Sunday, 12 June 2011

Dog Tired Week, Is A Pain In The Neck

Monday 6th June, I fell asleep around 5am, despite being dog tired from midnight, if I dreamt I don't recall it! Got up at 9.30am & had a wash & did hair & make-up & had a coffee & a bowl of porridge with raisins for breakfast, dressed in my 3/4 khaki jersey lounge trousers, my slashed back cream top with tiger print on front, my white EasyTone Reebok trainers, then slipped on my white puffa jacket, plus my khaki hooded body warmer on top, and ventured into the pouring rain & popped to the shop & got a Sun Paper & bumped in to my neighbour Kristie who is married to my friend Simon, who invited me round for a coffee & a gossip!! Which was a nice escape from the rain (Must be due for Wimbledon) Made a fuss of her spaniel Bobbie who I take out with me for a walk when its nice some days, caught up with the local gossip then when the rain had let up I headed back home & parcelled up my two eBay sales to send off. 

Put my Jacket & body warmer back on & put the parcels in my gunmetal sequinned tote & headed back out in the torrential rain, to the Post Office (So much for flaming June!!) I sent the items off, did a bit of banking, to be able to pay my rent by cheque tomorrow. Then I had a hours power walk round the park, for a bit of exercise, despite the poor weather. That over I popped into Tesco to check out the reduced section. There was about five or 6 people standing there, trying to see the offers, but all unable to get a look in, due to a selfish white woman, in a Muslim headscarf, who had slid the door open & blocked the area, while on her mobile phone. She was telling someone over the phone, every single item on offer, in the 5 shelf cabinet, and how much each was priced at (Unfuckingbelievable) 

So I went home. I took out the Quorn & Tofu I'd been marinating & diced it & put on skewers & grilled on my Foreman Grill, and had with a spinach, watercress, cucumber, tomato & red pepper salad. Which was very tasty. Then I did a lot of paperwork I needed to catch up with & sorted out my banking & bills files.

Then I did a bunch of job & audition searches & applied for a bunch as per usual, then I stopped for a coffee break & a read of the paper. The Front cover is about Ryan Giggs 8yr affair with his brothers wife (Classy Dude) It seems if your a pig ugly man who wants lots of sex become a footballer. I don't know what they saw in him? He treated them like a piece of meat at best & didn't 'treat' them in the other sense of the word. It seems he was an ungenerous tight-wad, who didn't even buy a round in the pub! Guess he knows how to spot gold digger, WAG, wannabe & those with low self esteem, who are easy of virtue & also knows how to manipulate them too. Apparently Wayne's brother has dumped his wife after hearing the news (Now there's a surprise!!)

Idiot Ken Clarke will let criminals do half their sentences time if they plead guilty. Obscene when sentences are far to short as it is anyway, and insulting to the victims of that crime! Instead he should be doubling the sentences of those who plead not guilty & are proven guilty!! Bean-sprouts are the latest food item to be blamed for the E.coli break out in Germany that has killed 22 so far (It  reminds me a slight variation on the Alien, Sophia's, plot to wipe out humans & take over, in the TV show The Event) I wouldn't put this past a test run, of food contamination, by Terrorists!!

Evicting gypsies from illegal camps has cost the UK £7Million in the past 3 years, Leeds City Council alone spent £930,000 evicting travellers from 285 illegal sites. That's £930,000 out of taxes they don't pay, think about that when your wondering how thy afford such lavish weddings on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. 

Cheryl Cole has been given 24hrs to decide if she will accept a lifeline to return to US Xfactor (Who cares) Apparently she is letting Simon sweat, as a punishment for her sacking!! Zzzzzzzzzzz!! Wise up girl your no big talent, just a pretty face & good clothes horse (When somebody else is choosing the clothes) You are beginning to believe your own hype, it wasn't long ago you was a council state Chav, it is Simon & one of his talent shows that put you where you are now, on what scant talent you have. You should be jumping at the 2nd chance not biting the hand that feeds you!!

Go it alone without Simon, or with Will-i-am & you will soon will vanish from the public eye (which will be a nice break for us, after Cheryl Cole overload over the past few years, there is bugger all left we haven't seen about her, unless they shove a small camera up her, during her next smear test!!) She Snubs this 2nd chance ...... HUGE Mistake!! As a singer as part of group Girls Allowed she's fine but, as a Solo artist she is Nothing Special!!

Sack The Stylist!!

I did the washing up & hoovered the sitting room, the hall & my bedroom. Then watched 'Home & Away' one of the best soaps on TV, definitely the best on UK TV at the moment, then I had a coffee with a KitKat & went through a load of old files & receipts, throwing out everything over 5yrs old. Deleted pics taken for eBay on my camera. I went online to check my messages & saw my hater GLPGodess had spouted the usual bile on my 'May Day' Blog yesterday, amazing how brave you are, when under a synonym! It's amusing to see the passive aggressive taunts, made to make me bite & hopefully hurt/annoy me, but they're wasting their time, Haters are nothing but Motivators! 

I'd have more respect for them if they said it to my face, as I am well aware, that it's someone I know, although they have tried their very best to make it appear as if they are just some random, commentating blog reader. But they've failed, making numerous, tell tail slip up's. I even purposely wove a few things into my blog occasionally, knowing what buttons to push, and the response was always exactly as expected. My friends find GLPGodess posts absolutely hysterical, they're always looking forward to what their next diatribe of spite & bitterness (Under the poor guise, of constructive criticism) will be. So much so, that they get rather disappointed if  GLP hasn't been on ranting for a while. 

We even take bets on which 4, of the 6 recurring trigger buttons they will try to push, in an ongoing attempt to touch a nerve (they're normally in batches of 4) The most common at 1st was to keep calling me a woman in my 50's (When seeing as they know me, they know full well, I'm in my 40's) Wrongly thinking I'm that vain, to be bothered if a 'Stranger' though I was older than I am & hoping I'd bite & say I'm in my 40's so they could reply, 'Oh really, I don't mean to sound rude, But you look so much older!!'  So laughably predictable, anyway enough GLP talk, it will only boost GLP's already inflated, pious, ego!! 

I watched 'The Hotel Inspector', followed by the NEW, 'The Restaurant Inspector', followed in turn by 'Made in Chelsea' on E4 +1. Which was amusing, especially when Ollie, who has just recently come out as Bi said "I'm just tired of being bummed out all the time!!!" (Looks like he's going straight back into that closet then!?) I had a bath & went to bed at 12.30am, with the rain still lashing down outside & listened to my Paul McKenna 'I Can Make You Thin' CD then settled down to sleep. (Calories consumed 1,301)  

Tuesday 7th June, despite a early night I didn't fall asleep until after 5.30am, dreamt but it was all a blur on waking at 9.30am. My neck & shoulders were aching on waking, went to my bedside draw to get some of my prescription painkillers but I'd run out I called to get a doctors appointment but I can't get one until Wednesday, my knees & hips were painful too, Bloody Rheumatoid Arthritis, no escaping it, it's hereditary both mum & dad had it & I have had it since 8yrs, though not as bad as now. I guess I can't escape knee/hip replacements like them, in the future either, unless there are medical breakthrough's, whoopee can't wait!! .....NOT! 

I dressed the same as yesterday, made a coffee & porridge with raisin's for breakfast & popped out for my power walk, before it rained again. I go to try ease my hips & knees, as well as for the exercise taking Bobbie, Stanley & Betty with me for some company. I got a call from my friend Damon (The brother of my Ex Murray) to catch up for a chat, he said it was a shame the train fare was so ridiculous to Cheshunt/Theobalds Grove, we'd have to take a rain check until he has a car again, he'd really wanted to treat me to his local Turkish Restaurant for the weekend, which was sweet of him.

I got in at 2pm with the sky, grey black & the pain in my neck & shoulders increasing steadily, I had a fresh salad sandwich & a Diet Coke for lunch & read a bit of the paper, Front page is still on Giggs betrayal of his brother & wife, bet he wished he'd not of bothered with that super-injunction now!! The press are going to ride this one out, for as long as possible for trying to muzzle them over Imogen! Apparently Giggs has convinced his wife it's not true, either she is dumb or wants to ignore the truth.

Brilliant Eddie Kid 51 One of the greatest stunt riders in the world (Until a horrific crash left him brain damaged) finished the London Marathon last night 43days after starting, what a courageous man, he was told he would never walk again in 1996! I remember having posters of handsome Eddie, on my wall as a teen.

Cheryl Cole's Xfactor career is over, after the stupid girl turned down a 2nd chance at the American Xfactor. Well hopefully that means we won't be bored shitless, by her being in every magazine, newspaper available & on every news item, music channel as well as adverts, for a while then, that will be a nice break.... (Though somehow I doubt we will be that lucky) She may even totally vanish, if new manager Will-i-am continues with his poor advice/management style. At least with him she's with someone with matching poor fashion sense. Also someone who made that god awful song with her 'Three Words' I guess those 3 words are 'This Song's shite!!'

Meanwhile Bean-sprouts have been eliminated as the source of the German E.coli outbreak, only 100+ more vegetables to go what next??.... Talking of Dangerous vegetables some vile piece of scum, barely further up the evolutionary scale than a fungus, in Worcestershire has murdered 20 cats & 1 dog with anti-freeze poisoning them, leaving them to die in agony, in the space of a few weeks, the Evil C**t!! A bloody Serial Killer/Terrorist in the making hope they are caught by a cat owner & then they're made to drink their anti-freeze & then be left alone die a painful death!

But by 4pm I was in such agony with my neck & shoulders, that I felt physically sick with pain, causing me to retch, and I had to go lay down, fearing it might trigger a migraine! At 6.45pm Nat text me saying  'Hey lady, any plans 4 ur birthday?'  I replied 'Nope absolutely stony broke'  he replied 'Me & Candy r coming up 2 u for lunchy' I said that sounded like a plan, he added they had to leave around 2ish (No doubt for Candy to pick up the kids) and he said they'd be here around 10ish. It took until 7pm, 3hrs later, for the pain to finally subside enough, to go to the shop, to get strong fast-acting Nurofen Plus Capsules. I took 4 (double the dosage) as the pain was less, but still unbearable!! Then I laid down some more, until I felt a bit better (Not just a pain in the neck, but a real pain in the ass) as I had planned to get lots done round the flat today, but the pain has prevented me. 

I got up later at 8.50pm after the pain had subsided a bit more, as I was hungry. So I made a salad with some tinned tuna, as fish oils are meant to be good for joints & bones, with chopped celery, peppers, cucumber, tomato & watercress. Then I lay on the bed & watched 'CSI, CSI Miami' double bill & 'CSI' taking another 3 Nurofen at 10pm with a decaf coffee, as the pain started to get worse again!! By 1am miserable with pain I took 3 more Nurofen capsules (finishing the pack) & tried to get some sleep (Calories Consumed 1,036) 

Wednesday 8th June, I was still awake at 4am due to the unbearable pain gnawing away at my neck & shoulders like a raging toothache, that's been transferred to another part of the body!! I tried removing my pillows to lay flat, to see if that helped the pain in my neck & shoulders, eventually I fell asleep around 6am but although I'm aware I dreamt, my sleep was so restless I can't recall it. Woke in pain at 9.30am & had a bath to try ease the pain & also washed my hair, with difficulty, as the pain was travelling through my shoulders & down both of my arms. 

Carefully dried my hair & put on my dark grey 3/4 gym trousers, plus my Hydro Active Challenge 5K run mini marathon T-shirt from 2007 (power walked not ran) & my TrimSole B&W fitflops. An Ex text me at 10.18am responding to my FB inbox message saying 'I didn't delete you??? Are you in London today? X'  Well seeing he is no longer a FB friend & I didn't delete him, it doesn't need to be a case for Miss Marple, to determine that in fact, yes indeed he did delete me! I had no credit to reply ... so obviously didn't! Fail!!

I went to the shop to get more Nurofen Extra Capsules to try stem the pain & took 4 again with a coffee & porridge with raisins for breakfast. My friend Mike Called & he asked me what I was doing for my Birthday? I said I had nothing planned as I'm broke, he said he was going up to Leeds around the 19th-20th, so how did I fancy a drink or meal for my Birthday a few days early? I said that sounded like a plan, he said he'd call me soon. I decided I'd better get out & do my 2hr power-walk, quick. As it looked like it wouldn't be long before it lashed it down all afternoon again, like yesterday! I took Bobbie, Betty & Stanley with me, to make it more fun & less of a chore!... Plus hopefully take my mind off the pain!! 

Then I dropped a rent & electric cheque into my letting agents. Getting home at 3pm, just before the sky's opened up! I made a jacket potato with baked beans & grated cheese for lunch, with some salad. Then read The Sun paper I'd bought en route home. The front page is about Ryan Giggs paying £30,000 for a baldness treatment, machine that massages his follicles (Unlike Imogen who massaged his bollicles) After the stress of being caught with his pants down with 2 women (Neither his wife!) has made his hair fall out! He'd better get his eyes checked too while his at it, you know what they say about too much sex!! (Imogen & Natasha should do the same, but for different reasons)

Cheryl Cole, has thrown her toys out the pram & stamped her little Christian Louboutin clad feet, in a Temper Tantrum. Saying her relationship is over!! Stupid, Childish Girl! Still blaming Simon for humiliating her. Sorry love, but being fired didn't make you look half as bad, as your Childish, Prima Donna, Strop, behaviour, does NOW!!! Simon was a great guy to have on side & HE Made you!! Keep on acting like the Spoilt Brat, your acting as now!! Soon he will Stop feeling bad, for what was after all a business (NOT a personal) decision, and get royally pissed off with you & he is not someone you'd want to cross, as He Can Break You, as easily as He Made You!! You have got too big for your designer boots & think you are a lot more talented than you are!!.

 Is Simon's Elbow, Shielding The Modesty, Of A Female Nudist, 
In The Audience??

I finished the paper & went online & applied to several more jobs & auditions by email. I then did some ironing, while watching 'Come Dine With Me' & put a blue/green/grey wash in the machine. Then watched yesterdays 'Home & Away' that I missed due to pain, then watched today's on 5 Star. Then made a cappuccino & had it with a chunky KitKat then took a bunch of pic's of my Vintage 80's, Jungle, Designer coats/jackets on eBay (That I'd listed for free at the weekend!) & downloaded them onto eBay. Then at 9pm I watched 'The Apprentice' at 10pm I was feeling hungry & realised I'd not had dinner, so had another bowl of porridge with raisins again! Then I watched 'The Apprentice: Your Fired' & 'Desperate Housewives' before getting ready for bed & doing a bunch of online surveys. Finally settling down to sleep at 1am (Calories consumed 1,375)

Thursday 9th June,  I finally fell asleep around 5.30am & had two dreams one where I was going on holiday with my sister Julie & her husband Erdal, & maybe my brother Bill but I am not sure, feel there was a 3rd person but can't recall seeing them in my dream. I am not sure what country we were heading for? Maybe Turkey, I don't know but I was packing my case last minute (Unlike me I'm normally packed 1-2weeks beforehand, to make sure I have everything & nothing is in the laundry) and the clock was ticking to set off for the airport & Erdal was loading the car! It was then it suddenly dawned on my my 10yr passport, in it's baby pink cover Expired in June 2010!!! 

Shit!! then I was wondering if the quick 1yr passport, you use to be able to get from the Post Office, is in circulation yet or not? Then I dreamt something about being in the company of or friends, with some male & female models. I think I was showing them some of my fashion designs, I was chatting to one guy, who had short wavy black hair & a buff bod about his model portfolio & if I recall correct we were flirting. I woke at 11.30am, wow 6hrs sleep that's almost double what I have had all week.

I slipped on my 3/4 grey gym trousers & a Versace T-shirt & TrimSoles, after I had a wash & did my hair & popped to the shop for a Sun paper & a couple of Diet Cokes. It's grey miserable & rainy out, like dusk nothing like Summer. I didn't bother with breakfast as it was almost lunch time, so I made a cheese salad sandwich, which I washed down with a Diet Coke & read the paper. The front page says soft justice secretary Ken Clarke must go....  (PLEEEEEEASE!!!!) PM David Cameron has told him to scrap his crazy plans, to halve jail terms for serious criminals, that plead guilty (I should Bloody think so too!!) Talking of Vile Criminals Libyan Madman Colonel Gaddafi gave his troops Viagra & ordered mass rapes to terrorise rebels, it was claimed last night. Over 100 were raped in some areas! What a repulsive, evil man!

Roy Skelton the man behind the voices of the Darlik's plus, George & Zippy from  children's show Rainbow has died aged 79 from Pneumonia after a stroke. Talking of strokes a tearful teenager told a court how dwarf actor Nicholas Read (Who played a Ewok in Star Wars, Return Of the Jedi & a Goblin in Harry Potter) fondled himself next to her on a train. The 17yr old said he touched himself under a bowler-style jugglers hat, that rested on his lap, for 30mins after the 7.55pm train left Kings Cross. She was trapped against the window & said nothing, in case he touched her, but reported him (getting off next to her) Once she got off herself at Leicester, he was arrested at Sheffield. Asked why he had not put his hat on the luggage rack, he said he could not reach it. I wonder if he will get a 'Short' or a 'Stiff' sentence?

 Ewank Ewok

Lately, we haven't had enough of Cheryl Cole in the papers, but luckily she is auctioning off 20 of her favourite dresses to charity, for anyone rich enough to bid & skinny enough to fit in the 'Size 8' dresses. They must be smaller than that!! I was a size 8 two years ago & surely I wasn't that skinny & at 5ft 8.5" I'm taller than her! The dresses include a white halter-neck, Roberto Cavalli dress. A black Tory Burch dress with leather trim that she wore to boot camp for her 1st series of Xfactor. A multi mauve & blue sequinned Herve Lerger dress. A nothing special emerald green Paul & Joe dress (That looks more Florence & Fred) which she wore on her 1st day of Xfactor. A hot pink strapless dress by Herve Lerger. A drab looking grey high necked dress by Twenty8Twelve. A multicoloured Aztec print 3.1 Phillip Lim frock. A navy, green & white Milly NY dress she wore when JLS auditioned. A peach dress by Giles Decon & a lovely blue/black Herve Lerger dress. 

 One Of The Auction Frocks
 The Hot Pink Strapless Herve Lerger Dress
Aztec print 3.1 Phillip Lim frock

Jennie text at 1.30pm & said to come over this Saturday & Next Friday at 8pm if I'm free. I did some job searches & applied for a bunch of jobs online & then did the same with auditions on StarNow, then cleared out another load of paperwork then during a brief break in the rain I popped to the post box to post off a cheque for a bill. 

Then watched 'Come Dine With Me' & 'Home And Away' before fixing some Prawn Tikka Marsala with saffron rice for dinner, with a berry berry Solero for desert. Watched Sarah Beeny's 'Help My House Is Falling Down' then made a coffee a literary agent & publisher contacted me out of the blue, about my two half written books one called 'Sophie's Secret Diary's' and the 2nd yet untitled one about my Ghost/ESP experiences since childhood. Saying he would be interested in seeing some of the work on my books if I don't already have an agent. 

That's Life - Adrian Mills

Which was unexpected & both interesting especially as I was told by 'That's Life' presenter Adrian Mills, that I should pursue writing. Also it is somewhat like fate that he contacted me today, because I was going through some paper work, with the intention of putting what I have written book wise, already, by hand, onto my PC, to write more as & when I find the time. Caught up with the backlog of my blog writing for the rest of the evening while watching 'NCIS & CSI NY' then went to bed at 1.30am (Calories consumed 1,514)

Friday 10th June, I eventually fell asleep some time after 6am & had a dream where I had moved home to a big city, possibly London, I was at a function with a pretty blonde girl a who looked like Caggie Dunlop (Made In Chelsea) or Natasha Williams (Neighbours) It was the 1st function of someone we knew & the venue itself was very grand, with a lot of wood wall panelling, I seemed to be chatting to a young handsome well to do guy, not sure if he was a friend, work colleague or boyfriend, we were eating a desert which was a load of mixed spices mixed into either cream or crème fresh, before I was due to head off somewhere. 

 Caggie Dunlop
Natasha Williams

I woke at 11.30am after around five & a half hours sleep. It is still gloomy & grey out & not how June should be. I had a shower & did hair & make-up & dressed the same as yesterday. I popped to the shop for a paper & some caffeine free Diet Coke's taking a load of rubbish out with me for the wheelie bin. I got home made a cheese & sliced onion roll for brunch, then sat down to watch the news & then read the paper!

The front page is how scumbag Ryan Giggs has offered his brother £250K to keep quiet about him sleeping with his wife!! (And no doubt all the other dirt he has on his brother) What total scum, not only is offering money insulting, but seeing he betrayed his brother & is a Multi Millionaire the sum is also insulting £250K what a tight-wad!! Even a Million would be insulting!! I hope Rhodri throws it in his face I'm sure he could make much more for an exclusive, with one of the big papers, seeing they are keen for Giggs blood after his attempted Super-injunction taken out on them!

 Brotherly Love

Once lunch & the paper was finished, I did some more sorting of the back room. Shame my attic doesn't have a pull down ladder & light like my home in Sussex, I could put boxable eBay items up there out of the way until sold! I did a bit of ironing of my dry laundry & put it away in draws/wardrobes. Money was taken out of my account, this week, for an item I returned 2weeks ago (Which was returned by recorded delivery & signed for on May 26th, I have constantly informed them they have it & I have proof , yet despite saying they will refund 'IF' they have it (Which they bloodywell have!!) they have not done so, so if not done by Monday I will be talking to the fraud dept of my bank! As well as going to Watchdog & similar!! I went online and did a bunch of job searches & as usual applied for a shed load of jobs. 

I made battered fish & chips for dinner, with some salad on the side, then caught up with & finished one blog, while watching the soaps & Channel 4's Comedy Gala, which was rather disappointing as apart from Jonathan Ross & John Bishop, I'd seen all of the routines the other comedians did, before, by them. The adverts where the comedians were Incorporated in present adverts were amusing though. Then I watched 'The Ricky Gervais Show' & then 'Comic's Choice: Sean Lock' retiring to bed at 1.330am

Saturday 11th June, I didn't fall asleep until after 7am (Bloody Insomnia) I know I dreamt but all I can recall is, what seemed like a swarm of bee's/wasps buzzing round my kitchen, so I grabbed some household cleaner & sprayed it on them & they fell down dead. I thought 'Wow that is more effective than insect spray' but when I went to clear them off my floor they seemed to be just two big fluffy Bumble Bee's the size of new born ducklings or chicks, and I felt awful as they looked so cute, a bit like the one's in the Vodafone Ads & I like Bumble Bee's!! I then went into the lounge to call my dad to come see the huge Bee's! Then I woke at 11am to bright sunshine (Which didn't last for long) I got up had a wash pulled on my jogging bottoms & turquoise frilly sleeved t-shirt & popped to the shop for a paper & a Diet coke.

I  made myself a bowl of breakfast & then I checked my eBay status, 2 days to go & one jacket has been bought & numerous watchers on my Vintage Designer, Jungle Garments. did the washing up then put some bed linen in the wash, I have been trying out a new freebie laundry detergent, but it's not as good as my usual Percil Gel at cleaning & it leaves no fresh aroma on the washing once cleaned! 

I put away some ironed laundry & did the washing up. Chatted to my friend Kathryn briefly on Twitter haven't really been on there this week, as I have been feeling quite down & also in a lot of pain, so I normally retreat into my cave at these times!! around 2.30-3pm I had a cheese & onion roll for lunch, with some Doritos (I bought a big bag of, 12 bags of Doritos & the same of Wotsits last week for just £1 in the Poundland in their 2 for 1 offer) Watched 'Come Dine With Me' (very funny) while doing work online, then joined CastingCallPro which (Caggie Dunlop is on as an actress, 'Made In Chelsea'  then read the paper....

The Front page is about Bruce Forsyth getting a knighthood, I'm pleased for him, but maybe he will now let somebody else take over on 'Strictly Come Dancing' or get a new script/joke writer, as it's so corny & so obvious what the punch line is leading up to be, it's embarrassing. I'd rather remember him on top form, on things like The Generation Game!

News that Rooney's hooker Jenny Thompson was rushed into hospital, after an expected Valium overdose, I'm guessing it's over her parents being suspects of drug farming & not over any shame over Rooney! Pippa Middleton modelled at a university fashion show, like her sister Kate, the difference being that Pippa's dress wasn't too bad unlike, the ugly, tatty, see-through, dish cloth, looking one Kate famously modelled 

 Kate's Revolting Catwalk Dress 2002
 Pippa's Catwalk Dress 2011

Proof that Gobby Scouser Cheryl Cole's, Diva behaviour over Xfactor has backfired on her comes today via the words of Simon Cowell. By saying her sacking was 'No big deal' adding 'It really wasn't such a big deal as everyone thought. Truth is you've got to move on, it's about the contestants. They've got no interest in us bickering!'  Very telling for 'it's about the contestants' read 'it's not all about you Cheryl' and for 'They've got no interest in us bickering' read 'Your throwing your toys out of the pram & don't expect me to lower myself to your level & join in!' 

He went on to say 'I hope we're going to be friends going forward. She'll be mad at me for a while, but I didn't do anything wrong'  In other words.... Cheryl your not grown up enough, to deal with this in an adult fashion, the way Dannii did. But the offer of friendship is there, if you wish to take it! But I am not going to chase round after you, begging for forgiveness, when I haven't done anything wrong, to apologise for! If you snub my friendship then that's your decision, but I'm being the bigger person here!!

Germany's killer E.coli outbreak's source has finally been found & tainted bean-sprouts from an 'Organic Farm' were found to be the cause! After saying it wasn't bean-sprouts a day or two ago. I wonder if all those 'Organic is Best' snobs who look down their noses at those that don't buy organic will go quiet for a while now??

Oddly after last nights dream, there was a whole article on, how Britain's growing hobby is Bee keeping, saying even Breakfast TV presenter Bill Turnbull is one of them, and he has even written a foreword, to the Bee Manual from Haynes!

 "Hi is that Bill?? 
I wondered if you needed a early morning fashion expert?
I'd Bee Ideal!"

I  went round Jennies around 7.30pm  & her two daughters Lara & Francesca were calling for auntie jooooooooooooonie to go up to see them in bed & see there latest toys etc Then it was back down stairs for Tuna & cucumber sandwiches some diet coke & an apple while watching the Film 'Sahara' Staring Matthew McConaughey & Penelope Cruz, Matthew is a funny one great bod & often looks handsome in films, but some times in his fragrance Ads they make him look unattractive. 

 Matthew in Sahara

After that it was time to watch the double bill of the NEW Camelot, which looked right up my street (& was) though disappointed at the unattractive weedy looking Arthur (his brother looks more king like) Good bodice ripping rampant romp though!! Edgar asked me if I saw the final of 'The Mentalist' when you find out about Red John on Friday? I said no I stupidly forgot about it & watched Ch4's rubbish Comedy Gala!! They said if it's not repeated in the week to watch it at theirs on catch up!!! 

I left there at around 12.15-12.30am  got in & had a wash and went to bed & watched 'Egypt's Warrior King' on Thutmosis & 'Engineering Ancient Egypt' About the amazing structures of ancient Egypt which focused on 2 Pharaohs one being my personal hero Ramses II so I loved seeing more about Karnak & Thebes then crashed out at 2.30am (Calories consumed 1,422)

Sunday 12th June, Woke at 9.45am I dreamt I'd been on a TV show & was now sat in the audience with Polly & a black female TV presenter it may have been Tricia, it wasn't Oprah, don't recall much else about the dream except for being in an amazing designer boutique and looking at some crème eye shadow's in shades of mauve & silver, there seemed to be a make-up artist there doing women's make-up for free & I wondered if she could do mine & make me look stunning instead of my plain ordinary self??  Then I was in a busy city, that I'd never been to before I was trying to find a bus stop to catch a bus back to where I'd come from or a tube. I came to a spot I recognised I recalled it was the end point of a set of directions I'd gone down not so long ago (Not sure if in real life or in a dream) 

I surmised if I did the route backwards I'd get back to where I'd started from, so began back tracking but it was night & I came up against a long path with turns with high wooden fences either side & scant light to see in. I realised this was the same path I have had to face many times in dreams, that was fraught with danger, although it looked a tad different, the turns meant that there were points where I couldn't see what laid beyond. Being short sighted I was not at my best should danger lurk, I was deciding whether to press on, or to retreat back? I decided that, as I did not recall this path in the original journey, that I must of taken a wrong turn somewhere along the line & so retreated, re tracing my footsteps, before waking up!

I got up had a wash & dressed the same as yesterday & went to the shops make-up free hair scraped back, I have been doing that a lot lately, that's the slippery slope, I have stopped making the effort & have given up on my self, I have to pull my socks pronto or before I know it I will be a single, 20st, unkempt woman in her 50's, living in a hostel, stinking of pee & cats!! I got the NOTW & a Diet Coke, watched 'Glee' then 'Survival: Tales From the Wild' On an amazing & adorable Tiger family, I LOVE Tigers!! 

 Raja & I

Jennie text & said 'The Mentalist' is repeated on 5Star at 7pm tonight, definitely watching that!! I read the paper, the front paper is about how Ryan Giggs, bunged his Sister-in-law £500 after telling her to  have an abortion, when she became pregnant with his child, just weeks before her wedding to his brother ..... It just gets worse & worse! If his wife stays with him she is a either a mug or her WAG status & money is more important to her than self respect!! I certainly wont have any pity or respect for her!

Stunning Corrie actress Michelle Keegan is engaged to her Munter boyfriend Max George, from pikey looking boy band The Wanted, after just 7 months (crazy) he gave her a £10,000 diamond ring & a long haired Chihuahua called pip. 

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!!! Cheryl Cole, has been slagging off Simon Cowell to pals saying he messed her about (Oh boo hoo poor little princess!!!) Adding 'I'm better off without him, I'll make my own decisions now & not have to be dependant on someone else. I've moved on!' (Oh the arrogance, if it wasn't for him you'd still be in your down market tracksuits, living with mum & your criminal siblings dear!!) Lets just see how big she makes it without him (I'm betting in 5yrs time we will be saying Cheryl who??) She is still snubbing all communications with Simon (so pathetic) 

She is now planning to turn her back on America, saying it was Never her dream to break the States (More like she knows she is no where good enough) That was Simon's dream for me! She now plans to take some time out, while deciding what to do next. Apparently some film studios have expressed an interest (we will see) I have to say I agree with Carol Malone's comments on her page (As I have said much the same) Carol says ' Cheryl Cole says: "I'm not Simon Cowell's puppet" Oh yes she is.She's been manufactured, bought & paid for by him. And if she continues to publicly snub & disrespect him he'll turn on her & she'll never work again!!'  

I wonder if Cher Lloyd is taking notes on how not to behave like her idol, as if Cheryl with all her hype can be fired, maybe she should reign in her own gob, before she goes the same way before she has even experienced the fame & wide spread publicity Cheryl has!! Meanwhile Xfactor judge Louie Walsh has dumped Boyzone & advised them they should split, but Ronan Keating is refusing to believe they are finished!

Made a Tuna & Cucumber Sandwich which I had with Some Mexican Chilli McCain crisps & a Diet Coke, its grey, chilly, rainy & miserable out .... where did Summer go? yet apparently elsewhere in the UK has droughts!!? Last Sunday in London more rain fell than the whole of  March, April & May!! Sorted some more stuff to eBay, then put a while load in the washing machine. Then settled down to watch Midsomer Murders!

Watered the plants & did some laundry & washing up then made some Prawn Tikka Marsala for dinner & had a berry berry Solero for dessert than settled down to watch 'Possibly Maybe' with hottie Ryan Reynolds in. Then did some job searches & online surveys until 1am then went to bed (Calories consumed 1,283)

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