Monday, 1 April 2013

A Very Ugly Weekend, Moves Into A Painful Week!!!!

Monday 25th March, I woke in extreme pain, at 9am. You know, the kind, that makes you feel, so physically sick, that you retch!! I grabbed the last, of my over the counter, painkillers, that I bought from the local shop, yesterday & downed them, with the bottle of water on my bedside table. Then I curled up in bed, in a ball of pain, waiting for them to kick in, while I silently sobbed. At noon still in bed & still in absolute agony, I called the doctors surgery, for my re-prescription of Ibuprofen, Co-Codamol & Diclofenac, as I was climbing the walls with pain!! 

I felt like, a whole football team, had kicked & stamped on my neck & shoulders (With their boot studs, still in!!) The whole area felt sore & bruised, to the touch, yet with a sharp, toothache pain, at the core. I have a horrible feeling, that the next step, will be, the disc removal Op! FFS why can't I get a health break? The Doctor told me, that he was changing the Diclofenac, to Naprosyn, as long term use of Diclofenac, can cause heart damage (Like I can do with that, on top of everything else!!) He said he'd call me, when the prescription was ready, to be collected, at the pharmacy.

I remained in bed, in agony, feeling like hell, getting up at 3pm, to grill 2 crumpets, and spread them with Marmite, plus I had some orange & grapefruit juice, as my stomach was rumbling. Then I crawled back into bed, feeling like death! I didn't go online, as I constantly had, two dead arms & hands, as well as all the harsh pain (Stupid soddin spine probs!!) I watched 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Kim is delusional & Didi, is plain vile. Then I watched the brilliant 'Millionaire Matchmaker' I Love the Jewish woman 'Patti Stanger' who runs that agency, she is fierce!! 

Then I watched 'Home & Away'  at 7pm I got the call, to say my prescription was ready to pick up. So slowly & very carefully, I had a wash & changed into jeans & a cream, long sleeved, T-Shirt. & pulled on my black wellies, my long, black, military style, Primark, coat & faux fur, deerstalker, then gingerly headed out, on the icy pavements (I don't want to damage my back even further, by slipping on ice!!) I picked up my drugs & got myself a Sun newspaper, on the way home.

I fixed some food (As the Naprosyn has to be taken with food) I had an Asda, cheese topped roll, with some yummy, Dolcelatte cheese, followed with some delicious Asda 'Chosen By You' Coconut Yoghurt (Seriously lush) all washed down with some Diet, Caffeine Free, Coke. At around 8.30pm, my arms & hands, had enough feeling in them, to check my inbox of my hotmail, for work emails. 

There were no emails, re work, but the photographer, from Sundays shoot, had sent me, about 50 copy's of the ANGER pic's, which all made me laugh, due to my very ugly, contorted, anger faces. So I uploaded some, on my acting sites, while I had a brief period, when my hands & arms were not feeling either, in pain, or dead!!. But I was still in too much pain, to do a lot of chatting, on either Twitter or Facebook & due to the pain, I wasn't really in the mood, for chit chat anyway!!........ So I didn't bother!!

 Anger A VERY Ugly Emotion!!!

I also had a email, from Radio Verulam, re my DJ training, for the station, that included a few DJ training apps, that I needed to download, to my laptop, which I did. Then I watched the brilliant 'Revenge' (I love that show!) While the tablets kicked in, then I read the newspaper. The front page was more insanity, from our nannying state! Dinner lady's at a school, on Canvey Island, Essex have been banned from baking, triangular flap jacks, due to them being branded dangerous (FFS!!!) They have been ordered to bake square, or rectangular ones, after a pupil was hit in the face, by a triangular one!!! What next banning dangerous sharp pencils, or Biro's?? Bloody Stupid! Anyway if a triangular flap jack = 3 dangerous pointy corners, a square flap jack = 4 dangerous pointy corners!! And break a square one in half, diagonally & you have 2 deadly triangle ones!!

Flapjack?? Or Deadly Weapon???

More news on BBC paedophiles, this time two gay paedo's working on 'Dr Who' one Producer 'John Nathan Turner' & his partner 'Gary Downie' This comes after revelations of paedo grooming rings at BBC's 'Eastenders' in the 80's & 90's. It is about time the Government took away the BBC's right to charge for a licence, as, as an institution, they are both, a cash splashing & cover up disgrace!! 

From BBC to ITV & after 'Ant & Dec's' brilliant performance of their old hit 'Lets Get Ready To Rumble' on 'Saturday Night Takeaway' last Saturday (Below) It has jumped to No2, in the iTunes, download chart. Excellent, well done them, they out-shined all the other 'Reunion' artists, on the show, which included the band's 'Five, Blue & Atomic Kitten'

At last, the PM, does the sensible thing & vows to crack down, on 'Sponging Immigrants', about time too!! As the immigrant's of today, are 'Nothing Like' the immigrants of the 40's 50's & 60's who came here to work hard & create a decent life for themselves, while helping with the country's growth. The immigrants of today have no respect for this country, or the people in it, many still can't speak English, after living here 10yrs or more, disgusting!! If I moved to a country, where English was not the 1st language, I'd have learnt enough of the local language, to get by in, in under a year!! And now MOST immigrants, are the foreign equivalent of the British, teenage, Chav, baby making, machines, who have 'NO Intention' of working, but just want to grasp, every hand out possible & get cheap housing thrown in!! 

The NEW, foreign, vermin, don't even appreciate it, when their huge family's are given £Million+ mansions to live in! Many a story has arisen, of immigrant family's, in mansions, smashing up, historic, Victorian tiles, or marble fireplaces, burning expensive carpets, by cooking on the floor, plus smashing up oak doors to burn, in their marble fireplaces, as fire wood. Also of them allowing their kids & teenagers, to scrawl, over internal walls of such mansions, with pens & crayons. The scum should be made to pay for the damage (& not out of benefits which they should have stopped when they do such damage) if they have to have any at all.

PM David Cameron 

The PM say's, immigrants that remain jobless, for 6 months, will see their benefits axed, unless they can prove they have a genuine chance at getting work (Great as unlike us tax payers, who have worked & paid tax in the UK, they have paid Nothing into the benefit system yet!) At the moment they can come to the UK & claim Jobseekers Allowance, for as long as they like. He also pledges to stop 'Health Tourism' (About bloody time!!!) Clawing back the costs from their country's (Good luck with that!!! Most country's Governments, have as much contempt, for the soft touch UK, as their own health tourists) 

Immigrants coming here, expecting council houses, will also be disappointed Hurrah!!! (Thank F**k for that!! I have only been on the council house housing list, 33yrs & still no closer the top!!) But that is no good, if benefits are then used to pay, their high, private, rents, for them!! Also loopholes, that laughingly allow, illegal immigrants, that have over stayed, their visa, to claim handouts, will be plugged!!! 

There was also a bit, in the paper, about London Mayor, Boris Johnson, being unsurprisingly, ambushed, in an interview, yesterday, by presenter Eddie Mair, on the Conservative hating, BBC, before a documentary about his life, airing on BBC2 at 9pm today. Mair even called Boris "A nasty piece of work!"

Talking of immigrant scum, FAILED Sudanese born, Asylum Seeker, Mouaz Al Sayed, has the f**king cheek, to sue (No doubt using legal aid to pay) for £50,000 claiming, that his detention breached his (Wait for it..... yep!!) Human Rights!!! F**k right off!! Mind you, we should of just instantly deported, the little shit, rather than provided him, with food & lodgings! The lying scum was denied asylum in 2005 & was later jailed for 15months when he then committed the CRIME of putting in 2 asylum petitions under FALSE IDENTITY'S!! 

He was due to be deported, on release, but red tape delayed it, as HE, did NOT, have a Sudanese Passport. So he was held for a year, in a detention centre (HIS fault, for NOT having his passport) While they tried to sort papers, but the Sudan Embassy (Obviously not wanting, criminal scum like him, back) Said they'd stopped issuing NEW passports. So if the scum wants to sue anyone, it should be the Sudan Embassy!!! He is saying his detention was illegal, as it should of been obvious, that he could NOT be sent back, without the right documents (YES!! That is exactly why you destroyed your passport, isn't it! You vile, criminal, scum!!) 

His money grabbing lawyers (No doubt paid for by the tax payer) say that, he should of been tagged & released, while enquiries went on. No... he should of just never come here & destroyed his passport, in the 1st place! Go stick your claims for £50K up your thieving, Sudanese, arse, sunshine!!

There was a bit in the paper, on the mysterious suicide, of 67yr, Russian Tycoon, 'Boris Berezovsky' who was found dead in a locked, bathroom, in his mansion, in Ascot, Berks. After not being seen for 15hrs. A close friend of Boris for 15yrs, Lord Bell, insisted that his friend, would NOT of committed suicide, saying he may of had a heart attack, due to stress though! It was also rumoured by one friend Nikolai Glushkov, that he'd been found strangled. Berezovsky a outspoken critic of The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had survived many an assassination attempt, including one in the UK. He was also friends with Alexander Litvinenko the ex spy, killed in 2006, with polonium spiked tea.

The obese 19yr teen 'Georgina Davis' Who I'm now almost as bored of reading about, as I am Cheryl Cole. Has larded back on 4st, taking her back to a disgusting, 46st 7lb. After medics had saved, the fat, lard buckets, life!! (Sorry but any sympathy I had for her, has NOW Totally Run Out!!) While in hospital nurses helped her lose 10st, going from 52st, to 42st. But she struggled to keep to her diet, once she left & has gained 4st (Gaining 4st, in 4 months) So she's gained, a stone a month! That isn't her struggling to keep to a diet, it's her NOT keeping to it at all!! Struggling is when you lose weight, but at a slower than expected rate, FACT!!! 

She can't blame her parents this time, as she NOW lives in a 2 bedroom flat, with her friend 'Sian Thomas' since November 2012. Georgina says "Some weeks are OK & some weeks aren't. Last week, was a bad week & I ate too many biscuits!"..... Too many biscuits? Too many f**king biscuits!! When your that HUGE & need to lose weight, what the hell are you doing, with biscuits in the house??? I don't even have any biscuits in my cupboard & she is OVER 4 times my weight!!!!

She adds "Tonight I'm having KFC because it is too painful for me to stand in the kitchen to cook" Why can't her flatmate Sian, make her a healthy meal? Or are her legs broken, so she cant stand in the kitchen either? Or is she just as 'bone idle' as Georgina & can't be arsed, to help her friend stick to her diet, like she claimed she would!!?? 

If that's the case she is NOT much of a friend, if she allows biscuits & KFC in the house & doesn't step in to stop Georgina sabotaging her diet! Why doesn't she cook her friend, some healthy meals, that can be put in the freezer, then when she is at work, or not around, Georgina can heat one up in the microwave instead of dialling up KFC!! Georgina turns 20 in 2 weeks, I predict if she doesn't get her act together, she will be dead by 23!! And I'm sorry, but if she does, I won't be shedding any tears for her!!

My stars 'Gemini' in the paper say, "Coming across as business like, helps with work, or with an interview" (Doesn't it always?) It also say's that "Guessing games, are not good for your love life, and it's time for straight talk!!" (Admittedly, I'm not good, at opening up, to those, I love / fancy, about my, TRUE feelings!!) 

My friend Nerissa text me & invited me to her Birthday bash, at the Ivory Rooms, in Billericay, Essex at 9pm this Friday. But I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it, as I'm filming Friday. Later I watched 'Alan Carr Chatty Man' which had the gorgeous, Ryan Reynolds, on. I didn't realise, he was from from Vancouver, Canada. Hopefully, I will be in Vancouver, this summer, seeing my good friend, Simon Cole. I Love Ryan Reynolds, he is one tall, cute, hottie & has a fun personality & good sense of humour too!! 

Ryan 'Phwooor' Reynolds

Peckish, I had two pitta pockets, with cottage cheese & sweet chilli sauce. Then after reading a bit of my book 'The Prometheus Deception' by Robert Ludlum, I had an early night, at 12.30am as I was still feeling rough (Calories consumed 1,521, which was 64cals UNDER today's goal, result!!)

Tuesday 26th March, I woke in pain, at 9am. So I reached for the Naprosyn & took one. Then at 10am when I eventually felt semi human, I made myself a Decaf coffee & 2 crumpets. Spread with crunchy peanut butter, as I was now very hungry. Made with great difficulty, as I still couldn't feel my hands & arms (bloody back / neck problem) I then, sort of managed, to run a brush through my hair, also with great difficulty (It is amazing the simple daily tasks, you take for granted, most days!!) Then I pulled on some knickers, leggings & a long sleeved T-Shirt, as my hands wouldn't work on zips, or buttons, or on bra hooks. I slipped on my slippers & popped to the shop, for a Sun newspaper & a Closer Magazine. 

The usual suspects were featured in Closer Magazine - Jordan, Cheryl (bore off) Cole, Charlotte Church, Posh Spice, Sarah Harding, The Saturday's, Christina Aguilera, Imogen Thomas, The Voice, Xfactor, Britain's Got Talent, with the usual diet & beauty or surgery articles. Plus the usual, Binge Drinker, Sex Toy Tester, Baby No 17 & I want more, freaks!! (Which is the real reason, we women buy it!!) Towie's Sam Faiers had a interview & a make-up less than usual, shoot, just foundation, lip gloss, pencilled/dyed eyebrows, highlighter under brows & false lashes...... She looked a lot better, younger & fresh faced.

I tried to do a bit of hoovering with my dead arms/hands but gave up I had no strength in my arms to push my Dyson. This is most annoying, as I had a week of gym, work outs, mainly planned for this week, which my bloody neck/back/shoulder problem has just screwed up for me!

I watched some morning TV & saw a 'More Than' Ad filmed in St Albans high street, less than 5 mins from my home!!! Wonder what agent that was through? & if through one of mine? & if so, why didn't I get a look in on an Ad, in my home town? As it was a crowd scene & they can't say I don't look like a local.... As I am a local!! An 'Insure Me' Ad was being filmed in 'St Albans' yesterday I applied via UE, but I wasn't cast. But seeing how much pain I was in Monday, maybe that is just as well, for once!! 

More Than Ad

I read the paper, it felt really odd, trying to turn the pages, with dead hands. The front page, was of an extremely unattractive 22yr old, female, who had a free boob job, on the NHS & who now is delusional, in thinking she can be a "Glamour" model. She should spend the money she saved, on the plastic surgery, on a plastic mask! She may be delusional enough, to think she's a stunner..... But the only way, she would be described as a stunner, is if she was holding a Taser Gun!! As with a lot of girls, these days, that think they're stunner's & like to keep telling people so!

22yr Shocker Stunner Jodie Cunningham

22yr Jodie Cunningham (Above) from Leeds, got her £4,800 breast op, because she cried, as she told her doctor her A breasts was causing her emotional distress!! My VERY, short, eyesight, has caused me an emotional distress, since I was 4yrs old. As did the bullying, I got at school, over my NHS glasses!! But as I grew up, I got lenses, when I could eventually afford them & I'm now saving now, for laser eye surgery. As lenses, now irritate my eyes, due to eye damage, done to them, when I had double pneumonia, a few years back!! But, I didn't go crying to my doctor, for free laser eye surgery (But then again, maybe that makes me the fool!!?) 

She now wants, to be the new Katie Price (Even the Katie Price haters, have to admit that, that is an insult to Katie) Locals call her Katie-cut-Price. Looking at Jodie, with her hideously, painted on, black, tadpole like, ugly, Scouse Brows, that don't even match her 'Badly' extensioned, chestnut coloured hair, with that, pale pink lipstick, that belongs back in the 1980's. Where all we, who now know better, left it!! It is obvious she has no idea, what glamour is, let alone how to attain it!! (See picture below)

Sadly she is of the Chav, Towie, culture, who thinks all you have to do, to be rich & famous, is to be skinny with fake tits & trowelled on make-up, looking like some cheap hooker. Another example of the growing amount of men & women, in their teens/early 20's, who have, the something for nothing, mentality! Who feel the world owes them money & fame, without the need of any actual talent (Let alone personality!!) Josie, who earns £9,000 a year, has made several trips to London, from her Yorkshire home, to live the celebrity style, in top, London, nightspots (So, how does she pay for that on 9K?) 

Also HOW, does she pay, for her chocolate highlights, her vile Chav tattoo's & her bad, hair, extensions? Also HOW, has she afforded, the collection of 'Louis Vuitton' handbags, that she is building up? Or the Chihuahua puppy, she has ordered?? On £9K? Something doesn't add up & if she can afford to pay for all that, she can certainly bloody well afford, to pay for her own, bloody Boob Job!!

She has meant to have gone from a 32A (Above) to a 36DD (Below) BUT that's Not Right!! Only the cup size changes, NOT the size number (Unless you gain, or lose weight) As the number is the measurement around the ribs, plus 4" then the cups go up, per inch you are more than your Ribs +4" So if your boobs were same or less than the ribs +4" your a AA, if an inch more an A, 2" more a B etc....  So unless she has had filler in her back (Highly Unlikely) she is no doubt a 32F, BUT the implant size, used for her, may have been called a 36DD!! She say's the sky is the limit, now she has her new, boobs. 

I am expecting, if she is on Twitter, she will get a lot of abuse, and also on news forums. Due to her being delusional, about her chances as a glamour model, plus getting it done on the NHS, when people dying of cancer, are being denied much needed medication from their local NHS. I also expect another source of income, to come out, in the papers, from somebody selling a story on her!! No way is she getting a designer puppy & a LV handbag collection, on an income of just 9K!!! Unless she is running up a HUGE credit card debt, she wont be able to pay off & plans to go Bankrupt Kerry Katona style!!

GLAMOUR? Model Jodie 

I think she will regret, telling her story, on TV. in the paper, plus magazines, It may bring her, brief fame, but I bet my money on it, that it wont be, the kind of fame, that she wants, in the end!! Mark my words!! Talking of glamour, there were some lovely shots of Kelly Brook, in the paper, in a yellow bikini (My favourite colour) From her 'New Look' range, I will have to go take a look! I LOVE yellow, or gold bikinis. Today's page 3. 26yr Sam, from Manchester, was, unlike 22yr Jodie, a stunner!! Because even with my BAD vision, pre NON NHS laser surgery, I sure as hell can SEE, she wont find fame, as a 'Glamour Model' only infamy!!

News was in that the 'Dr Who' paedo, perve, 'John Nathan-Turner', had connections to 'Jimmy Savile' what a shock (NOT) I was telling people about Savile for decades, nobody listened. He worked with Jimmy on 'Jim'll Fix It' His pervert partner 'Gary Downie' worked on Eastenders. The Mystery of dead Russian Billionaire, Boris Oligarch Berezovsky, Saturday, continue as police say he was found hanged with no sign of a struggle. A Russian aid said British spy's may have killed him.

There was a bit on Sharon, a local 49yr, St Albans mum of 3 (Aged 14, 18 & 19) Who say's she is caught in a £70,000 a year benefit trap (70K a year!!!..... That's a trap, I'd love to be in lol!!) The divorcee says, she can't afford to work as it would leave her & her kids worse off & they'd no longer qualify, for free university places. They live, in a spacious three-bedroom semi, with it's own drive & 80ft garden & her 26ft lounge has a 42" flat screen TV. She spends her day's writing, yet unpublished novels & walking her dogs. She use to live, in a £1.6Million, 7 bedroom home & says every day is a struggle.... Err really?? Doesn't sound it!!..... If the £1.6Million house was sold, when she split from her husband, what was her divorce settlement? As you can't have more than a few Thousand pounds in savings, to be legible for benefit help!! She said she went to 2 job interviews & got BOTH, but turned them down, as she, would of been worse off & wouldn't be able to pay the rent.

When I was on benefits, I was told I HAD to take the job, if offered it & if I couldn't pay the rent, on it, I had to get a 2nd job, or apply for tax credits, to help pay rent etc...... How come they did not say this to her?? (Because she has kids?) Sharon Minkin (Above) use to earn £120,000 a year in the city, as a chartered accountant, but gave it up 18yrs ago to be a full time mum. Her ex husband, was like my younger, brother, Bill & wife, a financial advisor & they had a live in housekeeper in their 7 bedroom house (5 with ensuite's) 

The couple split in 2007  & have since divorced, he claims his business is not doing well & pays £13 a week maintenance! She say's that she can not afford the 5K fees, to retrain to be up to date as an accountant. This is where the government would be better off, paying for someone's 5K fees, to get them back into work & in doing so saving themselves & the tax payers 65K of 70K a year in benefits (But that's too logical!!)

Per month she gets £1,400 in Housing Benefit, £152 in council tax, £403 tax credit, £394 in employment support allowance, £84 for free school meals & £180 for travel to school, Child Allowance amounts to £130 a month. On top of that as she is on benefits Sharon gets a £3,500 a year University grant plus a £800 a year bursary for buying books. She & they also get FREE teeth & eye care & free school trips. Due to this she say's she wont be tempted by a meagre salary of £40K a year (I'd rip someone's arm off for that!!) 

Saying she struggles, to feed the family, on their meagre £70K benefits. Some people say she should save money by getting rid of her two pedigree dogs!! But she say's "Although the dos cost around £40 a month to feed & I had a recent £300 vet bill, as they are elderly & have health problems I don't think anyone else would take them!" She say's she couldn't move to a smaller, cheaper, rented property, adding "After living in such a big house before, we cant imagine moving to somewhere smaller than we rent now!" 

Now to a lovely, very touching, and yet sad, story, set in a, Worthing based, computer game, company. Gamer, James Payne, who has sadly died, of Liver Cancer, aged just 24yrs, has been immortalised, as a Roman commander, on his favourite computer game 'Total War' he visited the, East Sussex, company's premises, as part of a 'Adult Treat' package, for terminally ill, adults. Modellers took photos & measurements, of James, during his visit to the company. James from Manchester, will appear in 'Rome II' which is due to be released, in October. Sadly, James never lived long enough to see his Roman likeness (Below)

My stars for Gemini today amused - "You have ideas, plus a wonderful way of dealing with people. When you take the lead, friends can achieve a lot, whether you work together or raise funds for charity. Jupiter links exciting love developments, with the entertainment world. Call a relative who is on your mind"  I had to laugh at the 1st bit, as I have a business Idea, which I am going to talk to, a friend about, who may be interested in getting involved with & investing in, my business plan. Plus I'm involved with a charity event with friends. Considering present work, the love development, made me laugh too..... as for the relative..... If only I could still call my mum!!!

By 3pm, I was in a lot of pain again, so I fixed lunch, as my painkillers, have to be taken with food. I had some Quorn Satay sticks, with sweet chilli sauce & a peach Ski yoghurt & a large cappuccino. Then with the pain in my neck, back, shoulders & arms, becoming unbearable again, I went to bed, in the hope that when the drugs kicked in, I'd get some sleep & I'd wake feeling better. I slept deeply until 11.40pm & woke with my arms feeling normal & my shoulders painful, but bearable. 

Peckish I heated up a couple of slices, of thin based pizza, that I had on a plate, in the fridge & had a decaf coffee & nutty flapjack bar (Not the deadly triangle) to follow. I went back to bed & clicked on the TV & it flashed up on Ch5's 'Super Casino' & Rob Lamarr, appeared, on my bedroom, TV screen, in a very, nice, suit, indeed!! With a lovely, pail yellow shirt & lemon tie, plus a charity daffodil (One of my top 3 favourite flowers) on his lapel. 

Yellow is my favourite colour & not everyone can wear it, but it has to be said, that Rob, looked absolutely gorgeous, in lemon tonight!! He is a handsome guy, but he looked, exceptionally handsome tonight (He really should wear yellow more often!) He looks good in pink (As do most attractive men) But I think the yellow, even topped that. Tonight's look, aptly reminded me, of the film 'Casino' where Robert Di Nero, wore some amazing outfits (Sharon Stones were out of this world too!!) In 'Casino' Di Nero, wears a lot of colour, on colour, shirt & ties. Which Robs, Lemon yellow, tie, on Primrose yellow, shirt combo, reminded me of. He'd also suit a orange tie, on a tangerine shirt, combo, with a dark khaki or olive suit. (I'm forever the fashion designer/stylist in my head)

Feeling better in myself, I took to Facebook & Twitter, for the 1st time in two days. I Tweeted Rob, to say how good he looked on TV, tonight, in yellow. I always think whether Male, or Female, you should always, take the time, to tell someone when they look good. I often tell strangers, on the train, or tube, or in the street, they look stylish, or even stunning, sometimes, when I'm out & about! Some appreciate it, some might think I'm a nutter, or a lesbian, but I think it's nice, to give someone a compliment, when they have obviously made an effort, on their appearance!! 

Rob was sweet & gave me a shout out on 'Super Casino' saying he hoped I felt better soon, which was much appreciated. I had a few tweets, on my feed, from the past 2 days when I wasn't on Twitter, due to my pain, one was from, one of Robs football teams, the  UK3Lions who he is the goalkeeper for (below) which was sweet & also appreciated.


I replied @UK3Lions Thank you so much... you have my support in any & every way, I can xxx #UK3LionsRock!!!

So, true to my word...... If you wonder who the UK3Lions are? & want to follow/support them, or get involved, here are a few video's below, to show you a bit more about them, and you can click HERE << To go straight, to their website, for more UK3Lions information. They are also on YouTube as UK3LionsTV which you can subscribe to.

Positive Criticism 
Celebrity, Charity Football
Miss UK3Lions
Representing The UK Abroad
Entertainment, The UK3Lions Way 

I chatted to friends, for a bit online, on Twitter mainly, as I watched 'SuperCasino' Which is always cheeky & funny & full of banter, when Rob is on the show (It's a Totally different show, without him, it is definitely Rob, that makes the show watchable, for viewers, that are not playing along, at home, and he is easy on the eye too, ladies!!) He does some of the voice overs, on SuperCasino, but today's, voice over, for the Monaco Offer, was definitely someone else. I don't know why they used this person (Maybe Rob wasn't available) But Rob would of been a far superior choice, as the guy who did the Monaco one was quite nasal. 

The coldest number of the night, on SuperCasino, was one my lucky numbers I play (When I'm occasionally betting on Something) Which is No2, it had not been out, for well over 100 spins, on the roulette wheel, yet my one of my 'other' lucky numbers I play 22, kept popping up & at 3.30am, I had a gut feeling, that number 2, was going to come up, before the show ended, at 4am!! So for fun, I tweeted this to the show & much to my amusement, shortly before the show ended, 2 came up TWICE!! 

One after the other, rather like a 22, which made me chuckle. Then I took another painkiller & settled back into bed nice & drowsy from the drugs & hoped for a decent nights sleep, for a change & lucky for me I was soon out like a light for once!!! (Calories consumed 1,997 which is 50cals OVER today's target..... Whoops but not too bad!!)

Wednesday 27th March, I woke at 11am & thankfully, I'd had my 1st decent night's sleep, in months (Thanks to my Meds) But my dreams were even MORE ODD than usual............. At 1st I dreamt about stroking a big grey Wolf........ & later of a tiny island, with tiny, scaled down, real, animals on it, which was sat on top of a podium, that stood in the middle of my huge bedroom!! I also dreamt that I'd borrowed my best friend Candie's, big black Range Rover (I think she has a Land Rover) & left it's motor running, as I got out to chat 2 someone & so it was stolen, as I stood right by it. I also dreamt about back when I was a fashion designer & I was back in my studio adding some gem & stud details, to some of my designs..... Thanks Meds very entertaining!!! Luckily I could feel my arms & hands today, so toasting a cheese topped roll & having with some crunchy peanut butter, for breakfast, was a damn site easier to make, than breakfast yesterday!!

I had a wash & tied my hair up in a topknot, I was really glad I'd found my fab, hot orange, strapless, Wonderbra (Above) last week. As I wore it today & that meant, no straps, digging in, my painful & tender shoulders/neck (NOW I want it, in every colour they do!!) I wore it under a beige vest top & jeans, with my silver cardie. I popped to the shop for a Sun paper & got a couple of Decaf Diet Cokes, then I put a black load of washing, in the washing machine & then I did the washing up, that had been soaking, as I was in too much pain, to do since Sunday. 

I did some hoovering, that my dead arms, wouldn't let me do, yesterday, then my arm's & shoulders started to hurt again & so I checked my Hotmail, Twitter & Facebook, it is all kicking off on Twitter & news forums about that Josie (below) Who had a free boob job on the NHS, I knew there would be a backlash. A few men from Leeds, said that she was a well known hooker/escort in the area & she just got them done, to be able to charge more cash!! (If so, her getting them FREE on the NHS, is more of an insult, as she could deffo afford to pay for them, if she is on the game!!) 

I took more drugs & settled with a Diet Coke & the paper. The front page, was the sad story, that ex 'Xfactor' winner 'Steve Brookstein' was tweeting about, on Twitter, last night (BTW I recommend following him, he is very funny & also a UK3Lions member!!) It was about a 14yr teenager, Jade Lomas-Anderson, who was savaged to death, by the 5 dogs, of a friend. Police shot 4 of the 5 dogs dead. The largest was shot 9 times before it died! Jade was mauled to death by the 5 dogs after walking into the room eating a meat pie. One a Bull Mastiff grabbed for the snack & as she went to fight it off, it went for her throat, dragging her to the floor, where the 4 others, Staffordshire bull terriers, joined in the savaging. The police had to shoot them, as they were so aggressive, which makes one think, that their owner Beverley, trained them that way. 

Jade was mauled, after staying the night, at her friend, Kimberley Concannon's house, in Greater Manchester. One local said "The dogs were always growling or barking in that tiny house. All the local kids were scared of them!" Another said "They're really mean dogs, they're never let out of the garden & nobody goes in there!" Beverly Breeds Staffordshire Terriers & sells them for £200 a pup. Since Jade's death, cowardly Beverly has ran off & nobody has seen her since! Her teen daughter Kimberley must be feeling great, her friend is killed in front of her, by her own dogs, her pets are shot dead & her mum f**ks off & leaves her!...... The Gutless Scum!!

Talking of scum, American, Amanda Knox, broke down yesterday, as Italian judges overturned her acquittal, for her British flatmate, Meredith Kercher's murder. Freed Amanda, who served 4yrs sobbed as she heard about a retrial. I have always felt Amanda was involved, her behaviour & body language of her & her boyfriend shortly after hearing of Meredith's death was not one of someone shocked or horrified by the death!! She showed more emotion in the dock yesterday, than she did, the day police found, Meredith's body!

There were some pics in the paper, of pregnant Kim Kardashian. She has made some HUGE fashion faux pas, since she has become pregnant. Mind you she made a few bad choices before she was too!!! She say's she has put on 1.5st, since becoming pregnant. Talking of baby's the VILE 32yr father, Mark Lackenby, who shook his innocent 5 week old, baby daughter, Ruby, to death. Due to rage over losing a £2.50, Arsenal V Barcelona, Champions League, bet, losing out on £200 when David Villa scored for Barcelona. Was jailed for 10yrs yesterday, I hope the inmates batter the shit out of him!! The post mortem showed she also had broken ribs caused by the brute days earlier. Vile Evil Scum!!

Talking of Bad fashion (Kim Kardashian) ...... I Know it's WRONG!!...... BUT I Loved the two tone, pink wig, Katie Price wore, while dressed like a pony (Below) There I've admitted it!!

Corrie's Michelle Keegan won 'Cleavage Of The Year' a deserved title as she has a fine set of natural boobs. Wonderbra have come up with a formula for the perfect boobs, I must compare mine & see how badly I fail by? The formula is the depth from top of breasts to where they meet 5cm, a length of 15cm from base of chin to wear cleavage starts & circular 360 degree breasts. Talking of breasts there was more in the paper about  glamour model, wannabe, munter Josie Cunningham, and the anger her NHS boob job has caused., meanwhile she say's she doesn't care & add's she is confident taking her kids swimming now.

Today's stars in the paper for Gemini say - "Creative Ideas & getting involved in an event bringing out special talents opens the way to a new life (Yes please!!) Deal gently with people who want you to stay the same. A wild full moon brings a love-at-first-sight meeting with a Libra (Well I do get on, very well, with Libra's, but unless one, inadvertently, wanders through my flat today.... I think that's pretty unlikely!!) Luck is on a high for lottery tickets & bingo" (Can't be arsed to wander into town to buy a lotto ticket, so guess I will be losing my chance today, so will have to cross fingers for Saturdays draw)

At 3pm I had a warmed, cheese topped, roll, with Dolcelatte cheese in & a decaf coffee, yummmmm & put a while/pastels laundry wash in the machine. I did some washing up & a bit of dusting until my neck & shoulders hurt again, then I watched 'Millionaire Matchmaker' The two guy's, David & Doug, were creepy & pervy & vile! One reminded me of Liberace, crossed with Jack Nicholson in 'The Shining', the other of a serial killer! He took his date for a horror meal, including duck embryo, with some sort of sadistic pleasure, at her horror (You could tell, by his face) He even said to her, when she turned it down "I ordered it!!..... & You WILL eat it!!!"  Fuck off!! You warped, misogynistic, bully. No amount of money in the world, could make me go on a date with either of them.... let alone do more!! YUCK!!!

Then I watched 'Home & Away' then I took some more painkillers, as I was beginning to feel rough again!! Then I mashed & creamed some boiled, sweet potato, swede & carrot, into a mash, then added to the top of a seafood pie, I was making from seafood scraps, from the fishmonger. I put it in the oven to cook & for the top to brown & steamed some mangetoute, then once the fish pie was out of the oven, I wilted some spinach leaves & had the pie with that & the mangetoute. Then I took some painkillers with some orange juice. 

I decided, that I'd let this blog slide, with over 30 unfinished posts, so at 7.30pm, I slipped out of my jeans & cardie, then I sat on my bed, in my candy pink, frilly, French Knickers & my beige vest top & I began this weeks blog, while watching 'CSI' Person Of Interest' NCIS & Law & Order SVU'. All of which were excellent! Then after filling in 'My Fitness Pal' App & going through a few emails (I had an invite from an agent, to be in a low budget film tomorrow, which would get me a IMDb film credit, but I have a 3pm appointment to go to, tomorrow) I took some more painkillers, set my alarm clock & settled down to sleep at 4am (Calories consumed 1,544, 214cals OVER today's target..... Whoops!!)

Thursday 28th March, I woke at 9am, I know I had a long & complex dream, but all memory of it vanished, the instant I woke (Annoying!!) I put on '4Music' to wake me up as I got ready (Nothing like a sing along, to wake you up in the morning!!) Sorry neighbours!! I put on the heating & had a bath, to help ease my back/shoulder/neck problems, then washed my hair & grilled two crumpets & had with peanut butter & a coffee, plus a pain killer. The post came (All bloody Bills!!) Still waiting for quite a few things for charity event I'm involved in, may have to chase up some people later!! 

Off to Luton later, to the offices of the bitch, that I got fired, I'd like a grovelling apology..... But I wont hold my breath. Dried my hair, I must of been feeling more myself, as I was dancing round my bedroom in my orange undies to 'Gangnam Style' & wore my hot orange, strapless, Wonderbra, a coral spaghetti strapped vest top, my jeans, silver cardigan & knee high suede wedge boots. I popped off to my letting agents, to pay my rent & electric bill, then went to the station, to go to my Luton appointment.

I got there & had a 45min wait, before I was seen, but vile Sindy's replacement, Donna, was lovely & we got on like a house on fire & there was lots of apology's re prior situations!! (I guess it was inevitable, that Sindy would HATE Barbie & vice versa lol) I arranged to see her again, in a few weeks, I think we will have a great working relationship, unlike vile Sindy. After I went into Primark (Dangerous) I saw too much stuff, suitable for filming work & ended up spending £140 (In Primark that's a lot of shopping!) I got some dramatic fake lashes, reduced from £3 to £1, some fab neon pink, ankle strap, high heeled, studded sandals, for £14 apt for Evil Barbie alter ego, plus some amazing rock chick, chained, flat, thong sandals for £10. I also bought some hot orange, tanga, briefs, to go with my strapless Wonderbra, plus a gorgeous peach & orange floral bikini (Determined to go on holiday abroad this year!! Last time was Dubai in 2008) I also got a cute beach-bag, with a tabby cat, done up in the Audrey Hepburn 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' pose for £3. I also got 5 pairs of black stockings & 5 pairs of tan stockings (50p each)

I got an amazing, long, chiffon, vest, with a leopard printed skull, very biker bitch (Sons of Anarchy) style, for £3 & a chiffon scarf, with skull print & a bunch of rocker style silver bangles for £4. I got a short, baggy, white, vest top, with a gold, tiger print, for the gym/beach. I also got a cream top, with long, cream, two tone fringing at hem, dip dyed navy (As I have hoop earrings with the same fringing that will look amazing with it!!) I also got 3 skirts, a pleated, air force blue, one, that is long at the back & short at the front. 

A leopard print, rara skirt, apt for Evil Barbie alter ego, or any slapper roles, plus a short, full, black, lace, one with a nude lining. I also got 3 dresses, a Navy, long, sleeved, high necked, lace overlay, 60's like shift dress, a body con, black & hounds-tooth shift dress & a leopard print turtle necked shift dress, again apt for Evil Barbie character. I basically had, 3 types of looks, with my purchases, city elegant, slut & rocker/biker bitch. Pleased with my purchases, I set off home & peckish I bought a veggie patty roll & cappuccino, plus a Sun newspaper, in the cafe on the platform & ate/drank them on the train home. I was flicking through the paper & read my stars & the letters page & discovered I'd had a letter printed in the letters page (Below..... I'd forgotten, I'd emailed it to them)

"I have lost what scant sympathy I had left for obese teen Georgina Davis. She says "Last week was a bad week & I ate too many biscuits!" Too many biscuits? what is she doing with biscuits in the house? Gaining 4st in 4 months is not "struggling" to keep to a diet. That's not keeping to it at all" 

46st Georgina, was back in the paper today, because she went back into hospital last night, after side effects of her gluttony obesity (cellulitis) caused severe pains in her legs!! A reinforced ambulance, took the UK's fattest teenager, to hospital, after she made an anguished call to her parents!! She say's "I try to eat healthy, but I can't cook for myself in this state!" Bollocks!!!.... You don't have to cook fruit, or a salad!!! & you only have to heat soup!! Like I said, her flat mate could fix her salads, or healthy meals, for her to heat in the microwave. I'm sick of hearing her excuses & her playing the victim!! Bore off & stop draining NHS funds!!

My stars, for Gemini, were amusing, "Saturn gives you a strong but fair attitude (I'm always strong & always fair) that helps you make progress at work & with the family. When you think you know everything about a partner, you make an intriguing discovery (I like intriguing discovery's.... they're the best sort!!) Single? The moon draws a musician into your life. (Hope he's not a crap Xfactor reject, lmao) A text at 5pm means more than it says" (As it was now 5.10pm, it must have been written, in invisible ink!!) Or the fact that nobody wanted to text me at 5pm say's it all lol!!

I got back to St Albans station & walked home, it was grey out & looked about to rain any minute. I went online & chatted a bit on Facebook & Twitter & then watched 'Millionaire Matchmaker' on ITV2 +1. I love that show, the two Millionaires, were women today & one of the guys, put in the mixer for Audrey, was a very, very charming, cheeky, nicely suited, spiky haired, hottie, in his late 30's called Craig, who liked older women..... "Helloooooooo Craig!!!" Amazingly Audrey 40+ went for someone else!!! Is she mad?? Later I  put two pitta pockets in the microwave & filled with salad & Dolcelatte cheese for tea Mmmmmmm!!

At 8.57pm 'Mr N' messaged me on Facebook, from abroad & we had a brief chit chat. Then I tried on all, my Primark, purchases, everything was great, but the long, leopard print, skull, chiffon vest top was a size 6. I'd forgot to look at the size, as it was the only one there & it caught my eye. 

Luckily, as it was meant to be loose it just about fitted, but may take back, when I'm next in Luton & hope they then have some more, in in bigger sizes!! I washed my plate & then sat with the paper & read it, another bloody stupid f**king judge has turned down, yet another bid, to boot the terrorist rousing scum Abu Qatada out of the UK, FFS meanwhile cops say they may not even charge fellow scum Anjem Choudary (The law in this bloody country is an arse!!)

NHS Tit Job girl Josie Cunningham, was topless on page 7 in the Sun paper today (Normally reserved for the page 7 fella!!) Many people are up in arms, over her getting her boob job, for FREE on the NHS & think that more TOWIE loving "Glamour Model"  Wannabe's will now be lining up for FREEBIE boob jobs!! They needn't worry, after seeing her bodge job of a NHS boob job (Below) All wannabe's will be driven into getting them done by a NON NHS surgeon!! They look between, two wonky rum baba's & or the round jelly fake boobs that Drag Queens stuff in their bras, superglued on unevenly!! The nipples are uneven & point in different directions, bloody awful. Her hair extensions still look bad, but at least the make-up team, at The Sun, sorted out her hideous make-up & eyebrows.

 Josie & her NHS Boobs

She say's she doesn't care about the negative comments re her NHS boobs & say's she has been inundated with modelling work (Who with? Bottom end, top shelf, magazines, like 'Razzle'?? Or 'The Sport' newspaper? Who love to put a topless munter in their papers, for a freak show amusement!!) She is so delusional, I'm sure she will get fast tracked to this years 'Big Brother' I bet the Escorting thing, will be the next thing to come out! From Ch5's Big Brother, to another BB..... The BBC & an ex-Beeb producer Wilfred De'Ath 75 (Freed without charge by Savile cops) Said how staff preying on 'Young' women became rife there, saying even top chiefs were involved. Saying it would be quicker to tell you who wasn't involved.

Uba Bore, Gwyneth Paltrow, launches her cook book "It's All Good" next week, that promotes her "Elimination Diet" (No dairy, No eggs, No sugar, No corn, No wheat, No gluten or potatoes) If the food in the cook book, will make us all, a scrawny, pasty, shapeless, bag of bones, with lank hair, plus dull, dead eyes & an expression that is something between "I'm constipated" or "I'm trying to hold this wind in!" Like you Gwyn, I'll pass thanks!! To be honest, I'm no fan of her acting either. BORING!!!!!

Gwyneth 'Bore Off' Paltrow 

Asda have apparently created a one-size-fits-all pair of jeans, that will fit perfectly no matter how much your weight fluctuates. The "Wonderfit" jeans come in small, medium & large (So not exactly one-size-fits-all then!!) S = 8-12,  M = 14-18 & L = 20-24 they have a high amount of elastane in, so not sure if they will look a tad shiny, like some stretch jeans??

I watched 'Secret Eaters' how can a bloke, eat constant junk, like a beef pie, bap, and scoff over 7,000cals in one day & yet be seemingly, mystified, as to why he is a 19st lard bucket???? Are these people morons??? It's like they find, the Jeremy Kyle, equivalent candidates of food. After that I watched the odd '40 Year  Old Virgins' I was horrified to see, a local guy, I see often about town, called Clive, on there. Who eventually got sucked off & shagged, by an old biddy, sex surrogate, in the USA. I'm not sure I will be able to look him in the eye without laughing now, when I see him in town! 

He also had to learn to be able to say the words Cock, Vagina, Clit, Fuck & Cunt (PML) I will now have the urge, to go up to him & yell "Vagina!" in his face.... Childish I know... but true!! I Tweeted that I knew him & TV presenter, Rav Wilding, set me a challenge, that had me choking with laughter (Below) I will have to try to get Clive to do it & video it on my phone! I Love a challenge!!

  1. r@v
    lol. If you make home say 'felch', there's a bottle of wine in it for you.

  1. nice full-bodied Malbec. Just saying.

A man from my past 'Mr S' (It must be 6, or more, years, since, I 1st got to know him!!) Who I'm still friends with, on both Facebook & Twitter, sent me some saucy texts, on my mobile, out of the blue, along with some pics, of his erect penis, which he's SO proud of!..... & rightly so, lol. As it is a beauty!! Receiving them, did make me laugh, it was like going back in time!!..... Honestly, if he didn't have a big job, in the city, Smitty could be, the big cock in porn!! Then flirty texting over, I read some more of my book 'The Prometheus Deception' before retiring to sleep (Calories consumed 1,734 130cals OVER target whoopsy)

Friday 29th March (Good Friday) I woke at 8.30am, when my alarm went off, to a bright, sunny, Spring like, morning (Though still quite crisp out) & got up feeling fairly fresh, considering I'd still not managed to sleep by 4am (So I'd only had about 4hrs sleep!! Bloody insomnia!) I had a shower & washed my hair & had a toasted, cheese topped roll, with Bavarian Smoked Cheese, on top Mmmmmm (So yummy!!) with a coffee, then I dried my hair. I did a smoky 50's make-up & put in my half wig. I wore a black V-neck cashmere sweater & my NEW short black lace skirt, worn with a wide black patent belt, with nude lining & black nylons infused with moisturiser (They smell & feel lush) plus black killer heels & an antique Amethyst necklace. I was rocking a kind of Parisian look, so I wore my black, sequinned, knitted beret, with my long black, Military look, Primark coat. 

I shoved a few things in the new Audrey Hepburn style, Cat, print bag (Image above) including my diary in case I got more job texts come in & tweeted, that I was soon to head off to London. My friend Nat Tweeted me back, about coming to London, but I told him I was filming into the night, so would not be about to meet up sadly. 

I set off to the station, buying a Sun paper, en route, to read on my journey. I got to St Albans station & bought my return ticket. I jumped on a packed Bank Holiday train (No bloody seats, like bloody rush hour!!) I got to Kings Cross & grabbed a large Cappuccino from Costa's, then I got the tube to Vauxhall (I seem to be forever at Vauxhall lately, either at the tube, or train station, or both!!) Which is funny as two of my Ex's, have penthouse flats, in Vauxhall, right by the station, overlooking the Thames (Below) I always wonder if they're neighbours? Now that the 2nd of the two, Charlie, has moved to there!! 

Once there, I got a train to Hersham, for today's filming, which will be paid, a day & a half, as it's a Bank Holiday yay!!. I had a fun day at the studio's & had a break at 3pm, and had a late lunch, of Baxters vegetable soup, followed by an Innocent smoothy & a coffee (Literally a liquid lunch!!) while sat in the green room. Then we carried on filming, one of the girls on the shoot, had brought in a load of mixed, mini doughnuts, in. I had 2 mini apple one's (I prefer them to the jam ones) between shoots & we also had some mini eggs (Well its almost Easter!!) Filming over, I got the train back to Vauxhall & now with room to sit, I read the paper. 

The headline is about ex footballer Gazza (BORING!!) replacing his booze addiction, for a sweet addiction (Glad I don't have an addictive nature) bloody addicts always swapping one addiction for another! Katie Price wrote a good column in the paper today, I agreed on all points made! Especially re Josie & Sharon. ITV's 'Ant & Dec' will be up against BBC1's 'The Voice' tomorrow... No contest the boys will thrash the shite BBC show! There was also a FAB pic of Tamara Ecclestone, taken for Playboy magazine. 

My Gemini stars amused, as always, "You have the confidence to show you believe you can make a good life together, which transforms a relationship. If your single, someone who wasn't ready to fall in love last time you met, is now. Good-times planet Jupiter, helps you get sulky people to have fun. Luck visits door 108" (Actually, not being funny, I think 108 was today's studio number!!??) 

I got the tube from Vauxhall, to Kings Cross & popped into Starbucks & got a large decaf cappuccino & a salmon & cream cheese bagel, as I was feeling famished! I got the 'Semi Fast' train from Kings Cross, home & walked home from the station through town. I got in & went to check my 'Hotmail' only to see, it had turned into 'Outlook' I hate it!! It's ugly, plus it's a less, user friendly format.... If something isn't broke, don't fix it!!...... Something that Facebook, could also do to remember, with their constant shite changes!! 

I checked Twitter messages, Nat had tweeted to come stay at his after filming, bugger!! He should of text me, I only saw it once I got in, as I don't have social networks on my phone, too distracting & anyway, I personally think it's rude to Tweet in company! Mind you I have Nicky's birthday party to attend tomorrow, so it's probably for the best, I came home. I put on the heating to warm the flat up & chatted for a bit, to my French, friend, Greg, on Twitter & TV's Rav Wilding, as he set me a challenge/dare yesterday..... I love a challenge/dare!!......  I never welsh on them!! 

Still hungry I had some Asda, Chosen By You, Coconut yoghurt (Delicious) and continued with this blog, so it was up to date as will probably be, too busy Saturday, as it's Nicky's Birthday Night Out. Then at 2am, with Blog up to date, I (almost) watched a hour of 'SuperCasino' to wind down, before retiring to bed, I managed 45mins, but then gave in, as I was so shattered (Calories consumed 1,564, 269cals UNDER today's target, good!!)

Saturday 30th March, (Clocks Go Forward) Despite collapsing in bed, utterly shattered & dying to sleep at 2.45am, by 8am, when the hairdressers downstairs had opened, I was still tossing & turning (Bloody insomnia!!) And seeing that their ceiling, beneath my bedroom floor, is so thin, that I can even hear, when their mobile (on vibrate) goes off, when I'm in bed, it was obvious, I was not going to be getting any sleep now!!! Grrrrrrr!! 

NY Resolutions 2013

1) Not to smoke (Easy one to keep, as I have never smoked, disgusting habit)

2) Continue to lose weight & get back to my old slim, fit, self again (Slowly getting there, 16lb lost, 26lb more to go)

3) To put myself 1st, and only make as much effort for others, as they do for me in 2013 (About time!!)

4) To get out of debt & back in credit in my bank!! (I've got there already!!!)

I lay in bed, pondering the year so far, plus my 4 New Years Resolutions, made as it begun (Above) I have pretty much stuck to all 4, although I have been a bit lax, with No3!! I'm better than I was, at only making an effort, for those that do so for me, but have let that slip, with 1 or 2 people, due to my kind heart & good nature. But, with a new month approaching, I will be putting that back in check! Lets be honest, if anybody I go out of my way, to make an effort for, doesn't make any for me, in return, in any shape, or form, then quite frankly, their not worth, me making the effort for & not worthy, of someone as good as me, in their life. FACT!! From April, no more 'Mrs Nice Gal', to the undeserving!! Why be supportive & caring, to people, who are unsupportive & don't give a shit about you!!? Or why say "Well done!" to people & recognise their achievements, when they never say any words of praise, or encouragement, to you, when you have achieved something!! That's just stupid!! (Though being thoughtful, I will still find it hard, as being supportive to people, is in my nature!)

I made some porridge, with mixed seeds, for breakfast & a coffee, then after a wash, I got dressed in my  gym kit (Including, new Tiger print, gym vest) & headed off to the gym, buying today's Sun newspaper en route. As I might as well, put being awake, to good use & towards New Years Resolution No2!! While painkillers seem to be doing their job!! Ian tweeted me yesterday, to say that St Albans, was voted the 5th Happiest Town In Britain (OK but it's a CITY Not a TOWN! We have a Cathedral!!) Wonder where made it in places 1-4?? As I'd not slept since Thursday night, I took it fairly gently in the gym. It was nice & empty, so no waiting to use any of the equipment today!! Ace!

So I did 30 mins on the cycle (With pedals in front) on random, level 9, then 100 reps of Hip Abductor, on 45kg weight & 100 reps of Hip Adductor, on 45kg weight, then 5 mins on the Cross Trainer, on random, level 10. Then another 30 mins on the bike (With pedals under you) on Hill on level 9, followed by 50 reps of leg extensions on 30kg weight & 50 reps of leg curls on 30kg weight, followed by 5 mins on the stepper on random level 10. Then I just did a few other neck/back friendly machines & free weights as the power plate sadly was out of order. 

After that I popped into Boots, to replace, some used up, Clarins products, and Superdrug for surgical spirit. Then I popped to my favourite local cafe 'J K Palmers' for a cappuccino & a chocolate muffin. Then I had a manicure & I had my nails painted, the same hot orange, as my new underwear. As I will be wearing them, with my Naughty Nurse outfit, when I am, the vodka shot girl, for my friends charity event, in two weeks. I think hot Orange & Lime, will be this summers, colour trend (I can feel it) Last year, it was Yellow & Lilac, moving to Emerald & Purple in the winter. 

The weather is weird today, 1st snow, then bright sunshine, snow again, sunshine, snow, sunshine, snow..... Just odd!! I got home at 4pm & had some cream of tomato soup (Kinda matched my talons) with 3 Salt & Vinegar Snack-a-jack rice cakes. Checked what money had & hadn't, gone into my bank account & did my accounting. Nicky text, about her birthday piss up, in The Bull, London Colney. I said I'd not slept since Thursday, so it depended how I felt later, if I went or not. She replied "Can't have a Boogie without you!! x" 

To be honest, when our friends band 'The Push' play at The Bull (Like tonight) The place is so rammed, you can hardly move, let alone dance!! And last time, there were no late buses after, so I walked from London Colney, all the way back home to St Albans, in the rain!! I said I'd see, but if not, I'd definitely be at the restaurant, for lunch on her actual birthday, Wednesday. I tried having a lay down, with a meditation CD, to see if I could get some sleep? To get me in the mood for going! BUT No Joy!!

I decided not to go, I'm too drained, I watched 'Ant & Dec's Saturday Takeaway' In bed, then as that ended my friends Emily & Maxine tweeted me to say my friend Kav (90's pop singer Anthony Kavana) was on 'The Voice' none of the judges turned round for him..... Awe bless you Kav!! (Below)  

Kav & I Out On The Town

At 8.39pm my friend Emma text saying "R u coming up the Bull 2nite hun. Not seen u 4 ages... since last year I think lol xxx" I replied "Shattered in bed haven't slept since Thursday, feel rough, last time we walked home from London Colney to St Albans xx" to which she replied "Lol yes we did! Hope u feel better soon. Actually we're prob going somewhere else. Bit boring. Take care xxxx" I read the paper, hoping to tire my eyes, to send me to sleep, the front of the paper was more on how 'Justin Bieber' is rapidly changing from a cute, talented, teen, to an arrogant tosser!! Be honest, is anyone even remotely surprised? Just look at the role model, Rappers, he began hanging around with, since he got famous!... 

Plus being surrounded by, sycophantical, kiss arses!! I've never known, any Rapper, display any class, or decorum! The cocky upstart, has tried to, sneak his pet monkey, into Europe, bypassing quarantine, using his private, Cessna Citation X  jet. But the monkey has been seized by customs in Munich, Germany. He faces prosecution, as he does not have papers, for monkey Mally. 

 Justin & Mally 

A source said "Justin has been acting like a right Diva!! He is out of control & he lives in an alternative reality, to the rest of us! He didn't even think of the potential risks of flying the monkey from one continent to another!!" He & Mally go everywhere together, he will heartbroken that Mally is in quarantine!!"  Mally a Capuchin monkey, was given to Justin on his 19th Birthday by music producer, Jamal Rashid. Mally will be kept in quarantine at Bieber's expense & Justin will be fined more than £10,000. 

Three female, British, Aid workers, of Pakistan decent, including 2 sisters, in Libya, have been brutally raped (In front of their helpless father) on Tuesday, by a gang of Libyan kidnappers. Five men in military uniforms, subjected them, to a several hour ordeal, in the lawless city of Benghazi. Scum!!

There was an amazing nude shot of Elle Macpherson, aged 50 (A year older than me) Which just spurs me on to get back to, the ace figure I had, just before mum died (26lb still left to lose) Judging by her skin, either it is air brushed, or she hasn't gone through the menopause yet!! (What the menopause has done to my skin, since my early menopause, at 42, just horrifies me!!) Mind you with her money, she can have the best nutritionists & cooks, make her food, have the best skin care & non intrusive plastic surgery. But whatever, she has or hasn't done, the fact remains, she looks absolutely amazing...... Good on her!!

 Wow!!!..... Body Elle!!

My Gemini stars, for today & next month amused, as always. "Your going to surprise everyone, including yourself, by the smart, practical plans you make - mixed with enthusiasm that opens doors. But Venus squares up to Pluto & sets up a choice between 'Secure' love, with a comfortable lifestyle & a much 'wilder heart!' (Knowing me, I'd go for the wilder heart!) Luck is linked to a local team!" 

Monthly Forecast said - "Generous Jupiter travels through your sign, so there will be plenty of good times this month (Amen to that!) You will find even more satisfaction from the serious side of life, linking up with friends, for a community project (The Charity Event??) Discovering that there is a role for you in the entertainment world, means such a lot (Apt) Venus promises that when you truly believe in the power of LOVE, it can change your world - but not always in the ways you would expect it to" (I always have a wavering belief, in the L word, it's a hard one to trust!) Will friendship & trust transform your love future? Tarot - You fall for this daring person, where big prizes are won. Yet your life together will be based on trusting love"

Hungry I had a Slim-Fast Chocolate & Peanut bar & some Asda Coconut yoghurt, but my tummy continued to rumble!! I watched a double bill of 'NCIS' excellent show!! Got excited, when I saw that the brilliant 'Once Upon A Time' Series two, starts Sunday 7th April. I went on the web for a bit, as I have been trying to search, for some info, I need/want, online for ages, then, despite being sleep deprived, I had a brain wave, and tested my theory....... BINGO!!! I got my info wanted & sooooo soooo much more!! Fascinating stuff!! Sometimes my brains, even impress me, I bet I could be a good computer hacker, if I was shown the basics! I would definitely make a good PI or Spy! Because Nothing gets past me, Absolutely NOTHING!!!!! 

The Crocus's Still Sleep Under The Snow..... 
....You Have The Microfilm?

Tired, but with body refusing to sleep, I finished off an old blog, by  (Adding pictures) & posted it & finished this one up to tonight, so I only have tomorrows to do, tomorrow & exhausted after being awake now for 35 hrs, despite going to the gym today, I went to bed at 2am (1am, with the clocks going forward!!) Hoping that I'd fall asleep quickly!! Thankfully I did (Calories 1,898, 24cals UNDER target..... Good!)

Sunday 31st March (Easter Sunday) I slept like a baby & woke at 2pm (I needed the sleep, after being sleep deprived, for 35hrs) I had a highly, sex charged, dream, about Michael Weatherly, who plays Anthony DiNozzo, in NCIS (He was also in Dark Angel) When sleeping, it was so good, that it was my climax, that woke me, at 2pm!! Wow from now on, NCIS will stand for, Naughty, Cheeky, Imaginative, Sex.... For me! 

 Tony DiN-oh-oh-oh-oh-ozzo

I had a shower & had a couple of crumpets, with Marmite & a glass of orange juice for breakfast. Nicky text me, that she was in town & there was some live music in town (An Easter thing!!) I said I'd see her Wednesday, I can't be bothered standing in the cold, to watch bands...... Summer great!! But in the cold.... Forget it! Changed into jeans & sweater & put more stuff in the attic & sorted stuff to post that was sold on eBay. At 4.15pm, I watched a 'NCIS' double bill. With a wry smile, when Tony DiNozzo, was on screen, after last nights, very enjoyable dream!! 

Popped to the shop for the Sunday paper & a couple of Decaf Diet Cokes. Then came home & chilled with the paper. The front page was, Katie Price's 2nd wedding in a year, to Male Stripper, Kieran Hayler (They had a low key ceremony on a beach in January) At this wedding ceremony, pregnant Katie, pledged "This is my LAST wedding!" 

Vile, hate, cleric (& A1 C**t!!) Anjem Choudary (Below) is understandably, laughing at British (Pathetic) Justice, day's after cops admitted that they were powerless to arrest the Scum (So it's about time, that a vigilante took the filth out!!) On a 'Secret' trip abroad, to Finland, funded by benefits (Not that good a secret, as we know about it now) The Vile pile of flesh (I will desist from using the word human) Urged his equally repugnant followers to "Rise up!" .....F**k Off!! Telling them "Be proud, to be called terrorists!" While he laughably claims 25K a year in welfare. He boasted of being asked to be a speaker in events in Mexico & Australia (Hopefully an Aussie sniper will get him!!... They don't fuck about over there with scum!!) 

More scum, in the paper, in the shape of, the singer Tom Jones's, criminal, gun-toting, drug dealing, illegitimate son. Jonathan Berkery (Below) Who blames all that, on not knowing, his famous daddy!!! Boo Hoo, Diddums!! Take some responsibility, for your own actions, you weak, pathetic, criminal C**t!!! 

 Jonathan Berkery, Self Pitying Criminal  

Local guy Clive (Who I have a bet about with Rav Wilding) who was on '40 Year Old Virgins' is in the paper today, being called a Faker!! He is a 45yr Pro actor, who has had sex before, it is claimed. Pal's say he has been faking it all along, he has been an actor on 'Midsomer Murders' (I have probably worked with him, which is probably why I recognised him & the fact he is local!) As well as an Ad for Stella Artois. 

Clive & His (Big Foot) Sex Surrogate - Sexy!!!

My Stars for Gemini amused, as always!! Actually, funnily enough, something, in one of my stars, this week, has come true! (You will have to guess what) - "Your ready to step up & play a LEADING ROLL at work & within a family (Not sure about the later, but the former is true!) Single? His looks & lifestyle are impressive, but he is secretly rather shy! Settled? Venus advises you, to say how important loyalty is to you! (Paramount importance!!) Question! Where are secret talents hiding?" 

I didn't win a penny, on yesterdays lottery ticket (Ho Hum!!) Just as well, I have a few plans in mind, to make my fortune then! I did some housework, then watched a load of CSI's, I had some tuna, filled, pitta pockets, with sweet chilli & mayo for my Supper, around 7.30pm. At 9pm I watched 'Labyrinth', while enjoying a coffee & a hazelnut chocolate bar (No mini eggs in shop today & cream eggs are yuck!) 

 My Snack
 Sold Out 
Yucky Sugar Overload

Spent some time looking through the paperwork, of 'The London Clinic' where I plan to have my laser eye surgery, once I have saved enough. I asked Phillip Schofield who had his done there, if he was still delighted with the outcome?? He Tweeted me back.....

Phillip Schofield

  1. yep, best thing I ever did. Don't worry, it'll be fine

I watched 'Person Of Interest' on Ch5 +1, I soon guessed the person of interest was a badden & the cafe waitress an accomplice. (Of course, I was right!!) Chatted a bit to friends Allin & Gina, about being Mensa members, and about me coming to one of the meetings Allin runs in North London (Few people realise, that I have, an IQ of 164, which is in the top 2% of population) Then I spread some houmous on 2 salt & vinegar Snack-a-Jack rice cakes & had a coffee, to have as I watched, one of my fave Trash TV shows, 'Big Rich Texas' those bitches are totally nuts. Bonnie from 'BRT' follows me on Twitter & tweets me. Show over I cuddled up in bed with my 'Robert Ludlum' novel before going to sleep (Calories consumed 1,352, 43cals UNDER today's target Good!) 

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