Monday, 19 November 2012

Sexxx Please, We're British!!

Monday 12th November, I woke at 8.30am, and got up & I had a coffee & chocolate Weetabix Mini's for breakfast. I felt quite weary after a hectic week, last week, and wondered if this week would slow down? I checked my Hotmail, Facebook & Twitter, on Facebook, there was a clip of my lovely friend Victoria Eisermann, doing her bit for 'K-9 Angels' in the houses of parliament yesterday, presenting the 'Green Apple Awards' (Well done Victoria, You Go Girl!!) Pic of the fab K-9 Angels at Parliament is below.

The FAB K-9 Angels - Pola, Victoria & Annika 

I dressed in my jeans & my sparkly K-9 Angels T-shirt, I must of lost more weight, as my jeans are 3-4" too loose in the waist (They were too tight, a week or two ago!!) While I was on Facebook, I shared a link on both Facebook & Twitter, for people to buy the charity single 'Everything You Need' by 'Lewis Clay', You can buy it at Tesco's, or download it on iTunes for just 79p like I did. The money goes to a good cause, a Cancer charity. Which with around 90% + of my family, having either died of cancer, or presently fighting cancer, or sadly terminal & dying of Cancer, plus having friends fighting this evil disease, this is a charity close to my heart!! So if you want to help, a non signed artist, get to No1 in the charts (Why not do something nice for someone, it wont even cost you £1) Or if you want to help a Cancer charity & have a fab new iTunes track, to download & bop around the house to click HERE!!!

Buy It - You Know It Makes Sense!!!

I did some laundry & household chores & then pulled on, my long, black, Primark coat & faux, rabbit fur, deer stalker, then I popped to the job centre, in the rain, to see what new jobs they had? I then after that, I went on to Tesco's for a few essentials, and thanks to the weather, I ended up, looking like, a soggy Cossack, by the time I got home. So I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch of pea & mint soup, with wholemeal bread, straight from the oven, which warmed me up nicely. 'I'm A Celebrity' started Saturday, there can surly only be one winner, the brilliant, charismatic, cheeky, cheesy & funny, 'Brian Conley' (Below) I bloody love him!!!

Brian Conley, My Winner "It's A Puppet!!" 

I checked my Hotmail & saw I'd got an email, from Loaded Extra's, about their NEW TV station 'Loaded TV' inviting me to the special private viewing, of the 1st two episodes, of the NEW Sitcom 'SEXXX' who's wrap party I went to last week (The viewing is tomorrow) Which will air, on the NEW, Loaded TV, station (Connected to the men's magazine, Loaded Magazine) on SKY, channel 200, on November 26th. They will be covering my travel expenses too, so really, no reason not to go!!

I watched 'The Real Housewives Of New York' with the mad as a box of frogs 'Ramona' and the vulgar, classless, name dropping, 'Luann' who can't sing to save her life. Her single 'Money Can't Buy You Class' is both awful & ironic, as she has absolutely no class, her name dropping & behaviour would be looked down apon among European, aristocratic, circles. And she uses the title Countess, that she married into, even though she is no longer his wife, and mentions her title non stop.

It seems the more money, American women have, the more unhinged, crass & neurotic they seem to be, they fly off the handle, in diva hissy fits, over nothing! Get a life to go with that money & title girls Jeeeeeeeeeeze!!!... Then I watched my favourite soap 'Home & Away' I wasn't really hungry enough for a big dinner, after it finished at 7pm,  so I had a seeded Panini with some Brie & a cappuccino. Then it was a lazy night ahead, with the TV, watching 'Corrie' 'I'm A Celeb' 'Made In Chelsea' '8 Out Of 10 Cats' & New UK animated comedy 'Full English' OK but it wont have 'Family Guy' & 'American Dad' quaking in their boots!! Then I watched Alan Carr's 'Chatty Man' before having a shower & going to bed, at 2am (Calories consumed 1,163 good!!)

Tuesday 13th November, I woke at 8am & lazed in bed, until I heard the post at 9am, then I tootled downstairs & found that the very lovely & very funny, living Barbie, Cindy Jackson, had sent me her book 'Living Doll' in the post, as she'd promised Saturday & it was the hardback version, not the paperback & she'd signed it to me, too!! How sweet of her, she really was charming company Saturday. I have been searching Library's & book shops, for years trying to find a copy of that book. But I kept getting met with a "It's no longer in print" So I'm delighted to now have it, and so I will be getting stuck into it, in bed tonight!!

I had chocolate mini Weetabix & a coffee for breakfast & a long soak in the bath after, to slowly get ready, for the 'Loaded TV' private showing of 'Sexxx' tonight. I think I have lost more weight since the 1.5lb I l'd lost on Sunday, as my jeans, were very baggy yesterday and more so today! I have lost 10lb this month, so far that's almost a lb a day!! At this rate I will get back to my old physical (Size 8) me, by the New Year!! Next I have to be the old financially comfortable me again once I have hit my size 8 target!! Then... Maybe I'll take a few leaf's out of Cindy's book too!! About time I put what I want 1st!! I enjoyed my soak, in the bath, as I am aching quite a bit, down my left side & it helped ease it a bit. I wish they'd hurry up & arrange my 3rd op!

A Sulky Looking Me, When I Was A Size 8 
Shortly Before Mum Died Unexpectedly 

I did my make-up & dried my hair & pulled it back & added a faux ponytail extension, then I decided to see, if my pale blue, jeans, would fit? They were too small, to put on before, much smaller than the ones, that are now too loose (Which I use to have to, lay on the bed, to do up, a month ago!) To my amazement, they pulled on with no effort, blimey!! I must have lost a stone now! Only 2 more to go, before I am my old self again. I wore them, with a long sleeved, two tone, striped, baby blue, off the shoulder, boat neck, Petite Bateau top, my baby blue suede cowgirl boots & a chain belt that had the word SEXY on it, which I thought apt for the SEXXX premier!!

I made a baguette of cheese, tomato & Quorn faux ham for lunch, washed down with a caffeine free Diet Coke. I popped on Facebook & thanked Cindy for my book & also answered a few messages on Twitter. Then I set off for London around 5.30pm, arranging to meet up with fellow Actor/SA Richard, in a pub in Piccadilly Circus. So I grabbed my long, black, Primark, military style, coat & my favourite, Salvatore Ferragamo, handbag (Lol £550 handbag with a £30 coat) The the summing up of my old & present life situation, expressed in just two contrasting accessories.

Primark V Ferragamo

I walked to the station, on a cold but thankfully non raining evening, and got a travel card to London & text Richard that I was en route & I'd see him soon. I got to the pub 'The St James Tavern' in Piccadilly, just as Richard & fellow SA pal Jon, were about to head off for the venue 'The Sanctum Soho Hotel' in Warwick Street. We arrived at the venue, as the owner of Loaded, Paul Chaplin arrived, in his chauffeured car, with a couple of women in toe. The Boys were glad to see, that there was a free bar, as were some other male SA's from Sexx. Who judging by the look of them, (They looked pie eyed) plus their demeanour & the fact they were slurring their words, had obviously, had a skin full, before they'd got to the free bar! The bar options were beer & red or white wine, of the three, I prefer red wine, but it stains my lips & I end up looking like a vampire, or someone with a liver disorder, so I grabbed a white & found a seat next to John AKA 'Great Northern Git' by the big screen & Richard & Jon sat ahead of us.

 Richard & Jon, Happy With Their Free Beers 
With John AKA Great Northern Git 

Then after the warm up man, we got to see the 1st two episodes of 'SEXXX' which was better than anyone had expected, Loaded's owner Paul, play's nice but dim Paulie who is in partnership with a dodgy partner (80's porn star Ben Dover) of a sex shop called Sexxx. There were also, some guest appearances, in it, from Big Brother 1's, Nick Bateman (Nasty Nick) & also singer (& my teenage crush) Mark Shaw (Then Jerico) I'd best describe 'SEXX' as 'Benny Hill', meets 'Carry On', meets 'Mind Your Language'. But if unlike me you have Sky, you can see for yourself, on Channel 200, on Monday 26th Nov. After that I went to the pub with the boys, I'm always the token female in a group of 8-10 guys. 

I'm beginning to think I'm a bit of a geezer bird, who's seen as one of the lads (Worrying) I had a Vodka Slimline & chatted with Stuart & Richard, who seemed quite down. Can't say I blame him, he has a lot on his plate right now & also some nasty, jealous, vindictive, SA, is spreading false shit about him, trying to get agents to drop him from their books (& sadly it's working with some, haven't they heard of a thing called evidence??) So despite being tired Stuart & I agreed to go, to Stringfellow's Cabaret of Angels, with Richard, to cheer him up a bit, stopping for a slice of vegetable pizza, on the way, as we were all peckish.

We got to Stringfellow's & I was amused to see, the same bouncer (Who Candie & I hated in the 90's) Was still on the door, 20yrs later! Also that he remembered me!! Less amusing was the £20 entrance fee (Even for GIRLS??? I have no interest in the Angels tits, however nice they are!!!) Back in the day, my best friend Candie & I had 'Stringfellow's Model Memberships', which got us in for free!!

Breast Best Friend Candie 

With that £20 fee, I also got a card, giving me free entry on any other day (I'd of preferred £10 entry & no soddin card!!) Anyway amusement number two came, when I saw 20yrs later they still had the same blonde barmaid/bar manager the one that reminds me of Jill from 'Nighty Night' 'Can't wait to tell Candie' I thought. She also remembered me & said "How is your shorter brunette friend?"  The Angels, all had lovely body's, whether real boobs, or fake ones. BUT boy did they look bored & miserable!! When either sat around waiting to dance, or waiting to be picked for a private dance, as well as when they were "supposedly" dancing, seductively, on the poles. Not one looked cheerful, or aroused, not a hint from any, that they are happy in their work!! 

Their pole dancing was as erotic, as watching the nappy of a baby, with a dodgy tummy, being changed!! If I was a guy I wouldn't be arsed to spend cash, on a sullen cow, who put no effort in her dance, however hot she was physically!! All of them looked like they were sex traffic victims, from Eastern Europe, who were waiting to be rescued, all dead behind the eyes. I have no problem with girls stripping, or lap dancing, for a living, but if your doing it for the money, at least be smart enough to act like you love it, even if you hate it!!.... Or stop & do something else!!

While there, girls were coming up to me, saying that I had a nice rack, giving my boobs a squeeze & saying "Wow their real!!" like real boobs are becoming extinct! (Sorry girls I'm not a lesbian & unlike Danni Minogue or Rihanna I am not wanting a lap dance!) My friend Paul Spanish called & text me while I was there & when I said I was being groped by pole dancers he made me laugh when he text back 'OMG you need me there to regulate the squeezing' Anyway, my girl friends are sexier, than the Angels, both Cindy & Victoria, or my friend Jenny, or my friend Tania, who like Victoria, went on Big Brother. Tania use to work for my friend Candie, in Dickens & Jones, when Candie ran the Chanel account in there & I ran the Versace account!

 Sexy Girlfriends Tania & Jenny 

I had a Vodka Slimline & a female, model friend, of mine arrived, in a group of men and women who'd just come in. She looked very pretty, in a long, cream, Grecian style, dress. She also looked really embarrassed to be seen by someone, she knew there. I don't know why? I'm hardly going to judge her, that's not me, anyway I was there myself, I was in no position to judge anyone for being there, even if I was that type!! She seemed to of had a few drinks & gave me a big hug & said to join them downstairs if I wanted, I said I was with my friend trying to cheer him up, but might pop for a chat later. I stayed a while but then around 3am, I thought, that I should go home, as I'd been tired, even before we went to Stringfellow's. I did find it amusing, seeing that Ex Corrie actor, 'Chris Quintin', Was still managing the place, for Peter, after all these years... Chris & I have a past & we were once a 'News Of The World Exclusive', in the mid, to late, 80's, when we were photographed, out Jiving, in another of Peters clubs (At the time) 'The Hypodrome' (One of the photographs from the newspaper article is below!)

So I popped downstairs to the lady's, then had a chat & a hug with my female friend, then left Richard & Stuart to it, in Stringfellow's. Then I walked to my night bus stop, near Trafalgar Square, where I got chatted up, by two tipsy lads, of about 19-21yrs tops. Which was amusing, especially when they ran alongside, my night bus, blowing kisses through the window.... PML I wonder if they will remember doing that & cringe, in the morning?? I got to Kings Cross & got a decaf skinny cappuccino from Costa, then headed to my platform, Platform B. 

As I went to sit down, I saw a local, black guy, who has a speech impediment (A stutter) but who is a stand up comedian, who never stutters during his act (Like singers, who can sing, without stuttering. I guess already knowing what they are about to say, stops the stutter!?) Actually it is more honest to say, that he saw me, as he called & beckoned me over, to a free seat next to him. So I chatted to him, while on the platform & on the train home, as well as when, we walked up from the station, into town together. Then we headed in our opposite directions once we got to the town hall. I finally got in at 5.30am & had a wash & went to bed (Calories consumed 1,602 Not bad for a night out)

Wednesday 14th November, I woke at 10am, after 4.5hrs & had a shower, then I had a coffee & a bowl of mini chocolate Weetabix, for breakfast. I watched some breakfast TV, as I finished my coffee. I put on fresh undies & pulled on last nights jeans, plus my K-9 Angels T-Shirt, my B&W leopard print Trimsoles & my black puffa jacket & did some weeding in the garden. Then I came back indoors & started reading Cindy Jackson's book 'Living Doll' I became instantly absorbed, I could relate to it, on so many levels we were so akin. So much so that I inboxed her on Facebook, saying.....

Hi Cindy LOVING the book oh my how I relate.....
Living in a small country village, feeling an outsider, my pets & farm animals, my only real friends, who loved me unconditionally, especially my cats & dogs. Being a late June baby, so one of the youngest in my year, and my birthday always during the school holidays, not that I had any school friends to celebrate with. Lunch spent with the school losers/rejects/misfits, as I was treated as one, because I wouldn't join in, with the bully's in picking on them. Hating myself in the mirror, as I had an overbite, buck teeth & national health glasses. Also even the fact, that I was lucky enough to be, slim, tall & had big boobs, worked against me, and not for me! A dominating dad, who had control of TV & scared off any possible suitors & who teased me, over the things that frightened me. Being afraid of getting out of bed at night, in case something spooky, under my bed, would grab me, by my feet/ankles. Being thought a freak by the country girls, as they just wanted just to be a farmers wife, but I wanted glamour & an exciting life, in either in the beauty industry, singing, dancing, modelling, designing, lion taming, or acting. My face, always buried in Vogue & Harpers Bizarre, while they read Jackie magazine. Dressing my pets in my dolls clothes (As apart from Barbie, all other dolls bored me, as they were hard not cuddly, and I had no interest in fake baby's, just Barbie with her glam outfits) Also my 1st dog Vicky also being a Sausage Dog!!! (Below) So as you can imagine I'm finding the book fascinating (As I knew I would!!)

My 1st Dog, Vicky & I 

Then I stopped for some lunch, Butternut Squash, Honey & Sage Soup & two buttered crumpets, yum yum!!  I did some housework & put a wash in the washing machine & then made a coffee & I read the paper. The front page is about jockey 'Frankie Dettori' failing a drug test for cocaine. The 41yr three times champion, faces an enquiry, over the banned substance being in his body & could lose his job as a jockey over it, and get a worldwide ban, from horse-racing, the fool, is getting high really worth it?? I've never had any interest in recreational drugs! 

Terror suspect scum 'Abu Qatada' has been freed from jail thanks to moronic judges ruled he cannot be deported to Jordan (Why Not!!??) We now face an obscene £13Million bill to keep the Evil C**t in the UK, while ministers, renew the legal battle, to kick the scum out!! The bastard will cost us £100,000 a week, to monitor 24/7 on top of the £3Million legal bill, he has totted up, in legal aid fees, benefits, prison & security costs. If the scum is still in the UK for 2 more years, his total bill will be £13.4Million. He is free because the 3 moronic judges, at the 'Special Immigration Appeals Commission' upheld his appeal!! They agreed deporting the scum would breach HIS human rights (That Fucking Human Rights Bill again!!..... Thank you so much Cherie Blair!!) 

What about OUR fucking human rights, Not to have, Terrorist scum, living in our country!!!?? Home Secretary, Teresa May, who managed to kick out vile, Abu Hamza, now has to tale the case to a Court Of Appeal. PM David Cameron said "I am completely fed up that this man is still at large. He has no right to be in our country. We believe he is a threat. I share the British peoples frustration!" Qatada can only leave his house between 8am & 4pm each day & must wear a leg tag, he is banned from using the internet & mobile phones (I'm sure that can be got round) He came here on a false passport in 1993 claiming asylum.

Lord Patten, was under pressure to quit his job as BBC Trust Chairman, as it emerged he had 10 other jobs, now I have had 2 or 3 jobs at a time, in the past & it was tiring, juggling all 2-3 and having enough sleep when working 7 day weeks. One has to question, not only how he can fit in 10 jobs, but how much time & dedication he can give to each, when his attention is split 10 ways!! His 10 other jobs bring him in an extra £200,000 a year on top of his £110,000 BBC salary. 

Jimmy Savile - The Top Says It All 

Talking of the BBC, in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, there was a bit in the paper, on Paedo's who seemed to be pillars of society. Such as repulsive, 29st, Lib Dem, MP, 'Sir Cyril Smith', who preyed on young boys for years. 'Bishop Peter Balls', a friend of Prince Charles, has recently been arrested, for attacks on young boys, in the 1980's. BBC Radio host Michael Souter (No I've never heard of him either!!) faces 18 counts, of child abuse, of boys over a 20yr period. Organist, and owner of a music shop in Ipswich, Suffolk, David Templing made 5,800 vile pornographic images of young children. A Manchester headmaster, Malcolm Ford got 15yrs, after being exposed as a serial paedophile, spending 3yrs raping & sexually abusing one 14yr victim. Sick bastards the lot of them.

To child cruelty of another type, a devastated Gloucestershire boy, blasted his mum as "Evil" after she pretended he had cancer, for a £85K benefit scam. His 37yr mum, forged doctors notes, and shaved his head & eyebrows. She also made him wear a bandana & go to school in a wheelchair & banned him from PE. She went on to claim £85, 899.44 in benefits & was given a special car to drive him around. She even put news updates of his cancer on Facebook, even the child thought he had cancer. 

She used the benefit to take her kids on holidays in Florida, where she made him use his wheelchair, to jump ride queue's. The scam was only revealed, when the boys dad went to his GP, to learn the truth. He then alerted social services & his ex was arrested in 2010 & her children taken away. She was jailed for 3yrs 8 months, Judge Jamie Tabor, said "The boy was devastated to be a tool for money!" In a statement, the boy just 6 when the scam began, said of his mum "I don't like her, she is Evil. I wonder why she picked on me? It must of been because of my age!" (What an Evil sick bitch!!)

There were some Basque's in the paper I'd been looking at Basques in 'Ann Summers', the other day as, I thought, that my bra straps, digging into my bad left shoulder, wasn't helping me, pain wise & I thought wearing a strapless, Basque, instead, would be the solution (As a strapless bra, is not supportive enough, for a bigger bust, under many looser clothes, only under, a structured bodice) But all the Basques, I have in my draw, are too small body (Not boob) wise, at the moment. So I thought I'd check out those in Anne Summers...... They were £60..... Sixty bloody quid, just for a bit of underwear!!!!... Ann Summers use to be cheap!! Not any more! I'd expect to pay that, for 'La Perla' or 'Agent Provocateur' but NOT Ann Summers!! I could get a nicer one for less in 'La Sensa'!! In fact, in the paper there was nicer ones for £28.50 in Debenhams & £35 in Littlewoods.

 Better & Cheaper Than Ann Summers

I watched 'The Real Housewives Of New York' then 'Home & Away' Then my friend, Paul Spanish, from band '40 Dub Street' (Below) who had called/text when I was in Stringfellow's Tuesday, called me on my mobile & we chatted for 50mins & he had me in stitches, he really is very funny, I do love a quick wit. He was telling me about his latest gigs & also a few auditions, he'd had, plus a date that went a bit awry, all very funny story's. I must get him signed up on 'Loaded Extra's' I think he'd be ideal for them.

After we chatted, I made dinner, a Sourdough Panini, with brie & cranberry sauce, washed down with a cappuccino. Then I read more, of Cindy Jackson's book 'Living Doll' until 10pm, then I watched 'Secret State' then still peckish, I has 2 buttered crumpets, with a decaf coffee. Then I watched 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' After that I had a fairly early night at 12.40am, as I'd only had 4hrs 30min sleep, since yesterday (Calories consumed 1,607 Good)

Thursday 15th November, I woke at 8am, to a bright day, today is the day we get to Vote in bi elections. I had honey yoghurt, with Granola with a coffee, for breakfast (Very tasty) followed by a shower & I dressed in my pale jeans & a grey 3/4 sleeved, boat necked, cotton top, by Petite Bateau. I popped to the local shop for a few essentials, plus todays paper & after voting, I went home had a can of Diet Coke, while I watched 'This Morning' Their fashion item had a 007 theme, where items were not, just what they seemed, like cuff links, that were also a USB stick. But what was brilliant, was phone gloves, gloves that sync to your phone, like an earpiece does, and you listen in the thumb & talk in your pinky finger (As demonstrated by Philip below!!) Which cost around £45..... I so want!!... lol 

After the show I read the paper, the front page, was about a woman in living in Surrey, called Natalie Hemme, aged 31, who nearly died & almost lost her arm, after being bitten by a normal, British, house spider!! Her arm swelled, stopping the blood flow & turning it sceptic. They thought they may have to amputate at the hospital & she said, that the pain was so bad, she didn't care if they did! But miraculously they saved it, though it looks pretty scarred! 

Natalie Hemme's Arm, Hrs After The Spider Bite - YUCK!!!!!
A Recovered, Natalie Hemme

Sadistic, evil, bastards in Greater Manchester, have butchered 11 Sheep ALIVE... The poor ewe's, many of them pregnant, had their hind legs cut off by a saw, in a series of 3 night raids (After the 1st or 2nd I'd be keeping watch all night with a shot gun to shoot the scum!!) They seem to have been butchered by a trained (& sadistic) butcher (I'm guessing probably illegal immigrant, they seem to have no conscience as far as animals are concerned) Using a dog to round up the sheep 1st. Farmer Mr Perkins of Lion House Farm said "The people who've done this are inhuman, to cut the back legs off an animal while it is still alive!! Finding their grizzly carcasses like that, has been a massive shock!!" I just can't get over the cruelty of this, imagine the pain & terror, those poor sheep went through, imagine having your legs cut off & being left to slowly bleed to death!! Horrific!!

In the showbiz world, Tulisa, is apparently dating a 25yr Newcastle FC player, called Danny Simpson, who slept with Natasha Giggs. John Bon Jovi's teenage daughter, Stephanie Rose, 19, has been arrested, after an alleged heroin overdose..... Who cares??

American Navy Veteran 'Dennis Avner' aka as his Native American name  'Stalking Cat' (Above) Who spent years turning himself into a human Tiger, has died, aged 54, after allegedly committing suicide. He spent thousands of dollars on tattoo's and operations, over the years, in his rather odd quest to become a Tiger. he had his lip surgically split, his ears pointed & silicon implants in cheeks & forehead, as well as his teeth, shaped into fangs & claw like fingernails (Is it just me?..... But I can't fathom, why a 'Tiger Man' would have, scaly, lizard/snake, tattoo'd arms, and not Tiger stripes???)

Around 2pm, I had a call from Rapper, Montanrr Love, who said he wanted to meet up with me, Friday, or Saturday, re me singing on his album. I said Saturday was best, and I said that, I'd see him some time, Saturday afternoon, and that I'd text him Friday, to confirm a time. Then I did some chores & made lunch, I had a baguette, with faux Quorn ham & coleslaw, with a home made skinny latte, which I enjoyed watching 'The Real Housewives Of New York' After I had a shower, as I was meeting up, with a load of model girlfriends, in Kent latter, as we were going to be, in some photo shoots together. I dried my hair & then added some clip-in, extensions, to big my hair up & to keep my head/ears warm, on what is a very cold night. I did my make-up & did a red lipstick, which I don't do often, as it can look very hookerish on blondes. 

I decided as it was cold, to wear a red, V-necked, sweater dress, with black fishnets, black high heeled, knee high boots & a wide black patent belt, a tad Mrs Christmas, but who cares!! I was ready early, so chatted a bit on Facebook & Twitter before going out. Then I grabbed my long, black, Primark coat & Salvador Ferragamo bag & set off at 6.30pm, to St Albans Station. I was meeting my model, girlfriend, Chloe, in Costa Coffee, in Kings Cross, first for a coffee, bite to eat & gossip, before meeting the other girls. I got to Costa, just mins after Chloe & we laughed, as we were in almost identical outfits, except her dress was more plum, than red, the boots were flat & she is a brunette.

We got our drink & food I had a Brie & Cranberry Panini, plus a huge skinny Cappuccino & Chloe & I chatted away putting the world to rights!.... After a hour, we travelled to Charring Cross, to meet the other six girls. To travel, to meet with an agent friend, in Ashford Kent. We met her in Chimneys pub & we were all being very good, on either Diet Cokes, or Mineral water, and the agent told us all about, a long term modelling project, she wanted us for. Which I am not allowed, to divulge anything about, except that our 1st shoot, will be based on a Burlesque theme, which sounds like fun (Thank god I'm losing weight fast!!) 

Quite Ironic, as I was checking out Basques, in Ann Summers the other day & was looking at them in the paper too!! We chatted about the project for a few hours & then we went on to the club Liquid, the agent getting us all in for nothing (Just like the good old days) We stuck to the soft drinks, even when we got bought drinks from guys (& the 9 of us, got bought a fair lot of those) It was good to have a dance, on the dance floor, tho Chloe & I were pretty hot, due to our sweater dresses. Annoyingly the battery's of my camera had given up the ghost, and none of the girls had brought cameras, only camera phones & it was too dark for any decent photos, to come out with any of them!

 Liquid Ashford Kent 

Chloe & I got a lift back to London, from her Graphics Artist, boyfriend Mike & I crashed at theirs in the spare room, in their Covent Garden, flat. We had some crumpets & digestive biscuit's, with a decaf coffee, as we chatted with Mike, as we wound down, then we headed off to our beds at 6.30am (Calories Consumed 1,918 Not bad for a night out!!)

Friday 16th November, I woke at 9.30am & had a wash & did make-up, quietly, dressed & left a note for Chloe & Mike, thanking them, for letting me stay. I pulled on my black coat & faux rabbit skin Deerstalker hat & quietly let myself out, into the hustle & bustle of Covent Garden. I wandered down to Leicester Square & got the tube to Kings Cross. I was sat on the Kings Cross train, reading the free Metro, paper, when a good looking, immaculately dressed, tall, blonde guy, who'd been sat in a seat, adjacent to mine, across the isle, got up to get off, at a stop. When he suddenly leaned over me & handed me a card & said, in a well spoken voice "I think your stunning, please call me I'd like to take you to dinner some time" Which really surprised me, seeing I'd only had 3hrs sleep, so must look at least a bit rough. I looked at his card, his name is Daniel, but it has no info where he is from? Or what he does for a living? Just his mobile number & email address. I thought 'Must be the extensions & the hat, I always pull when in either, or both!!' 

I got in at 11am & made a coffee & had a bowl of chocolate mini Weetabix, for breakfast. I changed out of last nights clothes & had a shower & changed into a pink velour tracksuit, to lounge round the house in, before heading off to the gym, to do a pilates class. I then came home & caught up with Tuesdays, Closer magazine. I watered the plants & washed the kitchen floor, I'm still loving my new stair carpet, it is the only, nice, floor carpet, underfoot, in the entire flat, the rest is as thin as cardboard. 

At 2.41 Montanrr Love text me saying 'Hmmmm what's the latest I can cum down tomorrow. I was fink to do writtin session wif u for the whole nite, if ur free' I thought 'Oh FFS not again!!' Then I thought. 'Last time he wanted to meet up with me about singing on his album & come round to mine after midnight, which I said no to!' He said then, that he'd send me a few tracks, that he wants me to sing on, which he'd send to my email (Which he never did, when I said no, to his Midnight visit!!) & now here he comes again with the same M.O!! I text back 'I thought you wanted me to do some vocals on tracks already written??' To which he replied 'Wanted to write a few songs with u. And i'll leave early in the morning, Up to u.'  WTF?? I'm a singer, NOT a writer & I have shown no interest, in wishing to write anything with him, it has jumped from one thing, to something completely different & yet again, suggesting coming round to mine, at a unsociable hour!!! NOBODY gets access to my home, Male or Female, until I know them, VERY  WELL & Not at that hour, of day/morning!! I didn't bother replying, as it is obviously a load of bollocks, like the last time, he contacted me, a few months back & I'm not wasting, any more time on it, even if it is genuine, that approach is so unprofessional, that I don't want to know.

I put an update on my Facebook, to say ignore, yesterdays status, about me, having talks on Saturday, about singing, on the album of an up & coming rapper, as it has become apparent it is all a load of bullshit! Then I put some more stuff in the attic then watched a bit of morning TV & caught up with my Hotmail emails, plus my Facebook & Twitter messages. Then I did a lot of Job & audition searches & applied to a bunch. Then I did a bit of blogging while watching 'The Real Housewives Of New York' having a late lunch of a tuna sandwich & Quavers, plus four, seed covered, bread sticks, at 3pm, washed down with a Diet Coke. I got a call on my mobile, re the modelling work from my agent & chatted a bit about that. 

Then I read some more, of Cindy Jackson's book 'Living Doll' I'm loving it, I really relate to it, we are so akin & been through a lot of similar things. Cindy replied to my message on Facebook & said she was glad, that I was enjoying it & I replied..... 

'I'm absolutely LOVING it I can relate to it so well, so much is the same with me, the being artistic & going to art college, my small home village's, inhabitants, twitchy curtains, when I visited my parents, in either punk or new romantic garb. Singing in a band, Stringfellow's etc. hanging out with punks, Gary Newman, Pete Burns, Boy George & Marilyn. And always somehow partying with celebs (Totally unlike my siblings) The clubs I hung out in (Wont be surprised if Ferdenzis pops up, before the final chapter) The flying off to other country's, to do work (Solo) Going from earning a good wage, to living hand to mouth, while working for fuck all, to make my boyfriends/fianc├ęs, businesses a success, only for them to dump me, when they get rich [Thanks To My FREE Help!!] Because, I'm supposedly, no longer in their league... Wankers!! 

The revenge of sending pizzas & cabs by the score, to the home/workplace, of those who'd done me wrong (Plus S.N.M.N will explain that one, to you one day!!) Longing for decades on end, for rhinoplasty, to sort the bump on my nose, caused by school bully's, smashing my face, repeatedly against the edge of my desk & also longing to get my overbite fixed. But instead, always putting others, plus keeping a roof over my head, as priority instead. So never ending up having the cash to do it (Something I only this year, decided, has to stop, so I can have what I want, for once..... Though the list is now getting longer with age!!) Even the irony, of me me mentioning my favourite comedian Philis Diller, within 5mins of us meeting & the fact my best friend Candies In-law was her plastic surgeon, is not lost on me!! It's like I was meant to read your book, to underline what I was already thinking..... Which is FUCK IT!!... It's ME Time!!....

She said it certainly was ME TIME, and the BEST people, are those who were at some time, or still are, or at least once felt like Misfits (Rather like Marilyn's last film) I watched 'Home & Away' drinking a very cold Diet Coke, then at 6.57pm I got a text from Montanrr Love (After a missed call when I was in the loo) saying 'Is this some joke. Ur slagging me of on fb. JATS. Is dat how pathetic u are!' So obviously, one of my so called Facebook friends, is in fact a Frienemy, as my status is set to private & only my friends, can see it. So obviously one of them, knows Montanrr & has grassed up my status. Whatever!!... hopefully they also deleted themselves as a friend, whoever they are. 

Oh well as they wan't to make 'that' public to him. I will make it ALL public, to everyone, in this blog, rather than a small, passing comment, in Private on my FB wall! With no reply from me, he text again 'Just thought you wer alot older than that. Peace'  Whatever!  Of the two of us, I know who is the most grown up!! Or should that be 3 of us & include the grass too! Knackered from a week with little sleep, I crashed out for a bit, waking at midnight, hungry, so I had a bowl of cereal, plus a decaf coffee then got changed for bed, and had a very early, night for me (Calories consumed 1,264 Good)  

Saturday 17th November, I woke up at 8am, and after texting my friend Rob, a good luck text, about an operation he is having today on his back, I had a long bath as I too was in a lot of pain thanks to my shoulder, back & neck. I know he is a big strong man, but we all need a bit of moral support now & again. I'm a tough old boot at times, but even I miss having someone there for me, when I made/make, my countless trips, to hospital, for operations, especially since mum died! I pulled on my pale jeans & Petite Bateau grey top. I twisted my hair up in a top knot & put a touch of make-up on. Then popped to the shop for a paper, I got back in made a coffee & had mini choc Weetabix for breakfast. I read the paper, the jilted lover of Tulisa's new beaux, Footballer Danny, told how she & Danny watched Tulisa's sex video together & Danny mocked, Tulisa's blow job technique. It seems by the sound of things, that this guy is a player, fine if you know the score & are willing to put up with that, and see him, as just a shag buddy, but that's not good, if your looking for boyfriend material.

DJ Dave Lee Travis, 67, who was arrested yesterday, fiercely deny's, groping 2 female colleagues at the BBC. He also stressed the probe into him, did not involve under aged girls, saying that kiddy fiddlers sickened him! He said it is easy to make allegations & why wait 40yrs to do so? 

Helen Flanagan (Rosie from Corrie) is getting the cold shoulder from her 'I'm A Celebrity' camp mates due to her failing 4 tasks so far & them starving on basic rations. She is a sweet & beautiful girl, with an amazing figure, but boy is she a wuss!! And she isn't even giving 10% effort to the trials let alone the 100% she claims to be giving. Maths is obviously not her strong point.... Well certainly not percentages anyway, the public of course are loving this & she has been voted to do the 5th bush tucker trial!! 

A bigoted bus driver, left X78 passengers stranded for 20mins, after refusing to drive it, from Rotherham to Sheffield, at a driver shift cross over, because the bus had an Advert on its side from the gay lobby group Stonewall, which say's 'Some People Are Gay Get Over It' The passengers had to wait for the next X78 to arrive & get on that! when the driver then swapped buses with the Homophobic 1st driver, who found it unacceptable as a Christian. I think he should take a leaf out of the Ad & 'Get Over It!!' 

Shock figures reveal, that over 50% of Europeans, are overweight (Shock figures, on shocking figures!!) It says that 52% of adults weigh more than they should. Blaming the wide availability of fatty, sugary food & inactivity. In the UK 26.1% of adults are classed as obese, that's over twice as many as France (Mind you, they're all insipid, scrawny, rude, chain smokers!!) Yet life expectancy has increased to 79, from 73 in 1980!! Odd huh!!

I did a lot of household chores, which my shoulder didn't thank me for, as it is hurting like a bitch!! I popped out to the shops & got a few pairs of plain stockings & a fishnet & seamed pair & one pair of thick tights for when it gets colder. I got home & had lunch which was just another bowl of cereal & a diet Coke, as I was feeling hungry, but the pain was making me feel sick, so couldn't manage much. Later I watched 'Take Me Out' and laughed about it with my friend Maxine, by text & on Twitter. With such naff guys out there, it's no wonder, we both choose to be single?? 

Mad Max Or Rather 

We are both still waiting, to be swept off our feet, by a Mr Right, but these days, guys would rather, ask you for a booty call than a date. It amazes me how they seem to find it acceptable, these days, to suggest meeting up for sex, before even asking you out on a date? (Even if the date is really a pretence, they could at least bother to pretend!!) It seems, to me, that nowadays men find it, less embarrassing, to suggest sex, to women, that they haven't even met yet (When online) Than it is, to suggest, bothering to get to know you, over a coffee, or dinner. It's really no wonder that, I've stayed celibate for so long, or have so many bouts of celibacy inbetween relationships!! Which isn't easy, as I have a High Sex Drive & LOVE Sex!! But I'm not going to go out there & get used, by a load of players, or one night stand merchants!! 

I told Maxine about my train admirer Daniel & she asked if I was going to call to arrange a date? I said I wasn't sure, but he ticks all the right boxes. But the fact I didn't get excited & respond & call straight away, means I'm either not that keen, or something is stopping me!! Hmmm maybe I should email? Maybe it's because his card tells me nothing about what he does, or his personality?? I just don't know, I'm procrastinating over it, maybe that's why I'm single, maybe I should stop thinking & be more pro active, re dating?? Maybe I should get out there & 'Manhattan Date' maybe I should just go, on loads of dates, maybe I should text/email Daniel & give him a chance, after all, these days, it's a rare man that offers you a date, rather than just a fuck!! 

I watched 'Xfactor' what an abysmal show this year, there are only one or two half decent singers this year & they miss that certain something, that makes someone a star! I just hope god awful James Arthur go's. I just do not get the hype & praise that is being lauded at him at the moment on TV & in the press!!?? He mumbles & slurrs like a drunk down & out, that's not singing in my book!! I watched 'I'm A Celebrity' that is also boring except for the brilliant Ant & Dec, plus Brian Conley!! At 10.30pm, I went to bed, with a decaf coffee & read some more of Cindy Jackson's book, then went to sleep, drugged up with a load of painkillers (Calories Consumed 434 Whoops that's Anorexic low!!)

Sunday 18th November, I woke at 7am, to a bright sunny winters morning, my neck & shoulder are still very painful, so I took strong painkillers, with a coffee & had a bowl of Chocolate Weetabix Mini's, for breakfast. I got on my scales, weight still the same (Lost 10.4lb so far) It should start falling off quickly now, it normally does, once I drop the 1st, 7lb!! My knees will be grateful for that, as they have been causing me a lot of pain!! Bad knees must be hereditary, as my mum had knee replacements & my sister Julie suffers with pain in her knees too!! Mine started playing up since I gained weight, after mum died. They were fine when I was a size 8-10 so hopefully they will stop hurting when I'm back to that size again. Mind you, my legs/knees are still flexible enough, to bend both legs behind my head, EASILY, which is pretty damn good for someone of my age, there is not many 20yr olds that can do that!!!

I had a text from Tracy, about going over to hers for a chat Monday afternoon re modelling & one from my friend Jennie about seeing her Thursday night. I also had an invite, from Loaded TV, to be in the audience, to watch a show called 'Babe IQ' on Tuesday. Which I assume from the title, will be a bunch of Page 3/ Loaded / Nuts, type girls, being quizzed, to see if they fit, the hot but dumb, category. I was a paid up member of Mensa in my 20's - 30's, as I have an IQ of 164. I thought it would be a chance to meet up with lots of interesting people. But although all the puzzles & tests were enjoyable to do, the get together's were dull & the people, although intelligent, were boring & introverted, in the main. So in the end I left, as I can just buy crossword & quiz books, if I want to do puzzles. 

Loaded TV said, they would pay my travel to go, so I said yes. I was on Twitter for a bit & I saw that, one of my local football teams, that a friend plays for, Cassiobury Revolution FC won 5-0, against Roundbush FC. They must all be elated!!! I wondered if they ever played, either of the two teams, that my friend Andrea's, boyfriend, Tom manages? Which is Harringay Borough FC & a North London, Greek team, called Salamina FC? Cassiobury's Goal Keeper, Rob, is off at the moment with an injury, that has been operated on yesterday. He must feel gutted not to be part of that winning game today! My brother plays in goal, for his team & I know he would be. 

I caught up on the 'Homeland' I missed last week, on 4oD which took forever, with all the buffering on my Laptop, but it was worth it though, to catch up with the excellent series. I then watched 'Carry On Henry' on ITV, while doing job searches on my PC. I had a part, a few years back, in the NEW Carry On film 'Carry On London' but the sponsors pulled out last minute & it has been shelved ever since!! I applied for a bunch of jobs, then I had a cheese baguette & some chilli Doritos, for lunch, with a decaf Diet Coke. Then bored, I watched corny 80's fantasy film 'Krull' 

I'd seen it a few times before, in fact it was on TV not so long ago, but there was sod all else on. Then I popped into the attic to get the items down, that I'd sold on eBay. Then I watched 'Chuck' on 5* which was amusing, then I read today's Sunday Sun. The headline news is that 'Harry Styles' from 'One Direction' is dating 'Taylor Swift' Errrrr so what? Is that really worth a front page?? Also 'Tulisa' is in danger of losing her 'Xfactor' Job due to poor time keeping & attitude.... Whatever!! Neither edge of your seat stuff!! Tulisa can spend more time with her new, bit of rough, footballer, boyfriend, Danny Simpson, if she is fired. He's the charmer who dumped pregnant Stephanie Ward, mother to his 16 month daughter Maybe Tulisa has done, Stephanie a favour, as it seems the Newcastle FC player use to tell her "Your not a proper WAG..... Proper WAGs need to put up & shut up!!" Oooh what a catch he sounds....... NOT!!!! He may suit Tulisa though, as she seems to date scum bags, going from her past record of beau's

What should of been on the front page, is that an entire neighbourhood police team, in Bromley SE London, have been fired, for lazing around in their HQ playing poker & backgammon, or cleaning their golf clubs when they should of been on the beat catching crooks!!! (Disgusting!!) An undercover operation involving hidden cameras, revealed how cope & community support officers, didn't even bother changing into their uniforms while ON DUTY & sat watching TV or went jogging on police time. They also cut short street patrols to play cards & claimed OVERTIME for hours they NEVER worked!! The team ironically named 'The Safer Neighbourhood Team' was uncovered by the Met's Directorate of Professional Standards. I hope the lazy S.O.B's are named & shamed!!

Talking of crime, locking away our criminal teenage scum, shockingly cost's 6 times MORE than if they were sent to Eton!! And most of the feral good for nothings go straight back to crime once released (Because jail is too soft.... It should be like a tougher version of Porridge!!... Ideally more like a Turkish Jail) Ministry figures show it costs £245Million a year to detain 1,800 offenders or £100,000 a place, BUT at cushy privately run 'Medway Centre' in Kent (Which I have ranted about being to cosy & cushy before in my blogs) the Bill comes in at £200,000 per offender. A teen being sent to Eton costs just £34,000 by comparison!! Yet with all that money being spent on their stay & rehabilitation, many still leave being unable to read or write (Obviously due to skipping school in many cases, they should be made to learn while locked up!!) A disgusting 70% of those that leave the 'Medway Centre' reoffend, due to it being no hardship when they are sent back there no doubt!

French cops, now think the British family, gunned down, in the French Alps & the French cyclist, were shot at random, by a French serial killer, armed with a antique pistol. (Quite frankly, I think the police don't have a clue what's going on, the theory's have changed so often!!) Talking of gunmen, a crazed gunman Blaec Lammers, 20, who plotted to kill fans, at the new 'Twilight' movie, like the nut job at the Batman movie, did. He was in jail last night after being foiled by his mum, when she tipped off cops, he planned to copy July's Batman blood bath. He had bought 2 assault riffles a hand gun & 400 rounds of ammo. He'd booked his ticket for the opening night of 'Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn, Part 2' before he was held at a cafe in Bolivar,  Missouri. It doesn't say how his mum was aware of his plans, but she saved many peoples lives.

I watched 'Burn Notice' & 'CSI New York'  then I had 2 Veggie Sausages, with oven chips, mange tout & baked beans for dinner, washed down, with a Diet Coke (decaf) At 8pm I watched the Xfactor results show (Boring) The bottom two, in the sing off were Ella (Good voice, but lacking that certain something) & James Arthur (Hurrah thank god, maybe we can get rid of him, he is god damn awful!!) Ella chose the wrong save me song for her voice & didn't do herself justice. 

James was his normal, awful, droning, self, the judges votes stood 2 against James & 1 against Ella & the deciding vote was Gary Barlow's. I thought he was bound to do the right thing & send James packing!! But NO!!..... He took it to deadlock (Surly the public have put James last!!?) But No it was bye bye Ella. Then I watched the brilliant 'Homeland' followed by the film 'Unforgiven' on 5 +1, finally going to bed, tired, at 12.30am (Calories Consumed 1,260 Good)