Monday, 9 January 2012

New Year, New Attitude!!!

Monday 2nd January, Bank Holiday Monday I woke at 8am, I don't recall any dream, I listened to my Paul McKenna 'I Can Make You Thin' CD. I had a wash & made some porridge & a coffee for breakfast, and despite crappy weather, I went out and did my hour power-walk. Starting as I mean to go on, with ankle 2lb weights strapped on for more of a work out!! I chatted to an old boy, called John. Who I sometimes see when I do my laps of the park, when he is walking his cute, white, scotty dog!! I bought a Sun newspaper on the way home, then got in, turned on 'This Morning' then I settled down with the paper. Sarah Harding from 'Girls Aloud' was on the front cover with a bandaged hand/wrist, with the headlines, 'Pop's Sarah Hurt In Fight With Lover' the troubled singer (Apart from Nichola & Kimberly all the girls seem to be going off the rails!) Apparently the injury's were sustained, in a Austrian hotel room, bust up, with her boyfriend (Who's quite hot!)

Sadly due to UK scum the New Year got off to a violent start with 4 suspected murders & an attempted killing of a cop, only hours into 2012, what is wrong with these people? A 42yr man died after being stabbed in the chest at a Luton house party, a 15yr boy & 6yr girl are being questioned under suspicion for the crime (What has happened to the kids of today?) A man celebrating his 22nd Birthday was shot dead, after being blasted in the chest, while with two female friends, in Clerkenwell, London. Another man died, after a fight in a party, at a venue in Sheffield. A 29yr man died of head injury's after being attacked in a Clacton, car park, in Essex, a 21yr man & woman are being held over it. 

A PC was crushed against his own patrol car, by thieves in a stolen taxi, in Milton Keynes, Bucks. The policeman was in hospital, in a serious but stable condition. A 29yr old is being quizzed, over the attempted murder of the PC. Also a 20yr woman was raped in Southampton, as she walked home from a party at 4am, in Southampton, a 17yr old was being questioned! A man died after an incident a pub in a village in Norfolk. 

A man died & a woman was injured after being struck by a van, as they walked home from a party in Herne Bay, Kent. There were 14 stabbings in Greater Manchester! (So not so Greater Manchester then!) 10 in Merseyside & Cheshire, plus 6 in Lancashire & Cumbria. Two women were killed when a car crashed into a wall in North Wales & police were searching the river Tyne after a man jumped from the Tyne Bridge in front of 1000's of revellers in Newcastle. Another woman died after falling from her balcony in Portsmouth & 49 man died after he fell out of his canoe while on holiday in Cornwall.

Talking of scum, a 20yr man was charged with the murder of foreign student Anuj Bidve who was shot in the head on Boxing Day. The human trash was named as Kiaran Mark Stapleton. From Salford, Greater Manchester.

Victim Anuj Bidve 
Scum, Kiaran Mark Stapleton.

90 year old Prince Phillip is obviously feeling better, after his heart scare, walking half a mile to a church service, on their Sandringham estate & back home again. Walking is good for you more people in the UK should do as BMI figures show that 25% of Brit's are obese.

Shit Should Of Walked More!!

A army reservist who is being investigated, for murder after shooting dead a suspected Taliban bomber (Which is crazy he is at war how can killing the enemy, who's trying to kill him be murder!!?) Has defended his actions (I should think so! He was doing his job) Political correctness is going crazy!!...

Double Veggie Burger With Cheese 

I had a double veggie burger, in a bun, with cheese, for lunch, with some Chilli Doritos & a Diet Coke, plus a banana for desert! I did some household chores & laundry. An ex tried to trick me with a text from a different phone earlier, pretending to be a miss text.... he needs to get up a lot earlier in the day to catch me out! So wound him up for a bit, which isn't hard!! Wrote some of my blog that was being neglected & chatted a bit online, then spent most of the night Watching Channel 4's 'Channel 4 Mash Up' where the celebs/presenters of Chanel 4 shows swapped round shows & presented etc each other's!

I had some vegetables with rice, washed down by a vegetable Cup-a-Soup, listened to my Paul McKenna CD then watched the brilliant 'Cheaters' on Really TV (Very funny!!) My ex kept texting me through the night so wound him up a bit to take him down a cocky peg or two, spoke to Candie quite a bit via text & FB inbox today, very very funny seems she is doing a bit of winding up herself! Our joint decision to take no crap in 2012 is going well. I got hungry, so I had a slice of toast with Marmite & a banana sandwich & an apple washed down with some mineral water & went to bed at 1am (Calories consumed 1,814, oh dear, not a good start to health kick!!)

Tuesday 3rd January, I got up at 8am, had a shower & dressed, did my make-up & had two fried eggs on toast & a coffee for breakfast, washed down with a coffee. Then I headed out in the drizzly weather & did my hour power walk, popping in to the doctors surgery, on the way home & booked an appointment with the nurse about my sore inflamed elbow. Then I popped in the newsagents & got a sun paper & Closer magazine. I read the paper, the headline was 'New Year Slaughter, Deranged knifeman kills new mum 20, 4 dead in shotgun rampage by cabbie' Cabbie Michael Atherton 24 blasted his partner, her sister & niece with a shotgun, killing all three before killing himself just before midnight on New Years Day. His very pretty, wounded stepdaughter, Laura 19, survived after running for her life, climbing on a roof & seeking sanctuary at a neighbours. Meanwhile new mum Kirsty Treloar 20, was stabbed to death after being shoved into a car in Hackney, East London. Police are hunting her ex boyfriend! Her brother & sister were stabbed several times as they rushed to protect Kirsty. She was bundled into a Fiat Stilo & attacked again & her body was left in the car abandoned in Homerton.

A battered, black eyed, 35yr boyfriend of Sarah Harding (Above) says it was she that beat him up in a Austrian hotel room, not the other way round. He claimed, all he did was defend himself. He said she bit me & hit me in the eye with a ashtray. The good-looking Dutchman, showed off his injury's including a bite mark on his thigh. He said Sarah who kick-boxes hit him in the face giving him a bloody nose. When he was asked about the bandage seen on her hand/wrist he said "I really had to laugh at that, Sarah is an actress & don't forget it!!" 

The worthless scum, accused of gunning down foreign student Anuj Bidve gave his name in court yesterday as "Psycho Stapleton" Moron!!.... There was no application for bail for Kiaran Stapleton (Below) Who looks every inch a nut-job!!
Psycho Stapleton

I Chatted with my friends online (Including two of my Irish Firemen friends) They said they have asked around the Belfast Crews & nobody recognised the picture, as anyone in their station called Stephen!! So he might be Stephen but not a fireman & the picture is real, or he might be a fireman called Stephen, but that's not his picture, or it is his picture, but he may or not be called Stephen & he is not a fireman either! Also another Irish Fireman called Steve @steverobinson46 had messaged him (See last weeks blog) & asked him what shift/crew he was & he got blanked & ignored & also blocked like me too!!! He is sooooo fake!! 

I checked out his Twitter wall, as I can still see it all although I'm blocked, I just can't write on it! Not that I'd want to bother, I also see he has changed his profile from the  "leaps from tall buildings & fights fires" to just "I work"  lol he knows he is sussed & he obviously isn't a fireman, what a saddo loser!!.. I told Masey what had happened, she said he was a loser, she said he'd told her her profile pic was hot too & then backed off & asked her to put in a word for me for him, when he heard she was married. 

I see he had Maxine Webb, Susan Taylor, & @LeatherCarolynn on his list of followers/who he follows, so I inboxed them what had happened. Like Maisey they all said he was a loser & Maxine & Carolynn, said that he'd messaged them that their pics are hot too!! He tried to arrange to meet up with Carolynn, but she told him she was married & he then backed off!! What a sad fuck!... I didn't lose out there!

Do You Know This Man? Is His Name Stephen? 
Is He Irish? Is He A Fireman?
Is He You? And If So Has Your Image Been Used For A Fake Twitter Account?

I made some lovely pea soup for lunch, with some wholemeal bread & an apple & cappuccino for afters Yummy!!! Then I did a load of chores before going to see the nurse at the doctors. she said my wound was infected & she cleaned it out with saline & put iodine & a dressing on it! Looks very sexy lol..... NOT! An ex text me & tried to play another prank on me, but it was sooo obvious!! (He has to get up earlier in the day if he wants to fool me!!)

Skanky Septic Elbow!!
Elbow's dressing!!

I Watched Eastenders & had a banana sandwich with an apple coffee for tea, then watched a fab new Ch4 show called 'The Fat Fighters' a real fun get slim 7 healthy show with fun trainers! After that it was another dose of slimming & fitness with 'Biggest Loser' on ITV, you know it's January when all the magazines have features on diets & weight loss & fitness shows come on the TV. 

That was followed by, the extremely bizarre 'Accused: The 74st Babysitter' A 74st TEXAN woman who admitted to beating 2yr nephew to death, despite being immobile & bed-ridden!! WTF??!! Later peckish I ad an apple & a banana & watched 'The Graham Norton Show' funny as always! Then went to bed at 12.30am (Calories consumed 1,583 good!!)

Wednesday 4th January, Woke at 7am, to a gloomy looking day, I have an interview for another retail company today, so had a wash & did my hair & wore black leggings & boots, plus my long sleeved, white, Petite Bateau cotton top, under a chocolate tunic. I looked at my phone, for the time & discovered an ex had text at 7.30am, blimey!! I wonder why he is thinking of me this early in the day? (Oh I hope it's not a morning glory moment!!) I had 2 fried eggs on toast for breakfast, washed down with a coffee. I made myself a cheese & tomato sandwich (As they said I would spend some time on the shop floor as part of my interview) So I didn't know how long that would be for. It's very cold out, so I wore my long black military style coat, my black scarf & gloves & my black, knitted, sequinned, beanie!! 

I headed out to the station getting a bottle of Zero Coke, Doritos & the Sun paper, from the local shop en route!! I walked to the station (Being mindful of the potholed pavement!!) I got to the station & bought my return ticket £15.90 daylight robbery!! Bought a Cappuccino while I waited for the train. Then I settled down & I read the Sun paper, the headline was 'Lawrence Murder: 2 Convicted, Now Get The Others, Dad demands 'full justice' for racist thugs' Scum Gary Dobson & David Norris have been found guilty, but Jamie Acourt, Neil Acourt & Luke Knight are still just suspects at the moment.
Murdering Racist Scum

More grizzly news comes in the form of a body being found yards from the royal Xmas shoot in Sandringham!  A murdered woman has been found, on the Sandringham estate, near Kings Lynn, Norfolk. She has been there for 1-4 months meaning the hunting party would of unknowingly stood by her. Police are awaiting a post-mortem but a knife or gun has been ruled out! Her remains were found by a dog walker, plants had begun to grow over her.

Both Sarah Harding & boyfriend Theo, face court charges over their violent Alpine bust up. There 3 month relationship is now (unsurprisingly) over!!

Complaints over posties leaving "Sorry you were out" cards, despite the householders being home, have soared by more than a 3rd, suggesting lazy postmen use them to save time on rounds. More than 8,500 complaints arose over the last 3 months to last September, up by 37% in 2years & 32,000 complaints in total in 2011. 14% higher than 2010! Some posties have been seen filling in the cards before they approach the house!! Leaving them without checking anyone is in! (This does not surprise me I have had such cards put through my door when in & there has been NO knock on my door!!)

Two people died as the UK was lashed by 100mph storms. Trees fell, lorries overturned & ports closed! As Britain was battered by the most powerful westerly winds in 37yrs. A 50yr man was killed as the van he was in was crushed, when hit by an oak tree, in Kent. Another man died when a tanker was swamped by a wave in Cornwall. A bus driver was seriously hurt when a tree fell on his single-decker in Surrey. The highest wind yesterday was 106mph in Cumbria. The roof was ripped off a lorry on the M5 in Somerset &  the QE2 bridge was shut in Essex.

There was a bit on 7ft transsexual Lindsey Walker (Formally Greg Walker) Who has size 16 feet & weighs 20st. Lindsey (Below - Top) is saving up to have gender reassignment surgery this year, said one day it just clicked & knew she had to leave a life of misery behind & accept who she truly was & started to wear women's clothes & take hormones. Three years on she has a 38B bra & wears specially made high heels. She is contacting the Guinness book of world records, to see if she is officially the tallest transsexual, hmmm maybe but I think the giant one I met in G.A.Y Late (Below - Bottom) would give her a run for her money!

Transsexual Lindsey Walker 
G.A.Y Late Transsexual 

I got to the West End & made my 9.30am interview in plenty of time! The interview went well & we had good rapport, then I spent some time on the shop floor so they could observe my sales & management skills in action. I did myself proud with 8 sales in a short amount of time & then did a massive link sale, sale with another, who was loudly thanking me for my service, within the interviewers earshot (Good!!) I organised rails & organised some displays (I won awards/incentives for my displays & merchandising in all my retail jobs over the years! Display is one of my strong strengths along with sales!) 

They seemed very pleased with me & I left around 10.45am I popped into John Lewis, Haberdashery Department, to see if they had any flesh coloured felt on the roll, so I could make the 2nd doll of my Nat & Terry Dolls? They didn't (Bugger) Jumped on to the Northern Line to Angie's shop as she has a sale on, had a look round & saw a big, baggy, Tiger Print, Jumper, with nice wide sleeves that wouldn't squeeze my bad arm, like other jumpers are!! Angie gave me extra money off & I bought it & put it on as I was feeling very cold. George said the style really suited me!

Hungry I had my sandwich, a banana & Zero Coke in Angie's office. Then spent some more time talking to George & co in the shop, looked round Chapple Market & then eventually headed home! Managed to get a seat on the train & felt nice & toasty in my new jumper. Candie is off to the Premier of the film 'Iron Lady' today, she is going with her next door neighbour Damian who is the films producer! I'm keen to see that film!! TV was absolutely rubbish tonight, nothing but repeats including the film 'Mamma Mia' that was only on a few months ago, or cooking shows! Yawn I'm sick of them!! So I had 5USA on for a load of 'CSI, Law & Order, Human Target' etc until 10pm. I had lentil soup & two slices of sunflower bread for dinner, with an apple & banana for desert! I read my book on Marilyn from 10pm, while listening to my Paul McKenna CD 'I Can Make You Thin' Peckish I had another small banana & a apple & went to bed at midnight! (Calories consumed 1,875 goodish) 

Thursday 5th January, I woke at 8am & had a wash & got on the scales, I have lost one quarter of a lb, since Sunday. I made cheese on toast for breakfast, with Marmite spread under the melted cheese (Try it it's yummy) washed down with a coffee. Then all wrapped up (Including my new jumper!) I went for my one hour power walk in the biting cold! Brrrrrrrrrrrrr doing lunges & butt crunches as I went round!! Then I took a eBay parcel to the Post Office to send off one of my sales. Then on the way home I bought a Sun paper. I got home to find my free sample of a new product going into production, called 'Collagen Shots' arrived, to test, for my friend Katherine, at Beauty Biz News, who created it, with a nutritionist & beauty product manufacturer (Lets see if it makes me look younger, by boosting the Collagen in my skin!!??) It comes in powder form in a metallic sachet, with a scoop inside, you make it up, using 1scoop in 200-300ml of water. (If you want to try the product yourself go to and if you quote promotion code EB1 you will get free P&P which saves you £2.50)  IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK!!

I got in & read the paper, the front cover was a big picture of Sarah Harding, sans make-up, looking mournful and holding up a bruised arm! With the headline 'He got me by the throat, Exclusive: Bruised Girls Aloud Sarah On Bust-Up With Lover' She said "He grabbed my hair & dragged me around, bit my ear & smacked my head on the floor. I was screaming for someone to help! He pinned me down & I bit him on the leg!!"

The post-mortem of the Sandringham body says the victim could be as young as 15yrs & no older than 23yrs. Meanwhile some nut stabbed 2 men in a gym row, over a weights machine. The attacker was said to be a regular at the gym (Is anyone else thinking Roid Rage???) An ex text me several times today flirting, I flirted a bit back, but mostly teased him, as I won't be going back there!! I watched 'Loose Women' & 'The News' then  warmed some Mushroom soup & had with two slices of wholemeal bread. Then did some housework & later made a coffee & had a low cal Wilco Chocolate snack bar. Then I did a load of job searches & applied for 26 jobs, then checked audition sites & applied for 11 auditions. I wish 'Home & Away' & 'The Real Housewives' shows would come back on afternoon TV is a bore at the moment!! Thank god the launch of 'Celebrity Big Brother' is tonight!!! Later I had a vegetable Cup-a-Soup & a slice of toast, followed by an apple while watching the soaps! 

Then it was 'Celebrity Big Brother' Time an interesting mix, Andrew Stone, Natalie Cassidy (Sonia from EastEnders) Michael Marsden (Mr Blonde from Reservoir Dogs) Playboy Mansion Bunny's Kristina & Karissa Shannon, Towie's  dim-witted  Kirk Norcross, Frankie Cocozza (Who isn't even a singer, let alone a bloody celebrity) Natasha Giggs, Nicola McLean, Romeo (So Solid Crew) Some Irish, Nuts, model, Georgia I think, who I have never heard of, gay rugby player Gareth Thomas & Denise Welch (Loose Women) So plenty of tits & glamour for the men & not one single bit of eye candy, for the ladies (Hope they put some hot stud in half way through!!) But I'm sure it will kick of between them all & get interesting!! Natalie did well in her secret task, she should be fun to watch!! 

Then I watched 'Celebrity Big Brothers, Bit On The Side' with a coffee & another low cal, Wilco, chocolate, snack bar. Read a bit more of my Marilyn Monroe Book & had a banana & Diet Coke & went to bed at 1am. I made up the Collagen Shot (Which it says is best taken before bed, on the packet) with water & as Katherine had said, it didn't mix in well by spoon (She said new batch will have more Vitamin C in to counteract this) I will try in my mini blender tomorrow! (If you want to try the product yourself go to and if you quote promotion code EB1 you will get free P&P which saves you £2.50) IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK It has pleasant, but non strong taste & as local water is fowl tasting, a bit to strong a watery taste, maybe making it up in the blender will change that tomorrow? (Calories consumed 1,291 Very Good!!)

Friday 6th January, I woke at 8am, I had 2 slices of cheese on toast with Marmite again!.. Very moreish mmmmmmm!!! I dressed in navy leggings & a navy, Aran, jumper, over a ivory polo-neck with my black, Ugg style, boots, with my ivory gloves, scarf & ivory polar bear/panda hat. I went for my hour power walk, it was very cold out Brrrrrrr!!! After my walk I went to the doctors for the nurse to change the dressing on my elbow, it was still a bit revolting & leaking pus, but the area around it was less red & inflamed! She cleaned it out with saline, and put on a fresh dressing & gave me some more dressings to see me out over the next few weeks!! An ex was texting me quite a bit, but I'm not going there again, even though I was very fond of him. 

Candie made me laugh with a few texts this morning too!! Then all bandaged upI went home buying a Sun paper on the way, then got in made a coffee & grabbed a Wilco, low cal, chocolate, snack bar, then I read the paper. Sarah Harding has another big picture with the headline 'My Secret Addiction To Pills' Yawn whatever!!... not interested!!! I really don't need to know why she got addicted to booze & sleeping pills, or what her addiction has done to her!

 Sarah's Picture On The Sun's Front Page 
How Pretty Sarah Harding Use To look!!!

Also on the front cover is the headline 'Kick Abbott Out' Labour leader Ed Miliband was urged to sack MP Diane Abbot yesterday, after she was accused of racism over remarks about white people (Quite right to Racism works both ways!!) She was forced to apologise for her Twitter outburst in the wake of the Stephen Lawrence murder trial! (The only good thing about her racist comments is there is now a piss take spoof twitter account of Diane Abbot!) Stupid Abbott said on twitter @bimadew White people love playing "divide & rule" We should not play their game #tacticasildascolonalism The black woman she tweeted that to had the decency to say that statement was harsh!

Racist Diane Abbot

I did some exercise's with my exercise ball & some butt crunches, then I began taking down my Christmas Tree & Decorations as tonight is the 12th night (It is deemed unlucky to leave then up longer than that!) Then halfway through I got peckish, so I had a Golden Vegetable Cup-a-Soup & two slices, of wholemeal bread & a Wilco, low cal, chocolate, snack bar. I then did the rest & then chilled with my Paul McKenna 'I Can Make You Thin' CD. It helped me lose 3st, a few years ago! I watched the NEW 'Celebrity Come Dine With Me' which had Welsh slapper Imogen Thomas on it, I was shocked how many lines she has round her eyes for someone who is only 29 (Must be due to sun-bed over use or something!!) Then I watched a New USA comedy 'New Girl' OK not raving about it yet!..

I watched 'Celebrity Big Brother' while eating, a cream of mushroom Cup-a-Soup, and a slice of toast, with Marmite & an apple. So far I'm LOVING Michael, Natalie, Nicole & the twins & HATING Kirk & Frankie, the Irish bird whatever her name is, is soooooo dull & boring (Probably why, I can't even recall her name!!) I can imagine Andrew Stone, being annoying to live with, but the reactions of the others towards him, are funny to watch!!! 

I then watched the NEW 'Celebrity Wedding Planner' with Jedward which was surprisingly good, saw a funny spoofy video by Jedward on YouTube the other day, with them stripping & in scanty briefs, very camp but amusing!! But YouTube removed it due to it apparently breaking terms & conditions (Yet terrorists beheading victims have been allowed on there Crazy) you don't even see anything you shouldn't in the video crazy!! I had an apple & a banana, with a coffee, as I had the munchies. Then I watched 'Celebrity Big Brothers Bit On The Side' then went to bed at 12 midnight, with a Collagen Shot made in a blender, with 200ml of Grapefruit Juice, instead of water, much tastier!!! (Calories consumed 1,321 Good Girl!!) (If you want to try the product yourself go to and if you quote promotion code EB1 you will get free P&P which saves you £2.50) IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK!!

Saturday 7th January,  I woke up at 9am, had a bath & then had a toasted banana sandwich for breakfast washed down with some orange juice & a coffee. I dressed in my gym 3/4 trousers & t-shirt & Rebook trainers & did a few exercises & then I popped to the shop for a Sun newspaper & settled down to read it with a Diet Coke. The paper the headline was 'Blackbusters' Tweet Block Ed, Mili's slip in tribute to Holness' About a cock up tweet about the late great Bob Holness, ironically after his MP Diane Abbot's racist rant on Twitter. Ed wrote @Ed_Miliband Sad to hear Bob Holness has died. A generation will remember him from Blackbusters.  The Fab Show, the lovely Bob Holness hosted was actually called Blockbusters!! It was very sad that Bob died aged 83 yesterday, I use to love Blockbusters as a kid & rushed home from school to watch it  he was such a lovely presenter, the line "Can I have a P please Bob!" will always raise a smile on the face of my generation!

A 10yr old schoolboy has been arrested, over a vicious attack, on two middle-aged, female, teachers (What kind of parents created this 10yr old, devil child) One teacher in her 50's received a broken leg & suspected dislocated kneecap, the other also in her 50's sustained facial injury's. Both were taken to hospital in an ambulance. The assault happened in Orpington, South East, London, at 1pm on Thursday. The vile child was bailed until the middle of February. The other staff were shocked by the extremely savage lunch time attack.

Feisty widow, Betty Yates, 77, was killed by a single knife wound, as she fought off a burglar (Evil scum, that's the kind of filth the death penalty should be brought back for!!) Another example is Adam Lowther 22, who stole the bike of a drowning man, leaving him to die in the canal he was drowning in, making no attempt to save him! Repulsive Lowther then sold the bike online to a pawnbroker for £20. Fortunately 51yr Michael Houghton another passer-by who wasn't scum, got help & he was airlifted to hospital. But sadly he died 3 days later from brain damage, caused by drowning. Vile Adam was traced & arrested for murder after giving his address to the pawnbroker. But disgustingly he was only charged with theft & got a mere 4 months in jail (which means two!!) How Disgusting!!

Baby Scarlet Holmes was brought on, so she was born 3 weeks early so she could meet her dying 10yr old sister Katy (Below) who could die any time now, from an inoperable brain tumour. Brave Katy, who is aware she is sick (But has not been made aware she is dying!) lights up whenever Scarlet is placed in her arms.

Baby Scarlet Holmes, With Sister Katy & The Rest Of Her Family

I did some leg squats & 60 crunches, then I did some dusting, hoovering & watered the plants & then did a bunch of job & audition searches, and applications. Then I had 2 slices of cheese on toast, washed down with a mushroom Cup-a-Soup & an apple. Nom nom nom that filled a gap!! Did a few more chores & then at 7pm I watched 'Harry Hills TV Burp' then the NEW series of 'Take Me Out' oooooof all the guys were either attractive planks/arseholes or ugly planks/arseholes NO LIGHTY!!!!!.... Then I watched 'Celebrity Big Brother' quite amusing, I'm trying to decide on which celeb will have a breakdown 1st, my money is on Denise or Andrew!! As they seem the most needy!! 

I made an asparagus Cup-a-Soup with two slices of wholemeal bread & an apple to follow as I was peckish. Then I watched 'The Jonathan Ross Show' with the very funny John Bishop on. They also had physicist Brian Cox on, I have no Idea why all the women swoon over him, describing him as a hunk? He is very ordinary & nothing special!! I think he has the Susan Boyle, novelty appeal going on! (You'd expect Susan with her singing voice, to be attractive & the novelty is she isn't & with Brian, you expect Physicist's to be old codgers in a cardie & he is relatively young & not hideous!!) Then went to bed read some magazines & had another Collagen Shot made in blender with some Orange Juice, tasty!! (If you want to try the product yourself go to and if you quote promotion code EB1 you will get free P&P which saves you £2.50) Then had an earlyish night at 12.30am (Calories consumed 1,496 Good girl!!)

Sunday 8th January, I woke at 10am & lay in bed listening to my Paul McKenna 'I Can Make You Thin' CD, then had a wash & got on my bathroom scales, I have lost 1lb since Wednesday..... Hurrah! I had 2 hard boiled eggs, 3 Rivita crispbread's an apple & a coffee for breakfast. Sorted some more stuff in the back room & threw some junk out. Then spent the afternoon catching up on blogs! Then I did some exercises to my Cindy Crawford exercise video! 

Then it was lunch time, a mushroom Cup-a-Soup with 2 slices of wholemeal toast. Then I chatted for a bit on Twitter & Facebook, then checked my Emails. I did some exercises on my exercise ball. Then peckish I had an asparagus Cup-a-soup with a slice of toast & an apple, washed down afterwards with a Diet Coke. Then I watched the news, no texts from my ex today, I think maybe he has got the message I'm not interested! 

This Years Dancing On Ice Celebs!!

I watched The New 'Dancing On Ice' & wrote my critique blog about it on here!! Christine Bleakley has zero chemistry with silver fox Phillip Schofield & absolutely no rapport at all with the judges or celeb dancers she interviews, it's her 1st show, so may improve, but somehow I doubt it!! In the hour break before the results show, I watched the brilliant 'The Hotel' I was crying laughing!!  I watched the Results Show & it was goodbye to the black guy I didn't know from 'Blue Peter' 

Then it was 'Celebrity Big Brother' time, at the moment I am LOVING Michael, Natalie & The Twins & HATING moronic Kirk & Frankie!! They make me want to punch the TV screen & Denise is beginning to do my head in with her (Michael Barrymore like) neediness & attention seeking!! Then I watched 'Reservoir Dogs' the film that CBB's Michael is in (He plays Mr Blonde) Peckish I had 3 Rivita's with honey & banana on, with a coffee then went to bed at 1am with a Collagen Shot made with grapefruit juice, yummy (If you want to try the BRAND NEW product yourself go to and if you quote promotion code EB1 you will get free P&P which saves you £2.50) IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK (Calories consumed 1,520 good!) 

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