Sunday, 25 May 2014

Nine Cookies, Eight Weeks!!!

Monday 5th May (Week 8, Day 50) Bank Holiday Monday.

I had a fab dream, last night, that I was belly dancing, next to Tarkan, while he was performing, to an audience (If only!!) I woke, to a bright sunny day, at 11am. It would of been, bikini in my courtyard, weather, if it wasn't for, the very selfish, thoughtless, hairdressers downstairs. Who cut down my beautiful, lilac flowering, buddleia bush. That had shielded me, from the prying eyes, of the passing public, which I'd lovingly tended, for 14 years!! They didn't even bloody ask me first, they just sneakily cut it down, when I was staying in London, with friends for a week. Now I can't even sit out, in MY own courtyard, in privacy, or enjoy it's beauty. 

When I confronted, the owner, of the hairdressers, who RENTS the property. I was given a bullshit excuse, about possible wall damage, threat, well as she RENTS & doesn't OWN, the property, that's OUR landlords problem, NOT hers!! Also I know it's a load of bollocks, because, her wheelie bin, is now suddenly in it's spot.... She cut down MY beautiful bush, just to put HER wheelie bin there. The fact, that I was not consulted over it, is disgusting!!! I hope they get invaded by, another swarm of flies, this year. As that was another bullshit excuse, given for the felling, of my privacy, bush!! (Below) 

I had a wash, and got ready to head out (I'm having a picnic with my friend Martin, in Verulamium Park, later) if this sun keeps up, I will have my bikini on, under my clothes, for a sneaky sunbathe, depending on where we are sat, in the park. But I have so many to choose from (below) the question is which one? I need to win the lottery, to be constantly holidaying, like the celebs are, to do them all justice!! Maybe I should make more use, of the local pool, to give them more of an airing?! 

But after I'd dried my hair & did a few chores, by 1pm the sunshine was no longer dazzling, as it was hidden behind a blanket of hazy cloud!! Typical!! So NO BIKINI!! Instead I wore my indigo, skinny jeans with studded thong sandals (below) plus my cute, Roman top, with bow detail (below) & my leopard spot, 'Jackie O' style sunglasses (below) then popped to the shop & got a newspaper & a diet coke. 

Then it was onto JK Palmers, to pick up my free meal deal, baguette, cappuccino & pack of crisps. I got a grilled Haloumi & tomato baguette & salt & vinegar crisps. Then I headed to the park, to meet up with Martin & his brother Andrew. It is my brother, Bills 47th Birthday today, as well as my ex's Dean's & my friend Julie's. Tomorrow it's my friend Nat's birthday, who is out in Spain, on holiday, with his husband Terry, at the moment. 

I could really see, a family resemblance, between Martin & Andrew even though, they were still quite different. And we chatted away ten to the dozen & the 3hrs from 2.30pm - 5.30pm went very, very quickly. The weather turned COLD, very quickly too!! Shortly after I sat down, the guys were putting on fleeces & jackets & I put on my cardigan, as an icy gale blew. With the sun blanketed by cloud, we had no sun heat. I bet in other areas of the UK, with no cloud, it was roasting. 

We went our separate ways home & I got a Costa, soya cappuccino on the way back, which I had with 2 Cookies at 5.30pm. Bank Holiday TV, was typically RUBBISH, so it was a toss up, between watching more of my 'Supernatural', box sets, or more of my 'V' box sets??? V won!!! I love that June Chadwick (below) had the same 80s hairstyle, that I had, at the time, though it was Diana (below, bottom) that all the boys/men, fancied, not June's character, I loved both!! So for the rest of the night I watched V & had the last of my Cookies, with a decaf coffee.

Tuesday 6th May (Week 8, Day 51) 

I dreamt, last night, of dancing & aliens!! An unusual combo, it must of been down to my watching, a whole lotta V, last night. I had a wash & changed into my gym gear. I had a black coffee, with my two, breakfast, cinnamon Cookies (Yawn BORING!!!) at 12.30pm. I can't wait to go back to, my porridge with blueberries, or Branflakes & banana, or muesli for breakfast!!! 

The Cookies, come with recipes, in their box, for your "ONE MEAL A DAY" ......But most, are of no use to me. Plus the measurements are in cups, how much is a 1/4 cup? or a cup? etc, it's not like you can measure in a tea cup. Cups, aren't the same ones you drink from, they are sets of measuring cups, that they use in America. Why can't they just say grams, or pounds & ounces FFS? They are as follows....

Breakfast Options (1 veggie, no vegan or piscaterian option) 

Egg Whites Benedict - This wouldn't keep me going, if all that I had, for the rest of the day, was Cookies. Plus it is no good for vegetarian's, or piscaterian's as it includes, two slices, of Canadian Bacon (more like a thin gammon, than bacon) 235cals Or Vegans due to the eggs. So I'd have to have without & you'd need double the amount, or 3 times, to fit in the 500-700cal one meal bracket & to be filling!! But OK singular, for a meat eater, as a low cal, high protein, breakfast, when no longer, on the Cookie Diet.

Olive & Basil Omelette - I do sometimes, have an omelette for breakfast, in the winter. This is, an egg white, omelette & a mere 130cals & good for veggies, but again not vegans, good calorie wise. But if that was your only meal, you'd have to have that times 4 to 6 times to fit in the 500-700cal one meal, bracket. 

Seasonal Chef Salad - Not the kind of thing, you'd really fancy, first thing, in the morning & not suitable for veggies, or piscaterian's, as it contains, ham & chicken, nor vegans, as it has eggs too. Also how much is half a cup of grated cheddar? Or a cup of grape tomatoes? 455cals

Lunch Options (no veggie piscaterian or vegan options)

Turkey Reuben's - No good for veggies/vegans, or piscaterian's, as it is turkey based, also how much, is half a cup, of sauerkraut? 330cals

Honey Garlic Chicken - No good for, vegetarians/vegans or piscaterian's  275cals

Cheesy Chicken Casserole - No good for, veggies/vegans or piscaterian's & how much, is 2 cups, of low fat milk? Or half a cup of chopped carrots? Or 1.5 cups of grated cheese?? 520cals

Dinner Options (No veggie option, no vegan option, 1 piscaterian option)

Caribbean Shrimp Salad - OK for piscaterian's, like me 455cals but not veggies or vegans.

Steak With Caramelised Onions - No good for veggies/vegans or piscaterian's 360cals 

Greek Pork With Cucumber Dill Sauce - No good for, veggies/vegans, or piscaterian's 370cals

Dessert Options (Would you really want a dessert, when on sickly sweet, cookies all day?)

Tiramisu Minis - I love tiramisu, but after sickly cookies all day, I doubt I'd fancy it, or want to waste 190cals of my 500-700cals on something sweet & non filling!! Also how much, is 1 3/4 cups, of skimmed milk? 

Double Chocolate Muffins - Are you kidding me?? After downing Cookies all day, one option, being brownie flavoured, would you really want a bloody chocolate muffin?? Also not vegan friendly 180cals

So, as you can see, no use to me, whatsoever!!! I watched some more DVD episodes of V, then I left, to go to the gym. When I got to St Peters Street, I found both ends were cordoned off, with crime scene tape, in the mid section, near the building site, by Poundland (below) Apparently a lad, was stabbed, at a bus stop & had to be resuscitated!! What the hell has become of St Albans? It use to be a lovely area, it replaced Mayfair, on the NEW Monopoly board. But now it's full of pikeys, drug pushers, plus black & Polish gangs!!! 

I popped to Starbucks, before the gym, as I wanted to work out, on some fuel... Not a sugary Cookie!! So I had a cheese panini, a tall soya cappuccino & a 50g pack, of Branston Pickle, Mini Cheddars, as I craved savoury!! 823cals, (123cals over top limit) but I'll work that off in the gym!! I did 30mins on the bike & as I cycled I got a mobile phone call from my friend Simon. Then another call saying an assignment was over, that's 3 successful assignments all over. I then did a load of squats & power plate exercises, but I only did 1hr 30mins, in total, in the gym today. I passed the fish & chip shop & it took all my willpower to pass & not say "sod cookies, I'm having fish & chips for dinner!!!" 

I got home and noticed, that my Buddleia bush, that the hairdressers, had cut down (Without consulting me first!!) while I was at a friends, for a week, has begun sprouting again. A big two fingers up to the hairdressers, from the bush. I was delighted, I'd been, watering, pruning & tending it for thirteen odd years. Hopefully my Buddleia & along with it, my courtyard privacy, will be back soon!! 

I also got home, to find 'Home & Away' had been replaced by 'Freaky Eaters' boo hoo!! So I used the time, to shift more stuff, up in my attic. I checked my emails, Facebook & Twitter. I'd been approached on Twitter, by a TV executive, re a private auditioning, for a very well known program. But it will be for around the time of my eye surgery, so I'm not sure I'll be able to. 

It began pouring with rain at 7.30pm, like we haven't had enough rain this year!!! Then at 8pm I watched, the 1st, of the Eurovision, Semi Finals.... I LOVE Eurovision!! The first 16 country's, to be judged, were up tonight & UK can't vote!! We can, on the 2nd Semi Final, on Thursday though. Only 10 will get through tonight, 6 will be headed home.

First up was Armenia with You're Not Alone, which could of been entitled You're Not In Tune I very much doubted it would make it through.

2nd was Latvia with Cake To Bake, I've never been a cake fan, and I found this just as unappetising, again I'd not put this through. 

3rd was Estonia with Amazing, the woman reminded me of one of RuPauls, Drag Queens, on 'RuPauls Drag Race' lip syncing for his life!! Sort of entertaining, but not very good, might slip through, if the rest are poor, but I doubt it!

4th was Sweden with Undo, not a bad power ballad, with a YOUNG 'Ulrika Jonsson' look-alike singing. I think it will make it through the semis, maybe even top 5 in the final. 

5th was Iceland with No Prejudice, wacky & colourful, so VERY Eurovision, not brilliant, but may get through, due to wacky vote. 

6th was Albania with One Nights Anger, not a bad power ballad, not sure if it will get through? It depends on the standard of the other 10 acts 

7th was Russia with Shine, two blonde twins, in Grecian dresses, with conjoined ponytails, very symbolic of Gemini. I really liked it, catchy & VERY Eurovision. A possible winner!! If it wasn't for Russia's views & treatment, of homosexuals, the gays of Europe will NOT vote for Russia!!

8th was Azerbaijan with Start The Fire, attractive girl, nice voice, nice dress, bloody annoying, Acrobat on a swing, in the same dress, behind her. I don't see it winning, but may make it past the semis!

9th was Ukrain with Tick Tock, I loved her dress, VERY Eurovision, along with Russia, it is my joint favourite, so far (Ironic seeing the political situation, between the two at present) sailing through I think! 

10th was Belgium with Mother, hugely fat guy, in a suit, who didn't sing very well, parts of the melody felt like they were stolen from "Cry Me A River" I don't think, it has a hope, of making it through the semis. If it does it will not do well in the final!

11th was Moldova with Wild Soul, nice outfit. Very Mother of Dragons (Game Of Thrones) not sure, if the song is strong enough, to go through, though? 

12th was San Marino with Maybe, nice, long, white, dress, but average song, will it get through?...... Maybe!!!

13th was Portugal singing in Portuguese. I loved her outfit & her energy & the song was very upbeat & catchy, very Eurovision. But she was a bit off key, singing LIVE, bet it sounds, MUCH better, on a record. I'd put her through, for energy & euro vibe, but her flat singing, in places, may let her down. 

14th was Netherlands with After The Storm, I loved, her Daisy covered dress. A nice, novel, country & western, number, I think it will get through. They looked at each other, as they sung, like they'd been shagging all night!!

15th was Montenegro singing in own language. A nice ballad & good voice, the guy who sings it, thinks, the UK entry will win (I don't) as I don't rate it, much! As well as all the political voting, that goes on. I think he will make it to the finals. 

16th, last but not least, was Hungry with Running...... I really like this boppy, poppy, number, I think it should sail through!!!

So my TOP THREE for tonight, are Russia, Ukraine & Hungry!!! My Top Three ALL got through (Though Russia was booed, by the crowd, due to political reasons!!) Also through are, Montenegro (I liked) Armenia (Really? Off key. Even off key, Portugal, who didn't get through, was better!!) Azerbaijan (OK) San Marino (OK) Sweden (Decent song) Netherlands (Expected) & Iceland (The Wacky Vote) 

So Bye Bye Mother of Dragons, Moldova, Lively Portugal, Fatty Belgium, So so Albania, Drag Queen Estonia & the Tasteless Latvia cake!! After that, I did some job/audition searches online. Then I watched 'The Mentalist' 'NCIS' & 'Body Of Proof' then I wrote some more if my blog. Finally going to bed at 2am, but I was still awake at 4.30am, when it started pouring with rain outside again!!

Wednesday 7th May (Week 8, Day 52)

I woke at 10am & had two maple Cookies for breakfast, with a decaf coffee & sorted some more stuff, in my loft. I wore my indigo, skinny jeans, plus my v-neck, long sleeved, t-shirt & my white, Reebok, EasyTone, trainers, which are on their last knockings, but have served me well (The toning pads, are now wearing through the soles) I had 2 more snack Cookies, then at 2pm, I had another Bailine session, at Beauty Secret, with the lovely Yalda & Raha. 

I can see the difference in my body's tone, since I have been doing the sessions. I had a black coffee with the girls after & a chat. Then it was back home & back to sorting the loft etc. I had my 2 maple lunch Cookies & another 2, maple snack Cookies. Then in the evening, I had a very delicious, pea & creme fresh, soup, with two slices of rye bread, coming in at 670cals. I watched some more, of my V, DVDs & had the last of my snack Cookies, with a decaf, soya cappuccino. I went to bed at 1am, feeling tired, but yet I still didn't manage to sleep, by 6.30am!!! Bloody insomnia!! 

Thursday 8th May (Week 8, Day 53) 

I was woken at 11am, less than 5hrs, after I'd fallen asleep, due some, screeching brat, in the hairdressers downstairs, FFS!!! Why don't the parents/hairdressers shut up, their little, screaming, shits pronto? This was not helping, my lack of sleep, and mild Migraine!! I eventually got up, head still pounding, and made a coffee, to go with my two chocolate, breakfast Cookies. While wearing my sunglasses, to lessen the eye pain. I had a wash & dressed in dark, indigo, skinny jeans, plus my cropped cream vest, with a gold, tiger face, print, plus my black, gladiator sandals. 

Then I popped into the attic to put some stuff away. At 4pm I popped out & paid my rent & my electric bill & had a look round 'Sweaty Betty' they had some great, but expensive, neon, gym gear, in there. I headed home at 5pm & got a "small" cod & chips, from the local chip shop, for dinner. If been craving it for 2 weeks & eventually caved in!! 692cals.

I watched 'The Real Housewives Of Miami' What a vapid, vacuous, plastic, superficial, bunch of bitches, they are. Then I did some laundry & washing up, before putting some more stuff up in the attic. Then I checked my emails, Facebook & Twitter & left a few messages for friends. I saw on Twitter, that David Glover, a photographer friend, of Rob Lamarr, has a photographic slot, going for anyone wanting a photo shoot, in a St Albans, studio, between 11-1pm tomorrow. 

Shame I'll be in London, seeing my eye surgeon then, or I'd of taken the slot, a I have seen some of his work & its very good!! But I RT'd the info, with a St Albans Hashtag, in the hopes, it would help him fill the vacancy, caused by a cancellation. He DM'd me, he'd be back there, doing, actor headshots, on May 17th, if I was interested? I was, but I'm penciled for an acting job then, but if it doesn't confirm, I'd be free to. But it would also be, 3 days after my laser eye surgery, so I'm not sure, if I'd be able to wear makeup yet? I wouldn't want makeup free, headshots. So we will see!! 

At 8 pm I watched the 2nd Eurovision Semi Final. First up was Malta with I'm Coming Home not my kind of thing, but I expect it will get through the Semis, very Mumford & Sons (I'm NOT a fan, of them either) 

2nd was Israel with Same Heart, I loved her fab, black, gorgeous, dress.... I want it NOW!!!! Loved the song too, very catchy, high energy & very Eurovision!!!! 

3rd was Norway with Silent Storm, under 60 seconds in I wanted to slash my wrists..... Or his... & We hadn't even got to the chorus yet, which wasn't any better, a flatly sung, dirge of a song. Sung by a fat, unattractive, man, in faux leather trousers. It was awful, it felt like it would never end!! 

4th was Georgia with Three Minutes To Earth..... Those three minutes, would be better spent, making a tea/coffee with the sound turned down!!! Awful!!! 

5th was Poland with We Are Slavic, cute, sexy, national costumes, with a big titted, porno, washer woman, catchy tune too..... A kind of slutty, Polish version, of last years Russian Grannies!! 

6th was Austria with Rise Like A Phoenix, fantastic!! Great voice, dress & song, from the bearded, ladyboy. Probably the finals winner!!! Very 'Dana International', Israel's winner with 'Viva La Diva!!' 

7th was Lithuania with Attention, loved the futuristic outfits, but her singing, really let her down, I bet it sounds good on record, remixed, as club version though.... Think her performance, vocally, may have let them down, tonight though!!!

8th was Finland with Something Better, a great, catchy, upbeat, Finish, boyband, very Eurovision, they will sail through!! 

9th was Ireland with Heart Beat, dark haired woman, in a fab, light gold, gown, very similar image, to Austria's, bearded lady, but sans beard!! A good song, I like it more than the UK entry!! 

10th was Belarus with Cheesecake, Awful!! Shut the door on the way out, the beat was catchy, but the lyrics & lead singer, awful!!! 

11th was Macedonia with To The Sky, the tune & her voice was OK, but the dancing twat, in a white hoody, track suit, was distracting, and irritating!! It will probably get through though. 

12th was Switzerland with Hunter Of Stars, a boppy little number, I think it will go through. 

13th was Greece with Rise Up good catchy tune, but ruined by bad singing, the rapper especially, but they will get through!! I'd bet on it. 

14th was Slovenia with Round & Round, she looked like she'd raided, the costume box, of the wicked queen, in 'Once Upon A Time'. Other than that super Zzzzzzzz!! But depending on, what other countries, are voting tonight, it might get through. But it would be, a NO from me!! 

15th last but certainly not least, was Romania with Miracle, with a fab, high energy, camp performance, that should sail through!!! 

So if it was my choice, the five, that would fail to make it, would be..... Norway, Georgia, Lithuania, Belarus & Slovenia..... 

But the five that actually failed to get through were, Israel (Who I loved) Georgia (I agree!) Lithuania (Again agree!) Ireland (They were robbed) & Macedonia (The hoodie in the white, didn't just irritate me then?) I'm Amazed, that bloody awful Norway got through, probably because, the host country, was neighbouring Denmark?? I had a decaf coffee & the rest of my Cookies & had an early night, as I'm off to London, tomorrow, to see my eye surgeon!! EXCITING!!!! 

Friday 9th May (Week 8, Day 54) My Meeting With My Eye Surgeon

Today is an exciting day for me, as I'm meeting, my eye surgeon. So I had a coffee & 2 chocolate Cookies, for breakfast. According to my scales, I have lost 11lb, so far, on the Cookie Diet. But it is, a much slower result & far more boring, than other diets, that I have tried. It only has, one product (Cookies) in only 3 flavours, all of them, sickly sweet. I'm beginning to crave junk food, that I'd normally NEVER touch, or would normally hate the smell of. Like street stall, hot dogs, or burger's, from vending carts, or steak & kidney pie, due to the salty, greasy, smell, of the pastry!! I never eat pies, not meat pies, vegetable pies, or even fruit pies, but now I'm craving, greasy, pastry products, to get a savoury hit, to rid my mouth, of the sickly taste, of sweet. 

I wore my turquoise jeans, black sandals & black & white top from Roman, with a bow & a black belt. I set off to Kings Cross, and got the tube to Baker Street & then walked to Harley Street. I got there at 1pm, for my 1.15pm appointment. I gave in, my signed forms, for my operation consent, plus paperwork for my finance plan, to pay it off monthly, over two years. 

Then I got a cappuccino, from the machine & had two shortbread fingers, at 61 cals each, they were only 11 cals more, per biscuit, than the diets, Chocolate Cookies & a damn site tastier & more fulfilling. I wasn't seen until 2.15pm (an hour later than my appointment) but I was just happy, to be at that, seeing my surgeon stage!! 

My surgeon, Dr Dan, is a bit of a silver fox, with a rather sexy, American/Canadian accent, he had a good personality, and he did a few more tests, he said my eyes were suitable, for the better healing, keyhole LASIK surgery. Which meant, I would not need, to use eye drops, for as long a period, after. I was glad, and had a laugh with my surgeon, who I have, total trust in.

He said, that he was amazed, I could go about, without glasses on, when I can't have any lenses in, as I'm "blind as a bat!!!" (His very words!!) I left there, and headed for the tube, to go to Ian's in Stockwell. I arrived at Ian's & we had a marathon, catch up session, of 'RuPauls Drag Race'. I love that show. While at Ian's, I had half a spicy, tuna, jacket potato, for tea. 

I headed home, around 10pm, but was hungry, by the time, I hit Kings Cross. So I had a Mozzarella & tomato panini & a large decaf Soya Cappuccino, from Starbucks. Still only making tonight's food to 689 cals, so within limit. I eventually got home, around midnight & went straight to bed. 

Saturday 10th May (Week 8, Day 55) 2nd Weigh-in & Eurovision 

Well today is both my 8 week, Cookie Diet Trial, weigh-in..... & Eurovision!!!! I couldn't face the thought of another SWEET Cookie breakfast, so after a shower, I skipped breakfast & Just had a coffee. I dried my hair & for once it went just right!! Typical it had to happen, on a day, it is going to be crushed by a wig, when in my EuroTrash costume, for Eurovision Party!! & not on a day I had a date or casting etc. 

I wore black underwear & a black, wrestler backed, vest top & my skinny indigo jeans & deck shoes. I double checked, that my overnight bag, had my costume, for tonight & everything else, I needed, for the next day, then headed out to Elstree. It was a funny day weather wise, bright sunshine, one moment & torrential rain, and gales the next!! I got to the weigh-in & Julie was there. She was having the same problem as me, finding the constant cookies too sickly, as she like me has a savoury & not a sweet tooth. She was disappointed, with her weight loss, this week, but the inches, were still going down (& she has lost a decent 20lb, in 8 weeks) 

I said, that I expected, that I'd have a low inch & weight loss, as I know I've gained muscle, in the gym, which weighs more than fat!! I went in for my weigh in & I've only lost, another 3.5lb, in the last 4 weeks. But that may have been more, but muscle weight may have counterbalanced it?! I did lose another 0.5" off my thighs & 2" off my hips though, but the rest stayed the same. 

Both Julie & I, told the team, that the lack of variety, was a bore & they need to do, some savoury options, as not everybody wanting/needing, to lose weight, has a sweet tooth!! I did my bit to camera, then headed out, to go to Ian's, for tonight's Eurovision bash!! But the heavens opened, just as I was crossing the road, by Elstrees, Weatherspoon's, so I went in there, for brunch, until it cleared! (I'm having a Cookie free weekend, not much point being on the diet, as I won't be moderating, my drinking tonight!!) I had a veggie burger, with a salad instead of chips & a pint of cider. With their burger & a pint deal!!! 684cals inc pint! Then I headed to Stockwell. 

Once there, I modelled, my two, EuroTrash outfit, options, and Ian & Co, chose the black, with zippy, leopard print, skirt option!! (Above) So that was that sorted then!! So all I had to do next, was scrape my hair back & put my red "5th Element" type wig on & do my makeup. While downing some, home measure, vodka slimline's, while Fiona & Ian got ready!! At around 7pm, Ian's new house tenant, a Welsh girl called Carys, arrived & we set off for Soho, around 7.20pm. 

We had front row seats, reserved for us in Ku Bar, thanks to the lovely, 'Lady Lloyd' & we soon downed, 4 bottles of Prosecco, then it was back on the vodka. Ian was saying something about going to The Eagle, in Vauxhall, at the time, I thought he meant, after Ku had shut. But it turned out, he was meaning, directly after, the winner (Austria) was announced.... I wasn't sure why, as Ku was playing really good, Eurovision music & had a great Eurovision vibe, going on, and it was just getting into party mode, as we were to leave. But I went with Ian & Carys, assuming, The Eagle, was going to have, a bigger, Eurovision vibe than Ku!!!! We hit the tube to Vauxhall & a girl wanted a photo with Carys & I (Below) 

Once at The Eagle, I expected a Eurovision, Mania vibe, in full flow!!!! But it didn't, have one!! In fact, it had NO Eurovision vibe, at all (Disappointing!!!) The Eagle, seemed like a mostly empty, warehouse, with a bit of a stage. I thought, that was most odd, for a Gay club, not to have gone, full out Eurovision, tonight of all nights?? But after being repeatedly hit on, by a bunch of no hoper, undesirables, I concluded, that it wasn't a "totally" GAY bar!! 

Luckily, it didn't take me long, to send, the no-hoper straights, on their merry way, while still remaining, pretty polite, and diplomatic. Meanwhile, Carys turned out to be, a bit of a Welsh man eater!!!! Snogging her way, through 3 guys, during our time there!!! Way to go Carys!! Hi5!! I necked two more V&T's & also 2 or 3 black Sambucas. Before hitting the dance floor.

Later, I chatted to, a rather foxy looking, transsexual, called Monika. We had a fun night, together, dancing like wild things, showing all the young kids, how it's really done & we swapped numbers. Then at around 4.30-5am, we all headed back to Stockwell. And I had a 'Boost' chocolate bar, to absorb some of the booze & because I'd not eaten a meal, since brunch in Elstree. 

Once at Ian's, I crashed in Fiona's bed & she joined me, an hour or more later, after getting back from Ku Bar (Some of her friends turned up, so she'd stayed in Ku when we went to The Eagle!!) Then we both fell asleep. For those wondering, re the Eurovision results (Those of you, from countries, that don't enter, or show it) The results are as follows.....

1st Austria with Rise Like A Phoenix, A fab power ballad, this years Dana International. A deserved winner!!
2nd Netherlands with Calm After The Storm, An OK country song, but there were better songs. 
3rd Sweden with Undo, A decent song, but I prefered others (But in top 5, as I predicted)
4th Armenia with Not Alone, A very average song, not worthy of top 5
5th Hungary with Running, A GOOD song 
6th Ukraine with Tick Tock, LOVED that song, one of MY top three.
7th Russia with Shine, Another of MY top three. 
8th Norway with Silent Storm, HATE IT!!! 
9th Denmark with Cliche Love Song, Nothing special 
10th Spain with Dancing In The Rain, So so song
11th Finland with Something Better, A ace high energy, Euro number deserved higher place!
12th Romania with Miracle, Should have been, in top 5, great Euro song!! 
13th Switzerland with Hunter Of Stars, Average 
14th Poland with We Are Slavic, Fun performance, borderline porn, should have been in top 5
15th Iceland with No Prejudice, Crazy, fun, colourful, number.
16th Belarus with Cheesecake, Catchy tune, but naff lyrics 
17th UK with Children Of The Universe, Not bad, but no winner. 
18th Germany with Is It Right, Pretty unmemorable!! 
19th Montenegro with Moj Svijet, I liked this ballad 
20th Greece with Rise Up, Catchy tune, not very good live singing, especially the rapper! 
21st Italy with La Mia Citta, Average, unmemorable. 
22nd Azerbaijan with Start A Fire, Average
23rd Malta with Coming Home, Blaaaaaa!!
24th San Marino with Maybe, Average
25th Slovenia with Round & Round, Boring, one of MY bottom 3, in the bottom 3! 
26th France with Moustache In a word...... CRAP!!! 

UK got 40 points, the country's that gave us those points were...

Ireland 8 points
Denmark 7 points
San Marino 5 points 
Spain 5 points
Malta 4 points
Iceland 4 points 
Norway 3 points
Georgia 3 points 
Albania 1 point

Sunday 11th May(Week 8, Day 56) 5th Anniversary Of Mums Death

I woke at 11am, Fiona had got up earlier, feeling rough & had not returned. Carice & Ian were still asleep, so I stayed in bed & went online, on my iPad, so not to disturb anyone. By 2pm, I thought I better get ready & get going. As mum died, 5yrs ago today, and I wanted to go to her grave & it was apparent, that all but me, were suffering, from the effects of their drinking, last night. Fiona was curled on the couch, with a bed throw, suffering with a hangover, when I entered the lounge. Ian got up, when he saw, that I was almost ready, to leave. 

He too, had a banging hangover!! (I don't get them!!) Of the three, Carys, was the most hardcore. Before I left, Ian made us all, a fried egg sandwich brunch, to absorb the booze. Then I lugged my bags, to Stockwell tube. My single fare home, was £13.50. I don't know why it was that much? As yesterdays return ticket, with travelcard inc, was less at £12.00 & I could travel all over the tube, all day, with that!! The way fares work, is crazy, friends from certain London stations, can get weekend return tickets to St Albans. But I can't get, a weekend return ticket, to their stations, from St Albans... Why? It makes no sense, it's the same journey, just in reverse!! 

At Kings Cross, I got a Starbucks, Venti, Soya, Cappuccino & a cheese panini (900cals, inc the fried egg Sarni earlier!!! Oops) As I was hungry again. I got home shattered, dropped my bags off, then walked the 45mins, to the cemetery & mum's grave. I chatted to her, about how much I miss her & what I have been up to, auditions etc, before doing the 45min walk, home again. I got in, checked my email, Twitter & Facebook. Before shattered, I watched yesterday's 'Britains Got Talent & Britains Got More Talent' 

Some very cute kids on there. Then I tried to catch up, with a bit of blogging, with a tuna baguette & chilli mini cheddars, for my dinner. Then I crashed at 11pm. I'm back to the sickly sweet cookies, again tomorrow. Oh Deep Joy!!! (Sooooo Bored of them!!) Today's cals, came to 1,687, which wasn't bad, especially with all the walking I did!! 

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