Saturday, 25 June 2011

Auditions, Agency's & Birthdays

Monday 13th June, I didn't fall asleep until after 4am, due to agonizing neck pains, that no amount of pain killers seemed to stem, the pain continued into my shoulders & arms down into my hands, like a gnawing toothache, except it not being in my tooth, of course! It's draining me & making me down, depressed & grumpy!! Which I hate, as that's just not me! I woke at 8.30am & and took some Nurofen, as my neck was so bad I could cry!! I got up at 9.45am when the pain had finally lessened some. I made some porridge for breakfast & did a bit of washing up from last night as my neck/shoulders/arms were too painful to do it last night. Then I popped to the shop for some Diet Cokes & a Sun paper. I asked Charlie after his wife Cagla, as it is her birthday today. 

I read the paper, a 49yr black dad doing a 2nd weekend job to feed his kids, was mowed down and killed by white trash driving his own transit van that they stole!! Bastards!! Charles Bunyasi was thrown to the ground as he tried to open the passenger door of his van that was being stolen! then the back wheels drove over him. A witness said he was groaning in pain & making awful gurgling, choking noises! He died in hospital from catastrophic head injury's. The victim was delivering wine to a house when the thieves struck, he/they were in a blue van & jumped into the white van as Charles walked to the house leaving the keys in the ignition.

Giggs Wars

Fuming Rhodri Giggs, is insisting his man whore brother Ryan Giggs has a face to face show down & looks him in the eye tell the truth about his affair wife Natasha & the report that she aborted Ryan's baby shortly before marrying Rhodri in Vegas. (Classy) It also looks like he might be taking Ryan's hush money offer too (Classy again) After Rhodri had a night out in 'Circle' Manchester, Saturday. A clubber said "I can't believe your brother did that!" and Rhodri said "I know" adding "At least he is going to pay me!!" (Rhodri is obviously as cheap & lacking in self respect as most wannabe WAGS!!)

Pippa Middleton has dumped her boyfriend Alex & has been seen with her ex George, that will get the gossips going re those who want Pippa to end up with prince Harry. Meanwhile there are pic's of Mike Tindall's boozy stag do before marrying my (supposed) lookalike Zara Phillips in 7 weeks. 

 Zara Phillips

Double shotgun murder suspect David Oaks was left suffering a life-threatening infection in hospital, due to him ripping a breathing tube from his throat, in an attempted suicide. (Good, shame he failed!) That was his 2nd suicide attempt & a nurse had to restrain him, shame he'd not been left alone! His family have been warned he may still die though (Good!!!) Talking of dying scum the papers have been very quiet re the Crossbow Cannibal who went on hunger strike, surely he must be dead by now??

 Is He Dead Yet??

The 1st bit of sense for ages from the justice system saying prisoners should be made to work in jail (I thought they did!! when did that stop!??) with part (I say 90%) of wages going to their victims (The rest should go towards there cost to tax payers to keep them! After all we have to pay to stay in a hotel & prisons these days are like cushy hotels) They say in cell TVs should also depend on lags taking work (Not tough enough, they should pay a monthly rent for the TV out of wages, or have no TV) I don't like the idea of the work being done outside of the prison though, they should set up workshops where they are supervised for an outside firm, rather than working in actual company's among decent folk. Prisons should be like they were back in the day, like the stark cells of the 70's/80's sitcom Porridge!! To make the prisoners go strait due to dread of going back!!

How Prison Should Be

I called my banks fraud dept, about a company that had taken £37.50 out of my account that they had no entitlement to, my bank are sorting it & said they were going to send me 6 bottles of wine to thank me for my diligence, that will be handy for my birthday!! I went for a walk round the park, to get some exercise & try to distract myself from the pain (It didn't work!!) 

I then went to a DHSS appointment I'd made, to talk about help getting a job & asked about getting a merchandising/buyers placement. I'm going back Thursday to get help with that. Then I went home took more pain killers & lay down feeling awful!! It was hours before the pain subsided & I was getting very hungry, eventually when the pain had lessened enough I made 2 sandwiches one with cheese & salad & the other with sliced Quorn & salad, plus a bag of Wotsits, washed down with a Diet Coke.

I watched 'Home & Away' feeling shite, I'm sure it's worse when it's overcast or raining!!  I joined Casting-call-pro & uploaded some of my Acting CV & noticed Caggie Dunlop from 'Made In Chelsea' was on there, hmm wonder if she got the part through Casting Call Pro? Later I watched the soaps, then I had a grilled Quorn steak with fresh salad for dinner, with some chilli crisps on the side. Then I watched some TV. Glee & Made in Chelsea, I love Diamond Dealer Francis Boulle (Below) he cracks me up with his one liners & put down looks at people. 

Francis Boulle 

Then The Graham Norton Show while enjoying a Decaf coffee to wash more painkillers down, before settling down to sleep, if I can tonight for a change!! (Calories consumed 1,488)

Tuesday 14th June, Despite going to bed early & very tired, I fell asleep around 5am & had an odd dream, where I had a chance encounter with a tall, handsome, blonde, guy, of about 30yrs, in or at a lift & we ended up in a happy relationship. At some point I ended up in a film & I was in a pool scene with other women of varying ages. We were all topless & our boobs  bobbed on the top of the pools water, as we were larking around in the water, I recall thinking to myself  'Should I really be doing this at my age? I'm past it!!'  

Just then I was woken at 9.30pm by a call from Mike to say he will met me for my pre Birthday lunch tomorrow. I had a wash & changed into 3/4 gym trousers white TrimTone Reebok's & my light gray vest with diamanté trim. Made myself a breakfast of porridge then popped to the shop for a paper. I have had a rash come up on my face overnight, I don't know why (Oh deep joy!!...........NOT!!)

I came back indoors & read the paper, a sick in the head extra, in Brookside, hid her dead 95yr mum in her house with her & her daughter, for 6 months to pocket £200 in her benefits. That just turns my stomach, the thought of my mum rotting in her grave eats away at me every day, but the thought of her rotting away in the next room, would of driven me totally mental. 

It must of stank & the room must of been full of flies & maggots (makes you want to retch!!) A family friend said "Olive was such a kindly old lady, it sends my blood cold to think of her lying there! I asked after her health several times, but Hazel said she wasn't up to coming out & had gone a bit loopy! I didn't notice a smell but the people next door did!" Worried friends who had not seen her for ages raised the alarm, her daughter Hazel, has been an extra in Brookside, Hollyoaks & The Outsiders, describing herself on a website as "An established, experienced, versatile performer, an actor, model & singer".

 Randy Rhodri

Giggs brother Rhodri sent sex text pics of himself to a girl of 18yrs (What is it with footballers/ex footballers that they love to text girls pics of themselves in the buff, or in underwear??) Well it didn't take him long to get over his wife's betrayal with his brother! Meanwhile I discovered the bachelor on the UK version of  'The Bachelor'  is Gavin Henson. I'd been sent an application form, for the show by the producers, but I have felt so rough & in so much pain lately, I decided not to apply. Looking at promo pictures some of the girls have the manic look of a stalker in their eyes!!

 Some Of These Girls Look A Bit Crazy Stalker
There is a picture of Kim Kardashian in gym gear where her arse looks HUGE & not in a good way! It's never seemed that big in beach bikini pics before!!? Unless it's airbrushed smaller in those? Talking of beaches & the sea, the deadliest of all sharks the Oceanic Whitetip has been seen off the coast of Cornwall in the South of UK. The 7ft shark had even rammed a boat just off of beaches in St Ives. The shark has been previously unknown in UK waters.

 Kim's Mega Butt

I went out for a hour power walk round the park, it was warmer today & my neck was slightly less painful thankfully!! I came home & did a load of job searches. Then had a cheese roll with some Twiglets & a Diet Coke for lunch, with a Berry Berry Solero for dessert, while watching 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' I did the washing up & some laundry. Then watched 'Four In A Bed' & 'Come dine With Me' very amusing. Then I watched 'Home & Away ' before doing a load of on-line job applications & Applying for a few auditions while downing Diet Caffeine Free Coke & a caramel Aero. 

 Caramel Aero, Dangerously Moorish

I watched EastEnders, all doom & gloom as usual, then made a massive fresh salad with chopped cucumber, peppers, celery, tomato, Quorn & prawns, for my dinner. I watched 'Smallville' (The Green Arrow & Clarke are hot!!) Then it was a night of CSI & pain killers having an early night going to bed at midnight (Calories Consumed 1,518)

Wednesday 15th June, I was still awake at 5am I'm in so much pain lately it's hard to sleep. I eventually fell asleep some time between 6-7am & after a restless sleep & was woken at 9.26am by a text from my sister saying ....... 'Finally my beautiful granddaughter Frankie arrived at 10.31 last night 8lb 12oz. All doing well & I'm over the moon ;-) x'  I text back my congratulations & will congratulate Chris on Facebook later.

 New Arrival Frankie Ahhhh

I was in a lot of pain, so downed a load of painkillers, from the bed side draw & waited for them to kick in. I had a grapefruit for breakfast with a Diet Coke, washed & changed into dark jeggings, black vest top & TrimSoles, then popped to the shop for a paper. 

I got in & read the paper, the front cover was how Ryan Giggs brother Rhodri cheated on his wife Natasha with a girl called Danielle while she was cheating on him with Ryan (They're all as bad as each other) No wonder he moved on so quickly to sending nude snaps to 18yr old girls, the Giggs brothers are both a bunch of ugly, cheating, footballer, saddo's! No wonder he was quick to take his brothers cash, to keep out of the limelight, afraid no doubt about his own skeletons being exposed in the press!!

Oh Brother!!

A pathetic juror Joanne Frail, committed contempt of court, by being caught, chatting to a defendant of a court case, that she was Juror on, on Facebook, on the woman's Facebook wall too!! The stupid bitch wasn't even smart enough to use her inbox!! 

Five bullies murdered a poor 27yr disabled woman with severe learning difficulties & left her naked body on a disused railway line. The poor love was beaten, stabbed & suffocated with a plastic bag, what kind of vermin could do something to such a vulnerable innocent, who wouldn't of done the scum any harm. Chantelle Booth 22, Daniel Newstead 20, Duncan Edwards 18, Jessica Lynas 18 & Joe Boyer 19 deny the charges. Meanwhile Clark talks of halving sentences for criminals who confess (Fuck right off!! Double the sentences for scum that don't confess & are found guilty of crimes such as this mob!!!)

A gang of 9 Asian men are on trial for the abuse of 7 white female teens (Including a 13yr old) who they sold for sex, after wooing them with gifts. The naive girls were charmed by gifts, and thought the men were their boyfriends, these loving boyfriends then passed the girls round like sweets, to their friends to have sex with!! One was raped by five men!! Bastards hope they are battered to F**k by other inmates!!

Jasmine Maddock

The woman who left her Gran to rot to claim her benefits, Jasmine Maddock 36, is a successful modern artist, with more than 30 exhibitions to her name. She & her Brookside Extra mum Hazel 65 face jail over not reporting Olive Maddock's death! (Good!!) Meanwhile abroad a registered sex offender died from a heart attack while raping a terrified pensioner at knife point. They think it was caused by the bastards 2mile cycling trip to his victims home in Corpus Christie, Texas, USA, the scum was on parole for sexual assault & indecency with a child in 1986.

There is a nude pic of Steps Claire Richards (above) after she has piled on 2st & gone up 3 dress sizes in 3 months Wow she must of really been stuffing her face. I thought me gaining 2.5st in the 2yrs since mum died was bad!! She must of been troughing cakes & take-away's down like a gooden!!

Birthday Lunch With Mike

Talking of troughing it down, I set off & met Mike for my Birthday lunch at 12.30pm. I had the garlic & tomato brochette for a starter which was cold, I wondered if it was meant to be? It felt like it should be warm like garlic bread. For my main I had a Haloumi wrap washed down with a Vodka Slimline, we chatted about his flats he is renting out & him wanting to come to Ascot with me & the gang, for my birthday next year, as he is moving to Holland with his partner Linda & son Liam in August, and has a list of things he wants to do before leaving England. I also told Mike I was a Great Aunt again, I'd messaged my nephew Chris, on Facebook,  congratulating him on his baby daughter, before I'd left to meet Mike. We left the restaurant at 1.30pm & went our separate ways & the sun came out, for a change.

So I went for a two hour power walk round the park & got home hot & sweaty. So I changed into my medium blue jeggings & white smock top & then I checked my eBay. I had sold 7 vintage clothing items, £96 worth. Which was good news as I have debts to pay. I had some prawn crisps & a Diet Coke while doing a bunch of job applications on line! Then watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' 'Four In A Bed' 'Come Dine With Me' & 'Home & Away' then I made a salad sandwich for dinner with chilli crisps, washed down with a Diet Coke & a caramel Aero for dessert. I did the washing up & then watched a double bill of 'CSI' then 'The Apprentice' I downed a load more painkillers, as my neck & shoulder pain was becoming unbearable!!! My Niece Teresa inboxed me on Facebook, asking if there was any results from my X-rays? I said 'Not yet I wish they'd hurry up!!' 

Whiplash, I Have Had This x 7

I watched 'Desperate Housewives' then went to bed feeling sick with pain, I'm meant to be taped talking about The Beckham's for Knickerbockerglory at 2.30pm tomorrow in London, but somehow I don't think I'm going to be up to it!! (Calories consumed 1,488)

Thursday 16th June, Despite the early night, pain meant that I fell asleep around 4.30am & I dreamt I was in the offices of a fashion house, that I knew was well known. As I could see their bottles of perfumes etc. displayed in cabinets but in my dream, I recognized them, but I couldn't place their name. I started talking to someone, as it seemed I was being interviewed for a job, but they wandered off & I was left hanging around for hours. Then someone set me to do a task & confused I said I was waiting to be interviewed. The person said the interview was over ages ago & I'd been hired!!.....

I woke at 7.30am to the sound of the pouring rain, my neck in a lot of  pain, I'm sure the damp weather makes whatever is wrong with my neck worse I feel sick with pain! I had a wash & dressed the same as yesterday & scraped back hair, had some porridge for breakfast & popped to the shop to get painkillers, a Sun paper & Diet Coke. I went there make-up free, as I still have a rash on my face (Attractive!!) which I want to clear up & I can't be arsed to do my make-up when I'm in so much pain. When I got back I had 3 bits of mail. Two birthday cards, one from my brother Bill and family, and a funny one from Nat & Terry,  plus a letter from my doctor, a copy of one he has sent to the Pain Clinic (Which I have an appointment at on July 15th) it says ....

Dear Paul,

Further to my referral of this lady. She has had a cervical spine x-ray suggesting spodyloarthic changes & multilevel discopathy (copy of report enclosed)

I suspect you will have this available to you in the clinic but I am sending it on just in case, particularly as there is a recommendation that she might need a cervical spine MRI examination.

Many thanks in anticipation of your further care & advice regarding this lady

With kind regards Jonathan

So just as well I INSISTED on a X-ray! Now at least there is at last some evidence of what is going on, so there can be steps made to sort it!! Just as well I went for a 2nd opinion too & I didn't just go with Dr GLP Goddesses diagnosis, of Hypochondria! Which it now seems is a misdiagnoses! Surprise Surprise!! I looked up the symptoms online, the 1st spodyloarthic changes can cause curvature of the spine, the 2nd multilevel discopathy is pretty self explanatory, multiple unaligned discs! I guess after the MRI scan I will be told what can/will be done to fix/help!

I had a coffee to wash the painkillers down with. Simon Cole text me at 10.45am saying "Hey are you going to the Big Brother auditions this Saturday? X"  I couldn't text back as I had no credit, I'm guessing he might be going for it this year, he should have an advantage, being an ex Hollyoaks actor. I messaged him back on Facebook saying I was giving it a miss this year, then chilled with the paper while the painkillers kicked in.

 Simon Cole

Ian called me after he finished his 1st audition, of two today, saying that Caroline from Big Brother 1 was the person who interviewed him for the agency he'd just auditioned for. He said Simon was going to audition for Big Brother Saturday. I said he'd text me earlier, to see if I was auditioning, and I guessed he probably might be. Ian said he was auditioning for BB too but on Sunday. I said I would not be bothering this year, due to pain & want to get things sorted. He said he'd come down to St Albans to see me for my Birthday Monday, so I hope its a nice day, so he gets to see St Albans at it's best! I had a cheese & onion roll, with prawn crisps for lunch, washed down with a Diet Coke. 

 Big Brother 1 - Caroline

I read the paper, the front page has the news that Prince Harry is cleared to fight the Taliban in an Apache Chopper, brave boy, that now makes him more of a walking target for the Terrorist scum on our soil & abroad! Plus Frank Lampard is marrying Christine Bleakley. Who cares?? My girlfriends & I just don't get what any men see in her? She is boring, with a droning voice, not an ounce of personality, a man's physique & Red Rums teeth!! He proposed while they were on holiday in LA. Meanwhile Rhodri Giggs estranged wife said her two timing husband is as bad as her & a hypocrite for playing the victim!

 Christine Bleakley - We Girls Just Don't Get it??
Christine's Man-Body

I had to put the paper down & go back to bed, the pain was so bad, after 1st emailing Knickerbockerglory, that I was too ill to attend this afternoon, typing with difficulty, as the pain was traveling down my arms into my hands too!! I took more painkillers, but the pain was just so bad, that they had no effect! I lay in bed for hours, drained of energy & being physically sick from the pain. 

I could do without this, I wanted to get my maisonette sorted & tidied etc for when Candy, Nat & Ian are over. I lay in bed with a sick bowl beside me until 6.30pm. Then still feeling awful I watched 'Home & Away' I had a Prawn Tikka Masala for dinner, with a Berry Berry Solero for dessert, as being sick had left me empty & hungry. Just as well there is nothing special on TV tonight as I feel just too rough to concentrate! 

I watched 'EastEnders' 'Help My House Is Falling Down' then 'Peter Andre The Next Chapter' Junior is such a cute kid! Followed by Mock The Week' by 10.30pm I had to go back to bed with a shed load of painkillers, as I was crying with pain! I even tried my heat pack on my neck, but it was no help, the pain was so bad, I thought I was going to throw up a few more times!! (Calories consumed 1,745)

Neck Heat Pack

Friday 17th June, I eventually fell asleep around 5am despite going to bed at 10.30pm I know I dreamt, but all I can recall was being with a group of 10-15 women, we were all wearing leopard & tiger skin print outfits & were about to do something, not sure if it was on a stage in front of a live audience, or on TV though? Then the only other thing I recall is having a flirty chat with a tall guy with dark hair who looked like a slim Arg from TOWIE. I woke at 9am pain level still not good & dressed same as yesterday. I had some porridge & popped to the shop for a Sun paper. I read the paper, the front cover is about the shocking rise of 10yr boys with Bulimia due to being bullied at school about their weight. Kids can be so evil!

 Ken Must Go!!!!!

Also Ken Clark has lost the plot, halving jail sentences for paedo's who confess early & so save money on a trial!!! He will single-handedly lose the Conservative Party the vote come the next election if they don't get rid of the softly, softly, buffoon sharpish!!! Meanwhile the stupid bitch juror who contacted a defendant on Facebook has been sent to jail for 8months for contempt of court, good stupid cow!! A bloody traffic warden parked his CCTV car illegally on a double yellow lines to pop into Salisbury's in Mayfair to do a bit of shopping (bloody double standards!!) A chauffeur who saw him, filmed him do it & in the shop & come back to his car & now Westminster City Council have the footage, they say appropriate action will be taken, hopefully that action is a P45!! 

Also there was a bit on a punch up at Royal Ascot, by 8 suited louts (I bet it was in the Silver Circle which is so much more down market than it use to be now, since the refurbishment, making it very them & us!!) Apparently it was near the Grandstand I'm guessing, just behind the silver circle fence. Apparently the row was sparked by a blonde girl in her 20's who was laughing with her girl pals when the fight broke out saying "Oh are they fighting over me??" Meanwhile The Suns fashion writer (Below) was wearing a super-injunction hat at Ascot (nice one!)

The BBC are going to be forced to apologize over 'Faked' footage on a Panorama Program 'Primark On The Rack' which doesn't surprise me. The BBC tend to have a political agenda & shape their programs & news reports, to suit their agenda, that's why I rarely watch the BBC (Which makes it a cheek that they are the only reason we pay a TV licence!) The program had investigated whether Primark could make cheap clothes, without breaking ethical guidelines, on child labour?  It included footage of 3 boys testing stitching in a slum workshop, in Bangalore, India. But last night the BBC Trust said a probe showed it was more likely to have been faked! A on screen apology will be aired before or after a future Panorama show.

Maybe now, the St Albans, Abbey Society, will allow the much wanted by locals, Primark to open, in St Albans. As they stopped it part way through being fitted, years ago, due to their disgust at the Panorama accusations. We need a Primark in St Albans, not just for affordable clothing etc. But to increase local jobs, as my end of the High St, is mostly, closed down shops.

I had a cheese & onion sandwich with chilli crisps, washed down with a diet coke for lunch & took some more pain killers!! I am in too much pain, to do the housework, that I wanted to do, so I sorted some paperwork & did some laundry. Then I watched 'Four In A Bed' & 'Come Dine With Me' followed by 'Home & Away' Then I popped to Subway, as I felt too rough to cook. I got a Tuna 6" Sub & some Doritos for dinner, I promised Jennie I'd go round at 8pm so I was relieved, when the pain finally started to decrease around 7pm. Ian called & said he'd be over Monday afternoon/evening for my Birthday, after he'd been to an audition, which will be nice, Candie & Nat in the morning & Ian in the evening, lucky me.

I got to Jennies at 8pm, told her I'd got my X-ray results, she said her knee was playing up again & she thinks she will have to have a knee op like her husband Edgar. I said my knees had been playing up, especially the left one! I said mine had got worse again, since I put on weight after mum died, she said "I'd never thought about it, but mines been hurting since I have put on weight too!!"  Bloody hell we are all falling apart!! Mum was right, it is all down hill after 40!! We watched Grease with her two daughters, the girls were a bit naughty tonight & were trying to avoid bed at all costs! Lara suddenly rammed her hand down the back of my jeggings, when I lent forward to get something, messing around. I think she meant to wedgie, me but she shredded the back of my knickers instead, unfortunately!... 

Once the kids were in bed it was time for Ch4 +1 and a night of 'Come Dine With Me' '8 Out Of 10 Cats' 'The King Of' & 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' while munching on pretzels, with me eventually getting home around midnight. Once home I crashed out (Calories consumed 1,485)

Saturday 18th June, I know I dreamt, but all I can recall of it is a tape worm crawling through my mouth & down my neck (Yuck!!.... Can my dreams are getting weirder!!?) 

I woke at 9am it's not quite so gloomy out today, and although still there, the pain in my neck is not quite as bad! Hurrah!! I made 2 slices of toast with Marmite & a coffee for breakfast. Then wore my 3/4 grey, red & white gym trousers & my white scoop necked, long sleeved, Petite Bateau T-shirt. I'm going to get stuck into the housework today, in readiness for my Birthday, for when Candie, Nat & Ian will be over, as it looks a state. As I have been in too much pain to do much over the last 2 weeks. So 1st I got stuck in the back room, putting away dry laundry, in wardrobes & cupboards, then ironing the items that need it & putting them away too! Then I had a lunch break, to catch up on the news in the paper & refuel. I had some fresh pea soup for lunch with a large veggie sausage roll.

I read the paper, the headlines about another obscene court decision, where a piece of shit junkie Rohan Bingham, has been jailed for just 150 days. After doing a hit & run on student, Care Carva 23, leaving her for dead, so he could rush off to buy some crack cocaine & she is now paralysed & struggles to communicate, due to head injury's all thanks to him! Bingham got the paltry maximum sentence for careless driving & time off for the guilty plea!!! (There should be higher sentences, that you can add on, to original sentences, for those that flee the scene of an accident!!)

Ken Clark has made a U-turn on halving jail sentences for paedo's who admit guilt (I should bloody think so too!!) More proof the law has gone mad is a shopkeeper who was hauled into court, after he caught a teen thief who stole a bunch of grapes & then drove him to his parents to tell them what he'd done, so they could tell him off. Yet he was taken to court when CPS ruled it was in the public interest to prosecute him!!! BULLSHIT!!! Shopkeeper Owais 26 was raided at his home at 4am & accused of false imprisonment - sparking a 10 month legal nightmare for him. One can only assume the lads feckless parents reported him, rather than reprimand their son, no doubt due to being, low life, thieving scum themselves & no doubt hoping for a compensation hand out, to boot!! The scum teen already had 2 criminal convictions & two warnings.

Saudi women have got behind the wheels of cars in Saudi to flout the religious male-only driving laws (Good for them!! Bloody ridiculous law!!) Several women were spotted (some unveiled) on the roads of the Capital Riyadh. But cops turned a blind eye, even one some pulled in front of their patrol cars & there were no arrests. The protest was sparked when female Manal al-Sherif 32, got 10 days detention, for putting a video on the Internet, showing herself driving. She was released, reportedly after signing a pledge not to speak publicly about it, or do it again! Islamic religious leaders in Saudi argue that, banning women driving "Protects against the spread of vice & temptation" How bloody ridiculous, that would have no affect whatsoever, how on earth do they think women's minds work?? 

A al-Qaeda warlord behind the target hit list of Eaton, The Ritz & the Dorchester etc had links to a suspected UK Terror Cell, The London Boys. Somalian Fazul Abdul Mohammed  was shot dead at a roadblock in Mogadishu, when he reached for a gun. No doubt not wishing for his list to be discovered. The CIA are believed to be in possession of his phones & computers, that were in his car! (Good the more info on the murderers the better!!)

Kerry Katona has been dumped by Manager Claire Powell & CAN Associates this week. Due to Claire being fed-up with Kerry's wild ways (Will that idiot Kerry ever wise up??) The final straw coming after Kerry went on a 6hr booze bender, when she should have been at Amy Childs Birthday Bash. Kerry did have one more Next Chapter to make, but it looks like that's gone out the window. Kerry was being looked after by Claire, after Kerry had made a total mess of her life, and helped turn things around. 

Now people connected to the show, fear what will become of Kerry, without Claire to keep her on the straight & narrow. They are afraid she will go back to her old ways & they will have no show (Well they will if they consider, viewing someone slowly, destroying themselves, again, a show!!) No matter what you think of Claire, there is no denying Claire rescued her, and Kerry is an idiot not to stick to Claire's rules of behaviour. She is fucked now Claire paid for both the house Kerry her kids  & the one her sponging mums in ... so now they will all be homeless again!! IDIOT!! I wish I had Claire as my manager, even as an unknown, I'd be working my arse off & coining it in!!!

I got stuck back into dusting the bedroom & lounge, then hoovering both & the hall & stairs. I put a few more washes in the machine & hung items up to dry. Then sorted paperwork & old magazines out, from the draw under my bed. Then moved a few items around in the lounge & watered the plants. Then I parceled up the eBay items I'd sold that had been paid for to take to the Post Office Monday.

At 7pm I fixed myself some more fresh pea soup with two doorstops of freshly baked granary bread, then settled down to watch 'Odd One In' Gutted that the odd one in my line up pulled out putting me & the 2 guys in my line up out of a job!! Stupid bitch cost us £100 each!! I so would of been convincing as 'Britain's Arm-wrestling Champion' I so would of fooled Peter Andre & Jason Manford, but Jenny Eclair's partner Jack Whitehall, may of recognised me from when I worked with him on The Essex Spoof Tour. 

  Who Is The ONE Wearing A Wig?

Then I watched 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us' a so so show! Followed by the brilliant Camelot, Arthur's brother, sister, plus Guinevere & Leontes are very hot, yet Arthur is a bit of a weedy munter, Odd!!

 Arthur & Sister
 Arthur's Brother & Leontes

After that I sorted out the last of the paperwork & magazines, that were in my draw under my bed, while watching 'Braveheart' while enjoying a decaf coffee & a Cadburys Flake. Before retiring to bed at 1.30am (calories consumed 1,752) 

 They Can Take Our Lives!! But Not Our Painkillers!!!!

Sunday 19th June (Fathers Day) I woke at 9am to a sunnier morning than of late, but I was still in quite a lot of pain, maybe my neck, shoulder & arms, have been irritated by all of yesterdays housework, ouch!! Just as well there is only the bathroom & kitchen to do today!! Today is Fathers Day. I was born the Saturday before Fathers Day & was my fathers, Fathers Day present! I should be able to get to Mum & Dads grave this afternoon before it rains, once the bathroom & kitchen is sorted. 

I dressed the same as yesterday (Jeggings & white smock) & popped to the shop for a NOTW & some Diet Cokes. I had 2 slices of toast with Marmite for breakfast with a coffee. I took some pain killers & settled down with The News Of The World. The headlines are Cheryl Moves in with Ash, well she can now kiss her career goodbye, along with her self respect!! What an idiot, well if that's true she will never get any sympathy no matter what happens in the future!! I couldn't even be arsed to read the story, it's so pathetic!!

Cheryl & Ashley

Rhodri Giggs, has served his wife divorce papers, on their 1st wedding anniversary. But she is now thinking of counter-suing Rhodri, for his adultery. Meanwhile Ryan is locked away with his doormat wife, in a Mediterranean villa.

Shock figures show hundreds of rapists freed early from jail, have committed more sex attacks within months (Castrate the bastards after 2 strikes or multiple victims, I say!!) It's got so bad due to light sentences that 4 rapists are recalled to prison a week!! We need tougher sentences & tougher jails!!

Kerry Katona hit the self destruct button, while out in Marbella with Mel B's sister. A pal (One that talks about her behind her back, to the press) said "There is a monster in her, that leads her towards self destruction, and that monster seems to be back!" She fell out with CAN Associates, after hitting the town & then she failed to show up, for regular drug tests, demanded by CAN. That could endanger her OK magazine column & £1million in deals inc New Look clothing line, that CAN got her! She owes a small fortune in rent & private school bills, so god knows how she will make that money now, without CAN's support. Which she will have to pay back to CAN. What an idiot!!

She got clean, and was slowly clearing her bankruptcy, thanks to CAN & irresponsibly she threw it back in their face!! I expect it wont be long before her kids are taken off her. IDIOT! She Has killed her only chance of a career, killed off public sympathy, killed any chances of clawing back money, to get herself a home & any future jobs, plus risking any present jobs, & as well as those she has, soon being dead in the water. She could also end up dead herself, from either drink/drug abuse, or an accident caused by either!!

Kerry Katona - Dead Girl Dancing

The homeless toll is up 18% with 11,000 living rough. With middle class workers, ending up on the street, after losing their homes & jobs in the recession. More & more repossession victims were found sleeping rough. That doesn't surprise me, as 2 Years ago when I had a repossession order on my flat, the council told me, that despite being patiently on the housing list for 30yrs, they would not be able to do anything for me, If I was forced to be homeless..... Crisis charity said, that there was a disturbing increase in people on the streets, from good backgrounds, due to no fault of their own..... Meanwhile loser drug addicts are costing taxpayers £3.6Billion a year in treatments & benefits. 

I had a thin based, tomato, mozzarella & spinach pizza for lunch. Then I changed the bed linen, cleaned the bathroom floor, mirror & toilet, then dusted the shelves & then took more pain killers, as the pain was getting worse & before I could do the kitchen the sky's opened up! In too much pain to bare, I went to lie down as I felt so ill due to pain. 

Ian called me & said he'd spent to much, at his sisters, belated birthday drink up yesterday, so he wouldn't be able to come over Monday as he couldn't afford another night out! Plus he had to be up early for an audition Monday. I was gutted, but I understood as many a time I have been in that situation & If I'm convinced by my friends to stay/go-out, I get in a bigger financial mess, by trying not to let them down. It's a shame, as I would of been happy with just his company on my birthday, without going out. 

The pain got worse & I knew I'd not be up to dusting/cleaning the kitchen & mopping the kitchen floor. Plus with it bucketing it down outside. I wouldn't fancy the 45-50min walk each way to a soggy muddy graveyard, even if I was feeling well, so got up to take some more painkillers & went to bed for a lie down, hoping the rest & drugs would take effect as I didn't feel up to going to the graveyard at all, even if it was brilliant sunshine. I'm hoping I'm not like this for my birthday tomorrow!!

While I was recovering, in bed, my mobile went, it was Ian. He said he was going to come over to mine this evening, after he did his Big Brother audition (I did text Simon to see how his went last night but he didn't reply, don't know if that's a good or bad sign!!) and stay over & go to lunch with Candie, Nat & I before going home Sunday afternoon. That cheered me up, though I warned him the place was a bit of a tip (As I was not up to doing the kitchen tonight) At 8pm I got up and had a bath, plus washed my hair with difficulty, due to the pain in my neck, shoulders & arms, then dried it with even more difficulty. Warmed up some fresh tomato & lentil soup, which I had with a chunk of wholemeal bread. 

Then I put a bit of make-up on at 8.57pm Ian called, he said he was on the train & fancied a drink out before coming back to mine, so we arranged to meet in The Peahen & so I changed out of my housework gear, into my black halter neck (7yr Itch) style dress & red suede, peep toe, shoes & my metallic peacock earrings. Luckily the painkillers had finally kicked in a bit by then & it was now a warm quite bright evening. I got to the Peahen around 9.25pm & met Ian in the beer garden, where he'd got a bottle of Pinot, for us to share & I admired his Reem T-shirt. 

We chatted about his Big Brother audition. It seems despite being on Ch5 the audition process is the same as the past years auditions we've done. Except the stamp is a red 5star stamp & not a BB Eye one! Ian is very excited about meeting Candie tomorrow, as he has now met Nat before, and has always wanted to meet them both, as I'm always talking about them. Being a Sunday, the bars were quiet & closed at 10.30pm so we headed off back to mine at around 10.20pm. 

Ian said he had a bottle of white in his bag, but still wanted more & I said my local shop should be open, but it wasn't. I said "never mind, I have a bottle of Chateauneuf Du Pape sat at home, that's been there a year, waiting for a special occasion, which has never happened, so I can call my birthday a special occasion, as your here!" Shame my 6 wines from my bank haven't arrived yet!! We got in mine & I put the white wine in the fridge to cool & showed Ian round my maisonette. He said "Have you cleared up? I thought you said the place was a mess? It's immaculate!!" I said "I tidied up yesterday, but the kitchen is still a tip, I was going to do today but felt too rough!!"  I lit some candles in the lounge & turned off the lights to make it more cozy to watch the television.

Then we drank the white wine, while channel surfing, as there was not much on (That fact was borne out, by me ending up having a conversation with Ian, where I claimed Predator was more sexy than Alien, when coming across a repeat of Alien V Predator while channel surfing!!) Plus we had a few trips out to the courtyard, so that Ian could smoke his roll ups! Then we opened my Chateauneuf Du Pape, that I have had since June last year. I have to say it didn't taste as good as it usually does, not sure if its the year or the wine brand Boiserenard? Or maybe drinking white wine 1st (Ian's preferred wine) That may have spoiled the taste (A bit like drinking Coke after eating a mint or brushing your teeth) So I had a bit of bread & butter to clear my white wine pallet, but it didn't work, it still didn't taste brilliant, for a wine costing over £30. What a disappointment, I'd been so looking forward to drinking it.

We raised a glass to me at midnight, with Ian Singing "Happy Birthday" & then once the wine was finished, we blew out all the candles in the lounge & retired to my bed to crash out. After I set the alarm on my phone, as Candie & Nat would be arriving around 10-10.30am so that's it we are half way through the year and I'm another year older, so how well have I done with those New Years resolutions???

1) More SEX, I have been celibate for last 3yrs, due to Illness & no Boyfriend & enough is enough!!! (No sex this year so far Major #Fail)

2) A Job/More Acting Work (Yes the more acting work has happened #Result just the job still to work on)

3) Lose The 2st Gained due to depression/heartache over mums unexpected death. Back to my old routine of 3-4hrs in the gym a day. (Nope back in gym but not as much as I'd like due to bad neck/back pain, Massive #Fail)

4) Audition NEW Ken-Dolls for my Band, Evil Barbie & The Ken-Dolls & get it up and running & gigging!! (Nope another #Fail)

Oh well, there is 6 more months left (Calories consumed 1,866)