Sunday, 19 September 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!!....before I go Gaga!!

Monday 13th Sept & the week started no doubt as it will continue from now on, cold & rainy, I tried warming up by getting some exercise running round the park with husky Aku, I haven't seen my friend John & his dog down the park for some time now, he use to have two Tallulah & Minime her daughter, but Tallulah sadly died of Cancer last year, maybe he takes Minime out at a different time these days, Choc Labrador Stanley use to be in love with them both (can't blame him they both were lovely!)

Tallulah & Minime
The Late Great Tallulah

Went home & sorted a lot of paperwork that needed doing & sent off some emails & Job applications for some Management positions in Fashion Retail. Then I continued to sort some more of my Late mums things from the back room before chilling in front of the TV for the evening, while the rain continued to lash down outside. Watched the soaps & the remake of "Bouquet Of Barbed Wire" (I loved the original version in the late 70's early 80's) & The Inbetweeners very funny, the Speedo incident made me think of my friend Camp Richard at My friend Nat's Birthday Dinner after party! in May 2009. Then I watched Rita Sue & Bob too (made in 1987) for a humorous bit of nostalgia, I remember watching that for the 1st time round Nat & Terry's. 

Tuesday 14th September & the weather was the same cold, dull, doom & gloom with more rain, did some food shopping & paid off some bills owing, & posted my Sisters Birthday Card for Wednesday. My friend Jennie & her husband are back from their month away at their house in Greece & said to come over to their place in St Albans Thursday night, my friend Ian phoned & asked was I aware about the official Big Brother Farewell Party? Our mutual friend Jonty (BB8) had been talking to him about it. I said yeah Mario (BB9) had been talking about it & a few other friends, he asked if I was going, I said I wouldn't mind but not that fussed, I don't think my friend Richard Newman would be going & after what happened at Celebriparty last time, thanks to BB7 Aiselyene I'm less keen than I would be, as she would no doubt be there, trashed as usual, maybe she should change her name to Trashlyene!!

Made a Tuna Melt Jacket Potato & salad for dinner, the media is all going crazy about Lady Gaga & her Meat Dress at the MTV Awards (where she won 8 Gongs) I don't know what all the fuss is about, its meant to be real meat, but I'm not convinced it looks like the latex used in special effects in Horror movies etc if it was real blood would squeeze out when ever she sat down on it, squashing blood into her cars upholstery (saw no bin bag or clingfilm covering on the Limo seat she got out of) also it would of gone all over her seat at the Awards (I saw no covered seat there) & the blood would squish & run down her legs every time she sat down!! (but her legs were clean as a whistle all night!) they can claim it was real meat all they want, to create the hype, but it sooooo wasn't! anyway why the fuss people go round in leather & fur all the time which yet again is a butchered animal, but nobody blinks an eye!! except PETA members!!..

I watched Celebrity Come Dine with Me, staring Debbie McGee, Lembit Opik , Ian Lee (who I love, he's so funny) and Jodie Marsh, which was a good CCDWM & Jodie won. Jodie is a friend of my friend *Jeff, and I was chatting to her a few months ago about a character doll I did of her, when we were both on Big Brothers Big Mouth together & I asked her about Twitter as I was sure it was a fake Tweeter on there pretending to be her, she confirmed that it was indeed fake & she doesn't do social networking such as Twitter, Facebook or Myspace & to give them hell on her behalf! She (the fake Jodie) kept insisting she was real, after I outed her, she began messaging Ian Lee on Twitter when CCDWM was on & I informed him she was a fake & of course after a few red herring Tweet conversations, with her himself, he was soon Tweeting that @JodieMarsh was a fake, as was her old profile @MissJodieMarsh (how sad pretending to be someone else!!)
The REAL Jodie Marsh

Watched 71 degrees North & caught up on some DVD's borrowed from my friend Nicky, UP (very Good) The Hangover (below average) & Precious (So So, but not as good as I was expecting) then went to bed & finished reading a book (that came free with Cosmopolitan magazine) called "What The Hell Is He Thinking" by Zoe Strimpel (can't say I'd recommend it!) it is either common sense, or not fully believable, my BB8 friend Gerry's Book "Treat Them Mean, Keep Them Keen" is Far Superior!!.... I highly recommend it, especially for those young lady's who are new on the dating scene! to buy click on the YELLOW link below....

Wednesday 15th Sept, My Sister Julies Birthday arrived with more dark Sky's & rain, got a text from the Gym Trainer saying her car had a flat & she had to fix it so the running club was cancelled this morning! So I got busy sorting more of mums stuff, and going through old magazines to throw out (or rather to give to friends & local hairdressers) Watered the house plants & put a load in the washing machine. Grabbed a Sani & ran & did a few errands in the rain. got home & caught up with some DVDs before I have to give them back to my friend Nicky. Mario (BB9) messaged me on Facebook Re 8 out of 10 cats, & I said he took the Jibes well!! (all but one were cut from the transmitted show)

Mario & Wife Lisa, Makosi & Aiseleyne

Checked my Audition sites for my NEW Ken-Dolls & checked my hotmail & found a email from Emma Thomson, Endimols Casting Assistant on BBBM, saying she was now working on Endimols Dating In The Dark & would I be interested in going on it?

I emailed back why not, as all my friends had said you'd be really funny on that! Plus it will be a laugh, I'm not expecting to meet Mr right, as only 2 men in my life got fully into my heart (one past, plus one present & they know who they are!) She said Brilliant you would be great on there, I hoped you'd say yes! & sent me the show form to fill my details in via email.

Some of the questions reminded me of the time I tried out dating sites & the papers lonely hearts, back in the days I was working as a Manager for Versace, in Central London & the only men I was meeting were my male gay colleagues & the married male customers, plus I was too tired after working long hrs, to go out looking at nightclubs & bars for Mr right in the evenings!

So I tried them both, as my friend Candie had once suggested I try the lonely hearts Ads (as that’s how she met her husband Costa & she'd only answered his Ad for a laugh) so never one not to give something a go, I put in an Ad in my local paper & Alistair answered immediately, he said he was 33 (2yrs younger than me at the time) and had been a successful millionaire business man, so had been able to retire early, but was bored with all the time he had on his hands & with nobody to share it with. He said he’d asked his chauffeur where all the lovely single women were? as all he saw out on the pull was drunken ladettes, and the chauffeur said they were more likely at home tired after a long day at work & with little time to go out, hence why he tried the small Ads.

He said he lived in Hampstead (I lived in Bounds Green, near by at the time) & he had 2 dogs & was animal mad like me, he said his sister said she couldn’t understand why he was still single when he was so handsome. So we arranged to meet, although his voice had a slight "Janet Street Porter" twang to it on the phone & I imagined "Ken Dodd" Teeth, but reminded myself of what his sister apparently said. He said he would be wearing gray flannel trousers a pail blue shirt & a navy blazer, I said I’d be dressed head to toe in baby pink, and we arranged to meet in Ruby In The Dust, in Muswell Hill for a pre drink before dinner (as my friend worked there & so if anything bad happened to me, she could identify him)
Janet Street Porter
Ken Dodd

The Day of the date arrived & despite saying he’d be there earlier than the stated time of 7.30pm he was not there when I arrived, so I took my place at the bar, my friend who worked there Nancy said I looked gorgeous in my pink chiffon cocktail dress, pink mules, matching bag plus pink crystal jewelry & I explained I was on a blind newspaper Ad date & described what he said he would be wearing, I had my back to the door, but Nancy behind the bar kept her eye on it, suddenly I saw her face drop & her eyes widen like saucers (oh shit don’t let it be due to my date I thought)

Hello said a familiar voice, showering me with spit, I turned to see the supposedly 33yr Alistair who was at least 55-65yrs old (or life had been obscenely cruel) he was indeed wearing what he said, but he had forgotten to mention the various food stains that came with all of those items! His teeth were a lovely teak hue & looked like they had been thrown in his mouth & stayed wherever they landed, and he sprayed spit from behind them whenever he spoke. He looked not unlike Sir Les Patterson (the Barry Humphries character other than Dame Edna) I could now see Nancy doubled up in hysterics down the corridor that led from the bar & she had dialed our mutual friend Ben to come down to take a look in disbelief. Alistair bought me a drink  a Vodka & Tonic plus himself a coke, and Ben sat Grinning at the other end of the bar, doing thumbs up signs (I’d turned him down for a date a few weeks earlier, as I didn’t want to risk ruining our friendship)

Sir Les Patterson & His Food Stains

He said his chauffeur couldn’t get the car started so he'd had to get a cab, hence his delay, still in shock (if his sister thinks he is handsome how rough is she? She probably makes the woman with her face ripped off by a chimp look hot!) I struggled to make conversation & so mentioned his dogs in passing & he quickly put his hand in his pocket & pulled out a bunch of photos of them on a 4 poster bed (now I love my pets, but I don’t carry round bunches of photos of them!!) I continued to dodge his spit & a while later he suggested leaving the bar to go to dinner. (Now I should of made my excuses & left there & then, but it meant leaving a smug Ben & a giggling Nancy behind & also part of me wanted more of a story to tell my friend Candie, when I compared my experience of Lonely heart Dating to hers) he said he knew a nice restaurant locally, or we could get a cab to Hampstead & have dinner there & go back to his after (it should come as no surprise I chose local)

So off we walked & arrived at Toff’s Take Away/ Restaurant Fish & Chip Shop, with two immobility scooters parked on the pavement outside (his & hers how apt I thought) we joined the queue & I was perusing the menu stuck to a wall, as we stood in line & I thought the salmon at least sounded nice! Alistair was obviously a regular & the guy behind the fish fryer area said to take a table & he’d be over to take an order shortly.

So we sat at a plastic table, with a plastic tablecloth, on white plastic garden chairs, and the guy turned up with menus that never got a chance to be viewed, because without even asking me what I wanted Alistair ordered for us both! The King Prawn Starter to share, a Side Salad To Share & Cod & Chips TO SHARE!!

The 6 king Prawns (3 each) arrived on a bed of a few lettuce leaves, “ooh I don’t know why I ordered the side salad” said Alistair adding “The Prawns already come with Salad” I replied dryly “Maybe you just felt like pushing the boat out Alistair!!” Thankfully he was quiet as he ate & so that wasn’t spat over me too!!

He was saying something about me coming over in the week, to help him with unpacking some items, but I wasn’t really listening I was busy observing how we were surrounded by groups of pensioners looking me up & down (as I was dressed for a cocktail bar/fancy restaurant not a chippy) and looking daggers at me & with pity at Alistair, oh good god no, they think I am a hired escort or a gold digger or something I thought.

Throughout the meal & the pauses between Alistair kept putting his hand on mine (which I took away) or putting his hand on my knee under table & was trying to slide it higher (which I slapped away!!) Then he said “lets go wild & round the evening off with a brandy” so there we sat with brandy glasses amid the plastic & pensioners, It felt most surreal.

He wanted me to come back to his & I declined & he insisted on giving me a lift home in the taxi, instead of letting me walk home.  So I got him to drive me to a house nearby that has a alley way at the back, that I could get to my road from, so he didn’t know where I lived & suffice to say there wasn’t a 2nd date!.... I Thought, to myself I think I'll stick to my Gayboys for a great night out, until I meet somebody when out!

Watched CSI & had a vegetable casserole for dinner, then later I watched Fern & Perez Hilton, who made £30million by becoming one of the worlds most hated men, due to his blog, Guess I must try harder to irritate people, as I only have one hater thus far!! (I bet you just came in your pants for the mention!!) Maybe Evil Barbie should get more Evil to make the $$$$ like Perez, but although I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I'm not one to copy!

Watched the Fab Ugly Betty (a program designed for fag hags & fashionistas!!) while sorting out more bags of stuff in the lounge then the DVD of NINE (quite good) then was ecstatic to discover by accident a NEW RuPaul's Drag Race starts today on E4 I love that show too, too much, if I'd been born a man I'd of ended up as a Drag Queen. I LOVE RuPaul Charles & there are some great tag lines such as "Lipsinc For Your Life!!" "Don't Fuck It up!!" and my absolute favourite "Remember Girls You Have To Show Your, Courage, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent!!" (C.U.N.T)  too too funny, I wonder how many people cotton on to that? Ian saw my post that it was on & thanked me as he'd of missed it otherwise, he'd wondered when it would be back on? Ian use to work as a Drag Act "Dixie Lix" in Australia.

Life Can Be A Drag Sometimes

Thursday 16th Sept arrived with even more rain & dark Sky's. Spoke to my newly married Viking friend Louise McAuliffe (nee Jorgeson) who is now in Australia with her new husband, we laughed that as our lives have mirrored each others so much (we had pneumonia at the same time, both had tumours at same time & she had to have an op on her stomach when I had my Gallbladder removed) so by that reckoning we surmised that, if I bumped into a hunky Aussie & went on a date I should be married in a year. I joked that if I hear an Australian Accent when on Dating In The Dark, I will start sending out the wedding invites!! My friend Georgina Baillie contacted me back, she was on the Celebrity Dating In The Dark & said to have fun, she'd only done it for the money herself (she is not exactly short on boyfriend offers) she use to be in dance group Satanic Sluts & was the girl involved in the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand scandal, she is a lovely girl, we did the Vampire sitcom "Georgina" together, she now sings in group Maria Maria & their 1st video "Sonnet For A Vampire" is now out. A link to it is below in YELLOW for those interested in listening to it.

Georgina Baillie

Wondered if my sister was back at her apartment in Cesme Turkey for her Birthday?, I'm sure they (she & her husband Erdal) said they were going back again in Sept, the weather will definitely be better than here!! (I LOVE Cesme its my 2nd home) I introduced my sister to Erdal, when we went on holiday there together after I'd raved about it (my dad arranged for my mum, dad sister & I to go out there, but he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer & given just 5 months to live shortly before we were to fly out & was told his lungs would not survive the flight, so just my sister & I went on my fathers insistance) Erdal became one of my many Turkish friends that I'd made, on my numerous trips out there! I knew if my sister didn't gel with my other Turkish friends she couldn't not get on with Erdal as he is such a great guy!! & I was right they have been married over 10yrs.

Cesme Castle In The Harbour, Julie & Erdal's Apartment Is Close By
Julie & Erdal Being Married By Cesme's Mayor, On A Boat

I had pizza for lunch watching 60 Minute Makeover, with Camp Couple Colin & Justin, don't mind their makeovers, the lounge today was good & I Love John Amabile, Richard Randall, Scott Waldron & Derek Taylor, not keen on Linda Barker & HATE wacky gaudy mishmash of colour lover Kathryn Rayward, if I came home to find I'd had a makeover by her I'd sue ITV!!....

I sorted out more of mums stuff from my dressing room & by 4pm the weather had gone from dark, cold & rainy to bright, warm & sunny & so at 5pm I took Aku out for a walk in the Park, and at the far end I saw CBEEBIES filming Nuzzle & Scratch (below) think they are filming them, having jobs as bird watchers at the lake!! Aku was very taken with the grey fluffy mike, I think he thought it was a Husky Puppy, The camera man was very taken with Aku, stroking him & I was taken with the hot tall camera man, in his aviator sunglasses (just my luck to be dressed in my casual gym trousers & vest top & scruffed up hair, from sorting out the backroom instead of being in my jeans & a nice top with hair done as usual!!) bugger!!

Nuzzle & Scratch

Got back & continued sorting out the back room, then had Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni for dinner at 7pm checked emails & Facebook & Twitter, Mario BB9 asked if I was going to The Big Brother Send Off Party at The Embassy Club? He said he was too busy to go, I said maybe, logged off & had a quick coffee, before going round to Jennie & Edgar's, at 8pm Jennie said she would be joining me on Wednesdays with the Fitness First Walking Club that starts at 11am, watched Celebrity Juice which was hysterical, with Character Keith Lemon Parodying Lady Gaga in a Meat Suit with a big Pastrami on the front dangling between his legs, and later he pretended to Bugger BB2 & Ultimate BB winner Brian Doweling, on the studio floor, Richard Bacon & Rufus Hound were on top form & Katie Price/Reid was game on.

I think I'm going to Go Gaga, at the next Fancy Dress Party I'm invited to, but not in a meat dress, don't think it would work on a vegetarian, although like all vegetarians my mouth waters at the smell of bacon cooking oddly!! (apparently human flesh burning/cooking smells like bacon, hence why the Pygmy Cannibals called Europeans "Long Pigs" <in their language> maybe that's our inner savage coming to the surface, when we smell bacon then?) In fact I've been craving bacon a lot recently, after 30 meat free years! Maybe my body needs something that's in it to repair it, after 3 years of one illness after another? maybe I should look up what vitamins are in bacon & take some of them! Talking of Fancy Dress I have actually applied for a job working in Funzone Fancy Dress & Dance Wear, locally that would be such a laugh!!.... I LOVE a Fancy Dress Costume & don't care how silly I look, in fact once I did come close to doing a Gaga & dressing in Bacon! As you can see below!!

One Rasher Or Two?

Friday 17th Sept woke with terrible back pain in my Coccyx, it looked bright & sunny out, plus the TV weatherman said it would be colder than yesterday but dry, but my back said otherwise! Took Aku down the Park in the hopes that a run around would loosen my back at its base. Coach load after coach load of school kids turned up at the park (something must be going on at the Abbey) stopped counting after the 10th coach, Aku was really funny on his harness he was really friendly with the kids but pushed his way through & pulled to be at the front of the group each time (like being the Alpha dog in a sledge pack of hounds) Nuzzle & Scratch from Cbeebies were still filming in the park, I chatted to one of the production team, who was making a fuss of Aku (who was very curious of the caged ducks, the puppets & the fluffy mike again) he said they (Nuzzle & Scratch) were meant to have a job as lollipop sellers & mess up & end up helping ducks that can't cross the park due to humans, they have a little duck house & stunt ducks that will heard into the house, unlike the wild ones in the park. The sky went Black & it chucked it down just after I got Aku home (so much for the Weatherman!) but a hour later it was bright & sunny out again!

Got chatting with two gay guys earlier in the park, who were with 2 dogs one Chihuahua being carried in a little jacket, which reminded me of my friend James'es dog Stanley, and a very cute, very pretty, Chihuahua/Pomeranian Cross, in a Diamante Collar, called Rambo!! who was getting jealous of the attention Aku was getting, and was standing up on his hind legs in Aku's face, giving it the Alpha dog growl (so cute!) so Rambo by name & Rambo By nature, despite the girlie collar! I love the little outfits James has for his dogs, Stanley & Daisy, Stanley always looks so smug & pleased with himself in his, and Daisy is such a lady & such a poser, They have often been photographed with lots of celebs when out, as they are drawn to them as they are so cute, and Stanley Posed in The Gay Times, with Paris Hilton's New Best English Friend winner, James has since set up Diddy Dogs & now sells a array of outfits for small handbag size dogs! A link to it is in YELLOW below if you wish to peruse

Gratuitous Nude Shot Of Daisy & Stanley
Dressed To Go Out
Daisy The Lady- White Whine!! Where's The Champagne?
Stanley- Smug or Pissed?
Stanley & Paris Hilton's NBBBF

My Asda Delivery arrived & so my empty fridge/freezer & cupboard are fullish again! although I was gutted that they were out of stock, of the one thing I was really looking forward to, their Carrot & Pumpkin Rolls!!! I hardly ever eat wheat (wheat & I do not get on well) so don't buy bread, wheat based cereals, pasta or anything with pastry, buying wheat-free alternatives whenever possible, but on the odd occasion that I go out to dinner, I let myself have some, if there is something on the menu I really fancy & once every 2-3 months, I treat myself to some Asda Carrot & Pumpkin Rolls, although I pay for it a bit, later, but they taste so damn good!!

Once it was all put away I had a spicy tomato soup for lunch & settled down to watch Loose Woman as Janice Dickinson is on today & I absolutely LOVE her, maybe because she is as bonkers as me!!! She always makes me laugh & tells it like it is!!... whether you like it or NOT!! I bet a night on the town with Janice would be one to remember!! Bet she's a Fag Hag par Excellence!!

Then it was back to sorting out more of mums things from the back room, before stopping to grill some Tuna (I eat fish, as I have to have fish oils to aid my injured joints from 7 car crashes, so if I'm taking fish oils I might as well eat fish) I started eating fish for 1st time since I was 16yrs 10yrs ago, Today I had it with a fennel, spinach, Watercress & pine nut salad, with a lemon, olive oil & soya sauce dressing. I ate it watching Come Dine With Me, I love the Narrator Dave Lamb he makes that show more than the contestants! Then sent out some more job applications via email, mainly Retail Management, or Merchandising, plus a few design jobs although most are CAD these days sadly.

Dave Lamb

Had a coffee break & watched the Fantastic "8 Out Of 10 Cats", which had Jack Dee & Gay TV Doc Christian Jessen on, as well as Jack Whitehall, within minutes of being on Jack Dee & Sean Lock had me crying with laughter talking about The Popes visit. Read a bit of my Sun Newspaper & saw the adorable story of Lion Cub Zinzi & Meerkat Bob, who became best friends so so cute

Friendship Simples
Spoke to my friend Martyn Tott who told me his second fiction novel 'Five Still Missing' is out soon, his 1st book "Six Magic Numbers" was inspired from his own experience of losing his £3Million winning lottery ticket, and turned it into semi-autobiographical fiction, it's now being turned into a film & I may get a small part in it. 

Below in YELLOW are links to either buy it, read the 1st three chapters for free, a link to Martyn on TV talking about losing his £3Million ticket, plus headlines from when it happened, Martyn is also in a Tribute band Ramone Clones, and also does his own Comedy Song nights.  

Continued with sorting the back room while Listening to CSI another Brilliant show! & Alien 3, (I LOVE Sci-Fi) before eventually retiring to bed to read my book The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe, by J.Randy Tarabollerri. I saw in the papers today that Goldie's nephew is in prison for murder  now, as well as his son, I know Goldies other son & he couldn't be more different, he does fashion design, and use to work for me as bar staff when I managed !CE Bar & Adelaide's Nightclub. Goldie once hit on my friend Andrea.

Saturday 18th September, I woke to a bright sunny day (although my back was saying otherwise!!.... ouch!! bloody thing!!) and enjoyed Porridge with bananas & blueberry's for breakfast. My friend James contacted me & said could I make it to his doggy fashion show next week? I said I'd see what I could do. Today I heard from the Fancy Dress/Dance Wear Shop, that I applied to work for, they said thanks for applying but alas they had filled the position the day before my application arrived, but should things change they will get back to me. That's a shame but at least they have me on file should they need anyone else, or if the present applicant doesn't work out! Love a good Fancy Dress Party, as I'm still a big kid at heart!!

Rocky Horror Show, Halloween

Sorted out more stuff & stopped for a lunch of a veggie bacon (to try to abate my recent craving) & Leerdammer Cheese in a Wholemeal pitta & browsed through The Suns Buzz Magazine, that has had a lot of hype in the Paper & on TV Ads lately with George Lamb, Louie Spence, Denise Van Outen, Bruce Forsythe & Keith Lemon, Advertising it. Not bad, not great, but better than the old Saturday Mag. Moved my Stereo, CD's & houseplants out of my Bay window as the decorator is coming round in the early hrs of Sunday to paint the outside of it today & I want to make sure it can be opened & shut after after my problem after they did the back windows.

Put Some popcorn in the microwave & continued sorting, lots of fabric that's not my style to Ebay and some oddments that I can put together in bags, for people who like to do patchwork quilts/cushions etc I don't have the time to do that, nor the patience anymore, although I use to love it when I was younger. Decided to move things round in my lounge for a bit for a change & set up my printer & moved where I put my computer stack. Took a break to watch Xfactor & had some peanut butter on crispbreads & a coffee & perused The Sun Paper & got to page 26 OMFG!!!! there was a story of Kirk Douglas & his wife Anne who are moving to NY to be near their ill son Micheal .... they looked horrific, they should be in an article called "When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong" Anne has had so much she looks like a burns victim Coco the clown, in a wind tunnel & Kirk like a grey Micky Rourke look alike!! Her eyes are tiny & her eyebrows looked pulled up in a state of constant shock!! & he has gone down the Jacky Stallone/Micky Rourke lip infill look!! Don't they have people who could tell them Don't Do It? Including the surgeon who butchered them!! or is it $$ over ethics?

The Picture in The Sun Was Close Up Without The Shades

Went to bed at 4am after sorting out Lounge & Kitchen (had a break from back room) & hung up clean dry clothes & I know the Decorator coming around 6-7am to paint outside will no doubt wake me & make me unable to sleep!!.... just about to turn off the bedroom TV & go to sleep when Age Of Love came on Ch4 at 4.15am. It's a dating show with a Australian Pro Tennis Player, who was at Wimbledon & was ranked in the top 10 in the world, and also won medals at The Olympics. He has to choose from 7 40yrs plus Cougars, or 6 women in their 20's, it was a repeat (it was filmed in 2007) but this was the 1st one & I missed the 1st few episodes when I discovered it by accident, on Viva last year, so I watched it & discovered that he had no idea of the concept & in the beginning, so he was shocked to see his options were only older women & then after his 1st elimination he gets shown his 6 new young options (unbeknown to the cougars) the women all find out later, when they all share an apartment, & its now 6 Cougars V 6 20somethings. Its a good show. If I remember correctly, although it ends up mostly Cougars near the end, he picks the nastiest, most two faced, shallow, manipulative, slutty brunette in her 20's (I'm sure I was wondering if, once he watches the aired show & sees how she really was, when not in his company, if he thought he made the right choice? also whether their still together) so due to that I ended up settling down to sleep at 5am.

Sunday 19th Sept Arrived & I woke at 8.30am to the sound of the decorator rubbing down the woodwork on my lounge bay window, popped out  at 12.30pm  for a News Of The World & perused it over a wholemeal pitter with veggie bacon & Leerdammer cheese & a coffee for a late breakfast, to get me ready for a day of more sorting. The decorator outside had gone quiet at noon & I looked out the window & the frames had been painted roughly & the sills needed doing but I heard my front door banging a bit, so I thought he must be putting the numbers back on my door, after he left them off after painting last time (I'd left them with a note on my door handle last night) but when I looked it had not been done, guess it must of been the wind rattling the door. I assumed he'd gone for lunch, but when he had not returned by 3.30pm I guessed he would be finishing them off tomorrow morning, so I put a note on a windowpane & left numbers on the windowsill he cant miss them next time!! I then drew out my new food diary, to help me get back to the 9st 5lb that I was just before mum died. After she died I'd lost the energy for the gym due to the shock & just ate microwave food, for some time after that, I as in a bad place & now I'm fighting to get back out of it & get the old me back!

Andy the Zombie director made contact & I got to see the Teaser Trailer for the Zombie Movie I was in, "Houseparty Of The Dead 6" after the narrators words "Zombies" you get a quick clip of me licking blood off the car windscreen & at the end before the title comes up you see me in a group shot of Zombies, in red on the car bonnet to left of shot, while friend Nerissa is at the back of the car in red to the right of shot, the link to the Teaser Trailer is in YELLOW below

I continued with sorting out the back room, later I heard from my friend Nat who's having family probs, which is the last thing he needs right now!..... stopped for a yummy Stilton & Broccoli soup while watching the Xfactor & later my friend Davey Tyler contacted me, telling me to find a date in my diary for a 3 course dinner at his, with his boyfriend & then a night out at a new Watford Club, and I can stay over.... that should be a fun night !! The News Of the World has changed its format somewhat & I'm not so sure I like it, and so has Fabulous its extra magazine. Gone are "In Bed With Tantric & Toxic" & in its place is "The A Team Advice" nowhere near as good, even though The Toxic Bachelor is part of it, as it gets rid of one of the best bits "The Toxic Guide To:....." which along with Mystic Meg I use to look forward to each week!!.... noticed David Walliams Model wife (good body Shame about the Face) was modeling the Fly Girl fashion section. 

Things in back room (Dressing Room) are sorted in piles ready for me to continue with tomorrow but I'm taking a break for the rest of the night, to read the rest of the paper & magazines, & watch the fantasy thriller "Jumper" (disappointingly average!!) Filming another bit for the show Showbiz next week, it's a new Pub Quiz Game Show, that we may try getting on our own planned network, I also might go to the Big Brother Send Off Party & James'es Doggy Fashion Show, but I'll see how the week goes!!..... But All That Will  Be In My Next Blog!!

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