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Windsor & Cookie Diets..... Which Is Murder??

Monday 14th April (Week 5, Day 29)

I woke, at the start, of a new week, at 8am, I had a meeting to go to, so I jumped in the shower, my eyes are red raw, due to having my contact lenses in, all day, to try spot, my pals, running in the London Marathon, yesterday. I shouldn't off bothered, I never spotted a single one!! Role on laser surgery, no more sore eyes then. So as well as jeans & dark blue t-shirt, I wore dark blue, sandals & sunglasses, to shield & hide my manky eyes (sexy!!) I had two chocolate Cookies for breakfast at 8.30am, then went to my meeting at 9.30am. I had a call asking if I was free for 3 days for a drama series, filming in Windsor, knowing a friend wanted more work with them, I said I was free, but only if they could also cast my friend (If he's free) as he's local & we could car share, plus share petrol costs, making travel easier for me & travel costs, cheaper for us both!! 

After the meeting, I got a takeaway cappuccino, to go with my two snack Cookies, at 12.30pm, and headed home with todays paper. At 2pm I went to Beauty Secret, for another Bailine session, Yalda, said she had heard, that Simon had come in, on Saturday & that he was very handsome. Today it was time to do my torso again!! I had my 3 tone, dip dye, lilac underwear set on & Yalda said it was very pretty & I looked very brown. We had a chat, over a black coffee, after & as we did, I followed her new Beauty Secret, account, on Twitter @yalda1360 they are a lovely bunch of girls, so I hope they do well. 

I had my 2 lunch Cookies, 45min late at 3.15pm & did 30mins on the cycle & 30mins on the stepper, in the gym, then headed home. Having not heard from my friend, by 4.30pm, I text him, to see if the drama series, had contacted him? And if so, if he was free on those dates? He replied to me shortly after saying "I said yes, then realised, I'm not!!" Awe what a shame, that would have been a right laugh!! Oh well, that's showbusiness!! 

Hungry I had a snack Cookie at 5pm, I applied to a few auditions, and chatted to some friends on Facebook & Twitter, after checking, my emails. By 7pm I was ravenous, I'd of eaten my own leg & for a piscaterian that's saying something!!! The 1st 3 days, are meant to be the worse on this diet, but today, it's absolute murder, I'm so hungry!!! I could almost eat meat I'm so hungry!! So I had dinner, plum tomato & mascarpone soup, plus two slices of soya & linseed bread!! 702 cals, But by 8pm I was still gagging for food, so I had the 2 remaining snack Cookies. By 9pm, I was still feeling famished, so I had two more slices of soya & linseed bread (No spread) plus my can of K cider, that has sat in the fridge, for days!! A total of 500cals (oops!!) eventually my stomach stopped growling. I watched some TV & tried to finish, last weeks blog, going to bed at 2am.

Tuesday 15th April (Week 5, Day 30)

I had a lay-in until 10am, it's another bright sunny day out, will do a bit a spot of weeding later. I got on the scales, after my bit of a blowout weekend with Simon, and was surprised to see I've lost more weight, 9lb in total, according to my scales!! I had a wash, and had two, breakfast, maple Cookies, with a coffee. Still waiting for a call time, for a drama series tomorrow. A fellow SA from Hemel, Felicity, is picking me up, and we are going on to Windsor together. Now we have to await call time & costume. 

I finished off last weeks blog & posted it. I had more Cookies at noon, then did a bit of weeding. Then I did a couple of classes in the gym. I had my lunch cookies at 2pm & another snack one at 4pm. In a complete change to normal, I was constantly on the loo today.... It's like I'd been slipped an ALLI capsule!! I got a newspaper & a few bits, from my local shop. I then had a call on my mobile, from a top agent, who was putting me forward, for a part I'd love, with The Royal Opera!!! I'm auditioning for them next Wednesday, he said with my personality, he thinks I'll blow them away & get the role. The rehearsals will be, for a few weeks in May!! I hope the rehearsals, if I get it, don't clash with my laser eye surgery date, as I'd love this opportunity!!! 

My friends Martin & Terry, told me, that they too, were offered, the same dates, on the drama series as me, but neither could do Thursday. Both said to me, that they were gutted, not to be working with me, as they miss me, as we always have a laugh. Terry said to demand to be on his ward, on Holby City soon, as it's been absolutely ages, since I've worked with him, on there. 

Renny messaged me, laughing about my mention of him, in last weeks blog. He asked me, when I'd be able to fit him in, for a St Albans visit? I said when my life gets less audition manic! He said he needs to, get with more agents, as it's been too long since we last worked together, I said that I'd put a good word in for him!! "Cookie Diet's" fellow Guinea Pig, Julie, messaged me, saying she liked last weeks blog (Unlike my hater GLP!!) Wardrobe called & the costume brief, was muted summer colours. I can do that no problem (lucky that I changed my winter wardrobe, over to a spring/summer wardrobe, so finding apt stuff is easy!!) 

At 7pm I had a Birdseye, prawn curry (Note to Birdseye, your prawn curry is 90% rice 7% sauce & 3% prawns!!) But it still managed, to somehow sate my hunger, along with two slices of soya & linseed bread!! At 8pm I had a diet coke & a snack Cookie, watching 'CSI' then 'The Mentalist' before a earlyish night, going to bed at 10.30pm

Wednesday 16th April (Week 5, Day 31)

I am not sure, if I actually slept last night, or if I'd just rested, when the alarm went off at 4.30am? But if I did, it was only briefly!! I got ready for the day, washed & dried hair (dryer fused) and was ready with alternative costume choices all packed. At 5.45am Felicity arrived & we drove to Windsor to set. I realised, as we drove to the location, that as Felicity was 15mins early, in my hurry to leave I'd forgotten my cookies!!! Oops!! So full cooked set breakfast it was. Then it was costume checks, they chose from my selection what they wanted for me & I changed in one of the SA trailers. It was meant to be a hot day, but at 7am to 9am it was bitter cold out & I wished I'd brought my puffa jacket!! 

The set, was a lovely Windsor, Tudor Mansion (Below) which is the present setting, for a famous, American Drama, being filmed in London & around the SE. It's Ideal for a Halloween party, but with too much dark wood, inside, for my tastes. Not somewhere I'd actually, choose to live, even IF I could afford to!! I wondered how many generations, had died there? Either in their bed? Or by accident? Or other means, over the 500 years, that the Palmer family lived there? I wondered, if there had been any murders there? Or if it was, mainly at Windsor Castle, that people lost their heads, or were brutally murdered, in Tudor times? I also wondered, if the inhabitants, ever experienced any ghosts? 

There wasn't a huge amount, of SA people about, but I knew 85% of those, that were. The 1st & 2nd ADs, were lovely & unlike on 'other TV/Drama shows' they gave you a pep talk, before each scene, what was going to happen next, plus when you did well with your, continuity, they were very vocal & complimentary! Also a nice change!! By the afternoon it was boiling out & I was baking in my synthetic blouse, that wardrobe opted for, for me. So I opened a few buttons & caught a bit of sun.... Atul sunbathed between takes too!! (Below) 

I saw from the scene sheet, that one of the actors, on the episode, was James Lance. I've admired his comedic acting, since the 90s, when he was in 'Ab Fab' as Patsy's Toyboy, then later in things like 'Smack The Pony' I was actually in the same scenes, with him on 'The Look Of Love' a while back! I didn't see him on set today though. The sunshine, was super hot, today, it was beach & bikini weather, I hope tomorrow is the same. With no cookies on me, I had the catering lunch, of tagliatelle & ratatouille, with an ice lolly desert!! I spent a lot of my lunchtime, throwing a tennis ball, for a cute, cross eyed, collie dog. 

Then it was back to filming again, by 5pm, the temperature had dropped somewhat & it was a bit nippy, if you were sat in the shade, between takes. They brought out some sandwiches & I was good, I only had 1/4 of a cheese & pickle sandwich & a coffee, plus a orange juice. We wrapped bang on 7pm. Felicity & I drove home, after first finding a petrol station, as her car was very low on petrol. I got home, just in time to watch 'Secret Eaters' on +1 at 9pm followed by 'NCIS' also on +1 having 3 snack cinnamon Cookies, with a coffee & going to bed at 11pm. 

I met two fab SA's on set today, who I'd not met before. Mohinda (below) a really sweet, Indian lady who actually had me weeping with laughter, when she was telling me, about working as an Extra, on 'Robin Hood' when she said "I really wanted to be raped & pillaged, in the rape & pillage scene..... But nobody wanted to rape & pillage, an old Indian woman!!!" It was so unexpected, I roared with laughter!! It didn't take long after that, to find she was a right "game for a laugh ole girl" she was a sweet, little devil!! There was also a lovely blonde girl, with the most amazing jewel coloured, green eyes, called Nib, who was lovely too. The woman who owns/runs the manor house got us to sign the guest book too, which was nice!! 

Yalda, from Beauty Secret, sent me the video, of one of my favourite, Greek, dance tracks, today, which was really sweet of her, I must get the album Geia, by Despina Vandi (below) as I'm always, singing along & dancing around my flat, to it's title track!! 

Thursday 17th April (Week 5, Day 32)

I slept on & off, in a bitty, wake up every 60-90mins, type sleep!! Which made me feel, tireder, than when I had none (or next to none) yesterday!!! Knowing what I had to wear today (The same as yesterday!) meant, that getting ready, was a breeze. I was ready nice & early, for when Felicity arrived at 6am. I put my puffer jacket over my costume, as it was so cold yesterday on base, before the sun heated up!! I got in the car, to see Felicity had done the same, with a warm coat & warm boots, as the frosty/dewy grass gave her frozen feet, before the day warmed up, yesterday. 

We got to set at 6.45am, wardrobe double checked the SAs that had been on set yesterday, just to check our outfits were identical to yesterday (which of course they were) then it was another cooked breakfast (I'd left cookies at home again.... Oops) There were some more SA's today, more good SA friends I'd not worked with in ages!! Like Pam who it was great to see, plus Feih, who rushed over & hugged me, which was sweet. Another friend Alin, was also in, with his wife, Alin & I, normally just miss each other, normally we are on the same production, but always, somehow on different days!!  

I enjoyed catching up with my SA friends, then it was all off to base for today's scenes. The 1st or 2nd AD, took a group picture of us all, on Atul's phone camera (Above) The comedic actor, James Lance, was on set today. The day was fun & went fast, I was actually placed, so I got to interact with James Lance, in one scene. We had a bit of a laugh, with it, throwing in some jokey innuendo & double entendres, banter for good measure. 

It warmed up outside, as the day went on, but hazy cloud meant that, it was nowhere near as scorching hot as yesterday!! For lunch, I had fish pie, with green beans & cauliflower. Then a very yummy, naughty, banoffee pie for dessert, yum yum!! (Sorry Cookie Diet!!) Then it was back on set for more scenes, I was getting very positive feedback, from the ADs which was nice. There were lots more cute dogs, to play with & fuss over, when back outside & not needed on takes! One of the SA's was talking to actor James (Or Jimmy as the director was calling him) about his comedy role, involving pushing a piano in '2.4 Children' and asked for his autograph, which James was very accommodating, in doing.

I'd never do that, I think it's a bit cringey!! But the SA was a young lad, so being star struck, is more understandable. I chatted a bit to James, about when he played, Patsy's Toyboy, in 'Ab Fab' plus us both doing the same scenes in 'The Look Of Love' some time back, with 'David Walliams' We both agreed it was a fun shoot. The autograph getting, young SA, took a pic of me with James (above) Just as we were wrapping at 6.30pm. I was chatting to James at the time & asking if he was doing scenes, the following Thursday, wherever that would be, when a lot of the same people were back? He said he was & he wished me, a "Happy Easter" as I was heading off (to get signed off) which was nice of him. 

I'd been chatting to another lovely SA, I'd never met before called Renee, who told me, that she follows me on Twitter & loves my BLOG... Yes this one!! (Pauses, while my hater, GLP, chokes on their bile!!) She said she came across it, by accident, when trying to find two old school friends, from St Peter's school, in Belgravia & it popped up, so she read it & loved it & followed me on Twitter & now, here we were, on set together, small world ehhh!!? So once home I followed her back on Twitter & we added each other on Facebook. I got home around 8.40pm & bought a paper & some mineral water from the shop next door, then fixed myself a prawn tikka masala, for dinner, watching 'CSI & Body Of Proof' eventually going to bed, at 10pm, exhausted, back on the Cookie Diet track, tomorrow!! 

Friday 18th April, Good Friday (Week 5, Day 33)

I woke at 6am, I'd had a weird dream, I dreamt that while I slept, someone had tattooed the whole of my legs & feet, my outer legs, were tattooed, as a soldiers trousers, red with a white stripe, down the leg, with the end of a sword, scabbard, running down my thigh, on one leg, and black boots tattooed on my feet. The front of my feet were tattooed as boots, then the rest of the front of my legs, had multiple designs, like a sleeve of tattoos, I was absolutely horrified & enraged!!!! I thought "I'd rather amputate my legs, than live with these, repulsive tattoos!!" Then I fell asleep again & dreamt I was working in a supermarket & sorting out a customer with some half price fabric (Peacock blue brocade) plus another customers complaint, about their spring lamb. (My dreams are bonkers!!)

I woke at 10am, and had a wash, plus a coffee & two maple Cookies, for breakfast. I checked out some casting sites, for auditions/jobs, then I had a second coffee, as I changed for the gym! I wore grey 3/4 yoga pants & my fluorescent, coral, FCUK, t-shirt & white, Reebok, Easytone trainers. I put my hair up with a clip & applied some mascara & lipgloss then headed for the gym. 

Before I went on my way, To the gym, I popped to the shop, bought a Sun paper & two diet cokes, then I grabbed my puffa jacket & bag & headed to Fitness First, getting a small soya cappuccino from Costa Coffee en route, to have with my snack Cookie. I got in the gym, threw my bag & jacket in my locker, then filled my gym, drink bottle, with the two caffeine free diet cokes. Then I headed onto the gym floor,
I did my usual, 30 mins on the bike, some exercises on the powerplate, I had another snack Cookie, then the usual routines on the hip abductor & hip adductor, before another 30 mins on the bike & some squats (I'm concentrating on my thighs) as they are responding the least to 'The Cookie Diet' & Bailine.... 

As my hater GLP could tell you (I have been told, by my readers, who were slagging off my troll) that GLP commented on my "Flabby Thighs" on my last blog!! (Exactly what was said, by GLP, I don't know?) As my NY Resolution, this year, was to delete GLPs comments, without bothering to read them 1st, as their opinion, is irrelevant to me!! So only have a rough idea, due to messages, from my enraged readers, about GLP. They said, they thought, that GLP, was a petty, idiot & of course ANY "Before" pics in a "Diet Trial" blog, would be bound contain, some less than flattering, bulgy pictures, adding the GLP comments had been pathetically laughable. ALMOST made me wish I'd read the comment, before deleting. I had my 2 lunch Cookies at 4pm

I got back from the gym, at 5pm & chatted for a bit, online, on both Twitter & Facebook. I'd watched my best friend Candie's husband Costa & her son, Xavier, on BBC1's 'Parking Mad' via iPlayer, earlier today. At 6pm I had 2 snack Cookies, by 8pm, I was famished & had a Quorn curry, with 'Good 4U' Super Shoots, lentil pea & bean shoots & 'Tesco's Finest' tomato, olive & rosemary salad, all washed down, with a litre of mineral water, with a drop of lemon juice & Fountain (Above) in it!! I watched 'NCIS' at 9pm & at 10pm I had the last snack Cookie with more mineral water, as I watched 'Gogglebox' on plus 1, then 'NCIS LA' on Ch5 +1, which is good, but not a patch on the original NCIS. Then I ran myself a bubble bath. I had a nice soak, which eased the aches, from the gym. After I watched a bit of Supercasino as I got ready for bed & while doing a few bits online, I also had a bit of fun banter on Facebook & Twitter & texting a friend, before going to sleep some time after 3am.

Saturday 19th April (Week 5, Day 34)

I woke at 8.45am, and watched a bit of TV in bed, while I checked my Email messages, Facebook & Twitter. Then it was a shower & two chocolate breakfast Cookies with a coffee. Then I got dressed, in my turquoise jeans, lemon, v-neck, t-shirt, plus turquoise & white, Roxy Life, trainers (below) Today I have an open audition to go to in London, the weather is sunny, but there is lots of rain clouds about. So it was puffa jacket & my holdall of leggings, for the dance part of the auditions & headed off for the station. I was glad of my puffa jacket, as it may have been sunny, but it sure was COLD!!!! 

I had a snack Cookie, while on the platform at St Albans station, and my 2nd snack Cookie, as I sat awaiting to go into my 1st part of audition, which seemed to go well. There was a couple of hours until the dance part, so a few of us went to McDonalds, and feeling very hungry & needing energy for the dance half, I decided to have lunch as my main meal & save the Cookies for dinner. I ended up having 935 cals oops!! (235 cals over) Well I'll hopefully dance some of that off!! Then it was back to, a lot of sitting around, waiting to be called, for our turn, at the dance half, of the audition. 

Eventually it became my turn & it must of gone well, as I was told to stay behind, as I'd gotten through to the second part of the dance audition. More sitting around, so I had my two dinner Cookies, with a coffee at 8pm. I was called in at 9pm & did my 3rd audition of the day, then I was to go take a seat, back in the smaller waiting area. 

At 9.30pm one of the audition team, came into the room & said that all of us in that room, had made it through, to the audition short list, HURRAH!! So now it's a waiting game, to hear. So I changed out of leggings, back to my warmer jeans & headed home. I got a soya cappuccino from Costa, on the way home & got in at 11.30pm. I got changed for bed, then watched the 1st bit of Supercasino as I checked my Emails, Facebook & Twitter, then crashed out at 1am, without even having my last 3 snack Cookies. 

Sunday 20th April, Easter Sunday (Week 5, Day 35)

I woke at 10.30am, after a weird dream, I dreamt I was in Katie Prices home, helping her rearrange her lounge, as she had too many couches in it, in a mix of coloured & styles!! I also dreamt I visited a male friend had another child, and he dressed him in a mini version of his own football kit. 

Then in my dream, I went to my holiday home, in Cyprus, my friend Candie was staying with me & we had a threesome with a guy I know, my place was amazing with a huge bedroom, with a panoramic window looking over the island & sea. I was in a bar when a stunning guy said we were neighbours & he could see into my bedroom from his. I thought "OMG!!! I hope he can't see me pottering around in the nude!!"... Then I was on a plane to my other holiday home in Jamaica with one of my older sisters, Julie, my kitchen was stunning & huge, I was showing her my new kitchen stools, that I seemed very proud of..... The subconscious is a mad thing!! Talking of mad things, look at this chap, imagine him eating soup or drinking coffee in your dining room.... With a WHITE carpet!!!! 

After my wash, I got on the scales, I've not lost any more weight this week..... But I have not GAINED any either!! So I'm still 9lb down. I had a coffee & the two chocolate Cookies, not eaten yesterday, for breakfast I wore my turquoise jeans with a pale grey t-shirt & pale grey, cardigan, with pale grey, pearled collar & turquoise & white Roxy Life, trainers (above) Today is a day of a marathon watch of my "V" video's (below) with a friend!!! As there is just rubbish, on TV, over Easter, mainly!! Plus typically the Easter weather, is it's normal cold rainy self!! 

I had a snack Cookie from yesterday's leftovers, at 1.30pm with a diet coke, as we took a "V" break, to watch 'Spiderman 3'. We had a 105g of Minstrels (527 cals) each as we watched the movie (Well it's Easter & I've not had an Easter egg!!) so I skipped my 2 lunch Cookies & 2 snack Cookies. Then it was back to "V" the DVD marathon, until 7.45pm, when we stopped for some curry for dinner, 638 cals, while catching the tail end of Catchphrase & Off Their Rockers. We were about to go back, to the "V" DVD marathon, when 'Toy Story 3' came on. I'd not seen that one, so we watched it. Sweet Movie!!

 At 10pm I wandered home, with my DVDs, hungry, I didn't bother opening a cookie bag, for my 3 evening snack cookies. So I had a soya & linseed bread, super food, sandwich. I will get back on the Cookie bandwagon tomorrow! I slid this week as it is rather boring & repetitive & I'm not a fan of, same ole, same ole!! I read the Sunday paper, some EVIL American mother, killed her 4 year old son, smashing his head in, because she thought he was gay!! Because "He walked & sounded like it!!" WTF??? How butch can a bloody 4yr old boy sound? What is becoming of this world?? Meanwhile, a 65yr pensioner (But looks, much, much older) Calling himself, Roxanne, is demanding a £20K sex change on the NHS. Roxanne (below) says "Sorry guys, I know I'm pretty, but I'm a lesbian!!" No offence Roxy, but I think, that just maybe, laser eye surgery, is more urgent for you, first!!! 

I watched 'Fargo & Heat' on Ch4 +1, two good movies, on at Easter for a change. I can't wear any contact lenses next week, as I have a pre laser op, eye examination the following week. I can't wait to have normal sight, it's my birthday present to myself. I'm not going to be 50 & 50% blind!! It will be life changing, even if I will be paying instalments for a long time. I could get it done on the NHS but that could be ages & my eyes have really deteriorated, since their pneumonia damage, a few years back. Talking of NHS, that VILE piece of garbage, Josie Cunningham is in the papers again. Last time it was about her getting a boob job on the NHS after lying, she was broke & her small boobs made her DEPRESSED!! The truth was she was a prostitute, who could afford to pay for the Op herself, and wanted a boob job, to increase her clients & do glamour modelling!!! With that face??? (Below) 

Now the low budget slag, is pregnant, from one of her punters (So she is a nice, no condom, Aids/STD risk too!!! Classy!!) It now emerges, that the skank, now wants to abort the baby, to court fame, going in the Big Brother House. Is there no depths this little slut, won't sink to? She will be one of the most hated women, in the UK, long before she enters (If they are mad enough to have her, plus, that low life 'Big D' from 'Benefit Street') More exposure, will just make her further despised!!! She is beyond repulsive, I wonder if her parents are hanging their heads in shame, or if they are, the same level of scum, as her? I went to bed at 1.45am, a busy week of auditions & interviews ahead. I will try to get back on, the cookie diet, again next week, but this week, trying to stick to it was absolutely murder!

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