NEVER Call Silverlink Train Telephone: 0845 601 4868 They Are Useless!!

Needing to be in Milton Keynes on Wednesday 11th by 11am I looked up Silverlink Trains Information on Google, knowing Silverlink provide trains from St Albans & to Milton Keynes & needing to get train times & connection times, to get me there in time, as well as how much it was going to set me back. So I rang the 0845 601 4868 number and was placed in a queue, eventually a Nigerian sounding chap answered & I said "Hi I need to get to Milton Keynes by 11am on Wednesday 11th of May, traveling from St Albans, could you give me times & connection, plus a return ticket price please??"

So a Nigerian sounding guy tells me I need to get the 9.18am (Network South East NOT Silverlink train) to go into Kings Cross, arriving at 10.00am then I have to travel to Euston & then catch the 10.20am Manchester train to getting off at  Milton Keynes Central at 10.50am for a £45 return .... £45!!! WTF I said "Do I have to go via London? Surely I can go via Watford?? which is not far from Milton Keynes??" He said, Yes I could go via Watford, if I want to avoid London (Of course I want to bloody avoid London its heading away from Milton Keynes in the opposite direction, Watford's closer to me & Milton Keynes you Twat!!!) Then he tells me I can get a 9.22am train to Watford & change for a 10.01am Cheshire train getting me there by 10.25am for £16.70 return .... 

Just as well I questioned him, and his London travel route the inept C##T!!! Going Via Watford is not only £28.30 cheaper, but I leave later & get their earlier, How the hell did he get his job!!!??? I think he is the soddin Phonejacker

I still can't decide if he was inept, or if it was company policy, to offer info on the most expensive option 1st, so that if an alternative isn't questioned, they can cream in the cash!!??