Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Luton & Pharaohs!!

Monday 22nd August, I woke at 9am, then fell asleep again, until 1pm. As I felt awful & exhausted from a restless night due to pain & was still in severe pain when I woke at 9am. So I took some pain killers & fell asleep again, when they began to work. I got up at 1pm washed, scraped back hair & put on my gym kit & went for my 2hr power walk, I went make-up free, as I was in far too much pain, to lift my arms, to do may make-up today. I felt like crying the pain was so bad. In fact the pain made me feel so nauseous that I couldn't face breakfast/brunch before my walk, just a coffee. 

I got to the park and did a few laps, looking as ruff as I felt, then I walked home getting a Sun paper & Veggie Patty Subway Sandwich en route. I then had it for a late lunch/brunch, around 3.45pm with some cheesy Doritos & a Diet Coke, while I watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County, Reunion' then I perused the paper, the headline was about Xfactor contestant 'Kitty Brucknell' who I am sure was the 'Britney Tribute Act' Diva Pain In The Arse, at my friend Linda's, talent agency launch night, the headline was 'SEX AND THE KITTY Singer was "honeytrap" paid to catch cheats' I think she will fail to get far, if she makes it into the final selection, as she does not possess the likability factor at all! Also on the front page was 'Gaddafi doomed as rebels hit Tripoli' Two of his sons are now arrested by rebels.

 The Tribute Britney Act At Linda's Launch

Kim Kardashian married basketball player Kris Humphries on Saturday, at a £6million wedding, in a Vera Wang dress who's silhouette was based on Pippa Middleton's bridesmaid dress, to showcase Kim's ample derriere!!

 Murderers - Joe Boyer, Chantelle Booth & Danielle Newstead
Victim - Disabled Gemma Hayter

Thug Jo Boyer 18, who tortured & murdered a 27 disabled woman Gemma Hayter (The vile crime mentioned in prior blog) has bragged in letters to friends, how he expects a cushy life term in jail - with a PlayStation & trips to Nando's. Mentally & physically disabled Gemma was stripped & battered on a disused railway line, made to drink urine, suffered 55 injuries, with her nose almost severed off, by Boyer & two pals, all 3 joked in the dock while they were found guilty, his girlfriend & 1 other was found guilty of manslaughter. 

The scum bag wrote to a pal "Can't wait to go to a proper jail for lifers. they sound sic (good) bro, key to my door, bare shit to do, PlayStation & DVD" Saying a Lag & official told him that he will go to an easy open prison. He boasted "I get to go to town with a screw in normal clothes, I go to McDonalds & cinema & Nando's. It sounds sic" A prison source says "He could be sorely disappointed if he is expecting an easy time inside!!" (I bloody hope so!!) Adding "Anyone on a life sentence can only get into open conditions with the approval of the parole board, there is no just popping out to Nando's. Prison privileges must be earned - & remorse for crime plays a big part, he has not shown a shred of remorse!" 

 Redvers AKA Naughty Nora

A 12yr Cornish schoolboy Redvers Stokes, has been crowned the Drag Queen of his village, as Naughty Nora & his parents are delighted. He clinched the title against tough competition from local men, by belting camp versions of Thriller & Dolly Parton hits. The tiny village of Sticker near St Austell started it's Drag Queen contest 2yrs ago - as the population of 1,000 didn't have enough girls competing to be Carnival Queen! Keen show-jumper Redvers began wearing his mothers clothes when small said "I don't think there's anything wrong with it, I think it's funny & my friends think it's cool. I might like dressing up in women's clothes, but I still like girls, it's just a hobby!"  Nice to see both parents & a community that are fun loving & not bigoted, makes a refreshing change!! I can imagine how that would of gone down in that horrid bigoted village Grassington in Yorkshire, that featured in the TV show 'Love Thy Neighbour'

Redvers Out Of His Drag & His Parents 

I made a fish pie & put it in the oven for tonight, then put a load of dirty laundry in the washing machine. I did some chores & then got a call on my mobile, from the journalist who contacted me about my blog, just as I was taking my fish pie out of the oven. He was doing an article on women who have dated younger men & their bad experiences, much as I could do with the cash, for selling a story & being one of the women, in the article, I haven't really had a bad experience with younger guy's, only older ones! 

The only younger guy who ended up making my life hell, was my ex Suki who I was with for 5yrs (5 wasted years of my life!) Our relationship ended not because of our age gap (which was around 5yrs I think, can't really remember was about 15-20yrs ago) It ended because, as soon as he became successful & began earning some big money (Thanks in part for me working for him for nothing at Expo's, with no thanks for my efforts) He changed into a massive egotistical tosser, who boozed & I'm sure took some illegal substances, and hung around with a load of freeloading sycophants, who were around him for as long as he kept paying for the drinks (Idiot!!) While h was dismissive of me & treated me like shit! So I declined being part of the story, as I'm not going to sell a bullshit story, just to get some cash.

I had my Fish Pie with some Green Salad & watched some TV. The soaps of course, but there was not much on offer after that, and I certainly wasn't going to watch that shite 'Show Me The Funny' (Which did nothing of the sort, from day one, which was the 1st and last time I viewed it, and from viewing my twitter timeline, I could see it never improved!) So I half watched, the lesser of two evils 'The Truth About Cheryl Cole' while I finished last weeks blog. To be honest, the show was as boring as her on off relationship with Ashley Cole & I can't recall any details of interest! 


Then I watched 'Celebrity Big Brother' where nothing too exciting happened. Big Brother need to get more cruel to the celebs, they are having a far too easy ride!!! I made a tuna sandwich, which I had with some tasty Branston mini Cheddars, as my tummy had been rumbling for some time & then I watched 'Big Brother's Bit On The Side' Again nothing too exciting to report! Then I watched BBC1's 'Celebrity Apprentice USA' which was quite amusing. I then went to bed at 1am, as I was in a lot of pain. (Calories consumed 1,749)

Tuesday 23rd August, I was woken at 9am, when the hairdressers opened & put their music on. I'm not in quite so much pain today, thanks to the weather being quite bright & sunny, so I'm going to go back to the 'big park' again for my 2hr walk & take my friends dogs. I don't think the stalker on Wed 10th August was local, more likely an opportunist who was passing through! But if he is, and if he has been lurking around the area, at a similar time, for me to show up for the past 13 days, I'm sure he will have given up by now. 

I had a bath & put on my gym gear & trainers, pulled on my velour black hooded jogging jacket & not hungry I went out, with just a Diet Coke for breakfast. I collected Stanley & Betty & put some poo bags in my pocket & headed for the park. I did a good few circuits with them & they were very good, Betty has really calmed down since she was spayed & is pretty obedient 85% of the time, but not up to Stanley's 98% yet (The 2% naughty being when he sees bread thrown for the ducks... the greedy devil, then darts off & then he dives in the water after it!!)

I then drew out £30 to get some grocery's at Tesco's (Got some more reduced fish pieces for more fish pies) Plus for cash to use for my train fare to Luton Thursday. At 3pm I had a Tuna Subway Sandwich, with prawn cocktail crisps & a Diet Coke for brunch. Then I sat out in the sun with a Solero ice cream to read the paper. The front cover has the horrific pictures of Richard Branson's Caribbean home on fire after being hit by lightning, with the headlines - 'Winslet flees inferno on Branson's £90m island' Kate Winslet was said to of helped Branson's 90yr old mum to flee the mansion.

 Richard Branson's Necker Island Home Before The Fire 
More Views Of Richards Island Home
The Still Flaming Remains Of Richards Home

Also on the front page is - 'SAS in hunt for beaten Gaddafi' The special forces experts have been in Libya secretly training freedom fighters for weeks! The Cole Bore Factory is still ongoing in the news papers. Now we hear that tuneless (& clueless) Ashley Cole serenaded Cheryl Cole with 'Just The Way You Are' on karaoke (Who gives a toss!!?) Meanwhile George Micheal has split from partner Kenny Goss (Yet again other than George & Kenny .... who cares??)  A 44yr wing-walking dare devil, plunged to his death at an airshow near Detroit Michigan USA, when he slipped on his 3rd attempt to grab onto an overhead helicopter, and fell 200ft!! Spectators thought it was part of the act, until emergency crews rushed to his aid (Why wasn't he wearing a emergency parachute??)

I watched the 2nd of 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County, Reunion's' from tomorrow it's 'The Real Housewives Of New York' which I'm not so sure, I will find such addictive viewing. I did a really big load of laundry, hung out the wet laundry & ironed some of the dry laundry from yesterday. I stopped to watch 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition' on Really TV. Their makeovers are amazing, today's was out of this world!! 

I did some dusting, then settled down and watched 'EastEnders' with a egg & tomato sandwich & chilli crisps, washed down with a Diet Coke & a handful of Haribo Sours, for dessert! I won a couple games on Scrabble on Facebook, while watching 'The Great Train Robber's Secret Tapes: Revealed'  I watched as I knew one of them, from back in the Fedenzi's days, I only knew him as 'Bosh Bosh' a name Candie & I gave him, as he often used the phrase in conversation, as in "I went out to buy a new car today, couldn't see any thing that caught my eye for hours, then bosh bosh there it was!!" He looked like a poor woman's Peter Stringfellow, and I wondered if he would get a mention & I'd find out his real name? But it should of been called 'The Great Train Robber' singular, as it was all about Ronnie Biggs YAWN!!

I watched 'Seven Dwarfs' very amusing, then 'Celebrity Big Brother'  Since her initial tears over being put up for eviction, Sally Bercow, has definitely come up with a game plan, to suddenly be Ms Controversial. Hoping the public will keep her in, due to causing conflict in the house, over the dull, but attractive (if you like the unkempt look) Bobby. It's so bloody obvious, she is also schmoozing Paddy to get the travelers vote too! She also obviously thinks with this new game plan, that she is on to a winner, as she said to Kerry she is looking forward to nominating!!! (Errrr you wont be able to nominate if your 1st out!!....... So you must think your game plan, has insured that Bobby will be the 1st out!!)..... I wouldn't count your eggs Sally, if I was you!! 

She then later proved that was her game-plan thinking, when Bobby suddenly became the worm that turned, and she said to him that he should of done that sooner, as he would of got more camera time & it's a shame as he could of gone far, in the show if he'd done so sooner!!!.... (Using, Could & Shame, means she thinks she has beaten Bobby, by upping her game since being put up!! Also she was more or less telling him he should do what she is now suddenly doing, proving the way her mind works!) Personally I think she will be out, as not enough people will be bothered to spend phone line money to save her, other than travelers & her friends & family!! Bobby will be saved by the teenage girls, with mobiles who's parents pay their phone bills! I watched a bit of Really TV then crashed out about 2am (Calories consumed 1,796)

Wednesday 24th August, Woke at 9.30am, I dreamt but it was a restless sleep, with a half asleep half awake dream, which I no longer recall! I got up had a shower & made myself some porridge, plus a coffee for breakfast, then I went for my 2hr walk in the park in the same clobber as yesterday! Posting my brothers Anniversary card on the way (I hope it gets to his by Saturday, with my post you never know!!) Mind you they will have probably gone away for a mini break, or on some exotic holiday, as it's a Bank Holiday & Alex is now over a year old! 

Popped past my Letting Agents to pay in Junes rent (2 months still to catch up on!) Got in & checked my emails, & got news from one of my agency's that I didn't make the final selection for the Cadbury's Olympic Ad, which is a bummer as it would of paid £1,650 which would of paid off my July & August rent debit!! Oh well onward & upward....

I did a load of job searches & applied for a bunch online, the same with my audition sites!  Then I had a tasty tuna jacket potato with salad, with a cappuccino & flake to follow. My friend Jennie has started her own Blog/Website called Tea Bags & Tears, you can find it HERE or you can find it on my Blog lists at the right side bar of my blog! A prologue YouTube clip about what it is about is also below....

 My Lovely Fellow Gemini Mate Jennie 
I watched 'The Real Housewives Of New York' this is not going to be so easy to get into!! Not seen a really likable housewife yet! Ozzie Simon (One of the husbands) is both creepy & vain, he looks like a tall, scrawny, version of Rolf Harris & his wife reminds me of Skeletor. I have heard fab reviews of the Beverly Hills one, from friends, so hope we get that soon on ITV or ITV2!

I read the paper, The main headline was about Amy Winehouse, saying 'Official Death Report, Amy: It Wasn't Drugs, Nothing illegal in singers body' A toxicology report confirms Amy had no illegal drugs in her body when she died (So what about legal ones or alcohol??) Some alcohol was found, but the cause of death will not be announced until the inquest verdict is unveiled on October 26th.

Also on front cover 'Gaddafi On Run As Rebels Capture HQ' Gaddafi is now on the run after rebels stormed his home in Tripoli. It is thought he has a compound of escape tunnels under his compound. Rebels ransacked his HQ pulling his head off a gold statue of Mad Dog Gaddafi himself & standing on it!

Mad Dog Gaddafi

There was shocking pics of a CT scan, on a 3yr old Police Dog Obi, showing multiple fractures to his scull, above his eye, from being viciously attacked with a brick by a piece of scum, Tottenham rioter during the London Riots.... If the person is caught I hope he has the book thrown at him, & a brick!! Vile scum!! They should design a kind of crash helmet for police dogs when going into such violent situations!! Fortunately there was no signs of a gross haemorrhage around the brain or fractures in the brain case, and the gorgeous German Shepherd is fortunately expected to make a full recovery (Hope he got a good bite in, the violent bit of scum, that did it!)

 Brave Obi With His Fur Shaved Above His Injury 
Obi's CT Scan

I did some odds & sods round the house & threw a load of rubbish out, I then made myself a cheese toasted sandwich, with some Brandson Mini Cheddars for tea, washed down with a Diet Coke (I am eating a lot of bread this week, which is not good news, as wheat makes me gain weight fast!!) But bread is a staple, when your on a budget.

At 8pm I watched 'Tough Love' on Really TV, I love that show!! Then 'Losing One Of My Giant Legs' which was a moving story of  Mandy Sellers 36, (Above) from Lancashire, who has an extreme undiagnosed condition, that means her legs have never stopped growing! You can see a small clip about her below.

I then watched 'Celebrity Big Brother' Sally still being irritating, and Darryn Lyons & Tara Reid are still being vile, to Pamela Bach Hasselhoff too!! The more they do that, the more insular & kooky Pamela becomes, trying to join in with the rest & then, retreating back into her self & her own little world, as a kind of self-defence mechanism, when she is unsubtley mocked to her face, whenever she opens her mouth by Darryn & Tara!! Both are nasty bits of work! 

I had the munchies so had a Kit Kat & a Diet Coke then watched 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side' then watched a bit of trash TV on Really TV, such as 'Celebrity Rehab' a new series, this time with the Late Jeff Conaway. It was painful to watch (Boy do these American Celebs know how to f**k themselves up!!) I just don't get why people get into drugs, when they are not sick or in pain? I had an early night & went to bed, with a heat-pack on my neck, at 12am, as I was in so much pain, plus have to be up at 6.30am to get to Luton for 9.30am (Calories consumed 1,690)

Thursday 25th August, Day One Of InFit Training In Luton, I woke at 6.30am, despite not falling asleep until around 5am, due to extreme pain in my back, neck, shoulders & arms. I had a shower & scraped hair up in a bulldog clip & did a light make-up as I felt too crap to make an effort!! I then just shoved on my jeggings & my Naf Naf T-shirt & TrimSoles thong sandals. I had porridge & a coffee for breakfast. I wasn't sure if they would be providing lunch today, or if we needed a packed lunch, so I left it & will know what the score is for tomorrow. I set off for the station at 8.15am popping in the shop for a Sun paper en route, and waited at the station for my 8.40am train looking like Waynetta Slob.

Waynetta Slob

I read the paper on the train, the front page is that Amanda Holden is pregnant again, I'm pleased for her, but to be honest I'm not really interested & don't think it's front page material. Also a bit on how Labour's Jackie Smith, used lags on day release from prison, to paint her house when they should of been doing community service! In the picture of her inside on page 9, she looked quite like my sister Julie, (Who wouldn't be pleased about that!) I think it's because their hair & face shape look the same, I prefer Julies hair when it's longer, like it was, when she got engaged to Erdal, in Turkey, it's much more flattering on her!

Jackie Smith

Primark are to go online at long last (Hurrah!!!!) Would be better if the stupid Abbey Society, stopped, stopping Primark, opening in St Albans. There were some cute Bear photos by photographer Jill Greenberg, especially cute were bears called Koda, Amos, Cheyenne & Agee! Pictures and a small clip of a photo session below!

Beautiful  Agee
Cheeky Koda Winking!
Extremely Cute Amos 
Coy Cutie Cheyenne

I got to the course classroom bang on time! I signed in and took a spare seat, between a older guy and a young indie looking lad, and quickly wished I'd sat elsewhere!! As the older guy smelt of vodka like a wino, that kind of mix of stale vodka & and your guts being eaten away, smell that Wino's/Hobo's have. We were set to boring tasks on laminated cards, or creating pyramids of how employers go about getting staff. We had to do this in groups of 6. Fortunately Wino breath was in group one & I was in group two, of three groups. There was a Cigarette break and I got chatting with one of the 3 women I could relate to, called Jayne, who was a qualified book keeper & was finding getting a job as hard as me, despite also being qualified in her field. She is also equally frustrated by the lack of help from the DHSS & all it's shite courses, that it fobs you off on, even today's course instructor admitted New Deal was dire & had out of date newspapers, to go through & pointless exercises!

Fortunately chatting to Jayne in the smoking area... meant I had an excuse to sit next to her in the meeting room, and move away from the guy with the wino breath, that reeked of rotten guts & stale vodka, which was turning my stomach (As a non smoker I have a more sensitive sense of smell, than the smokers!) I didn't want to do it earlier, as soon as I sat there, and noticed smell. Because I didn't want to be obvious & hurt his feelings, as being on this course makes you down enough already!! (Mind you I suspect the fact he obviously has a alcohol problem, is why he is unemployed, he is meant to be a sparky, blimey that's one dangerous job to do pissed!!) He was also pretty incoherent, I'm not sure if that is down to drink or to being deaf? As he had to have his name mentioned several times by tutor before responding, but that might be due to daydreaming & not a hearing problem!

Anyway we did some more boring team building exercises & then were told we had 45mins for lunch, and it became apparent unlike New Deal they didn't provide it. So Jayne & I went to McDonald's as it was nearest & cheapish, or we'd use up our 45mins looking for somewhere else to eat! As it was, enough time was taken up, queuing in McDonald's anyway. I had a Veggie Burger Meal & Jayne a Big Mac Meal, we got back a bit late, then did some more team building exercise's (Standing in a circle with our eyes clothes thinking of a time in our life when we felt most confident!!.... Yawn!!) New Age Shite!

Then a post-it note trail of where we are, where we want to get & the steps in between. Then at 5pm we finally got to go, after first being told that tomorrow afternoon, we all have to give the class, a 2min presentation, on a subject of our choice. I expect they think I will be doing it on something, superficial, like on myself, or fashion, or make-up, or celebrity's, etc but I will be talking about an area that fascinates me, Egyptology (Especially the 18th & 19th Dynasty!) The only person who knows (knew) How much I'm so into that is/was mum!

I had to wait ages for a train for some reason & finally got in at 6.30pm. I made a Quorn Deli & salad sandwich for tea & washed it down with a decaf coffee & two chocolate digestives. I watched 'EastEnders' as depressing as always!! Played a bit of Scrabble & Lexulous on Facebook & laughed when I beat a guy called Ary using a word I learnt off of him in the 1st place (Collotype) I have learnt loads of words off him, since I have been having tons of games with him (No idea who he is? I've been playing lots of strangers, rather than my usual friends lately, which is good, as I'm learning new words, as I'm not seeing the same old words crop up like I was before!) like WOWF (I'd of never of known I could of got rid of an F tile on the end of a WOW if I hadn't played him!) I watched 'Corrie' quite amusing, then watched 'The Killing' followed by 'Celebrity Big Brother' It's the final of 'Show Me The Funny' but after seeing the 1st show (A hour of my life I can't get back) I had no interest in watching, the awful format show! I watched 'Celebrity Big Brother' Bobby upping his game & Sally is so smug thinking her game-play is going to save her!! Not so sure, personally I'm sure people will see through it!!

It was The Wizard Of Oz task tonight with Pamela as the Cowardly Lion, Darryn as the Tin Man, Paddy as Toto, Amy as the Scarecrow etc etc Amy had to prove she had a brain & couldn't grasp the concept of the task (Oh the irony!!!) Nor did she cotton on, that all her questions answers, were bird related! Bobby one of the three Dorothy's, sweated in the can of lemonade to feed Darryn, everyone was freaking out on BBBOTS over it! Calm Down!! It was only a bit of sweat, not pee & was diluted heavily by lemonade, it wouldn't of tasted different or killed him!! Jedward are amusing as usual! Mark Lamar was going on about Bobby spitting in the can (No he didn't, you fool, that's sweat dripping off his forehead into it, observe properly!!) I had a couple of decaf Diet Cokes & watched some Really TV trash TV then crashed at around 1am as I have to be up at 6.30am again tomorrow. (Calories consumed 1,601)

Friday 26th August, Day Two Of InFit Training In Luton, I woke at 6.30am, had a shower & washed hair, did make-up & dried hair, as I'm not in quite so much pain today!! Though sadly not pain free, I wore navy leggings tucked in my long black suede boots, with my dark Jane Norman stretch denim dress over the top, & had sliced veggie sausage & egg on toast for breakfast & a coffee. I wore my long dark military style Primark coat, as it is dark, overcast & cold out, and set out for the walk to the station, after putting a packed lunch, in my leopard print tote, and buying a Sun paper en route. I got to the station bought my ticket & sat on platform & I read the paper while I waited for the late train. Plus once on the train, the front page headlines was the disgusting new's that Baby P's killer is back on the street, mingling with shoppers. That Nurofen has been spiked in some packs, and that N-Dubz singer & Xfactor judge Tulisa has been targeted by someone trying to flog fake sex tapes of her! (Saddo Freaks!)

There was a really sweet but sad story of Hawkeye the Labrador who refused to leave his masters side, even at his funeral! The loyal pet was pictured by the coffin of US Navy Seal Jon Tumilson, shot & killed in Afghanistan by the Taliban. At His funeral the adorable sad Hawkeye, trotted up to the casket, sighed & laid down beside it, the entire service in Iowa, how moving! Shows the bond you have with your pet often goes both ways....

 Handsome Fallen Hero, Jon Tumilson, With Loyal Hawkeye 
 Loyal Hawkeye 

I got to the class just in time, despite the late running train & sat with Jayne. The lecturer decided to give us a talk on what InTraining was, as the DHSS never told any of us & seemed to have no clue themselves! Apparently it is a voluntary 2 year course, which is interesting. As every single one of us, were told by the DHSS, that it was compulsory & if we did not do it, we would lose any benefits we got! Which the guy running the course was shocked to hear!! Typical lying DHSS shifting you about, to massage figures! It seems the course, can not do any of the things that the DHSS promised us either (More lies!) We broke for coffee & biscuits & then it was back to more info on the course.

All I want is a list of Retail Company's that do placements in Merchandising & the contact numbers or emails of the people to contact, who deal with that! That's all I need, yet no matter if its the DHSS or New Deal or InTraining, nobody can give me that info! Not even one company!! They suposedly work in employment & work with employers, why do they not have this info!!?? 

Out of the guys there, the only ones I get are Builder Lloyd & another chap who's name I forget who does juggling & puppetry! Eventually we broke for lunch & I had my packed lunch. So I sat in the room, that smelt of a mix of cheesy feet & stale vodka & ate my packed lunch of a cheese sandwich & chilli crisps, washed down with a Diet Coke. In the Afternoon we did our presentations, people spoke on a mixture of things, puppetry, cake baking, holidays, family, hobbies, pets & I got up & spoke about Egyptology. I spoke how my fascination with Egypt started as a child, after seeing Images of the Great Pyramid, with its two other pyramids, plus the Spinx.

Then later the images of the treasures of the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh Tutankhamen, though he only ruled for 9yrs, becoming Pharaoh aged 9 and dying at 18. I said he is the Pharaoh most people think of because of all the amazing treasures found in his tomb. But for me the Pharaoh that fascinates me is Ramses II. The 19th Dynasty Pharaoh also known as Ramses the Great. Although when I lived in Buckinghamshire, aged 8 I begged my dad to take me to London, to see Tutankhamen's exhibition in 1972, but my dad said it was too expensive to travel there & there would be other ones! THERE WAS!!... 35yrs later in Nov 2007 (Sadly not living in London at the time) news did not reach to St Albans about the return of the exhibition & I discovered it had been to London, too late (In Dec 2007) when I saw old posters up!! At this rate I'll get to see it aged 82!

Tutankhamen's Death Mask

I talked about how The Great Pyramid & its two surrounding pyramids are perfectly aligned to Orion's Belt above, which even with our high tech equipment today, we could never build those pyramids with such precise alignment (Which has made many a theorist, point towards them having alien intervention, which is an interesting theory & if true could explain why they worshiped cats!..... I will come back to that later!) 

Not only are the pyramids perfectly aligned with Orion's Belt, but also, the tiny windows, on all four sides of the three pyramids (Just beneath the key stones) All look out exactly to one of the 12 separate consternation's of the zodiac! Which makes their exact construction, all the more amazing! But back to Ramses II.

Orion's Belt

I told them how Ramses II trained as a scribe, as a prince, with Moses, and due to his growing love of the written word, he became the Pharaoh we know the most about. Because he had scribes following him & recording every moment of his life like a modern day diary, plus got other scribes, to write about, the day to day running of the palaces & temples, even down to which meals were fixed each day & items traded & grown. 

Thousands of huge pots with papyrus scrolls written with all this info on, were found in the Tomb of Ramses II & were translated by hieroglyphics interpreters.  He also went on to write of his many achievements, on the walls of his Temples, Palaces & his pyramid tomb. He also had lots of painted scenes in all of these, depicting his life, including him going into battle in his chariot to fight the Hittites at the battle of Kadesh. Often with his loyal pet lion at his side. 

It is said he found the lion, as a lame lion cub, on the grounds of his palace, with a thorn (or other sharp object) in its paw, it was taken back to the palace after Ramses had removed the object & alchemists, made a paste, with healing herbs & put on the wound & bandaged the paw. An almost exact story was told by Aesop in one of Aesops fables some time between (620 - 560BC) When Ramses reigned during 1279 - 1213BC (about 46 years after the death of Tutankhamen) & dying almost 600yrs before Aesop was born, making Aesop something of a plagiarist.

Ramses reigned from his late teens for 66yrs (unequaled by any other pharaoh) reportedly dying aged 99 although it is believed 90-91 would be more accurate. Which is still remarkable when the average life expectancy for an Ancient Egyptian was 33yrs! Due to Ramses constant keeping of a constant papyrus diary (As well as from examinations of his mummified body) We know that Ramses suffered from toothache & arthritis, which he helped ease by chewing willow bark shavings, which is 80% of the ingredients for our modern day aspirin (So the Ancient Egyptians were ahead of their time medically too!) 

We also know he had approx 84-100 children with his many wives, if I recall correctly I think 9 of them were with his Great Royal wife Nefratari. It was reported in records kept, that he did not favour any wives children, over another's, it is said 44-56 children were sons & 40-44 daughters.


He ruled through 14 festivals of Set (When a Pharaoh goes from being mortal to a god) This was unparalleled by any other pharaoh, which surely makes him the godliest of Pharaohs. He built the most amazing temples, and palaces in Thebes, Abu Simbel, Karnak & Giza among others & I hope I manage to get to Egypt to see these places before I meet my maker. I know that my mum hoped to leave me enough money, when she died for me to travel there. But sadly due to debts accrued, due to circumstances beyond my control while ill/unemployed, there was not enough to, clear some of those & do so. But hopefully one day!

 Abu Simbel
 Abu Simbel
 Karnak Pillars 

I also spoke of one of the Egyptian Deities that interests me, called Shu (Often depicted with an ostrich feather & sometimes with the head of a lion) He is the god of wind & air & has twin children, Geb (son) the god of the earth, & Nut (daughter) the sky goddess, they are known as the incestuous twins, as their unholy union was said to create the horizon! In paintings Geb is seen prone & erect on the ground with Nut hovering above him, Set is seen stood between them & sometimes to one side (normally to the right) fanning air with his hands between them, to try to prevent their distasteful coupling. I find it quite a fascinating coincidence, that when we try to get rid of something that we find unpleasant we say "Shooooo!" (Shu) often combined with fanning our hands, at the object we want to scram! I wonder if there is some deep routed ancient connection? I also later realised the irony of me being fascinated by an air god that has twins, when my Zodiac sign is Gemini (The twins) which is ruled by the element Air!!

Shu, Geb & Nut

So what about the Egyptians worshiping cats & the alien connection? You ask. Well Ancient Egyptians cats were skinny & short haired, not unlike the hairless cats of today. If you looked at their face and the face of a typical 'Grey' alien description from those who claim to have been abducted. Except for the ears & whiskers, they look very alike, even their long thin body's with long thin limbs do (minus the tail) So if alien grey's actually did aid the Ancient Egyptians, with their technology, it would not be hard to imagine why they viewed these strange creatures, as some kind of godly cat!

Egyptian Cat Statue 
Alien Grey
Egyptian Cat Features, Similar To, Alien Grey's

Anyway that was my presentation & some of my fellow InTraining victims, said that they too were into Ancient Egypt, and they had learnt some new interesting facts. We eventually got to leave at 4.30pm & I got home around 5.10pm. I did some housework, then checked my emails & later added Jayne & Lloyd on Facebook. I had a Quorn curry with rice for dinner, while watching tonight's Essex 'Come Dine With Me' Then the live 'Celebrity Big Brother' with the eviction, and it was no surprise for me, that game-plan Sally Bercow got the heave ho! 

Then I watched 'The Bachelor' Wow some of those girls are whack jobs. I wonder if you combined all their IQ's if it would get out of double figures, they are definitely a bunch of *BOBFOC's  (*BOBFOC = Body Of Baywatch, Face Of Crimewatch!!) Then it was 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side' Three people I know were in the audience, Paul Wilder, Jo Sharples (aka @eviljobob) & Nat's friend Geoff Ward. Then I watched Sean Lock's live stage show, with a coffee & chunky KitKat, then crashed around 1am (Calories consumed 2,137 Whooooooooops!!!!)

Saturday 27th August, Bill & Karen's Wedding Anniversary  I had an odd dream, where I was with an Ex Anglo, again. Were talking on different subjects, including a green ring that looked to be made of Jade, that he had in his possession. We were in a big house & we seemed to have some kind of mission to complete. At one point we were watching a program I can't recall what, a large yellow gem in a setting became stuck on the back of one of my hands somehow, I thought it would make a beautiful ring. That's all I can recall before waking late at 10am. I had a toasted granary roll & a coffee for breakfast. 

My friend Bob canceled his garden party today, due to the weather, but its brilliantly sunny and warm today (Our weather is nuts!!) After I had a wash I popped on a yellow sundress & my Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, then slipped on my silver thong sandals & popped to Tesco Metro, to get a few grocery's, The Sun paper and a lucky dip line on the lottery! Got back & put the shopping away then popped out into my courtyard & filled a carrier bag with, fag packets, crisp packets, sweet wrappers, drink bottles & cans of beer & cider, that scumbags & wino's have littered all over my courtyard!! Dirty Gits!!!......

Then I sat in the sun reading the paper, the front page is that one of the X-factor contestants that wow's the judges on tonight show, Derry Mensah, is an ex con, who did time for robbery, and also that ALL Nurofen Plus (My pill of choice!) Pills have been recalled, as the company confirmed a saboteur is suspected of spiking the painkillers. There have now been 5 cases of other drugs being in found in rouge packets of the drug. Four with powerful anti psychotic Seroquel & another with an epilepsy drug Neurontin.

Big headed, vain, playboy, Mark Wright & arrogant, rude, self obsessed Lauren Goodger, from TOWIE have split for good (So they are now free to make someone else's life a misery!) Mark 24 has told his ex fiance Lauren 24 to leave their flat. With a bit of luck stroppy, misery-guts, Lauren will be dropped from TOWIE now, and take that job, she was supposedly offered, in Dubai, but I doubt it!

TOWIE's Mark & Lauren

I went back in & did some hoovering & then listed a load of stuff on eBay, as on my last listing nothing sold, bummer!!) Then I watched 'The Real Housewives Of New York' still not into it, unlike the Orange county & New Jersey ones!!!...

Sunday 28th August, I dreamt I was in a big flat or house, I was struggling to overcome intruders, locking them out of the property & also locking myself plus others in a room, which those that had got into the property, could not get into, the only other thing I recall was French kissing a gay guy, as he wanted to know what it was like to french kiss a woman!.... He had some negative comments... I can't recall what? But I remember thinking 'I cant feel his tongue!' Which made me then think 'This must be a dream'  Then I quickly woke at 9am. I got up & had a wash & got on the scales (I have gained 1.5lb I knew too much wheat & packed lunches this week would screw me!) I really need to get this pain sorted & get back in the gym the way I use to! Before I end up like Hattie Jacques!!

Hattie Jacques

I made porridge & a coffee for breakfast, then changed into vest top, gym trousers & trainers & then went into the courtyard & did loads of gardening, weeding, pruning & picking up 100's of cigarettes the tattooists & their clients plus many others have discarded! (Why they cant put a metal bucket with sand there, to put buts out in I don't know!!) Once I had spent hrs doing that, I sprayed moss & weeds & grass growing between the brick floor, with weed killer, then I went in & heated some fresh lentil & tomato soup for lunch which I had with a wholemeal roll. 

I bleached the toilet & cleaned the kitchen thoroughly, will sort out the cupboards tomorrow. I was going to do it today, but my neck, shoulders & arms began to hurt me! I didn't bother with a Sunday paper again today. Wonder if I got any numbers on last nights lottery with my lucky dip? Must check later!!

Put a white load of washing in the machine, then did a few circuits of up & down the stairs to try ease the pain in my hips, bloody weather has kept going from sunny to rainy today which has been playing havoc with my arthritis (Bloody annoying, painful ailment!!) Mopped the bathroom floor & then filled two wholemeal rolls with mixed herb salad, spread with light mayo instead of butter & had with a Diet Coke & some chilli crisps for dinner. 

When I got upstairs & found I'd had a missed call at 4pm (Must have been when I was cleaning the kitchen) But I have no idea who from as it was withheld! I watched The Da Vinci Code (Seen it before) Not as good as the book Ian McKellen's character in the book is described as looking similar to Elton John, short, chubby with a pudding basin hair cut, nothing like Ian McKellen in the film!

I Watched 'Celebrity Big Brother' which was OK, Jedward are quite funny. Although I can't believe that Big Brother have not punished Jedward, for making more mess, when they were actually meant to be cleaning up!! We want a more Evil Big Brother. 

I then watched 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side' Carol Vincent was very funny. She was trying to put off the two Big Brothers Bit On The Side, Quiz Team Members, by doing sexy car washing, in black bra & knickers with an open shirt over the top! Very, very funny!! I checked the lottery numbers, 2 of my normal numbers came up, but none on my lucky dip I played! Bummer!! Chilled in bed for a bit with my book on Marilyn Monroe then had a fairly early night around 1am (Calories consumed 1,521)

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