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Cookie Monster??

Monday 24th March (Week 2, Day 8)

Today, I got up at 12.20am, rested, but with no sleep, since I went to bed, just after 8pm on Sunday. I got on the scales, as soon as I got up, as it is now exactly a week since I began. I'm another 3/4lb down, so that's a loss of 3.3/4lbs in a week. I got dressed, checked my costume case, then wrapped up warm & set off into the cold night air at 1.50am. I caught the 2.21am, Thames Link, train, boy are commuters at this hour miserable!! I was tempted to sit there, grinning inanely, just for my own sick amusement, at their discomfort & alarm!! Once at Blackfriars I waited 20mins for my 3.28am night bus. I got to set at 4.15am, frozen & starving, so had the night time snack Cookie, I'd not be awake to eat Sunday night!! It was a Chocolate one & I washed it down with 2 black coffees to warm & wake myself!! I managed to wait until 6.30am, to have my two breakfast Cookies, 1 chocolate & 1 maple, washed down with a caffeine free, diet coke, as I was ravenous by then!! I had a Cinnamon snack Cookie at 8.30am & another Cinnamon snack Cookie, at 10.30am. 

I was very hungry by lunch at 12.30pm, so I had a milky coffee with my maple & chocolate Cookies. I had my Maple snack Cookie as I travelled home, after filming at 2.30pm (Shattered!!) I collapsed on my bed ready to sleep, at 3.30pm, but the hairdressers downstairs (that is normally closed on a Monday) was opened at 4pm, just as I was drifting off & turned on their music & was scraping stuff across the floor (FFS!!!!!) Bloody typical!!!! In the end, exhausted from 32hrs with no sleep, I text the owner, of the hairdressers, complaining about the noise. She turned down the music, but being a light sleeper, I didn't fall asleep, until she finally left at 5.30pm. But I woke 2hrs later at 7.30pm & so I had dinner, a super wholefood salad, with two slices of wholemeal toast with honey 637 cals. I watched the brilliant Revenge at 9pm on E4 & then had my final Cinnamon snack Cookie at 9.30pm, then at 10pm after Revenge finished I went back to sleep. Another poop free day!! I fell asleep quickly thankfully, as I have another early start tomorrow. 

Tuesday 25th Match (Week 2, Day 9) 

Today I have a meeting, with UKs, top character model, agency, so I was up at 7.30am (thankfully after around 8-9hrs sleep, after a sleep deprived day yesterday!!) I jumped in the bath & washed hair, and made a so so offering, to the "Stool Gods" but NOT of the consistency that Dr Gillian McKeith would be pleased with (but it's a start) this diet definitely affects your bowel movements, Julie is having the same problem. I got on my scales, according to them, I've now lost another 1/2lb so that's 4 1/4lb in total so far. Today Breakfast was 2 cinnamon Cookies, with a black coffee, one had absolutely no flavour again (the cinnamon ones, seem a bit hit & miss flavour wise!!) I dried my hair, did makeup & got dressed, then I checked Facebook, Twitter & Email messages, before I set off for London. I have practically lived there again, these past two months, at least filming for the next two days, is local in Elstree Borehamwood! On the train I had a snack chocolate Cookie, with a takeaway cappuccino, and read the paper. The guy sat opposite me was the double of Freddie Flintlock, maybe it was him? I got to Kings Cross & got the tube to Wood Lane, I got to the agency early & gave the staff a couple of bags of Haribo (I touched none) as they are always wanting sweets. I had some crazy photos done & did a solo video, then did a joint video with a magician. Then I got back on the tube, travelling 3 stops to Hammersmith, to get a few bits I need. While having my 2nd snack Cookie 'maple' en route. Shopping done, I contacted L'oreal, re some info needed, before getting the tube to Kings Cross, and the train home, eating 2 maple lunch Cookies on the way. 

I went to Wilkinsons, once back in St Albans, to get some essentials & then I popped into. my local beauticians, Beauty Secret for my 3rd Bailine session. Yalda said, that as I already had a high pain threshold (some women wimp out & say they can't take it & turn the power down, she turns mine up, as I'm fine) she said, she'd do it to the advanced level, you normally go to, AFTER the 5th session. Yalda did my abdomen again today & it will be the legs again on Friday. I finally got home, only to discover, one of my photos from today, was already on the model agency's, Facebook & Twitter page!! Now that's quick!! I had another chocolate snack Cookie, with a diet decaf coke. Then started preparing my outfit & 2nd outfit to pack for filming in Elstree tomorrow. I had dinner instead of my 2nd evening snack Cookie at 6.30pm, a salmon salad, with two slices of wholemeal toast, with honey as desert 678 cals then did some housework. I had a chocolate snack Cookie at 8.30pm, while watching myself on an old Midsomer Murders series. I found out, through the grapevine, that Sharran had gained over 7lb in weight, on the Cookie Diet despite strictly sticking to it & was having the same "No Poop" problems, I feel for her, that's what happened to me with Vi!! I messaged Luna, her weigh in was meant to be today, but she has not responded, maybe she's not had a good result either? I had my final cinnamon snack Cookie at 10.30pm, while getting myself ready for bed with a pint of water & milky decaf coffee. I laid  my stuff out for tomorrow, answered a few text messages & Facebook messages, then went to bed..... TIRED & desperate for sleep!!!!! But I was not to sleep, not even for a minute, instead I was to endure 11 hours of exhausting TORTURE!!!!

Wednesday 26th March (Week 2, Day 10)

I lay in bed, music booming & keeping me awake, at 1st I thought it was the pub, just up the road, having live music on. But when it was still blasting out at midnight, I went into my lounge & checked the pub, the lights were off & it was shut. So I realised it was coming from the hairdressers, I popped downstairs to my bathroom ear against wall (Yep definitely the hairdressers providing the booming music!!) I text the owner at midnight, no response, I tried again at 1.30am, plus I called the hairdressers, incase they were having a staff party (though odd on a Wednesday) by 4am I'd taken 3 Nightall & tried stuffing cottonwool in my ears & covering with earmuffs & I could still hear the booming base of the music clearly!! I was tempted to call the police, but I'm sure their response would of been slow & knowing my luck, if I did manage to fall asleep, they'd wake me knocking on my door around 6pm. I thought about calling the owner on their mobile (but oddly felt bad about waking them at that hour!!! Mind you the phone would probably be on silent or off if she was not getting the texts!!) I took 4 more Nightall to try & sleep but no joy. By 9am I was so exhausted & angry, due to music being left on all night, in the hairdressers, preventing me to sleep, I could cry!!!

I needed all the rest I could get, last night, as today, I was going on a TV game show as a contestant, with my friend Ian, that morning and I needed my mind to be clear & sharp, but instead it was pounding with a headache muzzy & beyond exhausted!! I could kill whoever left the music on!!! How could you not notice, as you lock ups, that the music is still on?? If it was just a CD left on, the noise would of eventually stopped in the end... But it was obviously on REPEAT mode, so boomed out for 11 hours!! If it had been pop music, it may not of disturbed me, quite so much, but it had a heavy base, that boomed out for 11hrs, as I tried very unsuccessfully to sleep!! It was like torture, even cottonwool in ears & ear muffs did not keep the noise out & 7 sleeping tablets (Nightall) had no effect, which added to my frustration & turmoil!! 

I got on the scales at 9.30am I've lost another 1/4lb that's 4.5lb in total!! I had breakfast 1 chocolate & 1 cinnamon Cookie. I got dressed in a yellow shift dress & wore gold pumps & put my beige heels, plus my 2nd outfit, a navy dress & black heels, in a holdall. Then headed for the train to the TV studios in Elstree, eating my chocolate snack Cookie at 11.30am on the train. I met Ian at Elstree station & we got to the studios at noon & were whisked off to the green room. I explained I was sleep deprived & why, hoping I'd be chosen for tomorrow's filming & not today's (so getting some sleep tonight!!) I had my 2nd snack Cookie (maple) at 1.30pm, and some flirty, jokey banter, with the young runner lad, Liam, which helped to keep me awake, when I was physically exhausted, with a banging headache. I took a load of painkillers, to try feel human. On the plus point, the complements were flowing re my yellow dress. 

I checked twitter while in the green room, Luna has had her weigh in & last week lost 3lb! Sharran the sumo wrestler, who had a gain, despite sticking to the diet rigidly, has gone quiet online. I really feel for her, because my weight leapt up by almost a stone, in a week, while sticking rigidly to the Vi diet, I then I resorted to replacing all 3 meals, instead of 2 with Vi out of desperation & then I still gained another 7lb!!! So I stopped using it & I instantly dropped the 21lb, so I'm stuck with a few £100 of Vi stock, which is of no use to me!! (So if Vi works for YOU, or you are a Vi rep, and want to buy a load of shakes come find me!!!) It may be that the Cookie Diet is not suitable for Sharran, like Vi wasn't for me, or it's just a 1st week set back!! 

By 3pm we were still in the green room & I was fading fast!! We had lunch handily at 3.30pm I had the mini, margarita, calzone with a spoonful of hand cut chips & stir fried veg. Elstree catering leaves a lot to be desired, the chips were fine, but the calzone, a lump of stodge, with some cooked tomato. I left the stir fried veg, as they tasted of washing up liquid. Whoever washed the wok or pan it was cooked in, didn't rinse it well after washing & it obviously had a detergent coating, when it was used next. Ian & I were chosen to film today, despite me telling all involved I was sleep deprived (bugger) we did quite well to start with, but then there came a question, I knew the low scoring answer I wanted, it was the name of an artist. I know him well & my nan owned a painting of his, as did the owner of the stud farm, we lived on in Nottingham. But due to now being without sleep for 32hrs, I was exhausted, and I had a mental block & couldn't think of the artists name, it was frustrating me as I stood there, as I knew the artist well, my dad & I often discussed his work (when my dad was alive!!) I racked my brains, trying to think of the name, which I knew was a SHORT name, I pleaded in my head, to my dead dad, to come to me & remind me of the name!! But it wouldn't come & time was running out, as the presenter came to me.

I was left with 3 alternatives, all that seemed obvious & high scorers to me, just what I didn't want, but unable to come up with the artists name, I had to opt for one of them, I opted for the oldest historic person of them all, hoping a lot of school kids were surveyed, as these days they seem, very ignorant of history. It was a bad choice & we were out of this show, but still in for the second show. I hoped that would be, due to timing, get filmed tomorrow (when I could rest) but no such luck!! At 5.30pm I had a chocolate snack Cookie, and changed into my navy dress, with dragonfly print (above) plus my black heels. Ian & I went into the studio again for the 2nd show, I was now 34hrs without sleep & absolutely shattered!! This is where, my tiredness, really hit me.... I only had one contact lense in, as my left eye had puffed up this morning, from tiredness, and I couldn't put my lense in it, so that combined with tiredness, meant I had difficulty viewing the board. One answer, the one I could see & was going to go for, had the initials OW. Exhausted and frightened of my mind forgetting, like on the artist question, I kept saying to myself over & over "Oscar Wild, not Orson Wells, Oscar Wild, NOT Orson Wells" So what happened, when they got round to, an exhausted me? Yep I mistakenly blurted out Orson Wells, I realised, the second it came out of my mouth, I'd said the wrong one, the very one, my mind was telling me not to say!! But it was too late, as they take your 1st answer. So my exhaustion screwed over Ian & I, thanks hairdressers, you stitched me up good & proper!!!

So when it airs, I will look an idiot, on TV, due to my tiredness (which of course the TV audience will be totally unaware of!!) but by then, I was just relieved, It was over & I could now go home to bed, as I was beyond exhausted. I walked with difficulty (in my flat pumps again) to the station, each step was exhausting!! Ian got on his train to London & moments later mine came, on the train, I realised, I didn't have my yellow dress, in the holdall. It had been hanging up next to my white coat, I must have been really exhausted, not to see such a bright dress & pack it in my bag, when I put my white coat on. I contacted the TV crew & they said they'd post it to me. How I managed to walk from the station, home, god only knows? I passed the hairdressers at 7.45pm & popped in & asked the owner, if she now knew, who had locked up last night, leaving the music blaring out? She said it was one of the hairdressers Danny. I get on well with Danny, we have silly, jokey banter, but he certainly isn't in my good books right now!!! I eventually crashed into bed exhausted after 36hrs without sleep, way too tired, to eat my last two, cinnamon Cookies. 

Thursday 27th March (Week 2, Day 11)

I woke up at 2am, needing to spend a penny (Cookie Diet side effect) still dizzy & sleep deprived, from Wednesday, I toddled naked from my bedroom, to go to the bathroom, downstairs. But my stairs are dangerous at the best of times, steep, and undersized depth wise, only 3/4 the depth of my smallish size 5 feet (so toes hang over the edge, even when my heel is at the back of the step) Being shattered & so less overly cautious, of my stairs, as I'd usually be. My foot slid on the stair carpet, at the edge, and I flew backwards, crashing down the whole flight on my arse!!! OUCH!!!! Carpet burns & bruising tomorrow lovely... Another mishap, to add to my disastrous day, due to, the hairdressers keeping me awake. I checked Facebook & Twitter messages, then went back to sleep, my bladder woke me again at 5am, but with my arse still smarting, from my last wee hours, bathroom journey, I ignored it & went back to sleep!! I woke finally at 9am, due to the noise of the hairdressers opening up downstairs (as usual!!) 

I got up & gingerly, I went down the stairs, to the bathroom, only to discover I now had cystitis, OUCH!! Great just what I need, I must of really done some damage, to my bladder & kidneys, in that fall!! I got on my scales, I'm now down by 5lb, in 11 days. I had a shower & had two maple Cookies for my breakfast with a coffee (with milk) then I did a few household chores that needed doing, my internet has been down, since the 12th March, which is screwing me job/audition search wise. I had my two maple snack Cookies at 11am & 1pm then headed for the gym. I got in Fitness First, and did a set of exercises on the power plate, then I did 10 sets, of 10 reps, on the hip adductor & the same on the hip abductor on 40kg. I had a vending machine cappuccino, as I felt tired & did some squats with the Swiss Ball & a few more on the power plate. Then I passed Frank Bruno, on the way to the exercise cycle, I was about to start exercising on the cycle, when I had agonising cramps in my stomach, and in my kidneys, I broke out in a sweat, it was like when I had a gallstone attack (which is said to be 9 times more painful than childbirth!!) 

I put my legs up on the bike, with my knees under my chin, in the recovery, position, that I learned with my gallstones. The pain was excruciating & I pulled gargoyle like grimaces, as I struggled, not to scream out, like I was being murdered!! Sweat poured off me & my legs trembled, as my kidney area, went into seizures. Nobody came to my aid, though it must of been obvious, to those on the bikes, either side of me, that all was not well. When the pain had passed enough, for me to move, I walked (doubled over) into the changing room. Where I knelt on a stool & half laid over the table area, in front of the mirrors. As another wave of pain attacked me, and I groaned like a woman in labour. A woman came to check on me, and asked if I was ok?? I said "I think I have kidney stones, or a urine infection, caused by a fall & needed to go home!" when this 2nd attack passes. I eventually left, still doubled over, going into Boots en route, buying some medication for Cystitis, asking the pharmacist if the fall, could of caused a urine infection? Plus would it cause these, stone like symptoms? He said yes, but to go to hospital, if symptoms persisted, after the medication was finished? 

I had 2 lunch Cookies at 3pm & laid on the bed, I had another bad attack & screamed the flat down, as if I was being murdered!! Which proved the noise pollution from the hairdressers only goes one way, or they did hear me screaming, but didn't care enough to check if I was ok!! It was a long time before I could face, or felt brave enough to eat. I had a Quorn curry with rice & slice of buttered wholemeal bread (for roughage to try help me go to the loo) plus 6 Riesen chocolate sweets for dessert. That totalled 766cals 66 cals over suggested amount, I spent most of the rest of the night curled in bed feeling rough, taking cystitis medication & the final 3 snack Cookies. Going to sleep at 11pm totally shattered!! 

Friday 28th March (Week 2, Day 12)

I woke at 6am, wanting to go to the loo, for a wee, but resisted after my bad accident yesterday at 2am, when I woke, bladder full, and fell down my stairs, top to bottom, going to go to the bathroom. I went back to sleep & woke again at 9am, when the noise, of the hairdressers downstairs, disturbed me! I got up & went to the loo, looks like the cystitis thankfully gone. Hopefully the cramping in gut & kidney area, will have stopped too (I obviously damaged my butt, bladder, coccyx & kidneys in my fall) I grabbed a Cookie bag for the day (I couldn't be arsed with the hassle of mixing up a few bags) so I had 2 chocolate Cookies, for breakfast at 9am, with a coffee. I got on the scales I'm now 5.5lb down in 12 days. My bum really hurts, it was bad enough the diet making me want to pee a lot, but now burning cystitis, makes me feel like I want to go, every two minutes!! I pulled on my Union Jack leggings & Marilyn Monroe t-shirt & did some housework, and had a coffee & snack Cookie at 11am & another at 1pm. At 2pm I went to my Bailine session, today it was thankfully on my leg/hip NOT torso area today (I think my kidneys would be too sensitive still, for the electric shocks!!) Yalda complimented me on my lemon coloured underwear today. I was so chilled out in today's session, I was checking my Facebook & twitter as I lay there, listening to Heart Radio on my iPad. 

Yalda says I have such a high PAIN threshold, that she is upping power & combination that she would do AFTER 5th - 6th session on my 3rd & 4th I'm going to include arms next.... Even though that's also meant to be AFTER the 5th session. I was going to go to the gym after, but after my bad kidney attack in the gym, yesterday I was wary & opted to wait until after the weekend!! I had two chocolate Cookies for lunch at 3pm with some water. When the hairdresser who kept me awake Wednesday, due to leaving the music on, and blaring all night, apologised to me, in a somewhat unusual fashion. Funny old world!! I did a few chores & some shopping. I had a snack Cookie at 5pm while putting away some underwear gifts, I'm running out of storage for underwear & bikinis. Then I watched Home & Away from 6pm to 7pm, when I had my 2nd snack Cookie & finally at 9pm, I had a seafood curry, with Japanese rice & a slice of buttered bread, at 614cals (under the top calorie limit) I haven't done much today, yet I feel utterly shattered (I am usually full of, too much Hypa activity!!!) I'm sure it's this diet, sapping my energy!! I had my final snack Cookie at 11pm then zonked out in bed shattered!!! Without going to the loo, yet again!! 

Saturday 29th March (Week 2, Day 13) 

I got up at 9am & had a bath plus my two chocolate, breakfast, Cookies at 9.30am. I packed my costume case (Disco Diva) all outside shots have been done, so it's indoor night shots today, at a reasonable hour, thank god, no more night busses in the wee hours (phew!!) I put on my blue satin disco pants, then pulled my jeans on top (in case changing area, is limited on set) plus my bright blue t-shirt, my sister got me for Xmas. It's a lovely day out for a change, so I wore my gladiator sandals (below) I wore my lightweight Betty Barclay puffer jacket & packed my bodywarmer & butterfly scarf in my case, along with the rest of my costumes, as it will no doubt be colder tonight, when my filming ends! I grabbed my Prada sunglasses & dragged my case to the train station, to catch the 10.30am train. 

It was a beautiful day which really lifted my spirits, but sadly didn't bring out the sunny disposition of my fellow commuters (below) I had my 1st snack Cookie at 11am, just stuck with the chocolate ones, I couldn't be arsed, decanting & mixing them again. While on the platform, I heard via the station announcer, that the trains to Richmond, on the District line, were not running, west of Hammersmith to Richmond!!!... Great that's where I was heading!!! There were rail replacement busses, from outside Hammersmith. Great, so no night busses this time, bloody rail replacement busses instead. While on the platform, I bought myself a Cappuccino, to have with my snack Cookie, on the train into London, with the grumpy commuters. 

I changed at Kings Cross & got the tube to Hammersmith & then the Tube Replacement Bus, to my destination. The bus thankfully stopped, practically outside set & I had a 2nd snack Cookie, with a diet decaf coke at 1pm, as I got into, my full costume. I was bent over, doing up my strappy heels, when a Facebook message, popped up on my iPad. I laughed when I opened it, it was from my fellow SA Mandy, saying she loved the "Disco Pants" not sure if she'd got my best side, when she spied them lol. Actually the blue trousers, were a bit of a hit, a lot of people, complimented me on them & my long legs!! (36" trouser) but I'm not sure, if my legs, would of got those same compliments, if they were still trussed up, in those Bailine straps!! In fact I'm pretty sure they wouldn't, my friend Simon said I looked fantastic, in my 'Car Wash' disco diva, attire. He's coming to stay at mine again soon, I can't wait!! I had my two lunch Cookies at 3pm, with another caffeine free, diet coke, while all around me, scoffed soup, or burgers. My bum is really hurting today, I really bashed my coccyx badly, falling down those stairs. 

At 5pm I had a snack Cookie with a coffee, as I needed one I was starting to flag, despite a late start. I was peckish, when I had another coffee & my 2nd snack Cookie at 7pm, and I was glad for, my on set, veggie burger in a bun & a diet coke, plus a slice of wholemeal toast & honey, for dessert, at 9.30pm, coming in at 718cals, 18 cals over, but too hungry to care!! At 10pm I set off home, more busses to Hammersmith, then tube to Kings Cross. I got a large, skinny, decaf, cappuccino, for the train journey from Costa & got on the semi fast train home, eating my final snack Cookie at 11.30am. I got home at 11.50pm pretty shattered, and washed & got ready for bed, before watching a snippet of TV, before crashing out for the night, shattered at 1am (which as I put the clock forward, for British summer time, is now 2am) Still constipated, apart from constant peeing, I didn't go to the ladies once today, AGAIN!!! (That can't be healthy??) then I was out for the count!! 

Sunday 30th March (Week 2, day 14) Mothers Day 

I laid in until noon, which with the clocks going forward last night was 1pm... I got on the scales I have lost 3lb again this week, that's 6lb since the diet started two weeks ago. Not bad I guess? But I'm still suffering constipation, peeing like crazy & I am very tired, which I don't think is ONLY down to my lack of sleep!! I had 2 cinnamon Cookies for breakfast, then I had a shower & pulled on my jeans, my white, Reebok, Easytone, trainers, plus my blue t-shirt, I got from my sister for Xmas (below) I wrapped my butterfly scarf round my neck. I pulled on my metallic blue, Betty Barclay, puffa jacket & packed scissors, water, my cookies, plus debit cards, in my small Moschino, rucksack & set off for the cemetery at 3pm. 

I bought some orange roses, from Tescos, en route, during my hour long walk, to the cemetery, thinking of the happy times, spent with mum, on the journey. I got there at 4pm, I had my 2 lunch Cookies (I saved the 2 snack ones, for later, as breakfast was so late) and removed the remnants of the Christmas visit, wreaths etc, then pulled up the weeds & used the scissors to cut down, overgrown grass. Then once it was tidied up, I filled the planter with some water from my bottle & trimmed the orange roses & arranged them. Then I sat crossed legged in front of my parents grave, and talked to their headstone for roughly an hour until 5pm. I was saying what I'd been up to, since my last visit, joking to dad, for not helping me to remember, the name "Stubbs" on Wednesday, when I was so tired & needed the help, on Pointless, plus wishing mum a Happy Mother's Day & saying how much I missed her!! 

I set off home at 5pm, with a sore bum & aching legs. Thinking about mum & how much I miss her, on my hours walk home. Once home at 6pm, I had a SMALL prawn curry with rice & two slices of buttered bed, which went 33cals over meal limit, at 733 cals. But I am not too concerned, the two hours walk & a bit of pruning at the cemetery will have worked off more than those excess 33cals. I spoke to Sharran, she said she had one LARGE, but HEALTHY meal, along with the Cookies, but gained & like me (With Vi) the weight dropped off again, when she stopped with the Cookies. So she is going to see her doctor, about it. I asked if the LARGE meals, were within the 500-700cal limit set? She said a typical example, would be a steak with LOADS of vegetables, which should be fine! BUT of course, that depends on the cut & size of the steak, plus if it was grilled or fried?? Also it depends if the vegetables are boiled/steamed or cooked another way & also if those veg are high in carbs, like potatoes, swedes, parsnips etc, as that could tip the meals well over 700 cals. Also if their is gravy or any sauce had with the steak? 

Maybe taking a photo of each meal, to show her doctor, would help? Because some people, like in Secret Eaters, don't realise just how many calories, can be in vegetables & it can be a lot, depending on type of vegetable & the way it's cooked!! But she also may be Spot On calorie wise, but the sugary Cookies, play havoc with her metabolism? I hope she gets some answers soon, I know just how frustrating, sticking to something & still gaining weight is!! I had 2 decaf diet cokes & my 2 morning snack Cookies (cinnamon) at 8pm. I finally went to the loo at 9pm & it was hardly a nappy filler, this is deffo a side effect of the diet. I was regular as clockwork, 3 times a day, before The Cookie Diet. I had two of my evening snack Cookies at 10pm, when I felt shattered, despite my lie in this morning!! Another side effect of the diet, I think!! At 11pm my bowels moved again, maybe thanks to the rice & the spices in the curry? Not a huge amount, but at least twice a day, is closer to the norm & better than the none a day of late!! I finally went to bed shattered (as I have been all day) at 1.30am, when I finally finished this blog!! 

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