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Royal Opera? Maybe The Fat Lady Needs A "Cookie" Before She Sings!!

Monday 21st April (Week 6, Day 36)

I dreamt, one of my long, epic dreams, that seemed to go on for hours, but which I can't recall all the details of. But there were the usual themes, friends, moving home, acting, working in retail, unattainable love, from my dream love interest, lots of animals, being abroad & critics. I lazed in bed, until 10am, then had a shower. I got on my scales, my lax week hasn't done much damage, I'm still 9lb lighter than when I started 'The Cookie Diet' 5-6 weeks ago!

I had a coffee & two Maple breakfast Cookies, at 10.30am, as I got dressed. I did a bit of dusting & gardening, before the weather got overcast & cold. I had a snack Cookie, with some mineral water. At 12.30pm, I was changing to go to the gym, and as I did, I spotted that the 'On The Busses' film was on TV, so I decided to watch that first, as I'd not seen that in decades. It finished at 2pm & I was just packing my gym bag, before popping to the shop downstairs, when Cagla, from the shop downstairs, called me, on my mobile. 

She told me, that she had a male customer, who was leaving St Albans, but had mentioned me, a few times in conversation. She said he was "Really good looking & successful, traveling abroad a lot on business, and a real character & lovely to talk to" She said he'd come in & was talking about moving, then went all shy, and mentioned me, asking if I was single? Cagla said she wasn't 100% sure! but she thought I was. 

Apparently he said "How the hell is she single??" & Cagla said she replied "Junes a pretty girl, but she's also very intelligent & intelligent girls, always get left on the shelf, so end up staying single!" So apparently, he left his mobile number, with her, just incase, it turned out 'I was single!' (Waits for GLP, to now slag me off, for being 'vain & self obsessed', just for writing, what has actually, happened in my day & posting the info, given to me, second hand!) So I popped down to the shop, as I was about to do so anyway, to get a paper & a few diet cokes. 

Cagla said my admirer "Paul" was "very good looking" (Again!!) he was blonde, with his hair in a ponytail, working in something, in the media. She said he was a real character, and a lovely guy. She said, that he'd stood behind me once, when I was in the shop one time, and he asked her about me & she'd said to him, what I did & he gave her, a name of a website, to put my CV on, to get me more work. But she forgot & lost the bit of paper. He'd later asked if she'd passed it on & she lied & said she had. 

She said he looked really embarrassed, when he was asking her, if I was single. She gave me his mobile number. She'd rewrote it out, as she said, that his hands, were shaking so much, when he wrote it, that it wasn't very legible (Blimey, am I really that scary??) So I went home with my newspaper, and put the cans of coke, in my rucksack, and Paul's number in my mobile phone. I'm not looking, for a new man, in my life. But as I walked to the gym, curiosity got the better of me (Or maybe, Cagla, regularly repeating "very good looking!!" May of helped, peak that curiosity, more lol) 

So I text "Hello Paul I hear I have an admirer!?" (Short & to the point!!) he replied "Hello June! Hehehehe, you do ;) how are you all good I hope?" I replied "Not bad ta on the way to the gym" He replied "Oh good stuff, I need to go back to the gym myself. Do you go to Fitness First?" I said that I did & after a bit more chit chat, he asked me, if I'd like to meet up, in the near future? I replied "Well I have to admit I'm curious (I'm worse than a cat curiosity wise)" He replied "Lol well I'm sure you've seen me about, because my local off-licence is the same as yours (I think) Also, I think you may have caught me trying to catch your eye on Friday - I was sitting in the cafe (on the corner) & I think you were off to the gym then!" 

Hmmm..... I did go to the gym that day, which cafe on the corner? The one called 'Cafe On The Corner?' If so, I've no idea, as I'm blind as a bat, without my lenses. I saw a few blokes, sat outside 'Cafe Roma' but as he said "IN" I'm assuming, it's the former!! In which case, I haven't got a clue!!!?? I really don't, walk around, clocking potential, single guys!! Anyway it's brains, humour & personality, that captures my attention, and you can't clock that, in a glance. So I'm pretty sure, I haven't seen/noticed him about, even if he is 'Super Hot' even on a day, I had my lenses in!! 

We had a bit, of phone text banter, on my way to the gym, his banter is good (A few brownie points gained) So I'm guessing, he's a fellow air sign (Aquarius, Libra or a fellow Gemini) or possibly a fire sign (Leo, Aries or Sagittarius) But much more likely the former, most probably an Aquarian, going by, his quick Wit. I got to the gym & I had a vending cappuccino & decanted the diet cokes, into my gym drinking bottle. Before doing a set of Powerplate exercises, then 10 sets, of 10, on 40kg, on the hip adductor & the same on the hip abductor. 

Then some more exercises, on the powerplate, then 30mins, on the bike, on random setting, level 15, then 15mins on the cross trainer, on the same settings. Finishing off, with 10 sets of 10 squats, with the Swiss ball. Then I headed home, getting a Costa, soya cappuccino, en route. I got home & had a small seafood paella, followed by some salted cashews, for dinner at 770cals. 70 over, the top end, if evening meal scale. But I've more than worked off those 70 cals, in the gym. 

Paul started texting again, just as one of my fave shows, with a very complex plot (Revenge) came on!! Bad timing!!! I kept dropping hints I was trying to follow the 'Revenge' plot, but he still kept texting (A few of those, former brownie points, lost) During those texts though, I did glean a bit more about him, he's 5ft 7-8" (So short) and has shoulder length, blonde hair, tied back, plus a beard. NOPE, I can honestly say, I have definitely, NOT SEEN, a 'Very Good Looking' short, blonde guy, with a beard, around town, 100% sure!!! He seems a really nice guy though (Even if he can't seem to get, a few hints, not to text me, during Revenge) but from his description, I find it highly unlikely, I'd have any interest in him, other than making a new friend maybe, which is fine, as I'm not actively looking, for a new man, in my life. 

I'm not into beards & prefer a taller guy, than myself, when it comes to relationships, you'd have to be pretty special for me to ignore both of those things. We agreed to meet up at 'The Peahen' at 7pm, as tomorrow, is the only evening I'm free, before he moves out of the area. We seem to have a lot of films, TV shows & interests in common, which makes me more inclined to think, he's definitely an Aquarian, though I haven't asked, maybe I will tomorrow. Which is good if he is, as I have never met, an Aquarian, that I didn't like & they are always interesting, characters & Cagla said he was a "Character" so we will see, I had the last of my snack Cookies with some mineral water & went to bed around 1am.

Tuesday 22nd April (Week 6, Day 37) 

I woke at 9am, I can't wear any contact lenses now, until after my pre laser eye surgery, eye examination. It's very dark & gloomy out today, I had two cinnamon Cookies for breakfast at 9.30am after my morning wash, with a coffee to wash them down. To be honest, I'm so bored, of the repetitiveness, of the 3 sweet/sweetish Cookie flavours, especially when my tooth is savoury & NOT sweet!! They should have, some savoury flavoured Cookies, Garlic & Herb, Cheese & Tomato, Cheese & Pickle etc etc. At least with 'Slimfast', you have a choice of flavours, in shakes, soups & bars, same with the 'Cambridge Diet', even with 'The Atkins Diet' products, there is more of a variety, than just 3 flavours, in just one format!!!! Yawnsville!!! 

You can vary your one meal, yes, but the monotony of the same old, same old, the rest of the day (Especially when I don't have a sweet tooth & when, I don't, normally, buy biscuits, or Cookies, unless for guests, occasionally) is getting beyond boring!!!... Maybe Americans are cookie & sweets crazy..... I'm not!!! I dressed in my neon peach undies, grey jodhpur look leggings, grey v-necked, t-shirt, with my white, Reebok, Easytone, trainers. I had another snack Cookie at 11.30am with another coffee & popped out to my letting agent, to pay my rent, then to the post office, to post Simon, his iPhone charger lead, he left at mine the other week. 

Then I bought a Sun newspaper & when to the gym, from 12.30pm until 1.30pm doing 30mins on the bike, 15mins on the stepper & 15mins doing exercises on the powerplate. I had another snack Cookie at 1.30pm, with a vending machine cappuccino from the gym. Then I went to 'Beauty Secret' & had a 'Bailine' session on my thighs & love handles at 2pm. I had a black coffee & chat with Yalda after, she said I looked very brown, I said that was probably due, to the neon undies, then around 3.15pm I went to get my nails manicured & painted, the same as before (for continuity) having two lunch Cookies at 3.30pm, as my nails were being done. 

On the way home, around 4.45pm, I had a look around Reiss, a few nice bits but nothing outstanding!! I got home at around 5.30pm, and had a shower, as I was meeting my admirer Paul, in 'The Peahen' at 7pm. I decided to wear a dress, as I've been in jeans a lot lately, so wore my grey/white/black leopard print one (below) with black heels.

I washed & dried hair & pulled it back, with a straight, faux, ponytail, hairpiece. Did my make-up, then pulled on my khaki, leather, trench coat & grabbed my Versace umbrella, as it looked, set to pour down, any moment & I set off, to 'The Peahen' at 6.45pm. Paul text me asking what I wanted to drink, just as I was across the road, from the bar. I said "A vodka & slimline, with a slice of lime, please, thank you!" I spotted Paul straight away, despite being blind as a bat, without my lenses, thanks to him texting me, what he was wearing & where he was sat. 

Paul was a nice guy, really chatty & loads in common & interesting too, and as I expected, he WAS an Aquarian. But unlike, with most Aquarians, I felt no chemistry at all, so even if I was looking for a new man, it would still of been a no to romance. Paul had a nice, friendly, smiley face, but unlike Cagla I'd not describe him as "VERY GOOD LOOKING". Not that looks are everything, brains, personality & humour is more important, and he certainly wasn't unattractive, there just wasn't any spark. 

Maybe the fact he was obviously nervous, and because he also apologised, unnecessarily a lot, it dampened any chance of a spark. I have no problem, dating a guy lacking in confidence, as long as he can put on a good front! We liked a lot of the same bands, TV shows & films, he wasn't in the media, he's in IT & does some IT work for media company's. Hungry as I'd not had dinner, I had a grilled veg & Haloumi sandwich (No idea of cals, but must be under 700) & he had the same, another thing in common, we both love Haloumi. We chatted until around 11pm, I had 3 vodka Slimline's in total, during that time, then he walked me back home, as he lives just across the road. Then it was back home & get some rest for my audition tomorrow. I had a decaf coffee, with the last of my Cookies, before hitting the sack!!

Wednesday 23rd April (Week 6, Day 38) 

I woke at 8am & jumped in the shower, I have an audition with the Royal Opera, at 'The Royal Opera House', today, at 5pm. So I went to the gym early, and did my usual routine, having a coffee & two chocolate Cookies, for breakfast at 9am, before I set off. Then my snack Cookie at 11am, in the gym. I got home at 1pm, and had my other snack Cookie, with a decaf diet coke. Then I jumped into the shower, for the 2nd time today, then changed into my audition outfit. Which consisted of, my grey, jodhpur look, leggings, a white vest top, and a navy, tie front, dance top (below) plus my white Reebok trainers, as my agent said, to wear something, comfortable to move in, as there will be some improv, within the audition. 

I had two chocolate Cookies for lunch at 3pm. I tied hair back & added a straight faux ponytail. Just after that one of my agents, said I wasn't needed for the 3rd day of filming on the drama series, as I've been heavily featured on the 1st two days. I shoved my cookies & essentials in my bag, and pulled on my metallic blue, Betty Barclay, puffa jacket, and headed out to the station. 

I got the train to Kings Cross texting a few close friends, saying to keep their fingers crossed for me & once at Kings Cross, I got the tube to Covent Garden & went in the stage door, to wait to audition. I was up against, 43 other women, for the role, many of whom, were dressed in character, for the part, unlike myself. I had my evening snack Cookie at 5pm. Then we were ushered into our audition. There were 4 people watching our audition & we finished at 6.50pm. So how did I do? Well I'll keep you guessing for now. 

Tired I headed back to Kings Cross, and got a tuna melt, panini from 'Starbucks', plus a large, decaf, soya, cappuccino, which I had with a pack of cashews, to give me an energy boost (794 cals, 94 over, but I've done lots of walking, dancing & exercise today!!) I checked my Facebook & Twitter for messages, while on the train home. No good luck, texts today, from my brother or sister, who I'd told, that I was auditioning at the 'Royal Opera' today, not sure they have any faith, that I have any chance, with such a big audition. Watched TV & had my two snack cookies, as I did, before going to bed. 

Thursday 24th April (Week 6, Day 39)

I woke, with a massive migraine, at 10am, it was really bad, I took some migraine pain killers, then eventually, went back to sleep until 1pm, when I woke feeling a bit better, but still with a migraine hangover. Just as well I don't have to film today after all!! Not sure if it's down to the stormy weather? The tension of yesterday's audition? Or built up stress in general?? I put on some sunglasses & checked my emails, Facebook, and Twitter I had lots of messages from my SA pals still working on the drama series today, saying where was I? And that they really missed me & filming wasn't the same, without me being there!! Which was very, very, sweet, of them all, I was really touched at their sincerity! 

I had 3 maple Cookies for breakfast at 1.30pm with a decaf coffee. Then had a shower & changed into my turquoise jeans, gladiator sandals, plus white vest & yesterdays navy rehearsal top (washed & dryed) then I popped to the shops, in my Betty Barclay, puffa jacket, still wearing my sunglasses, as my eyes were still sensitive, from my migraine.

Shopping done, I popped into J.K Palmers for a tuna melt, jacket potato, for lunch, at 3.30pm to send my migraine, hangover, packing!! Very tasty it was too & excellent service as always. 537 cals, near the lower end of meals. Then it was back home (Getting a soya cappuccino en route) & a bit of housework & laundry. At 5.30pm I had 3 maple Cookies for dinner. I watched 'Millionaire Matchmaker' which had the gay son & heir of the founder of 'The Cookie Diet' on it, what a vile, cold, unattractive, little queen he was!! Then I watched 'Home & Away' & 'Dinner Date' I had my last 3 maple cookies, at 7.30pm, when I was still shattered & wiped out, due to this mornings, migraine. By 9pm I was shattered & went to bed.

Friday 25th April (Week 6, Day 40)

I had an odd dream, where one of my agents, was trying to convince me, to make a porn film, with some model guy, with a huge penis, and I was fuming & having none of it!! And I woke up laughing & thinking "What the bloody hell was that all about???" Today is yet another bleak, grey, dismal, day!! A contrast to last weeks sunshine!! I had a cup of coffee & two cinnamon Cookies at 9am, I had a bath & wore a red, 'La Sensa' underwear set, under my dark skinny jeans & grey tiger print, t-shirt. 

I had my snack cookies at 11am & 1pm. I popped to the shop, and got a newspaper & caught up with the news. Then did some laundry before having a snack cookie at 3pm & heading to Beauty Secret, for a 'Bailine' session, on my torso. Yalda said, that she liked my underwear set. I played Heart radio on my iPad mini, during my session, then some 'Tarkan & Despina Vandi' & Yalda & Raha came in & laughed, that I was jiggling to the music, while laid down, being zapped. They said that I gave them energy, with my energy. I had a black coffee & chat with Yalda after, as the lovely Raha, had already gone home.

After that, hungry, I popped to J.K Palmers again, for another tuna melt jacket potato & cappuccino 514 cals. As I craved cheese & savoury things, at the moment, as I'm so sick of the sweetness of the Cookies. They really need to introduce, some savoury options, for the UK, if cookies are the sole product if this diet!! The best are the Maple ones (above) but I'm getting sick of their sweetness, the chocolate ones, are like chocolate brownies, but I've never been a fan of, or bought chocolate brownies, and the cinnamon ones are blahhh OK. But I crave salty, savoury flavours on this diet, more than ever, even pastry items, which I normally don't buy!! 

Also I'm sick of thinking of food & time... Is it 2hrs yet?  Is it another 2hrs? is it time to eat real food next? I've never thought as much about food, as I have on this diet! Normally I never give food a second thought, until I get peckish/hungry!! Now I'm thinking about it every two soddin hours!! I went home & watched 'Home & Away' & 'Dinner Date' having my snack Cookie at 7pm. I did a bit of job/audition searching online & some blogging. I watched 'Agents of SHIELD' & had my 2 dinner Cookies at 9pm, with a coffee. I saw an old flame on TV, while watching BBC1, 16yrs on he hasn't changed at all, personality wise, just got some grey, in his hair, nice guy. I had my last snack Cookie at 11pm & went to bed, as I have to be in London, to help out a friend, by being a gangland bitch, posing as a police woman, in his trailer taster, for a independent film, he's making. 

Saturday 26th April (Week 6, Day 41)

I still couldn't sleep & didn't fall asleep, until after 6am & woke, when the alarm went off at 7am. Damn!! I had a bath & forced down 2 brownie Cookies, with a coffee, they are getting so boring & hard to face. I'd love a delivery of new flavours (Preferably savoury) to arrive!! I dried my hair & did it in a ponytail & had natural makeup, to go with my French manicure nails (below) to look policewoman like, even though, I'm fake fuzz, in it! I pulled on my dark blue, skinny jeans, and electric blue, t-shirt, plus my white trainers. 

Then grabbed my black studded shopper & puffa jacket & headed to the train station at 9.30am, buying a newspaper en route. I got off at Farringdon & got the Circle Line, to Liverpool Street, then the Central line, to Gants Hill. I met my partner in crime, Sarah Dorcette, outside The Valentine Pub, at 11.30am & we waited for our lift, to the house, our scene was being shot at. There were a few men I knew, playing gangsters & hoods, already there. 

Sarah & I went upstairs to change into our faux police woman attire. The white shirt was fine, as was the reflective jacket, but the black trousers, were a 44" waist!!! Errrr my hips are 39" my waist  29" so they had to be gaffer taped at the back then a belt put on. As I could step into them, and pull them up, when they were done up & if I let go, they fell to the floor. Then a belt & handcuffs were added. 

We only had a short scene to do, the female victim, opening the door to us, thinking we are police & an interior scene, menacing & chloroforming the victim. So we sat in the lounge until it was our time to shoot. We did our two scenes in a matter of minutes & then we had lunch. Lunch was two, tuna salad, sandwiches (no mayo) vinegar & sea salt crisps & an alcohol free, Becks (blue) beer 728 cals. Then we got changed, and were told we could keep our entire uniform, to thank us for our time, which was nice of Angus. The lead actors asked if we'd be back again soon, as they really liked Sarah & I, and said we brought life to the set. The lead female (our victim) said we were so convincingly menacing (below) she was both scared, and yet wanted to laugh, at the same time.

We were given a lift, by an Indian guy, connected to the film, he took me to Kings Cross & then continued on to Swiss Cottage, where Sarah had an audition. I got a Starbucks soya cappuccino & got the train back home. Once home I changed into my gym gear & did my usual session in the gym, plus some palates. 

I went home & watched 'Britains Got Talent' then had two chocolate brownie cookies, for dinner with a diet decaf coke. Then I watched 'Amazing Greys' as I'd been asked by production, if I'd like to go on it? So I was keen to see if I'd missed out?? I hadn't, what a borefest, the biggest challenge of the show, was the viewers not turning over, I'd imagine!! Then I watched 'NCIS' on +1 before going to bed, shattered due to only 1hr or less sleep last night. I only had 6 Cookies today, couldn't face the other 3... Bored of them!! 

Sunday 27th April (Week 6, Day 42)

I woke at 10am, due to a noisy hairdressers downstairs. I had a crazy dream, where I was at a society do, connected to work. I had my own personal stylist/dresser, who said they were going to dye my fringe a different colour & add hairpieces/extensions, I was curious as to how it was going to look, and whether she would bleach my fringe white, dye it brown or black or a colour, such as pink, blue or red? Or if the hairpieces/extensions would be blonde or coloured too? 

My costume was made in pink & white gingham, but it can't recall how it looked, now on writing this. The event was soon to beguin & I couldn't find my stylist, to do my hair & I was running round in circles, trying to find her. I woke while I was still searching for her, so I never got to see this hair creation. Don't know what that dream was all about, maybe I had my theatre performance on my mind, or maybe the noisy hairdressers, encroached my dream!!?? 

I ran a bath & jumped it once it filled at 11am. Then dry brushed & moisturised myself, before slipping on, my white underwear, diamant√© trimmed, skinny jeans & long sleeved, grey, v-necked, t-shirt & black, gladiator sandals. I grabbed, my metallic blue, Betty Barclay, puffa jacket & black studded shopper & bought a Sunday paper, en route, to J K Palmers. Once there I had a all day breakfast for brunch, washed down with a cappuccino (701cals) as I have discovered, that I stay less hungry, on this "Cookie Diet" if I eat breakfast, or lunch, as my main meal. 

The veggie breakfasts, with Haloumi, are scrumptious & all my male friends, would enjoy, the huge, full English breakfasts, as much as Simon does. It felt odd, having Sunday breakfast, in J K Palmers, without him. I read some of my newspaper, as I finished my cappuccino & then paid & left. On the way home I called into a boutique I'd not noticed before called "Cheska" it had some lovely classic, ladies that lunch, pieces in there. But they also had fussy, frumpy, gaudy stuff, that I could only imagine a fat public school, governess wearing!! Not as nice as "Husen Moda" on Friday!! 

I bought a Costa, soya, cappuccino, en route home, then once I got home & I watched, the online film "Super Juice Me" by the juice master, Jason Vale (Who really reminds me, of my friend, Ian Port) I'd love to go, on a 2 or 4 week, juicing holiday, at his juicing retreat in Portugal. To really kick start, my return to health. Thirsty, I had a cranberry & blackcurrant juice, blended with ice in a blender. I wasn't hungry until around 8pm, when I had a diet coke & 2 Chocolate Cookies for dinner. (My 1st Cookies of the day!) While watching the film "Fast Girls" I had another two, at 10pm & another three, at midnight, with more ice blended juice. Then I did some audition applications & job applications until 2am. Then it was lights out!! So 7 cookies today couldn't face the last 2, I'm bored of the same 3 flavours week after week!! 

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