Sunday, 10 July 2011

Summers Back, But Aunty Babs Has Gone!!!!

Monday 27th June, I know I dreamt, that I went on a date like dinner, in a restaurant with a guy. I think he may have been an actor and the meal was all meat (I'm vegetarian) even a bowl of some dead & some live insects, that were crawling around the dish, and he was trying to get me to eat a chocolate covered insect (A Scorpion I think) I refused. Then a few cakes that were OK to eat turned up, I'm not into cakes, but I thought 'At least I will be able to eat something!!' But I saw my wine glass was empty & both he & some people that had joined us had full glasses, but the bottle was empty, he said 'Do you want a drink?' & I replied 'Yes!' he said 'Go get one from the bar' I did, but when I got back, all the cakes had gone, I thought 'Great!! I can't see this relationship working!!' 

I woke at 8.30am, washed & wore my strapless multi coloured print dress, to try to lessen yesterdays glaring white strap marks, slipped on my silver thong gladiator sandals, my metal peacock earrings & had a couple of Weetabix for breakfast, before I popped out to the DHSS to do some job searches on their machine & then popped to the Post Office & posted off a sold eBay sale item.

Then I set off to get a couple of essentials in Tesco's & check out the reduced section (& got a couple of tuna steaks) Came home & sat outside in the sun with the paper enjoying a Diet Coke & Solero in the sunshine & read the paper. The front page is about Prime Minister David Cameron's friend, Christopher Shale 56, who was found dead in a Glastonbury VIP toilet cubicle, 20hrs after he died of a suspected heart attack!!! Errr where did his wife & family (Who were also there) think he was for those 20hrs?? Why didn't they raise an alarm after a hour or so, did he say he was off to the loo before setting off? & if so why were they not checked sooner? & didn't the people queuing for the toilet cubicles, question why one was permanently locked for hrs??

Gypsy lags are targeting scumbag woman killer Levi Bellfield after hearing he was a police grass who gave info on other gypsies (Great hope they slice him up!!) No wonder it took the police so long to charge him for his crimes, as a police informer, they obviously wrongly, mistook him for  one of the good guys!!

Levi, an anagram of Evil 

Proof the world has gone mad, comes after police have been given guidelines, that tell them Vile Yob's can call them Cunts, Wankers or tell them to Fuck Off!! Without any fear of arrest, as a court has decided (Oh of course, it had to be down to some out of touch tosser, in a white wig!!) That being called any of these, does not cause the police distress or harassment!! Maybe not but allowing them to do so, means that ethic's & respect, already missing in many of the youth today, are being allowed to get even worse!! Also over the past 5yrs scumbag prisoners have been paid out £10Million in compensation, mostly for minor injuries & paperwork blunders!!!

Popped to Subway & got my free Tuna Subway with my Subcard. Then came back & ate it for lunch, with some Wotsits, in the sun & then did a load of gardening (Clearing up over 400 fag butts from my courtyard!!! ..... So annoying, I don't even smoke!!) I came in at 5pm & put a wash in the laundry, then watched 'Four In A Bed' & 'Come Dine With Me' followed by 'Home & Away' Then hung the laundry out to dry. Did some job & audition searches online, then applied for a bunch of them, before making a tuna sandwich for tea with fresh wholemeal bread, with some chilli crisps, with an Asda Solero for desert.

Then it was time for some TV again (I live such an exciting life lol) I watched the soaps & then I enjoyed the excellent 'The Restaurant Inspector' followed by the final of this seasons 'Made In Chelsea' (MIC) While enjoying two glasses of chilled Chilean, Siete Soles, Semillion Chardonnay. I will oddly miss MIC more than TOWIE when it's not on!! Then it was a night of CSI's & NCIS's (Always excellent in both story lines & acting) I then listened to my Paul McKenna CD "I Can Make You Thin" followed by his Other CD "I an Make You Sleep" & crashed out at 1am (Calories consumed 1,496)

Tuesday 28th June, I know I dreamt, but all I can recall is, that there was a famous actress, or singer, with long black hair, she was wearing bright red underwear, and matching stockings, suspenders & high heels, looking quite sexy devil like. I can't recall who the celeb was, but I recall the ensemble being out of character!! I woke after a good nights sleep (Paul McKenna CD seems to be working!!) wondering what the hell that was all about?? I lay in bed a while listening to Paul McKenna's 'I Can Make You Thin' CD. 

It's not sunny today, and is raining I had a couple of Weetabix with skimmed milk for breakfast. Then had a shower & tied back hair, did my make-up put on my grey 3/4 gym trousers, and pistachio spaghetti strapped vest top, plus my white Reebok trainers. Then headed off to the gym & had a black coffee, before I started working out (As it helps to speed up your body's metabolism & makes you burn more calories!) worked out for 3hrs, burning over 480cals having another black coffee half way through.

I came home & had a cheese & spring onion wholemeal sandwich & some Wotsits washed down with a Diet Coke. I did some tidying & cleaning then watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' then did a load of job searches & applied for a bunch. I then watched 'Four In A Bed' 'Come Dine With Me' & 'Home & Away' I did a bit of housework. Then I chatted a bit online, before I grilled a tuna steak & had it with bow shaped pasta tossed in pesto & pine-nuts. Washed down with a Diet Coke. I read the paper. The front cover, has a bit about how vile child killer vermin Jon Venables 28 has lost his appeal for parole (Hurrah!!) After being jailed over child porn! He was told he was not safe to be released!

Margaret Thatcher's black handbag, which she used at a trip to The White House, Washington USA in 1985  has been sold at a charity auction for £25,000 by a unnamed Cypriot. Many hate Maggie, oddly often by people, who are too young to have even been alive, or older than a toddler, by the time she lost her job as PM, but my friend Candie & I loved her, my life, career & standard of living has never been as good since, as it was, when she was in power!!

Monday was our warmest day for 5yrs (though it seemed hotter here Sunday) at 92 deg F (33deg C) which was hotter than Barbados shame it wont stay that way being England....

Some 52yr male twat, was decapitated, when he fell, while standing between two tube carriages, to have a crafty cigarette & beat the smoking ban (See smoking really does kill!!) I feel sorry for those who had to scrape him up, plus his relatives & not the idiot who was decapitated!!

There were amazing pictures of of a man called Mark Abbot & his amazing relationship with a female Polar Bear called Agee see pictures & a film clip of them both HERE

I did some more housework then watched 'Luther' (Series 2 episode 3) My pal Atul Sharma played a shop keeper being shoplifted by a lad in tonight's episode which you can see HERE  if you wish to while it's still available online.

Atul In Luther Episode 3

I had a decaff coffee then I watched 'Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares USA' then it was another night of 'CSI' before going to bed at midnight Listening to both of Paul McKenna's CD's (Calories consumed 1,188 but with 480cals burnt in it's more like 708cals) But I tossed & turned & couldn't sleep I know it's down to the 2 black coffee's, that I had in the gym today, which were not, decaff, I am so sensitive to caffeine, it's crazy a Redbull will keep me up for days!!

Wednesday 29th June, When it got to 8.30am & I hadn't got even close to sleep, I just knew I wasn't going to, so I thought I might as well get up!! I made myself a slice of cheese on toast & a coffee (decaff) for breakfast, checked my emails & found one from my friend Kathryn about her beauty site, which she wants me to guest blog on. Which is all very fun & exciting, as I get to try out beauty products for free. She had left me my log in details for when I want to blog, but will leave it for a day, when I'm more alert, when I haven't been awake over 24hrs!!

I was phoned shortly after by Talk Back Television, they asked if I'd be on there VT for comedy Benidorm for the Family Fortunes Xmas Special on Saturday? I said yes I was free, they said it was in an a plane on the track they use for 'Top Gear' at a Aerodrome in Surrey, so nowhere near public transport, so if I could find a fellow actor who drives they can be in it too!! So I asked around (Sadly Bob who'd be ideal, was in Spain until Wednesday) eventually I wrote a note on Facebook & tagged all my acting friends, with cars, in it!


I read the paper, the front page is that Prince Harry is dating Jenson Button's Ex (So what!) and a small bit about Louis Walsh being cleared of a gay sex attack on a Irishman. Which comes as no surprise The 24yr Irishman Leonard Watters was obviously a lying chancer!! 

Inside the paper an ethically bankrupt Lawyer, who put murdered, Milly Dowler's parents, through hell in court, while defending vile murderer Levi Bellfield has been warned to watch his back, after being bombarded with threatening emails.... I hope it puts the wind up him! Maybe then for once, a defence lawyer will know what it is like to be a victim, instead of defending scum & trying to get them off, using the most unpalatable of methods!

Murdering Scum Levi Bellfield!!

Then came what should of been on the front page. Britain has been banned by Arsehole European Judges, from deporting hundreds of foreign killers, paedo's & rapists (Fuck Right Off You European C**ts!!!!) These Wankers say we can not kick out foreign criminals no matter how sick their crimes are, stating 'Britain has an absolute duty to protect foreign criminals - irrespective of how 'undesirable & dangerous' their offences' Fuck Right Off You Foreign Arsehole's!!! What about the absolute duty of foreigners living in the UK to abide by OUR laws!!! 

Thank you Blair & Brown you C**t's for getting us into this European mess, without a referendum, you sly Bastards!! European Judges over ruled, a British judges ruling to deport two Somalian pieces of scum & to add insult to injury was made to pay the 2 scumbags £20,000 in costs!! The cost of legal aid for immigration appeals has soared 67% in one year to £20Million. Illegal immigrants shouldn't get legal aid for appeals, if they can't afford to pay for it themselves, they can't appeal..... Simple!!!

The Euromillions draw rolled over again meaning Fridays Jackpot is £136Million (Oh please god, let it be me!!!)

I have always thought Elen Rivas 36 was a moody looking cow, with a face like a slapped arse, but all credit to her for doing the Anti Bullfighting Campaign for PeTA (I hope she actually believes the sentiments & isn't just doing it for the money) I have to say her grumpy face is apt for the campaign poster! She says she is proud to be Spanish, but ashamed barbaric bullfighting for entertainment, is still widespread in Spain, if that's true good for her.

I made myself a grilled tuna steak with bow shaped pasta tossed in pesto & pine nuts for lunch, tried a grapefruit drink that Ian recommended 'Ting' but it's not my cup of tea too sweet & too flat for my taste, and at 165cals a can I will stick with my 1Cal Diet Coke thanks!

Then I had some freshly sliced mango, with a blob of Total Yoghurt for dessert (yummy!!) I did some job searches & applied for a bunch & then watched 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' still no idea why the housewives are so vile to the lovely Gretchen Rossi (Jealousy I guess) Then 'Four In A Bed' 'Come Dine With Me' & then 'Home & Away' I had a couple of decaff coffee's & some dark chocolate then did the washing up & some chores before watching 'The Apprentice' this week they had a biscuit challenge which was cringe-worthy to watch, I had a couple of Chardonnay's & watched 'The Apprentice: Your Fired' then settled down to sleep after over 40 sleep free hrs (Calories Consumed 2,122) 

Thursday 30th June,  Again I dreamt that there was a man in my life (I wish!!) but again I now forget the rest of the dream. I woke at 8am looked out the window bright-ish out but not warm & sunny like Sunday/Monday, I had a wash & ad some porridge with fresh fruit made with Soya milk for breakfast washed down with a Diet Coke. I scraped back my hair in a pony tail & smeared myself all over with cocoa butter. Then once it sunk in I slipped on my white linen 3/4 trousers & pistachio green vest top, plus silver thong slip on gladiator sandals. Then popped to the shop to post a Card for Julie & Chris congratulating them on baby Frankie, then popped to the shop for a Sun newspaper. When I got back my mail had arrived, one envelope stood out, it had handwriting on like Aunty Babs handwriting, but felt it wasn't & felt like it had a card or postcard inside, I had a bad feeling about it! .... A Very Bad feeling!!!!

 Aunty Babs - 3rd May 1921- 18th June 2011
Mum - 16th August 1929 - 11th May 2009
The Sisters Back Together Again, 2yrs Apart - RIP

I was right to be uneasy about it, it was from Aunty Babs daughter Debbie, saying that Aunty Babs had lost her battle with Cancer & had died on Sat 18th June, my heart sank. Why did they take so long to tell us? (That's 12 days ago) I had a gut feeling that there was something was wrong, when I didn't get my usual Birthday Card from her on June 20th. Her funeral is on July 11th in Milton Keynes, Debbie didn't put what time? It seems she is being cremated, which confused me, I thought like mum Aunty Babs was anti cremation? 

Typically though it was Aunty Babs wish was that people didn't need to wear black & wore bright colours instead, she also didn't want flowers, saying if people wanted to make a gesture to make a donation to Cancer Research. Which was not surprising as as well as Aunty Babs having Cervical Cancer, two of her daughters had Breast Cancer & mastectomy's & her son David is fighting Colonic Cancer at the moment!! Cancer is rife in my family, on both my late parents sides.

I emailed my sister Julie about it, I thought she may have had a call from Debbie, or received a card 1st, as my post is diabolical. Debbie might have even sent me the card 10-12days ago, I couldn't tell when it was sent, by the faint postal stamp!? Julie was shocked, she didn't know & had left for work before the post had arrived today, she said she was gutted, she was putting together some pictures of Julie's new Granddaughter to send to Aunty Babs, and is upset to think she sent some after Aunty Babs had already died! 

I said Debbie had not stated a time for the funeral in my card so to let me know if it is written in the one to her. I also messaged my niece Teresa, to tell her as she was very fond of Aunty Babs!! Then I did some washing up & put on a red/pink laundry wash, checked last nights lottery, both my lines had 2 numbers shame both didn't have 1 more that would of been a handy £20, I checked eBay I have sold four more items, all photography stuff which I will wrap & post tomorrow if I get the chance.

I read the paper with a coffee & a few squares of dark chocolate at 3.30pm The headlines are about Prince Harry's new skinny blonde girlfriend, who is his cousin, 8 times removed (Boring!!) A bit on the arsehole unionists, who are causing half of Britain's schools to close due to pointless strikes (We are all suffering due to Labour's reckless actions causing a recension & when even with teachers pension cuts, they are suffering a lot less than most, so don't expect any sympathy over your strikes, except from fellow striking teachers!) The strike will change nothing & only help fill fat cat unionists back pocket!! Also travel plans will be hit by striking customs staff!! Job Centres & court's could also be hit

Non- Justice McCombe

Also read a a bit on Arsehole Appeal Judge, Mr Justice McCombe, who idiotically has outraged sane minded people, by making a legal ruling, that suspects could not be re-arrested simply to be re-quizzed over same evidence, only on entirely fresh evidence, meaning due to this stupid ruling, bailed Rapists, Killers & 10,000's of criminals could cheat justice!!! Meaning police who at present have up to 4 days to quiz suspects must use those 4 days up in one go instead of splitting the 96hrs as needed!! 

8yr old Sarah Payne's Paedo murderer, could of dodged justice if this was in place in July 2000 Appalling!!! Theresa May was rightly considering an emergency new law to prevent police being hamstrung by Justice McCombe's new ruling! With this ruling 85,200 suspects on bail could escape justice, this arsehole should be sacked, along with softly softly Ken Clarke. Talking of Ken Clark he has finally said something right, that home owners can, stab burglars in their home or hit them, with a poker.

Ken Clarke

Also on the front cover Cheryl Cole has a Blonde Bob hairstyle for Ashley .... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so much for wanting a injunction to prevent press photos & attention (Liar Liar Agent Provocature pants on fire) "I don't want attention"............. then changes both hair style & colour (Who can smell bullshit??)

Blonde Cheryl

The Tudors hottie Jonathan Rhys Meyers, has been rushed to hospital after a suspected suicide attempt. An ambulance was called, but they had to call police, as he was refusing treatment. Jonathan is a sexy, talented actor, but sadly also a troubled alcoholic, lets hope he sorts those demons out!.... Soon!

A study has found that young peoples brains are damaged by binge drinking (I think most had damaged brains in 1st place, to actually want to binge drink!!) I'm guessing the idiot judge who passed the ruling that you can now swear & shout abuse at police without fear of arrest, was a binge drinker with serious brain damage!! I hope this now means our poor police can now swear at the feckless scum on our streets & tell them exactly what they think of them without reprimand then!! But of course they won't be allowed, as these days due to Labour eroding morals, discipline & respect in the UK, during their nannying reign. Scum has been handed more rights than decent folk!!

Talking of feckless scum, Kerry Melia 30, who fiddled £62,000 in benefits, by claiming for 19 fictitious children, over a period of 6yrs, was jailed for 8 months yesterday, Good!! They should also jail the lazy overpaid civil servants, who happily paid out the £62,000 without questioning her brood of 19 kids, while she was only just 24 -30!!!

Model Citizen, Bare Faced Liar, Kerry Melia

Louie Walsh was given a standing ovation at Xfactor auditions, after being cleared of a sex attack, on lying feckless Irishman Leonard Watters who had spunked his inheritance up a the wall, living a playboy lifestyle & no doubt saw accusing Louie as a cash cow. Hoping that Louie would give him a lump sum, despite it being false to keep it quiet & out of the press, or that he'd make ££££ selling his fake story to the papers/magazines. But instead he has been arrested & went to court charged with knowingly making a false report & wasting police time!

Future Mother-in-law from hell, with a stick up her arse, Carolyn Bourne 60, from Dawlish Devon, has become a viral sensation after sending her stepson, Freddie Bourne's fiancé Heidi, a hateful email tirade, on her manners, or lack of them (While in doing so demonstrated Carolyn's own lack of good manners, within her own Email to Heidi Withers) The Email entitled 'Your lack of manners' goes as follows (*Own subtext).....
  • When you are a guest in another's house, you do not declare what you will & will not eat - unless you are positively allergic to something. * I am a Piscitarian (Vegetarian except for fish/seafood) I would always inform anyone who's home I would be a guest at, about this before my stay, as I'm sure a Muslim who doesn't eat pork would. I would not expect then to be served meat (or a Muslim to be served pork) due the fact that although I chose not to eat it, I'm not allergic to it. If I was served it I would consider it would be my host that was extremely rude & not I. But if this was not the case & I was dished up something else (non animal related) that I didn't like I'd just leave it on my plate & claim to be full.
  • YOU do not remark you do not have enough food. You do not start before everyone else. You do not take additional helpings without being invited to by your host. * Fare enough on 1st two points but if all have been served, and there is more left food on the table & you or your guest is hungry why the hell shouldn't you/they help themselves, I would expect my guest to tuck in & take it as a compliment & I most certainly would not expect to be asked 1st or have to ask!!!
  •  WHEN a guest in another's house you do not lie in bed until late morning, in households that rise early - you fall in line with the house norms. * Why? I'd want my guests to refreshed & relaxed by their stay, and not like they are at a boot camp & feeling shattered. Unless you all have to be up for a group event the next day, I think guests should be able to arise in their own good time (Like customers, the guest is always right)
  • YOU should never ever insult the family your about to join at any time & most definitely not in public. I gather you passed this off as a joke but the reaction in the pub was one of shock, not laughter. *Fare enough, but Caroline Bourne comes across as the sort of Pompous Battle-Axe that would be insulted by anything & everything that didn't involve fawning all over her good self in a slavish fashion.
  •  YOU regularly draw attention to yourself. Perhaps you should ask yourself why. No one gets married in a castle unless they own it. It is brash, celebrity-style behaviour. * Bitter much?? A GUEST should be the centre of attention IF YOU are a good HOST & doing it RIGHT (Which Carolyn Bourne clearly isn't!!) Especially if that guest is a bride to be!! How out of touch is this woman? Who wants to be the one to tell Carolyn that marrying in a castle, is quite common place these days! Even among the Hoi Polloi!! (General Public/Commoners) I think Carolyn & my hater GLP Goddess would really hit it off!! They seem very alike!
  •  I UNDERSTAND your parents are unable to contribute to your wedding. (There is nothing wrong with that except that convention is such that one might presume they would have saved over the years for their daughters marriages) * What happened to point number 4 you never insult the family your about to join? By becoming an in-law you are joining the Withers family, and you have just belittled Mr & Mrs Withers with that comment Hypocrite!!  If this is the case, it would be most ladylike & gracious to lower your sights & have a modest wedding as befits both your incomes. *Unless they're asking/expecting  Harridan Carolyn & her Husband Edward to pay for the entire wedding, Carolyn should butt out! How much they spend & how they manage to do so, is none of her bloody business & displays the lack of manners she is so keen to bleat on about!! Getting married is the biggest day of a girls life & the most memorable, it should be her ideal wedding not a make do day!!! What a Pois & apparently jealous, begrudging, bitch, Carolyn is!
  •  ONE could be accused of thinking that Heidi Withers must be patting herself on the back for having caught a most eligible young man. I pity Freddie. * I doubt she is patting herself on the back for being saddled with Carolyn Bourne for a future Mother-in-law! I pity poor Heidi, for having that miserable old cow, as a future mother-in-law & love Heidi for forwarding Carolyn's unladylike diatribe to her friends, who also passed it on letting the rest of us hear about the rantings of a modern day Hyacinth Bouquet <Bucket> (Quite apt for a Flower Breeder) I also pity poor Freddie being lumbered for a stepmother like that. I imagine Carolyn doesn't have many house guests & the ones she has, are those poor souls who couldn't come up with a quick/good enough, excuse to get out of the invite!!
Mother-in-law From Hell - Carolyn Bourne

There was a bit in the paper on Pippa Middleton at Wimbledon with her Ex/Boyfriend. Suddenly looking at the accompanying picture, I understood why the press had such a fascination, with Pippa Middleton's butt, it distracts them from talking about how her face looks 15yrs older than 27yrs!

Gutting news that my favourite shop Jane Norman has gone bust!!! I love that shop I hope they continue online. They will no doubt now have a Closing Down Sale when I'm too broke to buy loads of sale stuff thats like salt poured into a wound!!

The Nazi Youth Pope is now on Twitter using his iPad....... I for one wont be following or re-tweeting!

Fergie (Sarah Ferguson) The Duchess of York, has published a book with a front cover that is so airbrushed that she looks like Florence from 'Florence & The Machine' called 'Finding Sarah' in it she offers advice (After the balls up she has made of her own life would any body take advice from her other than 'Marry A Rich Prince!!' Some of her Gems of wisdom are below!....... (I won't be buying it!!)

  1. Free your mind & your bottom will follow (A free bottom means incontinent pants!!)
  2. Blockages in relationships thicken when you refuse to release being right. Like an egg, the longer your refusal boils, the harder you get! (Lady boy?)
  3. See the obstacles in your life as chairs. You can move them around, or out of the way at will.
  4. Accept you can't control every situation past or present, & absolve yourself of unwarranted blame.
  5. Dirty dishes get dirtier & hard to clean when you leave them overnight. Meet your problems head on, don't leave them in the sink (Exactly how much washing up have you done Sarah??)
  6. Energy goes where the focus goes - you have to choose the kind of day you want (Lucky you - I have to choose the kind of day I can afford!!)
  7. This morning, after a horrific dream of punishment, I started on a nightmare road of worthless & negative thoughts, namely the greedy wolf that is eating at my goodness, kindness & tenderness. (WTF keep taking the tablets love!!)
  8. Pouncing on your pride is a greater sign of strength than pounding your chest (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
  9. I long to be 40 again. I wish I'd had Demi Moore around to ask how she managed to lure Ashton Kutcher. (A good plastic surgeon, plus less toe sucking & more cock sucking should do it!!)
  10. Try something new. Conjure up an imaginary friend who can talk to you in positive, nurturing , empowering ways (Pass the straight jacket!)
  11. In a word my love life has been 'Diabolical' (What happened to choosing the day you want, did you choose a day with crap lovers??)
  12. We live in the valley, the no man's land, but are sustained by the mountain (Is that the mountain of cash got off of the NOTW undercover reporter??) 
  13. See things differently; shine a light on those dark places in order for them to go away (Should of gone to Specksavers)
Sarah Or Florence??

Three of ITV's prime time weekend shows have awful ratings 'The Marriage Ref' (Sat) 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us' (Sat) & 'Popstar To Oprastar' (Sunday) Don't make an effort to watch any personally, I must admit 'The Marriage Ref' can't compete when there is sexy, raunchy, funny 'Camelot' on Ch4 at the same time!

On The Sun ,readers letters page, Nick from London writes 'Have the people who say jail is five-star luxury been there? Let them wake up in a cell & say: "This is it for the rest of my life" No shops, pubs or female company'   Are we supposed to feel sorry for Nick??..... No Nick it's highly likely that most of the people who have said jail is 5 star luxury have not been there, because unlike YOU, They are not criminal scum!! There ARE prison shops, there ARE female wardens/prison staff, & many pictures from prison cells & prison party's show there IS alcohol too!! So If you miss the high street shops & pubs that much, you shouldn't of been a criminal!!... If you can't abide the time, then don't do the crime!!.....

I had a late lunch (early tea) of  a jacket potato with some cottage cheese & tinned tuna on top, followed by some fresh fruit salad with a blob of yummy Total Greek yoghurt at 6pm & watched 'Home & Away' meanwhile, I'm still trying to chase up a friend with a car who would like to film a 'Benidorm' Christmas Special with me Saturday afternoon. As there is no near by public transport & I don't drive. Bob who would of loved to have done it, is in Spain until next Wednesday, Paul is busy, Nat is looking after an ill Terry, Nerissa is tending to a poorly father, and Ian has no car & can't drive!!..... Bugger!!!

3 Of The 6 Gift Wines From My Bank

I watched 'Polar Bear: Inside Natures Giants Special' love Polar Bears fascinating animals, they have jet black skin yet their transparent hair reflects the snow & makes them look white! And had a Solero & a glass of Siete Soles Semillion Chardonnay (from the 6 bottles of wine my bank sent me on my birthday) while I chilled watching a evening of the brilliant NCIS. I wrote a note on Facebook re needing a driver co actor for Saturday. My friend Julia said our friend Julie would be ideal I said 'I know that's why I tagged her in the note hope she sees it & can do it! As she'd be hilarious!!' Julia said 'She probably wont as she is rarely on Facebook these days call her!!' I thought it was a bit late (After midnight) to call her, so sent a text (So if she is asleep she can see it in the morning!!) Felt a bit peckish so had 2 slices of Leerdammer cheese spread thinly with peanut butter & rolled (Yummy) Eventually went to bed around 1am (Calories consumed 1.549)

Friday 1st July (Hidden Potential 2nd intense testing) Woke at 8am neck aching, bloody thing!!! Quite a nice day out though, had a bath & washed hair carefully due to my bad neck & decided to go comfy casual so I wore my jeggings rolled back to 3/4 length & a electric blue & white floral print tunic with cape sleeves & my TrimSoles, with my hair piled up on top & did a natural make-up. I had porridge with Goji Berry's for breakfast washed down with a Diet Coke. I read the paper, the front page has a big pic of Abbey Clancy & Peter Crouches wedding. Nice dress & lovely bouquet, but hair looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards, also the papers picture, was not a flattering shot of Abbey, who is very pretty, she looks like she has bags under her eyes & false teeth.

 Abbey Clancy & Peter Crouch
Abbey Clancy, Nice Dress - Shame About The Hair

Also Prince Harry's model is saying what was a bit of fun, is turning into love! There was also a bit inside on Harry's Mother Diana who would of been 50 today. Meanwhile the pension walk out was a flop, with thousands of civil servants crossing the picket lines.With more than half ignoring the strike & going to work (Well done you people!!)

Ian Duncan Smith

Ian Duncan Smith warned the PM not to give in to the Lib Dem's & go soft on Immigration (Too Right!!) Saying hundreds of thousands of jobs had been created in the last 10yrs but most got snapped up by migrants (Who also get the cheap housing, that we the British are still waiting on, on the waiting list for for the past 30 plus years!!) The population has now hit 62.3Million on our little island, it has soared by 470,000 in the last year, the biggest increase since 1962 (2yrs before I was born!!) 50% of this rise is down to immigration the other 50% from births (many of those, at least 1/4 are births from immigrants) Immigration minister Damian Green blamed Labour's 'decade of uncontrolled migration'

More on the Repugnant, Hypocritical Mrs Carolyn Borne. The father of Heidi Withers, Alan said she was quite snotty when they first met & they labelled her 'Miss Fancy Pants' Saying she looked them up & down as if she was better than them (No doubt that's because she seems to think she IS better than anyone, I expect, she'd expect, the queen to curtsy to her, if she ever came round for tea!!) Although he did sound a tad course, when he said that "her heads stuck so far up her own arse, she doesn't know whether to speak or fart!!" Although that did make me laugh a lot!....

Alan Withers

There was also more about her email to poor Heidi which called Heidi a ideal candidate for 'Ladette to Lady' Having been brought up a large percentage of my life, among the aristocracy, I know nobody with breeding, would write such a tasteless, arrogant email & in fact they would look down their noses, at someone like Carolyn, who has. In fact I think the Etiquette Teachers on 'Ladette To Lady' would have a lot more work to do on Carolyn, than they ever would on Heidi!! She even had the audacity to add "If you want to be accepted by the wider Bourne family I suggest you take some guidance from experts with utmost haste!"

The stuck up pious cow, who does this wider Bourne family refer to? Other than her Vain, Pompous self & her poor husband? As if that's the only two, I'd happily not be accepted & let Freddie visit alone, if I was Heidi. Heidi's family has their own coat of arms so they are not exactly from the ghetto, as Carolyn's email diatribe would lead you to believe! Plus Heidi's neighbour's & Freddy's real mother, have described Heidi as being very polite & nice. Which I am not surprised by.

Terminally Ill Gary <Gazza> Nelson & Mum

Then there was a bit about the kind of vile scum, that Carolyn should be ranting about! Some vile excuse for humanity, that stole £20,000 of belongings, including ticket passes for France's Euro Disney, from the home of a 4yr old, little boy, who is terminally ill, with muscle cancer, called Gary!! How low do you have to be to do such a thing (They can't be excused of not knowing either, as the tickets were in a box marked 'Starlight Children's Foundation' Which is widely known to make wishes come true for seriously ill children!!) Cops think the house may have been deliberately targeted, after Gary appeared on a TV Documentary (Just how twisted would you have to be, to knowingly do that!!?) 

Little Gary who has to go through gruelling chemo, was left in tears by the raid. The Bastards even stole his Birthday presents, that he was due to open. As well as a bike, TV, Jewellery, computer consoles & the family car, which they later torched (Makes you sick to the stomach doesn't it!!) Friends & family gathered round after Mondays robbery to get him to be able to fly to Paris yesterday. I hope a kind rich celebrity does something for the family & replaces that was lost & arranges another treat for Gary Nelson aka Gazza & that when the scum are finally caught they are given a big jail sentence & they are battered brutally once inside!

There was also a picture of Welsh slapper Imogen Thomas, in a bikini & she has lost her large, ugly, married, footballer lover & gained a large, ugly, torso, tattoo instead which says "Liars & Cheats Will never Have My Heart" I doubt that will bother most of the sportsmen, that she so quickly jumps into bed with, most are after her Fanny (UK &/or US version) NOT her heart!!

Immogen's Tattoo'd side

I made a Cheese Salad baguette for lunch, washed down with a Diet Coke & followed with a Asda Solero, I set off to London. I saw my friend Vince (El Vince) & his wife & son in their hairdressers as I headed for the station, he was asking what I had been up to & I mentioned 'Midsomer Murders' tomorrows 'Benidorm VT sketch & his son said he'd go with me (he'd be welcome he's a hottie) but he had no car (shame) I caught the 1pm train & got to Egware Road Station & on to The Westminster College bang on 2pm. 

I sighed release forms & was not surprised to see Allan Turner-Ward, who is a show host on 'Hope FM' in Bournemouth. I had a feeling he'd be brought back too!! We had our Super-recognizer test at 2pm, the 1st 30 mins we had to see hundreds of pics of celebrity's as baby's flash up on our screen for a few seconds, then we had 10seconds to write down their name (Or a accurate description of them, that would leave no margin of error, of who they are. Such as character name & film they were in, or what football team & position & shirt number etc!!) Some of the pics on the screen were tiny, many grainy or out of focus, some baby's/toddlers seemed easy, others could be several people, many I had no Idea, as they may have been foreign politicians or sports people! You also had to be careful not to miss the next one while writing down the name of the person in the former picture.

The 2nd half we had to pic out faces we had to memorize out of  100's of line ups many with changes of hat or hair often shot in very faded grainy pics. Then at 3pm it was the 2nd half of testing the Super-Multi-tasker this I found easy you had to do a mathematical sum such as 12 divided by 2 plus 4 = __ against the clock, with a letter of the alphabet after then another sum & another letter etc. Then at the end of a bunch of sums, ranging from 5-12 (with letters in-between) You had to list the letters you saw in the order they appeared between the sums. If you were good the results were meant to keep above 75-80% mine was constantly flashing 89-100%. So I felt quite confident when I'd finished the lot & a lot quicker than those around me!

I was finished so much earlier than expected, due to fast multi tasking that I decided to travel to Ealing Broadway to the Max Callum Agency, and registered with them & had my photos taken by Max. Then Max & I had a good old chinwag about acting & extra work for a hour or so, he was very funny & we think alike on a lot of things. I was travelling back to Central London, when Ian called my mobile, to see how the testing went today? And I told him I was feeling confident especially about the 2nd test, I got to Kings Cross at 6.30pm & killed time having a cappuccino  in Costa as I had an off peak ticket so couldn't use it to go back to St Albans until after 7pm. I got home at 7.45pm & fixed a cheese & tomato baguette. 

I checked my Facebook & Twitter and my pal Atul said he could come with me tomorrow to film the Benidorm VT & he'd pic me up at 10.30am at Heathrow Terminal 5 (We need to be on set at Surrey Aerodrome at 12noon) I also had an email saying I was cast for a posh diner at an exclusive restaurant in a gangster film that stars EastEnders Carol/Bianca love cheat, Craig Fairbrass, the film is called 'Saint Georges Day' & then I settled down to watch 'Come Dine With Me' '8 Out Of 10 Cats' King Of' & 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' Feeling peckish I had 2 slices of Leerdammer spread with peanut butter & rolled (yummy) Did some more chat on Facebook & Twitter then went to bed at midnight (Calories Consumed 1,243)

Saturday 2nd July (Benidorm, Family Fortunes, Christmas Special/Gay Pride) I woke shattered at 6am, with my neck in agony, I can't recall my dream if I had one. I had porridge with Goji berry's for breakfast, and a load of pain killer's washed down with Diet Coke. I did my make-up & wore the same clothes as yesterday (As I felt it was quite a holiday maker catching a plane outfit! But I pulled my hair up in a high ponytail & added my faux curly ponytail on top & wore my huge hoop earrings with peacock feathers (Which I treated myself to for my Birthday) A load of boho like bangles my Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses & put my silver thong sandals in my big sequined Primark shopper, along with my make-up, 2 cans of diet drink, a cardie in case it gets cold later, my roll on deodorant & a bottle of Armand Basi perfume. 

I updated my Facebook status saying I was off filming & Simon Cole messaged me at 8am saying 'please say your still in london later, i need some emp time with you june!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!'  I then replied that indeed I would be & he responded with,  'brilliant!!!!!! theyll be a stiff one waiting for you, and by stiff i mean drink, not penis, actually theyll be plenty of that i just dont think that itll be your kind of penis...'  Which made me laugh. Then I set off at 8.15am popping into the shop for a Sun Paper 1st & popping that also in my bag & headed for the station & caught the 7.30am train to Kings Cross.

Read the paper on the train, it had a Glorious front page cover story, Vile child killer Roy Whiting 52 was knifed in the eye in his Wakefield jail..... (Though shame it didn't make it into his brain to kill him!!) I'd shake his attacker Gary Vinteryards hand, if he wasn't a double murderer & scum himself! The weapon was a toilet brush with its handle sharpened to a point, scumbag Whiting was quickly rescued by prison officers, if it wasn't for their quick actions he could easily of been killed (Damn their quick reactions) 

Amazingly he did not lose his eye & he told medics he could see, but was taken to hospital for further checks. Roy had been attacked 9yr ago, with his cheek slashed by a razor blade, by Rickie Tregaskis. The mother of Sarah Payne (Who was murdered by Roy Whiting, below) was too upset to comment!! No doubt upset that that the Bastard is still alive!!

Then there is the story of a f**king piss taking Nigerian bitch!! Who took an overdose of fertility drugs, then once pregnant with quins (5 baby's) She then flew over to the UK to have them. Getting £200K of NHS health care, that she paid fuck all into (While British Cancer patients etc can't get life saving drugs, due to the NHS being low on funds!!) Bimbo Ayelabola took twice the normal dose of a potent fertility drug (No doubt planning to come to the UK once pregnant, a) to get the healthcare & b) with multiple baby's a nice load of handouts, if she can get to stay in the UK!!) She obtained a visitors visa for Britain, within days of discovering she was pregnant!! (Proving that the scheming bitch, knew what she was doing!!) She then came here & got the best possible NHS treatment, after months of care, including a complex caesarean raking up £200,000 worth of treatment!

Crafty, Scamming, Bitch - Bimbo Ayelabola

The f**king cheeky bitch is now applying to the home office to extend her stay in the UK. As although her 2 boys & 3 girls are healthy, she claims they are too fragile to fly home! The cheeky bitch is also saying, there is no support network of family & friends in Nigeria, to help her bring up the 5 kids, as most are already in the UK (Tough Shit!! you should of thought of that before you took the fertility pills!!!..... Oh yeah, you did, it was all part of your master plan, for you to stay in UK and rake in benefits!!!) Her husband visited her in UK then fled back to Nigeria, once he realised there were 5 baby's for him to be responsible for. (Yet you can bet if she gets UK citizenship, he will be applying for it next, to be with his family..... She better not get it!!!!)

Officials are RIGHTLY considering sending the f**king, piss taking bitch, a bill for the huge cost of her 6 months of care, by numerous consultants, paediatricians, midwives, nurses, social workers & back up staff!! But of course she would be unable to pay the £200,000 (Take it in instalments, over the years, wired from Nigeria once you send her back!!) The Home Office RIGHTLY said 'The NHS is The National Health Service, Not a International one!!  We expect those with no right to be in the UK to leave otherwise we will remove them!!'  Well said!! Tory MP Chris Skidmore said 'It's not acceptable for health tourism to continue, in the way it has done' (Under Labour) 

Lying Bimbo said she had no idea she was expecting 5 baby's when she got a UK visa (Yeah of course you didn't love!!) Yet she'd taken 2 fertility pills a day (Twice the dose) for 2 months (When you are ONLY meant to take for just 5-7 days!!!) She said she had come to England as she had, had miscarriages before & thought with her family in the UK around her she would feel more calm & less likely to lose another baby due to stress (I wonder who coached you in that story, Nigerian scam artists do a very convincing back story! Or was it your immigration Lawyer, Mark Dad? They are very good at telling people the right thing to say, if it means they can win a case & make lots of £££££) 

There were pictures of Model Kate Mosses wedding to 'The Kills' Guitarist, Jamie Hince, with a nice boho vintage looking wedding dress & veil by John Galliano but again like Abbey Clancy scruffy dragged through hedge backwards hair, I liked the colour of his grey-blue YSL suit but I think the cut didn't suit him, the jacket looked too short & boxy on him. The 14 bridesmaids dresses were ordinary but a bit boho, which went with her vintage look dress.

Is It Just Me? - Or Does His Jacket Seem Too Short?

Business leaders have hit back at Iain Duncan Smith, for saying to hire more British & not foreign workers, claiming Brits are not good enough to employ (Bullshit!!.... but if you pay peanuts expect to get monkeys,  many take on foreign workers as they accept low pay, because can afford to take low wages, because unlike us Brits they are at the top of the queue for affordable housing, despite some of us Brits still waiting on list over 30yrs!!.... Some of us good workers would love to take the jobs but the wages offered are less than our private landlord rent!!!..... so we good workers can't, accept the job as much as we'd like to, as we'd be on minus money & on the streets in no time, so you get the dregs of the British workforce, or those who still live with mummy & daddy, who are not driven & often lazy applying!!)

He says 'Employers expect young people to come forward who are able to read & write, plus be able to communicate & have a strong work ethic. Too often that is not the case with the Brits & there is a stream of highly able European migrants who are able to fit those jobs' True I am amazed how lazy & ill-educated the youth of today are, we can thank labours dumbing down of education & watering down of discipline in & out of school for that. But there are plenty of older capable British workers capable of doing those jobs, if you were not offering wages, that only teens who live at home, with no bills etc to pay can afford to take, or immigrants with all their extra handouts & cheap housing can afford to take!! Pay a bit more for older Brit workers & with their experience & work effort you will accumulate by speculating!!

Forecasters reckon the warm weather is here for the weekend & also into next week (Whoopee!!!) Sunday & Monday are meant to hit 75F (24C) by Tuesday the temperature should reach 80F (27C) that's more like it!! But of course there will be storms & showers by Wednesday (Bummer!!) also this Tuesdays Euromillions pot is £154Million woo hoo a sunny day that could make someone mega rich NICE!!

Jasmine Maddock

The vile Brookside extra Hazel Maddock 65, who left her mums dead body, rotting for 6 months in her bedroom, so she could keep collecting her benefit, has been sentenced to 11 months in jail (Bloody right to, sick bitch!!) Her Artist daughter Jasmine, who the judge accepted was under Hazel's thumb, got a 26wk suspended sentence & 250hrs of community service, for leaving the corpse. She later collapsed outside court from a suspected panic attack.

There was a picture (above ^) of Heidi Withers with her fiancé Freddie Borne both 29 (Who's vile stepmother Carolyn Bourne, sent poor Heidi a heinous email!) She looked positively sweet & certainly not like a 'Ladette To Lady' candidate! In fact of the two, Freddie looked more unkempt, with his pudgy unshaven face & overgrown, wiry, bouffant, hairdo. They kept a dignified silence over the topic of the dispute (But I bet Heidi is secretly laughing inside as the majority of the public are on her side, but a bit pissed off Freddie hasn't publicly stood up for her) While Freddy's REAL mum Penelope described Heidi as "A charming girl who I have Never found to be rude!!" While 'Ladette To Lady' Etiquette guru 'Liz Brewer' said that Carolyn was "Out of order" (Told you!!)

I got to Kings Cross & then caught the Piccadilly line & the 24 stops to Heathrow Terminal 5 drinking one of my Diet Cokes as I was parched, Simon text a few times while I was on the tube (overground) saying at 10am he was on the champagne already, I got to Heathrow Terminal 5 bang on 10.30am popped to the ladies & went outside & spotted Atul's car & got in, it was lovely & sunny out & Atul & I had the windows wound down as we drove to Surrey chatting about anything & everything, including his recent appearance on 'Luther' Simon text at 11.30am saying the drinks were going down easy & I text back 'You will be shit faced by the time I see you!!xx' We got to the set bang on time at noon and I was amazed to see the Kirk from Corrie lookey likey from the 'Cougar' episode of 'OMG' I was on, was also on the shoot. 

OMG 'Kirk Looky Likey' Chats To Mandy

We had time to kill while the cameras were set up. So we took a load of photo's of the different planes on the tarmac & some silly ones too! Discovered Simon had text me at 12.07pm saying 'Maybe!!! ha ha excited to See My favourite bitch!!!'

I made a coffee in a chalet along with Jake Canuso (Nee Carmine Canuso) <above> who plays the Spanish barman 'Mateo Castellano' & the kid Oliver Stokes who plays 'Michael Garvey' & had a bit of a chat. Then we were handed out different Xmas hats & headbands (I got a Christmas Pudding, Atul got a Santa Hat) Mandy who I'd been chatting with got reindeer antlers, then we had to be filmed walking up the plane steps off the tarmac & then do a bit standing on the tarmac while the Actors did their bit in front of us! Next we filmed inside the plane, more than that I can't tell you you will have to wait until Christmas! But Atul & I were sat with a sweet drama student!

Clowning Around On The Xmas Benidorm Plane, UK Bound!   

We had a few sandwiches crisps & water to keep us going while on the plane & we finished shooting around 4.30pm & Atul dropped me back at Heathrow Terminal 5 at around 6pm & I text Ian & Simon I was heading into town, Simon was very excited & Ian said to text him once at Leicester Square, I got there at 7pm & text the boys I'd arrived. 

Ian called me to say he was in The Hercules Bar on Greek Street. So I started making my way there, as I did Simon called me asking where I was? I said 'Just walking through China Town heading to Hercules' He said he was heading in same direction from Shaftesbury Avenue, we continued talking as we walked & I said I was at Neros Coffee Bar at the corner of Frith St & Old Compton Street. He said he was right by there & to stay put & he'd find me. He was easy to spot in his bright coral T-shirt despite the streets being chockablock & it was all hugs & kisses & catching up on the way to meet Ian. 

With Simon & Ian, Outside Hercules 

I got a pint of Cider & Simon was saying he couldn't believe how mad Gay Pride was, he said 'I didn't know there was this many gays in England, let alone in just London' I laughed & said 'I know this is crazy!!' He slid my paper out my bag & was flicking through it & was shocked about the Nigerian 'health tourist' Bimbo with the 5 baby's, I was just saying how pissed off I'd be, if the scheming bitch got a council flat, when I still can't get one after being on the housing list 31yrs, and he was just saying how disgusting & unfair that was, when a foreigner came up to us asking us to sign a petition, for his foreign friend to stay in the country, who the Home Office was trying to evict from the UK (Ironic timing!!) Safe to say he got no signature from Simon & I!!

Ian Is Officially A Fairy!!

There was a drum band suddenly start up in Greek Street that were really good,  some guy in a frock was dancing to them & it really amused me, as he reminded me a bit of 'The Hotel Inspector' Alex Polizzi  

 Greek Streets Alex Polizzi 
The Real Alex Polizzi 

There was a Big Issue Seller, going through the noisy masses past noisy bars & floats & the drumming, selling his 'Big Issue' magazines, with a lovely ginger cat on his shoulder. Which must be the most chilled out cat, ever!!!! As it was not fazed by the noise or the crowds. 

Super cool, Super Chilled Out, Ginger Pussycat 

Working The Benidorm Xmas Hat  
It's The Sugar Plumb Fairy!!

Ian & I clowned around a bit with my Christmas hat from my earlier Benidorm filming, along with Apple Jays Wings..... (above)  

Maria, Ian & Apple Jay 

Ian & I and Apple Jay, plus her girlfriend Maria, went for a drink at The Edge, & we were joined by Mad Maxine, who was as mad as ever, Ian's Lesbian housemate Faye, Stuart & two sweet gay polish guys, and The Edge Drag Queens. 

  The Sweet Polish Lads
 No It's Not Me, Ian's With One Of The Edge's Drag Queens 
 With Faye & Mad Maxine, If You Can't beat Them.. Join Them!!
 PRIDE Siamese Twins 
Jordan's Let Herself Go!!!

Simon left us, to meet some friends & a short bit later around 11.45pm it was time for me to catch a tube to Kings Cross buying tomorrows NOTW en route. I had some banter with two very camp gays on the tube, from Leicester Square to Kings Cross, and then I was lucky & didn't have to wait long for a train, but I had just enough time to get a cheese salad sandwich from Costa (because I was absolutely famished) at the station, before jumping onto my slow (stopping) train back to St Albans. I walked home from the station which took about 10-15mins, then got in showered & collapsed into bed around 2am (Calories consumed 2,072)

Sunday 3rd July (Filming Gangster Movie, 'St Georges Day') Woke at 9am pretty shattered, I got myself a coffee & 2 rice cakes spread with peanut butter & a small sliced banana on top yum! Then relaxed & checked out Ian Hyland's page in NOTW, (It's the main reason I buy it now as the news is getting less & less, in it these days, especially all the shocking scandals, since the phone tapping was discovered & stopped!!)  & then I had a shower & washed hair, then did a neutral make-up (As requested in casting brief) then piled hair into pony tail & pinned into a neat stylish chignon, with a few diamante hair pins, then bummed around the house in my pajamas until I had to change to go out!

Flicked through the front half of NOTW (There is nothing worth reading past that, they seem short on news since they have been stopped from hacking phones!! Instead you get movie reviews, gadgets, games, Adverts, Books, Gigs, Cars, sex advice, weather, crosswords, Home, Travel & Sport all which I can go without!)  The front page is about that idiot Cheryl Cole getting together with her vile ex husband Ashley Cole at her 28th Birthday party at The Sanderson Hotel. Hope they just vanish into obscurity now I'm so bored with them both & have no more sympathy for her, only pity, for her being such a loser!

Don't Come Crying To Us, When He Cheats AGAIN Cheryl!!!

82% of Britain's are hurting & have lost hope, due to the Labour induced slump! That's 8 out of 10 of us struggling with debt, increasing prices & fears over losing or getting a job. WE are all slashing spending on essentials like food & heating, let alone luxury's like clothes & nights out. Which spells doom for the high street (loads of shop sites sit empty in St Albans, that all once had thriving shops in, when I 1st moved here 8-9yrs ago) It's also why no sooner do I get a new retail job, the place shuts down/goes into liquidation!

A £600 sheep placenta jab is the new facelift, thanks to a Harley St Doctor, Dr Roberto Viel. They are packed with stem cells, which replenish & rebuild other cells, plus fibroblasts which build up collagen & elastin to make the skin firmer. It is uncomfortable but not painful so no anaesthetic is needed, it takes 30mins & the results last for 5months. Guess that's what you call a plastic surgery Baaaaaaaaaagain!!! 

Kerry & Dan - Groundhog Day?

Broke, Jobless & manager-less Kerry Katona 30, is supposedly back with 'Take Me Out' ex Dan Foden 27 & is moving back to Warrington to be near him (With what money?) But her close pals reckon he is using her to be famous then will dump her again like before (If that's true. Surely he could find someone more famous than Kerry?) 

She is apparently infatuated with Dan (like she was with the decorator, and the boot-camp instructor etc etc) Kerry is house hunting in Cheshire, after Claire Powell let her stay in the house she rented for her, until the end of July. Kerry owes Claire £350,000 but Claire has given up & is planning to write that off, for Kerry who is now with Max Clifford, because Kerry's lawyers are making things difficult for Claire, so Claire is thinking it's maybe best for all to cut her losses & move on!. 

 Out With Clair Powell
In With Max Clifford

Amy Childs from 'The Only way Is Essex' is wanted by the producers of 'Strictly Come Dancing' 'I'm a Celebrity' & Celebrity Big Brother' proving that it still pays to be pretty & fit & play dumb even in the 21st Century!!! Which goes to show, yet again, how well you can do being a CAN client, Claire Powell certainly knows how to get her clients work & publicity, lets see how well Kerry does without her!!?

I made myself a jacket potato with some cottage cheese, which I had with a Quorn steak & watercress & spinach salad which was tasty washed down with a coke & wore the jewelled, olive, jersey, 1971 Reiss label dress (That I wore on Louie Spence's Showbusiness) under a matching 3/4 coat by Next, tan Nylons Hosiery & my CK olive high heeled courts that are really comfy. A I have to look like a well to do diner, at a very posh, restaurant. I meant to put my gunmetal pumps in my big sequinned gunmetal shopper, which had make-up, wet wipes, an umbrella, 2 tins of diet ginger-beer,  as well as my Salvador Ferragamo handbag inside! 

But I was distracted by a phone call from a friend & I saw it was almost 4.30pm so I had to rush out to get my train forgetting my pumps (which was to haunt me later!!) The Hairdressers called out that I looked lovely, as I headed out to the station. The bloody cobbles, were slowing me down in my heels, so I went to swap shoes with my pumps but they were not there (Bugger!!!) I stepped it up a bit & managed to make my train just in time! Whew, but I was sweating under my lightweight coat, as it was a very close humid evening. 

As we neared Kings Cross I stood up near the doors, then as the train pulled into Kings Cross & a kid stood behind me with a teddy bear in a small wicker basket, which she was swinging around (With not a word from her mother about being careful with it & to stop swinging it) and of course she swung it & scraped it behind both of my legs shredding my nylons & causing loads of ladders at the back of both legs (Great they cost £8 a pair & have been ruined!!) No word of apology from the girl nor her ignorant mother. If I'd been her I'd of been falling over myself apologizing & offering money for a new pair of tights! But young parents today, seem to have no manners, so it's no wonder young kid's these days are often little unruly yobs!

So now I had to find a Boots at Kings Cross Station, to buy new hosiery, Grrrrrrrrr also my heels were now rubbing due to feet swelling due to the heat & humidity. So now I also needed to buy blister plasters too, to protect my heels & stop things getting worse! Plus I don't have my pumps to slip on either (bugger) Boots tan tights were pretty pasty & paler than my tanned legs (But with my shoe's rubbing, I couldn't go without hosiery or my feet would be crippled!) 

It was so annoying, as I have Scholl blister plasters in my gym bag at home, I looked for some in the Kings Cross, Boots but all they had were the Compeed shit ones, damn, but I had to get them, as I thought at least they would be better than nothing!!! (Wrong!!) 

 Rubbish Blister Plasters 
The BEST Blister Plasters

The queue for the ladies was huge at Kings cross, so I had to commute with shredded hosiery & walking like a cripple. The base site was quite a walk (Typically when in pain) from 'Bermondsey' tube station but I got there at 6.10pm (Call time 6pm) and changed in the ladies toilet trailer. Then went to the cast food trailer & got a coffee & veggie patty in a bun. For once there was no extras that I recognized from other shoots!

I signed my release form & was checked over by wardrobe who said my clothing was perfect so in need of nothing from wardrobe. I got chatting with a really nice, fag hag, extra, Jane, who lived just round the corner  from the base site. Plus a really funny 65yr South African woman called Faith, who looked very elegant & facially reminded me of a pensioner version, of Debbie Harry AKA Blondie! (Both Jane & Faith are now Facebook friends)

I saw actors Craig Fairbrass (Dan Sullivan in EastEnders) & Frank Harper (Dog in Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels) going too & from from base to their caravans to change outfits for different shoots, then after hanging around chatting & drinking coffee, ginger-beer & orange juice for 3hrs, we were driven by mini bus to the set, The Pont, Blueprint Restaurant, Shad, Thames, next door to Browns Restaurant where Ian had his 30th last year. The UK boxer Tyson Fury was there along with a bunch of Millwall FC players, most of which were very tall. 

The Millwall FC Boys With, Frank, Tyson & Craig Fairbrass

Faith the classy South African & I were placed on a table behind the table where Tyson Fury & his cronies were sat, drinking fake Rose Wine (Very watered down Ribenna!) When there was a break in filming we stood outside, while they moved cameras about, I ended up chatting to Millwall FC player Darren Ward. Who was lovely, very charming & polite. Also very tall, no idea the names of the other players but there was a shorter one with a number 1 shaved head, who was also chatty & very sweet. 

 Chatting With Danny Ward
 With Milwall FC Boys, Danny Ward Far Right, 
Chatty Cropped Haired Player To My Left
Frank Harper, Tyson Fury & Craig Fairbrass

We went back inside for more filming, the view of the Thames from the tables was excellent, then at 11.45pm we had a break for food & were driven back to base camp, my feet were now very swollen & burning & hurting like hell, and rubbing, the Compeed plasters as usual were useless.  

The View From The Restaurant 

We queued up for the food I had haddock in a sauce with vegetables but was slightly gutted the roast parsnips had run out just before I got there (I LOVE roast parsnips) The food was very tasty & I sat with Faith & another chap (Who I think Faith quite fancied, and was made more keen when he said, he was going on 'Take Me Out' so obviously single!!) dessert was raspberry syllabub, which was very tasty, then it was back on the mini bus back to the shoot.  

We resumed our positions & I noticed a black Cameraman, who was interviewing actors on camera, that I recognized (But not by name) in between camera set ups, kept looking over at Faith & I & looked like he was checking us out. Faith & I were not needed for the last of the nights shoot as it was being shot from a different camera angle, so we could leave at 3am instead of 4am (whoopee said my feet!!) We were picked up by the mini bus & taken back to base & a few other extras & the black, Camera Guy too. 

When we got to base the Camera guy introduced himself as Owen Smith & said to Faith & I 'You two, your not just extras are you! Your actresses!!' we said 'Yes that's correct!' He added 'I'm, making a gangster movie & your both ideal for two characters I'm casting for the movie!' We exchanged numbers & email addresses & he said he would contact us nearer the time & said to join his casting agency Red Skin Media Productions. 

Then Faith got in her car, to drive home to Wimbledon, and the mini bus driver gave a lad & I a lift to London Bridge Station, we got a night bus from there to Trafalgar Square, then another from there that went to Kings Cross, he got off at Euston to get his 6am train up north. Then I got off at Kings Cross & caught the 5.35am stopping train to St Albans my feet in agony, I got to St Albans in daylight & hobbled home getting in at 6.20am, I got undressed & peeled off the useless Compeed plasters, the small blisters they had covered were now huge & burst (like I said they're bloody Useless!!!!) OUCH!!!!! (Calories consumed 1,577)

Useless Compeed Blister Plasters 
Made Blisters, Much Bigger & Worse
As An Actress/Extra 
Sometimes You Really Do Suffer For Your Art!!!

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