Sunday, 12 February 2012

Frostbite, Frozen Assets & Fine Tuning!

Monday 6th February, I never went to bed last night, as Richard is picking me up at 4.10am, so there wasn't much point anyway, as I'd only have a few hours sleep, which would leave me even more groggy, when I woke, than if I never slept! I had a bath & exfoliated & had a face mask, which dried while I moisturised all over! I removed the mask & dried my hair straight. I did a classy make-up then packed my case, I had to bring three types of outfits... 1) A classy Wedding/Racing type outfit with a hat. 2) An inappropriate tacky type outfit for a Wedding/Day at the races. 3) Casual attire. Plus lots of warm clothing, as it was going to be, very, very, cold, so hats, scarf's, gloves, thermals, thick socks etc. 

So I packed two skimpy black cocktail dresses & very high, glittery, black court shoes & very glittery, gold, very high heeled, peep toed shoes (Above) plus my half wig, for the inappropriate attire, with my black patient Dolce & Gabbana clutch bag & black feathered hat. Then a beige vest, to go under a white blouse, to go under a beige & gold fine knit jumper, to go under a ivory, tan & chocolate tweed jacket, worn with dark chocolate leggings & leopard print wellies, for my casual attire. For the wedding/racing attire. I packed ivory & black gloves & ivory & black magic scarf's to go with whatever outfit I wore, in the case too.

Magic Scarf's ,Can Be Worn A Variety Of Ways 

I wore my purple, diamante trimmed, cocktail dress, with my aqua Jacques Vert, jacket, diamante jewellery, matching purple ostrich skin, court shoes, by Kurt Geiger (Which I put in case) plus my big, ivory, picture hat (In the hat-box along with my black one) & ivory, quilted, Channel bag, with chain strap (Also put in case) plus nude sheer tights, I put thick 100denier black tights over them to travel in. I had some porridge & a coffee at 2.45am as I was hungry!! Everyone online was raving about 'Madonna's' performance at the 'Super Bowl' (Video below)

Richard arrived at 5am & I slipped on long, fluffy, hot pink, socks & my wellies, plus my long, black, military style, coat, slipping my mobile in the pocket, I turned off the heating & lights, then carefully headed out on the icy snow, trying not to slip, as I pulled my case on wheels & carried my big hat-box. Richard had allowed extra time, due to the snowy, icy, road, so we got to our destination in Surrey in good time at 6.10am. We parked in the car park & into the building & made our way into the restaurant area, where we both had a delicious, full English breakfast (Mine with veggie sausages) with a wholemeal roll instead of toast or fried bread, with two fried eggs & a coffee. Which set us up for the day nicely.

Non Veggie Full English Breakfast

Then we sat in one area, while the actors sat in another, slowly our area filled up with people, including a load I & Richard knew, from 'Midsomer, Hit The Road Jack, Normal People With Automatic Weapons', etc etc I leant my black feathered hat to one woman. The wardrobe people, told Richard & I our attire was spot on, no changes of clothing needed. Then we mingled & chatted to a bunch of new, extra people. One short, ginger guy, with a beard, was very chatty & introduced me to, two blonde ladies, both were around my age, who were both singers & we had a real giggle together. There were also three transvestites, transsexuals or drag queens, two of which were convincing & one who wasn't. We were moved to another area & waited to do our bit (I'm afraid, I can't tell you more than that!.... IF it airs, I will post it) 

Part One Ladies Day
Part Two Chav's

I was picked, to be featured with Loula, who I did the 'Hit The Road Jack' Pilot with & we had a real laugh, with a giggly black girl, called Jen. We had to be chatting & having a laugh watching horses.

 With Jen & Loula

We all did lots of stuff & it was bitter cold out, in the end I could not feel my feet, which then later, went on to stinging (Like with frost bite!!) Even guys with thermals under their trousers & two pairs of socks on, under their boots were suffering from cold legs & numb, or hurting feet! When I was doing shots where my feet wont be seen I put on my long, thick, socks & folded them back double over my feet (Below) To try and get some warmth into them (No Joy!!) Thankfully the crew were absolutely lovely & they did look after us bringing us polystyrene cups of leek & potato soup, garlic bread & toffees & chocolates to keep us going!!

Sexy Socks!!...... NOT!!

Thankfully the filming was funny enough to be distracting, from the cold. We eventually got to break for lunch, Which was really good like the breakfast, I had a delicious salmon steak, with new potatoes in their jackets & veg, with some bread & a mixed Greek side salad. With a virgin Tiramisu for desert (No booze in it, sadly) plus a few coffee's to warm up. Then it was more comedic shots outside, until the light went, then we got to thaw inside, in the seating area, before being called up in groups, to shoot more stuff inside. Which was also funny, I was sat with the Ginger guy & a bald guy called David in his 40's who was a good laugh & we had been clowning around & play flirting. We were laughing, as the beer bottles at the table, we were filming at, were labelled 'Common Beer' (below) which cracked us up!! 

Common Beer, For The Common Man

Eventually at 7.30pm, after being there 13hrs & 20mins we could go home & Loula & I gave the fun crew a hug & kiss goodbye, before changing into warmer attire, for the trip home!! Richard & I chatted to each other about open audition for 'Les Miserables' on Sunday & one for 'Allstars' Casting Agents Saturday, as well as a industry expo, the following week. We got back to mine around 8.50 -9pm & I struggled back on the icy pavement to mine, past the area, where I sliced my head open, last January 2011 (below) I got indoors. Still unable to feel my toes!!... & put the central heating on.....

I Was In Stitches, Thanks To An Icy Pavement, 
Last Year

I'd been off out, too early, to get a Sun paper this morning & it was now after 9pm & I could hardly walk, as my feet hurt so much, so I thought there was no point, popping to the corner shop to get one, as I can hardly walk & they are normally sold out of them by 1-2pm. So I soaked my feet, in a hot bowl of water, to heat them up, then wrapped them in 2 pairs of thick socks that had been heating up, on my radiator. Then my feet slowly began to feel like feet again & the pain slowly went. I watched 'Whitechapel' and accepted Facebook friend requests from Loula & also David, who'd played flirt tennis with me earlier. I had some porridge then went to bed & watched the news & then 'That Sunday Night Show' because Twitter Buddy Leigh Bryan was on, talking about how he was locked up & then banished from the USA, due to talking & joshing about his exciting, forthcoming, LA holiday, on Twitter!!... seriously!! Then I crashed out at 11pm, after going for 44hrs with no sleep (Calories consumed ......No Bloody Idea!!) 

Tuesday 7th February, I dreamt I was Belly Dancing, on a TV Show, I'm not sure, what type of show it was? Or why I was belly dancing on it? There was a lesbian there, who I think was hitting on me? Then I was sat in the back of a car, watching myself, driving us somewhere & I thought... "How can I be watching the back of my head, as I drive? Unless my spirit has left my body & my spirit is, watching my spiritless body driving?!!" I was bemused!! Then I was wandering in a big Supermarket & buying scallops. Then I was in a huge house full of cats & dogs, there was this big cute tan rodent thing, it could of been a beaver, a otter or a groundhog or similar, but it turned into a tan spaniel. No idea what that means? 

Then I was in a play with another girl (It might of been my friend Sarah Dorsett) We had to do the play, leaving chunks of dialogue out, like a fill in the gaps puzzle! Then at some point we had to play dead, my late mum seemed to be watching. I woke at 8am thinking "What the bloody hell is that all about??" I got up & turned on the heating & made a coffee, which I had in bed, while the flat & the water heated up.

I had a shower, then had 2 slices of cheese on toast, with lots of mustard on (Yummy!!) Then I headed out into a very crisp morning, in my 3/4 gym trousers, my white Rebook EasyTone trainers & ivory, cashmere, polo-neck jumper, ankle weights, black bomber jacket & grey faux fur deerstalker hat. On the way back from the park, a woman with fabric shopping bags lined up on her front wall, with labels saying 'Free Please Take' She took a bag & passed it to me, it was full of cassette tapes, so I said "Thanks!!" and took it home, thinking 'What I don't want I can eBay!!' When I got in & looked at them, my bag was full of spiritualist tapes & tapes on meditation etc... except for one, which was a mixed tape of 'The Police' & 'Elton John' Random!! 

I wondered if all those bags were filled with such tapes? Or if some bags were filled with music tapes? I wondered if she had chosen me for that particular bag, because she was psychic & knew I was a spiritualist? If so, maybe they came to me for a reason & I will get enlightenment from the content's, so bit by bit I will listen to them & keep any I feel of use & eBay the rest!! 

I made myself a coffee & a cheese & tomato sandwich with mustard & read the paper. The shock headline was 'Boozy Parent Shock: Mum & son, 11, who get drunk together' Which sadly these days is no longer much of a shock!! I will never get over the day when I saw a very small kid of about 8 or 9yrs stood with his rough, skanky, mum at the stop, BOTH smoking a cigarette, my jaw hit the floor, yet nobody else seemed to be taking any notice, then this old boy came over & I thought 'He is about to give his mum a mouthful, for allowing that young kid (In his school uniform) to smoke!!' But he came over pulled out a cigarette & bent down to the small kid & to my horror said "Give your granddad a light son!!" Then he took the kids fag, lit his off the end of it, then handed it back to the kid!!! Unfuckingbelieveable!!! 

This drunken bint, told horrified passers by who saw them have a drunken brawl, hurling drinks at each other, outside a shop "We always get drunk together & always acts like this!!" How lovely, I might of had the odd drink at dinner with my mum & dad at 11yrs, but we kids were brought up to drink sensibly, so never went crazy when we were legal to buy booze in a bar. The drunken 11yr old was twice over the drink driving limit on vodka & larger. He was swigging from a vodka shot bottle & fell off a large, red, fire engine, toy, he'd been pulling, when he sat on it. The fight started when the mum  wanted the bottle & he refused, so she bought a can of Fosters larger & swapped him for it, but he took a sip & said he didn't want it, shaking the content's over his drunken mother! She grabbed it and poured the rest over his head! The kid was taken to hospital at 8pm & the mother in her 30's said they'd been together from 9am. She was taken to court & given a 12month supervision order, the boy was taken into care, neighbours say "Whenever we see her she's always drunk!!"

Apparently 'Loose Woman' Denise Walsh (Below) said 'live' on the show, yesterday, that her 23yr marriage to Tim Healy, was over. (Which is No surprise, if past & recent antics, plus the private details, she gave of their marriage, on air is to go by!!) She said they separated some time ago, but had kept it quiet from the press etc. So she was not having affairs, as she was already single (Not sure if that's true, or if it's just a damage limitation, dreamt up by their representatives, to save face, for both of them!?) She said that now, she & Tim were better friends, since splitting, after realising things were not working at Christmas. Denise was now rumoured to be staying with toyboy Lincoin Townly. Well if that don't work CBB's Romeo said he fancied her in post CBB interviews!! Now that would be an odd Hello Magazine couple!!

 Denise Walsh - Loose Woman, Tits & Tears

The madness continues, as Hate Preacher Abu Qatada 51, will collect a huge benefits bonanza, when he is freed within days! The Islamic extremist is due to get bail in days (Thanks to EU Twats & a Idiot British Judge, John Mitting,who likes letting out dangerous vermin, maybe if one of his close family members is among the next innocent members of public slaughtered by the maniacs he might have a change of heart!!) That bonus is on top of the £1.5 million, the scum has already been handed, in hand outs, legal bills & prison costs, from a country he openly hates!! (F**k Off then!!) He has been in prison since 2008, awaiting deportation, to Jordan, on terrorism charges, until those useless, unelected, EU, arseholes, got involved! He lived in a £800,000 council house, provided by the state (Despite paying nothing into the country, since seeking asylum here, meanwhile I'm still no higher up the council flat waiting list than I was 30yrs ago!!) 

Meanwhile a group of UK-based, Islamic extremists, ruled out suicide attacks, so they could plan a "Long Term" campaign of terror. The nine scumbag's, plotted to blow up the London Stock Exchange, then launch a Mumbai-style massacre & plant pipe bombs in pub toilets. The lynchpin was London, munter, Mohammed Chowdhury 21. The rest of the gang was from Stoke, Cardiff & London. 

Temperatures are set to drop to -13oC tonight, a 25mile stretch of the A1 was shut in North Yorkshire yesterday. The county had 60 crashes & another 65 were in Suffolk. People still fail to drive safely in icy conditions! Meanwhile people made some fab snow sculptures like a Snow Cat in Hornsey, a Dalek in Royston, Herts & my friend Gemma's, Snowman, Henry Hench in London!! 

 Hornsey Snow Cat, With red Pipe Cleaner Whiskers 
 Snow Dalek In Herts
My Friend Gemma, With Henry Hench 

It will come as NO Surprise, to British women, that according to a pole, that 50% of the men in Britain, are so unromantic, that they think that, doing the washing up is a Valentines gift!! & we can forget flowers, perfume & chocolates etc. As 48% of men think that taking out the bins, is an acceptable Valentines token (Lazy Git's!!) & Only 54% of men in a relationship, will even bother to send out a Valentines card. Then they wonder, why some of us women, decide to stay single!!

I did some job searches & applied for 16. Then applied for 11 auditions, it was then time for 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' a repeat, which I listened to while doing other household chores! Then I watched 'Come Dine With Me' which was in Oxford & had two faces I knew well on it Marlon Williams, who I know from 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side' & 'Midsomer', who is filming in 'Eastenders' at the moment & Heidi who was on 'Take Me Out' last year, & on 'OMG' as a cougar with me. I'd missed Marlon's meal when I was in Surrey yesterday (So I'll have to catch up on 4oD) But Heidi's is on Friday. I was shocked at how ditsy Heidi was & wondered if she really was that clueless or if she was putting it on, just in case they make a 'The Only Way Is Oxford' any time soon. I made a prawn curry & rice washed down with a Diet Coke, for dinner (Very Tasty) eaten while watching 'Home & Away' Then after some dusting & washing up, I watched myself on a well known drama,blink & you'd miss me! 

Then it was time for 'The Biggest Loser' to spur me on in my desire to get the old June back!! Then I watched the lovely Katie Piper on 'Katie: The Science Of Seeing Again' A moving & fascinating program in equal measures! Followed by Desperate Housewives' then I had an early night at midnight, I have been testing a new Oil of Olay moisturiser since Sunday (Above) called 'Olay Total Effects 7 In One, Moisturiser & Sensitive Protection' which smells & feels nice, but I noticed a rash like area on my face tonight, either side of my mouth, down to my jaw line, I'm wondering if it's the creme? Or if it's my hormones, due to me going through the menopause 5yrs ago, when I was just 42, after nearly dying from double pneumonia (I always wonder if the pneumonia brought on my early menopause??) I cleansed my face & hoped it goes down by morning (Calories consumed 1,212 very good)

Wednesday 8th February,  I woke at 9am in so much pain I could cry, my neck left shoulder, left arm, left knee & coccyx were agonising, no way am I doing my hour power-walk today!! I took some pain killers & after getting out of bed with some difficulty (Which took approx 15-20mins) I put a heat pack on my neck & shoulder, and took another up to put on my knee once propped up on my bed. I felt like crying with the pain!! After a while I took more pain killers & eventually when the pain was bearable, but not gone, I got up. I had a coffee & chocolate porridge (Porridge with some Nuttella stirred into it) Then I pulled on my black leggings & polo-neck, very, very carefully!! I slipped on my damaged black, Ugg look, boots, dragged a comb through my hair & only applied mascara as my skin still had a pimple like rash from the sides of my mouth to my jaw most odd!! (Below) I've Never had that before!!! I only tested the Olay moisturiser on my forehead today, just in case!! Then I very gingerly went to the shop, my knee & back in a lot of pain! Buying myself a Sun paper & some semi-skimmed milk. 

Yucky Skin Break Out!!  

I got back in & sat propped up on my bed. Then I read the paper, I LOVED the headline 'Never Mind His Human Rights: Ta-Ta Qatada, Kick out hate preacher NOW, say MPs' Theresa May was urged last night to boot out 'Hate Preacher' Abu Qatada out of the UK NOW!! MPs say she should defy the EU court ruling (Can't see why not the rest of Europe only go along with the EU rulings that suit them & not all of them!!) They say she should deport the terror suspect, who is due to be freed in days ASAP!! Teresa May said she wants him out of the UK before the Olympics, but it has to be done legally! (Unlike anything that, that scum does!!) 

Anorexic, Thunderbird puppet, look alike & Channel Designer, Karl Lagerfeld, said Singer Adele is too fat!! That will annoy the old boy who thinks I'm gorgeous & Adele & I look alike lol. Adele fans went online to slam the 78yr Wizened Kraut, after the dig published in a French newspaper. He said  "The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little to fat, but she has a beautiful face & a divine voice!!" Errr 'The Thing!!' I think describing Adele as 'The THING' is also insulting!! He could of called her 'The voice', or 'The talent' or 'The woman of the moment' but NO!! He starts off with the thing!!!... 

 Karl & Adele 
(I Know Which One, Needs A Good Look In The Mirror)

'She is a little to fat' A little to fat for what? She is not working as a swimwear/lingerie model!! She is around a UK size 16, I'd say which although outsize, is the average size for a woman in the UK!! Maybe like most of us, she might look hotter, if she lost a few lb, but she is happy how she is & is hardly a stomach turner! I'd rather look like Adele, than any of the often unattractive, androgynous, emaciated, stick insects, he sends down the runway!! 

Karl's Clothes & Scrawny Model (Neither Appeal)
 Above, Something Gay Karl Will Never Get 
(He Likes Women To Look Like Boys!!)
The 80's & 90's, When Models Were Super!!

Gone are days of the Supermodels, like Cindy, Linda, Christy, Naomi etc. Who you aspired to look like. Now you are even turned off, the clothes on the catwalk, due to being put off, by the ugly, famine victims, that are dressed in them!! Back in the 1980's & 1990's, you idolised the beauty of the simply stunning 'Supermodel's'  you knew their names & read up on anything about them, hoping to learn how to look like them! The only supermodel of the Millennium I know of, is David Walliams's, minging wife, Lara Stone, with that gap tooth look, who does the DKNY Ads, good body, shame about the face!

Today's Not So Super Models, David Walliams Wife, Far Right!!

Snow is expected tomorrow as temperatures drop to -15oC, oh whoopie dooo more heating bills to rack up!! So the weather is almost going to be as frosty as the reception, guest judge Carmen Electra, got from the 'Britain's got Talent' crowed!! WTF!!! The poor thing got Boo's for the 2nd day as the crowd wanted Amanda Holden. She is still recovering, after nearly dying in child birth, you morons!! Do you want her to make herself ill, just for your benefit?? FFS!! & why take it out on poor Carmen too??? Personally I'd be more excited to meet Carmen, than Amanda anyway!! 

Carmen Electra

There was a double page spread on Louisa Mason, who is proud to be a gold digger, who says she plans to get pregnant, by a rich man to trap him, and then talks a lot of materialistic talk, that makes her look pretty dumb, superficial, naive & not the supposedly, intelligent, independent woman she claims to be. Mind you I know too well how the press can twist your words or even add ones, you have never said!! But her gold digging story, is not the shocker of the article for me!! The quote "Older men love me, they see me as a beautiful girl who is young & crazy & I bring so much fun into their world!" plus the fact she is only 24, IS!!... Because in the picture, in her green dress, glasses & what looks like a bad, cheap, blonde wig (I'm guessing a disguise, so potential victims won't recognise her!!) She looks in her late 40's early 50's & NOT 24!! She looks like, the odd looking, blonde woman, in glasses who did the show '10 Years Younger' who always looked in need, of a makeover herself!! If she has had all these gifts & cash spent on her, you'd of thought she would of spent some of it on a rhinoplasty, to get rid of that conk by now!! I know it would be the first thing I'd do, if I came into some serious money!! 

Louisa Mason, 24?, Good Luck With The Gold-Digging
Your Gonna Need It!!

Last night another Brit, Gareth Bull 40 & his wife Catherine, won the £45million Euromillion Jackpot (He better be wary of Louisa Mason, trying to seduce him (Sure she won't care, if baby daddy is married, as long as he can provide cash!!) I made a cheese & Marmite sandwich, with some chilli Doritos, for lunch, washed down with a Diet Coke, while watching 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County'  Then I did some job searches & a load of audition applications. Then watched 'Come Dine With Me' I'm amused to see  my 'CBB' buddie Marlon Williams is on it, along with Heidi, from last years 'Take Me Out' who was also on 'OMG' with me.  Then I turned over to Ch5 & watched the brilliant 'Home & Away' which just gets better & better, I think it's the best soap on UK TV at the moment!! 

Then I made myself a spicy tomato omelette for dinner & had some more pain killers, to make me feel human, as I'm round my friend Jennie's at 8pm while her hubby plays darts. I watched 'Super Smart Animals' on BBC1 & entertained Jennies daughters Franchesca & Lara, with tales of how clever my Green Amazon Parrot, Charlie was (You could practically have a conversation with him!!) He was old, he'd been handed down through family's (Amazon Parrots can live to 70yrs and older, some parrots can live to 100yrs) Once the girls were in bed I watched the brilliant 'NCIS' while having a hot chocolate, with a crumpet with Nutella. 

I was talking to Jennie about her knee operation, they found that she had damaged cartilage in her knee. If my knee keeps getting worse it will be me having a knee op next (My sisters knees are bad & mum had hip & knee replacement ops!!) Then I watched 'TOWIE' Joey's new friend Dag's is amusing!! I had another hot chocolate & 2 choc-chip cookies & two chocolate Digestives. Then Edgar came home from darts, so I headed home & watched 'Law & Order Special Victims Unit' then popped online for a chat on Twitter & Facebook, then went to bed at 1am. (Calories consumed 1,639)

Thursday 9th February, I woke at 10am still feeling in pain & my face has flared up with loads of painful spots, where I had the rash before, by the side of my mouth to the jaw line, very unsightly & very painful WTF? I have never had that even as a teen before!! I took having flawless skin for granted for years now over the past few years it seems to be getting bad!! I cleansed my skin with an anti bacterial wash & I avoided make-up & also the 'Oil Of Olay' moisturiser I'm testing. As I don't want it getting worse!! (See below) I made a coffee & two slices of cheese on toast, with mustard for breakfast. Then I dressed in my grey jogging bottoms & grey cotton, long sleeved, V-neck, T-shirt by Petite Bateau & went to the shop for my newspaper, looking & feeling like shite!! 

I read the paper munching on a banana & an apple, Ex 'Big Brother' contestant & hooker/escort,  Makosi Musambasi (Below) was kicked out of the UK after trying to enter using a relatives passport. But the infamous Big Brother 2005 contestant, was recognised by a UK Border Agency, staff member, when she arrived at London's Heathrow Airport, from Lagos Nigeria. She was sent back to Lagos, where she lives with her partner, the following day, but the £12,000 cash she had on her when she landed, was confiscated from her & the agency is investigating it!

Makosi Musambasi

More reasons to kick out Vile Abu Qatada, comes as a Tory MP say's judges in Strasbourg can do absolutely NOTHING if the UK kicks the 'Hate Preacher' out! We would not face sanctions, as other country's such as Italy, have defied the EU in the past! Dominic Raab rightly said "Britain should deport Qatada & ignore Strasbourg. The Supreme Court said it was legal. There is no risk of a fine, because Strasbourg doesn't have the power. No country has ever been kicked out of the Council of Europe, & the Committee of Ministers that reviews ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) rulings passed a resolution last year, warning the Strasbourg Court, to stop meddling in deportation cases!!" 

Italy defied the EU rule in 2009 that crucifixes should not be displayed in classrooms. Strasbourg rapped France in 2007 for defying EU rulings by fast-tracking deportation of asylum seekers with no documents. France also snubbed the EU by pressing ahead with the forced removal of immigrants, convicted of serious crimes, who were long term residents!! In several cases France was found to have breached the 'immigrants right to a family life' So if they can do it & get away with it... why the hell don't we?? We need to get some balls & stop being toe the line, goodie goodies!!

Ken Livingstone, a Labour arsehole, who I have never liked, showed his true colours, with a gay slur slip up!! Saying the Tory party was "Riddled with gays!!" The Labour candidate for mayor (who ballsed things right up, during his last term as mayor!!) Has accused some conservatives, of being hypocrites, for publicly 'denouncing homosexuality'  While privately 'indulging' in it!! WTF!! I for one, can't think of any public denouncing of Homosexuality, by any Tory member (Promoting marriage & fidelity in STRAIGHT couples, over the growing numbers, of single STRAIGHT parent's, bringing up trouble making children, with no mother, father role models!! Is NOT the same as Gay Bashing!!!) 

Labour Bigots like Ken, love to paint Tory's as 'Gay Haters!!'  What a load of CRAP!! It was Tory Margaret Thatcher (Below) that had the age of consent lowered, from 21 to 18, for gay couples!! Unlike the Labour government, before her!! Some say "Why 18 not 16?"  Well it was a different time back then & a move to lower it to 16, may of got thrown out of court, meaning it would of then stayed at 21yrs! Getting it lowered to 18yrs paved the way, for it being able to be lowered further, in the future.... 

Which it was, with the then government taking all the glory, as if they originated the idea!! Typical!! Without that 1st success under MT, that bill easily not of been passed!! Labour can Fuck Off, about Tories being anti gay!! I'm a Tory Fag-Hag & have male & female Tory friends & family, who have close gay friends, or are gay themselves. Some Tory's may be in the closet, like many gay male & female public, for whatever reason, but they would close to be impartial, in conversations re gay rights, as not to draw attention to their sexuality, they certainly would Not, as Ken Livingstone claim's 'Denounce it!' 

Red Ken - Ken Livingstone

His choice of the word 'Riddled' when referring to homosexuals, is more telling of Ken's 'Contempt for gays' than anything else!! It makes homosexuality sound like a disease & comes across strongly as homophobic!! Also his further comment "The Labour "One's" have all come out!!" Also scream's homophobia "Ones!!" F**king ones!!! Can't he say the word homosexual or gay??? As in 'The Labour gays have come out!' or 'The Labour homosexuals have come out!' very telling Ken!!! 'One's' makes gays sound like an object, a thing, not human beings!! Of course a spin doctor spokesman for Ken, said his comment's were taken out of context!!

The Aftermath Of Ice Storms

Britain will be battered by a freak ice storm today (Like pics above) followed by a blizzard (Oh deep joy!!) With 4" of snow in many areas. (What's the betting the gritters & rail lines, still won't be ready for this, despite knowing this in advance!!) But Good News comes in the shape of...  Vile, Levi Bellfield's appeal against his conviction of the murder of Milly Dowler, being refused!! (Too bloody right!!) Enjoy your life sentence. Scum Bag!! 

Ugly, Murdering, Scum, Levi 

Fixed myself a Quorn, mustard & tomato sandwich with a tomato Cup-a-Soup for lunch & took some more painkillers. I watched the news & then 'Loose Women' I did some online job searches & audition searches & then I mopped the kitchen & bathroom floor. Then a tradesman from my landlords came over to check a few things that needed sorting, and he suggested draft-excluding my front door! Great Idea it let's a lot of cold in!! shortly after that the postman arrived with my apple 'iPod Shuffle' in metallic pink, which I won for introducing 2 new members to Fitness First, wow it's cuter & smaller than I thought it would be!!!

Now I just have to work out how to download stuff on it from iTunes!! Chatted a bit online & sent some CV's off to some job application sites. Then I watched 'Come Dine With Me' I'm surprised that how un-knowledgeable Heidi seems for a PA in her 40's with kids. Then I watched 'Home & Away' they have great script writer's, the show just gets better & better!! I did a few chores & wrote some more of my blog then saw the 2nd of the series of 'Super Smart Animals' the signing Apes were amazing!! 

Followed by 'Inside Man' then the new series of 'Celebrity Juice' Philip Schofield (Above) was on Holly's team & was very, very funny he should be a regular on Holly's team, the way Rufus is on Fern's team!! Peckish I had some chocolate porridge with sliced banana in. Then I did some more blogging before watched the NEW 'Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy' at 1.45am while munching on an apple. Only one bit made me laugh 4 weird creatures that were off to see the 'Jelly Fox' two were called 'The Claw' & 'Spoon Snake' but the rest was just odd but a bit boring! Then I went to bed at 2.10am (Calories consumed 1,285 Good) 

Chocolate Porridge & Banana

Friday 10th February, I woke at 8am in a lot of pain, thanks to bloody neck & left shoulder/arm I'm going to have to go back to my doctor, to go back to the pain clinic! I had a bath to try ease the pain (It didn't) Made a coffee to wash down some painkillers with & a chocolate porridge, for breakfast. My knee is still too bad to power walk. Did a light make-up, wore chocolate leggings, my long sleeved, white, Petite Bateau, top & my cream, beige & gold V-neck, light knit jumper on top. I pulled on my beige, Primark, Ugg style boots & popped to the shop for my newspaper & some milk!!

I got in & read the sun paper, on the front page was the unsurprising news '20,000 sign to deport Qatada' That's 20,000 Sun readers (Including me!) backing the Sun's campaign for the 'Terror suspect' to be booted out of the UK. One reader Rita Langton said "Kick this man out of My country!!" Another, Joy Belle said "Come on, David, start listening & do what the people of this country want! Ignore what what Europe says!!" Liam Crackett said "Time to rid the UK of another scumbag. Give the V-sign to Strasbourg!!" 

The call came after the useless EU stupidly said, that Abu (Once described as 'Osama Bin Laden's right hand man, in Europe') Can't be sent to Jordan, to face trail, on terrorist offences!! Six out of 10 Brits want Abu kicked out. A YouGov pole revealed. 57% say ministers should ignore Strasbourg judges & ship Qatada out of the UK. 27% think we should strike a deal with Jordan 1st, so he can be deported legally. Only 7% (Probably terrorists, or sympathisers, themselves!) Think we should bow to the EU & let him stay! Liberal Idiots!! Meanwhile 43% think we should leave the EU, 42% think we should stay & 15% have No Idea!

Gay comedian, Alan Carr (Above)  called Karl Lagerfeld a 'Vile Old Queen' for calling Adele fat! He added "Adele is beautiful, leave her alone, If I see him I will rip the grey hair off the top of his prune face!!" Adding "He should be the last person to criticise another's looks, He needs to sort his face out. I mean he could drop kick his Jowels they're so saggy!!" Karl has since back tracked & said he'd been taken out of context & added he was Adele's biggest admirer!! (Biggest? In what way are you her Biggest admirer!!!?) Adele will sing at the Grammy's in LA, her 1st performance since vocal surgery! 

 Adele At The Grammy's 

The EXPECTED ice storm yesterday, still brought mayhem to roads, causing dozens of crashes. Verges were littered with car wreckage. It lead to 100 smashes in 1hour (When will people learn to drive safer in bad weather??) Worst hit was Cumbria, where police called the conditions crazy, as super cooled rain hit frozen ground forming black ice! Again roads not gritted despite knowing of weather conditions beforehand!! The AA president said "Some drivers think in a 4x4 they are OK, but it doesn't matter what vehicle you are in. If you get a heavy downpour of rain that almost instantly turns to ice, it's very difficult for grit to be effective!"

More on the useless Haringey Council (Gay rights is about the only thing they get right) who betrayed Baby P, they are now involved in another, child protection scandal. The horrific case involves a mum who was jailed last year, for cruelty after her TEN children, were found, filthy, starving & covered in lice! The Council failed to disclose, when their social workers 1st knew the 10 children were at risk! Until the Sun forced them to! The Sun discovered the council staff 1st had contact with the family in 2002 7years before the police rescued the 10 children, that's 7yrs of worsening suffering that could of been prevented!! At least one of the kids were on the at risk register by 2006 yet was still suffering at home in 2009! 

Police went to the house in 2009 not due to the council, but due to a tip-off & found the dirty children, playing next to rotting food covered in cockroaches!! One toddler was red raw from nappy rash. Foster carers had to bathe them twice because they were so filthy!! Haringey council fought for the details of the case to remain hidden, but The Sun won them using the freedom of information laws! Showing how lessons had NOT been learnt over the 'Baby P' (Peter Connelly) case, by the useless council!

The 9 vile, Muslim, terror gang, who plotted a bomb blitz on London, were jailed for a total of 95years yesterday. The al-Qaeda-inspired group had targeted London Mayor Boris Johnson! Lynchpin Mohammed Chowdhury 21 & right hand moron Shah Rahman 29, planned to put a bomb in the London Stock Exchange. They also scouted targets like Big Ben & The London Eye, for an atrocity at Christmas 2010. Six of the scum were taught by 'Hate Preacher' Adjem Choudary, the 9 admitted various terror related charges, lynchpin Mohammed got a (13years 8months) jail sentence, his right hand moron (12yrs) The 3 vile scumbag's from Cardiff got - Abdul Miah 25 (16yrs 10months) Gurukanth Desai 30 received (12yrs) & Omar Latif 28 got (10yrs 4months) The 4 other vermin from stoke got - Mohammed Shahjahan 27 (8yrs 10months) Mohibur Rahman 27 (5yrs) plus Usman Khan 20 & Nezam Hussain 26 were given (At least 8yrs) Meanwhile 4 men across South Wales have been arrested over the suspicion of possessing terror funds. 

I watched the news & 'Loose Women' then made lunch, a Quorn, tomato & pickle sandwich, with a side of chilli Doritos, a mug of leek & potato Cup-a-Soup & a banana for desert. I did a few chores then watched 'Come Dine With Me' with a Diet Coke & orange, chunky, KitKat (The Orange & The Peanut Butter ones are the best with Caramel a close 2nd!!!) The shop has sold out of Peanut Butter KitKat's, I had the last of the Orange, there is just a few White Choc (Ughhhh to sickly for me) & loads of Double Choc, no surprise there, they are just the same as the normal type!! So Peanut Butter, or Orange, should win the KitKat Challenge! Then I watched the brilliant 'Home & Away' before making chocolate porridge with sliced banana in for a light dinner.

 Gorgeous Pandas

I watched the Channel 4 news, then the Friday night  version of  'Come Dine With Me'  followed by 'New Girl' chatted a bit to my friend Julia, on Twitter. Then watched 'Wild About Panda's' so so sweet I was jealous of the people working & interacting with the adorable pandas!! Awwwwwe!!! Then I watched 'QI' followed by the 'Graham Norton Show' then I chilled with some magazines, before going to bed at midnight (Calories consumed 1,633)

Saturday 11th February, I had the oddest 3 dreams last night. 1) first of all I was living in either, a massive house, or a very large apartment, in a large hotel. I seemed to have two Golden Retriever dogs & another dark one (Not sure of the dark dogs, breed!) & I was either looking after loads more dogs, at the mansion/hotel, or it was a dog friendly hotel & loads of people had brought their dogs. At some point I couldn't find my dogs & I wandered outside, the into the massive grounds, that were surrounded by fields. I saw lots of dogs running around, all sorts of breeds, then I saw a big male lion, in the field to my left, who looked like it was carrying a cub in it's mouth, but when I looked carefully I saw it was shaking & mauling a large cream dog in its jaws. I was horrified & thought "OMG there are lots of other dogs in that field why are they not fleeing the field??"  Then I thought "Oh that poor dog how awful!!..... OMG!! I hope it's not one of my Retrievers!!"  Then I looked among the dogs near me to see if mine were among them, I couldn't see them & hoped they were still inside the building, as I'd not let them out!! Then I looked at the lion again & something didn't seem right, it's scale seemed wrong against the surrounding landscape!! I thought "This looks wrong he is too big for the distance he is & the scale of trees behind him!!..... To be that big he'd be a Giant!!??" 

2) Then I seemed to skip to a different dream & I was in America, I can't recall much about this dream but I'd moved into a new flat or apartment which was quite small & I wondered how I'd fit my furniture in? My brother was there, my bedroom had this high-tech super slim stereo system, which I looked forward to trying out, I was looking at alien looking coins in my purse, some silver one about the size of a 5p but the shape of a 20p but with portcullis design like on a 1p, but it was supposedly USA money. I was trying to find my bearings & find my way around the district of my new home.

3) Then I dreamt something a bout a theft & jewellery, I was in a jewellery shop not sure if I was working there or not, someone brought me what looked like a miniature gold sword or cutlass, that fitted in the palm of my hand both bits were pressed into a flat piece of olive green plasticine (I guess so the 2 bits didn't get lost) I took it & squeezed the plasticine around it, it looked like my ornate letter opener.

I woke at 10am, as the hairdressers down stairs was so noisy, it felt like my bed was in the middle of a busy noisy pub bar. I lay there for a bit, after taking some painkillers, as I'm in a lot of pain with my back, and mused over what my dream/dreams were all about?? Not sure about the mansion, or hotel, but maybe the Golden Retriever is Lucy who belongs to my pregnant pal Stacey? Don't know what the giant Lion, mauling one, means tho? Not sure what America or my brother represents? Or the jewellery or my mini broken gold sword, like my letter opener means either?? ODD!!

Once the pain had subsided some, I carefully got out of bed (With some difficulty!!) & showered & washed hair. I dressed in my black jogging bottoms & black, long sleeved, scoop necked, Petite Bateau, cotton top, with my damaged Ugg look boots. I dried my hair & did a light make-up, as I'm still a bit spotty, at left side of  mouth (Not sure if that is down to Hormones, or down to the NEW Olay 'Total Effects 7 In One' sensitive protection Moisturiser I'm trying?? Guess time will tell!) So I put some more DiproBase cream on it, to help clear it up. I shoved on my faux sheepskin gilet & faux fur deerstalker & popped to the shop for a paper & a few essentials. Then I had brunch which was a veggie sausage sandwich with lots of English mustard & chilli Doritos & a coffee.

I did a load of dusting, then popped to the shop & got a paper, too cold to go into town just for my lottery ticket so I didn't bother, wish my local shop did the lottery!! hoovered the lounge hall & bedroom & then the kitchen, bathroom & the stairs. Stopped for a vegetable Cup-a-Soup & 3 Rivita (Campbell's Cup-a-Soup is so bland, even with added salt & pepper, Baxters Cream of vegetable or Golden Vegetable Cup-a-Soup are far superior, I will never be buying Campbell's Cup-a-Soup again!! Its like drinking warm Dishwater at best!) If I wasn't short of cash I'd throw the lot away!! I tried to watch some shows on 4oD but my laptop was being annoyingly slow so I did a virus check on it.... but it was all clear!!

Watered my plant's downstairs, then read the paper, The Headline was about the £45million Euromillions, Lottery winner, with the Headline 'I Need To Win The Lottery, Money woes of £45million Matt's estranged mum' Matt Topham's mum jokes she needed to win the lottery to pay for a holiday. Julie 49 made the comment before her 22yr son won the £45million. But sources said she won't get a penny from her millionaire son, after she cut off contact with him 6yrs ago. She say's she hopes the money doesn't ruin the lives of Matt & his girlfriend Cassey. (No reason why it should, quite the opposite if their sensible!!) Mind you he may not be sensible if that stupid under chin, beard is anything to go by! Nor was going public after such a big win! I'd only let those nearest & dearest know!

Also on the front page was '20 cops net killer of Dami' Ricky Preddie 24, the scum, who murdered Damilola Taylor (Who was disgustingly on early release) defied his parole terms, hanging out with his old Peckham gang/felons when he was banned from going to Peckham. Twenty cops pursued him, the scum screamed & fought with the 20 cops, who were trying to take the felon back to prison, after just 16 days of freedom. But screaming and fighting as much as he did, they still managed to overpower him & bundle him into a police van. This is the 2nd time he'd been given early release & then carted back for breaking the terms of his release. Which goes to show how well Ken Clarke's soft justice works!! (Or rather doesn't!!)

Ken Clarke, Toughen Up Or Go!!

Meanwhile a remand prisoner, Barry Marrow 52, who's suspected of murdering his landlady & her mum has killed himself (One less criminal to pay for in prison!) He fled in his landlady's car after the murder & was arrested 5 days later in France. He said his Landlady Angela had hung herself after he'd spurned her advances. So how does he explain the death of her mother? He then said he had to flee to Spain as his son had been kidnapped! He said he'd left a friend "Russsian Trevor" to deal with Angela's body! (OH... That Sounds Very Plausible! Doesn't it!!) He hung himself in his cell, no doubt using the same method he did on Angela!!

Boring Bint Actress, Gwyneth Paltrow (Above) has told couples what they should do to make Valentines day go with a bang!! (How very generous of her!!..... Who said she's an expert??) She advises the use of oils, feathers & a sex guide (How original..... YAWN!!) She says.... Couples should provide a string of romantic surprises throughout the day, she suggests couples should swap love-notes at breakfast, before making a string of love hearts out of coloured paper.... WTF!!!! (I defy any man or woman.... <who is NOT of the type that talks sickening baby talk>.... Not to baulk at this!!.... I doubt that many, men or women, would NOT find this idea, excruciatingly, cringeworthy!!) She also suggests making up lovey-dovey playlists for each other's iPods (If your both lucky enough to afford one!! Not everyone does Gwyneth!!) Well that's nothing new, making your beloved, a romantic mixed tape, has been going on long before iPods!! Or heating things up with a bawdy book (When are they meant to do this? On their Valentines Day commute? Or in their lunch hour at work? <in a plain cover> Or maybe inbetween household chores??) We don't all have housekeepers, chauffeurs, or flexible work hours Gwyneth!!

She say's "Nights Of Great Sex, by Laura Corn, is not just another sex book. It uses 'secret sealed envelopes' with special instructions for a love task or favour. The anticipation & mystery makes even the smallest gestures pretty thrilling!" One can only surmise how boring she is in bed, if she needs to resort to that, to spice things up!  She adds at 3pm you should arrange the delivery of a bouquet of flowers (A common gesture on Valentines Day).... For those lucky enough to be able to afford to!!... (Which isn't many at the moment Gwyneth!!)  Followed with a simple dinner of Chicken Paillard with Avocado's (What if your vegetarian??) Then at 10pm get out the 'Kama Sutra original weekender kit' £16 (Again if you can afford it, and don't find it naff!!) The kit includes, love oils, pleasure balm, honey dust & a fun, feather, applicator. (Sounds a rip off for £16 to me!!) So thanks, but no thanks Gwyneth, I'll pass!! Anyway as usual I'm single on Feb 14th anyway (I wonder if she is on commission, for sales of 'Nights Of Great Sex' & 'Kama Sutra weekender kits' Above & Below??)

1,000's of land to air missiles, stolen from Gaddafi's stash, are being smuggled into Afghanistan & sold on to al-Qaeda & the Taliban, to target British army chopper's. Talking of terrorists, scumbag & REAL IRA terrorist Brian Shivers 46, got 25yrs jail yesterday for the murder of 2 British soldiers, who he cowardly shot, while picking up takeaway pizzas, at the front of their barracks, in Northern Ireland 3yrs ago. He will have to serve the whole 25yrs before he has any chance of parole, so hopefully, with a bit of luck he will die in jail!

There was pictures of Kate Moss taken for fashion magazine W, for a Saint or Sinner shoot, the magazine is available with a GOOD or a BAD Kate cover, thanks to lighting/airbrushing she looks young on the covers & in the rubber nun habit with black rubber stockings (Above) But she looks well old & ropey in one pic in a pail blueish white dress & big hair & veil plus black crucifix held between legs, her gace looks around 60yrs old! (Below right)

There was also a dishevelled picture of Whitney Houston, looking wasted & as if she was about to swear, there were  blood drops on her left leg (injecting?) and scratches on her wrist, on a night out in Hollywood, after earlier singing at a party. Whitney who has battled drink & drug problems once admitted "My business is sex, drugs & rock n roll, I partied my tail off!" She deny's rumours that she is on the brink of bankruptcy. It might be a bad picture, but she looks a mess, I think it won't be long before she goes the same way as Amy Winehouse. She looked in a bad way on Xfactor last year, when she was meant to be clean, but seemed incoherent & confused when interviewed on stage by Dermot!

There were some amazing pictures of the same person taken decades apart & merged like the one below click HERE to see more amazing pics!!

AgeMap Photo

Had 3 crispbread's spread with Marmite with Gouda cheese on top, followed by an orange KitKat, washed down with a coffee & watched the news then took out some rubbish & listed some stuff on eBay (As it's free listings weekend) I watched Russell Grant on 'All Star Family Fortunes' then changed my bed linen & put the dirty sheets etc in the washing machine. Then I had 2 more Rivita's with Gouda & a Diet Coke as I was peckish. Then I watched 'You've Been Framed' & 'Harry Hills TV Burp' had another Diet Coke as I was feeling thirsty. I watched 'Take Me Out' where that plonker of a model Damian went on his date on the Isle of Fernando's, for a model he has a very odd looking face, yet he looks great in photos (Must be the magic of lighting & photoshop!!) Then I watched the follow on show 'The Gossip'  but still with a thirst needing quenching, I popped to the shop & got a can of ice cold K Cider (Delicious!!)

I watched 'The Jonathan Ross Show' quite amusing & had a funny clip from the Internet which involved a Golden Retriever which made me think of my dream! I had a coffee & watched a Sean Penn film 'The Assassination Of Richard Nixon' which I found quite boring then '50 Cents' film 'Get Rich Or Die Trying' which I found equally dull!! All this death on TV & during which time it was all over Twitter & Facebook that Whitney Houston has died!! Which was quite odd as I'd only typed in today's blog earlier today, that it's only a matter of time before she ends up like Amy Whinehouse, I haven't heard the cause of death but, I won't be surprised if it's drink or drug related!! Bobby Brown has a lot to answer for!! Had a coffee watching '90210' then went to bed at 5am. Calories consumed 1,732 whoops!!)

Sunday 12th February, I woke late at noon, after yet another, of my memorable dreams (I've had 3 this week, I use to have them all the time, but lately I seem to have bee dreamless, or they have been so un-dynamic they failed to be memorable on waking!) I dreamt I was at some fashionable event, in beautiful clothes & I was mixing and chatting to people in the fashion industry, then I was in a big mansion house of a woman who had 2  badgers as pets (But they looked like grey Staffs with white stripes down the centre of their faces) I knew I'd been here before in a dream & I'd disciplined one of the badgers/dogs with a slap on the nose when it had gone to bite me after being stroked!! I seemed to be with my friend Ian, she heard (Via Ian) I was an actress & she ran a wedding shop & she said I could borrow any of her dresses for free any time (Maybe this has something to do with Ian being in a new Ad for dressed in drag as a bride, See video below) 

I said I knew the shop it was in the street on the way to station, with a cheap button & trimmings shop, and a cheap 2nd hand clothes & cheap 2nd hand jewellery shop. I have visited this street 100's of times in my dreams (It has been in them so often & it felt so real, that before now, when needing buttons or trimmings & cheap vintage I have gone out when awake to use the shops & felt confused when I couldn't find!) Then Ian & I were waiting to go on EastEnders, we were sat at a wooden pub table with benches attached, with 2 women Ian seemed to know, in the pedestrian area of St Albans high road. The actor who plays Nick Cotton was setting something up for the shoot, and the two women said we must tell them when it's going on TV!!

Then I woke up, thinking "Well that was odd!!" It was a grey miserable day outside, no bright sunshine like yesterday. I got on the scales 1/4lb lost, then fixed myself a porridge with cinnamon & nutmeg plus a coffee for breakfast, after I'd had a wash, the break out on my face seem's to be in remission, thankfully! Then I got out last nights bed linen, laundry from the machine to dry. I checked my emails, plus my Twitter & Facebook messages, then being a big kid at heart, I watched (& really enjoyed) the film 'Muppet's From Space' then I did the washing up & a bit more housework. I had a creamy vegetable Cup-a-Soup & 3 Rivita's, as I was peckish, have seen nothing of the small black mouse/baby rat, over the past few days (Hope it hasn't died of hunger!!) Filed a load of paperwork & bills. Then popped to the shop, for a Diet Coke, then threw out more rubbish. I watched the news & then the repeat of 'Harry Hills TV Burp' while enjoying my Diet Coke with some chilli Doritos. 

Then It was time for 'Dancing On Ice' Meanwhile two people messaged me to say they were watching me on 'Pick TV' on the repeat of 'Louie Spence's Showbusiness' saying I was very funny!! Somebody else said the same yesterday (See clip above!!) Then my lovely friend Stephanie Ledigo, who was also on the show, tweeted me, after I called Kirk Norcross (TOWIE) a lobotomite, saying......

 steph ledigo 

 I love the word!! My dad was a bit taken with you on my tv screen last night!

I laughed & said "lol OMG was that the repeat of #Showbusiness?? xx" .......she replied  

 steph ledigo 

 yep ha ha!! Great legs on ya June!

Which made me laugh, I watched 'Dancing On Ice'  I had a creamy vegetable Cup-a-Soup with 3 Rivita as I was peckish, While I watched the brilliant 'The Hotel' The owner/manager Mark's food tastes seem to be stuck in the 70-80's (Prawn Cocktail starter, T-Bone Steak & Chips main & Profiteroles desert!!) Very Retro!! Then it was time for the 'Dancing On Ice' Results Show, the right person went this week... Rosemary! I watched 'TOWIE' I don't think anything of the supposed new Essex Hunk? Who was in the hot tub with Lydia, with his rosy cheeks, stubble & Lego hair..... you can keep him!! I heard that Ruth who I was a cougar with on 'OMG' & who also did the pilot for 'Hit The Road Jack' with, had gone to the 'Les Miserables' audition at the Barbican & had got herself a 4 month contact!!... Damn!! I was happy for her, but I'm gutted that I didn't go, to the open audition like planned. I would of but Richard who was going to give me a lift, pulled out, after hearing bad reports back from the Kent open auditions, for it. Then I checked my bank & I only had £10 in the bank plus a near empty fridge, so didn't have the £15 fare to go by train, on my own!!! Bugger!! 

Still having the munchies, I had 2 Rivita's, with Marmite & a coffee with an orange KitKat, the shop has now sold out of all new flavours (Orange, Peanut Butter & White Chocolate) Except for the Double Chocolate, which doesn't surprise me as Double Chocolate, Chunky KitKat, tastes exactly the same as the ordinary Chunky KitKat!! Did some Editing of my CV for when I send it out, to hopefully make it more appealing to employers. Then did some online past credits on IMDb. Eventually falling into bed at 2.55am (Calories consumed 1,367 Good!!)

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