far fetched but they always happen in the end!) So get your ideas out there - the right person will be listening. The moon shines on far away places, and love could be crossing continents to find you. Luck will call at door 91' (Well that's not my door number... bugger!)

I put the dry laundry away then had a Chocolate & Peanut, Slim-Fast bar & a coffee then checked my Facebook, Hotmail & Twitter & answered a few messages including one from Tilney FC, which was sweet. Then I went to the gym & did the same work out as yesterday & on the way home bought myself a bottle of Roberto Cavalli (Below) as a treat (We all need to have a treat now & then) 

I watched 'RHOA' 'Millionaire Matchmaker' the female Millionaire was nuts & the male one blind to gold diggers. Then I watched a 'Home & Away' double bill. I did some exercises/dancing with a resistant band. Then later I watched 'Secret Eaters' one guy Paul had 16 roast potatoes on his piled high Carvery, eating 5,500cals in one day & was flummoxed, as to why he was a 16st lard bucket! (Unbelievable) 

Sexy Ch4 Doggers - Simples 

I had a slice of rye bread with peanut butter for tea, then watched 'Killers Behind Bars' on Ch5. Then I watched 'Dogging Tales' on Ch4 (Above) OMG that was the funniest thing I have seen all Year!!! I wish 'TV Burp' was still on I'd love to see how 'Harry Hill' would revue that!! I laughed so much I was horse..... Which ironically was about the only animal mask not on the show!!..... It was like a pornographic Wind In The Willows!! Honestly that show should win the 2013 Comedy Award. I then watched Ch5 +1 & 'Jodie Marsh: Bullied' followed by the film 'Ghost Rider' which was so shit, that after 15mins, I could bear no more & decided I'd go to bed instead. (Calories consumed 1,040, 393cals UNDER target Good)

Friday 5th April, I was still awake at 7.30am despite going to sleep at 12.30am (Insomnia is so frustrating, my mind is just too active. especially at night grrr) So I got up & got ready to meet my friend Anne for Zumba in Borehamwood, at 10.30am (I was moaning on Twitter yesterday how I miss dancing the night away & she suggested joining her today, which was an inspired idea) I packed my leotard & footless tights & got out my neon leg-warmer's (Well it is a 80's themed Zumba class) plus gym trousers & trainers. I did my make-up & wore my new leopard print shift dress, with black nylons & heels. I had a Slim-Fast Chocolate & peanut bar, with a coffee for breakfast. I received a signed copy of TV psychologist  'Jo Hemmings' NEW book, 'Sex Games' in the post today, for the charity raffle, at Charity event, in Walthemstow, next Saturday, when I am the Naughty Nurse, shot girl. I shoved a hairpiece in my bag, then pulled on my black, Primark, military, style coat & headed for the train station & got my ticket & got off at Borehamwood, where Anne was waiting in her car for me. 

We got to Zumba, and had a 1 hour class, which was great fun, then we had a coffee & catch up together, before she dropped me off at the gym. had a 3hr work out. I did 30 mins on the cycle (With pedals in front) on random, level 9, then 100 reps of Hip Abductor, on 45kg weight & 100 reps of Hip Adductor, on 45kg weight, then 15 mins on the Cross Trainer, on random, level 10. Then another 30 mins on the bike (With pedals under you) on Hill on level 9, followed by 50 reps of leg extensions on 30kg weight & 50 reps of leg curls on 30kg weight, followed by 5 mins on the rowing machine. 

Roary the trainer was flirty as usual (They will do anything to try & get hired as a personal trainer lol) Then I just did a few other neck/back friendly machines & free weights, I showered at the gym, dressed & put my hairpiece in & set off to meet the girls, for a long afternoon of chit chat, we had a real laugh, sharing lots of recent funny stories. We had some lunch & I had the house chunky veg soup, with some wholemeal bread. We chatted until the evening & then at 8.45pm I headed home. 

On the train, I got chatting with this cute, sloshed, trainee hairdresser, called Daisy, who insisted that I shared, some of the Pinot Grigio, she was swigging from a bottle, after her works opening do. I was now apparently her new best friend, despite to her shock, being the same age as her mum lol.... She said "I'm not being horrible.... but my mum looks 20yrs older than you!!" I'm sure her mum, would be delighted to hear that, lol. When she got off the train I read some of my newspaper, the front cover was about todays 'Grand National' plus those vile, murdering, parents, of the 6 kids that died in the arson house blaze, 'Mick & Mairead Philpott' He got life, with scant chance of parole & his vile wife & friend accomplice 'Paul Mosley' got 17yrs each. GOOD!! 

Page 3's Emily from Warrington, today is a stunner. This winters big freeze has apparently caused 5,000 more deaths than average, this year. There was a pic of pregnant, Kim Kardashian, looking massive, apparently she has gained 4st. My stars for Gemini said - 'You have ideas & now strict Saturn, gives you the focus to turn them into action at work & home (My business idea?) With generous Jupiter in your sign, you could fall in love fast with someone you notice as an audience applauds (Unlikely I don't fall in love easy!!) Fresh Ideas give love a sexy wake up call' (About time lol) I got in & now hungry, I fixed a smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel & a cappuccino, while unwinding, while watching a bit of 'Supercasino' then I tweeted Jo, thanks for the book & I crashed shattered at 1.45am, as I couldn't stay awake any longer (Calories consumed 1,402, 431cals UNDER target ace!!)

Saturday 6th April, I woke at 9am, I got up & got on the scales I have lost 1.5lb yay! I fixed a coffee plus grilled, rye bread & peanut butter, for breakfast. I had a wash, dressed in gym gear, did a few chores & tied back hair, then popped to the shop for the Sun newspaper. Then I came home & read the newspaper with 4Music on in the background. The Vile Philpott's were the front page news as usual. There were pictures of the slappers from 'The Valleys' at Lady's Day (There is some irony for you) at Aintree race course. Nothing new of interest, weekend papers are usually shit! My stars for Gemini said - 'A friend will inspire you to switch to a super healthy lifestyle (I'm practically there on my own) & turn wishful thinking to practical action, in every area of your life. As the Moon is in the top of your chart, love will be going from casual to committed (PML Yeah right!!! LMFAO!!) Single? The next Libra you meet could be the one! 

Reading over, it was time to go to the gym for another 3hrs (Gotta be on form for charity event naughty nurse Saturday) I did 30 mins on the cycle (With pedals in front) on random, level 9, then 100 reps of Hip Abductor, on 45kg weight & 100 reps of Hip Adductor, on 45kg weight, then 5 mins on the Cross Trainer, on random, level 10. Then another 30 mins on the bike (With pedals under you) on Hill on level 9, followed by 50 reps of leg extensions on 30kg weight & 50 reps of leg curls on 30kg weight & a few other neck/back friendly machines & free weights, then I headed home. I got in & had a mug of tomato soup & 4 salt & vinegar rice cakes. Chatted briefly on Twitter & watched 'Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway' followed by 'Taken' then I went to bed with my book (Calories Consumed 1,125, 783cals UNDER today's target Excellent)

Sunday 7th April, I woke at 10am & had a decent sleep for a change. I dreamt something about acting (As I often do) Something about travelling on a bus (As I often do) Plus being crushed up travelling in a well over packed car, headed somewhere. I had a wash & did a load of laundry & cleaning, then grilled two crumpets & had with Marmite, while bantering with the girls on Twitter. Then I got changed into my gym gear, tied my hair back & added wrist & ankle weights & headed to gym drinking a can of 'Relentless' energy drink. I also bought a Sunday Sun newspaper on the way. I got to the gym & had a 3hr work out. I did 30 mins on the cycle (With pedals in front) on random, level 9, then 100 reps of Hip Abductor, on 45kg weight & 100 reps of Hip Adductor, on 45kg weight, then 15 mins on the Cross Trainer, on random, level 10. 

Then another 30 mins on the bike (With pedals under you) on Hill on level 9, followed by 50 reps of leg extensions on 30kg weight & 50 reps of leg curls on 30kg weight, followed by 5 mins on the rowing machine. Then I just did a few other neck/back friendly machines & free weights, when I was on the Hip Adductor & Hip Abductor, I saw one of the trainers who often comes to chat with me, in the gym class, in next to nothing, along with a girl, they obviously both do body building competitions, as they were doing muscle poses looking themselves in the mirror, while one of the older male trainers from the gym, put them through their paces. 

I said to myself, at the end of 2012 that 2013 was going to be my year, the year I was selfish & put myself 1st, well my 4 part plan is in motion, part 1 is coming along, part 2 racing ahead & 3 plus 4 will come in time! I got home, from the gym, famished, so I grilled, two home made burgers, that I had in the fridge & sandwiched them with some mustard, between two slices of white 'Weight Watchers' bread, washed down with a bar of 'Bornville' & a coffee. Then I sent a few tweets & settled down & read the paper while listening to 4Music. The front cover is about how the vile dog owner of the dogs that killed teen Jade, has not apologised to her parents & has gone into hiding (F**king coward!) Cops said they could not charge the dogs owner under current laws (Well those laws need to be changed & sharpish!) There was a picture of pregnant Coleen Rooney, in a awful, vile, dress (Below) at the Grand National, yesterday, what a shapely frumpy number it was, what was she thinking? 

More on the 20yr, 46st 7lb, Lard Bucket, I have lost sympathy for 'Georgina Davis' who was fighting for her life in hospital last night (I said she'd not make it to 23) after a dangerous, skin infection, raced through her body (Well I hope her 'Friend' flatmate, is feeling bad about allowing her to continue eating crap!) Her step-dad has been told, it is really serious. He said "We have been told she may not make it!" From FAT, to BONES & uba bore 'Gwyneth Paltrow' has been boasting that she has "the ass of a 22yr old stripper" while promoting her diet book 'It's All Good' Yeah, shame it's situated where her face should be though! Yawn!!

A study of the 1,000 Richest People in Britain, has found that those born under the sign of 'Gemini' (My Sign) have the best chance of making a fortune (Tell me about it, a couple of my ex's had £Million businesses after me helping them & grafting for them for free to make it a success, that's why this year is all about ME!! Funny that now after I left one, after wasting 5yrs of my life with the knob, he lost it all & now is an employee of someone! Karma!) Gemini represent 1 in 10 of the UK's wealthiest, on the 'Sunday Times Rich List' Gemini's topped the horoscope league for the 3rd year running.  With 9.9% of the richest being Gemini, bottom was Scorpio 12th with 6.5%, The rest are as follows - 2nd Capricorn 9.6%,  3rd Aries 9.4%, 4th Taurus 8.9%, 5th Leo 8.6%, 6th Sagittarius 8.2%, 7th Cancer 8%, 8th Pisces 7.9%, 9th Libra 7.8%, 10th Aquarius 7.7% & 11th Virgo with 7.5%.

Talking of Gemini my stars today said - 'New friendships add glamour to your life, but it is unwise to neglect old pals - you need both! A project you care about will go all the way (Good) Pluto changes direction in your passion chart, which stirs unexpected attractions. Does friendship lead to fame?? 

At 8.30pm I had three slices, of white, Weight Watchers, bread, toasted, with peanut butter. Then it was time for 'Once Upon A Time' the start of season two, a bit slow, not sure what I make of it, a bit of an anti climax after an excited wait for it's return. Now wished I'd watched it on +1 and watched 'Millionaire Matchmaker' on 4Music 1st, it had a clip of the ONLY millionaire I liked on the show thus far, an Aquarian called Robin, he was my kind of crazy! Then it was time for 'Person Of Interest' which was excellent tonight. I then went into blog mode. Finally going to bed at 1.30am (Calories consumed 1,469, 587cals Under today's target Excellent!)

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