Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow Snow...Sod Off!!!!

Monday 13th Dec, got up when the alarm went off at 5.30am (despite not falling asleep until around 4am) had a shower & washed hair, did make-up (smokey eyes & peach lip gloss) put up hair with a wavy fake ponytail (hair wont get ruined if weather turns bad that way!!) Had porridge with banana & a coffee for breakfast, wore a black jersey "Jane Norman" shirt dress & black 80 denier tights, black knee high pull on, high heeled fabric boots, pulled on Electric Blue Pashmina & my long black coat & headed out to the station at around 7am, walking through the fog (no cabs at rank at this time) got there at 7.15am & it took me 30mins of queueing to get a ticket (and a receipt for getting my expenses back) & caught the 8am fast train.

Had a long walk from train area to tube area thanks to the shite design of Kings Cross International, that is commercially driven to herd you past shops & cafe's to get to the tube! then once at the area, where I normally jump on the Victoria line, only then do I find that during rush hr its cordoned off, so only people can exit from there, so you have to walk the distance just walked, again!! to get to the Victoria line, from another end, eating up even more time Grrrrrrrr!! 

What a stupid arrangement!! Must of been decided by a man!! I got the tube to Oxford Circus then changed for the Central line to travel to White City, went into the BBC reception (bang on time at 9am) 

I got my visitors pass & called Dan to say I was there, he said that I was the 1st to arrive & to call him when we had all arrived, they drifted in and 3 had arrived by 9.30am & we went up while waiting for the 4th, Dan took us to canteen to get a coffee on them before heading to The Bridge Lounge where we were doing the show run through, the 4th male arrived & to my surprise fellow blonde, Nichole Adams, who I had auditioned with weeks earlier (apparently she couldn't make Friday's run through!) 

We all sat around a table & I wondered if my dress was a bit to heaving cleavage-ish?? We drank our coffee's did a quick run through, of how the updated rules of Brainstorm go, then the 3 BBC exec's came in to see the run through, We were on fire getting the answers very quickly against the clock, and having great interactive banter which had the exec's laughing, we were answering 90% in the high money time zone, and I think we only failed on 2 questions it would of been 3 but I used my override to answer the question & overrode the present captains answer, and won us the question. 

We finished around 11.30am & Dan took us back to canteen to treat us to brunch & pay us our travel expenses, only the Comedian, Ken, Nichole & I stayed for brunch, the others were rushing off for one reason or another. I had 2 veggie sausages, scrambled egg, backed beans & a hash brownie, with a slice of toast with peanut butter for desert, washed down with pomegranate juice. Dan said that they had been worried there for a moment, as they couldn't believe how quickly we were getting through very difficult questions, and feared they may run out of questions to ask us, in front of the BBC exec's.

Text Candie saying "we've finished *early I can pop over for a visit if you are home & fancy a visit" (*we were meant to be there all day!!) She said she was & to come over. The Comedy guy was talking about his stand up & Nichole had been on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" & won herself a few grand, apparently this is the last series of the show, after what's already been filmed that's it! (damn always wanted to go on  there) Ken is to be on Mastermind soonish too, cool. 

Swapped Facebook profiles with Nichole & Ken asked for my number to hook up for coffee, or a drink, if he is down my way (why not, I'm always up for some intelligent conversation over a drink) Ken & I were the last to head for the station, laughing that Candie's name (Candie Constantino) sounds like a porn star name! 


I got the tube to Oxford Street, then the Victoria line to Finsbury Park, then got the W7 bus to Muswell Hill, popping into her local corner shop 1st, as she'd asked me to get some milk. Poor Tiger was poorly, as was Xavier, but he insisted on going to school, to be in his school nativity play. The school rang Candie & said he had a temperature, so to take him home, as soon as his bit is finished, and to keep him home for a day or two. So I literally came in with milk had a quick coffee while chatting, then we all headed out to the school. 

We were chatting about Xfactor, and Candie said "Since when have Take That been Robbie William's backing singers!!??" "That's exactly what I thought!!" I exclaimed, adding "Suddenly he is stood in the middle, centre stage, with Gary Barlow relegated to the end, with Robbie 'Mad Eyes' Williams doing his smug  'Yes it really is me you lucky people' Gurn!!" "Exactly!!!" she stated, adding "Robbie being back is ruining Take That, The Circus Tour & Album was brilliant!! The new Album with him on it isn't, I wont be going to see the next tour with Robbie in it, spoiling it all" I agreed & said "I really didn't like the New Song, with the Broke Back Mountain look video, I thought OMG!! this is the 1st Gary Barlow song I don't like, then I discovered the music was written by Gary, but the lyrics by Robbie, which no doubt goes to explain as to why I felt let down by it!"

We saw Xavier perform, then went back to Candies & had a coffee & toasted cheese sandwich watching "Come Dine With Me" This week they are in Edinburgh (last known home area, of my long lost half brother & sister, Gay & Brian) OMG Liz who calls herself "Luscious Liz" (a claim could be made there, by the trades description act) is a self confessed cougar!! she is unlike any type of "cougar" I have ever seen. She is fat, frumpy, plain, greasy & grubby looking, with bad hair & no make-up, plus looks in her late 50's, I'm wondering Just who these young men she is pulling are? & what they look like? as she looks like Susan Boyle with a make under!!

 Luscious Liz??

Candie said my boobs looked enormous in my dress, I said I had wondered if my dress was too bosom heaving today, she said "No they look fantastic, but enormous!!" Costa came in from tennis & said "Bloody Hell you've had a boob job!!" I kept insisting I hadn't & he said "You must of they're huge & pert!!" I laughed & said "Well thanks for the compliment, but as I'm broke where the hell would I find the money for a boob job??" He thought on it & then believed me, saying "Well they look awesome!!" adding "We need to find you a man!!" Candie said I'd not like any of the men Costa would line up for me, as he has appalling taste when fixing women up!

Talking of men Ken text me at at 4.45pm, saying "Hi, it was good to meet you on Friday & really enjoyed chatting to you today & getting to know a bit more about you. I'd like more! I hope you are having fun with your "porn star" friend Candie - send me the pics <g> Ken x" 

Oh dear, that sounds a bit like, he is a bit more keen for more than just my company, hope he isn't hitting on me! He is a nice, intelligent man, and fun to talk to, but soooo not my type romantically, he's older than me (I think?) white haired, and between 20-30st, I had no phone credit so I couldn't reply!

Candie felt rough & went to lie down after Corrie, and I watched EastEnders with her son 9yr old Xavier, he said "don't you ever get lonely living on your own?" I said "occasionally but mostly I'm fine, I have lived alone 30yrs now, so I have got use to it" (some may say I'm resigned to it!!) 

He said "Don't you cry?" I replied "Sometimes when something happens, that's hurt me, or those close to me!" he asked what last made me cry & I said "My mum dying!" he said "Why don't you come live with us?" awe bless, kids see things in such simple black & white ways, adding "You could have the spare room" I said "I have a lot of furniture & stuff that wouldn't fit in the box room" 

He thought for a bit & said "In a few years dad's buying a mansion for us to live in with a Granny annex flat, you could move in there!!" (awe bless so sweet!!) then he asked his dad if any of the flats he rents out were empty (As they were near to Candies) I knew if Costa said yes, he'd of suggested I move in lol. He said "Don't go tonight, stay!!" I said "I can't I have things to do tomorrow!!" he asked how soon I'd come to stay for Xmas (for him, it was the sooner, the better) I said maybe I'd try for next Wednesday, we'd see!

After EastEnders I took him up to bed, and made up a bedtime story for him, then went into Candies bedroom said goodbye to her & then Costa, then headed for Finsbury Park. I got the tube to Kings Cross & hopped on the fast train back to St Albans & walked home somewhat weary at 10pm, after only about 1-1.5hrs sleep since the day before. 

Got changed for bed, then lay in bed reading today's paper & Sundays NOTW, that I didn't finish reading yesterday, before I crashed for the night! More on Liz Hurley & Shane Wards relationship exposed by NOTW Sunday, which forced Liz to tweet yesterday that she & husband Arun had split months ago & friends & family were aware of this! More on student riot/protest idiot Charlie Gilmour, the son of Millionaire PinkFloyd David Gilmour (who would never have to worry over his student fees!!) twat!! 

News that the moron Sweden suicide bomber was from UK, in local Luton (a hotbed for these fanatical arseholes) meanwhile hate preaching scum Abu Hanza, will try to claim he is too sick to be in prison due to infected stumps (sod off & just get some ointment in jail for them!!!)

More on vile Baby P's mother, caught on video, lying to social a social worker, just 4 months before the poor tortured mite died, after having his spine snapped in two over her vile boyfriends knee, after months of torture, the vile vermin!

There is now apparently a link between Shrien Dwani & a 2nd car-jack killing, this whole story gets more & more bizarre!! 

Mysterious letters have been found in the Eyes of the Mona Lisa, when studying magnified images of the painting oooh very exciting like the Da Vinci Code, love this kind of thing!

A poll has revealed that 51% of parents can't tell if a kid is obese, after being shown 3 digital pictures of the same kid, one normal, one made underweight & one made overweight, looking at the pics, its obvious which is which, which tells me that 51% of parents polled are morons!

Tuesday 14th Dec, Had an action packed dream, which I can't recall, signed for my parcel from Annabelle's Wigs & opened upstairs excitedly. I wanted a peroxide one for Andreas Red & White Pre Xmas Party on Saturday, at The Green Dragon Winchmore Hill. they had sadly sold out of the Dolly wig I wanted, so I opted for Andreanna instead. 

But I was really disappointed, the wigs are a lot cheaper than most on offer, but sadly Andreanna was not good, the fringe was kinked & stood up at weird angle (which as its synthetic I cant sort out with straightening irons or curling tongs!) maybe due to how it was folded in bag in factory, which means I will now have to check out the market for a white bob £5 wig to wear Saturday (bummer) 


Carley was much much better, but however I swept the wig fringe a but of the pastel yellow lace backing & band showed through at the front (if the lace and band had been beige it probably wouldn't have shown) but luckily it was the exact colour of my hair, so I could set it back slightly (like a half wig) and brush my hair over area that gives the game away. 


I am happy to wear wigs that are meant to look like a wig (but if its meant to look real, I don't want it looking like one) There is a return address on package, but no returns slip inside, so don't know if I have to send back quoting order number & a wig I want to exchange it for? (Dolly) or send back for refund etc, so I sent an inbox message to Annabelle's wigs, on Facebook saying I wasn't happy with Andreanna & why, asking about how you go about returns? plus if their half wigs came in same shade as Carley?? as it matched my hair exactly!!!

Had Porridge with sliced banana & blueberry's for breakfast & a decaf coffee, popped into the job centre, then I decided to go for a walk & take Stanley & Betty, as I'd not seen them in ages, you can really feel the bite in the air today, its so going to snow again soon!!. 

After a long walk in the cold (thank god for my long warm coat) I came home, and made a jacket potato, with Cottage Cheese with chives, on a bed of home made spicy ratatouille for lunch, I played with the Carley wig a bit more & discovered that, if I did a zigzag parting I could cover the small problem area, that shows it up as a wig!

Packed my case & wrapped up in my long black coat & long flat black boots, black gloves & pulled my black sequinned beanie hat over my Carley wig (looks good) then headed out to the 712 bus stop & caught the bus to Brent Cross, where I got a 102 to Muswell Hill.

Chilled with the paper on the journey, more on that vile sick freak, Michael Kelly, that axed that poor mother & her son to death & maimed one of her two daughters, one thankfully escaped unharmed, he wrote on his Facebook status afterwards  "What a lovely job. Still someone's got to do it!"  (freak!!)

Corrie babe Michelle Keegan is dating Max George from the minging Boyband "The Wanted" maybe that tram on Coronation Street fell on her head & we never noticed!!??

FIFA Moron Sepp Blatter when asked by worried gay football fans & players for advice, re the ban on Gays in Islamic Qatar, he joked "I would say they should refrain from any sexual activity's. What a great help & grown up response!.... NOT!!

More on the Idiot suicide bomber Tamour Abdulwahab, who tried to cause mass murder in Sweden, by blowing up a car & himself, on a busy Stockholm street, full of shoppers, on Saturday (he only managed to kill himself - no loss there!) two people were hurt, but not anything life threatening. It seems he was a fanatic in local Luton & was kicked out of local Mosque for trying to brain wash young Muslims. 

Arrived at Candie's, she said I looked lovely, too good to just be going round hers, she said the wig looked really good. I was just in time for Come Dine With Me with "Luscious" Liz 41yrs (bloody hell she's 5 years younger than me!!) the self confessed Cougar was still chasing scared Andy (most odd) Wonder if she actually has any success with young men?? (link to episodes 41 -45 below Liz cooks episode 43)

Liz The "Come Dine With Me" Cougar!!

The Vegetarian pizza's arrived, and we all tucked in, Candie & the kids were all feeling rough with a cold. Candie said we could go to the Grove for Aqua Aerobics when the kids are at school tomorrow, but by the look of them all, I doubt the kids will be going to school or Candie will be feeling up to Aqua Aerobics somehow!! 

The Grove

I went up and told Xavier a bedtime story (making it up, with the elements he asked for in it) Watched the Morgana Show with Candie, while her husband Costa did some of the ironing (as she felt too rough to) she went up to bed at 11pm so Costa & I watched "I Am Alex Reid" on Living, very funny, he is talking like he wants to be the next Gandhi like messiah!! 

 Alex "Gandhi" Reid

Costa went to bed & I watched "Nip Tuck" as I haven't seen it in years (since it was no longer on usual 5 Chanel TV in UK) In it, the son of one of the two Cosmetic Surgeon Partners (sired by the other partner) had been shot, and his dad operated on him, later he was arrested & his dad strips and wades into the sea as it ends!! 

It's been so long since I watched it the son was a teen when I was watching now he looks about 28-30!! I use to fancy the bad boy Cosmetic Surgeon (who use to be married to Dannii Minogue in real life) Then I watched another show I use to watch, when it was on BBC2 Farscape, then I went to bed. 

Wednesday 15th Dec, woke with a stiff neck and shoulders, which was giving me a headache, as I suspected the kids were too ill for school & Candie was not up to Aqua Aerobics, I had a coffee & a couple of Hobnob biscuits, my head still banging!! Watched Jeremy Kyle, This Morning & Loose Women, then took Xavier the 99p shop, with £10 to spend on decorations for my his bedroom, then went to Salisbury's, to get some groceries for a poorly Candie. 

Got back & had some re heated up Pizza from yesterday for lunch, then Xavier & I decorated his mini tree & room with his purchases, Candie dosed herself up with Day Nurse, and got a train, to go to her nephew Dom's surprise birthday party, he has just been signed by Wolves FC so it's being held in one of the rooms at the club! She called from her mobile while on the train, like she promised Xavier & he chatted on the phone to her, we both cracked up when if he asked if anyone with a rucksack was sat near her??

Fixed myself & the kids something to eat, Costa came in & then rushed out to go to Birmingham, poorly Tiger went to bed early & Xavier & I watched The Apprentice, where they were grilled by interviewee's, then I took him to bed & watched "The Apprentice Your Fired", I checked back on them & they were out cold. Made a coffee & caught up with "The Event" Candie got in at around midnight shattered & went to bed, I stayed up to watch Nip Tuck then went to bed!

Sat in bed, my 1st chance to read the paper today, the front page was about the Indian husband, of the murdered bride Anni, in South Africa, while on Honeymoon, cops have questioned a German rent boy who says Shrien paid him for kinky sex! Also in the paper are the 3 cute kids of the pathetic Stockholm suicide bomber aged 4, 2 & 6 months, hopefully they will lead a normal life now their fanatic father is dead (as long as the mothers claims are true that she is not a fanatic too!)

A video of a policeman laughing, as a screaming woman, in a black headscarf, crying out for her mum, is flogged by him, in public in Sudan, has been posted on the Internet. God knows we have enough criminals here that could do with a good public flogging, but you can bet that the poor woman's crime, in a misogynist country, for the sentence of 53 strokes, is for something trivial, one woman was sentenced to 10 lashes just for wearing trousers!!

Egypt is apparently the worst country for tourists getting diarrhoea apparently. It wont put me off, I'd love to go one day, mum always hoped I'd go with the money she left after she died (but sadly once I paid off bills & rent owed after her unexpected death, so I had nothing left) I love Egyptology I find it fascinating & Christian Jacques books on the subject, really bring ancient Egypt to life!! I am fascinated by Ramses II he was a truly amazing man!

There was a pic of Britain's oldest cat James born in 1984 making it 26 human years & 125 cat years old! ahhhhhhh

James Waiting For His Telegram From The Queen!!

Thursday 16th Dec, heard Candie & the Kids get up at 7am, to go to school, and Candie to go to work, she popped in my room to say to help myself to anything before I left & said to take a couple of her Day Nurse Capsules, before I went & take a couple of Night Nurse ones for tonight (as I had another sore throat coming on!) I had a coffee & a couple of slices of toast, for breakfast, packed up my case & trundled up the hill, dragging my case on wheels at 12.30pm to the 102 bus stop & caught a bus straight away, so I was bang on schedule to catch the 2.15pm, 712 Greenline Bus to St Albans, but then the traffic jams started! Bugger!!

So I ended up at Brent Cross at 2.18pm 3mins too late (bugger) so I had time to kill until my next bus at 4.05pm, so I bought a newspaper & magazine, then headed for a Starbucks to chill for a bit, en route I was stopped by a Israeli guy on promotion stand trying to sell Dead Sea products (very expensive) He'd tried to sell me a Dead Sea Mask, that you remove with magnets a few years back, in Brent Cross, but of course he wont recall that! (I have a photographic memory & I NEVER forget a face!!)

He went into his spiel & I said he was wasting his time as I would not be buying anything, but he was not taking no for an answer! So with time to waste I let him waste his! While he greasily smarmed how lovely I was (does he really think, I can be flattered, and smarmed into a sale?) he said as I had flawless skin, so he wouldn't waste time on showing me the moisturisers & face masks (more likely he won't, because he has a target to get a commission bonus, on the item he is about to demonstrate on me!!) So he decides he is going to demonstrate an eye cream & eye gel combo that will rid me of my dark circles. 

I said there is no point as my dark circles are hereditary not due to life style, But he talked over me, trying to bluff a load of Bull Shit! (anyone in the beauty business, knows that hereditary dark circles can not be changed, as its down to having fewer levels of thin skin below the eyes than most, so blood corpuscles reflect through more, giving the shadow effect, the way the blue veins on my inner arms show more than others with a thicker skin!) you can only diminish dark circles caused by life style!

He applied the gel & then the cream under one eye then passed me the mirror saying "look at the difference after one application! imagine the difference after a month's use!!" (There was bugger all difference!!) continuing "See how the shadow is less & the puffiness in bags under eye has gone down!" errrr I don't have bags under my eyes, so stop with the passive aggressive suggestion that they exist, to make me panic buy!! nor will you pretending to see a difference convince me there is one! He then goes on how the pot of eye cream is £150 & the pot of eye gel is £150 but today I could get them for the bargain price of £75 each (woooo!! two for the price of one I'll take 10!!) 

Seeing that he was still not winning a sale, he ushered me to try another while flirting outrageously, like a rent boy with pound signs in his eyes!! Taking me to the Dead Sea hand granules to make my hands as soft as a baby's bum (they already are) He said as I'm so lovely (puke) he will throw the hand salts in as well, for free, if I buy the 2 eye products for £150!! Oh come on sunshine, that has always been part of the offer all along, you just added it in on the patter at the end, when the 2 for 1 price alone, didn't make me cream my pants with excitement!! I said "As I said at the start, I won't be buying, I don't even have £150 in my bank!" and his face fell, and the smarm went, as quickly as it had started, as he quickly said goodbye & immediately switched his sycophantical smarm, to a new victim, too too funny!! Links to similar Dead Sea Spa products below both the expensive & cheaper options! 

Chilled with a coffee, while flicking through Closer Magazine, until 3.30pm then trundled off with my case to the 712 bus shelter, lucky I got there at 3.40pm as the 712 arrived 15mins early at 3.50pm & to my shock, it didn't wait until 4.05pm to leave, what if someone comes to stop in next 15mins to catch it? they will have missed it & have to wait for the 6.05pm bus (I'd of been well pissed off!!)

Once in my seat, I opened up my Sun paper and read it on the journey home. There is more on the 16 1/2 st Ex Soldier Rent Boy that calls himself "The German Master" that says the husband of the murdered Indian Bride, Shrien Dewani paid him more than £1,100 for 3 sex sessions between Sept 2009 & April 2010, which Shrien denies, but what motive would the rent boy have to lie??  Hmmm!!

The rent boy will get nothing out of it? & surely that wont get him that much publicity, for it to warrant lying? If he was secretly gay & his new bride found out & wanted a divorce & threatened to expose his homosexuality (if he didn't give her one) that might be a motive for murder!!? Shrien even had his people, try to claim back money on a refund, on his wife's return fare, hardly the behaviour of a heart broken millionaire!!

A partially blind 2yr old pointer cross named Ug at the animal shelter where he lives has found a loving home & been renamed Doug, and may be crowned Britain's ugliest dog bless him!! He is real cute in a minging way!!

 Ug Doug!! ..... Bless!!

Got indoors and discovered a parcel had tried to be delivered while I was out, wonder what that is? maybe my niece Teresa, she said she was going to send me some old family photos, or maybe Xmas presents from my brother Bill & family? I freshened up & checked my emails, Twitter & Facebook, discovered Tottenham player Aaron Lennon is following me on Twitter, which should upset all my Arsenal Fan Brothers, whoops!! lol!! 

Made a Jacket Potato with Cottage Cheese, then headed off to Jennies at 8pm, She said I looked stunning in the Carley wig, the girls wanted me to go up & see them before they went to sleep. Francesca & Lara both said they liked my hair, Jennie said she thought I'd had got some extensions in again as it was such a good colour match.
Had a warming Hot Choc and a few after eights, and a gossip with Jennie, watched Kerry Katona: The Next Chapter, then the Brilliant Celebrity Juice JLS special, Edgar came home from darts & asked was I free to come over Saturday or Christmas Eve? as they needed a baby sitter! I said I would be in London for Andreas Xmas party Saturday & will be at Candies before Christmas Eve, as I'm spending Christmas there! Walked home in the snow at 12.30am got in & took the Night Nurse capsules Candie said to take & went to bed.

Friday 17th Dec, Woke at noon (that Night Nurse must of knocked me out!!) it had snowed some more in the night, neck and shoulders more painful again, checked out my eBay I have sold 5 more item's inc a hideous set of 2 cup cake mugs I'd got for Christmas last year (so not me!!) a camera & some horse ornaments. 

Had porridge for breakfast & a decaf coffee, had a shower & wore studded black leggings, Ivory cashmere polo neck jumper & flat over the knee boots (they were a bargain) last year on the market for just £20 for a joke I said "I'll give you £10" The guy said "£19" surprised I said "£11" etc in the end I got them for £15 (All thanks to a bartering joke!!) I went online & organised for the package that had attempted to be delivered Wed to be re delivered Tuesday 21st

Popped out to the shops briefly, to get more brown paper to wrap eBay parcels in, & Popped into "J K Palmer's" on the way back for a Cappuccino & a Haloumi Panini, got £1 bonus credit come through from Orange, so sent Ken a quick message apologising for delay in response due to no credit, then popped to Boots as I needed a new foundation, because my Maxfactor Colour Adapt Foundation, has only got a few drops left, I use to love Maxfactor's Colour Adapt Foundation, but over the past few years they have definitely changed the formula (for the worse!!!) 

It just doesn't glide on the skin the same anymore, or feel the same on the skin, nor does it cover as flawlessly (it now goes a bit powdery & patchy!!) it's not down to my application, as I am an ex make-up artist & know how to apply correctly!! Also loads of friends & family bought it on my recommendation & loved it, but now they also say it's no longer as good also!! 

I think from the feel of it before it was oil based (that's why it glided on, covered & blended so beautifully) but I think they have since removed that oil (a mistake in my eyes) so now I am looking for something new that is as good as Maxfactor's Colour Adapt, use to be!! 

Gary Cockerill Jordan's (aka Katie Price) make-up artist had recommended Bourjois (Bourjois is made by Chanel, in case any of you didn't know) "healthy mix" foundation, which is meant to last 16hrs so I gave it a go, they had run out of "healthy mix" concealer, so I got their "bio detox organics" anti puffiness one instead (ironic after Dead Sea guys comments lol) & told Gary I'd let him know what I thought! Got myself a Sun Paper from WH Smiths on the way home from Boots.

Got home & watched "Come Dine With Me" then "Home & Away" Checking my emails I discovered that Tom Cruise (a verified account) is following me on Twitter, I don't know how long he has been following me (as for 6 months I didn't get follower notifications in my hotmail, from twitter for some reason) So I wonder what made me interesting enough for a Movie A-lister to want to follow me??

Watched The Event on Ch4, which just gets better & better (I love sci fi with lots of twists & turns in the plot) while wrapping my sold eBay items. Then Watched Peep Show (great Brit comedy) before reading the paper after loading the washing machine.

A British woman Shivaun Fadilah & husband Abdul face being hanged in Malaysia, after being arrested in a heroine raid, and being found with 225g of heroine, as well as Cannabis, Ecstasy & Amphetamines, when 15g or more of Heroine carries a death sentence, I don't feel sorry for them they must of known the laws (or they were extremely dumb) they had 15 times the amount that carries the death penalty & are obviously criminal drug peddling scum, they ignored the law of the land & it's risks & if they are hung, pay the penalty for that, I wont feel any pity for them, they ply a trade that causes death & misery, plus more crime, I wont shed a tear if they are executed!!

An Iraqi Kurd asylum seeker, Mohamed Ibrahim 33yrs, who mowed down & killed Amy Houston 12yrs, in a hit and run when he was already banned from driving, was allowed to stay in UK, despite also having convictions burglary, drug convictions, criminal damage, theft & harassment, as deporting would breach HIS human rights. What about OUR human rights, not to have that piece of criminal scum in our country, causing misery by theft & crime & addiction to decent folk! He got to stay by marrying & having a child with a English woman, the easy way to beat immigration, at least they could of sentenced him to longer, than the measly 4months he got for killing poor Amy (makes you sick!)

Julie Andrews husband, Blake Edwards the legendary film-maker, who directed the Pink Panther movies has died at 88 of pneumonia complications (rather like Leslie Nielsen)

A 16st woman has died, after having the gastric band she had fitted filled, due to a perforated stomach lining, how awful. My GBFF Nat has lost over 12st since having his band fitted & looks great!!

Nat Before
Nat After

A 92yr old war hero Daniel Maguire, has suffered a stroke, after some vile scum broke into his home, stealing his Christmas presents, as well as 2 cars on his drive & his pension. He collapsed after calling the police & is now unable to walk or talk & is paralysed down one side. Makes you sick, this guy was a Navy hero during WWII and now he is barely alive & hospital bound for Xmas.

Amazing pics of A lighthouse in Cleveland Harbour on Lake Eerie, Ohio, which has been caked in ice after crashing waves froze on it after bone chilling storms, it looked like a magical ice castle, after!

Lighthouse Before Ice
Lighthouse After Ice

A vile drunken ex-public school girl, stamped on a gay man's face, in a unprovoked attack, was convicted of killing him yesterday. Beauty Therapist (how ironic, that she couldn't change her ugly inside!!) Ruby Thomas (then 17) screamed "You fucking faggots" as the victim & friend walked in Trafalgar Square. She & another repulsive female Rachel Burke, put the boot in to Mr Baynhams head & jumped on his chest, after being felled by a punch by Joel Alexander. The victim suffered brain damage & died 18 days later. The vile public school girl obviously takes after her thug of a father, who did 2 years in prison for stabbing a taxi driver to death in Brixton in 2003, proving that scum reproduces more scum! Both should get the death penalty in my book!

Watched Cher & Dawn French on Graham Norton, then went to bed as bloodshot eyes are hurting (stinging & watering) I think its due to eye solution I soaked lenses in at Nat & Terry's, when I stayed over a week or so back, that I later discovered is not to be used by contact wearers!! 

Still couldn't sleep by 3.30am, so I watched "Brothers & Sisters" & "One Tree Hill" where I noticed a phopar!! The Barman was showing off telling the Fashion Boutique owners, lush of a mother he knew what drink she liked & said "a Martini, Shaken & not stirred" but what he served was NOT a shaken Martini (even though he was shown shaking it) as any good ex barmaid or bar manager (like myself) would know, To know why that's so, you would have to know the difference between a shaken and stirred Martini, A stirred Martini is clear, a shaken Martini is cloudy, as when it's shaken over ice, the ice makes the Martini go cloudy!!

 Shaken Martini On Left, Stirred Martini On Right
How The Martini served on One Tree Hill looked

Saturday 18th Dec, Fell asleep around 7am and had a really long complex dream like 3 feature films end to end, but there was too much in it, for me to recall on waking, but it was full of action, adventure & twists & turns!! I woke at 10.30am it had snowed more overnight & there was 4" deep of snow on windowsill. Text Favourite hottie David Lynn "Happy Birthday!!" as he is the grand old age of 30yrs today, must be crap having a birthday the week before Xmas, when meanies will buy you one gift to cover both!

I'm still feeling rough & coughing up a lot off stuff off chest (Yuck!!) so at 1pm I text Andrea to say I won't be coming to her Red & White Pre Xmas Party. I never sorted out a suitable peroxide white wig, nor got my saucy Mrs Christmas outfit together either !! so maybe just as well I'm poorly!!... love fancy dress!!

The Kind Of Outfit Planned

Washed & dressed & tried new Bourjois "healthy mix" foundation, very light like tinted moisturiser, but unlike tinted moisturiser, gives cover and colour, but looks like not wearing any make-up & smells of citrus like grapefruit. 

Went to the shop for a paper, wading through 6" of unblemished snow & got a couple of diet decaf cokes too, watched "Come Dine With Me" while having a lunch of Jacket Potato & Baked Beans. 

Checked Facebook & Twitter, Leigh Francis had posted a fab pic of himself, as Keith Lemon, Dressed as Xfactor's Wagner

Leigh as Keith as Wagner
The Real Wagner

I contacted Annabelle's wigs on Facebook again, as my inbox message has not been answered & I can tell by their posting on their wall that she/they have actually posted on their wall, so must of logged in & so have got it!! Not very professional not to reply to a dissatisfied customer (even if you are put out by complaint!!) especially as despite having a complaint, I was enquiring on their half wigs to purchase!

Watched "Take Me Out" while having a fish pie & salad, then watched "Bridget Jones's Diary" which I was an extra in years ago, if you don't blink you will see me, just after Bridget's mum demonstrates the hard boiled egg-sheller when She & Bridget chat about her new boyfriend, in the store cafe, I walk past in a black perfumery skirt suit, talking to an Indian girl with a grey dress on, I'm chatting, with a very camp limp wrist lol!!

Later I watched the Meet The Family, that I missed round Jennies Thursday, then read the paper front page are Britain's youngest parents, both 14yrs & were 13yrs when the child was conceived, how awful, how did their parents bring them up, if they are willing to have sex at that age?

The vile piece of scum, John Paul Onyenaychi 30, who tried to stab two cops to death (one a "unpaid" community support officer) at a bus stop, when they were checking the tickets of those suspected of dodging their fares, yelled at a judge "My name is go fuck yourself!!" when asked his name in court yesterday. When the judge said that she'd not be spoken to like that he replied "You just have been" PC madden had been stabbed in the neck in the attack & there was blood everywhere at the scene, this is the type of feral scum with no regard for the life of others that should get the death sentence, I'd happily pull the lever, press the button, flick the switch myself to rid this once decent country, of such evil!

The yob thief that was found in Susan Boyle's home has blown the £100 compensation he was ordered to pay her. He'd been given 6 months to save the cash to donate to her favourite charity, but he now has only £10 left after blowing £90 of it (why didn't they get him to pay it to someone in weekly instalments rather than get him to save then pay it in a lump sum (pretty stupid seeing how trustworthy a thief is!!) 

A Muslim mother Shayma Bharuchi was arrested last night, after murdering and horrifically mutilating her 4yr old daughter (how repulsive, surely she must be insane!!) the little girls disembowelled corpse was found with her heart & other organs cut out & placed in different rooms, by her father Jerome Negay, the mother has two other children 14 & 16 who were thankfully not at home at the time!

It also turns out the hit & run Iraqi Mohammad Ibrahim, allowed to stay here over HIS human rights, while ignoring the human rights of the FATHER of the 12yr old girl he mowed down, while banned from driving, was NOT married to Brit Christina, as he'd claimed to the immigration judges (do these courts not check on information before passing judgement? what a F**king joke!!) he should be deported & exiled immediately!

Sunday 19th Dec, didn't sleep until after 7am then had one of my complex dreams full of people & action as usual, but can no longer recall the details, woke at 10.30am & dozed on & off in bed until 1pm when Candie text "Just Saw you on trailer for Louie Spence's Showbusiness, you were laughing, you looked very nice" put on boots & pulled coat over nightie & put on wool bobble hat & popped to shop, to get a paper & a couple of diet cokes, plus top up my mobile. Text Candie back asking what I was wearing in trailer (to work out what part the clip was from?) 

Went back to bed & watched Annie (shockingly the 1st time I've seen the film!!) as I want to sweat out the last of this cold, to be well for Xmas!! Had a grilled, marinated, Quorn cutlet with a small jacket potato & cottage cheese. 

Read News Of The World there was a bit in it about Scarlett Johansson's split from husband Ryan Reynolds, who was voted the worlds sexiest man (not surprised I became hooked this year, as soon as I saw him on 2 guys & a girl & a pizza place) a hottie & funny!! 

Watched the final of The Apprentice, Stella won, which must piss off a lot of them that snipped behind her back!! Liked Chris's Prism bottle, tag line, and promotion poster, but his ad was absolute cheesy shite! Chilled in bed watching Eddie Izzard's "Stripped" stand up show, then reading more of NOTW on Liz Hurley dumping Shaun Ward for two timing her! It hasn't snowed today lets hope it stays that way as I have to be out & about tomorrow!!.....

 Eddie Izzard Transvestite Comedian

Watched the Car Crash TV that is "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey" it's like a female Soprano's!!!! No Class Whatsoever!!


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