Sunday, 15 August 2010

A Brief Hello

Hi there I'm June, AKA Evil Barbie, For Ages now I have been told I should write a Blog by my friends (as those close friends Privy to my Private Diary's say they are hysterical & outrageous & should be made into a book or a page in a weekly mag!) I've always resisted, because at times, I find some of my days too boring, to think anyone would be interested in them, while sometimes weeks & months are so hectic, that I  doubted I'd have the time to enter it all!! But I've decided to tell myself that's Excuses Bloody Fxcuses!!! & kick myself up my ample arse & give it a go, hopefully some of you will find it entertaining enough to stick with, but to the rest of you Seeeeeeeeeeeee Ya!!!!!

At the moment I am in the middle of making a donkey, for a pin the tail on the donkey game, for my friends daughters 2nd Birthday, next Sunday. I intend to make it blinged to the max & I will soon have to sod off & get on with it, as the week is filled with numerous Auditions & some filming, so the 5 days ahead will be spent in London & I won't be able to do it there. So I will pop back later with another brief blog, to get you up to scratch, with me as a person, and what I have been up to over the past few years, before Launching into my present day adventures!!

Why "The Life & Times Of A Fag Hag?" well about 80% of my friends at least are Gay, So I spend a lot of times in Gay Bars/Clubs & at my Pink Posse's homes & also because it sounds better than The life & Times Of A Cougar, or The Life & Times Of a MILF, which are both the two other things I get called !!...

Why "Evil Barbie"? I aquired the title when I worked as a Manager & Make-up Artist for Versace, I had a South African, Agency lad working for me & during a quiet spell, we swapped stories & jokes, then he said 'It's funny You Look like Barbie!! but you have the Dry, Sarcastic Humour of a Guy!!...... *Gasp*....... Your Evil Barbie!!"   & the name stuck!! I know all sorts of people from Celebritys A-Z listers, to your average Joe's & a whole lot of wacky fun characters in between, so I hope you enjoy sharing some of my adventures & friends.

Right I'm Off to Make that Donkey.... Ciao!!

See The Finished Donkey in The Short clip above!!


  1. The Donkey is almost done & is looking pretty good so far, even if i do say so myself!!

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