Saturday, 18 May 2013

Radio Gaga...... I Want My Mummy!!

Monday 6th May, I woke at 9am, I can't recall my dream, but I know I had one. It's my Best Gay friend, Nat's, birthday, today, I'm not sure, if he & Terry, are in the UK, today, or not? They normally go away, for his birthday & it is a Bank Holiday!! I made a Vi Shake, blended with peaches & pears. It was sunny out so I wore my white cotton sundress & silver thong sandals. I tied my hair back, in a pony tail & popped to the shop, to buy a Sun newspaper, I got home & got my garden chair out, in my courtyard & settled down with the paper. 

Apparently, actress 'Keira Knightly' has got married.... Whatever!! Today's Page 3, Amii, 26, from  Birmingham is a natural beauty. Unlike, the so called, bony, Super model 'Cara Delevingne', who usually looks minging & as rough as foooook, when not in professional pictures & on the catwalk (The wonders of lighting, make-up artists & a good photographer!!) 

Supermodel? Super Photographers More Like

A 12yr old girl, playing alone, in a park, in Milton Keynes, Bucks, was dragged into woodland & raped, by some vile scum, on March 23rd. The man was white, with black hair, aged around 45, with a Scottish accent, in DM boots & a leather jacket. The girl was so traumatized, by it, that she only told her parents, about her ordeal, on Saturday May 4th, poor love. 

Brilliant, angry neighbours, of vile hate preacher, Abu Qatada (Above) are threatening to stop, paying council tax, if he moves back into their street (Excellent!!.... Good for them!!) One dad of three said "I pay a lot of money to live up this road & work hard. I begrudge paying it with him up the street from my kids!" At the moment it costs £100,000 a week, to guard him, with 24hr surveillance, at the 4 bedroom, £450,000, detached house.

The abuse victims, of kiddie fiddler, 'Stuart Hall' (Above) will be paid compensation, by the BBC. Somewhat too little, too late, plus it should be Hall, paying them compensation, NOT, the BBC, licence payers. Quite frankly I think the BBC should have their rights, to charge for a TV licence, revoked. 

Talking of sicko's the fiancé, of vile, arson, murderer, 'Melanie Smith' 43 (Who's own children say she is evil & should die in jail) is saying he will stand by her & plans to marry her in jail (He is obviously also a nasty piece of work! Or a very poor, judge of character!) Vile 'Melanie' faces life in jail for the murder of 5 people (Including 3 children) But warehouse worker 'Steve Clarkson' 45, who has been her partner of 7yrs believes she is innocent (Yeah she looks a real sweetheart - Bellow)

My stars for Gemini say - 'Rebel Uranus focuses on friendship & breaking free from routine. A talent you have gets it's lucky break. The wisdom to let Love develop at it's own pace, builds a bond (I'm never one, to rush into anything) Still looking? Your new love is entertaining an audience when you notice each other' (Lol, PML, I had a fling, with an audience warm up man..... Decades ago!!)

I sat out in the sun, listening to music until 1.30pm & then I popped in & fixed a King Prawn salad, with some Krisprolls, then I sat out some more, while doing job searches, on my laptop & applying for a bunch. I also researched some suppliers, for my business idea. I also found out, some very, very, interesting info, on both Twitter, Facebook & Starnow!! I went in at 4.15pm & watched 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' 'Millionaire Matchmaker' & 'Home & Away' 

I did a load of laundry & hoovering & dusting. Then around 7.30pm I had some honey roast, smoked salmon, with some crushed Charlotte potatoes & some salad for dinner, plus a Diet Coke. Then I did a bit of blogging & audition searches, while listening to 4Music, until 9pm when I watched the FAB 'NCIS' a load of 'CSI's' more 'NCIS' & 'Dark Blue' before heading to bed, with a decaf coffee. Realising far too late, that I'd missed the FAB 'Revenge' & also 'Made In Chelsea' as the Bank Holiday, made me forget today is Monday, oddly it has felt like Sunday all day! (Calories consumed 1,280, 50cals UNDER today's target GOOD!!)

Tuesday 7th May, I woke at 8am, I had a dream but it was very bitty & fragmented, so I don't really recall it, I feel very, very, very, horny today!! (I always do, in Summer) had a wash, maybe it should of been, a cold shower & brushed my teeth. I washed my hair, it's a lovely sunny day, outside already. I dried my hair & did a light make-up. I put in my contact lenses in, so later, I wouldn't be wandering around, Ashford Station, squinting, trying to make out the girls in the crowd. I put my hair up, in a ponytail, adding a faux ponytail booster to it. I had a Vi Shake blended with pineapple, followed by coffee, for breakfast. 

I wore my ripped jeans & a slate grey, vest top, with, very long, cream & navy, dip-dyed, fringing, from the neckline, with matching dip-dyed, fringed earrings, plus my black & white, 'TrimTone' thong sandals. I packed my 'Dorothy Perkins' denim jacket, 'Versace' make-up bag, 'Versace' purse & my diary, plus my packed lunch, in my sparkly, gun metal, sequinned 'Primark' tote bag. Then I attached my pink mini 'iPod Shuffle', to my 'A Hole' jeans, put my earphones in & my 'Dolce & Gabbana' sunglasses on & headed out!! 

I walked to the station, in the gorgeous sunshine & once on my train, I read the newspaper. The front page was yet another 'Old School' TV presenter being accused of paedophile sex offences. This time, Scouse comic 'Jimmy Tarbuck' 73, has been accused of sexually abusing a boy in the 1970's. He was quizzed by North Yorkshire police. Bloody hell who next?? 'David Walliams' & his odd faced, model wife, 'Lara Stone' (Below) have had a baby boy. 

A report say's, couples shun sex, on a Tuesday - because they are too sober, to feel frisky!! What a load of bull, I have had, plenty of sex on Tuesdays. I use to have sex, every day, several times a day, when in long term relationship's & with the hot weather, today (Tuesday) I could happily have sex, six times or more, today, as my horny level, is through the roof!! (I'm wondering if it is a hormonal thing, as to why I'm so gagging for sex today? That might also explain the painful nipples at the moment!) 

Anyway back to the report only 2% of those polled had sex on a Tuesday, the reason it is so low boffin's say is 22% of couples lack of booze (Only in the mood, after a drink? How sad!) 14% were too busy (Even for a quickie??) & 5% have to get up early on a Wednesday (So?... then have sex at 6-7pm when you get in from work!!) 

Evil, ugly, fat, sick, baby rapist 'Tanya French' 26 (Above) enjoyed a trip, to a funfair, surrounded by unsuspecting kids, in Burnham-on-sea, Somerset. After only serving, a mere 30 months, in prison. (She has already been recalled once already, for breaking strict, parole rules) She was jailed for her vile role, in the abuse & rape of a 12 week old girl, she was supposed to be minding, along with her lover, the equally repulsive 'Alan Webster' 46 (Below) down the road in Hatfield Herts!! Scum!!! 

My stars for Gemini said - 'Intuition is your special strength & it helps you tune into all that goes on, behind the scenes at work & at home (Oh I am ALWAYS aware of EVERYTHING that goes on around me, even though, at times, it suits me, to act the fool, as if I'm oblivious!! In fact today, I had confirmation, from 3 different avenues, that proved to me, that, my instincts & intuition, about something, were deffo spot on!! I miss NOTHING!!!) You retain an air of mystery, that adds a sexy twist, to a love relationship. You sense a friend needs your advice, but it only works if you give it tactfully (I'm shattered, from being, several friend's, emotional, agony aunt, lately) Luck is linked to football!' 

I got off the train at Kings Cross & got my 2nd train, from, Kings Cross, St Pancras, to Ashford Kent. I got to Ashford station & recognised, blonde, model, Lucy, straight away, she was already with Hannah, another blonde model & a friend of hers, who is a make-up artist, who has blonde, turquoise & pink hair (Seeing her, reminded me, of my Art Student days & my pink & blonde hair!) So we were (Apart from the pink & turquoise bits) a bunch of 4 blondes!! 

We headed out to a park area & sat in the sun. We chatted more about my business plan & them getting involved, if the business plan, works out, to be financially viable, etc etc, we chatted for ages about that, plus about, TV shows, guys, sex, etc etc normal girly stuff, both on & off our phones & downed Diet Cokes, in the sun. I text my best friend Candie on & off too, as we chatted. We all got out, our picnic lunches, around 3pm, the sun was baking, it's apparently the hottest day of the year today. 

I had a Mexican bean salad, with some Krisprolls, for lunch, with a low cal M&S, skinny, chocolate muffin, dessert. We chatted some more & Lucy said, she was taking out her hair extensions, while she was away on holiday, to give her head a rest, but wanted some clip in ones & a half wig to take away with her if she felt she was missing her long hair & I suggested 'Annabelles wigs' (See their site, posted along right hand side, of my blog) I gave them some Vi shake samples & they asked how the Vi diet was going?  I said, to be honest, I'd noticed no change so far!!

We sat in the sun, until 7pm, then went to a local cafe & had some more Diet Cokes, to cool us down. I headed for the station at 8.45pm & caught my train to Kings Cross, now hungry I got a Starbucks Cappuccino, Smoked Salmon Bagel & pepperoni flavoured crisps, to snorkle down on the train home. I got in at around 11pm & discovered I'd missed the 1st of the new 'The Apprentice' but was in time to watch the last episode of New 'Dallas' I knew they'd make JR's death, JR's only selfless act!!! (LOVED Larry Hagman... RIP) Then I watched a bit of 'CSI' before a bit of blogging & a bit of Facebook & Twitter chat, before bed with a decaf coffee (Calories consumed 1,801, 253cals UNDER today's target GOOD!)

Wednesday 8th May, I had a dream, about my best friend, Candie, we were sitting on her yacht, chatting about something, I cant recall what? Then later I went to see my friend Andrea, it seemed she had moved into a huge warehouse, with a very high ceiling & sectioned it off in rooms, the lounge was really funky, with two large print, wallpapers blended together in it, it was very 60's, psychedelic. I remember thinking 'her heating bills must be astronomical with those high ceilings' but that's all I can recall. I got up had a bath & fixed a Vi Shake, with some peach segments blended in. 

My eyes feel sore & weepy, after only 8hrs, with contact lenses in yesterday. They were new ones, fresh from the pack, but my eyes are too sensitive, these days, since the damage, pneumonia, did to them! I can't wait for laser eye surgery!! I donned some cream underwear, my olive 'Elle' gym trousers, my primrose yellow 'Primark' spaghetti strapped, camisole top & my white, velour, 'Primark' hoodie & strapped my ankle weights on. I slipped my 'TrimSole' B&W leopard print mules on & popped t the local shop for a newspaper & headed back home. 

I got in & read the paper, the front cover, was another child killing, bit of scum, who like 'Mark Bridger' I wan't peeled like a banana by a lifer, when in jail! Namely 'Stuart Hazell' 37 (Below) the repugnant, ugly, murdering, step-grandfather of 'Tia Sharp' 12, He murdered her, in a sex attack, then sickeningly took grotesque photos of her naked body!!! He also had, video clips of her, sleeping, weeks before she died. He also ha a collection of, child abuse images, some featuring teenagers with glasses, on electronic memory cards. 

The bastard dated & fucked Tia's mum & then dated & fucked her gran..... then he fucked & murdered Tia.... Does the weirdo, murderer, only have sex, with one gene pool? Seems to me, the paedo, only dated the Mum & Nan to get access to Tia. Traces of Tia's blood were found, on the monsters, belt buckle, when he was arrested. Jurors saw an explicit, photo of Tia, allegedly took, after she was, suspectedly, smothered to death. Shot from behind, it showed her posed on all fours, and leaning over a bed. 

The prosecutor said "Although the face cannot be seen, in the picture, it was taken on Tia's bed in her grandmothers house!" Blood could be seen, on bedclothes, in the photo, taken in the early hours of August 3rd, the day she vanished, before her body was found, in the attic, a week later. Mr Edis told the jurors before showing the image "You will have to see it because it matters. If it is a dead girl on 'Tia Sharps' bed, photographing her naked, it's importance is obvious" I hate him so much, and I don't have kids, the hatred, those with kids (Especially those with girls) must be ten fold!! 

A pathologist, who examined both Tia's body & the photograph, said that marks suggested the youngster had been "Posed, after her sudden & violent death" The Jurors gasped, as the sick image, was shown & two women, wiped away tears, before the case was adjourned for 10 mins. Tia's mum 'Natalie Sharp' 31 had left the court earlier, after seeing, covert video footage, of a naked Tia, applying moisturising cream, to her legs, exclaiming "I hope you rot - I'm going home!" Another pathological liar, like 'Mark Bridger' Vile, Scum 'Hazell' deny's killing Tia, saying she died in an accident, possibly falling down stairs & he hid the body, in panic!!! 

BULLSHIT!!! 'Possibly' falling down stairs, well was it stairs? Or wasn't it? How does 'Possibly' come into it? Well if it WAS a staircase accident. Was she found by him, at the bottom of the stairs, crumpled or not??? Also did she just happen, to fall down, those stairs naked?? Or is it, deemed, quite normal, for a "PANICKING" man, to strip a dead body, naked, then pose it sexually, before hiding it???........ NO IT IS NOT!!!!!....

Correctly, referring to hiding, Tia's body, Mr Edis said "That's not what you normally do, if someone has suffered an accident is it?" The pathologist, couldn't give an exact cause of death (Partly due, to how badly decomposed, Tia (Above) was, after a week, in a sheet, duvet & bin bags in the attic) But said her neck, or skull, wasn't broken (Like it would be, in a death, caused by a fall down stairs) & said findings were consistent, with suffocation. 

After Tia died 'Hazel' searched incest websites, as well as a website, used by known paedophiles, there were also photos, of young teenagers, in glasses, performing sex acts on adults. Web searches on his phone included 'naked little girlies' 'underage photos' & 'young girl nudes' the jurors were told. Tia's blood, was found on a sex toy & 'Hazell's' semen on her clothes, duvet, bedroom floor & pillow. 

Mr Edis told the Jurors "For that reason, the prosecution case is that 'Stuart Hazel' had a sexual attraction to Tia. There was some form of sexual assault - something of that kind - & that's the reason he killed her!" Adding "Accident had nothing to do with this, and one question you are going to have to ask yourself is, 'if that's wrong what was her blood doing on that dildo?' The probability of it being anyone else's is less than one in a Billion!!" Before the body was found 'Hazell' LIED that Tia, had left the house, to go shopping, with a male pal, sparking a huge manhunt (Below) The lying scum even made a tearful TV appeal. I hope he meets a VERY horrible death!! 

From one bit of Paedo scum, I wish a horrible death to..... To a second, who I wish the same for!! 'Mark Bridger' A girl of 7yrs, hugged her teddy bear, Minty, shown on a big screen, in court, as she told a jury, she saw 'April Jones' get into 'Mark Bridger's' car with a "Happy Face!" She said, April had walked up to "The man" an spoke to him, before she happily got in his car & was driven off! (Out of this 7yr old & Bridger, I know who's version, I actually trust/believe!!) 

In a shown police interview the 7yr old told police, when asked what happened yesterday? "It was me & her playing. I saw her by the Land Rover van, I saw her by the person by the van" When asked if she'd seen this person before? she said "No. April din't say she was going to go in it. I knew her mum & dad wouldn't let her go off at that time. The man did not take her in the van, she got in the van, because she had a happy face & wasn't upset" Which makes me think, he has made sure, their paths crossed before & he groomed her!! 

When asked who she saw in the Land  Rover, she said "A man, I saw him getting out of the van, he was waiting outside the van for someone. I don't know who? I don't think it would be April! I just think April wanted to go in. She didn't say she was going to go in it, she wasn't crying, she was happy! She got into the back & it drove off, the way it had come, I didn't hear any talking. She stepped in the front door & climbed through, to the back seats, the two back doors were locked & broken, so she had to get in the drivers way, to get into the back. April tried to open them, even the other one on the other side, she got her leg across & got into the back seat!"  

She then tried to describe the man's appearance. "He had green or blue eyes, with brown hair, I think. I think he was wearing a jacket or a jumper, he was wearing jeans & trainers. I'm sure he had brown hair, but I'm not sure about anything else!" The court heard after the car drove off, 'April's' brother came out to get her as it was getting dark. The girl continued "I said what happened & gave him her bike, I told her mum, April's got into someone's car & she hasn't come back, my mum called the police" at the end of the interview the girl joked "I'm not very good at remembering things, I didn't remember my PE kit today!" 

After the video was played the girl was cross examined, by vile 'Bridger's' defence council 'Brendan Kelly QC' who asked if she was sure she was not too far away to see 'April' talking to the man? She replied "I wasn't too far away to see!" The QC suggested she'd ridden too far ahead to see 'April' laying on the ground injured. She replied "She was talking & she was standing, when she was talking to the man!" 

The QC suggested, she was wrong, about seeing 'April' get in the drivers side, asking if she understood? She said "Yeah!" He said she saw the man carrying 'April' into the car & not 'April' climbing in! She replied "She got into the drivers car & she climbed over to the back seat. The man did not carry her into the front seat" Bridger of course, continues to deny the allegations, the gutless monster. 

Three kidnapped girls, feared to have been kept, as sex slaves, for 10yrs, were free last night, after being free'd from, their basement dungeon, in Cleveland, USA, when neighbours heard her screams & kicked in a locked door. 'Amanda Berry' was 16 (Above) when she was snatched, and emerged with a 6yr old daughter, sobbing "He had us locked in chains" Another captive 'Gina DeJesus' was 14, when she disappeared another 'Michelle Knight' was 20!! Scumbag, School, bus driver (Ideal job for a paedo, psycho) 'Ariel Castro' (Angelic name for a monster) was arrested along with his two brothers. The neighbour that released them said he never suspected his neighbour 'Ariel' of anything adding "I've been here a year I barbecue with this dude!!" The three girls, suspected dead, were reunited with their tearful family's last night. 

Amanda Berry, with her 6yr daughter, reunited with her sister

With men like those above, in the news, is it any wonder, that I bide my time, when it comes to deciding, if I will date anyone, or not. Thank you UKIP scare, thanks to you putting the wind up the Conservatives, PM David Cameron, today, slashes immigrants rights, stopping them getting benefits, free health care & council houses. Also landlords renting to illegals or bosses employing them, face fines of thousands of pounds. Today's Page 3, Kim 20 from Newcastle was cute. 

My stars for Gemini said - 'Serious Saturn rewinds & ambitions you put on hold are ready to be revived. You have a quiet inner strength that helps in all you do. In your love life, feelings that have been simmering beneath the surface, are revealed & you have exciting decisions to make. Luck highlights L names' Reading over, I went online briefly, to check my messages & I messaged my friend Andrea, about my dream, about her, in the warehouse apartment & the funky wallpaper, she replied....

Funny hun i was just telling Tom on the way home that i think we should start a new  project 

& i've been looking at wallpaper how strange babe....

After some brief chit chat, I popped to the gym, briefly for a hour, 30 mins on the bike & 100 reps, on hip Abductor on 45kg & the same, on the hip Adductor & 50 reps, of leg curls & leg extensions on 35kg & I did a few exercises, on the power plate, as my neck, shoulder & arms (As well as my nips) are still painful! Then I came home & had a 2nd Vi shake blended with peaches. I did some online job/audition searches & checked the train times, to Shepperton, as I am registering with an agency, at the film studios, tomorrow. 

I put in a white wash, then I stopped to watch, the brilliantly funny, 'Millionaire Matchmaker' followed by 'Home & Away' then I did a bit of blogging. I watched 'All Star Mr & Mrs' which had my old favourite 'Toya' in it, who is tiny, the same height as my late mum 4ft 9". Then I watched 'NCIS' not realising 'The Apprentice' was on on BBC for 2nd day in a row!! I just thought I'd only missed it yesterday, when I was out with the girls. Bugger, realised when there was only 15mins left (Damn I could of watched 'NCIS' on +1) So caught last 15mins.... Damn they were in St Albans too!! So I watched 'The Apprentice Your Fired' to get up to speed. Then went back to Ch5 +1 & caught up with 'NCIS' where I left off. Before crashing for the night (Calories consumed 1,357, 19cals UNDER target Good!)

Thursday 9th May, I woke shattered at 7.30am, when my alarm went off, I don't recall any dream. I jumped in the bath & had a coffee, when I jumped back out. I dried my hair, it is sunny out but there were very many, dark clouds looming. I did my make-up & wore jeans, and my eggshell blue, black & white, oriental, dragon, print blouse, plus my 'TrimSole' B&W, leopard print, thong, mules. While packing my red & white jersey summer dress & red heels, for other dress option in pictures. 

I popped to the shop to buy a Sun paper & a packed lunch but there was nothing suitable left even though it was 8.30am, apparently local workmen, bought all the rolls & sandwiches (I don't buy loaves of bread, to make sandwiches with, as I don't eat bread often, as I'm wheat intolerant & it gives me cramps, if I eat too much of it) So I thought I'd get it on the hop en route instead. I shoved my make-up bag, in my sparkly, gunmetal, sequinned, 'Primark' tote bag along with my purse & 'Dorothy Perkins' denim jacket, shoved my 'Dolce Gabbana' sunglasses on my head. 

I walked to the station in the sunshine, wondering if the black clouds would open up, but they didn't. I got my ticket & a 'Ginsters' tuna melt, panini & a cappuccino for breakfast as I was famished. I got on my train & read the paper. The front cover, as well as pages 2-7, plus a 12 page pull out & 7 back sport pages, were all about, Sir Alex Ferguson, leaving, Manchester United FC, as Manager!!! For Fuck sake 26 pages!! He is just retiring, it is not fucking Armageddon!!! Bore Off!!! Today's Page 3, Staci, 23, from Preston is a cutie. There were some great, beachwear shots, of 'Kate Moss' great lighting, great make-up artist, great photographer & great airbrushing. 

More on that C**t 'Stuart Hazell' Jurors were shown video footage of 'Tia Sharp' with Stuart on CCTV both in shops & on a bus. 'Tia' had text 'Hazell' to see if she could spend the weekend with him & her nan, which was agreed even though the nan would be working a night shift at a care home, until the following morning. Her nan text her telling her to vacuum under her bed adding "Love You xxx"  Tia replied at 4.26pm saying "Love you too & OK xxx"  The grandmother said in court "It didn't cross my mind Stuart would hurt her. He Loved Tia & she Idolised him!" (Love? more like Lust the sicko!!) 

The grandmother, said, that she, had swapped, some texts, with 'Stuart' as 'Tia' was going to bed at 11.44pm. He replied "Night night baby, see you tomorrow!"  Tia, last used her phone, to access the internet at 12.40am. She got home the following morning, to find 'Hazell' either watching TV, or playing a video. When she asked where 'Tia' was? He said she'd gone shopping & would be back by 6pm. But she got worried when 'Tia' had not returned by 7.50pm, so she & 'Stuart' went to look for her at a local fair (Did she not find it odd, that Tia, didn't have her mobile?) 

At 10pm she & Tia's mother 'Natalie' reported 'Tia' missing to the police. Grandmother 'Christine' said on August 9th, 'Hazel' disappeared at 6am, leaving a note for her that said 'Back  in a bit baby xxxx' She said she had also noted a smell in the house, but thought the cat must have messed somewhere. 'Tia's' decomposing body was found by cops in the attic the next day. Christine said in court "I have been shown an image, which I believe must be 'Tia' as it is a child's body, and it's her bed, I recognised the quilt cover. I always thought 'Tia' was coming home, I found out about her death the same time, as everyone else! If I knew 'Stuart' would be dead. I would be inside, because I would of killed him!" 

She said she 1st met 'Stuart Hazell' in 2002 & they dated 5yrs later (After he'd been dating her daughter) She said he was a drunk & smoked marijuana (I can so see what attracted you, and your daughter to 'Stuart' you obviously, both have, very high, self esteem & standards!!) She said she would go crazy if she saw him drinking Vodka, as it made him argumentative. She said "He had known Tia, since she was small, I always thought he absolutely adored all the grandkids, and they loved him to bits. He doesn't tell them off, he doesn't shout at them, he doesn't smack them!" (No he just sexually assaults, kills & photographs one!) 

"He is soft, the most I get off of him, is he raises his voice to me. I love Stuart with all my heart, he was my world, but my grandchildren always come first!!" So let me get this straight, a piss head, splif head, was your world & you STILL say the word LOVE in present tense, after he has abused, killed, videoed & photographed the dead body,your Granddaughter!!! What the hell is wrong with you woman??? She said 'Tia' was not the kind of 12yr old you could groom, she was mouthy. Adding "You wouldn't force her to do anything, she is (Was) a mini 'Natalie' which is a mini me!" The boss of window cleaner 'Hazell' was surprised, when 'Stuarts' dad was quoted after his arrest, because he'd told him, in great detail, how his dad had died of a heart attack & wept at work. He added "If this was not true & his father is not dead, I would say, he is a fantastic liar!" Liar most certainly..... fantastic NO!!

From one bit of human trash, to another, father of 6 'Mark Bridger' approached 3 young girls, just 2hrs before abducting 'April Jones' he spoke to a 14yr old at April's school, during parents evening around 5pm. Which raised concerns of a head teacher, he chatted to her for 10mins although he had no connection to her. She found it odd, as she knew, he had a history of relationships, with a lot of young mums. Then at 6pm, he approached 2 girls, one aged 8yrs on bikes, at the spot, 'April' vanished, 1hr 15mins later! The 8yr old who knew a daughter of 'Bridger' said he said "Do you want a sleepover?" She said her friend said "Maybe!" 

I'm not a fan of tattoo's, even though my dad had some, from his time in the army in WWII, but I have to say the tattoo on the arm of 'Duane Ashworth' (Above)of his handsome, hero son 'Lance Corporal James Ashworth' (Below) is a beautiful tribute, to the beautiful, fallen hero, who was awarded a 'Victoria Cross' The tattoo, is the work of, a very talented, tattoo artist & captures, brave, handsome, James Ashworth, beautifully. 

My stars for Gemini said - 'You can do some deep thinking today, identify those aspects of your life you want to change, and make a proper action plan. Just as you think a love-match has gone as far as it can, there'll be exciting developments. If your single, another Gemini is challenging but it will be extra passionate' 

I got off at Kings Cross & yet again, got the tube to Vauxhall, then I got the train from a sunny Vauxhall, to Shepperton. I arrived to a windy Shepperton with black clouds looming (Great) I put on my denim jacket & began the 15min walk to the station & the sky's opened with great aplomb & the wind blew like a hurricane so although I put my, extendible, umbrella up, I had to hold either edge over my head like a hat & not the handle, so it wouldn't blow inside out. My jeans from the knee down were saturated as was my denim jacket & front of blouse!! I got to Shepperton Studio's & called into security & got a map of the lot for me to find my way to the casting agents.

The rain stopped for this part of my adventure, at least, I was met by the lovely Kerry & despite me being a hour early (Always prefer to be early rather than late) She knew who I was, immediately & showed me into room, where I could fill in my details on a form & have coffee & biscuits & dry out a bit! While another guy went off to be photographed, Kerry's uncle who is in the business, chatted me & served me coffee & biscuits, as I filled in details & waited for my turn to be photographed, and hopefully dried out a bit. 

Then it came to my time to have the agency pictures taken, as the rain had stopped, we did the casual shots (Jeans & shirt) outside & then my pictures in the red & white dress, plus red shoes, were taken indoors. The photographer was really lovely & I'd worked with him before, in the past. I went back to the room where coffee had been served, and chatted more to Kerry's uncle & the guy, who was called Dallas, the uncle said as it looked like rain again any moment, he'd give Dallas & I a lift to the station, when I'd finished my registration. So popped into Kerry's office with my completed forms & paid the £35 for the agency pics, which I will be posted, via a DVD. 

Kerry said as they have all worked in the industry as extras before, they make sure they know their agency members, as faces & people & not just another number, and hopefully there will be something suitable for me soon. Then Dallas & I headed off for our lift, to the station, as we did I saw my friend Atul, who was just arriving for registration & we had a brief chat. Dallas Jones & I arrived at the station, with 20-30mins to wait for a train, and we chatted ten to the dozen, which we also did once on the train. Dallas is a really lovely guy & we got on like a house on fire. Dallas was sure he'd seen me somewhere before, but despite going through various possibility's, we never came up with the solution, by the time he got off the train at Clapham. 

I carried on to Vauxhall & changed there, for the tube, to Kings Cross. By then it was now sunny again, typical. Hungry I had a large skinny cappuccino & smoked salmon bagel for a late lunch around 2.30-3pm & then got the train back to St Albans. Back at St Albans, the sun had gone & it was black clouds again (Typical) but fortunately, I got home, this time, before the sky's opened again! I was just in time to watch 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' 'Millionaire Matchmaker' love a bit of trash TV in the afternoon. I updated my Facebook & Twitter statuses & added Dallas Jones, to both. Then did a load of job & audition, searches, online & applied to about 40, between them.  

I watched 'Home & Away' the best soap on TV & 'Britain's Close Encounters' then did a few household chores (Boring but necessary) before having a small Chicago Town, four cheeses pizza with some green salad with a Diet Coke. Then I watched 'Star Trek: The True Story' I'm such a Sci Fi nerdette!!! Then I watched 'Celebrity Juice' & the evening show of 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Still really hungry I had A Diet Coke & 3 Vi Nutra cookies (one chocolate chip & one peanut butter) then watched 'The Chronicles Of Riddick' before retiring to bed at 1.10am (Calories consumed 2,137, 83cals OVER today's target whoops)

Friday 10th May, I dreamt about filming & acting, but I can't recall the details. I woke at 10am, in a great deal of pain, in my left knee, coccyx, neck & shoulder, due to the weather turning cold & wet again! Bloody hereditary ailments, I'd cuss getting old, but the pain is due to injury & hereditary arthritis & rheumatism, which I have had since BEFORE my teens, so that's not due to age. My coccyx really hurts, with a sharp, toothache pain, that shoots out in a V to my hip bones, due to fracturing it, in a shower accident, when I was 11yrs old, which arthritis, set into. The knee thing, is something, both my sister Julie & I share with out late mum & the neck thing I can thank countless, accidents for, both in & out of a car. 

I wish arthritis/rheumatism sufferers, could have syringes, of morphine, the way diabetics have syringes of insulin. As painkillers take forever to kick in! I need to win the lottery, or make a load of money & move to LA, California or Dubai (No pain in the hot sunshine) I downed a handful of pain killers, then shuffled down stairs & showered. I made a Vi shake with Mango's & Pineapple, had with a few Galaxy counters. Been very tired last week don't know if it is down to Vi or not as it is meant to give you energy???

I dressed in white underwear, my freshly laundered 'Elle' olive, gym trousers & lemon yellow, spaghetti string, strapped, cotton, 'Primark' camisole, plus my B&W 'TrimSole' mules. Then popped to the shop for Diet Cokes & the Sun newspaper. Came home, put the Cokes in the fridge & made a coffee & settled with the paper. The front page, plus 4 more pages just inside, were about 'David Moyes' getting retiring 'Sir Alex Ferguson's' Man United FC, £33Million, manager job.... Yawn.... Whatever!! That's what the sports pages at THE BACK are for!!! Though I know several, Man U, fans, who will be interested (But Not Me!!!)

PM David Cameron is about to do a U-turn on himself over Europe, he is about to team up with Tory Euro rebels, in a planned protest vote next week, which will test the Coalition, to breaking point (Good, the Lib Dem's, are holding everything that needs doing, back!) I think he is doing it, as he did the 1st 'Queens Speech' offering, to appease the Lib Dem's, but it didn't mean he couldn't vote along with the rebels, re the in-out vote by 2017. Today's Page 3, Emily, 20 from Warrington was pretty but hard looking. There was a bit in the paper, about the naked pic of TOWIE's, prize pillock, 'Kirk Norcross' wanking over young woman on Skype, a leaked on Twitter (Below) Kirk admitted on Twitter 'We have all done it, I'm just the stupid one that got caught' (Speak for yourself Kirk.... I have never wanked on Skype!!) 

Kirk Proving, He Is Both, A Prize Tool & Tosser!!

From one dumb tool, to an evil, lying tool!! 'Mark Bridger' had the brass neck to wish 'April Jones's' search team, good luck with their search, saying he himself had been searching all night, before contradicting himself, by saying, that he had only heard of her disappearance 9.30am that morning! Which didn't add up. (He was arrested 45mins later!) When one of the search team, told him they were waiting to check an item of clothing found, 'Bridger' said "Oh, what have you found?" Another search team member, said, he was clean shaven, when normally he had a goatee beard. Adding "He looked very clean & tidy for a man who said he'd been searching through woods!!" 'Bridger' had been seen earlier carrying a black bin bag, after parking his car in a layby. The witness said "It was rolled up, not very big, wrapped up like a sausage" (A limb?)

From one bit of Paedo scum, to another, vile, window cleaner (Wonder how many kiddie bedrooms, he looked into & wanked over on his rounds?) 'Stuart Hazell' 37, claimed in jail "I'm not like Ian Huntley, I'm not a nonce" a jury heard yesterday. (Tia's dead body, posed & photographed in a sexual position, on her bed say's otherwise, you sick bastard!!) Yet later he said he wished he could turn back the clock, adding "I deserve everything I get, 30yrs I don't care" He then tried blaming Tia's murder, on the Somalian's next door, saying they were "Bacons" slang for Paedo's

Meanwhile in the USA, another vile monster, 'Ariel Castro' 52, blamed his sex slaves, of 10yrs for their Ordeal. He said he was a sexual predator & the girls (His freed hostages) should never of agreed to get in his car! In a suicide note found in his home (No doubt just in case, or if he died of natural causes) he said "They are here against their will, because they made the mistake of getting in a car with a total stranger" He now faces the death penalty (Good) 

My stars for Gemini said - 'The way you solve mysteries is amazing (Damn right, NOTHING stays hidden from me, so be warned, the more you obviously, try, to hide something from me, the more, I will strive, to find out what? & why?) As is what you learn about yourself & your hidden talents, as the eclipse goes deep into the secrets sector of your chart. It can be tricky when others insist on sharing their secrets with you! (That can be tricky at times yes, but I ALWAYS keep them secret!) Single? A face seen in a photo is important' 

At 2.34pm, Ian text 'What are you doing on 28th? It's a Thursday? I have 2 free tickets & a 2 for 1 pass. Would you be up for it if I got a driver? Xx' Errrr that, was the ultimate, in vague texts. Yes I'm free, but free for what? 2 tickets for what/where? 2 for 1 pass for what? & where is? whatever it is, that we need a drive?? I text him back, asking what the hell he was on about? He replied 'Shit.... Sorry. Alton Towers!!! Ha ha!!' I replied, I was & to let me know, if chauffeur was found. I had another Vi Mango/Pineapple Shake, as I was shake free yesterday, as I'd been feeling so tired & hungry all week.  

I did some online research, for my business plan, for my business idea, plus chatted briefly on Facebook & Twitter as I did so, I also checked my hotmail inbox too. I had a message from an agent, who wanted to put me forward, for a TV role, if I was free? I was & I let them know (Now, as always, it's a waiting game!) Then it was a bit of, fab, trash, TV, with 'Millionaire Matchmaker' with two absolute Millionaire tools, they may have Millions in the bank!!..... But I wouldn't touch them in a Million Years! Then I watched a Double Bill of 'Home & Away' I put some dry laundry away & did a few chores, hope the weather improves tomorrow, for when I put flowers on mums grave! 

At 8pm I watched 'Come Dine With Me' and had a small, Chicago Town,  four cheeses pizza & green salad with some mustard, for supper. Later I watched 'Not Going Out' I love 'Lee Mack' 'Tim Vine' & also 'Katy Wix' who plays Daisy (Very funny!!) I'm waiting to hear, if I get a part in a New 'Lee Mack' show. I'm also waiting to hear back, re an audition, for another show, which I'd be very excited about, if I get. I then made a coffee & watched 'The Graham Norton Show' which was amusing & then got ready for bed I flicked channels & saw Rob on 'SuperCasino' & watched for a bit, as he never fails to be entertaining, which I watched, while scoffing a few spearmint, Softmints. But by 2.15am I was flagging & sent Rob, a goodnight tweet, to the show, jokily adding, his #FareTheeWell hashtag, which is his sign off for the show, for a joke, then I crashed (Calories consumed 1,642, 228cals Over today's target whoops!!)

Saturday 11th May, I had a strange dream, that involved my friend, Rob Lamarr, we were sat in a cafe, or restaurant, or canteen, talking about something, work related, I think, but to be honest, I don't really recall. But I had a small, cute, male child, on my lap, aged around, 18 months - 3yrs, I don't know if he was mine, Rob's, or if I was looking after him, for someone else, in my dream?? But I woke thinking 'What the hell was that all about??' I guess Rob, sneaked into my dream, as he was the last thing I saw, as I switched off my TV last night. I was meant to meet my radio mentor Dazo, at 4pm, but he emailed to cancel & re book for the 18th instead, so no radio for me today, I'll try not to go gaga, over it!!! 

Today is the 4th Anniversary, of mums death, it still only feels like yesterday, I can still see her sweet, scared, little face looking up at me, from that A&E bed. I made a Pineapple & Peanut Butter Vi Shake, for breakfast, which was yummy. I had a wash & changed into my cream bra & cream, French knickers, with cream & beige, mini, leopard spot, print, frills. On top of that, I wore my frayed 'A Hole' jeans, plus my 'H&M' slate grey, long sleeved T-Shirt, with a silver stud, Hello Kitty, design & my White EasyTone 'Reebok' trainers. I also put on my white, body warmer, with a hood & my white bomber jacket, on, as it was blowing a gale out & there were a lot of dark clouds in the sky. I put some scissors in my bag so I can cut down the flowers I put down on mum & dads grave. I headed to Tesco's & got two bunches of 10 beautiful red roses, to place on the grave. 

Then I went to my favourite cafe J.K Palmers, for a cappuccino & a  tuna melt jacket potato (Which was served quickly with a smile & as always tasted great) & while there I read the Sun paper, also bought at Tesco's. The front page is still Alex Ferguson, 71, FFS!!! Apparently he retired due to stress..... hardly front page news... That's what the sports pages are for!! Page 3, today wasn't a topless model, it was a hot pic of 'Tamara Ecclestone' in a fab bikini. Looking better than 'Keira Knightly' did in her pic's on honeymoon, in Corsica, also in the paper. 

There was a repulsive, looking pic, of the worlds, ex-fattest man (70st) 'Paul Mason' (Above) who is full of self pity, as usual. Now whining, because doctors, are refusing to remove all his ugly folds of droopy skin, until he has maintained, his weight loss for 2yrs. He has lost 46st, in 3 years, thanks to a gastric band (Not by sheer willpower alone) which cost the NHS a lot of money, for his own gluttony. He is now kicking up a stink, about not being able, to get the £60,000 Op, on the NHS, straight away (Well get a loan & pay for it yourself then!!..... You must of spent, a small fortune, on food, getting to 70st in the 1st place)

The 52yr ex postman, has posed in shocking nude pic's to try to persuade the NHS to sanction the £60,000 operation to remove the skin. They said in two years, so wait two years, you self pitying, whinge-bag!! People are waiting longer, for life saving, heart transplants & your state (Above) was caused by yourself, when you gorged, on an obscene 20,000 cals a day!! Which is 10 times, the healthy level, to eat a day!! 

For lunch, the greedy pig, would eat 4 portions of Fish & chips, 2 kebabs & a roast dinner, at one sitting!!! He is now down to 24st (Above) & wants to lose more, he said he will lose 8st, when the drooping skin, is removed (Well he will be 8st lighter, in 2 years then) He say's the droopy skin, restricts his movement & causes sores (Yeah and?? So did your rolls of fat, when you were 70st, didn't stop you snorkling down the junk though, did it?) If he is expecting pity from me, he is going to be disappointed!!

Vile hate preacher 'Abu Qatada' (Above) offered to QUIT Britain yesterday, but Home Office bosses, do not believe him. He vowed to fly voluntarily to Jordan, when his homeland ratifies a treaty ensuring he will get a fair trial. But the Home Office fear this is a trick, so that he can leave jail on bail, only to later refuse to board the plane. He made the offer as he applied for bail. From one scumbag to another 'Tia Sharps' killer 'Stuart Hazell' wrote a letter from prison to his dad, begging for forgiveness, adding 'May God have Mercy On My Soul' Errrrrr sorry No!!! 

My Gemini stars for the day - 'You feel the power of Venus settling into your birth sign & adding new warmth, to all kinds of relationships, at work & at home. A romance that has just been ticking over, now kicks into action. If you are single, it's time to meet your true love - but it is someone unexpected. Luck reunites work pals.' 

With the paper read & my cappuccino finished, I grabbed my roses & went to the till to pay. The guy's who own the place, commented on my roses, as I paid. I said I was off, to walk down, London Rd, to the cemetery, to put them on mums grave & they kindly gave me, a free, take-away, cappuccino for the journey. So I headed off, down London Road, at around 12.30pm. It began raining heavily (typical) so I put up the hood on my body warmer, I didn't bother with an umbrella as it was too windy. I got to the cemetery 45-60mins later, and the sun came out. Although the grass had been trimmed, by the people, that upkeep the plot, they don't bother with a strimmer, so grass had grown up, over, the wrought iron, push bike, style, plant holder. So you couldn't see it, so it was lucky I brought my hand scissors with me.

I cut away at the grass, around the plant holder, so it was visible & I threw away the grass & my now dead flowers left on Mothers Day, there were no other flowers, to throw away, so I guess my sister Julie, didn't make it to the cemetery, this year, for Mothers Day. I then filled the planter with water & trimmed my 20 red roses down & displayed them, ripping myself to bits with the thorns.

The sun stayed shining & hot, while I stood at the grave, job done, talking to, my late Mum & Dad, for 15-20mins. But as soon as I left, for the long walk back, the sky opened again, and I got drenched. But it made me smile, it was almost like the sun was there, just for me & my parents, time together. I got in & put the heating on as it was cold & to help me dry off, despite the hoop my hair got soggy, but it wasn't as if I'd be seeing anyone so I scruffed it back in a soggy ponytail. Then once dry I watched 'Britain's Got Talent' fairly disappointing!! Hungry I had a egg & veggie sausage sandwich with some mustard, washed down with a Diet Coke & followed by some Galaxy counters. 

Then I finally got round to watching 'Avitar' I quite enjoyed it for easy to watch entertainment, but I wasn't blown away. Then I watched, supposed horror movie 'Mirrors' which was a bit odd, I clicked over to Ch5 in the Ads & saw my pal Rob, who I'd dreamt of last night, on 'SuperCasino', looking very handsome in grey & silver, with his Holland, holiday, tan & I sent him a quick tweet, to say he was looking good tonight & then went back to the film. The film was crap, to be honest, not scary & pretty predictable, a bit 'Candy Man' meets 'The Others' but there was a quite nice twist at the end (Best bit of the whole film)

So with nothing else on I turned back over to 'SuperCasino' & for a laugh I tweeted Rob, that the film had been dull & challenged him to entertain me. And boy oh boy did he!! My ears 1st pricked up when I heard him say the words "Brass In Pocket" when talking about the roulette marquee. A song that I use to sing with my band & always chose at karaoke if it is in the book. Then suddenly more 80's songs popped up, which I & another of Rob's twitter followers Kathryn, cottoned on too (It turned out while I'd challenged him, to entertain, she challenged him, to slip in some 80's songs, into tonight's show) 

Boy oh boy did he live up to the challenge, for both of us, he knocked out the titles, one after another with aplomb & so seamlessly, that it appeared, that nobody else spotted it. Which was a shame as his performance was AWESOME & people who never cottoned on, never got to see, just how smart & talented, he is & I'm really NOT easily impressed!! 

He managed to slip into the nights show:- Juicy - I Should Be So Lucky - Another Corner - Hanging On The Telephone (When I threw in a challenge of a Blondie hit) No Jacket Required - Big Country - Grey Day (Handy to slip in due tonight's attire) Love Plus One - We Are The World - My Prerogative - Safety Dance - Every Little Step - Straight Up - Push It - It Takes Two - Ain't Nobody Better - Plus many many more, I was weeping with laughter, so much, I could hardly see my laptop keys, let alone keep up with typing the ones I'd spotted. 

I love Rob, when he is on, fun, entertainment, challenge, mode, as he excels at it, like no other. He really deserves to be, on a Prime Time, entertainment show, on one of the main networks. So if anyone, in TV land, is reading, 'Snap Him Up Quick!!' I LOVE quick thinking, fast wit & brains, and Rob has all that, in spades. 

I chatted to Rob briefly after the show & said how impressive, tonight's show was & it is shame more didn't suss, to appreciate how good tonight had actually been (Which only show's how good he is, that he can do all that, so seamlessly, that it's not obvious, he is so good, at what he does, a true pro! And I'm not just saying that as he is a mate!) He thanked me & said he enjoyed himself & enjoys fun nights, I do too & tonight/this morning, was definitely that!! 

I crashed in bed at 4.20am, while still laughing, about tonight's 'SuperCasino'. Poor Rob probably wouldn't be getting into bed, that much later, after the show, yet he has to be in the Midlands, for a charity football match, at around 11am, tomorrow, god only knows how little sleep he will get, before having to jump around in goal? Rather him than me! (Calories consumed 1,769, 172cals under today's target good)

Sunday 12th May, I fell asleep around 5am-ish, I know I dreamt, but I can't recall any of it. I woke at 10.30am, to find a missed call & texts from Ian, saying he can now do a boozy Sunday if I want, it's a bright sunny day out, but not sure I can be arsed traipsing round bars this afternoon, which I told Ian. I had a shower & dried off & put on ivory underwear & dried my hair straight. I think I must have something hormonal going on, as I have painful spots in my scalp now, as well as painful nips (unless they are insect bites..... the scalp not the nips lol) I did a light make-up & pulled on my ripped jeans & slate grey long sleeved T-Shirt, with a silver stud, Miss Kitty design.

Hungry, I popped into, the local shop, for a sandwich, some chilli Doritos, Diet Coke & the paper, I ate/drank, the former & read the latter, when I got in. The newspaper, headlines were 'Child Sex Perv On Eastenders' Apparently ex teacher, who was convicted of sexual activity with a school girl, had an extra role in 'EastEnders' for 6 months, only months after his conviction, he was spotted & reported by a horrified pupil. Meanwhile it has been uncovered that Vile 'Jimmy Savile' sexually abused 9 children under the age of 10, four of which were only 5yrs old!! Sick Scum!! 

UKIP are set to win 8 Tory seats in the 2015 pole election, figure predictions claim. Tory MP Nadine Dorries said "Many of us would much rather be in bed with UKIP than the Lib Dems. I know who I'd choose between Clegg & Farage to be the next Deputy PM!" An analyst predicted that UKIP could win up to 42% of the votes in some seats. The WTF of the weeks comes via - A Columbian gang member 'Giovanni Rebolledo' has been arrested, despite having a sex change & hiding out as a prostitute. Errrr did he have too many drugs?? As many hookers get arrested, didn't he think, that hiding as a hooker, would add to the risk of arrest & finger prints being taken?? 

My Gemini stars for the day - 'Your mentor Mercury spins into your sign to revive your personal ambitions & ensure you make an  excellent impression at work. But romantic words, from someone usually plain-spoken, give you a lot to think about. Someone being romantic with me? I should be so lucky!!

At 2.40pm Ian tweeted that he'd really wanted to have a drinkipoos with me, I said I wasn't in the mood for traipsing from bar to bar in the cold rainy weather & he said he was more thinking about coming round with a bottle & cooking..... So I said "Oh OK bring it on!!"  Later at 3.18pm, Ian text me 'Just left the house. Gonna use oyster to Elstree, get off & get ticket, guessing may be cheaper xx' I said he was probably right! I did a few chores & checked my FB & Twitter etc. Ian tweeted a pic of Hugo on the way to see me (Below)

At around 4.30pm, I thought I'd better pop, to the downstairs Off Licence, for Diet Coke/Tonic, for tonight, before Ian arrives & last weeks 'Revenge' that I missed, E4 repeat has started! I walked into the Off licence & there was Ian, at the till buying, diet tonic mixers, for the Vodka & I laughed & said "I must of sensed you were here, great minds think alike!" I made a fuss of Hugo, and bought a pack of Galaxy counters for Ian & I, then I helped Ian with his bags round to mine. Then we put the vodka & tonic's in my fridge & took a 2 litre bottle of Lambrini upstairs, with 2 glasses, as an appetiser, to drink while watching 'Revenge' which was excellent as ever. 

Then it was time for a bit of music & Vodka & Tonics, we started with some Funky House, a bit of trance so we put on the original 'Clubland' CD & then some Eurovision with the Fab 'Dana International' Diva 'Verka Serduchka' Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Love that song) & 'DQ'  Drama Queen ( were robbed of a place in the finals it should of won or been top 3!!) Then we had a mix of 80's, and some other cheesy hits, I put on some 'Adam Rickett' 'Back Street Boys' meanwhile Hugo tried to have sex with my 'Boo' toy lol!! Gen text out of the blue around 7pm & I drunk (well tipsy) text her back.

Our friend Simon (Above) came on Skype at around 8pm, so of course we chose him over 'Once Upon A Time' and were having a real laugh talking to him for 90mins or more in Vancouver. He said to come over & stay with him once he has finally got all his flat lease signed up. Martin arrived with a bottle of wine, while Simon was on Skype & chatted to him too. Then Ian 'cooked' lol it wasn't so much a meal as some heated Birdseye vegetable fingers & some of my Quorn burgers, out of the deep freeze heated up. shoved on a plate, nothing to go with them, like mash, peas or oven chips.... lol 

Bless him, I will have to show him what cooking for someone is one day!! But he was very thorough with topping up our glasses. Poor Martin got tipsy for the 1st time (He's 37) As Ian's topping up, meant he drank, the whole bottle, of wine, he'd brought. So as he lost his virginity, at the end of last year, he has been corrupted for a 2nd time in 6 months.

I continued, playing the music, with my 'Best Of Eurovision' CD I was singing along, with the hits, in the languages, they were sung in (While silently hi5ing myself) Then I played a bit of pop, funny how when 'Holly Vallance's' 'Kiss Kiss' came on, how I couldn't sing it, in English, but only in 'Tarkan's' original Turkish!! Then we put on 'Ministry Of Sound Anthems Electronic 80's' Some serious tunes!! We also danced to 'Art of Noise' Close To The Edit, I'd not heard that for years!! Then 'Gary Newman' Cars, 'MARS' Pump up the Volume, 'Technotronic' Pump Up The Jam, 'Go West' We Close Our Eyes (I use to love, Go West) 'Kaja Goo Goo' Too Shy & 'Aha's' Take On Me. Martin went home about 5.30am & Ian & I eventually crashed at around 7am (Calories consumed God Only Knows!!!) 

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