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The Truth Behind New Labours Waste Of Money, The New Deal Scheme



Monday, April 2nd 2007

Due to certain circumstances I was out of work, I now have to go on one of those shite government "New Deal" courses for 10 days, or receive no money, I went once before when in-between jobs, a few years back & even then they said then it was a waste of time for me, as I needed nothing they were offering on the course, as my CV was fine, as were my interview skills. But I had to go through the motions, to get payments, but really it was aimed at all the no hoper spongers out there (KS staffs words, not mine!) 

All I learnt while there was, that the guy running it (Stuart) was a nice guy flirty, piss taking, & understanding, who said the odd boob joke made in fun. So this morning I got up at 6.30am after not having gone to sleep yet!!! (Due to body clock not recovered from me normally working nights, my tumour, keeping me awake in agony due to not responding to painkillers & my body not letting me sleep, due to worrying I'd over sleep) I got the 8.30am train & got to Watford's KS centre. As I walked in & all eyes were upon me... (Well I was the only female!!)

I walked up to the guy behind desk & said " hi... I'm June!" he gawped squirmed a bit, looked vacantly at me with wide eyes & said, "do you want driving lessons??" I looked puzzled & said "Is this a driving school & do I look in need of driving lessons??" he stammered & said "no er, no er, I mean well er, you just don't look like you should be here!" I replied, " well actually I am meant to be here, although I do need to learn to drive!  So I am meant to be here, not in the driving school next door! I may be blonde but I know where I'm meant to go!!"

The Usual crap flip chart, New Deal chat, ensued with some dull old git (Trevor), with Neanderthal grunts from "most" of group at best, I had all the answers to all of the questions asked (not hard they were bleeding obvious!) I answered them, not because I wanted to be teachers pet, but because I couldn't stand the prolonged silence from the others, while tumble weed blew through the area their brain was meant to reside in.

The questioning continued, with the occasional input from Trevor's aid Andy (the gawping stammerer) who seemed to have lost his stammer of earlier... after I listed off more easy answers to Trevor's questions, Trevor said I could do his job! (No shit Sherlock!) Then he was either being KIND, or was an IDIOT when he said, if he had a company of his own he'd happily employ everyone in the room!! (Guaranteeing him bankrupt in 6 months, unless the company was called "Hoodies & Chavs R US" & he intended being a 21st Century Fagin)
The vacant masses were then asked in turn what jobs they were aspiring to?, the choices ranged from "dunno" & "wotevahhh" to an educated "a trade or sumfink!" then he turned to me who listed off a list from, Retail/Club management through to Fashion Design/ Illustration to Singing, Acting & Lion Taming, (yeah I was bored!!)....

Raja & I

So after about 10 coffees (they are free) to keep me looking alert, it was time for the one on 1 chats, Trevor who kept mentioning he was 60yrs..... (Until eventually a chav "finally" took the bait & said he didn't look it!!) Told helper Andy (the Gareth Gates wannabe...he hel hel hell hello!!) to start the one on 1's with "anyone" & work his way round the group, one of the guy's (from years back Jeff) wandered through, obviously he had now been promoted, he recognised me & gave me a wink & a smile, which it seemed to Andy, was Andy's cue to chose me 1st for the one on 1’s apparently.
Ga-ga-ga-ga-gareth Gates

Andy asked me a selection of employment related questions & the stammer was returning along with the odd twitch & a nervous laugh!?... (I thought the interviewee, not the interviewer was normally the nervous one!) I almost expected a bout of tourettes to emerge ... but the reason for this became clear (later) when he finished by saying " I'd like to ask you one last question! It’s not career orientated!!... Look I'm going to be direct, straight to the point, put it out there!!... er ...the thing is ...errr... umm look I think your drop dead gorgeous!! You blew me away when you walked in here.... look I shouldn't be doing this & I could get into trouble, but please, please I'd be really honoured if you would consider coming out for a drink with me one evening, I'd be so proud to have a woman like you on my arm", then added quickly," look if you want to bunk off a few days of course I could cover for you!!"...(WHAT!!...I'd only been in the place 10-15mins!!)

Luckily for me, after a few pleading looks from him at the start of his dialogue, he was mainly looking at his desk, (just as well as my inner battle of holding my giggles in was becoming harder to control!! OMG!!) I managed to squeak, "I'll give it my consideration" (as he appeared as if, he would look like he was kicked in the face by Godzilla if I said no!!) at which point the other guy from years before (Jeff) reappeared & said "what you doing at my desk Andy??" Andy said Trevor had told him to use it for the One on Ones (oh no he didn't!! I thought) then Jeff told Andy, to tell him when he'd finished my One on One, then to do the others at the group table as NORMAL!!.

Andy then slid me his (pre written) number across the table (so that's why he took me to THAT desk!!) as Jeff walked away. I also realised that's why he'd gone all funny when he asked what I thought might work against me in interviews & I said "being 42!" & he then mumbled "you certainly don't look it!!" & stared at the desk...(OMG how funny!!)

That over, he chose to sign me out on a pretext of running an errand & I went shopping in the Harlequin centre.... lmfao!!.... It’s nice to know that at 42yrs while ill & not having slept since Saturday night due to pain, I can still pull 29yr old, even if he looks a bit like a ugly version of Mathew Horn, crossed with a Thunderbirds puppet, with all the sexual allure of John McCririck in this white baggy Y-Fronts, question is, what does the next 9 days of course have in store? & Will his stutter be over now he has put the question out there???.......... WATCH THIS SPACE...

Matthew Horne
John McCririck

Well my day started a lot colder than yesterdays beautiful day, with me listening to Muse & Stereophonics on my personal stereo, the ticket collector on Silverlink Trains recognised me from !CE bar & sat down for chat during journey, at 9.30am I got to the KS New Deal offices, & while making a coffee I got chatted up by some of the younger lads, I chatted to Jamie 20yrs who wants to be a security guard, 24yr old Jamie Presley & a 35yr old Anthony who looks like one of the Scousers from the fast show!!... (Or Ricky Gervais’es comedy character in Extras)
Are You Havin a Laugh!!!?

Then I got flashed a Cheshire cat grin from Andy, who then in turn scowled at the 3 other guys, (lmao.... too too funny, it's like a cheesy Rom-Com) Today's talk was on CV's yawn!! I surmised as much & had the foresight to email my CV to myself on my hotmail, Andy gave the talk with aid of transparency's & projector, & I was just thinking, what a bad public speaker he was, with his flat monotone David Beckham like voice he has (but alas not the looks to go with it lol) plus stumbling over words & then being constantly corrected over things, by the Australian guy (Toby) when all of a sudden he cracked a joke about his voice being monotone, which caused me to have a fit of giggles behind my folder, while I tried to hide the fact!!.... (Poorly!!)

Coffee break came & I saw Andy about to approach me as I made a coffee, but he stopped abruptly when other lads came over to do the same & chat. We were meant to be writing out CV's for appraisal after coffee, I said I'd download mine off one of their PC's for them to appraise, but due to security settings, their PC wouldn't let me open attachment, Andy said to send it to his office PC & he could open & print it off.... So I sat to one side, so he could put in the email address (for my CV to be sent to) in & press send ( I looked back just as he pressed send & saw he'd typed "2" addresses in!!.... "The Sneaky Devil!!" I thought to myself!!.... "I bet he sent one to his private email address!!" SO NOW he has my address & ALL my telephone numbers too!! & An address to email me at!!)

Lunchtime came & as I was going out into the hallway, to go to the ladies, Andy came towards me from the opposite direction & steered me to a corner, & said, "I've wanted to come over & chat to you all day!! But the other guys were all buzzing round you, & I couldn't catch your eye to motion you to come over, you have no idea how much I've yearned for you!!.... I stood at the window & I watched you walk up here from the station in your white jacket, & my stomach did somersault's!!... You have no idea how much I want to pin you up against this wall & kiss you.... I long to know how your lips feel!!"... (BLIMEY!!! PML!! Talk about OTT!)

He then said "I have to go to the dentist in St Albans this afternoon, so I can give you a lift home if you want!! You will get to leave 1hr early at 3.30pm & I will sign you out as going to a agency meeting!!" My sensible side said No No No no!!!" But the devil in me was curious as to what madness he would come up with next said "OK" as (the sooner out of there the better) & I knew this was gonna be a blog worthy journey, hmm would he suggest a date for a date, while he had a captive audience??...

He said " you know you are my perfect woman, I think destiny brought you here!!" (Fetch me the sick bucket!!... I think he's been putting whey too much faith in cosmic ordering... lmao!!) I replied " No it was definitely the Silver Link service!!" ... Lunch over, I sat through more boring crap!!.... Jamie (security wannabe) asked Andy if he'd had many "hot girls" come in for this course??... Andy looked abashed & said " No its mainly men on these courses!!" looking down at the desk...

Later, eager to make sure I left with him, Andy said LOUDLY, " You have that meeting to go to in 5 min's June, do you need to get your fare refunded?" I said "No it's been done" & he said " well I'm leaving for the dentist now, if you wait downstairs I can give you a lift!!" So I put on jacket & waited downstairs. Shortly after he pulled up in some black car, I got in & the 1st thing he did, was say, that it wasn't his car we were in, his brother had crashed his car (like I took any notice of car, anyway I judge people for themselves, not the car they drive!! I’d rather be in a crap car with a quality guy, than in a quality car with a crap guy!)

He said he hoped he hadn't freaked me out by what he said yesterday, I said I wouldn't get in the car of someone that freaked me out, but it was bold of him & it had made me laugh, as I'd thought it brave of him to come out with it so early, on the 1st day knowing I had 10 days there, as if I had responded badly he'd of had 9 more days of facing me...

He said " In life if you want something bad enough you have to go all out to get it!! ... & I want you bad & you are worth embarrassing myself for, I wasn't going to wait until you were walking out on the last day to try & win you round, you said when Trevor asked you what you liked about yourself, that it was your Tenacity!! Well you’re not the only tenacious one & I will keep trying until I win you over!!" I said " I'm not a pushover I'm a hard nut to crack!!" he said " if the answer is 'No' then I wont force you, but I will try my best to win you round" (PML! Talk about dramatic) adding "so what about my question yesterday? Will you go out with me one evening??"

I replied, "Like I said yesterday, I'm considering it!!" (got to keep him sweet want to blag as much time off this pointless course as possible if I can!!)....... but I'm not remotely attracted to the scrawny Thunderbird Puppet looking guy, my buddie Natalie B could tell him that, she's seen ex boyfriends & dates of mine. She once said, "you like a tall pretty boy don't you!! I'd know your type immediately!!" & it’s true "many" have been gorgeous, funny guys & even those who were not in that category have been highly intelligent, with a fantastic sense of humour & oozed charisma.... (None of which Andy has alas).

I said "when is your dentist appointment??" he said "4.45pm" which meant he'd left with loads of time to spare... (& ta da!!!!!!) Next thing he said was " I've got plenty of time to spare, shall we stop for one drink?? We could pop in here" he said indicating to a pub on our left!! "OK if you want" I said, thinking at least he will of had the drink with me he asked for, already when the time comes when I let him down date wise later. So we parked outside & we went in ..........

I ordered a pint of Cider (how classy am I?) & he had a pint of Fosters, he said "I love your perfume I got a whiff of it as I passed behind you at the course & I wanted to nuzzle the back of your neck.... you just smell sooo sexy!!" (He has a way with words doesn't he lol!!) I just said "thank you!!" he added " what is it??" I said " It's Fantasy by Brittany Spears, normally I only buy designer names but it was on special offer & I liked the bottle & funnily enough a lot of guys tell me I smell sexy when I wear it!!" (True girls!! may be worth a try!!)

He replied, " it is & you are!!" (Lmao) I had to control the urge to snigger several times.... (He has more corn than Green Giant!!) Especially when he did the stretch ending with arm round back of my seat bit ha ha ha!!! (How school boy!!) Half way through his pint he "supposedly" called the dentist, pretending to be his brother, saying that he (Andy) had a minor car prang en route to dentist & was in hospital with a injured leg & had texed him (Andy's brother) to let the dentist know he'd need to cancel & rebook appointment. Even if I fancied him (which I sooooooo don't) I wouldn't of dated him, as he is obviously a liar!!... He’d either just lied to the dentist, or called the speaking clock & then had a fake conversation to cancel an appointment that never existed, in which case he lied to his colleagues & I either way I don't date liars!!...

He went to the loo & came back with 2 more pints... (Trying to get me drunk matey?? you will run out of cash before I'll run out of consciousness!!) Shortly after more chitchat, he asked if he could have a kiss??...WHAT!!! (Again not allowing my inner hysterics become outer ones) I said "No!!”..." I don't even kiss on a 1st date!!" (Which is true ...except for exceptionally cute cases lol!!) " & I NEVER kiss in public" I added (which is true!!... I hate it when people do that, it's like they feel the need to display the fact to the whole world, that someone finds them attractive enough to want to kiss them... which smacks of insecurity <which isn't attractive!!> & Some things should be private, get a room!!)

Later I came back from the loo to find 2 more pints & he said, " I thought I'd get you a refill & myself another shandy!!" ... ("You liar" I thought, I know the shade of a larger shandy & that of a larger & they have ALL been lagers!!...) & I told him so!!... He said I was very observant (indeed I am) & then changed the subject by saying he was a good cook & only lived 5 min's away would I like dinner?? I said that I wasn't hungry & I needed to go home shortly, he said "OKndy & that of a larger & they have ALL been lagers!!...) & I told him so!!...

He said I was very observant (indeed I am) & then changed the subject by saying he was a good cook & only lived 5 min's away would I like dinner?? I said that I wasn't hungry & I needed to go home shortly, he said "OK!" but he'd love to cook me dinner some time, adding he did a mean Spag Bol, I said I'd think about it (NOT!!) but I had to tell him something, he suddenly looked like a kid who' just witnessed his kitten get run over by a steam roller!! & Said " I knew this was coming!!" as he stared into his lap, bottom lip twitching... (& So now I felt a bit guilty!!) So then I said " I'm a vegetarian!!" he suddenly beamed & said " veggie mince it is then!!"...

He then said, " I have a confession too!! I sent a copy of your CV to myself, on my personal email, so I would have your details!!”... I answered ... " I know I had noticed ...I'm not stupid, and as I'm very observant I don't miss a thing!!"... He added quickly " of course I will never call you on the numbers or email you unless you give me the OK to do so!!" "I should hope not!!" I retorted tersely.

He then told me about his ex girlfriend, who had (apparently) stolen his mobile phone & called "all the women” he had listed in it (that’s about 2 then unless he gets every females number as underhandedly as he got mine!!) & slagged him off calling him a lot of names & "a player" & saying that the fact that he had an "ENORMOUS PENIS" didn't make up for that fact he was a player!! ...& He knew all this because, (supposedly) some female relatives on his phone had called him to tell him what she'd said... (She later 'apparently' posted the phone back through his door!!)

I now had my pint glass pressed firmly to my lips, so the Cider could drown the giggles, which were now dying to burst forth, OMG!! He had now purposely engaged me in a conversation, where he had enabled himself, to tell me indirectly, that he had an "Enormous Penis!!" (He obviously felt if he didn’t impress me in other areas, that might clinch the deal!)

As if a jilted lover would mention a 'massive penis' in a diatribe against him! (More likely to say it was a tiddler lol) I excused myself to the ladies & squealed like a pig on heat with laughter, tears rolling down my cheeks & took a few moments to compose myself before heading back out!!  This was not the 1st time today he'd given out inappropriate info!!.....

The 1st time had been while he was talking about what you should put on your CV, a mock example of a CV was printed out, with a fake name & address, he got to the hobbies & interests section & decided to give an example from "his" experience where that section helped him clinch a job!!...

He said after a brief chat about the job, the employer asked him about his interest in football (listed under hobbies) & he said he played for a local team, the guy then asked what football team he supported? & He said Everton; the guy was a Manchester United supporter & asked why he supported Everton??  He replied that when he was younger he told himself that if Watford won the cup he'd support them, if not he'd support whoever beat them, which was Everton... the man then told him there & then he had the job & to start on Monday!!... Andy asked the guy what had clinched it?? The guy said that Everton were a crap club, but despite that true to his decision, Andy had stayed with them even when times were hard, this had shown the employer he had staying power & had a long future ahead with the company!!...

Fare enough I hear you say!!... Everton may not be my choice but hardly inappropriate information!  & You would be correct!!... (If he'd just stopped there! but oooooooh noooo he didn't!!)... He went on to say that 2 days later he was fired! As he went out got pissed & never turned up for work, nor called to tell them why he wasn’t there!!! ...

Ha ha ha!! He is meant to be setting an example for all the shirkers, wasters & salad dodgers in the group, which made up most of them, yet he showed THEM & HIS PRESENT EMPLOYERS what a useless, untrustworthy, employee he was!!... I hastily made way to ladies & roared with laughter sounding like I was having an asthma attack!!.... (It was just as well I'd gone in there or I'd of pee'd myself, I was laughing so hard!!)....

Back at the pub (after Penis Gate) he then said he had the telephone number of a consumer testing place, at 11 Hollywell Hill, that paid you £60 cash in hand to test stuff for 30 - 60mins (which was of interest & useful) & I took the number, I'd done that work before, he then told me how he lost his job as a child actor on Grange Hill (name dropper lol) by beating up another kid & breaking his jaw, for slagging off his mum!!... (Not so much of use!!)

He then made his way to the gents, accidentally (yeah right I'm that gullible!) falling against me as I stood against the wall to let him out, & in doing so crushed against me, with his hand falling conveniently (yeah right!!) on my right breast!! ... Which "of course" he had to get a "grip of" to steady himself!!... hmmmmmm!!!... lmfao!!.... I responded abruptly & he quickly moved hand & apologised... he returned from the toilet with a V&T for me, (double by the taste of it!!) & nothing for himself, (after I'd tore him off a strip about drink driving & trying to fool me by lying that his lagers were shandy's earlier)

He said at the time..." your very observant aren't you!!" I said, " Yes I'm VERY observant!! & I have an excellent memory!! A photographic one!!... I will catch out ANYONE who tries to lie to me!!" (Ironically these are the tools a good liar needs to be successful, but also a skill, compulsive liars rarely have!!) He told me he got me the V&T, as he’d had to spend at least £5 to pay his tab at bar on his card, another lie.... (Unless we were in England's cheapest bar!!) As we'd already consumed well over that in drinks!!....

"Your 29 this year aren't you!" I said, he replied " yeah!!.... How did you know that??" I said "because I'm observant, that was your CV today wasn't it, with the contact details changed!!" he looked at me shocked & said " yes! How did you work that out??" I said " Like I said I'm observant, I notice everything around me & I noticed characteristics & a patterns in its format, that pointed me into believing its yours” (Peoples habitual life patterns are something I always observe in a detached manner, as then its easy to spot behaviour changes, which lead me to see when they are lying or acting suspiciously) he said he was impressed, then he asked when I was going to be 43?

I said "you tell me, you read my CV"  he replied " I know your age but I didn't notice the month, you don't know when mine is!!”... (Thinking I'd stumble) "November you’re a Scorpio!" I replied much to his surprise "I would of thought mine was obvious!!!" I added... he guessed... October, December, January... etc. (Einstein he is not!) & in the end I had to say "JUNE!!" He then said, "How did you know when mine was??".... " The altered CV" I said (durrrrr!!) he then added "you know if you get a job within 2 months after the course you get £50 clothing vouchers, well I can fiddle it so you get them even if you didn't, they don't check with DHSS & likewise, if your worried I could put on the surname of someone else & the address of another person, if it ever surfaces from a pile of admin, it will be too late & will be blamed on an admin error" (how corrupt... I felt like an illegal immigrant, in a potential sex for visas scandal!!)

He then went on about how every man in the bars eyes were on me, & how they followed me when I walked to the ladies & he felt smug that he was the guy with me (I now felt like a prize heifer!! sat with a proud farmer Giles!!) he moved in to kiss me & I backed my face away, (now every man in the bars eyes saw that too lol!!)

He said "you mesmerise men, I just couldn't stop looking at you when you came in & I couldn't concentrate on my work, I had to go off too the toilet!!".... " Not for a wank I hope!!" I exclaimed "I thought about it but I resisted" he said (OMG!! lmfao) then he said " I'd love to cover you in my cum!!" (eeeeeewwww!!....) Then as casually as if he'd said " I'd love to cuddle you, or what time is it?"

He continued with.... "I fell for your beautiful face & desirable body, but it was your eyes that captivated me!!.... & I just know you are amazing in bed!!" (Well you definitely will never know mate!!) Meanwhile all I could think was "You want to cover me with your cum!!!” EEEEWWWW!!...

If that's what he says to women, he has only just met, who said they will 'THINK' about having a drink with him.... what the hell does he say to those who say YES!! straight away to one?

He said he was meant to have footie practise tonight, "but to hell with it!!" I said we should go; I was hungry & didn't want him bringing up dinner at his...or his cum again lol!! (Like I now felt like bringing up my lunch lol)

He said he thinks that the other staff at New Deal think he's at an interview for another job, not the dentist, as he is fed up with not getting more wages for more responsibility, (with his past record I'm sure it would go swimmingly if he did!! lol) he cant park outside mine (thankfully) so I got him to drop me at the corner of my road, I went to pick up my New Deal folder from the cars foot well & he said I could leave it with him if I wanted to & he'd take it in with him tomorrow!!... (errr why?? I don't want to have to prise open crusty pages tomorrow)

He added he could give me a lift tomorrow if I wanted, but I said "lets let tomorrow take care of itself", I said "bye see you tomorrow" & he went to kiss me, so I moved my face so he hit my cheek & yet again hand went to boob & I slapped it!!... He looked at me & said, " Why wont you kiss me?? It’s because I've got a spot on the edge of my lip isn't it??" (Yeah that's SOOOO it!! lmao.... never mind Andy vitamin E is the perfect cure for spots & apparently, you have plenty of the richest source of that, it seems!!.... Lmfao!!)

Now I'm home, laughing at the bizarre day full of weirdness caused by Andy's obsession... rushing to email you all the details because all day all I could do was text  my pal Chris snippets!!... He has brought out the Evil sadisticness of Evil Barbie... who spent the time with Andy (once diverted to pub) due purely to morbid fascination, as to what he was gonna do/say next?... THE END!!... OR IS IT????????


New Deal Vouchers: £50

Lies: 459

Look of SHOCK when told: "I'd love to cover you in my cum!" PRICELESS

There are Some Things Money Can't Buy. For Everything Else, there's


Wednesday, April 4th 2007

Wednesday I arrived at the New Deal workshop to find No Andy!!.... (Phew a letch free start today) a while later one of the guys (Anthony I think) enquired to Toby the (Australian guy) as to where Andy was??... Toby said, he didn't know as he had not turned up, nor had he phoned in!!... Though he'd had a dental appointment & football practice last night, so maybe he was feeling ill due to one or the other... (This gave me an internal fit of the giggles, partly due to the fact I knew he'd gone to neither & partly due to what he'd said on Tuesday on the course, about losing the job he'd got after two days, due to going out on the lash & not coming in on the 3rd day & not phoning in to say he'd not be in!!... Now here we were, he'd stopped off for a drink en route to giving me a lift on 2nd day of course & on the 3rd day of course he's not in & with no call of explanation!!) Talk about history repeating its self!!!.... (Amused I text Chris this update)

Chris Da Greek

We then joked that he'd probably broke into my place, after getting my address off of CV & was in my bath wearing one of my rubber dresses, with his wrists cut just enough so by my return I could give him mouth to spotty mouth & call 999 & save him... Just as well I didn't leave my folder in his car!! As he'd suggested!!

Thursday, 5th April 2007

Thursday came & he was back ... giving me furtive sideways looks under his lashes, looking longingly across the table at times, later when I was making a coffee he sidled up to me saying, "Hi sexy, looking hot as always.... I can give you a lift after work if you want?... can't stand that I can't chat to you openly, here due to work restrictions imposed!!" (Personally I was relieved!!) I said I wasn't sure what my plans were yet & asked if he'd had a hangover or was ill yesterday??... He said, " Nahh just fancied bunking off for a day!!" (Lmao this from a guy who's meant to be training us to get us back into work??)

The day continued with furtive glances & Andy brushing past as much as possible, I'm sure he must be obvious to the others!!!... Then Toby said as its Easter we could leave early, woo hoo!! We stampeded out of there... I moved quickly before Andy could stop me & get me to hang around for lift, I was on the platform with the Scouser looking guy (Anthony) when my mobile went, it was Andy (thought he said he'd NEVER use my tel numbers unless I said he could! & I haven't!!) I answered it, but as usual with my old temperamental phone, I could hear him but he couldn't hear me, he was saying did I want a lift?? I rang off ... moments later I received a text saying, " I’ve left work do you want a lift? xx" (while I was already on the train laughing with Anthony about another guy in station waiting room, who squeezed between me & a woman on bench, when there was a huge stretch of bench free down the other end!!)

I got out of the station & my pal Jennie was just passing in car & gave me a lift, Jennies a friend of the owner of The Club/Bar I use to Manage, she said its been shit since Clive has got involved & that the building has been sold & will exchange hands in June & they don't know if new owner will keep it as bar/club or turn into flats.

I was at home when Andy text (yet again!!) with "hey I'm still around do you want a lift??" (FFS!!) So I text back "No home now!!" curtly in the hopes he'd stop!! Yet he replied with a text " you got home quick!XX" (which I ignored as I never gave him permission to use my phone number) I'd only replied to stop him texting & thought that was to be the end of it, over the Easter weekend (as I wouldn't be back on the course until Tuesday) but at 12.32am Saturday 7th April while chatting to Chris & other pals online my mobile rang...... Andy's number!!! (I'd saved it in case I got funny calls at any time, after I caught him sending a copy of my CV to his own email address)

I MSN'd Chris it was ringing & ignored it, I couldn't be heard if I answered anyway & anyway maybe he had sat on his mobile phone & accidentally dialled last number redial, but then it rang again!!!.... (So it was no mistake!!) Even close friends would think twice about ringing at that time in the wee hrs, without texting/msn'ing to check I'm awake & wont be disturbed 1st, for him to be calling then means, he's either drunk, wants to talk filth, wants a booty call or all 3!!! Ugggh!! ... Chris & I wondered if a text would follow?? Luckily it didn't, maybe he was too pissed to write?? ... & Luckily the rest of Easter passed without any contact ... but what would Tuesday bring??.........

Tuesday, April 10th 2007

Well after a fun Easter weekend, filled with seeing friends & sunshine, I was back in the clutches of The New Deal course!!!... I got in & Jamie Presley & Anthony chatted to me while I made a coffee, while Andy & Toby set up a TV for boring course videos, on interview techniques & application forms...(yawn!!) & Other than a scramble to get me a biro, when I needed one (which Toby beat Andy to) I was aware of nothing else, (attention wise!!) Though Andy did mention having a crap Easter break, spending most of it in bed... (Due to hangover!!... So probably was pissed when he rang me!!) "Good" I thought. "Obviously my non answering of phone sat morning & curt reply Thurs worked. He is no longer keen!!" (HURRAH!!)

Around 12.30pm Chris text "so what's he done today then??" & I replied "Nothing!!" ... but little did I know what was yet to come!!.... My 1st hint was when my mobile went off & displayed an unknown number, I thought maybe it was a response for one of the jobs I'd applied for, but when I said, "hello can you hear me?" Andy's voice said, " Yes!! But from across the room, not down your phone...." then I spotted him on a office phone across the room... he continued " I just wanted to tell you how hot you look today, its torture having to lecture you & all the others when all I wanna do is be with you!!"(Oh no!! I thought, he's still keen) I guess what he did would be quite sweet if I'd been keen & had said yes to dating him & had given him my tel number, but at best I said I'd consider having a drink one day & far as I was concerned we'd done that last Tues, so I said "thanks, but your crazy" & put the phone down... he then continued a fake conversation on the other phone for a bit then put it down... (Devious little devil)

Later, when I was making a coffee on a break, he sidled up to me, saying how sexy I smelt again!! Then changed the subject when Toby came over... then when Toby moved away he said, " He's always bloody hovering around when I want to talk to you! What is that smell you have its so sexy?? . I guess its just Eau Da June!!" (PML!!.... Well I guess Brittany knew what she was doing when she put that scent together, it's getting one hell of a response!!)

He then walked off saying " you get my email yet??" with a furtive look from under is lashes "oh god no!!...What the hells going to be in that??" I thought. After lunch we had to do some job searches on PC's while the others who were behind on course work continued with it, so I checked my hotmail inbox, but whatever it was he'd sent it had not been delivered yet, we sat down to watch more boring information videos (I wished my phone credit hadn't expired as I so wanted to update Chris & have a laugh together about the madness here) then I noticed I had a phone text message, ("damn probably Chris & I wont be able to answer him" I thought) But NO I WAS SOOOO WRONG!!!...

YES that's right! It was Andy the text sent at 3.18pm said "I just wanted 2 say how hot u look 2day, r u free 1evening this week 4a quiet drink, if so give us a wink, I want to get 2 no u better nd wen u get 2 no me u will c I have a few strings 2 my bow, god yr a Sex Goddess".... (OMG!! how I kept a straight face through that video I don't know) & then thought "he must of meant txt when he said email!! Earlier"

At the next coffee break peoples fares were paid out as our names were called, as I went up Andy passed me my money & said, " was that a wink I saw??" I burst out laughing & said "NO!!" ...he then asked if I wanted a lift home after? I said "thanks, but the train is faster!!" the afternoon continued with him winking at me & me trying not to corpse, two of the guys on course who were also on Myspace & had come across me (though not quite in the way Andy apparently would like to!!) & sent friend requests to join me on Myspace, Jamie Pressley’s is Then Leigh's is We were told we could leave early by Andy, but Toby later said no.

I was wearing white cropped trousers & a silver grey vest top with diamante trim & silver espadrilles & the temperature in he room had dropped in the afternoon, while we watched another boring video & my nips were getting a bit too prominent, so I crossed my arms on the table, to cup my breasts in my hands every so often, to warm them up!!... Maybe I'm being suspicious but I think Andy noticed this, because he walked over to the two windows opposite me & opened them wide & with the draft that ensued there was no hiding the effect of the cold!!!

Toby eventually let us go at 4.09pm & we legged it out (me avoiding Andy again!!) then bugger!! Anthony said "our train leaves at 10 past we will miss it, next one is around 45 min's past we may as well have a drink in The Flag as it's sunny out again!!" so he, Jamie P & I got a drink (I had a Magners) We were chatting & they said Leigh would probably leave obscene comments on my Myspace site, if I add him, I said it didn't matter, if they weren't funny I can always delete them, Then they were laughing about how I distract the young lads & how the lecturer couldn't concentrate when I'm in the room (oh my god, I thought, they have sussed Andy lol) I said "what do you mean?" & they went on bantering with each other about how Toby can't concentrate around me & muddles his words & looks at me all the time!! & Gets all unnecessary, when I apply lip gloss while sat at the table, WHAT?? WHHHHAATTTTT!!!??? TOBY!!!! This was news to me!! Surely they got it wrong!!... Then I recalled what Andy said "he's always bloody hovering around when I want to talk to you!”.... hmmm bizarre!!....

At 4.42pm Anthony & I left Jamie & headed for the platform at 4.45pm I got a txt message from Andy saying "would u like a lift home? I'm inside the pub The Flag at the bar" (OMG!! we'd only just left there!!) "Just as well I have no credit so I cant reply" (me thinks!!).... Then my phone goes (so much for NOT using my number Andy!!) I replied knowing he wouldn't be able to hear me... (A mistake me thinks!!) .... As I answered the phone Andy said " I know you can't be heard, but if you look behind you my car is parked & waiting to take you home & if you look at stairs at top of platform you will see me waiting!!" (FFS!! I couldn't even pretend to be on the train when he called!!) "That's it I'm gonna take the lift, just so I can bring up this phoning breach etc" (I thought)

I said to Anthony "I have a lift!" & he said " lucky you" (yeah woopie do!!) I walked over to Andy & said " How the hell did you get up here without a ticket??" he said "I told the guy at barrier my college had left her mobile behind & I wanted to get it to her before she gets on her train!!" (I'm right that boy IS devious!!) " How did you know I was still here?" I added, " I left ages ago!!”.... " I was watching you sitting outside The Flag with the two guys, from the office window.... wishing they would piss off & leave you on your own!" he said (fuck me that's stalkerish)

Then the comedy of errors just begins.... as we walked to his car (or apparently not his car "see previous notes”) he said he would have a new one Thursday (like I care!!) he said " I hope the attention I pay you, doesn't freak you out, I'm not a weirdo!! " I replied, "well at least I haven't seen you parked outside my home!!" he smiled & said "Yet!!" (Groan) he said "shall we have a quick drink at that bar again?" (What a surprise!!) I said, "OK!!" as I obviously needed to have a word (or 10!!) with him!!...

I got a Magners & we went to sit at tables outside, as it was warm again, I sat across the table from him, he asked if I had a good Easter? & I said that it had been great, I'd seen a lot of my friends, some of whom I'd not caught up with for ages, he said he'd called me over the break!! (Great!!) That was my IN to addressing the using my number issue!! (If I give you my tel number/email or make it accessible to you, then that's the OK to call it, whether mobile or home, but to take it, from documentation made available to you through your employment, is NOT getting permission to use, unless in a purely WORK orientated manner!!)

I replied, "So I noticed, I assumed as it was at 12.32am that you had sat on your phone & dialled redial by mistake!!" (I knew this was not the case as he rang twice, one after the other, & was curious to see if he'd admit it was on purpose at that hr, or use my option as a get out clause??) he said " No I rang you on purpose!!" ..... "REALLY!! AT THAT TIME!!?" I said, continuing "Men ringing a woman at that hour are either drunk, wanting a booty call, or want phone sex!! Unless there's a emergency! Of course" I stated...

I then had to explain what a booty call was (durrr!!) & he said he'd been thinking of me all weekend & was in bed horny & thinking of me!! (Eeeek!!) So my instincts were right!!.... (Thought I can't wait till Chris hears all this he won’t believe it!!) I replied "So tell me Andy, what happened to the, I WONT use your number unless you give me the permission to Promise??" he looked 'slightly' sheepish & said "well I HAD to phone to offer you the lift, or you wouldn't know I was available to give you a lift!!"

I replied, "That doesn't apply to the Saturday "12am" call! & Although the lifts are well meaning, I was able to get home, as I had a return ticket, as you know, so there was NO need for the rule to be broken!! You could of said the next day "I could of given you a lift last night, but you haven't given me the OK to use your number yet!" then that would be my trigger to say 'OK you can use it' should I of wished you to do so!!"

Ignoring my comment he said "I'm so glad you accepted my lift tonight!!" (err wasn't left with much choice!!, I was practically railroaded!!, I only went as things obviously needed to be said , which couldn't be said in the course room!! or on the station platform in front of Anthony!!) He continued "I was going to call you at home at 8pm, but it's better to talk to you face to face & see your responses!!" " Errr That would have been another breach of the not calling my number unless you had my permission promise!!" I said tersely, to the prize plum!! Who just grinned sheepishly, hunching his shoulders... then spouted "So what do you want from me? a bit of fun or something more?".... EHHH?? WHAT??.... WHAAAAT!!!! WHO? WHY? WHEN.... WHAT!!?? Flabbergasted I exclaimed "WHAT THE HELL???. I don't want ANYTHING from you!!!

Plus I'm most certainly NOT!! The 'up for a bit of fun' kind of girl!!" to which he replied "that's good because what I want is a relationship, not just a bit of fun tho that would be very nice, that's why I want us to get to know each other properly I think I'd be good for you, & I'd love to show you off as my girlfriend!!" (The phrase trophy girlfriend springs to mind!!) I looked at him incredulously & said "Girlfriend!!... I haven't even agreed to your invite to dinner or a night out!!"

He looked all sad & said "If you just want to be friends, I'll have to accept that, but over time I think you will want to be more!!" (Talk about over confidant!!) Adding " I don't just want a bit of fun...though that would be amazing, I just know your red hot in the sack!!" (Casanova isn’t he just, lmao!!) "You & I get together & you will go places you will be amazed at my connections!" he added, (Now sounding like my future Pimp!!) excusing myself I went to the lady's, as I felt a bout of the giggles was about to spring forth from my lips... I came back & he went to get himself another pint (I said no to a drink)

When he returned he sat next to me, instead of opposite me, as I'd sat before & grabbed my left hand which lay on the table & said "That's a very shiny ring!!" (Stifling a snigger) I said "yes I cleaned it recently!!" to which he replied, "I'd love to lick your shiny ring clean!!" (eeeeeek!! way too much info!!) .... Then as I pretended to look away at something while I tried to compose my face from contorted hysteria, he called my name & as I turned he took a photo of me on his phone!! (This is getting silly!! he is obsessed)

Some women may be flattered by guys who are all over them, as soon as they meet them, but it makes me cringe & I find it fake or too, too much & if somebody is obsessed with someone, it's all about their obsessive need being fed, for the obsessor & it then being projected onto the object of their obsession & nothing really to do with the actual person they are projecting obsession onto!!....

He said he'd kiss the pic goodnight each evening (puke) & asked if I'd like him to send me some naked picks of him, taken on his phone? (HELL NO!!) He told me I was entitled to a day off but if I wanted more off he would cover for me saying I was ill or at a interview etc.... then added " but I shouldn't say that to you because you may take the rest of the week off & I'd never see you there again & I'd be sad!!" then he asked me again if I'd date him? Adding he hates to put pressure on me, (yeah I noticed!! NOT!!)

Adding he isn't going to give up without a fight for me. (Trying to be nice) I said " look Andy, I'm in pain a lot of the time with a tumour, which I'm waiting for an operation on, I'm looking for work & I still have some pneumonia symptoms, that I'm not fully recovered from, dating right now is the last of my priority's, plus I don't feel romantic towards you, I'm sure you have the best of intentions, but I wouldn't be particularly in the mood even for Brad Pitt should he ask!!  To be honest, I am very close to someone in Iraq at the moment & though contact at the moment is small due to him constantly being in the danger zone, should he hopefully return safely at the end of his tour of duty, I will be looking to see if it could possibly develop into something more".

He replied "I'm not giving up, I can satisfy you in ways in the bedroom you just wouldn't believe!" (Believe, I wouldn't even want to imagine uggh!!)

Realising I was flogging a dead horse I said, "I need to get home" as we stopped at the corner of my road he said, "If you need a friend, or just someone to talk to, you can call me any time, night or day!! I may not have all the answer's but I'm a good listener!!" (Thanks but no thanks!!) Obviously not that a good listener, as he is still trying, after me making it clear time & time again that I'm not interested!! & Still calling, after me repeatedly reiterating I had not given him my permission to do so, as of yet!! I got in & text Chris & emailed my pal Adam about my day & then.... I saw it the email in my inbox sent at 1.58pm, OMG!!... He did send a email!! Not just the text!! I realised, I opened it & read: -

"hi ya sexy got any nice pics u can send me when would u be free for a drink

or a bit of fun or even both god u look so hot today r u free 1 evening this

week 4 a quiet drink or a meal those pics of u what web site r they on how

do i access them xx

Obviously referring to my Myspace or Facebook sites he must of seen via the lads that asked to be my online friend!!

" GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH!! I have 3 more days of this"...

Thursday, April12th 2007

Thursday came & my tumour had me doubled over in agony! I tried to start getting ready at 6am, but was unable to stand up or move around properly & the painkillers prescribed were not helping, so at 7am I lay back on the bed & set alarm for 9am to wake & call KS centre, to say I was ill & not coming in (Andy will think I took his advice & wont be in again I thought & chuckled despite the pain) text Chris I was taking a sicky & he joked back that Andy would be suicidal. At 9am I phones Kennedy Scott & a voice said "Hello" "Hi is that Toby?" I asked "No it's Andy!" came the reply, I responded " Hi Andy, it's June I'm afraid I'm not coming in today, I don't feel at all well!!" a sad sounding voice said "OK then!" & I hung up, the fact he said nothing else means that either someone else was standing near by, or he was pissed off & thinks I'm gonna do what he suggested yesterday & not come back!!...

Spent most of the day curled up in a ball of pain on my bed, when I eventually could move about in the evening I went online, luckily I'd had no call or text's or emails from Andy, & found one of the lads Leigh had emailed me on Myspace asking why I wasn't in today? Which I explained & he was quite sweetly sympathetic... also saw another 1 of the lads called Adam had put in a friend request on there to me which I accepted, Spoke to my Lovely buddy Adam J on msn about Andy's past shenanigans & we had a laugh, he'd done a web search on stalker Andy, but had come up with nothing, didn't hear much from Chris, he'd gone a bit funny about the soldier in Iraq I was keen on, since we met up on Sunday & then he also went to kiss me & I moved away sharpish (seems 1 of us was thinking of more than just friendship) went to bed early to feel less rough for my last day, will have to be nice but firm with Andy tomorrow, to make it clear he is soooooo not my type!!... & Never will be!!.


Friday, 13th April 2007

Friday morning came, still felt a bit rough, but went in none the less, on the Silverlink Train the ticket collector took my fare & said " Your wearing that new Brittany Spears perfume. Very nice!!"... (That’s it where do I get shares in the product lol!!!)... Got into KS & all the boys cheered, "She's back!! & She’s gonna do some belly dancing for us!!" (A reference to my sequin covered skirt & what they must of read on my Myspace site) & Anthony joked, "Thank God your back Andy was all depressed yesterday!! He couldn't find the enthusiasm to teach us anything!!" I laughed & thought 'if only you knew!!' while Andy looked embarrassed, for the 1st time in 2 weeks...

Luckily Andy didn't get much chance to be near me without the others being around, so it was pretty calm, though at one point when on an adjacent PC, he did slide his phone so it was next to me, I looked down on its screen & he'd written " Hi sexy, looking hot as ever!! ... Missed you yesterday!! xx" (aww noooooo!! He didn't get the message obviously on Wednesday in pub!!) ... & I don't really feel up to having a drink & another one to one to make it absolutely clear tonight!!

Later apparently there was a MP3 player up 4 grabs for one of us!!! .... I was really touched, when all the lads on the course said " Give it to June, she's the only one who has actually used the time to look for work & not clowned around searching for porn on Internet all day!!"... & no doubt if "only" Andy had been there he'd of done just that (mind you would of probably wanted to of been rewarded in kind for it!!..Yuck!!)

But Toby in the spirit of fare play, did names in a hat & pulled out the name of a young lad who'd only turned up 3 times in the 2 weeks (& said he was ill most the time he was there & Toby let him leave early) he wasn't even there on the last day, when the draw was done (& the truth to why he was looking pail & ill in class, was due to him smoking skunk on all his fag breaks) the lads weren't happy with the outcome, saying he was the one who'd refused to do anything the adviser's asked, on the few days he was actually there.... but that's democracy for you lol!! (Its a bit like the Human Rights Bill, style of democracy today lmao!!)

Toby said we could leave at 2pm hurrah, as I signed out Andy said he could give me a lift in 45mins I said "thanks but my trains due in 10 min's it would be quicker to get that!!... & I'm still feeling rough, so just want to get to home ASAP!!" he said "OK gorgeous, shall I call you over the weekend??" (oh for F*@k sake!!) I said "No I'm seeing my family over the weekend!!" & left, by now I wasn't going to catch the train (no doubt that was Andy's thinking while delaying me)

As I crossed the road Jamie (wannabe bouncer) Leigh & some of the other guys called me over to The Flag, to join them for a drink, Jamie Pressley wasn't in, as his partner had a baby yesterday, (tempted to buy a chav furby for the new baby)

Had a Magners with the lads checked my train timetable & left for my next train on time, but the damn thing must of left a few minuets early!! So now I had a 40min wait (Grrrr!!) shortly after my phone rang!! FFS!! It was Andy!! (Grrrrrrrrrrr!! again) he obviously watched me drinking with the boys, from the office window (again!!) & saw me head for the station (I didn't answer it!!) then came the text arghhhhh!!! ..." I'm finishing in 5 min's do you want a lift sexy!!" (FFS!! DOES THAT BOY EVER!! LISTEN TO A WORD I SAY TO HIM??

I said before I left the office, that I did not want a lift!! I ALSO told him Wednesday, about using my phone number when I had NOT given him the OK to do so thus far!!......... & Yet here he is again using it!!)... I had a 40min wait till the next train, but I was so pissed off by Andy's constant hounding & non listening to what I tell him, that I'd rather wait than get in a car with him, as I felt so rough & was liable to thump him one!!!.... But as I didn't want a repeat of him on the platform like Tuesday I knew I'd better text back (much as I didn't want to, else no doubt he'd be beside me within a few min's.) so I text " NO my train will be here in a few minuets!! & As I said before, I'm in pain & I just want to go straight home!! I'm not good company at the moment!!" (THANKS TO YOU!! I thought).

The weekend came, which I spent with my brother & his wife & three children, round at my mothers & Andy didn't contact me (thankfully he managed to listen to one thing I said to him!!) mind you.... I rarely get a signal round mums, so he may of attempted to ... but the weekend went well except for Chris ending being my pal on Facebook & in life, as he obviously isn't man enough yet to face romantic rejection & Andy's obviously not man enough yet to notice it!!.....

Though there was one reminder of Andy over the weekend.... when my sister-in-law Karen picked me up in the car, she said "Mmmmmm nice perfume" yep it was Fantasy by Ms Spears AGAIN!!!...

So Monday came & all looked well as Andy had made no contact, That was until I was online at 7.22pm & a email From Andy arrived titled "dinner lunch breaky" & I opened to find this badly spelt diatribe...

"hi ya sexy just got on to myspace but aint had chance 2 do a pic yet its Andy by the way can u enter me as a friend then can c some more of yr lovely pics, call me some time u sexpot sexkitten nd we can do lunch or dinner or even breakfast who knows ha xxx hope u r well nd vibrant no seriously though do u want a meet up or am i being a bit prosumptious if so i can take it will be dissapointed though xxxx"

GIVE ME STRENGTH!! I never answered (thought he'd have got the hint when I didn't accept him on msn!!......... But obviously not!!) Because at 11.59pm Monday, he called my mobile phone (after me saying on Wednesday I'd not given the say so & that men who call at midnight were only after one thing!!! grrrr)...

So today it's Wed April 18th & Adam J & I hunted him down on Myspace, Adam J got there 1st. & we cracked up; he's online NOW but hasn't found me, which shows how smart he is!! ... Adam J & I laughed that he is trawling through all the thousands of June's in a search.... I added " & at the end of it he realises he's searched all the June's in the USA not UK!!" we cracked up as his only 2 pals on there, are two of the lads from the course (Leigh & Adam aka Adzy) one of whom (Leigh) commented "where's your friends??" on his profile ...

Ironically both these lads only have 30 odd friends & Andy hasn't had the brains to go through their friends to find me (I'm on both of their friends list) & is on there for hrs trawling for me & emailing me to add him (even without a pic he was still easy to find) as I guessed he'd got the lad's (I accepted) to help him set up his own site, no doubt on KS time durrrr!! He may be Devious, sneaky, tenacious, even.... but he is as thick as pig shit!! I noticed he'd created his Myspace site on April 12th (the day I was off sick) so no doubt he DID get the lads to help him while they were at KS!

The story should end here, but something tells me with Myspace etc its only just beginning... I’ve saved his profile, as maybe there will be a picture 1 day, that I can add to these notes to put a face to the star of this long running story ... watch this space!!

Thursday, April 19th 2007

It seems I was right less than 7 days after witting the last blog, & ignoring his email, I have had a missed call from Andy at Midnight!! AGAIN!! After what I said to him about calls (& LATE NIGHT calls!!)

Friday, April 20th 2007

Andy tried calling me on my mobile in the afternoon... is he dense? Or can't he believe somebody couldn't be interested, or broken down by him?

Saturday, April 21st 2007

Got home from being away, checked answer phone messages (none) did 1471 to check last call & fuck me it's KS Andy Friday afternoon (either b4 or after he called my mobile grrrrrr!!) That's it!! Politeness is obviously too subtle for numb nuts!! ... An email has to wend its way!! So at 5.27pm I emailed!! PRETENDING I'D ONLY JUST SEEN IGNORED EMAIL: -

Hi Andy, I'm just back from a week away at my brothers in Sheffield with my mother, where I did a lot of thinking... & during which you helped me come up with a decision... As I'm now ready so settle down, I'm only looking to date those who I feel, have husband potential & thinking about it, I'm sorry but I can't see you as my husband, especially as trust is an issue as far as your concerned, you acquired my numbers, email etc via work & swore you'd NEVER use without my permission 1st, I never gave it to you, yet you constantly called & text my mobile, I mentioned that last time we were at the pub, then now I find another missed call when I'm away with my family at midnight... luckily I had turned the volume off at the time or the baby would of been woken by it...... then another missed call Fri afternoon & now I get home & do 1471 after checking my messages & find you called me at home just after trying my mobile Fri afternoon........ So much for you swearing you'd never use my numbers, without my permission, if id given you my numbers fine... but you took them they weren't given & also calling at midnight is not acceptable, I feel it shows a lack of respect & is intrusive, now I go online to find this email, I have to say if I was thinking of saying yes, the calls stopped that in its tracks!!...So in answer to your email of dinner lunch breaky the answer has to be none!!... So I'm afraid you will have to place your attention elsewhere, good luck.

Forwarded a copy of email to buddy Adam J, & we laughed about it on msn, he said it was more polite than he deserved & would leave I'm envisaging me pacing round my flat, wrestling with the decision, torn until the pestering calls sadly forced my hand one way!!... when we both knew I knew the answer to the question before it had fully left Andy's lips that 1st day lmao

Sunday, April 22nd 2007

I received my emailed response from Andy :-

ok that is fair enough I didnt know u felt that strongly so i will not contact u again best of luck in the future and all that ill delete your numbers i just wanted to know where i stood and now i do i will leave u alone ps it was nice knowing u hope u find a hubby i think u have some nice qualities

At last he's got the message!! (& The GOOD LISTENER!! didn't know I felt that strongly!!??) Jesus it seems it would take a sledgehammer to knock the info into him!! So that seems it was it (as he was deleting my tel numbers!!) or was it?............

I had to go back to KS for a 13week (unlucky for some) course, but in different part of building, so hopefully our paths wouldn't cross...

He did come into the area I was on occasions & it seemed all was well except the odd glance, or quiet hello, he kept his distance, one lad who was on the other course I was on (Adam) was one of 2 lads being hit on by a Chav Girl Mountain named Sammie, The other lad who was the main focus of her attentions asked me if I got hit on by anyone on the 1st KS course I'd been on & Adam piped up" both clients & KS staff...Andy was VERY keen!!" & we laughed & Sammie being nosey wanted to know more, so I told her only a tad of it & being a VERY immature girl of 19yrs she overacted when he was about even though he'd paid her no attention (as far as I'm aware anyway!) & a female staff member noticed her behaviour & asked what was up? & gobby mentioned about me, so then I was asked about it.

I said it had been dealt with already by me & I wanted nothing done about it (I have no desire to make somebody, unemployed like myself its not exactly fun) she said she would say nothing!! But I'm not so sure, as later that evening I had a missed call YEP!! From Andy (so much for deleting my number!!)

Then on Thursday May 24th I got an email off him saying "fuck off you slut" charming this was attached to a invite to a site that had automatically invited everyone in my hotmail address book & because he'd contacted me he was in there (but that had been sent to him on the 16th of may, 5 days before I was back at KS why react now? or was it nothing to do with that? & had someone had had a word with him though I'd said not to?) I was shocked & of course I kept all emails as proof... so a VERY foolish move on his part, a few days past & he was around & I never brought it up & nor did he.

Then on the Monday of my 2nd week (28th May) I was at a PC doing job searches, when Andy sat at a PC next to me & while facing the screen said out of the side of his mouth, " I'm sorry if I freaked you out on the last course”.... What’s that all about out of nowhere? Someone must have said something!... I replied, " you didn't freak me out ...but you didn't listen either.... I said I'd think about it & I'd let you know when I came to a decision, but you kept on badgering me constantly!!.... I had enough on my plate already.... I still do... & I can do without "fuck off you slut " emails ... he said that was unlike him (though no apology was made, I noted!!) I said that's what I thought & I was NOT impressed... he said not to let staff know went on, as he could lose his job over it!!...I said I had no intention of doing so!!... He looked relived & said, "well if you ever decide you do want a date, the offers still there!!".... Excuse my French but… Fuck me the guy is fucking unbelievable!!!!!!!........... So there it ends ...OR DOES IT??

Apparently it did end there for me, but he later got fired for stalking & sending a sexually harassing a email to a female member of staff, who had constantly been giving him the brush off, so obviously he was still failing to listen!!! ..... despite claiming to be a good listener!

So all I learnt at KS was how weird some staff members were & how corrupt, and how gullible the others were if they believed the bullshit excuses why people couldn't come in ,or not spot their faux illnesses (but to be honest I don't think they cared, they got their cheque whether on the course got a job out of it or not!) my special fashion course was to work for free in a charity shop, either sorting clothes etc or serving, I had to go to be seen by the shop manager & she asked what I hoped to learn during my time their & I honestly said I have no idea as I have worked in Retail both in sales & retail management for High end stores in Chelsea, Mayfair, Bond St & Knightsbridge for over 20yrs & I never got a date to start the whole time of my course, I couldn't even get the work for free. Mind you she probably knew I had more shop experience than her!

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