Sunday, 20 March 2011

Working With Automatic Weapons, So Don't Upset Me, Or I Might Take My Work Home With Me!

Monday 7th March, Woke at 8am, still with a bit of a painful Migraine hangover. I can't recall any dream, if I did dream, but then my sleep was very restless & disturbed, due to stress. I'm feeling very hurt by my brothers arrogant & ill informed words, he thinks he is so cleaver & knows how I spend my days/life but he doesn't have a clue! He is just a smug, judgemental, smart arse & obviously not that smart, as he failed to get any facts right, other than that  Karen/Andrew & Jessie didn't get a card sent! What's most frustrating is, Alex's one not turning up, after the effort I made to get it early & send it in time! 

I got ready to have my 2hr walk round the park, my head neck & shoulders are still in a lot of pain, as are my coccyx. I got changed with Lilly Allen's "It's Not Me It's You" Album on full blast with "Fuck You" by Lilly Allen on repeat, with me singing it on the top of my lungs as I dressed!! (click yellow title to hear song) Which did make me feel a lot better (despite my pounding head!) I think I am beginning (with the help of that song!) to move on from being Deeply Hurt, to just plain Fucking Angry! 

 Don't Make Me Angry
You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry!!

When I told my friends, what he said & why, their choice of words for him were colourful at best! Had my Alpen  changed into black leggings and my black Petite Bateau top, pulled on my long black coat & had my 2hr walk & then got myself a comforting caramel cappuccino & went to the Job Centre & printed a few more jobs off of their machine to apply to.

Then I came home did a bit of dusting then it was lunch time, I steamed a salmon fillet & had with taboui salad & kidney bean & bulgar wheat salad, washed down with a Diet Coke. I applied to the jobs I printed off from the Job Centre, then went online & applied to more jobs while watching 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' LOVE that show (love most of the Real Housewives shows)

Gretchen & Vicki
Real Housewives Of Orange County

Then I watched 'Come Dine With Me' then washed the inside of all my windows, I will have to see if the window cleaner, that the girl at my letting agents, gave me the telephone number of, will do the outside of mine. I have been trying for 8 years with no joy with window cleaners, as they won't do my front windows as its on a busy road. I watched 'Home & Away' applied online for several more jobs & a load of auditions. 

My beauty professional friend Kathryn emailed me to say, she had sent me off some Satura Pro to trial, which both thickens & increases hair growth. Which I'm very keen to try, as due to several head traumas (during several of my 7 car crashes *I don't even drive*) Including one where my head went through the windscreen & I received (15 stitches) in my head! Also an accident where a 3" pronged hair comb was hammered into my head, after a accident in a Jacuzzi area in a spa (5 stitches) and I slipping on black ice on the snow (despite wearing snow boots) and smashing my head near my temple open on a wall last January (3 stitches) below

If I had a G.I Jane shaved hairstyle I'd have tram lines all over my head! from all my injury's. Also Going through the Menopause early at 42yrs has also thinned my hair (which was fine to start with anyway) and being depressed & stressed over my mum has done my hair & skin no favours, over the past couple of years too. So I am curious to see if trials actually show a difference to my hair? If so I was going to recommend it to my brother, who's looks are being ruined, by the front of his hair thinning badly (but after his latest outburst part of me thinks sod him, if it works maybe I will keep it to myself & if he finds out by other means fine, but much as he has hurt me I don't think I can be as petty as him! 

 Bill Thick Hair
 Bill Thinning Hair

I did tell him the wet look, stiff gel he uses on his hair is not good for it, many a hairdresser I know, have advised guys to use putty & not a stiff gel, to get the same effect, as stiff gel, rather like stiff mascara (with no elastaine in) tends to make the stiff hair, break off at the roots, the way stiff mascara breaks off eye lashes. I told him this several times, but in typical fashion, he either ignored what I said each time, or looked at me as if I was a idiot! Even though the advice I was giving, was coming from male hair care professionals. So in the end I gave up, as he was too arrogant to listen, and so I just watched, the front of his hair get thinner & thinner! Mum & Dad had fine hair, like me, but it was never showing so much scalp like his! Anyway I digress, I will let you know how my trial of the product goes, when it eventually arrives!

I was peckish later, but not hungry enough for dinner so I had some Branston Pickle Mini Cheddars (which I'm quite addicted to) dipped in coleslaw which was surprisingly a nice combination! I sorted out clothes to wear tomorrow, as I need to be up early. Watched the Soaps Corrie & EastEnders, then Glee (yes I'm a Gleek) then Law & Order UK on ITV+1 while trying to catch up, with last weeks blog, which I'd got behind on, as my brother had upset me so much, I just couldn't write it, despite trying briefly Sunday, when I had a killer migraine. Then went to bed at 11.30pm, as I still felt rough from my migraine hangover, and I needed to be fresh, to use my brain for the quiz show run through tomorrow! (Calories consumed 1,280)

Tuesday 8th March,  I was still awake & trying to sleep when my alarm went off at 5.50am, bugger!! My sleep isn't good at the best of times, but this upset my brother has caused, hasn't helped any! I had a wash & washed my hair & made a breakfast of sugar free Alpen & a coffee. I did my make-up, dried my hair with a flicked fringe & tied hair back & added my fake curly pony tail. It's bright but quite cold out, so I wore my black studded leggings & a Deep Peacock Green Jersey & satin blouse (Mum got me it, for my Birthday, from Jane Norman, I was actually wearing it when I was at her bedside in A&E when she died in hospital) 

I packed 2 Diet Cokes & a packet of Twiglets into my bag, not knowing how long it would be, before we finished the run through or got refreshments. I popped to the shop & got a Sun paper, to put in my bag for the journey. Put on peacock green dangly earrings & my Electric blue pashmina as well as my long black coat!

I set off for the station at 8.10am & walked to the station & got the 8.20am fast train to Kings Cross, wondering If I should of got the cheaper 9am train (but as I'm getting expenses anyway I guess it doesn't really matter!) But as I have to get all the way over to Turnham Green Piccadilly/District line, it's probably best I go the earlier time, just in case knowing my luck. I was served by my normal flirty BR worker. I got the fast train to Kings Cross, then hot footed it onto the Piccadilly line. 

I was sitting on the tube when I saw that Turnham Green had red writing over the top of the station, saying Piccadilly line trains only stop at this station, during very early, or very late hours (no info on when very early ends, or very late starts Major FAIL London Underground!!) So it was either change at Hammersmith, one stop before Turnham Green & get on District line & go 3 stops to Turnham Green, or stay on one stop, to Acton Town & go back 2 stops on the District line, to Turnham Green.

I chose the latter as its 1 less stop & I didn't know how far I'd have to walk, from Hammersmith Piccadilly line, to Hammersmith District line, where as at Acton, I knew I just crossed a bridge & also, as it was only 9am it might still count as early enough to stop at Turnham Green (But apparently not!!) Bloody stupid to sail right past the stop if you ask me! London Underground pull your finger out & rather than stating very early & very late put actual times trains cease & restart at bloody stations, you twats!!! 

I got off at Acton & went over the bridge to the District line platform & waited 5mins for a train to Turnham Green. I followed directions, and turned left out of the station walked down to the lights & turned left again & High Road House, was easily found with its big green canapé outside. I'd arrived bang on 10am & went upstairs & joined my 3 kids (in their 20's) family team, funnily my family was the Joneses & Bob's was the Smith's he was the dad of his team. Bob arrived 5 mins after me & it was the 1st time I'd seen him unshaven.

It turned out that, poor Bob had been really ill over the last week, due to being exposed to the Elements on that freezing tour bus with me, in Essex (and he, unlike me, was in the warm Vajazzling for about a hr or so, while I was freezing some more, on the bus & doing my comedy bit in a field, between leaving the Beauty Parlour & getting to Faces Nightclub) I think after being very ill with Swine Flu at the start of the year, meant it made me immune from a cold/flu/pneumonia, from the extreme cold all day, while on the bus. We were given the rough run through, of how the quiz works by Rosetta the quizzes creator!! While we could help ourselves to tea or coffee from the sideboard. Then we did a couple of run trough's with show presenter Michael Underwood, which was fun as "The Smiths & The Joneses" were very competitive with each other we played like their was real cash to be won!! I was on good quiz question form despite being 36hrs with no sleep (but I was downing the coffees like a gooden

Michael Underwood

We had a 15min break, the kids went outside for a fag & Bob bought us a Cappuccino & we was chatting about how ill he was after the filming & basic chit chat. During this time I got a text from Award winning Photographer, Philip Gatward, saying he has arranged a photo shoot for Thursday & he'd email me times & any requirements before then. Then the kids came back & I told my 3, two boys & a girl my game plan, that I'd been thinking of to win! 

We went back in to play the Quiz in front of a BBC executive, a attractive Scottish guy in his 30's -40's. My game plan worked (Of Course!!) and my team the Joneses won Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaa!! The Exec seemed to like the format & maybe wanted a few tweaks (can't give you details of how it works, as its secret) I think it will be commissioned though, as its got an edge that other quizzes other than 'The Weakest Link' don't have. We finished around 2pm & Bob had to rush off as his car was on a meter which was about to run out. So I popped into a Italian restaurant next door with 3 of the quiz kids 2 girls & a guy, all 3 want to work behind the scenes in TV. I had the tomato & anchovy pizza bread starter & a Diet Coke, it was bigger than I expected for a starter. The kids had pasta dishes or chicken dishes. 

I called Daniel Brown Street Agency, while eating there, as they were only a few stops away on the tube in Battersea & they said to call for an appointment. I'd left them a email yesterday, saying I was near their office today, if they had a appointment opening between 2 & 3pm. I spoke to someone at the agency, but they had no appointments until the end of March. 

Hmmm bugger maybe on the 26th then, when I am down for the premier of the film I'm in 'Losing It'. So I paid off my bill & we all jumped on the tube. The Turkish girl who was one of the kids said "You are really intelligent aren't you I could tell by your rapid answers & broad knowledge of subjects" I said "People are quite shocked when they find out quite how knowledgeable I am, being a blonde with big boobs they expect a bimbo" We chatted about Turkish history & when I was talking to her about how the Ottoman Empire was funded to overthrow Constantine, she said "Wow I'm Turkish & even I didn't know that part of our history!" 

We went our separate ways at Earls Court & I got the Piccadilly line to Kings Cross & caught the fast train back to St Albans. I text Bob to say it was great seeing him today & I hoped he felt better soon & I'd been worried that going 36hrs with no sleep, was going to dull my brain, for the quiz questions today. But was pleased it didn't seem to! He text back " Thanks mate you was as sharp as a Stanley blade. Very Professional. See you soon x"   I replied " Thanks I surprised myself, how quick I was on no sleep!"   He text back "  I did love the way you corrected them on the tusk thing"   (referring to me pointing out that, one of the answers to their questions was in fact, incorrect as it referred to an enzyme not a material!) I laughed & replied "  I am a stickler for facts & a mine of useless information!"  

I walked back from the station up the High St, to the library & printed off my Aardvark contract & my script for 'The Fortune Teller' then went on to the doctors, just in time for my 5pm Acupuncture appointment, which is much needed, as I am still stiffer than a board! He put the needles in and my neck & shoulders were pulsating & spasming around the needle sites. But I gritted my teeth against the pain, hoping it would help in the long term. Got in & found out when I logged on, that the Zombie movie I'm in "Houseparty Of the Dead 6" is now viewable online (Click Yellow link below to watch!!)

Watched 'Home & Away' then fixed dinner of a kidney bean bulgar wheat salad, & watched 'EastEnders' then the brilliant 'Lion Country' with a packet of Branston Pickle Mini Cheddars, & a coffee & then crashed out at 9pm, after spending over 40hrs with no sleep (Calories consumed 1,146)

Wednesday 9th March, I woke at 8am I know I dreamt but for the life of me I can't recall it, had my usual Alpen & Diet Coke for breakfast, checked my emails. Philip Gatward has pencilled me in for midday tomorrow & wants me to be dressed up in, or to bring clothes, like I'm off to a Wedding, or a Day At The Races (That's no problem) Preferably more than one option! I will take the outfit I wore for my Birthday at Royal Ascot last year, The outfit I wore to my Brothers wedding, to Karen, a few Years back, plus a black dress & Aqua Jacket that I wore to Nat & Terry's wedding.

I mopped the kitchen floor that was getting filthy again & the bathroom floor, still waiting for Santander to send my details to bank online, so I can sort my finances, it still hasn't arrived, hope that's not another bloody thing that's been lost in the soddin post!!? Fortunately what did arrive this morning was the Satura Pro from Kathryn, which was something else to cheer me up, along with Lilly Allen!! Reading the instructions, it says you apply 15-20 drops to your scalp & rub in once, or twice daily (I'm opting for 20 drops twice daily) I will let you know of my progress. I tried it 1st thing & as my hair is below shoulders in length (so unlike a guy with no hair, or short hair) It makes my hair wet around scalp, so I have to re-style after use, or scrape back into pony tail or put on after washing hair & before drying it! Smells quite funky & herby a bit like Jaegermeister. 

Made a sandwich with wholemeal bread, spread thinly with mayo with spinach leaves, sliced tomato & sliced grilled Quorn, seasoned with low salt & ground black pepper, for my lunch. Then after watching 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' I spent the afternoon going over my lines for "The Fortune Teller" I like that my role is both quite ethereal & comedic. Most lines are fairly easily memorable, just one part where I am incantating a spell, is a bit of a tongue twister, mouthful! Then I did some job searches & applied for a load as always (where as my brother obviously assumes, I just sit around playing with my fanny all day!!) after that I checked the audition sites for work, then went through my lines again. 

I text Chris (who I met in The 2 Brewers) That I would be in London tomorrow, if he still wanted to meet up, when I was in London? He text back at 6.26pm saying "  Is that calendar girls or something? "  I said "  No for a photographic portfolio/exhibition"   He didn't message back further, so I've no idea if that's a yes or no, and I'm not one to chase after someone for an answer. If they want to see you, they will give you an answer, if you have to hound them to see you whats the point!!  At 6.30pm I watched 'Home & Away' Then it was dinner time. I grilled a Tuna steak, and had with a skinned diced avocado, sliced cherry tomato's and 3 bean salad. Plus I treated myself to a can of K Cider & a Curlywurly to cheer myself up a bit. I then did the washing up then settled down for a bit of evening TV.

 Louisa & Adam
Adam & His Identical Twin

So at 8pm I watched the last of Beauty & The Beast, this week it was the fab twin Adam, who has been in it throughout the series, with a rather sweet, but clueless, make-up artist Louisa, it was probably the sweetest pairing of the series. Then watched the 2nd of 'Jamie's Dream School' (after checking this weeks OMG wasn't the one I was on!) I missed last weeks Dream School, but seems I didn't miss much, pretty boring & then the Biggest bore of all 'The Model Agency' I don't know why I keep tuning in, in the hope it will improve, where as it's obvious by now it wont!! 

Then I went in the back room & sorted out my stuff for tomorrow (& in doing so, messing up, my sorted back room, somewhat!!) I got my black, red & purple dresses together. My black/white court shoes & my cream satin shoes. My cream, red & aqua jackets. Then my Big Black & Big Cream hats in my big Hat-box. Plus my cream Channel style quilted shoulder bag with chain strap & my Salvador Ferragamo black handbag, plus a load of jewellery. Then I had a bath & went to bed at midnight.

Thursday 10th March,  Got up at 8.45am, after a restless night where I only got 1 or 2hrs sleep tops!! I got on the scales weight has stayed same, then I had a wash & washed my hair fixed myself a coffee & sugar free Alpen for breakfast. Today is the day I do The Modelling Shoot, with the Automatic Weapons, at 12noon, for Philip Gatward see his previous pics Here  I put the Satura Pro on the front of my scalp area where my hair is finest & weakest, and massaged it into my scalp & dried my hair, it kind of acted a bit of a styling/setting lotion, as my fringe is more full & stiffer for it. I did my make-up as if I was going to an event, and put my Annabelle's half wig in, as under such big hats, my own hair, though below shoulders, doesn't show much. 

Then I got dressed in black wet look leggings, my peacock green Jane Norman shirt, that I wore for the quiz run through, Tuesday. I wore the Aqua Jacques Vert over that, to save me carrying that too. I packed the clothes, shoes & accessories, in my big Fitness 1st rucksack (Terrorist Chic!!) As my smaller of my trolley cases, is hard to maneuver, when I have my big hat box too!...

I pulled on my long boots, my long black coat & my black sequined beanie/beret, then I set off at 9.30am, and caught the 10am train getting the fast train to Kings Cross. I text Chris while I was waiting for the train to come saying "  So are you up for meeting in London today? I will be finished from my shoot around 2.30-3pm if so when & where? So I know how much time I have to kill!?"   He replied at 10.03am saying "  I am working. Cannot just leave sorry"  which was just lame & dumb! Obviously I wasn't asking him to leave work & meet up. I asked what time & where? As I didn't know where in the city he was working, or what time he finished? I took that as a lame get out reply! But just to double check he wasn't just being dense (which he didn't seem, when we met!) I sent one final text, saying " I didn't expect you to leave work, you fool, I was asking if you want to meet where & when after your work finishes? unless your finishing at 9pm!! " 

I got to kings Cross & headed for the Victoria line, to go to Highbury & Islington where I changed for the overground to Dalston Kingsland. I then walked to Dalston Junction, where I asked for directions to Philips Studio, which were quite straight forward. By 11.45am Chris hadn't responded to my last text, so he has obviously bottled it! Oh well his loss, shame I thought he had a bit of fiery gumption about him, obviously not! I arrived at the studio phone intercom, bang on noon & at the same time as another guy, who it turned out, was also from St Albans (what a coincidence) 

As we went into the studio Philip strongly reminded me of a spitting image (but a taller version) of a photographer friend of many years ago 'David Arnold' from Panda Photographic's (They dealt in B&W photography, for advertising) His assistant Julie made me a coffee, while the guy from St Albans changed into a Doctor's blue scrubs & posed with big Automatic Weapons. A large black guy arrived who looked quite like Leiha's Maori love interest Elijah in 'Home & Away'. I chatted to him in the chill out section of the studio, while the photo session, was going on below us. When that session was over, Philip decided on the red outfit & to do some with cream hat shoes & bag & then some with black accessories. He said I'd needn't of bought the shoes, as they'd not be in shot (thats 2 lots of weight in my rucksack, I and my bad neck/shoulders could of done without, had I known)

I got changed in the roomy studio bathroom, when I came out the Elijah look alike said "Wow you look amazing I'm in Love!!" I laughed & said "Does the races/wedding guest look, do it for you then??" he laughed & said "I guess so!"  I had to pose with these huge Automatic Weapons, which would be fine If I could hold them with both hands. But I had to hold with just one hand, while holding a glass of champagne in the other. Which put a real strain on my small hands (so small I can slip children's bangles on) My arms & my already painful neck & shoulders. But I did my best to be professional & smile through the pain (While hoping that the pain & discomfort didn't show, through my eyes, or with a grimacing smile!) They tried some more with the huge weapons, but also with a Golden Desert Eagle, hanging out of my cream handbag. Now that was an amazing looking weapon, I'd of liked some snaps holding that one, it was still heavy, but not like the huge monsters I was holding!

The Desert Eagle was a bit heavy looking in my bag, so they tried with another one (not quite as attractive) Then they tried some with the black hat & bag. My forehead was pretty sweaty from the heat of the lights, the cream hat & the strain of trying to hold such a heavy weapon aloft, with just one hand (My hand/arm went dead or got cramps, on several occasions!) So my fringe was wet & stuck to my head, so I needed to sort that, before donning the black hat! Two more people had arrived during my session & had joined the Elijah lookie likey, in the chill out area, and were watching me, along with him on the viewing platform. Then we went back to the cream hat again & eventually the session was over & the Elijah lookie likey started to pose for his takes, in tennis gear, that he'd changed into during my session, while I changed back into my original attire!

I got chatting to the young blonde guy, waiting to be pictured his name was Shaun & it turned out we had a couple of mutual friends including Davey Tyler, my buddy that I did OMG with recently. We chatted for a bit while munching on a couple of slices of the tomato & anchovy pizza, that had arrived for us, and Shaun added me on Facebook. Philips assistant Julie said she would email me copies of the photo shoot in about 2-3months, once he'd decided which shots were going into his project etc, then I headed off for Dalston Kingsland station, to go back to Highbury & Islington on the Victoria line.  

Walthamstow Central, was only 4 stops from there, so I text Nat (above) to see if he was home, if I popped over to visit (As Chris had proved to be a bit of a lame duck, let down) He was, but was going out at 6pm, which was fine, as it was only 3pm. So I got on the Victoria line at Highbury & Islington & took the 4 stops to Walthamstow Central & popped to Nat's for a chinwag, chilling with a couple of glasses of chilled smoothie YUM!! I also picked up my cream gloves, that I left there ages ago (before Christmas I think, after we did their local pub quiz) Tried a bit of one of Nat's veggie burgers, that he made (very nice) chatted with Nat until 6pm. Then I headed back to the Victoria line station (Still no word from Chris, shame out of the 5 of my cougar night pulls, he was looking to be, the only promising one, looks like it may be a cross not a tick in his box too!!....... Next!!) Thankfully Nick who turned out to be married has NOT got back to me after his holiday with the family, so that saves me having to tell him, to do one!

Got to Kings Cross at 6.30pm, but as I didn't have a peak time ticket I couldn't go through the barrier until 7pm, bugger!! So I popped to Costa Coffee for a yummy Caramel Cappuccino, while I waited for 7pm to come, Jennie text to say to come over. I said I was in London & I was waiting to get a train after 7pm so I'd not be back until 8pm! She text " That's no problem see you around 8!"   Caught the 7.10pm train back got in took my half wig off & scraped my sweaty fringed hair, back into a pony tail & popped to the shop for some decaf Diet Cokes, as Jennie never has any instant decaf coffee, and grabbed a prawn Mayo sandwich & Twiglets as I was starved & there was no time, for me to make dinner!! Then I legged it to Jennies & I was there for 8pm by the skin of my teeth! Chatted a bit about this & that & watched the soaps then on came 'Love Thy Neighbour' Jennie & Edgar had never seen it before & I explained how couples were competing for a cottage in 'Grassington Village Yorkshire'. 

The bigoted villagers were just as unpleasant as last week. The two couples this week were a lesbian couple trying for a baby & a life model (who was almost as unpleasant as the villagers, but not quite) She went in all aggressive & guns blazing assuming that, as she was a Yorkshire lass born & bread & they were a bunch of bigots, that she'd have a fair old lead on the lesbians, vote wise, but her loud & aggressive ways & tantrums, ended up with her shooting herself in the foot & the lesbians (below) actually ending up with more votes!!

 Headed home at 10pm tired, got home & unpacked my attire from the photo shoot and hung them up/put them away, made a decaf coffee & watched 'Friday Night Dinner' then 'The Ricky Gervais Show' then after removing my make-up and putting on night cream & massaging Satura Pro into my scalp & using the Satura lotion on my lashes & eyebrows, I retired to bed shattered neck & shoulders aching & arms feeling like I'd done 3hrs of free weights down the gym!! (Calories consumed 2,081)

Friday 11th March,  Woke up at 8.30am I dreamt but sleep was too disturbed to recall, what about. I should have money in my account today so I should be able to write & post off a cheque to pay my Very Red Gas Bill. My rent money should clear in the next day or so, for me to be able to pay February's rent, then judging on what I have left, once I have put some food in the fridge, hopefully I will have enough left over, to post some of Bills family's Xmas prezzies (No doubt he'd accuse me of using this time, since his outburst a week ago, to buy some, but they were all bought & wrapped before Xmas & were piled up on the lounge table, when Julie & Erdal popped round to swapped presents, because there are so many of Bills family, I have to start buying early, before anyone else!!) 

I pulled on my dark size 10 jeans that are now very snug!! They use to be so loose I could take them off or pull them on without undoing (meanwhile my newer, worn once size 8 jeans, sit unloved on my wardrobe shelf!! I have to get back in the gym as soon as neck/shoulder/back is sorted!!) I wore that with my Khaki V-neck long sleeved Petit Bateau T-shirt & matching jersey cardie,  rubbed the Satura Pro into my scalp & pulled hair back into pony tail.

I had a plain 3 egg omelet for breakfast and a Diet Coke, then I popped to the shop for milk & a paper, and popped my cheque to EDF in the post, then when I got back indoors I washed the breakfast plates/dishes from today & yesterday, then went online and applied to some more jobs & auditions. While listening to 'Loose Women' & 'The News' then I grilled some Tuna & cubed it & had it in a wholemeal pitta pocket, with salad, plus some Wotsits on the side. I hoovered the hall, back room, bedroom & stairs then settled down with a coffee & chunky KitKat to watch 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' oh to have such a glamorous life in such good weather! Then for the rest of the afternoon it was back to sorting through old papers & paperwork & throwing out the trash!

Made myself a spicy cottage pie with Quorn mince, minty peas & lots of herbs & spices from my spice rack, with Weight Watchers mash on top!! which I had with a side salad. Went over my lines in the 'Fortune Teller' script that I'd been sent, then watched some TV, the usual soaps then 'The Mentalist' 'Friday Night Dinner' 'NCIS' then I finished off last weeks blog, which I had got behind with, due to upset caused on the Saturday. Finished it at 2am, so I decided to wait untill tomorrow to add pics & post. I put more Satura Pro on my scalp & brows & lashes then crashed out shattered. (Calories consumed 1,550)

Saturday 12th March,   Woke up in extreme pain at 9.45am downed a load of pain killers, but it just dulled & not removed the pain. Candie text me at 12.46pm saying 'Guess what arrived returned to me in the post today?....... Your Diary with the address ripped off & opened but in a plastic bag with a label return to sender!!!! Bloody post still better than lost for good, I'll post it Monday recorded del xxx'  Unbelievable she sent me that at the start of January & it's now mid March!!! I replied 'Bloody Post round here ... my brother has no idea!!.... Why the hell did they post it back to you, if they looked at the front page of my diary they'd see my (the owners) address & could of sent it straight to me!!?' She responded 'Obs some thieving postie thought it was something valuable' I said 'At this rate all the other things I haven't received should arrive around July/August' Had a shower then had a coffee & chunky KitKat to keep hunger at bay as didn't fancy a breakfast, breakfast! 

I popped to the shop & got a paper & some Diet Cokes & posted off my contract to Aardvark, then I went down to my local nail bar, to use the last of my free manicure vouchers on an infill & polish & took a iridescent blue/grey polish for them to use! I got home & had Sweet & Sour Quorn with rice for lunch, with a Diet Coke, then went online & found had a message from my (Ex Hollyoaks) mate Simon Cole, Saying he is back in London for some time, while getting things together for his Country & Western Album, that he is launching back in LA (where he now lives) Saying we must catch up for some drinks, gossip & giggles!! Hearing Simon was over really cheered me up, and put me in a totally different mood, than this time last week! 

 Simon Cole
Practised my script some more then watched 'Harry Hills TV Burp' made dinner of  a wholemeal pitta pocket, with tuna, olives & green salad inside, with some Twiglets & Diet Coke on the side. Then watched 'Take Me Out' the last one next week & still no date for Heidi. Then I added the pictures to last weeks blog & posted it pretty much a week late .... until my brother upset me, I'd got up to date with my blog grrr! Then I started writing this blog Watched the brilliant 'Tudors' typed a bit more of this blog then, washed, brushed my teeth & massaged Satura Pro into my scalp etc went to bed at 3am (Calories consumed 1,406) 

Sunday 13th March,  Laid in until 11am, dreamt but cant recall it, had a bath massaged Satura Pro into my scalp scraped my hair back in a pony tail & slipped on my grey Juicy Couture tracksuit, & had a coffee & sugar free Alpen for breakfast & then popped to my local off licence to get the NOTW and chilled with the paper for the afternoon. I got a call on my mobile, from a woman connected to the new Ch4 Pilot for a comedy topical show 'Is It Me' asking me a few more questions & saying Jay would give me all the final details Monday, but they would reimburse Zones 1-6 of my travel (£8 of the £15 I'd be paying so just over half!) 

Then at 3pm I had a sliced Quorn & pickle sandwich on granary bread with some Wotsits & a Diet Coke for lunch, hoovered the lounge & watered the plants, then after some more job & audition applications online, I settled down to watch 'Dancing On Ice' while writing my critique on this blog. I was not best happy with the result (if you want my views click HERE ) Then during the break, before the results show, I warmed up the other half of the Quorn Cottage Pie, that I'd made on Friday & had it with some baked beans, with a Diet Coke. 

For the rest of the evening I chatted on Facebook and Twitter a bit, to my friends & also to @ClareAtCan which some would say is one of the several spoof/parody Twitter accounts that sprung up after Clair Powell had Kerry Katona's, Hilarious Parody account @CurryKatona removed from Twitter, but I would say that, actually @ClareAtCan is more real, than the real thing, as well as being eye wateringly funny! Then I watched 'Outcasts' & continued writing this blog until I crashed out at 2.30am Calories consumed 1,363)

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