Monday, 2 January 2012

Running Head First Into The New Year!! And A Pothole!! Ouch!!

Monday 26th December (Boxing Day) I woke at 10am & had 6 Thorntons chocolates & a coffee for breakfast (Using up Xmas choc's before the new year) Had a bath,, clipped up my hair, and slobbed out, in my black leggings & T-shirt & my grey fluffy slipper boots (That Andrea got me for Xmas) & popped to the shop for my daily Sun newspaper. I read the paper, the front page news is about Kate Middleton's plum outfit at Sandringham's church (Yawn!!) Also about Internet trolls targeting, the unattractive military wife, who is covered in tattoo's, who features heavily in the Military Wives Choir, music video. 

Samantha Stephenson 28, received vicious abuse by teens/youths with nothing better to do, on online websites. She said "It's hurtful they say I'm disgusting" She has vowed to add to add a Remembrance Day poppy to celebrate the choirs record 'Wherever You are' getting to number 1. She said "There was lots of nasty comments about me on Facebook & Twitter, my tattoo's make me stand out from the rest of the girls!" The mum of two said it was a privilege to make the record with the choir & hope they keep singing together.

Samantha Stephenson

Mel Gibson's wife Robyn, mother to his large brood of children, has been awarded £272Million half of his vast £545Million fortune in a Christmas divorce deal! 

1,000 Pikey's (Gypsy's) joined Celebrity Big Brother winner Paddy Doherty for a Christmas Tenerife break, booking up three entire hotels on the Canary Isle. Amazing what you can afford when you don't pay council tax & a bunch of other things the rest of us in the UK do!

About 6million Brits will look on love on the web this week on dating sites, as it's the busiest time of year for online dating (Yeah a load of lonely people hoping to get an invite to a Christmas party, or New Years bash!!) Sadly from my experience of online dating, most of your options will be fakes, fake pic's or ones 10-20yrs out of date, fake jobs & profiles. Also lots of married men/women pretending to be single to have an affair, or worst of all, scammer's looking for a victim, to marry for a passport, or drain of their life savings.... If your one of those people online, looking for love this week.... Be wary... Be very wary!!

Playboy playmate twins Kristina & Karissa (Above) have signed up for next years 'Celebrity Big Brother' along with uba thick, Essex, wide-boy Kirk Norcross. I'm sure they'd both, rather bed wizened old Hugh Hefner, than that charmless, clueless, moron!! 'Loose Woman' Denise Welch & Ryan Giggs Sister-in-law Natasha Giggs, are also rumoured to be going in! Shove Welsh slapper Imogen Thomas in the mix & that would get interesting! Even more so if you threw Ryan Giggs wife in the mix!! 

Paper read, I did some household chores (Boring) then ironed some clean laundry & put away. I had a handful of Haribo (That I'd got in for the kids, that never ended up coming to mine over Xmas) with a Diet Coke, then I sorted out of some of my cupboards. Then once most were sorted, I made myself a roast dinner with a Quorn roast. Then later at 4pm I watched 'Shrek 2' I've seen it before, but there was bugger all else on, had a coffee & 6 more Thorntons choc's & 3 Quality Street (Avoiding the revolting, sickly, strawberry & orange creams..... Yuck!!) Did Some squats exercises, with the aid of my medicine ball. 

Went online & chatted a bit to friends on Twitter & Facebook then, did some filing of paperwork, before watching the film premier of 'Madagascar: Escape 2' on BBC1 Cute animation! Did a bit of dusting Then made a fish pie which I had with some green salad. Then I wrote a bit in some of my backdated blog's! I watched 'Coronation Street' (Corrie) Then a bit later I watched, the new BBC1 comedy, staring the brilliant David Jason (Dell Boy in 'Only Fools & Horses') Called 'The Royal Bodyguard' Oh my god!! No wonder its on at Christmas!!! What a bloody Turkey!!!..... I feel embarrassed for David Jason (What on earth made him agree to do it? Surely he didn't need the money that bad!!) It was like a 20 times worse 'Johnny English' (And that's dire!!!) And it seems I was not alone in thinking this as Twitter was awash with shock at how awful it was! Which shows that how ever a brilliant actor you may be, you can't save an awful script, I think it is a safe bet, that it will not get a 2nd series!! 

I spent the rest of the evening catching up on blog's, as the television on offer is so DIRE like every year (BBC1 & BBC2 had 7 repeats each, ITV 6, Ch4 14 & Ch5 10!! Plus out of 24 programs on SKY1 21 were repeats..... There may of been even more repeats, than said on the other channels, as some films may have been on before & I just happen not to have seen them!!!) Peckish I had a few digestive biscuits, with blue cheese on & some grilled Haloumi (Yummy!!) Read some of my Marilyn Monroe book then went to sleep around 2am (Calories consumed 2,524 oh deary deary me!!!) 

Tuesday 27th December, I woke at 9am & had a shower & dressed in jeggings & T-shirt & new fluffy, grey, slipper boots. I fixed myself a cooked breakfast of grilled Fakeon, grilled Haloumi & olives. Very tasty if somewhat naughty!! Then I popped to the shop for a Sun paper & some caffeine free Diet Coke. I read the paper the headline was 'Horror On Oxford Street, Stabbed To Death At The Sales' Police & paramedics tried in vain to save a stabbed teenager from dying on Boxing Day (Yesterday) amid crowds of sales shoppers. He was killed after a fight broke out between rival gangs over which trainers to steal from sportswear shop, Foot Locker! He was stabbed in front of crowds of shoppers at 1.45pm with a flick knife by a rival gang member (So no real loss then, just one more bit, of thieving, gangland scum down!) I wont be shedding any tears! 

Meanwhile our hero soldiers are blasting conditions at UK barracks, branding them worse than their barracks in Afghanistan. A shocking have 70 lived without hot water, since April, in a base in West London. Squaddies say they can't wait to go back to Afghanistan again, so they can have a hot shower! Due to no plugs in the sinks they have to plug it with toilet paper to shave! They sleep 4 to a room, with walls crumbling & with holes in! The MoD have shockingly told them they won't be fixing the hot water boiler until April 2013 (Hopefully a patriotic plumber will go & fix it for free for them!!) We'd be better putting them in cushy prison cells & shoving our criminals in the barracks! Disgusting!! Labour of course are bleating about these conditions, but the MoD have known about the conditions for four years!! So why did Labour do nothing on their watch!!?? 

Christmas day viewing figures were down, after viewers switched off in their droves. The total peaktime audience was 26.6million compared to 29.1million last year, a drop of 2.5million. The BBC blame the year on fall from family's, on the milder weather, with people going out on Christmas Day, rather than staying in! Which is rubbish!! The real reason is the obscene amount of repeats on ALL the main 5 channels (& their digital extra channels!!) BBC1 had at least 5 repeats, BBC2 at least 10, ITV 7, Ch4 10, Ch5 10 & SKY1 26 out of 28 shows were repeats!!! (Disgusting!!!) 

A Indian student was executed on a trip to the UK, a gunman blasted him in the head in a random attack yesterday. Anuj Bidve was enjoying a Christmas night out with friends, when two men walked up to them, outside McDonald's & after a short exchange of words, one pulled out a pistol & shot him in the side of the head at point-blank range! Then fled leaving him dying in a pool of blood! Statements do not suggest the motive is racial, or robbery motivated & so the motive remains a mystery as yet!  

Victim Anuj Bidve 

One of the UK's most wanted foreign fugitives, is on the run after being BAILED.... Who the F**k agreed to him being allowed bail??? Adrian Vasilescu (Below) was held in November after being in hiding for 4 years. But an Idiot Judge, granted the Romanian scum bail days later! Pending extradition home to face a GBH rap! Now he hasn't been seen for over a month!! What a surprise!!! NOT!! 

Adrian Vasilescu

12 people were arrested in a murder probe, after a man was knifed to death at a party on Christmas day (Obviously some high class party guests!) The Lithuanian in his 30's was still alive when police & paramedics. He is thought to have died from a single knife wound through the heart! Police held 11 Lithuanian's & one other person after Sundays attack just before 9pm, in Littlehampton, West Sussex (And Tony Blair/Labour, thought flooding the UK with immigrants, was a good idea!!) Neighbours said it may have followed a row over loud music! Typical of how society has unravelled, so now instead of agreeing to turn down your music a bit to appease a neighbour... Now scum  like this stab the complainer instead, on Christmas day for Gods sake!! (No pun intended!!)

I had 3 Digestive biscuits, with Danish Blue cheese on & a Diet Coke, plus 5 chocolates for lunch, while watching the brilliant 'Cats & Dogs' I have seen it several times & have it on VCR but it's so good I never tire of it!! My favourite two lines in the film are "From Russia with love!!!...... Stealth Poo!!" & "Because I hate you!!" Such a funny film!! I did some job searches online & applied for a bunch. I also applied for a load of auditions. Then checked eBay for flesh coloured felt to finish making my character dolls of Nat & Terry looked at over 600 listings, the only flesh coloured felt is still in napkin sized squares (So frustrating!!!) I need it on the roll to buy by the metre!!! Has doll making craft work almost ground to a halt!! The only felt, available by the metre seems to be black, dark blue or green!! 

I later watched 'The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor' which is one I haven't seen!!! Wondered how I'd missed that one? Followed by 'Shrek The Third' I've seen before but it's funny!! Followed by the 'Come Dine With Me: Celebrity Christmas Special' another repeat but amusing! Followed by 'Big Fat Gypsy Christmas' yet another repeat!!! Then 'Big Fat Quiz Of The Year' While watching I saw I had a inbox message from Stephen, which was more than a bit presumptuous & as I was enjoying the quiz which was on for 2hrs I didn't bother to reply.
How's my delicious busty future lover (-;
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 27, 9:18 PM.
I had some grilled Haloumi & olives for tea with a Diet Coke, yummy!! My friend Ian was on BBC1 on 'John Bishops Britain Christmas'  Then a really good show 'I've Never seen Star Wars' with Jo Brand & Stephen Fry. Followed by 'Mock The Week' Then at midnight I got ready for bed & made a coffee which I had with 2 digestives & 10 chocolates & read some more of my Marilyn book (Calories consumed 2,129 naughty!!!) 

Wednesday 28th December, I woke at 8am & had a wash, did my hair with a faux ponytail, fixed my make-up  & dressed in black studded leggings & my long skinny rib, black, polo neck jumper & black Ugg boot look boots, then I made myself a coffee & a bowl of porridge with honey. I put on my long black military style coat & popped to the shop for the Sun newspaper, en route to the station, as I'd made it through to the final interview for manager in a London boutique. It was very dark almost like dusk out, I thought it would probably pour down any minute!! I sidestepped all the bad pot holes in the bumpy uneven (Often due to moving tree roots) tarmacked pavement, but just past Oakland's collage on the way to the station. The tip of my flat, boots caught the edge of one & I was sent flying, with force onto the pavement landing heavily on my elbow & knee.

 The Pothole My To Clipped & Was Sent Flying By
 Bloodied Pot Hole
 One Of the Other Potholes, In The Group That Got Me 
 The Other Potholes Around The One That Got Me
The Rest Of The Group Of Potholes
Away From The Kerb Edge!

The pain was excruciating & winded me & I sat on the ground feeling physically sick! There were no pedestrians to see me fall, but there was a 602 bus full of people & a bunch of cars behind it, who saw my fall. I sat there rocking backwards & forwards in pain. For a moment I thought I'd broken my left arm! I was very fortunate it didn't send me flying into the oncoming traffic!! I got up with great difficulty!! I don't think that fall has done my bad neck, back & shoulder much good! That's when I discovered I'd ripped two holes in the left leg, of my leggings, plus the pothole had ripped a hole in the inner side, of my right boot (Which I'd only bought a week or so ago, great!!) No time to go home & change as I had to get my train to my final interview! Luckily my 100denier black tights under my leggings/boots had not ripped. Which thankfully made the hole in leggings & boots less noticeable. 

I hobbled to the station, got my ticket & waited on the platform for my train, once it arrived I read the paper, to try take my mind off the pain, I didn't read much as I felt so rough, the headline was 'The Phil Good Factor, Smiling Duke Leaves Hospital' About 90yr Prince Philip, leaving hospital yesterday, after his heart scare over Christmas. 

Meanwhile in music land, Hip Hop, superstar 'Kayne West', has moved to the UK in a bid to be taken seriously as a fashion designer (Who gives a shit?) One Hit Wonder & serial bride, 'Sinead O'Connor' has ended her 4th marriage after 10 days (FFS give me strength!!!) Her soon to be ex husband left her home in Ireland on Christmas Eve. She blames his parents conspiring against her! Things also don't look good for married 'Russell Brand & Katy Perry' who are spending Xmas 7,000 miles apart, he is in Cornwall UK, while she is in Hawaii. 

It turns out that the 18yr Oxford Street murder victim, Seydou Diarrassouba appeared in court & was facing jail, for robbing a 16yr old of his BlackBerry phone. He also appeared on a chilling gangsta rap video. He even boasted on a YouTube video that he had "Shot men down" He also struck a gangsta gun pose in his Facebook pic. So there's one less bit of scum on our streets then! 

Talking of scum, jailed drug dealer Jamie Fletcher 37 (above) who was sentenced for 9yrs, is demanding compensation after guards confiscated his mirrored sunglasses (F**k right off you cheeky git!!) They were taken off him when her returned to jail from a home visit (I don't think criminals should get home visits!!) Fletcher wants to be paid the £40 they cost!! Sod off they are confiscated not gone, the scum will get them back when the sentence is over!

The 23yr Indian foreign student who was executed in the street outside McDonald's, was asked the time by his killer. Anuj Bidve gave the stranger the correct time, then the killer pulled out a gun & shot him in the side of the head at point-blank range! A 16yr old has been arrested on suspicion of murder (School leavers age, what the hell is this country coming to, spawning scum like this?) A 17yr old & adult male have also been arrested in connection to the murder! 

I got to Islington & had my final interview trying hard not to let my face grimace in pain, I think it went well despite everything. Once over I went up the road to my friend Ange's shop. She wasn't there, but her business partner George was, as soon as he saw me he said "What's wrong hun?" I told him & he said to go out the back to check out my arm! I had a vest top underneath & when I took off my coat & jumper (With great difficulty) my left arm was swollen to at least 1.5 times my right arm & my elbow was all swollen up & deformed & there was a deep 4" long, bleeding, gash, running along my arm across my elbow, the blood had seeped into my jumper which didn't help when trying to peel the sleeve off, the whole area was covered in a bruise the size of my palm. George looked horrified when he saw it & helped clean it up with TCP lotion on cotton wool (Which stung somewhat) & placed a very large plaster over it. He got me a cappuccino & I took some pain killers, which with the TCP helped me feel a bit better in about an hour! 

I couldn't believe I'd made a hold in my new boots (Soddin potholed pavements!!) I have really had enough, of the state of St Albans pavements!! This time, I am going to go to see the council, for some compensation, once the offices are open after New Year!! Last January I had 3 stitches in my head, after a bad slip & smashing my head on a wall as no grit/salt was put on the pavements of my road when it snowed last January, and they made no attempt to clear the pavements of any snow, so snow that melted from the roof's of houses, poured on top of the snow covered  pavements & formed black ice (Ice you can't see is there) & even though I was in sensible snow boots it dangerously cased me to slip smashing my head on the wall of a building, gashing it open to the bone causing lots of bleeding & an ambulance needing to be called & 3 stitches in my head!! So As I never made a claim then I bloody well am now!! 

Me Just Before Accident, January 2010
My Bloodied Hat After
 Three Blue Stitches In My Head, 
With Hair Loss From Area, From Trauma 
Bruised Arm From Fall, Jan 2010

The shop was quiet, so I kept George company in the shop sat on a stool, in area just behind the counter, and caught up with some of the gossip & we talked about how our Christmas's went! I had my packed lunch of a brie & cranberry sauce sandwich & some cheesy Doritos, washed down with a coffee. I said to George my gamy arm is going to make me rethink what to wear for my blindish date in the New Year!! Eventually when I felt a bit better I went home, once in I took off my ripped leggings & blood soaked polo-neck & slipped on a short sleeved black/gold jumper & took off the large blood soaked plaster & cleaned the cut area again with TCP, then I popped into my local off licence, to ask if they'd photograph my injury? So that I had evidence when I put in a claim for compensation! Which they kindly did (Below) but it didn't show up very clear with the flash (Especially the bruising) or without the flash under the shops strobe lights. Then I realised I'd left my mobile in Ange's shop in London with George (Shit will have to pick it up Saturday)

 My Poor Attempt At Trying to Photograph It Myself, At home 
 My Weirdly Shaped, Swollen  Cut Elbow 
(You Can Faintly See Bruising)
 Looks Like Customer Behind, Wants To Eat My Bad Arm!!
Freaky Looking Elbow, Bruising is Not showing Well

I went back indoors, then took some more painkillers & also some anti-inflammatory's  (The swelling had gone down some but my arm was still swollen, partly with fluid!) Sat in front of the TV feeling crap & getting hungry I put the oven on & once heated up put in a 4 cheeses pizza! Yummy!!!! (But laden with Cals, oh well the get back to the old me kick-starts in January!!) Nothing much on TV so I chatted a bit on Twitter & Facebook & checked my emails but my arm ached (Even though I'm right handed and use my right hand more!!) I watched comedy 'Felix & Murdo' but never really got into it as I was interrupted by a few phone calls, then I watched 'The Armstrong & Miller Show' funny as always, then 'Ben Elton: Laughing At The 80's' Loved 'The Young Ones' & 'Friday Night Live' But I never found either Alexi Sale or Ben Elton funny & once the program ended I said so in a Tweet.
I think I'm one of the few people of my generation that find Ben Elton & Alexi Sayle totally unfunny!! #LaughingAtThe80s #LAT80s
Stephen replied on my wall....
@The_Evil_Barbie totally agree
Which set him off on the Direct Messages again! Asking how my day was? I made a coffee & had 6 chocolates, then replied, painful! & went on to say about my accident & how I hoped my dishevelled & in pain self, didn't ruin my chances, at my final interview, for a retail management job! He replied....
So I see are you ok
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 29, 1:53 AM.
I said "I won't be looking too good when I see you if this arm stays like this for New Year!!" He said it wouldn't put him off adding!.. 
I think you know I quite fancy you
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 29, 2:04 AM.
I said "So you can cope with my scabby swollen arm then, either with or without long sleeves!!!" He responded with....
Yes indeed I think you are hot
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 29, 2:07 AM.
I replied "Well you only have a 2D photo to go on you may change your mind, and you might not think I'm hot, when we meet in the flesh!!" He replied.....
Well I have no doubts about that
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 29, 2:11 AM.
I replied "Well only time will tell, we will see if you think I'm as hot as the photo, you think is hot. Not long to go to find out now!!" He said....
You could send some photos
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 29, 2:25 AM.
I never replied to that, as it was a somewhat stupid comment, considering I said, that he might not find the real deal as hot as my PHOTO!! Also I'm not going to send some, as there is the possibility of, the next thing you know, he will be asking if there were any raunchier ones (Underwear nude etc & then I will think him a total wanker & not want to meet at New Year!) Anyway it was 2.30am time I should be going to sleep!! (Calories consumed 2,173 naughty!)

Thursday 29th December, I woke at 9am after a bad nights sleep due a very painful arm! (My knee was also grazed & I had bruising on my thighs & around my knees!!) My arm is not as huge as it was, but my elbow is a very odd, swollen, shape! Full of fluid (Obviously to protect the smashed area!) I very carefully had a long soak in a hot bath to soothe my aching limbs & aching neck & left shoulder. I got on the scales & discovered I'd lost 3lb since Christmas, despite eating lots of chocolate??? How Odd!! I put a big plaster over my wound & gingerly got dressed in jeggings & my pail peach velour tunic top with loose sleeves. So not to hurt my arm & elbow dressing. 

I made myself a cooked breakfast of Fakeon, grilled Haloumi & Eggs, washed down with a milky coffee, Yummy!! I popped to the local shop for a Sun paper, then went back home & read the paper. The headlines was 'Gaga And Her Guy Guy' About the 1st pic of Lady Gaga & her new man 'Taylor Kinney' (Who stars in the Vampire Diary's) They met when he played her lover, on her music video for 'You And I'

Also on the front page is the murder of Katie Wynter (Below) The 19yr babysitter, who was stabbed to death, on Boxing Day, in local Borehamwood, while looking after her little nephew & niece. It is thought she opened the door to a man she knew, while at her sisters! Her mum, Joy 47 found her body when she let herself in at 8am, before Katie's sister, who works unsociable hours returned! Two men, a local 18yr and a 26yr old from Islington, have been arrested on suspicion of murder. 

 Katie Wynter The Murdered 19yr Babysitter

The lover of the Asian woman, who's corpse was found in a canal on Christmas Day, was being quizzed by police! Ruby Love 23 was spotted in the canal by a passer-by in Southall. She was so badly decomposed a post-mortem failed to find out how she died! 

Meanwhile proving the softly softly approach on crime is as all the public know SHIT! The news is in that 43,000 crooks that were given soft community service, instead of prison sentences, have bunked off &  broken them.  23,750 had to be dragged back into court for bunking off, while a horriffic 19,741 carried out more crimes, while under supervision! Tori MP Priti Patel rightly called it "Alarming!!" More reasons to sack Ken Clarke! (Below)

I'm wondering if Tesco has a shed load of chocolate, that's near it's best before date!!? As it has put Easter eggs on sale 'BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!' It put chocolate eggs, chicks & lambs on shelves 3.5months before Easter Sunday on April 8th 2012! The packs of chocolate chicks bear the message 'Make it a magical Easter' Cream Eggs, fair enough, but Easter Eggs & Chicks!!!?

I think Kellogg's has been eating past it's sell date chocolate after hearing what they predict people will be eating for breakfast within 15yrs time, such as... Seaweed Cornflakes & Crab Porridge, they also suggest a more reasonable raw & cooked fish, with pickled herring & prawns (A kind of sushi, kedgeree cross!!) They say we will be sprinkling chillies on our cereal too!! Errrr after you!!!..... 

People with smelly feet are more likely to be bitten by mosquito's, as they are attracted to the bacteria that causes feet to smell. I don't have smelly feet & I'm never bitten by mozzi's, but they are not keen, on the blood of veggies, I guess it must be like, a wishy washy, watered down soup to them!  

I did the washing up & put a load of laundry in the machine for a wash, hoovered the floors, dusted & then watered the plants. By then it was lunch time, So I had 4 Digestive biscuits with grilled Haloumi cheese on (Divine!!) Washed down with a Diet Coke Did some more chores & then made a coffee & had 6 Thornton Choc's as desert! I threw out the rubbish & sorted some paperwork (Bills & Bank stuff etc ) Then I checked my emails, plus my Facebook & Twitter before sitting in front of the TV with a couple of glasses of red wine & 8 chocs. I watched the film 'Confessions Of A Shopaholic' I'd been dying to see this film as I simply adored the 'Shopaholic' book collection, it was a nice Rom-com but only 5% as good as the book the book was easily 95% better & recommend that anyone who loved the film & never read the book, to read the books (Or you will really miss out!!!) 

Then I watched 'Living With The Amish' which was interesting & amusing in equal measures! Then a bit peckish as I'd had no dinner I had some Chilli Doritos & a Diet Coke. Then I watched the film 'Dorian Gray' with Colin Firth, somewhat disappointed, as yet again, the book was far superior!! Then I watched the very funny 'Comic Strip Presents: The Hunt For Tony' a very funny spoof on Tony Blair. I popped on Twitter in the Ad breaks & discovered Stephen had DM'd me, saying.....
Read your blog today I see I got a mention
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 29, 11:51 PM.
I replied "yeah, I thought I'd share why, what the supposed, self confessed, psychic said, was amusing, re a new man in my life around the New Year"..... He Replied....
In a good way I hope
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 29, 11:55 PM.
I said "Of course, I have no reason for it to be in a bad way do I? And you can see, for yourself, there is nothing negative!!"... He Replied......
I'm excited to meet you
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 29, 11:58 PM.
I replied "I'm looking forward to meeting you too, it will be interesting to finally meet you! Don't get too excited to meet me though or I might seem a disappointment in comparison to all the hype!!" He replied....
I don't think you will be to be honest
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 30, 12:04 AM.
I replied "Well we will know soon enough!!" & he responded with 
We will indeed
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 30, 12:07 AM.
I asked what he thought of the blog & he said it gave a good insight into my daily life. We talked about Christmas, which was mentioned in that last blog & he added.....
I'm glad someone bought you stockings x
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 30, 12:44 AM.
My favorite to be honest
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 30, 12:49 AM.
It was actually the stocking look tights, that my sister got me, in my Xmas prezzi pics, he was referring to & I thought "Oh we are back on the stockings theme again are we, well I'm not getting drawn into any sexually orientated chat via it matey!!" So I just replied "Yeah those were from my sister!!" he replied ...
She made a good choice
Direct message sent by Stephen (@stevebelfast40) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Dec 30, 12:58 AM.
So it couldn't go further than that & because 'The Godfather II' was starting, and I was looking forward to watching it (Even though I have seen before) I made my excuses, said goodnight & turned off my laptop & watched the film, until 3.50am. Then it was time for bed (Calories Consumed 2,086 tut tut) 

Friday 30th December, I woke at 9.30am had a shower (Being careful not to get dressing on arm wet) Then fixed myself porridge & honey for breakfast, washed down with a coffee, I pulled hair back & added a faux pony tail as my arm felt to painful to wash hair & style with a hair-dryer. I dressed in navy leggings & my white long sleeved Petite Bateau, scoop necked cotton top, under a deep plumb top with amethyst broach trim & not feeling like tottering in heels with my bad arm & bruised & scuffed legs & knees, I wore my new, grey, fluffy, slipper boots, to pop round the shops, to get a Sun paper. I got back indoors & read the paper the headline was 'Mum Of Month Old Baby Murdered' About Ruby Love (Below) from Wembley who's body was found in a canal on Christmas Day. 

Murdered New Mum, Ruby Love, How Sad

Proving you don't have to have brains to make money, the earning so far of the gang from TOWIE has been announced (They only earn £50 an episode, but make money on club appearances, product promotions, and other TV appearances plus magazines!) The earnings so far are below.

  • Amy Childs (Pretty but uba dumb) £1.5million
  • Mark Wright (Hot but no bright spark) £1million
  • Sam Faiers (Pretty but no Einstein) £750K
  • Kirk Norcross (Megga dumb & ignorant) £400K
  • Lauren Goodger (Vile, Dumb & Self Obsessed) £400K
  • Joey Essex (Cute, loveable but oh so dumb) £350K 
  • Lydia Bright (Not just bright by name!) £350K
  • Lauren Pope (Dumb for dating Kirk) £300K
  • Billie Faiers (Pretty) £250K
  • Jess Wright (Attractive but no smarts) £200K 

Some people (Not me) winge about Margaret Thatcher, but unlike the nose in the trough MP's of today fiddling expenses. Maggie paid her way! She used her own household items while at No 10  after becoming PM. She provided her own crockery & ironing board & sent back NEW bed linen provided after maintenance work on the famous address. Saying "We only use one bedroom!" When it was refurbished at a cost of £1,836 Maggie was shocked to see a £19 ironing board on the list, £123 for repolishing furniture, also £464 to replace pillows & linen, plus £209 to replace crockery, Maggie found this impossible to believe & informed them to return the crockery & linen to stock & she would use her own & paid the £19 for the ironing board herself! MT warned of warned about MP's expenses back in 1980. 

Margaret Thatcher

I changed into my long black suedette, high heeled pull on boots, and my long black coat & set off at 12.45pm to meet Julia, Tony, Mike, Linda & Julie in Prezzo for our 1pm Post Christmas get together, I got there but there was nobody around & the woman said there was no 1pm booking, there was a 1.30pm one though I asked if it was booked under Julia's or Mikes name but she said no, so without my mobile I had to go home again & call Julia from home, she said she was running late & had texted everyone, I reminded her I had no mobile to get message & she said "Oops I forgot!" She said she'd call me when she & Tony were parking up & then I could start heading back down, which she did around 1.45pm, So I set back out with my Versace B&W umbrella as it was now raining. 

Mike was there by then, but partner Linda couldn't find a babysitter for their son Ryan so stayed home, Julie couldn't make it with her boyfriend either so it was just Mike, Tony, Julia & her friend from Australia & myself, in Prezzo. We sat there for over 45mins, before anyone came over, to take our food, or drinks order (Bearable if busy, but there were only 4 other tables, of couples, to attend to, in the entire restaurant!!) We ordered our food & drinks (Bottles of beer for the boys & a bottle of red wine to share for us 3 girls) We then had another 45min wait for the garlic pizza bread starter to share (A slice each) Why did that take 45mins? There were only 4 other tables containing 8 people which including us made 13 people in the place! How long would they take if the place was full??....

Why Are We Waiting?

We'd all ordered a thin based Pizza each, and when they had not arrived a hour later (& No they'd had no more new diners making them busier!!) We had to chase them up, the waitress said they'd be 10 more minutes (Why? how long do 5 pizzas take? Plus the other 4 tables were on deserts!!) After 10mins we asked again & were told 5 more minutes WTF??????..... Eventually they turned up, and now starving hungry, the boys ordered themselves a 2nd pizza each to be cooked while they ate their 1st!!... 

 Ravenous Mike & Tony Tuck In!!!

By the time we'd eaten our pizza we'd been in there over 3hrs (Most of it waiting for our food!) So we decided we couldn't wait another hour for desert, so didn't have any, but Julia & I had a Irish Coffee each. I popped to the ladies, I had to lift the toilet seat to go, as there was pee all over the back of the seat... WTF???? Either a guy went in there & pissed on it, or for some unknown reason, some woman has straddled the seat, facing the cistern, and pee'd over the back of the seat!!! The whole sorry affair cost us £21.25 each, which was a total of £106.25 for all that waiting, bad service & dirty toilets, we are in no hurry to experience Prezzo again!! We said goodbye to Mike, who shot off in the rain & Tony, Julia & her friend, walked with me towards mine, as they had parked just round the corner, we said our goodbyes & I went indoors. Julia gave me a Xmas prezzi at dinner (I'd given Julia's, to Julie to pass on to her before Christmas, when Julie & I exchanged Christmas presents) She had got me a Union Jock (pant's shaped) hand warmer (Below) which will come in handy on my power walks in the morning if the temperature begins to drop!!!

I got in & my stomach was rumbling, with hunger, after all that time & cash, my one slice of garlic pizza bread & thin based Gorgonzola pizza, had not filled me up, neither had the 2 glasses of red wine & Irish coffee! So I had 10 Thornton truffles & a coffee to act as a desert & fill my rumbling belly!!! Then chilled in front of the TV I watched 'Eastenders' & 'Have I Got News For You' then I turned over to ITV to see a new comedy show by the guy who did the scores after George Doors (Matt Lucus) left called 'The Angelos Neil Epithemiou Show' (Dan Skinner) Bloody hell it was dire!! On par with that bloody awful 'Lee Nelsons Well Good Show' (Which isn't) It was so bad I had to turn over after 5mins, as I couldn't stomach any more, of the puerile shite!! So watched the 'Most Shocking Celebrity Moments Of 2011' which to be honest, were not that shocking!! Then had an early night at midnight as there was bugger all on TV (Calories Consumed 2,092 Oops!!)

Saturday 31st December (New Years Eve) I woke at 9.30am carefully had a wash & with an empty fridge, freezer & cupboards, my breakfast was 10 Truffles & a coffee. I dressed the same as yesterday & popped to the shop to get a Diet Coke & the paper to read on the way to Candie's. Then I packed my overnight bag with a change of clothes, my pyjama's, make-up, my heeled boots, and clean underwear. Plus my laptop a Diet Coke & the Sun paper. I set off around 12.30pm & waited for a bus to the station, as I was still hurting too much to feel like walking. The bus arrived & I got to the station, bought my ticket & the train arrived shortly after. I read the paper on the train the headline was 'Divorce Russell calls halt to marriage to Katy after just 14 months' The duo are divorcing after he filed for it, in Los Angeles citing irreconcilable differences. Katherine Jenkins wedding to Gethin Jones is also off & they too have split up. 

A 18yr old Tony Bushby was charged with the murder of 19yr Borehamwood babysitter Katie Wynter, Tony was known by Katie, but was not a relative. Meanwhile the boyfriend of Ruby Love, Manzar Juma, was charged with her murder at Christmas, a month after she had their 2nd son! What is wrong with men today?

More than 1,600 high street jobs have been axed yesterday with thousands more at risk (Great that's even more competition to go up against in retail jobs!) As several retail names go bust, or are on the verge, such as Barratts, Past Times, Blacks & La Senza (Oh great, I have had promising interviews, with La Senza!!) Shit!!!

I got to Kings Cross & got the Northern Line one stop to Angel to Ange's shop, she wasn't in today as her poor kitty Fifi is poorly. I chatted to George & picked up my phone & travelled back to Kings Cross, then jumped on the Victoria Line, to Finsbury Park. Then got the W7 bus from the station, to Candies in Muswell Hill. Texting her I was at Finsbury park and on my way! I also text fireman Stephen saying "Hi this is my mobile number, in case you don't get the chance to go online while over in London. On my way to my friends to spend the night, So do you want to meet up tomorrow morning, or the afternoon, or tomorrow evening before I go home? Can you get to Muswell Hill or shall we meet in central London?.... I didn't get a reply back, but wasn't concerned, as I was sure he'd be busy with friends/family he was visiting. 

Got to Candies after popping in a shop for painkillers 1st. I had a coffee & a natter with Candie & the kids were being cute, Candie had tricked her husband Costa, that they, Nat & Terry, plus me & a boyfriend were going to a rough East end pub, followed by a gay club & that a babysitter was on the way. The truth was, she was actually taking him off, on a romantic dinner for two, on the Orient Express. Thinking he was off to the East end & a gay club, Costa didn't want to get all dressed up but Candie insisted, doing an excellent "Oh charming!! So my friends aren't worth dressing up for then!!!" Making him very apologetic lol. We pretended I was waiting for the babysitter & my boyfriend to turn up, and I'd catch up with them. So Costa Jumped in the taxi with Candie, which was heading off to Victoria, for them to board their luxury train (below)

We ordered in a pizza, a margherita with pineapple & a diet Coke 10yr old Xavier ordered on the phone & was so cheeky on the phone I nearly wet myself laughing!!... Then when the tall Albanian pizza delivery guy came & I went to the door, Xavier came with me & said "She fancies you, she only ordered the pizza to see you, she's not my mum, she is just looking after me, she hasn't got a boyfriend so you can ask her out!!!!" The guy & I couldn't stop laughing, Xavier is such a shameless little sod, but he is so so funny and wise beyond his 10yrs!!! Little Bugger!!!.... 

I had some pizza & while the kids had theirs I went on my laptop & sent Stephen the same message I'd text earlier in a DM on Twitter. I played with Xavier for a bit on his Xbox, we did a bit of 'Grand Theft Auto' & then 'Super Mario Brothers' while Tiger played on CBB's on the Computer. Then when Tiger had gone to bed, Xavier who intended to stay up to welcome mum & dad home at around 2am decided to get spruced up for when we pop the champagne at midnight! So I went online & could see @stevebelfast40 was on twitter chatting about football & not making any reference's about being in the UK!!? So I Tweeted him 'DM'd you!!' like he does to me if I haven't noticed that he has sent me a Direct Message. 

The Elusive @stevebelfast40 

Then with a spruced up Xavier wearing his New Year outfit & some cologne on, back down we watched some TV which included 'Alan Carr's New Year Spectacular' which was rather funny due to how pissed his guests were, especially Alisha!!.... I fired up my laptop @stevebelfast40 was still chatting football on his Twitter wall. I checked my inbox.... no reply DM's so I messaged jokily "Oi your tweeting boring footie, but ignoring my texts, tweets & DM's .... how rude!! lol" Watched some more TV a hour later still no response, yet he is still on there tweeting away, so now it is obvious he had no intention of meeting, so why all the bullshit? Did he think if I thought we were going to meet I'd start sending saucy pics or something? I get the feeling from his tweets he is at home & not in UK with friends/family, why not just text or DM back "Sorry I'm not going to be able to meet up after all!" Why totally blank me? It makes no sense?  

Xavier Spruced Up For Midnight 

So I text him saying "Well it's obvious now that you are totally blanking me & ignoring my texts, tweets & DM's, I'm guessing you are either not coming to the UK/London after all, or you have got cold feet, or your actually married/in a relationship & can't respond? So assuming we won't be meeting tomorrow?" Giving him the chance to jump in say I'm wrong & explain what's going on! Another hour went by & nothing!! Well weird!!.... So looks like 2012 is starting off as shit a year for me as always, with the same old "Shit Jooney Bad Luck!!" as Candie calls it!! Well another Wanker bites the dust!! So let him see how he looks in my blog this week, & how he likes the added extras updated in last weeks!! It was 15mins from New Year 2012 & Xavier got the Champagne ready!!

I RT'd a tweet about Gemini's from @ZodiacFacts & he is obviously watching my tweets as moments later he is tweeting them he then messaged @ZodiacFacts I'm a bit pissed I tweeted back "A bit pissed & a LOT ignorant!!" Then the arsehole blocked me, like I'm the one in the wrong!! TWAT!!! I can still see his profile anyway when blocked I just can't message him, not that I want to nor do I want to read all his boring football tweets!!.... Bet he is not a fireman either, I bet he is faker than Jordan's tits!! 

I turned over the TV to BBC1 to see Big Ben strike the New Year In  & watch the London fireworks (Above) Xavier excitedly opened the champagne at the 1st chime of Big Ben, and poured us a glass each. As we said cheers to each other, and took a sip of champagne I thought, "Maybe 2012 will be a good year after all!!" As I'd got rid of the fake, time waster @Stevebelfast40 before 2012!!! Hurrah! 

 Get Ready!!
And Poured!!

Xavier said it was traditional for him to pose by his dads car with a glass of champagne every New Year (I thought this was probably a tale & he just wanted a pic by his dads car looking cool holding a glass of champagne lol..... but I took it as I knew it would please him!) It got quite cold & so we watched TV on Candies, Four Poster Bed, where it was warmer, with some crisps/nuts in a bowl, he was determined to stay awake for when Candie & Costa got back, but fell asleep around, 1.30am. 

I changed into my PJ's & set my bed up and did a bit of blogging & watched a few things online & then Candie & Costa arrived at about 2.45am, I had a chat with Candie & we laughed about what Xavier said to the pizza guy, she told me about their lovely meal on the Orient Express & I told Candie how I obviously would not be meeting up for a date with an Irish Fireman tomorrow!! She said "What a Wanker, still the same Joonie Luck!!..... poor you!!" She went up to join Costa in bed. (Calories Consumed 2048)

 ─◕─▄█║█─█║██║─▄█║⋱ ⋮ ⋰⋱Ħappiness 
─◕█║──█─█║─█║█║──⋯⋯◯ ⋯⋰ ĻƠṼҼ✲ 
─◕███║███║─█║███║⋰ ⋮ ⋱─◕➋⓪➊➋

Sunday 1st January (New Years Day) I woke early around 7am, after falling asleep at 5am, with the aid of being jumped on by Tiger. Candie & I had a natter about our night, last night, over a coffee & had a good laugh due to a few texts, that we have both received & sent back! We have both decided that, one of our this years, New Years Resolutions, is we will no longer tolerate, being taken advantage of, due to our kind nature, sadly some people mistake kindness for weakness & take the piss! Also we wont be tolerating arseholes that mess you about (Like Stephen the fireman, or whatever his real name, or job is!) So I will be adding his DM's to this weeks (& last weeks Blog) to stick two fingers up & also so my hater GLPGoddess, can't claim I'm a fantasist who made this all up!!!.... Anyway talking of New Years Resolutions lets look at how I did (Or didn't) do last year!!....

My New Years Resolutions 2011!!

1) More SEX, I have been celibate for last 3yrs, due to Illness & no Boyfriend & enough is enough!!!

2) A Job/More Acting Work

3) Lose The 2st Gained due to depression/heartache over mums unexpected death. Back to my old routine of 3-4hrs in the gym a day.

4) Audition NEW Ken-Dolls for my Band, Evil Barbie & The Ken-Dolls & get it up and running & gigging!!

So how did I do??.....

1) Failed 2011 was another SEX free year!! (Must do better!!) Though I wasn't short on offers (But I am selective!)

2) Re A Job/More Acting Work. Still Job free but I have had some Acting Work, but made no ££ from it!

3) MAJOR FAIL.... not only did I not lose the 2st gained after mum died I actually added another stone!! I also didn't get into a regular gym routine due to back pain & only went sporadically!! 

4) Fail No Ken-Doll Auditions!!! 

So that's 3 fails & a half success... NOT Acceptable 2012 Must make amends!! 

So what are this years?....

My New Years Resolutions 2012!!

1) A sex life/relationship

2) A Job/More Acting Work

3) Lose 3st & visit the gym regularly

4) Take no more shit from people, whether partner, male/female friends, work colleague's or family 

5) Fuck with me expect to get a whole lot of shit back! No more tolerant Mr Miss nice Guy Gal !

6) No smoking in 2012 (I'll keep this one I've never smoked lol!!)

Fingers crossed that this year I actually succeed at some if not all of these!... I had some toast with cottage cheese for breakfast with a coffee, chatted & watched a bit of TV with Candie & the boys, and sent some prank texts for a laugh between us, to start 2012 with a laugh. An ex chatted for a natter & was very flirty, but this is the year I'm taking no shit, so he wont be getting a booty call if he is after one!! We had some more coffee & a slice of toast & around 5pm Candie gave me a lift to Finsbury Park station. There was a guy having a go at the ticket guy, as the ATM in the station, was empty (As usual) & was trying to get him to give him cash-back on a ATM card which was not a Visa or similar (No chance!) I travelled on the Victoria line to Kings Cross waited about 20mins & got a slow train home. Eating a Cheese & pickle sandwich & Chilli Doritos on the way as I was famished!! 

I got in & watched 'Come Dine with Me' followed by a new series of 'The Hotel' which is based now in a Torquay hotel, called 'The Grosvenor Hotel' Torquay girl Candie will love this!! Then I watched the brand new 'Absolutely Fabulous' which was sadly, disappointingly, not as funny as usual!! (Which was a shame, as I was really looking forward to it!!) Then I watched new satire 'Hacks' which I was meant to have a part in & film on Nov 1st, if my stupid agent, hadn't made a cock up!! BIG TIME!! & then had the bloody cheek to try & blame it on me!! No way!!!... That would of been my 1st paid job with those agents, but it never happened & she tried to make me a scapegoat! Doubt I will get any more, as I did not put up with her bullshit, and allow her to pass the blame onto me!...

Later I went online, I'd messaged the REAL, Irish, Fireman, also named Steve, about @stevebelfast40 last night, saying he was obviously a fake, based on his complete turn around, from Friday to Saturday/Sunday!! & I discovered he'd replied this morning with.....
Funny you should say that, I sent a message asking what Stn/Watch he was on( I didn't recognise the pic) and I got no response???
Direct message sent by Steven Robinson (@steverobinson46) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Jan 01, 10:45 AM.
Steven Robinson
Looks like yor're down a Belfast Fireman! Anyway, happy new year from this one.
Direct message sent by Steven Robinson (@steverobinson46) to you (@The_Evil_Barbie) on Jan 01, 10:51 AM.
Steven Robinson
I laughed & said "Thanks... Oh well No Loss!!"  Then I saw a tweet from @stevebelfast40 come up slating the PM, well as a staunch Conservative, obviously we'd of been a bad match even if he was genuine, instead of some inboxing, time wasting, weirdo!! 
Stephen stevebelfast40 Stephen 

Happy New Year to all my followers may it all be a good one and David Cameron isn't in power this time next year
Later I went online & chatted to friends on Facebook & Twitter & went through my hotmail inbox. As the TV like over Christmas was utter shite!!! Five repeats on BBC1, 4 on BBC2, 6 on ITV, 7 on Ch4, 16 on Ch5 & 11 on SKY1. So went to bed with a coffee & 10 Thornton Truffles! (Calories consumed 1,784 this month once choc's are gone I'm being good!!)

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