Sunday, 29 August 2010

Still Can't Give Up The Fags - & I Don't Even Smoke!!

Well after the Excitement of BBBM finals Tuesday, Wed & Thurs was quite a sedate two days.

Wed 25th August bought a cheap £7 mobile phone to use until orange had the one in I wanted to buy, with the cash from my top-up bonuses, I heard back about my reading for the voice of The Cat Of 9 Tails & the producer said, sorry to mess me about but he was deciding to make it a male character, but he liked my voice & would be keen to use me in future projects. Talking of cats there was more in the paper on that vile Mary Bale, who put that poor cat Lola in the wheelie bin, saying she thought they are good climbers & it would get out (errr how there is nothing to grip on on the sheer steep walls & the bloody lid is too heavy to lift.... MORON) the other thing that shocked me was the battle axe is a year Younger than me!! Bloody Hell!!!!!....wheelie!!?
Mary Bale, I could be cruel, but mother nature beat me to it!!
Wednesday the painters also came (about time) to do up my building to paint the peeling windowsills that have been left needing doing for over 8 years & are now rotting due to not being done sooner and also painting the white top half of my maisonette that's black from traffic pollution

Thursday 26th August was another quiet day, except for being contacted by Andy, the director of "The Houseparty Of The Dead 6" saying he was doing the exhausting task of editing the film footage & had a great shot of me licking blood of the car windscreen, that would make it into the final cut, lol how funny (was trying to stop my arms keep sticking to the windscreen which caused a lot of the bruising to my arms !!) Mike also popped round to collect his camera I borrowed for BBBM as mine is broke since Zombie movie (bummer!!)

Friday 27th August was more hectic, I had 3gay ole days ahead, as I had a audition for a new Drama Series "Mind The Gap" at Pineapple Dance Studios at 4pm with my friend Ian Mann, who I was meeting at 3.30pm at Covent Garden tube, But I had to pack my case for my friend Tiger Lilly's music vid as she wants me in Evil Barbie garb in my massive 18" beehive so that needed to be in another big bag, so that it wasn't crushed, then I needed an outfit for the premier party of the Short independent Brit flick I was in "Losing It" Sat night. It will be entered into the next Cannes film festival.

Went in my back room (my walk in dressing room) to get a few bits to take for video shoot, to find the moron of a painter from Wed left my window open 1.5ft it had been raining heavily Wed night & Thursday and shoes & clothes & things from my late mothers home, I'd yet to sort out, were also piled in the window area & had also got wet, livid I went to close window, but it wouldn't budge the moron had panted it so it had stuck (idiot cowboy bloody painter) so then I had to quickly tape bin bags to bottom of it, as I'm in London for 3 days & it looked like it was going to pour again & then had to quickly email my landlords to say I was away for 3days & just discovered my window is painted open a foot & a half & rain is getting in & it's a security risk. Annoyed with hair I cut 2" off my fringe then set off, I'd emailed Tiger Lilly a few times giving her my mobile saying to text me hers, in case I got stuck in the wee hrs, trying to find video venue in Pimlico, as I would not know when I would next be online again.

Dragged all my stuff to St Albans Station but my fast train to London, got changed to a stopping train, as the stopping train behind had been taken out of service. But I managed to get to Covent Garden tube at 3.50pm so Ian & I were at Pineapple bang on 4pm & queued with a bunch of others, it was really poorly organised & we had to fill in info forms (even though they should of printed off info from our star now profiles when we applied) then we were blocking corridors for dancers to go to studios, so eventually they had a idea of writing a number on our hand & sending us to cafe area until called. Andrew Stone (AKA Starman) was there looking miserable, no sign of the lovely Camp Louie Spence tho.

By 4.45pm number 6 still hadn't gone in & Ian & I were number 40 & 41 & the Pineapple cafe was rammed & humid so Ian & I buggered off to a near by Gay bar called Box Bar, Ian had two large White Wines & I had a Pint of Cider & a Cappuccino. Ian said my hair looked good, (my haircutting cant be too bad then)When we went back at 5.50pm people were still waiting & eventually we got seen just after 7pm, we think "The Gap" will be quite street, as most of the actors applying were black, as were the people casting it, but one was seriously checking me out before we read, so that's a plus I guess, as was the fact the pair who auditioned before us were absolutely awful, an Indian guy and a black girl, it was almost a master class in bad acting, it was to acting what those awful singers are to singing on Xfactor, Ian & I had to act a scene together, Ian was really frightened that as it was with me (& we have never acted a scene together before) he'd get a fit of the giggles, but we did OK if I do say so myself!! As we left we saw Andrew Stone leaving still not looking happy with a car from Big Brother waiting to take him off to Elstree.

Now it was time for Ian & I to party in Soho. So we trundled off with my case & paraphernalia to Ku Bar to meet Ian's friend Jo Mac (@jomacmusicpr) on twitter, who also knew Tiger Lilly, & said to say "Hello" from her when I saw her. I had a Vodka & Tonic There & Ian another large white wine. Then we went for a Subway before heading off back to Ian's in Stockwell, to drop off my stuff before going out in Clapham.
Ku Bar
We arrived & I said hello to Ian's flatmate Barbie & his newest flatmate Welsh Glamour Model Meddy (you may know her from Nuts magazine any straight men reading also @meddyford on twitter) & her cute White & Tan Chihuahua Caned, pronounced Kayden (Welsh for Fighter) who was the 1st two tone Chihuahua I'd ever seen, he barked at 1st & seconds later he was really friendly jumping on my lap & laying on my feet (which were really hurting, they had swollen up making my boots tight & rub)

Quickly checked my FB on Ian's Internet, in case Tiger Lilly had left her number on there? (despite me saying that I'd have no online access as I don't have FB on my mobile) as she still hadn't text me hers. Also checked shoot address & when the tubes to Pimlico started (one stop on Victoria line from Ian's) as the shoot was 5.30am. the tubes started at 5am, but there was "NO" Victoria line the whole weekend, due to engineering work!! (the bastards screwing up me getting to a filming, two weeks in a row, on different lines grrrrr!!) So I text my friend Sammy (also a friend of BB11 Ben) for Tiger Lilly's number, which she sent me. 

Tiger Lilly

As I hobbled along with Ian, to another Gay Bar, Kazbar I saw Ian had his flip flops on bugger I could of worn mine, thought London bars wouldn't allow casual foot attire on a Friday night!!.... St Albans is obviously more strict in clubs & bars. We met up with two of Ian's lovely friends, Edward Lemont  & Tom Evans who are friends of Hollyoaks actor Simon Cole. 

 Simon Cole (Hollyoaks)

I had a Cider (classy) there was a stunning non scene Gay guy on the table behind us, who was rather taken with Edward, cant blame him Edward is very handsome too. The Bar has "Shag Tags" which is so funny, you get a load of stickers with numbers on & wear a numbered sticker each & there are Tag Tickets, where you can fill in the number of someone you fancy and add a message & it comes up along the bottom of the screen as the music video's play on the big screen, shame straight bars don't do that would be a right laugh, as you can post messages incognito or add your number. 

A bit later we were joined by two other cuties one of which Peter-lee works in Blockbusters where Ian gets his rented DVDs & his friend who looks like a prettier version of a young, slim, Gary Barlow. Ian was quite smitten by him & to be honest who could blame him, he was a hottie!!.... a while later another friend of Ian's James (who is Irish & is living in Manchester) arrives & more fun & frolics entailed & then we headed off to the Two Brewers.

The guys were on the white wine, I was on the water as I had filming at 5.30am & drinking would make me sleepy, plus I'm broke anyway so no point spending more ££ I cant afford. We were all dancing & the hot Gay guy from before who liked Edward, was there, began to wonder if he was Bi as he was all over women or men, one of his friends was straight. they all danced along with our posse & I can honestly say ours was the hottest Gay Posse in the place.

Popped out to the smoking area to keep Ian company & so joined a group of fags with fags!!..... some spotty 18yr old fag wanted me to chat up some guy for him (obviously his hag with him, wasn't up to the job!!) I was trying my best for the little queen, when I turned to chat to him & he grabbed the front of my top tugging it & the button came flying off like a tiddly wink flying through the air, I went to the kerb & looked in the road trying to find the button so I could sew it back on later, with no luck. While I was looking the teen fag & his hag in training skulked off!! no apology's!!.... that's one fag in the smoking area I wouldn't have minded stubbing out with my boot!!

Around 3.30am Ian, James & I set off back to Ian's after kissing the gang goodbye....  on the way back Ian Got a bucket from KFC & shared some with James & gave me some of the chips, it was around 4am when we got back to Ian's & I was glad to get my boots off, as were my poor blistered toes!!.... a rather pissed James crashed out on one couch, while Ian & I sat on the other one to watch the tapping of the nights Ultimate Big Brother & John McCririck's Eviction (Idiot voters it should of been un-Coolio!!) then Big Brothers Big Mouth Pausing occasionally, so that Ian could have Fag breaks. I joined him a couple of times & it was getting bitter cold out there & I was really having second thoughts about doing the Tiger Lilly Video shoot, I have hurt my ankle & feet are blistered, plus having to wait to get a train replacement bus at 5.10am in the cold, not knowing if it stops anywhere in Putney, near the venue for the shoot?, especially as Tiger Lilly has not bothered to text yet me!!  Andrew Stone was on BBBM turning it on for the cameras, no longer looking grumpy, in the end at 5am I text Tiger Lilly, to say I wasn't coming as there was no Victoria line & Id hurt my foot, but could do Sunday if they were still filming then too!? & at 5.30am Ian went up to bed, as he was off to Manchester with a friend to attend Manchester's Gay Pride, and I crashed on Ian's other sofa.

Sat 28th August I woke at around 9am when one of the girls was making tea or coffee in the kitchen, about 10.30am Ian Came in looking fab, in a lovely dark olive T-Shirt with fab design on front & roused James to see if he wanted to get the tube/bus with him as he was heading towards Bucks, to meet his friend he was driving down to pride with. He said I could use his room while he was away, so took stuff up to his room & lay on his bed a bit to free up the lounge for the girls.

Still shattered after approx 4hrs sleep, but couldn't sleep so put my 3dongle in my notebook, to see if I had any signal for Internet access Managed to get on Facebook & see Tiger Lilly had left me a message at 9.10pm yesterday saying "Honey so sorry just found out due to production issues we are postponing tomorrow so sorry will keep you posted x"  Bloody Hell just as well I didn't go, or I'd of been standing outside The King William IV Pub at 5.30am, wondering "WTF is everybody??" why the hell didn't she text me to let me know?she had my mobile number!!..... about noon she text me saying she hoped my foot was OK (guess she must of just woken up & got the text I sent at 5am) guess too much on her mind that she forgot all about contacting me as soon as things got cancled!!??

Barbie went out & Caned was cute cuddling up to me on the bed, while I was replying to my emails, when Meddy was busy in the bathroom. Meddy said she was making some breakfast did I fancy some eggs on toast?  Errrrr yep that would hit the spot!! had 2eggs on 2toast & a bit of a chat with Meddy before heading back upstairs to finish off emails, while I still had a slight Internet connection, and while Meddy got dolled up for an acting audition. She is going for the part of a glamour model, which she should be ideal for because that is exactly what she is!!.... Caned  was sat right next to me as I did my emails & I was giving him a stroke & a hug and he kept licking me & he was licking my neck & chin, & I turned my head, about to say "are you kissing me baby" but I must of turned too quick & spooked him & he went for me sinking his teeth in my bottom lip!! OUCH!!!........... (living up to it's Welsh name for Fighter lol)

I rushed to the bathroom to stem the blood, that was pouring down my lower face like a red waterfall, while Caned stood outside, watching me looking sorry & guilty (with those big brown eyes how could I be mad at him?) I said "why did you do that puppy?" & Meddy heard me & came out saying "do what?" & the poor little things face fell, when she saw me with wet tissue paper dabbing my bottom lip, which was now swollen like a bad collagen job like Pete Burns. She kept saying she was so sorry & that she was putting  Caned in his cage all day as punishment, I said it was OK these things happen, Caned obviously just got spooked & acted on instinct!!.... though I was preying it would stop bleeding & the swelling would go down for when I went out later!!....
Meddy headed off for her audition, after saying to help myself to anything out of her fridge & showing me where the coffee was. Had a coffee & 3 ginger biscuits & hoped the heat would soothe my lip that had gone from stinging to numb swollen & rubbery (just like when the dentist gives you a mouth injection) thankfully after a few hrs the swelling went from Pete Burns proportions to Angelina Jolie proportions!! but a bit sore & still weepy, I had a 1" cut down my from inside my lip to just under my lip (where quite a lot of Goths & Emo's have their lip rings) the fleshy inside & middle of lip had meshed together quite well, but the lower lip & bit below the lip where the teeth sank in deepest was still not healing over & a blood thick clear fluid kept oozing from it (despite trying to plug it with foundation & powder) Got done up like I did on BBBM & headed out at 6pm, Barbie had come home 10mins earlier & said Maddy had told her what happened with Caned, I said it was just unfortunate, I didn't blame the dog. She said I looked very glam & she loved the big hair, and with that I headed off to Stockwell tube.
Got the Northern line to Bank & then changed & took one stop on the Central line to Liverpool St & remembered the route to Heneage Street, from when we filmed there on Sunday 1st August, and arrived at The Pride of Spitalfields, (quite apt name while Ian is at Gay Pride) bang on 7pm. Spotted the Producer Angus straight away & he got me a pint of cider, at this point there was only 5 of us there, four of the production team & myself, got chatting to Angus & sound guy 22yr old Adam who was a quite funny Brummy. Later 2 more IMPs arrived with their partners which included the poor woman that was so big they has to sew two IMP outfits together to make one. Then a guy who played a pilot in the film arrived, and some more film crew, Angus got me another Cider & some crisps (I was now starving) told them my lip bite story which they found funny & about having to travel home as a Zombie the other day. Spotted a few fags in the pub, a few wierdo's & 3 young hotties!!

The film was a bit behind schedule & was only at rough cut stage, so this was a Wrap Party, or more of a drink rather than a Premier of the film which Angus said should be happening around October, The black girl IMP with the intricate plaited hair, arrived done up with her boyfriend & when she realised it wasn't a fancy party with drinks & party nibbles, she left in under 1min which made me laugh. I was about to go at 9.30pm when Angus asked if I'd like to be a Witch in his next film? so I stayed a bit longer to chat he said he'd email me the script & to read McBeth as it would resonate!! Bought Angus & Adam a Pint of Fosters & myself a half of Cider & it came to £6.50 which was good as a Large White Wine & a V&T came to £11.50 in Ku Bar!!.

I left at 10.30pm, bought a smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel at Liverpool St station  as I was famished  & got back to Ian's shattered at midnight, walked past a gang of hoodies drinking beer on & around a bench near the station, who shouted out "Fancy a beer love?" & I was polite and said "no thanks, but thanks for asking, have a good night lads" If your not intimidated & don't snub, or be rude to groups of hoodies, I find your rarely hassled, so I went on my way with them saying I had a nice Coolou which if my memory serves me well means arse!

Lay in bed trying to sleep despite feeling shattered, wondering how Manchester's Gay Pride was going for Ian, plus how things were going for my two Gay BFF Nat & Terry? they are going through a tough time, with one thing & another, which the present state this country is in doesn't help etc. I'd sent an email & text asking how things were but had not got a reply, but mind you I vanish from communication for a bit when things are not good in my world too. At 1.30am I heard what sounded like gunfire, then at 2am I heard a really loud gunshot, that sounded right outside, eventually fell asleep some time after that.

I was woken by my phone at 3am I quickly turned it off as not to wake the girls. Then checked to see who had rung but the number was not stored in the new phone so I text "who is this? you just woke me up!!" I got the reply "Blast from the past. *Lenny, young guy. Good looking ;)" (modest too!! NOT!!) oh god I thought Bloody *Lenny King, a bloody pain in the arse, who asked me for my number, to go on a date & who then only called at unsociable hrs when pissed or horny or fresh from leaving a club, wanting either a booty call or some dirty talk to jerk off too!! FUCK OFF!!..... I turned off my phone or he'd be calling all night, despite me cutting him off!! just like he always use to do before!! the bloody pain in the arse!!.... if I'd of missed that call that my mum was being rushed to hospital in the wee hrs the day she died because my phone was off due to his nuisance calls I would NEVER of forgiven him!!

Identity NOW protected,
Hopefully, finally he knows now
to treat a lady with respect or the truth will come out!!
I'm Sure prospective employees would not have been too impressed!!

After that I had a restless sleep on & off waking at 4am, 5.30am, 7am,  8.30am & 9.30am, I put my phone back on at 7am & got a missed call message, Yep it was F**king *Lenny again!! I'm tempted to put his number on here & say to call him in the wee hrs whenever your up (the more unsociable the better) on a withheld number just to turn the tables!!.... (4/10/2010) But now it seems I don't need to resort to such tactics, as apparently he has learnt the error of his ways, or else he has just grovelled to me to save his arse. Mind you he did threaten Libel, if *name & pic were not removed, but I have every offensive Text message he has sent & Call time's logged, so both the call records from Phone company & the saved texts would be evidence enough to prove there was no case for Libel, as would all entry's in my page a day diary's over past couple of years. I may be blonde, but I'm not stupid!!! So lucky for him I have taken pity!!

Sunday 29th August I finally got up at 10.30am still feeling exhausted & had a coffee to try & wake me up & cleaned my face carefully as not to make my lip start weeping again!! The swelling had gone down & it was no longer numb & it had a fine scab down it, but it hurt if the skin stretched to smile or if I puckered my lips! put on Black D&G kitten camisole vest, black studded leggings, black waterfall jersey cardigan & black TrimSole thong footwear, shagged my natural hair up, packed case & did make-up sat on Ian's bed, watching Big Brothers Little Brother at noon. (Aisleyne BB7 who fucked me over BIG TIME in 2009 was on BBLB) Then I put on my denim jacket, picked up my bag & wig bag & headed downstairs & said bye to the girls, thanking them for their hospitality.

Headed off to Stockwell tube passing 5 police officers on bicycles pulling into Ian's estate (wondered if it was in connection to last nights gun fire??) & got a spicy cheese sani, a diet coke & a News Of The World paper from the shop on the way, then bought my £11.50 single ticket to St Albans (it's cheaper on weekends than week days) & took the Northern line to Kings Cross, then got the train to St Albans, when it arrived in St Albans it was pouring with torentual rain outside, with a strong gale accompanying it. Quickly I ran for cover with all my baggage, & got my extendable umbrella out of my case pocket. Walked home dragging my case & with my two large bags over my shoulder, with the umbrella's spokes crushed against my crown, (to prevent blowing inside out) and gripped the umbrella handle with all my might. about 20yards from home there was a massive, deep, wide, very long puddle in my side of the road, "oh shit" I thought "I have stayed dry this far & I am gonna get splashed!!" but to my delight as the traffic wasn't busy both ways, so cars were swerving round it!! Just as I relaxed, a black car went through it at high speed, covering me from head to toe & soaking me right through to the core. The Bastard!! he did it on purpose as he slowed down to normal speed the minuet he had gone past me!!

Got home & peeled off my wringing wet clothes that were stuck to me, dried off & put on a vest & jogging bottoms on!! & then checked the window in back room, to see if it was now closed?..... as expected it now was (as I saw when I came home my other window & door had been painted) put my dirty clothes & my puddle soaked ones in the wash & then did a few household chores (slowly as I'm still tired!!) added some of the gay guys from Kasbar & Two Brewers, who friend requested me on Facebook and I am now watching Nadia & Brian camp it up on Ultimate Big Brother & Alan Carr Chatty Man, while hoping Rupauls Drag Race is back on TV in the UK soon. Then it wont be long before I hit my Kylie Bed Linened Bed for the land of Nod, wondering what the next week will bring this sleepy Fag Hag!??

BTW found out I was on John Bishops Britain Saturday on BBC1, thats the 2nd time I have been on and missed it anyway the link is below in YELLOW apparently I'm on 1:15 into the show and 10:16 if you don't want to watch whole show!!


  1. Oh dear so you are friends of friends of z listers , you are NOT famous but are desperate to be famous but the bottom line is you are too old now and NOT going to be famous i dont mean to be horrible but you seem to have aspirations above your station you live in a rented flat have spent all your money on clothes and most 50 somethings are settled by now sorry but you really come across as shallow i will be folloing your progress with intrest

  2. I'm Far from being shallow & reading your comments it has become quite apparent that it is you that is incredibly superficial. So what if someone is A or Z list the only important thing is are they nice people or not? I'm also NOT desperate to be famous, being hounded buy the paparazzi where ever you go doesn't look like a fun life to me despite the monetary perks. So as I am NOT claiming to be famous I don't see why you feel the need to point that out to me in capitals? Also a,s my aspirations are to have fun & enjoy my life however long or short it may be (you should try it some time, it might make you sound less bitter)it is hardly above my station. You say you don't mean to be horrible but it is blindingly obvious from all comments made, you revel in being just that, which makes me pity you for being full of so much negativity!...Ricky Tomlinson never made it until he was in his 50's so it's never too late!! (if that's what you want) as to the constant 50 something jibes, is that meant to rattle me & make me whine that I'm not in my 50's so you can say "really? you look it!!" hard luck you have mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck about her age, or how old she looks!! how "shallow" of YOU to think otherwise! So whats wrong with a rented Maisonette? millions of people world wide have one! Are you a property snob? (how shallow to quote you, yet again)Yes I have a lot of shoes & clothes BUT I do not spend all my money on them if you have a good selection of classics, you only have to top up with a couple of on trend items a year, plus if you look after your shoes & clothes they last for years, even decades so you don't need to spend a lot, to have a lot. As for being settled not everyone hankers to be married with kids & settled some actually enjoy their freedom & I'd rather be single & happy than married to the wrong man, or marrying for a house or money like a gold digger. BTW what does GLP Goddess mean Generating Literature Poison Goddess

  3. I really like this blog. It's witty, colourful, and has some great pics. I'll be coming back time and time again to check for updates. Keep it going June. xxxx

  4. Thanks Jake, I have had a lot of positive responses on Twitter, But with people saying they want to comment, but can't work out how?, it indeed doesn't seem straight forward, from what I have heard from peoples numerous failed attempts. I think if people follow with the google friend connect button (top right In followers box) it's pretty straight forward & easy.

  5. I've really enjoyed reading your blog hun. I can comment now thankfully!! I find these posts so interesting and very entertaining! You should spend your money on anything you want and I really respect your way of thinking June - we don't need a man to make us complete xxx

  6. Great blog EB! Always a real entertaining read. Luv luv LUV the colour schemes too. Keep it up, Gemz :) xxx