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A Quiet Week Gets LOUD!!

Monday 6th Dec, the week started, just as it looked it was going to continue, with me coughing up a lung in bed feeling awful with an aching neck & shoulders, bloodshot eyes, and pins & needles in my hands & arms!! So spent the day in bed after popping to corner shop (with long coat over nightie) I was called by Shine TV earlier & they want me to come down for a practise run through of "Brainstorm" Quiz Friday, before filming the Pilot Monday, so knew I was going to have to stay in bed and get somewhat better for that. 

I had honey & lemon in hot water to drink & some lemsip capsules, then fell asleep again woke at 3pm hungry & had a Quorn Curry in the hope it might sweat those chest infection germs out! fell asleep again, had a weird mix of dreams, which I can no longer recall, woke and had some fisherman's friends after a bad coughing fit!!

Then I made a roast dinner without the meat part, went back to bed to watch the TV and read a bit of the paper. Watched "Come Dine With Me" Corrie Special, very amusing thanks to Ken Morley AKA Reg Holdsworth! my friend Nat text me "CDWM I love Reg Holdsworth!!" I said "I know I'm cracking up!!" he replied, "He's us!!" 

Tuesday 7th Dec, woke from a mish mash of dreams I don't recall & after a pop to corner shop in nightie (under coat) to get a paper, I went to bed with a coffee & a few digestive biscuits. Read a bit of the paper & after a massive coughing fit that took it out of me crashed out for a few hrs, when I woke I had a vegetable cup-a-soup with a couple of hard boiled egg. 

Watched a bit of TV slept a bit & then had another coffee & 4 digestives spread with crunchy peanut butter, as I was peckish but not enough for a meal. Watched the 50 Greatest Plastic Surgery Shockers, and boy oh boy were there some!! Then watched the Morgana Show, then crashed out!

Wednesday 8th Dec, had to get up & get dressed today as my order from Asda was arriving some time between 1-3pm & I didn't want to scare the delivery man with me in my nightie & dressing gown. Had a Porridge & a coffee & dressed in black leggings & polo neck, & knee high black suede boots. Popped to shop for paper & was browsing it when my Asda delivery arrived at 1.30pm, there was one substitute for a pack of microwavable popcorn. 

Put my shopping away, in fridge freezer & cupboards, then made a big batch of very spicy vegetable stew/soup to chase those germs!! I had a couple of toasted crumpets, spread with peanut butter with a slice of Leerdammer cheese melted on top for a snacky lunch. Then went back to bed & perused the papers & then later had a big bowl of my spicy soup for dinner. Watched some TV still coughing a lot & falling asleep meaning I missed some shows. 

Thursday 9th Dec, stayed in bed until the late afternoon as I was popping round Jennies at 8pm & wanted to feel as healthy & awake as possible. Had a coffee & a few pieces of 80% Cocoa dark chocolate, for breakfast & fell asleep again, got a few more Xmas cards in the post, later I heated up the spicy stew & put some grilled Quorn in it. 

Read the paper the front cover is, that there was to be extra security on the Corrie set, for Live 50th Anniversary Show, due to a tip off that the live show could be a target for an Al-Qaeda attack, to be witnessed live by the thousands watching the show (nothing would surprise me with those sick bastards!!!)

Thankfully David Cameron is scrapping soft justice minister Ken Clark's bid to end minimum sentences for murderers, so now mandatory 25yr sentences for knife killings will still stay. Meanwhile a vile worthless piece of Scum Colin Gunn, serving 35yrs for ordering the murder of an innocent couple, has won the right from the Prison Ombudsman to be called Sir/Mr by prison Guards! Gunn a self confessed "Gangster & proud of it!" wants respect from the *screws (*Prison Officers) he should be taught that you earn respect, not be caved into by the stupid Ombudsman!!

The husband of Indian Bride murdered in Taxi in South Africa, appeared in court in cuffs today, after footage of him paying cab driver (Now known to be involved) after his wife's death, he said he was paying the driver (Not known then as a suspect) for the Cab fares he owed (The plot thickens!!!)

Had a bath & dressed in black studded leggings & white polo neck, my knee high suede boots & put on my long black coat plus my grey faux fur Russian Style hat. Got to Jennies at 8.10pm she said she had been worried that I'd slipped and had an accident (as by nature I'm very punctual) like I did on the snow last year! brought a packet of microwave popcorn with me to have during girly night watching TV, it's then that I discovered my replacement popcorn, was sweet not salted like my original order (bummer) 

While we chatted away, I forgot the live Corrie episode was today (as it's been footie on a Wednesdays, Corrie has been moved to Thursdays instead) so I will have to catch up with it on the Omnibus Sunday. 

So ended up watching Kerry Katona: The Next Chapter (what she ever saw in that vile piece of shit Mark Croft I will never know, he is as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside!!) 

 Kerry & The Repulsive Mark!

I then watched Celebrity Juice Corrie special, very funny!! Got home at 12midnight & crashed out in bed still feeling rough!! have to be up tomorrow to go to Quiz show run through!!

Friday10th Dec, had a whole load of weird dreams, got up at 9am had a wash & washed & dried hair, had 2 crumpets with leerdammer cheese, got dressed & wore black leggings, with a black turtle neck, with a keyhole front, plus long black suede boot, pulled on my long military type coat, plus faux fur Cossack hat, and headed for the station, read the paper on the way to London. 

The protesting (rioting) yobs attacking Prince Charles & Camilla in their royal car in Regent St was the front cover on every paper being read! The scum defaced a statue of Churchill, the Cenotaph & torched the giant Xmas tree in Trafalgar Square, what arseholes what does that prove? other than they are morons to thick to get to university, or yobbos with no interest in furthering themselves!! 

In other news Xfactor Matt has had a 20min romp in his dressing room with a make-up girl/model Lauren Clements, he'd met 2mins earlier (so she wasn't easy then??!!)

The Indian husband who's wife was murdered in a Taxi in South Africa, is now denying accusations that he's gay, it just keeps getting more & more bizarre!!! 

Got to the studio offices & met up with my fellow contestants, I was quite chuffed that I was the only woman, who managed through to the filming to the Mensa like questions quiz, as I walked into the room the TV exec said he thought the Russians had landed & I said well as FIFA are throwing money at them & LibDems are handing out parliamentary jobs to them, I thought going Russian was the way forward!! 

There were 4 other guys as well as me, one was a pub quiz master, one a comedian not sure what other two do, we had a test run though of the game before filming it Monday. Ken The Big guy who does pub quiz mastering, and is going on Mastermind seemed to be a bit of a flirt. We did really well I think we only got one question wrong, they said that we were a super  brainy team! 

Left there & headed off to Ian Mann's as we are going to see Pam Ann on stage at The 2 Brewers in Clapham, Got in  Cayden (the Chihuahua that savaged my lip) was all wrapped up in a duvet cover & was excitedly barking & trying to run at me but was caught up & trapped inside cover & it took him a while to find his way out. Ian & I were cracking up!! He finally got out and jumped on my lap licking my hand tail wagging ten to the dozen!! 

Filled in an application for a quiz show called pointless with Ian, during which time my friend Mike text me & said he'd call me later as he would be joining us, but not sure when yet!!

Ian & I started off in Kazbar Ian & I shared a bottle of Pinot Grigio and chatted and perused the gay mags on the side, one had a revue of a great gay club night Ian & I really fancy called TOY (The Supperclub, 12 Acklam Rd, Notting Hill, W10 5QZ London) Where you are encouraged to dress as toys to adhere to dress code the last one was on 4th of Dec so it looks like its a Saturday club event there! link in yellow below to another blog with info on Toys!!

Having not eaten since setting off to quiz run through & Ian being hungry we set off to KFC where my only veggie option was a portion of chips, according to guy serving (afterwards I thought, what about corn on the cob??) & Ian had a chicken burger.... we then went into The 2 Brewers and found an area to sit with 2 of Ian's other friends in a raised area by the door, shortly after my friend Mike joined us. 

At 9.55pm we move to the stage area as Pam Ann was due on stage at 10pm by 10.15pm we were still waiting so Mike dared me to get on stage & start dancing around, so never being one to whelch on a bet I rose to the bet!! (Mike knowing me for 25yrs knew this) Ian was having palpitations thinking I'd get thrown out, which was amusing & encouraging me even more (it doesn't take much!!) If I'd jumped up & danced around when she was doing her act, but she wasn't on yet (chill Ian lol) Then the Faux Safety info video played.

When she came out 5mins later she joke berated me in her act over dancing on her stage, she got two guys who were cabin crew (for different airlines) to strip to win a bottle of Champagne!!

Later she was joking with someone in a wheelchair at the front of stage (but the joke was a bit on her as we saw them walking earlier without it so may of just been a blag to get to front of stage) 

She then asked Mike to motor boat her (bury his head in cleavage & shake head side to side!!) to my amazement being one of the only straight men in the place he didn't!!

Mike The Chicken & I

So she came to me (I had no such problem & did so) much to Ian's delight who was videoing it, so to horrify him yet again!! I Licked her cleavage too!! Which got me a big glass of champagne from one of the winning cabin crew! she then dragged me on stage later to be her backing dancer for her final number!! great laugh!

 Offering Ian A Motorboat In My Backing Dancing
Pam Ann Watching My Dancing

Went back to our seated area & as I headed there this familiar figure came towards me arms outstretched, it took me a a second to register it was my 26yr ex Charlie who'd been texting me a lot recently!! I was shocked "What you doing here?" I asked he said he'd been brought there by a girl but she had buggered off with someone else, he bought me a glass of wine & we caught up & he was all over me saying how much he missed me, and loved me (but being a fellow Gemini like Charlie I knew he didn't mean "In Love" just love the way I love friends & family)

 Clowning Around With Charlie

I must of been a bit tipsy as well as tired as when he moved in to snog my face off I let him (most unlike me to kiss in public!!) as Charlie was always a good snog!! he asked me to come back to his flat at Vauxhall but I declined. After he left, I wondered if he really was brought there by a girl, or if he turned up especially to bump into me, after reading my online statuses?? 

Flats at Vauxhall

Mike & I set off back to Kings Cross in a Taxi around 3am & got the train back to St Albans & I walked home getting in at 4.30am, took off what little make-up I had on & crashed out in bed!!

Saturday 11th Dec, woke surprisingly early despite my late night, last night, had a wash, fixed hair & make-up, had a mixed berry's fruit salad for breakfast, then got dressed, wore chocolate leggings & baby blue polo neck & long tan boots, popped out to the shops in my long coat & Russian style faux fur hat, popped to H&M & took back the necklace I bought for Nicky's Xmas prezzi as I tried it on Thursday & it doesn't sit right on your neck!! 

Then I bought a Nivea for Men, shaving & shower set for Erdal, and the final part of Candies 3 part prezzie (will tell you after Xmas what it is as she reads my blogs) went to heel bar to get heels on my long suede black boots done as they are a few wears away from being worn down, saw a pair of soft squidgy shoe/boot liners that my snow boots could do with, the re heel & liners came to £12 but the guy said to me a tenner!! result!!

Got in wrapped Erdal's Prezzi, and Grilled 2 veggie burgers, to have with some spicy ratatouille, took a black wash out of the washing machine & hung over radiators to dry then settled down in front of the TV!!

The Xfactor Finals start, but oddly I don't feel any thrill of anticipation this year, I don't really care who wins this year, where as past years I had strong favourites. Out Come the Judges, Dannii looks great as usual, Louie is back to looking like Peewee Herman again, Cheryl nice dress shame about the hair style & make-up!! Simon the same old open shirted Simon. The group song (finalists past and present) can at best be described as a cacophony!!! Yikes!! Quite like Katie's Blade Runner meets Tron outfit though!!

 This Weeks Personal Critique Of The Xfactor Final

Matt Cardle :-  Lot of tears in VT 1st Song - "I Can't breathe" straining to hit the notes, he's obviously still affected by his laryngitis, not his best performance! Styling for a final very boring. He also had flat, hat hair. 

Duet - With Rihanna"Unfaithful" don't know this song, Matt is struggling with his voice due to illness (shame) she looks great in her high, above thigh, split dress, Matt's suit was so so but bad choice of shirt underneath, but they worked together as a duet.

Rebecca Ferguson :- Lot of tears in VT again, plus going on stage in white lace dress, with deep V-Back, with a big black bra strap across the back, was a fashion No no!! 1st Song - "Like A Star" Nice hair& make-up (unlike Cheryl) dress & jewelry,pretty too, but static as usual, on a podium, until male dancers slowly turned it, a good predictable vocal, didn't excite me though.

Duet - With Christina Aguilera - "Beautiful" quite a strange beige dress on Rebecca, with multicoloured sequinned yoke collar, looked a bit like what an African Tribes Woman, would wear, or an ancient Egyptian, Christina's face looks very bloated & rounded (fillers??) Rebecca too static even walking down stairs & her nasal vocals paled to Christina's, who out sang Rebecca

One Direction :- Only the crowds & those around them, crying in their VT 1st Song - "Your Song" dressed to go Xmas shopping again, that cardie hood up looked stupid, in tune most of the time, but a bit messy & lack lustre, a quite disappointing performance for a final!!

Duet - With Robbie Williams"She's the One" The Group were dressed better, for once. Very wobbly start, Out of tune & off key in most of it!! Robbie walks in in his usual arrogant manner nodding his head to crowd as if to say "yes the star is here!!" then doing his mad stare eye's & the gurning face of someone off their tit's on coke, very off putting!! as if them singing off key wasn't distracting enough!! But they sounded better after he turned up than before maybe because they sounded good compared to him!!

Cher Lloyd :- Bit of tears in VT 1st Song - "My Momma Told Me/Get Your Freak On"  Nice make-up & OK hair BUT!! Cheap skanky looking clothes, especially the lips print trousers!! the get your freak on bit was OK not so keen on the rest. Louie wrongly thinking "Get Your Freak On" was by Rhianna, was very amusing though!!

Duet - With Will-i-am - "Where Is The Love/I Got A Feeling" Good God WTF?? what a bloody awful outfit!!! It's like the daughter of Peewee Herman would look!! eeeeeeek!!! She started out well enough, then Will-i-am came out singing BADLY and dresses equally stupid with a huge computer cartoon Icon pendant on huge chain round neck.think it's safe to say she is gone tonight.

Rhianna performed & stripped to one of her numbers, not sure of title as I it's not on the Rhianna album I have so assume it's called "Whats My Name?" lol as that's what she kept asking the crowd!!
Cant say I'm a big fan of the song, not my type of thing but catchy I guess!!

Christina was up next with a raunchy number called "Burlesque" good performance, but her hair looks terrible, it looked like it had been powdered on top with talc, dull & frizzy with no shine, like a bad wig. Liked the dancers raunchy burlesque costumes especially the piano key mini skirt!

Votes in lets see who doesn't make it through to tomorrow, my ££££'s on Cher!!! Rebecca SAFE, One Direction SAFE, Matt SAFE...... Cher to go!! Just like I said last week!! If I knew it, the judges who said they have no Idea, were either lying, or poor judges!! I have been getting it pretty spot on all along I should of placed some bets in the bookies!! All in all a dull lack lustre show, but at least we didn't have to endure a solo singing performance from Robbie, with his mad eyes & gurning face!! Thank God!!

Watched The Xtra Factor Konnie Huq cocks up immediately with her opening statement to Cher, who has just been booted off "Night of dreams" ..... yeah I bet she so dreamt of not winning!!! Nice hair, dress & jewellery though Konnie

Celebrity Panel, Al Murray likes Matt, Daisy Lowe wants Rebecca to win, Tom from McFly quite liked Cher, Daisy thought Cher upstaged Will-i-am (she did, but then that wasn't hard to be honest!!) Alexandra Burk complimented them all but backed One Direction, nobody mentioned how One Direction really cocked up on vocals, with Robbie Williams duet, being shaky & off key & out of tune (bet that's auto tuned before it's repeated on ITV2!!) Good taste Dermot not to like Cher's, lips jogging bottoms!!

Read the paper, while half watching Dara O'Briain Live at The Theatre Royal (a repeat as usual with BBC)...... more on Matt shagging his make-up artist, moments after meeting her, in his dressing room (is he after Russell Brands "Shagger Of The Year" title in The Sun??) 

More on Camilla being poked with a stick through the open window of royal car, by a feral piece of scum that supposedly has the qualifications needed to get a place at Uni!! The Queen is not amused!!

Also more on the husband of the Indian wife, murdered in South Africa, The Accused Cab Driver, who admits involvement, said he was paid by the husband to do it, with so many honour killings with Asians I don't know what to believe!!?

A French man has been given a free sex change in UK & hormones for rest of his life, after being turned down for the Op in his own country I have many sex change friends & sympathise, but he should of been allowed the op but had to pay, he has paid nothing into the NHS & many who have can't get life saving/improving drugs as the NHS is cash strapped!!

Apparently the Wolford bondage tights Cheryl Cole wore to perform (mime) on Xfactor, have been the Xmas best-seller in Selfridge's, selling out three times, since she was seen wearing them, I'm surprised as they managed to do the seemingly impossible & make Cheryl's legs look chunky!! & if they can do that to tiny waif like Cheryl what will they do to the rest of the average to large sized lady's???

Sunday 12th Dec, woke at 10.30am despite not falling asleep untill 5am, sent a text to Julie at 12.15pm to see what time they'd be over? and she said in about 30mins, wore black wet look leggings & cream turtle neck sweater & long black boots. Julie & Erdal turned up at 12.45pm with hangovers from her Epson Xmas do, with three presents one very large but lightweight about size of ironing board! 

They said they'd been to mums grave to lay a Xmas reef, must get down there before Xmas, just felt so ill recently!! We exchanged Christmas presents & Erdal was feeling poorly and tired so after 15-30mins of chat they were gone. Erdal was going to go to the Turkish shop downstairs to get some Turkish Garlic Sausage before going home. 

Caught up with the Coronation Street omnibus, doom & gloom of the tram crash, so depressing it felt more like EastEnders, while having a fish pie & home made spicy ratatouille, for lunch. 

Did a bit of dusting & hoovering then put a Linda McCartney Toad In The Hole, in the oven to cook, while watching Come Dine With Me on More4, then it was time for the results of The Xfactor Final.

So the show starts & out come the judges, Dannii looks gorgeous in frosty silver, Cheryl's dress is a nice red & top half is OK, but not keen on the fit/shape below the bust, also that chignon bun look doesn't suit her it's too ageing, but at least the make-up is better tonight, Louie looks like a tango'd (orange) Peewee Herman, Simon same ole same ole!!

The Xfactor Finalists time do their joint song, Take That's "Never Forget" before being joined by Take That, half way through. Despite Howard doing lead vocals, Robbie was still doing his smug nod to camera, as if to say "Oh yes you luck people I'm here!!"

Matt Cardle :- 1st Song - " Firework" Awful styling chocolate shirt & banana yellow trouser (stylist Grace obviously not taking being dumped well!!) hair was an utter mess!! You could tell the song was putting a strain on his voice, (marred by illness) but he made a fair effort, but had he been well he would of been much better!!  

One Direction :- 1st Song - "Torn" dressed to go Xmas shopping again, sang a lot better than last night though, they didn't hit any flat bum notes tonight, good performance but a bit boring stood on a platform!!

Rebecca Ferguson :- 1st Song - "Sweet Dreams" Bad ugly hair & horrific make-up especially the lipstick, plus a vile ugly badly fitting gold dress & static knock kneed yet again!! good but nasal voice if I didn't know the song the words would not be clear

The freaks that never made it through were up next singing  Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" they took out the romance & just left the BAD in!!! every year the rejects song is amusing, this year its just sad, it's the 1st time that they not only sang badly but they even forgot, most of the small lines they had each, it was as if the lunatics had escaped the asylum!! This year it was uncomfortable rather than funny to watch!!

Voting has been stopped so we will see who is out next (my money is on One Direction) then the remaining two will do their version of the Xfactor Christmas record!!

Out goes One Direction, many people on twitter were shocked, I wasn't, they sing well (most of the time) but need styling to make them look less bitty & more of a distinct package & the lack of moving around as a group makes them a bit dated like Westlife on stools or Boyzone all stood in line, they need to be a bit more of a new Blue not a new Westlife.

Mat to sing winners song 1st, Rebecca 2nd to win the show!!

Matt Cardle :-  Thankfully they have sorted Matt's hair out somewhat & shiny choc suit is an improvement on the bananaman trousers of before!! Matt's voice sounds better, which made me wonder if he is actually miming to his already recorded winner song?? Twitter are saying he has murdered this Biffy Clyro song, can't say I know the song, or heard of Biffy Clyro before.

Rebecca Ferguson :- Rebecca in a long red badly fitting shift dress like Cheryl, still with bad hair, but thankfully the horrid purple lipstick is gone, thinks nerves are settling in as she is a bit warbley, her rendition of song is doing nothing for me either to be honest, and again stood static centre stage apparently she's singing Duffy's "Distant Dreamer" never heard of it??

I thought the winners song was always 2 versions of the same song, another Xfactor change this year, to be honest I wouldn't buy either, there very moody & downbeat for the Xmas period too!! Prefer Matt's I have felt he would win from when he got through Judges houses, Dannii is also the most hands on judge with her acts, so deserves a win & Rebecca will do fine in 2nd place & it will stop Cheryl being smug about winning 3 years in a row!!

Take That take to the stage to sing their latest single, again acts like it's a solo act & they're his backing singers, with that manic look on his face & the occasional not to crowd while in his head his saying "Oh yes you lucky people Robbie really is here!! soak it up!! (vomit)

And the winner is Matt just as I always expected (damn why didn't I place bets? I could of amassed one hell of an accumulator!!) he re sings his winner song all warbling with emotion, but no Christmas tree in the background, with the cheap styling, the lack of celebrity mentors for the themes each year & the cheap sets this years Xfactor has spent less money, yet earned more money, than past years, this year I feel!!

Then I turned over to ITV2 for The Xtra Factor, Konnie looked well awkward interviewing Simon Cowell on stage, but even more so when a somewhat tipsy Shaun Ryder said Matt got through because he is hot, then did the tongue in cheek faux BJ impersonation!!

Turns out Matt was in top 2 every week only 2nd once the 1st week when Mary was 1st, after that it was either Mary 2nd or Rebecca & "Beetles week" Katie was 2nd! Never One Direction, despite people thinking they were favourites!! saw Matt's video for single I won't be buying, but will wait to see how album turns out!!! who knows maybe I might buy that! 

Crashed out but couldn't sleep which is annoying as I had to be up at 5.30am to perform Brainstorm in front of BBC exec's last time I recall checking clock it was 4am!!

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