Saturday, 21 August 2010

Houseparty Of The Dead 6

Saturday 21st August 2010 Today I was being a Zombie in the Zombie Movie "Houseparty Of The Dead" & I had to be at Moody St (apt name) Stepney Green, East London by 11am, so I got up at 8.30am & jumped in the shower & washed hair (I wasn't sure if we'd be given Zombie wigs or not, if not freshly washed hair is fluffier to back comb, and frizz up) I wore knee high black suede boots over black leggings & a black jersey shirt with a white collar. I shoved 2 Diet cokes, a packet of Chili Dorito's & a Cheese Sandwich in my big black sequined bag (as I had no idea if there would be catering for us or not!!??) & shoved The Sun Paper in as well in case there were long periods of sitting around!!.....

Set off to the train station, with the weather humid but overcast, got to St Albans mainline train station & got the fast train to Kings Cross, all was going well ahead of schedule & I should arrive with time to spare!! EXCELLENT!!

But No!!!..... I get to the Hammersmith line only to find it is closed for maintenance over the weekend, Bloody typical, always on a soddin weekend!!.... why cant they work on the lines week days & weekends from 12midnight until 7am while the tubes are shut at night!!!

I discovered I'd have to get a 205 to Bow from outside the station "bollocks" I thought "how long is this going to take??" I went to text film director Andy but I was out of credit "bollocks" again!! so I topped up by £5 at the news paper kiosk, by the bus stop & I went to text Andy again & just as I was sending my battery went & the phone went dead!!.... BRILLIANT!!!! (my mobile died, on the day before my brothers son Alex's christening, when it was on vibrate on the chair arm & it dived bombed off the chair arm into a glass of water, when I was distracted from my phone, so my BFF Candy's 9yr old son Xavier gave me his spare phone to use until I get a new one, but I had no charger to re charge & I had to leave it on last night as I needed the alarm on it as I don't own an alarm clock!!) cant sleep through the noise of a ticking watch let alone a ticking alarm clock.

The 205 didn't arrive until 45mins later arghhhhhhhhhh!! if they are trying to get hold of me, to find out where I am, my phones dead I thought, Got the bus & said to the driver to drop me at the Mile End Hospital stop, as I knew it was on Bancroft Rd, which was right by Moody St, I figured it would be the stop immediately after Stepney Green Tube Station. But he said it was 4-5 stops after it, & who was I to argue & when he said "this is the stop!" he then pointed to hospital my heart fell, it was St Catherines Hospital or something similar.... oh FFS!!!! so I had to get another bus in the opposite direction to go 5 stops back & eventually got to venue 30mins late

Luckily they were all running late & I was told by Director Andy to go to a near by pub to get Zombied up!!.....

I ran into the Sky1 Showbiz film crew at the pub & the filmed my arrival, and interviewed me about how I felt it would go, then I ran into Nerissa in the beer garden & we had a chat & took some pics, while we waited for our makeover, we didn't bring any skanky clothes as we had not been told we had to, by anybody & so we assumed they would be provided, so a runner from the Showbiz Camera Crew got us a couple of cheap tops from the market to tear & put dirt & blood over, she got 2 red ones, probably not the most inspired colour choice to get, as it wont show up the blood, like white or other colours (other than black) would!

Nerissa & I
 Dead Handsome!!

After we were Zombied up we posed with a few other zombies for pics & I put my camera on a bench table, while taking a pic with another zombies camera for a favour, but the table got nudged, the camera fell off face down onto its zoom lens, which was out, (die to putting it down directly after using to take other persons camera off them, it fell onto the concrete floor & broke my camera BOLLOCKS!!! this was not my day!!! now I need a new Phone & a new Camera & I'm broke!!

We Found Each Other On Match.Zom
Cast Stills

Filming For Showbiz Sky1 begins

While waiting for all the Zombies to be made up I had a Cider in the bar & a cute blonde guy in early 30's called Danny (a Black Cab Taxi Driver) who started hitting on me, which I found odd, as I looked minging & he kept going on what sensual lips I had & what beautiful eyes (you see can see from the pics when on here that he obviously needed to go to Specsavers) next thing I knew, he was planting a big kiss on my lips (the blood off my face going onto his upper lip making him look like he'd cut himself shaving) & he slipped me his phone number. Then it was time for a few cast shots, & then the  Showbiz crew interviewed me again (above) & at 3pm filming began.

I was mostly attacking one main character & then on the front of a car trying to get in to its inhabitants, then being shot & falling off car onto tarmac that was covered in grit & glass, in spots on ground that stuck to my arms & dug in my butt (you can't say I don't suffer for my art!!) we finished filming around 6.30pm & Nerissa & I went back to the pub, for a well needed pee & headed home still covered in blood looking vile (Danny the Black Cab Driver no longer around, so no hope of a lift) typical unreliable Cassanova lol

Got the 205 bus with odd looks from the other passengers & then the train from Kings Cross to St Albans & got  more of the same, walking home from the station two separate cars stopped & the inhabitants rushed over to see if I was OK, about 5mins apart, I had to explain I had been in a Horror Movie, the make-up was obviously convincing!!!
Who in their right mind would chat up this?

Got in after getting 2 diet cokes from the shop beneath my flat & joked with Hussein that I was "dying" for a drink!!..... then ran a bath as the sticky blood on body & hair was very uncomfy, after I got clean I discovered the inside of both my forearms are bruised to buggery (suffering for my art again!!)
My bruising (pic taken 4 days later when fadded a bit!!)

The Full Album of photos can be seen on my facebook profile, if your one of my friends, or on the page for Houseparty Of The Dead 6 also on facebook. link below in Yellow

Two webcam video's of me when I got home Knackered is (below)

The taster trailer for the film is now out, after the narrators words "Zombies" you will see a quick shot of me licking blood off the windscreen & at the end before the Title "Houseparty Of The Dead 6" you will see me in a group of Zombies to left of screen trying to get through windscreen & friend Nerissa is at right of screen behind car in red. link to trailer is in Yellow below

The premiere of Houseparty of the Dead 6. It's going to be on Tuesday 16th of November, at the Purple Turtle in Camden, kicking off at around 7pm. There will be a stellar line-up of bands, DJs and dancing zombies for your entertainment as well - it should be a bit of a party. So if your interested come along it will only be a few quid on the door!!.....

Below is a link to a Revue Blog, Of both the film & of the Premier of "Houseparty Of The Dead 6"


  1. one assume this is a low paying and budget maybe home made movie owing to the fact that you were unable to shower before leaving, the make up is very amateurish, the costume was poorly made and the fake nails were not damaged at all (assuming they were your own). Most reputable film companies would have you stripped bare and then made up for the role. Your make up was poorly done and you did not make a very convincing zombie for me

  2. Well arn't you a cheerfull little bunny!!

  3. looking at your profile, it seems you have nothing to say for yourself, so presumably just pass your time bitching at those that have, which is no doubt why you have no photo either!!

  4. Does GLP stand for Gobby Little Prat? I think you'd make a great zombie 'Princess' as you appear to have had parts of your brain eaten... All the nice parts including being charming & a sense of humour.

  5. Oh & by the way GLP (Generates Literature Poison)my nails are long but NOT fake, and why should they have been broken? unlike you my claws aren't out!!

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