Sunday, 5 May 2013

90 Days..... Starts with Day 1

Monday 29th April, I know I had a dream, that was something to do with, the Vi 90 Day Challenge, but it was hazy, I obviously have the challenge, that I begin today, on my mind! I am in a lot of pain today, with my neck, coccyx & left knee. My knee, is more of a reason, why I need to lose that extra {1st 11lb - 2st} to be back to,  how I was, a few years before! As the extra gained weight, is not helping my weak knee any! I got up & had a wash & took a load of painkillers. Then I got on the scales & took a photo, to chart my '90 Day Challenge' success (Or failure lol) My scales are out by 5lb, as they always say I am 5lb more, than the scales do, whenever I'm weighed, either at the doctors, or when in hospital. So 11st 4lb is actually 10st 13lb. But It doesn't really matter, as even with them being 5lb out, if I only use them, to weigh myself, while on the challenge, I can still accurately chart, any weight loss/gain!

Weigh in done, I made myself a Vi Basic Shake, with a Strawberry Mix In, 4 ice cubes & Semi Skimmed milk (Below) & had it with a Vi, Chocolate Chip, Nutra Cookie (Below, bottom) Then I got changed into, white lingerie, ripped jeans & my grey T-Shirt, with tiger face print, with studding detail on shoulders. I checked my Hotmail, Facebook & Twitter messages, before I popped to the shop, for my Sun newspaper. Back indoors, I put 4Music on & settled down to read the paper. 

Tory MP, Ken Clarke, says 'UKIP' is a big joke, and said supporters were fruitcakes & racists, wooed by a collection of clowns. The trouble is, many people feel, that UKIP, are the only party, listening to them & their concerns. Labour totally fucked up Britain, with their open door & loads of help to foreigners, but not for the UK's own people, policy!! And to mend the damage, labour did, the Conservatives are too busy, trying to refill, the empty UK purse, the Labour morons bled dry. That they are presently deaf, to many concerns, so many feel UKIP & even racist BNP, are the only ones who care. 

I have voted Conservative all my life & I am NOT Racist & most certainly NOT Homophobic, yet at times, I feel like voting UKIP, just to put the wind up, the Conservatives & get that Maggie, fighting for the British rights, spirit back!!! And its the weak, soft on crime, Conservative arsehole's, like Clarke (Above) that makes life time, Conservative voters, like myself, think about possibly voting, UKIP, in the first place. 

Today's, Page 3, Hollie, 23, from Manchester, was lovely, except for the feather tattoo, under her left breast. My stars for Gemini said - 'As your mentor Mercury, gets ready, to move on, it's prime time to make up with a friend (I haven't fallen out with a friend, not even my HATER, who is doing their damnedest, to bring me down, for some unknown reason!!??) & one more try can get a shared project working again. Later as the moon moves through your soul-mating chart, a relationship that has been little more, than physical attraction, goes much deeper' (About 8" deeper?? lol)

I popped out to the Job Centre, at 4pm & checked this weeks, new, local, jobs & printed one off. Then I went to Tesco's & got 2 Finest salads & 2 Finest fresh soups. Then I headed home, getting myself a large cappuccino, from Cafe Roma on the way home. Once in I watched 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Reunion Show, Kim's 'Real Hair'  hairpiece, is such an improvement (As she had lots of $$$$ so I don't know why, she didn't get herself one, ages ago? I would if I had the £££) Then I watched, the totally fab 'Millionaire Matchmaker' I LOVE, Feisty, Gemini, Matchmaker, Patti, she is fierce!!! 

I had a Tesco Finest - King Prawn, rice salad, for my late lunch. Before watching two episodes of 'Home & Away' very sad at the moment. I did some washing up & laundry. Chatted for a bit to Bi Gen, who was still OTT, love sick, over Leanne, who's in the US. Gen can be cool as a cucumber with men, but loses it when smitten with a woman!!! I told Gen to stop being so needy neurotic & reign it in, because if I was Leanne, it would be too much & I'd be backing off, Big Time!!

I did some laundry & washing up & at 7.45pm, I had another strawberry Vi Shake & some crispbread's, spread with Marmite & topped with plain, cottage cheese (The Marmite gives it some bite!!) Then I watched 'Stargate SG-1' followed by the fab 'Revenge' then chatted a bit to the girls and a few others, on Twitter, while blogging & watching 'Made In Chelsea' (Below) at the same time. 

Then I watched the film 'Invasion' that stars 'Nichole Kidman' another Gemini, who shares, my birthday (Along with John Taylor of Duran Duran) The film was pretty shite, but something to watch on a TV night full of repeats! I had a coffee & a Vi, Peanut butter, Nutra cookie, then I watched 'Britain's Close Encounters' I love all that UFO stuff. Followed by 'CSI Miami' & 'Dark Blue' before Bed (Calories consumed 1,463, 7 calories UNDER target, good!)

Tuesday 30th April, by 7am, I still hadn't slept, due to my neck & shoulder pain, and that was still the case, when my alarm went off at 7.30am. So I dragged my carcass into the shower & washed & dried my hair. I mixed up a chocolate, Vi shake for breakfast with some ice & had it with a Vi chocolate chip Nutra Cookie, to try and give me a surge of energy & got ready, listening to 4Music. I wore silver underwear, my 'A Hole' jeans (The brand name always makes me laugh, childish I know but true) My grey, 'Primark' T-shirt, with tiger face print & stud detail, my black 'Ted Baker' ankle boots, plus some silver jewellery. Then I pulled on my 'Dolce & Gabbana' sunglasses & my faux, cream sheepskin, 'River Island' jacket (As it was blowing an icy wind, despite being sunny) Then at 8.20am, I set off for the station. I got to the ticket office & had a laugh, with the funny, nerdy, ticket guy, who normally flirts with me (Below)

I caught my train & got to my appointment bang on 9.15am, even though, I wasn't seen, by small business advisor, Anne until 9.30am. I spoke to her, about my business idea, and like Donna she also thought it was a good & viable business idea. She gave me some pointers & sites to go on, plus she advised that, I got my business name, set up, as a limited company, ASAP! After talking to Anne, I spoke to Donna, for a bit, who was as lovely & bubbly as ever & she suggested, I go in this 1 day a week, 12 week sort of business course, which I think will be a crashing bore if I'm honest. But I will get a certificate for it, at the end of it, so what the hell. 

But that meant, I had to do some online literacy & numeracy test, there & then, to check I wasn't too dumb for it (Great just what I needed, after over 24hrs with no sleep!) I did the 30+ odd question English test & the 30+ odd mathematics test. I think I got 2 wrong on each, but I'm not too bothered, I was knackered & my eyes, could barely focus, on the screen, as it was & I only did mental arithmetic, rather than cheat, on my phone calculator. I was told that was fine, I'd passed with flying colours. I was also told it was mandatory & I could lose money, I'm presently entitled to, if I didn't complete the course (Even though I volunteered for it!! Crazy!!) I left there & went to Primark, for a white floppy brimmed summer hat & ended up also getting a floor length, navy & cream striped, jersey, vest dress, too. (Similar, but not the same as the one below)

Then I bought a Sun paper, with it now 1pm & me feeling hungry, I went to Costa, for a large Cappuccino & a tasty, Goat's Cheese & Mediterranean Vegetable, Panini. I found a table & settled down, I read the paper, the front page was about a British, Everest, climber, 'Jonathan Griffith' 29, who yesterday, claimed a mob, of 150, Sherpa guides, tried to kill him & his two pals, with rocks, fists & a knife. While they were 21,000ft up Mount Everest, after a row with one of the leaders. Talking of fights 'Showbusiness' & 'Pineapple Studio's' dancer, singer, 'Andrew Stone' 40, was yesterday found guilty, of assaulting his girlfriend, as she lay ill with the flu. Kicking her out of his bed, after she had a go at him, for playing loud music & jumping on the mattress. He grabbed her throat & choked her, then punched her in the right eye, causing some bruising. Andrew claims she started the attack, in his Marylebone, London, flat. He may face a restraining order, when sentenced on May 23rd.

Andrew Stone & I, He's The Slapper Not Me!!!

Today's page 3, Nichole, 20 from Bournemouth, is pretty, with a fab figure, but had, bad jewellery & knickers on & was in an awkward, uncomfortable looking pose. At long last, cushy, holiday camp style jails will be axed (Thank god, jails should be a bleak punishment) In a new war, on perks for idle lags. Justice secretary 'Chris Grayling' wants a crackdown on inmates, lounging around cells watching TV. Currently all prisoners get perks & only lose them for bad behaviour. 

Under the new shake up, they would start of with basics & would have to earn privileges, such as their own TV's (And not for something piss easy, I hope) They would need to take part in jail work & training & addicts would be required to attend drugs or booze rehab (WTF?? Don't they have to already??) Extra gym sessions, will only be allowed on merit, plus they will be banned from watching certificate 18 DVD's. Subscription TV will be removed from private Jails (I should think so too!!)

The parents of angelic, missing, 5yr old 'April Jones' (Above) wore her favourite colour, pink, yesterday, as they faced her alleged killer in court. 'Aprils' parents 'Coral & Paul' managed to keep a dignified silence, in the public gallery (Must of been agonising) as the trial commenced. They have vowed to wear pink, every day of the trial, that will not finish until June. 

Talking of sick, Welsh, paedo's, a paedophile ring, may have targeted, 140 children, across 18 care homes, a new police probe revealed, yesterday. Police in North Wales have 'Significant' fresh evidence of "Systematic & serious sexual & physical abuse!" Spanning 29 years, with youngsters aged 7 to 19. Vile 'Jimmy Savile' was a regular visitor, to one child's home, Bryn Estyn in Wrexham. A total of 84, alleged perverts, have been named, 75 men & 9 women. Of those 16 were named by more than one victim. Ten of them, may be already dead, so will have escaped justice.

There was a bit on the 1 star signs, favourite hobbies. Mine 'Gemini' said - 'Gossipy Gemini's love Facebook, tweets & radio phone-in's, they are also great impressionists (I do mimic friends & the odd celeb) & enjoy a manicure' (I do like my talons buffed & painted) The rest are as follows :-
  1. Aries - No1 football fans, they think they can be top players, but stick to spectating. Love wearing & making hats (My Aries friend Nicky is football nuts)
  2. Taurus - They have, or think they have, the best singing voices & are the 1st to bag gig tickets, they have an eye for a car boot sale garden (My Taurus Friend Nat, always has the latest gig tickets)
  3. Cancer - Love to read & write romantic story's - but HE is bashful about it. Good at TV cookery contests (Lol my Cancer Ex Kieron, is NO Cook!! & the thought of him with a Mills & Boon makes me crack up!!)
  4. Leo - Gamblers, they can be found at the race track, when not in the gym. Tell daring jokes at at talent contests. Like a haircut. (Well my lovely mum & Leo friend Simon, were/are not gamblers, or joke tellers, Simon likes the gym & a hair cut though)
  5. Virgo - Big on healthfood shops & advising friends on what to eat, they are fine poker players, and train pets to do top tricks (Hmmm my sister Julie & my Virgo friends Anna & Andrea, don't advise others on what to eat, and Anna & Julie are always on diets & moaning about their weight, yet love big portions of food & cakes & sweets, as for pet tricks I have only seen My sisters ex dog do the basics)
  6. Libra - Up on fashion & cars, they love to dress for a theatre trip. Gifted at matchmaking, so invited to a lot of weddings ( Best friend Libra Candie likes to dress up, for a fancy night out, not sure how big a theatre goer she is though? Not known Ian go to loads of weddings?) 
  7. Scorpio - Solvers of puzzles from crosswords to finding unclaimed fortunes. Work out what people will pay at auctions (Not sure how good Scorpio pals Nick & Terry, are at finding unclaimed fortunes?)
  8. Sagittarius - Quick to travel, they know enough foreign lingo to help them flirt, Good at many sports including darts (Sagittarius Ex's John & Dave loved to travel & flirt, but don't know about the darts etc?)
  9. Capricorn - Keen coaches, they are often devoted to a local team. Love to grow things you can eat, rather than flowers. Enjoy a facial (I tend to avoid Capricorn's like the plague, as they do my frigging head in, with their OTT intensity, even the two I know & have allowed to slip, under the radar, Gen & Neil, both do my head in, so I haven't allowed either of them, close enough, to know if any of that is close?)
  10. Aquarius - Raise money for Charity, in a way that lets people have fun. Knack for predictions, especially of friends love lives (Both Aquarian's Rob & the love of my life Angelo, do/did a lot of fun things for charity, Angelo definitely also had the latter, I don't know, if Rob does?)
  11. Pisces - Dance classes & showing off their moves in clubs, are top pastimes, keen photographers, they take flattering family pics (The only Piscean I can think of, is my late dad, never really saw him on the dance floor but he did like taking family snaps)
Talking of star signs, my stars for Gemini today said - 'You can talk on a deeper level to those who matter most & find new ways to divide responsibility's within the family (What family?) The Pluto effect can bring money from the past into the present (Yes please hurry up) A Love relationship gets back to it's best. Single? The next Libra you are introduced to is special (Yeah special needs, knowing my luck!) I got the train back to St Albans & flicked through the Metro paper, I found on a seat. My Gemini stars in there said - 'There is a hint of magic in the air, especially when you knuckle down & get on with things (Business idea?) A new job assignment, or other work news should bring a helpful twist to matters. Socialising may bring you plenty of opportunity's to make business connections' Well that all looks promising, after the meeting I had today. 

I got home & grabbed my laptop & sat in the sun with a Solero Ice cream (Above) & checked my Hotmail, the Facebook & then finally, my Twitter messages. And inboxed a friend, on Facebook, a dream, they were in, as it was amusing to say the least. I was going to watch 'Millionaire Matchmaker' but it was a repeat, so I spent another hour in the sun, then I put my white, duvet cover, in the washing machine, with some bleach & Vanish & put it on a boil wash, as it is getting, a grey white, lately!! 

I got in & watched 'Home & Away' which was interrupted by Gen, wanting my Agony Aunt services..... Honestly, Gen is beginning to exhaust me & I don't tire easy!! But after 36+ hrs awake, I could of really done without, Gen's drama!!! Fucking Capricorn's, they really do my fricking head in, they are needy drama queens, who always have to have their own way!! At 8pm, hungry again I had a Tesco Finest - Honey Roasted, Hot Smoked Salmon & Crushed Charlotte Potatoes, Salad with a Hollandaise Sauce, with 2 Good For You, Asda crispbread's. 

I watched 'The Big Body Squad' I'm annoyed, at myself, for letting myself go, after a long spate, of illness & then bereavement, but I'm positively anorexic compared to this lot!! (How can you allow yourself, to get that bad??) Then it was an evening of 'CSI, Body of Proof, & Dallas' I had a Vi chocolate chip, Nutra cookie as my tummy was rumbling (I seem more hungry, since I have started using Vi, which is ironic as it's meant to fill you up!!) before more blogging & brief Twitter chat, until I retired to bed, in the wee hrs (Calories consumed 1,812, 35cals UNDER target, good)

Wednesday 1st May, I had a strange, but fun, dream, where I was staring in a remake of 'Absolutely Fabulous' not sure if it was the TV show or a film? But I was one of Patsy & Eddie's crazy close friends in it & I was in a bunch of different outfits, but they were all, only in red, yellow or white. Lots of crazy stuff went on, then I was at a table, signing photos of myself, in the red outfit & others of me in the yellow outfit, stills from the Show/Film. Then I dreamt, I swapped flats, with a friend, who lived in a flat opposite, as she said mine was bigger! Despite this, I moved to the smaller flat, once I did up, the new flat, my next door friend, who'd got my flat, loved what I'd done & now preferred her old flat & wanted to move back, I thought "FFS make up your mind & stop messing me about!!" 

Then I seemed to be watching myself on 'Ab Fab' with someone, I can't recall who? I was really good in it! I even surprised myself! I was then, in an apartment, not sure if it was the same one, or not? I seemed to have a gay midget, or dwarf, as a guest, who was wandering round it, in a small white, towelling bath robe. There seemed to be another male, in my home, full sized, I have no idea who? For some reason, he took umbrage at the small gay guy, I don't know if genuine anger, or feigned? But he grabbed him & went to go to throw him over the balcony (We were not, on the ground floor) I didn't know if he was joking or genuine so I rushed to stop him & did..... Then I woke ..... My dreams are odd!!!

Keep Fit - Eddie & Patsy Style 

It is a beautiful sunny day out, but a bit windy (Icy winds) I got on the scales, my weight hasn't gone up or down, since day 1 of my '90 Day Challenge' After a wash, I brushed my teeth & then put on my yellow 'Sponge Bob' bikini & slipped on my long, cream & navy, vest dress & popped to the shop, for a Sun newspaper, Diet Cokes, a Closer magazine & some toilet roll. I went back indoors, put the loo roll, in the loo, the Cokes in the fridge & the paper & magazine on the side. I then made myself a Vi, Shake for breakfast, with pink grapefruit, segments, added, to add bulk, fibre & flavour & some ice cubes, Mmmmm tangy & refreshing! 

I then sat out in my bikini, in the sun, with the paper, Closer magazine & my laptop. My good friend 'Mike' called me at 1.15pm, asking if he could park, in my courtyard, briefly, while he does a bit of shopping? He is obviously back over from Holland, but working away in London & so staying elsewhere. I laughed & said "Yeah no problem, I'm sat in the courtyard as we speak, you could of asked me, as you backed in!! xx"

He parked up & went off, to do some shopping & I checked my emails & Facebook, then Twitter. As I did 'Rob Lamarr's', Twitter status, came up, on my timeline, saying 'Flying off to #Holland for a few days, back on Monday'  Which I thought was ironic, as my friend, who lives in Holland (Mike, lives in Heusden, near Den Bosch, Holland. Which is halfway between Amsterdam & Antwerp in Belgium) had only just, pulled into my courtyard! 

So amused, I sent Rob, a tweet, saying 'Lovely..... Enjoy yourself #WindowShopping lol' A joke, referring to the Holland, red light district, in Amsterdam. Though of course 'Rob' could be headed, anywhere in Holland. Then after another 30min phone call, from Gen, meaning that yet again, I had to be a bloody relationship councillor!! (I should be getting bloody paid for this!!) I eventually grabbed my Magnum, Infinity, ice cream from the freezer & picked up the paper.

Monster V Angel 

I read the paper, the front page, is about that evil, murdering, slaughter house, worker, C**t 'Mark Bridger' 47, who murdered beautiful 'April Jones' (Both above) & had images of murdered 'Holly & Jessica' on his PC with a stash of other child abuse images on his PC!!! I swear, I want that Vile C**T slaughtered, Halal style!! (Bled to death, without a stun gun 1st) Preferably hanging from a hook, in a room naked, with his genitals smeared with honey & treacle & the room filled with angry Bees & Hornets!! Actually hold that, bee's die when they sting a person (I can't use the word human for him) So make that angry wasps & hornets!!!! 

If anyone touched, any of my nephew's, or nieces, or my friends kids & I got hold of them.... I swear to god, there would be fuck all left of them, to prosecute!!!... The gutless scum, who deny's abducting & murdering, little 'April', had her blood in 3 rooms in his home, plus pictures of her half sisters, plus, a child's, scull fragments, in the hearth, of his wood burning stove, along with the remains, of a boning knife, partly destroyed, by the fire (I truly want, to slaughter him, so bad!!) Beautiful, cute, 5 year old, 'April', vanished in Machynlleth, Mid Wales, last October (I remember it well, I prayed she would be found safe, but in my heart, I doubted it would happen!)

'Aprils' blood was found, in the bachelor's (No wonder you can't find a woman, you kiddie fiddler/killer) living room, hallway & bathroom, shaken jurors, some close to tears, were shown, child abuse, images from his laptop, one woman could hardly bring herself to look at the screen. She put her hand to her forehead, turned her face to the floor & shook her head. Scum 'Bridger' (Above) only lived a few miles from 'April' who's body has never been found. 

Tellingly eight days before little 'April' vanished, he looked at pictures of her, on Facebook & had saved some of her & of her 2 half sisters aged 13 & 16 (Why were those pics not set to private, or was he a FB friend to the parents?) He began compiling dossiers on them, 5 months before 'April' vanished, saving the pics & info, in folders, under their names. Not all child abuse images, due to be shown in court, were shown, when the judge, decided to bring a halt, to the distressing images. Sending the jury home after saying "Ladies & gentlemen, some of these images are very distressing, please remember, this is very, very, early stages, you must not rush into any conclusion at all!" They mustn't, but I will!!... HE FUCKING DID IT 100%!!!.....

'Aprils' mum 'Coral Jones' 43 (Above) & dad 'Paul Jones' 41, wore pink ribbons, in her memory as 'Bridger' admitted he "Probably" killed, their daughter 'April' Probably..... Fucking PROBABLY!!! He knows full well HE DID!! Saying he "ran her over by accident" Oh really? Why did nobody else, see/hear, that accident, then?? Especially as she was only playing, on the grass area, just outside her own home!! 

If it was an accident, why were the emergency services not called? & where is the body?? Also if it was an accident! How big of a percentage, of 'Aprils' blood, has been found, on, under, in, the vehicle, he supposedly hit her with?? Compared to the percentage, found in is house?? Also what a coincidence, that you just happen to hit, a 5yr old "By Accident" that you just happen, to have, a paedo file on, along with ones, on her two half sisters!!! What kind of idiots, do you take us for? You cowardly, squirming, C**t!!! Prosecutor Elwen Evens QC told jurors "You will have to decide whether pretty 5yr April, was abducted & murdered, or run over & killed by accident, as the defendant claims!!" (Easy guilty of abduction & murder!!)

She then added "We say his interest in pornography, young girls, rape, and murder cases, is all too relevant & you may see it as the key, to understanding, what he did & why he did, what he did!! The images, depict adults, having sex, with girls, some consensual, some not!" 'April Jones' (Above) suffered from MILD cerebral palsy, she vanished on October 1st, while playing on a grass area, just outside her home, with friends. The court she was seen, HAPPILY getting into a car (Said to be 'Bridger's' Land Rover) The witness said 'April' seemed to know the driver. She climbed, into the drivers door & then into the back, smiling. So there was, no car accident, there! 

He concedes "I probably killed her & must of got rid of her body!" But he also say's, he has no recollection, of the incident (How convenient!!!............. The cowardly liar!!) Prosecutor Even's, correctly accused, vile 'Bridger' of committing a crime, that was "sexually motivated" accusing him of playing a "cruel game" in Court, Adding "he knows full well, what he has done to April, but chooses not to say. He is playing a clear game, in pretending not to know, what he has done to her. It is a game to try & save himself. April cannot tell us, the defendant will not tell us. He has played a cruel game, in pretending not to know, what he has done to her!!" 

Images on his computer, included cartoon images, of bound & gagged youngsters, being sexually abused. Two apparently showed dead youngsters (Sick C**t) Evans' told the court 'Bridger' was "obsessed" with violence, involving children (Typical for a weak, pathetic, useless man, who don't have the balls, to pick on someone, his own size) 

As well as the child porn images, he also had an interest in murder & rape cases, an had info on 'Holly Wells' & 'Jessica Chapman' from the Soham case (Above) Also of 'Jessica Lunsford' who was a US murder victim (Below) He also had photos of 13yr 'Caroline Dickinson' the British school girl, who was raped & murdered in France (Below, bottom) 'Bridger' said when interviewed, he was interested in real-life crime stories (So am I, in a psychological sense, I even have books on the subject, but I don't keep dossiers of them, on my home PC) 

Jessica Lunsford 
Caroline Dickinson

He pleads "Not guilty" to abducting 'April', murdering her, then hiding her body, to pervert the course of justice (Of course, the gutless, scum, does!) You can see from his dead eyes & vacant stare, he is a cold hearted, uncaring, bastard, no wonder he worked, in a slaughter house, never was a job more suited to someone. His cottage ironically called 'Mount Pleasant' (I shudder to think, of the unpleasant goings on, inside that night!!) Is a small, detached home (Below) & had been extensively cleaned, when the police called at it, the day after, 'April' vanished! But traces of her blood, had not been fully eradicated. One lot, concentrated in the living room, where there was a collection of knives. Skull fragments, in the hearth, belonged to a juvenile (There is no limit, to just how much, I despise him!!)

He claim's, he ran over 'April' who was playing, on her bike (This is not, what her friend, eye witnessed) He said, he picked her up (The witness saw, a healthy 'April' climbing in) He then said, he drove around the village, with her dead, or dying, body inside (Why? To look for her house? He must of known, she was already outside her house, as he'd seen it, in Facebook photos!! Even if he didn't know where she lived, why not shout out, to the other children playing, to ask?) He claims it was to get medical help, so why did he not make it, to a doctors or hospital? If he was trying to get help, how come no CCTV's caught images of him driving around to find help? I'll tell you why..... BECAUSE IT IS BULLSHIT!!!!

If she really was injured, when he had her, inside the Land Rover, did police find 'Aprils' blood/DNA in the Land Rover?? He admits he drove her away & that she is dead, also that he "must of" disposed of the body! But say's, he can't remember, anything else (Bullshit!!) He said he was too drunk (More Bullshit!) 'Bridger' told people, he had been in the armed services & in the SAS excelling during his service. This too was the Bullshit of a fantasist!! He has NEVER served in the army! His girlfriend split up with him, the day 'April' disappeared (No doubt, that poor little girl, took the full brunt, of the anger, 'Bridger' felt for his girlfriend!!) Later that day, he text, several women, unsuccessfully asking for dates. I hope a lifer, peels him like a banana, once in jail!!

Talking of human garbage, six, Birmingham, Muslim, extremists, planned to bomb a EDL (English Defence League) rally, but got there too late (Foreigner's are often tardy!) The morons arsenal was then found, after being stopped by a traffic cop, as their car was uninsured (Well why would criminal scum, do anything legal!?) They had a hand made rocked packed with ball bearings & nails (Evil C**ts) and a part built pipe bomb. It was a lucky find, as police had no intelligence info, on the atrocity planned for June 30th 2012. Their stupidity (Not only the non taxing of their car) may have saved dozens of lives. Up to 750 EDL marchers plus police & passers by were in the target area of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. But they arrived at 4pm when the rally ended at 2pm. The car was impounded on the M1 after driving the pair inside to a train station so they could get home.

The Rocket & bomb were later found, along with shot guns, swords & knives. Also copies of a hate filled note addressed to PM 'David Cameron' & The Queen, calling her "The female Devil" PML, those wankers haven't met me yet, I'd show the scum a female devil. Also a note pertaining to the EDL rally, saying "What we did today, was a direct retaliation of your insulting of the prophet Muhammad" Any such actions, by this bunch of extremist, Muslim, scum, would of been seen as an insult, to any prophet, Muhammad or otherwise, the violent fools! The Pig ugly (Yeah I said 'Pig' you Muslim Extremists) 'Jewel Uddin' 27, 'Omar Mohammed Khan' 31, 'Zohaib Ahmed' 22, 'Mohammed Hasseen' 24, 'Anzal Hussain' 24 & 'Mohammed Saud' 22, face long jail terms when sentenced on June 6th. Good shame the jail will be a cushy one ,not a basic Pakistan, Turkish or Saudi type!

This will no doubt, NOT be shocking news, to most of Britain's intelligent, who saw this coming ages back. But thanks to Labours open door policy's Britain will be the WORLDS most ethnically diverse Western nation by 2050 (37yrs away) The massive immigrant influx, thanks to Labour lefties, has given us the HIGHEST rising % of ethnic minority's & foreign born population! By 2040 foreigners & non whites will make up 1/3 of the population & by 2066 white Brits will be the minority! Page 3 today, was local girl & Celeb Big Brother's, 'Lacy Banghard' (She with the helium voice) 20 from Bedford.

Two prisoners were on the run after gunmen freed them from a police van. Robbing scum 'Ryan MacDonald' & fire arms suspect 'Steve McMullen' were headed to court when the van was ambushed by 3 masked men in a black Saab, who aimed a shot gun at a guard (Van guards should be armed, or accompanied by an armed guard) All 5 fled in the car, found dumped nearby, three then ran into an estate while two got on a motor bike, after the morning ambush, in Salford, Greater Manchester. This is when you need the FBI, like after the Boston Bombings, they'd have the scum, in custody, or dead, in no time!! (Preferably dead!)

My stars for Gemini said - 'Being sure about the life you want to lead is suddenly much easier. You can say what you feel, instead of what others want to hear, now the moon is in your truth chart (Isn't it always, in my truth chart? Although, admittedly, I am sometimes, more tactful, than is deserved, or keep my emotions to myself!!) Single? Don't let, over the top flattery (Oh god, how I hate that!!) put you off - That Libra newcomer really does see you as a passion star (Well he's only human lol) 

My stars for Gemini for MAY say - 'You think more deeply & know yourself better than ever, as the sun shines a revealing light on the hidden part of your chart. You realise what has held you back - & the eclipse will inspire you to put this right. This is your month to formulate your plans, for the future & get all your facts in order (Romance or business wise?) Your only love problem is choosing, as several people will be attracted to you. But happiness means making a clear choice - & sticking with it. Q: Why will you be the zodiacs love attractor??' (Coz I got it going on!!!...... lol ) 

The icy breeze eventually got too much for me, my two smaller 'Sponge Bob' faces, were getting Pinocchio like, noses, thanks to the chill. So I went back inside, to do the washing up & saved my Closer magazine for later.

I got out my bleached, white, duvet cover, to hang to dry & put another, white wash, in the machine, I also began swapping my winter wardrobe, for my summer one (leaving a few warm items as it is far from summer yet & the UK weather is nuts!) At 5.10pm I was enjoying 'Millionaire Matchmaker' when, true to form, 15mins before the end, Gen called me, again & bored me shitless for another 45mins going over & over, the same neurotic, relationship dilemma (Gen always calls when I'm watching something I like on TV!!) FFS!! I said I'd already heard this shit time & time again & to get a grip & not be such a needy flake!! I got to the point, where I had to be brutal & chuck diplomacy, out the window (I felt trapped, in a Agony Aunt, 'Ground Hog Day!!' With the same things being said over & over, on both sides!) I will have to Rip Gen a new one, when we do lunch on Saturday! If Gen is getting too much for me, god only knows, how Leanne is feeling!

I watched 'Home & Away' & had some yummy pea & courgette soup with wholemeal Krisprolls, after, for tea. I did some online job & audition searches, checked my emails & spoked briefly on Facebook & Twitter, to friends, I took out, the 2nd, white wash, to dry. Then watched a shed load of 'CSI's, NCIS' & then did some more blogging, with a coffee & Vi peanut butter, Nutra cookie, which I like better than the chocolate chip ones. 

Then blogged for a bit before bed & posted this (Below) on Facebook & Twitter, as it is very true!! As real, true, love........ is unconditional & doesn't need reasons. You just love them, because you can't help but love them! (Calories consumed 1,395, 75cals under today's target Good)

Thursday 2nd May, I woke at 9am, I know I dreamt, not sure exactly what about, I feel it had something to do with Vi, but not sure & it was bitty & unmemorable!! It is a beautiful day out, so I decided I'd be, sat out in it again!! Lazy cow! (Lovely) So after a wash, hair wash & dry, I put on my 'Sponge Bob' bikini, and pulled my long, striped, navy & cream, vest, dress & popped to the shop for a newspaper, Diet Coke & Magnum, Almond, ice cream. I put the Coke & ice cream in the fridge/freezer & then removed my dress & sat out in the sun & sunbathed. 

Around 1pm, I made a Vi Chocolate shake, with lots of ice, for a late breakfast/brunch & drank it in the sun & turned on my laptop. I checked my Hotmail, Facebook & Twitter & replied to a few messages, rubbed in some more almond oil & did my back laying on a towel & reading the paper, the front page is about Corrie's 'Bill Roache' (Ken Barlow) being charge with the two rapes, of a 15yr teenager in 1967 (46yrs ago when he was 35) Jeeeeeze is there any male, left on TV, that's not a paedo?? Certain irony there, for Bill (Below) when not long ago, he was lambasted, for saying, abuse victims brought it on themselves, for crimes committed in former lives.

Talking of paedo's, more of the vile, insane, sickening, lies, spewing from 'April Jones's' Killer 'Mark Bridger's' lips, are in today's paper. The lying bastard, claims, that he crushed her, with his car, by mistake, around 5pm, and tried to revive her by blowing into her nose & mouth. Yet, instead of taking her, to a hospital, or dialling 999, for an ambulance. He claims to have driven round & round the area, in a panic, with her in the car, until he realised there was no more life in her & she was gone (More utter bullshit, from the lying fantasist, who falsely claimed he was an ex army man who'd served in the SAS) 

She was bang, outside, her house, he had pictures of her, taken from Facebook, so he could of contacted her parents on there, to get them, to get help. Were there any marks on the outside & underneath, of that Range Rover, to support an accident claim? Funny how, that same, run over, child, managed to climb in, the car, smiling, according to eye witnesses!! What kind of naive mugs does he take the jury for!? He claimed to of been binging on Vodka & clams to have no memory, of what happened (I shudder to think, of the horrors, that child went through, in that home! - Below) 

Amazing how a man, binging on vodka, can do such a thorough clean, of his home! Was he breathalysed the next day? did he have a binge worth of units, in his system? (Even though, he could of binged, after clearing up the mess, of his evil crime. He said to officers, after his arrest, that he didn't know, what he did with the body? But knows he wouldn't of dumped her, as she was a human being (Yeah that's more than, that monster is!) 

Adding "I really don't know where she is & I just want to know what I have done" Don't we all, one thing is for sure, you will have tortured her, had sex with her & butchered her, like one of the animals, in the abattoir, you worked in, you sick fuck!..... Bridger lied "It was an accident I crushed her with my car, I do not know where she is. As I was going to drive away, two girls on a bike, came across me. I got out & saw one girl lying under my car & I put her inside. I did not abduct her I did my best to revive her" 

(Really?? So what was this other girl, her friend, on a bike, doing during this? Screaming & drawing attention to the accident? Or running into 'Aprils' house, to tell her parents she'd been hit by a car?....... Either of those, would of been a YES.... IF this wasn't a load of pathetic...... Made Up BULLSHIT!!!) I hope when he IS charged with ABDUCTION & MURDER..... he is given EXTRA time for all the LYING!!

Bridger told police, that although he didn't know, what he did, with the body (Bullshit!!) That "I don't think I could of burned her, or buried her, or put her in the river"  Whatever you did, to her, that made her bleed, in that lounge (No doubt involving sex & torture) you sick fuck, you took her dead body, up the stairs (Leaving blood in the hall) to the bathroom (More blood found) and dismembered her, slaughter house style. Some of her you burnt, hence skull fragments in wood burner, the other bits you buried, or scattered in river or somewhere. Then you washed some of your/her clothes (More DNA on washing machine) before also disposing of them, somewhere, maybe in recycle bins. That's my theory & you can bet your bottom dollar, it is not far off!!

Now to the parents, of another abducted child. Publicity whores 'Kate & Gerry McCann', who say after losing 'Maddie' (Above) who will have been missing 6yrs tomorrow (Due to their negligence .... I'm still not 100% sure, that they didn't have something to do with that, some thing's still don't add up & rankle with me!) 

They say that they fear, letting her two siblings, go to sleepovers (So they fear them, staying over, at a KNOWN parents home. Yet had no qualms, leaving them alone in a room, in a foreign land, while they wandered off, to have food, at a restaurant, with another couple, even when the hotel people, had a child minding service, they could of used!!) I feel pity for 'Maddie' & what ever god awful fate she has met, but not an ounce, for Kate (Above) or Gerry McCann.

I'm not really feeling, today's page 3, Courtnie, 20, from Plymouth, who looks like a Gangsta version of 'Chelsee Heaney' I'm also not feeling, Arsehole footballer, 'Mario Balotelli'  Who has been dumped, by his girlfriend, 'Fanny Neguesha' for telling his fellow, AC Milan, players, they could "all sleep with her" IF they got through, the 'Champions League' after losing, the 1st leg! I am soooooo high fiveing Fanny...... So 'No Fanny' for the players & no more Fanny for ugly arsehole 'Balotelli' GOOD!!.....What a tool!! 

Corrie's 'Helen Flanagan' has been voted the UK's sexiest woman, she is VERY pretty & She has a FAB body (Except for crap Marilyn tattoo on arm) Shame she is a bit of a ditzy air head. But I think most guys, like a hot, air head, as they seem either intimidated, or threatened by women, with brains! A woman with her own mind seems to turn them off. Cigarettes are no longer going to be sold in plain packaging, as it would lose packing manufacturers work, to be honest I don't think it would make any difference, I don't think it's the packaging that makes people buy their smelly, cancer, sticks.

Apparently the 'Go Compare' Advert was voted the most annoying Ad, personally that one doesn't really annoy me! The ones that DO are the 'Wonga' Ads, with those annoying & not cute or amusing, pensioner puppets. Any 'Tenna Lady' Ad, the 'Oral B' Ad, where she say's "Squeaking clean" instead of "Squeaky clean" even though, the toothpaste is good, the Ad grates on me. Also any Charity Ad that tries to 'guilt' you into donating! The 'Rivita' mini's & thins Ads, where the women are a bunch of simpering morons, actually make that ALL 'Rivita' Ads. The rubbish, phoney, cheesy, 'Windows Phone' Ads, or Bankrupt 'Kerry Katona' trying to advise me on money lenders!! Yeah as if I'd take her advice on money!! 

There was an article, in the paper, about a bikini, that boosts your bust, by up to, 2 cup sizes, by company 'Ultimate Beach Bikini' that sells, in Debenhams, at prices from £8 to £26. That's no big news (No pun intended) Primark have been selling bust boosting, bras & bikini's,`made by 'Ocean Club' I'm sure, so have, many of other the retailers. 

My stars for Gemini said - 'The part of you that longs for adventure (That will be most of me) is set free as Jupiter contacts the moon. The people you meet & the plans you make re draw your future. Putting your true self into a relationship, will encourage a partner to do the same, then crucial decisions will be easier to make'  I'm always my true self, with partners!! I just don't wear, my heart on my sleeve. 

After I read the paper, I put my dress back on & went to the local polling booth, to vote. As usual I voted Conservative..... Well I only had 4 options - Labour (Never in a Million years) Lib Dem's (Never in a Billion years) The Green Party (Some good policy's, but their priority's, are not my priority's) & The Conservatives... If there had been a UKIP, local representative, I might of just gave them the vote, just to put the wind up the Conservatives!! Then I went back to sit in the sun again, with a Magnum Almond, ice cream & a Diet Coke. Gen called me & went over the whole boring, love sick, saga again, and bored with the same old same old, I was blunter than I usually am, with Gen.

At 5pm I popped indoors, to watch 'Millionaire Matchmaker' but it was a repeat so I went back out in the sun to do some job/audition searches on my PC & heated the oven to make dinner. I put a Birds Eye 'Harry Ramsden' cod fillet in the oven at 5.30pm & watched 'Home & Away' while eating the cod, with some steamed mangetoute. 

Gen called again, while I was eating & I ignored the call. So I got left a voicemail & got numerous tweets. Then at 7pm, after I'd finished my meal & as I was getting ready to do, Aunty Joonie duty's with Lara & Francesca. Gen typically called me back, doing my head in again, with Gen's normal manic ways..... Sheeeeeesh!!! I was pretty blunt & got Gen off the phone relatively fast! 

It came up, on the news, that 'Stuart Hall' has admitted, the sexual abuse charges, that he was arrested for recently (After vehemently, denying them, before!!) Including one sexual charge, on a child as young as 9yrs!! I'm both shocked & horrified!! I use to really like him & his infectious laugh on 'It's A Knockout' as a kid!! Then mixed up a chocolate Vi shake in a flask (Above) to take round, in case I got hungry, while I spent time with the girls. As usual the girls were all over me & cooing about my dress, sunglasses, shoes & earrings. Giving me several hair makeovers (I'm their living doll) & several Angry Bird games (A game, not the phone/PC App) later, they went to bed. 

I watched 'Secret Eaters' (Above) it never fails, to amaze me, how these 19st + lard buckets, say they eat healthy & can't understand their weight gain. Then you see the woman has consumed 4,000cals in ONE MEAL!!! That's right ONE Meal, not ONE Day!! Even 4,000 in One Day, would be bad & twice the amount, your average woman should eat!! She ate on average 6,000 - 7,000cals a day that's eating for 3 people a day! HOW can she NOT be aware her eating is NOT Healthy??? Her other half was just as bad he gorged on junk, yet still thought he ate healthy.... Unbelievable!! 

Then I watched 'The New Normal' plus 4Music's evening version of 'Millionaire Matchmaker' & some of 'Fashion Police' & feeling hungry I had my Vi shake, from my flask, before heading home & having a decaf coffee & 5 Krisprolls (Above) as I was still hungry. I did a bit of blogging, before bed & had a brief, chit chat, on Twitter before my broadband went down & I retired for the night (Calories consumed 1,642, 39cals OVER today's target, I can live with that)

Friday 3rd May, I had a dream, where I was at some big do, in an amazing evening gown. At some point, I was in a big marquee, at the event, at a sit down dinner. The waiting staff, were quite rude! One went past, with a big tray, of cheesecake desserts. As I LOVE cheesecake, I requested one & the waitress said "No we are too busy" So I got up, and went over to, the dessert table, but all they had, were massive cup cakes, covered in sickly, sugar icing, or piped, butter icing, YUCK!! They looked pretty, but I hate that sugary, sickly, sweet, stuff. 

Faking, My Cup Cake Love!!!

Then my best friend Candie, turned up, to invite me to an exclusive party & we got a taxi, to this massive mansion house. At some point I went to the ladies & saw a case, containing a load, of my evening wear & one dress, hanging over a cubical wall & I thought "I don't recall being here earlier?" I packed the stuff, hanging over the cubical, back in my case & with it being to big, to take into the cubical, with me, I sat on the loo with the door ajar. But two young lads, about 7-8yrs came in & kept pointing & laughing at me. So I pulled the door to, a bit. But when I came out, my case & all my lovely dresses, were gone & I was most distraught!! I was trying to get hold of the police. Then I woke at 7.30am thinking WTF???? 

I had a call from a TV game show, to see if I could go on it, in 2 weeks, but the date they wanted me for, I'm in radio training, so I couldn't, bummer. They said they'd put me back on the reserves, for another date. I got up & had a shower, wrote out Nat's Birthday card, then dressed in my olive 'Elle' gym pants & white 'M&S' spaghetti strapped, camisole, vest, top, plus my white 'Reebok' EasyTone trainers & 'Dolce & Gabbana' sun glasses, pulled my hair back in a ponytail & popped out, to post Nat's card. 

I made up, a Vi shake, with some pineapple & ice blended in, and put it in a flask, to take to the gym & went online briefly. Then I headed off to the gym, in the sunshine. I got in the gym & did a hour, on the stationary bike & worked up a sweat & at 1pm when I began to get hungry, I had my pineapple, Vi Shake, for brunch. I did 100reps on the hip abductor & 100reps on the hip adductor on 40kg, then some exercises on the Power Plate followed by 15mins on the cross-trainer on level 10, then 50reps of leg curls on 40kg & 50reps of leg extensions on 40kg, then some circuits & squats with the Swiss ball. Before heading off, at 3.20pm, for my nail appointment, at 3.30pm. I decided to have my nails trimmed right down, by 1 - 1.5cm as they grow so quick (Unlike my hair!!) 

I wanted to take off about 1cm, but she hacked off 1 inch, blimey!!! It looked & felt odd, to have normal nails!! Although I'm sure men, will actually think it looks better!! (Not that I do anything, purely for men's benefit) I only do things for myself. I have had long talon's, since I was a kid, at school. 'Talons' was even one of my nicknames (One of the nicer one's, seeing I was bullied mercilessly, at school) & I'm so not use to, feeling the ends of my fingers. 

Me The Bullied Teenager, Tallons, Aged About 12yrs Left
With Sister-in-law Linda, On Right

I'm always clumsy when handling things, when I have short nails, my hands look extra small & child like too. And typing on my laptop & phone, feels well weird!! I had them painted, a pretty, girly, pink colour, as it's summery weather at the moment, too!! By 3.45pm I was ravenous hungry, despite having a Vi shake 2hrs 45mins earlier (It doesn't fill you up, like my porridge for breakfast does, even with the added fruit) By 4.30pm when my nails were drying, my stomach was grumbling so loud I was drowning out, MTV, on the salon TV set. I got chatting, with a nice, fun, blonde woman, who was sat, next to me, as our nails dried. We had a lot in common & then it transpired, that we had the same birthday, in June, except she was born 2 years before me. How funny. 

I headed home, popping briefly into Tesco, to get a paper & some grocery's. I got in & put my garden chair, in the courtyard, to read the paper, in the sun & I ravenously, tucked into a Cajun, bean salad & a Diet Coke, as I was so hungry, my stomach thought, my throat had been cut!! Gen, is taking me out to lunch, tomorrow, as a thank you, for being her 'Marjory Proops', like agony aunt & relationship advisor, over the past couple of weeks, or as she calls me 'her spiritual guide' it should be fun, as although I have chatted to her on Twitter on & off, over the years, I have only seen her a few times, at some of her brothers BBQ's (He's a friend of mine, who makes the big film trailer's, that you see on TV or at the cinema) & she has always seemed, a bit of a wild card, so it may be, a somewhat amusing, afternoon. 

I read the paper, in the sun, the front page news is 'Jose Mourinho' returning to Chelsea FC, whatever!!!! Yawn! Though my friend Sarah will be happy! Today's Page3, India, 21 from Reading is cute, a bit like, a young, 'Katherine Zeta-Jones', in 'Darling Buds Of May'There was bit on shamed TV presenter & kiddie fiddling, pervert 'Stuart Hall' 84, who admits, 14 sex attacks, on 13 victims, one sickeningly as young as 9yrs. His grim face, looked toad-like, as he left court (Above) Surely when sentenced, he will spend the rest of his life, in jail (I won't be surprised, though, if he takes an overdose, before then, while still free) Funny how he was so cocky before the trial, saying after his arrest, that the charges were "Pernicious, callous, cruel & above all spurious allegations" Not so cocky now!! Meanwhile 'Bill Roache' also accused of child rape has said "I am astounded & will battle for my innocence!"

Facebook, have finally agreed, to take off, video clips, of people having their heads, chopped off. About time too!! I saw one, when a female friend, Jane, posted it, not sure if it was real, and asking if it was? She probably questioned it's authenticity, because, the woman who's head was cut off, for supposed adultery, was silent & not screaming & thrashing around, like in a horror movie, no doubt to, to her either, being paralysed with fear, or being drugged (I say supposed, adultery, as there was no trial, just a gleeful husband & his pals) The husband, no doubt had a new bird lined up!!..... poor cow!! He cut his wife's head off, with a penknife like, hand knife, working his way round it, like when you go to peel an orange. 

Then he worked on the sinews & spine, the head was held aloft, sickeningly, quickly, as her kneeling body in pink T-shirt & beige trousers, just flopped backwards, Bastard! The beheading video's, some Mexican & American, drugs gang related, spread like wildfire on Facebook. But at first they refused to ban them (Yet they can close down your account, if you have a picture, with a nipple on show WTF?) I know of the two, which I find more offensive! But Facebook, came under fire, from their own safety advisory board. I should think so, what if children saw it? FB Bosses said, the footage did not "Violate Facebook's standard on graphic violence" but a bare nipple, seen through, a see-through blouse, does violate their standards, on porn it seems (Crazy!!)

There were pictures of the interior, of the scruffy house, of 'Mark Bridger' who killed 'April Jones' (F**k this alleged shite.... he did it.... & he knows, what he did with the body!!) The lounge where bits of a child's scull, and 'Aprils' blood, was found, was a tip! I shudder to think of, the horrors, that beautiful child, went through in there. His stars where traces of blood were found, were also a mess with clothes strewn on them. He also had a washing machine next to his bath WTF??  

There was a pic of Star Trek's, 'Alice Eve' at the premier of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' yesterday, she wore an unflattering, beige, strapless, suede, dress, that made her look like, she had a bit of, a pot belly, from the side (Above) when in reality she has a knock out figure. 

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE - Conman MP George Galloway
Conman James McCormick

Meanwhile the 'George Galloway' look- alike conman 'James McCormick' 58. Who made millions, selling £13 golf ball finders, as high tech bomb detectors, was jailed for a maximum of 10yrs yesterday. A bunch of idiot WI (Women's Institute, but Women Idiots, may be more apt in this case) Women, dressed up as pirates, to greet a speaker on piracy, only to discover, he was to talk about his kidnap, by Somalian pirates!! Did these idiots, do no research, into who they were having as a speaker?? Luckily 'Captain Colin Darch' 75 was a good sport & saw the funny side.

My stars for Gemini said - 'Saturn gives you the determination to stay with a project - even when others give up (That's because I am very tenacious!!) This applies to work or a fitness plan (Or both) & the results are worth it! If your single, a former work colleague is back, with Love in mind (I hope not, I've never fancied any work colleagues) Renewing a promise, renews a love-bond.

I went indoors at 6pm & watched a double bill of 'Home & Away' then I watched 'Come Dine With Me' while having a Tesco's Finest, roasted, red pepper soup, with some Krisproll's for my supper. One woman in particular, was nuts on 'CDWM' but she won!! Then I listened to 'The Mentalist' & similar while I spent the whole evening, changing my 'Winter wardrobe' into a 'Summer' one, bye bye, browns, plumbs, burgundy's, red's, rusts & peacock green! HELLO neon's, citrus shades & pastels, yellow, lime, orange, peach, lilac, khaki, white etc etc YAY!!! 

 Skirts, Dresses & Cardigans On The Left, 
Tops, Shirts & Jackets On The Right 
 Skirts, Dresses & Cardigans, 
With T-Shirts & Leggings, On The Shelf
Tops, Shirts & Jackets, Jeans, Trousers & Sweaters On Shelf

I had well over, the number of summer wear, to winter wear, even though you need more layers, in winter. As I am by nature, a hot house flower, like a sunflower, turns it's face to face the sun, so do I (Actually 2 summer dresses have sunflower prints) Finally I got to bed around 3am, with a decaf coffee & some Galaxy counters, to help me off to sleep!!(Calories consumed 1,754, 26cals, UNDER today's target, good!!)

Saturday 4th May, I woke at 10am, after an awful restless night, I popped on 4Music & my fave tune of the moment 'Get Lucky' by 'Daft Punk' came straight on, that means it will be in my head all day now. I had a shower & dressed into my floor length, navy & cream, striped, vest dress, plus boho, chained, crucifix charmed, thong sandals & popped to the shop, for a Saturday newspaper. I dried my hair, did my make-up & painted my toenails pink to match my hands (Still not use to my short nails) I pulled my hair into a ponytail & added a faux, longer ponytail. I wore cream & navy fringed earrings & was ready by 12pm as Gen was picking me up at 1pm, supposedly. I chatted a bit online while checking job sites at the same time. 

It would of been, my favourite aunt, Aunty Babs's birthday, today, she died of Cancer 2years ago, at the end of June 2011. She was on my mind a lot, last night & again this morning. Gen still was back at home at 12.45pm. So I knew, that the arranged 1pm pick up, was totally out the window. I had not had breakfast, as not to, spoil my appetite, for lunch, but I got peckish, by 1.30pm. So I had a Vi Peanut butter, Nutra cookie. Gen finally arrived at 2.30pm (1hr 30mins later than arranged) and I grabbed my 'Dorothy Perkins' denim jacket, 'Dolce Gabbana' sunglasses & my 'Liz Hurley' navy & cream, striped beach bag. I jumped into Gen's, Mini Jeep, come Buggy & we headed for 'Primrose Hill' swinging by Gen's place first, to swap the Jeep, for her sports car, doing so, we passed the house, of the Asian one, from 1D, who my friend 'Maxine Webb' fancies, which made me think of her & chuckle. 

I have to say Gen, is the most impatient driver, I have EVER seen, or got in a car with (& I have been in 7 car crashes & have seen a fare few!!) We got to Primrose Hill at 3.05pm & had a drink in 'The Queens Pub & Kitchen' at 49 Regents Park, Primrose Hill, and I got chatting, outside, in the sunshine, to some people, with a cute little girl, who had a cute 6 month old puppy, on a lead. While Gen was mostly tweeting, or on 'Kick' whatever online, social network, that is? Not that I will be bothering to sign up to it, whatever it is. In fact there were dogs everywhere, Primrose Hill is pooch heaven!! 

I had a Double, Vodka Slimline, with a slice of lime & Gen had a pint of Cider. Then we wandered up the road a bit, to the Italian restaurant, J's,148 Regent's Park, Primrose Hill. We got a table at the back & were chatting about Leanne, who is a very lovely, police woman, in the US, who Gen is besotted with. The Italian waiter, Chris, was a good laugh, so we had some flirty banter, which Gen tweeted Leanne about. I had another Double Vodka Slimline, and Gen had a glass of Pinot Grigio. For lunch I had a thin based, quattro formaggi pizza, with cheddar, gorgonzola, goats cheese & parmesan Mmmmmmm LOVE cheese!!! With some chilli oil. Gen had a seafood dish, with muscles, calamari & king prawns. 


The banter, with the waiter, continued & it drew the attention of, an attractive, well known, Hollywood actor, who sidled over, to our table and came onto me, big time!! Much to Gen's amusement!! I won't say his name, as I am not sure of his marital, or relationship status (Maybe I will Google it, later) Plus I am not impressed by those kiss & tell girls in the paper, so I wont follow suit! But anyway, I declined his offer, of a drink later. Saying (lying) that I couldn't leave Gen, as I was staying the night, at Gen's. When he had gone, back to his table, Gen took great delight, in telling me, she'd just Tweeted, about it. After our main had been eaten, Gen recommended, I tried the Tiramisu at J's, so I did. But it was, alas disappointing, as it was just like cake, with a lot of cream, I couldn't taste the coffee, or the booze, favour (The best thing about tiramisu!!!) 

So I only had about 2 or 3 teaspoons, of it & left the rest, as it just tasted of cake & I'm really not a cake fan. When the waiter notice this & asked if all was OK? I was honest & explained it was not to my liking & why. He to my surprise, said their tiramisu, wasn't boozy, as "the locals prefer it that way" (Tiramisu is meant to taste of coffee & booze, if they don't like it, boozy, tell them feck off & order another dessert!!!) Or have one regular, boozy, tiramisu & one crap, tasteless one, for the locals!! Meal finally over Gen & I sauntered back, to the Queens pub, I put my denim jacket on, as it had got a tad chilly. 

Gen popped inside, while I stood chatting, outside, to the people, that we'd met earlier, who had now been joined by, a male model friend, called 'Michael' who seemed instantly bowled over by me. He said that my "strength & power, was both overwhelming & intoxicating" he added, he loved strong women, who knew their own mind, and who were not afraid, to speak out & be themselves (Well that's me, love it or hate it!!) We chatted for a bit & he kindly said, that I was, one of the most charming, intelligent & interesting women, he'd had the pleasure of talking to, for a very long time (Which was nice) 

I had another V&T, and Gen had a Bloody Mary, then Gen & I said, to the group that we were headed off, and a crestfallen looking 'Michael' asked, when would I next be in the area? I said I had "I've No idea!" So he asked to exchange phone numbers, for me to call, if I was ever in the area, as he would "Love" to sit & chat to me some more, some time. So we exchanged numbers & at 6.55pm Gen & I headed to another of her locals, The Arkley, Barnet Rd, Arkley, Herts. We'd not even got there, yet! When at 7.10pm 'Michael' text me saying 'Enjoyed feeling your power just now. Lets continue our talk..... Michael' I replied, giving him my twitter address, saying we could always continue on there, if he was on it. he replied straight back 'Not a tweeter, Prefer to meet'er' Which I thought was quite amusing. 

I had a half of cider & Gen had a half of Fosters, at 8.47pm my phone went, it was 'Michael' Gen & I looked at each other & laughed & then while I was talking, on my mobile, she popped off, to swap her sports car, for the Jeep again. 'Michael' was saying, that he & a friend, had gone to a bar, in Islington, with a real, feel good, vibe, if Gen & I wanted to join them? I said "Thanks for the invite but we are settled in Herts now!" He said he was "Disappointed" but understood. 

He chatted some more, but I couldn't really hear him, above the noise of the bar, which I told him & he eventually rang off. Gen came back & we people watched & talked relationships & past relationships, plus emotions, and the fear of expressing feelings, for fear of rejection, or getting hurt (You know, the normal girly stuff - if your a girl) We then decided to go to 'The Orange Tree' I hadn't been there, for about 2yrs, last time was with my friend 'Mike' & our mutual friend 'Gemma' (Below) 

Orange Tree, Lover - Gemma
Gemma & I At The Orange Tree

On the way there, a old 'Depeche Mode' single 'No Good' (Above) came on in, the Jeep, great tune, I hadn't heard it for years, it was quite apt after Gen & I had that conversation, about feelings. We got to The Orange Tree, and I had a bottle of 'Rekorderlig', Strawberry & Lime Cider (Yummy) & Gen had a half, of draft cider. We sat on two cow hide, bucket seats by a table, near the window & watched, the rather sad, middle-aged, cattle market, that played out, before us, with the single over 50's in there (I'm not far off that, how depressing!!) 

The Orange Tree

I laughed, how last time I was there, with 'Mike' & 'Gemma' how I was shedding, shed loads, of silver glitter, from my expensive, black, 'Reiss' leggings, all over, those same, cow hide, bucket chairs. The crowd in the pub, was mostly 45+ except for two guy's maybe in late 30's early 40's, who you could tell by their posturing, were deeming themselves, the young studs in town, which was rather amusing to observe. Especially their body language when borderline, MILF's, passed by them. Gen & I, found our people watching, very amusing. It seemed to be old (68+ Rich men) trying to look 'hip' & failing & 40 something, women, who were either, separated, divorced, spinster's & were desperately trying, to attract their attention. Via, cringingly obvious, on a plate, body language, it was all very tragic! (Please god, don't ever let me, get like that!!) 

One balding guy, in, I'm guessing, his late 50's, early 60's, who obviously works out the 'Gun Show' was posturing, in front of, a group of 3 women, of the around the 50+ age group, in a rather amusing peacock fashion. He had on a tight navy T-shirt, with some kind of Red print, design, on the front, in light denim, boot leg jeans, that had the hem raggedly cut off (I'm guessing, due to them being, too long for him) which from my view point, I was amused to see, that he was wearing, Cuban heeled, tan boots, with a half inch sole, underneath, to make him look taller. There was also a very slim (About a size 4-6) tanned, blonde in a white dress, that looked OK from behind, but had the face of Zelda Terrorhawk when she turned round, ooooooooosh scary!! 

Zelda Terrorhawk

Gen wanted some crisps, as she was hungry again, but try as she might, to catch someone's attention, she was not getting any response, from either of the two barmen, at all. I went over to her, my back to the bar, arranged my dress, for best cleavage impact & said "This is how you do it!!" & in one smooth turn, I stood face on, to the far barman, & shot him a direct look, from under my lashes, and instantaneously, in mere seconds, both he & the other barman, rushed to serve me, without me saying a word, or making a single gesture. (Lol Michael would of called that "Your Power!" Pml)

Gen couldn't stop laughing & said "My God, that was Awesome, that was instantaneous, I have never seen anything quite like that, that was bloody legendary!!" I laughed & said "It's a gift!" We sat down & chatted & people watched, some more. Eventually we left at 11.25pm, to make time for Gen to take me home, while stopping off, at an off licence 1st, before they closed. So Gen could carry on drinking at home (Piss head) we sang along, to George Michael's 'Flawless' that was on Gen's CD & then replayed it, all over again. Great track for driving along to (Below)

I got in at midnight & read today's paper, the front cover was about Ex Corrie actress 'Liz Dawn' (Vera Duckworth) having a heart attack. Sexting comedian 'Jason Manford' is set to pay out £Millions, to his wife 'Catherine Manford' & their 3 young daughters, after the break up of their 6yr marriage. 

The marriage of the coalition is in a shaky state too, after a landslide of votes for UKIP in the local elections. Tories lost 335 seats, taking them down to 1116, Labour gained 291 seats, taking them up to 538, Lib Dem's lost 124 seats, taking them down to 352, UKIP gained 139 seats, up to 147 seats. The national share of the votes went, Labour 29%, Tories 25%, UKIP 23%, Lib Dem 14%, and others 9%. This is mainly down to UKIP's firm stand on Europe, and mass immigration. PM David Cameron vowed to work hard & win the Tory voters back!! 

Dead Gemini Rapper 'Tupac' is in the news again, due to his aunt, his step-father's sister, 'Joanne Chesimard' 65, becoming the 1st woman to land on the FBI's most wanted terrorist, list. She was convicted in 1977 of murdering a New Jersey, police officer. She was jailed for life & escaped & fled to Cuba. The FBI have now doubled the reward for her capture to £1.3Million. 

A Pure Evil, China, nursery boss, 'Shi Haxia' & male accomplice 'Yang Wenming' has admitted killing 2 sisters aged 5 & 6yrs with rat poisoned yoghurt (What kind of evil could think of such a thing) on a sick attack on a rival school. The two girls died writhing in agony, foaming at the mouth, after downing the yoghurt left outside a classroom. Their nan was also ill, after sipping the yoghurt. They killed those two innocents in a painful barbaric way, JUST to damage the other school's reputation, so parents would send their children to theirs! Those vermin should never be in charge of children, I hope China have the death penalty!! 

Good child news in the form of 18 month, Indian toddler 'Runa Begum' (Above) She with the horrifically swollen head, due to hydrocephalus, after thousands of 'Sun Readers' donated money, to help her get treatment, as her father 'Abdul' (Below) was too too poor. She was thriving last night after life-saving treatment. So far the swelling has been reduced bay at least a 3rd. 

Talking of 'Pure Evil' I read more on that murdering bastard, 'Mark Bridger' Aprils mum, 'Coral' knew him through a local pub darts team, her dad 'Paul' knew him, as the 15yr sister, of an ex of his, use to date 'Bridger' when 'Mark' was 32, 'Paul' said at the time he thought, he was too old for her, as he was over twice her age. The creep also tried to befriend 'April's' older 14yr half sister on Facebook, when she asked who he was? He told her, that he use to play darts with her mum & had known her stepdad, for many years. Coral wisely told her daughter, not to accept the friend request. 

Coral said, she didn't know much about Bridger, but his son had been playing at their home, at the time of his arrest, the day after 'April' vanished. (So he definitely knew where April lived, so there was no need, to drive round the village in panic, like he lied he had, if he had hit her, with his car!) 'Coral' said 'April' had been warned about strangers & said "I can't understand why she'd go into someone's car that she doesn't know?" I bet he had crossed her path many a time & groomed her, into trusting him, probably with his dog in toe, that's why!!

From scum, to scum & idiots! A Judge berated himself, for giving a teen crook, a second chance, only for the vile youth, to burgle an OAP, 11 days later (Just like I said would happen, in a past blog!!) Idiot Soft Judge, 'Scott Wolstenholme' said he'd been "Foolishly optimistic" & "Failed in his public duty" over yob 'Stefan Jackson' 18, who had been given a community order & curfew for raiding his dads house in March. Day's later the human garbage smashed his way into the home of a 87yr man, stealing £1,000 in cash. 

The scum was caught after cutting himself on glass (Good) leaving blood & DNA, at the scene, the judge finally sent him, to a young offenders institution, for four years (Sadly it will be like a hotel/youth centre) The poor 87yr OAP, is now afraid of living on his own. Great someone's life is now ruined, thanks to a soft Judge, showing scum leniency. The Judge said "Because of my optimism I am afraid the victim has suffered a huge loss, which he wouldn't have, had I been doing my public duty" This is not the 1st time he was soft on someone, only for them to go on to commit more crime, one even committing murder. The criminals mum 'Teresa' said "I can't defend him!" but for me, the fact 'Stefan Jackson' started smoking at just 4yrs old, say's a lot about her parenting skills!!

My stars for Gemini said - 'You've got the right mixture of inspiration & logic, so plans for your working life  or a more personal project are winners. Elsewhere, you will find it easier to deal with older relatives & officials. Single? Sparks fly with an ex partner & a good-looking Aries you meet' (PML I wonder if Michael is an Aries) I chatted on Twitter to Leanne & Gen about how amusing today had been going to bed at 4am (Calories consumed 2,166, 715cals OVER target, OOOOOH BAD Girl!!!)

Sunday 5th May, I had a solid, deep 2hrs sleep, which was better than the normal restless 5-6hrs I get a night & woke at 6am (Thanks booze, my knock out drops) So I lazed a bit in bed reading listening to 4Music. I know I dreamt but what I don't recall?? Still loving Daft Punks new single "Get Lucky" (Below) can't get it out of my head.

I got up, and had a bath & brushed my teeth, then put a load more stuff in my attic & then popped to the shop for a Sunday newspaper. Then I settled down on my bed & chilled & read the news!! The front page headlines were Tory Deputy Speaker, In Gay Rape Arrest 'Nigel Evens' 55, was arrested yesterday, under the suspicion, of raping one man & sexually assaulting another, both in their 20's. He was bailed in Lancashire last night. Model 'Cara Delevingne' has been papped outside her home, dropping, a small package, of white powder, no doubt, coke, or some amphetamine (Yes girls, that's the stupid, unhealthy, way, these catwalk models, stay that boney) 

Angry Tory's have called for PM 'David Cameron' to call an in-out referendum on Europe now!! Yes Please!!! They are plotting to trigger a commons vote unless 'Cameron' acts son! At least 30 backbenchers are ready to back the bill to force a vote on the referendum & believe the can get the 100 backers needed to go it alone. The PM has promised it by 2018 but restless MP's fear many don't trust him to do it. Saying that's why so many voted for UKIP on Thursday, saying "They can't control immigration because our powers are strangled by the EU"

Ex 'Xfactor' winner and slurring, mumbling, singing, munter 'James Arthur' paid 1K for sex with 2 hookers, while he still had his socks on (WTF? Don't tell me his feet are even uglier) What a revolting thought!! Even more disgusting is hospital morgues have mixed up 16 body's, in 2yrs. With one blunder halting a funeral (How awful, as if they are not harrowing enough) The gaffs are usually caused by hospital staff confusing similar names (One has to question if these staff have English as their 1st language? No doubt I will be considered racist for even pondering that!) The mistakes are often discovered, by the grieving family (Probably when going to view the body, how upsetting for them) 

Talking of undertakers, an undertaker is finding it hard to find a cemetery willing to take the body of Boston Bomber 'Tamerlan Tsarnaev' send the body back to his parents country!! Why should the US have his grave in a country he hated? 

My Gemini stars for the day said - 'Love alert! Venus tells you that the next 24 days are the hottest time of the year, for you to meet the love of your life - or to take a current relationship where you want it to go. Only make a career related wish, if you really want it to happen (Well why would it be a wish.... if you didn't?) Q: Are hidden feelings such a surprise? (Mine or someone else's? I'm full of hidden feelings)  

It's my younger brother William's (Bill) birthday today & I sent him a Happy Birthday text message. It is also my good friend Julie's birthday, plus pals Helen & Kevin, plus also my ex BF & friend Dean, I sent them all Happy Birthday messages too. Then I popped on Twitter briefly, then made a Vi shake, blended with some peach slices, juice & ice (Tasty) then headed off to the gym in my 'Elle' olive gym trousers, my white 'M&S' vest top & my white Velour, 'Primark' Hoodie & my white 'Reebok' EasyTone trainers, with my 'Reebok' wrist & ankle weights, on. 

I got in & saw Lisa on reception she said she was leaving 'Fitness First' to work at a gym near, 'The Rats Castle'. I did 2hrs 45mins of working out. 30mins on the bike, on random level 10, then 100 reps on 45kg on the Hip adductor & the same on the Hip abductor, then some exercises, on the power plate, that was working again, then 50 leg curls & 50 leg extensions on 30kg, another 30 mins on bike on hill level 9, then a load of free weights, then I had a black coffee & headed home. Hungry I had a king prawn salad, with some Krisproll's, while watching yesterdays 'Britain's Got Talent' & 'Britain's Got More Talent' while blogging & posting the odd tweet. 

Then I chilled with a coffee & some Galaxy Counters & watched 'Off Their Rockers' which was not as funny this week, I felt. Then I watched 'Once Upon A Time' Maxine, Rob & I, use to tweet each other, about that show, all the time last year, but Max & Rob haven't mentioned it this year, so not sure, if they are watching or not?? Then hungry, I had another Vi shake blended with ice, pears & chocolate powder, which was tasty. I then blogged while watching 'Peter Kay - The Tour That Didn't Tour - Tour' on Ch4 Twitter was pretty silent, as Gen had got totally wasted, by the afternoon & was no doubt sleeping it off. Then I blogged while watching 'Family Guy' & 'American Dad' & had a coffee (Decaf) with a Vi Peanut Butter, Nutra Cookie.(Calories consumed 1,600, 228cals under today's target, good!)


  1. You seem to find the fact that your friend is a pisshead funny, I find it astounding that you claim to be intelligent, have had 7 car crashes and yet are willing to get into a car with someone who is clearly way over the drink drive limit! please don't try to excuse yourself by saying you didnt realise, anyone with half a brain would know she was way over the amount of units legally alloowed and that she had not enough time to get those units out of her blood. would you still be laughing had she killed someone on the way home? No excuse and pure stupidity you could have got a train or made arrangemets to stay with someone. But to laugh saying she was a pisshead and still be willing to get into that car shows that you are not nearly as bright as you claim to be!

  2. Ahhh hello GLP how I have missed you!!!!...... I thought that might goad you into commenting, 4 drinks over a 7.5hr period (if you count the 2 half pints as a pint) that's almost 1 every 2hrs plenty of time to have got well over half, out of the system, especially with all the food/coffee's/water in between..... I'm bright enough to know allowed, is not spelt alloowed (been drinking?)

  3. Silly girl, it's not the amount of drinks but the units, she had at least 7 units of alcohol, it takes several hours just to get rid of one unit sweetie, clearly you are very stupid! In fact she had more than 7 units, 3 is the limit and even that can put you over. Different units for different drinks and she had many different drinks. I am somewhat of an expert on the subject and common sense would have told anyone NOT to get into that car!

  4. I should add that had she stopped drinking then it would have been roughly an hour per unit but whilst she is still drinking this can be several hours per unit. Argue all you like the bottom line is you were naive and irresponsible and got In a car with a drink driver which probably explains why you have been in so many crashes.

  5. I will give you the above, as not being a driver I do not know the unit limit, also I considered the food & long gap, between each drink giving it time to leave system, but as for the car crashes I have been in. NONE of the drivers in the cars, I had the accident's in, had been drinking, at all. The accidents were caused due to, several joy riders crashing into us, a couple arguing & not looking at the road & driving into us, a foreign driver looking the wrong way, before pulling into traffic & a guy off his head on a load of drugs..... NONE were actually caused, by any of the drivers of the cars I have been in!!

  6. Whatever, the only sensible attitude is to not drink at all and to certainly NOT get into a car with someone who has been. It is a shame your friend hasn't been stopped yet, although If she carries on like that then it is only a matter of time. There is no excuse for ignorance, oh and whilst I am at it you are hardly in any position to criticise others over the odd spelling mistake when your own spelling, and grammar are amongst the most appalling and dire I have ever seen and yet you have the cheek to criticise whilst posting a blog absolutely chock full of the sort of errors a five year old would make!

  7. lol I wondered how long it would take you to jump on that! You were a lot slower that expected! As Blogger has Australian Google spell check, blame that, as it hasn't flagged up any spelling mistakes in my draft, anyway as I'm diagnosed with visual dyslexia, I can cope with digs re mine.... Just thought it would be fun to point out your typo while your being so pious, as I knew it would bug you much more, than your, comments on my spelling & grammar, bug me!