Sunday, 6 April 2014

Keep Taking The Biscuit

Monday 31st March (Week 3, Day 15) 

I woke at 8.30am, as I had a local meeting at 10.15am, I got on the scales, my total weight loss for the two weeks is still 6lb. I had a wash & had two maple Cookies, for breakfast at 9am, with a coffee (not decaf) I'm so shattered lately, that I've actually had to buy coffee, that is not decaf, to wake me up & to give me some energy (no wonder they say not to exercise on this diet!!!) Normally I'm on the decaf coffee & decaf diet cokes, as I'm so full of hyper energy, I can't sleep & suffer insomnia & excess energy!!! No danger of that on this diet... I could happily hibernate, wake me in summer!!! I had another snack Cookie at 11am, after I got back from my short meeting, I had it with a pint of water & I had my 2nd maple snack Cookie, at 1pm, with another coffee, as I'm still very exhausted!! Then went for my Bailine session, at 2pm. I was weighed today, I'm going to be measured Friday, on my 6th session. I have been coming twice a week, for two weeks, and started the same time as I started the Cookie Diet, so had same starting weight. According to their scales I have lost 5kg, that's 11lb (So nearly double the 6lb, I thought I'd lost, going by my scales) well I'll be interested to hear my measurements on Friday!! 

My session, was torso again today, and it was more tender just under my breast area, but my kidneys are still not fully recovered, from my fall down my stairs Wed/Thur, or the resulting bladder infection, that caused, so that is no doubt why!! I had my main meal, for lunch today, a Quorn steak, with a big fresh salad, dressed with lemon juice & balsamic vinegar, with a blob of Coleman's mustard on the side, 580cals. Washed down with a diet coke. I heard from a top model agency, today, that I've been accepted, on to their books, so I'm going into their offices to sign contracts next week!! Excellent!!! I got home & watched "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey" I really, really, can't stand, that vile, skank, Teresa, or ANY of her family!!! A Vile Brood!! I was so tired by 5pm, I had to have a lay down, on the bed (so unlike me!!) after I had my evening snack Cookie. 

I was still, laying on my bed, feeling shattered, when I had my next maple snack Cookie, at 7pm. I was chatting to Julie online, she was full of energy, unlike me, but she did have a day off the diet, for Mother's Day, yesterday. I actually bought some Exlax today, as this constipation (which I never normally suffer with) can't be good for you & could be why, my abdomen was more tender, during my Bailine session today. We will see if it shifts much? As so far, I haven't been today again!! While out, a local character I know said "Hey June, you've lost weight, don't be losing too much, we won't see you!" So I guess the loss is noticeable.

I had my 2 maple, dinner Cookies, at 9pm, while watching Revenge, with a coffee, and despite taking some Exlax after lunch, there is still no bowel movements (odd) At 11pm I had my last snack Cookie, I've felt shattered all day, I hope I feel livelier tomorrow, as I'm filming again, thankfully it's not an early start. I packed my green & black costume, ready for tomorrow & was in bed by 11.30pm. I chatted a bit on Facebook & Twitter, plus played a bit on Google Maps, catching Pokamon, which I'm sure is a April Fools thing. There was a lovely picture, of my favourite dog, on twitter (above) I love Chow's, they're like cuddly teddy bears!! I took a Exlax chocolate segment, at midnight & shattered I went to sleep! 

Tuesday 1st April (Week 3, Day 16) April Fools Day 

I had a lay in until 10.30pm, as filming isn't until 2.30pm today, it's nice & warm now I'm filming, typical. I went to the loo instantly I got up, thanks to the laxative last night, a decent 2 weeks backlog (at last) I had 2 breakfast maple Cookies at 11am with a coffee & 30 mins later, I was back on the loo again & I feel a lot better for it!!! (Constipation is definitely a draw back, side effect for this diet!!) I had a shower & washed my hair & dried it into a straight bob. I did my make-up and packed my brown trouser suit & white blouse & grey trouser suit & pink blouse, as we are filming office scenes today. 

I pulled on my dark blue, skinny jeans, pale grey t-shirt, thong sandals, with big buckle & jazzed it up, with my butterfly neck scarf. I popped a snack Cookie, in my mouth, at 1pm & put on my Prada sunglasses & Betty Barclay, lightweight puffer jacket, then dragged myself & my costume filled case, to St Albans station. I bought a newspaper in W.H Smiths at the station & then a large, cappuccino, from the place next door. Then got on the platform, to await my train to London. I read the paper on the train as I enjoyed my cappuccino, then I got off at Kings Cross out of habit, instead of Blackfriars!!!..... Bugger!! 

Stupid cow!!! So I made my tube connections, a whole load more more awkward, with two changes instead of the original none, then there were delays, etc, on the district line, due to earlier signal problem at earls court!! Great!!! Then I realised, that my Prada sunglasses were not on my head!! Shit!! I racked my brains... Wondering if I had actually put them on? Or if they were on the kitchen counter still?? I was sure I did? So if so, when did I lose them? Did I put them down on the counter, when buying my ticket, newspaper, or cappuccino? I was trying to recall, if I had them on, when chatting, to the lovely, female station guard, who I often natter to? If not, it MUST of been while buying my ticket, paper or coffee, but if I had them on then, I must of lost them on the train seat. I was hoping I'd left them at home. I left a 'Great news I'm pregnant' April Fools, trick status, on Facebook & Twitter.... A few people fell for it!! 

I got to base, by the skin of my teeth, and quickly changed into my 1st suit, ready for filming. I put some cookies in my suit pocket, so I could eat on set, when cameras were not running. I had my 2nd snack Cookie at 3pm & 2 lunch Cookies at 5pm. I had my evening snack Cookie (they are all maple today) at 7pm, on a camera reset, with a diet coke. We wrapped at 7.50pm & some of my fellow SA friends & I were so hungry, that when we changed trains, at one station, at 8.10pm (My next snack Cookie would be due at 9pm & dinner at 11pm) We all went to Pret to eat & I had a salmon wrap & a coffee (Not a cappuccino) plus some Riesen choc sweets 684cals in total. 

Then I got the tube to Blackfriars & the train home. I got in at 10.30pm, sadly my Prada sunglasses, were not on the side, so I lost them.... Bugger!!! They were my only sunglasses, that didn't cause me headaches after 30mins wear. I will have to check W.H Smith & coffee shop, Thursday when I'm filming again. I had my last two snack Cookies at 11pm. I felt much more awake today, I'm sure I have felt sluggish, over the last two weeks, due to constipation, caused by 'The Cookie Diet!!!' I got ready for bed & unwound in bed watching 'Body Of Evidence' while replying to some tweets & Facebook messages. I checked my emails, to see if there were any new audition's, to apply to. Then it was lights out & head down at 1am!! 

Wednesday 2nd April (Week 3, Day 17)

After not sleeping until after 4am, I set my alarm for 11.30am, so I could hopefully get around 7.5hrs sleep, before the EE contractor comes between 1-6pm to fix my landline/internet, but no such luck! A little brat, woke me, screaming it's lungs off, in the hairdressers downstairs, it was so loud, it cut right through me, as if some screaming, toddler, was lying in the bed, with me. It was 25mins before the screaming creature, either shut up, or left... Why does it take parents, so long,  to make their kids shut the f**k up, these days??? Brats downstairs, often disturb me, with their screaming that goes on forever!!!! If any of my siblings, or I, did that, as kids, we'd be told to shut it instantly, or feel the back of my dad's hand!!.... We soon shut up!!! My alarm went off, just after the brat, noise pollution, stopped!! 

I had a wash & got on the scales, according to beautician scales, I've lost 11lb so far, 7lb according to mine. I had a coffee & two cinnamon, breakfast Cookies at noon & was on the loo 30mins later, thanks to laxative help, last night (I think that's why I'm no longer so tired) I think all the toxins, trapped in my body, while constipated for two weeks, were making me sluggish!! I dressed in jeans, crop top & shrug, plus thong sandals (below) & tied my hair back, in a ponytail. 

I had my two, cinnamon, snack cookies at 2pm (My late start, made it unrealistic, to stretch lunch out until 6pm) Then the EE engineer turned up. Very cute!! Hellooooooooooo!!!! He fixed my phone line/broadband in minutes, why EE didn't do that straight away? Instead of fannying around, with line checks, every few days, since March 12th. Why do that? Rather than send someone out, within the 1st week!!! After that, I dropped my Betty Barclay coat, into the dry cleaners. On the way, back home, I could smell the BO, of someone walking towards me, when they were still 3ft ahead of me, let alone when they passed me!!! Jesus how can you smell that bad? Surely they must be able to smell themselves? I can smell myself, even if I'm only just slightly ripe, in the gym!! At 4pm I had a prawn, pasta salad, for lunch, with a slice of buttered wholemeal bread, plus a diet coke (With a tsp of fountain.... Below) to wash it down. 

I did some washing up & sorted a load of dry laundry, to be put away. My yellow dress was returned, in the post today, from Elstree TV studios, thankfully. My bottom is really hurting from my bad fall, down my stairs, a week ago, I think I have broken my coccyx! I need to book a doctors appointment, I think I need an X-ray!! My left knee is playing up too, last nights & today's rain, is not helping matters!! 

I watched home & away & had 2 snack Cookies (cinnamon) at 6pm. At 8pm, I had my two dinner Cookies, with a diet coke, while watching 'Secret Eaters'. I'm sure I saw my friend, Miriam Virgo, in the scientific experiment, section!!.... I watched 'NCIS' then 'First Dates', I've had some odd dates in my time, but the things these couples talk about, on a 1st date are weird. Maybe it's due to the TV cameras, maybe they don't want to share their real self, to the viewing public? I had last snack Cookie at 10pm & watched 'CSI & Law & Order SVU' going to bed, at 1am. 

Thursday 3rd April (Week 3, Day 18)

I woke at 9am, and jumped in the bath, as I had a busy time ahead, an audition, a photo shoot & a bit of quality time, with my friend Ian, at a football stadium!! I got on the scales, according to it I have lost 8.5lb. Good!! I had two chocolate Cookies for breakfast, then packed some clothes, for photo shoot, three different looks, casual, smart & cougar. I had a snack Cookie at 11.30am, with a large cappuccino & another at 1.30pm, while at my audition, it was a quick audition but successful (The best type!!) So it was off to my photo shoot, to capture three different looks, for one of my casting agents books. Having two more chocolate Cookies, for lunch at 3.30pm. Photos over, it was off to meet Ian, at The Den, Millwall FC. It was great to see Ian, but while all around were tucking into chips, burgers & hot dogs... I just had my chocolate snack Cookies (at 5.30pm) when Ian had already left & gone to the gym (Luckily, more pals were around, to keep me amused) & another Cookie at 7.30pm. I was super hungry, by dinner time, at 9.30pm. So not wanting to wait, until I got home, I had a takeaway, vegetable curry, to eat on the train (Luckily there were carriages, with tables, on the train) which came in at 661cals (according to the menu) washed down, with a can of diet coke. While on the train, I checked my Facebook & Twitter. A tweeted photo, of a Lassie type, collie dog, with a corker of a caption, by @CrapTaxidermy, had me weeping with laughter. 

The whole train carriage, stared at me, as I giggled & howled, uncontrollably, with laughter. I had just about, composed myself, when I just thought of the caption again & just collapsed in giggles all over again!! I even spent 40 minutes, giggling, all the way from the train station, home. The journey took longer than usual, as I had to keep stopping, as I was laughing so hard, I thought I'd wet myself!! I got in around 11.30pm, still in a silly mood, I messaged a few people on Facebook & Twitter & was getting ready for bed, just as 'Supercasino' was coming on. I was still in, a silly, giggly, mood. Supercasino, made me think of when, I use to have a laugh playing "Strip For Bed Roulette" with 'Supercasino' in the winter of 2012. So in a silly mood & back to being wide awake (after Exlax, counteracting, the constipation, caused by the Cookies) I decided to play it again.... 

The rules of "Strip For Bed Roulette" are simple, you just, pick 6 numbers & each time one comes up, you remove an item, until you are naked & ready for bed. It was funny & others joined in. It all timed perfectly, with the last item coming off, just before the show ended at 3am. I had eaten, my last snack Cookies, while playing too.... With a coffee, then it was lights out!!... Sometimes a bit of silliness is needed in life, life can be too serious & tense at times!!! 

Friday 4th April (Week 3, Day 19)

I had a lay-in, until 10.30am, I had a shower & two chocolate Cookies for breakfast & slipped into, a champagne & silver underwear set. I pulled on my jeans & Marilyn Monroe t-shirt, plus my white, Easytone, Reebok, trainers. At 12.30pm I had my snack Cookie, then did a grocery shop. At 2pm I went into Beauty Secret & had another Bailine session. Today I was re measured & weighed again. I have lost 8.5lb I have lost 3cm off my ribs, 4cm off my waist, 5cm off my hips, 2cm off my upper arms & just 1cm off my thighs!! I could feel, that it was my abs & waist, that were tightening, the most. As it is, the area, I store the least fat/water. So we concentrated, more on my thighs, this session (below) 

I had my 2nd snack Cookie late at 3pm. Then popped out for a sunbed session, ready for more agency photos on Monday. I did some chores, then had my two lunch Cookies at 5pm. A while later I popped in the bath for a long soak & a hair wash, as I'm off to my friend Nicky's, Birthday Drinks, at the Peacock tonight. At 7pm, I had a very tasty, Prawn, Red Thai, Curry, with lemon rice, for my dinner 759cals (A tad over 700cals, but super tasty!!) I wore my bright yellow dress & beige heels. I put on my khaki leather coat, grabbed her birthday present & card, then packed, the last of, my remaining, 3 snack Cookies, into my Gucci handbag.

With Birthday Girl Nicky 

With Martin (Above) Tom & The Push (Below) 

My friend Tom's band "The Push" were playing, tonight, at 'The Peacock', and they were setting up, as I arrived. Emma, Lisa, plus my friend Martin, arrived & shortly after them, the birthday girl, Nicky herself. I was very good, I only had a double vodka & soda, plus a brandy & diet coke. Then I stuck to diet cokes, the two alcoholic drinks, came to 165cals. I didn't have the 3 evening snack Cookies, which would have totalled 158cals, so I only exceeded that by 7cals, plus the 59cals over for dinner only made me 66cals over (I can live with that) I had a laugh, it was good to see the whole gang again & I got in at 1.45am & went to bed, after checking my emails, Facebook & Twitter. 

Saturday 5th April (Week 3, Day 20)

I had a lay in & woke up, after having, the most perverted dream!!! Very unlike me!!! Must be frustrated lol. I had a bath & had two of yesterday's remaining chocolate Cookies, for my breakfast. I did some chores, then dressed in my gym gear, grey 3/4 gym trousers, my Marilyn t-shirt, plus my white, Easytone, Reebok trainers. I had the last of yesterday's chocolate Cookies, for my snack Cookie, at 1pm. Then after a few more chores, I spent a couple of hours in Fitness First, having a vending machine, cappuccino, with my maple snack Cookie, first. 

I decided to concentrate on my legs again (As my abs, are coming along nicely!!) I went on the bike for 30mins, then did 10 reps of 10, on the hip adductor, on 40kg & the same on the hip abductor & some squats & exercises, on the powerplate. My left knee is killing me, at the moment, thanks to the damp climate!! My coccyx is still painful, from my fall over a week ago!! I had two lunch Cookies at 5pm & at 7pm I had tofu in black bean sauce & a slice of Burgen soya & linseed bread at 801cals (Oops!!) but I did enough, in the gym, not to worry too much! I watched 'Saturday Night Takeaway, NCIS, Hostages & film Colombiana'. I had my snack maple Cookie at 9pm & the last two at 11pm. I think it will soon be time, to swap my WINTER wardrobe, over to my SUMMER wardrobe. I watched some 'Family Guy & Mock The Week' & went to bed at 1.20am.

Sunday 6th April (Week 3, Day 21)

I had a restless sleep, all night, after not falling to sleep until after 5am. I woke at 11am, and had a wash & had two chocolate Cookies for breakfast with a coffee at noon. Sharran has been quiet for 3 or 4 days, I'm not sure if she is still having trouble, and gaining on the Cookies, or if she has seen her doctor & he/she advised, that she should quit the trial?? I got on the scales, I'm still at a 8lb loss. I packed my bag for my day in London, then set off at 1pm. Texting a few pals en route. 

I had a disgusting cappuccino, from Pumpkin, on St Albans Station, platform. They badly need to train their staff, how to froth the milk.... I think there is only one member, of their entire staff, who knows how to do it!!! 90% of the cappuccinos I have from there are VILE!!! So why did I buy one?  Because I needed another coffee & because, I'd not been served, by the girl there, before, and I hoped she was a NEW staff member, who actually knew what she was doing!!! Sadly not!! I knew disaster loomed, when she put the milk jug, under the hot air spout & not a gurgle was heard, FFS!!!

I got on the train & all was well, until, we were suddenly stuck, sat at City Thameslink, for ages, before eventually moving on, to the next stop Blackfriars, that I wanted. The train doors were all locked at City Thameslink, so you couldn't get off & there was no driver announcement, as to the cause of delay! No response, to the emergency call button, either, it was just as well, that nobody, with claustrophobia, was trapped in the carriage!! I asked Blackfriars staff, why the delay? when I got off. I was told they were meant to change drivers, but the take over, driver, didn't show up, FML!!!! So now I was going to get to my appointment by the skin of my teeth!!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!!! Or be late!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!!! Why did the 1st driver, not wait until the crossover driver (Or replacement) arrived & keep us informed re delay, surely leaving us locke in a unmanned train was a health & safety issue? What if a fire broke out on the train we'd all be trapped unable to escape!! 

Also when a replacement driver, was finally found, why didn't they apologise for the delay & us being trapped inside? And explain why? If we could have opened the doors, onto the platform, we could have taken, an alternative route, instead of being, stuck there, as captives!! I was 5mins late & ready to kill that no show driver, by 2.05pm!!! I ate my 1st snack cookie, at 2pm, then my next at 4pm, with a coffee. I was ravenous at 6pm, when I had my 2 lunch Cookies, and hungry, by my snack Cookie at 8pm. So at 10pm, it was, sod my 2nd evening snack Cookie, instead, I had a McDonald Veggie Burger, with fries & a diet coke, at 741csls (41cals over, the top end of meal calories) but I'd done so much walking, today, I was not about to chastise myself over it!! Then I headed back to St Albans, having my final two snack Cookies early, at 11pm!! As hunger waits for no man.... Or woman!!!! I got in at 11.30pm & got ready for bed, as I'm back, at my new model agency, again tomorrow, for another photo shoot!!! Busy busy busy.... I watched 'The Graham Norton Show' in bed!! Next Saturday, is my official 1st weigh-in & measuring, for The Cookie Diet Trial. So Watch This Space!!! 

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