Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Is Coming & It's Not Just The Goose That's Getting Fat!!

Monday 19th December, I woke at 8am, with an aching neck, took some painkillers, then when the pain had died down a bit, I had a wash, then a banana & a coffee for breakfast. I did my make-up, red lipstick again & wore black jeans, cream polo neck & black Ugg style boots, my long black coat, my black, magic scarf & black gloves, plus my faux rabbit fur deerstalker. I went for my 1hr power walk, feeling quite stiff, and my boobs bloody killing me!! I'm beginning to think, I'm about to have my 1st period in five years! Something's not right & I gained a lot of weight last week! Very Odd!!... Very odd indeed!! I ambled around in the cold for a hour, then came home, getting a Sun newspaper en route. I got in & had a late breakfast of cheese on toast, with some ploughman's pickle, washed down with a Diet Coke, then I read the paper.

The headline was 'PM Vows: Will Help Our Heroes, Support on jobs, homes & health for injured troops' Good, it's about time!! PM David Cameron is launching a personal crusade, to ensure that, injured serviceman & women, get the best medical care, housing & help to find new jobs! Setting up a powerful commission, to look after all aspects of our war heroes welfare. He will also be overseeing it himself to ensure it delivers!

Also on the front page, was the shock (horror) news, that had come up on Twitter yesterday, which say's it all in the headline 'Krankie Swinger Shock'  Yikes!! The kids TV favourites duo, who became famous on 'Crackerjack' With the wife of the duo, Janette, playing a very, cheeky, back chatting, school boy Jimmy Krankie & her husband Ian, playing her irate dad! The couple now both 64, confessed they were both swingers, who enjoyed wild sex outdoors, and went 'berserk' after finding fame. I bet latent paedo's liked shagging her, imagining her as schoolboy Jimmy!! I wonder why this hasn't come out before? I'm surprised there was no anonymous tip off in the 70's & 80's when they were at the height of their fame! (Maybe nobody wanted to admit, even in secret, to shagging a school boy look-alike?) I always thought Ian looked a bit of a pervert!!

 The Krankie's Now 
The Krankie's In their Heyday

Apparently according to the L'Oreal Research Centre, in London's Royal Institution. Most Brits are BORN to HATE, Brussels Sprouts (below) due to a gene carried by 70% of the public, that programs people to detest the taste!! I'm obviously one of the 30% who don't carry this gene, as I absolutely LOVE Brussels!! The gene makes you detect sharp, bitter flavours, in ancient times, it would of helped hunter-gatherers avoid plants that taste odd & may be poisonous, but smoking , spicy food & drinking a lot can blunt the gene!

The Jimmy Savile, love child, row continues (Yawn) His PA rubbished Georgina's claims, saying the DJ, TV star would never have risked having an affair! She dismissed the claim's that he had a fling with Georgina's waitress mum, as grotesque. Jimmy Savile hit on my mum, when she was in her 20's, when he pulled up along side her one day, when he was on his Mod-like scooter, he tried chatting her up & asking for a date, but she turned him down!!.... I should think so too, he was punching way above his weight! Fame or no fame, mum was stunning in her 20's, where as he was always, very unattractive!!

Mum, Too Good For Jimmy Savile

Tut tut Mary Portas, shows double standards & a 'Do as I say, Don't do as I do!!' attitude, when she bought her 'Xmas Booze' at a Majestic Wine, Warehouse. Spurning her local Maida Vale off-licence & driving past 3 others, to get to the warehouse! After her preaching about, how we should be buying from our local small businesses, rather than large supermarkets!! Also after delivering a report about clamping down on out-of-town retail centres. Whoops!

Later I popped out in the rain, to post an eBay sale to Russia, which was quite ironic, as I was dressed in my long black coat, black boots & faux fur deerstalker hat, with the flaps tied up, so I looked quite Russian! I then popped into my letting agents & paid my November rent (Only the December rent, plus Gas & Electric bills, to scrape together now.... Thank god for eBay!!) On the way home I got a 6" Sub meal, for lunch & went home & devoured my Subway, crisps & cappuccino! Very tasty it was too! I also took more painkillers, as my neck pain still had not gone, at best it had lessened some! I watched 'Deal Or No Deal' Then did the washing up, plus some chores while 'Christmas Coach Trip' was on (As it's boring this season!) Then I watched 'Come Dine With Me' An interesting mix of oddballs, including the woman who sang with her dog on 'Britain's Got Talent' & a woman who has lost 4-5st & has become a fat/sugar free Nazi!!

Most of the TV was rubbish today, so I watched a 'The Mentalist' double bill on Five Star, while having a Cup-a-Soup & packet of crisps for dinner, followed by an apple & banana. I watched the comedy film 'Step Brothers' on Ch5, which was amusing! I then turned over to BBC1 for 'The Graham Norton Show' which was amusing, but not one of his funnier shows! Then caught up on Corrie on ITV2, before going to bed at 1.10am, after posting my prior blog! (Calories consumed 1,388)

Tuesday 20th December, I woke at 8am feeling achy (Due to my bloody back/neck) I dressed in black wet-look leggings, and chunky black cable polo neck, plus Black Ugg style boots, I had 2 slices of toast with fish paste & a few slices of cucumber for breakfast, with a coffee, which I washed two painkillers down with. Before wrapping up & going for my power walk, on a bright, but crisp & windy day. I saw the pregnant girl with the cute small Labrador, called Lolly, who I see occasionally on my walks & we chatted a bit while Lolly chased her ball, she's a very cute dog!! I didn't see so many squirrels today, on my walk. As usual I got my Sun newspaper on the way home, along with 2 Diet Cokes. Then I got in & made myself a coffee with JD to warm me up & read the paper. Today's headline was 'Kate's Hero, She and Wills salute our brave troops' referring to 'The Millies' The Sun's Military Awards! With a picture of her handing an award for 'The Most Outstanding Soldier' to Sergeant Ryan McCready. Prince William told Ryan "You exemplify the unique qualities that make the British soldiers second to none!" While Prince Harry told them "You Millies nominees & winners, may feel ordinary, but your... Extraordinary!!" Kate looks far too thin, though no doubt, the media will describe her as looking elegant, rather than bony & scrawny!! I hope the Royals feed her up over Christmas!!

Prince William, With Scrawny Looking Wife Katherine

Also on the front cover was North Korea's evil despot & Elvis fan, Kim Jong-il 69 (Below) Who died from a heart attack (Who knew he had a heart?) He died yesterday on a train. His crazy army general, caused global shockwaves, by blasting off a series of test missiles (Morons!) The brain washed North Korean's are publicly weeping, due to fear of punishment, of execution if they don't show public displays of distress, over their leaders demise! Despite him starving them of food, power or any media from outside North Korea. The Evil madman's son, Kim jong-un 27 will take over from his father.

Another bit of scum, is also dead. The serial killer, Donald Neilson (Below) Who was dubbed 'The Black Panther' has died in hospital, from motor neurone disease, aged 75. Over 17yrs he carried out 19 armed robberies, killing his 1st victims in 1974. In 1975 he kidnapped a 17yr coach heiress, leaving instructions, for others, on how to give him her inheritance, but she was found dead, hanging in a drainage shaft by a thin wire. He was caught while trying to rob another post office.

More Evil, comes in the form of Polish Marcin Kasprzak 26 (Below) who was convicted yesterday, of burying his lover Michelina Lewandowska 27, alive in a cardboard box, meaning to kill her. She dug her way out, after bravely using the diamond, in her engagement ring, to cut through her tape bindings & the box. She said it was the thought of their 3yr old son Jakob, that gave her the courage to escape, once out of her tomb she staggered to a near by road, flagging down a car. The couples relationship broke down after Jakob was born & Marcin feared he'd never see his son grow up, if Michelina moved back to Poland! Well now his son will grow up knowing his father tried to kill his mother! He stunned her with a Taser (where did he get one of those?) Before wrapping her in tape & shoving her in a 2ft high cardboard box, at their home in West Yorkshire. He then drove with a pal, to woodland, where he buried her in the box before putting a 6st tree over it!! (Sick Bastard!!) He denied attempted murder, but was rightly found guilty. He & his friend will be sentenced next month!  

Welsh Slapper, Imogen Thomas's family, told last night of their horror at the death threats, they'd received, after low moral'd Imogen, slept with Married footballer Ryan Giggs. Her sister & brother-in-law had to go into hiding, after their 2yr son was the target of sick online taunts (Why do nutcases target her family, it's Imogen who's the trollop not them!!?) Some sicko's said her nephew would be shot in the head (& sadly there are some nutters out there that would shoot a 2yr child!) Imogen is now dating Adam Horsley 26, Below (After already dating Rugby player Danny & a couple of others, since breaking up with Giggs) She doesn't hang about does she!?

The brother of 'Little Mix's' Jesy is being held by drug cops. Their mother, who is a community support officer, was also under investigation, for allegedly driving while disqualified! Her dad was jailed over a fatal stabbing 26yrs ago & then later the charge was dropped to affray (Apart from winning Xfactor, it seems that, Jesy is not that lucky!)

Cleared (But not in the public's eyes) murderess, Amanda Knox, has a new boyfriend, 2 months after being free'd from jail, she doesn't hang about (Must be getting tips off Imogen Thomas!) Her NEW boyfriend James Terrano (Below) looks like a unattractive nutter in the picture (But then who else would date a murderer!!??)

I put lunch in the oven & went online & sent off my completed application form to a well known quiz show, that is making a revival, in the hopes of getting on & winning some cash!!! Then I did a whole load of job & audition searches & applied for a bunch. Later I got the prawn curry out of the oven & took it upstairs to my lounge. Simon called me on my mobile at 2.43pm, just as I was sat down to my curry lunch (He always seems to catch me, at either lunch or dinner time) We chatted away for 30mins, talking about him getting his Green Card through & what acting & singing he was going for, once he is back out in L.A again! Christmas & going for a Xmas pizza in Zizzi's with Ian, as is their normal yearly tradition, as their parents live near each other, and they haven't done it for a year or two, when Si was in L.A.

Simon & I 

Simon asked me what I was doing for Xmas? I said "Nothing babe just home alone watching TV!" He said that made him feel really sad (He is so sweet) I said "Don't worry babe I'll be fine.... I'll have control of the remote control for once!!" Not that there is anything decent on over Xmas! He said "I thought you were staying with your brother for Xmas!" I said "No hun, he lives in Sheffield & I don't have enough money for a train fare to there! Even if invited, maybe you got confused when I said he was coming down the other week, when you wanted to come & stay!!" He said he wished he had a car, so he could drive over to pick me up to go out with him, Ian & the rest of the gang tonight, I said just to take lots of picks for me to see, He rang off just after 3.15pm & I did the washing up & took out the rubbish.

Ian & I

A while later Ian phoned saying "A little bird told me your home alone for Xmas!!" (Bless, a concerned Simon was straight on the phone to Ian!) Ian kindly said his mum said, that I was welcome to come stay at with them over Xmas! I said that was really sweet & I appreciated the offer & I'd think about it. But I'm not sure I fancy lugging my clothes & all my prezzie's all the way to London, then on to Buckinghamshire, on a crowded Christmas Eve! One of my best friends Nat, told me last Thursday week, that I could go to his for Christmas, as he & Terry would be back from Thailand by Christmas Eve. But I'd need to go home the next morning, as they are off to a friends, for Boxing Day (Alison, I think) So I'd need to get home, Boxing Day & I believe the tubes are on strike & no trains are running. So I looked & I can't see any buses that would get me home, Boxing Day, no matter where I changed buses. So I don't think it's going to work & anyway, I also don't want to be going to bed, worrying about, what if I accidentally sleep in & end up holding them up? As then I'm late getting ready & not going on time, making them even later!!...

I had a Diet Coke & some sour Skittles, then I re-tidied my back room. As I'd left it a mess yesterday, when I was searching for my item, that I'd sold on eBay, so I could parcel it up!! I did a black wash & hung it out to dry, on the radiators! Then I chilled, to watch 'Come Dine With Me' with a coffee, with a drop of JD in it & I took some more painkillers, as my back was absolutely killing me!! I could feel my neck grinding as I turned my head & it made a loud noise like a cross between knuckles cracking & gravel crunching as I did so! Then I spent the evening propped up by pillows on my bed as the pain lessened a bit & watched, 'The Butlin's Story' 'Mock The Week' 'Rev' Which my friend Ian was an extra in, as a reveller in Church, singing loudly 'The Comedy Annual' & 'The Impressions Show With Culshaw And Stephenson' 

then peckish I had a JD coffee with a Galaxy bar, eventually going to bed at 1.45am, after chatting to Stephen for a bit via DM on Twitter. He said he is coming over to London from Ireland, for the 1st week of January & would I be willing to meet up? I said I'd be in London at my friends for New Tears Eve. So I'm about on New Years Day, so why not? I don't know the guy, other than on Twitter & he seems to be, a bit too good to be true! A 6ft 5" Fireman, in his early 40's, Single, Unmarried, No Kids & all his friends are settled down & a nice looking profile pic!! (If real, I'm assuming it is, if he is willing to meet up!) So where is the catch? Surely there has to be one? So where is the harm in meeting in person 'Somewhere Public' My Bullshit detector will soon suss if he is the real deal!!.... Or not!! If he is great, if not oh well then I have missed out on a idiot & it's no big deal! So I said "Yes Why Not!! I'll be in London!!" He seemed very pleased with that replying..... 
Would be good to see you
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 21, 1:30 AM.
Would be fantastic never wanted to say on your time line but you are hot
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 21, 1:33 AM.
I didn't really react to that, for all I know that pic could be anyone & he could really be a 68yr old who weighs 30st!! So I jokily said "That's the menopause for you!!" Then I logged off my laptop for the night, had a wash & crashed in bed (Calories consumed 1,925, Oh well..... It is almost Christmas!!)

Wednesday 21st December, I woke at 8am, to a grim, grey, rainy day & downed a load of painkillers, as my bloody Osteoarthritis & Rheumatism, really causes me pain over my entire body, when its rainy & stormy! (No escape from the hereditary ailment though, as both mum & dad had it!) I had a wash put on jeggings & a cream polo-neck jumper, slipped on my black Ugg like boots did a light make-up then pulled on my faux fur, deerstalker hat & long black coat & forced myself out into the rain, for my 1hr power walk. Then I got myself The Sun paper, on the way back! I got in & made a breakfast of porridge with banana & spices & a coffee with JD in it, it seems to be working on keeping that cold, that's been trying to come out, at bay! 

Then I hoovered the flat, dusted, cleaned the kitchen & bathroom floor, then put a load of laundry in the machine! After that I sat down with another coffee & a banana, and read the paper. There was a picture of a very, very bony Kate Middleton, talking to David Beckham, at the Millies, the headline was 'Harry: My Call Of Duty 2' About prince Harry going to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan again! His mum would be proud of her son's bravery! Harry told the Millies guests "I can't wait to get out there!!" 

There was also a bit on the front page saying 'Cops OK to shoot riot mob' Cops will have the right to shoot rioters, who start fires that threaten life. Good!! Hopefully before the scum succeed to light the fire properly!! Water cannons & rubber bullets could be used to stop a repeat of last August's, disgusting rioting behaviour, and also live rounds used against arsonists, torching businesses & homes, with people inside!! Excellent!! 

Peter Andre & Katy Price aka Jordan, are to try to rebuild, their relationship, for their kids sake! The two are planning to take their kids out together as a family in the New Year. The 3 kids will spend Christmas & New Years Eve with Peter. Meanwhile another lover of a reality show, TOWIE's Mark Wright is to co host a new 'Take Me Out' spin off show on ITV2 called 'Gossip' along with a girl called Zoe Hardman. I auditioned for the show this year but didn't get it, probably just as well while I'm porky! I checked my emails, Facebook & Twitter & I found I'd had two more DM messages from fireman Stephen after I'd gone to bed, one containing his mobile number & the other saying......
Call me anytime
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 21, 2:06 AM.
I took out the laundry & hung it to dry & did some washing up, then did a few bits of ironing that was left & then I had lunch of a Quorn salad sandwich, with tangy cheesy Doritos, washed down with a Diet Coke, while watching 'May The Best House Win' then I got 2 more cards in the post bringing the total to 12, put them on the shelf & turned my Christmas tree lights to feel more festive! It was getting pretty cold so I put the heating on, I put the dry laundry away & the dry washing up back in the cupboards. Then I sat down on the sofa with my book on Marilyn Monroe & read for a few hours. Then I made a Quorn fake ham, cheese & ploughman's pickle sandwich, which I had with hot chilli crisps & a Diet Coke. 

I watched 'Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder' on Channel 4 at 9pm Jeeeeeze!! This guy made me feel positively minimalist! Richard Wallace's £1million Surrey home, is so full of newspapers & junk, that it takes him 40 minutes, to get from his front door, to the space where the chair he eats & sleeps in is! There was a certain irony that a so called expert psychiatrist said he was beyond help, yet a kindly, very patient, landscape neighbour, managed to help Richard let go a bit & realise he has a problem & to clear some of the junk out!! It says a lot about the so called shrinks credentials!! 

I Tweeted a bit, as I watched TV after midnight, I discovered I had 2 DM's from Stephen (I rarely check DM's as I don't tend to chat on DM's unless I need to pass on private info for others like telephone numbers & emails) I just chat openly on my wall. Which makes me slightly suspicious, that he might be married, as he tends to only talk about football & very rarely a bit of chit chat, like hello how are you mate! Also he tends to delete his DM's 1-2 days after sending them!! The Messages said.....
How's it going
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 22, 12:36 AM.
Miss hottie
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 22, 12:40 AM.
I said what I was watching on TV & he said he was watching 'The Soprano's' I mentioned I was popping off to put my PJ's on as my bra was uncomfortable, then he responded with....
I'd love to set them free
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 22, 1:30 AM.
I replied with a non sexual, non flirty, "No chance of that, they are going straight into a sports bra, they are oddly painful at the mo!!" He replied with.....
That's not good maybe they need special attention
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 22, 2:51 PM.
I chose to ignore that & watched 'Perez Hilton Superfan: Kelly Rowland' 'Russell Howard's Good News' then on BBC2 'QI' & 'Life's Too Short' before going to bed with a JD decaf coffee at 1.10am (Calories consumed 1,953)

Thursday 22nd December, I woke at 8.30am, in a lot of pain, thanks to the soddin weather! I had a wash, and got on the scales I have lost 2lb since Sunday, result! I had a coffee & a bar of Bournville plain chocolate for breakfast. With a handful of pain killers. I never use to be bothered with chocolate before my chocoholic mum died, now I find myself eating it, like some kind of comfort food, it has to stop before I get any bigger!!! I have to get a grip in the New Year & get back in the gym, back pain, or no back pain!! I went out for my 1hr power walk, which was slower paced today, as I was in a lot of pain with my bad neck, back, left knee & sciatica! That was shooting into my hip bones as well as down my right leg!! Bloody pain wish they could find a cure for the sodding ailment!! As always on the way home I got the paper to read! But today I also got a 6" tuna Subway sandwich too! 

Once back indoors I ate my Subway & read the paper. The front page is all about footballer, John Terry's, supposed racism charge. Plus the disgusting story, of a toddler battered & bitten on the face by a 2yr girl, at a nursery that has a history of 11 attacks on fellow kids, in the Leicestershire playgroup (How lax is their supervision??) What kind of parents, produce such a violent little girl?? I think the fact that the mothers response when contacted by the press, was NOT "I'm horrified by what's happened, and would like to apologise to all my daughters victims, I have no idea why she is behaving in such a manner & will be seeking professional help!!" But WAS in fact "I want nothing to do with this!!" Says a lot!! She is obviously an, uncaring, unfeeling scumbag, who's daughter would benefit from going into care!! Horrified parents of the 25 pupils at the toddlers playgroup, have called in the police & want the violent 2yr girl banned!! You can read more of the sickening story, by clicking HERE

Adrian Pollock, the Big Man, helping a train guard, who was video'd  by a passengers mobile phone, then later shown on the Internet, helping the train conductor, by removing a swearing bit of scum, Sam Main, who hadn't bought a ticket, from the train (As Sam was delaying it's departure, by refusing to get off the train) Has now been crazily charged with assault!!... After British Transport Police had received a complaint about the fracas (Who by? The bit of scum, or a fellow bit of scum?) The scumbag Sam Main, said in the press, that he paid for a return ticket, but the machine gave him two single tickets, by mistake, instead of the return he had paid for, then producing them with, 2 single tickets with the same time on!!!.. 

TOTAL, UTTER, BULLSHIT!! Machines do not make those cock ups! I know what really happened! He & a friend bought two single tickets & they went wherever the ticket was for & they didn't get the tickets taken off them at the other end. The friend was staying where they went & didn't plan to return, so gave his used ticket to his friend Sam Main, so he could go back without a ticket & if asked for it, could concoct, the bullshit he is now offering!! If that story was true why didn't he explain the situation calmly to the conductor, instead of giving him a stream of foul mouthed abuse!!? As seen below!

Super Skinny, Kate Middleton, has revealed that she will change into 5 different outfits, on her 1st Christmas day in Sandringham (Yawn!! Big deal, So what? Does anyone really give a toss, about that snippet of information??) Boring!!.. Meanwhile British women are turning into a nation of cougars, with over a half saying they have dated younger men (That's because older generation men, in general, do not make any effort to make sure they look good! & are as boring as hell as conversationalists!)

A Hoodie thug, Ryan Kitchenside, who during the August riots dragged a rider off his scooter (See below) & stole it, who then later karate kicked his way into a convenience store, which was looted of £35,000 worth of goods/cash & trashed, already had 10 previous convictions. The worthless piece of shit, yelled to his pals as he was sent down for 6 years "I only have to do half - it's a walk in the park!!" Proving yet again sentences are far too lenient & prison's too cushy to be a deterrent! They should be like a Turkish jail, like in the film 'Midnight Express' & they should have to serve entire sentence, that would take the wind out of the vile, little, scrote's, sails!! 

I watched 'The News' & 'May The Best House Win' plus an old 'Midsomer Murders' Then I did a load of housework, followed by a load of job searches & applications, followed by a load of audition applications! I did a lot of tidying up & got a bottle of red wine in, as my friend Julie was calling by at 7.30pm for a catch up & to collect her Xmas prezzie. At around 7pm Julie text me, saying she was just waiting for her takeaway to arrive so would be at mine around 8pm. So I made myself a Quorn fake ham & salad sandwich, had with some chilli heatwave, Doritos. Julie arrived just after 8pm & she came, not only baring Christmas gifts, but a bottle of white wine too (Great minds think alike!!) So I got out the glasses & we went upstairs, to my lounge & I got Julies present from under the tree & gave it to her & she passed me this beautiful gift bag with a shoe on the front! (Below)

We had some wine & some sweets (That I'd got in for Bills kids when they came over & any friends kids if they came round, but none ended up doing so!) We caught up on the gossip & I heard about her ex tenant, her ex boyfriend who'd kept giving her missed calls & hassle & her new boyfriend, who's moved in! She asked if I had a man in my life, I said "As always no, but I have been chatting to, an attractive, 6ft 5" fireman, from Belfast, who is in London for a week for the New Year, so we are going to meet up, as I'm in London at Candies New Years Eve!!"  She said to let her know how it goes, I said "If he is anything like my Irish, Fireman, friend Mark Andrew Adams in Dublin, he'd be perfect as he is hysterically funny, as well as easy on the eye!" (Below) 

Model, Comedian, Fireman, Mark
Will Stephan Be, As Funny A Fireman?

We chatted some more re spirits & ghosts (As Julie like myself, has had ghost/spirit experiences) Then she left around 10-10.30pm, as she was leaving, she said she loved my afro woman & punk male, washing up brush & washing up sponge.... which made me laugh inside, as that's what she had for her Xmas present from me! I watched a bit of rubbish telly, then ended up doing some more of my blog & playing online TV game 'Bank Job' it's quite addictive!! Stephen DM'd me on Twitter again & asked if I had any more questions for him? So I asked when & where his profile picture was taken? As he looks very youthful in it for someone in their early 40's who works in a sooty, fiery environment!! His response was....
August in a bar in Niagara falls
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 22, 11:35 PM.
I replied with "August just gone, or another year" He replied with...
Yes august this year ill be 41in January
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 22, 11:38 PM.
Hmmmmmm When in January? I thought....... Up to January 20th would make him a Capricorn, which is the main sign of two that makes me feel uncomfortable the most! I just don't gel with them & tend to be mainly distrustful of them. They are even worse than Scorpio's, who are another sign that (In general) Put me on my guard! But if it's the 21st onwards, that would make him my perfect sign, Aquarius!! He told me he was an Aquarian, Phew!! I asked him if he'd ever been engaged? Also when was his last relationship? He replied with....
Never married no kids and about a year
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 22, 11:51 PM.
He asked I'd ever been married? & I said "No!!" Then he asked!!.. 
Are you single now?
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 22, 11:51 PM.
I said that I was & I had been for some time, he asked a bit about work & then out of the blue he said.......
You know I love the fact you are tall blonde and busty ?
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 23, 12:02 AM.
So the superficial stuff, before me being smart or funny then! Typical guy!! We talked about me trying to get back into working in TV/Film Industry & out of the blue he said.... 
I was in a film once I was 27 impressionable
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 23, 12:04 AM.

Hmmmm Impressionable I thought!! PML Don't tell me, it was a porno! If so I guess that's the catch to Mr 'Supposedly' Perfect! So I casually asked "Oh really? What film? Anything I'd of heard of?" He replied......
A bad film I shouldn't have done it was A little pornographic
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 23, 12:06 AM.
Wasn't a great turn on to be honest
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 23, 12:09 AM.
PML a 'Little Pornographic!!"... How can it be a little pornographic? Either it is, or it isn't!!.... He messaged...
Does it put you off
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 23, 12:13 AM.
I said "Not really, in fact, I find it quite funny, there are worse things you could of done, it's not as if you murdered someone & most young lads, if offered the opportunity of being in a porno film, would probably jump at it!!" He replied.... 
Fantastic so anymore questions
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 23, 12:19 AM.
I said "What are your hopes & wishes for the not too distant future?" To which he cheekily & quite presumptuously replied... 
I suppose to be happy to not get killed at work and that I stay healthy and meet a sexy hot English lady
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 23, 12:30 AM.
What do you hope for
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 23, 12:36 AM.
I said "Basically what everyone wants 'Security' in the form of a good job, that you can afford to live in, my own home, to be back to the size 8 I was not so long ago & back to full health & to have someone special in my life to share that with & fall in love with & hopefully vice versa!"
Well here's hoping I can do.even a little.of that
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Which was sweet if meant & not just a line, I guess only time will tell, either he is what he claims to be & I have the chance of having a good year, for the 1st time, in a very, very long time, or he is a shit & a fake & my luck is as dire as it always seems to be!! He added...
You know you can call me anytime
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 23, 12:55 AM.
Which makes me think he is not married, but that doesn't rule out 100% the possibility of a girlfriend though!! I won't be calling him though, unless I need to on the day we meet for some reason. As guys you don't actually don't know, often try & turn phone chats, into phone sex & I'm not doing that with a stranger (Unless they are paying premium rate, on a 0898 sex chat line, when I'm totally anonymous, thank you very much lol!!) After all he could really look like John McCririck for all I know!!..... Then he asked...
What's your network
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 23, 1:05 AM.
Don't know why? Maybe he wanted to see if it's one he gets free calls & texts to? So far I haven't given him my number! Then said..
I hope you are free when I come over
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 23, 1:09 AM.
I said "I should be, unless I have a horrific accident, or get bird flu or something equally dire!!" Then I said goodnight, and went to bed, wondering if he is really what he seems, or if he really is too good to be true?... well apart from the porn, lol (Calories Consumed 2,017 Whoops!!)

Friday 23rd December, I woke at 7.45am, aching all over, I had a bath & washed & dried my hair, then downed a load of painkillers, as I am in so much pain I could cry today! Almost too much so to do my power walk today, but I just about managed it, getting home at 9am. I had 3 cards waiting on the kitchen floor when I got in! I have a 2nd retail interview, at noon today in Angel, so I quickly changed & would leave for the train at 10.15am, to be early as its only a 30min journey to Angel & I may go see Nat later. As I asked him via text, did he want to meet for a pre Christmas drink today? When he text me the other day, about Christmas Day. He doesn't live far from Angel on the tube & so he could meet me for a drink there, or I could come to him! I changed into slim fitting black trousers, my black skinny rib polo-neck & black boots & did a simple make-up of black liquid 50's style eye-liner & red lipstick. I got to the station & bought my £15 return off peak ticket. Then I waited for my train. I let the slower, stopping, train go. As the fast one straight to Kings Cross was only 1min behind it. A decision I was to regret greatly!.....

I got on the 10.40am train & settled down to read the paper. On the front page, was the sister-in-law lover of Ryan Giggs (She was having a fling, with Ryan, even before she met & married his brother, making me think she only married Rhodri, to be close to Ryan!!) The headline was 'I risked it all for secret sex with Ryan... now I want Rhodri back' Yeah good luck with that one!! (It's Never Gonna Happen!!) I reckon after all she has said about hating Ryan, she only wants to be back with Rhodri, to be near scumbag Ryan again! (What is it about absolute arseholes, that some women find so alluring?..... He isn't even good looking!!) 

Shoppers are expected to blow £2Billion today in another massive Christmas splurge. High Street Stores expect to take £62,000 per second, as customers grab last minute gifts, won't be getting any from me! I have got all my presents! My Brother & family, my Sister & family, then the friends who have been there for me this year, Candie, Nat, Terry, Nicky, Ian, Julie, Andrea & Jennie. Supermarkets have dubbed today T Day, the day most people buy their Christmas turkeys, with 8 out of 10 last minute shoppers being men. £2.5Billion was spent last weekend on panic buying & overall Christmas shopping is predicted to be around £69.1Billion. 

Sick, George Michael, is out of hospital to be home for Christmas after being stricken down with Pneumonia (I know only too well how awful that is!) Millions of fans feared for his life when he was stricken down with Pneumonia in November! 

A transsexual who pushed his cross dressing pal to his death under a Tube Train, was jailed for a minimum of 7yrs yesterday. Senthooran Kanagasingham (Nice English name!) was cleared of murdering 'Human Rights Solicitor' (See what human rights gets you!) David Burgess 63, also known as Sonia. But he admitted manslaughter due to diminished responsibility! He was jailed for life & told he must at least serve 7yrs of that sentence. Kanagasingham of Cricklewood North London, had been undergoing a sex-change, before killing Sonia/David at Kings Cross, on October 2010. He is now on medication & no longer needs hospital treatment for Paranoid Schizophrenia. 

 Victim David Burgess 
David As Alter Ego Sonia 
Transsexual Killer Senthooran Kanagasingham

Scumbag metal thieves, have ruined the Christmas run up for dozens of family's, after stealing power cables from a block of flats (This type of crime is becoming more & more common all of a sudden & is what caused no trains between St Albans & London on 11/11/11 & a bloody nightmare for me, it's mostly caused by, thoughtless, greedy, self-centred Pikey's & Immigrants!!) This means the poor residents are now shivering with no heat, lights & all of their  Christmas food has gone off, as they have no working fridges without their electricity! Housing chiefs are battling to restore the flats with electricity before Xmas, at the block in Shoreditch East London. That's the kind of goodwill to all men at Christmas, you get from the criminal vermin, in the UK, with its soft laws & cushy jails!! Sentences & jail needs to get tougher!!.... a lot tougher!!

But proof that Christmas spirit does exist, came after a Sam Woodburn, a poor, South Yorkshire, 34yr single mum, with 6 kids, who couldn't afford insurance, lost her home & contents to a fire. After scumbag vandals, set light to rubbish outside, while she was out shopping on Tuesday. A school pal she hadn't seen since she left school 18yrs ago, heard about her plight & set up a Facebook page which soon had 500 followers. A local Rotherham doctor offered her a free house, until the council find them a new home. Other Facebook well wishers, provided Sam with the rest, such as clothes, cooker, washer & Christmas gifts!

But Christmas spirit doesn't exist everywhere, as thieves stole Santa's car, as he delivered gifts to a group of toddlers. 60yr John Stubbs parked his Rover 75 estate, outside a Church Hall, while dressed as Santa & popped inside with a sack of gifts, he came back out to find his car gone. He thinks he must of dropped his keys & someone saw & pounced, taking his car, as soon as he went inside! Sadly this kind of scum, is more common, than the kind hearted type! 

Cheryl Cole's shoe range for stylistpic.com which includes 8 shoe designs, with names such as, Glam Slam, Freak Le Chic & Funky Monkey, have had loads of complaints about a £79.90 pair called 'Your Royal Hotness', which have dodgy stitching on the strap, above the heel, and the sole leather coming away from the inside of the heel, it looks like Cheryl's lucky streak left her, from back when Ashley cheated on her yet again! 

 Your Royal Hotness 

An Ex British soldier, turned Islamic extremist, Abu Jibreel, has been arrested on suspicion of fraud (Making him a total Hypocrite!!) He is alleged to have pocketed donations, that he collected, supposedly for foreign war victims, collected outside mosques!! He was quizzed by cops over claims he used a fake ID to collect cash, saying it was for victims in civil war torn Somalia & Libya. But then stole the money! Meanwhile a huge stockpile of roadside bombs, intended to maim & kill our troops, has been discovered by our troops, while clearing Taliban fighters from the area!  

The potty UN last paid tribute to evil, dead, North Korean despot, Kim Jong-il with a minutes silence! After a request from the North Korean delegation. It actually only lasted 25 seconds, Western diplomats, rightly boycotted the ridiculous gesture, to such an evil man. 

Around the Mill Hill area, between stations, my train came to a standstill. I assumed it was waiting at a signal for another train to pass, but when around 20-30mins passed with no explanation, tempers were beginning to fray in the carriage! Eventually the driver came on the intercom & said the train was broken (Great!!! I'd of been in London by now, on the slower train, I let go!!) He said he was going to try & get it going & hopefully we'd be on our way soon. So I text who I was meeting for an interview, to say I was on a broken down train & I was hoping it would get going soon, if not I may be later than 12noon!! (Typical this kind of thing always happens to me, when I need to be somewhere by a certain time!!) There was a few hissing noises & then silence, repeated a few times over 10mins, then nothing for about 20-30mins eventually the driver came on the intercom, saying the train had no air for the pistons, so we couldn't move. (Bloody Brilliant) 

He then mumbled something about a train, coming to push us, to the next station, but no hint of how long before it would get to us, or how long all this was going to take! As always British rail's 'First Capital Connect' like to keep its overpaying customers, as much in the dark as possible!! By now it was 12noon & I was late for my appointment (Bollocks!!) I text the woman I was meant to be seeing at 12noon, about what was going on & hoped she believed me & didn't just think, I left home late & was making excuses! (Hopefully if she Googled National Rail Enquiries, it would have some mention of my stuck train!!!) One group of people were very Irate as they were flying off to Switzerland at 4pm, from Gatwick, for their Christmas Holiday & if they didn't check in, in time their holiday & whole Christmas would be ruined!!... 

They were now kicking off, as we were getting no info how long all this would take! There was 4 adults & 4 kids in their group! Two Parents & 4 Kids & one set of Grandparents, angry the Grandfather called National Rail Enquiries, to see if he could get any info about what was going on? As we were only getting, a scant few words, every half hour, from the driver! The guy got through & then became, almost incandescent with rage, when he realised he'd got through to a call centre in India! Who were  no bloody use at all & didn't even know about the broken down train! The guy was going ape-shit & was insisting that he gave him a number, that would be answered in the UK, which the phone operator refused, making the Grandfather even more livid!... 

Getting more & more red in the face, he insisted the Indian took his mobile number & got somebody from Network South East, First Capital Connect, or National Rail Enquiries, IN ENGLAND to get back to him & let him know "What the hell was happening!!" He got a call back about 5mins later, saying a rescue train was on its way & would be with us soon! Just as he said that, the train shunted backwards & forwards, as a train behind us, connected with our train, Shortly after a driver or engineer from that train & said we'd be moving soon, by being pushed by the train behind. We asked if we had to get off at the next stop? Or would it just quickly shunt us on to Kings Cross, then on to Gatwick? He said we wouldn't have to get off the train & change (Which was good news, as it was lashing with rain outside & the next station has no cover over it's platform!!)   

So I text my 12pm meeting & said we were about to move again any moment & I'd be to her as quick as possible! Hungry I ate my packed lunch, of a Quorn salad sandwich & chilli Doritos, while we waited for things to get going & downed a can of Diet Coke. The Train begun to trundle along, but instead of going straight to Kings Cross, as the new driver had said. It stopped at the next station & we all had to get off, onto the uncovered platform & be drenched by pelting rain, for the next train, behind our defective one! (Great!! I am going to be late & bloody soaked through!!) 

Thank god I had my Faux Fur, Deerstalker hat protecting my hair! Or I'd of looked like a drowned rat!! I got to Kings Cross after being on the train 2hrs & 20mins (Not Happy!!) Then I legged it to the tube station & down the escalators, to the Northern line, then went the one stop to Angel, I arrived at my destination & was seen, and greeted with a unimpressed look (I thought "Great this is going to go against me on my 2nd visit, and is going to make someone local look a more viable for the job, as less likelihood of commuting problems!!" ) After a chat about my nightmare journey, it was down to business & 15-20mins after that, I was wandering round Chapel Street Market! 

45mins later I popped into my friend Ange's shop, we were talking about this & that & she asked if I was coming to hers for dinner on Christmas Day? I said I could & that would be lovely, she said if there was no public transport she'd pick me up & drop me back in her car, I said I'd check but I was 99% sure there would be no public transport Christmas Day! 

Greek Almond Biscuits

Angie offered me two home made, Greek almond biscuit's (Above) that she'd brought in, which was very crumbly & very casting sugar covered & also very tasty! A woman came into the shop, who was around 60yrs old, with bright purple hair, she said she lived in Germany. She said to me "You don't have a man in your life at the moment do you?" I said "No?" She then continued "I'm psychic & I see a new man coming into your life around the Christmas period, Not Christmas Day.... more around New Year!!" Which made me laugh as I'm meeting Irish, Fireman, Steve, around the 1st or 2nd of January! 

She could of stopped there but oh no! She then said not to have sex with the guy straight away!! I laughed & said I had no intention of doing so! She then said how she & her toyboy waited & when they did have sex it was wild QUOTE "He bled & I bled, down there!!" OMG!! Too much information!!! I was not expecting that, she showed me his picture, that she had in her purse, he had short cropped dark hair, angular features & cold staring eyes! She said he was a lawyer, but he looked like a Hitler Youth!! After she went I couldn't stop laughing!! I asked George, a friend of Angie's & mine who has a cafe, just up the road, who had come in the shop (Part way through the conversation) if he'd heard what she'd said? He said "No!!" I told him what she said & he was in hysterics!! Saying "Why would you tell a stranger something so personal, like that?" I shrugged my shoulders & laughed.

I text my BGFF Nat, around 5pm, to see if he was up for that pre Christmas drink, tonight? It's pissing down with rain outside, so I doubt he will want to go into town somewhere! But he might be up for somewhere local in Walthemstow, or maybe a couple round his? He text back around 5.30-6pm "Can't do drink" guessed he either can't face the weather, or has already made more exciting plans, or maybe its Christmas pub quiz night, tonight? I had a Cappuccino with George & a cheese sandwich & some spicy chilli Doritos & at 7pm, I had a K cider & then popped to the tube station & headed home at 7.30pm. The tubes & trains were good this time & by the time I got to St Albans, it had eventually stopped chucking it down with rain! About Bloody time!! I got in around 8.45pm & saw there was a comedians special 'Come Dine With Me' on at 8pm so turned onto Ch4 +1 to watch it at 9pm & quickly checked my Facebook & Twitter before it started! 

My friends Nat & Terry came up on my Facebook home wall, tagged in a message that had been posted around 3.30pm, by someone called, John King saying 'John King: Is heading home to get ready for drinks with his gaybours' & I thought "Ahh Nat & Terry are out with their neighbours, or they're having their neighbours round for drinks, that's why they were not free to see me for drinks!"  I also chatted on Twitter as I watched, I had a message from Stephen pop on my wall saying he'd DM'd me so I had a look & it said... 
Any more questions lovely
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 23, 9:48 PM.
I said "No if I ask you everything on here, we won't have much to chat about when we meet, but I will tell you something funny later after I've unwound watching a bit of TV!" Then I chilled with a coffee & the Telly.'Come Dine With Me' was very funny, it had Duncan Norvelle on who I use to love!! He use to wear a safari suit & his catch phrase was a very camp "Chase Me!!" Then I watched '8 Out Of 10 Christmas Special' Which was very funny, thanks in part, to Jedward! Then I fixed myself a coffee, and chatted on Twitter for a bit, while munching on a frozen banana & drinking my coffee, I told Stephen about what the psychic said in my friends shop. He responded with....
Wow really
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 12:05 AM.
Did you immediately think of me
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 12:09 AM.
I said "Well as we have arranged to meet at the start of 2012 it obviously did pass through my mind & I did have a small chuckle!!" He responded with an unrelated.... 
Sounds promising I love the fact you are tall and 36f wow
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 12:13 AM.
He obviously had been paying attention I was having with a girlfriend on Twitter about proper bra fittings. I ignored it and turned the conversation round to "So is tall & busty all you look for in a woman?" 
And a fantastic personality oh and a great kisser
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 12:18 AM.
I asked "So are you a good kisser then?" He replied...
I'd like to think I am are you ?
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 12:21 AM.
I replied "To be honest, I have never kissed myself to be able to know..... but I have had no complaints!!" He presumptuously replied....
I'll let you know (-;
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 12:27 AM.
I asked him if he'd worn his fireman uniform, in the porno, he filmed in his 20's? He said he did, adding....
I'll send you a copy
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 12:30 AM.
I burst out laughing!! I replied "OMG!! That would be one unusual way to break the ice!!" He replied....
Indeed you may even like it
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 12:32 AM.
PML Cocky!!!.... In more way's than one!! I asked him how long he'd been a fireman? He said "Since 1995 when I was 25" then he went back to....
Have to say I think you are hot
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 12:56 AM.
Avoiding our messaging getting sexual (No way is that happening with a stranger who I only have a photo of & which could be fake) I again made a joke of it saying "You know your right!!.... Better turn that central heating off!!" He said "I'm serious you know I fancy you!" I said "Your trying to steer this conversation down a sexual, route, I know God loves a trier but your best shots not good enough!" He replied...
I try my best Id have a good go at YOu
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 12:59 AM.
Which again I ignored.... I asked what his Irish accent was like? Was it a strong, broad gruff one or the type with a softer lilt? He replied.. 
Sort of like eamon holmes
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 1:02 AM.
"Ahh the soft type then I said"... He replied 
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 1:04 AM.
And your accent?
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 1:07 AM.
I replied "SOME people say I have a posh accent, but really it's a bastardised accent, of all the south of England places I have lived such as Sussex, Buckinghamshire & Central & North London, with a tad of Nottingham sprinkled in!!" He asked what I was like as a date? I said "Quite aloof at 1st but very warm, affectionate & passionate, once I'm with someone a while & feel we have physical & mental chemistry!" He replied... 
Here's hoping you are with me long enough to do so
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 1:15 AM.
Then he asked....
So can I ask do you or would you wear stockings
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 1:17 AM.
Which made me think he is probably a player & is DMing several women the same thing!! I replied "Yes I do & of course I would, in a relationship, but not at the moment, as they won't look good until I'm super toned again!!" He replied being presumptuous again...
Something to look forward to
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 24, 1:20 AM.
Bored now by the way his DM's were taking a one way direction (Mostly to his wank bank!) I turned off my laptop & I read my Marilyn Monroe Book for a bit, before settling down to sleep about 2am, wondering if that bloody train situation today, affected my chances of work in 2012? (Calories consumed 1,758)

Saturday 24th December (Christmas Eve) I woke at 9am, to yet another grey day, but the sky was thick cotton wool grey, pure cloud & no sky!! But It looks full of snow not rain! Hmm will we have a white Christmas after all? I took some pain killers, as I ache all over again today!! (Thanks to the stormy weather!) I slowly had a wash & got dressed slowly due to the pain, in black leggings, black polo-neck & black Ugg Style boots & scraped my hair back in a pony tail. Then I slowly made myself some scrambled egg & two rashers of Fakeon (Imitation vegetarian, bacon made with Quorn or Tofu!!) & also a, full caffeine coffee, to get me going!! Which I ate/drank while watching the start of 'The Muppet Christmas Carol' I'd of liked to have watched it all, but I had plenty of things to do today, in the brief amount of time we have daylight! At around 12.30-1pm I headed off towards, St Albans Abbey station direction, to get to Sainsbury's to get something to take to mum & dads grave. I'd seen some really nice things in Sainsbury's, when I popped in, after I'd gone to Matalan a while back, when looking for Xmas presents! 

I got there & looked at a lovely Poinsettia for £10 but wasn't sure low long it would last in the cold? There was also a cute 3ft Christmas tree, for £10 which I thought could be planted after, but wasn't sure how long it would last! & if it would die without watering, before I could get down in the New Year to plant it!? In the end I went for a £10 mini Christmas tree, with a white flowered plant, ivy & two pine cones, in a silver metal container. I walked back up the steep hill, into town, which was killing my back & sciatica, so once in town I decided I'd get a bus to the cemetery & back again, rather than attempt the usual 1hr walk each way, like I normally do! 

I walked down to the old Odeon Cinema, near the other St Albans train station, where the bus stop is, that the bus that goes past the cemetery goes from. While waiting for the bus, I wrote on a snowflake design, gift tag, a Christmas message to my mum & dad, then got on the bus that arrived about 10mins later. I went to mum & dads grave, and put my floral offering on the grave, Bills Wreath was there & I was glad I didn't get the 3ft Christmas tree, as my sister & Erdal had put a slightly smaller Christmas tree there, decorated with gold baubles. 

I stood there chatting to mum & dad about what's happened with me since my last visit, I still find it hard to believe mum is in there, dad it's easier to accept because its been 15yrs now & he had lung cancer. Where as it still feels like yesterday, that I was laughing with mum in her kitchen, then she was gone, no illness or anything, just gone! Having seen ghosts/spirits & mum seeing dads ghost 2-3yrs after he died, plus mum & I having dad speak to us at the same time, I asked mum to show herself to me this Christmas time, if she could, so I had the comfort that she was OK & existing on some other plain, and asked my dad the same! He managed to come to mum, why not me? Then I went back to the bus stop & waited for the bus into town, it dropped me off in the high street around 3.30pm & I popped into Tesco for a few bits as I had an empty fridge & freezer, then headed home & had a tuna pasta salad late lunch/early supper. Which I ate while checking my Facebook & Twitter messages!....

Pathetic, self-obsessed, Lauren Goodger, was boasting on Twitter, about doing her bit for charity (REAL Charitable people, just do charitable things, in silence, instead of bleating about it!!) She was telling people to buy The Sun newspaper & read up about her charitable deeds on pages 20 & 21 of The Sun. While in the same breath, Tweeting that she cant do 'Text Santa' a charitable program, tonight as she has................ A Soar Throat!!!! ...... FFS!!! The show is about those truly suffering at Christmas & she pulls out, over the mere discomfort, of a soar throat!! Bloody Hell, that self-centred, Essex, air head, is badly in need of a reality check!!  

Lauren, "Look at Me, Look At Me" Goodger

There was nothing worth watching on TV so I thought I'd take my Xmas prezzie for Jennie, round her house, if she is not in I will leave it on her back doorstep & slip a note through her letterbox to say it's there! I got to Jennies & could tell there were lights on indoors, so I knocked on the door, her two daughters Lara & Franchesca got very excited when they saw me, jumping up & down saying "It's aunty Jooonie!!" I came in and Jennie thanked me for the Xmas card I'd posted, saying she was very lax with her cards this year. I popped her prezzie under the tree (The Afro disco dude washing up brush below) & she made me a coffee & offered me some home made, mini mince pies, which I had, I chatted to Jennie inbetween the girls being all over me showing me lots of their new stuff, since I last saw them! Franchesca ran off to write me a Christmas card as they'd not sent me one, which was cute. I left there & headed home around 7pm & said to Jennie we'd have to go for a drink in the New Year. 

I got in & sat down with the paper, the headline was about the Queens husband Prince Philip saying 'Royal's Emergency Dash: Stricken Prince flown 61 miles for surgery on blocked artery, Prince Heart Op' After him being airlifted to Sandringham to Papworth Hospital last night after suffering chest pains. Surgeons cleared a blocked artery & inserted a stent! 

George Michael revealed it was touch & go for a while, with his pneumonia! He called it the worst month of his life, battling pneumonia that nearly killed him! He said he is still very weak (He will be for a long time, it took me 18 months to feel back to normal after double pneumonia!) 

PM David Cameron has issued a hands-off warning to Argentina over the Falklands. After pathetic Argentinean's closed their ports to ships flying the Falklands flag! The MD has also confirmed Prince Williams, 6 week RAF posting in the Falklands will go ahead in February. 

PM David Cameron 

Sadly another victim of the recession is the lovely undies company La Senza (Bugger I have made a whole lot, of pointless job applications, to them, if they go under!! Plus that's even more retail people, fighting for the same retail jobs, I'm going after too if they close down!!)  The company once owned by Dragons Den's Theo Paphitis has more than 2,600 jobs & 146 high street stores at risk, as owners prepare to pull the plug on the company! 

Richard smith the father who killed his wife & two kids in Leeds (Below) will not be laid to rest with them! Due to decisions made by both sides of the family! Instead 2 separate, funerals, will be held. Because despite being a loving father & husband for many years, he chose to snuff out all their lives! Clair will be buried in a service with her two boys Aaron & Ben. Police are still trying to work out why he murdered his family in Pudsey after they'd got home from an under-nine's football team he ran. 

More Evil in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, comes as evil couple, force a 8yr old boy & girl to fight & video it for their own sick amusement! The sobbing, little girl, in a pink dress, was handed a broom, by the Evil, cackling, couple & forced to fight the 8yr boy with it, as their terror was videoed! VILE, Fat, Ugly Gemma Mattinson 26 & her sick lover, Ian Barclay 20, laughed & cheered & handed her plastic sticks, to reluctantly, beat the crying 8yr boy with. When the sobbing boy tried to hide behind a couch, he was dragged out by Repulsive Ian, who bashed the lads head on the radiator, as the fight was ordered to resume (WTF is wrong with these people???) 

Ian was filmed snarling at the poor little scared 8yr girl "Punch him, kick him, nut him!!" The pair of human waste were last night in jail after the 3min clip was played in court! Where a judge was unable to find the words to express his revulsion at the pair! People in the public gallery were so distraught by the footage, that they walked out of the courtroom in tears! It was also filmed by a horrified woman who had gone to the house & she showed it to a relative of the children. The mother of repulsive Gemma Mattinson, was so disgusted, that she shopped her to the police! Vile Ian Barclay's family have since disowned him. They both pleaded guilty days after Gemma gave birth, thankfully her child has been taken away from her! Even so the human excrement still only got 8 months (Obscene!!) I hope they get the battering of their lives in jail!!

Evil & Evil, Gemma Mattinson & Lover Ian Barclay 

At 7.30pm I watched the remake of the musical 'Hairspray' with John Travolta. (I loved the original with Divine!) It was good fun, John Travolta played his part well. While checking my Twitter while watching TV I saw a DM message from Stephen with a simple...
Hi you x
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I said hi, he asked what I was doing I said I was watching 'Hairspray' which was encouraging me to go back to dieting & the gym in the New Year. Then I chilled in front of the TV with some cashews, Maoam sweets (from jar meant for kid visitors) & 2 cans of K cider & watched Donny Osmond on 'Piers Morgan: Life Story's' followed by the film 'Bronson' which was not exactly what I expected & was quite 'Clockwork Orange' in places! Then I went to bed & watched a whole bunch of programs on BBC4 about 'Doris Day' who I loved as a kid & settled down to sleep at 2.30am without opening a single present, leaving them for when I wake, so it felt more like Christmas. (Calories consumed 2,320 naughty, naughty)

Sunday 25th December (Christmas Day) I woke at 9.30am, In a lot of pain in my back & neck, plus stomach cramps & I still had tender boobs!! I saw on my mobile that Nat had text Happy Christmas at 7am. I got up, had a bath & washed my hair, I got on the scales & discovered I have regained the 2lb I lost on Thursday (Bugger!!) I fixed a coffee, to wash down some painkillers & went upstairs to open my presents from under my tree! 1st up the Big, Intriguing, One, from BFF Candie. Wow FAB!! The Sanctuary's 'Ultimate Sanctuary Pamper Case' A big, butterfly covered, orange vanity box, fill of lovely Sanctuary goodies! Perfect as I'd almost run out of my last three lovely Sanctuary, bath products!! It contained  foaming bath soak, body scrub, body wash, body butter, 24hr moisturisation body lotion, Intensive rescue heel balm & a orange butterfly covered shower cap! All with that gorgeous, citrus like, smell. Mmmm!

 Thanks Candie 

Then I opened my presents from my friend Julie, which were in the very pretty blingy shoe gift bag, she'd got me a really lovely pair of vintage, jewelled, mint mule, evening shoes, which fitted perfectly plus a black & silver key-ring in the shape of a evening dress, with a clip on it so you can hang it like an accessory. 

 Lovely Gift Bag
 Thanks Julie

Then presents from friends opened, I moved on from the presents from my friends, to my presents from my family, I opened the 1st of my two gift bags from my Brother Bill & family, the red shiny one, which had a jar of Thorntons Moments, chocolates in. 

Bag Number One

Then I opened the 2nd gold one from them all, which had 6 packages in. 1) contained a cute, dainty, silver coloured, drop earrings, with small silver leaf's and diamante's, which really reminded me of a gold pair I use to have in the 1980's but lost. 2) contained a box of Quality Street, 3) contained four pretty pastel coloured eye pencils, pale pink, pale silver, pale gold & a pale beige. 4) contained 2 small tubes of spa shower gel & body lotion, 5) contained what looked like a star tree decoration, at 1st, a clear star with what looked like it had small polystyrene balls in, which turned out to be snow bath sorts (I will use the container which has a loop in it, on the tree next year maybe with some glitter inside!!) The 6th & final parcel, contained a fine, yellowy cream, silky fabric, scarf, with a fine silky fringe spaced an inch apart, along each end, with the word Chanel printed 3 times on a band either end. 

 Bag Number Two
 Thanks The Smith Family

Then I opened the Silver gift bag, from my sister Julie & her husband Erdal, which also had 6 items inside! 1) Milk chocolate box with several 2 individual dairy milk chunks wrapped up inside, 2) A lovely silver lame, multi pocketed multi compartmented handbag, 3) A fabulous pair of Pretty Polly suspender tights (Something to motivate me back into the gym in 2012!!) 4) A lovely pair of gunmetal drop earrings, 5) A very nice beaded key ring with a clip so can be used as a decorative accessory (It will go well on my Leopard shopper bag!) & the 6th item was a fab 'Flutter' cosmetic set which had lovely eye-shadow compact with 6 glittery colour's which are just my type of colours, cream, silver, charcoal, khaki, gold & coffee. A black glittery eye pencil, a black mascara, a set of eyelashes & a brilliant fake eye lash attaching attachment, with a eyelash stand, which is very clever & useful!!

 Thanks The Yilmaz Family 

So that was all of my this years presents opened, so I put them neatly under my dinning room table, to put away later when I get back from Andrea's.  

All My This Year's Xmas Presents, 
Just Before Being Put Under The Dinning Room Table.

I had 6 of the Thorntons chocolate's for breakfast with a coffee, then after I text Nat & Terry "Happy Christmas" plus I also text Candie & my friend Julie, to thank them  for my lovely presents. I dried my hair & did my make-up, with my new make-up from my sister & put in, the fine, silver coloured, drop earrings, from my brother & family's gift. Feeling rather rotund at the moment I wore my black jeans, & black camisole, under a Christmas red, draped top & slipped on my Gold glitter killer heels! (Remembering to peel their price label off 1st!)

I went to the ladies to spend a penny & I seemed to be bleeding (WTF?? I haven't had a period in 5yrs? That must be why my breasts are hurting!! It might have something to do with my fluctuating weight too, as I use to gain & lose 7-14lb in a week, when I was on my period in the past!) I put a black load in the washing machine to do while I'm out! Then made my bed, text my sister Julie & thanked her for my lovely presents, she said her Next voucher & Erdal's HMV voucher was ideal, she said they were getting ready to have dinner in a hour. 

I was about to contact my brother Bill, when my phone went & it was Bill & his family (Great minds think alike!) Katy thanked me for her £10 New Look voucher, Jesy thanked me for her £10 Top shop voucher, Andrew thanked me for his £10 voucher, that could be used in a variety of shops & said he might use it with a bunch of his Christmas money, to get some games, for his games console. Karen said they hadn't opened the gifts for her & Bill (A Wallis & a HMV voucher) Nor the one for Alex (A cute cuddly turtle in a Dappy hat called Shelly) As they were just having snacks in the afternoon, before Katy, Jesy & Andrew went to their mums. Its then that Bill & Karen would open their presents, after they have had their Christmas dinner in the evening, after Alex was in bed! I chatted to Bill for a bit & heard Alex had been stuffing his face with chocolates all morning. That baby is a non stop eating machine!!  

I picked up Andrea's present from under my tree, only Nicky & Ian's are left to be given out! Andrea picked me up at 1pm & dropped me at hers, while she popped off to pick up her mum. So I sneaked Andrea's small prezzie, under the tree & made a fuss of the adorable Fifi!! 

 The Adorable Fifi, Who Looks Very much Like My Old Cat Paris

Andrea arrived with her mum & we had a chat about her birthday which was on Friday just gone, then Tom came home, from delivering some Christmas presents to a friend! We watched the end of 'The Muppet Movie' then turned over to 'Top Of the Pops Christmas' where Xfactor's 'Little Mix' didn't manage to make the Christmas number one, instead the 'Military Wives Choir' did!! They certainly chose the plainest army wife, with a load of tattoo's as the main feature of the pop video, unusually! Guess she must be the best singer?

Andrea With Her Mum & Fifi

Then Andrea poured us a rose wine & handed out presents to her mum & found the one, from me to her, She liked her Afro lady washing up sponge & punk rocker washing up brush & I was surprised when I got handed two presents (Which I wasn't expecting) A pair off fluffy yeti boot slippers (Ideal for the winter weather) & a big box of Thorntons chocolates. Lucky I don't have a sweet tooth, as with the 2 lots of Thorntons & the Quality street I'd be the size of a house in a week if I did, as I'd of eaten them all by the weekend, if I had a sweet tooth, instead of just have a few a day! 

 My Present To Andrea
Andrea's Present To Me

Angie put us out some nibbles around 2.30pm of vegetable crisps, crab sticks, Twiglets & a bowl of mixed nuts & a nutcracker & went to finish off the Christmas Dinner, and her mum sat on a chair & chatted to her as she did so & I watched the cute cartoon 'Monsters Vs Aliens' with Tom. Angie & Tom gave Fifi a cute battery operated lion, who's tail swishes & it rolls round the floor laughing, Fifi didn't know what to make of it at first, but got brave when it stopped laughing & moving by grabbing it by the throat! (She was very funny!!)

Fifi A Typical Child, Enjoying The Packaging, 
More Than The Gift!!
 "What Is This Rolling, Laughing, Lion, Thing??"
 "I Will Savage It While It's Quiet!!"
 "He May Be King Of The Jungle!!!"
"But I'm Queen Of This House!!"

Tom showed me some funny clips off of YouTube, on his iPad, including one of the chimp (Below) which makes 'Planet Of the Apes' look less like Science Fiction!! Look at his triumphant stance at the end!.. "Don't laugh at the ape fools!!" 

One of my favourite set of YouTube video's is by my buddy Charlie (AKA Drag Queen Kandi Kane Baxter) He is so funny & talented, he should have his own TV show!! You can see his/her latest, Brilliant Christmas Spoof Video below 

 The Amazing - Kandie Kane Baxter

At 5.30pm my very lovely BB friend Kinga, gave me a call on my mobile. to wish me a Happy Christmas, she is such a adorable, sweet girl. I said we'd have to meet up in the New Year, in Borehamwood to catch up!! 

The Adorable Kinga Karolczak

We sat down to Christmas Dinner around 6pm, I had a yummy plate of roast potatoes, roast parsnips, roast carrots, Brussels sprouts, Yorkshire pudding & veggie stuffing, with some cranberry sauce!! They had the same plus the traditional turkey & prunes rapped in parma ham (Devils on horseback) mine was very tasty & followed by some Christmas pudding, with brandy custard, which I struggled to eat, while donned in my Christmas pudding hat! 

Happy Christmas 2011 Everybody!!!!

We then forced down a few slim mint choc's after...... then like the turkey I was totally stuffed!! At 9pm We jumped in Tom's Range Rover & they dropped off Andrea's mum & then me, before going on, to pop in, to see a friend, who lived not far from me! I popped to the shop next door & got a load of (Caffeine free) Diet Coke's. Then I chilled & watched 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man Christmas Special' & 'Absolutely Fabulous' while downing Diet Cokes. Followed by 'Michael Mcintyre's Christmas Comedy Roadshow' Then I went to bed with a coffee & 6 Thorntons chocolates (I can attack the lard in 2012) Plus some more pain killers, as my back neck, left knee & tummy were hurting. 

By 10pm I was surprised Karen had not text me, after Bill & her opened their prezzie's in the evening, as I thought she'd find the big cuddly turtle cute! I checked my messages online & Stephen had DM'd me Asking how my Christmas went & I told him about my evening at Andreas & how I was finishing off my Christmas chocolates & then I was on a mission to get back to my super toned size 8 again! He replied... 
Just hope when you tone up your boobs stay the same
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 25, 10:04 PM.
Is that all he is interested in? I asked how his Christmas was? He replied 
I didn't do very much went to my mums for dinner that was about it
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 25, 10:37 PM.
I asked if he had any siblings? He replied....
1 brother 2 sisters can't stand my older sister and my brother
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 25, 10:52 PM.
I wondered why?  But I didn't pry! He said his younger sister who he gets on with lives 80miles away & then conversation, went back to me being hot again! So bored I signed off & I watched 'The Graham Norton Christmas Special' (Calories consumed 1,692  Wow Very good for a Christmas Day) 

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