Thursday, 18 August 2011

My Past Life Report (By Kiran Nirmal)

Below is my Past Life Report, done for me by Kiran Nirmal MSc, should you wish to purchase one of your own her details are below this (above my report) which you can click on, My report  has a few *comments by me

Past Life Report
June Alison Teresa Smith Saturday, June 20, 1964
19:40 London, United Kingdom

Sidereal Sun
Gemini 5° 11' in house 6

Sidereal Moon
Libra 18° 43' in house 10

Gemini 29° 25' in house 7

Scorpio 12° 58' in house 11

Gemini 21° 29' in house 7

Gemini 28° 6' in house 7

Gemini 2° 20' in house 6

Taurus 15° 57' in house 5

Pisces 5° 0' in house 3

Virgo 6° 33' in house 9

Scorpio 15° 23' in house 11

Virgo 11° 48' in house 9

Saggitarius 10° 1' in house 1

Medium Coeli
Libra 9° 36' in house 10

North Node true

Cancer 2° 5' in house 7

Capricorn 16° 36' in house 2

Pisces 2° 17' in house 3

Aries 9° 36' in house 4

Taurus 5° 21' in house 5

Taurus 24° 15' in house 6

Zodiac - Tropical

Time Zone:- 1 hours EAST

Latitude & Longitude:-  51N30 0W10

Aspects y Orbs:

Conjunction: 8 Degrees

Opposition: 8 Degrees

Sqaure: 8 Degrees

Trine: 8 Degrees

Sextile: 5 Degrees

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I Predict A Riot, London's Burning, Anarchy In the UK & Other Songs!

Monday 8th August, I woke at 8.30am after a deep sleep last night for a change (Do I thank Mr McKenna? I didn't use his CD yesterday!) Quite a nice day out I had a wash tied hair back, slapped on some  tinted moisturiser, mascara & a natural lip-gloss, pulled on my jeggings & D&G kitten print black camisole top, plus my black Trimsoles. Made myself a Golden Syrup Oat so Simple & coffee for breakfast. I then set off to the park for my power walk, calling in to my friends to take his dogs with me, as it's a nice day. I did my 2hrs round the park & got the dogs a dog biscuit each from the ice cream van. Then headed home buying a sun paper en route. 

I got in & made some potato wedges in a mushroom & broccoli sauce with a green salad for lunch & ate it & then read the paper while listening to the reports on ITV & Sky News on the disgusting behaviour of the scum of society running riot, looting & destroying propertys & business since Saturday. Supposedly in reaction to the other bit of criminal sum (Mark Duggan) who got shot by police Thursday, while in possession of a fire arm, no sympathy from me, carry an unlicensed weapon, expect to be killed by a weapon. But the reality is it was nothing to do with that, they are just criminal vermin, who thinks the world owes them something for nothing! 

Mark Duggan, So Cool In His Gangster Pose.. NOT!!

They plead deprivation, poverty & blame their actions on being hungry, deprivation my arse, they are looting, while dressed head to toe in designer sports gear, covered in bling & arranging it all, on their flash, expensive Blackberry's & iphones! I wear mostly high street (Except for some designer items, bought when in full time employment) & have a £5 basic phone & no steady job, yet you don't see me looting & enjoying committing violent criminal damage to others property's & businesses, while endangering peoples lives!!..... 'If your so fucking hungry why are you stealing TV's & designer clothes & not food.... In fact if your that fucking hungry you should of bought food, not designer sports gear, bling and expensive phones you arseholes!!'

Arseholes Of the World Unite!!

The front page of The Sun has the headline 'Rioters Aged 7, kids took on cops in £100m rampage, Police chief on hol as violence spreads' Bloody disgusting at 9pm -7am, 7yr kids should have been in bed long ago, people say where are these kids parent's the answer is - either out rioting with them, or they have sent them out to loot for them, knowing they are too young to be prosecuted. The predominantly black Tottenham parents of these small kids, allowed out onto potentially dangerous streets in the wee hrs to loot, throw petrol bombs & vandalise, are as bad as the Taliban who train up young kids to fire at soldiers or to be sent out as suicide bombers. 

The paper told the sickening story how a husband & wife (Stephen & Heli Seeman) had to beg for their life to rioters who were threatening to burn their car with them & their baby inside, after fleeing from their home that was burnt to the ground, during the rioting caused mainly by kids that started around 8pm went on until dawn & spread on to Woodgreen, my old shopping haunt for over 15yrs, 10yrs ago. I lived briefly in Tottenham during my mid move to Hertfordshire. 

It was not nice then, everyone knew me at my end of Tottenham, as I was the ethnic minority, as I was only one of about 8 white people that lived in my area & the ONLY lone woman! One day on the way back home there were 6 yellow police signs from my bus stop to my door 100yrds away (1. Drive by shooting, 2.Stabbing, 3.Mugging, 4. Shooting, 5. Sexual Assault, 6. Violent GBH) I use to lay in bed listening to the gun fire thinking, 'Hand gun, rifle, automatic weapon etc etc often hearing, shouts & screams in the wee hrs. Bloody awful place, so glad I was only there for around 6 months!!!

Carpetright & its 20 residential flats above was burnt to the ground, its not only peoples homes & material goods that have been destroyed, but family heirlooms & old photos that can't be replaced, many of those people not being able to afford insurance either. But the brain dead, moronic, sum that did it never think of things like that (Not that the selfish C**t's would care even if they did!!) 

Carpetright & It's 20 Flats Burning To The Ground

Children as young as 7yrs threw Bricks, signs, bottles & any other missiles they could find at police (This is what over 10yrs of Labour's soft on crime, sentencing & cushy jails, plus the human rights bill, has produced! Vermin teens, with no fear of authority or a long spell in prison, giving birth to vermin kids!) London's Fire Brigade had 264 Emergency calls & fought 49 fires, while being attacked, and threatened by the rioting sum, as the did so! There were 56 arrests & 26 police injured. There was info how the scum organised where to hit next in flashmob looting via social networks such as Twitter & Facebook & by mass messaging on their Blackberry's (so deprived NOT!) sending messages such as 'Roll Up and Loot' One sick Tweet said to kill police officers, many also tweeted fake areas being attacked, as a red herring to police, to waste police time, while looting began elsewhere.

Fat Assed Ghetto Ho's Looting Poundland Sweets
Because They're Starving Homies!!

David Beckham has had yet another tattoo, the name of his daughter Harper at bottom of neck near collarbone. Also 300 Gypsies may dodge eviction from a giant illegal travellers camp, on Dale Farm, after the UN claims it could breach their human rights (Fuck right off UN what about the locals & farmers right not to be invaded by undesirables, in an illegal set up camp you tossers!!! We need to get out of the UN & fast it only benefits all other members but us!!)

Dale Farm's Gypsie Squaters

Popped into the DHSS & moved my 22nd appointment forward so I could film comedy 'Is It Just Me...' which I cleared with them. As the production crew called & emailed me earlier & said they had been watching the last lot of runs of the pilot of the show, they'd filmed & they love the Character of The Cougar (Me) and find me hilarious, definitely wanting me for the show. Then I went home & did a bunch of Audition & Job searches & applied for a heap of them. 

Orange County Housewife Gretchen Rossi

Then I watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' love that show. Did a bunch of laundry & some ironing. Plus the washing up etc and watered the plants. Miss Home & Away not being on! Made a fish pie for dinner & had with salad & a Diet Coke & watched the soaps. Then the rest of the night was spent watching either CSI & NCIS on 5USA, Sky News watching the rioting updates & some fab trash TV on Really. It has just got worse moving on from Tottenham now to Enfield. 

Commuters Trapped At Enfield Station
Due To Rioting Scum!

I really hope every bit of looting scum with a fire/petrol bomb catches fire & burns to death & every one that smashes a home/business/car window etc severs a major artery doing so & bleeds to death. These rioters are not looting for a cause, they are opportunist, flash-looters, knowing unlike the USA & other country's our police do not have shoot to kill orders! The rioters in the middle east were rioting for their rights & a democracy & bravely risked their lives, our scum are cowards who loot in numbers purely for greed! 

London's Scum!!

Watched 'Dirty Sexy Things' then later I Had 2 Slices of toast & a coffee at teatime & caught up on some of my pending blogs, while also chatting on Facebook & Twitter, while watching the rioting updates on Sky News, there are vehicles on fire in Lewisham & Peckham, plus skirmishes in Hackney, shops shut in Croydon, Barnet, Streatham, Clapham & Islington, feral arseholes!! 

Water Cannon

The public were saying where are the Water Cannons?? They are all in Ireland where we sent them to sort out Ireland's disorder problems, I say 'sod the Water Cannons, send in sewage tankers and muck spreaders & shower the shower of shit, in a shower of shit!!' It would also make them easy to find as they ran off, follow the trails of poo & arrest all covered in shit! also with a bit of luck some might eat shit & die!! 

Proof that the Tottenham riots were organised well before, the shot lads parents silent protest. came when leaflets were found among the destruction advising on how not to get caught (see below) I crashed out at 3am (Calories consumed 1,284, Good Girl!!)

Tuesday 9th August, I had a weird dream I was in a place that had a large dangerous animal in a contained room/cell not sure what maybe a dragon or dinosaur, you could hear it raging in its containment, apparently it wasn't fully secure & I had to go in to lock the internal doors in the rooms surrounding the cell in the center of the building. Then I was in a new home trying to get it right my dad came in & asked if I was OK & I burst into tears & said I missed mum & wanted her back & wept so hard it hurt in my throat, so hard it woke me, before I woke though I thought 'How come dad is here he died before mum, I'm sure!!' ?? 

I woke & had a bath then had two slices of toast & a plain Oat So Simple with a coffee for breakfast & wore cropped jeggings with a grey vest top & black shrug, plus my black SlimTones & went out for my power walk round the park, moved quicker than normal today as the weather is hot & dry so I am in much less pain than usual. Weeded the garden when I got back, did the washing up & did some laundry & bought a Sun paper & Diet Coke & settled down to read the paper while watching ITV & Sky's News on the ongoing riots!

Clapham Junction Scum

The front cover is of course about the 3rd night of mindless violence, with the Headline of 'Decent Into Hell' with a photo of a Polish woman jumping out of her blazing flat above a shop in Croydon, in fear of her life..... Bastards!!

Polish Woman Jumping For Her Life!

325 people were arrested as the PM jets back from his holiday early, to London. Croydon was set ablaze, property looted & smashed, public terrorised, the same in Ealing to a lesser degree, the lovely Adrian Mills (Ex 'That's Life' Presenter, who suggested I write a blog) Had one of his restaurants trashed in Ealing & was talking about the criminals (SCUM) that did it on Sky News! They looted & smashed up a babywear shop & thought it would be funny to hang the clothes from branches of a near by tree (Should be those little shits hanging from the tree by their necks!!) The bastards even tried setting light to a baby grow to torch the place with (Luckily it was fire proof being for a baby!!)

Ealing Scum

Areas hit yesterday were Peckham, Hackney, Lewisham, Clapham, Stratford, Bethnal Green, Barking, Mile End, Chalk Farm, & Kentish Town. Areas outside London that were hit were Woolwich, Birmingham & Liverpool, disgusting people are talking about Water Cannons, Tear Gas & Rubber Bullets, I think with such wide spread high levels of lawlessness the police should be allowed to use live ammo! Shoot the looters in the legs & arms (Not so easy to run off with your big flat screen TV, with a bullet hole in your arms & legs is it brehs!!) Plus the right to shoot to kill anyone doing anything that endangers life, such as violence & the attempted arson of property, with flats/houses in danger of the spread! 

Already a petition has been put up to make all those involved in rioting/looting since Saturday to lose their benefits (That should extend to any family members they live with, i.e the parents that have brought their kids up to be vermin, if they are on benefits too!) The petition if you should wish to sign is available HERE couldn't help laughing when I saw a petition obviously started by one of the looters for the rioting scum NOT to lose their benefit's at the time I spotted it it had 13 signatures compared to 27,604 on the petition FOR them to lose benefits!

Some of the looting scum are so fucking dumb that they put bragging pics of them with their looted gains on Twitter & Facebook (See an example of an idiot, in pic below, it looks like he may also be the idiot, standing outside Tottenham's Poundland as it was looted of sweets etc, also below)

 Grinning, Moronic, Scumbag, With His Looting Stash
Soon You Will Be Smiling On The Other Side Of Face Arsehole!!
 Hmmmmmm That Green T-shirt looks Familiar Matey ^

Police Chief's uploaded CCTV pics and pics taken by the general public online & posted links on Twitter & Facebook asking for the public's help in naming the scum!! Love it there is a real community spirit of decent folk going on & also passing the message & photos on via Twitter & Facebook etc the fuckers think they are so fly but in reality they are dumb fucks!! Forensic computer experts have been called in to trace the accounts of yobs that used Twitter & Blackberry messenger to organise & encourage the sickening scenes of violence during the rioting. 

£300 Smartphone's Used By Those Poor Starving Looters!!

Both were used to coordinate attacks on police & announce meeting points & targets for rioting & looting! (I can't afford a Blackberry but those poor starving looters can!!) One Blackberry message said " 4 o clock Sharp!!!! Start leaving your yards n linking up with u niggas, Fuck da feds bring your ballys & your bags trollys, cars, vans, hammers the lot!! Keep sending this around to bare man, make sure no snitch boys get dis!!! Police cant stop it. Rebroadcast!!!!!" WANKERS!!! A 1ft knife with a serrated edge was found in the street in Tottenham & a Pickaxe was hurled at a riot cop!

This Is Whats Coming Your Way Shitheads!!
The Police Are Coming & Not All In Uniform Mo Fo's!!
Manchester Police Arrest Sworovski Looter!!

There was also a bit about a real hero to balance the pages of scum, WWII spy Nancy Wake (Who inspired the novel Charlotte Gray) died aged 98yrs, known as The White Mouse, she was the Gestapo's most wanted spy. She was awarded the George Medal & the US Medal of Freedom.

ITV's 'Take Me Out' has it's first engagement, between to contestants, Fabian De Fabiani & Kayleigh Kane. But they didn't go out on a date together on the show. 

I had a boiled egg & tomato sandwich & McCoy Chilli flavoured crisps, washed down with Diet Coke for lunch while watching 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' then switched back to Sky News to hear two thick as fuck girls talking about their part in the rioting! If these two dumb as fuck ghetto princesses are our future we are fucked. The dumb ass bitches wasn't even sure what political party was in power as they laughingly tried to pass off their looting as politically motivated, then they said they were getting their taxes back, what fucking taxes? These two are too dumb to be holding down a job that pays taxes!! Don't the stupid bitches realise that all the damage will need to paid out of tax payers money, so all this damage is going to cause higher taxes the thick bitches, hear the dumb fucks below!!

The Voices Of Morons!!

Sky news told of there being trouble, not far off in Hemel Hempstead, also shops were being boarded up in Muswell Hill, where my friend Candie Lives, there had been trouble in Walthemstow where my friends Nat & Terry live but luckily it didn't reach epic proportions there! I had to laugh when a Waterstone's employee said on the news "We'll stay open if they steal some books they might learn something!!" Bloody Priceless!! At least despite how they will have ruined the economy further as well as ruining & taking some peoples lives, we still have the fighting spirit to make jokes at the losers expense!! Such as 'Gregg's the bakers is now ablaze this will be the 1st time their sausage rolls will actually be hot!!' 

Spot a rioter is now up and running and you can view the Images HERE Once they're rounded up & thrown in cells & arrested though, they will probably be let go or get paltry sentences due to a lack of prison's & prison cells. I say put bunk beds back in cells with more beds to a cell & remove prison gyms, recreation rooms etc from all UK prisons & turn them into more cells, cell problems sorted!!

I did some dusting & hoovering, then warmed up the rest of the fish pie I made yesterday & had it with some salad & some Polish Sunflower bread, washed down with a Diet Coke. Watched CSI & Sky News for the rest of the evening, Nick Clegg was booed while walking round Birmingham today. 111 officers & 5 police dogs have been injured in the London riots so far (Fucking disgusting!!) Dogs should get body armour too!! News in that Shot suspect Mark Duggan didn't shoot at police, makes no difference to me!! He still had a unlicensed gun in a sock on the floor of the cab he was in, and intended to use it at some point, carry a gun, expect to be shot with a gun he gets No Sympathy from me, nor for his family, who obviously either brought him up to be drug dealing scum, or were lapse parents not keeping an eye on what their kids are up to! 

Meanwhile what these stupid greedy looters don't realise is they are leaving the capital open to terrorist attack the brain dead arseholes! I'd love to find out the looting scums addresses & loot them & torch their house while their out looting & see how they like it!! (But alas most *if not all* of their property's will be council property's & not their own, detached homes!!) Millwall fans are now protecting Eltham chanting "No One Loots Us!!" That's more like it community's fighting back, soon it will be vigilantes on the street, taking on those thieving C**t's, and giving him the good kicking it seems the police are not allowed to! A lout has set fire to Selfridges in Manchester picture below, if you know him & are not scum, dob the bit of shite into the police!

Arsonist Little Scrote In Grey Tracksuit, Do You Know Him? 

Enfield now have a group of vigilantes guarding their turf, probably inspired by the Turks that chased off attempted looters off their turf in Bermondsey yesterday!! The Sikh community is out in force, to protect their temples in Southall. Meanwhile a police station in Nottingham is firebombed! The London Fire Brigade, have tweeted that they attended 2169 fires between 6pm last night & 7.19am this morning, how obscene. BNP & EDL are now patrolling South London, the one thing these predominantly black looters have achieved is make people more keen to vote the racist BNP & EDL party's into power, as they will have very sever ways to deal with such scum if in power! Well done you Idiots!!

Had a coffee & two slices of Polish Sunflower Bread toasted. Watched CSI & the English actress that plays Arthur's mum Igraine in Camelot (Who was killed off Saturday) was on it, it seemed odd seeing her in modern day dress somehow!  Then went to bed (Calories Consumed 1,600)

Wednesday 10th August, Big Brothers Bit On The Side, 
I woke at 9am I can't quite recall my dream but I'm sure my dad was in it somewhere! I got up and had a shower & had a Apple Oat So Simple & coffee for breakfast & wore jeggings, TrimSoles & black vest top, pulled back my hair & applied some mascara plus some lip balm & went to the park for my normal power walk, stopping in at my friends house to take his dogs with me, as they enjoy a run with me. 

That was the start of some very odd & somewhat sinister activity. I was just nearing the park by the Blue Anchor Pub when a man, who looked not unlike an estate agent, or someone in insurance or finance, around mid 40's to early 50's, with quite bouffant mousy blonde hair, wearing a pink shirt, in a silver sports car drove past me, from the direction of the museum something maybe a 6th sense made me feel he was checking me out, but in a way that made me feel uncomfortable. 

The Blue Anchor Leading Into Fishpool Street

Something about it felt not right & sort of sinister, as his eyes briefly met mine as he passed me, he discovered that Fishpool Street was Closed & he did a U-turn & cruised me as he passed me going back the other way, then he suddenly pulled in and parked in the culdesac next to The Waffle house, opposite the parks entrance, as I entered the park!

 The Waffle House 

I power walked round the park for about 45-65mins maybe more, then I popped to the ice cream van & got two dog biscuits for the dogs & a small 99 Mr Whippy ice cream for myself. I was heading back towards the the parks exit/ entrance when he reappeared in the park from nowhere, at the Waffle House end of the park. He was portly in pale grey suit trousers & a pink shirt with no tie & 2 or 3 buttons undone. He reminded me of a male version of the chubby female farmers wife, Jenifer Saunders plays in 'French & Saunders' He walked diagonally from the path that lead to the children's splash area towards me then walked parallel to me narrowing the gap as we neared the end.

Mr Whippy

As he got nearer he made scant chit chat about the dogs, I responded casually as not to give him any clue I was aware something suspect was going on. He then said "What are you doing after this?" Suspecting he was probably going to ask me to go for a drink or even try & lure me to his car, I said I was going for a shower then going out for the evening (Which was true!!) So that he had no time gap to suggest going for a drink in, now or later. I then headed off to my friends house to take his dogs back, as I have keys to get inside, as I water the plants etc when he is away on holiday etc. And I wanted to get indoors & away from this guy who was giving me a feeling of bad karma. So off I went, leaving him at the park gates, keen to give him the slip!!

He crossed the road & went towards where he parked his car by the waffle house as I tried to quicken my pace with the dogs, who annoyingly kept wanting to stop to sniff things & I had to pull hard to get them to move on, as I hurried round the bend near the Blue Anchor Pub at the end of shut Fishpool street. His car passed me as I power walked them up the street, I noticed his car number plate started with a Q or O (Sadly I had nothing on me to jot the whole thing down on, as I'd left my mobile charging at home!) I watched as his car pulled into the 1st rd on the left, I knew he would do a U-turn and observe my movements from there. 

I needed to go down the 1st turning on the right & rushed to get down there & then down the next turning I wanted, before he managed to U-turn & saw I'd gone & had obviously gone up the right hand turn, as if I did it quick enough once he came up that road he would then have a choice of 3 options I could of turned down & there was a 2 in 3 chance he'd opt for the wrong one. If I'd not had the dogs with me I would of succeeded but they slowed me down. He was too quick & had U-turned and gone up the road I was on before I made the turn. I didn't turn to see him but I could sense the car driving slowly behind was his! 

I turned into my friends road & his car sped up & passed me & shot to the end of the culdesac to turn round again. I sped up to get in the front door before he could see which house I'd entered & it's number, it didn't help though that it was closer to the end he was turning at than the end I'd entered at! As I picked up my pace I thought 'Funny how my gut instinct told me he wasn't right, from the 1st second I glanced at him, as I neared the park, his attire & car looked respectable, yet there was the sleazy air of an abductor about him, for some reason, thank god for 6th senses!!'

I tried to get indoors before he turned and saw the exact house I went into. But I was too slow with the keys, which were not easy to maneuver while holding onto the leads of two large dogs. I got in locked the door with keys & latch and waited 15mins in the kitchen at the back with the dogs. Eventually I ventured to the lounge at the front of the house & checked the private road for his car. When saw I could not see it I left locking the door behind me, using my own key at 1st by mistake in my rush to flee the area. I exited via the side path, rather than the entrance I came in, in case he was still about. 

Lucky I did, as when I came to the end of the side path, I spied him again. This time he was out of his car and was now checking the back of the houses, no doubt trying to work out which one was the back of the one I'd gone in. If I had left the other way I would of had to have walked past that way, luckily he was so intent in casing the back of the property's, that he never saw me at the other end of the same road. I stepped back a bit, he was by the back entrance gates to the property's, I don't know if he was checking the back of the house for a bathroom window to perv (As I said I was jumping in the shower) or if he was looking for a way to get into the property via the back? 

Either way I knew for sure that my gut instinct was right & there was definitely something sinister about him! Following someone to find out where they live is creepy at best (Even if it's because your too shy to ask someone out in person & want an address to send flowers to with a note to ask them out) But to be casing the back of the building is definitely not right!!! Not right at all!!! 

It definitely has sinister undertones!! Engrossed in the back of the buildings he didn't spot me slip down a side path behind a hedge, that ran parallel along the back of the other culdesac houses, shielding me from view if he turned his head in my direction. then at the end of the hedged side path when the road had curved enough for me to be out of view I rapidly crossed the road & went past The Portland Arms (above) then zigzagged down a bunch of back side roads home, which if he is not local he'd not choose to use, while thinking I'm still indoors, at my friends. Popped into the newsagents en route & got The Sun Newspaper, loving the cover.

I wondered if I should call the police over my stalker, or if they will be tied up due to the riots, due to them being London home county police? I'm bloody glad I'm observant & astute. I was onto him from the start I'd make a good MI5 or MI6 operative! I got home hot & sweaty from the sunshine & my ordeal, So I had a shower & washed my hair with the lovely Andrew Barton Shampoo & Conditioner that my friend Julie got me for Christmas, smells gorgeous. My friend Nicky called by briefly, as she was in town for a while. 

I dried my hair in its natural wavy style & made a cheese & garlic pizza for lunch with a green salad Yummy!! While watching 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Sweet Gretchen Rossi arranged a surprise renewal of her parents wedding vow's, on their 40th wedding anniversary, having a lovely white dress made for her mum, by secretly taking one of her mums dresses to a seamstress to get the measurements from. 

I read the paper, there was the bit on the front about shopping a moron, then the news how looters spread to Manchester on day 4 of the rioting. 100's of people staged a massive clean up in Liverpool, pictures of the firebombed police station in Nottingham. Sony's warehouse in Enfield has been burnt to the ground by morons, which contained 1000's of the latest CD's by independent artists, former Busted Artist Charlie Simpson lost his entire run of CDs of his forthcoming solo album 'Young Pilgrim' some smaller artists may not be insured & could go bust because of it! Film studios with DVD's stocked there could also be affected, all due to a bunch of moronic arseholes!

In Ealing a man is critically ill after being attacked by scumbag thugs as he tried to put out fires in big wheelie bins dangerously close to his home, which they lit to set fire to property, feckless scum, if he dies I hope they catch the vermin & sentence them to life in prison with no parole for murder!! Meanwhile more than 235 people were made homeless by rioting scum in Croydon, lets see if any other country's raise money and send aid bundles to these people the way we send foreign aid to every country that has had a disaster...... 'I wont hold my breath!!'

Some sanity comes in the form of a North London father, called Jason, who's 19yr son raided an electrical store in Croydon, who say's he wants his son to go to jail, as it's the only way he will learn a lesson. Adding the teens grandfather would be distraught, as he use to be a policeman. He said his son is NOT underprivileged & he has a job an iPhone & nice clothes. He believed he did it as he is mates with a bad lot & they were doing it too! Angry Jason called into a phone on on talkSPORT saying "I'm actually quite looking forward to the police throwing the book at him!!" adding "I love him to bits but I don't care if he's my son, you cant go around smashing up people's businesses!!"

People were disgusted by muggers pretending to help a victim who had his jaw broken when, other muggers had stole his bike (see clip below) but they were in fact robbing the delirious victims rucksack & not helping him at all, the repulsive scum!

A female fire fighter was dragged from her motorbike, punched in the face & threatened with a gun by rioters in Clapham (Showing just what kind of vermin has been brought up under soft on crime New Labour!!) Meanwhile sick bitch Fiona Donnison who killed her two beautiful 2 &3yr old children to hurt their dad got 32yrs in jail (GOOD!!)

What Sick Bitch Of A Mother Could Smother These Two Angels??

On a lighter note (Literally) TOWIE's Gemma Collins has shed 3st she is aiming to go from her original 20st to a size 12 once she has lost 6st, she plans to bring out a weight loss DVD (I said this was what was behind the change of heart in an earlier blog when she went from saying she felt happy & sexy as a size 20 in Heat magazine, only to be in The Sun a day or two later saying she want's to lose weight & be a size 12 again!!) I knew there was financial reasons behind it!!

A happy At 20st Gemma In Heat Magazine

Later my friend text & said "Did you come over today? As if so you forgot to double lock the front door! xx" Which I have to admit, freaked me out as I know 100% I did double lock the door, because at 1st in my haste to leave while Stalker Guy wasn't around, I at 1st tried to lock it with my door key by mistake, then thought "stupid cow" & locked it with the correct one, before checking the coast was clear & leaving. Now I wondered, if the pink shirted, freak, had picked the lock & got in & had not locked it again on exiting!?? Chatted with friend & asked if anything was out of place, indoors? It appeared not, but that is still creepy as I know I definitely locked the door.

I wore black wet look leggings under long black boots & a black thigh length v-neck sleeveless tunic & my beige sequined snake- skin jacket. My boobs look enormous at the mo not sure if its the Primark Zebra Print Super Boost £6 Bra but they look more like a 36G than a 36F, I put a retractable umbrella in my leopard print tote & headed off to the station at 6.30pm texting Bob I was on my way en route. On the way two police cars came screeching down the road sirens blaring 'Don't tell me local rioting has started!!?' I thought. 

Got to Elstree & had a slow stroll down to the Studios & went into the Heart & Spool pub next door at 7pm to wait for Bob. Popped to the ladies & had a V&T while I waited, about 30mins later Bob arrived & he got me a drink & himself a pint & I told him about my stalker today & he agreed that definitely wasn't right & was a police job! We went into Elstree studios at 8pm we were ushered into a nice room with a bar & signed a disclaimer while eating a bowl of crisps (handy as I had no dinner) and had a glass of red wine. Two kids late in teens came over to the sofa where I was & said "OMG aren't you the lady that Aisleyne Horgan Wallace had thrown out of Celebriparty due to mistaken Identity!!?" 

I laughed & said "Yes how do you remember that?" they got all excited it was me, like fans, which was really sweet & amusing, He said he was there & saw it & then saw my posting about it, on the Facebook Celebriparty page. They excitedly wanted the whole story again (I will post the details on a page at some point!) We were shown the old Celeb BB, footage from last year, then asked us what we thought would be good to improve the show? They told us changes being made to voting this year & asked our opinions, then also revealed a nominations twist & asked our opinions again, but you will have until it starts next week to discover what, because I'm not telling!!

During a brief break another guy came over to me & said it was so good to see me & did I still have that pink fluffy jacket (The one I'm wearing in my Blogs main pic) He remembered me from the BB10 eviction night when I was in the crowd!! He was in front of me with a red Kagool on & white cowboy hat! See below!!

Then we were asked more questions, then they said a prize of a bottle of bubbly was going to the best, most vocal, audience member, then they said for a laugh to point to who everyone thought it would be (Surprise surprise it was me!!) We went into the new Big Brothers Bit On The Side's brand new studio. What can I say but it looks amazing and reflects somewhat the design of the house! I cant tell you too much except the audience number is about half the size of BBBM &  3-4 of the regular audience members are more plastic than Jordan & the females from Geordie Shore combined! You will have to wait until next week to see for yourself.

A very pregnant Emma Willis presents, & we saw shots from inside the house that has the house testers living in it at the moment! There was also a panel of 3 which consisted today of BB11's Ben, a female comedian, plus Dean Piper from The Sunday Mirrors Celeb page, who looked just like a blonde version of my gay friend Richard. 

 Dean Piper
My Friend Richard

Like usual I was my normal opinionated self, and in a break the floor manager said the rest should be more like me, on the next take!! It eventually finished around 12.30am & surprise surprise I won the bottle of bubbly for best audience member, whoop whoop bring it on!!! The lovely Bob gave me a lift to the station & I got the train home & walked the 15-20min walk back to my place, a girl with two guys passed me on the other side of road & she called out "I love your jacket it really shines under the street lights!!" I thanked her & got home & crashed in bed with a Diet Coke, catching up on the Sky News. 

The Muslin father who's son who was killed trying to protect his business along with a group of others, in Birmingham, Tariq Jahan, spoke with such dignity to crowds & the press, over the black scum that mowed him & his two friends down with a car, killing all three. That must have been so hard so soon after losing his son, in such a violent, cruel, senseless way, less than 24hrs earlier. Yet just after he finished his powerful speech, pleading for calm & no revenge attacks, for the madness of the past 4 days to stop, a load of yobs in the crowd around him, started kicking off!!....tossers!! 

Tariq Jahan

Vile Muslim Extremists need to look at the man above & listen to his couragous & moving words & realise that is what a true Muslim looks & sounds like, that is the way the Koran says to live your life, not with bile & hatred & brainwashing!! If anyone should be nominated to carry the Olympic flag through Birmingham it should be this man! My friends will attest not much brings a tear to my eye but the words of this man and also the words of Abdul Quddoos, who lost his two brothers in the car attack had me dabbing at my eyes, they spoke with such dignity & calm. 

Abdul Quddoos

I said how noble they spoke on twitter & have 3 new haters pop up giving me abuse, talking ghetto talk, none of the insults original or amusing or even relevant, they are no @CatFunt_ I miss his Satirical abuse!! No doubt they are Paki bashers or looters, or may even know the black scum in the car that run the 3 lads down, either way I couldn't care less, haters really don't phase me, at all!! I really couldn't care less! I Eventually crashed at around 2am (Calories consumed 1,511)

Thursday 11th August, I woke at 8.30am, had two slices of toasted Polish Sunflower Bread and a Coffee for breakfast, wore jeggings & a black V-neck knit vest, did some ironing & then popped to the post office to post a vintage Jungle Jacket I sold on eBay. Also to post a cheque to Capital One. I also used my Boots points to get 2 sachets of 'Tony Ferguson, set yourself free' slimming soups!! One Tomato & one Vegetable. Got in & Endimol contacted me by phone & email, re 'Is It Just Me' I had to email them 6 wacky ways I'd spend £5,000 yesterday, they got back to me saying, that they loved them, they were really creative & they were still laughing over them & that I was a true Cougar, they wanted me to send them some other stuff they requested, necessary for the improv comedy show!

I watched the news the Mugged Malaysian student shown in prior video, being mugged by people pretending to help him, has had a metal plate put in his broken jaw, he spoke to press (below) and again had more class, dignity & compassion than the vile monsters who attacked him!!

I then read the Sun paper the front page headline read 'Anarchy In The UK: Meet The Accused' which goes on to list a Lifeguard, Postman, Hairdresser, Teacher, Chef, 11yr Schoolboy & a Millionaire's Daughter (Disgusting!! proving it had nothing to do with deprivation & everything to do with criminal greed!! I hope as well as getting prison sentences the teacher, NEVER gets to teach kids again as he is no bloody role example to children!!

Anarchy In The UK 1976 Style

Also on the front page is 'Tragic Amy's House Robbed' Referring to Amy Winehouse. Personal belongings of Amy's wee stolen from her Camden house, in the days after her death. So-called 'friends' are suspected of taking scribbled lyrics for her 3rd album, unreleased music & her favourite guitar. Only 20 people (only!!) had access to Amy's house since she died in July, her dad Mitch 60 has vowed to root out the culprits, a pal said "It's sickening someone would stoop so low!!" If I was Mitch my 1st stop would be at the home of my Nemesis Aisleyne Horgan Wallace!!


There was a double page spread on Tariq Jahan & his son & two brothers that lost their lives defending a Mosque against looters in Birmingham. 300 mourners held a candle lit vigil in the city's Winson Green area last night. Meanwhile scum in Leicester torched two ambulances with damages estimated at £30,000, yobs as young as 10yrs ran riot in Gloucester, smashing shops & setting fire to buildings. In Milton Keynes a 70-strong mob used baseball bats, bottles & bricks to smash their way into shops, 13 were arrested in Watford for criminal damage in Exchange Road area. The Polish woman who jumped for her life out of her flat window, is still traumatised by her ordeal (I hope the scum are proud of themselves!!) 

Two Manchester men aged 26 & 28 were arrested last night after police seized suspected ingredients for a bomb. Which included a bag of ball bearings & fuel, after stopping a car in Salford. As well as balaclava's, drugs & cash.

Murdered Anni 

Judges have decided Honeymoon Murder suspect Shrien Dewani, CAN be extradited to South Africa to answer questions & face trial. It will be interesting to see what he attempts next to wriggle out of it!! (He is looking increasingly more guilty with each attempt at evading going to SA!!) Anni's tearful dad made an emotional plea outside the court for Shrien not to appeal the decision. 

I had a egg & cress sandwich, with some sushi & plain crisps, washed down with Diet Coke for lunch while watching 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' then a fab new show on Really (New to Freeview) called 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition' Wow the Americans piss all over our '60min Makeover' & 'DIY SOS' the same way their 'The Swan' pisses all over our '10 Years Younger' 

 America's The Swan
Our 10yrs Younger, No Contest!

News came via Twitter, that stylist Grace has been fired from X-factor, I should think so to!! She was bloody awful, all the acts looked like they had been styled from Bonmarche & the charity shops reject bins, cheap, nylon & nasty!!

I did some more ironing of dry laundry & the washing up my neck & shoulders are painful again so no doubt we will have rain again soon, wish the MRI scan results would hurry up along with a plan of action to stem the pain! I had some extremely tasty pea soup for dinner with 4 slices of Polish Sunflower Bread, yumm! Then did a load of job searches & audition searches online & applied for a shed load! While listening to Sky news updates. Until 9pm when I watched the drama 'The Killing' while enjoying a frothy coffee made in the microwave. 

Later I watched 'Babes in Hollywood' that was on More4 on 4oD which was very, very funny, the parent's of the expected child star proteges, are more deluded than their young kids lmao! The black Jehovah's Witness kid was very, very sweet, and I think possibly also gay! Not much on TV so I had an early night at around 1am (Calories consumed 1,655)

Babes In Hollywood Sweety

Friday 12th August, I woke at 8.30am after a odd dream I was in a American style wood cabin bar with big pool/snooker tables, my brother Bill was playing pool/snooker, with this gorgeous tanned guy, who looked the Image of Jensen Ackles (Phwooooor!!!) Who was wearing jeans and a emerald green T-shirt, I thought 'Phwooor how the hell does Bill know him? I hope he introduces us, he is drop dead gorgeous!!' Other things went on in the dream that I can't now recall & then at some point my brother Bill came over saying "Hi June didn't realise you were here let me introduce you to my friend!" Excitedly I turned on my bar stool to be met by a man mountain of a chunky, teen, with a army style flat top, the kind you see in American Fat Camps in jeans & an emerald T-shirt. 'WTF??' I thought, my heart sank & then I thought, 'That cant possibly be the same guy, where is the hidden film crew for this prank??'  then I woke. 

 Jensen 'Phwoor' Ackles

Got up and made a caramel cappuccino & 2 slices of toast for breakfast & slobbed around in pink Juicy Couture tracksuit doing household chores for most of the morning/early afternoon, then settled down to watch 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' while having some yummy pea soup & bread for lunch.

I can't believe bible bashing, come new fashion designing  housewife Alexis, cut the gorgeous floaty embroidered sleeves off the gorgeous dress that Tau made for her new collection. So disrespectful, of the extremely talented woman's, craftsmanship & it looked 1000 times better with the sleeves, so much more classy & designer looking you made a mistake removing them Alexis, proving you are no designer, no designer at all!!

Vandalising, London Rioter, Chelsea Ives

Then I perused the Sun Paper the front page headlines are 'Mum shops Riot Daughter: Olympics Girl, 18 'Trashed Cop Car' I have so much respect for her mum, who shopped Chelsea Ives, after being horrified at spotting her rioting on TV footage!! Her fab Mum Adrienne Ives 43 said "I love my daughter but she was brought up to know right from wrong!" Chelsea is/was a Olympic Ambassador (I hope this honour is stripped from her, if she is out of jail by the start of the Olympics in 2012!!) Chelsea as well as smashing a police car said "This is the best day ever!!" before then hurling a rock through a shop window. But although her mum has shopped her, it seems Chelsea is still not taking responsibility for her actions & is pleading 'Not guilty' adding court costs, to the money taxpayers will have to cough up for her vandalism!! Before her vandalism Chelsea posted on Facebook "Eyyy what's happening in tottenham. I'm hearing ders a mad riot??" "Pigs shuldnt ov killed dat guy last nyte innit. Den dey wuldnt gt blown up...... galz r goin to steal weaves. Bt is it stealin doeee. Cozzz da shop keeper aint fuckin derrr. Mugs." "OKAY we WE GET IT NOW. Ders a RIOT in tottenham KOOL. Its been happening for the past hour now. GOSH" For an educated girl she certainly doesn't speak like one!

Meanwhile a 11yr old girl who smashed shop windows, and was arrested around midnight (What was she doing out at that time at her age?) Smirked in court & said "I ain't bovvered .....nor's my dad!" That's the type of disgusting upbringing, that produces the vermin seen on our streets the past few days! She was also cautioned last year re criminal damage when she was 10yrs. As she left court she yelled "You fat Cunt!!" at a photographer while her dad grabbed his crotch!! Charming, no doubt she will be pregnant by 13yrs & be producing the next generation of UK scum!!

The 68yr Guy attacked & left in a Comma by Ealing yobs, after trying to stop louts lighting fires in wheelie bins, that could ignite his and his neighbour's homes, has died. Richard Bowes family agreed to switch off his life support after nothing could be done to save him! I hope the bastards who did it are caught & go down for a very, very long time for murder!! Meanwhile 3 males aged 16, 17 & 26yrs were held on suspicion of the murder of the 3 Muslim lads, buy a group of black guys in a car in Birmingham & 7 more are being hunted! 

The uncle of drug dealer/gang member, Mark Duggan who was shot by police & was used as an excuse to be rioting, by organised groups of criminals, is a gangland chief Desmond 'Dessie Noonan' Who's feared family have run Manchester's underworld for 20yrs (like I said before, Mark was hardly an innocent member of society, from a pillar of society family, that got shot! If you carry an illegal weapon, expect to be killed by one!)

In contrast the people of Wooten Bassett went on to the streets to pay their final tribute to war dead, for the 163rd time in which time they honoured 379 fallen hero's. This time they honoured Marine James Wright 22 above (Who had more courage & dignity in the tip of his little finger nail, than in the entirety of our rioting, looting, scum!!)

I sent my last lot of things Endimol wanted from me in an email to their production company, then did job searches again for most of the afternoon early evening. I had a tuna baguette with Chilli crisps for dinner, washed down with a Diet Coke as I was peckish not starving. 

Then watched the Devon 'Come Dine With Me' A badly dressed male eccentric painter, a up herself American, A chubby female with a lack of humour & a guy who thinks his naff jokes are hilarious, so an interesting mix. When it was the bad jokers time to do his cooking he did it in drag, as it came out he was a cross dresser, both of the women were surprisingly very un-understanding. As for the artist Simon he was positively untolerant and almost homophobic, (Cross dressers are 99% heterosexual you fool!!) He waffled on in his private interview about Peter's night about his horrific attire I thought 'Have you looked at yourself mate people would look at your clothes & laugh & point in the street!!' 

Come Dine With Me, Artist Bigot, Simon Left, 
Joker Peter in Fancy Dress, With American To The Right

Then I watched '8 Out Of 10 Cats' which was very funny, followed by 'Chris Moyle's Quiz Night' which wasn't except for lover or mother round, Meg Ryan's Son looks the spitting image of the gay one in Glee!! Then I watched 'Celebrity Rehab' on Really TV. The only celebs I recognise are Janice Dickinson & Julia Roberts Brother Eric, the rest I haven't got a clue!! But they all seem whack jobs!! Then a name flashed up & my jaw hit the floor!!! The chunky guy with bad skin, a goatee & a bandanna is Lief Garret OMFG!! I use to have his poster on my wall as a school girl, as he was a bit of a crush of mine & I still have his single 'I Was Made For Dancing' Geeeeeeze life has been cruel, that's an Ad in itself not to do drugs or be an alcoholic!! (see below) 

 My Teen Heartthrob Leif
Leif Garret Now (Holy F**k!!) How Sad!

How I'd Like To Remember Leif Garret

But the other 5 celeb substance abusers I have no Idea about!? I've never heard of Jason Davis, who is apparently a Billionaire (No idea what from?) Frankie Lions is somebody's mum (No idea to who?) Not a clue who Jeremy London is? Nor Jason Whaler or Rachel Ochitel?? I guess they are just American Celebs not world wide. I had a plain Oat So Simple & a coffee as I was peckish, then after writing some more of my blog cashed for the night (Calories consumed 1,467)

Saturday 13th August, I had a very tough night tossing & turning, trying to sleep with difficulty due to extreme pain & discomfort in my neck & shoulders, so it was no surprise when torrential rain lashed at my window at 4am (As that always heightens my pain!) When I did fall asleep I had one of my odd dreams, I was in a large house at night, that seemed to be my parents, or a relatives. I was there for what seemed was a big family event, I am not sure but I think my brother Bill was getting married. But if so, I'm not sure who to, as I never saw the bride, I seemed to be in a relationship, but I don't know who with as I didn't seem to see them either. My mum was there and alive, she looked in her late 40's 50's but I don't recall my dad. I was dressed up, and had a few drinks downstairs, I was with Francis Boulle (From Made In Chelsea) & another chap, cant recall who & we were having a laugh & a chat. 

Francis Boulle

At some point, Francis head ended up on my chest with his nose down my cleavage (I don't know why?) & we were laughing about it, but in the back of my mind I thought 'If my partner comes in & see's this he will get the wrong idea & things could kick off'!!' I wandered around looking for my brother & partner but had no luck, eventually I found my brother resting in bed, my mum said she needed some food item from the supermarket & went out to get it, but once at the shops I realised I had no money on me, so I headed back to the house. 

Jennie Eclair

But having never been there before, I got lost amid a culdesac of similar looking houses & realised I had also left my mobile behind so couldn't call mum for directions. Luckily comedian Jennie Eclair showed up (WTF?) and gave me directions back to mums. I got in and began to look for mum, I walked in one room with a lot of people sat on the floor with a huge mountain of unwrapped  Cadbury Flakes, in the center of the floor. I took one and ate it as I looked for mum, I looked down from the upstairs, hall landing balcony, down to the expansive downstairs hall below & saw about 5 or 6 bags & boxes of items, couldn't tell if it was guests luggage or stuff for the wedding/party preparations? 

I looked at the house and thought 'This is quite a old house I wonder if it's haunted?' At which point one of the smaller packages lifted from the ground into the air & back down again (Like a corner of a duvet did in my haunted flat in Bounds Green) 'Ah OK so it is!' I thought, then decided as it was obviously telepathic, to test it. I thought 'Bring me the package!' The item lifted and floated to me on the balcony, I took it and put it on the floor next to me & then thought 'Another one' & again a big bag of things floated to me. At that point mum appeared on the landing, knowing that mum had, had ghost experiences too, I said 'Mum watch this!!' This time the biggest box of stuff lifted up and began to float towards us but it proved to heavy & wavered mid way, and fell back to the ground..... at which point I woke!.....

I really do have weird shit dreams! I woke at 9am & made porridge with cinnamon & a coffee for breakfast then sorted out the back room and dusted the lounge & bedrooms. Popped to the shop to get Diet Cokes & a Sun paper. I chilled with a Diet Coke & the paper, the front cover is the Polish woman who jumped for her life from her flat window in Croydon as it burnt to the ground due to scum of the earth rioters. The headline was 'England is Sick, Pole Monika tells of riot blaze hell' 

FFS!!! Cheryl & Ashley Cole are planning a 'Clear the air dinner' for their family's, hoping their family's will give them their blessing to be back together..... If they do or don't who F**king cares? I am bored shitless by these two's on off relationship!! I wish they would f**k off to some private island, with no phones, or access for the press for 10yrs! If the silly cow go's back to him, she deserves all she gets & what she will get, is the same life as Ryan Giggs wife, she's welcome to it, the mug!! 

Sponger Moira, Should Get Her Teens To Paint That Wall
Sure She Can Afford The Paint, Out Of Her £600 A Week

A sponging 34yr mum, of 10 kids aged 1-17yrs (Made with 4 different fathers) is seeking charity aid, to give her kids the lifestyle 'They Deserve' despite receiving £30,000 a year in benefits the cheeky cow! F**k right off!!! That's actually double what many working people earn in a year! Jobless Moira Pearce's £600 a week income includes: child benefit, child tax credit & income support as well as her housing costs. It's this kind of scum that feel entitlement for stuff for nothing, that have been rioting this week! What her kids 'Deserve' is....... A role model mum, who keeps both her legs together, more often, plus uses birth control & only has the number of kids she can afford, from a working wage!!

Another tale of an arsehole out of touch judge, comes in the form of soft twat, Justice Mitting. Who obscenely freed on bail an Algerian al-Qaeda Chief, because he claimed in court he has had a change of heart on terrorism (F**k me you have to be bloody pulling my leg, all of them will start pleading that bullshit next!!!) MI5 said this man had links to Osama Bin Laden FFS!! He also had a senior role in an Afghan terror training camp! Britain want's to deport him to Algeria where he could be jailed, he is appealing against that to the supreme court over that, whats the betting he will vanish while on bail!!? This makes me very, VERY Angry (But I won't be rioting!!)

I did a bit more housework then it was time for lunch, I had two wholemeal pitta breads with sliced cucumber, tomatoes & tinned tuna. Which was very tasty, washed down with a Diet Coke. Bugger all on TV tonight except for 'John Bishops Britain' now that Camelot finished last week (Sob!!!) So I did a load of Job & audition searches online & applied for loads. Chatted a bit on Twitter & Facebook & then at 7.30pm I fixed the Tony Ferguson diet Tomato soup for dinner, with a pitta bread to dip, plus an apple! 

F**K me that stuff is vile, smells terrible, looks terrible & by god does it taste terrible!! If you are thinking of buying some people take my advice DON'T!!! It has the taste & texture of wallpaper paste (In fact I think wallpaper paste would be tastier!) You would be better off having a tasty tomato & basil Cup-a-Soup at 104 calories than Tony Ferguson's vile tasting tomato soup at 203, as it's tastier & 99cals less!! In fact you could have 2 Cup-a-Soups which would be more filling than the Tony Ferguson one & only be having 5 more cals! Less if you opted for the tomato Slim-a-Soup option!! I hope to god the Vegetable one is better!!

Tony Ferguson's Weight Loss Soups, Available In Boots
I Don't Recommend!! YUCK!!

I watched 'John Bishops Britain' while enjoying a glass of Argentine Red wine (The last bottle from the bottle of 6 I got from my bank on my birthday 2 months ago) My friend Ian Mann was on it quite a bit and after John Bishop opened the show & also did his Karaoke bit of singing Chocolate Salty Balls (By Chef From South Park) Then had an early night around midnight (Calories consumed 1,513)

Sunday 14th August, I woke in a lot of pain after a restless night at 10am, I'd been dreaming I had been working on some research work of some sort, I think it was to do with relationships & marriage but I'm not 100% sure. I think I had an Ex with me helping, not 100% sure but think it might of been Angelo. I think in my dream I was inventing a kind of stretching contraption to help my neck & back too. When I woke I laid in my bed for a while, doing stretching exercises on my back & neck & arms, hearing constant crunching and grinding in my neck, back & arms. Not good!!

I had a wash & got on the scales I have lost three quarters of a pound since Thursday. I made a coffee & hung up some laundry & put another load in. Not going to bother buying a Sunday paper today they are a waste of money, as there is bugger all news in them it's mostly Ads & reviews on films, shows, holidays etc which is of no interest to me! Had some porridge & a coffee for breakfast & spent the afternoon sorting out paperwork, throwing out old newspapers & magazines etc then had a tuna salad pitta for lunch followed by a flake for dessert, washed down with a glass of Vistaflor Argentine Marbec Sangiovese red wine. 

My Nights Tipple On Right

Sorted out more stuff to eBay, need to get bathroom sink taps, cooker switches & security light sorted by landlord. I put on fresh bed linen in the bedroom then chilled on Facebook playing a few games of Scrabble etc chatted to a few friends on there & Twitter then as there was bugger all on watched 'Celebrity Rehab' then braved the Tony Ferguson Vegetable soup.  

OMFG!!!! It was even worse than the tomato one (If that's possible) utterly revolting!! Made me want to dry heave!!! So I threw it away & had a Cream of  Veg Cup-a-Soup instead 134cals to Tony Ferguson's 205cals if I'd had the Golden Vegetable version, it would of been 81Cals (Tony Ferguson & Boots can go stick his vile soups Yuck) Had another glass of red wine to get the 1st soup taste out of my mouth before having the Cup-a-Soup version. Chilled with my Marilyn Monroe book until 1.30am then went to bed (Calories consumed 1,318)