Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Springs Back ....Let's Get Physical!!

Monday 18th April, I didn't fall asleep until after 6am, despite an early night, yet I still had quite a busy complex dream, but all I can recall is the end. I was working in a pub (it was my 1st day) dressed head to toe in black, when the Landlady did a lock in until 6am, and seemed to want to continue for longer. By now the other barmaids and I were tired & we'd stopped being paid from 11.30pm. So I complained that we didn't want to continue & the Landlady said it wasn't for us to decide, tired and with an aching back. I sat up on the bar, the Landlady said 'Get down, that's very unprofessional!!' I replied 'So is making us work unsociable hours, for 6hrs with no pay!!'  

I woke at 9.30am and ran a bath, and made a coffee & bowl of Alpen, had my bath, exfoliated, moisturised & then ate the breakfast & drank the coffee. I was called by 'Odd One In' re a casting Thursday, at 10.30am in Shepherds Bush. I answered a few emails & then mopped my kitchen floor, then headed off out, and had had a hour power walking a bit earlier than I normally go, then continued onto my Fitness First gym at 12.25pm. I didn't do a class today, but did the treadmill, cross-trainer, cycle and a few circuit machines & some squats with the medicine ball & finished 2.5hrs later at 3pm

 Fitness First St Albans, Above The Shops In Christopher Place
Got home, put in a white wash in the laundry & Bought a Sun Newspaper, then had a Salsa Tuna Light Lunch with 3Krisprolls & a Diet Coke. I did some online job searches then set off to the Job Centre, to do some local job searches, then I popped to my local nail bar to see if I could get a manicure? As my nails have grown a lot since the last one & they need a re-polish (But mainly as my nails need to be immaculate for casting Thursday, you can't expect to be picked as a filmed product demonstrator/promoter if your hands don't look immaculate.... you'd never see dodgy nails on QVC!!

They said they could if I came back in 45mins, so I did a bit of window shopping I saw some nice feather earrings in New Look for £2.99 I was sure I'd seen the same ones in Boots & checked when I browsed round Boots, I was correct.... But Boots were charging £5 for them, almost twice the price of New Look (What a rip off!!) looked round FCUK nothing of any interest at the mo, last year they had lots of nice stuff in! Hobs wasn't bad though! (Not that I can afford anything!!) 

 Earrings £5 in Boots or £2.99 in New Look
choice of colours available

Then I passed some time, in Starbucks, having a tasty Caramel Cappuccino (The last one of those for ages, as a normal large Cappuccino is 180 Cal's & a Caramel one 350 Cal's, that's 170 Cal's extra, almost double!!!) I had my nails done, in a 'French Manicure' with a sparkly china glaze on top (Us Gemini's have to do things differently, than the rest of the Hoi Polloi, darlings!!) I popped into Wilkinson's & Tesco's on the way home, for a few essentials. The Tesco's cashier said 'Ooh I LOVE your nails!!' Mission achieved nails officially fab!! Once home I watched 'Home & Away' & had some Sushi for dinner, with some sliced melon, apple & grapes for desert (good girl) Then caught up with the news in today's paper.

More madness as 60 Harrier Jets, worth £750Million which could be helping our troops, to beat madman Gaddafi, in their expensive mission in Libya, are sat in a hanger, waiting to be scrapped!! Meanwhile our Mission in Libya is costing the UK £30Million a week at present, using RAF jets (The cost is made up of fuel, crews, ground staff & ammunition) But the same mission using our Harrier jets, from an aircraft carrier, would cost the UK £40Million a year. Where as with the present system, at the going rate, it would cost £360Million a year, compared to the Harrier jets £40Million, which means the present system is 9 times more expensive at £320Million more a year, than using the Harriers, that are due to be scrapped!!! Somebody do the Maths at the MoD & wake up The Defence Secretary!!

 Save Our Harriers For A Rainy Day (It's Pouring in Libya!)

More idiots in the paper this time another moronic judge, who spared a scumbag thief from jail, so he could feed his cat WTF!!!!?? Get a neighbour or family member in to feed the cat, or if neither of those is an option, re home it, or put it in a cattery & he would have to pay for its upkeep either up front, or in instalments!!! Idiot Judge David Cooper let off 55yr Scum Steven Thorne, who has repeatedly shoplifted booze, instead, giving him a paltry fine of just £75 FFS!!

More on BB, Wag Wannabe, Slapper Imogen Thomas (who's married with kids football lover, can't be named thanks to a super injunction) Looking all hurt, how does she  think his wife & kids would look if they knew? The love rat has got away with it so far, but she is as bad as him, selfish bitch, I bet she never gave his wife & kids a 2nd thought. I found her a total self absorbed bore on big Brother & it seems she is the same outside of the Big Brother house too! Another Big Brother contestant Chantelle Houghton's picnic bust up with Rav

Hijab, The scum even have the fucking cheek to put up signs warning of 'GAY FREE' Zones (Who do the fuck do they think they are to impose gay fee zones, it's not their fucking country!! The cheeky, arrogant C**t's!!) They also deface posters of bikini clad models (They should be rounded up & flown back to their country of origin & if born here, shipped off to the country of their or their parents, forefathers if they think so little of the UK!!) A non Muslim Asian woman, was told to wear a Hijab or her chemist would be boycotted, then later a 2nd man said if she continued not to wear one, she would be killed. Vile Extremist Scum!

The M1 Motorway that is shut between junctions 1 & 4 is still not fixed, after a fire in a scrapyard underneath it in North London, on Friday the 15th, 3 days ago. And it is expected not to be fixed until this Friday or Saturday, meaning that, part of one of our busiest motorways, will be closed for 8 days, or more, causing Easter travel misery for many. Yet only a handful of engineer/contractor workers could be seen at work on it yesterday. But 2 North bound lanes were opened yesterday & they hoped to have one South bound open today, they are busy erecting a support below the bridge. They say the heat has damaged the bridge badly & steel is exposed, maybe they should get in some Japanese workers. They mended their quake destroyed road in 6 days, despite dealing with trauma, grief & also the threat of impending nuclear disaster & more possible Tsunamis!!

Japan March 17th & Then 6 Days Later

Coalition Deputy PM Nick Clegg, has topped a pole of 'The Politician gay men fancy the most'. I'm sure he wouldn't top a woman's pole. He is too weak & wishy washy for most women, we like someone with some fire & power about him, where as Nick Clegg is a Damp Squib!! 

Meanwhile a Christian electrician, Colin Atkinson, faces the sack, for having a cross displayed in his company van, which he has had on his dashboard for 15yrs, he was told to remove it by his bosses in West Yorkshire, saying it might offend other religions (It would only offend extremists of other religions & who gives a fuck if their offended?) Or suggest the firm is a Christian group (Afraid it will be targeted by extremists are you? Yellow belly's!!!) They say symbols can be worn but not displayed (pathetic!!)

Then it was time to watch 'Home & Away' then the usual soaps, while doing online job searches & online surveys! I had Sushi for dinner, with Melon, Grapes & Mango fresh fruit salad to follow, then watched the new series of the Brilliant 'Hotel Inspector' started & oh my god what a hovel of a B&B she went to to start the series, The FILO (First In Last Out) in Winchester, not only was it filthy, but the decoration (designed by the owner) was oh so bloody ugly!! (Mind you, if the owner had an ounce of Imagination, he would of spelt his pub B&B 'First Inn Last Out') The rancid place, had, had a host of bad write ups. One guest posting that when they got in their rooms bed, they found a USED condom (OMFG!!) This was the 1st time EVER, that Alex Polizzi, had refused to stay overnight in a Hotel/B&B, & who could blame her, I could practically smell the place from my lounge as I watched! Surprising as the owner was not bad looking really, and looked clean & smart!

Then I watched 'Meet The Middletons' a program on The UKs Prince William's wife to be & our future Queen's extended family..... What a boring pile of shite that was!! (That's a hour of my life I wont get back!!) Then I watched the Bruce Willis film 'Hostage' while writing this blog & also doing online surveys. Munching on a few low fat rice cakes with Peanut Butter Yummy! Then Started the 2nd of Jason's books 'The Gangster's Runner' It seems better written than the 1st already. Went to bed at 2am (Calories consumed 1,942)

Tuesday 19th April, I didn't fall asleep until after 4.30am, I dreamt something to do with filming & something to do with gangsters (It must be due to reading Jason's book) I was either being filmed or photographed, my hair was longer & it was divided in half over each shoulder as if your about to tie bunches, it was wrapped round and crossed over my neck under my chin & then pulled round the back like a 40's head-scarf made of hair & I wore bright red lipstick, then the pictures, filming was taken, think I had to pretend to be dead but I'm not sure. I got up at 10am, showered, tied back hair & went to the gym make-up free (a 1st for me) worked out until noon, then I went home & showered again, then put on brown/beige tankini halter-neck top & my khaki tiered skirt with sequins on, my TrimSoles, my Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses & my peacock feather look earrings.

Then on hearing an almighty crash, I went into my back dressing room, to find one of my travel cases had slipped, from where it was stacked, landing on a a pile of boxes causing an avalanche, and one large hat box, has got squished, typically its the one with one of my favourite black hats in & it has squashed the crown, and brim, of it, a bit, SHIT!!! So now I will need to find a Milliner, once I am earning again, who can steam it back into shape, I hate to think how much is that going to set me back ?? 

I popped to the shop & got a paper & 2 Diet Cokes, then sat out in the sun & Read the Sun paper & Closer Magazine. The Sun's Front page is about Rio Ferdinand's mad stalker, a black woman with bright red hair (No alas for Rio it is not Rhianna!!)

More madness due to the Human Rights Bill (The sooner that gets scrapped the better!!) 47 Dangerous fugitives, presently on the run in the UK, can not be named - in case it breeches their human rights!! Fuck Right Off!! They should lose the right, to any rights, human or otherwise, when they become 'Dangerous' Criminals!!

What about our rights as decent, law abiding, citizens to know, if the man sitting two seats away from them in a cafe, is a serial killer, a rapist, or whatever!! The law has gone mad, it protects the guilty & leaves the innocent open to attack!  All 47 of these scumbags are deemed 'high risk' or 'very high risk' & include paedophile scum! They fled after committing new crimes, or breaking their early release terms. Cameron's promise to name criminals on the loose have been dropped quietly & criminals are using data protection rules & the human rights bill to stay anonymous. 

Tory MP Dominic Raab says it's ridiculous storming 'Labour allowed the privacy of dangerous offenders to be put ahead of the public's protection. The Coalition must reverse those warped priorities. We can't have dozens of high risk fugitives shielded on Human Rights grounds' EXACTLY!!! Also Ken Clarke should be fired.

I was confronted on turning a page by naked shots of Mariah Cary & her husband, for OK Magazine, with him holding her boobs, while exposing, her ample pregnant belly, containing their twins she is expecting. Oh put it away love, keep those kind of pictures to yourself, we soooo don't want to see them!! Your a bit of a minger when your thin & those photos are Sooo not attractive & of no interest to anyone, except for you two!! Meanwhile a pathetic West Yorkshire woman, called Louise Smith won a £12,300 payout over a claim of sexual harassment, by a gay male colleague  PML Oh get a life you sad cow, I can't believe they paid it out!! There must of been some homophobes in the jury! What A Joke!!!

A Ex Soldier has been Jailed for 70 days, for torching the Koran, in protest at the Scum, that burnt the poppy wreath on Armistice Day, getting a paltry £60 fine!! How typical of our courts to give him the kind of justice, that, that scum bag Emdadur Choudhury should of got. Andrew Ryan set light to the Koran in the street, shouting 'You Burn Our Poppy's I'll Burn Your Koran'  while annoyed over our soft laws for extremist scum. If Emdadur Choudhury had been given the kind of sentence, worthy of his disrespect of our dead heroes, Andrew wouldn't of felt the anger, that then compelled him to burn that book of the Koran. Colin was charged with 'pre planned theatrical bigotry', surely that is exactly what Emdadur Choudhury should of been charged with!! So either Emdadur should of got 70 days jail or Andrew a £60 fine!!!!

Poppy Burning
 Koran Burning

Beautiful murder victim, Sian O'Callaghan, was finally laid to rest yesterday & 600 locals lined the streets of Swindon to pay their respects, to the beauty killed by cab driver Chris Halliwell. Meanwhile Nigella Lawson was in the sea in what looked like Muslim Arab swimwear apparel not unlike a Burka when playing about the sea with a bikini clad friend in Australia it consisted of black trousers & a long top just above the knee with long sleeves, & high neck with a hood pulled up over a peak cap. She either wishes to remain Lilly white (in which case why holiday in Australia) or she is hiding her ample curves from the Paparazzi??

I had 3 rice cakes with peanut butter for lunch, washed down with a Diet Coke & followed by a Solero Ice Cream. I chatted to the owner of the Tattooists & the South African guy, who seems to have had a haircut & was looking quite cute & buff! After I finished the paper & magazine I continued with Jason's book & sat in the sun until 5.30pm getting a bit of colour, but by the end of the day, today, I was not covered in lumps & bumps. So it can't of been a reaction to the sun before? So what was it? Odd!! 

I finished Jason's book, it was by far superior to the 1st, which was riddled with spelling, and grammatical mistakes (Sack the Proof Reader/Copy Writer!!) This one had only 2 small ones, which most people would not notice! I think my actress friend Maxine Webb would be ideal for the role of Mandy! So I told her again to get a copy of 'The Gangsters Runner' and to not bother with the 1st book, as she didn't need to (as her character is only briefly touched on there & what is said there, is repeated in the 2nd book anyway) She said she would & also chase up Jason on Facebook. 

Nicky contacted me, to see if I'd done a favour she asked from me, I was confused as it was not in my diary, to do today? So I checked it again, nope not there & it was then, that I realised the date was saying Tuesday 26th & my phone Tuesday 19th? I then I realised that two pages of my diary, had been stuck together, so I'd opened it up for this week, at next week, not at this week!! HOLY FUCK!! How the hell did that happen? I apologised to Nicky and was kicking myself, how did I not notice, that the pages were stuck together?? I think old age is kicking in & numbing my brain!! Went on Facebook, Twitter & in my Hotmail, for a bit & found the page for the cutest dog in the world Boo. OMG it's like a little teddy bear I'm totally in love!!! Check him out here

The Adorable Boo

I watched 'Home & Away' then did 50 squats with the Swiss ball, up against a wall, with the ball supporting my bad back. Then I had Tuna Mayonnaise, on 3 Rice cakes for tea, with another Diet Coke & some Brandston Mini Cheddars on the side & watched 'Supersized V Superskinny' it was 2 scrawny's V 2 fatties this week. Then I watched 'Jean Claude Van-Damme: Behind closed Doors' followed by the very funny 'Campus' then peckish, I made myself a coffee & a couple of rice cakes with Peanut butter, before watched the film 'Burn After Reading' with Brad Pitt & George Clooney, which was fucking odd!! It was meant to be a comedy drama, but it wasn't that dramatic, nor was it that funny!!  & then I went to bed at 1.50am (Calories consumed 1,538)

Wednesday 20th April,   I woke at 9am, and if I dreamt, I don't recall any of it, I had a shower tied hair back & wore my coral tankini halter-neck by M&S & my khaki sequinned tiered skirt & my TrimSole thong sandals & had the last of my sugar free Alpen & a coffee, for breakfast. Then I popped to the shop for today's paper & put my foldable garden chair, out in the court yard & read some of my Marilyn Monroe book, then took a break to read my messages on Facebook, Twitter & my Hotmail Inbox. I had a message from Angus the film producer/director of 'Losing It' with the following exciting news.....
The bad news, the good news, the bad news.

The bad news. Losing It was not selected for the Cannes official programme. I don’t feel too badly about that – only 9 short films were selected this year, and none of them were from the U.K.  Their loss.

The good news is that Losing It is going to be screened at Cannes this year.  I have been quietly touting Losing It to production and distribution companies who are screening at Cannes this year and two have snapped it up and will be showing it as part of their commercial playbill. 

First of the two is Hammer, a reincarnation of the epoch-making company that ruled in the Sixties and Seventies.  I didn’t think that Losing It would be a poster boy for Hammer but they think it fits their formula perfectly – with a pretty, vulnerable female (and I agree, Emily does come across as vulnerable) and the Frankenstein – Igor thing going on with Carrington and Eldridge. So, we’re a Hammer Horror Film! (Incidentally, Hammer are also taking “Little Changes”, a brilliant short made by James Static, one of our Imps.  If you haven’t seen it, get in touch with James – he is on the email list up there somewhere - and get a copy.)

OMG On posting this bog full of 9days worth of 90hrs of writing  (Despite the work being saved repeatedly & then photos added & saved again) when posting A Blogger glitch has wiped 80% off this blog approx 60hrs worth of work (Most of  Wed to Sunday) which was the busiest & funniest bit of the week when most things happened & so much in news!!!!  SHIT!!! Fucking Blogger!! I knew I should of copied & posted in my Hotmail, when it kept failing to post (due to taking to long) I will have to write at a later date (but without the news as I no longer have the news papers, to remind me of what riled me or any notes to dreams etc  Arggggggggggggghhhhhh!!!) Typical it was my bet & funniest & most gossip filled blog to date (Someone out there has been using that voodoo doll of me again).... this blog will be resumed when I find the time


  1. Manicures, Starbucks, Sushi, magazines.....and now you'rethinking of a milliner?? All these things you could either do without or do yourself and yet you expect us to feel sorry for you as you are so broke? Save the money from the manicure and put it on your bloody phone, that way you can ring your brother and apologise for slagging him off so publicly. I find people like you sad, you are simply crying out for attention, there is absolutely no excuse for you to be so broke, and no excuse for you to be out of work, I am sure there is a vacancy at McDonalds...but of course you just want to be famous. Get real, you are 50 (or something like that I recall) so if you are not famous now then I am afraid it simply is not going to happen. Most people your age have sorted themselves out security wise, what on earth have you been doing since you left school apart from fame seeking? Sheesh!!

  2. ...oh and it is rather ironic that you complain about someone's Grammatical errors when you can't even spell the word yourself. In fact there are tons of errors throughout all your blogs, maybe that's why you haven't got a job, lack of education. Try spellchecking before posting honey.(and yes I sometimes make mistakes in my posts but I am not writing a blog for all to see FULL of them)

  3. It was spell checked before posting but as it wiped most of blog it also must have wiped the amending the text I had done after too, obviously 1st script will be full of typos so if amending is lost to glitch they will re appear oh dear gutted feel such a fool..... btw sushi costs £2 from Tesco's so hardly a case of extravagance & as I said a manicure is important for both employment on TV & the jobs in Retail I apply for.... Anyway nice to see your back I was worried you might of died of swine flu... xxxxx

  4. I have a lot of friends in the entertainment business honey and I can assure you a lot of them do their own nails and are a damn site more successful than you. You could have saved the money from the manicure (you could do yourself), the magazines (you can read them free online) and the starbucks (make your own) and you could have put it towards the rent that you are always struggling to pay. You seriously need to take a reality check. As far as mistakes go, every single one of your blogs is littered with spelling and grammatical errors...the most common one is where you keep saying 'could of, should of''s 'could have, should have'...basic errors and the spelling is appalling! And I would like to point out something else while I am ranting, if you expect to get work in this industry you should NEVER, EVER slag off agencies that haven't paid you or are late paying or renege on deals, all means get angry but approach them the correct way, in private. Publicly slandering them is a jolly good way of ensuring yourself of a very bad and unreliable reputation, not to mention an unprofessional one.

    We took a look at your resume the other day, I think you need to take another look at that yourself, how on earth is being in the audience for Big Brother or chat shows classed as 'experience', it looks ridiculous on a resume as does most of the rest of it, there does not appear to be one professional job on there.

    We also watched a clip of yourself in OMG, hardly professional and cetainly not classy was it, totally laughable and embarrassing.

    Consider this helpful criticism, although I am sure you will laugh in our faces without truly realising what you are doing. Enjoy your day.

  5. Good for them, I'm happy for their success, I take it they are also a lot more chilled than you too! Sorry but unlike your friends I don't have the technology to coat my long, but soft nails (due to being vegetarian) with acrylic to harden them, one cheap magazine a month is hardly lavish, Starbucks I have vouchers for & if I'm out in London at an audition & thirsty it would be pretty hard to pop home for a coffee. I haven't actually slagged off a agency, for someone who claims not to know me, I sure rattle your cage! So I wonder why you feel the need to go through the blog of a nobody, with a fine tooth comb, unless it's actually the blog of someone you know & who you have a personal grudge against. Glad you had a good laugh at my resume & clips, as I said on here OMG was an embarrassing show, with what they wanted me to say, but I can laugh at myself! All criticism, right or wrong, is constructive, hence why I never delete any, also my manners are too good, to laugh in someones face, I just find it odd why you get so wound up about the little part time TV work I do, to try to get by until I find a full time job. If I was bothered about being famous I'd of gone into acting as a full time career, from my teens & not be doing design & retail as my main career, with extra work as a bit of fun to supplement my full time jobs income, or until I get my next full time job!

  6. What winds me up is the fact that you are a scrounger, simple as. You are perfectly happy to shell out to go to London to appear in the audience of some two bit show even though it is non paying and not covering your expenses....and yet in the same breath you are constantly complaining you are broke. If you are broke you don't go, it's not exactly rocket science, and then you will have some crisis and plead that you are ill, have a searing headache, for attention. It's the attention seeking that is sickening. How can you afford to go to the gym and how can you have the time, any normal person would be looking for jobs all day long, not swanning around in a gym or sunning themselves in their garden. As for acting as a full time career....ha ha, sorry but I don't think you would cut it as an actress, I have seen your attempts at acting. No, get a real job like any normal person, stop all this whingeing about being broke and grow up.

    Oh and you have slagged off TV companies in your blogs, it most definitely has not gone unnoticed, and you have moaned about not getting paid etc. People see that and they don't forget. (remember Louis Spence showbusiness where you complained bitterly that the reason they didn't show much of you was because you would show them up....Yep, they really don't lke that sort of thing) I rest my case.

  7. How am I a scrounger? I send off 10-20 JOB Applications a day, while also chasing part time work, as well as part time extra work. If I was a scrounger I'd be sat on my arse at home doing nothing & making no effort to look for work!!

    I do unpaid jobs ONLY if they pay my travel, as sometimes you can end up getting a paid job from doing some unpaid work.

    I ONLY pay out travel into London when it's to audition for a PAYING acting job that doesn't cover expenses for auditions, or if I can combine more than one! Or when going to a Retail job interview.

    I'm not moaning I'm broke, I'm just stating a fact, that I'm struggling financially many young people are under the false impression that doing extra work is exciting & you make lots of easy money, by being honest about my present situation, I might wipe some stardust from their eyes & they can see the reality, that doing extra work can be a lot of effort for very little return, so if they want to give it a go great, but don't do it expecting fame & fortune, as most will be disappointed.

    Why would being ill be attention seeking? By writing about it, is the world going to get on a plane to wipe my brow?? No most wont give a fuck, yet again it is a blog about my life warts & all & the fact is for the past 3 years I have either been in hospital having chunks of my insides cut out, or in intensive care fighting to survive double pneumonia, due to this my immune system is shot to bits & has not had a chance yet to fully recover, I don't need nor seek any sympathy or attention due to having been critically ill, its just part of my life & hopefully one day it will be part of my past but until then I have periods of ill health. But says a lot about your cynical outlook!

    I can afford the gym as I got a special deal years ago through my job, if I stopped my membership & rejoined when fully employed. I would have to pay what everyone else pays which is 4 times the rate I pay now, so I keep it going & it can be frozen when too ill to go @ pay just £8 a month. I need the gym as part of my recovery to help build up my body & immune systems strength!

    Also if you read properly you will see I apply over 15 Joe blog jobs a day on my laptop on retail sites etc while sat in the garden, as well as sending off spec letters to companies
    while sat in the garden, all this as well as going on audition sites/agencies

    Yes I have mentioned I was not paid the expenses they promised by 1 company (not Agency as you originally said!)again it was a fact & I didn't slag them off over it, but it yet again lets wannabees who see reality TV as a career know that's one of the things that happens... as for you slagging me off I don't claim to be an actress, I claim to be an part time extra.....

    As for the Louie Spence thing I repeated other peoples comments, said to me about it ... I never claimed that was the reason, I just repeated what other people were saying around me, as to what they felt had happened!! Many upset themselves over being cut!

    Anyway that's it reply wise I don't need to explain myself to you or anyone else but thought I'd pay you the courtesy this once!

  8. Oh dear, there really is no need to get so upset, if you are going to post a blog like this you need to expect contrary comments! I am simply trying to open your eyes for you, you are so self absorbed you cannot see just how you come across. YES you do whinge about being ill, you are always ill..migraines etc. no need to go on about it, why do you have to keep on reminding people you once had double pneumonia and nearly didn't and are still here so for goodness sakes move on! Why when someone asks you to go our for an evening etc do you have to go into great details i.e I would love to go but simply cannot afford the £25 in train fares it would cost me, then I will have to find money for drinks etc.etc. etc........that comes across as if you are hinting for them to help you out...a simple 'no, sorry I can't' would gain far more respect.

    And you do NOT only do unpaid jobs if it pays your travel, you have mentioned a couple of times that you have done jobs for no recompense whatsoever and were out of pocket. Sadly you are still in this closed little world where you refuse to accept you can be at fault for the injustice this system has dished out to you...oh you poor poor thing, you have all y sympathy and pity....there, does that make you feel better? Carry on being you and not listening to common sense, it will get you absolutely nowhere, which seems to be your destiny.

    p.s. You mention getting up 'early' at 7.30am....err in most hard working, or even non working poeopl's lives, that is a normal time to rise. Stop lyng in bed til mid morning and smell the coffee.

    Night, and sweet dreams xxx

  9. PML sorry to dissapoint you, but I'm not upset at all, an upset person would delete comments, I have to explain because people either wont take no for an answer or think I'm snubbing them & my friends do respect me. If a blog is about yourself it will seem self absorbed as opposed to one about an outside topic. The only Unpaid jobs I have done that haven't covered expenses are ones that if commissioned I will get regular paid work from! I get up at 8.30am -9am not noon most days & I refer to 7.30am as being early when I have not been asleep until 5am, night night miss you already!! xxxxxx