Monday, 7 May 2012

May Day, May Day!!!

Monday 30th April, I woke at 8.30am, aching from head to toe, like some 80yr old granny. I wish this damp weather would sod off!! I think I need to become a Bedouin & live in the lovely, hot, arid, desert & feel young & pain free, due to the lack of damp, that set's off my rheumatoid arthritis!! I had a bath, to try to ease my aches & pains, then washed my hair. I had a coffee & a bowl of porridge for breakfast. I wore my New Look jeggings & my black polo-neck, jumper, also from New Look, which fits, despite being a size 6. I popped to the shop for some more milk & a Sun newspaper. I got home & read the paper, the front page was all about football (As it always seems to be lately) Re the FA choosing Roy Hodgson over Harry Rednapp for England Manager (Big deal, that could of gone on the back, in the sports section!!) 

While the smaller, front page news (That should of been the headline..... No pun intended) Is, that a Muslim, British aid worker, Khalil Dale who was kidnapped by the vile Taliban, 4 months ago, has been found in Pakistan yesterday. Well to be exact, his beheaded body, has been found. The Taliban scum beheaded the 60yr Red Cross medic & left his remains in a plastic bag, with his name scrawled on it in a black marker, in an orchard, along with a note, which said he had been killed by the Taliban & they had video footage of his death, the sick wankers! He was thought to have been killed, 12hrs before he was found.

Terror Victim, Khalil Dale 
Khalil Dale's Body Found In Bag, Under Blanket
Khalil Dale's Body Brought Back In Bag & Blanket

More Madness, from yet another moronic Judge (How do these soft Judge twats keep their jobs??) A Swindon stalker was freed, by idiot Judge, Euan Ambrose, despite the fact that cops found a 'Kidnap Kit' in his room. Dangerous, oddball, freak, Matthew Bastin, 35, had a stun gun, disguised as a mobile phone, plus potassium cyanide, a GPS tracking device & books on Kidnapping. He also admitted harassing his ex, for 4 months earlier! On THAT occasion, cops found, a stun gun, a noose, tape & tranquillisers in his car. He was given a soft suspended sentence & told to stay away from his victim (I'm sure she now sleeps very soundly at night, knowing that, that dangerous freak, is out on the loose, after being told not to do it again..... NOT!!) Idiot Euan said he was "Uneasy" over the kit's, but it was not illegal to possess the "Other" items. Bastin was then sent to a hostel & was arrested for threatening behaviour, BUT freed AGAIN!! It would be funny, if not so bloody dangerous!! If this freak, later stalks & murders someone, the Judge should be done for accessory to murder, for not keeping him off the streets!!

Dangerous Stalker, Matthew Bastin
Ladies, If You Seem To See, This Freak Around A Lot
Report Him & His Stun Gun Phone, To the Police Pronto!!

Double murder suspect, James Allen 36 (Below) who tried growing his hair & wearing a baseball cap, as a disguise, while on the run, was arrested yesterday, on his birthday (Lovely) By armed police, in Leeds, after being spotted by a odd-duty cop. Lets just hope no moronic judge gives him bail & he goes on the run again!!

Murderer James Allen 

Drink Drive Killer, footballer Luke McCormick, was disgustingly given leave from jail (Where he is serving time for killing two little boys, Arron 10 & Ben 8) So he could celebrate his own son, 3yr Leo's birthday, at a Holiday Park. What the Hell were those prison officials thinking?? What a huge insult to Amanda & Phil Peak, the two boys parents! (Below) Allowing Luke to enjoy his son's birthday, when he denied Amanda & Phil, ever being able to enjoy Arron & Ben's birthdays, Ever Again!! What a cruel kick in the teeth judgement, by our increasingly moronic penal system!! Amanda Peak not only lost her two sons, but is now a full time carer to her husband Phil, who suffered neck & back fractures, in the M6 crash! Luke being allowed temporary release, is a disgusting joke & an insult to all of Luke's victims.

In the UK postage stamps go up today 1st class goes up 10p from 50p to 60p & 2nd class goes up to 50p. Talking of money, fat lesbian, look-alike, with a ugly quiff hairstyle, Sam Buttery (Below) Who was axed from the awful 'The Voice' said of the show "Of course it's better than 'Xfactor'.... the BBC pay you to sing!" He say's the contestant's are paid to sing & get travel expenses, put in flats & given a food allowance (From your Licence Fee) 

Errr sorry Sam, but I think you will find 'Xfactor' contestant's get much the same!! But the 'Xfactor' pays for it, from their own earnings, which is more generous than the BBC, as they are using the 'Licence Money' from the public, to pay 'The Voice' contestant's (The Beeb are generous with the public's licence money, which they don't deserve, as they produce only 10 good shows at best) About time the Government scrapped TV licences, or made it an opt out & those who opt out don't get BBC stations, I'd cope quite happily without the BBC!! People are finding it hard to put food on the table & pay the bills in this economic climate, let alone fork out over £100 a year for the BBC's MAINLY rubbish shows!

Sam Buttery 

I watched 'The News' & '60 Minute Makeover' despite hating presenter Catherine with a passion! Then I did some washing up & mopped the kitchen floor, then popped out to the Job Centre, popping in Tesco for a few bit's before heading home. I got in & made lunch, steamed salmon, with edamane, pea & mint salad, washed down with a Diet Coke. Which I ate while watching 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' I did the washing up & put a white wash in the washing machine. 

I watched 'Come Dine With Me' plus 'Home & Away' I did some more job searches online & then applied for a bunch of auditions too. Then had some chilli Doritos dipped in lemon & coriander humous, yum yum!! I put a dark load in the washing machine, watered the house plants & then hung out the dark laundry to dry. Then I watched 'Foxes Live: Wild In The City' so cute!! I love foxes, a vixen use to come sit next to me, when I use to sketch, while on the grounds of Lydhurst, private estate, when I lived in Warninglid, West Sussex. It use to sit feet away and over a period of a month it got closer & closer, until she sat right near me. I use to share some of my packed lunch with her in the end. One day she brought some cubs out to see me, I felt really honoured by her trust.

Then I watched 'Embarrassing Bodies' while eating a Solero & drinking a Diet Coke, followed by 'Made In Chelsea'  I crack up each time that 'MIC' Gabriella's Ad is on, in the breaks. The acting is appalling, especially the SAD face!! Too too Funny. That was followed by 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares' on Ch4 +1, I was feeling rough, due to the rain causing me a lot of pain, so I took some painkillers with a decaf coffee & went to bed at 12midnight. Moments later there was deafening thunder & the strangest lightning, that was constant for 20mins & just looked like someone had turned on a constant light switch, behind the black rain clouds. The loud thunder continued, and the rain was unreal, lashing down like crazy, as a wind howled outside, it stopped for 40mins & I was almost asleep when it started up again, exactly the same. 

My head was feeling muggy, and I thought "Oh shit, that's a migraine trying to come" So while I was still able to see, I turned on my laptop & I messaged my new 'In Training' advisor & said I was feeling ill & felt I had a migraine on the way. So if I didn't show tomorrow, that would be why & to book me a new appointment, but if I was OK in the morning, I'd call or email I was coming in. Then I went back to bed (Calories Consumed 1,184 Excellent)

Tuesday 1st May (May Day) I woke at 9am, today is the 1st day of May, so I was gutted that I opened the curtains to weather, more befitting of October. But to be honest I ached so much, all over, that the grey, rainy. weather, came really, as no surprise!! I had a pounding migraine, as expected, thanks to last nights, thunder storm & was glad I'd cancelled my In Training, noon appointment, in Luton. I took some pain killers with a coffee (Decaf) but my migraine was too bad & I ended up being ill, in bed, until 4pm. Bloody weather, that's most of the day wasted!! Once I felt a bit better, and hungry, I heated up some lush Tomato & Paprika Soup, for lunch & ate it, while reading Joanna Bryant's blog. 

I cried while reading Jo's Blog today (Link HERE or go to my blog list, to right of this blog >>> and look for the Blog 'Tales From The Heart' I cried as I read about, how now her hands & feet are failing & how she is now using her nose, to text friends, as she can't use her hands. Such a young and lovely girl, life is so unfair. I wept like a baby (Which close friends will attest, is very rare, mind you I tend to do my crying out of sight, on my own) She is still being so upbeat, on Facebook, and her blog, at a time when she is suffering so much, in so many ways. I have been in agony these past two or three weeks, due to my rheumatoid arthritis, and typing has been hard due to painful hands. But at least it's not terminal & eventually when the damp weather goes, the pain eases & sometimes completely goes! Joanne is so young & so full of fun & life! This evil, rare, cancer is so unfair & undeserved!!

She should be spending decades of fun & laughter, with her handsome boyfriend, maybe even getting married to him. Not being dealt this unfair hand, yet with each new celeb "Team Jo"  support photo, she seems so happy & re energised. I felt honoured, to be able to share her delight, of one pic from Prince Harry (Below) As I read her latest blog entry, bless her. 

I will light a candle in St Albans Abbey & prey for some kind of miracle, as she sure as hell deserves one, while lighting one for my late mum, my late dad, My late Aunty Babs, as well as for Nicky's late dad Jim, Candy's late Sister-in-law Vivian & Nichola McLean's mum Margret, who is sadly dealing with breast cancer right now, lets all send positive energy, for her to recover soon, and some strength for Nichola too, as the stress over a much loved parent being ill is massive. I hope Jo's determination to live, will make her succeed & stick two fingers up, at the doctors, who have given up on her & that her willingness to keep fighting this rare cancer, proves them all wrong!!

I checked my emails & I had one from my lovely friend, Richard Newman from BB8, who's sadly, recently lost, his lovely mum, to Cancer, back home in Canada. He had sent me 2 pic's of support for Jo, for her Facebook 'Team Jo' collection (Below) Bless his heart & I posted them straight onto Joanna's Facebook wall for her. So when she is feeling less poorly, either she, or her Boyfriend or a helper, can put it in her 'Team Jo'  Support Album.

 Big Brother's Richard Newman, AKA Half Of 'Dicky & Dolly' 

I put my long coat & Ugg style boots, over my silky, leopard print, pyjamas, and shuffled to the shop & got the paper, plus a Flake & Crunchie bar, for a treat to make me feel less crap. Munched my Crunchie while back in bed watching 'Come Dine With Me' & then the fab 'Home & Away' & it's second show on 5* I did some job & audition searches online & then chatted a bit on Facebook & Twitter. Then I read the paper I'd got earlier, as my head was too muzzy to read the small print before. 

The Headlines was Football again Man City 1, Man United 0 (Yawn!!)  Put it on the sodding sports pages!! A Former cop Ivan Esack 38, was under arrest, last night, for the stabbing to death, of his estranged wife, in her hair salon in Ashford, Kent. Our sick society is getting more & more violent!! Pretty Natalie Esack 33, was found dead, by police, after workers in nearby shops heard screams from the salon, yesterday morning. Paramedics fought in vain to save her, as staff looked on, outside the salon sobbing, after arriving for work, to the bloody scene.

Victim Natalie Esack 

A new Titanic II is due to set sail in 2016 & this time it, unlike it's namesake, will supposedly, really be unsinkable (That's almost making it a challenge, to terrorists to prove them wrong!!) It will look identical even down to its 4 funnels. Personally I'd feel I was tempting fate sailing on it!!

Good news for women, like Nichola McLean's mum, Margaret. A breast cancer test that reveals if women will get the disease 11yrs before it develops is being created by British Medics. This would be good for Nichola & her aunts & any sisters if she has any, who may be concerned it is in the family, after Margaret sadly contracting it. Cancer is rife in my family My dad, all 4 grandparents, 90% of aunts & uncles have died of various forms of it, two cousins are battling breast cancer & another prostrate cancer. More than 46,000 British women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Researchers have used a simple blood test to detect tiny biological changes, more than a decade before a solid tumour forms.

Slimy Snake, Ken Livingstone (Above) has earned up to £1.2million over the past 3yrs & at times more than rival, intelligent but Lovable Buffoon, Boris Johnson. Also his ruse of of funnelling his wage into a company may have saved hi paying  up to £220,000 in tax. Which is far, far more than the £50,000 first though, OVER 4 times MORE!! Proving Red Ken to be, the 'Hypocritical Liar', most of us always knew he was. When he said that "Tax Avoiders" were "Rich Bastards, who should be unable to vote, many having paid as little as 18% tax" well it seems he has finally been proved a 'Dodgy, Hypocritical, Bastard' In complete contrast to Slimy, Red Ken, Honest Boris 'Paid' the TOP RATE TAX, that was hiked up 50% in April 2010. In 3 years Boris paid £519,276 in tax, on his top rate tax, it is estimated that Slimy Ken, only paid a tax rate of 22%. Of course, Slimy Ken, is blaming all this, on his accountants.

Sleeping longer could help you loose weight (Bad news for Insomniacs like me) Though ironically, last week when I was poorly & spent a lot of time in bed ill & sleeping in, I lost 3.5lb!! Apparently sleeping more than 9hrs a night suppresses genetic factors that lead to weight gain. While too little sleep (That's me usually) has the opposite effect, those sleeping less than 7hrs a night (7hrs!! That's luxury!!) Genetic factors, accounted for 70% of difference in body mass index..... I need to be like my friend Candie she can sleep for England! (She even slept through a bomb going off, about 6 doors down from her flat, in Cadogan Place, off of Sloan St, years ago, when we were in our 20s) Then I could be a Skinny Minnie!!

Snore The Flab Away???

Talking of weight, a teenage model, who starved herself, because she thought she was fat, died aged 19 weighing a sad 6st, after being gripped by evil anorexia & bulimia. She was a cover girl on teen magazines, such as Popgirl & BBC Girl Talk, from the age of 12, earning £112 a shoot, but by 16 she had developed eating disorder's (One wonders how much agency pressure/comments contributed to this?) & ultimately became too weak to work. Bethany Wallace of Newmarket, Suffolk (Below) sadly died in her sleep, while at her gran's, after her weakened heart failed!! Her Anorexia kicked in after she fought to keep off the weight lost after a bought of glandular fever. 

 Tragic Beauty, Bethany Wallace

Roof tiler dad Clive Wallace (Below) said "She lost her self esteem, she would say she was fat, but she was so beautiful!!" At her most healthy 5ft 3" Bethany was 8st 7lb, her parent's said what made her death more tragic was that, she was making good progress after a year on a eating plan, while getting counselling. It's so sad that girls and women seem to think size zero looks good!! Abbey Clancy looks a dire bag of bones, at the moment, she was gorgeous before. Nichola McLean also looked awful & bony a while back, and I was worried as she was such a page 3 stunner & looked amazing on 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' so I was glad to see her back to form for 'CBB' last year, though she is still tiny, mind you worry about her mums health, could cause weight loss, sadly losing my mum had the opposite effect, I gained 3st.

After the wettest April EVER, Gloucester, Essex & Somerset (Below) are flooded & a 52yr car passenger drowned, with his pet spaniel, in a car, when he was swept away in a swollen river. Yet there is still laughably, a hosepipe ban, due to drought!!


Bulgarian Gangster, Tihomir Georgiev, known as 'The Butcher' due to cutting off rivals ears & fingers (Below) is fighting his extradition, because he say's he will be tortured in Bulgaria's Jail (Oh Boo Hoo!! Give a Shit!! What go's around, comes around, and after all the people he chose to butcher, it will be karma!) Lets hope some Human Rights, EU moron, doesn't get involved!! He is wanted in Bulgaria & faces 18yrs for the murder of another thug. He fled to the UK on bail after falsely promising to grass on his Mafia boss. He is also wanted for questioning on a series of robberies, assaults & drug deals (Lovely Chap!!) The 45yr munter is also linked to 5 more deaths & is on Interpol's most wanted list. He is of course using UK legal aid (It should only be available to Brits!!) and using the Human Right's Act to fight deportation!! What about his rivals Human Rights to keep their ears & fingers?? Even if they are scum too!!

The Butcher

Then at 8pm, I had some chilli Doritos dipped in lemon & coriander humous, with a Diet Coke, as I felt a bit peckish, as I watched 'Supersize Vs Superskinny' followed by 'The Hunt For Bin Laden' It was all about, the excellent US mission, that found & exterminated, terrorist scum & mastermind, Osama Bin Laden, in his lair, which was situated right under the noses, of the 'Supposedly' unaware Pakistani Army!! Then I watched 'Facejacker' on Ch4 +1. I had a decaf coffee with a flake & then went to bed at 12.30am (Calories consumed 1,297 Very Good)

Wednesday 2nd May, I had an odd dream where I was staying with my late father somewhere & I had a boyfriend, who was chatting to me on a mobile phone, that's all I can recall, then I woke at 7am. I fell asleep again & dreamt that my friend Ian & I were performing with Russell Grant in a three person show, at some seaside venue. We were meant to be going on in 30mins & I was meant to be playing 3 different female roles, I was dressed in a silver Marianne Twinette, like dress & a powdered wig. I was panicking as I'd never been given any lines to learn & was trying to get some from Ian, or Russell. I said otherwise I was going to have to ad lib, even though I had no idea what the play was about!!?? 

I woke at 9am thinking "How odd!!" But then it is a rare day, when my dreams are not bizarre!! I had a wash & tied my hair back & wore jeggings & my cream mohair sweater, and slipped on my Reebok EasyTone trainers. I popped to the shop sans make-up, and bought a Sun paper, plus a Closer magazine, then went back home in the miserable pouring rain. I had a coffee & porridge for breakfast & I read the paper. Frigging football on the front page again!! About Roy Hodgson being confirmed as England's new boss!! That should be in the sports section, NOT taking up the whole front page!!

Meanwhile Tulisa has been voted the worlds sexiest woman, in FHM's 100 sexiest women, mainly because of her BJ sex tape being an internet sensation a few weeks ago. Men, bless them, they're such simple souls!! She's cute, but world's sexiest woman? I liked the neon heels, that she wore, to Fern Cotton's Radio1 Show, though!!

Nice Bikini Tulisa 

Most times death is a tragedy, but sometimes it's just plain stupid!! Like the death of a 28yr Accountant, mum, Lynette Nock, from Birmingham. Who died on Saturday, after taking the drug GBL, at a wake of Carl Fearon 24, who died from taking GBL only hours earlier. What a moron, she died needlessly, leaving a child without a mother & her parents without their child. After news of Carl's death spread, shocked, idiotic friends arranged a get-together. All dressed in black they decided to honour their dead friend, by taking the drug that killed him!! WTF??? Surely to honour him they should of all got together, and renounced the damn drug that killed him, and vow not to be stupid enough to let it happen to them!! An ambulance crew were called at 9.04pm but she died 10mins after arriving in hospital. Two men also fell ill after swallowing the drug/chemical used to clean alloy & used in paint stripper. It is commonly drank in fruit juice, people at the party were said to have drunk it out of a Fanta bottle. Carl died after taking it at a party on Friday. GLB kills on average 6 Brits a year!

Top secret al-Qaeda files have been found, stashed in a 'Porn Movie' including a chilling plan to hijack a cruise ship & film the execution of passengers (Sick, twisted, bastards) Also to mount a 'Mumbai' style massacre in Europe! The cache encrypted in a movie called 'Kick Ass' & in a recording called 'Sexy Tanya' discovered in the underwear, of an al-Qaeda suspect, held in Germany, last year. They reveal UK al-Qaeda warlord, Rashid Rauf, was involved in the failed plot, to blow up planes from Britain to the US, as well as the 7/7 attack in 2005 & the botched London bombings weeks later. Scum Rauf was thankfully killed 4yrs ago by a US drone!! Another bit of terrorist scum down!!

Talking of terrorist scum, 7 terror suspects arrested yesterday, are thought to be involved in a plot to finance al-Qaeda using drug money (The Koran is against drug involvement, so al-Qaeda, who preach Muslim values, are in fact, hypocritical, BAD, Muslims!) Cash for the al-Shabaab Somalian terrorist network, is said to come from a plant called khat exported to the US & Canada, it's legal in the UK but banned in North America. It can fetch £350 a kilo on the black market in the US. So ironically American drug users, are funding the terrorists trying to blow them up! Warrants were granted allowing searches at 12 residential addresses, all suspects are thought to have links to Britain's Somalian community (There will be a few knocks on Wood Green doors then) As in the past 10yrs Wood Green, has turned into 'Little Somalia!!'  I use to shop there all the time, when I lived in Bounds Green. Yet when I went there, for the 1st time, in 10yrs last year, I didn't recognise the place! It was like I'd been transported to some Somalian street & it didn't feel at all safe. How sad, a mere 10yrs ago, It was a friendly English, Greek, Turkish & Polish mix community, now it's like some scary, Somali/African, ghetto. I don't think I will be going back for at least another 10yrs if I can help it.

Adam Younger, Like's The A Lot Younger!!! 

Police checking the house, of a vile convicted paedophile, Adam Younger (An unfortunate Surname, to say the least!!) found a 12yr old boy locked in a cupboard. The pervert fled (Why wasn't he being watched?) as cops coaxed out the frightened, unharmed lad! The pervert then sent the 12yr old a text saying "RUN" followed by another saying "Say you have only been here 10mins" But the court heard he had been there a number of weeks, even though Younger (Above) was under an order, limiting his contact with youngsters after 3 convictions, hence why the police were making a routine check of his home. It was obvious the lad was lucky, as Younger was still grooming him, when the police discovered him.

The Skanky, skint, octuplets mum, who has filed for bankruptcy, Nadya Suleman, has agreed to appear in a porn movie to help pay off £600,000 debts, after being paid £3,800 for a topless shot in a magazine (Closer, Below) Earlier in the year. Ewwwwe!!.... Imagine Mrs potato heads, Cum face!! Scary!! I had a very tasty, spicy pumpkin soup, with 2 Rivita's, for lunch & watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' then did some washing up.

I wrote out & posted my the birthday cards, for my Brother Bill, friend Julie & Friend Nat, that I'd bought ages ago (Julie & Bills Birthday's are on Saturday & Nat's on Sunday) I posted them in the post box, near mine, as my knee & ankles, were so bad due to rainy weather, so didn't feel like walking, to the post office in town. So I hope they bloody turn up!! (As whenever they get lost in the post, or turn up late, at their destination, I have posted them, in that bloody, cursed, post box & not the Post Office) Otherwise I will get another load of attitude from my brother, like I did over his 40th (I had no idea until a year later, when mum told me. That he'd never got his 40th card from me!!) I'd sent it in plenty of time & I'm sure some dodgy post worker, stole it after feeling it contained a CD (It had a CD of all the number 1 records, from the year he was born in it!!) I know he think's I never sent one, but I am sick of banging my head on a brick wall, trying to convince him otherwise!! So I'm gonna just have to accept he will wrongly never believe me no matter what I say!!

I watched 'Come Dine With Me' & then 'Home & Away' I had some tomato soup, 3 Rivita's & some chilli Doritos dipped in lemon & coriander humous, for dinner & a cream egg for desert! I watched a bit of 'The British Soap Awards' Very boring & god knows how crap 'EastEnders' got so many awards. I turned the TV over after a hour, to 'The Apprentice' God these lot are morons!! They are meant to be selling Gourmet street food, in Scotland, yet some blonde, market trader, apprentice, seemed to think pork meatballs & pasta, made with cheap ingredients, is Gourmet fare!! Then after giving it a good Italian sounding name (Not that I'm sure PORK meatballs are very Italian) clueless Steven, makes them change it, to his awful name choice of  'Utterly Delicious Meatballs' which makes their supposedly 'Gourmet Fare' sound as up market as cheap margarine 'Utterly Butterley' The blonde girl chose their pitch, outside a football stadium, that is surrounded by cheap fast food stalls. Footie fans are not going to pay £5.99 a pop, for meatballs & pasta when they can get a big burger & fry's for £2.50 & under.

 The Apprentice 2012- The Girls & The Boys

Also Stevens half of team out promoting the site via tour couches (Really??) They have the blonde girl, dressed as a Pizza!! Errrrrr Why??? They are not selling pizza, so that's false advertising!! Why not dressed as a meat ball, or not dressed up at all?? I guess uba twat, Steven (Far right, seated above) thought anything Italian is apt!! In which case they might as well of, all dressed up as Mussolini, as it is just as apt as pizza!! Surprise surprise that team lost to the other team who made beef stew with quality steak & also Haggis. Steven should of been out on his arse, but lucky for him he was the market trader's mate & so as project manager, he didn't call Steven back into the boardroom. I watched 'The Apprentice Your Fired' followed by 'The Killing' '2 Broke Girls' then 'Desperate Housewives' with a decaf coffee & went to bed at 12.30am (Calories consumed 1,455 Good)

Thursday 3rd May, I woke at 9.30am, I had a wash etc, dressed in black, studded, size 8, leggings, from Jane Norman & my size 6, black, New Look, polo-neck jumper, which both amazingly fit me!! I did a subtle make-up with black liquid eye-liner. I had my porridge & a coffee for breakfast & then I popped to the shop, for a Sun newspaper. I watched a bit of 'This Morning' Then at 10.45am, I pulled on my faux sheepskin jerkin, grabbed my black CK umbrella & I set off to the train station, today is the Local Council Elections & I'd not got my voting card in the post as usual. But as I walked down my road, towards the station, I spotted, that there were, two Conservative Electrets, stood in the street, with their clip boards heading in the direction of the polling station. I asked them if I could vote without my card? They said yes all I needed to know was my name & address & I could, I laughed & said I was blonde, but think I can manage to recall both. 

Then I said I will be voting for them, next they asked me, my name & address, which they wrote on their clipboard. Then I continued on my way to the station, for my boring In Training meeting in Luton. I got to the Luton office in good time & I had my meeting, which was basically filling in, AGAIN all the same information, I'd given to my 1st Advisor Sharon, to my new advisor Aneta & signing the bottom of each form. She asked what work I was after? & again I said "Retail Management, Sales, Promotions, Acting" adding "I'd also be interested in working from home, such as stuffing envelopes, addressing envelopes or anything similar, but I don't trust anything offered in that area online as being genuine!!"

I left there after about 30mins (30 wasted minutes) & popped to Primark, to get a nice pair of black shiny wellies (Hunter style) for £12, to take to Jim's funeral. As the graveside is bound to be a bog, as it has been pouring with rain constantly for the last 3 weeks!! (Even though the UK has a hosepipe ban due to a supposed drought!!! What a soddin sodden joke) People going seem to think they will put boards down, if it's muddy, to walk on. But I doubt this very much, I have been many a time to a winter/wet funeral & there has been nothing put down, for the mourners to walk on. 

I popped next door to McDonald's, for a half price, veggie burger, with chips & a Diet Coke (Thanks to a money off voucher) for my lunch. Once fed I headed off to Luton train station, where I read the paper on the platform, while waiting for the train (& again once on the train!!) The front page was all bloody football yet again!! About both the new English Captain & Fabrice Muamba. Page 3 had a very unflattering pic of Poppy 21 from Somerset, her face looked beautiful, but her boobs looked droopy & the knickers didn't flatter her figure, at all! Bad stylist & photography!

Scumbag, double murder suspect, James Allen 36 (Above) Gave the middle finger to magistrates, when he appeared in court yesterday (I'd expect no less from the human vermin, munter!) He is charged with murdering Colin Dunford 81 & Julie Davidson 50, both suffered head injury's. He's also charged with raping a woman in Middlesbough, GBH & unlawful imprisonment, this is the kind of scum who should get the death penalty!

Edvard Munch's, pastel artwork 'The Scream' which looks like the doodle of an 8yr old, became the most expensive ever, to be sold at auction, earlier today in New York when it fetched a staggering £74million. Personally I have never been a fan of the picture, in fact I prefer the version above!

I walked home, listening to my pink iPod Shuffle, and headed straight to my local polling station 1st and voted as I have every year since I was old enough to vote!! Then once home I watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' while enjoying a cappuccino & a pack of Minstrels. I did some household chores, packed most of my case, for my trip to London, on Saturday. Then I did some job & audition applications. Then I settled down with a Diet Coke to watch 'Come Dine With Me' & 'Home & Away' then I fixed dinner steamed salmon & sugar snap peas & mashed potato then I popped round my friend Jennies at 7.45pm.

Jennie said that, her girls wanted me to go up, to say goodnight to them, so I did which of course took 20mins as they wanted to show me, all of their new toys, or things in their magazines etc. Then I came back down to chin-wag with Jennie, watched the latter part of 'The World's Largest Snake', then watched 'The Restaurant Inspector' hilarious thanks to The Curry House restaurant owners, useless, odd ball, manager son (Below) who looked like the Karate Kid, crossed with, Elton John, a pimp & a Mafia gangster!! 

I had a hot chocolate & two bourbon biscuits, very tasty, then we watched 'The Hoarder Next Door' The Hoarder was a Liverpudlian, cross dresser called Nigel & the Greek psychologist Stelios (Below) got him to clear his home, as his female alter ego. As that part of him, had less emotional attachment to things. The Liverpool guy (Below) couldn't sit anywhere, apart a small patch of his bed, as his home was piled high with junk!! Jennie & I like our stuff, but we couldn't comprehend ever letting it get to that state!! He bathed at a friends, as he couldn't get into his toilet/bathroom, he also did his laundry, at hers, as the kitchen was a filthy, health hazard. 

 Hoarder Nigel 
Psychologist Stelios 

It must of stank, as his cats had free run & shit anywhere. I also felt sorry for the cats, as one looked ill from the environment, with weepy looking eyes and a sore face. I had another hot chocolate (Light) with 2 bourbon biscuits. Jennie and I were chatting about the Hoarder, when her hubby Edgar came back from darts. So I said my goodbyes & headed home & had an earlyish night at 1am as I have a earlyish start tomorrow for Jim's funeral, today has been an odd day as I have been feeling rampantly, horny, like a dog on heat, for no reason, all day!!! I was a glass of port away from dry humping the stair post lol, I think it must be hormonal, as I have run out of my HRT (Oooh how sexy is that!!.... Not!!) I set my alarm for 6.45am and went to bed (Calories consumed 1,846 whoops!!)

Friday 4th May (Jim's Funeral) I woke at 6.45am & lay in bed aching due to rain until 7am, and got up and had a shower, took more pain killers, I made a porridge & a coffee for breakfast. I washed and dried my hair & did a subtle make-up except for red lips (The colour of Jim's football team Man U) I wore a below the knee, black, ribbed, sleeveless, dress & a short, fitted, black, lapelled jacket, black 10 Denier tights & black KG court shoes. I took my big black shopper bag, to put my black wellies in & wore my black sequinned beanie hat (As I'd given my black hat to Nicky & my other one needs its brim steamed into shape) I grabbed my black CK brolly & Headed out for the bus to London Colney to Nicky's at 8.50am.

I arrived just as the brass band had arrived, I got to Nicky's where she looked cute in a B&W dress, black Mac, black shoes & a different black hat she'd bought, so I wore my one, I'd lent her, we had a quick Vodka & Redbull, to toast Jim & steady her nerves. We then we set off at 9.45am, walking behind the hearse, to the church as the brass band played in front of the hearse. I walked with my arm round Jim's sister, over from France, to comfort her.  We got to St Marys Church for the 10am service & the vicar called for the immediate family to go in, so I stood outside, but Jim's sister (Who I'd been comforting) grabbed my arm, to take me in. 

I said "I'm not family!!" and she replied "Oh yes you are!!" & ushered me in. I sat behind Nicky so she knew I was there if she needed me, her adorable little nephew who loved his granddad to bits was in bits & I really wanted to jump over the pew to cuddle him. Jim's coffin came in to the brass band playing "When The Saints Come Marching In" which Jim had always said was how he'd like to go, but deep down I don't think he ever thought it would happen, but Nicky made damn sure it did!!

The order of service had two lovely pictures of Jim on, I have his order of service, Aunty Babs & Viv's, but not my Mums one. My siblings went to the undertakers earlier, before I'd got back from London, on the day we were ALL meant to do it. So when I arrived, they had all done the lot without me! They just pointed to a flower arrangement & said "That's what we chose for you is that OK?" And I just nodded, feeling totally shunted out & hurt, as always. They obviously never did any order of service leaflets with a pic of mum on, as we just had the run of the mill cards, nor thought to put a pic of mum in a frame, to put on the coffin during the service, but then I think that is more of a Catholic thing. Nicky got up and read a poem with one hand on Jim's coffin & I was proud of how she held it together.

Her brother got up and did a long & amusing Eulogy to Jim, that was five, or more, pages long. It reminded me of when I gave my Eulogy to mum, which was two A4 pages long (In big type, so I could read through tears) My sister said afterwards "That went on a bit" which both hurt me, as I'd actually taken less time, than my brother Bill did on the podium, who she didn't say anything to, which felt like a real kick in the guts. I also found it odd, as I was praising mum, and an hour would of still been, too short a time, to say just how wonderful our mum was. My Brother did say to me after "Good speech" But he had to dig the knife in, and ruin it, by adding "I didn't know, you knew so many long words!!" insinuating that I'm thick! Yet another kick in the teeth on a sad day, when I was struggling, to hold it all together! 

Nicky's friend Carrie sang as Tom played guitar, which tipped me over the edge emotionally & I had a bit of a cry. Once the Catholic service was over the coffin came out again to "When The Saints" I got a lift from Les, to the graveyard on Highgate road, where the band played a medley. I was glad I'd brought my wellies as, as I'd expected no boards or anything had been put down on the sodden ground, so I was glad I had them to slip into. Nicky's poor mum was in bits & couldn't bare to see Jim being lowered into his grave, just Nicky her stunning Niece & I held back.

Les gave me a lift to The Bull, where the wake was held, where the people, who hadn't gone on to the burial were gathered, the video photo montage, from Jim's Golden Wedding Anniversary, back in October, was playing, on a screen, with a few pictures of that party added to it. There was some lovely old wedding pics, and one of Jim, in one of  my caps, taken a few years back, that I'd forgotten about, that made me chuckle!! I ordered a cider to toast Jim to. I chatted to Carrie & her dad, who is lovely, then to a bunch of other people, while the band played in the bar, as people lined up at the buffet. 

I don't know what The Bull's chef did, when making the baked, new potatoes, in jackets? But I'd like the secret, as they were utterly lush, the best bit of the buffet & the buffet was, really lovely!! People slowly trickled away including Nicky's Mum, Aunt, her Brother & wife & kids, plus friends who had to go back to work! We were left with one of her friends brothers, plus a guy Seymour Butts, due to his name or something. I was on the brandy's for the rest of the night, after my two ciders. I needed to get back home, as I was meant to be off to London tonight, but then I didn't want to leave Nicky with just these guys, as she was obviously, understandably, very down & needed the support of someone, who'd also lost a parent (Both in my case)

So I resigned myself to having to get up & go tomorrow. One guy, her friends brother left & then it was just Nicky, Seymour Butts & I. Whenever Nicky went to the loo 44yr old SB was flirting with me & asking for my number, saying he just didn't get how I was single, when I was so lovely (The old charmer) He kept asking for my number, and in the end I gave in, thinking he was probably too drunk to recall he had it, in the morning anyway. Nicky was fairly sozzled, so I kept an eye on her. I'd had loads of brandy's but was still stone cold sober!! S.B got so drunk that at some point he said that he wanted to "Fuck" me!!.... Pml 

I think he wouldn't of been capable, if I was willing, even if he tried & shortly after that, he fell asleep on his bar stool, lol. I went with Nicky, and a woken S.B to the Green Dragon. Where lots of people bought Nicky drinks. I didn't drink anything else, I just kept my eye on her for 2hrs, while she danced to 'The Pulse' or sat outside in the cold, on a bench. Once I knew she was in the company of friends, that would get her safely home, I set off about 11.10pm, for my last bus (Due 11.35pm) & sat shivering at the bus stop, in the sodding rain, until the bus came. I got off in the high street & seeing that the local Subway was open & being absolutely famished, I got a Tuna Subway & headed home. I ate my Subway & then got ready for bed, crashing in bed at around 1am (Calories consumed 2,271 most of them from booze.... oops!!)

Saturday 5th May (Brother Bills Birthday, plus Julie & Dean's) Really weird dream, that I was in Turkey with my late mum, and I was showing her a beach area, that I told her, was my favourite place in the whole of Turkey. The funny thing is I'd never been to this favourite place in my  in real life. But I have gone to it many a time, in my dreams. We were meant to be on holiday together, but I kept waking to find that she has gone off on her own, and as she has no mobile no way of knowing where she is to join her. One time I found her but she was chatting to some white haired guy with a beard, I think she was interested in him as she was ignoring me as if she didn't know me. 

Then I dreamt I was with Nat & Candie somewhere, Candie was having two dresses made for her one was very sparkly then she was having a teal, silk satin & chiffon long dress (She never wears, long dresses) there was a chiffon layer over the satin from under the bust. Like my mum, Nat & Candie & I was getting very hurt & frustrated by it, woke at 8.30am, in a lot of pain, especially in my neck & shoulders, plus a sore throat, probably due to sitting in the cold for ages at 'The Dragon' & the bus stop after Jim's funeral. I had a shower & packed the last of my bits & pieces into my case, for my long weekend in London.

I had a toasted bap, with melted cheese on & some sliced tomato, with a coffee for breakfast & dressed in my size 8, black, studded, Jane Norman, leggings, my size 6, black, skinny rib, polo neck, jumper from New Look, my new black wellies that served me well at the funeral yesterday & did a neutral make-up with black liquid eyeliner. My Brother Bill text me at 10am saying "Thanks 4 the card June :D just going out to find a cat :) xxx" (In reference to the joke on the car) Phew!! Thank god, hopefully my friend's Julie & Nat will have got their's too!) I did up my case, put a Diet Coke & packet of chilli Doritos, in my bag for the journey if I got hungry. Put on my long, black, size 14, military style, Primark, coat, clipped on my iPod Shuffle & put my earphones in, grabbed my black CK brolly & headed out the door around 1pm buying a Sun newspaper en route to the station. Bought my ticket then waited for my train to arrive on platform 1.

Boris V Ken - No Contest

I read the paper, once on the train into London Kings Cross, the headline's were about Boris thrashing Red Ken, to stay London Mayor.... Hurrahhhh (Also a bit above on Chelsea V Liverpool grrr) Boris won with a landslide 1,054,811 votes, Ken came 2nd with a mere 992,273. Where as in the local elections the Tory's lost 406 Councillor's the Lib Dem's lost 335 Councillor's & Labour 'Gained' 823 Councillor's are the public mad do they forget so quickly, that it was those 'New Labour' arseholes that put the country in the mess it's in now?? Good old St Albans stayed Conservative, by a large majority.

More on Manchester City, munter, and serial love cheat, Mario Balotelli 21, partying with 4 escort girls, three days before tomorrows big match. They were hired at 1.30am & were seen leaving his at 7.45am looking shattered, hours before he was due to train. They were hired days after his (Too good for him) girlfriend Raffaella Fico 23 dumped him (Good for you girl!!)

Disgusting news that sex fiends are dodging jail despite dozens of convictions, with one pervert let off an obscene 31 times before being jailed (Ken Clark has to go & some one HARD on crime needs to be entrenched, who wont kowtow to, weak, soft, Liberal wishes, amid the Coalition!!) Another sex beast had a shocking 27 previous convictions for sex assaults before being jailed. This is a joke, but sadly NOT a funny one!! A 3rd had 18 convictions before being sent to jail!! The Tory MP who uncovered the figures Phillip Davies, said it made a mockery of soft Ken Clarke's claims, that the courts are sending too many people to jail. Rightly adding "These figures are extraordinary, that someone can be such a persistent sex offender & not be sent to prison is absolutely shocking. You've got to wonder what on Earth these courts are thinking?? How  Ken Clark can stand up & claim we are sending too many people to jail, when we see figures like this beggars belief!!" Separate figures confirm sexual predators, who spend decades preying on victims, are dodging prison terms. Two paedo's both with 30yr records of offences, were not jailed, despite breaking strict rules, from the sex offenders register!!

Ken Clarke, Get Your Coat, It's Time To Go!!

Talking of sex offenders, Ibraheen Giwa, the revolting 13yr ring leader of the 'Say No More' gang, who raped a 11yr old, girl 3 times. Was jailed for 5yrs yesterday (Should of been a lot longer, he would of got 15yrs if he'd been an adult!!) If I was her parent, I'd be ready with a baseball bat, when he comes out in roughly 2yrs 6months!! The 1st attack was in a park with a friend, the 2nd at his home, involving 8 gang members & months later he & two other gang members, cornered her, in a McDonald's toilet, where one of his friends raped her. She was later beaten up, as a warning, not to tell anyone! The 16yr McDonald's rapist got just a mere 12months after admitting the attack.

Two vile men, aged 55 & 61 were arrested yesterday, on suspicion, of offering FEMALE Circumcisions, to girls in the UK. They were held after raids in Birmingham. About bloody time!! It's been going on far too long with no consequences. I got to Kings Cross & headed for the tube, as I listened to my music (I must share my favourites playlist with Candy & Nat via iTunes) I got the tube to Finsbury Park & then I caught the W7 bus to Muswell Hill, texting Candie that I was on the bus. I arrived at Candies & she had lunch waiting for me, veggie sausages, mash & beans. 

Xavier had cleverly won the Haringey's entry, for the design for the Trafalgar plinth with a Domino design. So he was going to get a certificate from the mayor, along with the kids from other borough's who'd won with their designs. Candy & Costa headed off for a romantic night in one of Anouska Hemple's, luxury, London hotels, Blakes, in Kensington, you can see it HERE.

I took Xavier & Tiger up the Muswell Hill, hill to the high street, as Xavier wanted to get some bits from the 99p shop. So we had an adventure going on a bunch of buses back & forth as he LOVES buses. Xavier a 56yr old man in a 11yr old kids body, kept me amused, he's a little devil, but he is adorable & very smart & I love him to bits!! We went to the 99p store & he got a load of padlocks & tools, proper boys stuff. I got a silicone keyboard mat, to keep my laptop keyboard clean, from crumbs etc & a doggy vest with 'I Do It Doggy Style' on it for Ian's Hugo (Below) for a laugh, as I'm seeing Ian on Monday. 

 Puppy Power - Hugo In His Vest - Room To Grow Lol
Hugo Giving It To, Sonic The Hedgehog - Doggy Style!!

We eventually went back after our wander round the shops, and a bunch of buses, back & forth, as I had my travel card & the kids are free on the bus. I had a coffee & while Tiger was happy with CBB stuff on his iPad, I helped Xavier board up, the broken windows, of his Wendy House Man Shed, bless him!! He did a very good job and didn't need a lot of help, or supervision. But I think he was pretty impressed with auntie Joonie's DIY skills, when I did need to step in. Then he added a load of locks, latches & padlocks to the door, with me only needing to help out, very occasionally. Then we stood back & admired our teamwork. 

He couldn't wait for his dad to see what he'd done, when he came back tomorrow. We code named it MPZ a code name only I & his parent's were to be privy too, our little secret. Then it was dinner time, so Xavier called up Domino's, for his favourite pizza, a large 'Margherita Pizza' with added sweetcorn & pineapple, plus a large bottle of Diet Coke. When it arrived we shared it & then it was time to put Tiger to bed. Then Xavier & I watched 'BGT' & 'Britain's Got More Talent' Then it was time for Xavier to have a bath & get to bed. Once in bed I played 'Noughts & Crosses' plus 'Hang Man' with him which he enjoyed, and he like Tiger was soon asleep. I went downstairs & watched 'Celebrity Juice' with a coffee & my chilli Doritos, chatted a bit on Facebook & Twitter & then went to bed (Calories consumed 1,448 Good)

Sunday 6th May, I woke at 7am, and checked on both Xavier & Tiger, they were both still sound asleep, so I went back to bed, and lazed until 8.45am. Then checked on the kids (Still fast asleep) so checked my emails, Candie called around 10am & she said how amazing the hotel Blake's was, saying it was like being thrown back to the film 'The Stud' totally 70's, the kids then began to surface, I  guess the phone ringing stirred them. I made poor little Tiger, who had a poorly tummy, some porridge for breakfast, and had the same myself with a coffee. Xavier was not interested in any breakfast option I offered him (& it was a long list of choices) he insisted he didn't want anything, as he wasn't hungry!! But I think it was more of a case, of him being so keen to get outside & go back to the 99p store for more padlock's for the MPZ Shed, that he didn't want to take up time having breakfast. 

I did a light make-up & dressed myself & Tiger, I was sure I'd put my two Nivea cream's, in my case (My Pure & Natural, moisturiser & wrinkle cream, from my prize basket) But after looking in my case, it seemed not!!...  It was another gloomy, rainy day out, so we all wrapped up & I slipped on my wellies & we went up the hill, to the Muswell Hill shops. I bought a Sun on Sunday newspaper & then it was back to the 99p shop, for more latches & padlocks. We came home just before it pee'd down with rain & I made a coffee, to have while reading the paper. I'd just sat down, when I discovered my bag was empty!! I'd bought a paper, but then left it on the shop counter, due to being distracted by, keeping an eye on Xavier & Tiger, in the newsagent's.....durrrrrr!!! 

So, as it had stopped raining, we popped to Candies local shop & I bought another one!! Then Tiger amused himself with CCB's on the TV & his iPad, and Xavier entertained himself, by adding even more locks & latches to his MPZ Man Shed, with the only occasional hand by me. So I had some me time & re heated my coffee & then checked my emails, Facebook & Twitter. I was chuffed to see, that Nichola McLean, had been true to her word & had taken a photo for poor Jo, and had not reneged on her promise, bless her. Knowing Jo was poorly, I immediately posted it on Joanna's Facebook wall, for her to see & depending on her health, she or a helper/her boyfriend can add it to her 'Team Jo' album later. I must make sure to take a picture, of the next candle lit in the Abbey, for Nichola's mum Margaret & the healing prayer for her, to Tweet back to Nichola. My camera memory was too full last time, I must load the photos onto a CD & clear my camera memory.   

Page 3's Nichola McLean, 
With Some Stunning Looking Eyes & A Note For Jo

I read the paper, the front page was about, how easy it was, for an Olympic worker, to smuggle a fake bomb into the Olympic grounds, right past 2 check points, oh what a surprise!!........ NOT!!! That comes as any surprise, our organisation & security in the UK is shit, we can't even run the underground smoothly, when there is a fireman's strike!! The Olympics with the worlds attention on it is a Terrorists dream, and our security should start the second the building work began, not once the Olympic stadium is up and running & the games about to start!! I'd want to be nowhere near that stadium during the Olympics & I have zero interest in watching it either, or going up that absolutely hideous tower, that's next to it!! 

Five repulsive, alleged 9/11 plotters appeared in court yesterday (About time!) & One 9/11 victims brother Cliff Russell rightly wished them "The worst death possible" Arrogant, sneering, kingpin Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 48 (Below) & his four vile henchmen, Al-Hawsawi, Binalshibh, Al-Aziz & Bin Attash, all removed their earphones & refused to listen to translations of the judges questions!! Chiff who's fire fighter brother Stephen Russell died in The World Trade Centre, said he looked forward to them getting the death penalty if convicted (Him & millions of decent people, world wide!!) Cliff, who helped recover 23 peoples remains from the towers ruins said "I have all the evidence I need, I have tasted death, literally!!" Vile mass murderer, Mohammed, boasted of being the mastermind behind the atrocity, which killed 2,976. 

The Two Faces of Terrorist, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 
Both Equally Minging!!

About 3pm Candie & Costa got back & an excited Xavier showed Candie his handy work. Candie made the right impressed comments & found it being named code name MPZ, very funny. A weary sounding Costa came in the door & a overly exited Xavier, eager for Costa to see his handy work, dragged Costa out to the garden, to proudly show off what he'd done (Practically) alone, while his dad was away!! But a weary & reluctant Costa, just plodded over & looked at Xavier's MPZ Shed & instead of saying "Oh well done son! Did you do all that by yourself??" Which Xavier was waiting for, he just looked & said "What the hell is that all about?" before heading back, to plonk himself, in front of the TV!! The last thing Xavier wanted to hear, when he did it all, to get praise from his dad! So it sent him into a disappointed sulk, so he went to his room to watch Richie Rich on his laptop. 

We had pasta in a tomato based sauce, with grated cheddar on top for a late lunch & Candie & I chatted about the hotel & her stay. Once lunch was over Costa had a lay down, while Candie & I took the boy's to the park, and we had a laugh chatting about the Chelsea girl's she met in Blake's hotel, who were telling her even the small bar in the hotel with the expensive drinks attracted hookers, and Candie & they were chatting & laughing about the ton's of Hookers & Escorts in The Harvey Nichols 5th floor bar (Candie & I use to amuse ourselves hooker watching there!!) We use to 1st play the guessing game, guessing who were hookers & who just single or married women having drinks. Then we'd guess which guys would be targeted. 

Once the 1st stage of game was over, we'd watch with amusement the hookers target the guys & their various ingenious method's, to make their 1st initial contact with the target! Then we'd watch with amusement, the guy's either rebuff them, or buy them a drink because a) they came to the bar to pick up a hooker, or b) they were a gullible patsy, who were not aware, that they were being targeted by a hooker & their ego was flattered, by the attentions of an attractive, or layable looking woman. You just can't beat people watching for entertainment (Especially with a glass or two of champagne, or a cocktail thrown in!!) Always a fun night!! 

We came home & had a coffee and chatted, while the kids amused themselves, then later Costa popped to a local Greek restaurant for a take-away for dinner. Candie & I had a very tasty vegetarian moussaka, with a yummy Greek salad with feta, washed down with a glass of red wine!! 

 Vegetarian Moussaka 
Greek, Feta Salad

Candie put Tiger & Xavier to bed, then we watched the 'BGT' semi finals, followed by 'Britain's Got More Talent' I really want Pudsey to win, but think the huge 20st Opera singing 17yr old will, but I still hope I'm wrong!! Costa went to bed, then after 'Two Broke Girl's' Candie went to bed & I made up my bed on the couch. I took off my make-up & washed & dried my hair, took out everything out of my case except for my 2 other costume choice's for tomorrow (A pink, paisley, summer dress & pale pink, single breasted, jacket, plus white jeans, a pale pink, paisley print, floaty, summer camisole & the same pale pink jacket) Plus red sling-back shoe's, white mules or deck pumps, to go with all 3 outfits. And laid out the 1st choice (Minus shoes) ready for tomorrow. Then went to bed about 1am & set the alarm for 4.45am (Calories consumed 1,628 not bad)


  1. Oh my god, you cannot stop running your poor brother down, why on earth air your dirty linen in public like that. Maybe they organised everything at the funeral because they were the ones paying and you weren't?you seem to have it in for him and if i were he i wouldn't bother with you at all, you should be grateful. and playing the martyr for your friend Nicky saying you were 'resigned' to staying with her even though you needed to get back talk about insensitive, its all about you you you isn't it. And then we have your friends husband who you clearly don't think much of or else why would you point out to everyone how insensitive he is to his son you really have a lot to learn about thinking of others instead of yourself but I guess you will always go on and on about youself without a care for anyone elses feelings. sorry but a lot of what you write is interesting but a whole lot more simply disgusts me.

  2. Awe welcome back.... We missed you... None of us paid for mum's funeral. Mum paid for her own funeral herself, it was done out of her funeral fund & what she had in the bank. I wasn't running anyone down just stating facts, and how I felt being left out, when we were meant to do it together, you seem very concerned about my brother (Anyone would think you were married to him!!)

    If you want to wrongly read into what I wrote as playing the Martyr to my friend, that say's more about you than me!!

    I really like my friends husband & I never said he was insensitive, I just said he was tired, but kids don't notice that, as for it all being about me, as it's a blog of my day to day life of course it will be mainly about me.

    Nice to know you find some things interesting, maybe one day you will concentrate on the positives, instead of putting all your energy in finding negatives to rant about!!

    But good to know your still alive & kicking (& Biting!!)

  3. You are clearly missing the point here, but that isn't surprising, of course it is a blog about you but you come across overall as very selfish and self obsessed and maybe that is how your brother sees you, you do yourself no favours. I am sure with your birthday coming up you will be hinting heavily as you do every year, trying to hint at people to, shall we say, buy you a holiday for example? Posting pictures of things you would really like but cannot afford, well missy if you stopped buying crap subways, coffees etc you could afford a whole lot more. And then of course we have the crying out for sympathy, making out you are really, really poorly with your arthritis whereas people who are a lot more debilitated than you manage ok. Funnily enough even if it is wet and rainy you are never too I'll to do an extra job (note I did not say acting as you have NEVER shown yourself to be an actor even though you describe yourself as one) wake up and smell the roses hunny oh and have you ever wondered exactly why a lot of your extra work ends up on the cutting room floor, no? Curious isn't it

  4. No I'm not missing the point, I come across as selfish & self obsessed to you, as you read things into what I say, to justify your warped perception of what I am about, other people see it totally different than you. I guess that's the thing with blogs you read them through your own eyes & perceive peoples actions by your own. Which I guess is why you actively seek out anything you can find that is negative or can be twisted by your warped perceptive into something negative.

    Lol you really do resent that one year, when I was very ill, over my birthday 4yrs ago, that a friend who was worried about me, sent me a ticket to stay with them for 10days, to recuperate in the sun, for my birthday. Your Jealousy over a friend caring about me & treating me, when I was very ill & in a lot of pain, says a lot about your bitter resentful nature, maybe if you stopped being so bitter & going around with a face like a slapped arse you'd have friends WANT to do the same for you....

    PML you have obviously been watching "Sex Lies & Rinsing Guys!!" Yes my Birthday is coming up, But as for "hinting heavily on what I want each year" You must be on drugs, you can look on my blog for the weeks leading up to my Birthday & On my birthday NOT ONCE will you see me mention anything I'd like for my birthday.... So you are talking out of your arse again!!

    Anyway nice chatting maybe I will go crazy & splash out on a luxury Subway later ciao....... missing you already!!

  5. Hahahahahahahah oh my days jealousy is definietly not something I partake in and if you knew me you would understand why. I just find it appalling that you cannot see that it is unecessary and unjust to constantly slate people like your brother in a public blog like this. You always do it, it is like you have this deep hatred of him inside, and that is not just me reading this blog the wrong way i have shown it to others and they see the same thing, you are clearly deluded and will have an answer to wriggle out of everything.i notice you never defended the comment about you only ever being ill when you have nothing 'important' (i use that term loosely) to do, that is probably because you are still trying to figure out how to get out of that one. I am not at all bitter merely angered by the utter tripe you seem to churn out you are simply attention seeking and you really don't care who you stomp on along the way. Never mind, i am sure you will continue and it won't be pretty to read, oh well you will never listen to sense, those that don't have it normally dont enjoy the rest of your suday x

  6. I never slated anyone in this blog (I just mentioned certain facts, and thoughts involving friends & family which is part of my daily life)

    Like I said your obsessed with my brother, one would think that your his wife & that obsession is why for some odd reason you assume I hate him, when I feel the total reverse, if I hated him, he wouldn't be able to hurt my feeling's with the odd comment, as I'd not give a toss what someone I hate says.

    But have fun discussing & showing my tripe to your like minded friends & enjoy your Sunday x

  7. Funny how you are still avoiding that one point that i keep making about you being ill only when it suits you etc. Interesting indeedy

  8. What point?? If it's ignored it's because your point is in fact pointless...

    I worked 5 days a week in both a boutique & in nightclub, while I was ill & in pain with a tumour & I was back at work a week after I had the tumour removed.

    I worked while I had agonising gallstones, except for when I had attacks & had to call out an ambulance & take me to hospital, and I was also ill when in Dubai & was very lucky not to have an attack while out there, as I was rushed back into hospital a day after I got back. I was also back to working, weeks after my 6hr operation to remove my gallbladder & gallstones & the scars had healed...

    I was off work quite a while with pneumonia, but then I was critically ill at one point, but after the worst was over, but still feeling rough, I still managed to help a pal redecorate & strip wallpaper

    I have a neck problem that has been giving me a lot of pain & has had the 1st of 3 ops on it & I have rheumatoid arthritis that causes me a lot of pain in damp weather & has done so since my teens & has got worse with age & it is very frustrating when my auditions are hampered by me not being as flexible as I'd like, when it's damp, but if I get some work, or an interview unless I have a migraine, I dose myself up with pain killers & get on with it....

    So just what the fuck is your point?? When would being ill ever suit someone?? Unless it is to get out of something? & other when hospitalised, I haven't avoided doing something, when the opportunity arose... So when is being ill supposedly suiting me?? I'd love your great intellect to enlighten me!!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. PML what sympathy?? From who?? Certainly not you!! Who am I meant to be exaggerating it to to get sympathy from?? The doctors who give me my medication or the Surgeon's who performed the operations. Unless you have astral projected yourself inside my body (Which I doubt!!) How the fuck do you know what pain I'm in to say it's exaggerated?!!

    Yes some days I am in agony in bed & I have to heavily and I heavily dose up on medication, when I know I have somewhere to be the next day, and make sure I rest myself the day before, so I can. But sometimes it's too bad & I have to cancel.

    Nope I went over it all again to try & get from you what your so called point is that your ranting on about. I have to say you sound more & more like a nut job the more you go on, Candie will be loving this, she finds your rant's hysterical.

    As for swearing when I think I swear in my head, so I type how I think, I don't swear in conversation in general, but quite frankly it is a free country & If I wish to swear I will & I really don't give a toss if you have no respect for me.

    As for mentioning pain all the time I only mention it when I feel it as it is a online diary so I'd be doing the same in my usual diary, I don't expect anyone to sympathise with me... let alone you but the fact it winds yo up so much I must say amuses me no end.

    LOL don't feel sorry for me I never earned loads of money, just enough to get by on, certainly never enough after I paid rent & bills to save for a deposit, and as the majority of my clothes except for a few bits each year are decades old, my clothes buying have been quite frugal, as has my going out.

    Not Sure where you get the idea that I wan't anyone's sympathy though. You could have all the riches & luxuries in the world & the worlds best job, but I'd still feel more sorry for you, than for myself, as you have such a narrow minded, blinkered set in your ways view of other people, I'd hate to be so closed minded, and judgemental & so wrong in your assumptions, yet arrogant enough to think you are spot on & know me so well.

    As for the past & present You brought them up & my holiday from 4yrs ago, not I, in your opening rant & then kicked off when I never responded to the illness remark, making accusations of my avoidance, causing me to address it, so yet again, you are being a Idiot

  11. Anyway must go I have to be in my hospital bed at 9.30am tomorrow (Which I now find more amusing than it is)I will look out for your fruit basket... night night!!

  12. And I will look forward to yet another one of your 'appearances' ending up on the cutting floor AGAIN x