Wednesday, 19 October 2011

This Morning, From Sunshine To Snowflakes!!

Monday 3rd October, I woke at 6.30am, If I dreamt I don't recall it. Today is my 2nd day waking up pain free (Luxury) It's another beautiful sunny day, that feels like summer not autumn (I could get used to an Indian summer) I had a wash, washed my hair, dried it & twisted it into a topknot with a hair clip. I made myself a bowl of porridge & a coffee for breakfast. I moisturised my face & applied lip salve & mascara. I slipped on a black vest top, black jogging bottoms, B&W TrimSoles & a white hooded velour jogging top & headed out to the park super early, to have it to myself (No need to scare the public, by my make-up free fissog!!) I did 2.5hrs of power walking with 2lb weights on ankles, and worked up a sweat! 

I got home, and parceled up the four eBay items, that I sold today. I will post them later, after my Job Centre appointment. Next Monday is my BFF (Best Friend Forever) Candie's, Birthday, I wonder if she is planning to do something? I did some ironing while watching 'This Morning' Then sorted out more stuff to eBay, ready for the next time it's a free listing weekend! I found some old Lotto, Euromillions tickets & I checked the numbers online (No Win's SOB!!) So I won't be buying my mansion this week then! lol....

I haven't heard back from Alley the journalist, so I take it I won't be needing to make time & get ready for a photo shoot at mine today?! I don't know whether she is still negotiating the cougar story, with a magazine, or if it's a no go? She is not brilliant at getting back to you & letting you know whats happening (Like most journo's) So I guess only time will tell (Or wont tell)  My other orchid has begun to bloom for the 1st time in years & has some lovely deep pink flowers. 

The ITV Company, with the popular TV show, who said that they wanted me to come in & see them, emailed & phoned me again today. They want me to come into their TalkBack offices in Central London on Thursday. The time is as yet to be confirmed. I watched the news they said the HEATWAVE will tail off midweek & we could have SNOW by the weekend!!! WTF?? Our climate is truly screwed!!... Then even more shock news Amanda Knox has been free'd!! Was the Italian Judge mad, bribed or blackmailed?? I just cannot believe my eyes!!!!...

Amanda Knox, Innocent?.... I Really Don't Think So!!

For elevensies I had a mug of cup-a-soup & some chilli crisps, since yesterday I have been having a sensation similar to indigestion, which is odd on two count's! The 1st being I haven't had indigestion or heartburn since I became a vegetarian aged 15yrs (32yrs ago) The 2nd being I had my Gallbladder removed almost 3yrs ago, so I can't produce the bile, which causes indigestion & heartburn!! 

Also strangely, I seem to have Terracotta coloured poo!! Most odd!! The later may be caused by the amount of tomato, cayenne pepper & chilli in my diet at the moment? Maybe the former is too, or maybe it's my body's response to the local anesthetic & steroids from my Epidural Op? Who knows? 

I popped to the shop & got a Sun newspaper, then I had a Diet Coke, while I settled down & read the paper. The news headline is how Gary Barlow & Robbie Williams, think kids of 16yrs, like Luke Lucas shouldn't be allowed on Xfactor, after his melt down, at the judges houses auditions. After he performed badly, at his audition there. I'm not so sure they are right, some 16yr old's are more mature than others, look at that very young, blonde, little girl, who came 2nd on 'America's Got Talent' Jackie Evencho (below) She was more mature than Luke & yet she was, at least, around half his age.

Jordan, AKA Katie Price, has dumped her Argentinian, hottie, boyfriend, Leandro. The paper are saying that the reason is, because he couldn't keep up with her high sex drive (But I think that's media fed, hyped excuse, to keep up her sexy image) It wasn't long ago that Peter Andre was bemoaning, after they'd split, that he found it frustrating to have a hot, sexy, looking wife, when she wasn't like that at all in the bedroom & how she would rather go to sleep, than have sex! So I suspect whatever the reason was, it was not that her sexual needs, were not being met!

Katie & Leandro 

Prisoners have killed & disemboweled a paedophile in Frankland Prison, Durham. Not a nice way to go, but I for one, wont be shedding a single tear, or losing any sleep over him! The 23yr pervert, Mitchell Harrison, was also stabbed in the eye & had his throat slit! When he was killed by two Lags! The paedophile was found dead in his cell, on Saturday morning, with a home made knife rammed into his stomach! He was killed after inmates had allegedly, rumbled a plot he had to glass a guard. The attackers claimed they acted out of loyalty to decent *screws (*Officers) at the jail. 

Three suspects were arrested, one is double killer Nathan Mann (Any relation Ian? lol) who killed two patients in a nursing home, during a burglary.  Mitchell had multiple injury's, he was jailed in 2008 for raping a 13yr girl in Kendal, Cumbria, he'd lured her to his flat with the promise of booze & cigarettes. He raped her twice before she fled naked. At 13yrs he indecently assaulted a 7yr girl & at 15yrs he raped a 15yr classmate (Lovely chap!!)

The traditional British Cuppa (Above) could become a thing of the past, as young people shun tea. (Also we have become flooded with immigrants, who apart Indians, tend to be coffee not tea drinkers!!) Only 4% of the nations tea drinkers are under 25, while more than 50% are 45 or over (I'm not one of them, don't like tea, I never have, I only force down, vile green tea, for health reasons!) Most young people would rather drink bottled water, or go for a coffee with pals.

WTF Thousands of pounds of our taxpayers cash is being spent on training FOREIGN athletes for the 2012 Olympics (Which by the way I have no interest in!!) The Foreign Office is handing out £15,000 to South American hopefuls at the London Games.. WHY? The GIFT was said it was part Britain's 'Olympic Legacy' (What, the legacy of being doormats?) The cash will train 23 Bolivians in Sorejapa, on the banks of Lake Titicaca (It's definitely Tits up & a load of Caca!!)  So we are now we are actually paying, to train our soddin competition!? They will compete in Judo, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Swimming, Athletics, Cycling, Horse Ridding, Rowing & Canoeing!!.. Another £2,800 will be spent to send a coach for the blind paralympic athletes in Barbados (You couldn't make it up!!)

I was about to edit a half done blog when I spotted that my hater GLPGoddess had commentated on my 'Rain Pain Go Away!!....... Don't come Back another Day!!' Blog which I'd posted early this morning. Which made me laugh, she must have been laying in wait, to swoop, when I next posted a blog, to comment on it so soon aftr I'd posted it! My BFF Candie laughed & text, that GLP is losing her touch!! My actor pal Jamie laughed & said "She obviously needs to find a way to occupy all the free time she has on her hands! When someone gives your blog that level of attention, you know your important to them!" GLP will be seething at that!... My friend Ricky said "It's a win win, you clearly annoy the shit out of this person without trying, plus you get the pleasure of knowing you wind her up! She's miserable, your not - enjoy the power over her!!" (Oh to see her face when she reads that!) Candie said the main reason she checks my blogs is to see GLP's horrid comments adding "They're a bit rubbish now.... she's not putting in the effort!!" Which made me crack up

I had 4 fish fingers & some baked beans for lunch, then went to the job centre for my interview. Posting a few letters on the way. I came home & watched 'The Real Housewives Of New York'  Bethanny Frankel is with child & the rest of them are acting like children! I did a coloured laundry wash, wrote the addresses on the eBay parcels of the Items that have sold. Then I watched 'Come Dine With Me' followed by 'Home & Away' 

I made a Stir fry, with black bean sauce! Washed down with a Diet Coke. Then fixed my make-up and went round Jennies to keep the girls company, for the night, while Edgar went to darts. Watched the TV 'Extreme Makeover' & 'Steps Reunion' with a coffee & also a Galaxy bar. Then it was time for the NEW series of the fantastic 'Hotel Inspector' on Ch5. I loved the Black (or Navy) & White wrap dress, with a large floral print, Alex Polizzi wore when she arrived at the Dorset Hotel. Then I had a de ja vou moment, it was like the dress in my dream a day or two ago!! How odd!!...

Then I watched 'Big Brother' I love Aaron, but he needs to man up!! Big Time!! He is the 1st man that both Candie & I fancy, we normally have totally different, tastes except for Piers Brosnan (But anyone who doesn't fancy him, must be blind or have No Taste!) But Aaron needs to MAN UP!! ... the crying over the "Once you've had black"...... film quote, not impressive!!... But I have to say, in his Hill Billy wig & the drawn on, Porn Star mustache, he actually looked hot!! As he did his fast food task, when he really shouldn't have!! 

Big Brothers Aaron

Then we watched 'Made In Chelsea' Francis Boulle was as amusing as always, Caggey as beautiful as always, but Hugo still reminds me of a tall, thin, posh, Dean Gaffney! I'm still trying to work out where I know Spencer from? & Gabriella Ellis (Below) is still as mad as a box of frogs, with a really ugly, fake looking smile! Very unfortunate! Jennie had never seen it before and found it most amusing, Edgar came home very happy, as his darts team thrashed a supposedly much better one, with their own team shirts etc! Walked home around 11.45pm had a Diet Coke & went to bed. (Calories consumed 1,419)

Please Don't Smile!! Gabriella Ellis

Tuesday 4th October, I woke at 7.30am, I know I dreamt but it was all a haze on waking, like I was half awake & half asleep, while dreaming. I had a wash & dressed the same as yesterday, tied my hair back, then headed out into a grayer day, than of late. And set off for my 2hr power walk at 8.15am, I was on my way home around 10.20am, when the ITV show called me, for a bit more of a chit chat! to find out some more details about me. I got in had an apple & coffee for breakfast. Then quickly popped out to the shop For a paper & a Diet Coke & quickly got back in the warm.

I read the paper, the headline was OF COURSE, about the Shocking news, that Amanda Knox (Above) has been cleared of the murder of Meredith Kercher! I'm sure her parent's are delighted & many from her home town of Seattle, in the USA. But most of Europe (Myself included) Are very, very sure that, she's guilty as hell, and has got off due to a bad, Italian, policing, technicality. I feel sorry for Meredith's poor parents. 

Meredith's father John, said he couldn't believe the judges decision. Adding "It's ludicrous!! How can they ignore all the OTHER evidence? The result is crazy!" I wouldn't be at all surprised, if Knox's wealthy parent's, slipped the judge a backhander! Corruption is pretty rife in the Italian police force/judicial system! Just look how conveniently Versace's "Supposed" Assassin was found, and how he had conveniently killed himself, before the Italian police got to him! No way was it him, he was a disposable scapegoat, used as smoke & mirrors, conveniently dead & unable to talk, a mere pawn & not the culprit, just like Lee Harvey Oswald was over John Kennedy!!

The brilliant Theresa May, has vowed to end Britain's human rights farce!! (About bloody time!!) She also pledges to close the loophole allowing foreign criminals to stay here, due to their human rights!)

21yr Tattooed, Goth/Vampire, Jade Richards (Above) Who was dropped from The Xfactor's, Girls category. Will not be back, to audition for a 3rd time! Shame that she's a quitter at just 21yrs!! The amount of jobs you get turned down for in interviews is often very many, before your offered a job. Models & Actors get knock back, after knock back, at auditions, as do musicians. If they all gave up after two goes, they'd get nowhere. In life you get a lot of doors shut in your face, you have to just keep knocking until eventually someone lets you in! Get your act together Jade, keep practicing to get even better, lose some weight, to look a more sellable package & swallow your pride one more time!! She had a good voice, but she wasn't exceptional, it's just because like SuBo (Susan Boyle) she looked like she'd be bad (An overweight, tattooed, goth) that people find her singing amazing, not because it actually is!! Meanwhile 16yr reject Luke (Below) will re apply.

There were some awful pictures of a pumped up Jodie Marsh, after she has taken up body building, saying it's the best she has ever felt & saying with an extreme diet & weight training regime she has gone from a size 10 to a size 6 & has gone from 25% body fat to 10% body fat & has gained 8lb of muscle when she lost 20lb of fat.... She say's she feels the sexiest she has ever been, she certainly doesn't look it in those pictures! She said she wants a breast reduction, as they get in the way of her body building & they look ridiculous now that she has lost so much body fat!!

 Body Building Jodie Marsh
The Old Jodie Marsh

I watched 'Loose Women' & 'The News' then made a toasted, cheese & tomato toasted sandwich, which I had with some Wotsits & a mug of tomato soup. Not only is my neck still not hurting, but when I press my fingers hard against the back of my neck, up and down it, I can't feel the golf ball sized hard lumps & also it doesn't make the crunching noise, that it use to either! I guess that's the anti-inflammatory effects of the steroids? Lets hope it stays that way! My pink Orchid in my lounge is looking more beautiful by the minute. Well worth the 2yr wait, when it didn't bloom, from right after my mum died!!....

I did a load of boring, but essential household chores, yawn, then I did a load of job searches & applied for a bunch. It was then time for 'The Real Housewives Of New York' There is a NEW, single, housewife Sonia (A friend of Luann) I no likey!!!!.... She sort of looks like a muttony, Sarah Jessica Parker, she obviously has money (Married into it maybe) But she has no class & savoir fare. I think she will certainly rattle some feathers, I can't see Bethanny taking to her!! Then I watched 'Come Dine With Me' followed by 'Home & Away' 

Then I grilled some Quorn strips, & put them on 2 rice cakes with black bean sauce & had with a mug of tomato soup. I did the washing up, and mopped the kitchen floor, it sounded like it was blowing a gale out, then when I looked out it was very windy & raining! Bye bye Indian summer!

I watched 'Mary Queen Of Frocks' OMFG!! Why did none of the retail job sites, say Mary Porter (Below) was recruiting for some sales/management staff for her own shop, for sexy and stylish clothes for the over 40's?? I'd be brilliant for that, I'd do it standing on my head! They got the backing of House Of Fraiser too! Looking at the interviewee's, I'm 100% better than all that were shown, even the one's they liked.... Damn why wasn't it more widely advertised, job wise!?? Grrrrrrr!!!... Going to check it out when I'm next in London & I have time & see if their are any new job opportunity's!? Then it was 'Big Brother' time, followed by the fantastic & raunchy 'True Blood' Then I had an early night at 12.30am (Calories consumed 1,365)

Wednesday 5th October, I woke at 7am, not in pain, but feeling very odd! With my tongue & the roof of my mouth, numb & feeling fuzzy, with a slight, tight, feeling in my throat, WTF?? I am not sure if that's an after effect of the Steroid injection? Or down to eating too much spicy food? Or maybe even, some kind of food allergy? Well odd!! I know with nut allergy's people get a tight feeling at the back of throat, as the reaction starts. But I can't think of anything I'd be allergic to? As I've not eaten anything new! I wondered if it has got anything to do, with the indigestion-ish like pains, I've been getting, just above my abdomen since Monday? Very, very odd!!... Maybe its just my body burning calories in overdrive (I can live in hope!!) 

I dressed as same as yesterday & went for my 2hr power walk with 2lb weights round my ankles. The weather was gloomier and I almost expected to get rained on. I went home & had porridge with honey & a coffee. Then mopped the kitchen floor. Then popped to the shop and got toilet rolls & a Sun paper. I read the paper, the front page is all Amanda Knox again, winging her male guard in jail kept asking her about intimate details of her sex life, in private interviews (Of course he bloody did, poor Meredith's murder was a Sex Crime!!) Knox's said she was scandalised! (Didn't take her long to play the victim!!)

Cheryl Cole is going to host a Ch4 Fashion Show..... Oh pleeeeeeeze apart from a few lovely Herve Leger numbers, and despite having a stylist, she wears some bloody awful outfits!

Ken Clarke continued to show how out of touch he was & treacherously turned on his fellow party member Teresa May, at yesterdays Tory Conference, in Manchester (The sooner Cameron boots useless Clarke out the better!!) He wrongly poured scorn over, her claim that an illegal immigrant could not be deported because he had a cat, which was proof of his family life in the UK (She was right, it was on the news & in the papers, months ago, does the buffoon walk around with blinkers on?!!) The fool even offered her a bet, that she was talking non sense (I have yet to hear him talk any sense, re crime!!) Clarke ridiculed May's comments as he defended, the much hated 'Human Rights Bill' He will be doing another of his U turns soon, when he finds that Teresa May is in fact spot on!! Meanwhile idiot Clarke insisted, that he will NOT be scraping his plans to send fewer criminals to jail (Is it any wonder that crime is still soaring??)

A vile, sick, mother (If you can call the bitch a mother!!... maybe birth-er, would be a more apt name) tricked her young 4yr old son, into thinking he had cancer. Just so she could fiddle £100,000 in benefits (Evil Beyond Belief!!) She shaved his head & eyebrows & made him wear a bandana, to school to look like he'd had chemo. The boy NOW 9yrs went through the ordeal for 3yrs. She is also said to have claimed his 7yr sister was suffering from a serious illness, from the age of 3-6yrs. She even prevented her kids from taking part in school activity's, to keep up the pretense. The vile excuse of a mother milked the system for 7yrs, forging doctors notes, while collecting a carers allowance!! (Do these people not double check info)?..... 

Actually come to think of it they don't when I was on sickness benefit, they failed to pay me for 6 months, because some office dick head, kept tapping in incorrect numbers for my bank account (To wire 2 weekly payments) which I of course never got, despite me repeatedly telling them, plus giving them the correct info over the phone on average 2 times a week, as well as sending in signed info from my bank, stamped by my bank! With the correct info & statements to prove I had not received the cash! So if they can ignore repeated info handed to them on a plate, they obviously can't be arsed to check info either! The woman (Who for some reason can't be named) has done some psychological damage to those poor kids, sick cow!

Ramona - Real Housewives Of Orange County

I did a bunch of job searches & I had a message to say I had a interview next Monday for a part time job. I watched 'Loose Women' then I popped to post off some more of my eBay sales & got a £3 6" Subway & a drink deal for lunch, must do another big Asda shop, once I have some money in the bank, again. I got home & had my Subway with a chilli crisps. Then I watched 'The Real Housewives Of New York' Where I saw the funniest thing EVER!! Ramona was a catwalk model for a charity event, and the bulging, scary, mad eyed look she did, as she walked (See the video below) made me almost wet myself laughing it was comical!!... What was she thinking??.....

Ramona's, Scary, Stare, Catwalk Eyes

I watched 'Come Dine With Me' & then put a black load in the wash & did the washing up, my mouth still feels weird. Then I watched 'Home & Away' I did some sewing repairs & then heated up some vegetable soup for dinner. Then I watched 'Extreme Makeover' did another load of ironing, then I watched 'Big Brother' then 'TOWIE' Simon Cole text me back & forth from 10pm & we had a catch up chat. I felt a bit peckish so I had a cup-a-soup, while chatting on Twitter & I heard via Twitter that Apple's Steve Jobs, had died aged just 56yrs (Evil disease, Cancer) I did some more ironing & then went to bed, with a decaf coffee at midnight (Calories consumed 1,071)

Thursday 6th October, I woke up at 7am, with my tongue, now back to normal, thankfully & my back pain free, but a gnawing toothache-like pain, in my left knee (It is sooo going to rain today!) I hobbled down the stairs, to the bathroom for a wash, with my bad knee & I got on the scales. I have lost another 3/4lb good! (Better down, than up!) I wore black jogging bottoms, a peach long sleeved Petite Bateau top, with a black Velour hooded top, & my short white puffa jacket over the top & my white Reebok, EasyTone, trainers. I rubbed in some deep-heat cream into my knee, how much of an old biddy that makes me feel!!? Then I set off for my 2hr walk round the park. 

After my walk I got home & had cheese on toast for breakfast, washed down with a Diet Coke. And watched a bit of 'This Morning' before popping out for two first class stamps & a Sun paper. I got to the shop & got a Sun paper, the headline was a shocker! The Corrie soap actor, Michael Le Vell 46 (Below) who plays Kevin Webster, was arrested, in Manchester, over child abuse accusations, by a schoolgirl, he was held by police for 8hrs! As I got indoors, the same subject was being announced on 'This Morning' with a statement from his agent/corrie saying he vehemently deny's the accusations & will prove them to be false! He is said to be going through hell.

I have an audition for a popular ITV show, at 2.30pm. So I had a quick shower & hair wash & dried hair & changed into black wet look leggings, my long boots, a red jersey West One blouse & my red jersey Petite Bateau cardigan. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail & attached my faux ponytail. I did my makeup neutral except for black eyeliner & bright red lipstick. Then I pulled on my long, floor length, black military style coat, grabbed my bag & headed for the station at 12.45pm. I got my ticket & had a 10min wait for the fast train to London. Grabbing a 6" Subway on the way to eat for lunch on the train.

Once on the train I ate my Subway & read the paper also on the front page (Dwarfed by the shocking child abuse headline) is a small bit about Apple founder Steve Jobs, dying in his sleep, from pancreatic cancer aged 56. It is also predicted that Ken Clarke will be sacked by the PM, in his 1st cabinet reshuffle, that will be music to my ears. Clarke provoked fury across the Tory Party over his savaging of Teresa May, over the 'Human Rights Bill' on Tuesday at the Tory Conference. He placed a bet that she was wrong re a immigrant being allowed to stay, over a cat! But it emerged last night, as I was well aware (Unlike Clarke) that she was right!... The PM is also losing patience with Clarke, over his soft sentencing blue print. The PM rightly wants tougher punishments, even joking in his speech that he wanted Ken to read 'Crime & Punishment' & 'Mog The Cat'

It seems that newly single Jordan (Katie Price) has spent a night of passion, with Rugby player Danny Cipriani (Wow that girl, really doesn't waste much time, before jumping in the sack with someone else, at the end of a relationship!!).... she obviously believes in the adage, that the best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else!! Meanwhile there is a photo of Cheryl Cole, in a unflattering black & white, Moschino dress. That she wore to her friend Kimberley Walsh's, 1st night as Princess Fiona, in Shrek, The West End Musical. She'd better get her act together for her Ch4 fashion show. As that outfit did her no favours whatsoever!! She is too short for the style, it needs someone tall to do it justice!

I got to the TalkBack Studio's at 2.20pm & was ushered straight up & sat around filling in forms, and showing my passport & proof of address (A household bill) to prove I was eligible to work in the UK, I had my picture taken. Then at 3.44pm, Alley the Journalist called me & said 'This Morning' wanted me as a guest on their show & was I available to go on, at short notice, tomorrow morning? They will send a car for me, and arrange one to take me home! I said "Yes!!" but then at 3.45pm (1hr &15mins after my appointment time!!) I was called to be seen. So I told Alley to email me any details & my phone would be switched back on, in about a hour if she needed to get hold of me urgently!

I went in to the TalkBack office got fired a load of questions, which I answered. While I did, I was amazed to see, as I looked out of the window, behind my interviewer, that fine snow, was blowing outside the window WTF?? It was bright & sunny (Though windy & not warm) So I didn't expect snow, even though it is forecast for the weekend!! I got out of there just after 5pm (Balls now I have to wait until 7pm to get the train home, as I had an off peak ticket and I can't use it between peak hrs 4.30pm - 7pm) 

My knee was much too painful, to use my time, wandering round the shops in Oxford St, or to call a London buddy to meet up. So I sat in Kings Cross International station, watching the world go by. I got chatted up by some guy walking past, who reminded me of Randy (Below) from the excellent  'My Name Is Earl' and so I pretended to already have a boyfriend, to put him off & go. They have gigs by different bands now, in the station shopping area. The band tonight, were really good, which helped the time pass. I got a bit hungry so popped in Burger King, and had a veggie burger & I luckily had a voucher for free fries & drink when you buy any burger.

Randy - From 'My Name Is Earl'

7pm finally arrived & I got the fast Bedford train to St Albans. my feet were burning, so I sat on the wall by the station & took my boots off & took out my padded innersoles out of my boots, slid them inside my black socks & walked home in my socks, with my floor length coat you couldn't tell in the dark, that I wasn't wearing shoes anyway! Alley text me the 'This Morning' thing has been pushed back for some time in the next 2 weeks as its been bumped for someone talking about topical Amanda Knox. 

I got in had a milky coffee & watched the brilliant Philip Glenister in 'Hidden' on BBC1 as I couldn't bare to watch the little scrotes on 'Educating Essex' again!! Then I watched 'Big Brother' & 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side' before having an early night at 12midnight (Calories consumed 2,070 whoops)

Friday 7th October, I got up at 6.30am, had a wash & dressed the same as yesterday morning. Then I made myself some porridge with honey, plus a coffee for breakfast. Then headed out into a very, very, windy day, for my 2hr power walk. This is when hoodie designs annoy me!! They need a wedge like chink removed, out of the edge, of each side, as with just one gust of wind, it blows off your head! So you either have to constantly hold down the front, as you walk along, or put a cap on top of the hood, or safety pin it together, under your chin. Why can't they cut a pattern for a snug hood? We either get hoods unusable when its windy (The only time a hood is of use or needed) or the drawstring one's that look ugly!! (I pinned it with a safety pin, on the inside so not visible) 

I had my power walk, then posted off a cheque for my gas bill & my friend Candie's birthday card. Then I popped to the shop & got a Sun newspaper. The news headline was worse than yesterdays "Corrie Kevin Quizzed On, 'Rape Of Girl, 6' Le Vell 'in shock' at accuser's claim" Apparently the girl accusing the Corrie star, has told cops he raped her when she was 6yrs. The actor was said to be in a state of shock!

Welsh slapper Imogen Thomas (Above) is fuming over Katie Price & Danny Cipriani's night of passion together, as she thought she was Danny's girlfriend!! You'd of thought after her her experience, with married Ryan Giggs, the stupid slapper, would of kept her legs closed, when it came to celebrity sportsmen!! Stupid girl!!

There was a bit on 'The Xfactor' twist (Which was announced on Twitter & Facebook last night!) The twist is 4 of the 16 will be axed at the weekend, leaving 12. There will be no public vote's, the 4 judges will make the decisions based solely on the nights live performance! Hopefully Kitty & Frankie will be 2 of the 4! But somehow I doubt it!!....

Snow & winds of up to 70mph yesterday, confirmed our Indian summer is over before it began. Yeah it was another windy day today & very cold, felt like putting the heating on, but resisted! Luckily the snow yesterday when I was in London was over before it began. Talking of frosty, Amanda Knox father said she has been getting hate mail & hate phone calls, he also confirmed Amanda is set to write her memoirs (Great a murder gets off on a technicality & then makes money from it!) On the very unlikely chance she wasn't involved...... she was still, one cold bitch!!

Home owner, Malcolm White 62, who shot a raider, may have done so trying to protect his secret cannabis factory. Police called to the drama, stumbled upon a "Big Drugs Operation" at the isolated country house. The watchmaker fired the shotgun after catching to burglars at his home, on Wednesday night. He hit one in the leg & Mr White was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder (If he is a drug dealer, he won't be getting the same understanding, as other homeowners, that actually killed the vermin in their homes)

Meanwhile another example of the lack of justice in Britain, comes with the obscene story of how a prisoner charged with murder, attacked a warden, John Brown, causing him to end up in hospital with horrific injury's after being headbutted by the thug!! Yet it's John who gets punished, and is fired by the jail for assault, WTF?  Yet the prisoner had no action taken against him for his brutal assault on John (Again WTF???) No doubt the criminal scum will be trying for compensation, quoting human rights!!! Maybe John Brown should try using the human rights bill!!

I collected up the dry, black, washing that had been hanging to dry round the house. Then I did the washing up, I also did a load of job searches & then was asked by DJ Allan Turner Ward, to feature on his Radio Show on 'The Bay' Radio Station, 102.8FM as their 'Strictly Come Dancing' Expert because of my blog on the show!! Which you will find on this blog site. He said he will call me at around 3pm Sunday, so to be by a phone between 3-4pm. That's handy I can use the pod cast for my audio on StarNow. Did a load of job searches & then took the last eBay item I sold to the post office in a large box. Then went to my bank as two payments of £1.95 had been taken out by a company I'd never heard of & that I had not sanctioned! Just after that, while buying some fresh soup in Tesco for dinner, my friend Simon called me on my mobile at 12.30pm & we chatted for 10mins while I shopped.

I got in & fixed myself a yummy Butternut Squash, Honey & Basil soup & put it on tray with a small chocolate brownie, from the reduced cabinet in Tesco. Then took it upstairs & I tucked into them both, while watching 'Loose Women' then 'The New's' then I did some housework before settling down to watch 'The Real Housewives Of New York'  Which was as bitchy as ever!!... Shame I missed yesterday's episode, when I was at my ITV audition, I'd love to of seen the aftermath of Ramona's manic catwalk walk!!....  

I popped out to New York Nails, to get my nails cut down by 1cm as they are really long, and I had them painted a metallic gold, in a tribute to Jim & Irene's, Golden Anniversary. I got back in & did some more job searches for the rest of the afternoon. Then I watched 'Come Dine With Me' & the fab 'Home & Away' with a cup of coffee. I ironed some more clothes & put another white wash, in the machine. Then I sat & watched, the evening version of 'Come Dine With Me' while scoffing 4 Krisprolls & jalapeno & red pepper, humous, followed by another, small, chocolate, brownie & washed it down with a Diet Coke. 

Then it was time to watch 'Big Brother : Live Eviction' As expected Maisey went! Nobody in the house seemed that bothered, especially as Fay's busty, blond, wrestler, sister Jem, went in! (Their parents are obviously fans of 3 letter names!) I was contacted again by DJ Allan Turner Ward from 'The Bay' 102.8FM who'd asked to do a regular, spot on their Sunday show, talking about 'Strictly Come Dancing' based around my 'Strictly Come Dancing Critique'  which I post weekly. I updated my blog, after finalising arrangements for Sunday. I'd agreed to do it, as it is something more to add to my portfolio!! Which is all good!.... Plus I am sure it will also be a bit of a laugh, to do. You can click HERE to find out more about 'The Bay' 102,8FM

Then in between the two 'Big Brother' shows I watched, 'The Bachelor' Where the annoying squeaky, baby talking, Carianne is still in the running, proving men really do think with their dick, not brain & proving Gavin is all brawn & no brain! Gavin still wasn't sure, if the rumour that Carianne, had got off with a member of the film crew, was true, or not???? Errrr just ask the film crew member said to be involved....Job done!!! I watched the 2nd 'Big Brother: The Eviction Interview' Then 'Big Brothers Bit on The Side' before having an fairly earlyish night at 12.30am (Calories consumed 2,172 Whoops must get more food in from Asda, to stop eating crap!)

Saturday 8th October, I had a lay in & woke at 9.45am I'd had a odd dream, it had started off highly sexual, and I was having lots of rampant sex, with a handsome guy, who seemed to be my boyfriend. I think he might of been famous. I seemed to be acting in a musical film, and I got bumped up, from a small role, to a much bigger main character. I was wearing a black outfit with a Bright Emerald coat, Which I had owned years ago! I wonder what happened to that coat? It was a expensive top designer one! It's probably with the load of my stuff, that my old landlady 'Lisa Krekis' illegally took from me! By not letting me back in, her house, to collect the rest of my stuff, when I moved out (Including my Art & design portfolio, with over 5yrs of college work in it....... Bitch!!) I was singing on stage, and later I saw the film footage of it, with a friend & her kids, & the kids said I was disappointing! Then I woke!..

I got up and had a bath at 10.30am then I had an apple & a coffee for breakfast. I did a load of housework & put away dry/ironed laundry!! Then I had a Diet Coke break with a packet of Wotsits. I cleaned the inside of my windows & then caught up on my Blog & started my 'Xfactor Critique blog 2011' ready for tonight's show, to be added to it. Also getting my 'Strictly Come Dancing Critique 2011' blog, all ready to be updated  to be ready, for tonight's show. 

Later I had a light lunch of 4 Krisprolls & some jalapeno & red pepper humous, with a frozen banana to follow, washed down with a Diet Coke. Then in the afternoon I started getting ready to go to Nicky's parents (Jim & Irene) Golden Wedding Anniversary (50yrs) I had already got my nails painted metallic gold they look like gold Quality Street wrappers. I tried on my Lipsy, gold, sequined dress (As Nicky wanted everyone in gold) But my boobs look, just to big for it, at my present weight. In the end I decided on black top & jeans, gold neck tie, shrug & belt & black ankle boots by Patrick Cox I did my make up (With gold eye-shadow & gold glitter eyeliner) While watching 'Strictly Come Dancing' & jotting down notes for blog.

I put hair up & attached faux pony tail. Put on my floor length black military coat, and headed out to The Golden Anniversary Party. The nearest ATM, in town wasn't working, but I knew there was one outside Tesco's in Hatfield road, near the Conservative Club (Where the party is) So I headed off to Hatfield Rd. When I got to Tesco's their ATM was not working either!! FFS!! So I went into the Conservative Club (In case they did cash back, or took cards behind the bar!!...... they didn't!!) So I said hello to Nicky's parent's & brother, then I found Nicky, in the queue for the buffet along with her daughter Minnie. I got some buffet & sat down & ate it while listening to our friends band 'The Push' 

Then I popped my coat back on & headed to the train station, to the ATM there & drew out £10 there were two tall, stunning, well spoken guys, stood near the ATM by the taxi rank, who looked not dissimilar to ex public school, polo players.... Helloooooooo!!!

I went back to the party, and bought a double vodka & slimline tonic, at the cheap subsidized bar! Nicky said her cousin Adam, from the Scilly Isles, had the hots for me but to beware as he had a wife and kids (She needn't of worried, he was a nice enough guy, but despite him being an Aquarian, he wasn't my type!!) 'The Pulse' played a wicked mix of songs, including up to date numbers like 'Moves Like Jagger' I chatted to Nicky, her dad, her tailor uncle & her cousin Adam. Adam bought me a half of cider & we chatted most of the evening & later I got him a pint & myself another half of cider. I left at around 1am & walked home getting in at 1.20am in time to watch the repeat of tonight's Xfactor & then crashed out at 3.30am (Calories consumed, 1,946 Whoops!)

Sunday 9th October, I woke at 7.30am after a weird dream, where I went to a loo & locked three locks on the door but then the door vanished & someone was speaking to me, while I was sat on the loo going to toilet!... I had a wash shoved on my hot pink 'Juicy Couture' lounge suit, then I had 2 Krisprolls, with a banana mashed on them, along with an apple & a coffee for breakfast. I then updated my 'Strictly Come Dancing' & 'Xfactor' critique blogs, on this blog site, from the notes, that I wrote last night, before the party & in the wee hrs after the party! I worked solidly on that, then stopped for lunch at 1pm. I made a tuna & cucumber sandwich on granary bread, had with chilli crisps for lunch, washed down with a caffeine free Diet Coke. 

Later I went back to my blogs, doing some more work on the thus far unfinished drafts. Then at 3pm, I sat with the TV off, with both my home phone & mobile next to me, waiting for 'The Bay' Radio Station to call me to go on Air. I went on air around 3.15pm & had a bit of banter with the DJ Allan Turner! We chatted about the show, then when we finished & he'd put a record on, he said over the phone, that I did really well & how would I like to be a regular on the show? I said "I'd love to!" 

DJ Allan Turner

I did a load of laundry & housework, then at 6pm I watched 'The News' while eating a banana & drinking a Diet Coke. Then enjoyed the new series of 'Harry Hill's TV Burp'  Then at 7.30pm, I heated some fresh tomato & basil soup, for dinner & added some chilli to it, to give it a kick & help speed up my metabolism!! Then I watched 'The Xfactor' results show, before updating my 'Xfactor Critique' blog! I watched 'Big Brother', then 'Downton Abbey' on ITV +1, followed by 'TOWIE' on ITV2 +1 then it was time for bed at 12.30am, wondering what the following week has in store! (Calories consumed 1,620)

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