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Why my Sister is my Cousin & Why I'm Searching For 1 Brother & Sister!

I am the Penultimate Sibling out of Seven, I have Four Brothers & Two Sisters, but only One is my full sibling my Younger Brother Bill. I have a Half Brother Brian & Half Sister Gay from my Dads 1st marriage & I have never met them & have been trying to find them for over a decade (more about this later)

My Only Pic Of Brian
My Only Pic Of Gay

I also have 3 other Half Siblings from my Mums 1st marriage Julie, Allen & Terry, but my mums 1st Husband was my dads Younger Brother, which makes my Siblings also my Cousins, I haven't seen my Brothers Alan & Terry since I was small, but I always saw a lot of my Sister Julie & I always think of her as a Sister not a Half Sister after all being my Cousin too means she is more like a Full Sister, after all  we share the same D.N.A!!
Terry & Allen
My Dad William, Herbert Smith was originally married to Mary Elizabeth Duke in Edinburgh Scotland .

In 1946 They lived in 2 Gordon Rd, Kilburn, London , England with My fathers Parents Arthur & Elizabeth Smith & my Dads Sister May E Brown.

Until 1938 my dad had lived at 152 Cambridge Rd Kilburn, and he served in the 16th Lancers in WWII

Dad in 16th Lancers WW11

He lied about his age & joined the army in WW11 at 15yrs & was an undefeated Boxer in his army regiment

I have a Scottish address for Mary Elizabeth Duke, 12 Crouch Place, Edinburgh, but I don't if this was before her marriage to my dad, during, or after ??

I don't have a Date for Dads wedding to Mary nor Brian or Gays Birthdays, making it harder for me to find them, plus to get records I need to go to Scotland to see/find them as you can't from England (Bugger!!)

But I do know Gay was born in either 1946 or 1947 as she was with my dad & Mary at my mums 1st wedding to his younger brother (my Late Uncle Lesley) in 1949 when Gay was around 2-3yrs old
Mum & Lesley's Wedding 1949

& that Brian was born aprox around 1949 or 1950

which makes Brian around 59-60yrs & Gay 62-63yrs old

As far as I know Brian & Gay have no idea of my existence or of their Half Brother Bills existence, so probably are not searching for us?.......But recently I heard from my Aunt that at some time, recently before my mum died unexpectedly (May 11th 2009), dads ex wife had tracked mum down via social services, trying to get money off dad for some reason (don't know which services, or why? as mum never mentioned it to us) not knowing my Dad had died 12yrs earlier.

So apparently according to the social services Mary was still alive recently (I don't know if she is a Duke again, a Smith, or another surname now?) But mum did tell my Aunt she was still living somewhere in Edinburgh, and the fact she found mum & found out dad has died, may mean she also now knows he had two more children My Brother Bill & I, if so I don't know if Brian & Gay know or if they would wish to meet?

My Dad Was one of The Queens Lifeguards for a while, then had an interior decoration business with Buckingham Palace one of his Clients & had worked as an air Steward for B.O.A.C around the time he was still in contact with Mary Brian & Gay

He Stayed with his younger brother Les & his wife Audrey (my mum) when he separated from his wife Mary, where he witnessed over time my mum being a battered wife. He came to blows with his brother over it & kept it in check while there, and over time they fell in love & ran off together, Les got custody of the kids (as in those days mum was considered a shameful adulteress in the eyes of the law) but over time she got to see the kids & Julie came over to stay a lot when I was an infant & bonded with my new baby brother & I, though we never got to bond properly with Allen & Terry so much, I don't think they ever fully forgave her for leaving.

I am still trying to find Gay & Brian through a Facebook Group I set up & so If anyone you know lived in Glasgow or in Kilburn during the time my dad & Mary was there & may know & may of kept in touch with her, could you get them to either give me her details or get word to Brian & Gay that I'm trying to find them, I have even given the details to a new show (family Reunion) which Davina McCall is connected with that finds long lost family members, plus wrote a letter to The Suns "where are they now" section & The Scotsman/Edinburgh News in March, by email, but they never emailed back to say they would post it, so I have no Idea if it ever was? Not sure if my younger Brother Bill is bothered about ever finding his Half Siblings but I'm curious to find them if they are still alive before it's too late

Younger Brother Bill

I think part of me is curious to see if despite living separate lives whether Brian & Gay are similar to me in any way? as although I get on with my Brother Bill & Sister Julie, we are very different, and have very few interests, or views in common, often making me feel the black sheep, I think I'm curious to see if the last two sheep in the flock are black or white, or maybe a bit of both who knows???

                        My Link To facebook Group 
Trying To Find My Siblings

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