Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Springs Back ....Let's Get Physical!!

Monday 18th April, I didn't fall asleep until after 6am, despite an early night, yet I still had quite a busy complex dream, but all I can recall is the end. I was working in a pub (it was my 1st day) dressed head to toe in black, when the Landlady did a lock in until 6am, and seemed to want to continue for longer. By now the other barmaids and I were tired & we'd stopped being paid from 11.30pm. So I complained that we didn't want to continue & the Landlady said it wasn't for us to decide, tired and with an aching back. I sat up on the bar, the Landlady said 'Get down, that's very unprofessional!!' I replied 'So is making us work unsociable hours, for 6hrs with no pay!!'  

I woke at 9.30am and ran a bath, and made a coffee & bowl of Alpen, had my bath, exfoliated, moisturised & then ate the breakfast & drank the coffee. I was called by 'Odd One In' re a casting Thursday, at 10.30am in Shepherds Bush. I answered a few emails & then mopped my kitchen floor, then headed off out, and had had a hour power walking a bit earlier than I normally go, then continued onto my Fitness First gym at 12.25pm. I didn't do a class today, but did the treadmill, cross-trainer, cycle and a few circuit machines & some squats with the medicine ball & finished 2.5hrs later at 3pm

 Fitness First St Albans, Above The Shops In Christopher Place
Got home, put in a white wash in the laundry & Bought a Sun Newspaper, then had a Salsa Tuna Light Lunch with 3Krisprolls & a Diet Coke. I did some online job searches then set off to the Job Centre, to do some local job searches, then I popped to my local nail bar to see if I could get a manicure? As my nails have grown a lot since the last one & they need a re-polish (But mainly as my nails need to be immaculate for casting Thursday, you can't expect to be picked as a filmed product demonstrator/promoter if your hands don't look immaculate.... you'd never see dodgy nails on QVC!!

They said they could if I came back in 45mins, so I did a bit of window shopping I saw some nice feather earrings in New Look for £2.99 I was sure I'd seen the same ones in Boots & checked when I browsed round Boots, I was correct.... But Boots were charging £5 for them, almost twice the price of New Look (What a rip off!!) looked round FCUK nothing of any interest at the mo, last year they had lots of nice stuff in! Hobs wasn't bad though! (Not that I can afford anything!!) 

 Earrings £5 in Boots or £2.99 in New Look
choice of colours available

Then I passed some time, in Starbucks, having a tasty Caramel Cappuccino (The last one of those for ages, as a normal large Cappuccino is 180 Cal's & a Caramel one 350 Cal's, that's 170 Cal's extra, almost double!!!) I had my nails done, in a 'French Manicure' with a sparkly china glaze on top (Us Gemini's have to do things differently, than the rest of the Hoi Polloi, darlings!!) I popped into Wilkinson's & Tesco's on the way home, for a few essentials. The Tesco's cashier said 'Ooh I LOVE your nails!!' Mission achieved nails officially fab!! Once home I watched 'Home & Away' & had some Sushi for dinner, with some sliced melon, apple & grapes for desert (good girl) Then caught up with the news in today's paper.

More madness as 60 Harrier Jets, worth £750Million which could be helping our troops, to beat madman Gaddafi, in their expensive mission in Libya, are sat in a hanger, waiting to be scrapped!! Meanwhile our Mission in Libya is costing the UK £30Million a week at present, using RAF jets (The cost is made up of fuel, crews, ground staff & ammunition) But the same mission using our Harrier jets, from an aircraft carrier, would cost the UK £40Million a year. Where as with the present system, at the going rate, it would cost £360Million a year, compared to the Harrier jets £40Million, which means the present system is 9 times more expensive at £320Million more a year, than using the Harriers, that are due to be scrapped!!! Somebody do the Maths at the MoD & wake up The Defence Secretary!!

 Save Our Harriers For A Rainy Day (It's Pouring in Libya!)

More idiots in the paper this time another moronic judge, who spared a scumbag thief from jail, so he could feed his cat WTF!!!!?? Get a neighbour or family member in to feed the cat, or if neither of those is an option, re home it, or put it in a cattery & he would have to pay for its upkeep either up front, or in instalments!!! Idiot Judge David Cooper let off 55yr Scum Steven Thorne, who has repeatedly shoplifted booze, instead, giving him a paltry fine of just £75 FFS!!

More on BB, Wag Wannabe, Slapper Imogen Thomas (who's married with kids football lover, can't be named thanks to a super injunction) Looking all hurt, how does she  think his wife & kids would look if they knew? The love rat has got away with it so far, but she is as bad as him, selfish bitch, I bet she never gave his wife & kids a 2nd thought. I found her a total self absorbed bore on big Brother & it seems she is the same outside of the Big Brother house too! Another Big Brother contestant Chantelle Houghton's picnic bust up with Rav

Hijab, The scum even have the fucking cheek to put up signs warning of 'GAY FREE' Zones (Who do the fuck do they think they are to impose gay fee zones, it's not their fucking country!! The cheeky, arrogant C**t's!!) They also deface posters of bikini clad models (They should be rounded up & flown back to their country of origin & if born here, shipped off to the country of their or their parents, forefathers if they think so little of the UK!!) A non Muslim Asian woman, was told to wear a Hijab or her chemist would be boycotted, then later a 2nd man said if she continued not to wear one, she would be killed. Vile Extremist Scum!

The M1 Motorway that is shut between junctions 1 & 4 is still not fixed, after a fire in a scrapyard underneath it in North London, on Friday the 15th, 3 days ago. And it is expected not to be fixed until this Friday or Saturday, meaning that, part of one of our busiest motorways, will be closed for 8 days, or more, causing Easter travel misery for many. Yet only a handful of engineer/contractor workers could be seen at work on it yesterday. But 2 North bound lanes were opened yesterday & they hoped to have one South bound open today, they are busy erecting a support below the bridge. They say the heat has damaged the bridge badly & steel is exposed, maybe they should get in some Japanese workers. They mended their quake destroyed road in 6 days, despite dealing with trauma, grief & also the threat of impending nuclear disaster & more possible Tsunamis!!

Japan March 17th & Then 6 Days Later

Coalition Deputy PM Nick Clegg, has topped a pole of 'The Politician gay men fancy the most'. I'm sure he wouldn't top a woman's pole. He is too weak & wishy washy for most women, we like someone with some fire & power about him, where as Nick Clegg is a Damp Squib!! 

Meanwhile a Christian electrician, Colin Atkinson, faces the sack, for having a cross displayed in his company van, which he has had on his dashboard for 15yrs, he was told to remove it by his bosses in West Yorkshire, saying it might offend other religions (It would only offend extremists of other religions & who gives a fuck if their offended?) Or suggest the firm is a Christian group (Afraid it will be targeted by extremists are you? Yellow belly's!!!) They say symbols can be worn but not displayed (pathetic!!)

Then it was time to watch 'Home & Away' then the usual soaps, while doing online job searches & online surveys! I had Sushi for dinner, with Melon, Grapes & Mango fresh fruit salad to follow, then watched the new series of the Brilliant 'Hotel Inspector' started & oh my god what a hovel of a B&B she went to to start the series, The FILO (First In Last Out) in Winchester, not only was it filthy, but the decoration (designed by the owner) was oh so bloody ugly!! (Mind you, if the owner had an ounce of Imagination, he would of spelt his pub B&B 'First Inn Last Out') The rancid place, had, had a host of bad write ups. One guest posting that when they got in their rooms bed, they found a USED condom (OMFG!!) This was the 1st time EVER, that Alex Polizzi, had refused to stay overnight in a Hotel/B&B, & who could blame her, I could practically smell the place from my lounge as I watched! Surprising as the owner was not bad looking really, and looked clean & smart!

Then I watched 'Meet The Middletons' a program on The UKs Prince William's wife to be & our future Queen's extended family..... What a boring pile of shite that was!! (That's a hour of my life I wont get back!!) Then I watched the Bruce Willis film 'Hostage' while writing this blog & also doing online surveys. Munching on a few low fat rice cakes with Peanut Butter Yummy! Then Started the 2nd of Jason's books 'The Gangster's Runner' It seems better written than the 1st already. Went to bed at 2am (Calories consumed 1,942)

Tuesday 19th April, I didn't fall asleep until after 4.30am, I dreamt something to do with filming & something to do with gangsters (It must be due to reading Jason's book) I was either being filmed or photographed, my hair was longer & it was divided in half over each shoulder as if your about to tie bunches, it was wrapped round and crossed over my neck under my chin & then pulled round the back like a 40's head-scarf made of hair & I wore bright red lipstick, then the pictures, filming was taken, think I had to pretend to be dead but I'm not sure. I got up at 10am, showered, tied back hair & went to the gym make-up free (a 1st for me) worked out until noon, then I went home & showered again, then put on brown/beige tankini halter-neck top & my khaki tiered skirt with sequins on, my TrimSoles, my Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses & my peacock feather look earrings.

Then on hearing an almighty crash, I went into my back dressing room, to find one of my travel cases had slipped, from where it was stacked, landing on a a pile of boxes causing an avalanche, and one large hat box, has got squished, typically its the one with one of my favourite black hats in & it has squashed the crown, and brim, of it, a bit, SHIT!!! So now I will need to find a Milliner, once I am earning again, who can steam it back into shape, I hate to think how much is that going to set me back ?? 

I popped to the shop & got a paper & 2 Diet Cokes, then sat out in the sun & Read the Sun paper & Closer Magazine. The Sun's Front page is about Rio Ferdinand's mad stalker, a black woman with bright red hair (No alas for Rio it is not Rhianna!!)

More madness due to the Human Rights Bill (The sooner that gets scrapped the better!!) 47 Dangerous fugitives, presently on the run in the UK, can not be named - in case it breeches their human rights!! Fuck Right Off!! They should lose the right, to any rights, human or otherwise, when they become 'Dangerous' Criminals!!

What about our rights as decent, law abiding, citizens to know, if the man sitting two seats away from them in a cafe, is a serial killer, a rapist, or whatever!! The law has gone mad, it protects the guilty & leaves the innocent open to attack!  All 47 of these scumbags are deemed 'high risk' or 'very high risk' & include paedophile scum! They fled after committing new crimes, or breaking their early release terms. Cameron's promise to name criminals on the loose have been dropped quietly & criminals are using data protection rules & the human rights bill to stay anonymous. 

Tory MP Dominic Raab says it's ridiculous storming 'Labour allowed the privacy of dangerous offenders to be put ahead of the public's protection. The Coalition must reverse those warped priorities. We can't have dozens of high risk fugitives shielded on Human Rights grounds' EXACTLY!!! Also Ken Clarke should be fired.

I was confronted on turning a page by naked shots of Mariah Cary & her husband, for OK Magazine, with him holding her boobs, while exposing, her ample pregnant belly, containing their twins she is expecting. Oh put it away love, keep those kind of pictures to yourself, we soooo don't want to see them!! Your a bit of a minger when your thin & those photos are Sooo not attractive & of no interest to anyone, except for you two!! Meanwhile a pathetic West Yorkshire woman, called Louise Smith won a £12,300 payout over a claim of sexual harassment, by a gay male colleague  PML Oh get a life you sad cow, I can't believe they paid it out!! There must of been some homophobes in the jury! What A Joke!!!

A Ex Soldier has been Jailed for 70 days, for torching the Koran, in protest at the Scum, that burnt the poppy wreath on Armistice Day, getting a paltry £60 fine!! How typical of our courts to give him the kind of justice, that, that scum bag Emdadur Choudhury should of got. Andrew Ryan set light to the Koran in the street, shouting 'You Burn Our Poppy's I'll Burn Your Koran'  while annoyed over our soft laws for extremist scum. If Emdadur Choudhury had been given the kind of sentence, worthy of his disrespect of our dead heroes, Andrew wouldn't of felt the anger, that then compelled him to burn that book of the Koran. Colin was charged with 'pre planned theatrical bigotry', surely that is exactly what Emdadur Choudhury should of been charged with!! So either Emdadur should of got 70 days jail or Andrew a £60 fine!!!!

Poppy Burning
 Koran Burning

Beautiful murder victim, Sian O'Callaghan, was finally laid to rest yesterday & 600 locals lined the streets of Swindon to pay their respects, to the beauty killed by cab driver Chris Halliwell. Meanwhile Nigella Lawson was in the sea in what looked like Muslim Arab swimwear apparel not unlike a Burka when playing about the sea with a bikini clad friend in Australia it consisted of black trousers & a long top just above the knee with long sleeves, & high neck with a hood pulled up over a peak cap. She either wishes to remain Lilly white (in which case why holiday in Australia) or she is hiding her ample curves from the Paparazzi??

I had 3 rice cakes with peanut butter for lunch, washed down with a Diet Coke & followed by a Solero Ice Cream. I chatted to the owner of the Tattooists & the South African guy, who seems to have had a haircut & was looking quite cute & buff! After I finished the paper & magazine I continued with Jason's book & sat in the sun until 5.30pm getting a bit of colour, but by the end of the day, today, I was not covered in lumps & bumps. So it can't of been a reaction to the sun before? So what was it? Odd!! 

I finished Jason's book, it was by far superior to the 1st, which was riddled with spelling, and grammatical mistakes (Sack the Proof Reader/Copy Writer!!) This one had only 2 small ones, which most people would not notice! I think my actress friend Maxine Webb would be ideal for the role of Mandy! So I told her again to get a copy of 'The Gangsters Runner' and to not bother with the 1st book, as she didn't need to (as her character is only briefly touched on there & what is said there, is repeated in the 2nd book anyway) She said she would & also chase up Jason on Facebook. 

Nicky contacted me, to see if I'd done a favour she asked from me, I was confused as it was not in my diary, to do today? So I checked it again, nope not there & it was then, that I realised the date was saying Tuesday 26th & my phone Tuesday 19th? I then I realised that two pages of my diary, had been stuck together, so I'd opened it up for this week, at next week, not at this week!! HOLY FUCK!! How the hell did that happen? I apologised to Nicky and was kicking myself, how did I not notice, that the pages were stuck together?? I think old age is kicking in & numbing my brain!! Went on Facebook, Twitter & in my Hotmail, for a bit & found the page for the cutest dog in the world Boo. OMG it's like a little teddy bear I'm totally in love!!! Check him out here

The Adorable Boo

I watched 'Home & Away' then did 50 squats with the Swiss ball, up against a wall, with the ball supporting my bad back. Then I had Tuna Mayonnaise, on 3 Rice cakes for tea, with another Diet Coke & some Brandston Mini Cheddars on the side & watched 'Supersized V Superskinny' it was 2 scrawny's V 2 fatties this week. Then I watched 'Jean Claude Van-Damme: Behind closed Doors' followed by the very funny 'Campus' then peckish, I made myself a coffee & a couple of rice cakes with Peanut butter, before watched the film 'Burn After Reading' with Brad Pitt & George Clooney, which was fucking odd!! It was meant to be a comedy drama, but it wasn't that dramatic, nor was it that funny!!  & then I went to bed at 1.50am (Calories consumed 1,538)

Wednesday 20th April,   I woke at 9am, and if I dreamt, I don't recall any of it, I had a shower tied hair back & wore my coral tankini halter-neck by M&S & my khaki sequinned tiered skirt & my TrimSole thong sandals & had the last of my sugar free Alpen & a coffee, for breakfast. Then I popped to the shop for today's paper & put my foldable garden chair, out in the court yard & read some of my Marilyn Monroe book, then took a break to read my messages on Facebook, Twitter & my Hotmail Inbox. I had a message from Angus the film producer/director of 'Losing It' with the following exciting news.....
The bad news, the good news, the bad news.

The bad news. Losing It was not selected for the Cannes official programme. I don’t feel too badly about that – only 9 short films were selected this year, and none of them were from the U.K.  Their loss.

The good news is that Losing It is going to be screened at Cannes this year.  I have been quietly touting Losing It to production and distribution companies who are screening at Cannes this year and two have snapped it up and will be showing it as part of their commercial playbill. 

First of the two is Hammer, a reincarnation of the epoch-making company that ruled in the Sixties and Seventies.  I didn’t think that Losing It would be a poster boy for Hammer but they think it fits their formula perfectly – with a pretty, vulnerable female (and I agree, Emily does come across as vulnerable) and the Frankenstein – Igor thing going on with Carrington and Eldridge. So, we’re a Hammer Horror Film! (Incidentally, Hammer are also taking “Little Changes”, a brilliant short made by James Static, one of our Imps.  If you haven’t seen it, get in touch with James – he is on the email list up there somewhere - and get a copy.)

OMG On posting this bog full of 9days worth of 90hrs of writing  (Despite the work being saved repeatedly & then photos added & saved again) when posting A Blogger glitch has wiped 80% off this blog approx 60hrs worth of work (Most of  Wed to Sunday) which was the busiest & funniest bit of the week when most things happened & so much in news!!!!  SHIT!!! Fucking Blogger!! I knew I should of copied & posted in my Hotmail, when it kept failing to post (due to taking to long) I will have to write at a later date (but without the news as I no longer have the news papers, to remind me of what riled me or any notes to dreams etc  Arggggggggggggghhhhhh!!!) Typical it was my bet & funniest & most gossip filled blog to date (Someone out there has been using that voodoo doll of me again).... this blog will be resumed when I find the time

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Spring Has Sprung!.... Then Sodded Off Again!!

Monday 11th April,  I had a dream, where I was with my Mum & Dad & it was Christmas. My Sister was there, and I was handing them out lots of presents from me, which they opened & were really pleased with them. Then Julie gave mum & dad presents that they opened, & they gave presents to Julie, then they said 'Lets go see what's on TV!' I said 'Don't I get any?' & they all said 'No We Don't Like You!' I felt really hurt (I must have the pile of Xmas presents, in my lounge on my mind, that I am having to send to my brother in three instalments, when I can afford the postage) Then I was at school with my Actor/Singer friend Simon Cole & he had a crush on a schoolmate & also on a teacher too, I was asking him what he tended to go for, in general, older or younger? 

Horsing Around With Buddie Simon

Then I wandered into a factory & my mum was working there, earning £20 a week & I thought 'How can she survive on that?' Then I was somewhere, having to share a bed with my brother Bill & he was talking & moving about in his sleep & trying to push me forcibly, out of the bed, but he wasn't talking in his voice, he was talking & acting like Candies 6yr old Tiger! I woke up thinking 'What the hell was that all about?'

It's another beautiful sunny day out, so I am gonna enjoy my 2hr power walk today. I had a wash & had a Galaxy Chocolate Shake for breakfast & put hair up in a pony tail, put on my red/white/dark grey 3/4 gym trousers & a red camisole top over a longer white camisole top & my TrimSoles, & went make-up free so my face can tan more, while wearing my Dolce Gabbana Sunglasses (Exercise celeb stylie lol) Then I headed off up the park. I passed my friend David's & so I took his two chocolate Labrador's, Betty & Stanley along for the company & some exercise for them too. 

Betty is better behaved these days it seems, and we all enjoyed our 2hrs in the park, I then went off to JK Palmer's, getting a Sun paper en route. I decided on the Vegetarian all day breakfast, for a change today, which was very very tasty (I LOVE Haloumi) & also very filling, I was served by the usual lovely, smiley, blonde, waitress, as soon as I got in, efficient as ever!! I read the paper while I finished my Diet Coke. Apparently, released US government papers say that 3 UFOs, DID crash in Roswell, New Mexico & 3 Alien pilots were taken to a medical facility (I will await more info, about this, with great interest!)

 Roswell Autopsy??

As I got home the sky's went grey, there was no sign of the brilliant sunshine of earlier, in fact shortly after it poured with rain, with a gale lashing it against my window for a few hours. It was still the same after 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' had finished & then at 5.30pm it had cleared again & it was back to a lovely sunny day, but now with a bit of a breeze. Ian called & we chatted for a bit & caught up & then my friend Mike called saying 'we must catch up soon' I watched 'Home & Away' & had some chopped steamed veg mixed with herbs, plus garlic, chilli & ginger, sprinkled with some mozzarella & melted under the grill, washed down with a Diet Coke or two! 

I watched 'Jean-Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors' on ITV4. He was in Dubai, I loved Dubai, when I went there, the weather, the food, the futuristic buildings, and the fact due to their laws you could go in a bar & club without having to see idiots all over each other, sucking face! Watching the show really took me back a few years. Then due to shit TV, I spent time catching up with last weeks blog until 11pm, when the brilliant 'The Event' was on. No call or text from Nick, even though I told him I was free tonight & the rest of the week, either he is pissed he got blown out Sunday, or he is busy, only time will tell which. I wrote some more of my blog after 'The Event' then read a bit of my Marilyn Monroe Book, before retiring for the night (Calories consumed 1,262)  

Tuesday 12th April, I dreamt I was working for Jungle again, but this time they had a shoe shop, as well as a clothes shop, & for some strange reason, I'd been storing my own shoes, on the 1st two wall shelving units, by the door, and I noticed that there were new shoes on them, not mine! I asked where my shoes that were on there, before, went? The new sales girl said she'd sold them all, I went crazy, saying they were all mine & all had cost me £200+ each, including a very expensive pair of long, black, designer boots. I was fuming!! I was wearing one of their black leather & faux cheetah skin dresses (That I use to own) and put on the matching black leather & faux cheetah skin Coat & headed off to the head office.

 My Jungle Dress - It's Since Been Sold On eBay
Close up!

The shop girls were following me & I said 'Who's in the shop?' they said 'Nobody!'  I said 'Who locked it up?' They said 'Nobody!!' I shouted at them 'You left a unlocked shop unattended? anyone could walk in & walk out of the shop with stock & takings are you mad?? Get back there now & we better not of been robbed!!' I then walked into a bar, that it appeared I worked at. But I woke at 8am, due to one of the hairdressers, talking very loudly, below me, I then fell asleep again until 9am.

I dreamt that, I was going to the party of Marlon Brando, in a luxury apartment, either on top of Dickens & Jones in Regent Street, or above Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. It was very large with grand staircases, with framed pictured of Hollywood film stars & I was done up 1940's - 50's style & I was looking for the ladies. I opened up a door to a room, thinking it may be the bathroom & found a room full of blonde's, being made up to look like Marilyn Monroe, with a photographer setup at the far end of the room, taking pictures of the finished Marilyn blonde's. 

 Marilyn Monroe

I started going down a grand staircase, but the stairs began to move beneath me like an escalator & as I descended, I realized the dropped ceiling ahead of me, was very low & although my body went under it, like in limbo dancing, I was trapped by my throat & I thought I was about to be decapitated & I was trying to call for help, but I could not be heard, above the noisy partying! In the end, I tilted my head back & pushed my chin upwards & slid under.

Richard Madeley

Still looking for a toilet, I wandered into a perfumery dept, I then realised, I was in the store, that was below the apartment. So I found myself looking for a way back upstairs again. I went through a door & realised it lead to the staff area staircase. I ran into Richard Madeley (Richard & Judy) who said he could get me back to the party. He took me along a very high, thin, flint, wall which I was frightened of falling off of, due to the uneven flint surface. 

I told him I was afraid of heights, then he made me slide down off the wall into a courtyard, full of broken up cardboard boxes & blue plastic crates, like the one's you see in pubs with beer bottles in, or with the milkman, with milk bottles in. I waded through the mess but there was a tower of crates, taller than me, about 3 crates wide & about 4 crates deep, blocking the doorway, which I then had to clear. I woke at 9am thinking, 'What the bloody hell was that all about?'

I woke at 10am, the weather is bright, but windy out, looks like Spring/Summer has gone for now! Bummer!!  Whatever that rash/bunch of sores was, they seem to have died down pretty much too, thanks to the Diprobase Cream. I had a wash & wore 3/4 dark grey gym trousers, my B&W TrimSole sandals & my light grey vest top, with diamanté trimmed neckline & armholes. I tied my hair back in a pony tail & went make-up free, I had Branflakes for breakfast then did some washing up & did a white wash & hung the laundry out, once finished. I popped to the shop for my Sun newspaper & a Diet Coke. Then settled down & read the paper. 

The Vile Cab driver Chris Halliwell, who murdered beautiful Sian O'Callaghan, and owned up to a 2nd murder of woman unknown & indicated burial spot (who turned out to be missing Becky Godden-Edwards) has allegedly hinted to detectives that there may be other body's (Hope the Gypsy's manage to get to pay out the price on that scums head!) I'm no fan of the Gypsy's the way they set up camp on land that's not theirs, or how they the avoid taxes, we non Gypsy's have to pay etc ... but the price out on Halliwell's head is one thing they have got right!

The Vile Accused, Chris Halliwell,

France has banned the Burka, GOOD, in the Koran it does not say at all, that women should be hidden away, all but their eyes! That is something, that misogynistic males have introduced to Islam, to have control over & weaken women. The same men who don't want women to receive an education, and it has absolutely fuck all to do with the Koran & Islam!! It is also a perfect cloaking medium, for terrorists & criminals to use to hide behind, while they commit their crimes/atrocity's (With CCTVs unable to recognise, who is under there, by just their eyes alone, especially if they also don sunglasses too!!) It is NOT a religious garment, and if they do not wish to live somewhere that bans it, then move back home, or to somewhere that allows it (Preferably NOT the too soft UK!!) Personally I'd like to see the UK follow suit!

Burka Babes!

Women in France who defied the ban law, were arrested yesterday. Yet ironically the biggest protest was outside the French Embassy, in way too soft England.  Fronted by the Vile hate preacher Anjem Choudary (who should be behind bars himself!) Fines in France for wearing a Burka is £132 & they can also be ordered to re educating classes, pointing out the fact that Burka is nothing to do with religion, but about male dominance over their females. Men forcing women to wear one, such as their husbands or imams, face fines of £26,500 & a year in jail (Having lived & worked in Paris, I was no fan of the arrogant Parisian's, but for once I agree with the French, shame they didn't have this much balls during WWII!!)

Anjem Choudary

I had chilli macaroni cheese for lunch, with a green salad while watching 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' Then I got a call from WH Smith, to say that my two Jason Cook books that I'd ordered were in (There's No Room For Jugglers In My Circus & The Gangsters Runner) I said 'Great I'll collect them later or tomorrow' Nicky called by & I had a bit of a laugh with her, then I pulled on my black puffer jacket & headed off to WH Smiths & picked up the two books. 

I also popped into Boots & Bought 3 Shapers salads, 3 Shapers Drinks & 3 Shapers crisps (as part of their meal deal) Then I went to Ladbrookes, to pick up my winnings on Oscar Time (50peach way at 14-1, with my £1 free bet with The Sun) which netted me a whopping £2.75 & also so much for the free bet, as they deducted the £1 bet from my winnings, so my winnings were a whopping £1.75 ..... ooooh I feel a spending spree coming on!!! Then I popped into Tesco's to pick up my Free 'Right Royal Knees-Up', Street Party CD with NOTW (part two next week) An unusual mix of songs for a 'Royal Wedding' street party!! 1. Karma Chameleon. 2. Walking On Sunshine. 3. U Can't Touch This. 4. The One And Only. 5. Let's Stick Together. 6. Temptation. 7. Baby Come Back. 8. The Hippy Hippy Shake.

I did a load of job & audition searches & applied for a shit load! While munching on Shapers smokey bacon crisps & downing a very tasty 3cal Shapers cream soda. I did some hoovering, then settled down to watch 'Home & Away' I then had a Sesame Salmon & Noodle salad, with a side plate of some mozzarella'd vegetables & sweet chilli bites & another Shapers cream soda. I did the washing up then had a bath & exfoliated (To try to rid myself of the rest of the rash marks) I chatted a bit to friends on Twitter & Facebook, then changed into my nightie, then liberally covered myself with some Diprobase Cream, to calm down the last of the rash/allergy lumps & bumps. 

I watched EastEnders, as there was sod all else on, I can't Look at Tanya on EastEnders without seeing Drag Queen 'Dave Lynn' looking right back at me. It's a week since my St Albans date with Nick, after the 'Key/Jewellery Party Gate' (See Saturday in last Blog) I haven't heard from Nick since Sunday, despite saying I was free all of this week! (If a guy doesn't pull out the stops & make an effort, to make arrangements & impress me *without smothering me* I lose interest rapidly, even in the rare cases, where I was mega keen!!) If a man has a blaze, laid back attitude to arranging to see me, he is rapidly wiped from my memory banks. As expected I never heard from Mr 'Oh So Keen' Andrew (Who Nicky liked) who I met on Saturday April 2nd, 10 days ago. I just knew he was a Bullshitting Chancer! Full of flattery, Yet I didn't see him go to, slip his hand in his pocket once, to buy me a drink, despite attesting to be so keen!!! FAIL!! I watched Supersize V Superskinny, which had a Superskinny 5st Indian woman, who was such a picky eater, pushing her food round her plate that I wanted to punch her, as she was so irritating!! Versus a Supersized woman who scoffed so much meat, she would of cleaned out Noah's Ark by tea time!!

Then I watched 'Katie: My Beautiful Friends' as I was watching it Nick text at 9.11pm saying 'You OK & what you up too?' I hoped this was just his way of getting in touch, and not a way to say 'come for a drink, if your doing nothing' As my hair needs a wash & I have no make-up on & the pubs close in under 2hrs! So.... making it clear, that I just can't pop down the pub, to meet on very SHORT NOTICE, I said ' Not bad, thanks, just out of the bath, covered in thick cream & a face pack, in bed watching TV & checking audition sites on my laptop...... You?' Then I watched the TV some more including new show 'Campus' written by the brilliant writers of 'Green Wing' I loved 'Green Wing' I miss it not being on TV anymore & this was a great substitute, very very funny, you could tell it was the same teams work!! A hit already!!

I was watching 'CSI NY' when Nick text back at 11pm saying 'Nearly the same Mmmmmmmm ;-) '  Whatever that's meant to mean? No suggestion of meeting on either Wed, Thur or Fri despite me saying that, I was free for the week, in my text on Sunday! Major FAIL!!! If he contact's me on short notice, yet again, without making prior arrangements, I will be busy & will continue to be so unless he ups his game! It's not like I'm crazy about him, or anything! I watched CSI's until 1am, then I started to read the 1st of Jason's books, 'There's No Room For Jugglers In My Circus'  Remembering the old Bagley's & Gas Club days as I read. For a moment I was confused by the text, which didn't make sense, then I realised the manufacturer had collated the pages incorrectly, and the numbered pages went.... 15-16-19-20-17-18-21...  I will have to take it back & get it replaced. Crashed out for the night at 3am (Calories consumed 1,516)

Wednesday 13th April,  I woke at 9am, its grey and very windy out, If I dreamt I can't recall it! I decided I was going to do another 2hr power walk today, so I pulled my hair back in a tight ponytail, did a very light make-up & put on dark grey 3/4 gym trousers & my light grey diamanté trimmed vest top, over a white vest top, with my silver cardigan on top & my short Ivory puffa, bomber jacket & ivory magic scarf, on top of that (who'd of thought I was sunbathing 3 days ago!!?) I had breakfast of Branflakes & then set off at a pace round the park, lots of dogs in the park today. I got chatting to this tall good looking guy, of about 28-34yrs about 6ft 4" in a baseball cap with a lovely face & a bit Military looking, with a very good physique (Hello Mr Mr where have you been hiding?) He was throwing a ball, for what looked like a black Labrador/Great Dane mix, It was this dog rushing up to me to play, that got us talking (Good Dog!!) mostly about the dog.... I wouldn't mind bumping into him again!!.....

I could really feel the muscles, in the back of my thighs, my calves & my butt tightening today!! Is it the walking or the TrimSoles working?? Chatted to Ian a bit on the mobile, after he butt dialled me accidentally & then I got in, just before it bucketed down, 3hrs later (my power walk went an extra hr, maybe spurred on by the park hottie lol) I made lunch, of a King Prawn Noodle Salad & vegetable crisps, washed down with a 4cal Shapers Ginger beer. I watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' Then finished off last weeks blog & began adding the pictures (which takes almost as long as writing it!!) It was so cold today, that in the end I had to give in & put the heating on (On Full!!!) English weather is like some of its inhabitants ..... CRAZY!!

I was contacted by JML on my mobile after I responded to a StarNow ad which said:-  Do you want to tone up but don’t want to go to the gym?! Maybe you are looking to get rid of your bingo wings with little fuss? We are looking for men and women aged 35 + with different levels of fitness to provide testimonials for a new fitness product designed to help strengthen your arms and tone your core muscles. Those selected will be given the product to trial and will give a short testimonial at a later date. Our ideal candidate has a bright & bubbly personality and is comfortable & confident talking in front of camera. I thought great sounds like me, I can use it on my acting CV & It will help with me toning up & getting fit again, like I was before mum died!! We arrange for me to meet them in their offices at noon next Thursday.

 Newlywed's To Be, Kate & William

I read the Sun paper, And going from skinny to scrawny, the future Queen to be Kate Middleton, is having to have (Diana's & now her) engagement ring, made smaller. She should quit the dieting, it's making her look older facially than her 29yrs & she is getting old lady hands too!! Meanwhile going from future bride to accused bridegroom, Shrien Dewani has been throwing plates in The Priory, which makes me think he IS GUILTY & is trying to be seen as certifiable for a cushy hospital life than face a SA trial & time in a South African jail that wont be a soft cushy one like the pathetic UK's!!

I watched 'Home & Away' and was just fixing a dinner of Sesame Salmon on a bed of Noodles with a side of Carrot Houmous & Branston Mini Cheddars, when my phone rang at 7.30pm it was Nick, I didn't answer as I was just about to sit down to eat & if he wants to meet tonight, he can text me, to see if I'm fee & can meet up! Even though it's last min! I tucked into my dinner & by 8.30pm Nick had not followed up his call with a text message, another FAIL! When we went out last Tuesday I chose the day, the time & the venue, I'm not chasing him with texts & making the arrangements myself again, when I was the one that chose it all last time. Be a man, when you hear I have a free week, on  a Sunday get back to me on Sun/Mon with a day for a date, with a suggested time & venue, if your Not man enough to do so, then  your Not man enough for me 'If you can't decide, step aside!!' Anyway if I'd had any cash I would of been in London at Steph's, Launch Night for 'The Daylight Theory' at The Embassy Club tonight, anyway!!

I watched 'CSI Miami' & 'CSI NY', I then watched 'Kerry Katona: The Next Chapter' whatever you feel about Kerry, love her or loathe her, we are all united by one thing, an absolute hatred for the Vile piece of trash, Kerry is unfortunate to have for a mother. She had to get out of the house Kerry had provided her with as it was an asset being taken due to her bankruptcy & her mum, who has lived there for free, for 8yrs was winging like a baby, despite the fact Kerry was now providing her with a new rented home, situated round the corner from her old home. 

Kerry was not only providing the professional removal people, so her Fat, Druggie, Mum didn't need to lift a fat finger, to even pack, let alone shift anything herself. Kerry was also paying the rent on the sponging, feckless, bitches, New home (Fuck knows why? She has lived rent free for 10yrs, surely she should have enough money saved from not paying rent, to be able to pay the rent on the new place herself!!) Where has all her cash over the last 10yrs gone? up her nose in drug form? or down her ample throat in food form?? The winging bitch should remember that she introduced Kerry to that C**t, Mark Croft who made her bankrupt in the 1st place, so if anything that sponging, bitch, brought it not only on herself but also on Kerry!!

Kerry's  Leech  Mum

Jennie called inviting me to come over Thursday & I said 'OK' (another night Nick will miss out on due to his inability to make any plans ahead) Then I watched TOWIE, just when you thought that Essex lot couldn't get any thicker, they surpass themselves!! My favourite part & oddly enough was also the sanest, which was Arg playing with the pig Mr Darcey in Lydia's White Witch looking mum's garden. Then I watched the 1st of the NEW series of 'Desperate Housewives', a brilliant action packed start, I text Nick saying 'Sorry saw I had a missed call, didn't hear phone in my bag above the noise'  If he doesn't get the hint to make plans in advance soon, I think it's safe to say he is a lost cause, I then watched 'The Big C' Before editing my blog & continuing to add photos, finally finishing at 4.30am & crashing out. (Calories Consumed 1,629)

Thursday 14th April,  I fell asleep about 5.30am & dreamt something to do with acting but it was so bitty & jumped about so much I can't recall the details, woke at 8.30am then slept again until 10am & got up to a grey gloomy day (Come back Spring all is forgiven!!) Dressed the same as yesterday & did some squats with my Swiss Ball, then had some Branflakes & a decaf coffee for breakfast, then I washed & dried hair & did a light make-up. I threw out some rubbish & did the washing up, another acting agency contacted me on StarNow, re going on their books & wanted me to come in to register at their Walthemstow office on Tuesday. Which I can't really afford to do, but the Fitness product people, are paying my fare to London on Thursday & so I messaged them to see if I could come in on Thursday & I'm now waiting to hear back.

I am now pretty much up to date blog wise, it took some time (after upset from my brother put me way behind as too upset to type) I watched loose women & snacked on some BBQ Mini Cheddars dipped in Carrot Houmous, then did some more squats with my Swiss ball & then watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' Once that was over, I changed the bed linen & put some of the dry laundry that doesn't need ironing away, then I read the paper. Apparently Big Brother slapper Imogen Thomas is having an affair with a Married Premier League star, who is known as a real family man, so much so that even his agent is shocked (His lawyers have banned his name being disclosed) Funny the girls who want to be a WAG normally act like a SLAG! She must of Googled him, once she knew he was a footballer, so no way, did she not know he was married, such trash!

Wayne Rooney's most recent hooker (not the granny) had sex sessions with a married Leading male actor & used a sex toy on him, but said he was a disgusting kisser, saying he kissed like a virgin, seeing that most hookers don't kiss, maybe he felt odd about kissing her, maybe thinking kissing was just for his wife, the odd male logic, of married men, who use hookers (as told to Candie & I by Hookers/Escorts we use to chat to in the Stringfellows days in the 80's & 90's) The Actors lawyers also gagged the paper from disclosing the cheats name! Also an Essex boy was apparently killed by Dubai police officers after being arrested after a heated dispute with a female maid who entered his room unannounced at the Burj Al Arab (shocking) witnesses say 6 officers beat him with fists & Batons as well as kicked him & was left in solitary confinement for 3 days where he died of his injuries!

Apparently Stunning at 57yrs Christine Brinkley does 100 push-ups a day, 30 before she takes her morning shower, even in the supermarket she does squats as she pushes her trolley, and does yoga poses in the kitchen, plus uses school benches to do arm presses while watching her children in a games lesson, she also has a strict vegetarian diet..... OK that's how she gets the bod.... but how does she have that face at 57??

At 6.30pm I watched 'Home & Away' & then had a 12" Tuna Subway with cheese, then at 7.45 I set off round Jennies, Nick text just as I got there at 7.55pm saying 'What you up to tonight then?' Yet again a last minute contact, yep he definitely is dumb!! he cannot get a hint that he has to make arrangements, to see me  in advance! OK I'm obviously going to have to spell things out for him!! So I replied  'Just arrived at my friends.... lol I told you Sunday I had a week free, you should of suggested a day & a time to meet, or otherwise others will beat you to it. So there's just Friday or the weekend left now!'  Now if he has any brains (which I am beginning to give up on) He will quickly text back, to suggest going out Fri, Sat or Sunday, before somebody else beats him to it!!!! 

So when my phone beeped at 8.05pm I assumed he'd finally got the idea & he'd grown a pair & was taking charge & setting a date!! WRONG!! The text WAS from Nick but it said 'You Let Me Know Then' ..... No I am NOT the Man I am NOT making the arrangements Again!! Stop being so fucking wishy washy!! Exasperated I text back 'No.... you let me know, your the one that's working & knows when your free, you pick a day & a time out of the 3 & I'll put it in my diary!' Right that's it, if he doesn't text back with a day & time in the next 30mins that's it, game over!!

I am a Strong Independent Woman & I need a Strong Man, NOT a Wishy Washy Wuss!! Now when I say Strong, I don't mean some Bossy, Bullying, Controlling, Misogynist, Arsehole, anyone who tries the 'Treat them mean, keep them keen' crap on me, will be wasting their time. I'll just Fuck Off & do my own thing, until I find a Strong man (who I fancy!!) who treats me right!! Do I 'Want' a man in my life? YES! Do I 'Need' a man in my life? NO! 4hrs later still No text from Nick. FAIL.................. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Nick you just blew it! A Wishy Washy man is a Huge Turn Off!!

I watched 'Three In A Bed' I'm glad the nice couple with the lovely B&B in the Norfolk Broads won, it was far superior, all though I liked the Somerset ones animals, but I Hated the Holland Park London one & the Vile Bitch that ran it, who use to teach Deportment at Lucy Clayton's, shame she left her charm behind at the charm school, she could also do with make-up lessons so she doesn't apply that bronze blusher with a trowel!!

 Nice Couple To The Right, Animal Lovers Centre, Vile Bitch In The Black, Left

I also saw 'Katie' on Sky Living while round Jennies, it's the 1st time I have seen it, since it started, glad she ended up choosing that black dress (which is lovely) over the ivory crocheted one (wonder if she would of pulled the Argentinian if she'd stuck with the original dress?) Her make-up artist Gary is looking more like Andrew Stone, every day, loved his Oscar outfit! One thing that did shock me on there was seeing Designer Lamis Khamis, who is working with Katie on Kattie's 'Day 22' collection, I follow Lamis Khamis on Twitter, her profile is obviously 10-20yrs old !!

 Katie In That Oscar's Dress
Gary Morphing Into Andrew Stone 

Watched Celebrity Juice (very funny this week) I told Jennie about our mutual acquaintance (her ex boyfriend) being arrested for theft & we laughed about it & his impending wedding in September! She also gave me an invite to a Pampered Chef 'Coffee Morning' to celebrate The Royal Wedding at 10.30am on Wed 27th April & said we must do coffee again next week! Edgar came home from darts, his team had won they are now 5th in the league, set off back home at midnight & read some more of Jason's book before going to bed (Calories Consumed 1,545)

Friday 15th April, I dreamt it was my Birthday I was out with Candie & someone else (don't know who, or even if they were male or female?) we went to a bar run by a lesbian couple who are dream regulars (though not anyone I know in real life!)  One is older with short blonde hair (a bit like a prettier version of the lesbian horse pundit woman) & the other is a younger pretty blonde with long hair, I finished my drink & Candie said she'd get me another one & got off her stool & went off behind us somewhere, which I found odd as we were sat at a bar with a barmaid behind it!

While she was gone the pretty lesbian arrived with some flowers for me, I thanked her & we chatted for a long time, she was worried as Candie had been gone ages & I said 'Candie Will of got chatting at the bar & lost time' just as I said that Candie re appeared round the corner with a rum & black, she sat down & started to drink the drink, looked at me & said 'You finished your drink?' I said 'yeah ages ago you said you were going to get me one!?' She said 'Ok I'm off to get you one, won't be long' I said 'You said that last time' Candie looked at her watch & said 'it's only 9pm!' I said 'Yeah but you went to get my drink originally at 8pm!' Then I was outside resting a laptop on a pub windowsill trying to send a message to Nick, but it wouldn't send, then I thought 'He's dyslexic he probably wouldn't be able to read it anyway!' Then I looked up and realised, that a guy inside the window was looking down my top, as I was bent over the laptop, so I quickly stood up & walked off.

I woke at 9.30am, had a coffee & Branflakes for breakfast, wore my tight white & grey 3/4 gym trousers & white diamanté trim vest top & silver cardigan & TrimSoles & popped to the shop for the paper & some more milk. at 11am the postman delivered my registered post diary Candie sent me exactly a week ago!! I watched 'Loose Women' & read the paper, an alleged serial killer Joseph Naso has been charged with the murders of 4 women who's 1st & last initials are the same, the 77yr old is said to have killed Carmen Colon, Pamela Parsons, Roxene Roggasch & Tracy Tofoya, who had nothing in common other than double initials. All 4 were done in California but he may have also murdered 3 others in New York in the 70's including another Carmen Colon!  The 3 school girls were dubbed 'The Double Initial Murders' He may even be linked to even more, as he travelled as a photographer, the Californian killings were from 1977-1994 What a total nut-case, I'm surprised a Brit nutter hasn't done that, except knowing us Brits, if one did, they'd do it in alphabetical order, OCD stylie!

 RIP Sian

Murdered beauty Sian O'Callaghan will be laid to rest Monday, the family will have a private cremation, her Scum Taxi Driver murder, Chris Halliwell 47 is charged with the 22yr olds murder. Meanwhile there is the horrifying news that hundreds of rapists, child abusers & violent thugs are let off with a caution justice chiefs admitted yesterday. Reports show 1,405 police cautions were issued over serious crimes last year!! Its a Joke Bring back the death penalty, for Rapists, murderers, serial killers, paedophiles, violent rapists etc that will clear up a lot of spaces in the jails for vermin! The cautions include 22 for rape, 144 for under age sex, 31 for indecent assaults on women, 220 were cautioned for wounding, 26 for kidnap, 16 for blackmail, 205 for robbery, 79 for firearm offences, 21 for escaping custody & 142 for burglary!! This Country is going to the dogs!!!

On a lighter note, there was a lovely pic of Gorilla Komale, at Bristol Zoo Cuddling a duckling, that had wandered into her compound, see below.... ahhhhh

Useless, Jobless, love rat (the fact he found 1 woman to sleep with his minging self, is amazing enough!!) Keith MacDonald, faked his death, to attempt at avoiding the responsibility's for his 9 kids (which the state pays for anyway!) He text the mother of his 9th kid from a friends phone saying he was dead & didn't answer his phone when she rang it. Then she got a facebook message, supposedly from his sister, confirming 'They all have different coloured hair' with lightning brains like that is it any wonder he is unemployed!!? With a bit of luck, his hoax will come true & once dead, he will no longer be a drain to the country, nor be able to add further to his brood, while his only input, in anything, is his cock!!!

Essex dimwit & ex Big Brother Winner Brian Belo is suing TOWIE saying they stole his idea for the ITV2  show, Brian was in the original Pilot for the show, originally names Totally Essex. But he was axed before it was commissioned for ITV2. He is suing his former manager Adam Muddle who he has now split from & Lime Productions which make the show. He said he spent 2yrs working on an idea for an Essex version of 'The Hills' his manager at the time pitched the idea to Lime Productions who are based in the city, they snapped it up & ITV loved the show (mind you they also commissioned OMG so that doesn't say much!) but Brian was pushed out (probably because he doesn't know when to shut up!!) At 1st he thought he wouldn't star but would be involved in the producing, but he was cut from that. He decided he could not keep quiet any longer after being cut out.

 Brian Belo Average IQ
Watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' Then made a veggie cheeseburger for lunch, washed down with a Diet Coke. I Did the washing up, then did some Job searches, then put some more dry laundry away. Threw out a load of old papers & magazines (giving the ones that don't have lots of pages ripped out to local hairdressers) Then I did a bunch of job & Audition Searches, and applied for a shed load. Still chilly today but I resisted putting the heating on! At 6.30pm I watched 'Home & Away' Then posted a load of more silly Walmart pics in my Facebook' Peckish I made a small omelet with some coleslaw on the side, and a coffee, I watched 'Baboons With Bill Bailey' their such funny devious little devils! Then I had a shower, stripped naked & got into bed & watched The Semi Final & Final of 'Love Thy Neighbour' which for some reason had moved to More4, while tweeting at the same time!.

The Unpleasant bunch of Yorkshire Bigots, saw off two lesbians, two blacks & two gays, 1st 'What a surprise NOT!!' & in the end the tall window cleaner & his short beautician fiancé won (no shock there) Then I chatted to some of my Twitter mates such as @WKD81 @TruthHurt5 @CatFunt_  @ClareAtCan & @Pegasus_Elite I'm a big fan of our boys in the forces, I have many friends doing their duty world wide including in Iraq & Afghanistan, my heart is often in my mouth when I hear of fatality's, and I pray it's not someone I know (while feeling guilty for thinking that!) I have sent many a parcel or bluey out there, Pegasus Elite is a Facebook group that helps wounded British Forces, so if you like me, have pride in our boys & have a Facebook account, I recommend you join their group or re tweet their info on Twitter, every little helps. Settled down to sleep at 2am (Calories consumed 1,655)

Saturday 16th April, I dreamt I'd either moved to or was staying at some new area in England, and I'd been finding my way around hear & there in the company of a girl (who I don't know, nor why I was with her) then later I was out again and went down a street I'd not seen before & got lost, when I went back down it the other way again, nothing looked familiar & I had no idea of the name of the road I was staying on, or the name of the house/hotel? I also had no contact telephone number on me for them, or the girl I was with earlier!!! I was well & truly stuffed!! Then I was stark naked in a spa, a bit like the Sanctuary in Convent Garden where all the women can wander round nude if they wish (Where they filmed the swing scene in the Joan Collins film The Stud) 

The Sanctuary

Except for men were wandering around too & you were allowed to bring your dogs & they could swim in the pool with you, I couldn't decide if that was a good idea or unhygienic? I was walking naked up a very long steep set of white stairs in a white walled area to a spa area, & a guy was walking behind me (that must of been a lovely sight...... NOT!!!) Some tan terrier, of some type ran up the stairs behind me & unable to pass me on the narrow, steep steps he ran up my back and jumped onto the steps ahead of me, and was in my face licking it making me unable to see where I was going. Then I was in my double bed my TV in front and my books on the side table, and a young guy in his 20's with jet black hair, presumably my boyfriend began getting intimate with me, then I discovered my bed was in the middle of a big store shop floor & people were milling around...... Woke up with a start at 8.30am when the hairdressers below played 'American Boy' so loud on their Hi Fi, that it sounded like I was having a personal disco in my bedroom!! (Thanks Girls!!!) & they were laughing and joking with some guy, not sure if he was a customer or not, I could hear them all clearly, their ceiling badly needs sound proofing!!

Rudely awakened I made a coffee & read some more of Jason's Book 'There's no room for Jugglers in my Circus' not bad, I'm surprised its a best seller so far though, I know Jason's Dyslexic, but I don't know who proof read it, or who the copy writer is?  before it went to print? But they deserve a gangster getting hold of them!! It's full of errors, both grammatically and spelling wise, it's as if a predictive spell check has been used, but not checked, so wrong words opted for, in places. 

Such as 'In the Loins Den' instead of 'In the Lions Den' Also some expressions have been used, that I'm guessing the proof writer/predictive spell checker, hasn't heard of & out of Jason's Dyslexic writings it has either miss-written, or concocted  the expression, wrongly, the way Ethel in EastEnders would miss pronounce things! Whoever was in control of editing & quality control let Jason down!! I hope they didn't get a big fat cheque for their trouble, if they did, they did him over, even  more than the gangsters in his past had!

Got up at 10am & had a bath & dressed same as yesterday & popped to the shop make-up free & the guy in the shop said I looked very pretty today (Candie says that when I wear no make-up! Can't see it myself!!) I got a Sun paper and a few bibs & bobs & went home & had 4 Krisprolls with Peanut butter for breakfast (yum!!) checked my Facebook & Twitter & Hotmail messages then got stuck into the paper! 

Designer John Galliano was immediately fired from Dior after Anti Semantic pro Nazi rant a month or so back, now he has been booted out of his own label by the firm that owns 91% of his self titled business, that will teach him to say to diners that he thought were Jewish 'I Love Hitler....... Your forefathers would all be fucking gassed!!' With the fashion industry, the film industry & the wealthy elite rife with Jews I think the purchase of Galliano clothing & accessories will have taken one hell of a nose dive anyway!!

Hero squaddie, Lee Stephens captured the highest-ranking Taliban brute with just his bare hands after only being in Afghanistan a few weeks!! The Taliban maniac seized was highly wanted & a bomb  guru, feared to be behind 100's of deaths. He is also reported to be behind sending squads of suicide bombers to attack British Troops.

Another British Hero Granny Ann was behind 5 men in court yesterday, who admitted to carrying out a smash-and-grab jewellery robbery. The one that made 'Super-gran' Ann Timson famous all over the world after foiling the robbers mid robbery! By taking on the gang single-handedly, whacking them with her handbag, while a cowardly group had just stood by & watched or videoed it! Her actions were caught on CCTV, the gang had escaped with £100,000 worth of watches! The 5 ranging in age from 18 to 39 all from North London O'Brien 18 was armed with a sledge hammer, he fled as Ann beat him with the handbag, she then hit him as jumped on a scooter with Terry Ingles 22, causing them to fall off she continued to belt them, until the passers-by who'd just stood watching before, held them down until police arrived!  See Below

 Meanwhile the Gardens of killer cabbie scum Chris Halliwell yesterday, both his present home & his ex home 6 doors away! Past friends have told how he built a large patio with paving & concrete when he lived in his old home & how he dug deep foundations to build a rear conservatory at his new home! I bet they do find more bodies, the evil freak!!

Worthless piece of shit Terence Fowler 20, was filmed by police smashing through level crossing barriers, in a stolen red Mercedes car, to evade police, just 11 seconds before a high speed train thundered by, unfortunately escaping death himself, but fortunately, despite the track being strewn with the shattered barrier, the train did not become derailed & crash causing injury/death to its passengers (which it so easily could have) The piece of human garbage had driven at speeds of up to 90mph through heavy traffic to evade the police often on the wrong side of the road for 6miles, sentencing him to a pathetic three & a half years, the judge said he showed total disregard for pedestrians, other road users & rail travellers. 

Also his actions had put many lives at risk & he was lucky not to have been killed himself! (shame he didn't crash & die the other side of the crossing, one less bit of garbage & another cell freed up!) if anyone had been killed he would of been getting a life sentence (personally I think he should of got over 10yrs for dangerous driving!) He will be out stealing cars once those three & a half years are over, you can tell by looking at him (see above) he will always be a criminal & no doubt he will be out in under 2yrs for good behaviour (I don't think you should give anyone time off for GOOD behaviour, the sentence should be the sentence given & time ADDED for BAD behaviour!!)

Sorted some stuff out in my bedroom with Viva on playing 'Lady Gaga From The Begining' 1hr of Lady Gaga videos from 1st to last which had me dancing round the room like crazy as I sorted! Which included my favourite music video 'Bad Romance' (above) I also threw out two of my 'non-stick frying pan's from the kitchen, which had become 'stick frying pans' I had Some Tuna Light Lunch with Coleslaw & 2 Krisprolls, washed down with Diet Coke. Emma messaged me to see if I wanted to go out with her & the girls tonight? I couldn't I'm too broke. 

She also asked how things were going with Nick? I said I'd ruled him out for being too weak & wishy washy & explained why! she replied with  'I agree!! I thought the status you did the other day referred to him, ha ha!!! Shame though, thought you made a nice couple. Not sure how serious he is though. Think he might be a bit of a player!! We'll meet up another time hun. Take care xxx'  I replied with  'Well if he is a player, he is the most shit player of all time, no effort put in at all!! xxx' She retorted with  'Ha ha. I'll have words with him next time I see him. lol xx'  So I said  'lol I'm a hard nut to crack as it is, unless your a hot, tall, funny, guy in your mid 20's to mid 30's, but if I'm NOT Hot for you & you make no effort whatsoever, I lose interest quicker than The *Adelaide's  slappers lost their knickers lol x' (*A club Emma & I use to work in!!)

Being a Eurovision fan (Even tho we do badly due to political voting) I watched BBC1 at 6.10pm 'Eurovision: Your Country Needs Blue' (You can't call yourself a true Fag Hag & Not LOVE Eurovision!!) Watched the new Stacey Solomon & Keith Lemon venture 'Sing If You Can' Absolute, Boring, Shite I'm afraid to say!! I can only say two positives about it, Bridgett Neilson was looking fierce & Stacey's looked very good in her short skirt! 

Then I watched 'Britain's Got Talent' which was shit all but two acts two dancing collies & a madly dancing pensioner, then I find out the dancing pensioner was just copying an act that was a YouTube sensation, so that spoilt that act so it was back to just the dogs, There was a fat Gypo bloke in IT who played guitar & sang 'Fast Car' & the panel plus Ant &Dec were raving about him, but he was nothing special (Just not as shit as the dire, god damn awful acts before him!) It says a lot about Britain when the only consistent talent we have is dancing dogs!!

Chatted a bit on Twitter & Facebook& watched CSI & 'Stand Up For The Week' & 'Russell Howards Good News' then went back to reading more of Jason Cook's 1st book. (Calories Consumed 1,655)

Sunday 17th April, I dreamt, I was out with Candie & she was boasting how even though she's rich, she loves to shoplift for the excitement! Then we went to a bar and we were friends with a pretty petite blonde dancer/stripper there, she was in a tiny outfit and she had a large tattoo running from her waist all down one leg & I thought 'Awe why has she done that to herself?' She got up on stage and did some of her act & Candie went off somewhere (probably shoplifting lol) 

The girl then paired with another girl, and they covered themselves with metallic silver & blue body paint flowers & you couldn't see the blonde's tattoo anymore, I sat near the stage, during her act she took off an oversized baby blue flat cap & plonked it on my head. Later she said she felt really embarrassed me sing her on stage! I said 'Why?' but she said she didn't know, she just did. Then I was staying at my parents with my brother, but my parents were away. 

I was lying on a sofa or a bed with this pail, thin, bare chested, guy with jet black hair, hugging me, clinging to me like a limpet, making me feel claustrophobic & smothered, I wanted to peel him off me. I had no interest in him whatsoever & wondered who the fuck he was? Yet through the open door I could see a sexy, blonde, hottie slumped on a couch, or chaise longue, in the hallway & I thought 'Why can't I be with him, instead of this clingy, needy, freak??' I woke at 9.30am thinking 'WTF was that all about?' Funny though, it's kinda true, because, actually I prefer blondes, but always end up with guys with dark hair!

I got up got dressed & had some Alpen for breakfast, popped to the shop for a NOTW but they'd sold out, so went into town & popped into Tesco's, they had lots of NOTW but no magazine inside (no doubt why they still have lots) so went across road to other newsagents, they had no NOTW they said try Tesco, I said 'I did but they have no fabulous magazine inside!' he said 'Oh I have a spare Fabulous magazine take it & get the paper at Tesco's' Which was nice of him, I did so, when at Tesco's kiosk counter I asked if I could rip out the 'Right Royal Knees-Up' voucher & take the 2nd CD now? The portly greasy haired male assistant, said 'We're not doing it, only the larger Tesco's are!' I said 'Well you did the 1st one last week!!'  He replied 'Sorry but we aren't having the 2nd one!' That just doesn't make sense, I thought & decided I'd pop by tomorrow, as I have a sneaky suspicion that they do & he doesn't know where they're kept & is too bone idle to look!! 

Got on the scales today, I've gained 1.5lb this week (oh bugger!!) back in gym from Monday, got to get back to the old me (the me before mum died!)  Read the paper, my Mystic Meg stars for Gemini said 'You will learn much about your untapped potential & the full moon links you with the showbiz world' (which is quite funny as I have to be somewhere in May that is to do with hidden potential & showbiz!!) it also said SINGLE: He has all the qualities of a good friend plus the looks you love (ooh sounds promising!!!) I my 'I Ching' says - Can a relationship go even further? Hmmm?

More on Wayne Rooney's Hooker talking about bedding one of his team mates, in a foursome. Also shagging 2 other football millionaires, 3 actors, a judge, a politician, a VIP & a Top Cop... her parents must be so proud!!

Meanwhile scum Somalian Muslim gangsters, planned to kill the Governor of Belmarsh Prison with a car bomb, but their plans were foiled, due to a tip off, the plot was so to show other inmates, that the Somalian gangsters inside, were the top dogs. They also tried blackmailing two prison staff that were living together.

Had 6 Krisprolls with Tzatziki & a Diet Coke then did the washing up then mopped the bathroom floor & semi washed the kitchen floor (will do it properly when I get some more floor cleaner from Wilkinson's/Poundland tomorrow.... too expensive in corner shop!!) Did a load of online surveys that had mounted up as I'd been too busy catching up with blogs, to do them!) I got a bit boss eyed doing them for a while so I stopped made a coffee & checking my Twitter, Facebook & Hotmail messages during the break & answering them, and playing a few goes on Scrabble. 

Watched 'Come Dine With Me' apart from 'TOWIE' later (so shit it's good) tonight's TV is shite!!! So I finished reading Jason Cook's  1st book then had some Alpen as I was peckish but not hungry. Then it was back to more surveys (which at 5-45mins per survey takes some time!!) Some are more fun & interesting than others, I could of had a load of pasta meal sent to me to try with one (but there was no point) as they were all different meat based pasta dishes & I'm a piscaterian (I eat some fish but not meat!!) Peckish again I had another coffee with some Krisprolls & Peanut Butter Mmmmmm!! 

Chatted a bit more to my friends online then had a shower & moisturised & slipped my naked carcass into bed as it's back to the gym tomorrow!! Time to change Evil Barbie back into Evil Barbie Babe!! (Calories consumed 1,725)