Monday, 21 May 2012

The Weekend Summers Over & No Comedy To Make It Better!!

Monday 14th May, I had a odd dream, about acting again, also something about looking at a online site, which I'd seen before in my dreams. I seemed to be travelling with, the dark, curly haired, Actor who is in Episodes & Green Wing, Stephen Mangan (Below) I also seemed to be staying with him & his parents, and I was tiptoeing past his dad, who was asleep in bed. I seemed to recognise his dad & I really felt, I'd met him somewhere before. I woke up aching at 9am & was greeted by another gloomy, grey, cold, rainy day...... The Weekend Summer is sadly over!!! Bugger!!... 

Dream Man, Stephen

I had a wash & did my hair & make-up, while in my undies & then I popped to the kitchen & made some porridge, with some cinnamon & nutmeg, plus a coffee for my breakfast. I pootled about, doing a few household chores, in my undies, then I got dressed in my 3/4 grey gym trousers, long sleeved, fuchsia striped, thermal T-shirt & my blue short sleeved, thermal, T-shirt over the top. As it is as cold as autumn, despite supposedly being spring/summer. I pulled on my white Reebok, EasyTone trainers, and popped to the shop for milk, a Diet Coke, a Sun newspaper & a sandwich for lunch, as my fridge, freezer & cupboard's, are now almost bare, since I had my last Asda delivery, on April 12th.

I got back in, and read the paper, it's all about bloody football, on the front cover AGAIN!! Is the Sun becoming a sports paper?? (One week 4 out of the 7 days headlines, were Football related & there were three football, sub story's, next to, the non football headlines, so that meant seven, out of 7 days, featured football on the front page, the sport section is at the back!) Yet the SMALL, sub story, on the front page, was that, one British, RAF & one Welsh Guard staff, were shot dead, on Saturday. At a patrol base, by the 2, traitor, Afghan, cops. THAT should be considered, much more, worthy of a headline, than the football. Those two men, gave up their life, for their country & also, for the innocent, NON terrorist, people of Afghanistan. They'd not just hit a ball into a net, enough times to win the premier league. The brave Soldier & RAF officer, were killed, while keeping guard at a meeting of local officials, when the two, TRAITOR, policemen, opened fire on them. 

LOYAL Afghan police & British troops fired back, killing one of the scum, the other vile traitor got away, after fleeing into the desert & was still on the loose last night. Defence secretary, Phillip Hammond said "We don't yet know if this was an insurgent, who has infiltrated the police, or whether it was a policeman, with a grievance?"  Well as it was two traitors, who fired at the two soldiers, not one, I'd say the former!! He added "This is a society where people traditionally settle grievances, by violence!" Both traitors, had been in the police force, for over a year & they used automatic weapons. The Vile, Murdering, Scum, I hope the 2nd one is caught!!

The page 3 girl, Sabine 20, from London, was very stunning today, a natural beauty, with an amazing body. Not this scrawny, size zero, stick insect, body's, some women aspire to, for some bizarre reason!! Talking of beauty, there was a picture, of Peaches Geldof, with her new beautiful baby Astala & the fiancĂ©, father, Thomas Cohen. It looks like, she's got engaged, to her dad, from back in the 80-90's, with his long, lank, greasy, dirty looking hair. Not attractive!! There was also some more news, on 6yr old BGT winner, Pudsey, who is a Border Collie, Bichon Frise & Chinese Crested cross, who experts are predicting, could make £10million, with commercial & acting contracts! Good Luck to him, and his very sweet, humble, owner. 

Deserved BGT Winners, Ashleigh & Pudsey 

Oh deep joy (NOT!!) SNOW, freezing temperatures, plus heavy rain, are predicted for parts of Britain, this week & weather men predict, that the rain, could even, continue, until mid to late June!! Temperatures in the North, are set to drop to -5C (23F)  & the South is set for rain & gales today. Whoopee!!

Meanwhile... Only 22% of Brits eat their recommended '5 a day' of fruit & Veg, the figure drops to 17%, for those on a low income, and rises to 27%, for higher earners. People in the North being less likely to meet the quota.

13yr old Duwayne, the brother, of the 5 children, of a brood of 17, that died, in the suspected arson, house fire, was said to be close to death last night. Doctors told father Mick Philpott & wife Mairead, that there was no hope for the 13yr old! They then agreed to turn off his life support & remained at his bedside. It has emerged that the jobless father, was not at the home, in the wee hrs of 4am Friday, when the fire engulfed it. Last night it emerged that police found traces of accelerant, believed to have been, poured through the letter box. They also found fingerprints on the outside of a window. Arson is expected to be the cause. 

A few things about this whole scenario, do not add up & make me very uncomfortable. If it was arson, the target would be the benefit scrounging, breeder, parents, not the innocent kids. So if that was the case, the arsonist would watch the house, to make sure they were both home, when they lit the fire. But the wife, was sleeping in the caravan, in the drive (Which I'm uncomfortable about) & now we hear, the father was out at 4am. When he doesn't work & had a court hearing that morning (So why was he not in bed!!?) At first I thought it was a case of a, kids, playing at home, with matches, accident. Now it has been shown to be arson!! My gut say's the parents did it, in a insurance scam, gone wrong, or for more sinister reasons!! Something just doesn't sit right & it makes me feel very, very uncomfortable. 

At least 49 dismembered body's (Below) were found, stuffed into bags, on a highway, in Mexico, yesterday. The corpses had their heads, hands & feet cut off. The Blood thirsty 'Zetas' drug gang, claimed responsibility, in a message, found at the scene, near the northern city of Monterrey. This is the latest of a spate of mass slaughters, across the country by gangsters (I mentioned a similar incident, with body's piled high, in a truck, under a underpass, last year!) The multiple body's, left in public places, are a warning to drug rivals (The drugs Mafia, certainly don't mess about, in Mexico!)

Clearing Away The Bags Of Body's - Mexico

Meanwhile, some freak, bank manager, in Germany, who was obsessed with cannibalism, paid a man to, kill HIM & then boil & eat his head (WTF???) That gives a whole new meaning for paying for head!! Carson Srock 37, gave jobless Michael Schmidt 43 (Who often met the banker for sex games, after first meeting originally online) £800 for him, to suffocate Carson, in a sado-masochistic ritual. So Schmidt tied the banker to the bed, taped over his mouth & nose, he then put the dead body in the bath, in his Berlin flat. Sliced off his head, as banker Carson requested & boiled it & cut the body into small pieces. But Schmidt couldn't face going through with eating the bankers head, as the banker had requested. (But obviously had no problem, killing someone, he was both friendly & intimate with, for money!!) Schmidt has been charged with murder for sexual pleasure!!

I had a cheese & tomato sandwich, with chilli Doritos & a Diet Coke, for lunch, while watching 'The News'. I heard on the news, that the 13yr old, arson victim, Duwayne Philpott, in today's paper, has died. So that's now 6, of the 17 siblings dead, from the very suspicious house fire. After that I watched '60 Minute Makeover'  For the 1st time, ever, I didn't like, a 'John Amable's' bedroom, nor was I keen on the kitchen! The lounge was OK, but it was, still not up to his usual standard, either. I was text from my agent to say the comedy sketch, I was going to do in a Jacuzzi, on Friday has been cancelled, as the TV company have decided to pull that planned sketch, from the show, so I wouldn't be needed. That's a shame, I was looking forward to being Chav'ed up all common & with a load of skanky fake tattoo's etc, it would of cheered me up during this dire weather spell. I pulled on my faux sheepskin jacket & jerkin & popped out to the Job Centre, before it poured down with rain! I spotted a poster up on the wall, about ding shift work, in a Amazon warehouse. 

So I approached a member of staff & filled in a form. Now lets wait to see, if I hear back!!?? While out, I bought a bunch of good Birthday Cards, from Clintons, as I have a lot of birthdays coming up, including my niece Katy's, on June 4th, I found an apt one, as it's around the Jubilee period, it had a photo of a cute Corgi (My Brothers favourite dog) in a crown, saying happy birthday, on the front & 'Be treated like a royal on your birthday' inside. Clintons are going into liquidation, so the local shop, will soon shut & so I will soon have limited choice, of good cards, from the more basic W.H Smith, Wilkinson's & The Card Factory, once it closes! I got home & watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' I did a few chores. I posted Erdal's birthday card, plus he & my Sister Julie's Anniversary card, yesterday. But I'm not sure, if they will be here in the UK for it? Or if they are in their 2nd home in Cesme, Turkey? If so, they will just have to have the cards on their return.

Julie & Erdal, Married By The Mayor Of Cesme, Turkey
Aboard The Deck Of A Large Boat 

I watched 'Come Dine With Me' (a repeat) I'd forgotten what a real Wanker, Nick (Who was a gym bunny, who had a Roman/Spartacus themed dinner) was. He both under & over cooked, his food, which was karma, for unfairly & cruelly judging the others. His personality stank, as much as his cooking & his idea of jokes, were at the best puerile!! Where as the cheeky, chubby, chappy, with the stage name 'Blobby Williams' who was in the 'Take That' tribute band 'Take Fat' was great fun!! I'm so glad he won! Then I watched 'Home & Away' sadly not much Brax today. 

Brax - Home & Away

Then I had dinner, steamed salmon, roast parsnips & sugar snap peas! Yum yum! I watched 'Corrie' I also half watched 'Secret Millionaire' while doing some chores & blogging, then watched 'Made In Chelsea' Spencer & Louise, were well out of order with what they did to Jamie. It is like kicking a cute, over enthusiastic puppy, and it's funny how Louise, who Spencer claim's to be unable to live without, has a similar face shape & features as Caggy who Spencer declared to be 'The One' last season (He obviously has a type!!)

 Caggie & Louise, Spencer's Brown Eyed Girls 

I had a coffee & Boost bar, and then watched 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares' How some of these American/British restaurant's, last as long as they do, god only knows? When most, are either, extremely unhygienic, or the food is very badly cooked, with some very bizarre menu combinations, thrown in. I blogged as I watched '8 Out Of 10 Cats Uncut' then blogged until 2am & went to bed. (Calories consumed 1,835 Not good, spanked botty for me!)

Tuesday 15th May, I woke at 8.30am, feeling like crap due to pain (Thank god, I'm stocking up with more pain killers, from the doctor tomorrow) I'd tried going off the Co-Codamol, as it bungs you up, but this damp weather, is just causing me, way too much pain, not to go back on the Anti-inflammatory's again. The pain was so bad I was retching, so I called InTraining & I cancelled today's 1.30pm appointment & rebooked for 11.30am tomorrow. I'm going to take a load of painkillers, between now & then so I feel OK tomorrow. I put my long coat & faux Ugg boots, over my PJ's, and shuffled to my local shop & got a Sun newspaper & a pack of their strongest Nurofen. I took three with a coffee & went back to bed, waiting for them to kick in, as I could feel a migraine looming. 

I eventually slept for a few hours, but the migraine, still slowly kicked in. I called my doctors on speed dial & got myself a 4.30pm appointment for some painkillers tomorrow & one with my doctor, about my 2nd neck operation, for 4.20pm on May 29th. Then I had some porridge, as I was hungry & lay back in bed, as I knew the full on migraine was on it's way. I took two more pain killers, and lay in bed waiting for the migraine to pass, eventually falling asleep, until 4pm!! Hungry I made a cheese ploughman's sandwich, which I had with chilli Doritos, and a Diet Coke. Then realise cheese is not good for migraine's!  

I slowly did a few chores, around the house, as my head was still pounding too much, to go online, or read the paper, that I'd bought earlier, when buying the Nurofen. Then I went back & reclined on the bed & listened to 'Home & Away' more than watched it, as my eyes were still tender from the Migraine. I took more pain killers & eventually the pain behind my eyes went, and I was left with the fuzzy headed migraine hang-over. At 8pm I put some food in the oven & steamer. Then I watched 'Embarrassing Bodies: Live From The Clinic' some of the sights, almost put me off my dinner! And at 8.45pm I had my dinner, steamed salmon & sugar-snap peas, with roast parsnips, washed down with a Diet Coke. I was called about being on a new quiz show, I said I was interested & she said she'd get back to me, re when the show, run through, audition was to be. Shortly after that, I was phoned by my agent, asking if I was free Thursday, Friday & Monday for a well known drama? I said I was (Now that the Jacuzzi comedy sketch, that I was looking forward to doing on Friday is cancelled!!) & so I was booked.   

Then I watched 'Hidden Talent' (The show I did a load of tests for) then a shocker of a show called 'Sex Lies & Rinsing Guys' Where three gold diggers, claim to be able to get, expensive gifts, trips etc from wealthy guys, without having to give anything in return. Hmm by the look of these three girls, I bet after a good rinsing session, at least two of them, have a damn good, douching session!!! They all have decent body's, but none are anything special facially!! They all say they put wish lists on their Blackberry's & MSN profiles, along with some on Twitter & guys they don't know & have never met, send them, them!! WTF?? Why?? I just can't see why, any guy would do that? Unless he thought he would end up getting something in the end!! Or was some kind of passive, gimp boy, who wanted to be used?? And how do the guys, know where to send it? Do they dangerously give out their address, or do they have a post box number? 

Sounds like a dangerous way, to be materialistic, to me! The least horrible, of the three, is model Dancia Thrall (Below) Who's fans send gifts, I'm guessing via her fan club. She has a website where fans pay, to view video updates, of her doing stuff, like riding her horse, etc & she, unlike the other 2, doesn't talk badly, of her rinses!  

Dancia Thrall

Then there was Holly Capper (Really Porn Star, Holly Henderson) a bottle blond, with those vile, dark, drawn on with a felt tip, looking  Scouse brows!! AWFUL!! (Below) She has issues, I think it's most  probably from a working in the porn industry, as the way she talks, she seems to hate ALL men & especially her rinses. She was taken to New York by one victim, who took her shopping, as she coldly pointed out, what she wanted, without any warmth or appreciation!! 

She Seemed cold & calculated like some sci-fi alien. She never even gave her Patsy a smile, for his efforts & when he tried to hold her hand, or put his arm around her, she roughly shoved it off & said "Don't be mean!!" Mean, f**king mean!!? The guy had just spent hundreds/thousands of $$ on designer bags, shoes & clothes on you. Yet you can't even be nice enough, to hold his hand, when you are willing to F**k on camera for ££. I just don't get your logic Holly??

Holly Henderson/Capper & Her Scouse Brows!!

Last, but not least, was a club promoting, horror, from up North, called Jeanette Worthington (Below) She met up with a travelling salesman (Despite them ALL claiming not to meet their rinses, so what Holly was doing in NY, begs the question!!) The young, naive, salesman, over lunch, pulled out a gift bag, that included a scarf she said she wanted, along with some earrings & other jewellery, he'd chosen himself, to add to the gift. Once he was gone & she was back home, she slagged off the jewellery & put it straight on eBay & then was slagging them off again, when she looked them up, to write a description & discovered they were steel, or Stirling silver & NOT pure silver, or platinum!! I hope when he views this show he kicks her to the kerb & tells the ungrateful cow to go **** herself, if he hasn't already!! The single mum's, mum then watched her do her other job as a online madam, talking to gimps on web cam which they pay for per minute, which was fare enough, as a job. But her mums attitude, to her daughters rinsing, was "Great, take everything & give nothing in return!!" What a great role model, she is, to her daughter & grandchild!! Like mother like daughter!! 

Jeanette Worthington

The whole of twitter, were slagging the girls off, saying that they were not even good looking & that their rinses, must be thick as 20 short planks. But not as politely as I've just put it. Then I watched 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' which was amusing. I made a coffee & had it with a Boost Bar & finally read the paper, my head fuzzy but eyes now OK! The headline was that TV Psychic, Derek Acorah, had claimed Maddie McCann was dead (She probably is, that eye thing is too distinctive!) People (The parents & McCann Supporters etc) are up in arms about it & people are also ranting over it, on Twitter. But a friend of mine knows Derek & Derek is fuming, saying the story is total fabrication & that a reporter rang him & asked him his opinion, on whether Maddie was alive or not? Which Derek had refused to comment on & constantly told the reporter, he didn't want to be drawn, into the subject & no comment! He say's the journalist then fabricated the entire story!

The ex mistress, of Mick Philpott (Who's six of 17 kids, died in a house blaze, in Derby) is now under police protection, at a hide away hotel. Lisa Willis 28, was freed, without charge, along with a 38yr male friend, after being quizzed, over Murder & the arson, of the Philpott household. She is afraid that, although proved innocent, people may think there is no smoke without fire (No pun intended!!) and may have a go at her!! Lisa is locked in a custody battle over the 5 children they had together (He was meant to go to court over this, the morning of the fire, which broke out at 4am!) 

Six million people have recently stopped watching EastEnders (I'm one of them) I'm not surprised, the script's, storyline's & some of the actors are rubbish!! It's no wonder (Pat) Pat StClement left & the brilliant June Brown (Dot) is thinking of doing the same!! 

Cute Hamsters 

Some Sick, 29yr, Bastard, called Anthony Johnson, decapitated his ex-girlfriends hamster, with a machete, a court heard yesterday! (Oh what a brave man, doing that, to such a huge, fierce, ferocious, beast!!!..... the weak bully!!) He burst into her Walthemstow home accusing her of sleeping with someone else (So what if he is an Ex!!) Smashed up her place, splitting the cage in half with the machete, before exclaiming "If you think that's bad watch this!!" Before then slicing off the poor darlings head & flushing it's body down the loo!! When his ex, Katie Hendrie, started to cry, he told her, that her puppy would be next, if she didn't stop!! He then held her hostage, for over 8hrs, pinning her against the kitchen worktop, saying "Why are you such a fucking slut?" She was terrified & thought her life was in danger. I hope he meets the same fate as the hamster, one day, but I don't think the body would flush!! 

Our two hero soldiers, shot dead, by the two rogue, Afghan, Police, knew their killers, who were traitors, from their own unit! The two cowardly Afghan Cops, who the soldiers had been training, turned their guns, on their helpers & opened fire. The traitors had been transferred to the group, only weeks earlier. Other local cops, fired at the assassins & killed one! The other that fled into the desert is still being hunted. Lets hope he is caught or steps on one of the Taliban landmine's 

15yr Alina Sarag, died of tuberculosis, after her useless doctor claimed that she was just lovesick!! Poor Alina was seen by more than 5 doctors at 4 hospitals but all failed to diagnose TB. Her worried parents called Dr Sharad Shripadrao Pandit's surgery in Birmingham 50 times in 4 months!! But the quack accused her of "Making it up!" and accused her parents of "Mollycoddling" her & refused to test her for TB, despite her vomiting up to 10 times a day & being so weak she had to be carried to bed, like an old woman with weak legs. He insisted she was lovesick for a boy & it was all in her head!! (I hope the results of his arrogance, haunt him all his life!!.... He should be struck off!!) 

A baby, was crushed to death, by a lamppost, after an engineer cut it's foundation, by mistake. Poor Tommy Hollis died, on the eve of his 1st birthday, when the pole, smashed into his buggy. Engineer, Kevin Elmore, had been moving underground cables, for Virgin Media, when he cut the poles steel anchor, wrongly thinking it was an old tram line. Five days later the pole toppled over, killing poor Tommy. Then I settled down to sleep with more painkillers, so I will be OK for tomorrow's meeting. (Calories consumed 1,900 whoops!) 

Wednesday 16th May, I woke at 8am & had a wash & washed my hair, I ache a bit today, and my head feeds foggy, but I'm not in pain. I had a coffee with some painkillers, I couldn't face breakfast. I wore my jeggings & a pale, pink, gingham, blouse, plus my white Reebok 'EasyTone' trainers. Then at 10.30am I headed off to the station to get the train to Luton, for my InTraining meeting, once there I did a few job searches & applied to 5, then I had a look in a room, with some local jobs on boards. Then I bought a paper & waited on the Luton platform, for my train home, reading the paper as I waited, drinking the Diet Coke, I'd put in my bag, before I'd left home. 

The front page has Cheryl Cole in another bad outfit (Below) she really needs a stylist & if she has one, she needs to sack them & get a new, good, one!! All that money & she wears, that badly fitting, badly tailored, monstrosity, honestly what was she thinking? 

The other headline is 'Beauty Banged Up For A Bunk-up In Back Of Dubai Cab' The beauty in question, is Rebecca Black 27, who is supposed to of had, naked drunken sex, in the back of a cab, with an Irishman. She fiercely deny's this, she said she was ALONE in the taxi cab, she also said "I was arrested for having a bottle of beer in the back of a cab, not having sex. That's all. I was alone in the vehicle!" Hmmm, I will reserve judgement, until I hear more.  

A barmaid at the Rutland Arms, Sheffield, Kathryn Broughton won £10,000 just because her boss called her 'Little Tits' & suggested she wore, lower necklines to boost her tips & trade!!.... Really? £10,000 for that? Bloody hell, how shit a barmaid, must she be, if she has to go to the courts, over something as minor as that & how much of an easy touch is that, to get 10K!!? Bloody hell, how long would she of lasted behind a bar, in most pubs? When sexist remarks & banter from male customers & male bar staff is the norm?? You need a very thick skin, plus a quick whit, to do a bar job! She was offended when the landlord said, she should get a push up bra, to get more tips! (A fact any good barmaid knows!) She quit the pub & claimed sexual harassment, for 6months, of crude remarks. Well I suggest the little mouse, who has just 'rinsed' herself a nice easy 10K, for nothing, changes her career to librarian, if she is so bloody sensitive! 

The parents of the 6 kids, that died in a house fire, in Derby, have decided to donate their teenaged sons organs, to save other lives, saying they want "Some good" to come from the tragedy. I'm still very uncomfortable, about the amount of different newspapers & magazines, they are raking in money from, giving interviews left right & centre! If I lost one, or two children, in a fire, I'd be too devastated for months, to be able to talk to anyone about it, let alone to the media, weeks after, losing 6!!! The doctors switched off Duwayne's life support on Sunday 13th May. 

 Romanian Gypsies 

Dozens of Romanian Gypsies (Above) have set up, a squalid camp, on London's, classy, plush, Park Lane. The scruffy, pick-pocketing, beggars, have swept into the Millionaires Row & nearby Marble Arch. They have been arriving in droves, since early April, it's feared several hundred more, could turn up!! Many of the men spend their time, getting drunk on Vodka & playing dice, while the women dole out food from carrier bags. Every day street cleaners remove 'human waste' left by these dirty bastards!! There are many public toilets, all around that area, so there is no excuse, to pee & poo on the streets!! (Below)

 Romanian Gypsies, Playing Dice & Peeing On Our Streets!! 

A Judge blasted cops for not arresting a takeaway boss for 3yrs while he ran a child prostitute ring. Scumbag Azad Miah 44 (Below) was caged yesterday for 15yrs (Shame it's not longer) For luring girls as young as 12yrs, to sleep with him & other workers, in a brothel above his takeaway shop 'Spice Of India' in Carlisle! At least 3 complaints had been made, before cops eventually acted! A 12yr victim went to police in 2008, Miah had been sending her up to 50 texts a day, offering cash for sex, saying age was not a problem. The same year a 14yr girl complained, he was harassing her, to become a prostitute. Yet disgustingly, cops still did not act & it went on for a year! He was eventually arrested 3yrs later in 2011 after a girl told her drug support workers, about the ring!

I got home & now hungry, I had a cheese & tomato baguette, plus another Diet Coke, for brunch at 3.30pm. I watched a bit of 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' Then went to the doctors at 4.30pm, where I was given 100 Co-Codamol tablets, 100 50mg Diclofenac tablets & 96 200mg Ibuprofen tablets, plus 6months worth of HRT. I left the doctors & picked up my prescription, from the chemist. I got in & took 2 Co-Codamol & 2 Ibuprofen, straight away, with a coffee. I watched 'Home & Away' excellent as always & did a bit of blogging. 

At 7.30pm I had some cod, in parsley sauce (Above) with mash potato for dinner & then watched NEW show 'Secret Eaters' which was good, though it's amazing how, these people, who trough it down, big time!! Delude themselves, over how much they eat. Then I watched 'The Apprentice' Which had my friend, Chris Cowlin, in it. He played a wine waiter, wearing a pale, pink, shirt, in a English, sparkling wine, Ad, made by Stephen's team. Which was dire, it lost & Stephen escaped being fired by the skin of his teeth!! Then I watched 'The Apprentice: Your Fired' 'The Killing' '2 Broke Girls' & 'Desperate Housewives' going to bed, with a decaf coffee, at 12.30am (Calories consumed 732 ooh very low!!)

Thursday 17th May, I woke at 6am, had a wash & hair wash, dried my hair & just did a natural make-up, with a dab, of tinted moisturiser & brown mascara, as I'm meant to be ill, in hospital, although ironically, thanks to my prescription, pain killers, I'm feeling a lot better than I have of late. I had a porridge & a coffee for breakfast, then dressed in my silky cream & beige 'Janet Reger' leopard print pyjama's, & 'Secret Possessions' hooded leopard print dressing gown, put on my black, faux, Ugg Boots & long, black, military, Primark, coat, packing my pink, pyjama's & dressing gown. Just in case, wardrobe were not keen, on the ones I was wearing, also the 1st of my three Grace Dent Books I have, called 'Diary Of A Chav Trainers V Tiaras' to read between takes. I popped in my local shop en route & got my Sun newspaper, then headed off, to catch my 8am train. 

I got to the studio's 15mins early, showed my badge & got my pass. Then I reported to wardrobe & they surprisingly opted, for the more revealing, pink, PJ's, that I'd worn before, on the show & my short, pale pink, dressing gown (I wore my long, pink, one before) I was the 1st SA in & the make-up woman took my hand & wiped off all the nail vanish, I'd had especially done, at the nail bar, at the weekend, all ready for the party scene, for the film next Tuesday Noooooooo!!! normally your allowed to wear nail vanish in hospital as long as it is not lilac, as the anaesthetist's need to check, that your nail bases don't go, a bluish mauve, while under (Not good news) So lilac nail vanish, stops them being able to tell that!! 

As mine were pearly, peachy, white, I thought they'd be safe, but NO!! (Bugger) I could of kept my hands in my dressing gown pockets, I doubt you will even see my hands, in shot, ho hum, that's how it go's in the life of an extra. Then other people turned up, including a pretty, blonde, girl, in her 20's, with chipped, bright, aqua, nail vanish & a Indian woman, from France, with white, pearly, nail vanish, on that stood out against her dark skin, plumb lipstick & black, kohl, pencil, eyeliner, I thought 'The make-up woman, will soon be whipping that all off!!' .....But NO!! It was just me!! WTF?? That's what you call, Sods Law!!

I chatted to some of the extras, the blonde girl, was called Danielle, & was really lovely, we were laughing about, how the bright make-up, of the French SA, wasn't removed, or Danielle's bright, aqua, nail vanish, but my pale, nail vanish was! We joked that it was because, the make-up lady was flat chested & I was obviously busty, in my pale, pink, PJ's. Later Danielle, a Japanese lady & I were put in a ward & given beds & I spent most of the 1st half of the afternoon, in bed, sipping coffee, eating Monster Munch & reading today's Sun paper. 

The front page is about the arson family in Derby, The headline is 'Who Killed My Kids? Mick weeps for his six children' It's all very sad, but it feels uncomfortable & staged, something just feels odd & it's not just because, I didn't like, the parents, with 17 kids, on benefits, when they appeared on 'Jeremy Kyle' Something just feels wrong! If the kids parents, were targeted by an arsonist, surely the arsonist would of watched the house, to ensure they were indoors, when the arsonist struck. But neither was, the father was out in the wee hrs & the wife, in the caravan, on the drive, an arsonist must of known this, anyway even if they didn't, why not torch the caravan too?? Mick said a heart felt thanks, to those who to tried save the kids, at a press call. 

I feel cruel saying this, but the heads down, with no eye contact, crying, with hanky's covering the face's, a lot. really reminds me, of the 'Shannon' press call. When Shannon's mum, claimed to be deeply, distraught, over her daughter, being missing. But she had caused it & Shannon was really, hid in the base, of a relatives bed. Now Shannon wasn't dead, but the same guilty body language, of Shannon's mum, is showing with Mick & Mairead, with no eye contact etc, is so alike, I can't help but wonder, if it was a home insurance scam gone wrong?? 

Cops said yesterday that petrol poured through the Council House letterbox, was definitely used as an accelerant! One theory is someone had a grudge against Mick due to his "Celebrity" status due to a lot of TV & magazine interviews about fathering 17 kids with 5 women (IF so how come the arsonist didn't make sure Mick was home before lighting the fire??) It would make more sense, if it was a gangland teen after his teen son!! Mick revealed at the press conference, Duwayne's organs were donated to save other lives. Mick also told, how he'd received messages of support, from around the world. 

Chief Constable, Steve Cotterhill, who was also at the press conference, said that nobody was being ruled out as a suspect. He also addressed the confusion over Mick's whereabouts, that morning at 4am, saying "We believe Mick was in the house, we are aware the media are reporting, that he was outside, we are obviously going to follow up on that!" Hmmmm interesting him being inside makes more sense, but if he wasn't, like some eye witnesses said, does the police believing he was, mean he lied to them?? He said they were yet to conduct a full interview, with the parents, because they were so devastated. The parents are said to have been asleep, in a downstairs room, before being woken, by a fire alarm. Hmmm that would make sense arson wise, but I thought, she was in the caravan? 

Now I'm not sure what to think?... But something doesn't smell right! Mick appeared on 'Jeremy Kyle' with his huge brood, talking about living on handouts (DHSS) & his demand for a bigger council house (This is what makes me think, it might of been, a insurance scam, gone wrong, with him, expecting to get a bigger home & the kids getting out OK, not realising the fumes alone, could kill them!) Locals are rallying round, trying to raise money, for the children's funerals, as the Philpott's are on benefits! 

Good old 90yr Prince Philip, eyed, blonde, council worker, Hannah Jackson (Above) in a red dress with a front zip fasten & joked to a police officer "I'd get arrested if I unzipped that dress!!" the police officer tried to contain a laugh. He also asked elderly Barbara Dubery who was under a foil blanket "Are they going to put you in the oven next?" her daughter said it made Barbara's day! You have to love Philip for not being a stuffy royal, he is always fun, like Lord Mountbatten was! 

The 29yr, Streatham girl, Rebecca Blake (Above) Who is accused of bonking in a Dubai Cab, has been bailed. Dubai police are still carrying out DNA tests, to see if anything went on in the cab? If so she faces 3yrs in Jail. A friend, Rowley Rees Brown, 42, paid her bail. Rebecca deny's the charges & say's she was ALONE in the cab, saying her only crime, was having a bottle of beer, with her. 

A delighted Sam Hallam sprayed bubbly as he walked away from prison yesterday, after serving seven years, 6 months, for a murder he didn't commit!! He was jailed despite evidence on his mobile that he wasn't there, which beg's the question how bad was his lawyer?? 

Then it was time to break for lunch so Danielle & I went to the canteen & I had a jacket potato, with baked beans & a Diet Coke for lunch, in the subsidised canteen. We had fun & chatted about different things we have done & she added me on her Facebook. Back on the ward, a hour later, in my hospital bed, I began reading my Grace Dent book & I was giggling, as it was very amusing & I could picture the chav, characters, in my minds eye! I had another coffee, a tangerine & some Frazzles.

I finished at 7pm & got my chit signed, then went to my locker, in the changing room, pulled on my boots & coat. I handed my pass in at security & then waited a while, for my train, back to St Albans. I was heading, straight to my friend Jennies, as her hubby is playing a darts final. So I grabbed a Subway & a Diet Coke, en route, as I had no time to go home & make dinner. I arrived & watched 'Corrie' then 'The Hoarder Next Door' then 'The Restaurant Inspector' we had a low cal hot chocolate & then Edgar came home, jubilant as his team had won & so therefore, had kept the cup for another year! So I headed home, had a wash & crashed in bed (Calories consumed 1,804 oops!)

Friday 18th May, I woke at 6am, had a wash, did my hair & made a coffee, plus  porridge, for breakfast. I donned my pale pink Pyjamas, put on some tinted moisturiser & brown mascara. Then I put my pale pink, dressing gown & book, in my silver, sequinned, Primark, shopper (Below) & pulled on, my black, Primark, wellies (As it was raining, as usual out) & I put on my long, black, Primark, military coat (Below) & popped into the local newsagent & bought my Sun newspaper, turned on my iPod shuffle then headed off to the station, for my 8am train, listening to my favourite tunes. 

I got to the studio's & did the usual routine of showing my badge, getting my security pass, putting stuff in my locker, taking the lift to the 6th floor & grabbing an apple & making myself a coffee. I have been constipated, since going back on the Co-Codamol, I hoped more fruit & coffee might help things! I said Hello to the shows contract SA's David & Terry, had a chat with Danielle & French SA Cheyenne, then I had to take off my dressing gown & pop on a hospital trolley & be pushed by David, down a corridor & then Terry came over with my records, which we did numerous times. 

Then that over I popped to the kitchen & got some Wotsits & a coffee, then went back in the rest room & read the paper. The dramatic headlines are '9/11 Dust Kills Donna Summer, Diva blamed lung cancer on Twin Towers' Sadly the disco diva (Below) died yesterday of Cancer! She was in NY the day the twin towers was hit & blamed the toxic dust fall out, which contained asbestos, from the 9/11 debris, for contracting the disease! 

Two, Evil, Parents, have been jailed for starving their teenaged sons, as well as forcing them, to take cold showers in the garden with a hosepipe (Didn't neighbours see this & report them?) & locking them in their bedroom, for up to 23hrs a day, in a 7yr ordeal, that started, when they were 11yrs. The judge, David Tremberg, told mother Lynsley Holmes 41 & step dad Corin 39 (Below) "The prison environment, you will be going to,will seem comfortable by comparison" The boys were told to lie silently in bed when in their room & the door was tied shut at night, one son said he felt like a prisoner!! They were allowed only 2 meals a day. 

Breakfast = 2 slices of buttered toast, at 1pm & Dinner = plain pasta, only one boy was allowed to eat at a time which meant one boys went cold. They had to eat on the floor & if they spilled any, the rest was taken off them, if they were naughty, they got no dinner & if they swore, their mouth's were washed out with soap. They weighed just 6st aged 16 & 18, and were only allowed out the house to run errands or go to college, the rest of their time they were stuck in their bedroom. They had to ask permission to use the loo & that was sometimes denied. Police freed them last year, after one confided to a teacher, at that time the 16yr old weighed 5st his 18yr brother 6st. Social services have questions to answer, as they had dealings with the family, some years ago, but closed the case!! (Typical!!) No doubt we will hear the old 'Lessons will be learned!' speech. He was jailed for a mere 5yrs & the mother a mere 4yrs.

Broccoli Bake

Then it was lunch time Danielle & I went to the canteen & I had a tasty Broccoli bake & a Diet Coke. A hour later we went back & then, I had to walk past a private ward room, while some drama went on, then it was back to reading my book in the rest room. Later I had a coffee, with 3 choc chip biscuits, at about 5pm we were told most could go home, but they needed 4 to stay behind & were there any volunteers?? I said I'd stay, as I lived closer than the others & 3 others eventually agreed too, while the rest, made a rush for the door. As it was, we were not needed, so signed out at 6pm.

I popped to my locker, put on my coat & headed for the station & sat on the platform, and waited for my train, while being pelted with rain, in the cold, this is meant to be, Spring, Summer? Brrrr! I got to St Albans & legged it home, in the rain!! I got in, dried myself off & had a coffee, to warm myself up, I watched the 'Channel 4 News' & chilled. I had a bowl of porridge as I was peckish & not hungry & watched 'Come dine with Me' '8 Out Of 10 Cats' 'Very Important People' 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' & 'Stand Up For The Week' Before crashing out for the night (Calories consumed 1,620 OK)

Saturday 19th May, I woke at 9am, after what was, an action packed, dream. Which I then completely forgot, moments after waking! My coccyx, are very painful, today & so I changed from taking the Ibuprofen & Co-Codamol, to taking the much stronger Diclofenic & Co-Codamol. I had a wash & went make-up free to the shop, with my long coat & boots, over my Pyjama's (As I have been doing, over the past two days) For some milk & a Sun paper. Then I made a coffee & a porridge, with cinnamon & nutmeg, for breakfast. 

After that, I replaced the two, chest, draws, I'd mended, the runners of, back into the chest of draws. Then I re filled the draws with my vest tops, and T-shirts. I then did a white load of laundry, followed by a red/pink load. I checked my Facebook (Still not happy about the shit new 'Timeline' profile, I have now been lumbered with!! It's so ugly, bitty & time consuming!! Nobody I know, who has got it, likes it!! 

Why don't Facebook ask us in a pole, if we want certain changes, before changing things?? They have made constant changes since I joined 7yrs ago (Only 8% for the good) & got rid of the fun things, that made it better than MySpace!! Such as being able to see how your friends, knew the other people, on their friends list! Some story's of how people met, were really funny!! Others were really interesting, some just made up fun. When checking my Hotmail, I found a response to a job, that I'd applied for, in early June 2011, so almost a year ago. In the email there was an offer of a job, where I'd have to move to & live (Or re-locate part time) to the Bristol/Cardiff area & I'd be provided with an expensive car (Shame I don't drive) But if I'd rather not, take that one, to give them details where I live again & they will get back to me when they had work in my area (Which I did) 

I will have to chase up the info, re the Amazon Warehouse job, as the Job Centre, didn't email me the info, like I'd asked when my phone had bad reception, when in the hospital building on Thursday. The DHSS guy kept breaking up on my phone, so I asked if he could email the info, as I couldn't hear him (As they have my email address) Then my phone signal cut off. I'm so, so tired today, it must be the Diclofenac & Co-Codamol combo, as drowsiness is a side effect of both!! I did a bit of housework, while half watching 'The Trueman Show' I had a Quorn (faux ham) cheese & pickle baguette, with a Diet Coke for lunch. Then I perused the Sun newspaper. 

Yet again, the front page is all about football (Yawn!!) 2 stories. One about Alex Ferguson being rushed into hospital & the other about Wayne Rooney, being mobbed by a load of girls, in a Las Vegas nightclub, as he warmed up for Euro 2012! (Other than Colleen, who cares!!) Meanwhile on page 4, was something more worthy of a front page. Council house tenants, on wages of over £60,000 a year, will be kicked out of them, in a new Government crusade. In a bid to stop, well-off freeloaders, hogging cheap social housing, that's good news, though doubt it will help me!! 

I have been on the council/Association housing list for 32yrs and I'm still no closer, to the top of the list, than when I first started! So I have been, forking out my money, to high private rents, for 32yrs, giving me bugger all, left over, to save for a mortgage or holiday. Even when I was working full time for 19-20K, Unlike now, or when on 19-20K. People on 60K, could EASILY get enough money together, for a mortgage, after a few years, of living in a council property. This to my delight will hit RMT, union, scumbag, Bob Crow (Below) who still lives in a subsidised council house, despite him earning 140K a year!! (Obscene!!) 

MP's also, will no longer be able to get, cut-price, council houses (They never should have in the first place!! I'm shocked, to hear that they could) As they earn 65-66K a year! Labour MP, Frank Dobson, disgustingly, lived in social housing, while earning a 6 figure salary, as Tony Blair's Cabinet Minister! This move means 40,000 homes could be free'd up, for people like me, on low/no salary's! (Well as long as they don't go straight to, asylum seekers, as usual!!) And save £122million a year, council rents can be as low as £80 a week/£320 a month (For a house) which pisses over my £650 a month, for a flat!! A number 10 source rightly said "It's not right that high earners benefit from taxpayer-funded housing subsidy" Here Here!!

A baby boy died, at Leicester Royal Infirmary, on Sunday night,  when his mother gave birth, in a hospital waiting room, because the midwives, were Too Busy, to move Sarah Proud 36, to a Labour Ward. Sarah said "It was bad enough, having my baby in that waiting room, in front of other people, but coping with his loss as well, is just so hard!!" The baby they'd planed to call Kyle, had begun arriving, a hour after arriving at the hospital. She screamed for help & the father Steven ran to get a midwife, Steven said "You could see the chord around the baby's neck. The Midwives pulled him out, they tried to resuscitate him, and then it all stopped. I feel we were neglected. Sarah should of been in a delivery room & the baby monitored!" They have logged, a formal complaint, with the hospital & are awaiting post mortem results.   

Ex Big Brother 2009 house-mate Sophia Brown, has died aged 30 from Lupus. I have to say despite being a BB fan, I can't recall her? Apparently she was the 3rd out of the house that year. Mind you, that was the year, my mum died, in May, so I was in a daze at that time, staring at the TV, but not really taking anything in! I think she might have been the short, cute, chatty, one. The new BB is starting soon & I have a gut feeling, that one house-mate, might be someone I know (I will be very, very excited if I'm right!)

Good news is that the weather experts say, that the weather will take a turn for the better next week. Tuesday could be 21C/68F in the South & by Thursday 23C/73F the hottest temp of the year, the warmest day so far was 22.8C in London on March 27th. 

A fashion loving, schoolboy, Travis Corr 15 (Below) who was often bullied about his long hair, made his mum Beverley a bright, jumpsuit, outfit for her birthday & then tragically hung himself! He was bullied at school being called 'A little girl' He told his mum he could deal with it, as he didn't like getting anyone in trouble. His favourite expression was "You hate ME coz you ain't ME!!"  Maybe I should use than line, on my lovely hater 'GLP' Shame, the poor lad, didn't stay strong, he looked like a sweetheart, in his pics. Bless his heart, so what if he had long hair, and had a talent for design. Sadly he was probably right, his bully's probably hated him, as they did not have his talent, nor his confidence, to be different, than the rest of his peers. 

Travis Corr 15, R.I.P

There was a back view, of 'Rear Of The Year' Winner, Carol Vorderman, in a red lace dress & one of Kim Kardashian in a very similar red lace dress, it was titled 'It's Carol V Kim in battle of the bots' but to me, BOTH bums looked bloody awful!!(Below)

 Carol V Kym
 Big Bum Wars 
There was a bit on three women, Leanne Curtis-Cobb, Talia Santo & Chloe Mellet (Below) Claiming that they are 'Too Beautiful' & how being pretty blights their life. I think that either the press, has exaggerated what they have said (As the press are prone to do) or they are somewhat, deluded, like that female journalist, a month or so back. 

Leanne, Talia & Chloe

As at best, they look very average, you certainly wouldn't give them a second glance, if they walked in the room (Well except maybe, for Talia, as she looks like she may be, a transgender female, so people might give her a double take, due to not being 100% sure of her gender) Leanne has dyed her blonde hair, brunette & cut 7" off it, in an attempt to be taken serious (I tried that in 1991, but I just didn't feel me & I was glad when it grew out) The 29yr old looks pleasant enough with brunette hair, I imagine that blonde, she'd look like one of the blonde Nolan twins. But she is not Beautiful, Stunning, or Pretty, just very average & pleasant. 

Leanne Curtis-Cobb

Leanne from the West Midlands, seems to think, that her expansion plans, for her children's business, were turned down by two potential male investors, as she was too good looking to be taken seriously! Errrr maybe it was just that, they had no faith in your expansion plans Leanne!! Did you ever consider that?? She said they were more interested in, if she'd go to dinner with them. Errr maybe they just wanted to talk business, at a less formal, business dinner! She goes on to say the MEN were sleazy, but the WOMEN were worse, they were bitchy, one saying "Do you know what your doing??" Errr maybe that was because you were not putting your expansion plans, across to her, in a coherent format & nothing to do with how you looked... Unless how you looked, was someone lacking confidence!! She say's changing her hair & dressing down, in frumpy outfits, has made an amazing difference, but as soon as she is a millionaire, the highlights are back! 

Stylist Talia 32, looks like the sex change, stylist, on the BBC3 show about modelling, to me. I can't recall the show's or the transsexual's name, but if it's Talia, I'm sure they are the same person. She/he is a single mum to Kyrel 12, and says her good looks get her ignored by 'Jealous' mums at the school gate in Kent. She oddly say's it's the reactions of others towards him/her that made her aware she is attractive!!? As a teenager male friends told her 'All the men are looking at you' but said girls were bitchy behind her back. She said "At 16 I did some fashion modelling. I realised other girls were jealous that my looks, meant I could do something they couldn't!" No maybe they just didn't want to hang around with, a vain, big head, who was obviously rubbing in what she did in their faces! She/he is 5ft 11" and a size 10 & say's women often ask, if she is anorexic. I doubt this, she is a slim, boyish, size 10, not anything like a gaunt size 6-Zero!! 

Talia continues, that when her son started school, none of the other mothers chatted to her (Did you ever try, actually opening your mouth & chatting to them?) She said to the reporter "None of the other mums chatted to me, when I dropped my son off, & I wonder if it's because, being young & trendy, I seem unapproachable, and people automatically assume I think I'm better than them!!"  Well maybe if you were not so up yourself, and made the 1st move, to talk to them, you wouldn't seem unapproachable!! Waiting for them to make the first move, proves you are!! Talia also say's her model looks (Really?) put off guys, so dating is a nightmare, she said "I never understood why men never approached me?" (I'm guessing it's her personality & maybe a confusion over gender) She said later her friends explained to her, that men thought she was out of their league!! (Lol good ole friends, they say that to me too, but I don't believe it for a second, I know it's just my friends being kind, unfortunately it seems, Talia doesn't!) 

Finally there was 20yr student Chloe, from Berkshire, she is single and bemoans the fact, that the men she date's, can't cope with the fact she gets lots of male attention. She said growing up, she was always part of the 'pretty gang' at college (She is nothing special, with chubby cheeks & a short wide nose) She said that the girls 'outside' of the 'pretty' group, acted defensively around them, adding "Being attractive doesn't make you popular!!" (Well, NO, not if your a big head about it) She say's girls look her up & down when she wears hot pants when out clubbing, just because not everyone like her can wear them, Miaowww!! All of them sound like total bores, I'd rather have a night out with Candie, or my Gay male friends, any day!! 

A woman who was arrested, over the sickening, savage, attack, on great-grandmother, Emma Winnall 94 (Above) is one of her carers (Unbelievable!) The 56yr woman & her 28yr son, are on police bail after being quizzed on Thursday! Emma suffered a fractured skull, a broken arm & a partially severed finger, during the disgusting attack!! A neighbour said "There were a lot of carers, mainly women, they came 3 times a day, when we heard there was a code to get in the door & the attacker hadn't broken in, we wondered. I don't know if someone who looked after her would do such a thing?" How awful!

A 28yr Brit Chow Hok Kuen, was arrested, after police seized 6 roasted human foetuses (aged 2-7 months) wrapped in gold leaf, in a suitcase in Bangkok hotel (Below) After them being used, in a macabre, black magic, occult, ritual. He planned to sell them to clients, who believe they will make them lucky & rich. Last night there was no clue to the identity of their mothers. They were being prepared for a Thai ceremony, known as Kuman Thong - Golden Baby Boy. A unborn infant, surgically removed from the womb, is roasted until dry & in a ritual, that must be completed, before dawn, it has magical spells cast over it, before being wrapped, in gold leaf & lacquered. 

 Would You, Want One Of These, In Your Home?? Yuck!!

In Thailand, they are often, disgustingly kept in peoples homes, or businesses & are meant to bring good fortune. The Brit admitted paying £4,000 for the haul worth, an estimated £24,000, when sold on to sick fans, of the charm's. Is it any wonder Oriental country's like China & Thailand treat animals so abysmally, when they don't even have any respect for, a dead, human, baby!!! Disgusting!!

Well if man doesn't manage to destroy the planet, in the next few decades, and continues for thousands of years, the historians who look over these past few decades, will think their ancestors are idiotic morons. Especially if they look into the Exhibition, at the Hayward Gallery, this month! As all the paintings & etchings are invisible (Anyone say Emperor's New Clothes??) The Exhibition laughingly contains, Gianni Motti's empty frame, a blank piece of paper & a plinth with nothing on it (Pathetic) Some frames, supposedly, also contain artworks done by the 54yr Italian, made using invisible ink (Yeah if you say so Gianni!!) There is also a piece by Tom Friedman called '1000 Hours Of Staring' Which is a blank bit of paper, which artist Tom stared at repeatedly for 5yrs (Yeah if you say so Tom.... any video proof of this??) Also there is Andy Warhol's work 'Invisible Sculpture' which is just an empty plinth, which the artist briefly stepped on. But the highlight of this shit, piss-take exhibition, is laughably, a police form about artist (Yeah con-artist) Maurizio Cattelan's, complaint, that an invisible sculpture had been stolen from his car. I think only an idiot will find this, an art exhibition of interest. I wont be paying for a ticket, not even with invisible money!!! 

Talking of crazy, former Miss World & Bollywood beauty, plus my favourite Bollywood Actress, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Above) Who always reminds me of, my Greek girlfriend, Nikki, who I use to work with in Dickens & Jones with. Has been lambasted by some Indian Media, over not quickly losing, her pregnancy weight, after giving birth in November! And some shallow fans say they feel let down by her double chin (I bet these shallow fans, are mostly, male arseholes) Who if they'd just had a baby, would be wallowing around in self pity, wanting an award, for the all pain, they'd just gone through & vowing never again. Rather than leapfrogging onto the nearest gym equipment!! A video of her, after the birth is doing the rounds, with elephant sound effects added (How pathetic) Even overweight, she is far prettier than any of the three women earlier, who were saying, being beautiful is holding them back!

A vile conman Stephen Whittaker 37, befriended a family, with a dying baby, so he could do charity work in the boys name & pocket the money (The vile, sick, S**t!!) He did a bike ride & then tricked people into donating, for dying baby, Tyler Furness. Police believe the scum, also cheated other charity's, posing as a collector, over a 3yr period. The granddad of Tyler, thrust a photo of the baby, in Stephens face, as he left court saying "You scumbag. This is who you stole from!!" Whittaker admitted stealing £800 in court & will be sentenced on June 14th.

More sad news, comes in the form of Essex skank, Lauren Goodger (Below) being allowed back in TOWIE, after grovelling to the TV exec's. They must be mad, taking that nightmare back!! Why on earth bother? The show didn't even miss her!! You only realised she was gone, when you found yourself wondering, why the show was so much better?? & then it dawns on you .... "Oh yeah, no vile, bitter, deluded, Lauren!!" Why the TOWIE producers, had her back, I don't know?? She add's nothing to the show, other than a stroppy face, that looks like, a bulldog chewing a wasp!! 

Then I did a load of, my backlog of blogging & finished off one blog, then continued with one of the other half finished one's. Not long after, my hater 'GLPGoddess' had left one of their, typical ranting, negative, comment's on it. My frenemy GLP had either randomly checked my blog, to find out if I'd written a new one, and got lucky, or had spotted, I'd posted a blog update, on either my Facebook or Twitter. Candie, Nicky, Nat, Richie & a bunch of my other friends, will be delighted that GLP is back. As they say GLP's negative comment's, crack them up & it makes reading my blog, much more fun. They always inbox me, with their favourite GLP comments, and we laugh over it when we meet up. I just think about this, when I see their same old, regurgitated, comments! 

I watched 'NCIS' & 'CSI' then turned over to BBC for 'Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow' then I had a packet of chilli Doritos as I was peckish but not hungry enough for dinner!! Turned the TV back to Ch5 +1 for 'CSI & Law & Order Special Victims Unit' then I finished my Grace Dent book, I'd started on Thursday & had an earlyish night at 1.35am (Calories consumed 1,018)

Sunday 20th May, I woke at 6.30am, I'd had a odd dream, I was working in TV again & I was in a relationship, with someone, I can't recall who?? I'd gone somewhere with him & some female friends, we parked his sport's car shaped, silver car, just inside a field, by the gate. We seemed to go to a bar, or country club with a beer garden. I can't recall much more, except looking for my friend Nicky, when we were due to leave, at some point. Then when we went to the car, but the grass, corn, wheat, or whatever it was, that was growing in the field, had grown roof high, in the time we'd been away & only the roof of the car, could be seen. I was confused, had it grown very quick? Or had we been away for weeks?? 

I was suffering bad pain in my Coccyx again, so I took some Co-Codamol & got up at 9am, when the pain had finally eased. I got on the scales I have gained 2lb which is no surprise, as I haven't been to loo for a number 2 since Wednesday, when I'd went back on the Co-Codamol. That's why I tried going off them for a while (As you have to go on Exlax with them, as you go from a regular 2-3 times a day, to nothing for weeks, without some help!) But in the end with this damp weather, the pain was so bad, I had no choice, but to go back on them. 

I had a wash & slipped on silky leopard print pyjama's, my black Ugg look boots & long black coat, then popped to the off-licence for a Sunday Sun, newspaper & a Diet Coke. I threw out the rubbish & then had a coffee & a Boost bar for breakfast. After I checked my Twitter, Facebook, Hotmail & Blog, I had yet another reply from my hater GLPGodess I cracked up laughing, GLP is just so bitter, as well as repetitive, in the comments. It obviously bugs GLP, that my friend in Dubai, sent me a plane ticket, to stay with him for 10days, over my Birthday, a whole 4years ago! 

 Having The Cheek To Be Recuperating In Dubai, 
Without GLP Goddesses Blessing!!

GLP is really so resentful over it, it's just so ridiculous!! It's one of the things they OFTEN bring up! I don't resent any good luck, or any success, my friends, or family have, I'm always, delighted, for them!! Anyway it was four bloody years ago & at the time I was in agony & awaiting a 6hr operation. In fact it did me a lot of good, I didn't have a single agonising attack while there (Thankfully) So get over it, you bitter S**t!! How sad, to be harping on about it, four years after the event!! Anyone would think it was GLP, that had paid for my ticket, not Philip, who said only the other week, that I'm always great entertainment! So he obviously doesn't regret, or resent, inviting me & paying for me, to come over there.

 In My Hospital Bed, 20 Mins After My 6hr Operation 
Relieved I That, I Will Never Feel That Agony Again!!
3 Of The 5 Operation Entry Wounds, 4th in Stretched Navel 
Belly Bloated from Gas Pumped in

Lmao GLP has also practically accused me of being a 'Rinser' & said I'd be putting a 'wish list' of Birthday presents, with pictures of what I want on my blog. I couldn't stop laughing!! GLP's obviously been watching 'Sex Lies & Rinsing Guys' on Ch4, the other night. The accusation is so pathetic!!! If you go back in this blog, and read any blogs written in June (My birthday month) Any year, you will see I don't mention, any presents or items I want, nor put up any wish lists. The only three people, I was ever likely to get a birthday present from, was my mum, who is sadly no longer alive & on some years, Nat & Terry or Candy.... So what the fuck 'GLPGodess' is on about, fuck Knows?? I actually feel sorry for, my frenemy, hater, they must be really fucked up, to be so negative & to have, such a fascination & twisted perception, of negative, ulterior motives, over everything that I do! (Threw in a bunch of F**k 's in there so GLP can be all pious about swearing again, if they run out or things to slag me for!)

I had cheese & tomato baguette & some chilli Doritos, with a Diet Coke for lunch, while I watched 'Murder She Wrote' then I watched 'Columbo' I love Columbo, it's such a shame, that the brilliant star of the show died, after suffering dementia, causing him to do some crazy things in public, before he sadly passed away. 

Then I had an Odd message, out of the blue, from my ex Kieron at 5.37pm saying 'How are you, June?' I replied 'Fine Thanks How are you?' he replied 'I'm fine thanks. Goodbye' I thought he is obviously in the pub, pissed!! A bit later at 6pm he text 'What's fucking wrong with you?!!!' which I ignored & then it was shortly followed by another one, after it saying 'I said GOODBYE!!!!!' So I replied 'Goodbye!!' 

Then he text back 'GOOD f'ing BYE you freak!!!! P.S Happy birthday for that one last year' I just laughed & text 'ha ha ha and you call me a freak!!' To which he replied 'What are you now? Dead?' He is obviously slaughtered down the pub, I replied 'Yeah a zombie' he replied 'Kin hate zombies' lol no idea why he text out of the blue, he has been quiet for 2yrs while in a relationship. Maybe she has dumped him & he is drowning his sorrows!! I was checking my emails when he text again at 6.50pm saying 'Can I see you on TV any time soon? Only I'm not purging as thoroughly as I could' Which made me burst out laughing, I do love his sarcasm. He is very intelligent, but such an oddball, when he is drunk. 

I had a coffee & watched the brilliant 'Once Apon A Time' Such a brilliantly written & excellently acted show. A nice blend of UK & US actors/actresses too. There were a few of the 'Big Brother' enpeg Ads on TV today, I have a very strong feeling, that one of my friends is going in the BB house (Fingers Crossed I'm right) also there was loads of the lovely 'Harvey & Rabbit' Ads by thinkbox on TV today, which stars the adorable dog, from 'Midsomer Murders' who is so cute (Below)

Then I read the paper while half watching 'TOWIE' which is better without Lauren Goodger, shame she is back next week & Ch4's 'Comedy Gala'  which was rather lame. While having a vegetarian sausage sandwich, with a Diet Coke, with a Solero for afters. The news headline was football again (Chelsea winning the champions league.... Yawn!!) 

I'm glad to see some of the lovely Ashleigh & Pudsey's 'BGT' winnings will be going on security including a 8ft brick wall to keep out dognapper's (Something I mentioned was a risk, in a past blog) Talking of dogs, there was a picture of Pippa Middleton, looking a right dogs dinner, in an awful rose red outfit & rose adorned hat, at a friends wedding. She looked middle aged not like someone in their 20's, she should sack the stylist who advised that outfit, it's very aging.   

I do hope the news, that Robbie Williams, has been lined up as a Xfactor judge, after Dannii's snub, is wrong, he would be such a turn off!! (Dannii saying NO, is a shame, as I'd LOVE to see Dannii back!!) Also lined up are Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani & rapper Tinie Tempah (The only one I'd like, out of that lot, is Gwen!!) 

Some Olympic, flame, carriers, have put their torches on sale, on eBay yesterday. One just hours after taking part in the Olympic relay. Some advertised their kit & torch, even before they'd taken part, the torches are worth £495, but torch bearers were given the chance to buy their torch for £295, some attracted different bids one £820 another £150,000, which was most probably a hoax bid. It is not said how much the Olympic kit is selling for. Over the next 70 days 8,000 bearers will help take it through 1,019 city's it will go past my house on Sunday July 8th! Not sure what time, but I'm sure I'll hear the crowd's assemble & there cheering will tell me when to look out of the lounge window. 

There has been a backlash over the three women (Above) who said that their lives were hampered by being too beautiful, in the paper yesterday. Leanne, Talia & Chloe got a lot of, very heated online comments (Wonder if GLP joined in?) Brazil said 'Looks like they got hit by a truck' which was an exaggeration. Alex22 said 'Is it April Fools Day?' which was a fare comment, while Mickeyheat said 'Seriously they should of gone to Specksavers' while someone calling themselves, Justanotherpasserby said 'Dreamers, nothing but dreamers' 

dennett316 said 'I don't mean to be unkind, but they're pretty average looking. There are plenty of women with nice figures, and in the face they are nothing special at all.... I think they're a wee bit full of themselves to be playing the "Being Beautiful is Hard" card' Which is what I thought. tnd was a bit stronger with 'My wife told me about these girls & asked my opinion of them. GIRL1: Looks like uncle Fester from The Adams Family & looks like she's  wearing a wig! GIRL 2: Blatantly a bloke, not very feminine. Looks like Pete Burns GIRL 3: Just looks weird' 

eeyorejunky said 'I've just asked hubbies opinion. the one on the right is OK, but the other two aren't great. After reading this I feel so much better about myself'  RobMi5 said '100% Deluded' Pdpartington said '1 looks like a school teacher, 1 looks like a mecon from Dan Dare & the other looks like a gerbil experiment gone wrong!!' So it looks like they, had pretty much the same feedback, as that vain Journalist, who harped on about her beauty, when she was, at the very best, plain, a few months back!  

Latest news is in, that a McDonald's Big Mac (Above) is healthier than 75% of NHS meals (Now tell us something we didn't know!!) One hospital curry, had 6 times MORE fat, than a KFC Zinger Burger, with fries. Also one hospital pasta dish, had OVER 3 times a persons, total recommendation of saturated fat intake & TWICE the salt limit! 40% of meals had a higher saturated fat level than a 9" Pizza Hut, pepperoni pizza. That's why, whenever I went into hospital, which was quite often over the past 5yrs, either I, or my mum, took in food, from outside, to eat, rather than eat, the slop they serve. 

A haunted, Essex, house, that use to be a 1500's prison called 'The Cage' that held witches, who's owner Vanessa Mitchell 37, & her baby son had fled from, after a series of spooky incident's, had a Sun reporter stay there, who then also fled it, after a few sleepless hours. Vanessa said it was cursed, she said "People who live here, seem to die, get divorced or go mad"  Within hrs they saw chains rattling on walls, for no apparent reason & she heard, scratching noises & felt extreme, temperature, drops! Spots of blood, once appeared in the hall, for no reason, in front of Vanessa's horrified guests. She once saw a ghost of a man, in ancient clothes, with straggly hair, in the living room. The sitting area in the kitchen, is where up to 13 (Unlucky for some) witches were chained, in the 16th Century, it continued to be a jail, up until the early 20th Century. 

The journalist witnessed a chain, hanging on a wall, start swinging, despite there being, no breeze (Why are there chains on a wall, in a house anyway??) As well as scratching behind the wall (A ghost or rats/mice??) Then before midnight, the temperature dropped to freezing, and the fire spluttered and died. The reporter said she felt unwelcome, as if she was being watched & left terrified, around midnight. I wondered if the journalist, or even Vanessa, ever tried conversing with the ghosts? I always said "Hello Ghost's!!" to the ghosts in the haunted property's I've lived in & they were fine, they often play up, as they want acknowledgement, once they are given that they are fine. 

I washed my hair, ready for tomorrow, when I'm back to filming in my pyjamas, I have a late start tomorrow 9.15am (Luxury) Then packed my bag ready for tomorrow, laid out my clean Pj's & I set my alarm for 7am as I have a later start tomorrow (Calories consumed 1,659 OK)

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