Monday, 28 May 2012

Hospitals, Work Party's, Perve's, Mentalist's & Eurovision, Must Be Summer!!

Monday 21st May, I woke at 7am, had a wash, brushed my hair, put on my deodorant, then put on my freshly dried pink PJ's & put my pink mules & freshly laundered, pink dressing gown, in my sequinned, Primark shopper, slipped on my pink fluffy socks & black Ugg style boots. I did a natural faint make-up, then headed off to the shop at 7.45am, to get my Sun paper & a Diet Coke to take with me (I'm tired of coffee & water) Then I spent some time on my laptop, as I'd got ready, far too early to be at Elstree for the 9.15am call. I should of set my alarm for 7.45am or 8am!! I slipped my 2nd, Grace Dent book, 'Diary Of A Chav: Slinging The Bling' into my bag, I then put in my headphones, turned on my pink, iPad shuffle & pulled on my long, black, military style, coat, from Primark (Or 'Primarni' as Candie & I call it!!) 

Then I ambled off to the station, saying hello to the Dwarf, city bin cleaner, on the way, who was standing near the local tanning shop 'Absolutely Fabulous' I got on the 8.43am train to Elstree & got there at 8.52am & slowly ambled to the studio's at Elstree, as I was early. I picked up my pass at security & went into the studio's. I tapped in the code, on the changing room door & hung up my coat & put my boots, cardigan, purse etc in my locker, I pulled my pink fluffy dressing gown on & slipped on my mules.

Then I took my book, paper & iPod shuffle, with me to the elevator & took it to the 6th floor, said "Hello!" to the crew & other SA's popped to the kitchen & made a coffee & said "Hello" to the two, lovely, male, contracted, extras, Terry & Dave. Who have been on the show 10-15yrs each. I asked Terry, how his gorgeous little girl was? As she'd been poorly with a cold & poor Terry hadn't got much sleep. Terry was looking more awake, so the news she was much better came as no big surprise. 

The French, Asian, SA was there, she makes me laugh. She was in a huff, as she'd misheard her call time & thought it was 8.15am & not 9.15am. So she had been on set since 7.30am oops!! She then also continued moaning, about the same old things, the crisps being too salty, there not being any fruit (But when some arrived she filled her bag, leaving none for the others.... Or so the other SA's said!!) She'd moaned there were no biscuits & she wasn't too impressed by the choices of tea either (There was 3 or 4 types, as well as about 4 herbal tea choices too) Other SA's who had liked her last week said she was doing their head in. Somebody said to her, as she was knocking back her 3rd pack of crisps "You like crisp's don't you!!" to which she replied "NO!!" there then was a stifled snigger, from some of the SA's in the room. I found her constant winging, Victor Meldrew funny, but it was really bugging, all the other SA's

I was called to do a bit of walking down a hospital corridor, then I was back to being sat with a coffee, reading the paper again. The headline was about Bee Gee, Robin Gibb, finally losing his valiant battle, against cancer. So sad, he did put up one hell of a battle bless him!! That leaves only one Bee Gee alive now from 3, and only one Gibb brother alive from 4!! Robin's twin brother Maurice, died in 2003, after complications after an operation, his kid brother Andy (Who I use to have posters of on my wall as a teen) died aged 30 of heart failure in 1988.

The Gibbs - Barry, Robin, Maurice & Andy
Plus Some Male Camel Toe!!

Today's page 3, was a 22yr stunner, from Leeds called Chloe. Talking of pretty there was a picture of Cheryl Cole, looking very pretty in a long, white, dress, with a red feather train, at the Cannes Film Festival (Not sure why she was there, as she is not an actress? As far as I know she has no cameo in any films?) But being stood on a red carpet (The same red as the feathers) she did look like the bottom half of her was missing!! (Below)

Freed, Sam Hallam, told yesterday of his agony, of losing his youth, for a murder he didn't commit & also the joy of having a bath after 7yrs 6months of showers in jail. (Personally I prefer a good power shower, alas I don't have one!!) Sam 24 said he wasn't worried, when he was wrongly arrested, aged 17yrs in 2004. As he was innocent & expected to be home, in one or two days, as he had faith in the system, plus they had no credible evidence. But he went to prison for over 7yrs, because cops didn't bother to check his mobile phone, which proved his alibi was true (Why didn't his lawyer, make sure this evidence was checked & shown in court??)

Talking of murder, the vile Lockerbie Bomber, Ali al-Megrahi has finally died of cancer, aged 58, in Tripoli, Libya, THREE YEARS after he was FREE'D from prison, after being given just THREE MONTHS to live. He was the only terrorist convicted of killing 270 with the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie in 1988.

Once I read the paper I had another coffee and a banana, as some fruit had arrived (I grabbed a banana & a plumb, as last time, it was gone in seconds, like a plague of locust's had been through it) I've been constipated since Wednesday when I went back on the Co-Codamol, and for someone who normally goes at least twice a day, this medication side-effect, is not good!! So I hoped some fruit would help! I Started my 2nd Grace Dent book 'Diary Of A Chav, Slinging The Bling' after I'd finished the paper, it was quite funny. I was called out again, to walk past a ward window, in a scene. Then it was back to my book again, until it was lunch time, then it was off to the canteen. 

I had a Spanish omelette & salad & a Diet Coke, in the subsidised cafe. The cute, doll like, blonde, Essex, SA, Danielle, joined me for lunch, as did some others & the French SA. Danielle & I had been saying we'd love to be, a contract SA, like Dave & Terry. Who earn X amount, for their 6month contract a year. The French SA said that she thought, they were not paid enough. We disagreed as they were not actors & we said it was more than many people earned in a year. Also that our soldiers in Iraq, were fighting the Taliban for less a year, than the contracted SA's were paid for 6 months. 

They also have weekends off & another 6 months free, to either chill, or do whatever other work they want to do, over the free 6 months, safe in the knowledge they have already earned enough to pay their whole years rent, mortgage, bills & food bills etc!! At that the French SA stormed off, huffy that we didn't agree with her & the other SA's moaned, again that she was doing their head in today! We went back up on set after lunch & I continued with my paperback, and had a brief chat with regulars Dave & Terry. My agent called me on my mobile & asked if I could also do another day on set there tomorrow? I replied sadly I couldn't, as I was in a film tomorrow. Later I made another coffee & a pack of Walkers, French Fries, plus a plumb. 

Then I was called on my mobile again, by Cindy from InTraining & she said she would be, sending me a link, to apply for the M&S customer services job, that I was interested in. I went to the kitchen & got myself a glass of water & I saw a nurse SA (That I worked with in October) who works on floor 3 & we had a brief chat, then I continued with my book. I was 2/3 of the way through it already!! 3.30pm  hurrah at last I went to the loo (Now I can empathise with the celebs on 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' when they have their constipation woe's chat, out in the bush!!) It was hardly the earth moving, but it's a start, maybe I will shed those gained pounds now!! For once my 'Hater' GLP can honestly say, that I'm talking shit!!

My agent called again & said could I do 'Trollied' (Above) this Thursday? I said I wished I could, but I had two heavy pencils for tomorrows film, on Wed & Thurs, but I'd know by tomorrow, if I would be needed for them? He said that would be too late, as he had to give the production company, the SA names first thing tomorrow morning (Bugger I hope these pencils do not fall through now or that's two Adverts & a TV program lost!!) 

I had a Diet Coke & finished my book (One book read, in a day at work lol!) We got to leave early today at 5pm. Dave & Terry said it was a shame I wasn't in tomorrow, I said to find me on Facebook, to keep in touch. I got my chit signed & went to the changing room, to get my stuff out of my locker, I pulled my coat over my PJ's and slipped on my, black, Ugg look boots & then I headed for the train station, after handing my pass into security. I feel very, very, tired, I think it's the pain killers, making me drowsy, but they are at least killing the pain thankfully! I got in & packed my case for tomorrow with over 10 evening/cocktail dresses & the underwear, shoes, plus accessories to go with each! Including 3 pairs of shoes, one black pair, one Silver pair & one gold pair. But I don't know what the point of us photographing & sending off our outfit choices, to the production crew, in an email was?? If they were not going to say yes to some & no to others, to save us all, ending up, bringing EVERYTHING with us!!

I watched 'Home & Away' Shattered but hungry, I made a Quorn & salad sandwich & had it with chilli Doritos & a Diet Coke. I then chilled for the rest of the evening in my bedroom & watched 'The Secret Millionaire' & 'Made In Chelsea' I do not get why the 'MIC' guys are all soppy over Kimberly (Above) The stick thin, bore, who acts like an airhead & just simpers & floats around in her designer clothes, all day, acting girly, passive & dull. It seems all you need, to be a posh catch, is a pretty-ish face, and to come from a rich family.... Yawn... No wonder rich men, have mistresses, if they all marry women, as vapid as Kimberly. Then I turned over to channel 4 & watched 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares' before setting my alarm for 4.45am & crashing in bed for the night at 12.15am. The thinkbox Harvey & Rabbit advert was on, a lot today, I really love that advert!!! (Calories Consumed 1,530 Good!!)

Such a Sweet Ad

Tuesday 22nd May, I woke at 5am, pain free hurrah & had a wash, then had a coffee & small porridge for breakfast, to keep me going, as although a breakfast is provided on arrival at 8am, I have no idea if it will be good, or bad, with this crew? (It so vary's from job to job) So I don't want to be left starving all day, as I don't know how early or late lunch will be either. I'd packed my case with the 10 evening & cocktail dresses, as despite the crew wanting us to email them, with our evening outfit options, by Friday. They never got back to us, about which were suitable & which were not, to save us lugging them all with us!! Also packed in the case, were several evening bags & three different shoe types, to go with the separate outfits, as well as different jewellery to go with each outfit, hair pieces & make-up, making up, one heavy case to drag. I wore my black version of the Marilyn '7 year Itch' dress did a glam make-up & put in my curly ponytail hairpiece (The others are in the case)

I put on my Ugg look boots, clipped on my iPod shuffle, put in my headphones & pulled on my long, military look, black, Primark, coat & headed out the door at 6.30am, as I have to be at base at 8am. I got my ticket & just missed the 6.48am train so, I bought a Sun paper & waited for the 7.06am train. I'm lucky today there are no changes, my train takes me directly to my destination in South London. I got on the train & settled in my seat, to read the paper. The headline is that Cancer victim, Robin Gibb, who sadly died on Sunday, wants their hit 'How Deep Is Your Love' played at his funeral. Talking of Music 'Spice Girl' Geri Halliwell has been chosen as the NEW semi/permanent Xfactor judge, to replace Kelly Rowland. 

Also in the news is the info that Vile Egyptian Abu Hamza al-Masri (Below) has changed his name by deed pole, back to Mustafa Kamal Mustafa (A new name, for us to Hate!!) You can call Shit whatever you want, but at the end of the day, it's still SHIT!!

Abu Hamza al-Masri / Mustafa Kamal Mustafa

The Olympic torch (Yawn) flame blew out in Devon on the 3rd day of the yawn-fest Olympic relay, it was attached to the side of the wheelchair of a paralympic, badminton star, called David Follett who at least deserved to be a torch bearer, unlike American, tosser!! (Below)

An EVIL couple, were deservedly behind bars last night, for forcing their poor 11yr son to live in a freezing, locked, 6ft by 4ft coal shed, for a YEAR!! Just because he'd raided the fridge at home! The poor, traumatised lad, only had a filthy mattress & a potty in there with him. Police & social workers swooped on the family after he was found scrabbling for scraps off food off the school floor. His Jobless parents form Blackpool will be sentenced on Monday (I hope the judge throws the book at them!!)

There was sweet a picture (Above) of beautiful, murder victim, Emily Longley 17, posing with two Dream Boy's type models. This picture is apparently, what caused her half Indian, half English, munter, scum, boyfriend, to jealously murder her, by strangulation. Wealthy arsehole, Elliot Turner 20, saw red when he saw pretty Emily's modelling assignment shots. The ugly scum told friends the snaps were 'pervy' & made her look like a 'whore' what nonsense, she looked cute and innocent, as you can see!! He arrogantly said to friends "I will kill her, I will go to prison & still be a millionaire when I come out!!" Lets hope a lifer, strangles him in there & he 'comes out, still a millionaire'...... in a box!! Tosser!!

Vile Murderer Elliot Turner, With Emily
He Looks Like Gordon Brown, Crossed With Toad, Of Toad Hall

He then told a friend of Emily's, who'd arranged the photo shoot "Stop encouraging Emily to do these shoots, it's unacceptable. I don't want Emily going out with pervy lads, or my enemies, because I will fucking kill them!!" What Enemies??? And what does he mean by 'going out with?' Doing promotions with them?? The rich munter, was paranoid that Emily was seeing men behind his back & the picture, with the bare chested waiters, convinced the nutter he was right!! He killed her in his bed, while at his parents, shortly after the snaps, advertising a cheeky topless butler service, appeared on the internet. His shameful parents, Leigh Turner 54 & Indian wife Anita 51, helped cover up the murder, by using bleach to destroy a confession note, their son had written & removed evidence.

Murderer Elliot's Shameful Parents 

Days before the killing, he told pals he planned to murder her, even asking a mate to show him a martial arts choke hold (Which he is thought to have used on her) So why isn't this pal also in the dock for aiding & abetting manslaughter???? Also why didn't these friends alert authority's re his plans to murder (Makes them as bad as him in my books!!) Was it because, he was known as 'All Talk Turner' because of his constant empty boasts? Turner & his equally scummy parents, said she had mysteriously died in her sleep, but bruising was found on her neck, and her DNA under the cocky scum's nails.

Police then bugged the family home in Bournemouth, where Elliot was taped, telling his parents his anger at Emily had been building up for months. His parents were found guilty of perverting justice, all 3 will be sentenced today. I hope they all get a long long prison sentences. Prize arsehole Elliot, revelled in his notoriety, after his arrest for murder, he bizarrely reckons his infamy will get him a hoard of new girlfriends (Yeah, but only nutters like you Elliot!!) 

Elliot Turner - "The Bitch Is Dead!" 
Does This Look Like The Face Of A Bitch To You?...
No Me Neither!!

He told a friend "Google my name!!.... Now the bitch is dead I can get any bird I want!!" I hope this lack of any remorse, for what his done will make sure the judge sends him down for a very long time & his infamy, gets his arse, constantly, roughly, rodgered, when in the prison showers!! After being let out on bail (Which I don't think the arsehole should of been allowed) A friend said "He went out drinking every night, telling people "I'm crazy stay away!!" He didn't seem remotely sorry for Emily's death. Though his dad has since showed remorse" (Maybe due to sentencing, today) His vile, Indian, mother, didn't show any & threw party's, for her murderer son!! Vile Bitch!

I arrived at my destination & lugged my case, up the station stairs (No lift or escalators!) Then walked 2mins to base. I collected my 2 chit forms, then went to wardrobe & tried on several different outfits for them. I'd brought several tasteful long dresses that were not too booby (Like above) As I was meant to be at a sophisticated corporate party. Yet they chose the shortest, boobiest, black, beaded dress, from my case!! I only brought it, as the brief included sequinned & beaded dresses, but they loved it on me!! I wore it, with silver shoes & a silver sequinned short sleeved shrug. 

Then it was time, for us to queue for breakfast, once I'd got it, I wondered if it was worth the wait? It was a brown cardboard box, the size of about 2 playing card packs, side by side in diameter & about three packs high, containing a desert spoons worth of scrambled egg, another spoons worth of mushrooms & one more spoons worth of chopped plumb tomato's, that had kind of churned together & was just lukewarm at best. The meat eaters got the same, with a small sausage on top. Most SA's complained, to each other, about the quality & quantity. Then we got a mini buses to the location, where we stood around in a sunny courtyard for a while. There was a sort of coffee & confectionery van booth, that made cappuccino's and had sweets & ice lollies etc BUT it was for THE CREW ONLY, so we couldn't have any & there was no water, or coffee, set up for the SA's yet.

I got chatting to a wiry guy in his late 40's to mid 50's with jug ears & cropped salt & pepper hair, as I seemed to know no other SA's, for once. The Japanese woman who was with me, in the hospital scene yesterday, was also meant to be here, but I hadn't seen her yet. The guy reminded me, a bit, of a old version, of Charlie from TOWIE (Gemma's Ex Below) with his build & jug ears & features, but instead of big, brown, puppy dog eyes, his were squinty, grey, piss holes in the snow, and he had no stubble!! 

He was moaning about being cold, when he had a suit & shirt & tie on, I only had a strappy, party dress & light weight, sequinned, shrug on, I was fine, as it was actually warm. Some more people turned up, including a face I recognised. The 'This Morning' & 'Loose Women'  male model (Below) Often seen in his undies.... Very nice too!! Who is actually in The Sun's 'Dear Deidre's Photo Casebook' this week, as a husband, who seems perfect to others looking in, but who is actually having a gay affair!! He also play's a YOUNG John Britain, on 'John Britain's Britain' in the sketches. Both my friend Ian Mann & I were on 'John Bishops Britain' (Myself series 1, Holidays & Sport episodes, Ian series 2 Christmas episode) & my buddie Allin Kempthorne, also played Bono, in one episode! 

 John Bishops Britain 
 The Model Who Plays - Young John Britain 
 When Not Modelling In The Sun/This Morning

 John Britain 
Buddie Allin Kempthorne, playing Bono

He seemed to know, 1 or 2 extras there, unlike me & stood chatting to, an attractive dark haired girl, obviously another model, also a older guy, who I'm sure I know from years ago, but not sure where from?? Anyway once everyone was finally shipped to the venue, we all went in a back room, of the large venue used & were given a basic run down, of what today's scene was all about. About a hour later water, tea & coffee was set up on a trestle table & there was a mad dash for it, by the now, totally parched & dehydrated SA's...

Then I saw the Japanese SA, who I was with yesterday, she looked fab & very cute, in a clingy, black, knee length, high necked, halter-neck, dress, with a lot of silver bling adornment on the neck/chest area, plus some killer heels. She rushed over & said I looked gorgeous & said "Oh this is so more you than, Pyjama's & a dressing gown, you look amazing!!" which was very sweet. I told her she certainly scrubbed up well too! And told her I loved her dress & shoes. We had a bit of a natter, over our coffee, in the back room, while some of the other SA's filmed on the balcony & bar area. 

Later I teased the 'Sun/This Morning' model, about his Sun paper, gay storyline (As the other guy, was not very attractive in the story) Saying "I wouldn't of thought he was your type" He was good fun & joked back saying "Yeah, but he's got a massive cock!!" Which made me chuckle (Actually I think the guy who played the other guy, is one of the original 'Dream Boys' who hasn't faired too well, over the years. He might be SAing in some period piece, as he had a real lame, 1930's RAF type, moustache going on! While waiting I was text by my other agent, to say I wouldn't be needed on the film Wed & Thurs now (Shit!!.... That often happens with pencils, but I'd had to lose out on two well paid Ads, as I couldn't take them, due to the fact, I was pencilled for this film both the days! Which often happens in this game, so I lost out on 2 Ads & also 2 days filming!)

Then another bunch of us were called in to a bar area, I was stood with the Japanese girl, a very pretty tall black girl, a tall cheeky black guy & a cute, very funny, girl who definitely had some Latin blood in her veins, either Spanish, Greek or Italian, who did a mean Catherine Tate impression!! Then out of the blue the OLD 'Charlie' from TOWIE lookie likey (Like the shop keeper in 'Mr Ben') suddenly appeared from nowhere & joined us. 

We were told, we were all wealthy, so partying to excess, no booze limit, lots of drug taking etc has gone on & we are all either merry, drunk, or completely coked off our heads, or similar. So to interact with that in mind. Some were told to dance wildly, I decided to be very drunk & hitting on the old Charlie look alike! As the black guy & girl looked like a couple. I was being, slightly unsteady on my feet, with a bit of lapel & tie stroking, plus the pointy finger (Which I have often witnessed myself, many a time, when people watching, people flirting, while I was working in Pubs & Clubs) While holding my faux Mojito!!

BUT the old Charlie looky-likey, was really pushing his luck, running his hands, all over me, and groping my bum & gripping the back of my head & trying to pull my head to his to go in for a kiss, which I pulled away from, each time & I kept telling him not to do it, in the periods of non filming!! Because a) I don't fancy him even remotely & b) he had serious halitosis!! (I was polite enough, not to mention those two facts though!) But I was seriously, getting pissed off, with his wandering hands, I never groped him at all!! All I caressed was his tie (Lifted away from his body) The way I have seen people on E's do & the only physical contact from me to him, was my index finger prodding his right shoulder & just above where  his right pec would be (If he had any pec's) 

I did consider, giving him a slap around the kisser, outraged, drunk style. But we were miming our conversations, as not to drown out the main actors dialogue, so I wasn't sure how loud a noise my slap would make, or he'd make once it made contact!!?? During filming breaks the black guy, black girl & Latin looking girl said "You do a really good drunk, it looks really realistic, you have all the small nuances of body language & facial expressions down pat!!" I laughed & said that I'd observed a lot of drunks over the years, while working in pubs & clubs. 

They brought the Sun model in & situated him with a girl under each arm &I said "Very Essex Playboy!!" He smiled & said "I'm from Kent, we're much better!!" The group of three, I was stood by & chatting to (As the camera was set up for another angle) said that 'Old Charlie the Halitosis Kid' was well out of order, the way he was handling me & that they thought he was getting off on it! I said "Yes I think he is a bit of a perve & is too!! I'm getting really annoyed, I hope they change the set up soon, because I'm being professional in front of the cameras, but I'm going to deck him in a minute if we don't cut soon!!"  They laughed & said they didn't blame me.  

Luckily, next they were going to do some tight, close, shots of the actors, from an angle where we wouldn't be in shot, so we had a break. So the black girl and I, popped outside for a coffee, in the (Now) glorious sun (The Summer is here at last!!!!) While the stars did their close up's. (I'm afraid I can't give you the film's name or the names of the stars, but I can give you some very obscure clues, of the latter) A very funny, geeky comedian, a female comedian who has been in numerous sketch shows, the son of a well known comedy/character actor, with his own sitcom (Which I'm not keen on) plus a US actor from a crime show, who has also stared in a film, vaguely connected to fashion. 

The 'This Morning' model came out and joined us, with his older guy mate, who I deffo know from somewhere, but just can't place. Anyway we were having a good old chat, and I was saying about him being on 'Loose Women' a lot in his pants & we were asking if any of them, got a bit fresh, when he was around them, almost naked? And he gave us the goss & it wasn't Denise, or Colleen (Our odds on favourites!!) They also commented on how inappropriate & sleazy, the male SA, in my shot was being & the model said I should grab his cock/balls & squeeze very tightly if he start's again, I laughed & said "Knowing my like the freak will enjoy it & think his lucks in!!" They laughed & the older guy said "He is definitely a bit odd & pervy!" 

Then the Halitosis Kid arrived, on cue, to our table in the sun & he was asking the Kent model, who was he was booked via, for the Sun's, problem photo stories?? The model kindly told him & he said he always wanted to do that. I thought 'I bet!! So you can grope up female models, in their undies, you perve!!' He wasn't a looker, but he'd be OK for a stalker, or peeping tom, in the photo story's. But he wouldn't get used more than once, as if he is put with a model in her underwear, for a pic, he'd definitely touch her, inappropriately & they'd complain! I had a bit of the banter, with the model, about his, role in the Sun problem photo strip & he was doing some fun, lairy, flirty, banter with me, just as 'The Halitosis Kid' came out & said I was needed, again & as model boy made another suggestive comment, I laughed & said "OK, OK I get it your not GAY!!!" & We both laughed & I went back inside. 

I did some more filming, then we broke for lunch, again it came in the brown cardboard box, the same size as 2 stacks, of 3 packs, of playing cards, side by side. There was vegetarian, or non vegetarian choices again. I luckily got the last veggie option (I think a lot of non veggies, opted for the veggie option, maybe as a lot looked Jewish/Muslim) I opened it, to find, about a table spoon full of another, lukewarm offering of, tagliatelle pasta, with a bit of spicy tomato Ragu like sauce & one new potato, in it's jacket, the non veggies got the same pasta, but with two, pork meatballs on top. Everyone else, around me were moaning about the quality & quantity of the food again, as they ate out of the boxes, as we all watched the crew line up at the catering truck, getting plates full of tasty looking food & deserts & also going to the cappuccino & tuc shop van too.    

To be honest the veggie one, wouldn't of been too bad, if it was hot not lukewarm & wasn't in anorexic sized portions!! The Kent model & his older pal joined my table & we had a chat, the model was talking about, his dads side of the family, being Scottish & about being born there, but living in Kent, the majority of his life. He is a really nice, funny, down to earth chap, a lot of pretty boy models are either thick, arrogant or totally up themselves, and leave you thinking 'Oh dear what a shame!!' But not him, he was good fun. I asked him if he had a small role in the film? As I'd been seeing him in a lot of stuff & the  'John Bishops Britain' sketches showed he had good, comedic, acting skills & by the cast, this film was defo a comedy! He said no, he was just a SA, like the rest of us. 

He & I were talking about a recent case in the paper, where a barmaid, took her landlord boss, to court. For saying she'd make more money, in tips, if she wore a push up bra & lower neckline, to make her small boobs, seem more ample, and she got a big pay out! I said "It's not as if he'd groped her, like that odd SA did me today!! What would she of been paid out for that??" He joked that I could go to court & then say, that he'd groped me & spoke very inappropriately to me, on today's shoot & we'd split the takings! I laughed & said "As if anyone would believe, I would be upset by YOU doing either of those things!" 

Which reminded me of Ian's text earlier (When I text him that the Sun model was here) Ian had text 'LOL Give him a free motorboat' So I told him what Ian had text & he'd never heard of the term motorboating, so I explained what it was (Mainly a man shaking his head side to side in your cleavage.... I've No idea, what anyone would actually get out of that to be honest!!) He laughed & said he was game, if I was, which made me laugh. I did a bit more filming & then I joined the gang outside again.

A while later I went to the loo & 'The Halitosis Kid' came up & said "Your a very sexy woman, you know, if you wan't to get jiggy with me, for real afterwards, I'm game!!" Shocked, I just gave him a dirty look & said "I was just ACTING when I was flirting on camera I've NO INTEREST in getting Jiggy!!!" I quickly pooped in the loo & back out to the others, to escape pervy pants. We were sat out there, in the sun a while & it was very, very hot & the crew handed out, a FAB ice lolly to everyone. The model was making me laugh, making dirty groaning noises, when I was sucking my ice lolly & when I was wiping, some of it, off the side of my mouth, or licked my lips. I laughed & said "It's funny how it's not offensive, when someone good looking acts pervy, but it is when someone ugly or creepy does" Then I said what 'The Halitosis Kid' said when I went to the loo & the older chap said "There is something not quite right with that one, he is definitely, a bit of a mentalist!!" 

Eventually it was a wrap & I got the mini bus, back to base. Sat with the model & older guy (I only realised on train home, none of us, had asked, each other what our names were, which was a 1st) We got away from pervy, who had to get on the 2nd one (Phew!!) I handed in my chit, then went to my rail space, in wardrobe, where my case was  & changed back to my morning attire. I knew, even though it was now early evening & cooling, that I was going to be sweating it, in my Ugg style boots & long coat, on the way home. But I was whey too laden down, to carry it, along with my case, umbrella & tote bag! I came out & saw the older guy & asked if he was on FB? He said "No!" I said it was a shame, as he could of updated me, if pervy was acting weird again tomorrow (As pervy, the older guy & the model, were all in again tomorrow) He said to give him my number & he'd report back if there was anything good to report, and to let me know if he hears of any good jobs! So I slipped him my card. 

I was stood, unravelling my iPod Shuffle's earphones, when the model joined, the longish chit queue. I was surprised & said "You still here? I thought you were long gone!" He said "I was so keen to get my stuff, I forgot to hand in my chit when there was no queue!" I continued untangling my ear phones & he handed in his chit & came over & kissed me on both cheeks & said "Bye have a good week!" & I replied "Thanks you too hun!" Eventually with the earphones sorted, I set off for the short journey to the station, while listening to my favourite tunes & totally wired on caffeine, from all the coffee's, I got a direct train home shortly after..... result!!

I got off the train & sweated my way, as I walked home in my coat & Ugg's from the station home. Back in, I was now feeling tired & not in the mood for cooking, yet peckish, so I just had a bowl of porridge while watching 'The Eurovision, First, Semi Final' Then I checked my emails, Facebook & Twitter & then I watched the bizarre 'My Big Fat Fetish' (Below) There is something, seriously wrong & sinister, with feeders, they are slowly murdering, the person they claim to love & desire. I'm glad I ate my porridge before watching, with all the gargantuan, pasty, porridge textured, cellulite riddled, thighs on show! Ugggh!! 

Then I watched 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' before finally crashing out for the night (Calories consumed 1,320 good)

Wednesday 23rd May, I had a weird dream where I was having an affair, with my friend Jennie's, husband (Odd..... As he is a pleasant enough guy, but soooo not my type & even if he was, I'd never get involved with someone who is married, let alone to a friend, that's just tacky!!) Even if the guy was separated & not even separated from a friend, it would still feel wrong!! They seemed to have a blonde haired little boy (They actually have 2 girls one blonde, one dark) He came running over to me, in the spare room (I've no idea what I was doing in there?) & he jumped on top of me & hugged me really tight, like I was his mum. 

Jennie came home & her hubby Ed was going to tell her, that he was leaving her for me, he'd said so earlier & I was thinking 'No Don't tell her!!.... I really don't want this!!!'  Then I was in my old Gate House, in Warninglid Sussex & I was just about to head off to the local shop/post office, and was going over the bridge & a car, then a van, passed me, one continued straight down the drive towards the manor house, the other turned to park at mine, it looked like, an old fashioned hearse, but without glass windows at the back & sides. It had the old the black cab, shaped front, but it was pail beige, with black writing on the sides. I seemed to think it was an insurance co & was in connection to, a call I'd made earlier & so I turned around, to head back, towards the house & van, then I was woken by the phone.

The call was from a woman, from InTraining, saying it was about the M&S job, I'd applied for & telling me, that they'd be emailing me a online questionnaire & test to fill in. A few moments later my friend Ian phoned, he'd just been filming his speaking role, as a Scottish Priest & asked how my film had gone yesterday? I told him about the weird, bad breathed, jug-eared pervy guy. Also the nice extras & the sweet, pretty boy, Kent, model, who plays a young John Britain in 'John Bishops Britain' (Which both Ian & I have both been on) He is meant to be gay, in this weeks 'Dear Deirdre' story in 'The Sun' this week. I said to Ian, that he (The Kent model) was a really good laugh, along with his 50yr mate, who I have worked with before, years ago, but can't recall on what? I told Ian, that he'd also found Ian's text suggestion that I 'Motor-Boated' him amusing & was game on!! I still don't get what guy's, who do like to motorboat, get out of, motor-boating girls boobs??? It's not as if you get a queue of women, begging guys to tea bag them!! (It's a funny old world!!)

I got up had a shower, pulled on my acid yellow bikini & navy & white striped, strapless tube dress, plus my navy sunglasses, with big stars at the sides, which I got in Dubai. Then I popped to the newsagents & got a Sun paper, a few cans of Diet Coke & Now magazine & then came back home & sat out in the sun, with my paper, magazine & laptop. I did the M&S test on my laptop & then chilled with the paper & Now & Closer magazine in the glorious sunshine (Lovely) Summer is finally here!! I had a Quorn fake ham & Branston pickle roll, with some chilli Doritos for lunch, while sat out in the sun, then I continued to read the paper. The front page news is about those unelected, interfering, irritating, EU, arseholes, in Brussels, saying that the UK must give our scum prisoners, the right to vote, due to that soddin Human Rights Bill (You have NO bloody rights, human or otherwise if your jailed, criminal, scum!!!) Keep your soddin, foreign, noses, out of our business EU!!

Meanwhile thanks to the EU's dithering & interfering, Abu Qatada's 'Human Rights' lawyers have been paid £21Million in legal aid (From the UK's purse) Over the past 10yrs of us trying to evict the scum (Above) from the UK, I don't think foreigners who have paid no money in taxes, or prisoners foreign or English should be entitled to legal aid, they should pay it for themselves or represent themselves!! End of!! 

Birnberg Peirce & Partners, fronted by Gareth Peirce has had an average of £181,000 in tax payers funded, legal aid a month since 2002! Ms Pierce has represented other terrorist scum too such as the Tipton Taliban members, a Brit Guantanamo Bay detainee & the Guildford four (Wonder how she sleeps at night?) She has laughingly described it as "Astonishing" that the UK wants to deport Qatada to Jordan (Lets have a vote on it & see just how un-astonishing it actually is!!) The money grabbing bint even said she doesn't trust jury's as they are willing to jail her "Innocent Clients" I bet she is a IRA sympathiser & wannabe terrorist herself!

The bragging, 20yr playboy, munter (Above) who strangled his beautiful 17yr girlfriend Emily Longley, was told by one of our brilliant judges Mrs Justice Linda Dobbs (Thank god there are still some) to "Put away your thoughts of champagne, Bentleys & girls" The evil, jewellers son, was told to concentrate on the 16yr LIFE sentence, that she had meted out to him (Lovely shame it's not longer) adding he showed a 'Chilling' lack of remorse for the murder of his girlfriend Emily. The moron had boasted in his remand cell of being cleared of the killing & returning to a life of "Bentleys, champagne & birds!" Adding his dad would reward him for his acquittal, with a £9,000 party & a Porsche, the arrogant moron even fantasized about selling his life story to Hollywood!! 

Elliot With Emily, Hours Before He Murdered Her!!

Emily had text her mum hours before being killed on Mothers Day, saying she was thinking of leaving her vile boyfriend because of his 'Controlling threatening behaviour' The arrogant murderer even said "Bullshit!!" as judge Dobbs gave him his life sentence. He mouthed it again when he was told the murder was premeditated. His parent's will be sentenced later for perverting justice, hope they don't get off lightly either, especially the mum!

Murdering Bitch Amanda Knox (No I do not believe she was innocent) has sickeningly been voted one of the worlds sexiest women. The 24yr American cleared last year of the murder of Brit student Meredith Kercher, she was number 92 in Maxim magazine's 'Hot 100' 

Moses Mathias 18, Britain's youngest hit man & prison 'Lifer' who shot dead Giuseppe Gregory 16, when he was 15, has boasted about his cushy life in jail ON FACEBOOK, boasting about his designer gear, long lay in's & acupuncture sessions, by using a smuggled in smartphone, he took pictures of his cosy cell & joked "Yh i have a tv 20channels it is gd x" He also added snaps of numerous Dolce & Gabbana shoes, Stone Island jeans, Playboy T-shirt & his G-Shock watch, while boasting "Wardrobe looking very Italian today!!" 

He also showed off his muscles honed in the Merseyside jail's gym, in topless snaps! His FB profile is under the fake name of James Gruffalo, which has 116 friends (Who obviously like, murdering scum in jails) One sickening status update is "Having lunch & getting back in bed, am having a lazy one, just waiting for 'The Voice' 2nyt can't wait!" I thought prisons were meant to be regimented, with chores & classes & doing jobs for free (Modern day mail bag sewing) with just a bit of recess, no wonder criminal scum re offend, it is probably better in there than it is at home!! He was put in solitary confinement & his cell searched, no mention of if the phone was found & what else if anything (Drugs, weapons etc??) Time Ken Clarke was ousted & jails got a damn site more tough & basic, that would save, a shed load of cash for the country.

After I'd read the paper I  looked at my Closer Magazine, there was a double page spread, on the family with 17 kids (Above) who lost 6 in an arson fire in their home. With the title - Tragic Dad: 'I love my children more than life itself' Dad-of-17 Mick Philpott lost six of his children in a devastating arson attack. He says donating his teenage boy's organs has helped 'take a bit of the pain away'..... This is making me very uneasy again, if I lost just one child, to a fire. I'd be so devastated, I'd be hardly be able to talk to my family, months after the event, let alone to journalists, just weeks after, if a journo was buzzing round me, at a time of such a great loss, of 6 kids, I'd tell them to go fuck themselves!! It is like their using the kids death's to coin in more money, the way they did before the death's with TV appearances, magazine & newspaper articles before the fire!! (I bet they never reported those earnings, to the DSS)  Something I can't put my finger on doesn't sit right over this!!

At around 4pm I had a Solero & more Diet Coke to cool off & read my magazines & did the crosswords etc. My bowels seem to be thankfully back to normal & regular today & also the lack of damp, plus the added sunshine, has banished my pain, so there's no need to take the Co-Codamol, anti-inflammatory's which cause the constipation. At 6pm I went indoors to catch up with yesterdays 'Home & Away' on Ch5 & then watched today's on 5*. That finished I checked my Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail & then did a bit a bit of blogging & spotted that GLPGoddess, had left yet another, snide message, about 'Cutting room floors' (Yawn!!.... boring!!.... same old comments, every time!!.... Change the record!!) 

I'm not sure if that, is actually supposed to irk me?? I'm guessing yes, but I really, honestly, couldn't give a toss. If paid work goes on the cutting room floor, your still paid, so who cares & unpaid work is rarely cut down, let alone cut, either way you have had a fun day if it's cut who really cares, and only some 'Showbusiness' stuff has been cut, nothing else... big deal. As for the comment 'If you knew who I was, you'd understand why' That makes me laugh, as it is very apparent 'Who it is'. I'd actually have some respect for them, if they had the balls to say what they do my face, or over the phone, or even on here, under a profile, set up as their REAL Self, not as the crap GLP pseudonym, which they cowardly try to hide behind (How Sad!) 

At 7pm I was peckish but didn't fancy a cooked meal, so just had a tuna mayo baguette & some more chilli Doritos (As spicy food speeds metabolism up) & a Diet Coke. Alley the Journalist called me up, as she wanted me in a magazine line up, on sex through the ages. Apparently a survey says, girls in teens to 20's wait months to sleep with their boyfriends (Due to worrying about being thought a slag) Women in there 30's wait 1or 2 weeks, and women in their 40's get stuck in straight away & have loads of shags on their 1st date. Personally I think that survey is absolute bollocks, but I'll get back to that. I told Alley, thanks for the offer & I could do with the money, but I was unwilling to represent, those figures for the 40's as.....

a) I think it is a total load of bollocks (Not sure who the hell they surveyed for those figures??) 

b) That's not me at all, when it comes to dating,

I'm no angel & I have had, the occasional 1 night stand on holiday (Normally, because he was cute & I'd been celibate 1-2yrs, so was feeling bloody frustrated) But holiday romances/one-night-stands, are not dating!! So I said I was sorry, but she'd have to get someone else. As I'm not willing to lie, that I'm quick to sleep with someone, just for some easy £££. But I suggested she might try fellow 'OMG Cougar' Birgita who is a bit of a man eater & is a friend of mine on Facebook. I contacted Birgita, she said, thanks for thinking of her, but she was away on holiday abroad!

Personally I think it's the girls in their Teens/20's sleeping around, NOT the 40's!! Like the teens/20's on Geordie Shaw, Big Brother or on those holiday's abroad shows! You also see them in London etc binge drinking, until they're off their faces, in little more than a bra, thong & a tutu. Letting guys, publicly touch them, here there & everywhere (With absolutely NO shame!) & drunkenly sticking there tongues, down the throats of every & any guy, that shows the remotest of interest in them. The younger guys who hit on me, tell me they prefer older women, as they are not only more interesting to talk to, but they are more of a challenge to get into bed. That it's way too easy to get girls their age (in their 20's) into bed, who then act like like porn stars, making all the right noises, but leaving the guys wondering, if they were actually any good? Or if the girls were just acting? Or if they were so busy acting in bed, that they forgot to enjoy themselves??

In your 30's, you really make guys work hard for it. As you know if you don't, the game is over quickly & they loose interest & hunt down someone new. Then in your 40's your happy enough in your own skin, to know, that although you might very much LIKE to have a guy in your life, you really don't NEED one!! So you are keen to filter out the waste of times & the very cute, but no long term prospects, keeping & concentrating on the quality, attractive & it could work candidates, spending much more time, finding out if they are compatible out of bed, before you even begin to start worrying, if they will be compatible in it. So we take longer to get to the intimate stage. Unless your a woman in your 40's in a sexless marriage, who needs a sexual release, bit on the side, or a middle aged, financially stable, career woman, who doesn't want a man in her life, except for some sex!! So I really think that Survey result is bollocks & whoever filled the surveys, in the majority lied!!

I watched 'Secret Eaters' I just can't see how those people are so massively underestimating their calories or how, they are shocked when presented with their weeks food & drink!!?? Surely they must be aware of exactly what they are troughing down!! I did some emails & blogging while 'Peter Andre: My Life' was on, then I suddenly realised 'The Apprentice' was on at 9pm NOT 10pm (Whoops!!) So I'll have to watch that twat Stephen Brady (Below) being fired on iPlayer.  

I watched 'TOWIE' the Chihuahua of Billi's, Elvis, did a poo almost as big as himself on camera. I LOVE Gemma, BUT she DID keep on making GAY digs & accusations at Charlie, as well as, also strongly Emphasise "I have a MASCULINE boyfriend NOW" in yet another, obviously aimed dig at Charlie. She can deny it, or call him paranoid, as much as she likes, but he is spot on there & it really is Gemma who has issues & is not moving on, not Charlie! She was the one who looked bad, NOT him. 

Gemma & Charlie

Another person looking worse this season, is Arg who's gone from likeable, to arrogant tosser! Little Chris is creepy, but funny!! But I wished they were not bringing back, Lauren Goodger though, as it is so better without her & her vile personality. She was in it, briefly today, but she might as well not been, for all she contributed. She was in Cara Kilbey's mum's garden with Cara & the two Billi's, Billi Mucklows, dog Elvis took a crap, as Lauren was talking, which said it all!! I had another Diet Coke & watched 'Desperate Housewives' before crashing for the night. My left knee is playing up a bit, I think it might rain overnight (Calories Consumed 1,709 oops!!)

Thursday 24th May, I woke at 9am, with pain in my coccyx & in my hips, I think it will rain later, so it is back on the Diclofenac today. I popped on the scales, I have lost three & a quarter pounds since Sunday, no doubt due to my constipation being over (Well for now) It's hot & sunny out, so it is red & white striped bikini with gold trim & my same navy/white, Primark, strapless, tube dress over the top, then I popped to the shop for my Sun paper. I checked my Hotmail, I didn't get through, to the Marks & Spencer interview, after doing the long, boring, 90min, interactive, video questionnaire yesterday!... Bugger!! 

Oh well, I've applied to lots of others, I had a shower & had some porridge & a coffee for my breakfast & sat in the sun, to make the most of it, while it lasts. I sat listening to my iPod shuffle, as I read the paper. A 50yr Indian woman is dying of Rabies, in London, after being bitten, by a rabid puppy, while on holiday in India, it was missed by her GP & also at her two visits to hospital A&E's. Due to there being no Rabies in the UK, since the early 1900's. There was only one other case in the UK, back in 2005 after a 39yr, British, shop assistant, on holiday in Goa India, was bitten by a dog.

The BRAVE sister, of Shafilea Ahmed, told of how she'd watched her parents (Below) Murder her poor, pretty, sister (Above) after their vile mother declared "Just finish it!!" What kind of evil, sick, twisted, bitch could condone a so called 'Honour Killing' (The Sick Bastards!! It's Amazing how ONLY Daughters are 'Honour killed' & not Son's) Alisha Ahmed wept, as she told the court how, her repulsive parents, pinned down, a helpless, 17yr old Shafilea & shoved a plastic bag, in the poor love's mouth, in front of her three YOUNGER sisters & a brother (No doubt to terrify them into never disobeying them, or they know what will happen to them!) 

Then put their hands, over her face, so she couldn't breathe!! Brave Alisha, now 23, said that her sister gasped for air & then struggled, before eventually lying still. Adding "That was it she was gone" Poor pretty Shafilea's body was found 6 months later. Her parent's killed her for being 'Too Westernised' bringing 'Shame' on her family (So Murder isn't shameful??) If her killing by them, was so 'HONOURABLE'.... Then why deny they did it!!? Of course she was 'Westernised', you vile scum, you brought her & her siblings up in the West, if you wanted your children to be, just willing slaves, with no minds of there own, you should of stayed in Pakistan & brought them up there!!! You Evil, Twisted, Sick, Bastards!!!!

There was more on the annoyance of people, that, from 'The Black Eyed Peas' was a Olympic torch bearer in Taunton Somerset (I thought the rules re torch bearers, were they had to be local people, from the UK area's, that the torch is carried through, who'd done much for the community!!) Has nobody in Somerset done anything for their community? Or are they all too broke, to fork out the £200 for the honour? Prize plonker, is American, NOT British & as far as I know has done nothing for Somerset!! People were also angry that he tweeted, as he carried the torch, which they found Disrespectful (He's lucky his parents are not vile Iftikhar & Farzana Ahmed above, or he'd find his Blackberry, along with a plastic bag in his mouth!!)

The Brit woman, accused of having sex, naked, in the back of a Dubai cab, with a Irishman. Becky Blake, 29 (Above) has been fired by her embarrassed bosses (Below) from recruitment firm Manpower Professionals. She say's, that the accusations are total Bullshit & she was alone. And her only crime, was having a bottle of beer in the cab. But IF she was alone!!.... HOW did they manage to arrest the Irish welder?...... If HE wasn't there???... Hmmmm!!?

I read a bit of my 3rd Grace Dent book 'Shiraz The Ibiza Diaries' sat in the courtyard, the sun is lovely and warm on my shoulders. I feel like a solar panel, absorbing the suns power, for energy! Then I fixed a Quorn, version, of a ham ploughman's sandwich, for lunch had with some chilli Doritos, all washed down with a Diet Coke. I enjoyed the sun some more & had a Solero, to cool myself down as I'd got a bit hot & sweaty. My garden is in bloom, but it's odd, as my Daffodils started coming up, early in Jan-Feb, with the leaves all shot up. I expected the flowers in March, when the weather was lovely for a week or two, but we are in Mid May now & the leaves are still there, but the flowers never came!! I wondered if the peach roses I put on mums grave, opened out fully with the rain & sun? I went back indoors at 5pm, to watch my friend Ian Mann, on the game show 'The Chase' on ITV, he made some daft faux passes, but came through in the end, winning himself £4000. Then I watched 'Home & Away' & had a apple & a Diet Coke.

I did a load of job searches & audition searches online & applied to a load. I was watching 'Phil Spencer: Secret Agent' then suddenly remembered it's the 2nd 'Eurovision Semi Finals' on BBC3 & I'd missed 30mins of the 2hr show 'Bugger!!' Why it's hidden away, on their 3rd channel? & not on BBC1 or BBC2 I don't know. Then I watched 'The Hoarder Next Door' I recognised some of my own tendency's in the hoarder, like with the newspaper & train ticket, hoarding etc. Since mum died, in fact, I have been a virtual recluse in my own home & lived mainly in my bedroom, like a bedsit, since mum died. I have tried getting back to going in my lounge like I use to, but for some reason I seem to revert back to spending 98.9% of my time in my bedroom, like returning to the womb. Talking of my bedroom, I haven't seen my mouse roomy, since February!! Hope the poor thing found a way out & is not dead!! It was very cute!!

I hung up a load of my clean laundry & clothes I'd dumped over the hall banisters, after emptying one case load, of outfits I took to the Advert I did & the 2nd lot from Midsomer & I still have the last lot, from the film, to empty out of the case & hang up!! (As soon as I get the back room organised & tidy, due to looking for clothes & props for filming and eBay bits to post that I'd sold! I end up getting it tidy & then making it a mess again, when I have to load up a case of costumes, for my next venture, or find the items I have sold on eBay) I must get back on top of this, I have let it slide since mum died. Candie reckons I'm still suffering from depression, she may be right, I stopped taking the anti depressants & I had no support from the NHS, except them throwing drugs at me anyway & then never bothered to follow up with my sessions, to see the Prosaic doc when she cancelled my appointment, as she'd decided to go abroad for Xmas & then never bothered to book me back in, on her return. (She was sod all help anyway, to be honest!) So I just got on with it alone as I had no boyfriend, family or friends local, for any support. Then I watched ITV2's 'The Exclusives' a new show, which I must say was rather disappointing, but maybe it will improve with the new challenges. Then I read a bit more of my Grace Dent book 'Shiraz, The Ibiza Diaries' then finished over 3/4 of it & went to sleep around 1.30-2am (Calories consumed 1,572 Good)

Friday 25th May, I had a very long very complicated dream, which was far too busy, to recall the details of, but I think acting/filming was involved again. I woke with a bad pain in my coccyx, it's my own fault, for decreasing the amount, of anti-inflammatory Co-Codamol, I'm taking with my Ibuprofen (To try stay regular) I have to accept, I need to take the full amount & make senna pod's my new friend!! How Sexy NOT!! I had a wash & made myself porridge & a coffee for breakfast. I wore my red & white striped bikini, under my red & white deckchair striped, Primark, halter-neck, maxi dress, and sat out in my courtyard, with a Diet Coke & big, black, Bruce Oldfield sunglasses, to read the paper. 

I read the paper, the front page has two disgusting story's. The 1st was about firemen, and engineers, having to demolish part of a house, in South Wales (Above) To get a 63st, 19yr old, to hospital. This girl Georgia, has been in my blog before, with her yo-yoing weight, if she dies, her mum (Below) can pat herself on the back, for being the one, to feed her to death with crap!! 

Super obese, teen, Georgia Davis, is her mum's carer & her step father has cancer, one has to wonder how much they amass on benefits between them?? To be able to afford the huge amount of junk food Georgia & her mum consume to get so huge!! The teen was 33st at 15yrs, then after going to an American boot camp, she dropped almost half her weight, 15st, to become 18st at 16yrs. 

 Georgia After US Fat Camp Got Her Down To 18st 

But back at her parents, within a year she gained 22st, to become 40st (I'm angry at myself, for gaining 3st, in 3yrs after mum died unexpectedly!! I can't even imagine being 22st, let alone imagine actually gaining 22st!!) Then over the next two years, she gained yet another 23st, to become a whopping 63st at 19yrs. Now, even if that food, is all fried junk food & sweets & biscuits, she will have had to have consumed, an obscene amount, to have gained 45st in 3years!! (I just can't comprehend gaining 45st in 3yrs, that's a huge weight gain, of 15st a year, that's several stone heavier than me, a year!!) How can a extremely obese carer, on a carers allowance & two parents on sickness benefit, afford the amount of food, that you'd need to gorge on, to gain a mammoth 45st in 3years??

The operation to get, super obese Georgia, out of the housing association house, took the resources of a 40 strong team, of medics, plus 28 firemen & engineers. After Georgia collapsed with breathing problems. When paramedics realised Georgia was too big to be taken out through the doors. It involved demolishing the top half, of her mums, sunken, semi-detached house, with some sledge hammers & circular saws, to make a 10ft by 10ft hole. Then they tore down, an internal, dividing wall, to get to Georgia the Gorger, in the back bedroom. 

They then had to erect scaffolding, to support a 20ft long ramp, fitted roof supports, then lifted Georgia onto the special stretcher (That weighs 11stone) on to the ramp with a crane. She was then gently eased into a special ambulance, that was reinforced to carry her weight!! Where she was taken to hospital with a oxygen mask over her face. Her anxious mum (Below) said "There is a lot going on right now" No shit Sherlock!! Well if there wasn't so much going on her plate, thousands of pounds of taxpayers money, wouldn't be going on this freak show & your daughter, wouldn't be rushing head 1st into her grave before her 20's!!

Days earlier Georgia told Facebook friends "I'm in bed but problem is I can't get up, earlier I was blocked on the toilet for 20mins & if you sat on the loo for that long it bloody hurts!!" Neighbours told how Georgia's weight had rocketed over the past year & how she'd been "effectively immobile for 6months" Georgia is a registered carer for her arthritic mother & step father with cancer, but in effect her mother looked after her (But obviously not well, with the obscene amount of food, she has obviously been shovelling down Georgia/allowing Georgina to eat!!) Because at Georgia's obscene, gargantuan, size, she could only eat, what was in the house, or was made for her. As she was obviously, too huge, to leave the house, to go to the shops & top up on sweets/biscuits/take-away's, on top of what she'd already got at home!! 

Georgia suffered from type 2 diabetes & crippling pain, at 15yrs when she weighed a hefty 33st (Practically half what she weighs now!!) Back then medic's told her to lose 20st or die. So she was packed off, to an American Fat Camp, in North Carolina. In just 9 months there, she'd lost an impressive 14st 6lb, with the 1st 6st vanishing in just weeks, by eating a diet that included, lean buffalo meat burgers.

Georgia, who originally took up two plane seats, enjoyed hikes, basket ball & even tennis, at the camp, shrinking from size 38, to a size 22, she then could wear fashionable clothes, for the 1st time! (Above) But within 20months, of Georgia coming home, she had gained, even more weight than she'd lost & ended up at 40st 6lb!! 7st 6lb MORE, than when she started!! (I'm fuming at myself for going from a size 8 to a 12-14!! I can't Imagine how she thinks of her self??) That's all thanks to a 13,000 calorie-a-day diet!!.. WTF!!!!.. If I gorged myself until I felt sick, I doubt I could manage more than 4,000 cals in a day!! Her DAILY calories, are around what I eat in one WEEK!!! 

How do they afford such a huge quantity of food?? On the day she came home from the USA Fat Camp, her mum gave her fish & chips for dinner as her mum said "I didn't have any time to prepare healthy food!!" WTF!! The selfish, bone idle bitch, had 9 months, while her daughter was in the US to prepare! She knew WHEN her daughter would be flying home to the UK, so she easily had a whole soddin week, to stock the fridge, with healthy food choices, a bloody salad, or grilled chicken/burger/steak & salad, or veg wouldn't take long!! 

Lean Buffalo Steak

A salad would take a lot less time than cooking fish & chips, but of course that fat, lazy, mother wouldn't even have made that! She'd of just bought them from the chippy!!! When her daughter dies (& she will soon at this rate!!) It will be that self-centred, lazy, feeders, fault!! By August last year 18yr Georgia was 45st & ravaged by worry over both her parents health, saying "I was looking after them all the time, I was feeling so sad, that they were both going down hill so fast, that I stopped taking care of myself!!" I'm sorry for the girl, to a degree, BUT the amount she must of gorged on, to be eating 13,000 cals a day & gain 45st, in just 3 years, is obscene, it's greedy & way beyond comfort eating!! And her parents should of put locks on fridge & food cupboards, if they really cared about her, then she'd have to walk to a shop, to get food & have some exercise!! 

The other disgusting (Yet not surprising news at all!!) news item, was about a football stars, Blackberry sex ring. The sleazy stars pass round pictures of their naked/half naked conquests, with address/phone number details to each other, to use like a take away, nookie, menu, for when they are staying in the (Often, very easy, soccer groupie) girls areas. At least 4 top soccer stars are involved, that have played for England. They have created two Blackberry groups to share the girls around called 'Brotherhood' & 'Hoodratz' both sounding very 'black ghetto' to me. Which makes me wonder, if the head honcho & creators of each group, are black?? Many of the 'Group' have Wives & Girlfriends. One of them, even bought a secret handset, so his partner didn't discover his sordid antic's, how lovely!!

(Why do girls/women, want to prostitute themselves, for footballers, in hopes of being a WAG? God only knows? 90% of footballers are scum, most thick as 2 short planks. If you want to be with a dumb ass, who earns a fortune for kicking a ball about & treats women like shit, while thinking he is gods gift, you need your bloody head examined!!) It is a very select hush, hush, group, only those trusted to keep schtum are invited! Which also includes a big-name boxer (Imran Khan??) 10-15 top stars are involved in the sex ring, which has been operating for 6months (Wonder if the scum bag footballer, jailed for rape, was among them??) The players load the girls picture up to the groups & include their phone numbers & addresses. Then members scroll through the uploaded pictures, add comments & contact the girls they like the look of, like a free escort service. 

There are more than 40 photos of women of all ages. A lot of snaps are naked & topless pictures, the girls (Dumb F**ks ) have taken themselves & sent to the footballers (Stupid idiots) Did they really think they wouldn't get shown round?? The girls are the type that target footballers in bars & clubs, who are very easy sex (So my sympathy for them, is scant at best!) They're from all over the UK, Birmingham, Manchester, London etc So if a player from the North was going to London, he can scroll through the girls & look at ones in London & pick one to meet up with like a escort menu (But without the high prices!!)

The group rule is, you must not let the girl know about the group, or how he got their number. They normally say they got it off a friend of a friend, these girls must be super dumb to accept that! (Or just an easy slag, because it's a famous footballer/boxer calling!!) New photo's are added to the group, at all times, day & night & the players are in competition, to upload the fittest girl! The source said the player who bought the 2nd BB handset behind his partners back was getting addicted to looking at the pictures & was terrified of his partner finding out. I hope she does & kicks him to the kerb & isn't an idiot like Giggs wife! 

Some ex members left the group, because the notifications of NEW women were too regular. While others left as they found the way the girls were talked about derogatory (Was one of these the whistle blower??) I wonder if some of the girls are now cottoning on that they are one of the girls, after realising they have had quite a lot of random calls from different footballers?? (So much for that survey claiming girls in their 20's were slow to jump into bed!)

There was also a great story about a iPhone. A thick thief who stole an American passengers iPhone, when she was on holiday on a Disney Cruise, in April, aboard the 'Disney Wonder' that he worked on. The idiot took loads of pictures on it, of himself, his friends & girlfriend. The idiot didn't realise all pictures were automatically uploaded via Apples iCloud to her account, that can be accessed anywhere in the world! (How Beautiful) The thieving tosser called Nelson even had his ship name badge on in the pictures (Oh how Kathy McCaffrey, must have laughed to herself, as she opened her iCloud account!!) 

She quickly informed Disney who recovered her iPhone & put Nelson on 'Administrative leave' Kathy who obviously has a great sense of humour, created a Facebook Album, entitled 'Stolen iPhone Adventures' posting some of Nelson's pictures. The album has gone viral (Click title above to see) Kathy's captions show her great sense of humour, with comments such as... 'This is Nelson, Nelson stole my iPhone' 'Here's the crew in that room that Nelson likes to eat in!' 'Here is a beautiful sunset Nelson had time to capture, all on my stolen iPhone' 'Uh oh Nelson's girlfriend does not look happy with him...... I know the feeling' 'No denying it Nelson, that is your name tag, isn't it?' Disney Cruise Lines say they have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behaviour!! When they found her phone in his cabin, they should of taken a photo of the look on his face, when he was caught out & one of him being escorted to shore, for her to add to her Album collection. admits no good at singing...... That's not news to anyone who has heard him sing live or on 'The Voice' he admitted he uses auto tune mikes (If he was using one, on 'The Voice' while singing 'Tonight's Gonna Be A Goodnight' then he is doubly screwed, as he was bloody dire!!..... Mind you all four of the judges were!!)

A second Brit, in Leeds, was feared to have contracted rabies after being bitten by a dog in Pakistan. Meanwhile the woman in hospital with rabies after being bit by a pup in India is unlikely to survive! 20 people who have come in contact with her including 6 relatives have been vaccinated against the disease.

Brilliant USA, symbolically slashed aid to Pakistan, after Pakistan jailed a brave doctor, who helped the CIA, track down Osma bin Laden (Proving the corrupt country, probably knew full well, that the Terrorist was hiding near their army barracks, and they were shielding him..... fucking traitors!!) The US has rightly cut support by $33million, a million for every year Dr Shakeel Afridi (Below) was sentenced to (Good for them, I wish the UK would follow suit, but they just don't have the balls!!)

In other news (Not in the Sun) Rip Off Britain is alive and well. As the Olympic Food Prices, are revealed:

Coffee £2.40
Beefburger £5.90
Bottle of Water (100ml) £1.60

It may not seem horrific at 1st, you just think 'I'll just pack a lunch and a bottle of few cans of drink' BUT your not permitted to take any food, or drink (in excess of 100 ml) onto the site with you! So depending how long your there, you will either have to stuff your face 1st to avoid getting hungry, or pay for the high priced junk food (Will there be veggie options?) But if the weather is hot, like it is at the moment, you will get very thirsty & 100ml of drink, will not last you long! They will say of course, that all this is to thwart terrorists (Like limited liquids allowed on planes) but that's just a load of bullshit & it's all about fleecing the public, as much as possible!! If they gave a toss about security, they'd of been making the site secure, since they began building it. But a fake bomb, was easily smuggled in, by a worker, showing what a load of balls, their security there is, and the rocket launchers, on top of flats roofs etc is a joke!!

I had a cheese & tomato baguette for lunch, with some tasty chilli Doritos, an apple & a Diet Coke, while listening to my iPod & reading my 3rd Grace Dent book 'Shiraz The Ibiza Diaries' which like the other two was amusing and quick to get into, if a tad predictable in places, but I think they are more aimed at teens, than for middle aged women lol. 

Nicely bronzed, I went back indoors at 6pm & watched 'Home & Away' 'Coronation Street' & 'Come Dine With Me' then I made a egg & Fakon baguette, followed by an apple, plus a Solero. Then I watched the brilliant '8 Out Of 10 Cats' followed by the funny 'Very Important People' Morgana Robinson, does really brilliant Impersonations, of Amy Childs, Adele, Fearn Cotton, Cheryl Cole, Natalie Cassidy & her brilliant observation, of Amy Childs face pulling, when she talks, is spot on!! The Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsay & Dr Christian Jessen are very amusing too. 

 Morgana's Cheryl Cole 
 Morgana's Fearn Cotton 
 Morgana's Adele 
 Morgana's Natalie Cassidy (Sonya in EastEnders)
Morgana's Amy Childs
Terry Mynott's - Dr Christian Jessen 

Then I had an apple & a coffee, while I watched 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' with the brilliant John Bishop on. Then I watched 'Stand Up For the Week' before eventually going to bed at 1am, and finishing my 3rd Grace Dent book (Calories consumed 1,698 good girl)

Saturday 26th May, I woke at 8am the sun was shining brightly outside & I was pain free (Hurrah) wish every day, in the UK, was hot like this. Feeling revitalised & energised by the sun, like my battery's have been charged, I'm guessing it's how people with S.A.D must feel, I certainly feel a new person, in the summer (If it's sunny!!) I had a coffee & took two Co-Codamol (To make sure I stay pain free, I will take my ibuprofen or my Diclofenac if & when needed!!) Then had a thick & creamy, fruit yoghurt, for breakfast Yummmmmmy!! 

I  had a shower & hair wash & wore my white, New Look, Bikini with silver & gold rhinestones on & my red & white, deckchair striped, long, Primark dress, with rope halter-neck straps, with my white flip flops. I put on my D&G sunglasses my sister Julie got me, for Xmas one year & popped to the shop, for my Sun newspaper. Then I set up a chair in the courtyard & read the paper. It is very hot in my courtyard again today. Yesterdays temperature was a glorious 83F (28.5C) & this weather should last until Wednesday.

The two headlines today, were both about teens!! First about that 63st teen, Georgia's epic removal from her home, and into an ambulance, that cost an obscene £100,000 of tax payers money, a bill almost as big as the family's girth. She is now being monitored constantly in hospital. Meanwhile rebuilding her parent's house could cost £20,000, which they of course won't be paying anything towards. Meanwhile they are being put up in a nearby hotel (Room service is going to be busy!!) Georgia is in hospital, with respiratory problems, spinal problems, plus kidney disease & diabetes, which her 57yr mum & 73yr step dad Arthur aided & abetted, by not taking charge over how much Georgia (Below) was gorging daily! Georgia has a shocking BMI of 142.3, people with a BMI of 30 are classed as obese (I was a healthy BMI of 20-21 in 2009 now I'm 25-26) She is almost 5 times the obese BMI of 30, shocking for anyone let alone a girl of 19yrs!!  

The other teen in the news, is the awful, 16yr EastEnders, actor, Joshua Pascoe, who (Badly) plays Ben Mitchell. He has been arrested, over a alleged sex assault!! He has been taken in & quizzed by detectives & then released on bail. He'd previously been suspended from the 'Italia Conti Academy, Stage School' for bullying. Meanwhile a bit of Somalian, refugee, scum, Salar Abokar 31, who raped a a woman, hours after his release, for a prison term for robbery, has been jailed for 10years (He should be deported to Somalia, to serve his 10yrs, in one of their rat infested jails!!) His 21yr victim, was knocked unconscious, during the attack & suffered a shocking 67 injury's (Scum!!) She was attacked in her Aldgate flat, when her boyfriend, had popped to the shops.

Britain faces a £230billion bill if Greece is forced to quit the Euro... Why??? I just don't get it?? We chose, from the start, NOT to be part of the Euro, as we had the foresightedness to see it was going to go, tit's up! So I don't think, we should be involved, in any financial dealings, to help out those, who were foolish enough to get involved!! Yet again, traitorous Labour got us tied up in the EU treaty & into hemorrhaging cash, into problems, that are neither our own, or of our own making... Personally I'd tell the EU to piss off!!

A vile, evil, 60yr, Gloucestershire, husband, Andrew Beese, stabbed his wife's cat to death, after a drunken row & dumped it in the garden. He will be sentenced next month. I hope his wife see's sense & divorces him & he meets the same fate as the cat, in jail! 

Talking of Pure Evil, a vile couple (Above) who broke a toddlers leg's, foot arms & shoulder, sickeningly were spared jail, by a soft, idiot, of a Judge, Simon Ward, who should be struck off! Because it was their 1st offence (Is he mad??) Repulsive Emma Cartwright & equally vile boyfriend Neil Gleaves, left the poor battered tot, with a broken left foot & shoulder. 

But Idiot Ward gave them a mere 36wk, 2yr suspended sentence, as it was their 1st offence & Gleaves was a hard worker!! Each break was an offence!! So this is not their 1st! He told the pair that they'd have to "Live with the consequences" of their deeds. Errr NO, I think the poor child, is living with the consequences, of their deeds!! They were also found guilty of cruelty & neglect of another child, who was slapped & shaken. (So again NOT a 1st offence!) If either of those kids die, or become disabled, through the violence of these two monsters, Simon Ward should be charge with aiding & abetting!! Shameful...

From bad judge to good judge, a Kent tycoon's daughter Laura Johnson (Above) was jailed for 2yrs for driving her repulsive 'Gangsta' crack dealer boyfriend, Emmanuel Okubote, AKA T-Man (Below) on a riots looting spree during the London riots. As he & his scum crew raided shops like frenzied vermin, for TV's booze & cigarettes £5,000 worth of stolen goods were found in her smart car (Smart car, not so smart driver!!) She denied burglary from Comet & handling stolen goods. The spoilt trash, lied & tried to say she was forced to drive at knife point. But CCTV actually showed her in photos, smiling at the wheel in the height of the August riots. 

There was an awful picture of Pippa Middleton in a orange & black ensemble, at the wedding, of two of her friends, worn with bad eye make-up. (Below) She looked like a middle-aged, Mandrin woman. Not a good look at all, sack the stylist & the make-up artist, pronto!  

An illegal Moldovan, immigrant, Eduard Mereohra, who slipped back into the UK, just months after deportation, with a NI number & work permit, which was acquired somehow & then drink drove & killed a retired couple, in a 100mph drunken car crash in Leeds!!

Known for her miming Cheryl Cole said she wont be using autotune on her 'The Voice' appearance tonight (Unlike her buddy/manager and vowed to sing her new single 'Call My Name' live!! Oh dear not sure if that is a good thing or not? After hearing how bad all four of 'The Voice' judges are when they sing live!! With the paper read, I started the 1st two chapters of 'The Angel At No33' which my friend Jennie, had given me to read on Thursday. It starts off well I can already relate to the dead character Sophie (Except I'm not a married mother!) which is ironically an alias name of mine & her friend is ironically called Jenny, it's also set in Muswell Hill where my friend Candy live's and I use to. The the post arrived, with my Casmir perfume, by Chopard, which I'd ordered, with my Amazon Vouchers

I grabbed my navy sunglasses, with the stars at the side (Which I'd got in Dubai) also my navy & white deckchair striped shopper, with rope handles, then headed off to Iceland, as I had £28 of 'Love To Shop' vouchers, which I could use in there & save me dipping into, my near empty, bank account. On the way I bumped into my local acting buddie, Martin J King, who looked very cute, and was doing a bit of shopping, before heading off to a sci-fi themed party. We had a bit of a chat & Martin sweetly said, that I looked far too glamorous, to just be shopping, bless him. I walked to Iceland & got £21 of grocery's, lots of fish, Quorn & vegetables. 

I got back home & put the food in the fridge, freezer & cupboard then I had a cheese & tomato baguette for lunch, followed by a choc ice & a Diet Coke, while sat in the sun. Later to cool myself down & quench my thirst, I had my favourite K Cider. I eventually came back in at 7am & watched 'You Have Been Framed: Full Throttle' then I fixed myself dinner, a grilled (Pre marinated) Quorn streak, with a mixed salad, drizzled with lemon juice & a tad of balsamic vinegar. I did the washing up & watered the plants inside & out in the courtyard. 

Then it was time to settle down, with a K Cider & a chock Ice & watch 'The Eurovision Song Contest' It seems odd to watch it at home alone. Normally my best male friends Nat & Terry, have the most amazing 'Eurovision Party's' though they seem to have lost interest the past 2yrs or so, shame as they are legendary & such fun, and I do miss them, as they are such happy & memorable events. They usually have a buffet of food, from all the entered country's, then booze from them all (With a big bow of punch made from booze from each country) There is a fancy dress theme each year, like 'Past winners, Eurotrash, Nations etc' for 'Past Winners' I went as 'Dana International', Candy as 'Sandy Shaw' & Terry as 'Lulu', can't recall who Nat was that year, but he looked fab in a big blond mullet wig & pink net skirt & loads of slap. For 'Eurotrash' we basically went for pikey chic (below) 

 Terry & I - Eurovision Party - Eurotrash Year
Terry Nat & Candie - Eurovision - Past Winners Year 
Lulu - ? - Sandy Shaw 

For Nations Candie (Who was well pregnant) went as 'Biggy Bardot' for France, I went as 'Turkish De Fright' for Turkey & Nat & Terry went as 'Frank & Ferta' for Germany. One year it was at a mutual friend Richard's instead & I went in a 'Anne Summers' air stewardess outfit, in support of our UK entry 'Flying The Flag' by Scooch. As well as fab food, fab company & fancy dress, at Nat & Terry's, we had score cards & drinking games, with the score cards you could award points for, song, outfit, campness & also the dance routine!! BUT you could also deduct points for dance routines, that are showing a lot of arm pit area (Hands swaying above head, and the like) which was -5, a bare armpit -10 & finally a hairy, bare, armpit -15. 

Then there was the drinking game, with a fab, drag queen, waitress, serving. Where you had to drink a tumbler, of the national drink, of the country singing, by the time the song was sung. So wine for france, beer or cider for UK, Guinness for Ireland, Vodka & mixer for Russia etc etc. If you fail to drink it all, by the end of the song, then you get the punch chaser to drink, along with the next one. Lol by the end of all the songs, you are so merry, your happy whoever wins!! Then when it's over, we all dance out in the garden area, to CD's of past Eurovision's, Great fun!! It was a quiet affair in 2009 though, as my mum had just died, unexpectedly, a week earlier & I was still in shock. So it was just Nat, Terry Candie & I (Below) but they were ALL really there for me, putting on a fantastic spread of my favourite Turkish food, and trying to keep my spirits up! (They may not be my blood, but all 3 are my family! I was so touched I struggled to hold it together!) Turkey, one of my faves, came 3rd, and Norway won that year. 

 Candie & I Eurovision 2009 
Nat & I Eurovision 2009

I'd watched it at mine in 2008, along with my lovely friend from Kent Adam, who came over for the day. I'd laid on a bit of a spread, but I ended up being a lousy host, as I spent most of the night, in the loo, in extreme pain, projectile vomiting, but trying to keep it from Adam (That was the start of my gallstone attacks) I spent last years, watching it with Jennie & her daughters. From this years semi's, the country's who's entry's I like are, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, Norway, Romania, Sweden, Ukraine & Ireland, with either Sweden or Ukraine to win, but we will see.....  The Show begins.... Bacu looks stunning, shame it is such a Homophobic, cruel regimed country! 

1) UK - Is the 1st act, I have a soft spot for the Hump, but the song is no Eurovision winner!! (WE came 25th one from last with 12 points, I'm not surprised like some)

2) Hungry - Should be left hungry for points, what a Yawnfest!! (They came one above us at 24th, with 19 points)

3) Albania - OMG!! Bloody awful, it sounded like she was trying to communicate with whales in the Red Sea, as she screeched out her high pitched noise! My friend Julia called me at home, in fits of laughter, unable to believe, both what she was seeing, or hearing!! The singers dreadlocks, were piled up on the top of her head, in a massive bun, with one curled across her chest like a curled turd! Julia laughed & said someone must of Jizzed all over her chest, to make it be stuck so firmly to her chest. I was glad when it ended, my ears were bleeding & I wondered how many glasses were smashed worldwide by her high pitched squeals?? (I have no idea HOW it came 5th with 146 points, when it was so bloody awful?? I'm in total shock that Italy, Macedonia, Switzerland & San Marino, actually gave that shite 12 points!!?)

4) Lithuania - The song was 'Love Is Blind' apparently it is also deaf, by the sound of it, but his very camp, OTT dancing, certainly amused & it was worth giving him a few points for that alone!! (It came 14th, with 70 points)

5) Bosnia & Herzegovina - Nice hair & dress, but that's where the compliments end on this one! (It came 18th with 55 points)

6) Russia - The Russian Grannies, most in their late 70's & 80's, yet the worrying thing is, that one was 44 but I couldn't easily tell which!! I have to say, I actually like this one, with the grannies singing a catchy tune, as they make flat bread, in an oven, I bet this will be remixed into a big club hit!! (They came 2nd, with 259 points, good for them)

7) Iceland - Well mum's might go to Iceland & I spent £21 in Iceland today, but I wont be spending any more voting for them, very Boring!! (They came 20th, with 46 points)

8) Cyprus - I like Cyprus's entry, it's a catchy number, but, they have had, far better songs in the past, the girl is a babe though! So will gain some male votes (They came 16th, with 65 points)

9) France - Bland, boring, forgettable, song, but nice dress & fab male Olympic Gymnast eye-candy in the background!! (They came 22nd, with 21 points) 

10) Italy - Dressed & styled, like a more tacky, if possible, Amy Winehouse (Without the tattoo's) but a nothing song, that leaves me cold! (They came 9th, with 101 points)

11) Estonia - I'm sorry, but even with the English subtitles up, so I knew the lyrics, which were nice, it still did nothing for me!! (They came 6th, with 120 points)

12) Norway - Quite a catchy song, with a singer that looks a bit like Captain Scarlet, crossed with Peter Andre. But he'll do his 'Mysterons' damage, with those dance moves, if he is not careful!! (They came LAST, 26th with 7 points, to be honest I thought they were far better than our UK entry!)

 13) Azerbaijan - Pretty girl, nice hair & dress, but a rather drab, depressing, song, No points from me! (They came 4th, with 150 points, no counting for some nations tastes!!)

14) Romania - A cute girl, nice dress, a catchy tune, very suitable for Eurovision, I like it!! (They came 12th, with 71 points)

15) Denmark - Seems she has fitted this in, inbetween a night shift as (Sacha Baron Cohen's) Dictators bodyguard. Groovy military outfit, shame about the song! (They came 23rd, with 21 points)

16) Greece - A nice bit of Euro pop by Greece. Now I wanna go to a bouzoukia & smash some plates!! This one's defo in my top 3 so far!! (They came 17th, with 64 points) 

17) Sweden - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, I will be Amazed if this doesn't win, or ends up below the top 3!! Excellent Eurovision song, this will be in my head all night!! (They came deservedly 1st, with 372 points)

18) Turkey - Looks like Borat...... Sounds like Boring!! A VERY Disappointing, entry, from Turkey, who is normally in my top 3 each year!! They really should get Tarkan, to do Eurovision, one year!! (They came 7th, with 112 points, I'm surprised they did so well)

19) Spain - It looks like she has a facelift, that's so tight, that she now looks, like she is stood in a permanent wind tunnel!! The songs nothing great either. (They came 10th, with 97)

20) Germany - Well he sings nicely, it's a pleasant song, so why oh why did he come on, looking like a Big Issue seller, in his big woolly hat, when singing in a sweltering hot country?? (They came 8th, with 110)

21) Malta - All I saw, was comedian Russell Kane, in my head, as I watched Malta's entry, the fact the song never distracted me enough, to stop thinking that, says it all..... boring! (They came 21st, with 41 points)

22) Macedonia - Sorry its a No from ME!.... Nuff said!! End of!! (They came 13th, with 71 points)

23) Ireland - Jedward, microphones & water, is Louie trying to execute them?? Fun tune, but far inferior to their 1st entry 'Lipstick' which they sang last year!! (They came 19th, with 46 points)

24) Serbia - Quite nice words when translated, via subtitles, but it just doesn't feel a winner to me!! (They came 3rd, with 214 points)

25) Ukraine - Catchy & nuts.... I LIKE!! A spot on, Eurovision tune, defo another in my top 3 (They came 15th, with 65 points, they deserved a tot more!)

26) Moldova - Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh last & along with Albania, definitely least!! (They came 11th, with 81 points)

Eurovision WINNER 2012 Sweden

Sweden (Above)Won, which came as no surprise, as it was the best Eurovision song, The Russian Grannies came 2nd, Maybe the 44yr one, can splash out now, on some Oil Of Olay, or Collagen Shots (If you want to try the collagen shot product yourself, you can go to & if you quote promotion code EB1 you will get free P&P which IN THE UK ONLY saves you £2.50) But the real shocker was, that horrific, screeching, of Albania came 3rd WTF??? Then once the show was over I had a long soak in the bath & continued reading 'The Angel At Number 33' finally going to bed at 1am, with some pineapple juice, mixed with soda water (Calories consumed 1,832 Ooops!!)

Sunday 27th May, I woke at 6.45am to another glorious day, after a rather bizarre, nightmare like, dream, which was a bit like a spy thriller. I was escaping someone, who wanted to murder me, my constant escapes, were quite creative, but I have no recollection of who my assassin was?? (Maybe GLP lol) I got on the scales, my weight has stayed the same since Thursday. I'm a really lovely deep brown, from the sun, over these past few days. I look like, I have had, a lovely, long, hot, fortnight's holiday abroad. No pain today, as I'm back on the full Co-Codamol dosage. I put my hair up in a French pleat, with a hair-comb, and wore a white broderie anglaise skirt, a B&W zebra print, cropped boob tube, white flip flops & my terracotta, straw, cowgirl hat, to stop my scalp burning in the sun, a common problem for us fine haired blondes! 

I had breakfast of a fruit yoghurt & some pineapple juice, then sat out in the sun in my brown 'River Island' sunglasses & then read a couple of chapters of 'The Angel at No33' paperback, I watered the garden & the plants indoors. Once done, I popped to the shop & got my Sun newspaper & sat back in the sun & read the paper in the summer heat. It was 82F yesterday, which was even hotter than Egypt!!

The front page was all about, Gorger Georgia (Above) & how the massive race to the hospital, mission, started after she had yelled to her mum from her bed that she couldn't stand up! I'm not surprised with 63st of fat, weighing down her 19yr skeleton!! Step dad Arthur 73 said "It broke my heart she was in such pain" Well if you cared so much, you would of intervened long ago, and took control of what she was eating, before she reached 63st, & got herself  in such a state! It's not as if she was secretly, running off up the road, to the tuck shop!! Her stepfather (Rightly) blames himself, for Georgia's gargantuan size. He said she didn't return for a 2nd term at the US Fat Camp, in August, 2009, after discovering he had cancer. After already watching her own dad die of a heart attack as a toddler. Saying "I've lost one dad I can't lose another!!" Now that's NOT his fault, but what IS his fault, along with Georgia's mother Lesley, is letting her, fall off, the dieting bandwagon, sooo spectacularly!! 

She use to stay in her room, watching TV, or chatting to friends online (Sounds scarily like me, at times) She would manage to come downstairs to chat to parents, or eat, by sliding down them on her butt (So how the hell, could she still be classed as a carer, for her parents??) Arthur admitted he'd no longer been able to find clothes big enough, for the gargantuan teen, once she'd grown out of her 7XL (VII XL) sized clothes. So she was reduced to using, a king sized bed sheet, as a makeshift sarong. Then Arthur began making even more excuses 'It was difficult for Georgia to maintain her weight loss, because she couldn't find the right foods, in the Supermarket in Aberdare Wales. The US diet was based around Buffalo meat & egg powder impossible to buy locally' Bull shit!!! 

Obviously there will be no Buffalo meat, but that could easily be exchanged for, lean steaks, or turkey steaks, or Tuna steaks, or even Quorn burgers or mince! Not having any buffalo meat is NOT a feasible excuse for gaining over 40st in 2-3yrs!!! Also substitute egg powder, for eggs!! He said Georgia had reassured him saying "Don't worry dad, I wont ever put that weight on again, because I know the pitfalls!" Yet obviously she didn't as she went back to gorging on a staggering 13,000cals a day, which they obviously did not pull her up on! Having TWO portions of fish & chips for lunch (Why did her parents not take away one portion & tell her she was being greedy??) Or 3 doorstep sandwiches with crisps. Along with snacks (Often 2 Snickers bars at a time) Then after her main meal it was more biscuits (I'm guessing packets worth, not individual ones) & chocolate, due to boredom, NOT hunger. Yesterday Arthur was shopping for fruit, to take Georgia in hospital (Shame he didn't buy her fruit & not biscuits & chocolate over the past 3yrs!!) Doctors have said she has to stick to a 2000cal diet. 

There was a bit about the UK, coming 2nd to last, with just 12 points in 'The Eurovision song Contest' I'm not carping on about it, this year, as the song that won deserved to, it was one of my top 3 faves along with Ukraine & Greece, with Romania a close 4th. they are trying to blame it, on the UK entry going 1st & being forgotten, but that's a load of bull. Engelbert Humperdinck is a great guy, but that song was a slow, dud, it certainly was no Delilah!! The BBC thought they were being clever, putting 'The Hump' forward for the UK entry this year. As he has a big Eastern European following, but the song they gave him was a dud!! FACT!! Whatever happened to us voting, for our UK song?? When did the BBC suddenly become so arrogant, as to think they knew best, what would win Eurovision?? If they wanted 'The Hump' to do it so badly, they should of given him a choice of 8 songs to sing & we the UK public should of voted, for which one he would sing!! 

I will bang on about political voting, when we have a good song & no point's, but this year I think we got the points we deserved. My only shock, was about that dreadlocked, Albania entry, with a song that sounded like she was trying to communicate with Whales, in the Red Sea, while in extreme agony, coming in 5th with four crazy country's, even giving it 12points WTF??  Sweden deserved their 372 points, and at least it wasn't a EASTERN European, that won, for once this year!! Jedward for Ireland came 19th (Their song this year wasn't as good as last years, which came 6th) The catchy Russian Grannies came 2nd (Still shocked one of the grannies was 44yrs, as couldn't easily tell which & most were in 80's hope she gets some Oil of Olay for coming 2nd) Norway came last. It's just as well we did badly, we certainly cant afford it next year, with this years Olympics (Yawn) & £Billions being spunked up the wall, if Greece drop the Euro! 

There was a pic of John Travolta, at a party in drag (Above) in a cream, skinny rib, knit dress, with peter pan collar & tan belt, with his white bra showing through, with a blond wig pulled back in a pony tail, with make-up necklace & earrings on, at a LA party 10yrs ago. As the other stars there, were apparently amazed at his attire, I'm guessing it wasn't a fancy dress party!! Actually if it wasn't for the hairy arm's & 5 O'Clock shadow, he wouldn't look so bad, in fact the profile shot of him, didn't look too dissimilar to Stacy Solomon. Mind you, I don't know why he kept the tie belt on too, when he added the tan one!!?

There was pictures of Cheryl Cole, in her ugly, tasteless, chavy outfit, that she wore on 'The Voice' yesterday (Above & Below) A total chavy, garish, multicoloured, mess, mixed with leopard print, that even Rihanna couldn't pull off!! Only a drag queen, looking for a carnival float, outfit, would go for that look. She really needs to get hold of a decent stylist sharpish, now that she has turned her back, on Simon Cowell, as she will fade into obscurity, if she is not careful. She seems to have surrounded herself with people to give her poor advice lately!! That includes Fans were raging on Twitter yesterday, that she had mimed yet again, after promising to sing LIVE on 'The Voice' I wouldn't know, I stopped watching the show, as the judges critiques were rubbish, as were some acts!

Becky Blake, the Brit accused of sex in a Dubai taxi, said she went on a 10hr booze binge, on that fateful night. First a 4hr drink all you can brunch, at one of Dubai's, famous Friday brunches for just £35 (Unlimited food & drink) from 12noon until 4pm, at Rotana Hotel (Rather like the Sunday brunch, I had at Waxy O'conner's in Dubai) After 4hrs making the most of the endless white wine, she stayed on for the happy hour until 6pm then headed of to another bar to carry on partying. 

At 10.30pm she said that she & her Irish, welder, pal, Conner McRedmond, decided to go home. she said "Conor & I were only in the taxi a few minuets, before the driver pulled over. I can't speak about anything in the cab, for legal reasons. But I didn't know what was going on. It is all a bit of a blur (How convenient) & I don't really remember how it all came about! I was confused when the taxi driver started talking to the police. The driver got back in & locked the doors. the police car followed behind & we were dropped at the police station!" 

Irish Welder, Conner McRedmond

Well that's a totally different story, to her previous one!! Where she was in the cab all ALONE & that her ONLY crime, was carrying alcohol!! Now, I tend to believe the police!!... If she wasn't having sex, I bet she was giving him head, or wanking him off, in the back of the Taxi!! If so, then she only has herself to blame, for breaking the law of the land!!! She say's she was then hurled into a dirty, cockroach encrusted, cell, in her black, mini dress & heels, with 8 other women (Shame our cells are not more like that!!) But then I expect that, that is a slight exaggeration for sympathy, as Dubai is a modern City & so I don't know what cockroaches are doing, smack bang in the middle of, what was the previously barren desert? 

She was then strip searched. She said that the toilet was a hole in the floor (As it is in a lot of Arabic country's & Turkey) She said she saw bugs running around everywhere. But I never saw a single insect, during my 10 days in Dubai, not even a bee,  or mosquito, there aren't even birds in tree's out there, as it's man made, built slap bang, in the desert, so not a natural habitat for plant's, let alone for insects, to migrate across thousands of miles of desert, or sea, to land in the oasis that is Dubai!! I feel she is trying to play the sympathy card, BIG TIME! Funny there is no sign, of this bite on her face, or in any of the photos, taken on the Dubai beach (Below) or elsewhere!! After she'd left jail on bail. 

Becky Blake - Spot The Cockroach Facial Bite? 
No Me Neither!!

She spent 5 days in Bur Dubai, women's holding prison, notorious for over crowding, before being granted bail. But 1st she had to undergo DNA tests & an internal (Well obviously you will get one, if you are charged with a sex crime!!) It is no more stressful than a smear test, it's only stressful, if you have just been raped, and yet then it's still understood to be a necessity!! So if she expects some sympathy for that (Unlucky, unless it was done by Abu Hamza!!) 

She is now awaiting her fate in court. She say's "I'm not sure if I will ever be able to work again" Errrr why not?? Maybe not in Dubai, but it will make no difference in the UK or other country's if she is not jailed!! She said she couldn't cope going back in that hell hole, if jailed..... Well she won't, that's just a holding prison, if she is charged, she will go to a main prison!

Panicking, slime ball, footballers, horrified that 'The sun' exposed their ring, have closed their sleazy sex ring groups 'Hoodratz' & 'Brotherhood' on their Blackberry's, while trying to work out who the whistle blower is? The married ring leader, rang every member of the group fearing a loose lipped traitor in the ranks, or a girl had blabbed. He ordered them to delete themselves & their pictures from the group. Lol wonder how long the identity's will take to come out (In Press, or on Twitter??)

There were some very, funny, pictures, of a unemployed, male, hairdresser, crowned 'The Vainest Man In Britain' God knows why? He looks bloody awful & in the two picture's of him wearing a suit, he looks like a lesbian, in drag! (Above) Terence Hughes 37, spends 2hrs getting ready a day & wont leave home without a thick layer of make-up. He's had a facelift, liposuction, fat injected in his cheeks & a nipple reduction. He also regularly injects himself with Botox (It's obviously not used round his eyes, which have bags & lots of lines, compared to me, who is almost 11yrs older than him & has had none of that!!) 

He also smears fake tan over his gym toned, tattooed body DAILY! (Below) He has spent £50,000 on his image, which was a waste of money, as except for his haircut, he looks miles better in his BEFORE pictures! (Below, bottom) He is saving up for his 2nd face lift, in a few years time. He's even spent over £40,000 on beauty products. He also seems to be wearing black liquid liner, 50's style, or false lashes, which looks bloody odd. You would of thought if he was going to spend all that cash on vanity, he'd of sorted out those big, jug, pixie ears, out first!

UK's Vainest Man After & Before

Talking of makeovers, the weekly Sun reader, makeover by Nancy Dell'olio, was bloody atrocious, as usual, the 67yr old, victim, still looked frumpy not chic!! I popped indoors changed the bedding on my bed & put the white sheets & pillow cases etc on a boil wash in the machine. I had two Quorn cutlets, with a mixed salad, washed down/ with a Diet Coke & a choc-ice & read a couple more chapters of my book. 

Then I hung the white laundry out to dry, mopped the kitchen floor, and sorted out the kitchen draws, plus put another load in the washing machine. I had a Caramel Magnum, then mopped & cleaned the bathroom. put some rubbish out, then relisted a load of stuff on eBay, as it was as it was a free listings weekend. 

Then I watched the brilliant 'Once Apon A Time' I just love this show, before I had a dinner of a roasted Quorn steak & mashed potato, washed down with a Diet Coke. Then I watched 'Come Dine With Me, Jubilee Special' with Cheryl Fergison (Who plays Heather from EastEnders) Kerry Katona, Lionel Blair & Keith Harris with Orville. I Love Cheryl, but her food was truly horriffic, Lionel was his true to form, self obsessed, boasting, name dropping luvvy self, and for a scrawny, skinny man, had a surprisingly large pot belly (Made visible when he danced in his PJ's, at Kerry's night) Kerry was her usual TV Kerry & Keith a corny name dropper, with jokes older than Lionel, but unlike Lionel, he was likeable.

Then I watched 'TOWIE' Vile Lauren Goodger, was sadly back on the show. She had her hair in a bun, it certainly didn't suit her, at all!! Today she looked as unattractive as her personality, and she projected, nothing but negative, bile, from her mouth, in her very common accent, whenever she opened it. She didn't manage to say a single positive thing about anyone!! Lydia looks so much better without the false eyelashes, as she has small eyes & they look even smaller with the fake lashes, but bigger without. I also do not know what's going on with Gemma's eyebrows? (Below) She has seemed to have gone for, that ugly, big, dark, Scouse Brow thing, that was on that awful show 'Desperate Scousewives' I couldn't cope with more than 1.5 episodes of that show (It was so appallingly bad & the people so thick & common... that they made even the TOWIE lot, look posh!!)

Arge finally admitted to sleeping around, behind Lydia's back, after denying it for ages (Shameful, especially when he called her such vile things, when all she did was go on dates, after they broke up!) I guess a bit of TV fame, made him think he was a lady's man! There was also a bit about Gemma, giving him a hand job, in Marbella (Naughty Gemma) which wasn't really a huge surprise, there have been hint's from long ago that she is into him!!! So was Ranni just a distraction/red herring? So anyway it ends with her declaring her love for Arge & them snogging. Hmmmmm..... Then I watched 'The Exclusives' what a load of rubbish, then I had a apple & some pineapple juice mixed with soda water read some more of my book & went to bed at midnight (Calories consumed 1,521 Good)