Monday, 19 December 2011

Twas The Week Before Christmas

Monday 12th December, I woke at 8am, by being woken by my own laughter, in my sleep!! I'd had an odd dream, about my best friend Candie's husband Costa. I dreamt I'd turned on the TV & he was on the 'Jeremy Kyle Show' He was wearing a navy, velvet, double breasted jacket (Not unlike Austin Powers) a white shirt, a wide, pail blue, satin, kipper tie & a grey knitted Dappy (From the band N'Dubs) hat, with loads of baby blue satin ribbons coming down from the top, like dreadlocks. He was saying his Ex wife was preventing him seeing his kids, he said he left her after finding her having sex in their bed with a man, after refusing him sex for 3yrs. Candie & I were texting each other cracking up about what he was wearing, especially the hat (Which he looked particularly stupid in!) Both of us seemed to ignore the fact, that he'd been married & had kids before, which neither of us had known about!! I woke up laughing thinking "What the hell was that all about??" It was so real too & Costa who normally looks very dapper, looked so funny in the bizarre outfit!...

I got up and had a bath & pulled on my jeans & a light grey V-necked jumper, I did my hair & make-up, then fixed my breakfast, 3 scrambled eggs & 3 rashers of Fakeon (Veggie Quorn Bacon) Then pulled on my trainers & coat & set out on my 1hr power walk in the miserable, grey, dank, weather. It was cold & miserable out, but the cute squirrels in the park lifted my spirits. I got a Sun newspaper on the way home & once in I made myself, some hot lemon juice with honey & JD as I was feeling bunged up and wheezy!! 

Squirrels Are So Cute!!

I read the paper, the news headlines was about the rather unexciting Xfactor win by 'Little Mix' with the words '£8M Mega Mix, Girl band beat Marcus to set up huge payday', good for them, but I can't see them producing anything, that I'd rush out to buy!

Little Mix

Also on the front page is the smaller headline 'Clegg's blast at Cam in EU row' About bloody Liberal tosser Nick Clegg saying the PM's decision to veto the EU treaty (That was set to give more control of the UK's finances to the EU) was Bad for Britain (Bollocks!!) Adding "I'm bitterly disappointed. Now there is a danger the UK will be isolated & marginalised within the EU" We were anyway, before we vetoed it!! His rant came AFTER he BACKED the PM on Friday! (Gutless little turncoat!!) He said Britain would be a Pygmy on the world stage without the EU (F**k right off!!) By saying that, Clegg has just demonstrated just how out of touch he is with the mood of the public!

Women going in for plastic surgery are asking for 'Amy Childs' Cheekbones, 'Scarlet Johansson's' lips, 'Cheryl Cole's' Teeth, 'Kim Kardashian's' Nose & Boobs (not her butt then!)  'Nichole Scherzinger's' Arms, 'Victoria Beckham's' Legs (Really!!?) 'Pippa Milddleton's' Butt & 'Lucy Mecklenburgh's' stomach!!

Four body's were found in a house in Pudsey, Leeds, yesterday & the road they lived on was sealed off to check for gas & chemical leaks. Inquires are still continuing on the deaths of the husband, wife & two son's. How Awful....

I popped out to the Post Office, to find out the price, of sending one of my eBay sales to Russia. Then went to the job centre to check out their computers for any new jobs this week, and printed off a few to apply to! Then I went home & did some laundry, washing up and dusting, while snacking on a bag of Wotsits, a Diet Coke & an apple. Applied to the jobs I printed off & then had the 6" Tuna Sub, I'd brought home, after going to the Post Office, for my lunch, with a cappuccino. I did some hoovering etc then later, I watched some TV 'Christmas Coach Trip' & 'Come Dine With Me' Then the fab 'Home & Away' Which just keeps on getting better & better!!

I wasn't very hungry after a late Subway lunch, so at 8pm, I had a Cup-a-Soup & apple for tea. There was not much on TV, so I played the addictive 'Bank Job' online, until it was time for the final of 'Young Apprentice' which I haven't caught much of this year! Then 'The Real Thumbelina' on ITV +1 about a 4yr old girl with Russell-Silver Syndrome. I spent the rest of the night trying to catch up with my blog before retiring to bed at 1am (Calories consumed 1,563)

Tuesday 13th December, I woke at 8.15am, to another miserable, grey day! Yuck!! I had a wash & dressed the same as yesterday, made some porridge, with banana, honey, cinnamon & nutmeg, plus a coffee for breakfast, yum!! Then I headed out into the cold grey day for my power walk, all wrapped up, in my quilted jacket, fluffy, faux rabbit, deerstalker hat & also my black, woolly gloves! I did my hour power walk & then headed home buying a Sun paper en route. I got in, made a coffee & read the paper the main headline was about 'Little Mix' again with - 'Little Mix Perrie Dumps Zayn "No time" for One Direction star' Yawn who bloody cares??

Also more on Clegg's EU sulk, with - 'Sulking Clegg's EU row no-show' The gutless, flaky, Deputy PM ducked a commons showdown over the EU summit veto yesterday - choosing to watch it on TV in his office instead! As Labour MP's shouted "Where's Clegg?" PM David said "I'm not responsible for his whereabouts, I'm sure he's working extremely hard!" Clegg later gave a TV interview where he said "The PM & I clearly don't agree on the outcome of the summit!" He was later called spineless by Labour (It's a rare day when I agree with them!) 

Richard Smith, the dad, found dead, with the charred body's of his wife 36 & two son's 9 & 1, in Pudsey, Leeds, is feared to have murdered them, then washed his car (Why?) Before torching the scene, by setting fire to a upturned mattress, used to block the window! Police are battling to find a motive. (How terribly sad & Just before Xmas)

Richard Smith, with Son's Aaron & Ben & Wife Clair
Taken a few weeks ago, around Aaron's 1st Birthday!

The Gay Penguin's Pedro & Buddy, who were separated from each other  in a Canada zoo, are now mating with girls (Typical men.... so fickle

Great news!! After exciting trial results, there could be a 'Breast Cancer' vaccine on the market in 3yrs time!! A jab that trains the immune system to destroy tumours worked in 90% of lab tests. 

In Safe Hands Soon - Thanks To Science!!

The latest bit of scum, to be jailed over August riots, is surprise, surprise (Not) A serial criminal with 52 prior offences to his name!! Scumbag, Danny Finnan 31, who tried to prise a TV off a wall in the bookies, was arrested a day after the riots & the police then discovered he was on bail for a burglary committed 9 days earlier!!

Talking of scum, a 25yr dad, Ian Hutchinson, from Barnsley, who murdered his 7week old son, by shaking him violently & smashing his head against a hard surface, when he was left alone with him, for just 20mins. Was jailed for a minimum of 12yrs (Should get life & it mean life, or the death penalty!)

Baby Killing Scum, Ian Hutchinson

I wrote my last two Christmas Cards to the lovely Simon Cole & Ian Mann, and popped them in the post then continued with a load of housework & Ironing. I put new, fresh, laundry, on the bed (5 soddin pillow cases on each of the 6 pillows) The duck down pillows are comfy, but the bloody things, shed small, feather, down everywhere! No matter how many layers, you cover the sodding things with!! Later I had lunch of 3 rashers of grilled Fakeon & two fried eggs washed down with a decaf coffee. Watched 'May The Best House Win' then mopped the bathroom & kitchen floor (Boring!!!..... A Domestic Goddess I am not!!!) 

My Fresh, Clean Bed Linen Hurrah!!

I went online & applied for a shed load of jobs & auditions, while having some McCoy's Mexican Chilli flavoured crisps & a decaf Diet Coke, and hoped at least one would bother to acknowledge my application! I didn't get why McCoy's 'Mexican' Chilli Crisps, had a picture of 'India's' Taj Mahal on the packet?? It's not exactly MEXICAN!!!!!! (below) Then I saw that they had, a 2 curries for the price of one deal with it (Surely a 2 Tex-Mex meals for the price of one at Nando's would be more apt!!?)

I chatted to a few friends on Facebook & Twitter, then I watched 'Come Dine With Me' & the brilliant 'Home & Away' before doing a whole bunch of laundry, and some more ironing. Then I had a tuna Mayo, melt, jacket potato for dinner, followed by a banana & a decaf coffee, while watching 'My big Fat Gypsy Christmas' which was pretty shit!! 

Then I watched 'This Is England 88' which was bloody depressing & absolutely nothing like the England I'd experienced in 1988!!... Thankfully!!! There wasn't really much else on TV so I did some more of my blog until 1am, then went to bed. (Calories consumed 2,063 whoops!!)

Wednesday 14th December, I woke at 8am, to a day so grey and dark it looked like late evening, not the morning! YUCK!!! I hate winter!! I wore my jeggings & a red polo neck & my white Reebok trainers & made breakfast, porridge with sliced banana (hot not cold banana) with cinnamon & nutmeg & a coffee Yum! Then I went out for my hour power walk, in the biting cold & rain, then I went to the  nail bar to get my nails manicured, coated in hardener & painted red to feel a bit more Christmassy. Then I dropped a rent cheque into my landlords. before I headed home getting myself a £3 6" Sub & Cappuccino for lunch, on the way back. Yummy!!

I dried off & ate my lunch as I read the paper. The headline was about the poor boyfriend of 'Jo Yeates' Who was sadly murdered, by her neighbour, just before last Xmas. He was saying, via the Headline 'Christmas without my dear Jo, One year on murdered girl's boyfriend Greg, tells of agony' I feel so sorry for him, Jo & Jo's family!! That murdering, perverted scum that did it deserves the death penalty!

Jo's Murdering Scumbag Neighbour

News about the Belgian university city massacre, said that 5 are dead, & 123 injured, after being caught in the grenade rampage, of a Moroccan, gunman, career criminal,  Nordine Amrani 33, who it is then thought, shot himself. Those dead include a 5month girl, two boys of 15 & 16, a man of 20 & a old woman of 75.  

More on the sad story of the Smith family from Pudsey, Leeds. It is thought Richard Smith stabbed his wife Clair 1st then son's Ben & Aaron, then realising Ben was still alive, he suffocated him, the reason why? is still a mystery, friends & neighbours, said they were a happy loving, devoted family! They believe he left their body's for a day before shutting himself in the bedroom with them & starting a fire (The smoke inhalation killed him) They were found on Sunday on the couples bed by his brother & a friend! Childminder Shelly can not believe what happened, describing them as the perfect family & said "Something must of gone really wrong!!" Errr No Shit Sherlock!!

Retail Guru 'Mary Portas' (Above) said the traditional high street was dead, yesterday. Adding thousands of town centres would become obsolete as we switch to supermarkets, malls & the web. She said there should be a curb on bookies & more gyms & creches were needed to attract mums, not being a mum that will have zero effect on people like me (Or a lot of mums I presume, from the mums I know) She said free, controlled, parking zone, schemes, should be implemented (That will work with those who drive!) Her key proposals are.....

  1. Town Teams: Bodies of landlords, councillors & shop keepers, to set out clear visions for town centres (Maybe St Albans wouldn't of put a '99p Store' next door to a 'Poundland!!' We don't   need more of the same we need a 'Primark' or 'Asda'
  2. Market Stalls: Hold a 'National Market Day' We have a Market the minimum of twice a week here! (So no change)
  3. Curb On Bookies: We have two bookies in our high street makes no difference to my shopping habit, they have no affect on me, I hardly notice they are there!
  4. Town Centres First: New planning rules, should favour sustainable town centre developments (Maybe that would stop stupid Idea to put a hotel where we need a Primark/Asda!!)
  5. Out-Of-Town Clampdown: New out-of-town developments to require an exceptional sign-off from the Secretary of State (Not sure what difference that will make!)
  6. Better Rents: Encourage landlords to adopt flexible leases, not just 'upward only' rent reviews (Rent & rates is a big issue, that affects the prices of stock & makes company's/owners save penny's, by hiring cheap staff, who have poor customer service, that makes shoppers loath to return!)
  7. Free Parking: That will help those who can afford a car, but will make no difference to us who can't & either walk or get a bus to the shops!
  8. Every Little Helps: Store chains should spell out their support for high streets in company annual reports (I don't even know what is meant by that to comment!)

What wasn't mentioned was 'Charity Muggers' which has kept me away from my from my high street, except for essentials!! When once I use to love the shops, even if I was so broke & I could only window shop!! I am sick of having to run the gauntlet of 5 charity muggers, along the high street, 5 days a week, every week!! (They only don't come out on Sat & Wed as the market is on & it's too crowded) I hate having to explain, 5 times a day, every day I'm out, that I can not sign up to their charity's, because I am broke & that I have recently, had to terminate my 3 direct debits to charity's, that I'd given to, for over 20yrs, due to no longer being able to afford to continue to give to them. Then I end up feeling like shit for the next few hrs!! Especially when they look at you like your scum, as if your some uncaring person who is bullshitting them!!... (Fuck Off!!) They should only be allowed to hassle the public, in our high street, one day a week, or once a month!

If Shops Want More Shoppers In The High Street 
Councils Need To Cut Down On *Chuggers!!
(*Charity Muggers)

Super scrawny, Peaches Geldof, is being slated for boasting about a dangerous fad diet. Which involves eating no solid food for a month at a time! Mainly liquidised vegetables. She said "I do juicing. You juice vegetables & you drink it 3 times a day. It's gross. I do it usually for about a month. I have no willpower, but with the juicing I'm like 'I have to do it, because I have to lose this extra 10lb' I will lose it then I'm back going mental on chips!"

Peaches Not Looking Too Peachy!!

Then once I'd read the paper, I hung up the dried laundry that didn't need ironing & turned on my Christmas Tree lights, to make it look more festive, while I sat in the lounge on my PC doing my job & audition searches & applications. It's my nephew Andrew's birthday today, I wonder if he found his present & card among the Xmas gifts they picked up last week? It's some Lego models, they're for his age group, but he suddenly looked so grown up, since I last saw him in July (At Auntie Bab's Funeral) when he looked like a young kid. So he may think that Lego is too childish now, but they will be worth quite a few bob in years to come, as a collectors item! 

Lego Star Wars

I had a coffee & some Mexican Chilli crisps & watched 'Come Dine With Me' then I did some ironing watching 'Home & Away' when I was surprised by a call on my mobile, by my Sister-in-law Karen, saying she had just heard on the radio that 'Boy George & Culture Club' were reforming & she'd randomly thought I'd be brilliant as their backing singer. To be honest I didn't know, quite what to say to that? As it was quite a random, out of the blue comment! I thought maybe "Great Idea, I'll just get George on the phone now!" might of sounded as if, I was being sarcastic, so I went with "Well I do resemble George in profile, and have dressed as him in fancy dress, maybe that's the next step!!...... Well it would be brilliant if I had that option!" (So if your reading this George & there is a vacancy, tweet me!! lol) She thanked me for Andrew's present & then rang off. (Good, they did find it, among the Xmas prezzies then!!)

Hmmmm Maybe Culture Club Is, Missing An Evil Barbie!? 

I popped online a bit & saw a huge tree has blown down in Muswell Hill, on Colney Hatch Lane, blocking the whole road, Candies Costa will be down there with his chain saw getting himself some free fire logs in a heartbeat!! I finished the ironing then went to the kitchen to fix dinner. 

I made a fish pie, with a melted cheese topping, which I had on a bed of Kale. Very tasty it was too!! Then I watched 'The Royal Variety Performance' That's 2.5hrs of my life I wont get back!! (Bloody awful, as a kid I & others my age, use to eagerly await this event & also 'Live From The Palladium!!' But then it had big stars, fantastic magicians & brilliant comedy from the likes of 'Eric & Ernie' plus 'The Two Ronnie's') After that I depressed myself with 'This Is England 88' and wondered why I watch it? As I felt the same about 'This Is England 80' Maybe it's because there is sod all else on!!...

Peckish I had a Cup-a-Soup & a banana. Then I watched the film 'Practical Magic' with Nichole Kidman & Sandra Bullock, which was quite funny & I went to bed at 2.10am (Calories consumed 1,612)

Thursday 15th December, I woke at 7.45am, in a lot of pain due to back pain in my coccyx & by the sciatica, caused by that. I eased myself out of bed & shuffled into the shower downstairs, like some old pensioner, to hopefully help ease the pain, washing myself & my hair & then wrapped up in my soft, baby pink, fluffy, towelling, hooded, dressing-gown, I made a coffee & porridge with sliced banana for breakfast, dried my hair & styled it with a heated styling brush & did a very Marilyn Monroe like, 1950's make-up, with black liquid liner & bright red lipstick, then dressed in black leggings & a black polo neck & black Ugg style boots, looking like a cross between a ninja & a 1950's sweater girl!! Also a Tad 'Faster Pussycat Kill Kill' due to my large bust!

Faster Pussycat Kill Kill 

I put on my long black coat & faux rabbit fur, deerstalker hat, adding a touch of 'Elma Fudd' to the Ninja/1950's mix!! I headed off for the train station at 9.15am, to get the 9.32am to Kings Cross, which was a tad delayed. Once on the train, I read the paper I'd bought at the W.H Smith's at the station, the headline was 'I'm Jimmy Savile's Love Child' About some blonde, old looking, 40yr old, woman called Georgina Ray, being recently deceased Jimmy Savile's secret love child, after his fling with her mother a cafe waitress in 1970. Yawn who cares?? The Only shock is she is ONLY 40yrs old (She's badly in need of some skincare, or a '10 Years Younger' makeover!!)

Jimmy's Daughter, Or Not? Who Cares!!?

David Cameron, warned last night of a year ahead "tougher than the 1st two" under Margaret Thatcher in the early 80's... Unemployment is now at a 17yr high. Thanks to Labours open back door policy!

Ugly, talentless, moron, Frankie Cocozza, sneaked inside the Xfactor's end-of-series party, and got pissed on their free bar, staggering out at 4am & had to be restrained by Jonjo Kerr, when he got in a ruck with passers-by. Frankie had been banned from the Bash at 'DSTRKT Nightclub' but pretended to be 'James Michael' at the door (Impressive door security..... NOT!!) But despite useless door staff, you'd think Tulisa, other Xfactor contestants, or Xfactor staff, at the do, would of noticed him, before 4am, and had him removed!! During the ruck, the looser's skinny jeans slipped down, revealing his naff 'Topman' Christmas Tree Pants!! 

Xfactor Tosser Frankie Cocozza

Today is meant to be the day people start to feel Christmassy, a study claims. most people will have done most of their shopping, put up the tree & decorations & started wrapping gifts (I'd done all of that by Dec 1st) But to be honest, don't feel particularly Christmassy, to me mum was Christmas & without her, it feels like just another day, with a few gifts thrown in!! 

I got to Kings Cross & auditioned for a show I can't mention as its top secret & hush hush, but if I get it, I will tell you about it once its been aired! After that I popped to see my friend Ange who has a shop in Islington, she said I looked really pretty & glamorous, in my red lipstick & prefers me, with out my hair pieces, as my hair looks lovely natural (Only when I can be arsed to take time with it!) I had a look round her shop, some nice bits, some very me, some not me at all, she had a good mix of clothes & accessories (shoes, bags, jewellery, keyring's etc) I tried on a white faux fur coat, which was very nice indeed!! In fact a few customers showed an interest after seeing me in it. 

The White Coat In Ange's Shop

I left hers & went out to the shopping mall & high street, and visited Chapel Street market, I haven't looked round that market for decades!! I popped to McDonald's for lunch & had a veggie burger with cheese, with small fries & a Diet Coke, at a reduced price thanks to a voucher (God bless discount vouchers!!) Then it was back out for a wander up the high street. I thought all the walking would ease my pain, but it didn't I was still in agony!! I popped back to Ange's for a bit, had a Diet Coke & a chat, then headed off to see Candie in Muswell Hill. I passed a JOY store en route, love that shop, shame my local one closed down. I popped in for a look & saw the had the 'Boo The Cutest Dog In The World' book, I asked if they'd be getting the Boo 2012 Calendar? They said they should be, great!! I absolutely love Boo, how could you ever be sad again, if you woke up to that sweet, little, fluffy, round, face, every day!!?

 The Cutest Dog In The World
 How Could Anyone Be Unhappy, With A Boo In Their Life??
OK, I Admit I'm A Tad Obsessed, But Boo Is Just Too Cute!!

I got to Candies buying some Neurophen on the way, to kill my back pain!! (I'd left my phone charger round there, on my last visit) & caught up on the gossip, and had a coffee & took the painkillers & we watched some TV. Candie had gone to the Hindu temple in London & got me a lovely friendship bracelet, her son Xavier was his normal, bundle of energy self, and Tiger his normal quiet cuddly self! I had dinner with Candie, 2 veggie sausages, mashed potato & baked beans. Followed by a few glasses of rose while we chatted, Costa came home & after a bit more chit chat I picked up my phone charger, put it in my bag & headed off home. The painkillers had thankfully kicked in by then, and the bus arrived as soon as I reached the bus stop! 

I got to Finsbury Park & got the Victoria Line to Kings Cross, and caught the train straight away, luck travel wise was on my side tonight!! I got in at 10pm in time to depress myself with the final episode of the miserable & depressing 'This Is England 88' well what a brilliant, bundle, of joy that wasn't!! Just the kind of morose, depressing, stuff you want to watch, when the whole country is suffering a depression!! Not a glimmer of positivety has come out in any of the 'This Is England' series, the writer obviously has bleak memories of the 80's, where as for me, the 80's was the best decade of my life!!

 This Is England 88 - Happy F***ing Christmas!!

Popped on Twitter & Facebook for a bit & then went to bed at midnight after downing some more painkillers as the pain was coming back, bloody stupid back!! (Calories consumed 1,960)

Friday 16th December, I woke at 8am, still suffering from back pain & sciatica, bloody thing, shuffled & hobbled, down stairs, to the bathroom, in the same manner my late mum did in her 70's!! I ran a bath, hoping the heat would ease the pain somewhat (It didn't!) So I took some painkillers, with a coffee & had 2 fried eggs & some Fakeon for breakfast. I dressed same as yesterday & wrapped up very warm, as it is snowing out & I went for my usual 1hr power walk, hoping the exercise would ease my back, hip & leg pain (bloody sciatica!!) It didn't!! All I got was cold & a paper on the way home, I got in & made a coffee with some brandy to warm me up! 

Then I read the paper, the front cover had the infamous, Welsh, Slapper, Imogen Thomas (Above) on it, with the headline... 'Imogen tells of ordeal as court clears her of being blackmailer: My Nightmare' She may not be a blackmailer, but she is still a little Welsh slut, who knowingly, slept with a married man!! So forgive me if I have no sympathy about the nightmare she went through! What about the one Giggs wife went through? (Although I have lost any sympathy for her too, for staying with that misogynistic, arsehole, of a husband!!) Anyway the gist of the story is, that the slapper has won her eight month, legal battle, over being accused of blackmailing that scumbag footballer Ryan Giggs, after he now accepts, that she never wanted to reveal private details, how magnanimous of him! (Wanker!!) 

More reasons for PM David Cameron, to kick useless Ken Clark out of the party comes as it emerges he has let crooks off £1.4Million in fines & confiscation orders (You couldn't make it up!!) Criminals will avoid paying 3 in every 4 pounds imposed in fines! The backlog has soared to nearly £2Billion, but the NAO report said only £457M is expected to be paid!! £1 in every £4 (Pathetic!!) Tory MP Richard Bacon rightly said "Ken Clarke will need to take off his Hush Puppies & put some heavy boots on to sort this one out!! It's disgraceful. It's a possible £1.4Billion loss because of the long-standing shambles that passes for record-keeping in the Courts Service!"

Jimmy Savile's friends & family are at war over the claims by 40yr Georgina Ray, that she is his secret love child!! Yawn yet again, who cares!??..... Oh yeah his friends & family apparently!!

One of the men accused of killing Stephen Lawrence, David Norris, has been given an alibi from his mum Theresa, that he was at home making toast at the time! Even though the thug himself said he can't recall where he was when it happened 18yrs ago in 1993. What an 'exact, precise' memory from his mum (Why wasn't that mentioned when he was in custody, the 1st time round, for the murder 18yrs ago? Simple.... Because it's Bullshit!!) Anyone would think his mum was giving a fake alibi, knowing nothing DNA or Proof wise can be checked in her kitchen 18yrs after the event, to dismiss this as fiction! (Don't think there will be toast crumbs, with carbon dating evidence from 18yrs left in the kitchen, now!!)  If the evidence does prove him to be involved in the killing, I hope she gets prison too for false evidence!! 

Scumbag Suspect David Norris, Today
Scumbag Suspect David Norris, 18yrs Ago!!

Venezuelan Terrorist, Carlos Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, 'The Jackal' 62 was preparing to spend the rest of his life in jail last night, after being sentenced to 18yrs with no parole, for four bombings in the 1980's in France that killed 11. GOOD!!

 Carlos Today 
The Face Of The Jackal!!

I watched 'Loose Women' 'The News' & 'May The Best House Win' then it was time to fix my lunch, I had a nut roast, with roast veg & a jacket potato, washed down with a Diet Coke. Then it was down to more audition searches, followed by job searches & a whole lot of applications, then I applied for a TV Game Show that's coming back to our screens (I'll tell you more if I get on, after it's aired!!) I could do with winning some cash!! I did the washing up & put on the heating as I was feeling the cold. 

After sending some more emails I watched 'Come Dine With Me' & 'Home & Away' I'm going to miss my bit of Aussie sunshine as it ends today, until the New Year!! I'm going to miss my weekly Brax Fix!! At around 7.15pm, I heated up the rest of my, cheesy topped fish pie & had with some steamed Kale, which was very tasty even if I do say so myself! Followed by a coffee & a Galaxy chocolate bar. 

Put some more dried laundry away & ironed the bits that needed ironing! Watched part one of 'Corrie' & then the evening show of 'Come Dine With Me' followed by 'British Comedy Awards 2011' where Jonathan Ross did what he does best, host the comedy awards show! Thanks to gags, co written, with the very, very, funny Danny Baker!! Andrew my nephew called me, on my mobile, at 9.21pm, to thank me for his birthday present & we had a bit of a chit chat. After that I stomached Chris Moyles on 'Chris Moyles: Quiz Night' as John Barrowman & Jimmy Carr were on it! Followed by the very funny, 'Sean Lock: Lockipedia Live'  Then I went to bed at 1am and did some blogging & tweeting until 3am (Calories consumed 1,601)

Saturday 17th December, I woke at 10.30am, in a lot of pain (bummer!!)  & took some pain killers & drifted in & out of sleep until 11.45am when I got up had a wash & made myself some porridge with banana & spices, plus a coffee for breakfast. Then dressed in black studded leggings & black polo neck & did the red lips & black liner 1950's make-up & popped to the shop for a Sun paper. Cagla from the shop, said I looked really pretty today & I should always, wear red lipstick, as I look so sophisticated! 

I went back home & read the paper while I had a light lunch of a tuna & cucumber sandwich, McCoy's Salt & Vinegar crisps, a milky coffee & an apple. The front page headline is 'Little Fix, Jesy's big brother is cocaine dealer' That's gonna throw a spanner in their works of their squeaky clean image!! Johnny Nelson sold the undercover reporters, two wraps of cocaine for £80 from his (Not so) Smart car! He was exposed after a tip off, provided with a mobile number - described as a '24hr drugs hotline'. The reported quoted the name of one of Johnny's pals asking if he could "Sort us out?" Johnny confirmed the deal in 15-20mins & arranged to hand over the 1.3g of cocaine behind Sainsbury's car park, in Hornchurch, Essex! But called up a hr later to change the meet up point. The drugs had been tightly packed in folded lottery tickets! A science lab confirmed it was cocaine, cut with benzocaine. 

 Jesy From Little Mix 
Jesy's Drug Dealing Brother Johnny

Meanwhile, Ukraine, neo-Nazi, football thugs, warned they will attack Black & Asian, England fans who are in the Ukraine for Euro 2012, saying if they want to stay safe they should stay in the UK & watch it on TV! A perfect example of Eurotrash!!

More madness, Ken Clarke's justice dept, is locking up criminal suspects on remand for £861 a NIGHT!! (Why does it cost that much??) The cost of a bed in the (Privately Run) Secure Training Centres, is MORE than a Superior SUITE at London's Ritz hotel, which is £211 cheaper at £650 a night !! Also being called into question are the profits made by G4S & Serco. The privately run centres are five times as expensive as state-run youth jails! 

A Snowy St Albans 

Much of Britain was blanketed in snow yesterday (Only had a light dusting here yesterday!) Motorists were put on white alert over deadly icy roads this weekend! Up to 3" of snow fell in the morning as far south as Kent & Essex. 

Shooting Stars, surprisingly picked up two gongs at the comedy awards last night (Surprisingly as it's banal & stupid rather than actually funny!) They won despite being axed by BBC chiefs (Vic Reeves acceptance speech, was embarrassing, unfunny & rambling. Bob Mortimer is 1000 times funnier than Vic, but it seems, he is always in Vic's shadow) Mind you most of the people nominated tonight, were also 1000 times funnier than the both of them. 

Toddlers in a toddler group, in Acomb, North Yorkshire have been banned from making the 'Diamond' shape with their hands, while singing 'twinkle, twinkle, little star' as it may offend the deaf, as it is similar to the sign language symbol for 'vagina' Oh FFS (For F*** Sake) Grow up people & get a life!! This is another prize example of political correctness gone mad!!!

I caught up with my 'Strictly Critique' blog, ready to add the final results tonight!! While watching 'The Big Bang Theory' which was very funny as always! My friend Julie text to say that, she might be about Thursday, to pick up the card & present I had for her, if not she will pop by some time, between Christmas Eve & New Years Day. I did some washing up & put up a Xmas card that came in the post today, which makes a total of 9 cards. I watched 'The News' & 'You've Been Framed' then at 7.45pm, I fixed dinner, a Tuna Mayo Jacket Potato, washed down with a lush can of K Cider. 

Then it was time for the exciting finale of 'Strictly Come Dancing' this final is going to be tense! I want Harry Judd to win (He deserves to!) But all three have been excellent & made a real effort, 'Strictly' has been excellent this year, and this will be an edge of your seat final, unlike 'Xfactor' I wanted Marcus to win Xfactor, but I wasn't hyped enough, to care, strongly enough, if he did or didn't & with the hype over 'Little Mix' being the 1st group to win Xfactor if they did win, it felt like Simon Cowell & the Xfactor spin doctors had pretty much engineered that to be the result. Also, although the New Xfactor judges were fine, the acts they chose, either had no talent or no personality, or in a few cases both!! All 3 of strictly's final, contestants, are both talented & also have, very likeable personality's! 

The 3 celebs dances were excellent & despite putting on a very good show for his 'Show Dance' where anything goes, by the end of the 1st show Jason was out. So I used the hour before the next show to update my Critique blog of the 1st half of tonight's show!! I also fixed myself a honey, lemon, JD & nutmeg drink to ward off my cold that's trying to come out. Then it was back to the next exciting instalment of strictly, Chelsee danced brilliantly, but Harry was outstanding, he was in a total class of his own, if you'd never watched before & didn't know who Harry was, you'd not know which one out of Harry & Aliona was the celeb & which the professional dancer!! So I was overjoyed when they both won!! 

After that excitement I made a coffee & had an apple & watched 'Catherine Tate: Laughing At The Naughties' which was quite good, a look back at a decade of comedy, in the 1990's. Then I finished off my 'Strictly Critique' blog with the results show, while watching the brilliant 'Rita, Sue & Bob Too' I've seen the film many a time, but it always makes me laugh, plus it depicts the 1980's that I remember, a lot more, than the depressing 'This Is England 88!!' I chatted a bit on Twitter & ended up, in bed & crashing out around 3.30 - 4am (Calories consumed 1,770) 

Sunday 18th December, I woke up at 10.04am, after around 5hrs sleep, when I heard my mobile get a text message, it was from my sister Julie saying "Morning, going to cemetery today, so are you around, so we can drop your presents off. Maybe we could go for a coffee? X x x x" I replied that I was & that would be great, and she said they would give me a call once they are in town! I had a wash, I got on the scales (I'd lost 1/4lb since Wednesday) & dressed, the same as I did yesterday, then popped to the shop & bought some milk. Then settled down with a coffee, banana & apple & watched some morning TV while awaiting Julies call!... 'The Big Bang Theory' was funny & around 1-1.30pm Julie called me on my home phone to say she was in M&S with Erdal & to meet them in the upstairs cafe. I didn't even know M&S had a cafe, it must be new!?

I pulled on my long black coat & my faux rabbit, deerstalker hat & put on my black 'Ugg like' boots, and grabbed my large, gunmetal, sequinned, shopper, to put my present in (They already had their presents & card from me) I walked in through the back exit, through the food area to the clothing area & spotted Julie & Erdal ahead of me, poor Erdal was suffering from a cold. We headed upstairs to the NEW Cafe, Erdal had two toasted sandwiches & a pot of tea, Julie had a toasted sandwich a Danish & a large Latte, and as I wasn't feeling hungry, I had a large Cappuccino & a chocolate chip cookie. Julie showed me a cute video clip, of her new granddaughter Frankie, who is 6 months old now, she's very cute & looks a lot like her dad Chris did, as a toddler.  

We caught up on the gossip family & friends wise & She told me how their Turkish friends, from Cesme, came over for a visit (Their 1st time out of Turkey) and how they loved England, and it was really ironic when they took them for a day trip to London, to see Buckingham Palace, that the Mall leading to the Palace was lined with Alternative Turkish flags & Union Jacks, because the Turkish president happened to be visiting the queen. How uncanny is that!?

Erdal had another tea after popping out for a fag (the smoking, not gay type!) & Julie had a bottle of water & it was a cappuccino for me. We chatted some more, but Erdal was feeling rough with his cold so they handed over my presents, and we left around 2.30 -3pm as we were leaving Julie asked what I was doing for Christmas, I said "Nothing I'm just spending it home alone in front of the TV" she said "That's what Erdal & I are doing & then popping to see Chris & Frankie Boxing Day" I walked with them to the Car Park where they'd parked & then off round the corner home. While they drove off home to Leighton Buzzard. I got in put the presents under my tree & my card on the side with the others, making that card number 10. 

The Ones Wrapped In Blue with Star Tags, 
Are Those still Needing Collecting From Friends

Poinsettia Pot Plant

I'm going to go to mums grave next week, I want to put a real, live poinsettia there. So I didn't want to put it there too soon, in case it died from the cold before Xmas, as lots of snow is forecast. I might get the bus there for a change, instead of  doing the usual 1hr walk there & then another 1hr walk back again, if my back & sciatica is still flaring up, and causing me a lot of pain!! Later feeling hungry I made a veggie sausage, sandwich, with tomato relish, had with some McCoy's Mexican Chilli crisps, washed down with a decaf Diet Coke. 

I sent a "Happy Birthday" text to a friend Dave, who I have a soft spot for (Even though he removed me on FB recently with no explanation!) I thought he might reply "Who is this?" If he's deleted me from his phone too! But no, to my big surprise, he immediately replied with "Thank You! You OK? X" I said "Not bad rushed off feet at mo, not enough hours in the day for what I want to do!" he replied "Ill on my birthday, perfect!" I responded "Oh bloody hell, that's no good, hope you feel better for Xmas :o( " & that was the end of our conversation, I honestly do hope he feels OK for Xmas, its bad enough having a Birthday, exactly a week before Xmas, where people give you just one prezzie, to cover for your Birthday & also Xmas!! But to be ill on both your Birthday & then Xmas would be rotten!! I never asked "why the FB removal?" If he want's to answer that he can reply to that question on FB, if not I guess I will have to accept I'll never know! I'm not going to grill him about it while he feels like crap!

I did some housework & more laundry then watched 'Odd One In' I actually guessed ALL the odd ones this episode! Then I watched the news, with a coffee with a brandy in it to sooth my throat. Later I had another veggie, sausage sandwich, but toasted this time!!.. With some salt & vinegar crisps. Washed down with a coffee, plus a banana & an apple for desert! Then I watched Sacha Baron Cohen's film 'Bruno' so so wrong but oh so funny, the VT pilot with his cock doing a windmill & then saying the word 'Bruno' out of its japs-eye shown to the focus group, had me in tears, as I watched the, mixed sex, American focus groups faces!!

I spoke to my friends for a bit on Twitter, Kinga (BB5) & I were having a natter & she asked what I was up to Christmas? I said nothing just staying at home, she said that was a shame & if she wasn't off somewhere with her family, I could of come to hers, which was very sweet of her. She said she'd call me over Christmas anyway. My breasts & nipples have really been hurting all week!! Just like when your pregnant, or on your on your period, but as I went through the Menopause 5yrs ago & I'm not in a physical relationship, or having casual sex, I can't be either! So what the hell is this all about? I am having to wear a bra in bed, and I grimace with pain if anything brushes against them (Even the bed sheets!) I watched 'Have I Got A Bit More News For You' very funny! Then 'Perez Hilton Superfan: Katy Perry' which wasn't bad & then I watched a film 'Wedding Daze' an amusing but odd film, then I went to bed at 3am (Calories consumed 1,932)

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