Monday, 16 January 2012

A Two Weeks In & Resolutions Intact!!

Monday 9th January, I woke at 8am, I had a wash & had two boiled eggs with 3 Rivita's & a coffee for breakfast. I got a text from a casting agency, asking me if I could do, a corporate video on Thursday January 12th, in the IP12 2TW area? The pay was £90 + £15 travel, excited about some paid work I looked up the post code & found it was Rendlesham, Suffolk!! So I looked up the travel details, on the National Rail Enquiries. Most filming jobs start at around 7.30am, to be there for that, I'd have a 9hr 45min journey, with three changes, which started at 9.04pm on Wednesday & get me there for 6.49am Thursday. If it began later, as it's a corporate film, at say around 9am. I could get the 4.47am Thursday train with 3 changes that takes 3hrs 17mins, getting me there at 8.04am. 

But either way it's pointless, as the return fare is £94.90. So after the agency take their 20% from the £105, I'd be on minus money, after all that travelling &10-12hrs of work! So I said I was free, but why I'd not be taking the job! I changed into my grey jogging bottoms with a white stripe down the side seams, my long sleeved, white Petite Bateau, T-shirt, my black, Velour, Petite Bateau, hooded, zip up, jogging jacket, my 2lb ankle weights & my white Reebok EasyTone trainers. I did a light make-up, then pulled on my black, bomber jacket & faux fur, grey deerstalker & headed out to the park for my hour power walk!

As always, on the way back, I got a Sun newspaper & Diet Coke as usual. Once indoors I had a banana & my Diet Coke, as I read the paper. The front page headline, is taking the piss out of 60yr, thieving, TV cook, arsehole, Anthony Worrall Thomson, with the headline 'Ready Steady Crook 'Wozza' shoplifts at Tesco' About the chefs arrest after shoplifting cheese & wine for the 5th time at Tesco's (So a premeditated, repeat offence!!)

But you can bet your bottom dollar, they wont charge him, or ban him, just because he is on TV, unlike they would Joe public!! I hope I'm wrong!! (But I'm sure I won't be!!) It's not as if he was starving & couldn't afford the cheese & wine!! Unlike some!! He has been cautioned by the police, for pilfering from the same Tesco's in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. It was his 5th act of shoplifting, at the self service tills there, over a period of a mere 16 days!! He had a mugshot & finger prints taken at the police station!

A devastated mum of 9, Michelle Smith, was left inconsolable, after 4 of her children died, as a fire swept through their home, during her 36th Birthday party. Her 4yr twins Holly & Ella, plus son Jordan 2yrs were overcome by fumes. Her older son Reece 19 died trying to save his siblings, who were trapped upstairs, at their home in Freckleton, Lancashire. It's believed the smoke alarms were not working. It is also believed the fire started in an upstairs bedroom (Someone having a cheeky cigarette???)

Beyonce & Jay-Z have given their new daughter the stupid name of Blue Ivy Carter (Yeah, she will thank you for that, in years to come...... NOT!!) Meanwhile Cheryl Cole, is friends with Simon Cowell again (Give a F**k!) There was also a bit about Kate Middleton's, black dress, when at a premier of 'War Horse' with her husband, Prince William, it is a nice dress.... a damn site better, than that vile monstrosity, that she modelled at college!!

War Horse Premier Dress 
Vile Rag, Worn For College Fashion Show

The woman's body found on the Sandringham estate, has been named as 17yr Latvian, wild child, Alisa Dmitrijeva. She was last seen on August 31st, when she got into a Lexus, with two male acquiescence's in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, 10miles from Sandringham. The men said they dropped her at the local Asda. An Australian tourist, in Africa, Erin Langworthy, survived when her bungee rope snapped, plunging her into the crocodile infested Zambezi river, still tied at the ankles, she battled surging currents, but she survived by swimming away from Victoria Falls. Officials in Zambia are investigating!

I did a bunch of boring housework chores, then had an asparagus Cup-a-Soup with 3 crispbread's spread with 2 cheese triangles, plus an apple, then I did a load of job searches etc  At 5.15pm I got a text, off of a Casting Agency, I'd applied to, saying they were sorry but they would not be accepting me, as they felt they'd not be able to get me much, if any work. I text back asking why they felt that, when other top agency's I was on didn't? The reply was 'The majority of the work we do is on period productions & require women to have natural hair colour etc. All the best' I replied 'Fair enough but just for the record my hair is uncoloured & has no extensions etc!' Afterwards I wondered if the etc might refer to cosmetic surgery & if they thought (Wrongly!!) if I had fake boobs? Either way it was a bugger as I'd love to do period stuff!! I did a bunch of job searches & snacked on a Diet Coke & Chilli Doritos & sent off a bunch of job applications & also responded to a bunch of auditions on audition sites.

I watched the soaps from 7-9pm while having a tomato soup & 2 slices of sunflower bread for tea. I watched 'Celebrity Big Brother' Denise Welsh, is doing Michael's head in, I can't blame him, I'd feel the same, she seems to have no concept, of giving someone their personal space! Plus she is coming over as very needy & attention seeking!! Then there was a new program 'When Paddy Met Sally' Why make this program, about the two most unlikable contestants from last years 'Celebrity Big Brother' ?? (Even if the 'Pikey' did win it!) & the show was as expected, as boring & unlikable as the pair themselves!! 

Still hungry, I had a vegetable Cup-a-Soup, followed by 3 crispbread's with honey & a small, mashed banana, sprinkled with cinnamon. Then I watched 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side' before going to bed early tired! I made a 'Collagen Shot' in the blender with water, it tastes too watery for me, even with 200ml water (Let alone the 300ml option) like the dregs of a milkshake, after the ice has melted & watered it down. (If you want to try the BRAND NEW, Collagen Shot, product yourself go to and if you quote promotion code EB1 you will get free P&P which saves you £2.50) IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK Maybe if I did it with 100ml of water or less like a shot, it would be more to my taste, with water??  Mind you, St Albans water tastes vile! Probably the high lime content, that causes lime-scale on glasses etc if not dried immediately after washing!! (Calories consumed 1,622 good!)

Tuesday 10th January, I woke at 8am, to another cold miserable day. I had a wash & had 3 slices of sunflower bread, toasted with cheese & a smear of mustard, washed down with a coffee, I dressed the same as yesterday & headed out for my power walk! I got back home & grabbed a banana & a Diet Coke & I read the paper. The headlines were another piss take of Anthony Worrall Thompson saying.... 'I've Been Edam Fool.... but I'll be Gouda from now on' The shoplifter chef, apologised for his Cheese & Wine stealing behaviour. Anthony (Who was cautioned but not charged.......... disgusting!!) said "Hopefully I can make amends" (How? by doing an Ad, for Tesco for free? Claiming Tesco's cheese & wine's are such great value its a steal!!.... ??) 

He said he was getting psychiatric treatment (Any old bullshit to escape a jail sentence & a criminal record!) He will no doubt, blame it on the medical condition, kleptomania!! He said "All of it together ONLY amounted to £100 they were things like bread, cheese, onions, coleslaw, wine!" Oh that's OK then!!.. Only £100!!.... Bloody "ONLY £100" I wish I could afford to think that £100, on cheese, bread & wine etc was a small amount, £100 of shopping for me, would have to feed me for 2-3weeks & not just be the components, of a cheese & wine evening!!.... TWAT!!!

It turns out Saturdays contestant on 'Take Me Out' Aaron Withers 32 (Below) from Somerset, is a £50 a hour escort, who battered a woman & her boyfriend during a bar brawl, punching the woman in the face, charming!! Ironic that he chose the charmless, gold digger, ting tong, Wen Jing Mo 28, as his date. I guess his date with Wen will now be cut, from this Saturdays show!

Brits are being told, buy the government, to have at least 2 booze fee days a week, for their health! I must be very healthy, as I only rarely have 2 booze days a month! American, Steven Spielberg, meanwhile, has praised Brits, Prince William & Kate, saying they put Hollywood in the shade! His two favourite TV shows right now are very English too 'Downton Abbey' & 'Sherlock'

I grabbed my water bottle & headed out for the Gym, and worked out for a few hours, burning 590 cals, on the bike, cross trainer & stepper, plus some of the weight machines. One of the personal trainers, Rob, came over & said he'd give me a free personal training session & asked when I was free? & I said "Thursday!!"  So we arranged it for then at 1pm. I went on the power plate for a bit, then I headed home! Drinking lots of water. I watched 'CSI' on Ch5 at 5.30pm, then had some cream of vegetable, Cup-a-Soup, with a slice of sunflower toast, spread with a cheese triangle. I did some chores & I thought I saw, a small, black, mouse, run under the chest of draws, in my bedroom. But I thought, 'I must be seeing things!' as there are no gaps, in skirting boards etc, to get in?? Also I didn't have my lenses in, or my glasses on, so I thought 'Ooh maybe its a big spider yuck!!! Hope it dies under there & doesn't come out if so!!' Big Spiders freak me out!!!... Arghhhhhhhh!!!!

I watched the news, then did a few exercises at home with my Swiss Ball, then had 30mins under my sun-bed, to try ease my aching joints, with some heat. I had a orange juice & some water after, to re-hydrate, then I watched 'Fat Fighters' (Very Entertaining) Then I watched 'The Biggest Looser' while having a mushroom Cup-a-Soup & 3 crispbread's. Then it was time for 'Celebrity Big Brother' Denise Welsh & Andrew Stone, are still being, attention seeking, diva's. Natalie is making me laugh, with her gossiping & sarcasm, about Andrew etc. I'm Loving Michael, who is fast becoming my favourite. I'm also loving the playboy twins, who are playing it, like the game it is. The Irish model, who's name escapes me again, is beyond dull!! 

Frankie & Kirk, are so, so thick & cringeworthy'ly ignorant that, I want to punch the screen, when either of them are on it! If Kirks dad gave him a private education, I would ask for his money back, if I was him & I'd  be bowing my head in sheer embarrassment, at just how clueless my son was, at that age! It is truly shocking!! The Gay rugby player Gareth seems a nice guy, but unusually for Big Brother, the gay house-mate, is getting scant air time!!

Celebrity Big Brother's Gareth Thomas 

I watched 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side'  The usual people I know, were in the audience. Although I haven't seen the rather neurotic, American, Porn Star (Who suddenly turned funny on me last series, for no apparent reason?) Maybe it was because, I said I'd been watching TOWIE (As she said, she was in it) & I said I haven't seen her! Maybe she read that & got offended? No idea why though? As I wasn't being negative, just stating a fact! Anyway she lives in Luton, not Essex. So she would only ever be background, not a main character! Maybe she is the fame seeking type, who Google's her name & didn't like me mentioning, that she was a porn star in the USA, in my blog? 

But she mentions it any chance she gets on 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side' and when we did the Pilot of 'Is It Just Me?' Whatever the reason is, she can just get on with it!! I'm not going to be crying into my cornflakes over it!! Peckish I had a slice of toast & a cheese triangle with a 'Collagen Shot'  Made with orange juice! (If you want to try the product yourself go to and if you quote promotion code EB1 you will get free P&P which saves you £2.50) IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK Then at 12.15am, I watched 'Desperate Housewives' on Ch4 +1 & went to bed at 1.20am (Calories consumed 1,472 Good.... Minus the 590 calories burnt in the gym = 882 cals Excellent!)

Wednesday 11th January, I Woke at 8am & had a wash, washing my hair, then shoved on my juicy, pink, tracksuit, my black Ugg look boots & headed out for my power walk. I came home, and had another quick wash, changed into black leggings & vest top, with a leopard print, Kaftan over the top, with brown stone, drop earrings. I did my hair up, with a faux ponytail & then did a shades of brown tone make-up. I put my heeled, black, boots, in my large gunmetal sequinned tote bag & slipped on my damaged (Thanks to a pot hole) black, Ugg style boots. I had a slice of cheese on toast (Edam) and a slice of toast, spread with a cream cheese triangle, for breakfast, plus a coffee. Then I put on my magic, black scarf, as a snood, my long black Military coat & my black gloves, then I headed off to the station to go to London, picking up a Sun newspaper along the way. I got to the station & the train was thankfully quick to arrive, and I got on & found myself a seat.

Once on the train I read the paper more X-rated stuff in the paper about 'Take Me Out' with the headline 'Take Me Out Sex Party Scandal,  2-Day Boozy Bash, Mansion Trashed, Mob's Obscene Pics' Hoards of ex contestants, and this years shows contestants (It's pre recorded in November) had a wild sex & booze party in a £4.5million mansion, Wyelands House, in Chepstow, South Wales, to celebrate the new series. Up to 90 ex contestants, went to the two night bash, (I wonder if Heidi, or Corene went?) Many paired up for sex, and obscene snaps, that were posted on Facebook. One party goer said "Flirty party games led to a lot of shagging!!" Another said "There was lots of sex going on, people were doing it in front of each other!" A 3rd told of "An insane girl who bedded 3 men & canoodled with 9 others!" (Classy!!) Another reveller said 2 or 3thousand pounds worth of damage was caused by the drunken mob, who trashed the Grade II listed building!

Take Me Out's Lucy Harrold, Romping On Floor, With a Guy, 
At The 'Take Me Out' Party, Nice Crotch Shot!!   

The party was organised over last weekend, by one of the ex contestants. Things got steamy after they began playing a lock & key game, where women are given padlocks & men keys. they then circulate until a match is found & then get replacement locks & keys to do it again. People started to get to know each other very quickly!! There were condoms everywhere, some revellers stripped naked & no one seemed to care what they did, as long as they were having a good time. some posted explicit photo's later on Facebook. About £3,000 was spent on drink over the two days & drunk lads kicked doors of their hinges! The carpet got really filthy with smashed champagne glasses & bottles. Meanwhile Aaron Withers date with Wen, has been cut from Saturdays show!

It will come as no surprise to many, but more than 160,000 Brits have lost out to a job to an immigrant, over the past 5yrs. One Brit misses out on a job, for every 4 non-EU migrant workers, who arrive here!! (They also have the added bonus, of jumping up the councils affordable housing list & so get to pay less rent & therefore have more of that wage left over, than your average Brit who pays rent to a private landlord & got the job would!) At least 160,000 UK workers have been 'displaced' by the 700,00 non-EU migrants that flock here! Meaning 160,000 unemployed Brits would be in jobs if it wasn't for migration. Also £2,216 per head is spent on education for immigrants, while it's only £1,662 a year, spent per head on Brits.

Some sick, evil, satanic, bastards, in Cornwall, have mutilated & killed a beautiful, loving, 2yr old, pet stallion called Eric (Below) Police think it may have been ritually sacrificed by witches. Poor, innocent, horse. Eric, had an eye gouged out, teeth removed & his genitals hacked off. Police are trying to work out if he was drugged, before being attacked, in his field. His heartbroken owner, Dawn Jewell said "My 1st thought was he'd been attacked by an animal, but the vet said the wounds were caused by a knife! It's horrible!!!" I personally hope the scum that did it, meet an equally grizzly fate!! Evil Bastards!!

 Gentle Giant & Victim Of An Evil Crime - Stallion Eric

There was a bunch of jokes off of Twitter about Anthony Worrall Thompson, showing off the British love of pun humour, with jokes such as....
  • Wozza stole some cheese?...... How Dairy!!
  • Went to see 'Ready Steady Cook' the other day it was great, A W Thompson stole the show!
  • Why did the chicken cross the road?.... Coz  it was stuffed up A W Thompson's jacket!!
  • A W Thompson stole some cheese & wine!!...... & that was only for starters!!
  • Wozza was caught stealing cheese from Tesco..... He should of done it more Caerphilly!!
  • Wozza was caught stealing milk, yeast & flour from Tesco..... He's run out of dough!!
  • When asked how he felt about stealing cheese Wozza admitted..... It wasn't very mature!!
  • There is no such thing as a free lunch.... Unless your using the Worrall Thompson recipe book!!

News is in that people who Diet, end up Gaining MORE weight, in the long term, according to major new research! A study involving 4,000 twins, reported that those that dieted once in their lives, were 80% more likely to be overweight at 25, than those that never dieted! Those who dieted two or more times, were twice as likely to be overweight! Finnish researchers said "The body switches to over eating mode, once the diet is over, to replenish energy stores, some suffering uncontrolled appetites, overeating & food binging when strict diets ended!!".... Interesting!!

Five, VILE, Muslims, went on trial yesterday, accused of hate crime. By handing out REPULSIVE leaflets, calling for gays to be executed. They handed them out, outside a mosque & posted them in letterboxes, before a 'Gay Pride' parade. I'd shove it where the sun doesn't shine, if they tried to give one to me, vile pigs!! One depicted a pic of a hanged mannequin, it said a death sentence had "already been passed on to every homosexual" & the only issue is whether they should be hanged, burnt. or stoned (SCUM!) Another repulsive publication was entitled 'Turn Or Burn' & featured a burning lake, as an image of hell (That's where those sick, evil, twisted, homophobic, bastards are going!!) A 3rd told gays 'God Abhors You' scum!! Razwan Javed 28, Kabir Ahmed 28, Ihjaz Ali 42, Umer Javed 38 & Mehboob Hussain 44 all from Derby, deny the charges (Of course!!)

I got off the train at Kings Cross & travelled to my follow up interview, for a boutique manager in Islington. They seemed very pleased with me and I think I may be in with a chance. Afterwards I popped to my friend Ange's boutique to see her but she wasn't in today, as she was out buying stock! So I chatted to George for a bit, there was a pair of thick, warm, winter leggings, in chocolate brown, in the sale, in Ange's shop going very, very cheap, so I bought a pair, as it's getting very cold & to help Ange with some sales. I popped to Boots & got a Shapers Moroccan feta salad, some Shapers crisps & a Diet Coke for lunch. Then I had another look round Chapel Street Market, before popping back in the shop, to talk to George, while I thawed out a bit. 

Then I headed off back to Kings Cross, as I was off to meet Bob, in Elstree, to go to Celebrity Big Brothers 1st Eviction 'Bit On The Side' show. I had to wait until 7pm to use my 'Off Peak' ticket, so I bought a cappuccino in Costa Coffee & made it last, while flicking through the paper some more, to kill time. On the train I had my dinner, that I'd also bought earlier, in Boots. A Shapers, salmon salad, with Shapers, salt & vinegar chipsticks & a Shapers, diet, ginger beer.

I got to Elstree & walked from the station to Elstree Studio's & met Bob, in the Elstree Studio's bar, opposite the 'Bit On The Side' green-room, bar. Poor Bob, was a bit croaky, with a sore throat, bless him. He was sat with a nice chap called James, who makes adverts at Elstree & we had a good old chat. I had a cider & a vodka & tonic, before we headed over to the green-room. My lovely ex 'Hollyoaks' buddy, Simon Cole, text & we had a laugh, then Ricky who I was on 'OMG' & 'Benidorm' trailer with text me but, when I tried to reply I was out of credit, so couldn't reply!! We went over to the green-room & said hello to some of the other regulars there. I wondered if  Paul Wilder would be in today? As I don't think he & Bob have seen each other for a while? We filled in our consent forms, and had a complimentary wine or two, which made Bob sounded a bit less croaky after. We watched 'Celebrity Big Brother's' Eviction show, in the green-room, it was Andrew Stone V Georgia (The mind numbingly boring, Nuts, Model) 

CBB's Georgia Salpa, 2 Boobs, 0 Personality!

As it was a vote to SAVE, we thought surly, boring, Georgia Salpa, would go as, as  fame hungry & attention seeking as Andrew is, his behaviour & the response by the others to his behaviour is amusing! Where as the sheer lack of personality & boredom, of Georgia, is dull, dull, dull, even Kirks cringeworthy, moronic, clueless attempts to chat her up are 50% boring, 50% an embarrassment, to watch! Only Nuts readers, or maybe the Irish, know who the dullard model is! So surely she cant get many votes to save? Also most voters are women & I can't see them saving her! So unless the whole of Ireland block vote, just because she is Irish (Which is probably why that Boring Pikey, Paddy Doherty, won!) Andrew must be safe! Unless the public have gone mad!!? 

The public HAVE gone mad!! & Andrew lost, to the big titted bore!! WTF??? Wow the Irish must of voted for one of their own in droves, along with blokes, who rate big tits, over personality, in importance! YAWN!! I was not happy!! I know Andrew is somewhat fame hungry & desperate, but Andrew brought 1,000 times more entertainment to the show, than Miss Yawnfest ever has, or ever will, even if she lasted to the end, which if she did, would be a travesty! So Andrew exited still dressed as The Beast!! While in the green-room, before going onto the 'Big Brothers Bit On the Side' studio. Two girls, who obviously failed to get into the eviction crowd, tried to blag their way into 'Big Brothers bit On The Side' instead! One of them must of seen some of the names on the crews clip board & tried pretending to be me!! So Funny!...

The Big Brother Crew, know me well & said "I don't think so, we know June, she is sat inside with a glass of wine ..... bye bye!!" LMFAO!!!! An Ex text me at 10pm, as we went into the studio, but I had no credit & had to turn off my phone anyway. Bob & I sat to the left of the audience area at the front! When it came to the discussion of 'What difference will Andrew's leaving have on the house?' I said how it will have no effect on the house, as they will be glad to have got rid of an irritant!! But it will make a big difference, for the viewers, as it was the other house-mate's negative responses to Andrew, which made gripping viewing & not Georgia's boring knock backs of Kirks cringeworthy, naff, flirting! Co host, Holly Molly's Jamie East, agreed with me!! You Can See This Show By Clicking  HERE, Up To July 2012   After the show ended, I walked to the station & Bob drove back to London, his voice croaky again, poor love! I got in around 12.30am, feeling peckish. So I had a packet of crisps, then I had a wash & crashed for the night, as I have an audition tomorrow! (Calories consumed 1,576 not bad, considering the booze!!)

Thursday 12th January, I woke at 8am & had a shower & hair wash, then dried it in a shaggy style (As my audition is for a rough council estate mum!) I wore my new brown leggings, my white, long sleeved, Petite Bateau top, under my brown, beige & black tiger jumper, long, stripy, brown & cream socks over the leggings tucked into my damaged, black, Ugg look boots. I did a light make-up & had a breakfast of, 3 Rivita crispbread's with cheese & a coffee & donning my black magic scarf, black gloves, grey, faux fur, deerstalker, plus my black bomber jacket, I went for my hour power walk. It was bitter cold out!! Brrrrrr!! My friend Simon text me to say he was glad I got to speak on 'CBBBOTS' last night, on the way home I got a paper & topped up my phone credit. 

I got back in & warmed up with a Mushroom Cup-a-Soup & an apple & then pulled on my long black coat & faux fur deerstalker & set off to the station, at 11.45am, very early for my 2pm audition, but thought better early than late & I could get into character, as I waited. I got to the station & bought my train ticket, my train was due in 2 mins great!! Then it suddenly went to Cancelled WTF?? Then I hear all trains going to & coming via Luton, are either being delayed or cancelled, due to someone jumping in front of a train!!!

Luton Station, If You Lived Here, You'd Probably Jump Too!!

FFS!!! Somebody is dead & that's awful, but how selfish a way to do it!! Not only for delaying peoples travel, but also for those poor, emergency services people, that will have to scrape up their remains from the track (Yuck!!) I couldn't get on the next train, as it was a fast one to Kings Cross & I have to get off at West Hampstead!! And I can't get on the fast train into Kings Cross & then get the tube to West Hampstead, as I only got a cheaper ticket to Zone 2, not a travel card that includes Zone 1. I then hear via the tannoy, that my 2nd slow, stopping train, is cancelled & the next one delayed, FFS! Brilliant!!!.... The next two fast one's were still on time!! You'd think with two cancelled & a delayed slow one, they'd of made, one of the fast ones, into a stopping train!! Or at least one stopping at West Hampstead & Kentish Town, where there are tube links!! BUT NO!! It was now getting worryingly close to 2pm!! So I text my contact at the audition & let them know the situation & of the possibility I might be late!!

Eventually, the late stopping train arrived, and I got on & found myself a seat thankfully, after standing for ages in the cold! Once, eventually on the train, I read the paper. On the front page, was the unsurprising 'Games In Terror Threat' A suspected al-Qaeda chief, has been banned from flying to the UK, amid fears of a terrorist threat to the Olympics (Well banned until the EU step in & prevent it, due to the Terrorists human rights to maim, murder & exterminate the British!) Sami Mohamed Ali-al-Fadli 20, is thought likely to launch an attack in the UK, or on a plane! It's obvious that while the worlds eyes are focussed on the UK for the Olympic's, its a perfect stage, for the sick terrorists abominations!

A teenager Dyson Allen, has been arrested on suspicion of murder, over the 4 of 9 children, that died in a house fire, during their Mum Michelle Smith's birthday party. He was arrested, after he'd wrote a tribute to them on Facebook. He was a friend of 19yr Reece, who died trying to save his little brother & twin sisters. Police say the fire which started in a bedroom wardrobe, was started deliberately! The batteries from the smoke alarms, had been removed!

Murder Suspect, Dyson Allen 

A 37 policeman, found his parents battered to death, in their home yesterday. The body of Avtar Singh Kolar 62 & wife Carole 58 was found in an upstairs room, of their home in Birmingham, by their son, after he'd let himself in, with his own key. The horrified officer called in on them, after they never answered calls, from their family. He dialled the forces emergency line to report the murders. The couple, had suffered a "Sustained" attack, possibly after disturbing burglars. But they are not ruling out, that the killings could be a revenge attack, linked to their sons work! 60 police are working on the case!! The murdered couple, who had been married 40yrs, last spoke to a daughter, about babysitting, on Tuesday evening.

Murder Victims, Avtar Singh Kolar & Carole Kolar

More murder madness, a 47yr woman stabbed her 44yr cousin to death, in a drunken row, over ownership of a meat pie! WTF??? After the cousin made a meal, from the tinned 'Fray Bentos' pie the killer had bought! Cindy Wunungmurra was jailed for 7yrs, after admitting manslaughter, at the house they shared, in Northern Australia.

Fray Bentos Pies!.... Worth Killing For?

More 'Take Me Out' Scandal comes in the form of the gold digging, contestant, Wen Jing Mo 28. Who was chosen by £50 a hour Escort Aaron Withers. Last night, Wen admitted, that she was, a £200 a hour, hooker, ha ha ha!! (Got a New Catchphrase, for you Paddy "Let the Hooker, see the Escort!!") No wonder he chose her, they were obviously, an excellent match!! Their Cyprus holiday date, on the Isle of Fernando, has been axed from this Saturdays show!

 Wen Above & Wen & Aaron Below

It is feared devil worshippers murdered & mutilated beautiful 2yr horse Eric in Cornwall. As his death coincided with the day of satanic animal sacrifice, St Winebald Day, during a full moon! (Evil, Twisted, Weirdo's!!) It seems that he was Tasered, before being cruelly attacked & mutilated. Poor, beautiful, Stallion, Eric was buried, on Dawn Jewell's farm yesterday. The Sun has offered a £2,000 reward to help catch Eric's evil killers!! I hope it gets results!!

A jobless graduate, launched legal action yesterday, against the government, for "Forcing" her to stack shelves on Poundland. Cait Reilly 22, who left Birmingham University in July 2010, was told to do two weeks, unpaid work, at the store, or lose her £52 a week, Jobseekers allowance. The scheme is to find jobs, for the long term unemployed. But Cait's lawyer, Jim Duffy, claimed the former student, was made to carry out "Forced Labour" Which breached her 'Human Rights' (There we go, more abuse of that F**king awful Bill!!) He added "This government has created a complex array of schemes that allow Job centres to force people into futile unpaid labour for weeks or up to 6 months at a time!"

West Hampstead Station

I got off my train at West Hampstead at 1.48pm, I had 12mins to make it to my audition, which I thankfully did in 10mins! I got in, took off my coat, took my number & sat outside waiting to be called, with the others. Going over my lines in my head, which were not many (Nor hard, luckily!) I hoped that, my rushed efforts to get there & stressful journey, had added to my skanky, council estate look & I messed my hair up a bit more anyway. I went in soon after my arrival did my bit & recalled my lines seamlessly, and they seemed pleased & I was out pretty soon after. 

Now it's a wait to see if I make the cut out of loads who are also auditioning for the part! I'd had a text from Max when I came out & said to meet him & a group of others in the Westbury Pub in Kilburn, for a drink, plus to see a short magic show at 2.30 - 2.45pm. Which was only one tube stop away & still in Zone 2, so off I set, to Kilburn, on the Jubilee line. Then caught a bus to Kilburn High Road. The Westbury was right by the bus stop, I got in saw Max & got a Vodka & Diet Coke, then sat down with a group of mutual friends & had a good old chat. Then a film crew came walking in through the saloon doors & this very short guy & a very tall woman, came in, looking quite odd together!!

They came into the middle of the snug bar, that we were sat in & he chose the girl sat next to me, to come up & then did a well known trick, using force against your arm. Which wasn't that impressive, then he called up 4 other people (Including Max) he lifted her up & got two people to hold her leg end & two her head end, then he was telling her to imagine she felt really light. Then he told the people nearest him, who were holding her legs & upper body, to walk away. So there was just him holding her middle, one person holding her head & Max holding her feet. 

Then the little magician lifted up his hands & she was lying there as stiff as a board, with just her feet & head held!! We thought that was it..... But NO!!!! Then he got Max & the other guy holding her head to let go! They did & she just lay there floating/levitating, It was right in front of us, but I couldn't see how it was done!? There was nothing for her to be laying on, I was right up close & looked for fine chords to hang from, and checked his slightly open jacket to see if a platform could be pulled out from his belt area? But I could see nothing! Very cleaver trick, you couldn't see how it was done, as close as we were. I asked Max, who the magician was? He said he was one of the magicians of the BBC1 show 'The Magicians' but he didn't know what his name was.

The Magician I Saw 4th From Left (2nd From Right!)

I headed back at 3.40pm, as if I didn't catch a 'Off Peak' train by 4.30pm, I'd not be able to get on a train until 7pm when 'Peak Time' is over again! I got the tube, to West Hampstead tube station & then walked to the West Hampstead train station, and got the slow train back (Thankfully they were now running OK again!!) I got home around 5.20pm & watched CSI & had a mushroom Cup-a-Soup & 3 Rivita, plus a banana, as I was peckish. I did some chores round the house, then at 7pm, peckish again, I had a leek & potato Cup-a-Soup & 3 Rivita's & a banana. Then I was off out, round my friend Jennies, to watch TV, while her husband played darts. Watched 'Corrie' & 'Celebrity Big Brother' followed by 'Big Brothers Bit On The Side' My Ex text again & we had a brief chat via text!

Amy Childs

Then 'It's All About Amy' I cracked up laughing, when I saw one shot of her parent's house, where she lives with them, in Essex. As Amy Childs parents, windows, are leaded & there is Pampas Grass, in the front garden, by the entrance! That is a swingers sign, to let other swingers in the area know, that fellow singers are living there!! Lead windows with no pampas grass means NOTHING!! Pampas grass & no lead windows means NOTHING!! lead windows with pampas grass, in the back garden, means NOTHING!! But the front garden pampas grass & leaded windows means SWINGERS!! So the question is... Are Amy Child's parents Swinger's?? Or did they buy their home already like that, from previous Swinger occupants & have no idea??? Either way it's rather amusing!! Edgar came back around midnight & I went back home. Peckish I had 2 slices of toast with cheese triangles on & an apple & some Diet Coke & went to bed. (Calories consumed 1,472 Good!!)

Friday 13th January, I woke at 8am & jumped in the shower, I washed & dried my hair straight, not shaggy like yesterday! I had a full English, veggie breakfast (Veggie sausages & Fakeon!!) yum yum & a cappuccino, to heat me up before my 1hr power walk in the cold! I dressed the same as yesterday except I had my black skinny-rib, polo-neck jumper, under my tiger jumper! I bought a Sun newspaper & Diet Coke as usual, on route home. I got home & I read the paper, while drinking a Diet Coke & munching on an apple. Student's at Cambridge University, are fuming about a TOWIE style reality show 'Best In Cambridge' BIC..... Which is being set, in the historic city of Cambridge! It will follow elite pupils at Cambridge University & the party scene in the city. But they are afraid they will be cast as 'Wild Undergraduates' & bring the University into disrepute!! (Well they can't..... unless they behave that way!!) Meanwhile a Oxford Don, Dr Devinder Sivia, has been held, over a fellow prof's murder, after Professor Steven Rawlings, died after a suspected academic row!

More 'Take Me Out' scandal contestant Lucy Harrold, strips for leering men on a sex webcam. Charging £3.90 a min for private interactive sessions, on downmarket websites. She said as a glamour model the ITV show begged her to go on, but ITV insiders said they knew about her glamour modelling, but NOTHING of her seedy, interactive, stripping webcam antics!

Take Me Out - Lucy Harrold 

US military chiefs, vowed last night, to track down the 4 Marines, that were shown in a video urinating on the body's, of dead Taliban, in Afghanistan. One is heard joking "Giving the Taliban a shower!!" another say's "Have a nice day, buddy" Last night 2 were said to be identified. Not exactly pleasant, but god only knows, what the Taliban do, to their beheaded victims after etc... Is it respectful? No!  But will I lose any sleep over that scum being desecrated? No!  Do I think they should be punished? No!  War is a nasty business, not a gentile act, and after seeing their fellow friends & comrades butchered, by the twisted regime, that is the Taliban, who can blame these men, for their contempt for their dead ENEMY'S!!?

A Jamaican pensioner Nelton Thomas, lay dead in his flat, for up to a year, until his skeleton was found by the gasman. The official entered the building to cut off the gas, over an unpaid gas bill. The stench was said to be disgusting as the heating had been left on. How Awful. I did some household chores & did some job searches & applied for a bunch, watched 'Loose Women' & 'The News' then at 3pm I had a text from one of my agents, checking if I was free on Jan 17th to play a politicians wife, on a BBC Drama? I excitedly text back I was & then pencilled it in my diary & hoped I would be chosen, by the client for the role, especially as it's for a show I like! I had a leek & potato Cup-a-Soup with 3 Rivita's, for a late-ish lunch with a banana & Diet Coke to follow! I did a lot of audition searches & applied for a bunch & then chatted for a bit on Twitter & Facebook. A 'FOUND' poster put up by an idiot, made me laugh today (Below!)

At 5.30pm I watched 'CSI' on Channel 5, I love this show, but can't wait for 'Home & Away', to be back on! I watched 'Come Dine With Me' at 7.35pm, followed by 'New Girl' wasn't that good today! The lead actress remind's me a bit of Katy Perry to look at. Then I watched 'Celebrity Big Brother' for the live eviction. It was Nicola McLean V Natasha Giggs.  As 'Uba Bore' & 'Survivor' of the Wednesday eviction, Georgia got to choose which 2 house-mates, to put up, when she was saved Wednesday. Natasha went! Natalie with her new bob haircut, remind's me of my sister, but I doubt Julie will be flattered by this, despite her liking Natalie & my sister being a fare bit older! 

The Turkish twins that I was on 'OMG' with messaged me & said they saw me on 'CBBBOTS' Wednesday & that I looked lovely! Which was sweet, I watched 'Celebrity Wedding Planner' This week, it was Kerry Katona. I hated the dress she designed for the bride, with a ratty, tatty, bit of blue fabric at the back!! Peckish I had another leek & potato Cup-a-Soup & 2 crispbread's with honey & banana on. My Ex chatted to me a bit more via text, and I teased him a bit. Then I watched 'Celebrity Big Brothers Bit On The Side' (CBBBOTS) followed by 'Cheaters' on Really TV (Freeview 20) Then I went to bed at 1am with a 'Collagen Shot' made with 100ml water (Still too watery for my tastes) I like it best, in fruit juice!! (If you want to try the product yourself go to and if you quote promotion code EB1 you will get free P&P which saves you £2.50) IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK (Calories consumed 1,367 very good!!)

Saturday 14th January, I woke 9am, I'd had a odd dream, where an Ex was working as a dentist, which is most odd as it is nothing like his real job, must be down to the conversation Jennie had with me Thursday night, about her recent dentist experience. Funnily enough he text me a hour later at 10am! I just chilled listening to my Paul McKenna 'I Can Make You Thin' CD. Then got up & had a wash, dressed in my chocolate leggings & Tiger jumper. I got on the scales, ooh another half a pound lost since Thursday! I popped to the local off licence & got a Sun newspaper, some apples, banana's & two Diet Cokes! Nicky text to see if I could baby sit tonight, but I was aching in my back, neck & knees & wasn't up for travelling to London Colney tonight & I had lots of things to do at home anyway! 

I had a banana, apple & a coffee for breakfast, then I read the paper, the front page was Ryan Gigs brother (Who seems to have finally piped up now his cheating wife is out of the CBB house) with the headline 'My Brother Ryan's a Worm' No Shit! Now tell us something new!! YAWN!!

The Polish scum Marcin Kasprzak (Below) who tried to murder his Polish partner Michelina Lewandowska, by burying her alive in a cardboard box, was jailed for 20yrs yesterday (Good & lets hope he has to serve all of it!!) & hopefully gets a good battering while inside!!

A teenage transsexual, has become the 1st, sex swap patient to enter the 'Miss England Beauty Pageant'. Jackie Green, Nee Jack Green (Below) has became the UK's youngest transsexual, after an Op in Thailand, on her 16th birthday. the 18yr old was approached & asked to enter by a modelling scout, who had no idea she was transgender, she is in the 'Miss fresh Photographic' round, where public votes decide if she makes the semi finals.

 Transgender, Miss England Beauty Pageant Queen, 
Jackie Green 

I Watched 'Playing It Straight' I love that show & then I did some laundry & household chores & had a snack of some chilli Doritos & a Diet Coke. Then I listed some items for sale on eBay. After that I did a load of job searches & applied for 23, then went on all the audition sites, and applied for 11 of those!! I had an orange juice, took out the rubbish & watered the plants, then my Sister-in-law Karen called, out of the blue, for a chat & gave me the run down on what everyone bought for Christmas, from my vouchers I got them. She said the kids said I must have a job, due to the amount spent!! Which made me laugh as I spend that full amount on Bills family each Xmas (Some years, much more than that!!) I guess it must look more in voucher form?? I had a leek & potato Cup-a-Soup with 3 crispbread's, plus a banana, washed down with a Diet Coke for my lunch. I did some hoovering & ironed, some dry laundry, then put it away. I went on Facebook & laughed at the 'Satisfaction The Granny Remake' for Equal-Payday, YouTube video (Below) Brilliant!! Those old lady's are great sports!! A great take off of the original 'Satisfaction' video (Below bottom)

I watched the news at 6pm, then the NEW 'You've Been Framed' & took a load of pain killers, as the pain from my neck, back, arm & knee, was making me miserable & grumpy, as well as very, very, uncomfortable!!... I watched 'Harry Hills TV Burp' Then I had a golden vegetable Cup-a-Soup, with 3 crispbread's, followed by a banana & a orange juice. Then I watched 'Take Me Out'  No men were my type on there, it was definitely a case of "No likey, No lighty!!"  tonight. I got a text from my friend Jennie, at 8pm saying "Just Saw You On The Magicians!!" OMG!! that must of been from in the pub Thursday, when I was looking skanky council estate & I missed it!! Wow that was quick on the TV, just three days later!! Then I watched 'Celebrity Big Brother'  I'm really Loving Michael, the Twins & Natalie, but Kirk, Frankie & Denise are making me cringe!! As for Georgia, she might as well not be there, for the impact she makes (Or rather doesn't make!!) Surely she must go next!!? 

I took another load of pain killers, as I felt rough, then I watched 'The Jonathan Ross Show' on ITV. Suddenly my friend Julia Called me, in tears!! Apparently Avril the 'CBBBOTS' weekend, presenter, made a bad taste joke, about Nicola McLean's, hacking, cough, sounding like, an Asbestos workers & Julia's dad died, due to having, Asbestos on his lungs, so it got to her. I didn't see it, as I don't really watch the weekend shows, as its more about quiz questions, about the show so far! So I chatted to her for about 30 to 60mins until she felt better again. Then I watched 'Cheaters' & then peckish I had a mushroom Cup-a-Soup & some honey & banana on crispbread's, then did some blogging I had a coffee & an apple & then got ready for bed & made up a 'Collagen Shot' made with Orange juice (If you want to try the product yourself go to and if you quote promotion code EB1 you will get free P&P which saves you £2.50) IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK I went to bed & noticed Julia had left a message on my Facebook wall, thanking me for being such a good friend, which was sweet!! (Calories Consumed 1,385 Good!)

Sunday 15th January, I woke at 10am & got on the scales I have lost 1 & 3/4lb, so that's a total of 2.5lb in two weeks!! Slow but steady does it! I had a banana & a coffee for breakfast & listened to my Paul McKenna 'I Can Make You Thin' CD, after downing a load of pain killers, as my neck is really getting unbearable!! I could cry from the pain sometimes! I did a load of blogging, lounging around, in my pink, pyjamas (As I'm not going out today, as I don't really buy a Sunday paper, now that the NOTW is gone!) Since taking the 'Collagen Shots' the smaller of the 2 lines/creases on my forehead, above my right eye, has gone!! But I now have some tiny white-heads, either side of my mouth!! I'm not sure if that is a post menopausal thing, that's starting up? Or if it has something to do, with the 'Collagen Shots' ?? Hmmmm guess only time will tell! (If you want to try the 'Collagen Shots' product yourself go to and if you quote promotion code EB1 you will get free P&P which saves you £2.50) IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK I had a vegetable Cup-a-Soup (Yes I'm eating a lot of them, they are cheap, low in calories & I'm trying to shrink my stomach, so it gets use to eating smaller meals!) I had the Cup-a-Soup with 3 Rivita & an apple to follow.


I watched 'Columbo' as I continued Blogging, then 'Vera' I changed the bed & did some more laundry! Then I had 3 crispbread's with 2 boiled eggs, with a Diet Coke, I watched the news. I put another wash in the machine & did the washing up, then watched 'Dancing On Ice' while writing my blog on it. Then I turned over to watch the brilliant 'The Hotel'  before watching the results show of 'Dancing On Ice' 

Peckish again, I had some Miso Soup, then 4 Rivita's with some mashed banana & cinnamon, all washed down with a coffee. Then it was 'Celebrity Big Brother' If Kirk Norcross thought leaving TOWIE & going on Big Brother, was going to raise his profile & get the cash rolling in, he is sorely mistaken!! It only highlights how dumb, ignorant & unlikable he is! The only TV offers he will have coming in, will be from something like 'Tool Academy' & only then if they were, scraping the bottom of the barrel!! 

Kirk 'Dunce' Norcross

I have heard from a few very reliable sources, that before TOWIE landed in Kirk's lap, that Kirks dad, was asking all and sundry, to employ, his bone idle, clueless son. Even telling them, that he'd pay his wages, out of his own pocket, if they could take him on as an apprentice & actually teach him a trade!! Thick as 10 planks & arrogant Kirk Norcross & sweet, but uba dumb, Amy Childs, are proof that a private education, is SOMETIMES, a waste of money!! I watched the film 'Not Another Teen Movie' then I had an apple & 'Collagen Shot' in orange juice (If you want to try the product yourself go to and if you quote promotion code EB1 you will get free P&P which saves you £2.50) IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK before going to bed (Calories Consumed 1,212) 

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