Wednesday, 13 April 2011

April Date's

Monday 4th April, Thanks to excruciating neck & shoulder pains & a killer pre-migraine headache, I didn't fall asleep until after 6am, so I was not best pleased to be woken two & a half hrs later by a text from my friend Nicky at 8.32am!! When will my friends learn Not to text me before 11am? Unless it's an Absolute Emergency! As I'm such a light sleeper, that even the phone on vibrate wakes me up! Thank god it's my acupuncture day tomorrow, this pain & lack of sleep is doing my head in!! I went back to sleep & I had a odd dream (Do I have any other types?) 

I dreamt I was taking a Goth couple with 10 kids & 2 dogs somewhere in a camper van, then about being somewhere, not sure where, talking to Blue's Anthony Costa, about this years Eurovision, saying they have my support this year. Normally I want Turkey or Greece to win, as our entry's are usually dire (Though not as dire as the Eastern European tripe, that get lots of votes, due purely to neighbouring Eastern European tactically voting for each other!! I don't think we should have a UK entry, we should have a English, Wales, Scottish & Irish entry & then play the Eastern Europeans at their own game!!) Then I went back to sleep.

 Typical Eurovision (I Loved This Mad Lot)
Blue, UK's Eurovision Entrants 
Anthony Costa Far Left

I woke again at 11am, its cold and windy out & overcast. I had a bath & had two of the bland chocolate Weetabix, with nutmeg & paprika on to them, to give it some taste & two hot cross buns, toasted, with a coffee. I wore black studded leggings & a black skinny rib polo-neck jumper & long flat black boots. I pulled my hair back in low tied ponytail & put on black/grey tweed flat cap & black quilted jacket. Then I went for a 2hr power walk round the local park. 

Toasted Hot Cross Bun

I then popped into the Job Centre, to see if they had any new local jobs in? Getting home just before it rained, buying a sun paper en route home. I made a King Prawn Tikka Masala for lunch, washed down with a Diet Coke or two! Then watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' & then read The Sun Paper to see what British & Foreign scum in the UK have done this week! ...

King Prawn Tikka Masala

Latest news on that vile Scum Jon Venables (who is now back inside over child porn offences) who is the scum that murdered 2yr old toddler James Bulger when he was 10yrs old, after a prolonged, twisted, sadistic, torture (the gruesome details of which are too sick to type!!) along with his 10yr accomplice, Robert Thompson. Was allowed to go on an unsupervised foreign holiday abroad under his new identity, which was approved by Labours Jack Straw! Jack Straw, the bloody last straw more like, it's already been revealed that Venables had sex with a woman at the secure unit that he was held at as a teen (what kind of sick bitch was she?) I still think it is obscene that the murdering scum was released, when he was 18yrs, after just serving 8yrs in his cushy borstal!

 Murdering Scum Jon & Robert
 Innocent Murder Victim James

Sussex (where I lived, from aged 11yrs to my early 20's) has become one of Britain's murder hot spots, with 13 murder investigations launched already this year, in a county of a population of just 1.7million, and is on a par with Greater Manchester, but of course behind crime riddled London. Meanwhile councils are hiking burial fees to help beat cuts (Wankers) But good news is Anne the abused Elephant has arrived for a happy retirement in Longleat safari park, the owner arranged for Anne's retirement after the shock discovery that her vile, immigrant, groom, had been cruelly beating the 59yr Elephant with a pitchfork & kicked her (Wish she'd stamped on him & squashed the C**t to death!!)

 Anne Before Her Arthritis Was Too Bad To Perform
 Immigrant Keeper Scum Kicking Gentle Anne!!
 The Same Scum, Attacking Anne With A Pitchfork
I So Wished she'd Of Stamped On Him 
& Squished Him Like A Bug!!

A couple who met on 'Take Me Out' are moving in together & may get married, Nottingham Air Stewardess, Dawn Edwards, had been passed over by five other guys, before local Heartfordshire lad Dan Nash who is a Tesco's design manager, picked her for his date, their romance continued after the Tenerife holiday despite the 100mile distance between them & the pair are now house-hunting. 

I watched  'Home & Away' then had two toasted Hot Cross Bun's & a coffee & did some more online job & audition searches. Chatted online about my note-book playing up, I can log into my hotmail on my PC, OK, but it is telling me my correct password is incorrect, when I try to log into my hotmail on my notebook... My friend Richard said it sounds like I have a virus on my notebook & he'd pop round later to have a look! Great! 

I watched the soaps until 8.15pm when Richard arrived he found over 200 viruses on my note-book (whoops!!) don't know how, as I don't even download stuff?? Anyway he Installed Microsoft Security Essentials & Malwarebytes to scan my system & tell me of any nasty's creeping in! I wrote some more of my blog then it was time to stop & watch the fabulous 'The Event' then I continued with my blog until 1am, then got into bed & read some more of my Marilyn Monroe book. 

Then chatted a bit to my Medium friend Grant Coyer, we were chatting about the Pyramids of Gizah. We said it was interesting how there was two theory's on how they were built. 1) With ramps on the outside. 2) Via an internal spiral staircase  

We were discussing how they exactly matched the positions of the stars in Orion's belt, he was saying how they are a part of the big alignment, then we talked about the 3 chambers discovered underneath the feet of the Sphinx, by the French & how the Egyptian Government, prevented them going further, as the crystal sculls found deep in the chamber are not to be moved, as they hold a strong magnetic pull (The Pyramids sit parallel to magnetic north & magnetic south. 

 The Sphinx
One Of The Crystal Sculls

Grant said in a previous life he was a Syrian Prince who worked with the Higher Beings (Gods/Aliens/Spirits/Angels depending on your beliefs) He was a lion king, as power from the Higher Beings gave him the power/ability to transform from lion to man & back again! (Hands up all those pissing their pants laughing right now!!.... after some odd experiences in my life, this sounds less bizarre than some things experienced!!)

I said I had heard about plans to re-cover the Key Stone on The Great Pyramid with gold, like it was covered with originally (before it being looted) As apparently it's purpose of being covered in gold, was more than decorative (I suspect it has something to do with reflecting the suns rays somewhere!) 

Grant said was I aware that the breath holes at the top of the Pyramids align with the Zodiac star formations? I confirmed I was, we discussed the tiny 8" by 8" robots that were placed into small secret chambers at the top of the Pyramid, that couldn't get far enough in, to see what was inside & one sent into the Kings Chamber at Kafu, but also failed to get in there too!!... There are more mysteries to come, I'm sure, from those Pyramids in years to come! (Calories consumed 2,029 whoops!! way too many are cabs too, my hips will gain 6" overnight!)

Tuesday 5th April,  I had an odd dream, I've forgotten one bit of it, but in one part I was trying to recall my parents phone number, for their home in Wiversfield, West Sussex. I was saying that dad hasn't been in contact with me for ages, adding why doesn't he call me?? I woke up thinking, 'You stupid girl he has been dead 14years of course he hasn't got in contact'. I had Branflakes & a coffee for breakfast, thankfully I'd used up all of the tasteless Chocolate Weetabix (I won't be buying them again!!) 

Slobbed about in my nightie & I was doing some job searches & was called by Talkback TV, about doing a pilot, for a quiz show, for them. Asking could I come to their studios off of Tottenham Court Road, for a casting? I said yes, as long as they paid my fare (they said they would) they said they wanted me to find 2 other people too, so I roped in Bob & Davey. I read the Sun Paper FA chiefs have charged Wayne Rooney, over his raging F*** word rant, at a TV camera & he is set to get a two-match ban, meaning he will miss Man United's FA Cup semi-final, against rivals Man City. Good well maybe he can use the time, to learn the National Anthem, so he can sing along to it, for once, when he next plays for England!!

Pain Wayne

The 2nd girl dug up after Sian O'Callaghan's cab driver murderer pinpointed her grave has been identified by DNA, she was also a local Swindon girl (poor thing) Also another crazed murderer 54yr John Sweeney who killed two ex girlfriends, stabbing & butchering them, has been caught & pictures he painted, that depict their gruesome murders, have been found. How he dated these girls I don't know? As they were good looking girls, one was a stunning model, called Melissa Halstead, from Ohio USA. I just don't get it, because even ten years ago back in 2001 he was a ugly, scary looking, freak! 

 Evil Killer Sweeney Now
Sweeney 10yrs Ago
Ex Girlfriend & Murder Victim 
Melissa Halstead

The other victim was Paula Fields, judging from his artwork, it appears that their murders most likely are not the only ones!! One intended victim Delia was about to be slaughtered with an Axe, when a neighbour burst in & saved her, alerted by her screams.

Judge Peter 'Idiot' Fox

Pathetic excuse for a Judge, Judge Peter Fox, has let off twisted paedophile David Barnes who's 24yrs (but looks 44yrs) After saying that his poor 13yr victim seduced HIM!! The paedo groomed the 13yr old to perform intimate acts on webcam for him, while he watched! He also downloaded child porn including a 5yr old girl being horrifically abused, but yet still this arsehole Judge Fox let him off with a suspended sentence, much to the fury of the parents of the victim (and anyone else with an ounce of common decency!) 

Moron Judge, Fox, caused similar outrage, when he freed a 40yr old woman who had sex with a 14yr old boy! & in 2009 he let off a man who had sex with two girls aged 13 & 15yrs after asking them if they were virgins!  Back in 2001 he gave a suspended sentence, to a man who indecently assaulted 3 teenagers, branding the poor young victims as 'Silly' If you ask me, Judge Peter Fox is probably so lenient, due to being a perverted Paedophile himself !! By the sounds of things ....Idiot!!

I did a black laundry & then hung it out, then I made another King Prawn Tikka Masala for lunch, with some rice, washed down with a Diet Coke. Then it was back to more job searches, only stopping for 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' before heading off to the doctors surgery, for my acupuncture session. I said I'd been in agony for the past two weekends, and he said that obviously we are getting nowhere with the acupuncture & so prescribed me some pain killers, aimed at the nervous system, called 'Gabapentin' 

Then the job search resumed again until 6.30pm, when I stopped to watch 'Home & Away' It was then time to get ready to see Nick. I had a shower & washed my hair, then did my make-up & dried my hair, then I changed into my studded leggings, my ivory turtle-neck, jersey, ruched puff sleeved top by West One, a long chunky, multi link silver Jane Norman necklace, plus my aqua Jacques Vert jacket. Then I set off at 8.30pm, as Nick had text he was running 10mins late. I put my long black coat over my jacket, as it was Very Cold out & drew £10 out of the ATM. 

I got to The Peahen about a minute before Nick, he got us both a drink & a friend of his Frank (Frank the Yank) & his wife Juliette, invited us to join them, they were deciding where in England to go, for a break, over the Easter holidays.

 Sandbanks Dorset

So we all wrote 4 places down each secretly, (I chose Sandbanks *Pool in Dorset*, Devon, Torquay & Cornwall) and folded them up small & put them in a tumbler glass, and then shook them up. Then instead of just picking one out & going there, we decided (after Nick suggested it) to keep taking out names & the last one in was where they'd go, the others were 'Here's where you could of gone'  I was confused by one which said 'New' with a kind of blob next to it, turns out the blob was meant to be a castle, for Newcastle (it turns out Nick is Dyslexic) & didn't know how to spell castle, which I thought was quite sweet. They ended up going to Kent!

We had another drink with Juliet & Frank, who seemed like a really nice couple & Nick was in a Jubilant mood as Tottenham were losing either 3 or 4-0, which is music to an Arsenal fans ears! We moved on to The Hogs Head & had one more drink, then Nick walked me home, I thanked Nick for a fun evening & gave him a peck on the cheek & went in my flat around 11.15pm. I got changed & into bed & watched the movie 'Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer' a strange film, but quite good. at 12.44am Nick text saying 'Would love to go out, but you might not, so let me know Thursday ok x' Which was quite sweet. I'll give him a text Thursday when I get some credit in my account & can get a phone top-up. Settled down to sleep at 1.40am (Calories consumed 1,797)

Wednesday 6th April, Woke up at 9.30am it was bright & sunny out a complete contrast to cold yesterday, I had some Branflakes for breakfast with a coffee. Then dressed in my 3/4 slate grey gym trousers & diamantĂ© trimmed silver grey vest top & my B&W TrimSoles & popped out to the shop for my Sun newspaper, then I did a bit more weeding of my little bit of courtyard garden, and cleared up more of the litter thoughtless wankers had dumped there! 

Then unfolded my garden chair & sat in the sun in my courtyard reading my Sun newspaper. Gypsy the adorable Sheep Dog who belongs to one of the tattooist gang, came over for cuddles & a tummy rub, looking ultra cute with her pinky red bandanna round her neck!! Awwwwe!! They went & a while later the South African lad popped out for a break, as the person he was meant to tattoo/pierce was a no show! We chatted a bit about South Africa while sat in the sunshine & then went back to my paper once he went back in.

Front page news is that James Bulger's other killer, Robert Thomson also went on an unsupervised foreign holiday, bloody travesty of justice how must James's mum feel?? Meanwhile  Killer Cabbie Chris Harwell's 2nd victim has been named as Becky Godden-Edwards, to the horror of her poor mum & dad, who thought she had moved away after getting in with a bad druggie crowd, thinking that one day she'd turn back up at home. Meanwhile the new Governor at a young offenders institute, Sarah Snell, has obviously gone mad & has shelled out £11,000 so that the scum inmates can have two duvets each for their beds, far as I'm concerned, they were lucky to have blankets before, they should just have sheets & put on jumpers in bed if cold ...   

I had a 12" Tuna & Cheese Subway for lunch, with all the trimmings except the sweetcorn, with chilli sauce on top as I felt ravenous & wanted something hot & spicy!! It was mighty yummy & I went in at 3.40pm to watch 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' on ITV2 as the wind had picked up outside & it had got very chilly!! Did some job searches & applied for a bunch of jobs & auditions as usual.Then at 6.30pm I watched 'Home & Away' Then I continued writing my blog. I wasn't hungry enough for dinner but at 8.30pm I had a Solero & some Haribo Super Sours as I'm still craving something sour (sadly they were not sour enough!!)

I watched 'Kerry Katona: The Next Chapter' seems Kerry just makes money from being photographed with the kids, or at events, or going on holiday (It must be great to be that broke!!) There is only one area where I do feel sorry for Kerry, and that's for having the misfortune to have that, fat, druggie, poncing excuse for a mother!! 

 Kerry's Poncing, Pathetic, Excuse For A Mum!

Then I watched the 'Only Way Is Essex' They are all as thick as pig shit, except Lucy. It was Harry's Derbidge's birthday & it was fancy dress, Harry went as Lady Gaga in a turquoise blue leotard & blonde wig, (He should of got his wig from Annabelle's or MadSid McMad - they would be MUCH better than the one he had, see right hand blog column For Annabelle's Wigs & MadSid McMad's Wigs!!) He didn't have any dramatic make-up on, Which is so not Gaga-ish. 

Harry & Sam At Harry's Birthday
The Only Way Is Essex

You would of thought the fact that, he was surrounded with female pals, who pile on the slap. that one of them or one of the TV crews make-up artists, would have give him some decent make-up, for his do! He was carried in on a chair on a platform, carried by the Dreamboys (Which included Louie Spence's nephew Lotan Carter) I was pissing myself watching his scrawny, skinny legs, as he danced  on that dance floor to Lady Gaga, too too funny! I found a load of lookalikes of the TOWIE mob and posted them on Twitter

 TOWIE's Gemma
Gemma's Look-alike Brings The Salon Cakes
TOWIE's Lauren Goodger
Lauren Goodger In The Only Outfit Mark Will Let Her Wear
Since Becoming Engaged To Him!
 TOWIE's Lauren Pope
Lauren 'Roger' Pope Showing Kirk What He's Missing!
 TOWIE's Lydia & Arg
Arg & Lydia
 TOWIE's Playboy Bunny Chloe
Chloe After A Dodgy Spray Tan, From Amy!

Then I watched the last episode of 'The Model Agency' I don't know why I've stayed with it, it proved that it wasn't going to improve by the 3rd episode! So would the final show suddenly pull out all the stops & bring the big guns?? ..... Errrr nope!! Even with Naomi's Blood Diamond trial the show was as dull as ditchwater!! I then spent the rest of the evening writing my blog, then went to bed, Nigel seems to have calmed down with the texting, plus commenting on everything, I've wrote or posted on my wall & wanting me to IM him for no good reason, thankfully as It was suffocating & irritating me!!! Gemini's hate feeling smothered (Calories consumed 1,638)

Thursday 7th April, Woke at 8am, I always wake earlier when it's nice weather, I had two very odd dreams, one where I was looking round a house & came up against a Velociraptor (Dinosaur) and then I was going from room to room to evade it, but rather than being scared, I was more fascinated to be observing it.  


Then I was in a second house with my Dad & David Van Day (Don't ask me why??) I was looking around & David was being very touchy feely, clingy & huggy which I wasn't too keen on, but I was laughing to myself  'Candie wont believe this!' for some reason I was trying to change channels, on a TV, in a room & then later I found my dad sat in front of a TV, with volume turned up full blast, then I could suddenly hear someone snoring loudly upstairs, I didn't know who? So I was trying to get the TV controls, to turn the TV down a bit, as not to wake them!! 

David 'Burger' Van Day

I saw the double doors, opened out to the street, in a arched doorway, like a churches. It was night outside, but people were walking towards the doorway. I went to pull the doors closed, but there was no lock, just a chain & padlock to wrap round the two doors handles, which wouldn't be much help anyway, because as I pulled the doors, I could feel they were made of that foam that you make those silly big hands out of, that you see some people wearing at football matches, in the crowd. I wondered if David Van Day (who'd vanished) had gone out the door? or if it was him snoring upstairs?? I woke & wondered what the hell that was all about??

I fell asleep again until 9am & then got up, it was bright and sunny out, so I sat in my garden chair in my courtyard & ate my breakfast of a bowl of Branflakes & a Diet Coke & read the paper, wearing just my pink paisley print summer dress, with my Dolce & Gabanna Sunglasses on, to cut out the bright sunlight, the front page is Wayne Rooney being dropped from Cokes £600,000 a year deal, for Zero Coke, due to his foul mouth towards TV cameras the other day (oh dear.... how sad..... never mind!!)

Then there is a a bit about a scum bag Muslim convert Shalahuddin (Nee Richard Dart) who spouts venom at Britain the country he claims to hate, while sponging rent free in a £300,000 luxury flat & raking in £64 a week jobseekers allowance, & £1,015 a month in housing benefit (crazy!!) Especially as he is only unemployed now because, he stopped working as a BBC security guard, 18moths ago (Not fired.... Not made redundant....just stopped!!) I wont bother writing his extremest views & give his garbage more publicity!

Cops are now investigating Chris Halliwell, the cab driver killer, over the disappearance of Melanie Hall 15yrs ago, who vanished after leaving a club just like Sian O'Callaghan. Meanwhile the mother of James Bulger, rightly wants the false identities given to her sons killers Robert Thompson & Jon Venables lifted, too right too why should the law be used to protect murdering scum?

Beautiful Christine Brinkley (above) was photographed in a red dress, in New York promoting her role as Roxy in Broadways version of Chicago, looking half of her 57yrs (If I was rich I'd want to know either her secret, or her surgeons tel number as she looks amazing.... good for her!!)

There was a chilly breeze spoiling the sunshine a bit, but I had a lunch of a salad sandwich & Twiglets & some more Diet Cokes as I sat in the sun reading my Marilyn Monroe book, then at 5pm I had a shower & dried hair straight, the temperature has dropped since I went in & the sky's are now grey & threatening rain, so it's no longer summer dress weather. 

So instead it was black studded leggings & long black boots, my white frothy heart fronted buccaneer type, designer blouse & my aqua Jacques Vert cropped jacket. I just wore some tinted moisturiser, aqua liquid eyeliner & peachy brown lip gloss. The clouds were more dispersed when I left, so the sun was shining again, so I put on my Brown Dolce & Gabanna Sunglasses Julie & Erdal got me for Christmas, put my Versace purse in my Salvatore Ferragamo handbag & headed for the station, drawing out £20 to get my travel ticket en route. I got to the station & chatted to my BR employee admirer & caught the fast train to Kings Cross. 1st getting a coffee from the station vendor & trying a Gingerbread Latte for the 1st time (Very nice I recommend!!)

As I walked through the Kings Cross International farafare, Bob text saying 'Just arrived at Charring Cross will call you when I'm there x' I replied 'Just at Kings Cross now heading for tubes to Tottenham Court Road see you soon x' Got the Piccadilly line to Holborn, then got on the Central line, for one Stop to Tottenham Court Road. I then walked down to Stephen St, to the Talkback building (Last time I was there was for the 'Take Me Out' audition) I was halfway there when Bob called & I said 'd see him soon. I turned the corner & Bob was stood outside the reception area looking very dapper! 


We went inside & signed in, Davey arrived shortly after. They were running late so we sat in reception while they ushered another group of 3 upstairs. Eventually we were ushered upstairs and one of the team Richard fixed us coffee's & tea's while things were set up in another room. Then we played the game, a kind of variant on Jeopardy, then when it was over they said they would inform us by tomorrow if we were chosen as one of the 2 groups of 3 they would use in the pilot on Tuesday in the BBC building.

Davey had to get back to the studio, but Bob & I went to Ronnie Scott's Bar (above) for a quick drink, Bobs friend let us up to the top bar, it was the Kai's Live & Let Jive 'Swing Dance & Supper Club' featuring live music from Kai's Cats, one of which was a large bloke in a Fedora hat, gangster like pin-striped suit (except it was peach) with a kipper tie who bore an uncanny resemblance to Jazz & Blues Singer 'George Melly'

George Melly

We were talking about mutual friends including Jason Cook, who despite being Dyslexic has written two Best Selling books, the 3rd of the trilogy is coming out soon! The books are in talks about being made into 3 films, Plan B & Ray Winstone are lined up to act in it, as is Bob as one of the top gangsters (The books are about the life of drug dealing, gangsters in the 80's) I said how Candie & I had mixed with some of the most feared & most famous gangsters of the 80's back in the day. When we went to clubs like Bagleys, Gas Club & places like Fedenzis (A late night club open from 2-7am for people who worked in nightclubs, which had nightclub staff, pimps, hookers, escorts, drug dealers, gangsters, A-list Actors, Rock stars & Candie & I in residence)  

Fedenzis closed when someone put a gun in someones mouth & pulled the trigger, amazingly the bullet hit his crown tooth & bounced out through his cheek, saving his life, but it was closed down, as the bouncers had failed to find the gun, on the shooter, when they'd done their door checks! Also from me working in bars in Kentish Town, such as 'The Tally Ho' & 'The Vultures Perch' meant we were unknowingly, mixing with the likes of the Joneses, The Adams family (The Krays of the 80's) 

Bagleys, I Think I Was The only Drug Free Raver On The Dance floor, Back In The 80's-90's

Even our Fedenzis mate Bosh Bosh (who I heard lately committed suicide, due to being unable to cope with the death of his mum! The 3rd famous male friend, to do that, for the same reason) Turned out to be one of 'The Great Train Robbers' and his quiet grey haired chauffeur, use to cook Candie & I breakfast at Bosh Bosh's house, after a late night, Fedenzis bender & then drive us home. It was only last year, that I discovered that, this quiet grey haired man, was in fact a much feared hit-man, and has buried many a victim within the deep concrete foundations of a flyover!!.... You would never of known it, to look at him!

Bob said Jason is still casting roles, and he would ask him if there was anything suitable for me, Bob knows he wants a young pretty blonde girl, but its for someone in their 20's. I said 'I know someone who'd be good for that my actress friend Maxine Webb!!' Filming, once the funding & sponsorship is sorted, is going to be at Elstree Film Studio's, just 10mins away from me, as Jason is a local lad from Borehamwood. 

Jason Cook

Bob said he would be seeing Jason next week & he would put me forward to him, re getting a role. I said 'Great & in the meantime I'll message Jason on Facebook about it too when I get in' Nick phoned & we chatted briefly but I couldn't hear him well, as the singer & band, Kai's Cats had just started, so he said he'd call me after he finished work tomorrow. 

Kai's Cats, With George Melley Look-alike At The Back

We had one more drink (I was on the V&T's) before heading home, Bob said if somebody said, when we 1st met, that a year later we'd be sat in Ronnie Scott's having a drink together, he'd of said they were bonkers. I laughed & said 'Funnily enough it wouldn't of surprised me at all, as I Instantly liked you, and saw you as a long term friend!' We chatted to Bobs friend the manager for a bit, doing a bit of networking, then headed off for our respective trains. I went into Leicester Square station, to get the tube to Kings Cross & Bob continued on to Charing Cross to get his train.

I got my semi fast St Albans train & once at St Albans & now ravenous I got myself a very tasty Haloumi wrap from a local Turkish restaurant (yummy) to munch on the way home, which was lush! Walked home & got in at 11.15ish I took my make-up off, had a few Krisprolls with some Aubergine dip, as I was still peckish & went to bed to watch TV. I watched 'The Ricky Gervais Show' Then I inboxed Jason Cook, re his future 3 films, based on his Best selling books 1) There's No Room For Jugglers In My Circus. 2)The Gangster's Runner. 3) The Devils Dandruff (Which I think, is still yet to come out in print!) 

At 12.05am he got back to me, just 10mins after I'd messaged him & we had a real old gossip about the old clubbing days, and he said he would keep me up to date re the 3 films, as and when he knows details himself. I said I'd get up to speed with the books, in the meantime. Then I read a bit of my Marilyn Monroe book then it was time for me to crash out for the night (Calories Consumed 1,513)

Friday 8th April, Woke at 10am to a gloriously sunny day, none of the clouds or nippy breezes of yesterday! So I had a shower, tied my hair back in a pony tail, put on my primrose yellow sun-dress & my TrimSoles, plus my Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses. I had a bowl of Branflakes for breakfast & popped to the shop for today's Sun paper & some Diet Cokes. Then I set up my garden chair, in the sunshine filled area of my courtyard. I chatted a bit to the Tattooists owner, for a while. A fellow Gemini woman, who is also into Egyptology & Cats, she also does the designs for tattoo's. I have also done some designs myself, for some friends tattoo's. Based on their Astrology & Numerology, details.

 One Of My Tattoo Designs

Later on, the South African lad came out & we had a chat, then the girl who owns Gypsy, along with Gypsy the Sheep Dog, came outside, she said her partner had worked on a farm & Gypsy was a working dog there, but the farmer didn't think she was good enough & was going to shoot her (How Awful!!) So her partner rescued her, by taking her off the farmer's hands (Thank god for that!!) She is such a cute, friendly, dog, who loves her tummy tickled!

 How Could You Shoot This?

I read the Sun, while enjoying the Exotic Solero, that I'd treated myself to. The front page is another arsehole Judge, who is being probed over claims, that he freed an alleged paedophile, while drunk in court, totally forgetting about two of the charges, faced by the defendant! ARSEHOLE!

The South African, police dossier on Honeymoon murder suspect, Shrien Dewani (above) compiled by SA cops, includes, CCTV video footage, mobile phone records, & witness statements. 3 CCTV videos were taken from his honeymoon hotel, 1 shows Dewani in  the cab for 4mins talking to the driver while his bride was in the hotel, the day before she was shot dead. The 2nd having a 13min talk with taxi driver in the hotel car park, the 3rd recorded after the killing he is seen handing the cab driver money surreptitiously in a plastic packet. one call between his & the drives phone lasted 5mins, the night before his brides murder. Two assistants at a money shop say he was the man who exchanged around £900 into rand hrs before the murder.

Had some Krisprolls with a Aubergine dip for lunch, with some Diet Cokes & some Buzz Fizzy Dummies (As I'm craving something sharp!) I noticed some small white bumps on my forearm & round my ankles, a bit like gnat bites, but I haven't been bitten (Anyway insects tend to avoid veggie blood, its obviously too bland for their tastes!) They also avoid anyone who's eaten Marmite (which I love either spread on something, or in Twiglet form!) 

You Either Love It Or Hate It..... I LOVE It!! Mmmm!!

I read my Marilyn Monroe book for a while, then got my notebook out, I messaged my actress friend Maxine on Twitter & told her about the 3 films to be made from Jason Cooks books, saying I thought she'd be good to audition for, the pretty young blonde he was still yet to cast (I'd also messaged Jason the same thing) when I said who's books it was, that the films were based on Maxine said 'Oooh I know him I was meant to audition for him for something before Christmas, but I was ill & couldn't do!!'  I said well this might be a second chance then!

Went indoors at 6.30pm to watch 'Home & Away' then fixed a Mozzarella Omelet on a bed of fresh spinach, with two Krisprolls & a Mango Solero as desert. Yum!! The lumps on my skin had got bigger & redder & lumpier & itchy, so I changed into my baby doll nightie & rubbed some Boots insect bite cream over me & got in bed to watch TV. I'd heard from Talkback TV, in my Hotmail inbox Bob, Davey & I were not one of the two teams, selected for the Quiz Pilot, oh well!!

Candie called me at 7.12pm saying she was posting my 2010 pocket diary & what was my postcode? I told her, then when she rang off, I thought 'The post office can't be open now! Either she has paid the recorded delivery on it, but has not posted it until she got my postcode' (she could of looked at my address, on the 1st page of my diary for it) or maybe she plans to do tomorrow morning either way I should get it hopefully Monday or Tuesday. I watched the soaps then 'The Mentalist' 

Nick called at 9.05pm, he asked me what I was up to? I said I was fresh out of the shower & in bed watching TV, he said 'So your not out tonight?' I said 'No but I'm free over the weekend'  He said his son was visiting him & staying at his, over the weekend & he didn't know whether, his son would be out with his pals in St Albans, Sat & then be spending time with him Sunday, or vice versa? But he'd let me know when he knows, and if something else crops up for me in the meantime, so be it. I said OK I'd wait to hear from him. Then I watched 'Friday Night Dinner' & 'Rude Tube: Viral ads' then did some more of my blog & chatted a bit on Facebook & Twitter, before crashing out for the night! (Calories consumed 1,330)

Saturday 9th April, Woke at 10.30am after having another of my odd dreams, I was on holiday somewhere in Spain & my brother was there too, I had to get the 3pm flight home & realised it was 1pm so I should be at the airport checking in, so in a panic I started packing my case & bags, but could not find my tickets or passport & I wondered how the hell, I was going to get home, my brother it seemed wasn't due to go home, nor did he seem to care about my predicament. Then I was with Candie, Costa & the kids watching Costa play golf, as the kids got bored Candie & I took them off to this building, that had some kind of entertainment, and we were chatting to some people who had some dogs & a big black one jumped up at me & I was making a fuss of it. 

I turned round to see Candie had wandered off with the kids, and I thought 'why didn't she say she was going?' & looked around the building, that seemed to have lots of people in groups of costumes, clowns, ballerinas & drumming soldiers. I couldn't see Candie & the kids & the place seemed like a school, that's putting on an event, searched for Candie & co with no joy & I thought 'Oh that's great & I have no mobile on me to find her! Why does she keep doing this?'

I got up had a wash put my hair in a pony tail, and put on acid lemon, yellow lingerie & my primrose yellow summer dress, plus my Dolce & Gabanna Sunglasses & popped to the shop for a paper. Then after a breakfast of Branflakes I resumed my position in the garden, with my paper some diet cokes & a Solero ice cream (Only 90 cals compared to over 200 in a Magnum!) a while later Gypsy came running up to me & I made a fuss of her, then read my paper.

Solero.... Mmmmmmmm!!

Shoe designer Christian Louboutin is suing rival YSL for supposedly copping his trademark red soles (Oh come on, Patrick Cox was doing Shocking Pink soles, before Louboutin thought of his red soles!!) He says he got the red sole idea after painting the bottom of a woman's shoe with red nail polish (So not after seeing Patrick Cox's *Wannabe* shocking pink soles then?..... Hmmmmmm!!) YSL have declined to comment

Checked my hotmail, Facebook & Twitter my ex Jan had messaged me again saying 'Hi beautiful. How are you? Enjoying the sun today? It's making me think of when we were out on the balcony and you were wearing your sponge bob bikini ;) x'  I replied 'Ha ha ha nearly wore my sponge bob bikini today but although its sunny here its very very windy & the strong wind is adding the chill factor x' He responded with 'you looked very fit in it ;) would love to see you wear it again! what are you doing today? x'  We chit chatted about what we were up to, then he came out with 'I really would love to see you again (and i'll pay your travel). I feel like i still need to make up for last time! x'  

Playing devils advocate I said 'Oh really in what way? I hope your not expecting me to jump into bed with you for old times sake?' He replied 'I'm not asking you to jump in bed with me. I just really want to see you again :)'  I laughed, 'Correct answer!' I replied. He's obviously emotionally grown up since we use to date, he added. 'well i'm obviously very attracted to you as you know but i'm not expecting anything. I just had a really good time hanging out with you :) x' I said 'Wow the boys become a man!!' he laughed & said 'I wasn't that bad was I?' I jokily mentioned a few incidents in our past & then we talked about what we'd been doing lately, he replied 'I know i'm really sorry but i was a lot younger back then and clearly not very mature. Please do forgive me for my past behaviour. How is your health now? Better i hope? You would be an amazing actress! x' I said I had to go as my battery on laptop was dying & he said 'goodbye' adding 'Been thinking about you all day now! :) x' Well I have to say for 3-4yrs he has been trying to see me again, this is the 1st time he seems to have lost the side that made me end it in the 1st place!! 

The Infamous 'Sponge Bob' Bikini
Hanging Out With His Bikini Friends In My Draw!

The sun is really nice but my arms legs & chest are now covered in raised red itchy lesions, some Twitter pals suggested its Prickly Heat. I looked at some Google images pics, of Prickly Heat, some which look similar, but other rash like pictures look nothing like it & reading up on it, it says that its caused by sweating well I haven't been sweating, as although its sunny the chilly gale that's also blowing, makes it cool, not hot. I forgot my deodorant this morning & my pits smell fine, thankfully, so no sweating!! I'm not a big sweater anyway, even after a few hrs in the gym, there are just some beads on my forehead. It also said the rash is worst where it's covered by clothes & gets sweaty, there are no lumps under clothes only on my exposed chest, legs & arms.... 

 They Kinda Started Off Like This The Other Day ^
 But Now Looks Like A Cross Between These Two

I'm beginning to resemble a Lion Bar!! I'm Not liking the Lion Bar look I'm so lumpy!! It looks more like a Mosquito bites or bed bug bites, but I haven't been bitten! 

Lion Bar

I had a 6" Veggie Subway, with cheese & chilli sauce & popped to Ladbrookes to put my free £1 bet with The Sun, as a 50p each way on Oscar Time, as I had a gut feeling it would do well & also because, I couldn't work out how to place it, with my free £5 bet on Ladbrookes online with The Sun. So in the end had to place  it on a bet that a group of 5 horses would finish the race. Those 5 horses are Oscar Time, Quinz, King Fontaine, In Compliance & Hello Bud, but I'd rather it was £2.50 each way on Oscar time! 

I sat back out in the sun it got to 4pm & I was looking in my diary to see what was coming up over the next few weeks & I saw it was my friend Nikki's jewellery party today, shit I thought that was next week! Well Nick has not bothered to get back to me, as to whether he is out with his son tonight, or tomorrow yet & if he is free tonight I don't fancy going out covered in big red lumps looking like a walking Lion Bar! So I text him 'Can't make tonight, I forgot it's my friends Jewellery party tonight! But I'm free tomorrow or Mon' 

Went indoors at 4.15pm to watch the Grand National, Oscar Time came in 2nd, so I won on my 50p each way bet, but Quinz sadly died on the course, so my 5 horses didn't finish the race, if they had I'd of won £105 Boo Hoo, but all though I missed out on a much needed £105, it was poor poor Quinz, who lost something more precious his life! I wished it had bloody let me put the £5 on just Oscar Time like I'd wanted!!

I sat back outside again, the lumps were really itching, but luckily as my skin was more tanned now, the redness didn't show up quite as much, as on my paler skin yesterday, but the lumps were still much more pronounced...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Don't think I'll even be going to the jewellery party in this state!! (Can't afford to treat myself to anything anyway!!) 

Decided to go back inside at 6.30pm & looked at my Lion Bar arms & legs in the mirror & thought 'I can't go out like this!!'  Then I looked in the paper & saw that 'Mamma Mia' was on, so I thought 'That's it I'm staying in!!' So I covered myself in Diprobase Cream, which is a thick white cream for eczema, in the hopes it might have an affect on the unsightly red & while sores covering me, and text Nikki I'd not be attending her bash. 

Watched 'You've Been Framed ' When Nick text at 6.42pm saying 'What is a key party?' Which confused me as I'd told him it was a jewellery party, I was just texting him back to say 'what are you on about I said Jewellery party' when I suddenly noticed that when I typed jewellery, my predictive text only did the 1st three letters J-e-w, which on predictive text came up as k-e-y then any letter I typed after that got either a ? or 'spell' until I pressed space. So obviously in my haste in the sun, while in my sunglasses, on my phone, with tiger print behind the text, I obviously never noticed & sent key party instead! I then got a fit of the giggles, thinking he must think I'm off to a Swingers Party or something similar lol. When the reality, I'm sat on my bed watching TV, looking like a Lion Bar that's fallen into a vat of Mr Whippy ice cream!!

 Mr Whippy Anyone

I replied 'ha ha ha sorry my predictive text cocked up, and I didn't notice, it should of said jewellery not key!!' He replied 'Yeah OK'  I laughed & text 'Honestly that's what happened!!' he text back with 'Key & jewellery yeah very close on predictive text' I couldn't stop laughing, even though he obviously has the arse with me & is imagining all sorts, as I was actually telling him the truth!! (Even if I was now slathered with thick white cream & no longer going to the jewellery party anyway!) 

I said 'It is when your phone doesn't recognise the word, and only accepts the 1st 3 letters & you don't notice!' He never replied after that, I'm sure he doesn't believe me, well that's his problem not mine as I was telling the truth, I did text Jewellery & it came out Key, but I can't prove it when I next see him, as I had to type in the word Jewellery after trying to put e after Key & it coming up spell (as it's now in phone dictionary!) 

I watched 'Mamma Mia' good old fashioned fun family movie, don't know what all the fuss was about Pierce Brosnan's singing, it wasn't awful! He is welcome to sing to me like that any time!! After that I watched 'Transporter3' what a pile of shite!!! But I will give Jason Stratham his dues he had a very buff body in the movie! I had a Mars drink, & 6 Krisprolls sprinkled with Mozzarella & melted in the microwave. Then I watched 'Stand Up For The week' very amusing! Then chilled with a K Cider, wrote some more blog then went to bed (Calories consumed 1,513)

Sunday 10th April, I went to sleep some time between 7 & 7.30am, and woke at 11am, I dreamt but can't recall any of it. I got up had a shower & tied back hair in a ponytail, I still have the large sultana sized red lesions all over my arms, legs & chest that resemble something akin to mosquito bites or measles, but milder thanks to the cream I put on last night. Well I don't know what it is .... but if it is prickly heat caused by the sun, as a sun lover, I won't be sitting in the shade!! I had the few remaining Bran Flakes for breakfast, along with 3 Whole Grain Krisprolls sprinkled in Mozzarella then put in the Microwave to melt the cheese! Popped to the shop & got a NOTW, 2 Diet Cokes & a Solero Exotic.

I set my fold up chair, up in the courtyard, and Enjoyed my Solero while reading my NOTW paper, the front page is about that feckless arsehole Wayne Rooney, who not only has a 2 match ban, but he's been axed by Coke Zero scrapping his £600K deal & now Sky TV has axed his 'Street Striker' kids show, as viewers can't forget his romps with hookers. A secret poll revealed that Rooney is the LEAST respected premier league players among teenagers. Jedward are laughingly to be the new face of Coco Pops, in a £180,000 deal as well as representing Ireland in Eurovision!! There was a picture of a pregnant Victoria Beckham out shopping in Beverly Hills with Romeo & Cruz, looking very much like Ozzy Ozbourne!

Then there was a heartbreaking story of Peni the Orangutan & her mum that had me in tears, there is a picture of Peni trembling with fear & tethered to the floor of a squalid cage, clinging to her mums tortured body, her mum who's hands & feet had been tied together & a frenzied Borneo crowd beat her & pelted her with rocks (the vile savages) before trying to drown her in a swimming pool!!.... Why? Because she was scavenging fruit to feed her malnourished 4month old baby Peni. Peni & her mother & father moved down into the ramshackle village in a desperate hunt for food, because their forest environment has been decimated by palm oil cultivation. Which is why lovable Orangutan's are one of the worlds most endangered species. 

The Father tried to protect his family but the villagers scared him off & then laid into the mother with sticks (I'd like to do the same to them!!) until she fell to the ground & then they bound her hands & feet & tried to drown her until she passed out, then threw her & her baby into a cage, then they began poking her with sticks again & throwing rocks at her! At this point someone from IAR (International Animal Rescue) arrived and intervened & stopped the torture! The Vet rushed them to hospital Peni responded quickly to treatment, but devastatingly her mum died 15mins later.... I am just so Fucking Angry at these bastards!!

It Didn't take long to get through the paper & my 2 Diet Cokes, so popped to the shop for 2 more Diet Cokes & a Bounty Ice Cream. The sun was hot like yesterday, but also like yesterday it was blowing an icy gale that added goose pimples to my array of red blotches covering my body! So my skins as smooth as gravel!! NICE!!... I went on my laptop for a bit & chatted on Facebook & Twitter briefly, then I sat in the sun & read my Marilyn Monroe book. 

I manoeuvred behind one part of my Maisonettes wall, as the sun switched position in the sky, which acted as a bit of a wind break & by about 3-3.30pm the gale died down & eventually went. By 4.30pm still no word from Nick re if he was out with his son tonight or not & I'm so not the sort of girl to sit by the phone waiting, if I was invited round a friends or to a BBQ I'd of gone & not of waited until Nick got back to me 1st. So when Nick text at  5pm saying 'You OK?' without adding if he was seeing his son tonight or not, I waited a while before replying.  

At 5.23pm the brother of my Ex (Murray) Damon called me and we chatted for 15mins catching up on the gossip. He told me a mutual acquaintance had been caught stealing, and cops had swooped on him & he was lucky that the victim chose not to press charges!! We laughed about that a lot, as he was always such a snob, who liked to try lauding it over people & now he is just a common thief!! Can't wait until Candie is back from holiday to tell her! Damon said the mutual acquaintance, is also set to marry his Russian cleaner in September (Russian Bride anyone!!)

I replied to Nick at 6.14pm saying 'Gr8 thanks been whisked off 2a friends BBQ in North London' as a) I didn't fancy going out on the town, with all these red lumps, still all over me & b) It makes it clear to Nick (unless he's dense!) that I'm not the sort of girl to wait around until the last minute to know what I'm doing!! At 7pm Nick replied 'So not seeing me tonight then?' errrrrr No (I thought) You said you would get back to me Saturday, to let me know if you'd see me Saturday or Sunday & you had left it late, with no message Saturday (So instead I text I was going to a jewellery party, yesterday afternoon) 

So he should then know, if you leave it too long to let me know the situation, I will make my own plans! I'd said I was free Sunday or Monday if he was? & left it for him to up his game & make definite arrangements, for either Sunday or Monday but he failed to do that! So at 7.05pm I replied 'Prob not. Not sure what time I will be getting a lift home. I was waiting 2hear from you about your plans re son, but meanwhile pals called by at 2.30pm & whisked me away to another pals BBQ & as I'd heard nothing from you, I went. Still free in the week though'  

Now that tells him 2 things (if he is smart) 1) to make sure you let me know of plans by 1-2pm latest on the day, or preferably a day or two before. 2) If you don't jump in, and make definite arrangements, there's a chance I will, but not with you! He didn't get back to me, so either he is pissed off, or he is waiting to see what week day is best to suggest, according to his work schedule! We will see if I hear from him, or not, which it is!

I went indoors at around 6.30pm & made a Mozzarella Omelet with spinach leaf salad for dinner I still have the red welts all over my arms, chest & legs but now my skins browner it doesn't show as much as it did on my pailer skin yesterday! I smothered thick, white, Diprobase Cream, which is used on eczema, so will hopefully calm down, whatever this reaction is! I did the washing up, then watched TOWIE nobody can surely be as thick as this bunch of Muppet's, Lydia's mum was looking like a cross between a beardless wizard & Zelda Terrorhawk. 

 Zelda Or Lydia's Mum?

But Lydia was looking better without the huge false lashes she use to wear, that always looked too big for her eyes. Lauren Goodger looked awful & the big B&W pic she got to put in Marks bedroom was beyond naff.... But if my fiancé reacted to a gift like that, my engagement ring would be bouncing off his forehead seconds before the large framed pic did! The Knob!! The rest of the night it was CSI night then some more of my Marilyn book (Calories consumed 1,239)

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