Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ouch!!... Back In Hospital!.... What A Pain In The Neck!!

Monday 7th November, I woke at 8am, quickly jumping in the shower, I had a wash & washed hair, then dried my hair, downed a strawberry, Slimfast shake, for breakfast. Pulled on grey jogging bottoms, white T-shirt, white Reebok trainers & white, padded, puffa jacket & headed out for my 1hr power walk. The weather was crisp & bright out, and I worked up a bit of a sweat!! I popped into the newsagents on the way home & got a Sun newspaper, then once I got in, I made myself a coffee, to heat myself up & did a few boring, household chores (Nice not to be in pain for a change while doing them!)

Once the chores were done, I had a Diet Coke while reading the Sun paper. The front page headlines was 'Soccer Race Row Death Threat' Apparently, Race Row footballer, Anton Ferdinand (Below) has been receiving death threats, via a letter, hand delivered, to his club, Queens Park Rangers. Whatever it said in the letter, the police have taken it seriously enough, to suggest he has a panic button fitted in his home! Due to it's strong contents, Anton was not allowed to see it, due to the upset it would cause him. But relatives have already started to install panic alarms in their homes! There really are some sad, sick, F**ks out there!!

There was also a pic of Lady Gaga at the MTV music awards in a red swirled pleated outfit looking like a giant, Remembrance Day poppy!! Which is apt as it's Remembrance Day on Sunday. There was also a article inside, about the anger of Xfactor viewers that 'The Risk' & 'Johnny' went out on Sunday, while talentless, cocky, upstart, Frankie, who can't sing at all, stayed in!! Which made the tag #FixFactor trend on Twitter. Meanwhile, Lulu slammed 'Strictly' producers, for pairing her with Brendan Cole, who's a foot taller than her, saying "It's difficult for someone with short legs to dance with someone with long legs!!" Don't make excuses, for going out yesterday Lulu! It wasn't a height difference that got you voted off, it was the fact you were boring. Many female dancers are very short & dance with tall male dancers OK & your not going to find many 5ft 5" male, professional, dancers in the UK!!"

Lulu, Strictly 'Short' On Excuses!!

A dad & his daughter, were among the 7 dead, in the horrific M5 pile up, fireball, a survivor told how he drove, into a 'Black hell full of screaming!' Police have revealed the crash was almost certainly caused by smoke & not the fog. They have now launched an intense  investigation, into a firework display, at a rugby club, very near the motorway. Wheelchair bound Michael Barton 50's & his 30yr daughter Maggie, died trapped in their blazing car, on their way back from a funeral. His other daughter Emma is fighting for her life & her partner Chris Burbull has serious injury's. The four were heading back to Windsor, Berks. Survivor Matt Cracker 39 told of driving into a wall of smoke. Saying "Bam, suddenly it went all black, we might as well have bee blindfolded. It was like somebody turned out the lights. I've never seen anything like it!!" 

Another survivor Matt who was with his wife Michelle said "At first it was perfectly lit, then clear, then all of a sudden it was black. The car in front of us disappeared, I said to Michelle 'It's like that car has vanished how weird!!' Next thing we knew we were smashed into the back of it! It was complete ad utter carnage. There were flames & explosions everywhere like a war zone, we could here people screaming, but we couldn't see them, eve the road surface was on fire!! "

I fixed a veggie burger, in a bun, with cheese & mustard for lunch & washed it down with a Diet Coke. I then did some more chores, then did a load of job searches, and applied for a bunch online, attaching my CV & a covering letter. Then I stopped & watched 'The Real Housewives Of New York' Then it was back to applying for some more jobs & then trawling through, casting agents sites, for auditions to apply for! I went through all suitable auditions & applied for them.

Steve Peacocke AKA Brax
The Home & Away, Braxton Brothers

Later I watched 'Come Dine With Me' & 'Home & Away' Charlie is kidnapped & sexy Brax (Darryl Braxton) played by Steve Peacocke  (Above) comes to the rescue!! Phwoor!! I'm not usually into guys with tattoo's (His are probably stencilled on!) But either way, for him, I'd make an exception!! Then it was time to fix dinner I made a grilled Tuna Steak, with roasted Mediterranean Vegetables, with a spicy sauce, which was very, very, tasty, even if I do say so myself! Then I did another lot of audition applications, and then eventually I chatted to friends on Twitter & Facebook. I went through my email inbox, checking for job application responses & deleted the junk & hysterically funny & crap attempts at scamming emails... Jog on you Nigerian idiots! 

I did the washing up, then it was time for TV, after first fixing a hot lemon, honey & JD (As I am getting a sore throat coming on & want to ward off a cold!) I watched the brilliant 'Hotel Inspector' she's great, then watched 'Big Brother' while munching on an apple & downing a diet, decaf, Coke then it was time for 'Made In Chelsea' by then I was feeling tired (The Paul McKenna, 'I Can Make You Sleep' CD Candie got me for my Birthday seems to be working) So it was an early night at Midnight. (Calories Consumed 1,269 Good girl) 

Tuesday 8th November, I woke at 8am, washed dressed same as yesterday, did my make-up, then I had a chocolate Slimfast for breakfast, followed by a coffee, I wrapped up warm & headed out for my daily 1hr power-walk. It was very chilly out, and I was very hungry when I got back, so I had some porridge & honey! I popped to the shop & got a Sun paper & a Diet Coke, then I went home & settled down with the Coke to read the paper. The headline was 'Thriller Killer' about Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray being found guilty of Jacko's manslaughter in court! 

Conrad Murray - Guilty!!

There was a bit on The Sweeny being filmed in Trafalgar Square with a few snapshots, didn't notice any press photographers Sunday, just tourists. There is YouTube footage of it though. See Below 

Also on the front cover was a story 'Anorexic mum, 26 wears her 7yr olds dresses' 5st Rebecca Jones (Below) from Manchester, shares tops, jeans & dresses with 7yr schoolgirl Maisey who is 9lb heavier than her mum!! And despite almost dying as a result of her eating disorder, nine months ago, Rebecca says sharing her daughters clothes "Makes me proud!!.... It's wrong but it makes me feel good, I don't see myself as thin, I always see myself as bigger" Rebecca lives on as diet of fizzy energy drinks Cup-a-Soups & toast. Crazy!!

Maisey & Mum Rebecca

FIFA chief Sepp Blatter has coldly ignored the England squads plea to be allowed to wear resemblance poppies for a friendly with Spain. Using the Excuse political, religious or personal slogans on kits are barred!!! Errr poppies are none of those, they're NOT political, they're NOT religious & NOT a personal slogan..... What they ARE is a sign of respect & appreciation!!

A story that's Evil beyond belief turned my stomach, was about two parents (If you can call the vile monsters that!) who beat their tiny toddler, with severe heart problems, so badly, her stomach ruptured! The little girl, spent 8 months in hospital, enduring a string of ops to save the poor little mites life! Only to go home & be subjected to unbelievable abuse!! Vicious father Robert Davey 23, punched her repeatedly so hard, that he ripped a hole inside her stomach, that almost killed her! (I'd like to rip a hole in that scum's stomach!!) She also had bruising to her neck, face & body, two broken ribs, plus wounds to her hands. The couple only took her back to hospital, when she turned blue! Robert got 12yrs, his vile partner, Sarah Vasey, got 5yrs. They should get the death penalty!!

I made a few job enquiry phone calls, after finding a few potential jobs in Drapers records & sent off my CV in the post, then it was lunch time & I made a tuna & cucumber sandwich, which I had with hot chilli crisps. Followed by an apple & washed down with a Diet Coke, while watching 'The Real Housewives Of New York'  I then Caught up with some blog's (Still over 18 half finished blog's to finish!!) Then I watched the Brilliant 'Four In A Bed' followed by 'Come Dine With Me' When I received a call on my mobile from a new E4 show called 'Dirty Digest' They wanted me at a filming of their 1st show, tomorrow night, there was no money to be made, but they paid your travel fare & plied you with drink, so I thought what the hell it's a free night out! So she sent me an email with the address details.... 

I watched 'Home & Away' then I had some vegetable soup & an apple for dinner. Then it was a chilled night in front of the TV watching 'The Food Hospital' Disappointing 'The Jury' Good 'Big Brother' OK & a brand new show 'My Transsexual Summer'  I was worried it may be insensitive, and slyly mocking those featured, who were making the dramatic, transition, from male to female & vice versa!! But I was pleasantly surprised, how sensitively they handled the subject & was looking forward to next weeks episode, as it ended. 

I will never forget the story shown on TV, years back, of Captain Ian Hamilton's change from male to female. Both my mother & I wept over the way he was rejected by his parents, while at the same time undergoing such traumatic surgery. I could not believe parents could be so cold & cruel!! As my beautiful late mother said "If that was my son, I'd be the last face HE saw going into the operating theatre & the 1st face SHE saw coming out!!" I was so deeply upset by his parents abandonment of him, that I set up a Facebook group to show that, other people supported her & were there to talk to if she ever needed a sympathetic ear! You can find it if you click HERE 

I was peckish after that so I had a mug of vegetable soup, & an apple, it was then time to watch the BRILLIANT 'True Blood' I love that show, so many fab twists & turns like 'Taken' & 'Heroes' then I crashed out at 1.30am (Calories consumed 1,397 Good)

Wednesday 9th November, I woke at 8am, washed & then dressed in gym wear, put on some mascara & lip salve, I made myself a bowl of porridge, with honey, to warm me up! I pulled on my white padded jacket & polar bear hat & headed off for my 1hr power-walk over the park! Walk over I bought a Sun paper en route home & then jumped in the shower & washed my hair, as I was hot and sweaty from my walk. I washed up my breakfast things & changed into my black, wet look, leggings & a baggy, black, batwing T-shirt top, that hangs off one shoulder, with a shiny, silver, pop art, face design on the front. Worn with my leggings tucked into long, flat, black, boots. I then took a bunch of eBay items I have sold on eBay to the post office, to post (I'd not be able to pay my bills, without the income I get from selling my old stuff on eBay!!) 

I had enough points on my Subway card, due to buying cheap meal deals, on days they have double points, to get a free 6" Sub & a Cappuccino for lunch. I had my Subway lunch when I got in & then did a bunch of job searches & applied for a load. The worst thing about applying on line is that 99% of the time, they're advertised via agency's, that don't say which shop/store the job is for & who 98% of the time don't reply to your application, which is confidence destroying & frustrating, when you know, for a fact that, you are more than capable for what's being advertised! Where as you almost always, get an interview, or reply, when you respond to jobs, that are advertised directly by the company's. 

I watched 'The Real Housewives Of New York' (Above) After that it was time to get ready, so I pulled back hair & added a faux ponytail. Did my make-up & added a studded, black, leather, wrist bands to my outfit & long, dangley, chain, earrings. Then I pulled on my black, sequinned beret/beanie hat & long black coat, black, magic scarf & black sequinned shopper & headed for the train station, as to arrive at the studio for 'Dirty Digest' at 6pm. I saw my BR admirer at the ticket desk & remembered to get a receipt to claim my fare back with later! My fast train arrived shortly after I'd got a cappuccino & I hopped aboard.

I read the Sun paper on the train the front page was 'Frankie Fired For Coke Sex Boasts' about that talentless Xfactor tosser Frankie Cocozza 18. He was booted off after Xfactor production staff, overheard him boasting about, a drug fuelled romp, with a fan on Saturday (Who'd be a fan of that scruffy talentless twerp??) With what the staff heard, they were compelled to tell show bosses, who then axed Frankie yesterday! Stupid Tosser!!

Super Talented Frankie, Pulls Yet Another Stunner!!

Child killer Jon Venables 28 cannot be trusted to keep his real identity secret, because the vermin loves the 'Celebrity' status (Since when is a perverted, child killer, a Celeb??) Venables will not get a 2nd false name if he is ever released from jail, unless he can keep quiet about who he really is (I don't think scum like that, should get the protection of a fake name, in the 1st place!)

Chris Birch 26 (Below) A 19st straight, engaged to be married, rugby player, had a stroke while in training, after breaking his neck doing a back flip & woke up in hospital gay! Shortly after leaving hospital Chris quit his bank job, lost interest in sport & retrained as a hairdresser. He lost 8st & began dating a man. He'd never been attracted to men before the accident & didn't even have any gay friends, but he no longer cared who he was before & felt he had to be true to his new feelings!

19st Straight Rugby Chris 
11st Gay Hairdresser Chris

I arrived at Kings Cross & got the tube to Covent Garden, & then travelled to the Venue 'The Hospital Club, 24 Endell St WC2' by foot (Hospitals seem to be stalking me!!) I was ushered down to a lovely Green Room, where there was a blonde guy called Jack, sat with a girl. I couldn't decide at the time, if he was gay with his fag hag, or straight with a girlfriend (I have since deduced that he is straight!) My gaydar was somewhat confused by him (Which is rare) Then in walked a tall, dark, haired, guy who was definitely gay!... 

We were spoilt for nibbles & drinks, there were bowls of almonds, cashews, wotsits, pretzels, crisps, wassabi peas, chocolate coated raisins, yoghurt covered raisin's, as well as sweets & biscuits & the fridge was stuffed with beer, Coke, Diet Coke, water, red & white wine!! 

Wow so I wasn't going to need any of the 3 decaf Diet Cokes in my bag (I normally carry drinks with me, I get very thirsty, a lot these days. The runner came in with the subjects of tonight's show & wanted our views on the subjects, as we would be talking on air, on them later. Then we went into the studio, to watch the 4 compares Joe Lycett, AJ Odudu, Dan Schreiber & Michelle De Swarte, rehearse. After that, we had a toilet break & went back to the Green Room for a bit. Back to the studio we went & we were seated at round tables, either end of the compares table & I was sat with a woman (Who I think was a lesbian, but blonde Jack, was making me question my gaydar!) She was on the show, about being the double of Johnny Robinson, from Xfactor & was there with her female friend/girlfriend. 

Then the rest of the audience was ushered in, they had a plastic pint glass of cider each & we still had staff running round getting us glasses of wine, cushty!! The warm up guy, who was called Ian Smith came out & I had a bit of banter with him. Then we were filmed by the camera crew, either clapping, or whooping, at nothing (To be cut into the show, that's going out tomorrow, later. A variation of canned laughter, bit worrying they couldn't rely on it happening naturally, throughout the show!) Then the 4 presenters came out & did their bit, mostly chatting about recent celebrity gossip in the press & showed off some scented, latex, vagina shaped, car air fresheners (Who in their right mind would want one of those?) 

They never touched on the subjects that I & the 1 other gay guy were meant to talk on, but they did go to the Johnny Robinson look alike, TOWIE's, Lauren Goodger's, sister, chatted a bit, and blonde Jack had his video viral on Cher Lloyd shown & also chatted a bit. The time went pretty quick & I left around 10.30 -11pm & got the tube & train home, after giving Jack & his lady friend directions to get home via the underground. Eventually getting in around 12-12.30am & having a wash & then going to bed (Calories consumed 1,592 Doing well)

Thursday 10th November, I woke at 8am, with a very sore throat, so I had some lemon juice in hot water, with a drop of JD in it, then I went for my 1hr power walk, wrapped up very warm indeed. As after my double pneumonia about 5yrs ago, I have to try to fend of colds, or chills, on my chest, that could get to my lungs, which have been weakened. As once you have had pneumonia, you are more susceptible to developing it again. On the way back home I got a breakfast Sub, with a coffee (Egg & Cheese) As I had enough points for a free one. Then headed home buying a Sun paper en route. I got in & tucked into my cheese & egg breakfast sub, and read the paper while drinking my cappuccino, yum. 

Prince William is on the front page, he convinced useless FIFA to lift the ban on England players wearing remembrance poppies on their shirts against Spain on Saturday. A compromise has been made & they will wear the poppies on black arm bands! With the headline 'Where There's A Wills... Prince forces FIFA climbdown' 

There was CCTV footage of a vile yob strolling along a street swinging a defenceless black cat by its tail, he is now being hunted by the RSPCA 2yr old Mowgli's head nearly hit the pavement in the sickening footage the paper is appealing for people to come forward if they know who the yob is!!...

I Hope They Catch This Scum 
& Swing Him Round By His Front Tail!!

Two poor homosexual penguin's Pedro 10 & Buddy 20 in a Toronto zoo are being split up & plied with girl penguins, to encourage the endangered African penguins to mate & repopulate their species. The cute gay couple snuggle together each night & do courtship & mating behaviour together.... awe I hope they wont be sad when forced apart.

Gay Love Story - Pedro & Buddy

I did a bunch of housework, mopped the kitchen/bathroom floor, I hoovered the lounge/bedroom/hall, dusted, put some laundry in the machine, ironed some clothes & did some washing up. Then I did some job & audition searches online! Later I made a tuna sandwich for lunch, had with chilli crisps & a Diet Coke. While watching 'The Real Housewives Of New York' I popped online for a bit & chatted on Facebook & Twitter, snacking on Wotsits & a Diet Coke & then it was out to the garden for a bit of weeding. Coming back in later for 'Four In A Bed' & 'Come Dine With Me' then 'Home & Away' I put my laundry out to dry & put away dry crockery, back in their cupboards. 

Around 7pm, I made myself fish & chips with baked beans. I watched the soaps, then 'Big Brother' I so want Aaron or Alex to win! Then I watched the 1st episode, in the new series, of the brilliant 'Mentalist' The 1st episode after he Killed (Or thought he'd killed) Red John. Then I watched 'Dirty Digest' To be honest you could hardly see me, unless you were actually searching for me & it wasn't edited very well. It just seems like the four presenters all chatting together & leaving out the audience, both in the studio & at home, the way it was edited. With the editing they didn't seem to engage them/us (The audience) at all, except for the head panellist, Michelle De Swarte, but only at the Ad break links. I had to laugh to see that Lauren Goodger's sister (From TOWIE) had been cut, I bet she will be well miffed by that, if she is anything like her egotistical sister Lauren. I had a decaf coffee & an apple then crashed for the night around 12.45am (Calories consumed 1,950 oops!)

Friday 11th November, Today is not only Armistice Day, but also the 11/11/11, so as 11 is one of my 4 lucky numbers, today should be a lucky day for me! I woke at 8am dressed in gym gear & did my 1hr power walk. On the way back, I bought a Sun newspaper & then jumped in the shower, as soon as I got home, as I was sweaty & muddy. I washed myself & hair, then fixed myself some porridge & coffee for breakfast, before doing my make-up and drying my hair! Still very thirsty, I had a Diet Coke, as I got ready. I wore my black, studded, leggings, tucked them into long, flat, leather, boots, plus my white long sleeved, scoop necked, Petite Bateau, T-shirt under a silver studded, white, Grecian, style, River Island, top. Worn with silver, diamante, costume jewellery & my faux 'Straight' ponytail.  

I fixed myself a packed lunch of a tuna sandwich, chilli crisps & a bottle of water & put it in my bag, to have lunch on the run. Even though I didn't have to be at the Casting Collective registration, in Latimer road until 3pm, which should only take 1-1.5hrs to get to! I pulled on my long black coat & set off at 12.30pm to ensure I had time to find the place & not be late, plus to allow for travel delays. I got to the station & got my ticket from the machine outside to save queuing. I got inside the station to find it jam packed with people, WTF? It turns out some pikey/immigrant, scrote, has stolen cable from the track, rendering all train signals along that line dead!! So no trains can run, from St Albans to London, until tonight at the very earliest! FFS!! Selfish, Thieving, Scum, Arseholes!! So much for the three elevens today, bringing me luck!!

Now we all have to get a bus to Hatfield & then get a train from there, to Kings Cross. Thank God I left lots of spare time!! Only one bus line, was giving free travel from the station, the others were still charging (Even though we had tickets with travelcard's) The free buses were few & far between, so with all the people stranded it was almost impossible to get on one, when one did arrive!! So in the end I paid £4 for a single bus ticket to Hatfield, which on top of the £15 fare I'd already paid!! Grrrrrrr!! Ian from 'Big Brother' called me on the mobile saying there would be no trains to Elstree tonight, I said I'd be getting to them from London, so not sure how? He said not to worry, he'd get back to me, they want me there & will find a way even if it means sending a car! 

I read the paper on the bus the front page was the Xfactor tosser Frankie Cocozza with the headline 'My Six Nights On Coke.... & I've bedded 7 girls since show began' (Those girls should of gone to Specksavers!!) The whole, boring, story, was told on pages 4 & 5 with pictures of his pudgy, spotty, ugly, mug, looking all faux ashamed & sorrowful (Give the boy an Oscar!!) He also spoke about other drugs he'd tried (His parents must be soooo proud...... NOT!!)

The Vile, Cowardly, Scum, who was caught on CCTV swinging a black cat by it's tail, fled to his gran's as RSPCA officers swooped on his home. He was identified after dozens of callers contacted the sanctuary after an appeal about the event on Saturday! The poor sweet cat Mowgli is distraught & wont go out!! (Scroll up to see video evidence!!)

Jonathan before & 16yrs later!

The cute 5yr spectacled kid Jonathan Lipnicki (Above) from the Tom Cruise film 'Jerry Maguire' is now a hunky 21yr old with a six pack!! From six pack to bigger pert boobs, a new 3D scanner lets women have a virtual boob job before going under the surgeons knife for real! The try before you buy can go from natural to Jordan style boobs. Experts claim more women chose the smaller boobs after using the morphing machine & go up only 1 or 2 cup sizes the most popular being a C cup, it can also be used for nose jobs, lyposuction & chin implants TOWIE's Chloe Simms 30 recently used the scanner to choose buttock implants! The service is only available in The London Clinic.

Eventually, after what seemed like forever, I got to Hatfield Station. The train was due in 5mins, so I got a Cappuccino, to help keep me warm, while I stood on the chilly platform. Once on the train, I ate my sandwich, crisps & drunk my coffee for lunch. The train was a slow one & I knew I was only going to get there, by the skin of my teeth! Once at Kings Cross, I got the Victoria line to Oxford Street & then took the Central Line to Latimer Road. Then I had a fairly long walk, to the registry address. Once there, I saw the lad, who I did the Automatic Weapons, photo shoot with. He said he'd been watching me on BBBOTS & I was very funny, I thanked him & said I was there for the final tonight (Well Hopefully, travel permitting!!)

I got in & they went through my filled in forms, measured my chest, height, waist, hips, inside leg, neck & head, plus noted my shoe size. Then it was time to be photographed which didn't take long! It was then time to head back. I was going to meet lovely ex Big Brother contestant, Kinga Karolczac, for a drink, in Elstree, before going to the Big Brother Final, BBBOTS. But the bloody train situation put a spanner in the works, so after a chat on the phone we decided to take a rain check. Once at Kings Cross, at 4pm I discovered that the train situation was no better "Bugger!!" But there were apparently, two replacement buses, one going fast to Luton, the other one the stopping bus to St Albans (As apparently there were now trains running, from St Albans to Bedford, but not St Albans to London) 

As only 2 buses were running, as replacement buses, we had a very long wait for a bus. My friends Ian Mann & Simon Cole both called me, on my mobile, while I was at the stop, which helped the time pass a bit! Eventually the 2 replacement buses turned up & the majority of people, jumped on my stopping bus. The Indian bus driver, didn't speak what English he knew well & was using a Satnav to get to each Station. Which he was doing, very, very, slowly indeed! When 2hrs had gone by & we still were not outside London (St Albans is only a 30-40min drive from central London, when not in rush hr) After stopping at several stations (That nobody wanted to get off at!!) A frustrated guy, who had been trying to converse with the driver, who spoke very poor English, stood up & said "Does anyone want to get off at the next stop, West Hampstead?" 

Nobody did!! He continued saying this, about each train station, which was along the route to St Albans. It turned out that all of us, only wanted to go to either, Borehamwood or St Albans (The last 2 station stops on the route!!) So we had been faffing around for 2hrs stopping in London for nothing! FFS!! Why didn't the driver, or the inspector, at Kings Cross do a tick off, on a clip board, as to where the bus passengers, wanted to go & just go to those stations? As the bus was not picking up any passengers, from any of the stations en route only from Kings Cross. I'd contacted Endimol's Ian at 'Big Brother' to say I was on a replacement bus, but may be late (I was meant to be there for 7pm) He said not to worry, it's fine. The crazy Indian driver at 7.40pm, stopped the bus, in a small, country, lane, with nothing but fields about & said "Borehamwood Station!" We all burst out laughing & said "Where!!??" 

We were in fact, far from the station & pointed out to him, a sign post, that was pointing to the right of where he'd stopped, which was saying Borehamwood Station (The idiot didn't use his brain & just followed the Satnav to the post code he'd put in, he never used his brain & eyes to see, that there was no station, where he'd stopped) We directed the idiot to the train station, which took another 15mins to get to! (Who employs these morons??) So at 7.55pm I ran up the high street to Elstree Film Studios. Getting to the green room out of breath at 8pm! So a journey from Kings Cross to Elstree, that takes a hr normally (By a stopping bus & half that by car) took 4 sodding hours!! I could of flown to Spain quicker!

I got a hug from Ian & Adam who work for Big Brother/Endimol when I got in & I was soon replenished with a glass of Champagne. Thankfully they had also laid on nibbles for the final, as I'd had no time to grab something for dinner, when I was stuck in the bus for 3.5hrs! The usual gang were there & we took some pics, I chatted to Paul Wilder for a bit, to see what he is up to? He said he was back at Elstree Film Studio's Monday, working as an extra on a film there (I didn't ask which one) 

 BBBOTS Usual Suspects
 BB's Adam Joins Us
 Paul Wilder & Daniel, Enjoying BB's Hospitality
Who Can Spot the Ex Take Me Out Girl?

My Essex friend Dale called me on my mobile & said he was filming a advert tomorrow in Ealing & would I be a nurse in it? There was no budget to pay me, but as soon as he had some paid work to give out I'd be 1st in line & he would reimburse my travel expenses! I wasn't doing anything so I said I'd help him out, then I prayed the trains would be running OK!

 Paul Schmooze's Emma
Paul & Pete Burns

Tiny Paula arrived & said to take off my long T-shirt, from under my Grecian look top, as its the final & I'd warmed up. So I did & put on my false lashes & we took some more pics, before watching the final on the big screen, Paula, Paul & I was delighted Aaron won!! Then it was off to the studio & I was chatting to pregnant, presenter, Emma Willis, who will be due in a few more weeks. The show went pretty quick & I had a chat with BB Victor before heading back to the station at 12.30am (Crossing my fingers, that the trains, were now running!!) Thankfully they were, but my train wasn't until 1.40am (Whoopee F**king Do!!) Hungry I got a veggie wrap from the kebab shop en route home at 1.49am I was absolutely starved & walked home, chomping away, eventually collapsing in bed at 2.10am (Calories consumed 2,169 Whoops!!)

Saturday 12th November, I woke at 5.30am, about 3.5hrs after I'd gone to bed (I must be mad!!) I had a bath & washed & dried hair, did a neutral make-up, pulled hair into a ponytail, pulled on black leggings, long flat black boots, black, long sleeved, scoop necked, Petite Bateau, T-shirt, with my long sleeved, off the shoulder, T-shirt, with the metallic, silver, pop art, face on the front, over the top. It was too early to face breakfast & I'd had a vegetable rap only 3-4hrs earlier, so I just made a large cappuccino to wake me up. 

I put on my long black coat, grabbed my bag & walked in the dark to the station. I bought a Sun paper from the stations W.H.Smith & got the 6.45am train to Kings Cross. I read the paper on the train, the front page headline, was about the slapper who'd slept with Xfactor minger. Frankie, plus her friend. The headline was 'Frankie begged us for threesome' I bet the disrespectful little Scrote did!! Easy Becca Hills 19 said Frankie didn't waste time on sweet talk while chatting her up! 

Becca Hills With Frankie
A Hour Or So Before He Ripped Those Tights!!

Instead 'Cheekily' saying "Bet your a dirty little bitch!!" Becca added "He was very arrogant, but he doesn't pretend to be polite!!" he then proceeded to rip the leg of one of her suspender look tights (I'd off been well pissed off, they're £10+ a pair) saying "Sorry!!" before proceeding to rip the other leg saying "At least they're matching now!!" Charming!!! She said she was unaware that there was drugs in the house! 

He stood behind her, pushing her to the bedroom, a small room with just a bed & a wardrobe. Where Frankie quickly stripped off to his CK boxers & jumped in the bed saying "Come On Then!!"  How seductive! She said they kissed a lot and did a lot of foreplay, then she said "He wasn't a selfish lover.... he wasn't pulling my hair or anything!!!"  I was practically rolling in the train isle, laughing at that (What kind of treatment does she normally get off men in bed??) I think you mean he wasn't an aggressive lover, love lol.

She continued "I felt it went on a long time & he had a lot of stamina!!" (That will be the cocaine!!) She said the bedroom door had no lock & his mates kept coming in while they were having sex (Obviously like Frankie they had no respect for Becca, if the 1st time someone was a mistake, the others wouldn't be as the 1st person to do so would of told everyone else what was going on in that room!!) She said she was quite embarrassed, but when she asked him if it bothered him he said "No!" unsurprisingly. At one point a mate came in & handed him a condom!! Naive Becca then said "I was impressed he used condoms, I thought I'd have to ask him to!"  Becca & friend Katherine, from Ashford Kent, went to the party after being 'Hand Picked' by Frankie from a group of girls at a Mayfair club! A friend had arranged for him to meet them, and Frankie was given photos of the girls to approve their 'suitability!!' (So basically the friend was pimping them like a couple of free hookers, with them being checked out on photo's 1st like a bit of meat escort!)

Student Becca said "I've always been a fan!!" ...... Always!!.... Always? He's only been on the TV around 2 months!! Katherine said "He pointed to me & said 'Are you coming back to the flat' He said he'd love a threesome with me & Becca, and begged us to come back, he made sure we got in the taxi there were 12 guys & 6 girls!!" Back at the flat at one stage Becca & Katherine were in a bedroom with Frankie & one of his friends. Again he tried for a threesome suggesting an orgy with him & his friend (making it clear he'd not be touching his friend!) Katherine said "No!!" At least one of them had some self respect!! 

The girls left the party around 5.30am Becca said "Frankie barely said goodbye, he just waved. He didn't give me a kiss or anything, we didn't exchange numbers or anything.... we just walked away!!" Of course he didn't you meant nothing to him, you were just a bit of meat to laugh & joke about with his friends after, so he could boast of more conquests... you fool!! She then rather tragically said "Part of me was sad, but he doesn't want to get involved with a girl like me (What a pushover!) It will ruin his Image!" (What the image of an ugly, untalented, worthless, little, Scrote??) "I'm sad I'm never going to see him. I had a great night!" (What a great night is....having your tights ripped the being used for sex, while his mates wandered in, then pretty much blanked!!!) "I still think he's amazing, and would love to do it again!!" Her parents must be soooooo proud!! NOT!!!

Also Zara Phillips husband Mike Tindal (Above) was axed from the England Rugby Squad, & fined £25,000 yesterday for his bad conduct with an ex, Jessica Palmer, in New Zealand, during the world cup, only weeks after marrying Zara!! Shame the FA are not as strict with their players, maybe the footballers would then act, off the pitch, with some decency & decorum, for a change!!

Police smashed a plot by Muslim fanatics to cause an Armistice Day outrage. Swooping on Anjem Choudary & Islamic HQ to thwart their plans of invading a remembrance ceremony outside the Royal Albert Hall & burn a large poppies!! Good!!!..... The only good thing about them burning poppy wreathes last year was, they gave a lot of money to the Chelsea pensioners etc when they bought them!!

There was the fantastic story of 47yr Sue Pickard, who blew £30,000 on a spending spree, after being told she was dying of cervical cancer & had 18months left to live. She cashed in her insurance policy, splashed out £10,000 doing up her home. She stopped watching her weight, piling on 4st, while gorging on fattening restaurant meals every night. But in September weeks before she thought she was going to die, she was told chemotherapy & radiotherapy had worked & the cancer had gone!! Sue said "I was thrilled, but I just thought to myself ... my god I've spent £30,000 & I'm the size of a house!!" She is now seeing a hypnotherapist to help her slim!

Vile scum Riain Richards 20, who sung round a terrified 2yr black cat Mowgli by his tail, was quizzed by the RSPCA yesterday, after handing himself in (Only because he knew that many people, had phoned in, identifying him, from online video footage of his vile act! outside The Camden Arms in Ramsgate, Kent, last Saturday!) Poor Mowgli is now too scared to go out! Riain obviously comes from a rubbish family as his half brother Ross Hammond was jailed for life in 2003 for sexually abusing & killing a 13 month baby girl, Sarah Hart, inflicting 117 injury's on the poor little mite!! Obviously their mother brought up two, vile, weak, son's who got their kicks being evil to the defenceless!!

A gang of 5, top set, schoolboys were jailed yesterday, for their part in a terrifying gunpoint robbery. The lads who planned the raid on  Crunk Juce, by text were aged 13-16 at the time. The boy, who pointed the gun (an antique air pistol) at the newsagent, while he was demanding drink and cigarettes, was just 14. They were all sentenced to 18 months custody & the judge lifted a ban on naming them, due to the seriousness of the offence! The scumbag's are Daniel Flint, Joshua Quinn, Billy Woodford, Jordan Tennant & Ian Crook (Apt name!!!) They got away with £140, 300 cigarettes & 5 packets of tobacco. Their victim has not been able to work since due to shock & stress!

An illegal immigrant who cheated over £400,000 in benefits by claiming to be paralysed was filmed dancing at his wedding a court heard yesterday... Mohamed Bouzalim raked in £66,000 a year by faking physical & mental illness. the Moroccan came to England in 2001 saying he was an Afghan fleeing persecution, after his dad was killed by the Taliban, suspicions were raised & his application rejected, yet he was still given leave to stay in the UK (That's new labour for you!!) Using a fake identity he claimed he was practically paralysed & needed 24hr care. He even brought family members into the UK to be paid as carers. when his home was raided they found unused disability aids stacked in a cupboard. Sentencing was adjourned yesterday as his interpreter was on holiday in Turkey, wasting thousands more of taxpayers money despite the fact the conman gave his interviews at the police station IN ENGLISH!!!...

I got to Kings Cross & then got on the Victoria Line tube to Oxford Street, then the Central Line to Ealing Broadway. Then there was a fair walk to the bus stop before getting a 83 bus into Ealing Hospital. Once there I text Dale & he came & got me from the ground area & lead me to the ward they are filming in, I chatted with a few extras while awaiting costume, to give me my uniform. I was given a blue nurse top & black elastic belt, to wear with my black leggings, plus white plimsole like canvas lace ups. I was expecting white or blue nurse trousers, but was told they wear black leggings in some hospitals. I have never experienced this! I got on well with two of the extras Greg (From South Africa) & Richard who lives 30-60mins from me. I was to be pushing Greg in a wheelchair, between the hypochondriac couple, flirting in the Ad. 

Greg & I waiting for our cue!

We filmed for ages & I was absolutely starved & the crew were all eating crisps & stuff & drinking pop. In the end I said something to Dale, he said there was food & drink, for everyone, in the kitchen area just behind the set up camera (Great! nobody thought to tell the extra's, who were giving their time for free!!) All the crisps & the fruit were gone & it was clear to see that, young guys bought the food, as it was all cakes, biscuits, Haribo sweets & chocolate & non diet fizzy drinks, basically crap junk food. Being famished & with a no crisps or fruit option, I had a normal (full sugar) Coke & also a Crunchie bar & a few Haribo. 

Ugh I soon wished I'd not, I felt sick from the sickly, sweet, sugar, overload!!!... Then a fire alarm went off & we waited while one runner found out if it was a drill? Or if we were to evacuate the building? We started to evacuate, as we were told it was not a drill. Then once down most of the numerous flights of stairs, we were told to go back up again, as the alarm was only caused, by burning toast in the kitchen!! Feeling queasy, I so wished I'd not eaten the sickly, sweet, crap!! Even more so, when we were told shortly after, that it was lunch time!! Bugger!! I could of avoided that sickly sweet, sugary, rubbish!! Which was making me feel quite sick (Probably due to sugar rush, to a previously empty stomach!)

Due to the sugar overload I went for a simple leek soup & granary roll & cheese & onion crisps plus a Diet Coke, in the canteen, where I was mistaken for a real nurse, as the other nurses WERE wearing black leggings (But most in green, not blue nurse tops) Dale paid for our lunch. The soup was vile, it was tepid at best, more borderline cold! I looked round the canteen but could see no microwave to reheat it with, so I thanked my lucky stars for the granary roll & crisps. When we got back the drinks in the kitchen had been replenished & Diet Lilt's added hurrah!! No more sickly shite!

Producer Dale On Set

Producer Dale borrowed my camera, to take some shots, of the Advert in the making & downloaded them onto his laptop. Then Greg & I did our nurse & patient, gooseberry bit, over & over, all afternoon/evening, until we finished around 6.30 - 7pm. Dale thanked me & said he'd let me know, when some paid work came his way & he'd get me a part. We did the usual bit of fun, joke, flirty banter we always do, whenever we meet up & I said how much I'd laughed when I read my Mystic Meg stars, in the Sun paper today. As it said "You will find Love in a medical environment" Which was even funnier, as the Ad was being made by LOVE Productions! Then Dale reimbursed me my train fare & I got the bus back to Ealing Broadway.

I got to Kings Cross & caught my train home, I didn't managed to get in, in time to watch 'Strictly Come Dancing' at 7pm (See my thoughts on that on my 'Evil Barbie's, Strictly Come Dancing Critique' blog, on this blog site. So I will have to watch online tomorrow to update my blog. But I got in at 8.10pm just in time to see 'Xfactor' on ITV while eating a veggie sausage & sauerkraut, wholemeal sandwich. Followed by a banana & a decaf coffee. Then updated my 'Xfactor' blog, ready to talk about on 'Bay Radio' tomorrow, before crashing out around 1am. (Calories consumed 1,615 OK considering the sweet crap)

Sunday 13th November, I woke late at 9am, to a dark, gloomy, grey day outside, it looks like evening yet its the start of the day! I'm still feeling shattered from yesterday, also in pain on the left side of my neck & shoulder (I hope my neck/back problem isn't coming back!) I got up & had a soak in the bath to try ease the pain & applied a heat pack, took some pain killers, then fixed porridge & a coffee for breakfast, I was just watching 'Strictly' on BBC iPlayer around noon, when it suddenly stopped & then I realised all my power had gone, lights, heating, hot water, modem, home phone (It's cordless & charger plugs into mains & for some reason, it can't call out, when charger is disconnected, due to power fail!) Shit I was due on the radio soon & had only watched the 1st half of 'Strictly'!! 

I had a knock on the door & went down (Naked except for my fluffy pink dressing-gown) To find the cute, blonde, guy (In his 20's) from the hairdressers, downstairs, on my doorstep, all their power had gone too, but the Off Licence next door was fine full power!! I said was the other hairdressers in other direction out of power? As I know with the electric (From past power cut experience) The cut off point is half way up our street, with one power outlet, providing me with power & with another outlet providing the rest of the street! He said most of the other businesses in the street, were closed on a Sunday. So I said to try the flats above, as if so, they will be in same boat too (I would of gone myself but I wasn't dressed) 

I'd just closed the door, got upstairs and put on my underwear, when DJ Allan Turner Ward, called me from 'Bay Radio' & got me on air, luckily we talked mostly about 'Xfactor' and I managed to wing chatting a bit on 'Strictly' with what little I did manage to see before my power went! Phew!.... Allan said (While off air, as a record was on) That I was a natural & Should think about getting into radio presenting! I asked him if he could get me some pod casts of the show? Which I could use as audio clips for my Casting Sites? He kindly said he'd sort it out for me. 

I dressed & popped back to the hairdressers, they said they'd spoken to the electric company & they said they'd not be able to send anyone out to sort it until 6hrs time!! WTF!!!! So that means being sat indoors in the cold, in candle light, with no TV, or Internet to entertain me, unable to cook or make a hot drink Bloody Brilliant!! Also they are going to have to call up & cancel all their clients!! As they have no hot water either now & no electric for clippers or hair dryer! So I popped to the shop for some sandwiches & crisps for lunch & dinner as the electric wasn't going to be on until around 8pm & I had no bread, or anything to make a cold meal, in the flat. 

I was coming out of the shop & going home when the lad from the hairdressers ran after me, and said the whole street was out in the other direction & the electric board were now on their way (No doubt a young mum with a baby, was not accepting any of that 6hr call out bull shit or a very Irate guy!! Amazing how they suddenly had someone immediately to sort it, when its affecting a whole street, but if just a business & a woman home alone, we can suffer without electric for 6hrs! I had a cheese & tomato sandwich & some chilli crisps, washed down with a Diet Coke for lunch, and read some more of my book on Marilyn by candle light. 

About a hour later & I caught the last part of 'Alvin & The Chipmunks' I'm such a big kid!! Before watching the rest of 'Strictly' on iPlayer then writing up my 'Strictly' critique. That finished, I watched 'Harry Hills TV Burp' Funny as always it's sad that after the next series he wont be making any more!! I had a mixed veg & feta sandwich & Wotsits for tea & watched the 'Strictly' & 'Xfactor' results shows & updated my critique blog's, while watching 'I'm A Celebrity' But I was still hungry so I had some vegetable curry with rice for dinner, then watched 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' on Ch4 +1 who had the fab Terry Wogan on (Eurovision isn't the same without his quick, tongue in cheek, wit!!) Then it was a decaf coffee before bed at 12.30am (Calories consumed 1,978 Oh dear!!) 

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