Friday, 3 December 2010

Can It Really Be December Already??

Monday 29th Nov, Woke at 9.30am had a busy dream but can't recall it!! Still have a chesty cough but my nose & head is much clearer now thankfully. Looked out the window, no snow Hurrah!! had a shower & had a bowl of Bran flakes for breakfast & a hot honey & lemon to drink for my throat & chest. Decided the time had come to shift the lard I have piled on since mum died, shoved on a pair of ripped jeans over a pair of leggings put on a camel coloured jumper, then strapped 2lb weights round my ankles & put on hiking boots, layered on my black pashmina, black beanie hat, plus B&W striped mittens, then my old big black wool coat & spent 1pm till 3pm walking & running round the park, I dragged Stanley, Betty & Aku along to keep me company, poor Betty looks like she wearing eyeshadow on one eye, due to eye lid being shaved after she was bitten on it & needed stitches when a Terrier went for her in the Park Saturday. Other dogs don't seem to take to 6month old Betty I think it's because she is all over other dogs wanting to play, invading their personal space & not noticing or recognising their growling warning sign's to back off!! Can't believe the lake is frozen over I know it's cold but!! There was a guy ice skating on it (madness I'm sure it's not solid enough)

Got in at 4.30pm & made a late lunch of a veggie cheese burger, with some Twiglets on the side & a diet caffeine free Coke. Put some more laundry out to dry, cleaned the bathroom & mopped the kitchen & bathroom floor & put the garbage out, over night my poor Rubber plant I put outside in my courtyard a couple of months ago, has gone brown over night, it must of been very cold out last night, but its grown too big for my lounge window & there is nowhere else in the maisonette, with enough room, near a window so it would get light.

Made a hot honey & lemon drink at 7pm & had some lockets for my chest & throat, watched the soaps & I'm A Celebrity, then Mel B: It's A Scary World, very American with staged looks back & forth. Did a load of job searches & sent off 15 job applications. Then Did some squat exercises using my Swiss ball & some dumb bells. It's going to have to be walking and home exercises until these lungs improve enough for the gym!!

Read the paper in bed at 11.30pm at midnight it started to snow, by 1am it had stopped & there were 2" of snow in my courtyard. I use to love putting my Xmas decorations up at the end of Nov beginning of Dec, every year but last year I didn't as my mum had died unexpectedly 6 months earlier & for me Mum was Christmas & my 1st without her, did not feel like Christmas at all & to be honest I don't feel any motivation to make the place Christmassy this year either, without mum I don't feel one ounce of enthusiasm!

My 1st Christmas With Mum, Aged 6 Months

The Front page of the paper was Wagner again, re his Eviction & being investigated re buying cannabis outside his hotel & his claims for invalidity benefit when he seems to be able to move his arms just fine.


There is mention of Peter Andre leaving hospital to do a concert after an operation, I know he has  gallstones, but he was also meant to have some other mystery illness too that gave him stomach pains, he may of had the Gallstone operation (Cholocystectomy) like me,  but he's on doctors orders not to dance & I was dancing round the hospital ward 15mins after coming round from my op, delighted that I would not have to experience the agony of a gallstone attack again, I reckon he has a hernia & that's what's been operated on!

Pictures of scanky looking young Newcastle girls in skimpy dresses & high heels, with no coats in the snow in minus 18 Celsius weather, they are crazy they could get hypothermia !!

Victims of Cab Driver Rapist, John Worboys (who I wrote a separate blog about, as I think he picked me up once) are suing him for compensation (good I hope they leave the bastard penniless)

Jobless waster Keith Macdonald 25 who has sired 13 kids with 12 women & has a 13th woman expecting his twins, has apparently got two more women pregnant (how he pulls them I don't know, on dole money, of which most is spent on booze & he's no looker, surely his reputation must proceed them, I guess slappers who want to jump to the top of the council house list, by having a baby would find him useful!!) 
Keith "what a catch" Macdonald 

There were some funny & cute pics of Dressed Cats for United Bamboo's 2011 Calendar, reminded me of my friend James & his dogs Stanley & Daisy (they love an outfit!!) link to buy calendar in Yellow below as well as a link to a clip of Stanley & Daisy running riot in their little outfits!!

 MewPaws Drag Race

Tues 30th Nov, Woke at 9am due to loud voices downstairs, looked out window still 2" of snow so I  guess it didn't snow any more through the night, had some bran flakes for breakfast, saw a few wispy snow flakes were falling at noon but not much to speak of. wrapped up same as yesterday (inc 2lb ankle weights) except for an added cardie & faux fur body warmer gilet under coat, had a 2.5hr walk from 1.30-4pm round the snowy park & took Aku with me as it's his ideal weather being a Husky. Had fun throwing snowballs at him which he caught & ate. Had a couple of texts from my BFF (Best Friend Forever) Went home getting a Sun Paper & decaf Kenko

Had a Chilli Non Carne, Jacket Potato with grated cheese on top, for a late lunch at 4.30pm, still taking sugar free fisherman's friends for my cough & bad chest, sadly they seem to have the same affect on your gut & toilet habits as that expensive diet aid Alli!! The snow last night has finished off my poor Rubber Plant, I wonder if it will rise from the ashes (soil) like a Phoenix in the spring/summer??

Watched Home & Away, then EastEnders & had a bowl of oat granola with pouring yoghurt as I had the munchies but didn't feel hungry enough for a full meal. Chatted to one of my Model friends Mark online (as he is over in Ireland) he is incredibly funny (who says a man can't be good looking & have a personality & sense of humour!!??) a video clip of some of Marks Modelling Photos is below in Yellow

Tidied some more upstairs, did some more job searches & applied for 30 more jobs, probably I will hear back from none as usual!! Watched the NEW Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights (surprisingly disappointing!!) Where as The Morgana Show (also NEW) was Brilliant!! the Dannii & Cheryl sketch was inspired, as was her Fern Cotton.
 Morgana as Cheryl Cole
 Morgana as Fern Cotton
Another One Of Morgana's Characters

Then I chatted a bit on Twitter, one guy was chatting to me & then suddenly said (after viewing some section of this blog) I have just realised who you are OMG!! intrigued I asked "& who am I??"

He responded with "you went out with a close friend of mine over 20 years ago" more intrigued I said "Really Who??"  he said "Andre" it didn't ring a bell, but it's possible I might of had a couple of dates with an Andre 20yrs ago if not exactly dated him, I recall all my boyfriends I'm sure!!? "What's his Surname? what did he do? where did I meet him?" I asked  

"Goeritz,  body builder & a pub in Enfield" was the reply. Well Andre Goeritz doesn't ring a bell, I dated a lot of very hot fit guys in my 20's so Body Builders were amongst them! I didn't go out in Enfield often, only en mass with my Greek Gori Girl Posse occasionally, but it's a possibility!! 

But before I could ask more he Tweeted "night speak tomorrow" arghhhhhhhhh that's going to bug me all night & keep me awake couldn't find the name on Facebook & Googling it didn't help, found the friend tweeting me on Facebook but he had no Andre Goeritz on his FB friends list grrrrrrr & I don't recognise the friend, though he apparently recalls me!!?? most baffling 

Read The Paper in bed, the front cover is about Cheryl Cole's £3Million Xfactor USA deal, hope they can understand her scouse accent!! 
The REAL Cheryl Cole (not Morgana)

There was a tribute to the fantastic late Leslie Nielson star of Airplane, Naked Gun & Police Squad, he was a extremely talented very funny man. 

A carer left a disabled autistic boy of 3, who was unable to talk, in a freezing school mini bus for 5hrs (lucky he didn't die) with nothing to eat or drink, how he was missed when he was strapped in beside his 7yr (also autistic & unable to talk) brother, who was taken off bus, I don't know!?

Meanwhile a lollipop man at a crossing in Shenfield Essex has been banned from stepping out into the road, due to health & safety FFS!!!! this is the sort of nannying crap we got with the New Labour Party, I'd like to know if Essex County Council is Labour run or not? just checked it's Conservative David Cameron sort this madness out!!

Wednesday 1st Dec, I can't believe its the 1st if December already where did this year go??? Today is World AIDS Day, I remember the The terrifying adverts of my youth re AIDS, it made you very wary of sex & very condom conscious, that's partly the reason I was a virgin until 24yrs, as well as wanting to wait to lose it to Mr right. Thanks to those Ads my generation were more cautious about sex & thankfully it is less rife now in the west, but we shouldn't get complacent, too many teens and youngsters are blaze about condoms & birth control, when there is more than pregnancy & an itchy STD to worry about still!! In my day the Gay Community were hit worse, and living in Brighton at the peak of it running a pub with my two gay friends Ken & Martin, I got to see the devastation 1st hand & either I had friends that died from AIDS or knew somebody who did on a almost monthly basis, what it does to a person is horrific,Trouble is the AIDS logo today along with the adverts are soft & friendly (red ribbons, condom animals having sex etc) not scary like the AIDS icebergs and tomb stones of my era & these days its the heterosexuals that are passing it on more than Gays, as the gay community know to use safe sex more, due to knowing the devastation of the past!

 New School Look Of AIDS
 Old School AIDS Image's

Last night I dreamt I was going to a party with an friend from the BBC Andy, but later he turned into my GBFF (Gay Best Friend Forever)  Nat, at one point I was in Jordan (Katie Price's ) house & found a toilet. I was having a pee when Nat came in, and told me we were heading off somewhere else, I couldn't find my black shoes & tried on 3 pairs that looked similar, but were too big for me, eventually I found my Carvella Court Shoes, but on my way out I spotted my Kingfisher Blue Versace Umbrella & took it with me, then we went somewhere & did something connected to animals but I don't remember details.

Woke at 9am had Bran Flakes & pouring yoghurt for breakfast with a hot lemon & honey drink as my throat is so sore today, peeped outside it doesn't seem to have snowed anymore since yesterday (good!!) had a wash & dressed same as yesterday (inc ankle weights) popped out for a paper did a few chores & then at 2pm popped out over the park for 2hrs of walking & took Aku with me as he is in his element in the snow, he is very funny & he loves a snowball fight even if it is one sided! When we were chasing round in the field with 2 football pitches on at back of Park (near the Roman Ruins) A Icy gale really whipped up, think it could be more snow tonight!

 Frozen Lake, With Part Of Old Roman Wall In Distance
 Closer View Of Roman Wall
The Abby Viewed Through Roman Wall

Got in had a tomato cup-a-soup & flaming hot monster munch to warm up from my 2hrs in the park! Finally gave in and bought some Lemsip cold & flu capsules to try clear gunk off my chest Grrrrrrrr!! did some job searches & applied for 18, then read the paper.

Weather Girl Clare Nasir is in the paper looking good after losing more than 2st, in July she was pictured in a unflattering neon green crop top & shorts, which she claimed to be mortified about being papped in!! My friend Candie & I said "yeah she wore that while exercising outside so she could be papped & then get thin & get a fitness video out for Xmas" & ta daaaaaaa!! she is releasing a fitness DVD ready for Xmas & surprise surprise now she is slim she is wearing 3/4 leggings & vest tops & is more covered up, no shorts & crop tops like when she was fat (hmmmmmm anyone smell a rat??)

 So This Is What You Train In When Your FAT!!?
 And This Is What You Train In When Your THIN!!?
& Have Fitness DVD Out!

A 90 day SAS & SBS Blitz has taken out 3,200 Taliban in Afghanistan, (which is a start!) 387 of which were top level commanders. Mind you there is probably more than 3,200 Taliban sleepers living in UK most no doubt on benefits!!

A school's head teacher sent a school report, on a pupil, to a parent with 14 laughable errors in it, from spelling mistakes, misplaced apostrophes, missing letters & typo's, good god you would of thought she would of at least read through it, before printing it off (or at least used spell-check!!) is it any wonder schools are churning out illiterate morons, if this is the level of a head teacher!!?

The Vile piece of shite that is Darren Newton, admitted yesterday in court, that he tortured his lovers 15month old son (& videoed it to watch later for his sick enjoyment) over a 6 month period, BUT said he didn't know why! (because you are PURE EVIL that's why!!!) adding he loved Charlie (loved, LOVED, you must be kidding, nobody would do what he did to someone they loved!! if he love any Charlie at all, its the type you shove up your nose, not the child with the same name!!) This is the kind of scum the death sentence should be re introduced for. He watched one of the clips impassively, while jurors & court staff wept as it was played. I hope he goes to jail & gets happy slapped to within an inch of his life!!

There was a fab picture of a mother cheetah & her 6 cubs in Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve, which is a huge credit to the mother as Cheetah's have the roughest deal & toughest life of the big cats (Though technically NOT a Big Cat, as the classification of Big Cat means they have to have lost the ability to purr & be able to roar, which they can't & they still purr)

Great news re Ultimo's latest bra design "The Side Cleavage Bra" 40% smaller than normal bra, almost invisible under skimpy topped frocks!! bra-idge at the side has always been a pain with some halter neck dresses, this is fab news!! A link to this fab item where you can but is below in Yellow

Chatted a bit on Twitter & saw Jordan (Katie Price) has been banned from driving, quite ironic I dreamt I was using her toilet, when She has had a shit day lol!!

Watched the ineptitude of the Contenders on The Apprentice as they messed up yet another task, those girls do not know how to use their womanly wiles & barter properly!!

Later I watched RuPauls Drag Race Revisited where there were some corker one liners from all the contestants, and RuPaul in a suit & moustache looked more like he was doing drag, than when he is dressed as a woman ..... bizarre!!
The Two Faces Of RuPaul
Thurs 2nd Dec, Woke at 9am due to loud male talking downstairs, think I have trapped nerve in my neck again, as my right arm & hand was dead with pins & needles, and later the same with my left arm & hand. I checked through my bedroom curtains, their must of been a very slight snow fall in the night, enough to erase the footprints but not very deep, had a dream I was at a party with my friends & some celebrity's, I was very tired & I was with a very loving, affectionate guy, he was fussing over me & insisted on making me food, most of which it seemed was deep fried. He either put me up in his room or a hotel room, I can't recall, at one point I was in a toilet looking out the window at a view in the garden as I washed my hands, at one point I somehow ended up being driven in a Rolls Royce & we overtook a Porsche to our left. god only knows what that's about??

Got my 1st Christmas Card of the year today from my friend Julia & her boyfriend Tony, had Oat Granola & Pouring Yoghurt for breakfast & wore Black Jeans, Silver Jumper & big black coat, then strapped weights round ankles & set off over park for 2hr walk with Aku. We were having a great time & then he suddenly spotted something, in the hedge, at the top of the field & ran at an incredible speed Next thing I heard a squeak & to my distress he had a wild rabbit in his jaws, I went over to get him off it, it was hanging there limp looking dead, and he looked keen to eat it, but saw I was angry & dropped it and assumed a very passive position, rolling on his back in snow & trying to appease me. 

The rabbit looked dead but I could see no blood, so I put Aku's lead on & walked him away, praying the rabbit was doing the old trick of feigning death & hoping it would run back into the wood's, once we moved far enough away. I felt angry with Aku, but at the same time he is doing what comes natural to animals & he looked so apologetic and worried, when he saw I was angry, that I couldn't hate him, as upset as I was & just hoped it wasn't dead!.

 The Snowy Park
 Geese In The Park

To take my mind off things I went into town & did a bit of personal window shopping for Candie, for the Cream, Ivory, or White top/jumper she needs, to go with her gold sequinned Xmas skirt, that she has ordered from America. Saw a fab cropped, ivory, soft, thin knit, cardie, with frayed corsage & pearl trim for just £7 in sale in New Look, it would be a bare midriff on me as I'm tall but Candie is short so would be about waist length, couldn't see anything in Jane Norman or River Island, though there was a fab black silky halter-neck top with a Cartier leopard look necklace part to the halter-neck, which I'd love, nothing in Dorothy Perkins, FCUK, Hobs, Whistles, Wallis, Jaques Vert, M&S, Smooth Criminal or BHS, saw a pretty ivory Angora sweater in Monsoon for £55, and a beaded one in Riess for £110, will check out H&M and TK Max another day.

Got home and 5pm & had a late lunch/tea of Thai Bean Soup with coconut & lemon grass, which was very tasty & watched "Come Dine With Me" & then "Four In A Bed" (a B&B competition) all the contestants (except for a couple from Dubai) were vile this week & as a Fag Hag I was horrified by the gays, who run The Swallow, in Bridlington, appalling treatment of their Bed & Breakfast guests (bad attitude, however annoying the guest, the guest is always right & you don't give them attitude to their face!!) the expression Bitter Queen comes to mind, and the entertainment they gave them was of such a lower than low standard, that I was cringing, the guy singing was out of tune & as for the acting part, words totally fail me!!

Found a Email sent from my sister & when I read "I'm beginning to think your ignoring me on purpose" I was confused until I saw it was the stream of 4 emails sent from mid Nov, how odd I'd got this one but not the others, maybe they went into the junk folder, but I cant see how as she is on my contact list?? most odd!! hope I haven't had job responses that I haven't got in my inbox!!??? Nat said some I sent him were not delivered when I asked why he'd not responded? most odd!! So I responded to her email Re what I've been up to & her going to be a grandmother next year, explaining I'd not received those other messages from her!!

Had the munchies later, as I'd not eaten much, so had some Bran Flakes with skimmed milk & a coffee, did some job searches & sent off some job applications, Watched "I'm a Celeb" "Have I Got News For you" & "Live At The Apollo" Listened to my Lady Gaga, Fame Monster Album, while I did housework, singing along despite my sore throat & dancing round the maisonette, as I did my chores, its a great album, so if anyone out there is reading this, in a remote country, who has never heard of the Album/Artist I recommend it highly!!

Watched old re runs of Your Face Or Mine, on 4 Music, loved that program too funny!! while chatting to my friend Ian Mann on Twitter. Read the paper, David Hasselhoff is to replace Simon Cowell as a judge on Britain's Got Talent, Rebecca from Xfactor would rather have Louie as her Mentor as Cheryl is so focused on Cher.

Bomb-Proof Boxers are being sold for our troops in Afghanistan (well our boys can't F**k the Taliban with no equipment!! ) we have to protect our privates, privates!!

Gary Lineker's wife Danielle was photographed at Gary's 50th in a very low front dress, but it didn't look nice, as they have that obvious fake look, with the circular bit on top, where the implants show through.

Self Styled Crossbow Cannibal Stephen Griffiths 40, is on Hunger Strike!! GOOD!! it will save tax payers money on feeding him, & if he dies, we will free up some space to imprison some more scum!!

Dr Rosemary Gillespie says in the paper today, that early diagnosis could make a real difference to survival rates of lung cancer. My pensioner father repeatedly went to his GP suffering from chest problems for 2years only to be fobbed off that he was bronchial, he was NEVER offered a X-ray (no doubt due to cutting costs) then one day after 2yrs he went in again & saw a locum as his GP was away, he was sent for X-rays & told 1 lung was eaten away with cancer & the 2nd half eaten away & he had 5 months to live (he died 5 months to the day) he'd complained for 2yrs if he'd got that X-ray 2years earlier maybe he'd of survived. I wrote as much in an email to The Sun's Letters Page. 

Friday 3rd Dec, woke with an sore dry throat, aching neck & dead right arm (despite laying on my back & not on my right side) must have a trapped nerve (stupid soddin thing!!) base of spine twinging too (oh woopie dooo!!!) dreamt something about a celebrity party again, and again I seemed to have a caring boyfriend, though I forget the details, but a girl was showing me a pair of fringed hoop earrings she had which were not dissimilar to mine I have.

Wracking my brains as what Xmas pressies to get, on my limited funds, got my Brother Bill's, his son Andrew's & his daughter Katie's, also part of his daughter Jessica's, but I'm yet to buy for his wife Karen, my sister Julie & her husband Erdal, Nicky, Nat & Terry plus Candie (though I know what I'm getting her!!)

Doesn't seem to have snowed through the night (good) off round my friend Jennies tonight, last time I weren't round hers at night, in the snow (Jan 2009) despite wearing snow boots, I slipped on a patch of black ice, on top of a patch of snow & slid sideways going over, smashing my head on the edge of a entrance hallway to a shop, making a sound not unlike that of a cricket bat hitting a cricket ball for 6, I thought "Jeeeeeeze that hurt!!" got up off the ground, got to Jennies & her husband Edgar looked worried & told me to sit down, as blood was pouring through my hat, took off hat & ambulance was called and I needed 3 stitches in my head,  they said they were lucky I didn't hit myself a few inches forward on my temple with such force, or I'd have been a goner!!!....Yikes!!

 Setting Off
 My  Bloody Hat
 3 Blue Stitches, With Hair Loss From Area Due To Trauma
 My Bruises

Had some porridge for breakfast & a coffee, did a bunch of job searches, no reply to my email to sister, either she is not at work, too busy at work or leaving it a day or two to reply, due to not believing I'd not got other messages & thinking she was giving me some of my own medicine (but I doubt she's that petty, so one of the 1st two!) Coughing up a lung today, lets hope it finally clears my chest!! Didn't go see Aku today still got that poor cute bunny on my mind, hope it wasn't dead!

Dressed same as yesterday in black jeans & silver jumper put on my hiking boots & faux fur Oasis gilet, popped to the shop & got the paper, sorted some paper work, got a couple of texts from Nicky as I'm around hers tomorrow night. Watched Joan Collins on Loose Women, then the finals of Come Dine With Me & now watching Four In A Bed (I'm hoping the unlikely will happen & the Dubai couple win as the rest are VILE!!) I bet one of the Vile ones win due to tactical voting!!.... Yep Libby & Robin, at least Robin had humour & charm unlike his wife, except for groping a waiter guy in pants. Sadly lovely couple came last due to bitchy tactical payment votes, glad the Swallow came 3rd despite being a Fag Hag as Paul was quite a obnoxious bitchy queen, who can't see he has an attitude problem, and obviously doesn't adhere to the concept the client/customer is always right & talks to them like dirt! I'd certainly think twice about going there if I'd booked to stay there & then seen this weeks show.

Washed hair & dried it watching Who's Line Is It Anyway and Home & Away. Then Danced around to Lady Gaga's Monster Album, before having a coffee and cheese & pickle sandwich (made with Nat's home-made pickle) for a late lunch/dinner at 7pm

Read the paper, health inspectors found two live mice nesting in noodles at The Dragon Palace Chinese Takeaway in Westcliff-on-sea Essex, dead mice rotting under freezers, plus droppings on surfaces, despite being given stern hygiene warnings by inspectors last year!! Inspectors said it was filthy & food probably had mouse droppings in!! glad I have never eaten there, wonder how many Essex locals are gagging knowing they've eaten there??

Darren Newton, the vile piece of scum, who tortured 15month old Charlie to death, was sentenced to 24yrs in jail (should be the death sentence!!) Another vile shit is also facing a life sentence, for arranging for his pretty wife Geeta to be hacked to death with a machete, because she wanted a divorce (considering how he responded, who can blame her??) her right hand was hacked off as she raised it to try to protect herself!! he paid £5,000 for her killing a cheap price for her life, and says a lot about the 19yr & 30yr old scum he hired! her husband said her request for a divorce would not be tolerated & she had to die! She wanted a divorce as he became abusive after wrongly thinking she was having an affair, she told a workmate he'd once threatened her If "I can't have you no one can!!" their 2 sons must hate him!

There is a photo of Robbie Williams flashing his butt on Danish TV for £20 no news there, his been making an arse of himself for years!!

The Tesco £16 supposed Kate Middleton dress "lookalike" is the best selling ever on Tesco website, which amazes me  (as unlike the the £84 Ingenue one) it barely resembles Kates £349 Issa one. In fact Peacocks £14 dress is a closer match than Tesco's
 Kates Original £349 Issa Dress
 Tesco's £16 Not So Lookie Likey Dress
The £84 Ingenue Much More Lookie Likey Dressnue Much More Lookie Likey Dress
 Peacocks £14 Fairly Lookie Likey Dress

Even funnier  is a new bingo wing, busting top that comes in a range of colours & available in Spandex, cotton or mesh. to create a firm silhouette under short sleeved dresses or tops, err I think wearing what looks like flesh coloured surgical stockings on your arms under a short sleeved top or dress would draw even more attention to the fact you have bingo wings than the bingo wings themselves lmao, I can only see the flesh coloured spandex working under long sheer sleeves with bangles at wrists to hide ends of spandex sleeves!! but if any of you are interested there is a link below with details on the new top called Ch'Arms, in Yellow.
 Ch'Arms, Modeled By Someone With No Bingo Wings!!
 Spot The Difference? 
Yeah the 2nd One Looks Warmer!!
Plus Her Tits Look Bigger & Muffin Top Smaller!!
But her Arms Looks The Same

Set off for Jennie & Edgar's at 8pm, in my long military style coat, Jennie had made some Italian Garlic dough bread & some mini mince pies, Began watching "I'm A Celeb" when my Sister-in-law Karen text to ask how I felt to be in the final three (A joke reference to the fact that she thinks I'm like Stacy Solomon, who's in the jungle!) oddly Jennie says she & the girls think she is like me too in some of her mannerism's. hmmmm??? 
 Jungle Stacey

Watched the brilliant The Event after that & then Peep Show left for home at 11.45pm after a warming hot choc, just as well as it had started snowing, very lightly, luckily my coat is nice and warm as it has only started snowing for the 1st time since Monday, all the parked cars looked like they had been sprinkled with icing sugar, got in had a decaf coffee & went to bed & chatted to a few pals on Facebook & Twitter in Australia & the US. Then at 3pm settled down to sleep.

Saturday 4th Dec, by 8am I still couldn't sleep & was coughing up a lung! so I put my long coat over my nightie, pulled on my Ugg boots & popped to the corner shop to get more Fisherman's Friends for my cough, a diet (caffeine free) coke & today paper & went back to bed. Heard downstairs open up at 8.15am & the strip lights whir on. Fell asleep some time after 9am had one of my very action packed thriller like dreams with loads going on like a feature film, cant recall much now but again there was a party & celebrity's at some point, also a male actor (the guy who plays Alf Stuart I think) was in just his pants (or Speedo trunks) with a good physique, in a courtyard, making weird gestures & hand signals to somebody's window, and I wondered what he was doing? Woke up as usual wondering "what on earth was that all about?"

Nicky text me at noon saying she wasn't feeling up for tonight so we took a rain/snow check, text Jennie as she asked me if I was free for a girly night Thursday, when I saw her last night, and I checked my diary & told her yes, she said I could pop round tonight too if her mum cancels coming round (due to snow) but I said I'm gonna chill at home as going out in the cold & then back in the warm makes my cough worse! I feel so rough I can't even be arsed to go into town for my lottery ticket today!!

There is a Campaign on Facebook & Twitter that started yesterday on behalf of the NSPCC, you do the following & post it as your status for others to do likewise.

Change your profile picture to your favourite cartoon character from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same to support NSPCC! Till 6th dec there should be no human faces on facebook but a stash of memories, this is for ELIMINATING violence against children! Go on!! :)

I started yesterday 3rd with Robin Hood In Cartoon, today the 4th with Pepe Le Pew, tomorrow the 5th will be Taz and Monday 6th Jessica Rabbit or the Cadbury's bunny (haven't decided yet!!")

 Do You Remember Robin Hood In Cartoon?
 Or Pepe Le Pew & The Poor Female Cat He Fancies?
Or Taz The Tazmanian Devil?
Or Jessica Rabbit? "I'm Not Bad I'm Just Drawn That Way!!"
 Or The Cadburys Caramel Bunny? "Hey Mr Hare!!"

Had some Oat Granola for breakfast & a coffee (decaf) and perused the paper, to see what's going on in the world today? Xfactor's Matt has meant to have lost his voice, and been dumped by Grace the stylist, lucky escape there if you asked me, no style & neurotic by the sound of it. There was an amazing pic of a Chameleon so small it can sit on your thumb nail & still have room to spare, photographed in Madagascar awe how cute!! later I had a quorn salad sandwich for lunch, having a slob at home in my nightie day, but being a Fag Hag it's not in Winceyette button up nightie & sleeved blanket for me with granny slippers, oh no its a 1950's baby-doll nightie, with feathered frufru mules & a feather trimmed negligee!! LOVE that Era!!

 Every Girl Should Own A Baby-doll Nighty!!
 & A Pair Of Fluffy Frufru Mules!!
 Love The 50's Pinup Pics By Alberto Vargas
The Late Great Diana Dores!!

Chilled listening to music Peggy Lee, Cher, Lady Gaga, Scissor Sisters, Madonna & Kylie on shuffle, then settled down with another quorn salad sandwich, with some Twiglets & a Diet Coke, to watch Xfactor. The theme is Club Classics, followed by a "Get Me to The Final Song" Louie has lost the Peewee Herman look this week, Dannii looks gorgeous, not sure about Cheryl's look, the red lipstick is a bit old & harsh for her, in fact taking another look, the whole hair & make-up is too too hard, she looks in her 40's and looks no where near as pretty as usual!! has she pissed off the make-up girl & hair stylist today?? 

This Weeks Personal Critique Of The 5 Xfactor Finalists

Matt Cardle :- 1st Song - "You Got The Love" high pitched & nasal, a bit like Bono, due to bad cold & sore throat, but still the best vocal on 1st song!! Naff Styling bad shirt (Grace the stylist must be taking their break up badly!!)

2nd Song - "Always A Woman To Me" a Good save me song, Good vocals despite straining through, a sore throat, safe styling, styling a bit bland, but I would say the boys safe!!

Rebecca Ferguson :- 1st Song - "You Gotta Show Me Love" severe hair & dark make-up didn't suit her, dress was OK, for a Club Classic Week tho, still static on stage, a good voice, but it didn't suit that arrangement of the song, the judges raved over it, but I found it disappointing!!

2nd Song - better make-up but lips too pail, like they had concealer instead of lipstick on them & better hair, sang "Amazing Grace" Great Voice but too too static, as always, earrings & necklace did not go together at all, but dress was nice & showed off a peachy derriere

Mary Byrne :- 1st Song - "I Never Can Say Goodbye" Think she will have to quickly learn to, after that performance, Awful Styling, yet again stern put up hair (ON CLUB CLASSIC WEEK!!??) they could of given her a long Donna Summer like wig!! Clothes wise a pikey looking black sequined monstrosity, the Pikey aunt of the bride look, which made her look like a marquee, the song didn't suit her voice, or the awful look they gave her, nor did the odd extras going on, on stage!!

2nd Song - "The Way We Were" Awful hair, marginally better outfit, but that song was too too wobbly, and off key in parts, maybe the "save me" song has too many "Memories" attached too it, I think she will be gone Sunday!!

One Direction :- 1st Song - "Only Girl In The World" good harmony's,, but not exciting, casually dressed like they are off to a shopping trip at the mall, boring, drab, grey styling, Simon probably thinks they look current, as like them he only wears grey, black or navy YAWN!!

2nd Song - "Chasing Cars" better more together style wise, but still boring, good voices & harmonies but didn't blow me away, safe due to teen girl fans.

Cher Lloyd :- 1st Song - "They Got nothin On You Baby" (A Club Classic???!!) I now know why Louie isn't sporting his Peewee Herman look tonight, It's because Cher's stylist Grace has nicked it for Cher... WTF!! I found the whole thing bland & boring & yet again disappointing

2nd Song - "Love The Way You Lie"  sounded like she was yodeling & then rapping not good, sounded out of tune, and all over the place, god damn awful pikey styling, black lace top with faux black leather trousers tucked into white thigh boots & a white belt & side pony tail. the Stylist obviously hates her!! Did she make the mistake of flirting with Matt, while within Grace's sights??

To sum up Boring, Disappointing, Show for a Semi Final, think it's a pretty safe bet that Mary & Cher are out tomorrow, Mary 1st to go, then Cher.

Watched The Xtra factor on +1 after the I'm A Celeb Final, thought surely Stacey must win even though Shaun Ryder was also very funny. As I thought Stacey Won "I'm A Celeb" & was very emotional! So over to The Xtra factor Koni wore a nice dress and had good big hair, but is still a boring presenter!! 

I watched the badly presented "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Now!!" where Russell Kane died on his arse, with his cringe worthy non funny stand up on the contestant's, he can't be the same Russ Cain/Kane that was in the flying eye on Chris Tarrent's Capital Breakfast years ago, he along with Newsman Howard Hughes were the best morning comedy trio on the radio!!!

Sunday 5th Dec, Dreamt I was invited round a guys house to stay along with some other people, I was unpacking my case in a lilac room, opposite me was a hallway with a big picture window with a black iron balcony and fire escape outside, but 2 big white double doors lead out to it (which looked out of place with all the black iron, but when I opened it, instead of a black iron balcony there was a secret thin shoulder width corridor that lead to a narrow staircase to my left I wondered how the veranda effect was done? mirrors, a giant flat screen? I went to the bottom of the stairs & looked up & saw more bedrooms, went half way up & saw corridors with rooms leading off them like a hotel, also all lilac, wondered why that was all hidden away? saw the guy was headed for the stairs, to come back down. 

So I quickly went back down to my room, I had wet hair but could find no place to plug in hair-dryer, so I went downstairs & found it was a pub & my friend Candie was working in there, had a quick chat with her & then went back to my table & my stuff, only to find a couple had sat there & thrown my stuff on the floor, I explained that that was my table (near a plug) and there were plenty of other free tables, they said tough it was their table now, irked I went back upstairs & my mum was there & she said why not have a trip on a coach to get me out & about, seemed to get on one with a blonde sister (maybe Gay my sister I haven't met) she sat at the back I was sat at the front, a good looking dark haired guy with steely blue eyes, wearing a tweed jacket sat next to me, then Russell Brand got on & lounged on the front seat, on the other side, behind the driver. I wondered where the coach was going? I pulled a ticket out of my pocket it had the number 32 on it & £28 but no destination, didn't recall paying £28, I asked the driver how often the return buses were?  (assuming £28 was for a return ticket) 

He said "There are no return buses you have to get a cab back!!" "shit!!" I thought "if a bus is £28 one way how much would a cab be??" and I have no money on me, begged the driver to let me off as we were only 4 stops into the journey, then walked back came across two guys I seemed to know from my past who were in just shorts, one asked me to put cream on insect bites for him, then two skanky girlfriends turned up, over weight in small slutty clothing & I went to a school play with them, my friend Candies son Xavier was there & then a kid with no legs came in walking on his arms , I sat on the floor chatting to him & discovered he was not a kid but in his early 20's, we chatted some more, and he wrapped his arms round me & gave me a vice like hug, lifting his stumps off the ground. Then I woke up (weird huh!!?)

Feeling really rough today with my chest infection, which is a bitch, as I had a personal invite to a private concert at The Roadhouse Covent gardens with Sheridan Smith, (3pint's Of Larger & A Packet Of Crisps & Legally Blonde) Bloomfield Avenue and Ricardo Alfonso, plus the After Party but I feel so lousy!!... if I'd felt well I'd have jumped at the chance to go & get all done up & partayyyyyy!! plus schmooze'd with the press and celebs there. Shoved my floor length coat over my nightie pulled on Ugg boot's & popped to the corner shop for the paper & cough sweets. It had been sunny this morning & all the snow from Monday, and the few flakes from Friday was gone.

At 12.25pm I got a text from my Aussie soldier friend Ozzy who's going back to Australia, in reply to my text back yesterday (saying -  Just in, what happened to you the weekend after Halloween?) his response was a weak "I'm sorry Hun. we were working. You OK" I'm not even going to dignify that with a reply, we were working my arse!! He said the weekend after Halloween was fine, as he wasn't doing Army Work that day!! So either he forgot, something better came up, or his work schedule was changed, if it was the latter two he should of called/text me to say plans had changed. If it was the 1st (most likely) When I reminded him, by asking where he was? He should of been falling over himself apologising, not just say sorry I was working & then ask how I am!! Pissed off is how I am!! He asked if he could stay over, on the weekend we arranged for him to visit. So I bought chicken for his evening meal, and sausages & bacon for his breakfast, which added to my shopping bill while brassic & which as a vegetarian is no use to me, when he never turned up!! Oh but that's OK, he had to work & why would he bother to let me know grrrrrr!!!

I could of admittedly chased up after Ozzy & checked he was still coming and what time, but I think if someone genuinely wants to see you & has made arrangements to meet, you shouldn't have to!!!  I believe in the saying never make a man your priority, while allowing to make him your option, and when you don't chase after & nag someone, you soon see which men see you as their priority & who view you as an option, when it's the latter I just let them be & no longer bother with them, its the same with male & female friends too!!

Lay in bed & watched the Lindsy Lohan film Just My Luck with a very young Mcfly in it. Felt to crap to read the Sunday Paper, might leave it until tomorrow to catch up!!
Felt so rough I ran a bath & then forgot about it and flooded the bathroom!! oooops!!..... mind you it's really hard to turn hot tap off at mo & cold bath tap wont turn on!!! (landlord needs to get plumbing guy out again!!) weighed myself before my bath, I've gained 2 1/4lb since Thurs, through inactivity while ill, despite hardly eating much (damn this chest infection I wanna get back in the gym!!) still coughing up a lung!! Had a soak in the bath & then exfoliated & moisturised!!

At 6pm I ate for the 1st time today, well a vegetable cup-a-soup & packet of Twiglets, followed by a coffee, whoop whoop look at me living it up!! Lay in bed coughing up a lung listening to all my Tarkan albums to cheer me up I absolutely LOVE Tarkan & I often sing and dance along to Kuzu Kuzu (video of Kuzu Kuzu in link in Yellow below)

I had a small roast dinner with quorn, at 8pm and settled down to watch The Results of the Xfactor's Semi Finals, hoping that Cheryl's make-up and hair stylists are kinder to her today!! (couldn't be much crueller than they were yesterday!) made me wonder if they were related to that toilet attendant??!!

So the show begins, out come the judges, Dannii looking foxy, Louie back to being Peewee Herman, Cheryl still has red lipstick on but as 1st glance make-up doesn't seem as harsh as last night, dress a bit old hat long over short, Simon his usual smug self ,with his standard ridge back gorilla flat top hair.

Past winner Alexandre Burke opens the show, weird flying high wire acts and her raised up in the end with ultra long dress to form a Christ on cross like pose (like Michael Jackson on World Song) which was gimmicky and distracted from the song and fairly pointless. 

Next up Glee Cast (miming!!) miming badly in the case especially bad miming from the big black girl from Glee she opened her mouth to wide & was off time, disappointing I expected more!!

Now The Black Eyed Peas, now I like them except for William being a knob & calling himself Will-i-am , but OMG!!! they didn't mime but after hearing that noise that was meant to be "I've Had The Time Of My Life" I think maybe they should of!! That was god damn awful!! The Judges were all standing & clapping after??? The only explanation I can give is, that it must be due to relief that they had finally stopped that awful noise masquerading as singing!!

The results - the 3 acts through are One Direction SAFE, Rebecca SAFE, Matt Safe ..... just as I predicted Mary & Cher in bottom two!!

Mary Singing "It's a Man's World" Cher singing Brittney's "Every Time"

Mary sang "It's a Man's World" well but she has sung it twice before in the show (forgetting about auditions) making her a bit of a one trick pony (if more of a Shire Horse) 

Cher was wobbly due to nerves but no doubt the judges will say its raw emotion & save Cher as she is more marketable!! Oh and what a surprise all but Louie put Cher through, she will still be 1st out in final next week anyway!!

Turned over to ITV2 to watch Boring Konnie on The Xtra Factor talk to Mary & the finalists asking dumb questions, the two camp lads on the sofa in Santa hats, with dad in background on the web cam link, were very funny when asking questions about Cher, they also showed a clip of the funny faces Cheryl pulled last night on the show (I mentioned them in critique yesterday) Konnie told Simon & Louie to get a room before quickly back tracking, does she know something about those Simon Cowell gay rumours we don't??? Konnie Huq nice dress & hair shame about the interview skills!!

Decided to watch the Kerry Katona - Coming Clean, after the Xtra Factor, makes you feel how ever shit your life is at the moment, at least its not as fucked up as hers, how she ever fell under the spell of that scumbag Mark I'll never understand!? Then Chilled with Desperate Housewives & those VILE Real housewives Of New Jersey before hitting the sack & trying to sleep!!

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