Friday, 22 October 2010

Birthdays, Anniversarys & Rock Stars

Monday 18th Oct, woke to a overcast chilly morning at 8.30am with a lot of pain in the right side of my neck & shoulder (partly due to weather & think lugging my case behind me Friday & Sunday as well as up & down numerous flights of stairs) got on the scales & found I'd gained 5lb since Thursday (I'd not listened to Paul Mckenna Fri-Sun) text Candie, she couldn't believe it, saying "But you didn't eat much & it was all healthy!!??" I said "Yeah, I know, but I ate bread, which I know to avoid, as it makes me gain weight quick & had wine which has a lot of sugar!!" So after listening to my Paul McKenna CD I had porridge & a coffee for breakfast & went into town running around doing loads of chores!! wrapped up warm in my gloves & panda hat keeping my extremity's cozy, then took the dogs for a walk for some more exercise.

I was going to go to the gym today but my neck shoulder & arm was in too much pain, think I need to get out my heat pad (oooh how sexy!!.........NOT!!!) least I haven't succumbed to the allure of a Snuggle/Snuggie Blanket yet, Candie & I were discussing them Sunday & said you know you have given into old age & lost interest in sex, once you see one of them in a gadget catalogue & think....... Mmmmmmm Cozy!!!
 Snuggle Blanket

Or even the giant baby grow Snuggle Suit, which worryingly lately has seemed quite appealing,with the bitter cold weather, plus with winter fuel bills looming!!..... I'm at the top of that slippey slope!!

Had a King Prawn red Tai Curry for lunch, and then cleared a lot of the back room out (well that burns calories right!!?) Sadly the movement is not easing the stiffness & bad pain, I may not understand the allure of recreational drugs, that turn you into drug addicts, but I can understand those that get addicted to prescription pain killers, being someone who is in pin 89% of her life, the thought of being pain free month after month, is very very alluring!!!

It's the 2nd Wedding Anniversary of my two gay BFF Nat & Terry today, it's hard to think it was two years ago they got married in Brighton, it feels like only yesterday, I was so ill & in a lot of pain with Gallstones at the time I'm so glad they have gone, that was the post painfull thing I have ever experienced (& Ihave a high pain thresh hold!!) they say its 9 times worse than childbirth, I wouldn't know, not having children, but I know when I had my 1st attack I thought I was dying!!

Was this really 2 years ago!!?

Had a coffee & read bit of the paper, Johnny Depp has forked out £40,000 for the shivering crew at Pinewood Studios, making the next Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, spending £80 on warm waterproof jackets for the 500 crew, so not only handsome & a great actor, but also kind hearted too!!

Also in the paper a 32yr woman with a 20yr toyboy, lets him swap sex texts with other women, so he won't stray, good god woman have some self respect, or you might as well lay by the front door with the words welcome printed along you. If he needs that to stay faithful then he isn't worth keeping & if he is doing that & being given the green light, he will so cheat as well, seeing her as a right doormat mug!! Put a white boil wash in the machine, then fixed a grilled tuna steak & had with mangetout & homemade spicy sauce, then listened to Paul Mckenna CD again before settling down to watch TV & finish editing last weeks blog & posting it. Watched the soaps then NCIS & CSI Miami, then chilled in bed with my Marilyn Monroe book, The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe, by J.Randy Taraborrelli.

Tuesday 19th Oct, woke to a brighter but cold morning, popped out for a paper in jeans over wool tights, a neon peach polo neck jumper, a faux fur gilet & my cream beanie hat. I wasn't hungry for breakfast (no doubt thanks to my Paul Mckenna "I Can Make You Thin" CD) so I jut had a coffee &took the dogs out for a walk, I was in two minds as to whether to wear my fave, gun metal, dangly, ethnic looking earrings, but I did, wish I haden't now, as I lost one over the park, I went back again, after dropping the dogs back home, walking round & round covering the areas covered but no joy!! (oh well extra walking must = extra callories lost!!) saw the builders who normally chat to me on the way back home, one called out "like the hat!"

Got back in again & parcelled up two items I sold on ebay to post tomorrow, then grilled a Tuna Steak & had with home made Rattattoi for lunch. Sorted out some more stuff from the back room, my lower back was playing up, and soon I knew why, by 4pm the sky was black & it was lashing down with rain outside, the wind was howling down the chimney & it was officially put the heating on time!! Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Made myself a coffee & had a brief respite from sorting the back room, and read Closer Magazine, prefer it much more than Heat, that has more pictures than stories, and also has news you have already seen in papers & other mags. This week there's more hype about Cheryl Cole & Dannii Minogue not getting on, on the Xfactor. 

More about Claire Richards from steps still being a size 18 & 15st since having her baby, get off her back she has just had a baby & is no doubt knackered, she is not a A list Celeb who needs to be back slim for work anytime soon, let her do it in her own time! ..... Somebody send her a Paul McKenna "I Can Make You Thin" CD it will help even without the dieting!!

Then there is a Mum, who ha put her 8yr daughter on a diet, since she was two, due to fear of her growing up fat like her (5ft 8" & 17st) The poor mite may be missing out on necessary nutrients that are needed for healthy growth, bring her up to eat healthy yes, but not make her live on a mere 700 calories a day (1000 UNDER recommended amount) when a child of her age should be on 1700 a day, yet her mum still scoffs 3000 a day (1000 OVER recommended amount) shocking double standards!!

Then there is the story of a really unattractive 29yr woman Angi Becker Stevens, who has saved her marriage by being shared by her husband & a boyfriend (blimey I can't get one man, and this minger has two!!!)

Also a article on Hannah Waterman who lost 2st 7lb last year, she has gained a few pounds saying her face looked gaunt & haggard before (It did!) but her body looked great (well done her) since gaining some weight she looks better facially in the picture, though maybe due to hair dyed dark, which seems to suit her and maybe some botox & fillers!!....but even so she still looks older than her age 35yrs facially
 Newly Slim & Newly Brunette Hannah

Did some more sorting, I also need to contact my landlords letting agent, as the gas hob of my electric cooker the rings have got harder & harder to turn off & on, when I cooked my tuna at lunch, the ring I cooked my Ratatouille on would not turn off in the end I had to use pliers & a hammer to turn the gas off, which is dangerous!!

Did my paperwork in front of the TV watching, CSI Miami, CSI, NCIS, (7days as there was bugger else on I'd not seen) blonde actress went out for drink with Ben the Estate Agent & berated him on his snogging in public habit (good girl!!) then Russell Brand Doing Life (stand up show) then BBC3 lesbian show Lip Service witch seems to be mostly lesbian erotica tittilation with a weak story!

Chatted to my friend Ian (who I  have known Just over a year) about his 30th Birthday get together Saturday, and I said I couldn't stay over Saturday night, as I was filming in St Albans Sunday, he sent me two sweet replies (below)  :-

Ian Mann ian_mannly @The_Evil_Barbie Oh, OK baby. No probs. To be fair we're starting early! I'm just glad you are coming for the main daytime fun! Love you!

Ian Mann ian_mannly @The_Evil_Barbie Actually, I'm gonna say publicly, you've been a wicked new fun friend. I've loved getting to know you. Mwah xx C u saturday
Then I went to bed with Paul McKenna CD on my Personal CD player & drifted off to sleep!!......

Wednesday 20th Oct, had a bizarre dream where I was a spy, I was in a spar & was given cubicle number 9 to change into bikini & white toweling robe, I'd just got naked, when a foe ripped the locked door off its hinges, with his bare hands. woke up to brilliant sunshine wondering what the hell that was about? back still aching, not sure if its OK for the gym, might use some of my home gym equipment & see how it feels.

Had a coffee & watched Loose Women. Sean Maguire, was on the show, I really liked him on EastEnders & loved him in the 300 spoof (he was also super hot & buff in that) he is now doing a stage play based on a few short ghost stories by Dickens, with another actor I love Paul Nicholas, then he talked about a show he is on in America, about spy's & then Sherrie Hewson talked about playing a spy, which was quite a coincidence after my dream.
 Sean Maguire

Saw Nicky briefly after posting off ebay sales, but didn't stay out long as the temperature has really dropped today Brrrrrrrr!!..... had a brunch of porridge, read the paper apparently, The BBC licence fee has been frozen for 6yrs at £145.50 personally I think it should be scrapped as the BBC covers less than 10% of my TV viewing.

Cheryl Cole will apparently sing live on Xfactor on Sunday, well we heard that last year and she so obviously mimed as she so poorly lip-synced, it was obvious!! Mary Bale who threw the poor cat in a wheely bin has been fined £250 & £1,171 legal costs (good should of been more though!!)

A Saudi Prince, Saud Abdulaziz Bin Nasser Al Saudi, has been convicted of murdering his gay aid lover, I hope he isn't going to be jailed here, costing the British tax payer to keep him, in a cushy prison!!... he fears execution in Saudi Arabia, as homosexuality carry's the death penalty there, well much as I disagree with the death penalty for being homosexual, I think it is what he deserves for committing murder himself of his poor badly treated servant!! The human Rights Bill only ever seems to be used to aid the scum of the Earth never to help vitimes of that type of scum!! It's about time it was scrapped, all it does it line the vile Cherrie Blairs pockets, when she gets another undeserving bit of scum kept from jail!

Uma Thurman has been papped with bad snowy powdery looking make-up like Nichole Kidman did last year, tut tut girls do you not know about Versace "Iridescent" Extra Glow Soft Loose powder, designed for just that problem with flash photography ..... get yourselves down to the nearest Versace cosmetic counter, or send your make-up artist if you haven't sacked them!!
Chatted on the phone, to the brother of an ex boyfriend, who is down on his luck for about 30mins. Then made myself a coffee & had a few Swiss Krisprolls with hummus for tea. 

Watched "V" then The Apprentice it was a bread task & I wondered who would be making the dough & who would be toast, crumbling in front of Alan Sugar. They were all bloody Dire Muppets & it was a sheer miracle that Mellisa was not out on her ear!! Trying to charge £1.80 per roll wholesale & she reckons she has worked in food management??!!

Melissa Cohen

Candie text during The Apprentice, saying "Have had to watch the apprentice with the sound off, it was completely cringeworthy, what fucking numptys!!" I said "wait to you see the Essex numpties on ITV2 in a minuet!!" Turned over to The Only Way is Essex & moments later Candie text me,  "Ooooh I like Candy xx" Like expected Amy's date with Kirk at the Zoo was fun, despite Amy not being keen (I think a Zoo is a great 1st date!!) So now they are an item!! cute couple but Amy is trying to hard to be Jordan (AKA Katie Price) she is a pretty girl & should create her own style rather than imitate someone else's!!

 Amy & Kirk

Had a coffee & worked out a bit with my Swiss Ball, being careful with my bad back & then chilled with my Paul McKenna CD untill it was time for RuPauls Drag Race, it was worth the wait as it was Rock Chick Night & in the words of RuPaul it was a Trans Extravaganza!!!.... quite apt too, as I will be playing a Rock Chick, along side a Rock Star, in my friend Martyn's Film of his book in St Albans on Sunday!!

There was a Pensioner from Coventry in the paper today, in her 70's claiming to be the £113million EuroMillions winner, saying her husband binned the ticket by mistake, she said she realised she had won after checking numbers written down in a notebook (yeah of course you did dear, we can all write the correct numbers in a note pad, after the event!!) she said she plays every week but her husband takes the ticket, hence why she writes the numbers down, then adds that her husband always loses everything she gives him, if that's true, why would you let him take your lottery ticket each week!!? You just wouldn't, it's total BULLSHIT!!! I think she is just a chancer, as nobody has claimed it yet, assuming the real one's lost & chancing her arm thinking people think, awe poor doddery old souls, what a shame, thinking pensioners won't lie & if the lottery don't pay out to them, maybe good Samaritans would start a collection for them, I just know it's bullshit & the fact that she says it won't ruin her relationship with her husband (you'd bloody kill him, if it was true!!) and also the fact they want to stay anonymous, flashes up the bullshit alert (yeah so if the tickets cashed in, the nation cant see what pensioners tried to scam £113Million!!) I'd really laugh if someone else came forward with the ticket!!.

My friend Martyn's 1st book "Six Little Numbers" was written about when he lost his £3Million lottery ticket, and he, unlike this con artist granny really did lose it!! 

Took some more pain killers, as my back & neck & shoulder were extremely painful & then crashed out for the night

Thursday 21st Oct, woke to a bright, sunny, but freezing cold day, which by 1pm was cold, dark & grey!! had a dream that included a street that is often in my dreams which is always dark & wrought with danger, often it is in London, but it was placed in Spain this time, I was trying to prevent somebody I knew going down it (not sure if it was a friend or relative - can't recall) & in doing so ended up in the street myself with people (many of them oriental) trying to kill me, then I had a bitty dream which I can't recall much  of but it included a drag queen or two!!.....

Listened to my Paul McKenna CD then popped downstairs to make a coffee & got on the scales, I have lost five & a quarter lbs since Sunday, so that's got rid of the 5lb gained at Candies over weekend (when I didn't have CD with me) and another quarter (good ole Paul McKenna) had a shower & washed & dried hair. Bitter cold today, wore a chocolate Polo neck jumper, with my dark jeans, tucked into beige Ugg boots, my Oasis faux fur gilet & my cream Cashmere Tommy Hilfiger Coat, plus cream gloves, with my cream & black panda bobble hat. I set out to the post office, to post more sold items from ebay, thank god for ebay, or god knows how I'd pay my bills at the moment!!

I got to the Post Office & almost grabbed a roll of parcel tape for £2.99 and some A4 envelopes, to send ebay stuff off in, but stopped myself as I'm sure they would be cheaper in Wilkinson's, so I popped into Wilkinson's after, they sold the same size parcel tape for just 68p that's £2.31 cheaper, & 10 envelopes were 70p as apposed to the £2.99 - £3.99 at Post Office & WHS, only goes to show it's better to shop around than to impulse buy on some items!!... got a funky Halloween wig for £2.98 too!!! My friend best straight male friend Mike called me saying he'd drive us down to Andrea's Halloween Party at Winchmore Hill.

Decided to treat myself to lunch out at J.D Palmers, a Tuna Melt Jacket Potato & a Cappuccino, & bought Now Magazine, plus the Sun to read while in cafe, I cracked up laughing when I turned to Page 10 in The Sun, the winner of the £113Million EuroMillions ticket has come forward LMFAO!!  I told you that Granny was a lying chancer yesterday!!!... Camelot said they had over a thousand lost ticket claims over the £113Million, some may have been genuine lost lucky dip tickets, with the owners thinking it could be a possibility!! but many will be chancers like the pensioner, she should be charged with fraud or attempted theft, as she had written down numbers in a pad the same as the winning numbers saying she had copied them off her ticket, in a blatant attempt to mislead!! now as there was only one winning ticket & it has been given in, it proves her claim was an out & out lie, as only one ticket had those numbers, so even if she had, had a ticket, those could NOT possibly be the numbers on it, so she purposely miss lead & lied (hence like I said wanting to stay anonymous, so if like today the ticket was given in, she'd not be shown up for the scamming scum she is!!) I'm great at spotting a Bullshitter!!... My friend Mark made me laugh saying she should be sent to Coventry!! (where she is from, and where the ticket was bought!!)

 The Only Good Thing About The Cold!! - Hats!!!

When I was out & about in town 3 different guys called out, saying either "Like the hat!!" or "You look well cute in that hat" & similar & one woman came up to me & said "I Love your hat!!" so it's not only me thats a fan of my Panda hat, the only good thing about the cold is, it's an excuse for wearing a hat (& I love hats!!) another two of my winter favorite hats are a white fluffy deerstalker, and a grey fluffy kids deerstalker (I have a small head size) by Oneil (see above)  I also have a faux fluffy cheetah print hat I love too!!

Got in & did some more laundry & the washing up that had been soaking overnight, then tried a few more gentle exercises with my blue Swiss Ball, as my back neck & shoulder is still painful, I must rebook my missed acupuncture session!!

Vampire Diary's Vampires

Watched Vampire Diary's on ITV2, how come most recent Vampire programs & films have hot sexy vampires in (With the exception of Twilight!!..... Yuck I'm defo Team Jacob!!!) you almost want to get bitten by one!!...

Talking of blood & gore Andy sent me my invite to the Premier of "Houseparty Of The Dead 6" (The Zombie Movie I'm in) today details below for anyone interested in coming along!!

The premiere of Houseparty of the Dead 6. Is on Tuesday 16th of November, at the Purple Turtle in Camden, kicking off at around 7pm. There will be a stellar line-up of bands, DJs and dancing zombies for your entertainment as well - it should be a bit of a party. So if your interested come along it will only be a few quid on the door!!.....

Watched what Katie Did Next, (As I refused to whatch the treasonous & blasphamous, "The Taking Of Prince Harry" on Ch4) & then watched the brilliant Celebrity Juice, it's my friend Ian's 30th today & I sent him another message via text saying "I hope your pissed now!!" He said he so was & was out with his friend from Leicester, and Bex (Big Bro) has invited him out with the Big Bro Clan again, which he may do later, he said Bex & our friend Jonty (BB8) may come to his Birthday do Saturday, joking he added  all we needed was his friend Kavanah & his Z list would be complete. lol bless him he is so funny!!

My lovely &  courageous friend, Miriam Virgo is now doing a breakfast seminar, based on her book The Naked Truth (above) here is some info for those of you who it may be of help to!!

The show is over and its time to take the mask off, So now Be encouraged, be inspired, The Naked Truth Breakfast Seminar On Sat 20th Nov, no holds barred, 3 dynamic speakers, plus guest testimonials, Rape, Abuse, Addiction, Gang Affiliation, Drugs, find hope or be empowered to help others, Tickets limited first 20 at £20, total workshop valued at £150, Register online

Watched another Vampire Bloodfest, the brilliant & erotic, True Blood, which combines both brilliant, imaginative, writing, with excellent acting, good looking actors & actresses, and plenty of sex and erotica!!!

It's funny for a vegetarian, (or Pisceterian to be exact) like me to act in & watch stuff that contains so much blood & gore!!.... though I am no fan of Horror movies that star psycho's like Halloween & Saw etc I'm more your Zombies, Monsters, Aliens, Werewolf & Vampire kinda girl, there are enough sick psycho's for real in the world to watch more fake ones on film!

Went to bed and Chilled with The Sun Newspaper with the TV on in the background,  the headlines of course are about £81billion cuts to state spending, needed due to the inept, obscene mess Labour left us in, due to their appalling miss management of the state purse, honestly school kids, in the poorest performing schools, could still do better than Labour who don't know their arse from their elbow but know how to spunk the tax payers money up the wall, (well its not coming out of their pockets is it!!) Arseholes, how they kept getting voted in I will never know!!

Maggie Thatcher is recovering from flu, medics feared she may of had Pneumonia, but the 85yr Maggie's strength & determination, has astounded them, I don't know why? she wasn't called the Iron Lady for nothing, many Comics & TV personalty's make digs at Maggie but like my BFF Candie I loved Maggie along with Churchill she was one of the great Prime Minister's, most of those deriding her are young & never grew up as a young adult & knew how great life was living under Maggie & the Torrie's in the 80's I did, and the Maggie years were the best & most profitable years of my life!.... She had more Balls than Blair & his entire cabinet!

The killer Saudi Prince got a 20yr jail sentence yesterday, great another drain on our resources, he should be in a Saudi jail!! If we have to keep him, because of the stupid human rights bill!! (what about his dead servants human rights??) Then his jail costs should be paid by his Saudi King father!!... & we shouldn't give him asylum, he deserves the death penalty (not for being gay) for murder!!...

Friday 22nd Oct, Had the oddest dream I seemed to be in a high bred of my old flat in Brownlow Rd, London. My dad was alive again & had been working for Cameron Diaz for some reason, doing what I have no Idea, there seemed to be quite a lot of people in my place, I seemed to be having a party or celebration of some sorts, and seemed to have a handsome man in my life, it was all quite extravagant but the goblets people were drinking from were quite weird they were made of pink granule glass, shaped like tipped back heads, with their mouths open & people were drinking from straws put down the open mouth area. My brother Bill was trying to get my dad to ask Cameron to meet up with him, and I thought what are you up to? your married!! Woke up thinking what the bloody hell is that all about??

Woke up to yet another cold morning! Brrrrrrrrr!! listened to Paul McKenna CD & then got out of bed, wrapped up warm, had a coffee & then headed out to the post office, to post off two of my latest ebay sales (one to Singapore) My neck, shoulders & back hurting, it's when I'm in pain, that I feel my age (actually older than my age!!) bought some spider web gloves in the 99p shop for my Halloween outfit for next Saturday.

Went into my letting agents & told them my on of switches for the gas hob of my electric oven needed sorting as they are rusted so you either cant turn on or can't turn off if you manage to turn on! also that my lounge window frame & windowsill is still half undone after starting it months ago (idiot decorator) then the lock surround on my door has not been put back (also from months ago!!) Got indoors & did some job searches sent off yet another 20 job applications in fashion & retail, I'm over qualified for quite a few, but I hope they wont overlook me because of that, also checked audition sites & applied for some of them! then I made lunch of fish & veg pie with wilted spinach, with pine nuts on the side.

Did some housework & then had a coffee & watched Home & Away, wishing we had Australia's climate!! 

I made an omelet & baked beans for dinner, did a bit more sorting of back room then watched Come Dine With Me - Soap Star Special, at 9pm on Ch4 +1, it had the lovely Lorraine Chase on, who is a good friend of my lovely "Showbiz"  friend Bob. Ooooh nice Vivien Westwood Choker Lorraine!!

For  weeks nay months Internet explorer has been doing my head in making my PC & laptop freeze with "Internet explorer is not responding" messages every two minutes making everything take longer, so I downloaded good old Fire Fox as my browser & guess what no more freezing & no non responding!!! bliss!!! Cashed in some of my points on one of my online surveys & so now have £30 worth of high street vouchers coming in the post!! My neck & shoulder is still killing me so downed more pain killers....

Watched NEW US drama show "The Event" odd but good (love a bit of Alien conspiracy) then did some more job searches, I found a Cosmetics Counter Manager one, that would be Ideal for me, that pays 24-27K + Car + Bonus + Pension, perfect!!

This is an excellent opportunity to work in this flagship department store managing the biggest account in the business. This store is renowned across the world and is a destination store for any London shopper.

As a confident and dynamic individual, you will maximise all sales opportunities in your store through leading by example and developing and coaching your team. Your strong people management skills will assist you in driving the business through delivering exceptional customer service and building link sales. You will also proactively drive sales through approaching customers in the department store to demonstrate products through leading by example and motivating your team.

Ideally from a cosmetic, fashion or footwear background you will have experience in selling in a customer facing environment. The role encompasses all aspects of staff and customer service management and you will need to be well organised and a good communicator. Brand standards will be high and you must be able to demonstrate how you can drive the business forward within this dynamic and sales driven environment. 
This  is Ideal for me as I have worked as a cosmetics/perfume manager (very successfully, one January I was 6664.5% over Target, and that's the time of year, people are either getting refunds on unwanted Xmas gifts or buying stuff that is half price or less in the sales) basically for every one item I was expected to sell I sold 66!! The job description describes me to a T, and I have worked in cosmetic's, fashion & footwear. The pay is what I'm used to & a company car would be a reason to get driving lessons. I never bothered with driving lessons before, as living in London without a garage & limited parking spaces & plenty of public transport there seemed no point!!... The only problem is applications are going through a employment agency, the workers at these places are typical desk jobbers, who have never done the retail job advertised & if the language in your CV is not the same as the jobs brief they are too thick to realise although in different terminology they are saying the same thing!! when my CV's go direct to the company's involved I get interviews 100% of the time, with employment agency's 30-40% of the time!!...

Saturday 23rd Oct, Had a really Bizarre dream, dreamt I was with my mum in a Department store & I was buying 2 hair straighteners one large one small, mum took the small one out the box & put my large straightener from home in it, saying now you will get 2 large ones for the price of a large & a small, I didn't get her logic as I'd get only one new straightener for the price of 2 & one I already owned & I obviously wanted two different sizes for a reason!! when I got to the till though they seemed to have turned into 2 PC mice, god knows what that was about!!

Listened to my Paul McKenna CD then got up at 9.30am, had a shower & washed hair, then dried my hair making it full & big, even more so by adding some clip in hair extensions, did make-up and got dressed, wore black jeans, over black, leather, knee high KG boots, my frill fronted white blouse which I wore last Saturday to the Burlesque function, with my Oasis faux fir beige gilet, also wore my hoop earrings with B&W dip dyed fringing. Before setting off into London I checked my emails a bit about the film I'm acting in tomorrow & checked my Facebook, I was surprised to discover I had two messages from a guy I have known 4yrs & have a soft spot for, sent at 3am (what is it about me that makes think about me & contact me in the wee hrs lol??) The 1st message said how are you? long time no speak, hope your well the 2nd saying we must meet up again, which was a nice surprise & put a spring in my step, as I headed out the door.

Got the Train to Kings Cross, after stopping off to get a lottery ticket with 2 lucky dip lines, to put in Ian's Card as I'm short of cash at mo (so it will either be a shit Birthday Pressie or a great one if it's a winner!!) & then got the tube to London Bridge & walked along the side of the Thames to Butlers Wharf & found Browns Bar & Brasserie at 1.45pm & eventually found the area for Ian's function, Saw Ian & gave him his card & a hug. He introduced me to his sister & her boyfriend, his cousin his cougar american wife, his mum & his cousin Caroline, also his stunning, curvy, statuesque friend Kitty from Birmingham, said hello to our mutual friend Jonty (BB8) and to Irish James as well as Edward who I met in August on a night out with Ian in Clapham.

 With Ian, his Sister & her Boyfriend

Helped myself to some of the buffet & joined the table Ian's younger sister, her boyfriend & Ian's cousin & wife were on & had a chat & a laugh, I had a couple of glasses of wine & joined Ian outside when he went for a cigarette & told him a bit of gossip. went back in & sat with Ians lovely cousin Caroline who is newly divorced with two kids, then his birthday cake arrived & we all sang Happy Birthday, I'm not a cake person, but I have to say his chocolate birthday cake was delicious! at 6.45pm we had to leave the function area as a 2nd 30th Birthday was booked in there for 7pm

Claws Out With Ian & The Lovely Caroline

So those who had not had to leave to go to other commitments sat in another section in the bar area, another one of Ian's friends Maxine arrived, and we had some champagne, she was a laugh & reminded me of a short female version of Morton Harket (Aha) we stayed there until around 8pm & Jonty got me a Vodka Slimline. We then moved on along the front to All Bar One, I had a half of cider & we sat outside with the illuminated Thames backdrop behind us, the conversation was funny & obscure thanks in part to Jontys somewhat unique sense of humour! Maxine was rapidly becoming pissed despite us having a 5hr head start on her, I guess its because she is so tiny & petite, at one point a braless Maxine decided to flash her boobs to all in Butlers Wharf much to everyones amusement. I have to say she had a good perky pair of boobs for a woman thats had two kids!! The more she drank the more Maxine flirted with Kitty (Maxine is gay)

 Boosom Buddie 1 BB8 Jonty
Boosom Buddie 2 Kimberley

We then moved on to another pub which I think was called Hayes, it was decorated in quite a vintage style very Moulin Rouge style with lots of chandeliers, the men at the bar nearly spilt their drinks when Kitty in her clingy black suedette dress lifted the hem a touch to rearrange her lace stocking tops, oblivious to the sensation she was causing (Not!!!) I had a Vodka Redbull & we went outside & had more fun conversation, and another drink before it got too cold & we went inside. I went to the Ladies & when I returned some short guy was hitting on Kitty totally oblivious to the fact she was not in the slightest bit interested (even if she was not engaged, this bozo wouldn't have a hope in hell) I have to say his constant efforts due to his inability to recognise disinterest were mighty amusing!!! I found out from his friend that he had told them he was chatting up 3 American women, obviously it wasn't only rejection he was unobservant of, Maxine is from Manchester, Kitty has a strong Brummie accent & I have a southern Central London/Herts accent!!......
 Chillin With The Birthday Boy!!

We headed off at 11.45pm for London Bridge Tube as Ian wanted to drop his card's and pressies home before continuing to party in the Clapham area! Ian, Maxine & Kitty headed off to Stockwell, (the girls are staying at Ian's) & Jonty & I headed off to Kings Cross (I needed to be back home for filming tomorrow) we got to 1st Capital Connect & parted as we were going in opposite directions, there were seven guys on the seats in front of mine, talking about their Girlfriends/girls their sleeping with & being really crass & vulgar, I thought I bet if they knew how you spoke about them they'd kick you to the curb!! The guys were not even good looking, the ignorant mingers!!!

Arrived at St Albans at 1am and walked home, got in & made myself a coffee, checked my hotmail, Martyn told me they have decided to use me for a a bigger scene in the film, being the Rock Stars girlfriend, instead which will be shot on a different day, so I don't need to go for filming tomorrow. Watched the repeat of tonight's Xfactor at 1.30am Dannii Minogue looked absolutely stunning, don't like Cheryl's hair colour, my is thoughts were "Bloody hell is Cheryl getting a backhander for every one of her girls that has her horrible red Loriel hair colour!" 3 out of her 4 girls had it!!!

This Weeks Critique Of The 12 Finalists

Matt Cardle :- Nailed it again, excellent rendition of Brittney's number one song, glad to see hat still gone, good styling, who knew until now that Matt had such big guns??

Rebecca Ferguson :- Excellent Vocals, but wardrobe & stylist yet again showed their lack of Originality, She sang Peggy Lee's "Why Don't You Do It Right" which Jessica Rabbit sang when Bob Hoskins 1st sees her in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" & they style her hair the same as Jessica Rabbits in the film & dye it the same red, then put her in a long clingy red dress, not unlike the one Jessica Rabbit wore (minus the split & sparkles) the stylist lacks any original creativity!!!

Mary Byrne :- Again the lacking imagination stylists dressed her head to toe in black, and the hairstyle was still too severe for a large face! but like last week she belted out the song the way it should be done, excellent! but it would of been good to see her tackle something more modern, in her own style the way Matt did

John Adeleye :- Better than before but nothing special, but at least I was able to recognise the song, god awful styling & vile, laughable, hair style, Louie kept asking do you like the new hair? as if it was good! surely Louie didn't think that mess was cool, if Wagner doesn't go, John is in danger of going!

Paije Richardson :- OK performance, didn't set the world on fire, yet another hideous outfit from the stylists, looked like a Butlins Redcoat on a dress down Friday

Treyc Cohen :- Quite liked the outfit, but more of that bloody awful Cheryl Cole red hair, plus I don't know if it was down to her sore throat, but that song did not show of her singing talent as she seemed to be shouting it rather than singing it!! she may also be in danger of being in bottom two with Wagner

Aiden Grimshaw :- Shaky still and wasn't doing it for me again this week, styling was an improvement though.

One Direction :- Good performance, but spoilt by the dark haired one (who looks he may be Asian) as his whiny backing harmony's when it was just the two of them singing, was off putting,  but great vocals from the lead singer of the group, and when they all sang, styling OK!!

Katie Waissel :- Much better than last weeks vocal, also her best outfit so far! about time somebody sorted those 2" deep roots & covered her ears with her hair though.

Belle Amie :- The styling was much improved  and looked more coordinated, but their singing left me indifferent!!

Cher Lloyd :- Good stage presence & swagger, her best singing performance thus far, although at times the lyrics were not clear, the clothes were not great, but believable as what she would wear, the hair wild & again dyed that horrible Cheryl Cole shade of red

Wagner:- Not even a Fun, Comic, performance, a Car wreck of a performance for the 2nd time Louie chooses a Ricki Martin tune, just because Louie bundles Porturican & Brazilian in same camp, lazy choice that didn't work, Wagner should go based on that performance!

Watched the Xtra Factor, seeing the stylist on the expert pannel I now know why they mostly look awful after she is finished with them, going by the dated look she was rocking I'm guessing she's from Essex. I settled down ready to sleep at at 4.45am listening to my  Paul McKenna CD 1st before going to sleep

Sunday 24th October, woke at 9.30am & listened to my Paul McKenna CD, got on scales my weight is the same, but after all the booze & Birthday cake yesterdy I half expected to have gained weight & made myself a coffee & porridge, for breakfast, did hair dressed in black jeans & grey long sleeved V-Neck T-Shirt, with my Oasis gilet over to keep me toasty, & pulled on my beige Ugg like slippers & popped to the shop downstairs for some more milk some diet cokes (decaf) and my News Of The World Paper, wondered if I'd her about the cosmetic account manager job I applied for yesterday?? 11am Martyn text me said I'd be doing my bit of filming for his film after Xmas. So will have time to diet to look ultra good in my rocker outfit as a rock stars girlfriend. I checked my hotmail & Facebook & then read the paper. My Best straight male friend Mike called me around noon re arrangements to go to Andreas fancy dress Party. Did some more laundry a red wash & a blue wash. Had Admerals Pie with sugar snap peas for lunch, did the washing up my Ex Kieron texed me a few times from 4.10pm then Candie called me at 5pm asking me to do her favour, which I popped out & did. 

8pm I watched the Xfactor results, liked both Cheryl & Dannii's dresses, Dannii's more than Cheryl's but didn't like the boots Cheryl wore with hers, it didn't go well together. Micheal Buble was OK on Xfactor, Cheryl's performance was meant to be live, but I say pre recorded & autotuned, I can't say I am a fan of new song, but not as dire as 3 words (which the 3 words should be - this is shite!) but I have no idea what she was singing about because most of the lyrics were unclear, also the stripey tights with the sheer top part, that she wore on her stage outfit, did the seemingly impossible & made her thighs look chunky & the knickers made her bum look big, sack the stylist again. I always prefer Dannii's clothes choices to Cheryl's yet Cheryl has a bigger budget & a team of stylists (who she should sack!!) I was suprised Wagner wasn't out this week, but I wasn't surprised with Wagner in, that the bottom two were John & Trayc, I had predicted in the wee hrs they may be in danger & be in a sing off with Wagner, the right one left when Simon sealed the fate of boring John.

Snacked on 2 veggie burgers & a srinkling of salad leaves, a diet coke & a Chunky Caramel Kit Kat, not exactly healthy but didn't fancy a full big dinner. 

Watched Bad Santa, very dissapointing!! ... then watched "The Only Way Is Essex" on ITV2 +1, love Amy's little fat pug dog, it looks like it weighs more than her. Don't like Lauren, Mark is better off without her, she said his new girls ugly, but Lauren is no looker, and she has an inflated ego if she honestly believes it when she says "Mark will never do better than me" 

 Lauren holding coke mixed drink, in silver dress

Amy looked cute in blonde bob wig, but Kirk is too touchy, he better man up, or she will get sick of feeling she is walking on egg shells all the time, and leave him!! Ardent's love interest Lydia has a strange, double chinned fat face on a slim body, maybe she's a drinker & thats why it seems bloated compared to the rest of her, and her eyes are too small for those huge false lashes he could do better!!.

Went to bed at 1.30am to finish reading the papers & watch TV & listened to Paul McKenna CD before settling down to sleep, wondering what time the guy will be round to sort my oven rings rusted control buttons? hope it wont be something stupid like 7am & get me out of bed

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